Newspaper of Bedford Gazette, March 1, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Bedford Gazette dated March 1, 1861 Page 3
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THE WcNi>ER OF THE MICROSCOPE.— We uuderstand it is through th agency ot this mar vel viewing instrument that Dr. Ayer has at length succeeded io finding tlie PALUDAL MIASM and deleririning its character. Ot its effects A-e in this section have a'nmdsnt evidence in the Fever and Ague which it alone prodncos when absorbed through the lungs into the blood. It has long been held to be a vapor or something in the vapor of water from decayed and decay (n<r vegetation. Under a great magnifying power, the Doctor has found this vapor to con lain a distinct organism of living todies, corres ponding precisely with those found in the blood tft Ague subjects. They are 13,000 times less than visible to the naked eye, but have distinct character and lorrn. —He thinks they are rep. toductive in decaying matter or in tire blood, and hence their long continued lite or the re mote effects o' thm in the system. He main tams that they resemble in character'the other fermentative poisous, or such as the virus ol rabies or of a dead body, Sec., aii ot which are known to reproduce themselves with great ra pidity irke veast in moistened flour, so that the slightest quantity impregnates the whole mass, l east through a powerful magnifier is seen to he a foiest of vegetation which grows, blossoms jrid goes to seed in a short time. Miasm is not s, distinctly vegetable hut has more the appear ance ol animal life, although its motions cannot be perfectly distinguished. What the Doctor ciauni to have settled is that it is an organic substance and lie has further found and embod ied in his "Ague Cure" what will destroy it. (Leader St. Louis, Mo.] DISEASES OF THE CHEST a*u LUNGS. —These diseases are too well known to require any de scription. How many thousands arc every year carried to the sil—nt grave by that dread ful scourge Consumption, which always com mences with a slight cough. Keep the blood pure and healthy by taking a few doses of JUD sON'S MOUNTAIN HERB PILLS each week, and disease of any kind is impossible. Con sumption and Lung difficulties always arise from particles of corrupt matter deposited in the air-cells by bad b'ood. Purify that stream ofiifeapdit will very soon carry off and de stroy the poisonous matter ; and like a crystal river flowing through a desert, will bring with it and leave throughout the body the elements ofhealthand strength. As the liver leaving the elements of fertility in its course, causes the before barren waste to bloom with flowers and fruit, so pure blood causes the frame to rejoice in strength and health, and bloom with unlading beauty. JCDSON's MOUNTAIN HEBII PILLS ARE SOLD BY ALL DEALERS IN MEDICINE. DEATH OF MRS. GORE, THENOVELIST. —The English journals record the death, ou the 29th ult., of Mrs. Catharine Grace Gore, one of the most prolific and jiopular novelists of the ffay. She was the widow of Charles Arthur Go:e, a military man, and was 61 years old. For more than a year past Mrs. Gore had been almost entirely blind. Mrs. Gore has written from sixty to seventy works, filling nearly two hundred volumes. Ooe ot her daughters, who i ras with her at death, is married to a baronet, aaJ her son was one ol the suite of the Prince ol Wales during his late visit to this country. SNOW STORM IN IOWA.—The oldest residents n lowa have no recollection of such a storm as that of last week ; the snow i> two feet deep,and drifted info ridges from five to ten feet. There have been but two trains west hr more than eight deys, and is likely there will be no trade of consequence for mor° than a uvpk hence. They fave had no mails from the East for two days.— Chiago Post. HEATING CARS BY STEAM.— A perfectly suc cessful trial of a new invention for heating railway carriages with hot tubes has been made between Paris and Monfagris. Bv a most ir- JTHOUS contrivance a portion of the waste learn thrown off after exhausting its motive power upon the engine is introduced into a flexible tube which extends throughout the t'ain, and is so twisted that' every passenger may put his feet upon it. The benefits of (he arrangement are thus distributed among all the various classes of travelers. FATAL AFFRAY. — A difficulty occurred in Ehrigtiansburg, Va., on the 13th inst., between J-Kent Anderson, Esq., and Addison Logan, B'pliew of Hon. H. A. Edmundson, which re cited in the shoo'.ing ol Anderson, and causing ho death in short time. The paities are both young men, about nineteen years of age, ana up to the tune of the difficulty were warm personal friends. Joseph Veazie, ot Providence, is willing to i scribe $ I,OJO, it nineteen others will sub •cribealike sum, to try the experiment of o'.ton in Central America. -.tiakkiku- H'iOVER—MILLER.—On the 21st irtst., at * Clairsville, bv R-v. N. E. Gilds, Mr. Wil-| "n C. Hoover to Miss Catharine Miller, both ' Ciaii fp. - ,R 'he morning ot the 12th inst., in Bloody : ' n ' A lice, eldest daughter of James B. and , "sa Farquhar, aged 4 j ears, II months and "day J. he deceased was a child of sweet and love '"ners and was dearly beloved bv all who her. She bore her affliction with meek y and now lives in the enjoyment of the -3 of her Heavenly Father. Shortly be h"r death, she requested her parents to ipj' IPr Sabbath School books and tickets, and q•. ? kia S over them, spoke in feeling terms ,, r and her teachers, and requested sister to be a good girl. Her remains feeii" a '' en Church, where a very iv'r?" an '' appropriate sermon was delivered Cleaver, after which they were 1 Aed t° t|, P;r j as t rPS (j O g place bv her re "h' a bbath School scholars and others, dh. Saviour, come and dry our tears, And help us to resign ' his precious jewel to thy care, And crown her ever thine. W. N\ F. 1 j A Mr. Hartley ol Southampton, England, , recently deceased beijuea'.li- it, 8- r >OD,OOO lor the building and endowment of a literary in stitution in that city. The will was disputed, 'the matter at length leached chancery, and in tliat circumlocution court the $500,000 was sweated dow to $200,000, which is to be applied to carrying out the testator's design. CAPTURE CF A SLAVER.— Intelligence front the co3s! of Afiica stales that the bark Clara Windsor, of New York, with 720 Africans, ha> been captured by a Spanish steamer. A "general service of funerals" in France is conducted by a company in Paris, authorized I by law, managed by a director, with a fixed, tariff of prices. HJUJBLIU SALE £ OF REAL ESTATE. j By virtue of nn oriler of the Orphans' Court of | Bedford County, the subscriber, adin'r., ol the es- I tale of Melchior Fisher, uee'd, will sell at pub iic i sale on the premises in Harrison Township, MII SATURDAY, 23d MARCH NEXT, Ih fo ilovviug real eta!e,vi/.. A tract of land sit uated in said Township late the property of said dee'd, adjoining lands of Richard Knuff's heirs ard Peler Watson on the Fast, the sub-criher on the i West, Fred'k. Turner and Knuff's heirs on the j North, and .lohn M. Smith and Peter Wertz on the ; South, containing 1)7 acre 3 and 148 perches nett (measure. About seventy acres ofthe bind are ! cleared and under cultivation, s ix acres ol which ! are meadow—the iesidue is well timbered. The ' improvements are a log dwelling house, log stable I aml other out buildings,—th°re is also a number of 'fruit trees on the place, and water which never j fails, convenient to the house. The land is on Dry | Ridge, and runs within a few rods ofthe Turnpike, j The terms ate —one 'hird of the purchase money I to remain in the land for the use ofthe widow, one third in hand at the confirmation of the sale and the other third in two equal annual payments with out iritere-t. DAVID MILLER M rch Ist,'6l. Adm'r. SALE.— By virtue of Sundry writs of j Vend Exponas to me directed there will b" sold at ! the Court House in the Borough of Bedford on >at ' in lay the 2'id day of March, 1861, at 1 I o'clock A. j M., the following described Aeal F.state fo wit : I One fiact of land containing 256 acres, more or ! less, about 75 acres cleared and under fence, with a large two log dwelling house, and double log Barn tnereon erected, adjoining lands of John Robison, John Cavender, and others, situate in Southampton Township, Bedford County, and taken ; in execution as the property of William May. Shlf's. office Bed- 1 JOHN J. CESSNA, ford, -March Ist,'6l. \ Sheriff. TOSTA TE OF JACOB NICODEMUS,dee'd. —Notice is hereby given, that theua dersigned appointed Auditor by the Orphans' Couir of Bedt'ord County, to distribute the balance in the hands of Jacob A. Nicodemus, Executor of the last will kc.,t Jacob Nicodemus, late of Mid dle Woodbury Township, in said county dec 'J., and to report the facts to said Cou.t, wilt attend fo the duties of his appointment, at his office, in the Bor ough o! Bedford, on Wednesday, the i.'Jth day of March, A. D., 1861, at one o'clock P. M., of said day. S. RUSSELL, March Ist, '6l, Auditor! ID D fro R'S Nor IC E. A.C. James. J In Common Pleas of Bed vs. '.ford Co. No 17 Feb. T. 1861. Wm. O'Neal \ The undersigned, appointed to make distribution of money ari-ing frotri sale of Real Estate, of above Deft., find facts &0., will attend to the duties o' his appointment on Thursday, 28th of M rch, 1861 at the office of Cessna and bbannon ,in the Boroueh of Bedford, at which time all interested can attend. JOHN PALMER, March Ist, '6l. Auditor. A UDITOR'S NOTICE. Plumer Kramer use of j In the Common P'eas of lohn Cessna. Esq., x Bedford co. N0.'208 April j Bryan Gardner & Co. \T. iB6O Phi. Scire Farias I Alexander Reynolds No. 18 Feb'y ,T . 1861. j Vi ' Henry S. King The undersigned appointed Auditor, to make dis tribution of money arising from sale of Real Es- j : 'ate of above Dept., find facts&c. will attend to 1 j (he duties oi his appointment on Friday 29th of \ Marrh IS6I, at his office, in the Borough ot Bedford, •at which time all intereste d can attend. "R. I). BARCLAY, ; March Ist, '6l. " Auditor. 1 rnJOTICE.— ( k * The subscriber respectful!v informs the citizens of Beilforct :ind vicinity, that he will j commence a school term of four months, on Mon pay, April Bth. By request he will form a Normal Class, and offers superior inducements to those who are qualifying thenr-e ves for the business of te ich ing. Terms moderate and will be given on app'i- ' ■crtion to Bim. CHA'S. W. GREENE. [ jyMarch Ist, '6l. 3t. 1 EXECUTOR'S NOTICE.— -A Notice is hereby giv- . en, that Letters Testamentary, on the will of John • Bowser, lata ol Coletain Township, BeSford County, 1 have been granted by the Register of said County, j to the subscriber.—All persons indebted to said es tate. are notified to make immediate payment, and those having claims thereon, will present them du- j |y authenticated for settlement. MICH AEI.tHOLDERBAIJM, Ex' r,. Residing in Bedlord Township. March tst, '6l. YtfHY NOT' WHY NOT! j "* t Sav'e your motty, ! ■ By buying your goods of OSTER & CAKN, Cheepide. You'll find it the cheapest place in tovm; Thry have just received another choice selec tion of new and choice Winter goods. Their etock is larg", and suited to the wants of the community. Call and see. Dec. 14th, 1860. WOTICfi OF INCORPORATION ; J- * All persons | interested are hereby notified that at the pesent j session ofthe Legislature of Penn'a. an application j will be made lor the passage of an act to be ettft- I tied "An act to incorporate the Glamorgan Iron | Company," giving such company the privilege of i holding lands in Huntingdon and Bedford counties, 1 and of carrying on the business of manufac'uting I iron therein, in which bill the uudersigned will be' the corporators named. ! CHARLES WOOD, SAMUEL ISF.TT, R. B. WIGTO.V, WM. P. ORBISON, JOHN FULTON. L. T. WATTSON, Corportors. Feb. 8, 1861. mroTiCE.— -b* Notice is hereby given thai I have purchased, (Feb'y. 4th, 1861,) the followiug prop erty, at Sheriff's Sale, to wit : One Hack, one Gray Horse, (blind,) one other Gray Horse, one Riding Saddle, one Bridle, one Two Horse Sled, One set Double Harness, one Sleigh, fifteen tons of Plaster at Poor House Mill, and ten tons of Plaster at Hopewell, all of which said property I elect to leave with John Nelson, during my pleasure, and her eby caution all persons against interfering wttn the same. WM. S. FLUKE, Feb. Bth, 1861. IWRS. HALE'S RECEIPTS for the millt j^T"^ - Dr. Harrv's. . /typ /?) /if (cmm (Me* d?& ej * O O j I'ays the entire cost for Tuition in the most pop ! olarand successful Commercial School in the cotin , try. Upward of TIVEIAE HUNDRED y ung j rtien Irotri TWEN'I Y-EIGHT d/tferent Slates, have been educated for business here within the 1 past three years, some of whom have been employ ed as Book Keepers at salaries of 8200U.00 PER ANNUM, j immediately upon graduating, who knew nothing of accounts when they entered the College. QCF"M misters' sons half price. Students enter at any time, and review when they please, with out extra charge. For Catalogue of 86 pages, Specimens of Prof. Cowley's Business and Ornamental Penmanship, i and a large engraving of the College, inclose twen ty-live cents in Postage Stamps to the Princi pals, JENKINS & SMITH Jan. 18, ISOO. Pittsburg, Pa. MU 8 LieSALEOF a VALUABLE REAL ESTATE. i The undersigned will offer at public sale, on the ; premises, on Friday, Ifith March, next, his property | at the •■Turn," one mile below Bed or', containing about one hundred acres This property is well and favorably loc ited—is good land, witn 60 acres un der good fence, and has a water-power on it that is ! not surpassed by any in the county. It is at a point ' where a grist mill would command the custom ola I rge part of Snake Spring Valley, Friend's Cove, the ; "Dutch Corner," and Bedlord and vicinity. It lies jon both sides of the turnpike, where 'be li ilro d, ' when made, must run within a lew rods ol the null seat. The undersigned feels bound to sell, and a bargsin can be had. Terms : One third in hand, and the balance in Ih'ee payments, without interest. For particulars address Cessna & Shannon, Bedford, i Pa., or WM. CHENOWETH, Jan. 25, 1861. Bedford, Pa ! 1UBLIC SALE • j -a OF VALUABLE REAL ESTATE. BY virtue of on order of the Orphans' court of I Bedford County, the undersigned will oil-r at pub lic sale, on the premises, 011 SATURDAY 23d MARCH, NEXT, the following described real estate : Purpart "A," containing 53 acres 36 perches nett, being tiie one third part thereol, adjoining lands of laeob Sniuer, Frederick Stoier and oth-ts. j Part 4 -B," containing 17 acres and 1 '2B perches,' nett measure, adjoining lauds of banri'l. Burger, '■ Jacob Working and others. Purpart "C," containing 212 acres, nett inea- , sure, adjoining lands of D. Snowberger, Mart in ' Miller and others, and Purpart "D," oontaining 128 acres an.. 41 perch es nett measure, adjoining lands of Fred. Stoier, A. Eversole and others: all situated in Middle Wood bury Township, Bedford County. Being the Real estate of Dr. Wm. IV. Reed, -'ee'd., ! lately ipuraised under proceedings in Partition. ; TERMS : One third at confirmation of sale, and 1 the balance in two equal annual payments with- • out interest.. AARON REED, J Feb. 22d, 'ot. 4t. Executor, j jTu MIN IST RA TOR 'S NOTIC E - ■k*- The undersigned having been granted j letters of administration on the E-tate of Dr. M. L. j Aili-on, late of Schellsburg Borough, dee'd., all per- i sons indebted to said Estate are hereby notified to ; make immediate payment and tho-e having claims i against the same, will present Itiein pro>>er!y ail- I thenticated for settlement. N.-B. I have appointed John S- Schell, Esq., of j Schellsburg, to act forme in rny abscence, and ail j persons indebted to, or having claims against the j Estate, can settle with him. W. M. ALLISON. Feb. 1, ISGI. Admin istiator. J ECU TOR'S NOTICE. JR-i Letters testementary upon the estate of James Hinton, of Napier tp., j tire'd., having been granted the undersigned, notice j is hereby given to those indebted to the estate j to make immediate payment, and those having , claims will present them lor payment. SHADRACH HINTON, of Napier tp., ; J. C. ELY, | of Schellsburg, Ex'ors- j | m E w GOO Ds. JUST ARRIVED AT , MRS. S. E. POTTS'. I , A large ct l FALL & WINTER GOODS, FALL & WINTER GOODS, I FANCY DRESS GOODS, NANCY DRESS GOODS ' of nil kinds, handsome winter French meti- . noi s, a" woo! delaines, B()NNETS & RIBBONS, BONNETS .N RIBBONS Flowers, Ruches, bonnet velvets—new style, hanii ome cloaks, FUR CAPES, FUR CAPES, Also, a large assortment of victerines and muffs. Nov. 2,'60. a IREAT BARGAINS V* GREAT BARGAINS ! GREAT BARGAINS ! Wishing to reduce our stock as low as possible by Spring, we will offer et'ery description of WINTER GOODS* : WINTER GOODS! WINTER GOODS! AT COST, FOR CASH. AT COST, FOR CASH. AT COST, FOR CASH. Ready made Clothing at Half-Price. Cjt-CAI.L AND SF.E FOR A. B. CRAMER k CO. pan. 14, ISCI. 17 LECTION.— -es-4 An Election for Ave Mana gers of the Cham'oersburg and Bedford Turnpike road Company, will be held . t the Puhfic House of J. McDonald, in McConnellsburg, on Monday the 4lb day of March next, at 1 o'clock P. M. T. B. KENN EDY. Cbambersburg, Feb. Jsth, '6.1. Pres't. jSRJ EXCUbIi LM For recsons satisffcto ry to myself, I respectfully request till pel sons hav ing accounts on my Books of 6 months standing to call and set'le the same either by ca9h or note. — Persons having no money can have no excuse for neglecting to give their notes. And all neglecting •no make settlement—will have their accounts Jef ttbe Squire's. Nov. 9 '6O. WM. HARTLEY. U BANCROFT A. CO., IMPORTERS IK. WHOLESALE DEALERS JiV FRENCH, GERMAN AND ENGLISH FANCY GOODS, jVo. 330 Market Street, Philadelphia. May 18,'60.-1 yr. "Ej"FRANK. JACKSON, PRINTER AND STATIONER, 439 CHBSTJ\ UTSTREET, PHILADELPHIA Mav IS,'C6.-1 yr. ■ SALE— The subscriber olfers at J'livale Sale, all the following described valuable Real Es : tate, situate iu Bedford Township, Bedford County, i adjoining land of George Rpighard's heirs and George Biddle, containing 215 acres of good lime stone land, 155 acres cleaied and under fence, and in high slate of cultivation, the balance being val ! ■ j ding;, are a good LOG DWELLING HOUSE, good j hank llarti, spring house, and other out buildings, ' 1 also, a good saw mill, and apple orchard of 2Ut) ' trees, 150 of which are of the best grafted fruit, j and a never failing spring of goo d water, near the " door. Also, another tract of 158 acres of timber- Land, adjoining the above. Also, a tract of Moun | tain hud, containing 273 acres, lying convenient j.| to aid farm. j TERMS made to suit purchasers, and one Thou r j sand dollars ol the Ist payment can remain in the property if uesired by the purchaser. Possessions wll be given on the Ist day ot April next, if sold before the 10th day of March next. Persons desiring to purchase a valuable farm, at a great bargain, will do well to call upon the under signed residing 011 the property. *.fACOB BiDDLE. Feb'y. Bth, '6l.—lt IIBT OOKINO glasses, J ENGRAVINGS. PICTURE FRAMES, OIL PAINTINGS, ; The most extensive and elegant assortment at trie ' very lowest lates.—Glasses in store of every de

, ! scrip! ion. .Mahogany framed Glasses, tor country • sa!-s. Prlujapnd Poitrait frames, Window Cornices, 1 ! Gilt Mouldings, etc. Estimates for furnishing 1 Glasses to fill every space, by mail on application. ; Engravings for Grecian and Antique Paintings.— i Catalogues gratis. JAS. S. EARLE &. SON, . I 81G Chestnut St., Piiil'a. • May 18,fi0.-l yr. ' lOMJBLIC SALE.— i -**- Hv virt-io of an ordpr }o! the Orphans' Court of Bedford Countv, the un j dersigned will ofler for sale at Public Vendue, crt , 1 the premises, on FRIDAY,THE Bth DAY OF MARCH j next, the following described Valuable Real Es | tare, situate in Monroe Township, Bedford County, j I adjoining land of Beroaid Claybaugh. Wiiiiam Cor- j ) m il. snd Leonard Nycum, CON"- 1 I I AININXPzS4 ACRES, about 130 acres cleared, ' I about C acres of which are good meadow, bal nee in ! I high state of cultivation. The improvements area 1 ; two story I'/ank House, a double Bog Batn, Wagon • i Shed, and other out-buildings. The purch iger can ' i hav possession on the Ist ol April, l-idl. Sale to i j commence at 10 o'clock ol said day, when the terms will be made known by JOHN NYCUM, Adrr.'r. 01" Wrn. Nycum, dee'd. 1 Feb. 15th, '6l. j STATEMENT OF THE RECEIPTS AND EXPENDITURES o' the Bedford and 1 Stoystovvn Turnpike Road Company, for ■ the year ' ending 2d January, 1861. To Balance at Se-ftlymeiir, 2d Jan. 'CO. $97.20 ; " am't., of tolls collected during the year, 1573.16 | $'.670.36 : By am't. ol Expenses during the year. $1,622.39 ! Balance in the Treasury. 17.97 ' | $1,670.36 No dividend made. PETER SCH ELL, j Feb. 15th, 61. Treas'r. | ! NOTICE— , Ail persons are hereby notified,! not to interfere with, molpst, or disturb, remove or ' j takeaway one grey mare, harness, and w gon, a j 'bagatelle table, ami apparatus for manufacturing' j Mineral water, the bottles, boxps, barrels, ma { cbinerv. tools and instrurrients, and every thing I thereto belonging, now in the posses-ion of John N. Munshower, in the Borough of Bedford. 'l'he above property belongs to me, and remains in his posses -1 sion,by my consent and permission. N. A. ELDER. Mitli intown, Pa., Feb. Bth, '6l. j 4JTKA Y BULL— Cam'* irespassine or. the j premises of the subscriber residing in Hopewell i j t;:., Bedford County, about the first day ol'Novem j her last, a red bull, with white tace, both ears I m.irked, st:ppo-ed to be. about 2 years ant. a half 1 old, The owner is requested to prove his property ' and take him away, or he wi.l be dispo-eii of ac , co ding to la-.v. | Feb. 22d. • SAMUEL DAVIS j A DMIMSTRATOR'S NOTICE— , Loiters id' Administration on (lie e>t.tfe of Alfred S. Over, late of South Woodberry township, dee'd., having been granted to the >ub scriher living in %ltddle Woodberry tp., all persons indebted to said estate are requested to make un- | j mediate payment, and those having claims against I the same, will present them properly authenticated i tor settlement. CYRUS S. OVER, Feb. 22d, '6l. 4 DMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE * I.etters of Aitmini.straiion upon ! the Estate ot Francis Me'iirr, late of Juniata! Town?hip, Bedford county, deceased, having been ! granted 10 the suhscribet by the Register of Bed-' ford County, all persons having claims against sud e-tate, are hereby notified to present the same ! i properly authenticated for settlement-and all per-j • sons indebted are requested to make immediate ! : payment. OWEN McGIRR, Administrator. Feb. 15th, '6l. Bedford Township. ' j |p LECTION— j The Stockholders of the Bed- • 1 fnn' ar.H Sfnvstoxvn Turnpike Koad Company are j ! h*rby notified, that the annual F.ectionofthe Com-1 ! puny to elect Managers to conduct the affairs of the j > company, will be held at the house >f James Fra-! ; sher, in S.-hellshurg. on the first Monday of March I next, between the hours of one and three o'clock, | P. M. PETER SCHELL. Scheilsburg, Feb., 15th, '6l. Secretary. i 4 b.MLNISTRATOR'S NOTICE— | xlk " ' Letters of j administration on the estate of Mrs. Kehecca Sbi | iner, late ot Union township, dee'd., having been granted to the subscriber, residing in said town ship, notice is hereby given to ail persons indebted to said estate to inuke immediate payment, and ' hose having claims will pTesent them duly authen ticated lor settlement. JOSEPH IMLER, F.-b ,8,1861. Administrator | SALE of Valuable Personal prop erty and Real Estate. There will he sold, at Pub lic Sale, at the residence of the subscriber, in Ju niata 1 ownship, Bedfoid county, on THURSDAY 11th MARCH, next, the following property viz : Fight head of Horses and Colts, Thirty head of Cows and young Cattle, Fifteen head of Hcs a!o Breeding-sows and Pigs, One Broid-wheeled on, also one two horse Wagon, Two Bugries and one Stave and Shingle Machine. ALSO, Stoves, Sleds and Horse Gears, Meat Cutters Ritfe Guns and a variety of Farming Utensils end other aitides too numerous to mention. Sale to com mence at ten o'clock, A. M., of said day, wh*n due I attendance and a reasonable credit wilTbe given bv jibe undersigned. ALSO, at the same time and place, will be otlered for sale, the valuable FARM ! and MILL PROPERTY, on which the Subscriber j Sesides. Terms reasonable. Any per-on in want ! of a good property will do well to attend the Sale LEWIS N. FYAN | Feb. 15th, '6l. ,rt > - I SHE 1 ALND WOOL, all colors, at Dr. flurry's KEROSENE OIL. the best article, at Dr. Harry's. - c -:\ AYER'S i ? i rS'S, - CATHARTIC W PILTJA U <-/, Aw yuu sick. fceW. />/ emxiphiiiimgf Aryeuf ij: ■ —onitr. urKli your system >:- f'- uim! yo*tr v.:i f* v r If coi*fittHbio? The*' It ;'* fr* % SESIr Dm*are often the prtluir Ifrfc * er ' ,>,lj} HlueSH. >me fit of c i cm.plnjr upon y.., j v• V i 2 should If averto'l *y a v * timely use of the rijcht rein - ~ * v ..0b Take Ayer's I'ili*. ami j 4S/ I i: 4 \ y clcauite out :bedJtortitrai Ltt <*,'( iv'-" 1 P Ulors ptirify the blood. m..l '**.s r. v 'l|N V . .litrrtd in hi-uhb atfain. I " T v Tb*y slimnlate the functions K;P?of the body into vigorous a •- tivity. pni ify the system from **£&!£ : -the obstru. Rons tr hich make dfaeaao. AcoM settles gonvwhor* iu tlw body, and oi structs its nataral iunctiouH. Theso. if nt relieffld, react upon themselves and the wirroundiog organs, pro liiieing general aggravation, suffering, aud di- 1-". While in this condition, oppn*sed by the derangement, take Ayer's Pilt-. nrcl see how directly they restore the ! luitur.ll uetfoi cf the sy-i-m and with it the fueling of h ;t!h rtgiin. What is true and so apparent ? i this trivial an.! common complaint, is also tru- in rnany i of the d<M*jj-*wited and dangerous <tf* tamper*. Tbenmo purgative eftoet ex> 4n tiieni. Can- dby similar obsiruo i tinua and dranfftjcnts of tii nam I functions of the j body, they are rtpidly, and vn . v <f th ni n-*!y, cured by the sumo mean*. None wh r w the virtues of the>o Pills, will neglect tr employ th- wbou suffering front the dioft!ers rhey ■•jr-. Stateiii.nts fr.nji leading ;• ivskia in some of the principal citus aud fruui utL . well known public pr --i sous. From aF. .• r<f • / 7 •ni > f Ft. 7jOV<s, F it. 4;- 3 ; V„ Pp.. Aw;. Y .r ivu are tin* paragon c-f all that i> I groat iu Th-> have cnr*i uy little d i4ghter of ulcenms w* upon In r hi: 1 mdfe*r that hail proved | incur ibl - for year . Hp - : . r-i- r ha. bc.-u l.m : gricv ous'y with blotchtiui pimpl.'son h-?r*! ; .iu and | i h-T h.iir. .*■ •: r our chil i *. - cured, she ukj tried your PiiLs, aud they have cured hor. ISA MOKGOIPGE. Ay n Family Phyle. Prr/m l>r. J.. H r , Grrtu r ght, Sew Orleans. Your Pills are the pri:i"p cf purges. Their excaltent 1 qualities surpass any cathartic we ptMStss. They are mild, but very carluia l eff-otimi in their ou tlio I lowola, which makes them invulualne to u< in the daily j treatment of disease. £le&ciaclae,Slekll>R<lr.<'tie,Fo?il Stomach, From l)r. £dioui d D>jJ., J. Uitnort. Peak PRO. Atfr: I cannot au-'wer you what comp!r>fnta j I have (T >re l with your Piils I ; - r tljirj t >ny aU Lh-t we j ffcr tr*:t with a ffurfnif/ty I pla'*/' great defwu . ciimce ou an effr'-ctnal c&liutrtic in my daily contest with dis. iso. and believing ns Ido that your Pill's aliurd us tin> ; best we have, I of course value them highly. PiTTSBUKrt, Pa.. >3av 1,1855. I)r. J. C. ATFR. Fir: I have Is.-en repeateuly cured of | the worst headache any body can have by a dcae or two of your Pill -. It seems to arise from a foul Btomach J which they cleans( at once. Yours with great respect, ED. W. PSERLE, (Ir rk of Steamer Clari tu Rlliouv Disorders Liver Complaints. From Thr. Theodore &iil % of JS't-vj York City. Not only arc ycur Pills admirably adapted to thefr pnr- S P"o as an aperient, hut I find their beneficial effects upon the Liver very marked indeed. They have in my prac tice proved more effectual for the cure of bilious cm pUi/its than any one remedy 1 can mention. I sincerely rejoice that we have at it n>rth a purgative which is wor thy the coutaence of the profession and the people. Department OF THE Interjor. > Washington, D. C., 7th Yeb., 155(5. f Sm: I have used your Pills iu my general and bo*pita! practice ever since you '.undo them, and cauuut hesitate to say tiiey are the heat cathartic we employ. Their regu lating action on the liver is quick and "derided, cmw?- que■•.'!>■ tie- - .ire an admirablo remedy for derangeiueuts of that orgr.n. Indeed. I have seldom fouud a case of bdirm diS'Me so obstinate that it did not readily yield 10 thein. fraternally yours, ALU-NZU BALL, M. I)., Fujsidan of tin Marine IlospiLl. Dysentrry, Dinrrhrra, Relax, Worms. From Dr. J. G. Green, of Chicago* Your Pills have had a'long trial in mv practice, and I hold them in esteem as one of the lest aperients I h*vo ever fouud. Their alterative effect upon the liver makes them an excellent remedy, when given in small doses for bilious dysentery and diarrhota. Their sugar-coating makes them wry acceptable and convenient for the uso of women aud children. Dysp<-p-.fn, Impurity of the Blood. Prim JKev. J. V. Uinta, Pjstur of Advent Church, Boston. DR. ATRR : I li tvo nse L jour Pills with eitraonlinai-v Ruocess m ntj family ami among those 1 am rallcil to visit in distress. To regulate the organs of digestion and purify the blood, thej' are the very best- rem-'hy I have ever known, and I can confidently recommend them to my trie mis. Yours, J. V. 11l MLS. WARSAW. Wyoming Co.. Jf. Y., Oct. 21, 1855. DEAR SIR : I am using your Cathartic fill, in my prac tice, and find them an excellent purgative to cleanse tho system and purify the fountains of the blr*l. JOHN G. II EACH AM, M. D. C tuist ipnt ion, Cost ivrncsj, Suppress I on, Itliviim.atisin, (lout, Newrulsia, Drop sy, Paralysis, Kits, etc. Prom I)r. J. P. l'auyhn, J/ontrrvl, Oinada. Too much cannot Is- aaid of your Pills for the euro of If others of our ftateniity Lava fluid th.-a as ffltswas as I have, th-y should J -in me in prrcl.i'T l .!- log it for the benefit of the multitude* who suffer from tiiat enmpiainr. wliich. aitliongli iiad enough in itself, is the progenitor of others thai are worse. I belnve c...- tirmese to originate in the livtr.lut ysur Tills affect that organ and cure the disease. From Mrs. E. Suart, Phijrieiar. and J fidvifr, Pnstrm. ! find one or two large doses ofvonr Pills, taken at, the proper time, are excellent promotives of the itatnrut srerr turn wh-u wholly or JRUlhltjMtpprmsed,SMl ;..j very effectnal to clrunsr Liie stoma -it and ry 11 i worms. Tliev are so ranch the l*st physic wo liavc teat I nk.or.uij ,ad no other to my patients. Prom the 71' . Dr. Dutches, of the Mdhodigt Fpis. Chur-h. Pn-ts-Et now*. Savannah,Gs„ Jan. C. IIoyoREP Sir : I should 1.. ungrateful for the relief v oir skill has brought mo if I did not re|iort my, to joii. A Cold sottled iu my liailwand t rourht ou exorn e. ting nr.urtiJatcpains, which emled in chronic rV mu tton. Notwithstanding I had the he.-t of phro fans, the disease grew worse and worse, until by the advice of vour ex eilent agent in Baltimore. Dr. Mackenzie. I fried i nr I'ill*. Their efforts were slow, bnt saire. By perseverin • in the use of them, I aru now entirely well.' SENATE Chamwr. Baron Bonge, La., 5 Dee. Ls'i. Dr. ATEK: I have entirely can-1. by yonr Pills, of Kheumutic Ovut apainful disease thar bad afflicted mi for years. VINCENT SEIDELL. t ;' Met f.f the Tilts in market contain Mercury, which, although a valuable remedy in skilful hands, is dangerous in a public pill, from the dreadful .. •incuses that fr.-incntly Ha, its inrantioua nse. Dm, centalo no mercury or miuurai substance whatever. -f*rice, 23 cents per Box, or 5 Boxes for SI. it •> ared by Dr. Z. C. AYEE &, CO., Lov/ell, Kass. R. F. Hairy, Ceil or.i ; -"arndo'lar Sot, Bloody lorn : (~ B., St. C airsville ; .). Breiteman, VVooilberry ; Ueo. Gardill, West End ; J. E.fco'.vin, Schejlsbnrg ; and by deilers generally. Oct. 12, ISGO. A LLEGHEXY MAI,E A\l) - 51 FEMA LE SE viIX A RY, HedfcnlCo.. Pa. REV. W. VV . ERIAI. A. .\i , Piiucipal, Miss A. L. PRIM, Preceptress, -Miss S. J. BRIM, Teacher on Piano Forte. This institution, uniter the supervision of lite a bove named persons, ssisted by other competen- Teaehers, affords a full course in ,M. th mafics XVura! sciences. Languaff..-, and Eelles Lettre.t in music, Painfins, &c., tl tives e.vtended insfruc tion. Jho nekl sessioti will commence on Jati.22, IS6I. Students admitted a' any time. Habits of health, system, and piomptness , views, moral, so cial, and domestic, are here made prominent, ob jects of education. That the physical powers, as well as the mental, may be cultivated--Caiis(hen ic exercises are necessary—here the Students meet each day for systematic physical exercise. ffA Will pay for board, including j fu-- <D/C/w7l I nisheii rooms, room rent, fuel and tuitton in common EntrlLh, per term of eleven weeks. Extras, moderate charges, even less than heretofore, or than the circular calls for. j Students prepared for the highest class in col lege. For Circulars, or particulars, address W, W. BRIM, Dec. 21, IS6O. Rainsburg, Bedford Co.. Pa- MARTHA T. MARTIN, t". If. I! AM RICK, J. A. L. MoRSUI GEO. R. PEDULE, S. R. MARTIN. *7* A. M A KE R , M • WITH MARTINS, PEDDLE, HAMRICK .X CO. -IMPORTERS OF— HOSIERY, GIjOVES AND NOTI(f\S, -V'o. 30,JV"ct/A Fourth St., Pkii , May is.'ee.-l yr. JP XEC UTO R'S~N OTK E. ~ Letters testamentarv having been granted to the subscriber, living in M id dlc Middle Wood berry township, on the E-late of ■Joseph Keagy, late of said township, d -cM., all persons indebted to said estate are notified to make dayment ltnmediately, and those having claims a gunst the same will present thm pr <per!y au thenticated for Settlement. D. LONHEVFCKF.K'. dan. 11, g!st. ?* i cjjaf2r7i\ i v"4r , ' f-; • !^ 41? *-'> ••" I &: 4; i feg $ Fi?s > S S2-i v* v " ?' "{ ■*>••: :^••">< : ii \ mc! A •'•PIvRIEN T AND STOMACHIC PRFPAR- At.on of IRON purified of Oxygen by combustion in Hydrogen. Sanctioned by tins b.ghest roedica! authorities, both in Europe and the Lmted Sla-es, and prescribed in their practice 1 he experience ot thousands daily prove, that no preparation ol (son can be compared with it Imnu. nties of the blood, depression c; v.tgl energy lie i and otherwise sickly complexion = indicate its ' r ,e_ I cessity in almost every conceivable case. Ir.nox j iou> in all maladies hi which i*. has lee ß : r ie,t, it has j proved absolutely curative in each of the folio win - j complaints, viz : * In Debility, Xenon* Afrlior-, Emanation, rptii, Constipation, D. rrr!, r , Dysruter, , I„e£ p , KHt Consumption, hrraMo,,* l .beratlosU, Sail llhe„ M M,<", '**tf-ntUo*, Whites. CW,, Llr „ Cnplutnt Utrouic .Da,lnches, IHeuir.insr., Intermittent Fevc Pim/f.T on the Face, Jw. In cr -es of Central Dvbil ty, whether the result , of acute oireaseor of the continued diminution ot j no: VOU3 a.a muscular energy from chrome rem j points, or.e cl this restorative has proved SUP - > " To rn which no description nor writ ten attestation would render credible. Invalids so ; ions b*?J-M(jt|fn as tu have become lor gotten in their | own neighborhoods, have suddenly re-appeared in jI j bu5V world as lf j returned from piotrac j 1 ' '• * 1 W in ft distant tanti. S%>rne very j ll <i| instances of tins K ind are attested of female • sulmrers, emaciated victims of apparent marasmus sanguineous exhaustion, critical changes, and that complication of nervous and dyspeptic aversion to air arid exercise for which the physician has tin j name. am Mar to medical men, the op-ration oftni- prepa ration of fion must necessaiily b- salutary, for, un like the old oxides, it is vigorously tonic, withou being exciting and over-heating and gently regut larly aperieni, even in the most obstinate cases ot costivecess, without ever being a gastric purgative, or inflicting a disagreeable sensation. It is this latter property, among others, which makes it so remarkably effectual and permanent a remedy for Piles, upon which it aim appears to ex el i a di-tinct and specific action, by dispersing the local tendency which forms them. In Dyspepsia, innumerable as are its causes a single box of these Chalybeate Tills has often suffi ctM tor the most habitual cases. In unchecked Diarrhoea, even when advanced to Uystenterv, confirmed, emaciating and apparently ma ignant, the effects have been eqnall decisive ai<d astoniibmz. bilitating cough, and remittent hectic, which gene ia ly indicate Incipient Consumption, this remedy has allayed the alarm of friend., and physicians, m several very gratifying and interesting instances. !:i Fern/iilous Tuberculosis, this medicated iron bas had tar more the good effect of the most cau tiously balanced pieparations of iodine, without any of well-known liabilities. fhe attention ot females cannot be too confident ly invited to this remedy and restorative, in the ca ses peculiarly affecting them. In Rheumatism , both chronic and inflammatory, in the latter, however, more decidedly, it has been invariably well repoited, both as alleviating pain ant reducing the swellings and stiffness of the joints and muscles. In luterm'ttent Fevers it must necessarily be a great remedy and energetic restorative,'and its pro gress in the new settlements of the West, wili pro bably be one of high renown and usefulness. No remedy has ever been dicoveied, in the whole history of medicine, which exerts such prompt hap py and fully restorative effects. Good appetite, complete digestion, rapid acquisition of strength, with an unusual disposition tor active and cheerful exercise, immediately follow its use. Put up in neat flat metal boxes containing,lo pills price 50 cents per box ; for sale by druggists and dealers. Will be sent free to any address, on re ceipt of the price. All letters, orders, etc., should be addres, to R. B Locke & fo., On.° Agents, , , „ 20 CEDAR STREET, N. Y .Inly 20fh, 'CO. ; PHIU'A. ADVERTISEMENTS. ! T E. Go uL D, j u. 632 C/iesfnut St., cor. oj Seventh, PHILADELPHIA. PIANOS ANOMELODEONS. | S.ivs:,', hICOM & Co': ~ BALLET, DAVIS & co's., j Ninx's 4- clark's, and a. ii. gai.r Sc co's. j *5 B T- s A-A - I/ _ ~ sf I \9 ffP $ fL, MASON & HAMLIN'S, AND PRINCE&CO'S. MELODEONS sv HARMONIUMS. Fianos and Melodeons to Rent. Second-hand Pianos. May !S.'GO.-1 yr. jf P. H U B E R, {*PCCESOR TO J. SORVER ,) VVHOLESALE DEALER IN TO BACCO. SNUFF AND CIGARS, -Vd RJ\ ori/i Fifth St., above Market, PhiTu. Also. Manufacturer and Importer of FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC SEGARS. May 18, ISGO.-1 yr. W U.LI AM RAIGIF.r., JAMES V. WHITBV, BAMCEI. MOORE, EDWARD A ADAMS, WILLIAM O. SKILLMAX, HENRY P. ATKINSON, |BAIGUEE, MOORE & CO., A LATE. RAIGUEL AND CO., IMPORTERS AND WHOLESALE DEALERS IN 13 R Y G O O D S, .\os. 220 & 222 A'orfh Thirst St., nhove Race t I Vest side, PHILADELPHIA. May IS,'CO.-i yr. TEIHE WORLD'S GREAT EXHIBITION PRIZE MEDAL, awarded toC. MEYER fcr his two PIANOS, London, October 15, 1851. C. MEYER respectfully informs his friends ami the public geneiallv, thai he has constantly on hand PIANOS, equal to those lur which he received tht Prize Medal in London, in 1851. All orilers promptly attended to, Jaml great care taken in the selection and packing the same. He has received, during the last fifteen ve a rs, more A/edals than any other maker, from the Frank lin Institute—also, First Premiums in Dos ton, New York and Raltimme. Wareioom*. No. 7 1' i ARCHS'rect, below Eighth, South-ide, PHILADELPHIA May 18, l8Gi(. lyr. tohn o. jams*, iur wri.sit, . r:. stfrlino WM. C. KR\T. <i. s. SMITH, H. D. WELSH. OIHRT.FS SASTFK, SAMLET. WHITR, J. TOMT.INSON. TAMES, KENT. SANTFE fc CO., r." I S 1 > :•< DRYGo O o S . Ml NOiffH Tfl'-R STREET. " \FOVE ft act, .• r rv\ 5, Vn*- v 8 'i"i . f'v