Newspaper of Bedford Gazette, 8 Mart 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Bedford Gazette dated 8 Mart 1861 Page 2
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BEDFORD GAZETTE. —REWORD, Ta - FRIDIY : : • BAIL H, IS(>J. B. F Meyers, Editor 6c Proprietor. Inauguration of Lincoln. The new President was inMailed in oiSce, in the usual form, on Monday ia-t. (loo;I order, prevailed during the continuance o! the cere monies, and not one of ail the Black liej utii-.' cant present, suffered from poisoned meat, or the stiletto of the assassin. With all the tin fence aroused throughout the country by !!■>• election of Linqoln, his opponents have r. 1 y', quite arrived at that pitch oI insane 'm' >-] lenee which attempted to destroy ' , I M .i Buchana.v, by the poisoning t ! h e Vdioiai Hotel. After all the cowardly firs f I >he new, President and the "loss and feathers" prepara tion ol the military at Washington, Abraham Lincoln has been suffered to put on the Prvsi-t dential robes, without a scratch or a hurt, or even an insulting word. The people of thej South desire nothing more than their Constitu tional rights, and they do notdeman 1 the death of Mr. Lincoln as one of these. And .'lis s us to rematk that Mr. Lincoln's Inaugural Ad 5 dres (for which w? cannot sod room in this n-t sue) does not propose any plan of Constitution al settlement by which the rights of the South ern people would be protected against the at tacks of Northern fanaticism. He refuses to' endorse the Crittenden plan, the Border State, p)au, the Etheridge plan, or even the Peace Conference plan , suggested and adopted by members of his own party. -He proposes no remedv for the wasting dis#tf that is sapping the vitals of the Union. It is true he would be satisfied with the calling of a National Conven tion, but Mr. Lincoln well knows ihat such a body could not be assembled until it would be too late te save the country. The uncompro mising a'titude of the new President, the com position of his cabinet by the exclusion of Bell and Gifmer and the selection of Chase and Biair, and the rejection of every plan of com promise by his friends in Congress, wlil operate to drive Maryland and Virginia out of the U nion in thirty days. This is no idle prediction, and mark our word, if this Republican admin istration does not very soog make some move ment looking to a peaceful settlement of its dif ficulties with the South, there will be more sutes in rebellion against it than those whose fundamental law -ecognises the institution of slavery. The people will not suffer any party to bring d'sgrace and ruin upon the country, merely to enable it to carry its philosophical abstractions into practice. If the Constitution is to be overridden by the Chicago Platform, if business and trade are to be prostrated, interna! peace and domestic tranquility sacrificed, and dictatorships given to military chieftains, sim ply* because this Republican Administrations# unwilling to yield to a fair and honorable com promise with the South, then we are for revo lution, peaceful if it can be, forcible if it must. Let justice be clone to tho*" Q wnh ih hop- ot a compromise, have refused t F-in in the rash secession of their neighbors. L-t them be met fairly, and in a brotherly spr it, or the people of their sister state, the steady and true-hearted yeomen of Pennsylvania, will rise in their might, and in the n3me of the Great Jehovah, hurl from power and existence a patty that has perverted the Constitution, pci srr.pd the minds of the people with fanatical prejudice, and by polluting the pulpit, erected a stumbling-block to Christianity ilseif. T&e Now Cabinet. The rumor noticed in cur last, that John Bell was to be a mernbei of Lincoln's Cabinet, proves untrue. Mr. hell was not offered, nor did he desire, the apoointmer.'. There was a tremendous war between the ("ameronians and Chase-ites for the Treasury Department, which resulted in the discomfiture of the former.— Pennsylvania is insulted and outraged in hav ing a freetrader, Salmon P. Chase, of Ohio, pi3ced at the head of the Treasury. Mr. Lin coln rr.ignt as well hare re-instated Howell Cobb. Gen. Cameron, after much persuasion, consented to accept the Department of War.— The Cabinet :s compose ) of a majority of radi cals, and will be opposed to any and ali the Compromises suggested by the Border Sta^R.—- It is constituted as follows : Secretary of State , VV. H. Seward, N. V. £ Secretary of the Treamnj, S. P. Chase, Q. : Secretary cj War, Simon Cameron, P.i. Secretary of th& JVavy, Caleb B. Smith, lid. Secretary of the Interior , Mont. P!a:r, Md. P.M. General, Gideon Welles, Ct. JitVy. General , Edward Bates, Mo. Coasolotary. Mr Lincoln holds the following language m Lis Inaugural: "White the people retain th-ir virtue and vigilance, no Administration, by any extrem of wickedness or foliv, can very* serioui'v jure the Government in the shuit s;>.-ce >! ton' years." Consoling, truly 1 "Honest 01 i Abe'' 3 - the dear peopie not to be afraid, t r "no /id ministration (00, nut even his own) can enous ly injure the Govern merit in the short space o tour years!" The boot is on the other leg nr.iv When Buchanan was in office, Abraham an tils compeers were icces-ai.lly eagaged in ci, ling upon the people far God's sake to "cork up to the {oils and rebuke the roltea and cor rupl administration of James Buchanan," w hict was driving the country to rum and destruction How flatly this honest Republican gives th lie to all the Anti-Administration electioneer ing schemes, upon which he himself was eteva led to udice' TJE PHILADELPHIA PENNSYLVANIA;*. -It gives i us pleasure to be able to com mead the course ol tbn able Democratic journal with regard to tire TToubles which at present agitate and dis tract the public mina of the nation. If any of onr'readers desire a good Philadelphia Morning paper, we a Isisss tberndo subscribe tor the Fenn •tylv'.nian. It contains lull elegraphic reporis ?f>f the latest news, foreign and domestic, ami £tts city c. lumns are always authentic and rc !■ liable. The Weekly Pennsylvanian is a large M3r.ri we 11-pi in ted sheet, filled with literary, itical utimiscellaneous matter, and is as ' i fan-riv paper as is published anywhere. > < <>-s JOHN H. BrusMER, Published, 108 .':i Thud St.. Philadelphia. t Let the Democrats ami conservatives throughcnt the country, elect good election offi cers, as iKrendirents to the Constitution may be brought behTe the people to ne voted upon du i ring the coming year. Vote for no Adminis tration Republican. Let Compromise be the t watchword ! Local and Miscellaneous. i ... .SUICIDE.—We-a r e informed of an excee : dinglv (I(Stressing case ot self-destruction whicli 1 , | happened a few days since in Si. Clair township lin this county. Mr. John Snowbergt r, a ci'i- I ! Zen ol good lepute, Hjji found shot through the lungs, having inflicted the wound, as he lii;n e|| confessed, by screwing a loaded ride in a vice, placing the mu.zzle against his breast and discharging the piece vyith a string tied to the ! trigger. Air. Snnwherger lived a day, or JSO, I after the commission of the latal act, and we believe, gave as'the reason tor his self-violence; i some disappointment in regard to the purchase, ;or possession, ot a farm. Sad illusion ! We i can but pity him, the "One more unfortunate, Weary of breath, Rashiy importunate, Gone to his death." ... .The Directors of the Poor, with the best intentions in the world, have cut down the re ports of theTxeasnrer and Steward of the Poor, as wilf be seen by reference to our advert.sing columns. Economy in the manage ment of public affairs, is always commendable, and we cordially approve of the spirit in which this curtailment war made. We give notice, however,once for all, that as our liberal re ductions in charges for the county advertising heretofore made, do not teem to be apprecia ted, we intend hereafter to charge by Ihe square for a ! ! such advertising, and jfor table and figure work whenever such is required, as it is our legal right to do. . .. .The United Slabs Se oate continued in session until after daylight on the fourth cf March. The Peace Conference resolutions were voted upon and rejected r yeas 7, nays 23 ; the Republicans voting almast unanimous ly against them. The Crittenden resolutions were then also rejected, yeas 19, nays 20. The very tjend of discord seems to iiave enter ed into our na'ional councils. We can expect po*:- - ' iicubte and difficulty. j . .. .Several person's have < lately .been com mitted to jail on the charge of stealing wheat. It seems that people will have broi I, no mat ter bow haid the times may be. . .. .We have several thousand dollars out standing for subscription, &c , which woe in tend, rio Providence preventing, toj collect by next Court. We must have our money, atii cannot have any further delay. All perst nv whose subscription dates fronr. the first a>f August last, are hereby notified that after thn~ date, will not be received as payment in full fir the present year's subscription, a." the time allowed for advance payment has ' expired. Friends, let our appeal not he in vain ! If vou cannot pay immediately, be readv l >r us oy next Court. .. .Democrats' Remember the election for township and local officers, on Fiiday,the lst!i in>t. Attend to the interests ol your organiza tion, for if the country is to be saved, the Demo cratic panv must rally to do it ! A Dbuinii si on Record. The fact that Senators Chandler t an 1 iling bam, of Michigan, had telegraphed and after wards written to Governor tUair, of that State, desiring him, if possible, to have the Legisla ture reconsider its refusal to appoint Commiss ioners to the Peace Conference at Washington, and suggesting themselves as proper candidate; for the appointment has already been stated.— ! The Governor, it appears, has abused the cor reposed in him by allowing the modest and patriotic correspondence of these gentlemen to be made public. Roth letters appear in the Detroit Free Press ; both are to the same effect. That of Senator Chandler being the briefest and most pointed of the two, we publish it below : WASHINGTON, Feb. 11,1861. ".l ly Dear Governor .- Governor Bingham and my-elf telegraphed you on Saturday, at the requl ut Massachusetts and New York, to •end del-gat-* t,, the Peace or Compromise Co:igr--s. Tiiey admit that we were right, ■ire! they A ere wrong ; that no Republican State vine Id have Sent d'legates but thev are nere and can't gel away. O- io, Indiana and Rhode Island aie ca ing m, and there is danger ot illmois, and now they t;eg us, for God's sake, to come to :bei,- rescue and saw ihe Republi cs. party from rupture. I hope you will send stiff One/zed men or none. The whole thing Aae gotten up against my judgment and ah ice, and will en-1 in thin smoke. Still, 1 hope, as a matter ot courtesy '•> som-* ot our erring trethren, that you will send the delegates. " i'ruly your friend, "Z. CIIANULCa. •'His Excellency Austin Blair. "P. S. Some f ,( (he manufacturing Slates think that n ftjht would be awful. Without a little blood Itflting this Union will not in my estimation, beworth u rush. IMPORTANT f ROM WASHINGTON. IFIHAL ACTION CF THF. PEACE CONFERENCE j PASSAGE OP THE NEW TARIFF BILL ! Probable failure of llif Peace Propositions- The Peace Conference at Washington o i ! Thursday adopted the modified Uuthii- plan of ! idj rstrneof, as publi-hed below. The vote j stood nine to eight, New York, Kansas, Indi | ana and Missouri not voting. The Conference t ; ordered that engrossed copies ct the adjustment j jbe sent to both Houses of Congress, and then I adj-mrtv*'! sine <lip. i To the Congress of the United States :--Th-> I Convention, assembled upon the invitation of j (lie State of Virginia, to adjust the tjnhaj>jy di,~ ! feft-oces which now t'istiir'i the j tee of the ! Union, and threaten its continuance, make I known to the Congress of tiie United States thct their body convened in the city of Was lington, on *.h- Hh inst., and continued in Hs. ioa until the £7th. '1 tiere were in body u ln n act i' > t was taken , upon that which is h*-re submitted, one hun dred and thirty-three commissi n-*j, repr-s-n --tihg the fallowing States : Maine, New H imp shire, Vermont, Massachusetts, li'iode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Penn sylvania, Delaware, .Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee, Mis ouri, Illi nois-, tmhana, Ohio, low a, anil Kansas. They have approved what is herewith sub mitted, and respectfully request that your hon orable body wd! submit it to Conventions in the States, as article thirteen ol amendments to the Constitution of the United States. Attest : J. HENRY PULESTON, Sec'v. ARTICLE THIRTEEN. See. 1. In all the present ter: tore of the United States north ol the parallel ot 3d d - greta 30 minutes of north latitude, involuntary servitude, except as a punishment of crime, is prohibited. In all the present territory South | of that line the status of persons h JJ to service i or labor, as it nous exists shad not be changed. ■ N >r shall any law be passed by Congress or the I territorial legislature to hinder'or' prevent fhe taking of such persona from ariv sf the Stales of trie Union to said territory,nor to impair the rights aiistng from said relit ion. Put Utc s..i• J shall be subject to judicial cognizance, ii tie i federal courts according to the common law. \ When any territory, north or South of said liae with such boundary as Congress uuy prescri > • shall contain a population equal to tint requi red for a member of Congress, it shall, it its form of government be republican, be admitted into the Union on an e;u ! fooling wi h the original States, with or w itnout involuntary s-r --| vitude, as the constitution of such State nii , provide. Sec. '2. Noterritory shall be acquired by the United State*, except by discovery and for na val and commeici3l stations, depots, and transit routes without the concurrence of a majority of ail the Senators from States which allow in voluntary servitude, and a majoritv of all the Senators from States which prohibit that rela tion ; nor 'ha 1 territory be acquired bv treaty, unless the votes of a majority ot all the Sena tors from each cla's of States hereinbef re nit tioned be cast as a part of the two-third majori ty necessary to the rat ideation of such trea ty. S'c. 3. N .thpi the Constitution, nor any f 7b W-T nNJ' ~T~' TTmA■.)I whbin any State or Territory of the United States, the relation established or recognize i v tiie laws thf e f touching persous bound ! > ! 1 bor or ins iantary service therein, nor to fere m ith or abolish involuntary service in the District ot Columbia without the con -nt 0 Maryland ar.d without the content of the own ers, making the owners who do not consent just compensation; nor the power to interfer with : >r prohibit re, itsentvh s and eh- .s h\ u bringing with them to the city cf tVa-hiogtcf, retaining and taking away, pe:.-onsso bound t In bor ; nor the power to interfere with or abo ut) involuntary s rvic-- in p aces under the e> doai*e jurisdiction ol tiie United St ites withi those States ami Territories where the miw establish- dor recognized ; nor t; [1 -w.r to pr hibit the removal or tiausponation, by i tn> sec-, or river, ol persons held to lab r or invq notary service i:i any State or Tetn' ry of if United S' ites to any ether S'.a;e .;r Y< rriloryj thereof where it is established or recogrt j zeii by law or usage ; and the . ight during Dad J portation of touching at port?, <es and Ii n ' ings, and of landing in case of distress, shall eji ist. Nor siwii have power to a..-thd ize any higher rate of taxation on persons boup to labor than on .'and. Sec. 4. The Ihrrd paragnph ol the serojj section of the f nuth aiticle of the Constitute, shall not be construed to prevent any of t| Stalps, by approj riat.* legislation, and throuj the action ot their judicial and ministerial o| cers, from enforceing the d livery of f'ogitiMj from labor to the person to whom sucft servn or labor is due. Sec. o. The foreign slave trade .is iieref forever prohibited, and it shall be i'ie duty t Congress to pass laws to prevent the import, lion of slaves, coolies, or persons Hell bo servit or labor, into the United States and Per/.tori* from places beyond the limits thereof. Sec. 6. The first, third and tilth .sectioi together with thu section six ef thes-* amen men's, and the third paragraph of live srcol section of the fitst article ot the Constitution ai the third paragiaph of the second s. ctaon of t fourth article thereof, shall not be am tided abolished without the consent of nil ;t<- Statei S>-c. 7. Congress <hall provide by i<rw 1! he United States shall pay to the owner i full value ot his fugitives from labor, in all c where th- Marshal or other otficer, whose dq it was to arrest sot h fugitive, was pr*-ven from so doing by vid.-nte ot intimidation In mobs or | riotous assemblages, or when, ler arr-vi, >uch Itigitive was rescued by like j or intimidation, and the owner tnere prevent- d and o-istruclt-u in the pursuit of remeJv for the recovery of such fugitive Cougres. snail provide by law .fur s--curing the ciiiz- ns of each Siate the pi ivileges and i inunitivs of the several States. TIIE PEACE PROPOSITIONS IN the SENATE The propositions for au adjustment'of tiie tional ditficulties adopted by the Peace Congf were laid before the Senate on Wednesday, on motion ot Mr. Crittenden, re.'crred to a lect Committee, consisting of Messis. Cull den, Biglrr, Seward, Thompson an f Truml; with instructions to repot t at 1 o'clock next; day. On Thursday, Mr. Crittenden presented the report ot the Committee, recommending the a- i doption of the propositions of the Feace Confer- ' ence. Messrs. Sewaid and Trumbuil, however ! forming a minority of the Committee, did no! j join in that recommendation, hut proposed in- i stead a resolution inviting trie States to take in- ! to consideration the propriety of calling a con vention for proposing amendments to the on- i stitoiion, and to express their wiil on the sob- ' ject to Congress. Mr. Doolittle staled that he should, at the proper time, of ft r a proviso ic the first section ot the proposition of the Peace J Congress, affirming that no State shall have ! [lower to - -cede from the Union, and that the j constitution shall be;, the supreme law ! ot the ianii. I'he jjii'll lesotutloil mid ; the proviso embrace (lie main points j of the Republican adjustment, presented to the Peace Congress by Air. TUCK, ot New tiamp- j -liir . At one * clock the Senate, by a vote' ot -id agauist i23—the RtJpublirins all voting

in tiie negative, except Air. Dtxon of Con necticut, and Air. Cameron absent—took up toe prop.'si'ioti of the Pei.ce Congress. \lr. Hale objected to its second reading, and alter some discussion the subject was laii over, and made the special order lor half-past twelve S- j clock Friday. PROBABLE FAILURE OF THE PEACE PROPOSI- , n .Ns.—A dispatch to the New York llerultl ot yesterday, says the programme of the Peace U eigret-s is almost hopelessly !o-t. I'he s-lect committee o( the Senate reported 0:1 Thu-J iv but Air. Male, on behail of tt.e R-peblican Senators, insisted on the rules, and prevented the reading of the resolutions. Mr. BiHer in troduced a resolution to suspend this rule, si IJI as relates to resolutions and bills providing for amendment to the Constitution. Unless Mr. Piglet's resolution pie vails, final action will be impossible. iMucii indignation is manifested at the fac tions course ot the Republican Senators. Ail is confusion and gloom. Nothing can save the country* bat to take the sense of th e people to instruct the next Congress, provided hv Air. S - vain proposition for a Convention of the Slates, ut ey r\ body knows Congress has no control of that vu: j-ct and could only express the opin -1 not Congress for the benefit of the people.— Air. Bigler, on the other hand, proposes to take the opinion of the people for the benefit of Con gress, which is far more sensible. THE TARIFF BILL PASSED.— The House of Repr, -entati v< s on Monday agreed to all ol the Senate's amendments to the Tariff bill, except tsat imposing a tax 01 tea and coffee, which •as rejected. The bill wa* then referred to a Fnrmitlee of Conference—Measrs. Bigler, SHU uoi.san ! Hunter, on ihe pait of the a --d Messrs. Sherman, Phtips and Morehead, •; 1 the part Of Ibe House. Alter c. m-ult lii jn, the Committee of the Senate receded hum ti.e amendment in dispute. The report was adr,;>- lel in both Houses on Wednesday, and the bill is now,by the Presi lent's signature, a law. \ Sfiiug of Pearls For the benefit of the Republican literati we have collected and now publish a lew ol the choicest literary morceuus that h !| from Hie el oquent hps of Honest Old Abe. In order to appreciate the pearl drops one must have a very rei ned and clas.-uc taste, or be an applicant for so ut' office in the <gilt ol the President elect ' L t ail admiring world na<| and wond-r at the genius that emitted these sparkling coruscations: When I get to Indianapolis I expect to in ike*Wa ! I take your response as the most reliable evi d-nce that it may be so , along with other ev,- dence, trusting thai t:.e go d - j nse I'th • A ner ican people, on all sides of all rivers 1:1 Ameri coo :er the Providence t (i wlu fan nev er des-rted us that we shall again be brethren, forgetting all parties—ignoring all parties. Lincoln at Cincinnati. Whatever is calculated to advance the con dition of the honest f struggling laboring man, - - far as my judgment will enable me to jud-v of a correct thing, lam for that thing I Ditto. WIJI some ot our Republican friends para., the two last paragraphs ? F'-li >\v-citizen, what I have said I have said a!: ther extemporaneously, and I will now com ~ f>a ci • -■'*. Lincoln at Columbus, Ohio. II • had intended to say a few words to thJ people of Pittsburgh, the greate.-t manufacturing c. y ol the United State*, upon such matters a* he believed they desired to hear; but as he had | adopted the plan of holding his tongue for the 1 most pan, eince t,is ejection, he had, perhaps, i •'tt. r now hold his tongue Lincoln at Pitts burtrti. iii plain words there is no real crisis, except ; an arhticial one.— Ditto. ! I'ne tar ill is in the government what meal t . ! to the family. * * * I must confess that i i d > not understand the subject m all i?s various ! aril gs-; but 1 do promise you thai I will give , it my closest attention, and endtavor to con.- ! j.rehend it more fully. Ditto. li a bar of iron got out of the mines of Eng- j I iriu, and a bar of iron taken from the mines o| 1 Pennsylvania, be produced at the same cod, it follows that it the English bar be shipped from ! Manchester to Pittsburgh, and the American; li* from Pittsburgh to .Manchester, the cost of I nrriage is appreciably [Laughter.] Ditto. j Very convincing truly: So wonder the people "laughed." I have appeared here simply to thank you jeailily for this noble reception—to see you I met ailow you to see me. I am sure, that at j east as regard? the ladies, I have the bed of the j largaiu 111 the sight. Lincoln ut Si/racuse, i \V w York Well, those ladies must have felt highly flat ered! Old Abe thought, perhaps they were letter I > iking than he is, but was "nut sore" of hat ! IVhat a compliment.' I presume that in the course through which shall hare to repeat somewhat, and 1 will on v repeat to you my thanks for this kind recep -1011- Lincoln at Ibar.y. i'he reception you have given me this day ' von to ~ie personally it should not be so, but s the representative for I tie time being ofthe i.ajority of the nation.— Ditto. "I do not say 1 hat in the recent election the eople did the worst tiling that could have been one.''— Lincoln at Pougtikeepsie. In thi last remark the people of the country illy agree with Air. Lincoln. I'hes- "orient pearls at random" shot from ie lips of old Abe, says the Indianapolis State tnli/id, stamp him no less as a statesman of rofi.-u.nd thought and deep study, than as a ir l cla-sic eloquence and thorough ac laintance with English language! °How lasfely and beautifully lie expresses his I thoughts VVith what grace and elegance he ' plays the orator I And this is :he ni,in eleva ted by the American people to ihe place once tilled by Washington, Jetferion, the Adamses, Madison Alas! how are the mighty lallen ' The (Bsaffieleiisy of the I'lau cfthe Peace! (oaferr iter. The great object of every patii-t is to re move from the political arena all distracting and disturbing questions, to heal <1 intensions, re store alienated affectm-is, an ! bind the inn i n fants of the various secti .n* ofour country, tvith new bonds, in their ancient brother!).} H. l:i other words, that object is to save the TJniin, j and to re-inaugurate the era ol g j > j t -eiin r. This can only he accomplished by a an . cheerful agreement noon some toll, Mjl-i --cient, aim final plan of j 'tlement. Every p'a 1 that I,ills snort of Ull-, 1, only a failure. Ji is worse than a failure, />r it will increase dis trust ant acrimony of feeling. Several sucti failures will infallibly terminate negotiation in in o rriipt incn.ier, disgust tne border Slate?, and drive them into secession. I'he manner in which the Republican I a- i deis arid managers have acted in reght J to th matter of u (justinei!!, has open as disgracejul to 1 '.iein as it hjs been dangerous to the country. 1 They first denied the necessity of it, and then j when forced to acknowledge t 1 it neces-itv , ap proached it in flie base spiut of the horse j >c\- ey, or the (nickering tub-rda-mer. Tn-.r lai - guage to the complaining States of the was, "We are not disoosecf to give you anv thing, but if we must, why, what is the | V'-uJti lake 1 Now be moderate, or you'll eiss a bargain. We are determined to get as much and yield liitle as possible. Man* ofoui people are violently opposed to yielding an inch, and so if you de.ruu I much, you wiil bleak off the trade, and we'll have to tiHit it out." 3 This is the base, trading spirit in which the grave question ot a naii.m's saltation has beer met by the Republican managers 11 the Sen ate, in the Mouse of Representatives, in the Peace Conference, and 111 the Slate L-gM it ires. I hey have ti-ait as if iliey were d--aliritf in trinkets, in caA off clothes, or in some other ar ticle ol little or no value. From the 6th of November, that unlucky nay tha! inaugurated Rlack Republican ascen dancy, up to this hour—four months have these men b-en huckstering, higgling, chaff-r --ing. Iu the meantime a new Confederacy ol six disgusted States (verv soon there will be I eight,) has sprung up. The border slave States are a! m- !•-It to u,. Thev demand a just, full and final settlement, or else will very soon leave us and yet the Republicans stili in that same wretched chattering which cost us the cotton States. Of a'd the plans thus far proposed, the Crit fenderi plan (including future Territory) is the one that has hit popular favor. The masses North and South have rallied to it. The pub lic mml has fixed upon it as the plan to be adopted. • irgin'a, in calling the Peace Conference, threw before it Liat plan wiih some essential amendments, one of' which was to the effect that negroes shall not become citizens and shall not vote for Feder.-,! officers. The Peace Con ference disregarding the terms ot Virginia's in vitation, very uncerimoniouslv and summarily threw the Crittenden plan under the ta! |e. It then set to work to hatch a substitute fur it, and after three weeks' incubation, and by a "snap judgment" against the New York dele gates, presented us with the plan now submit- mr-urdami^ hnm , - L " * - Is this plan acceptable*? Cnti. sdatir.glv, we { say, no. ft was not the choice even cf 'he C invention. A majority nfthe deb-gates w-,-e against it. The radiral' wing of the Republi can party i? violently opposed to it. 8-ward j oven whose conserva'ism is the theme of sense- I cla-ratioo, and speaks in oracles ,ha, hear any and every in- 1 terpretation—Seward even has taken ground a gam-t it. To order to avoid misrepresenting - 'm, we take the rains to give the following extract from the proceedings of the Senate on I hursdav last : "Hv 2*nera! ronnt, Mr. C-itfenden o| K-n --tuc,;y, fro r th- Select Committee on the p- ip . o-it,on adopted by the Peace Convention, offer a r-port recommending the adoption'of the proposition. Mr. Seward of Ve W York, said the S.-na,o r from Rliaots, (Mr. Trumbull.) and htms-lf, fore" rned the m.roritv or, that Committee, ami wish ed ti submit a substitute „ fh- m :.,„ r j (v r „_ nort ; but the majoritv held that they were not comjHent to do so. He „,ked leave ,0 suV-'m; aj int resalution in h>s own name, in which I - Senator from Illinois concurs, a? f-M.-'i ? ; V. r-RRAS. The Legislatures of Kentucky, fllin us, and New Jersey, have applied to Con gress 1 , call a Convention fir proposing amend ments to the Constitution : Therefore, be it Ryhl, the other States be invited to take the matter into consideration, and ex press their wdl on the subject ,0 Confess m pursuance of the fifth article of the Constitu l thus appears that the rr.ghfv canwvnftve C)Sewaid rejects this offering, and takes the occasion to make an approach towards a prac tical application of the sentiments of his lat>- spepch in regard to calling a convention of . States to consider amendments to the Constil.i tion, "alter these eccentric s.-ceion move mews" shal subside "sayjn one, two or three years. That's the way in. which Mr. o |n\ p„_ mier takes the plan of the p<- ac „ Conference As fir Congress, it w ill doubtless P a s ,t h v cisdain. But will this plan sati fy the South rhe cotton Stales iv,II sp„ upon it, and if the border St .tes shall be satisfied with it, then will they resemble a child pleased a rattle M this thing satisfies them, then, indeed are they easily satisfied then they have put the coun try to much trouble and much distress lor no purpose. Their exciteme u ,, their agitation, have been useless and absurd. They been "Like ocean into tempests tossed. o wait a leather, or to drown a fly." No,this abortion will not satisfy the border States. It may, and doubtless will, satisfy those who want to curry favor with Lincoln in or der to ge/ office, or those old, broken-down fed eral hacks, whose only aim is to raise up oppo sition to the Democracy ; but it wiH satisfy no others m the botder State,. The likelihood is that It Will excite only disappointment and gust, riie Virginia Convention is still sion, and we wo! soon learn in what rraniur She Will receive this plan-,he iii-g.timat. b„ti, of the I race Conference— Diseases or thc Cbht •.„ r -Htsr a.nb Hie diseases are too well known , * " knottr n o require any de "? <l.Mhd, „ e „„ v '7 '- MM drj. ' * slight COligh. Keep , h ; bW I poieaml beelrny by taking fr w dr>s.w jm SO V'S MOUNTAIN HERB PI LLS each vi eefc .d d.s* it e of any kind is impossible. Con sumption an J Luog difFcu,„ s always aris* Din panicles of corrupt natter deputed lfl •he atr ce ll by bad bW. Torify tha! 4 , rPam 'I life an lit will very wot carry c g and de ; strny •!, • puis ,nous .niter ; and i,k a cry-.tal rn er fi ik inz through a ilescit, will I ring with .'and tear- throughout the body the elements o. heath am stfergtb. As the river |e aV | o If e emeits of 'e.tiiity in .Ucmrie, lh * riefire barren to bloom with flowers an fruit, so pore blood causes the frame to rn „ Ce in strength and health and bloom with ura , beauty. * * it-DSOls's MoCNTAt.t HeCB P/LLS ARE saLD ALt, Dfalcks IN MKDICINE. _ - \lin7k 6- H A R D M A \ - w i LLISO v.- In Heiltoru rouiity, on Thursday !be cut nary , Ihtil, by lacob I}. Anderson, Esq Mr Jacob Hardman, of Richland county. oi'w" - 0 .■ ,la ry VV ill ison, of Allegheny county, \ld FI HER —BAILEY.— On thesis, uit. f bamjuien city, 111 ,by the R. v . VV. Munhall, Mr E. M. hsher of Bedford, to Misi Kate Lai ley, formerly of Somerset CJ., PJ BOJLS-FOSTER— On the evening of 2M 1 "It., It the lesidence of the Justice, j Q Lvansv.lle, by Lemuel Evans, E-q., Mr. Da yid U ids, of Antestown Blair co., to Miss •Veaithy foster, ot Bedford co., Pa. W ATKINS-FIG A RD._On the evening : 0! sit) K b., at the place, by thesame, Mr. R-ese W itkuH, of Bedfor J co , to Miss Abigail 1 igard. ' I Huntingdon co.. Pa. : A EDITOR'S NOTICE. The undeisigned ap po.ntel by the Orphans' Court of Bedford Countr to report a distribution of the money which earns to tne bands of Sunuel Cam, Esq., late dee-ased' as trustee to te.l the red estate of S.mon Cjaar! d., arid nfterwards as guaiaian of the minor chil dren o! said Simon Ctaar, and now to be accounted tor jv (). h. s idriion. adminigtritoi, C. T. A., of said Samuel Cam, will attend to the duties of 'bis appointment, on Thursday, tbe 2Lt dav of .March, ISnl, at his olflce in the Borough of Bedford, at 10 o'clock, A. M., of said day, when and where all per sons inlerested are invited to attend. „ tohn P. REF.D, Man h *• Auditor. NOTICE. The undersigned, appointed by the Orphans' Court ot Bedford Coun •y, t> r-port a diminution of the moneys in the hands of hoi ..nion William,, Adm'r. of the Estate of Levi Clark dee'd., to those entitled fo the same : will attend to the duties ofnis appointment 0:1 Fri day. the 22d day of March, 1861, at his office in tbe borough of B Utord, at lu o'clock A. M. of said day when and whe.e all parties interested can at:- 1 .. . a J-NO- P. reed', _ Auditor. A DMINISTRATOR'S NO I ICE. Letters of Administration having been granted to -he subscriber, on the estate ot 1-aac Grove, late of Monroe Township, dee'd. ait 1 per-ons indented to said estate, are) hereby' notified : to make payment immediately, and those* having . c aims against the same will present them properly ; authect'-"'"fv." ' G r-oXsVr> VV ' 8t Prov i'!er,ce, i \r uo , GROVE Monroe, March 8. 1861. . , J _ . __ Administrators. SCHOOt. I iie undersigned hereby 1 >fnr<e t. e citizens of Bedford and vicinity, that he will o A",,! TLI 1 ' BCHOO >-" A riJ w , and contuue tour [TsOfiih* a v Class win also be formed. h"mstlf o V through afu I cour,e in toe Stals No m.l! em ploying none but efficient ,-tants. be fe".wTr w l t'"ecer:'e'" 2 T tls, " aCt '° n - w. 1. o. received. 1 eacners .oroughou: th- conn-e may find it to their advantage to apply soon P. r.ns mode; ate. Apply to 7 ioon.— D 1 , A. N. RACJB, March ir-S? ■ A UDII'OR'S NO nCE.-T~ a • , - , . The 'Jndersi^aed. Auditor to make di.tributirn o: balance ■i'u.s ot ib .Mann, Administrator jf 8 0 &S&ZHZI&" 0 " !h,J •" '.* March S, 1,01. BARC M,r- Auditor. fOOM.\iLS; IO\ER'S ~ Henry Earnest , . Subpoena on I.ibel for Hannah Earnest, \ Di.orce. ted commissioner to T,T above rase, will attend to his duties/on the' 31 J o Aprd, next, n, his office in the Borough of B*Kl - which time ail desirii.g can attend. .March 8. A BARCLAY, v ommissioner. NOTK'E ~ MichaeMVheeling ) Sul poena on L,M for /uliarna Whee' ( lLvorce. t " Fonmi#s!on* r in the 'CI-'at hi "ifi att !o ,t)ft c 'u ICS of the appoint, ihe r! x e ' ' U tb " B ° ro "" h B-Cor.L 0 „ iV Sell. ' OeXt * 41 Wfc ' Ch ,l •" March 8. E " • BARCLAY, oinniisßioner. ELECTIOX R^dr,r,i d 1 , Democrafs of • rff)d Borough, and ail olners opposed to tha !,c u? A n , {>rCm T CU, n'' " f thH P"*nt Re pu |> aan A.iminutration, are r-quetcd to nieet at he Com, Ho U ,e, on Satnriay evening nUV >r lie purpose of nominating a Borough Tick! Goo. ' % 31 the et " Um Z S F ri "g Elee- Mach Sih. MANY CO^ERVATIViS. NOTfCE. " Heed Kc a. - L Thf> Br * oks of ,fle ,att> firm nf Reed A Minnich, ,n,| J. r„j 4. fo afe n ( J 1 I " for collection. Debtors hereon desirous of saving costs, muM call J- SBt | fl°; e ,h " °< ab "'- • rLnJr T u 'c of tne law , n collecting withuot JOH J'„ r - HEE P, Attorney at Lew. TTENTION. BEDFORD RIFLEMEN" 1 i"J Will meet for (Wrade in Be, fom, on Saturday, the 16rh day of March, mat., PLSs , M " in fu " Wint " Pl - lfoiiri riems.) By order of the C'apt.iin. ~ GEORGE STIrFLER. O. S. March 3, isai. '