Newspaper of Bedford Gazette, March 8, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Bedford Gazette dated March 8, 1861 Page 3
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STITEMENT IND REPORT. 0K WILLIAM LEARY, STEWARD OF THE POOR AND HOUSE OF EM ' PLOYNENT OF BEDFORD CO., FROM THE FIRST OF JAN UARY, A. D.,' 1860, TILL j THE FIRST OF JAN UARY, A. D , 1861. 860 DR. jan'y* 1 ■ To Balance on settlement $8 24* AM'T. received from sundry person*, 34 12 42 36 # gilanceJae Steward, Jan. Ist. 1861 19 S2* 62 19 CR. GY amount paid sundry persons 62 19 STUEMER T of FOOR HOUSE Mill LORN January Ist, 1860, nil January Ist 1861. DR AMOUNT of Grain BROUGHT in AS p r monthly Reports, WHEAT Rye Corn 293 255 66 Bo't of Sundry Persons, 196 Amounts, 255 56 B. Wheat Mist re. 37J 50* BO'T. of sundry PERSONS " Amounts, 37* 501 CR. By amount of Grain used in Poor House and ioid to sundry persons for cash and on accounts, SIX-, Wheat Rve Corn OofP H , 3cc., 415 193 27 SAID to sundry persona 26 16 6 Amounts 441 209 33 Remaining in Mill 48 46 23 Whole amount, 489 255 56 B. Wheat Mix't. Uuse of P. H., SEE., 134 26 SAID sundry persons 15 281 26 remaining to Mill 9 24* rMiole amount 37* 50* '.I6T "OF PAUPERS admitted, discharged, died, &C-, &c., during each month, and lb number remaining at the end oteach month ; also the average number supported in tht House du-ing the year, together WITH the number of out-door paupers supported THE Institution, from the Ist of January, .1880, till Ist of January, 1861. ' | ! s I 2. =R *3 tr R- T -4 - n. • V CR 1860. : P- ; January, <8 1 February, 10 1 1 March, 1 3 April, HI 1 May, 3 8 June, 5 1 July, 3 1 AUGUST, 2 2 SEPTEMBER, 1 October, 5 1 November, 2 DrCember, I Tola!, 39 24 1 4 CR _ *3 ;~- | IIR 3v. '3 £ p- c. JV * ,<•>>. " z? = v •;§' X 3 C N 3 - ISSO. * • ? U .Lnuary, 1 24 29 February,- J 30 32 March, " 27 33 April,. 24 34 May, 21 32 JUNE, 23 34 J'LIV, -20 33 August, 20 33 September, 21 33 October, 17 31 NjVenibr, 18 32 December, 19 3D Total, 2 264 388 Making as AVERAGE of 54| PER monih, of *!)om 2 are colored, 2 blind, 8 insane, and 1 ">NSNED to bed. THERE are also 2 out-dnor ?VIP, RG WHO art- not included in the ABORT*.— WARFARIN? paupers were provided with •°I'D tad lodging. PKODOCE OF THE FARM AND GAR DEN. 38 Tons cf Hay, U Loads of Cornfudder, 350 Bushels ears oi Corn, 125 Bushels of Oats, 83 Bushels ot Rye, 26 Bushels of Buckwheat, 3 '0 Bushels of Potatoes, • 3 BUSHELS OF BEAN*, 2500 Heads of Cabbage, 8 Barrels Cucumber Pickles, '8 Bushels of Large Onions,' 2 Bushels of Small Onions, 3 Loads of Sweet PompkitiS 12 Bushels rd Tomatoes, B Bushels of Bets, 3675 Pounds of Pork, 142 Pounds of Beef, 497 Pounds of Veal, 540 Pounds of Lard, 316 Pounds of Butter, 1 Beef Hide, 2 Calf Skins, ' 1 Barrels Soap. STOCK ON" FARM. 2 Head of Horses, 7 Cows, 2 H*ifo RS> 1 Bull, 21 Head of Hogs, 66 Sheep. At TICIES MINUFACrUKRD BY MA TRON. men' ' J s '*' ,D3,R P ANT,R 31 chiineseg, 391W0 16 - * R **•*• 4 childrens dresses, 16 sheets, '• 9 omen's racks, 33 aprons, If * Wt,n 8 •lockings, 4 suobonnetsJ&> caps, 6 quilted skirts, 5 lioods, 7 pair ot men's i !*>cVs>, S round jackets, 8 vtsts, 3 table-cloths,, 1 fvtowels, I' 2 bed-ticks, 7 twlsteig, 4. pillow-! 2 shrouds, 5 pair of drawers. ! We, the undersigned, Directors oj the Poor : ami House of Employment of Hertford County, , docfrtiiy that we have examine! fit- a i-ive ac count, statement ana report of lim. Leary, Steward of said Poor and House of employment from the Ist day of January, 1 SCO, till the Ist dav of January 1861, and find the same to be correct. VV-itnessour nands and seals this Ist day ol Januprv, A. D., 1861. JOHN AMOS JOHN KEMERY, J.NO. 8. BRUMBAUGH, ATTEST: Directors. ;Thomas R. Cetlys, Clerk. RS&EIPTS AA'O lAAiNYiiTiUiS Of "HE POOR AND HOUSE OF EMPLOY MENT OF BEDFORD COUNTY FOR THE YEAR ENDlii JAN. Ist, A. D. 186!. GEORGE BLYMJRE, Treai'r. DR. To ja#h re '1 from Collectors $4549.9-4 Th jr Ritchey, Error io settlement +l.o') | Mary Oder, jd. vV S. Kluck, 50.00 j Co-h'.ide .McC leary, Fitus 4.U0 , $1644 941 | Balance due county 415.994 i 1 §42-8 951 | ji CR Ijll n't. pai l out on saticlry checks as ful io'wts, v iz. OtJiceCs salary, $215.!9 Wfti Mi irh. if, (late Steward) 8.T15 , Advert 14 rig, 1"76.^>4j Repairing Mill-, 259 87 ] lU*f, Po;k &c, 323.08 i j Hardware N. casting', 102.394 ; Building pur pases, 318.641 Cow s ix. nogs, 46.02 j :\eief .kc ut out d >or Paupers 158 68 i GfSm, 507.32 Merchandise fkr t 709 064 Removal of Paupers, 69.56 {spying orders loi removal of paupers 38.65 A >tit. civ- i paid oil duplicates, 34 91 ! E. 2,. Anderson iM S- Bainliait wheal ♦ ioitull, 59 05 Buckwheat Huller, 76-85 Miycelianeuus checks, 434.74 Dae treasurer on last settlement, 47.05 G. L\ singer, Pal. on sett ement of 3cc"t. $57 18 D. Fietcner, salary as Auditor for JfcfjJ, 5.0U PfWentaje allowed collectors, 226.261 Exonerations, c'o 160.18 Uncurreci money,. 10.00 treasurer's salary. 40.00 Aud;tors| &. clerks, " 20.00 $4228.951 Amount due from collectors) $3643.79 For want of proper vouchers for sundry checks and j art of checks pain bv ttje treasuier, $ 477,- 771 was not received by the Auditors, which wpi arc taut for the above Balance due the Can nt y. We the undersigned, Auditors of Bedfoid County, do certify that we have examined the forgoing account of Geo., Blytntre, Treasurer ot the Poor and House of Employment of Bed foid county, aod find the same to tie correct and tine as above stated, and that there is a balance dim the county of $415,954. Witness our hands and seals this 4th day ol January, A. D. 1661. JAMES C. DEVORF., D XMEL FLETCHER, • i GEORGE B A UGH MAN, Attest : Auditors. : T. U. Getty®, Clerk. March. 8, 1861. §T\O YOU WANT VVHISKEii.S? S f i DO YOU WANT WHISKERS 1 do you want a moustache? DO YOU WANT A MOUSTACHE? BELLINGH AM' S C K I. F. B R ATFD STIMULATING ONHDENT, FOR THE WHISKERS AND 11A 1.1. The eub-cribeis take pleasure in announcing to the Citizens id the United States, that they h .ve ob tained the -• gency for, and are now enati.ed to ofJVr to the *\ r:er -a r : P'bU£, tne above jest y celebrated and world rer, > -i t article. THE STiAICLjITLYG OJWdE. AT Is pT'n red t>v i)e .C. I'. Bgli.i !.*. tr, an eminent physic an of I.oi 'or. " -3 v. i ranted to bring out ■\ thici. set of Whisker s or 3 Mustache, in fiorr. three to six* weeks: 5 hi® Article is the only one of rhe siad used* by the Fi -neti, and in London ai.d Pa pis it is in universal u-o --it i- ' besutilul, economical, soothing, yet sr-m --tPaling compound, actingas ,f by magic upon the roots, enti-ir.g a beautiful grorktri of 'uxuiiant h.iir. If applied to the scalp, it will cure baidue-s and cau*e to spring up tu place of the bald spot, a tine ■ growth of new L-ir. Applied accngding to direc tions, it Will turn ret! oi toivy hair daik. and restore j gray hair to it® i r :g al color, leaving it soil, smooth mid (lexib e. Tb® "Ono'-ient" is an indispensable artir'n in every gentleman's toil"', anJ alter or e wecit's use they would not for any consideration be without it. , Tr.e subscribers are the only Agents for the arti cle iir t ,e United Suite ,to whom all orders mv't be addressed. Price One De-liar a box—for ile by ell Drnggist? i and Dealers, or a box of the "Onguent ' (w rrun teitto hare tr.e desired effect) wiil be sent to any vttfi desire it by mail (direct) sctirely pnehed, on race-pt of price and postage, St.IS. Apply to or address HORACE L. fiF.GF.MAN 4 CO., Druggists, &c.. 21 William Street, N. Y. A "DM INISTR A TOR'S .NOTICE." ~ Letters of adjnioMr\tioo havihg been granted to the subscri- npoh the estate of Sidney R. Whitfield, late of E.jProvi lie lire tp.,dec*d., allper*>jns know ing thero sefces indeb'ed re requested to nialte immediate pajmeut and thre having claims wiil dresent tbcm lopsett ement. joir* w. s Alius jmar. 8.) admiaistiator. 4* DM fx IST R A T OP'S N OTfCE. ~ Letters of adminisiration having been granted to the -übscrib'r, on the estate of Geo. Riichey, late ot Ur ion dee'd, all persons indebted to raid etate ere notified to make payment immediately, and those having claims a gainst said estate will present tbem property ; authenticated for settlement. LEVI RITCHKY, J March 8, 1861. Adm'r. TVOTICE All persrtns inrtebted to the sub 'senber, are herehv notified to call and settle their decoynts before the first of April next, or they will be hrft in the hands of a Jutice for collection. SARAH E. POTTS, j Feb. 22d, Ml. 171 RESH & GENUINE GARDEN SEEDS ! FRESH & GENUINE GARDEN SEEDS ! VVM. HARTLEY HAS JUST RECEIVED 100 DOZEN PAPERS 100 DOZEN PAPERS of Dreers celebrated '-'resit Philadelphia Gar den Seeds-, EVERY PAPER WARRANTED Peas and Reans bv the quart, peck,or paper. NO STORE TRASH KEPT, NOR SOLD. 4 EDITOR'S NO IRK. Tile undersigned, nppointed by the Court of Common P!*as in am! for the County of Bedford, to examine the exceptions, filed to tue account of J. YV. Lin-gent. Iter, Commit tee of George On, a lunatic, end to report the facts will attend to the duties of his appointment, an Sat urdav, the 23d May ofilTatch, In I. at 10 o'clock A. 71/. of said day, nt his otiice in the Borough of Bcdioyd, when . nd whers a I parties interested can attend! JNO. P V BF.KD, M . b 8. Auditor. WOT ICE TO CONSTABLES A N 0 1 " OFF ICERS O F EL Et ITI ON S. HY the Act of Assembly, approved June "I, IN 39, (Pa npli. Luwr, p. 376,) it is provided : Si'xliou 2. That officers and other persons, holdipi; ami conducting such elections for Al dermen and Justices ol the Pea e, shad n .ke j true returns ol stjfii elections, W itch shall be | handed by the Constable to the PiTithoiiotafy of the proper county, to tie filed in ouice.— And the said Pmtbonotary shnll lothwtiii s. nd a certified copy of such return, to the Secretary of the Commonwealth, An i by the Act of April 13, 1859, (Pampb. Laws, (>. 591 ) - ted to the ( rli-'e ot "Justiie < I the p. ace or Ai- Herman, shall, Wt.iuti thutv duys afier the elec tron,"if he intends to accept s>ni < l'i e, give notice thereof i n writing, to the Pruthuootaiy ol K !•, in Pleas of the proper couhty, who .-hall )tr. nediitely inform tn ■ of the Commonwealth of said acceptance; and no cop.,mission shall issue until tfi- Secretary tl the Gunriinonwealth has received the notice a foresa'id. S. H. TAPE, Ptot. 'oußLio SALE •3- OF RE \L ESTATE. - By virtue of an order erf the Orphans' Court of Redh.irt County, the sa&crß>er, stdro'r,, of ttw- m tale of M-dchiir Fua -r, <1 "f d. w I ,-H at > i'j .c sale on the pre n sri i i Harrison to v ss p. > i SATURDAY, 231 .MARCH NEXT, th" following i' a 1 estate, via: A tract of land sit uated in sa. i Township' late ti.e property <•: ai l dec'd, adjoining lands ol Richard Ki.ul! • it- a• ! Peter 'Ast-nn on the ria s t, the -no ci: • r on the YY'.' .f, Fred'k. Tiiv ier ant iCriod's h n in the North, ai d John M. S.-ni'h nd Peter We'g:.:i t'u ■ South, containing 0 7 acres u I i pi -h n measure- About seveniy scrrs of the land are cleared an 1 under cultivation, six acre ol are meadow—the residue is well timbered. Trie improvements are a iog dwelling hou,e, log stable aiut other cut buddings,—there >■* also a number of fruit trees on tae p ace, and water wh.cti never fails, convenient to the house. i'o j land is on Dry It uge, and runs within • few rods of th • i'uinp.!;e. The teitns are—one third of the purchase money tn remain in the land for the use of tl .* widow, one third in hand at the confirmation of the sale and theother third in two equal annual payments with out interest. DAVID MILLER M .Tch Ist, '6l. Adtn'r. SHERIFF'S SALE U-' l>y virtue of Sundry writs? of Vend Exponas to me directed tnre will b- soid at tha Court House in the Borough ot Bedford on >at- j ur day the 2'iJ day ot March, IsOl.a! 11 o'clock A. M., the following described :{*al Estate to wit : One tiact of land containing 'Jud acres, more or loss, about 7*5 acres cleared and under fence, with a large two story log dwelling hotN*, and double log Bam tftereon erected, •rfjtioin* ! f Job.: Kobi-on, John Cavender, and others, situate in pton Township, i>*d!o. <1 (.'nunty, and taken m execution as the prop-wry ot VVi mi M r. Stiff's. office Bed- ( JOHN J. CLSnNA. for i, .Maicb Ist, =Ol. I |Tvl'.\ f EOF J \OOI> MCdDE U '.', d c*l. ; —Ni ice is here . vrvsn, that the ) i der- imod appoint-'J An liter bv to-• Orpn mf Couit of Bedford County, to ::-n 'ut > tl; ■ balance tn the bands of Jacob A. N:c > nus, F.rt ■•' •■."of the last vviil Acf.,o! Cicnb N f u t * lit • o! Mid dle YVco :buty I'ovvn hip, in said comity dec'.'., 1 to report the facts to s id Cou.t. will a ' -nd to i • unties of his appointment, at his office, : th ■ Bor ough ol Bedford, .ut Wednesday, the i . :i dc.y <■'. Match, A. D., IS 1, at one o'ciock P. M., of s~i ■ day. S. L. RUSSELL, i March Ist,'6l, Audilo . JfUDITOR'S NOTIUE.— A. C. lames. i In Com won Pleas of 3d vs. ClordCo. No 1< Feb. i\ l-fl. Wm. O'Neal \ Tlie undero gned. appointed to trci..e distribution of money ari-uig from sale of K al Estate of ahov • Deft., find f cts Nr., will .ilie d to !h - duties ,V his appointment on Thursday, 2S'h r.f M tr':, !*"' at the office of Cessna and bnanr.on -in the Burnugh of B'-'ulord, at which time a.I inter*-ted can atf-ud. JOHN I'AL'-iDR, March Ist, '6t. Auditor. A WMFOR'S NOTICE. Flnrere 'vt l : Tier u c e of i In th* Common P'eas of Joba t'essna, Esq., > Beilford co. No. 203 Aptrtl Brxio G rdner & Co. yf. lM6Pto.£tr' Facias Alexander Reynolds No. Id feh'y , i lbtil. vs. Henry S- King The undersigned appointed Auditor, to make <( s trihution of money arising fro ri sale of Ral Es tate of above Deft., find facts Stc. w,i' attend tc the duties oi his appointment on Friday 29th of March at his olltce, in the Borough of Bedford, at which time all interested can attend. R. D. BARCLAY, March Ist, '6l. Auditor. darOTICE^ t-M The sub crib-w respectfnllv informs the Kdizej3 of Bedford and vicinity, that he will commence a school term of four months, on Mon p;y, Aptil Bth. Bv request he will form a Normal C a sg,-and oilers superior inducements to those who are q lalifying themselves for the business of te ch ing. Terns moderate and will b: given on appii c .tion to him. CHA'S. VV. GREENE. M rch Ist, '6l. 3t. EXECUTOR'S NOTICE.— Notice is hereby oiv "en, that Letter? Testamentary, en the will of John Bowser, late ot Oleiain Township, Bedford County, have been granted bv the Register of said County, to the subscriber.—All petsons indebted to and es tate. are notifi dto make immediate .payment, od ' those having claims thereon,will present them du ly authenticated for sc'tieme-.t. MICHAEL UOLRERP.AUM. F.x'r,. Residing in Bed.'ord Township. March Ist, '6l. ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE - Letters nf Administration upon the Estate of Francis McTirr, late ol Juniata Township, Bedford county, deceased, having b*en granted to the subscriber by the Regi-ter ot Bed ford County, all persons having claims against said estate, are hereby notified to present the same properly authenticated lor settlement, and all per sons indebted are requited to make immediate payment. OWEN McGIRR, Administrator. Feb. Istb, *6l. Bedford Township. oft tj L? 0 v) O Pays the entire cost for Tuition in the most pop ular ari l successful Commercial School iu the coun try. UpA'aril of TWISIA E HUNDRED y ung ; men front '1 WEN 1 Y-EIOHT different States, 1 have been e hie I for business here within the i past three years, some of whom have been employ ed as Book Keepers at salaries of PER ANNUM, immediately upon nitiating, who knew nothing of accounts when they entered the College. oy.Minister!:' sons half pricp. Students enter at any time. %'■ teview ..hen they jilease, willi out extia charge.- , For Catalogue of SO p.i/es, of Prof. Cowley's Business ami Ornamental Pertnanship. and a large eugiav ng of the College, inclose twen ty-live cents in Postage Stamps to the Prinei pal:, JENKINS & SMITH Jait. IH, 1809. Pittsburg, Pa. l*j>duLlC SALE OP ~ VALUA RLE REAL ESTATE. The undersigned will offer at public sale, on the premises, on Fri 'ay, ISth March, next, his property at the "To n." one n.ile be o v Bed or ', containing about one hundred acies This property is vveil and favorably located—is good land, with CO acres un der good fence, and has a water-power on it that is

not surpassed by :.r,y in the county. It is at a point where a gu>t .% 1 would command the custom of a 1 rg pari of Snake Spiing Valley, I'rier.d's Cor the I •'Dutch C' riu-r," and Bedlord and vicinity. Ft lies j on both of trie turnpike, v.he e the Rilrod, , when m . must run within a few rods ol the mill ••■ sit. The mid r-ign ■li. eU bound to sell, and c ' b rg in can be had. Terms : One third in hand, and the ha mice in thiee | ymenl-. without ir.tere-f. For patticulars addresu Ce-sna & Shannon, Bedlord, j Pa., or W.M. CHENOWF.TH, J n.23, ISOI. Seihord, Pa P3UHLIC SALE & OF VA[JJABLE REAL ESTATE. BY virtue of an order of the Orphans' court of Bedford County, tire undersigned will offer at pub lic Sale, on the piernises, on SATURDAY 'd3l MARCH, NEXT, the following described real estate : Purpart "A," containing C.j acres -Id perches ! nett, being the ojte third pirt thereof, adjoining lands ol lucob Snider, Frederick Stoler and othets. P.irt i (.tuning 17 acres and 124 perches,' tt i -ore, a<joining lands ol Sam'l. Burger, .!. Uoikil gand otheis. Purpart "G," containing 212 aces, nett mea- ; • ure, lan Is of D. Snowberger, Martin Milt r and others,and Purpart "D," oonttieing 12S acres ana 41 perch- j es nett n a ijoining lauds ol Fred. Stole, A. ; !-i rs: all sit uat d in Middle Wood- ! bur." To ■ II dim.! County. .g • it ' i" i.. i>r._Wrn. W. Reed.dec'd., I.: , •. offb*i j rocee.iings in Partition. i ll'' •!?: One . r I at continuation of sale, and t ..• i ■ .iic •in two t-ju-1 annual payments with- Olit !l - ' H T AARON' REF.D, Feb 27,1, 'til. It. Executor. A dm: \! l-RATOR'S notice.- S-**- The undersigned having been granted | letters ol ; dmii.isir ■.ion oil the Estate ot Dr. M. L. Aiii-on, late ol Scheilsbnrg Borough, dee'd., ail per sons indebted to an* Estate ure hereby notified to in.. !'• ite payment and those Laving claims against th same, will present them properly au th-iilicated far settlement. N. B. I have appointed John S. Schell, Esq. , of Scheilsburg, to ..ct for me in iny ahseence, and all persons indebted to, or having claims against the Estate, can settle with him. W. M. ALLISON. Feb. 1, IS6I. Administrator. V. W HOODS, JUST ARSIVKD AT MRS. S. E. POTTS', \ large assortment ct , FALL &. WINTER GOODS, FALL & WINTER GOODS, V.\ NCY DRESS GOODS, V\ NC Y DR 2SS GOO DS of 1 kinds, hatr'som* winter silks, French meri- : , aM wool delaiiii , BONNETS & RIBBONS, j BONNETS St RIBBONS | Flowers, Ruches, bonnet velvets—new style, hand-,. 0 hi e'o-ins, FUR CAPES, ■ FUR CAPES, A'- >, a l uge a • :'.merit of viclorines and muffs. Nov. 2,'" 0. TpUBLI ; SALE of Valuable Personal prop erty nd Ilea: F-kite. The re will be sold, at Pnb -1: - ic, a! the i lei ce of the subscriber, in Ju -1 itii To ."i -bip, U. tioid county, on THURSDAY, ! 'h MA .< H, n :it, th i following property viz : Eig it 1 a! of llors. ar I Colts, Thirty head of ( jws ami voting Ca't!', Filteen head of Hogs, also Bree iig -.', tine Broad-wheeled Wag on. .■ I-o ene two horse Wagon, Two, Buggies and o • Stave and Shm ;le Machine. ALSO, Cooking Si ins,. Sleds ' Horse Gear-, Meat Cutters, Rifle Gun'.and a variety of Utensils and other ruiicles too nu'Tieimis to mention. Sale to com mence at ten o'clock, A. M., of said day, when <lue aiten 1 tee and area >nable credit will be given bv i 11.-. n'ldersigcd. AL O, at the same time and ! place, vill he off. red for sale, the valuable FARM a: d MILL PROt illv I Y. on which the Subscriber le-ide*. Terms reasonable. Any person in want of a good cirperty Will do well to attend the S.tie. LEWIS N- FYAN. Feb. 1 "th, '6!. V 00KING GLASSES, ENGRAVINGS. PICTURE FRAMES, GIL PAINTINGS, The mott extensive and elegant assortment at the Very lowest rates.—Glasses in store of every de scription. Afahognnv framed Glasses, tor country sal'-s. Print and Portrait frames, Window Cornices, (•lit .Mouldings, etc. Estimates for furnishing Glasses to fi'l eveiy space, by mail on application.'avinjs for Grecian and Antique Paintings.— Catalogues gratis. JAS. S. EARLE & SON, 816 Chestnut St., Phil'a. May 18,'60.-1 yr. if < KEAT BARGAINS! GREAT BARGAINS ! GREAT BARGAINS! Wishing to red.i ce our stock as low as possible by Spring, we will offer every description of WINTER GOODS! WINTER GOODS! WINTER GOODS! AT COST, FOR CASH. AT COST, FOR CASH. A Y COST, FOR CASH. Ready made Clothing at Half-Price. C7-CALL AND SEE FOR A. B. CRAMER & CO. yon. Id, ISGI. SHE TALND WOOL, all colors, at Dr. Harry's. £l- ROSFNE OIL. the best article, at Dr. Harry'- fbcr's FOR PTJRIFSTCG TEE BLGOP. And fr the t-ymtiy out of tho sabjcintd 1 <!<.'>: Scrofula aud Scrofulous AC-ot iins.t nr *x us TiiaUHra.Vlewa, SMres, Kraptiuio , I'iuplca, Pustule.;, Blotches, Doit,., Uxuiuti, aud all Skin Disease*. OiKLAXD, Iml., tith June. Iff. J. 0. AT Lit & Co. Oenis: I feci it my duty to ar kw>wltige stmt y<> ir Htnsiparilla Ina. <km, fc.r mo. Having inherited a infection. I list* suffered i it in various Tf<os for years, feint-time, it burst ' out in l/leor* on rnr hands and anna: ittaoHinie* if. turned inward anil distressed rue at tUe atußSMtb. IV, i> i year* atfO it brrks out en my bead n.n 1 rover ! my scalp . ari lem . with on? *t>re. whirit was painful and ioittl, c. t f btiyeiid d , ntit/n. i tried many medicine* mid . w: 1 i physicians, tut without ranch relief Stunt any iWnt. la j tact, tl • dir. -11 sr'-w worae. At length ' t-rta x-_ i.. d to read in the tioapel yii-asenp'-r tlmt ' 1,11 Hr-d px ■ <t su alterative tfsrsnjwnila).! r I km-* t.. ui your xpnta tiiu that any riut.i you raid • in i ■ '.si gi ith • ■ : :to CiiK-innatiai. lgo. it, and u. .i h tfil rt cured rre. 1'• : it, us you advise, in sutaH dtiNG*id' n tciu-pueiiird % month, end used almost three iKttaea. tt> .i . akin Boon began to foini under pr ec.ib, ■ . . . while tt-ii tfti. ,!y akin ia now 1-jwtr, and i ii ew fey wy freting* tho tiiscsae baa gone ion my a ■ . i... can well betieve that I it-el what f ant : to : u y .u, tljit I bold yon Pi be eueofiae e. :e g.. aud remain ever grslefuily. fnr<. AIKhKO E. TAi.r.f V. St. Anthony's Fire. or E*ryslnr!.?*-, better ami Salt ftbear See id tiuii, Kiugvioimi, Sore Oropxy. I)r. Di is-t t M. f'r.'ble writ?* from sz\rm. N. Y.. lith 1*53, itotfc ho Ins ru - #*d •> invert-rat® rv I/rop-y, wbich threaten \ to taroiute ft'4ilT, by t . f t?i*t rirur usa of our . u -wMp*rillA. juhJ ah a d: . - otis attack of ,V J • ' / ' - Bc f tho •aii.j; sa; lit; curt? luo comiu-!t JZt t'pliot i by il cjti ilttntiy. Bronchort-lc, Goitre or Swelled Zobnlon Sloan of Dnvp**ot IW.n®, wri?* t **T - ; tl*-- of your s*rsftjjftri]!a orm-fl qk- a ( :rt — a l. '• eons fH>i; r>x < n tlio at-eii, wluth, 1 h. J m -;t * Uom ov r two yeara." Lt-.if or , i or "iVts!*rr.* Orsvfr n T'- ; Hevlik* Ulceration, Ftma e tiiK.cnv Dr. J. B. F. of > w |><rk • >■ rit* ; " T nrwt rijfs Kully roBH'Jy viih Mm *-t • . a .. ■t in Ri' it; 1 have f; u I your ?ai- inif.ii ia i . . cmv.. a j a'*--.litre in tit** r.nun i -tr, rrrufihmh n! Ii w j ; e<nj J",y r:?h a remedy, but etywrlrfly n. .'•.■,/ />.•>■ ; it of ScrtifnJotte diaihoele. I have -t; i nany inTet-r --; 9A? ol Ik<-ncMTictKi ty It. ajl w £ i it* sirp •■.*•.- plaint wus e.msp,] Jjt tdwtttt. * of the ?'•• Tf..* tr •- a?{ r. it-- " f v.M* enrvd. ?T*hitir witl .•• riy koo\ 1- e' it fir these *:*}<* nt. Ww.rrd H. of > 'urr.-Alt*. "A Jan jrer mis w-•r;ntt tumor on on* of thn f nraloK i*i my Avnihy, wi:i'-h bud <f fleil all the turned ii wr ornl'f ba nt Icjnirtu N*n complotely rurtsi by v-r.r Extract of?; r ea* *iiilla* Our phyaidan but extbpa tii'H coubl uChri r *xFt", lut he a>vlK k <l !) tnil] i.f your tWsrkffcirillit n;- tho ia*t resort be!;*? l * ctittiti?. aml it p'• vi'if effectual. \f!er ♦nkioiryour reintKiy weeks lio ejinptom of tho riiKeuse re inn inn.*' Syphilis and Mercurial Distrse. Nrw OniiAVi, Anj-if t, JffiO. T>?.. J. C. Avm: fir, I omj ly wi:h the rf j qreat of your aseut. and to y*Mi some of the c Cect l ! I h;ivc nwHrc'l vriih your I have tiircsi with it, in my pnwtioe. cf tit® r :- plaint* for which it !■ re< and have f'uml ifa effiictrf truly woncb rful ;i the curl of V<xirw*l M r w*l De- '.v. One .* fmy pati'.-nle bd Syphiliiic v m i in bis throat, which werj C"j:.wi!*fw his fminte 1 th? !toj of bin moath. Your steadily taken, CUH.i him in live week*. AuothJjr wa attacfee*! by epc oii-iury aym|ib>ots in lhs n--*-, and t!p uiOftKtkiu hud ©Hfpti away a cooaiievatd® jert At, >? that 1 lieikte the u*-<order wouid iron jxach his br:;iii and kill hiun P-ut it yk Idrd to tiiy n.ri)i istration of ?areaparil!a: tla® i uit id hauled.arid he is well agmft^notof course witlusut. - fat**'. A #vmar. who ha;J l-eu treit'd lor tin. sa-ie dironar by lii-rvury . 1 . s this |*hj* II if; her Ut.<v. They had become - *i-ii iri'iv.. *■. t Jao .v at he i that on a damp dayabe t afored e<- c ■ itin- pnia in her j hits Mid tone*. She, Uo, wt.s •cu.c'.i • ntii'p'/ Iyy ur ."-Jirtikj-aiiiirt in af. w wet-ka. I k :* from its formula, which y.'tt agent 9a that litis I rpcm?ion io?i* your iixji|lory uin<4 S.e a *at i* nieiiy ; csinscfcjaentiy. these truly rcuuurk&i ii rc*uit® vm.u it h v<* f.-t j jii'.need uie. i raUioaliy y G. V. LAKIMxT.. 5L D Rhensiatism, Liver Complaint* i> - £pr.N2ii N"f, lrt?ef u CtY.i.. ( ill July, 1 f>J. I)*i. -V c. Avrß: >: , I have 1-eeti affllcvl wltli r. ruin f' ! chrnrr" * . uawt-stn for a long time, wliHi balh -i ihe *• 11 of i sic; .UR.and :fi; !; i i ar in iqato of .aii tlia ro-tt.- iJrorl: 1 until i triisfjfour .var-wparflla. One i ■ *!m care.! no; in 100 weeks, and rest.;, i my general t. aith .-<• r.a :i (hat I am far t*tter than ben iv 1 \as aiu . i. i • ita wcud.riih aie ii- iuo. J. l'UlvA>i. •Tu;. sY. Gft' i.fil. f St. I' -lis, xviit l:*• I have 1-cen . .. for • :f - with ari.p frctton of 'M L cr, which w - .i hraith. I tried f*rrykhinc. andt to ndieve rue: and i have been a broken-dewn m-i f r •y. ?i;s ano < tl.--r caone 11. : Vrc;?.^<?• I •/* tcf.ii r. Hy N-Um-d y®#tor, fttlw. Mr. Kiyy, tdvhw i .ti . v vonr Sa* - >&riM;. lawvtne# be said hp krv-'v u, e i ••*■ • < • '.•! ? ?•vmn V. -M .*• ti% o/. > the I *- • - • . : i - .I. . 1.-iv f. j I• 11, Vik -J a- to Jt. d -;*.!)' > f ||f. Ifid y ■ : % * a>.;i- .hj 1 - tl ecu be** lof y ils not I•M .. id • i . Srhirrtiß.faisrerTvtmors f Fiilarffmptit, ' Gxfaliatioa oaf ! the A great variety of case* hare reported to r.s Wimr® ! cureaufth s" t rninKhie ccmpialnt® hae i-'suiU-d D u I th- use of thk} r ru-siy, bet' ui spa ex* h .evil! r;*-t admit tlu rn. S n-.f of fh*i i nuir be tb*md la n:r Alnrr. Un ' A',t.fiua< ui.iab tiio arjviax below ctOtcd ar-3 t> f- ■ oisii nj:ilis ;;I! ••*:: lor tbem. I?: snf fHla. T'- .j-. , 37* Sai holy. JScurr.? via ~ Mi fy n-rnm 1 '■ • 7;r< of fhrac a: .j.J.• -•' .. \ i.. i IT i. - i *ii . i v:jO f - :s , a, i,■; tUt; j - .•! f. /!• ! v. •; b ee* -- .r.j !, ~ i*.; ;.i P i ' ' -I- ' r boor: r • - 1 • | <• . r { the •**it .f j '-c pi •/ <*cafl :enl tiiat this will uf ;• the-in all iha*. raedidnt; u.a do. •P. wcr'e f":'■ • r~TT? T),-- * n] jj; w<a va.kvi. a \ im Ok u.i.j to''"""' 7it* ;t.J..t, I'ttr.y* :irss, * tou - , c:. : f:t: " > i 5..;.t i.n:' r tin *>Z < ~:v- PsTlt-uU *- 1- 1 4 vf iiaj 1. .. c. , !*i a —i: .i - i • >: >, ".n to rvrr.--'- rpv 3t! ■ :■ :• t!' ;.■■■' " X ' |T.: _• r. i .. iUt it i- ...-On- .• t. - ;i c: - : .f : .. ..- t:n'v - ••!. ■: . • 11 rft :.M i• : : . ••. ■ ... ...' S ; -l. ' I < st : ' .x . miU:.*.• . i . •' .. M - . Af ail . i • - ■ - , ■ . ■ ! * ..Tl ( .■: ; ■• . i '7El T - - • T . ---- . • - B. F. I T airv, Rfillord ; BarArloßar K Svn. B'oo-ly Run : (J. B. At ft. Sr. Cisursvi'lf ; J. Hriieinvn, WnoHn-rrp ; (Tt-o. (Tai VI, WVst F.-k) : J. E.Colvin, SchnlUimrg ; an.; by oe Ifrs generally. Oct. 12, ISOiJ. AI.L EG JIE ,\ YOAi,v A\ D - FEMALE SEMINARY, ItAß.V*<lfil'KGs 91edfrd Co., t"a. REV. W. VV. HKI.M, A. M , P.mcipki, Mi s A. L. RRTM, Pr*c*[trt-is, \ltgs >. .1 BlviM, T a-'hfr on Fiino Foil'*. ' This institution, uiider th xuptrvi.sicn nt the a bov jp-rsons, s-:s-' -I by other ro-npiten- Teachers, alfurtls a full coin e in t M thfinatic-' Natural sciences. Latifiisx-s, fi -1 ii-ilef Leitre-t in mus'C, I'.untin;, Ac., if eives ■ struJel i-iftiue tion. The next sefs-nn will cor: ■.• re on Jan.2l. IS6I. StUtlents ailmitt'-tl at any . e. HuhiTr oi health, system, amt ptomptnef* . .ie.v., moral, so cial, an I 'lomestic, are her- ina (un'mi'ient ob jects ol education. That the physical powers, as wellasthe mentel, tnav lie cultivated—Calisthen ic exercises ai-* uet tssary —here the Stuilents meet each day fur • phy-'cal exercise. , lt >, ) -A Will pay for .board, including fd - •1/4 iiishwi it'oiii!-, touni rerf, fuel ami tuition in co.ninon Knalisn, p-r term of e|etr-n weeks. Rx'ia o , rno.tera'a rhaiiies. even !fSs than heretofore, or (ban the e.rcular calls for. Students prepued ior the highest diss 111 col lege. For Circulars, or particular*, address W, U*. BRIM, Dec. 21, l c 6o. Rainsburg, R.-dford Co.. Pa MARTHA T. MARTIN, C. H.II AM ICK, 1. A. L. MoRK Si GEO. R. PES OLE, S. K. MARTIB . A. H A KE R , • lvirti MARTINS, PEDDLE, lIAMRICK & CO. —IMVfjRTEnSOF— HOSIERY, GLOVES AND NOTIONS, .V'o. 30, jYorlA Fourth St., Phil . May 18.'80.-1 yr. A DM INiS PR A Toil'S NOTICE Letters nl administration on the e.-ate of >lrs. Keoeeca Shi mer, late ol Union township, having been granted to the subscriber, residing in sai l town ship, notice is hereby given to til persons indebted to said estate to in tke immediate payment, ami those having claim* will present them duly authen ticated for settlement. JOSEPH fMLF.R. Feb, S, l3Gi, Adminittiatof j _ ~i?p .~ • p- •■- -ir: r< •' €>}'' ■ •- 1 ?.♦• t > ■-If <?-. .V- '#♦>';> •v -, • • ' ' ; ••• :-f - s v' j - ••• v - • ie-a , \ N API rif..;T AND STOMACHIC PREPA R- Ia . Hon... liiO.N gritted of Ox y „ j Carton iT,<w, tl . 5a,r.,0, ; ..,, , highest medical authentic-, i,;,;:, Ktro ( ~ a,.f it,,', i 1 Sta '"'. ".f prescribed in their p at! ,,-^ ! Jhe expert, tec of thousand ,laity prove, mn ! pr-prac on of Iron ran be romtntrd , lirtiu ;r,Uofth,blo..i ~ „ £ *. i energy/^ I A'. i otherwise sickly complexions indicate ,u ""'7 "J almot every conceivable L, r .ox : mo- If. ail maladies in whirl, it t, as bn tried, i- ha. P'ove! .ib.olutely curative in each of the fo i'owi. ■ complaints, viz : I /.' h. iff rtJon,. limamntion. }) ¥ %. .' v " " ■ '"f'/niio", tiuicrlicr /) ~ eu.'n , | >rroi"Jo-ts t'.thrr, at<ux. >,// ' , "" '• ' */ •*. ( */#",„, Liver Vmptamt i ' ' " luUtMill* .1 I'tuc bure. trr. I In ,■■,, C,r„„a! Ovhihtv, wheth-T •.* re-u't Of aci.fe ,|i.-;tSr, „/ . cO . , ~ . , 1 1: ' V! * ! - : f.iA-jv irum • , c v->„ :r> • "i-.nnr tn..l of Hi- rrf>uativ ~ | In! to to , r rh no ,! br . •• jf> II art: -o, (c*-#>rf j ;. . j.,.,; •„ , h-.)., .- lo have i,.-co.n • :jr.,. hl .. f jth- bv mojM u,-.f j., r rrt.|„-..J u I nr. I t"-.. frsvrj in a <1 ; v • jmlf r< r*. fi,, rifwi ; ■ ~, ■ ',l ! i. ; ,j /'.i'."'thai ! romplirafi; , rM . a „ t ~ s io „ ; air mil rxrrrsto fi,r whit a ia physic.ait. ha, no , :arue. I In XrrroH* Af-cHon, of all k i-i I , a-, I firwon l fanu ;jr to nir.i.c*, inr n , thf o ; -r ii -.1 c,f ihi• prrpa j r-nc.l 01 ly: , mti-l for, un ;i . lhP ! if u vigor., u ,\ tonic, wit,.o- I fuelling ar ! over-hcafing • a i.J gently rout larly appticin, even in the no-t ob*'ir.atr „i ro-t venrs,, without evr, l„. iflg c g j>t!ic putative, or inl.ict!r?j a <Ji^a^r*t j ab!e >n. Iti-triH latter property, among others, vihich makes it so remtrKably e.lectnal an-1 permanent a remedy for Pil, r, i-, M , 0 which it al-o i ppears to e:<- .•it a distinct ami specific action, by tfispeisiri" ti.o I local tendency which form, them. ° f In Dy* }t f P „ a , innumerable as are its caue. a ' Sl "-' e box of these Chalybeate Pills has often suffi ced lor the mo-t habito ,1 ca-ei. In unchecked Diarrhcr-t, everi when advanced to Dvster.tC!y, confirmed; cnut.cling a nJ appste:|y •> alignant, 1 tie etieds have heerr equoll decisive and astonishing. In the local pu:r3. loss of flrsh and strength, de ni itating cough, and remittent hectic, whicil gene rally indicate Incipitur this ra-nedy ■ .as allayed the aiann of friend- and physicians, iri severai v rv gratifying and interesting instances. In iAcrnfa/ou- t T.(hercufo*i*. this vnedlcttftetl noli ha, far more toe good effect of the most cau tiously oaUnced preparations of iodine, without any of their well-kndwn liabilities. Ike attention 6f females cannot be too confident ly invited to this remedy and restorative, in the ca ses peculiarly affecting them. lit Rheumatiim, boih chronic and inflammatory, in the fatter, however, more decidedly, it has been invariably well repoifed, both as alleviating pain and icdhcii'.; the swellings and stiffness of the joint* and muscles. In Intermittent Fevtrs it most necessarily be l great remedy and energetic restorative,"and it, pro gress in the new settlements of the West, wili pro bably be one of high renown and usefulness. remedy has ever been discovered, in the whole hi-tory of medicine, which exerts such prompt bap py and fully restorative effects, flood appetite, complete digestion, rapid acquisition of stiengtb, with an unusual dispo-ition lor active and cheerful exercise, immediately follow its use. Put up i,i neat flat metal boxes containing 50 pills 50 cents per box ; for sale by druggists and dealers. Will be sejit free to any address, on re ceipt c*f th*? price. letters, orders, etc., >houid b*? address^ lo n. C Lt'f'ie & Co., < Itch's, 20 CEDAR STREET, S ' .!>• 20th. '6O. PHIL'A. ADVERTISEMENTS ¥ r:. Go i i bD, A'o. tj.'s2 Cfies'nut St., cor. of Seventh, FHIUWELPHLI. PI AN OS A \ DMG LO DEO VS. RAVR-l, BACON & CO"*., HALLET, DAVIS & Co's., slnn's 4" clack's, and a. h. galk A: coV 5 • "i 7 ~W\ !■ ?■ • i • f - • - - C • MASON' Ik HAMLIN'S, AM) PRINCE &CO S. MELODEONS N. ! IAIIVION IUMS. P:ano and .Me'mleons to Rent. Second-hinu Pianos. May 15,'()0.-1 yr. TT P. II U B E G, * ;s[-CCEssor to J. SOItVER,) WHOLESALE DEALER IN TO 3 A COO. SNUFF AND CIGARS, .\'<j S-\ orih Fifth St., alcpr Market, PAit'a. Also. Manufacturer and Importer of FORI' ILN AND DOMESTIC SEGARS. .May 18, 1560.-1 yr. wilmam raioi ki., jamks m. wuiTittr, SA.VL'EL MfORK, EDWARD \ ADAMS, WM.I.IAW SKILLMAV, HENRY P. atkinsox. A iG L LL, MOORE & CO , LATf, !rAIO"Ef, AN'D CO., IMPORTERS AND WHOLESALE DEALERS IN I ) R Y G 0 O 0 S, ,\oa. 221 222 .Ymi-i t hir l St., nhove Rocc, W st si,Jr, PHILADELPHIA. May tS,'h r J.-l yr. fSI H E IV 0 R LIES GHE.A P EX HIB UlO V -S- PHfEE MEDAL, awarded t .C. MEYErf for his two PI A SOS, London, October 15, 1651. SifeSsll f Si' S >)L' C. MEYER resrectfußy informs bis friends and the pnhlic generallv, that he has constantly on hand PIANOS, equal to thrtie for which he received the Prize Medal in London, in 185 i. All order, prom* tlyattendcd to, 1 and great care taken irv the selection anil packing the same. He has received, during the last hiteen vrars, morn Afedals than a' V t her nuike;, trout the Frank !in Institute—al-o, First Preniiama ia. Huston, New York and Bal'imote. Wareroo ns. No. 772 ARCH S'reat, Eighth, South ,wle, PHILADELPHIA May 18, LvW. lvr. joriN o. iah's, iMitwiiau, n. a. iTrtLitsi vs. C. KENT, u. A. SMITH, H. D. SVKLCU, CH ARI.ES SAN CKK, HAM IJEL WHITE, I. TOMI.fXAOX. JAMES, KENT, SANTEE 3t CO., IJit'Oitrtßit ANf> J"tiKKS OP D BY GOODS, 23c Mi NORTH THIRD STREET, ABOVE RACE, PHILADFJLPHIA, Mir 18 'BO -1 >'.•