Newspaper of Bedford Gazette, March 15, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Bedford Gazette dated March 15, 1861 Page 3
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* rDTTOfCS NOTICE. .% The undersigned ap •*,' bv the Orphans' Court of Bedford County, '""rJl ort a distribution of the money winch came m the hands of Samuel Car.., Esq., late deceased 1. trustee to sell the red estate ol bimon Olaar, j u . > j afterwards as guainian ot the minor enil of said Simon Claar, and now to be accounted ivO E Shannon, administrator, C. 1. A., ot j ,or . f'Lrm,,; Carn, will attend to the duties ol his ointment, on Thursday, the 2Ut dav ot March, l X . h's office in the Borough of Bedford, at 10 ' lock A. M., ot said day, when and where alt per uiiere&ted are invited to attend. ,on* interested a.e JOHN P. REED, u a Auditor. March 9. un|frsiened _ appointed by the Orphans' Court ot Bedford Coun- V, to report a distribution 01 the money >"•> hand* offioiomon Williams, Adm-r. of the Ls.ate of Levi Clark dee'd., to those entii.ed to the same, . attend to the duties of his appointment <sh hn dav the 22d day of March, 1861, at his office in th- Borough e* Bedford, at 10 o'clock A. M. 01 sasd day wbeu and whe.e all parties interested can anend. March 8. __ " Aul1ltor ; i DMINIBTR ATOR'.S NO I ICE Letters of Administration having beer, granted to the subscriber, mi the estate of Jsaac Grove, late of-Monroe Township, dea d, ail persons indebted to said estate, are" hereby} not tied to make payment immediately, and those bavins; claims against the same w ill present them properly authenticated tor settlement. JF.SSF GROVE. West Providence, JOHN L. GROVE Monroe. March 8. I SOI. Administrators. BELECT8 ELECT SCHOOL. | The undersigned hereby informs j the citizens of Bedford and vicinity, that tie will o- ; pen a -'SELECT SCHOOL." commencing Monday ' April Stb, ai d continue four mouths. A Normal j < iass will also be formed. Having himself passed through a full rour-e in tne State Normal, and em- j ploying none but efficient assistants, he feels war- ! ranted in insuringsstisfaction. Pupils of ail giades ; will be received. Teachers throughout the county I may find it in their advantage to apply soon.— Terms moderate. Apply to A. N. RAUB, Principal of the "Bedford Union School.•" .March Sth. 'W. S NO I IFF. Michael Wheeling J Subpoena on Libei for vs. X Divorce. Jniiatina Wheeling. The undersigned appoin ted Commissioner in the above case to take testi mony, Ac., will attend to the duties of the appoint ment, at his office, in the Borough of Bedford, 011 the sthday ofj April, next, at which time all desi ring can attend. R. D. BARCLAY, March 8. Commissioner. NOTICE.— Henry Earnest, J Subpoena on Libel tor vs. S Divorce. Hannah Earnest. \ The undersigned, appoin ted commissioner to take testimony, fcc,, in the above case, will attend to his duties, on the 3d day of April, next, at his office in the Aorough ot Bed ford, at which time all desirn.g can attend. K. D. BARCLAY, March 8. Coinmissioner. CtBESH & GENUINE GARDE A' SEE >S * FRESH A GEN LINE GARDEM SEEDS ! IVM. HARTLEY HAS JUST RECEIVED 100 DOZEN PAPERS 100 DOZEN PAPERS ol Dreer's celebrated Fresh Philadelphia Gar ° EVERY PAPER WARRANTED Peas and Beans bv the quart, peck, or paper. NO STORE TRASH KEPT, NOR SOLD. VEW GOODS. JVST AERJVKD AT MRS. S. E. POTTS'. A large assortment ct FALL & WINTER GOODS, FALL 6c WINTER GOODS, FANCY DRESS GOODS, FANCY DRESS GOODS of !1 kind*'handsome winter stlks, ' French men roes, all woo! delaines, BONNETS & RIBBONS, BONNETS 6c RIBBONS Flowers, Ruche*, bonnet velvets—new style, hand ome cloaks, FUR CAPES, FUR CAPES, Also, a large assortment of victerines and muff,. Nov. 2,'60. ALLEGHENY MALE AND FEMALE SEMINARY, Bedford Co., Pa. REV. W. XV. BRIM, A. M. F Principal, M'IFS A. L. BRIM, Preceptress, Miss 8. J. BRIM, Teacher on Piano Forte. This institution, under the snpervi-dc of the a fcove named persons, .igsisted by other ccmpeten- Tcaehers, affords a full course 111 Mathematics Natural sciences. Languages, er.d Belles Lettres in music, Painting, Ate., it gives extended instruc tion. The Spring Term will commence on April 8, 1661. Students admitted at any time. Habits of health, system, and piomptness , views, moral, so cial, and domestic, are here made prominent ob jects of education. That the physical powers, as we!! as the mental, may be cultivated—Calisthen rc exercises are necessary—here the Students meet each day for systematic physical exercise. C.tti) ~f\ Will pay for board, including} fue -0/C/W')') uished rooms, room rent, fuel and tuition in common English, per term ot eleven weeks. Extras, .t moderate charges, even less than heretofore, oi than the circular calls for. Students prepared lor the highest class in col lege. Fo: Circulars, or particulars, address W, VV. BRIM. Dec. 21, 1860. Rainsburg, Bedford Co.. Pa- A EDITOR'S NOTICE The undersigned, appointed by the Court of Common l'ieas in and for tbe Couuty of Bedford, to examine the exceptions, filed to the account of J. W. Lingenfeller, Commit tee of George Ow , a lunatic, and to report the facts will attend to the duties of hil appointment, on Sat tirdav, the 23d nay of A/arch, 1861. at 10 o'clock A. Af. of said dey, at his office in the Borough of Bedford, when and w-herja'l parties interested can attend. JNO. I\ REED, Alsrch 8. Auditor. "JP XECUTOR'S _ Notice is hereby giv en, That Letters Testamentary, on the will of John Bowser, late ol Coleiain Township, Bedford County, have been granted by the Register of said County, 'O the subscriber.—All persons indebted to said PS 'ae. aie notified to make immediate payment, end 'hose having claims thereon, will present them du ly autlienticated for settlement. MICHAEL HOI.DERBAUM, Ex'r,. Residing in Bedford Township. March Ist, '6l. • \OTICE~ All persons indebted to fhe sub scriber, are hereby notified to call and settle their accounts before the first of April next, or they will i* left tn the hands of a Justice for collection. SARAH F. POTTS. Feb. 22d, *6l. ./ 7 f )■'/ m sti • 110 Pays the entire cost for Tuition in !he mo>t pop- ; ularand successful Commercial School in the conn try. Upward ol TWELVE HUNDUE!) y ui.g ■ men from TWEN'I x -EIGHT different States, • have been educated for busines- here within the \ past three years, some of whom have been ainpioy- ; ed us Book Keepers at salaries* of $2000.00 PER ANNUM, immediatpiv upon graduating, who knew nothing ot I accounts when they entered the College. SX7~Mtmsiers' sons half price. Students Pi.ter at auv time, and review when they please, with out extra charge. For Catalogue ot 80 pases, Specimens ol Prnl, Cowley's Business anil Ornamental Penmanship, a; .1 a large engraving of the College, inclose twen ty-five cents in Postage Stamps to th- Puirci piii , JENKINS & SMITH Jan. 18, 1960. Pittsburg, Pa. FUBLiCSALE ~ OF VALUABLE REAL ESTATE. BV virtue of an order of the Orphans' court of Bedford County, the undersigned will offer at pub lic sale, on the premises, on SATURDAY 2 3d MARCH, NEXT, the following described real estate i Purpart 44 A," containing 55 acres 56 perches j nett, being the one third part thereof, adjoining lards ot Jacob Snider, Frederick Stoler and othets. Part --B," containing 47 acres and 129 perches, nett measure, adjoining lands of Sam'L Burger. Jacob Working and others. Purpart containing 212 acres, nett mea sure, adjoining lands of D. Snowberger, Martin Miller and ethers, and Purpart "D," oontaming 129 acres aim 11 perch es nett measure, adjoining lands of Fred. Stoler, A. Eversole and others: all situated in Middle Wood bury Township, Bedford County. Being the Real estate of Dr. V\ m. W. Reed, dee'd., lately appraised under proceedings in Partition. TERMS : One third at confirmation of sale, and i the balance in two equal annual payments with , out interest.. AARON REED, | Feb. 22d, '6l. 4t. Executor ' NOTICE TO CONSTABLES AND i i a! OFFICERS OF ELECTIONS. BY the Act of .'Assembly, approved June 21, ! 1839, (Pamph. Laws, p. 376,) it is provided : ; Section 2. TtiiU olßcers and other persons, | holding and conducting such elections for Al , derinen and Justict'sof the Peace, shall make 1 true returns ol such elections, which shall be j handed by the Constable to the Protbonotary of i the proper county, to be filed in his office.— I And (he said Profhonotary shall lorthwith send | a certified copy ot such return to the Secretary j of tbe Commonwealth. i And by Hip Act of April 13, 1559, (Pamph. i Laws, p. 594.) j Section 1. That every person hereafter elec ted to the office of Justice of 'lie Peace or Al | derman, shall, wi'hin thirty days after th> elec | tion, il he intends to accept said office, give notice thereof in writing, to the Protbonotary of the Common PDas of the proper county, who shall immediately inform the Secretary of the I Commonwealth of said acceptance: and no commission shall issue until the Secretary ol i the Cotr.tUbnwealth has received the notice a j foresaid. S. H. TATE, Prot. I 1 " OOKING GLASSES, ENGRAVINGS. PICTURE FRAMES, OIL PAINTINGS, The most extensive and elegant assoi tment at the j very lowest rates.—Glasses in stoie of every de i scription. if/ahogany framed Glasses, tor country I sale *. Print and Portrait frames, Window Cornices, I Gilt Afouldings, etc. Estimates for furnishing 1 Glasses to fill every space, by mail 0:1 application. ! Engravings for Grecian and Antique Paintings.— Catalogues gratis. JAS. S. EARLE Sc. SON, 816 Chestnut St., Phil'a. i May 18, '60.-1 yr. A IREAT BARGAINS: ® H GUL'AT BARGAINS ! GREAT BARGAIN'S! Wishing to reduce our stock as low as possible by Spring, we will offer every description of WINTER GOOD 3! WINTER GOODS! WINTER GOODS' AT COST, FOR CASK. AT COST, FOR CASH. AT COST, FOR CASH. Ready made Clothing at Halt-Price. i C7-CALL AND SEE FOR A. B. CRAMER .V CO. j r an. IS, 1861 . j SALE*— 4-9 Ry virtue ot St.'ndry writs ol : Vend Exponas to me directed there will bv sold the Court House in the Borough of Bedford on 9at | urday the 23d day ot March, 1861, at 1 1 o'clock A. M.,ihe following described Real Estate to wit ; One tract of land containing 256 acres, more or less, about 70 acres cleared and under fence. With a large two story log dwelling house, and double log Barn thereon erected, adjoining lands of John Robison, John Cavender, and others, situate in Southampton Township, Bedfo.d Couuty, and taken 111 execution as the property of William M iy. Shfl's. office Bed- [ JOHN J. CESSNA, ford, March Ist,'6E i Sheriff. VEDITOR'S NOTICE.— AC. Tame®. 1 In Common Pleas of Bed- Js. 'ford Co. No 17 Feb. T. 1861. VVm. O'Neal \ Tbe undersigned, appointed to make distribution i of money arising from sale of Real Estate- of above Deft., find facts will attend to the duties o' his appointment on Thursday, 28th of March, 186! at the office of Cessna and bhannon,u> the Borough of B-dford, at which Time ail interested can attend. JOHN PALMER, March Ist,'6l. Auditor FUBLICSALE OF REAL ESTATE. By virtue of an order of the Orphans' Court of j Bedford County, the subscriber, adm'r., ot the es tate of Melchio'r Fisher, dee'd, will sell at public sale on the premises in Harrison Township, on SATURDAY,23d MARCH NEXT, the following real estare,viz A tract of !and sit uated in said Township late the property of said dee'd, adjoining lands of Richard Knuft's heirs ai d Peter Watson on the East, the subscriber on the West, Fred'k. Turner and KnufPs heirs 011 the North, and John M. Smith and Peter Wertz on the South, containing 97 acres and 149 perches nett measure. About seventy acres of the land are cleared ami under cultivation, f x acres or which are meadow—the lesidue is well timbered. The improvements are a log dwelling house, log stable and other out buildings,—there is also a number ot trait trees on tne p'ace, and water which never fails, convenient to the house, the land is on Dry Rmge, and runs within a few rods of the Turnpike. The terms are—one third of the purchase money to remain in the land for tbe use of the widow, one third in hand at tbe confirmation of the sale and theolher thin? in two equal annual payments with out interest. W) WJO MILLER March Ht, '6l. Adm'r. ' STATEMENT AND REPORT OF WILLIAM LEAKV, STEWARD OF J THE POOR AND HOUSE OF EM PLOYMENT OF BEDFORD CO., FROM THE FIRST OF JAN UARY, A. D., 1860-, TILL THE FIRST OF JAN UARY, A. a, 1861. ) 1860. DR. Jan'y. 1. To Balance on settlement $S 244 ! Ami received Jrom sundry persons, 34 12 42 364 Balance due Steward, Jan. Ist. 186T 19 S2i 62 19 OR. By amount paid sundry persons 62 19 i Statement of Poor House Mill from January Ist, IN6O, till January Ist 1861. DK. j Amount of Grain 1 brought in as per s | monthly RejKrrts, Wheat Rye Corn 293 295 56 Dot of Sundry Persons, 19 6 4 4 44 Amounts, 489 2:>5 56 B. Wheat Mixl're. 374 504 ' Bo't. of sundry persons 44 4t ! Amounts, 374 504 CR. ; B v amount of Grain used in Poor House and sold to sundry persons tor cash and on accounts, | \.c., Wheat Rve Corn | Use ol P. H., Stc. T 415 193 27 ! Sold to sundry persons- 26 16 6 Amounts 441 209 33 j Remaining in MilJ 48 46 23 Whole amount, 4b9 255 56 B. Wheat Mix't. 1 UUSP of P. H., S;c., 134 26 j Sold sundry persons 15 . | 284 26 Remaining in Mill' 9 244 Whole amount 374 504 ! LIST OF PAUPERS admitted, discharged, died, &.C., £*. c., during each month, arid the number remaining at the end of each month : also the average number supported in the House during the year, together with the number of out-door pauj>ers supported bv the Institution, lrom the Ist of January, iB6O, till Ist of January, 1861. 1 - > es w c a. wo ti i ; • s n a X J a3 I CL. X 1860. • *°- January, 8 1 ! February,. 10 I 1 March,' 1 3 April, 6 1 1 May, 3 8 June, 5 1 • July, 3 1 August, ■ 2 2 , September, 1 : October, 5 1 November. December, 1 Total, 39 24 1 4 CC c* X - C P 3 2 ~ 3 - | 2 3<t ? T E. " §' S &33 a 3 ~ IS6O. • * • ? °\ * , January, 1 24 29 ! February 1 30 32 j March,' 27 33 1 April, 24 34 ; May, 21 32 i June, 03 34 July, 20 33 August, 20 33 September, 21 33 October, 17 31 November, 18 32 December, 19 32 Total, 2 264 388 Making an average of 544 per month, of whom 2 are colored. 2 blind, IPThsane, and 1 . j confined to bed. There are also 2 out-door paupers who arc not included in the above.— 575 wayfaring paupers were provided with board and lodging. PRODUCE OF THE FARM AND GAR DEN. 38 Tons of Hay, * 12 Loads of Cornfodd<-r, 350 Bushels ears ot Corn, Bushels of Oats, 63 Bushels ol Rve, 26 Bushels ol Buckwheat, 350 Bushels of Potatoes, 3 Bushels of Beans, 2500 Heads cf Cabbage, 8 Barrels Cucumber Pickles, IS Bushels of Large Onions, 2 Bushels ol Small Onions, 3 Load? ol Sweet Pumpkins, 12 Bushels ol Tomatoes, 8 Bushels of Beets, 3675 Pounds of Pork, 442 Pounds of Beef, 407 Pounds ol Veal, 540 Pounds o( Lard, 316 Pounds ol Butter. I Beef Hide, 6 Calf Skins, II Barrels Soap. STOCK ON FARM. 7 Head of Horses, 2 Cows, 2 HeiDrs, 1 Bull, 21 Head of Hogs, 68 Sheep. ARTICLES MANUFACTURED BY MA TRON. 73 Shirts, 41 pair of pant'-, 31 chirr.eses, 39Jwo men'8 dresses, 4 children's dresses, 16 sheets, 16 comforts, 9 women's sacks, 33 aprons, 15 pair of women's stockings, 4 sunbonnet3, 8 1 caps, 6 quiileti si-irts, 5 lioods, 7 pair ol men's socks, S round jackets, S vests, 3 table-cloths, 15 towels, 12 !ted-ticks, 7 bolstejs, !• pillow j slips, 2 shrmids, ft pait of drawers. We, the tintkrsitrned, Directors o! Ihe Poor and House of Employment of Bedford County, do certitv that we have examined th- above ac count, statement and report of Writ. Learv, : Steward of said Poor and House of employment | from the Ist day ol January, iB6O, til! the Ist day of January 1861, and find the same to be ! I correct. Witness our hands and seals this Ist day of i Jauuarv, A. IJ., 1861. JOHN AMOS JOHN KEMERY, J NO. S. BRUMBAUGH, i ATTEST : Directors. Thomas R. Getlys, Clerk. RECEIPTS AM) EXPENDITURES OFI

THE POOR AND HOUSE OF EMPLOY MENT OP BEDFORD COUNTY FOR; THE YEAH ENDING Ist, A. D. 1861. GEORGE BLYMJRE, Treas'r. DK. To cash ree'd from Collectors $4549.94 fhos. Ritchey, Error in settlement 41.00 Mary Oiler, jd. IV. S. Flock, 50.00 Constable McC teary, Fines 4.00 $4644.94! ; Balance due county 415.99 i $42 28.95 i CR. By am't. paid out on sundry checks as fol lows, VIZ. Office! 's salary, $218.19 | Win MonrheaJ, (late Steward) 85.15 Advertising, 176.15^ Repairing Aiill, 299 87 Beet, Pork &.C, 323.08$ Hardware 6t castings, 102.39 i Building purposes, 318.64$ Cows SL Hogs. 46.02 Relief ."ice ul out door Paupers 158 68$ Grain, . 507.32 Merchandise fcc, 709.06$ Removal ol Paupers, 69.56 Issuing orders tor removal of paupers 36.65 Ami. overpaid on duplicates, 34.91 i E. L. Anderson 5c S- Battihart wheat tn mill, 59.05 Buckwheat HulJer, 76 85 Miscellaneous checks, 434.74 Due treasurer on last settlement, 47.05 G. Lysinger, 6al. on settlement otacc't. $57.13 D. Fletcher, salary as Auditor for iB6O, 5.00 j Percentage allowed collectors, 226.261 i Exonerations, co 160.18 I Uncurrent tnoney, 10.00 Treasurer's salary, 40.00 &. clerks, " 20.00 Stationary, 5.00 $4228.95$ ! Amount due from collectors, $3643.79 For want ol proper vouchers lor sundry rhec and pari ol checks paia by 'he treasurer, $477,- 77$ was not received by the Auditors, which will account lor the above Balance due the County. We the undersigned, Auditors of Bedford County, no certify that we have examined the foregoing account ol Geo., Blymtre, Treasurer of the Poor and House ol Employment of Bed lord county, and find the same to be correct ant) true as above stated, and that there is a balance, due the county of $415.955. Witness our hands and seals this 4tb day of January, A. D. IS6I. JAMES C. DEYORE, DANIEL FLETCHER, GEORGE BA UGH MAX, ATTEST . Auditors. T. R. GETTY?, Clerk. March. 8, 1861. IJO YOU WANT WHISKERS ? DO YOU WANT WHISKERS? DO YOU WANT A MOUSTACHE? DO YOU WANT A MOUSTACHE? BULLING HAM'S CFXF.BRATFD STIMULATING GXGUENT, FOR THE WHISKERS AND HAIR. The subscribets take pWst. re in announcing to the Citi/.ensol the Unite.! State;, that they hive ob tained the agency for, and are now enabled to offer to the American public, the above justly celebrated and world renowned article. THE STJAIUL.JITLXG OJfGUEJVT Is PREPARED by DR. C. P.,BP.LLINGIIAM, an eminent physician of London, ami is warranted to bring out a thick set of Whiskers or n Mustache, in from three to six weeks: Thi article is the only one of the kiad the French, and in London at.d Paris it is in universal use. It is a beautiiul, economical, soothmg, yet stim ulating compound, acting as if by magic upon the roots, causing a beautiful growth of 'uxuriaut hair. If applied to the scalp, it will cure baiduess and cause to spring up tu place of the bald spots a fine growth of new Applied according to direc tions, it will turn red oi towy hair dark, and rpstore gray hair to its original color, leaving it soft, smooth and flexible. The "Oneuent" is an indispensable article HI every gentleman's toilet, and alter one week's use they would not for any consideration be without it. The subscribers are the only Agents lor the arti cle in the United States, to whom all orders must be addressed. Price One Dollar a box—for sile by all Drnggists and Dealers , or a box of the "Ongnent ' (warran ted to have the desired effect) will be sent to any who desire it by mail (direct) securely packed, otr receipt of price and postage, sl.lß. Apply te or address HORACE L. 11 EG E.MAN £ CO., Druggists, &c., 24 William Street, N. Y. March s. ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE. Letters of administration havihg beer, granted to the subscri ber npoh the estate of Sidney R. Whitfield, late of E. Providence lp.,dec'd., all persons knowing them selaes indeb'ed are requested to make immediate payment and thrse having claims will dreseat them for settlement,' JOH" W. SAA/S, [mar.B.] administrator. A DM INJSTR A TOR'S NOTICE. - 1 Letters ol administration having been granted to the subscriber, on the estate of Geo. Kitchey, late of Union Township dee'd, all persons indebted to said estate are notified to make payment immediately, and those having claims a gainst said estate will present them properly authenticated for settlement. LEVI RITCHEY, March 8, 1861. . Adro'r. FRANK. JACKSON," PRINTER AND STATIONER, 439 CHEST A UT STREET, PHILADELPHIA Mav 18,'66.-1 >r. ' v .> .>, AYER'S CATHARTIC PlL,l^. LA Art* yu*i tick. an'l *•** " ' ✓ Euflr n on j lW D * l, fc- Are juntas i id<*r. \ritii your /. _1 __C_ rnjivfeii. UIK! your feeling* t e> r -; r< t, ' kSS c*>ufiirtafife> ? Thest* s >: rj - M Y& £ 1 "&£]s' toinsan- ru*n tbe pn-l;ni. r • 1 ' COD c *wiow Mines?. Some lit •; I q. 3j' f * "SSjpy'. j dckn*f* i* creeping ojn you, T —iu'l *?Loultl be averted by a s. ~**~J I timely nse of the right rem "X 1V 'I edy• Take Ay<*rT i'iifci. ami i >v 2v^*^ 1 t . i V clean** out the disordered hti !. V f . 'Jci-li mort—purify the bltxxl. aud ! "****£ -"yar- Id the iluids moT- on un<•- .J etracaed in health ago:.. fcU&' is 'i'hey elimttlftte the ftiDetioixM of the body into vigorous *- " tlrity, purify the yidem fr< ia the obetrttciions whivh tuuke iftwfn AcoH nettle* rrniewher" i a tt-.r Ijody, tnd 6b ! truets its natural functions, i'••>•- it i" t rtiß . rwi.-t upon th-w-leem and the aur' auiding orgaoe pro ducing general nggrar;Uiuii, ?nffwii.g, and di****;. i While in this condition, oftwwued iy the drasigemetitx, take Aver - WIN. and r ■ how directiy they re*tor- the natural artkm of the f. •'*<! with it Ue< buoyant 1 Pi Hug of lic i'.fh ag - ;a." Wh : is ti : ami so apparent tu ibi* tnTiai ;iori oosaiuoti oonipkutit, :s alo true in many i of tbrt (levp-s, Iteul H *v? danger .US diaternpera. Tb • ram.> | purgative effect ex pete them. Caused '■ y aimilar obstruu- I ti.mih ;urJ <i®raug'*F*'ut of the natural functions of tiio body, they are rapidly, and many of them orel/, rare! by tb,; same mean®. None who know tbu virtues of theso Pills, will neglect to employ them when *>alluring Irota the disorder* they cure. Sttttemonu from leading pliysicUns in rome of the priucij>al citujs*, and lYuui other woil Lnowa public pr- SOQS. From a Mrrrfrapt of St. f. ut; /Vj. 4. 1 "X DR. AVSB : Your Pil! nr- the para-gat cf nil that ia great in medicine. Tin v love cured my little daughter of ulcerou9 sores upon her hand- aud tliat had pr >v- d incitmble for y ••. Her mot In- has been long _ griev ously afP.i<*ted with blotrh" .nd pimple*-m her akin a:i>i \ in her hair. After >ur ca;M .u* ■ ired, she also ti. > I your Piiis, and th.-. . ;v- i, ,1 Ti-r. j A. A MORGEIDGE. A a Fnral!)' I'liyiir. Prom Dr. /. If". Curturri'jkt, A* e Orleans. Your Pills are the prin<-* of purges. Their < xceV.cnt qualities rarpaes any caTharfi • we possess. They are mild, but very certaio and t*fbctual in their action on the bowels, which makes them inraluabk- t-o us in th.; daily trtsatment of disoaso. Keadacac,Sick Ilea f:n.fhir,Poul Stomach* From Dr. Ixl ward Boyd, baitim<art. t DKARBBO. ATJ!?.: Icannot answer vou tchat complaints j I have cured with your Pills r than to say all V*nt wc j rtvr tret with a purgative vurh-ine. I place gr.-Kt depr-u- I deuce on an effectual cathartic in my daily contest with dieease, and believing .is I do that y ur Pills ulford us the Lust we have, I of course value them highly. PITTS 3UHO, Pa., May 1.1855. DP.. J. C. Atzr. Pir: T hv I*- -N repeatedly cured of } the worst hfudarJic any body cau have hy a doe or two of your Pills. It seems to from a foul stomach, i winch they cleanse at once. Yours with great respect, ED. W. PRETVEE, Clerk of Steamer Clarion, I Bilious Disorders Liver Complaints. iprom Dr. Theodore BeXL, of New York CJy. Not only Hl* your Pi!!s admirably adapted to their pur pose as an aperient, l ut I find their b?official eTccts n|oa j ih-j Liver very marked indeed. Tliey have in my |-mc } tice proved more effectual fur the euro of bikout &>m r piainu than any on-- remedy I can mcution. I siaoersly j rejoicn that an have at length a purgative which is wor | thy the confidence of the profession aud the people. DFVARTMENT OF THE INTXRIOR, } Waalungtoo, D. (X 7th Feb., 185<3. f SIR : I have used your I'ills in my general and hospital practice ever since you made them, and cannot hesitate to say they are the l*-st cuthurtic we employ. Their regu lating act!-non the liver is quick and decided, coase ; qucutly they are ftu admirable remedy for derangekieuta of that organ. Indeed, 1 Jiave seldom found a case of bdiout disease so obeli ante that it did not readily yield lo them. Fraternally yours, ALO.N/D 11 ALL, M. D., Physician of the HttpiLil. Dysentery, Diarrhoea, Relax, Worms* Piano. Dr. J. (1. Green, of Chicago. Your Pill* have had a long trial iu my practice, and I hold them in esteem && one of the best aperients I Lave ever found. Their alterative effect upon the liver makes them an excellent remedy, when given in sumll doses for bilious dysentery and diarrhoea. Their sugar-coating makes them very acceptable and convenient for tho u&o of women and duidivu. Dyspepsia, Impurity of the Blood. Prom lite. J. V. Hirnes, Past r of Advent Church, Boston. DR. ATKR: I have used your Pills with extraordinary success in my family and among those i am called to visit in distress. To rrgulate the organs of digestion and purify the blood, they are the very best remedy I have ever known, and I can confidently recommend"thein to my frieuds. Yours, J. V. HlMLri. WARSAW. Wyoming Co- N. Y., Oct. 24.1855. DEAR SIR : I am using your Cathartic Pills iu my prac tice, and find them an excellent purgative to cleanse tho '• system and purify the fountains of the b T ood. JOHN G". MEACiiAM, M. . Contlp,ficn,Ces(lTCDr„, Suppression, KUeiuuHtism. (.out, Neuralgia, £>rup >', Paralyti,, Pits, etc. From Dr. J. J'. Vaughn, Montreal, Canada. Too much cannot la? sai l of your Pills for the rare of eottirenrss. If others of our fraternity hare ftinJ tiicia as efficacious as 1 have, they should join rae in proclaim in(t it for the benefit of toe multitudes who surfer from } that complaint, which, atthough had enough in itself, is the progenitor of others that are worse. I believe oe i Urenesi to wripo ite in the liver, but your Pitts adecctL.; j organ and cure the disease. From Mrs. E. Stuart, Phytieicm and Midicife, Ihstm. ] find one or two largo doses of your Pills, tahen at the proi>er time, are excellent promotives of the 71 atur-.d S'i'. f. twn when wholly or partially supprvr-ed, ami sisj v,ry ! effe.-tuai to deor'tr the rtrmdeh and esf.l rmt. The'- are so much the l,*tt physic we haw that I rotomnicud no other to my patients. i From the Iter. Dr. llatcha, of the Methndiit Fpis. Church. PULASKT HOCSK. Savanttali. Ga.. Jan. 6. HOTOSED SI : I should be ungrateful for the relief yonr tkifl has brought me if I did not report my case to j you. A cold settled iu my Hntl>s aud brouglit on ex TJ riating neural'me pot ut, which ended in ehr/mie rheim:a t,JM. Notwithstanding I had the lard of physician,, lb. disease grctv w. ami worse, until by the advice t f your excellent axent in Baltimore, I>r. Msckenxiit, I tried ymr I Pills. 'I heir effects were slow, tint sure. By peuMteriltg i iu the use of them, I am no* entirely well. . Sr-AT- CUAHBIB, Baton Bulge, In.. 5 1535. I>r. At si: T have lx*-"i entirely cured, by your Piils. of j Rheumatic Gout —a painful disease that hu! effiict- d me for years. VINCENT Sl.llii.Ll. Most of tite Pill, in tnarVet corf sin Mercury, which, although a valuable remedy in skilful hands, is j dangerous iti a public pil'. firoin the dreadful . rtse- IISMWW that frequently fdl w its incautious ue. These co'dain no mercury or minerul substanco whatever. -°rice, 25 cents per Box, or 5 Boxes for sl. /. - arod by Br. J. C. ATE 3 w CO., Lowell, Stasa R. F. Harry, Betltortl ; Barntiollar Son. liloorlv j Ron : G. B. Amtck. fst. Clairsvilie ; .1. Brenerrian. I U'oorlbetry ; Geo. Ganlill. West land ; J. F.. Colvin, 1 Schellsborg ; and by dealers generally. Oct. 12. 1860. A A TOR'S NOTICE— Letters nf Administration upon the Estate of Francis Mc"*irr, late of Juniata Township, Bedford conntv, deceased, having beer, granted to the subscriber by 'he Reenter of Bed ford County, all pfrsons having claims against sud estate, are hereby notified to present ttie same properly authenticated for settlement, and all per sons indebted are requested to make immediate ;>ayment. OWEN Mc&IKR, Administrator. Feb. I.tth, '6l. Bedtoid J'ownsbip. "PSTATEOF JACOB".\IMD'EW( .d. -™-* —Notice is hereby gii ri, that the undersigned appointed Auditoi bv theOrpnins' Couit of Bedford County, to distribute the balarre in the hands of Jacob A. Nicodemus, Executor of the last will &c.,8l Jacob Nicodettius, late oi .Mid dle Woodbury Township, in said county dee'd., and to report the facts to sod Cou.t, will attend to the duties of his appointment, at his office, 111 the Bor ough of Bedford, on Wednesday, the 13th day of March, A. F>., 180!, at one o'clock??. M., of said day. S. L. RUSSELL, March ist, '6l, Auditor, j MARTHA f. BfARTIN, C.H.HAMRICK, J. A. k. MORItI I GEO. H. rEEULE, S. K. MARTI!* A. BAKER, • WITH MARTINS, PEDDLE, HAMRICK CO. —IMPORTERS OP HOSIERY, GLOVES AND NOTIONS, JYO. 30, jVorik Fourth St., Phil . I May 18.'60.-1 yr. j A D.MINISTRATOR'S NOTICE Letters of ; administration on the evtate of Mrs. Rebecca Shi- i rner, late ot Union township, dec'J., having beer.: granted to the subscriber, residing in sard town ship, notice is hereby given to all peisons indebted to said estate to make immediate payment, and, those having claims will present them duly authen- I ticated lor settlement. • JOSEPH IMLFR, Feb, S, 1861. Administrator i SHE TALND WOOL, all colon, a' I>'r. Harry's. | KEROSENE OIL the best article, at Or. Harry's ' A N APE 111 F.N r A VI) STOMACH tC PRFI'AU t vJT" °t >N n""'"' 0f °*ye-n arid C.rbotf u! f ,°"i' n Hylro-e„. Sanctioned by rh : £: d a ? thon,:e> ' bo,t ' *"'■ the I ruled States, and prescribed in their p, ac iir Ihe experience o thousand, daily p.oves that no preparation oflron tan be compared with it | nne. or the bioo I. depress,on of vrtal .1 T l ; ar:l o?herv% i ?U* V v c -V ,n, r ! pk , * 7 < ' ' indicate iu np cessity in every conceivable caS e i„ lM>x ! - 0!1, lr ' a " "'aiadiea in which it has been tried proved absolutely curative in each of th- fo'i'owi',?.. complaints, viz: iu.lowing In Dehiii'ii, S,r„o,, Afr rno*,, D, , pep* ia, CoH.i,p,no t liiarrha-.i, Jari.A, , , Ctmnmptvm, SfrofntoHt T„h,r y £# ?£* * HU-xmot,, Wkiu.*. Ckloroii, 1,,- „/. / , Chronic HraJui.e. n " r C mp/niMt I P,npt, on F„rl, \-r"""""" *♦ ! n ,-'; 'T" n '~W"v, whether th - „lt j nervous* Zl of | pUintsone trial of nor w r ?r. i icng bed-rijlen as t„ have j own neighborhoods have eiidden'v r * , the busy world as if j" t -'J, re H travel in a distant So ne'' f*°traC "a)r " Macn - Kind are rtet*d sufferers, emaciated victims of apparent marasmus sanguineous exhaustion, critical change,, and that ( complication of nervous and j name! 'ne physician U. | familiar to medteaTm "n "-'hi op77?o7ofUF ° " ! ration of like the old oxide,, it tonic without hfrhf " !1 " " v <-'-heating : and gently re-ut larly .partem, even in the most obstinate c ase, o convenes., without ever being a g as u?cVrSuvt or a disagreeable senWtL. ?Urat,re ' I. is this latter property, among others, which zsi.'ZTr"*" 11 -*'* *° d ■'"=* ert a distir er i' ~po" wb,cft lf *'so appears to ex r. B d t t and specific action, by dispersing the local tendency which forms them. '- pe "' n = Ule til iiy s/ ;, 7 ,v, a> innumerable as are its causes a ', g € box th<?6e Chalybeate Fills has often suffi ceri tor the !90 ,t habitual cse S . UvA n te U nTe h rv Ck co d nrt tarr^ a ' " T " ! ' VUlen adva ""J to instenterv, conhrmed, emaciating and ar.parenMv £?S. '^ ,S baVe * equal! decisive anU biflkn IOCMi PainS ' toS3of flesh dn(l strength, de. ral \v ,nd% > e^ ,a - nd re "i lMer,t hevUc ' gene has allav d ii C""s"r;,/,t IOHj {hi, remedy several' very -rat.fyhj wiITT u " Ir. sv-r \ ? ,vij mtereating instances. has had tar ' V th-s medicated iron ouslv ill m T tbe * a ° d elfecl 01 ,he u --or their p,P P 2 , ratlons of iodine, without any 0! then well-known liabilities. lvTnv,re t, | e , , !! , , O h nofferna,eS ca ""°t be too confident-" nil w re,l,edyand orive t ,n the ca ses pecu larly affecting them. in the / 'itneTh ,m ' b ° tb Chr ° nir and ' n " anr, tnatorv, va lahll boWerer more decidedly, it ha, been and i ' wel ' reported, both as alleviating pan. and ieducing the swellings and stiffness of the joints and muscies. 1 \o Intermittent Pnttrs ir must necessarily be a great remedy and energetic restorative,'and its pro gress in the new settlements of the West, will pro bably be one oi high renown and usefulness. I o remedy has ever been discovered, in the whole history ot medicine, which exert, such prompt hap py am. folly restorative effects. Good appetite, corrp.e.e i.igesaon, rapid acquisition of strength, with an unusual disposition tor active and cheerful exercise, immediately follow its use. Put up i.i neat flat metal boxes containing 50 pills price 50 cents per box ; for sale by druggists and deaiers. Will be sent free to any address, on re ceipt of the price. All letters, orders, etc., should be addresse to R B Locke & Co., General Agen.s, . . 20 CKDAR STREET, M. Y. duly 20th, '6O. PHIL'A. ADVERTISEMENTS | "& E7 COTLD, Cftesfnui St., cor. of Sev*nt/i, PHILADELPHIA PIA NOS A \ D MELODEONS. | RCVRXi. BAOOX & Co\s., HALI.r.T, DAVIS & co's., | St NN ' 4" CLARE'*, AMI A H. GALE & ' O'v. I .MASON It HAMLIN'S, AND PRINCE ItCO'S. MELODEONS vN HARMONIUMS. Pianos and Melodeons to Rent. Second-hand Pianos. May 15,"G0.-1 yr. Jr. H U B E R, e tRt'CCESSOR TO J. SOEVER,^ —WHOLESALE DEALER IN TOBACCO. SNUFF AND CIGARS, ; -VJ S eVor/A Fifth St., above .Market, Phil'a. Also. Miinufactiirer and Importer of FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC SEGARS. May IS. 1560.-1 yr. j WILLIAM KAIGUEL, JAMKS M. WHITBY, j SAMUEL MOOKK, KDWAKD A ADAMS, 1 WILLIAM Ci. SiILLMAN, HFNRY P. Al Ai.NSOX . : AIGUEL, 1M00RC& CO., LATE, raiguee AND CO., ' IMPORTERS AND WHOLESALE DEALERS IN D R Y G O O D S, .N os. 220 5c 222 .Yorf/t Thir t St., above Race, HVs/ iJr, PHILADELPHIA. | May 15,'60.-1 yr. RYLHE WORLD'S GREAT UXHIRiriON - I'RIZF MEDA L, awarded to C. MEYER for his two PIANOS, London, October 15, ISSJ, C. MEYER respectfully informs his friends and the public generally, that he has constantly on hand PI ANOS, equal to those lor which he received the Prize .Medal in London, in ISfcil. All orders piomptly attended to, {and great care taken in the selection and packing the same. He has received, during the last fitleaii years, more Medals than any other maker, from the Frank lin Institute—also. First Premiums in boston. New York and Baltimeie. Wareroom,. No. 772 ARCH S'reet, biow Eighth, South -ide. PHILADELPHIA May 18, 1860, lyr. tons O. JAMU, ISAAC WRt.S.fl, ft. n. STERI.IXS-' WM. C. KENT, <5, A. SMITH, It. I>. WELSH. CHARLES SAN TEF., SAMUEL WItITR, J. TOMLINAOX. f AMES, KENT, SANTEE & CO., IMPDRTFrn AND fRBFPS m DRY HOODS, NORTH TH'Rft fTP DPT, AIiUVF R I CK PIUL ? rr' PH'A. Mss is 60 -1 vr