Newspaper of Bedford Gazette, March 22, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Bedford Gazette dated March 22, 1861 Page 3
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4 UDITOR'S NOTICE.— The undersigned, Sp linted auditor to distribute the funds in the hands of Sheriff Cessna, arising Irotn the sale of the real Y.e ol Terrehce Keirnev will attend lo the duties of said appointment on Monday, the 15th day of Ap'd, IS6I, at 1 o'clock, P. M-, at hia office in Bedford borough. Q H GAITHER March 22. Auditor. PATENT MICATAMP CHIMNEY. A CHIMNEY THAT WILL NOT BREAK: This great invention commends itself to every ore using Coal Oil Lamps. It gives more light, require, less cleaning and will not break by the heat or cold, falling, or any ordinary nge_ For ~le bv Storekeepers generally throughout the U. S. end' the Canadas, and Wholesale by the Manu- srd HORNING V HUMPHREY, No. 321 N. Second Street, Phii'a. jg y. \ large and superior stock of COAL OIL LAMPS, always on band, at prices defying compe tition. Also, the Portland C.-al Oil, at Manufactu rers' price. March 15, 1861-tt. I J" UN! ATA IRON COMPANY^ NOTICE IS J hereby given that application will be made to the Legn-lstu.e of Pennsylvania, at its present session, for the passage of-*an act !o incorporate th- .lonian Iron Company,'' with authority to h0'..1 real estate, and to tarrv on toe business of the company, in . Bedford County, auJ that Ihe corporators named in i J as'. Will be SAMUEL li. TATE, i IVM. P. SCHELL, THOS. A. SCOTI". W. T. DAUGHERTY, c. vv. AaHCOM. March. 15, ISO 1. % T OTICE "OF INQCiSiriON.- i li W HERE AS, j Z,rrbeus l.nman, late of Cumberland Valley twp., j e.r'd , died seised of the follow lug Real L.-tate, ' lo'wit : tract of land, being the mansion place, situ- , at"in said towneh'.p of Cumberland Yrlley, Bedford | County, containing about eighty acres, more or less, adjoining lands ol Jacob Wertz, John Fredericks'] heirs and others, j Leaving a widow, Sarah Lorrsn, and issue six ' ebiidren, viz ; Ann intermarried with David Dick- ' ep, resiuing in Seneca county, Ohio, Sarah, residing in Bedford county, John Luman, the pen- j turner, MOSPB Luman, residing in Strieca county, i Ohio, Beriiamin Luman, residing in Seneca county, ! Ooio, and Eliza intermarried with William Giilarn, j residing in Bedford coun'y, Notice rs therefore hereby given th it in pursti- ; ot a writ of Partition, or valuation, to me di- ] no-ted, I will proceed to hold an Inquisition, or Val- ' uation, on the premises, on Saturday, the t>Th day ; ef April, next, when and where ail interested, may j atterul if they see proper. Sheriff's Office, ( JOHN J. CESSNA, March 15, ISfil. j' Sheriff. OF INQUISJHON. Whereas Rachae! McCune, late of Middle Woodbury Town ship, deceased, died, seized ofthe following real estate, viz: One lot oi' ground in the Town of Woodbury, in the county of Bedford, with a dwel ling house thereon erected, bounded by lot.-, of George R. Holstnger ,ai.d Jacob Brenneman, Leaving issiSp seven children, to wit : John McCune, the petitioner, Samuel McCnne, Rebecca Alaways, Margaret Igo, Hannah Barley. Nancy Ann Moore, all residing in R'air County, Pennsyl vania, and San ford Miller, whose residence i, un known : Notice is, therelore, hereby given, that in pursu ance of a writ of partition or valuation, to me di rected, f will proceed to hold an Inquisition, or Valuation, on the premises, on Saturday, tne 13th nay of April next, when and where all parties inter ested may attend if they see proper. Siiei iff's Office, ( JOHN J. CESSNA, March 15th, 1861. f Sheriff. SHERIFF'S SALE— By viittie of a writ of Vend. Exponas *o rr.e directed, there will be sold at the Court House, in the Borough of Bedford, onSitur day, the 30th day of March, 1861, at 10 o'clock A. ,M., the following Real Estate, to wit: One trt-.ct of land containing Of acres more or lass, about 10 acres cleared and under fence, with u plank dwelling house and log stable thereon erected, adi lining lands of Eleven Shipley, Thomas Conrad and others, situate in Southampton Township, Bed ford County, and taken in execution as the proper ty of Thomas Pennell. Sheriff's Office, ( JOHN J. CESSNA, Maicb 10th, 1861. ) Sheriff. rgnHE BODUGGER ® This wonderful article j'ist patented, is something entirely new, and nev er before offered to agents, who are wanted every where. Full particulars sent free. Address SHAW fit CLARK, March 15,1861. Biddeford, .Maine. jtTOTJCE, — All pm ms indebted for subscrip tions of stock, to the Hopewell and Bloody Run Plank and Turnpike Ror.d Company,are hereby no tified, that the books will be left with Henry Ni*-o demus Esq., for eollection, if not pud before the Ist April next. JOSEPH W.TATE, President, & Att'jf. lor Company, j March 15th, 1861. j I AST NOTICE. The Books of the late firm oi Reed 5t Minnich, and J. Reed A c<V, are in the hancscf the subscrider for collection. Debtors ificr""*") desirous of saving costs, must call A settle on or befoie the Ist day of April, as after that date he wi'rl ma xe use of the law in collecting without respect topersons. JOHN P. REED. Marchb, ISCI. Attorney at Law. ATTENTION. BEDFORD RIFLEMEN' dtL Yon will meet for parade in Bcdfora, on Saturday, the 16th day of March, inst., at 10 o'clock A. M., in full Winter Uniform (with f'lunie.) By order of the Captain. GEORGE STIFFLER, O. S. I March 6, 1861 |i ST APE OF J A COB MCODF.MUS, Hec'd. ® —Notice i? he r eby givpn, that the under.igned appointed Auditor by the Orphans' Couit of B*dfordCounty, to distribute the balance in the bands of Jacob A. Nicodemus, Executor of the las' will lice., at Jacob Nicodemus, late of .Mid dle Woodbury Township, in said county dee'd., and 'o report the facts to Coti.t, will attend to the of his appointment, at his office, in the Bor ough of Bedford, on Wednesdny, the 13th day of March, A. D., 1961, at one o'clock P. M., of said ! day. P. L. RUSSELL, j March Ist, '6l, Auditor, j tUR TH* T. MARTI*, C. H . HAMUICK, }. A . 1.. MoR REI { ago. R. FSEBI.S, s. R. MARTI*. |A A. BAKER, • WITH MARTINS, PEDDLE, IIAMRICK & CO. —IMPORTERS OF— ' HOSIERY, GLOVES AND NOTIONS, Ao. 30, A'or/k Fourth. St., Phil • May 16.'60.—1 yr. RATES OF CHARQE3 FOR ADVER TISING. transient advertisements will be inserted -it The ; 'He of 91.00 per squareof ten lines for three irrser- j 'ions, or less, but for every subsequent insertion , i 25 cents per square will be charged in addition.— j 'able and figure work double price. Auditor's i rotiees ten lines and under, SI.OO ; upwards often i no and under fifteen $1.50. Liberal reductions j made to persons advertising by the year. SHEfALND WOOL, all colors, at Dr. Harry's. VI ROtEJiE OIL. ihe best artrcle, at Dr. Harry's [AMERICAN WATCH COMPANY GOLD A.YD SI Ll'/: !i WATCHES. | OFFICE JOHN A. STOODART, NO. 411 CHESTNUT STREET, PHILADEL PHIA, PENN'A. Attentioo is invited to the folic wing (3 statement and the accompanying tesMiiioni als in favor of these Ttsilirf CELEBRATED AMERfCAJYWATCHES, A Gold Medal was awarded the Companv by the Massachusetts Mechanical Association, ISo'i. A Gold Medal was also awarded them by the Amer ican Institute at New York, in 1857. The Compa ny also received the First Premium—a Gold Me.ial —from the Franklin Institute, Philadelphia, in ISSS. These Watches have now been in the market for nearly ten years, during which time they have t-een tested as to ACCURACY, DURABILITY AND RELIABIL ITY, in every conceivable manner, and have proved themselves to be the most sutisfactoiy time pieces ever otlered to the public. This result has been brought about by a stiict ay plication 01 mechanical science to the construction of the warch from its very inception, rendeung it, when finished -MA THE. MA 7TCA LLY CO RRE CT, in all proportions, and necessarily as perfect a time keeper as it i- possible to make. The Company have tested their Watches, in many instances, bv actual daily noting, and the re suit of this test has been that they hve exhibi'ed a rate aqua! in regularity to the best marine chro nometer. N. B.- We have just introduced a AEW STYLE OF WATCH elaborately finished, and thinner than any we have heretofore produced, with several improvements calculated to secure the greatest accuracy of perfor mance, and to prevent the usual accidents and de rangements to wbicD foreign watch* s are liable. Litter fio/r. Paul JMorphy, the. Celebrated Ch ss Player. NEW YORE, Oct. 13, 1559. Mr. R. F. ROBOINS, Treas. Am. Watch Co. i Dear Sir;—the American Watch, No. 92-10. presented me by the New York Chess Club, proved to be u most reliable and accurate time- keeper—al most unnecessarily so for ordinary purposes, it is now nearly five months since it came into my pos session, and during that period its variation from j standaid time has been but atiifie more than ha fa j minute. The following is a record of its perfor mance. It was set >une__3d correctly : June 10, fast 4 seconds. Aug. 15, fast 18 seconds. Juiy 1,-6 do Sept. 1, - 23 do 10, -10 do - 1-5, - 29 do j Aug. 1, -10 do Oct. 1, - 32 do i give you permission to mnke such use of this statement as you may think proper. 1 am, with respect, yours triilv, PAUL MORPHY. The following is from .Mr. Porter, the well j known .Marine Chronometer and Watch .Maker. BOSTON, Sept. 28, 1539. J It. E. ROHBINS, Tress. Am. Watch Co. Dear Sir :—1 have sold during the last year a ! considerable number of Watches of the Waltham manufacture, and am happy to say that all of them without exception,have fulfilled rny guaranty, and have given satisfacti in to fh purchasers. GEORGE K. PORTER. The following named gentlemen may be refer red to in relation to these Watches. Hm. Hannibal Hamlin, Maine, John G. Saxe, Vermont, N. P. WiHis, N. Y., Hon. N. P. Banks, Massachusetts, A. L- Hamilton, Tennessee, James VV Simonton, C!. Carlos D. Stuart, Long Island, Towesend Harris, Japan, Horace Greeley, Frank Leslie, Norman Wiard, Wis, Dr. J. Marion Sim, Charles Hammond, Phil'a., Prof. Bartletf, West Point, Dr. Amrui Brown, Boston, Lieut. Henry A. Wise. U. S. N., Col. W J. Haider., V. S. A., S. Ireneus Prime, D. D. White Plains, Col. T. B. Thorpe. CAVT I O . As our Wa'c-h is now extensively counterfeited by foieign marrufac Hirers, we have to inform the public that no Watch is of our production which is unacompanied by a certifica'e of genuineness, bear ing the number of the Watch, and signed by our Treasuier, R. K. Rohbins, by our predecessors, AppMon, Tracy it Co. These Watches are for ra'c by Jewelers general ly, and can be had on application to the under signed. JOH - V A. STODD AR T, Number 4-1 I Chestnut Street, above 4-th St., PHILADELPHIA, PA. March 13, 1561.—6m0. \ E W G O 0 I) S, JL'ST ARRIVED AT MF.S, S. E. POTT3 1 . A large assortment cf FALL & WINTER GOODS, FALL &. WINTER GOODS, FANCY DRESS GOODS, FANCY DRESS GOODS of all kinds, handsome winter silks,' French meri r.oe, all wool delaines, HONNETS & RIBBONS, BONNETS & RIBBONS Flowers, Rite.heg, bonnet velvets—new style, hand- j on)) cloaks, FUR CAPES, FUR CAPES, A' to, a large assortment of victorines and muffs. Nov. 2,' GO. A LLEGHENY MALE ANI) FEMALE SEMINARY, S Al.\Sßedlord Co., Pa. REV. W. VV. BRIM, A. M., Principal, Mns A. L. BRIM, Preceptress, Miss S.J. BRIM, Teacher on Piano Forte. This institution, under the supervision of the a bove naniwl persons, r.ssisted by other competen- Teachers, affords a full couise in Mathematics Natural scier.ces, l.anguages, arid Belles Lettre<- in music. Painting, Ac., it gives extended instruc, tion. The Spring Term will commence on Aprils IS6I. Students admitted at any time. Habits of health, systetn, and cial, and domestic, are here made prominent ob jects cf education. That the physical powers, as we!! as the mental, may be cultivated—Calisfhen ic exercises are necessary—here the Students meet each day for systematic physical exercise. .- ( i ki j Will pay for board, including* fu-- JK J nisbed rooms, room rent, fuel and tuition in common English, per term of eleven weeks. Extras, .r moderate charges, even less than heretofore, or than the circular calls for. Students prepared for the highest class in col lege. For Circulais, or particulars, address W, W. BRIM, Dec. 21, 1660. Rainsburg, Bedford Co., I'a• I.TRESH & GENUINE GARDEN SEE >S ! FRESH Sc GENUINE GARDEN SEEDS ! I WM. HARTLEY HAS JUST RECEIVED | 100 DOZEN PAPERS 100 DOZEN PAPERS of Dreer's celebrated Fresh Philadelphia Gar den Seeds, EVERY PAPER WARRANTED Peas and Beans bv the quart, peck, or paper. NO STORE TRASH KEPT. NORSOLD, A DMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE.— I ! -J*- Letters of administration r>n the estate of Mrs. Kebecca Shi mer, late of Union township, dee'd., having been granted to the subscriber, residing in said town hip, nolice is hereby given to all persons indebted said estate to make immediate payment, and i ; i nose • ,ig claims wit! present them duly authen tic-. to for settlement. JOSEPH IMLER, Feb, S, JS6I. AdrninistiatorJ A DMINISTRATOR'S "NOUUE— Letters of Administration upon the Estate of Francis Mc'iirr, late of Juniata Township, Bedford county, deceased, having been granted to the subscriber by the Register of Bed ford County, all p* rsons having claims against said estate, are hereby notified to present the same properly authenticated for settlement, ar-d all per sons indebted are reque.-ted to make immediate payment. OWEN McGIRR, Administrator. Feb. 1.1th,'61. Bedford Township. AIDMLNTSTR A TOR'S NOTICE. Letters of administration having beer, granted to the subscri her npoh the estate of Sidney R. Whitfield, late of E. Providence tp.,dee'd., all knowing lliern selaes indebted are requested to make immediate p-tynieut and thrse having claims wiii dresent them for settlement. J01U" U\ SAATS, [mar.B.j administiator. A DM IN ISTR ATOR*S _ NOTICE. ~ - Letters of administration having been granted to the ,-übscrb<-r, on the v-tate of Geo. Ritchey, late of Union Township dee'd, all persons indebted to said estate are notified to make payment immediately, and those having claims a gmnst said estate will present them properly authenticated for settlement. LEVI Rti'CHEY", Maich 8, 18dI. Adm'r. A DMIMSTRA TOR'S NO I IEeT Let!-r>: of Administration having been granted to 'h" subscriber, on the estate ol Isaac Grove, late of Monroe Town-hip, dee'd, all p-'r-ons indebted to .said estate, are' hereby} notified to make payment immediately, and those having c amis against the satne will present them properly authenticated for settlement. JF.-SE GROVE, West Providence, j JOHN L. GROVE Monroe, March 8. Ibdl. Administrators. A DMINISTRATOI<*S NOTK'E.- Letters of admin istration on the Estate of Eliza Colvin, I ite 'ol the | Borough -1 Schel'sbuvg, dee'd, having been gran-j ted to the subscriber, living HI said Borough, ail j persons indebted to said Estate are not.lied to make : immediate payment, and those having claims will i present them properly authentic.ted for settle ment. GEORGE M. COL VIN, March 15, 1361. Administrator. AUDI TOR'S NOTICE. 2®- The undersigned ap pointed bv the Orphans' Court of Bedford Countv, to report a distribution of the money which came j to the hands of S imuel Cam, Esq., I 'te deceased,! as trnst°e to sefi the red estate of Simon Claar, , dee'd., and afterwards as guaiuian of the minor chil- j dren of said Simon Claar, and now to be accounted j tor bv O. E, Shannon, administrator, C. T. A., of I said Samuel Cam, will attend to the duties oi hi*. ! appointment, on Thursday, the 21-t riav ol March, j 1851, at his cilice in the Borough of Bedford, at 10 o'clock, A. M., of said day, when and where all per sons inleresled are invited to attend. JOHN P. RF.ED, March 8. Auditor. A UDITORINO HCE. eta. * The undersigned, appointed by the Orphans' Court ot Bedford Coun .y, to report a distribution of the moneys in the hands ot Solomon Williams, Ailm'r. or the Estate of Levi Clark dee'd., to those entitled to the same, will attend to the duties of his appointment on Fri day, the '22 d day of March, ISOI, at his office in (be Borough of Bedford, at 10 o'clock A. :M. ot said day when and where all parties interested can attend, JNO. P. REED, March 8. Auditor. NOTICE.— A.C.James. J In Common Pleas of Bed vs. > lord Co. No 17 Feb. T. 1661. Wm. O'Neal \ The undersigned, appointed to make distribution of money arising from sal- of Real Estate, ot above Dept., find facts tic., will attend to the duties of his appointment on Thursday, 2S?h of M uch, ISGt at the oll'ce of Cessna and Shannon ,in the Borough of Bedford, at which time a I interested can attend. JOHN PALMER, March Ist, '6l. Auditor A EDITOR'S NOTICE! The undersijjnpd, appointed by the Court of Common Pleas in and for the County of Bedford, to examine the excepfio: s, filed to the account of J. W. Lingenfeller, Commit tee of George Ow, a lunatic, and to report the facts will attend to the duties of his appointment, on Sat urdav, the 23d day of Jlfarch, 1861. at 10 o'clock A. M. of said day. at his office in the Borough of Bedford, when and wher s ail parties interested can a tend. JNO. P. RF.ED, lit rch 9. Auditor. A I'DUCK'S NOTICE.— saw The undersigned, appointed Auditor to make distribution of balance in hands of" Job Mann, Administrator of Mrs. So phia Morrison, dee'd., will attend to the duties of his appointment, on the lib 'lay of April, next, at -his office, in the Borough of Bedford, at which time all interested can attend. R. D. BARCLAY, March 8, 1961. Auditor. 0 M MISSII J.NER'S'N OTICE. Michael Wheeling J Subpoena on Libel for vs. > Divorce. Jtiiinnna Wheeling. \ The undersigned appoin ted Commissioner in the above case to take testi mony, .Vo., will attend to the duties ol the appoint ment, at his office, in the Borough of Bedford, on the 3th day of j April, next, at which tune ail desi ring can attend. R. D. BARCLAY, March S. Commissioner. NOTICE.— Henry Earnest, I Subpoena on Libel lor vs. > Divorce. Hannah Earnest. \ The undersigned, appoin ted commissioner to take testimony, &e,, in the above case, will attend to his duties, on the 3d day ol" April, next, at his office in the Borough of Bed ford, at which time all desiring can attend. R. D. BARCLAY, March g. Commissioner. OR'J NOTICE. -J Notice is hereby given that Letters Testamentary have been granted to the subscriber, residing in Greenfield Township, Blair County, on the will of John Rnowberger, late of St. Clair Tp., Bedford County, dee'd.—That all persons indebted to said Estate are requested to make im mediate payment and those having claims thereon, will present the same duly authenticated for settle ment. F.LI AS DELL, Mel. Bth, '6!. Ez'r. Jno. Snowberger dee'd. TgUAXEC U TOR'S NOT ICE. Notice is hereby giv en. that Letters Testamentary, on the will of John Boivc-r, late ot Coleiain Township, Bedlord County, have been granted by the Register of said County, to the subscriber.— All persons indebted to said es tate, aie notified to make immediate payment, and those having claims thereon, will present them cu iy authenticated for settlement. MICHAEL HOLDERBAUM, Ex'r,. Residing in Bedlord Township. I March i.t, '6l. Pays the entire cost for Tuition in the tnost pop ular and successful Commercial School in the coun try. Upward of TWKLYE HUNDRED y ung men from TWEN'I Y-EIGHT d/flerent States, have been educated for business here within the

past three years, some of whom have been employ ed as Book Keepers at salaries of SdOOO.OO PER ANNUM, immediately upon graduating, who.knew nothing of accounts when they entered the College. [L^ - Ministers' sons half price. Students enter at any time, and review when they please, with out extra charge. For Catalogue of Sd pages, Specimens of Prof. Cowley's Business and Ornamental Penmiifohip. nnd a large engraving of the College, inclose twen ty-five cents in Postage Stamps to the Princi palri, JENKINS & SMITH Jan. 18, ISGO. Pittsburg, I'a. gBUHLIC SALE * OF VA LUA BLE R EA I. ESTATE. BY virtue of an order of the Orphans' court of Bedlord County, the undersigned will offer at pub lic sale, oil the premises, oil SATURDAY '23 d MARCH, NEXT, the following described real estate : Purpart "A," containing 5.) acres H6 perchea nelt, being the one third part thereof, adjoining lauds ol Jacob Snider. Frederick Stoler and othet*. Part -B," containing -17 acres and 128 perches, nett me ;rure, adjoining lands of Sani'l. Burger, Jacob Working ami others. Purpart "C," containing 212 acres, nett mea sure, adjoining lands of D. Snowberger, Alartin Miller and ethers, and Purpart "D," containing 128 acres an- 41 perch es nett measure, adjoining lands oi Fred. Stoler, A. F.ver-ole and others: ail situated in Middle Wood bury Township, Bedford County. Being the Real estate of Dr. Wm. W. Reed, dee'd., lalelv >p,:ratsed unt'*r proceedings in Partition. TERMS : One third at confirmation of sale, and the balance in two equal annual payments with out inteiest.. AARON REED, Feb. 22d, 'CI. 4t. Executor mrOTlCE TO CONSTABLES AM) -L* OFFICERS OF ELECTIONS. BY the Act of Assembly, Approved June 21, , 1539, (Pamph. Laws, p. 3?(i,) uis provi ieii : j Seel tni 2. Thai officers aiui oilier person*, holding and conducting such elections lor Al dertnen and Justices of the Peace, shalf make true rPltirns of such eleclions, which shall be handed by the Constable to the Pmlhonotarv of the proper county, to be filed in his oliice.— And ihe said Pmthonotary shall forthwith smtl a certified copy of such return to the Secretary i of the Commonwealth. And bv the Act ol April 13, 1559, (Pamph. Laws, p. 594 ) j Section i. That every person hereafter elec ted to the olfice of Justice i.f the Peace or Al derman, shall, vvi'hin thirtv days after the elec tion, ii tie intends to accept s-!d cfiiee, give notice thereof in writing, to the Prothonotary of the Common Ph as of the proper county, wo stiaii immediately inform the Secretary of the Commonwealth of,said acceptance; and no commission shall issue until the Secretary of the Commonwealth has received the notice a firesaid. S. H. TATE, Prof. IQOKING J ENGRAVINGS. PICTURE FRAMES, OIL PAINTINGS, The most extensive nod elegant as-ortmentat the very lowest rates.—Glasses in store of every de scription. .Mahogany framed Glasses, for country sales. Print an;! Po.trait frames, Window Cornices, Gilt Mouldings, etc. Estimates for furnishing Glasses to fill every space, by mail on application. Eiig'avings for Grecian and Antique Paintings.— Catalogues gratis. JAS. S. EARLE &. SON, 816 Chestnut St., Phil'a. May ; 8,'60.-1 yr. C 1 HEAT BARGAINS ! w GREAT BARGAINS ! GREAT BARGAINS' Wishing to reilu ce our stock as low as possible by Spring, we will offer every description ot WINTER GOODS! W INTER GOODS .' WINTER GOODS! ! AT COST, FOR CASH. AT COST, FOR C \SH. AT COST, FOR CASH. Ready made Clothing at Half-Price. EFTALL AND SEE FOR A. B. CRAMER & CO. ' f nn. 14. 1861. SALE— By virtue of Sundry writs oi! Vend Exponas to me directed there will be sold at i the Court House in the Borough of Bedford on Mat- ■ urdaytbe 2'td day of March, 1861, at 11 o'clock A. 1 M., the following described Real Estate to wit : One tiact of land containing 256 acres, more or ■ less, about 75 acres cleared and under fence, with j a large two-tory log dwelling house, ind double 1 log Barn thereon erected, adjoining lands of John ' Robison, John Cavender, and others, situate in Southampton Township, Bedfo.d Countv, and taken in execution as the property of William M i\-. Stiff's, office Bed- I JOHN J. CESSNA, j ford, March Ist,'6l. t Sheriff. ELECT SCHOOL."" PijM undersigned hereby informs ! the citizen* of B dfunl and vicinity, that hp will o pen a -'SELECT SCHOOL," commencing Mouda) April Bth, and continue four months. A Normal Class will al*o be formed. Having himself parsed through a f'l I conr>e in the State Normal, and em- I ploying none but efficient a.iii-tants, he feels war-' ranted in insuiing'sstisfaction. Pupils of all grades will be received. Teachers throughout the county may find it to their advantage to apply soon. Terms moderate. Apply to A. N. RAUB, Principal of the "Bedford Union School." March Bth. '6l. PUBLIC SALE OF REAL ESTATE. By virtue of an order of the Orphans' Court.of Bedford County, the subscriber, adm'r., ot the es tate of Melchior Fisher, dee'd, will sell at public sale on the premises in Harrison Township, on SATURDAY, 23d MARCH NEXT, the following real estate, viz: A tract of land sit uated in said Township late the property of .-aid dee'd, adjoining lands ol" Richard Kniift'.s heirs ai d Peter Watson on the East, the sub-criber on the West, Fred'k. Turner and Knuff's heirs on the North, and John M. Smith and Peter Wertz on the South, containing 97 acres and 148 perches nett measure. About severity acres ofth'e land are cleared and under cultivation, six acre* of which are meadow—the tesidue is well Umbered. The improvements are a log dwelling bouse, log stable and other out buildings,—there is also a number of fruit trees on the place, and water which never fails, convenient to the house. The land is on Dry Ridge, and runs within a few ro Is of the Turnpike. The tetms are—one third of the purchase money to remain in the land for the use of the widow, one third in band at the confirmation of the sale' and the other third in two equal annual payments with out interest. DAVID MILLER M rch l.t, '3l. Adm'r. SUrr's Jsarsaparilla, FOR. PURIFYING THE BLOOD. And for the pt>edy cure of the subjoined van- lies of l)i*ra*e : •Scrofula nntl Scrofulous Affection*,such * Tumeri, Cleere, Sort*, Kraptlun*, Pimple*, Pustules, Ktotchm, i!oti. Blolus, anil all Skin Ufrit-use*. o* Ind., 6tli Jure, 1'~69. J- C. ATKR A CO. Gents : I foel it my duty to knowledgo what S"rap*r!tla has done for . ,e. Having inherited a Scrofulous infection, I have soft-red from it in various ways for years. £onjethues it burst out in Ulcers on iuv bauds and artus; aometiuies it turned iuwurd aud ilMmnS mo at tiie stomach. Two years ago it broke out on ruv head and covered my sr!p ' a, " J " with >nc rote, which wan painful and loathsome beyond description. 1 tried many medicines and sen rat pliy eicians, but without mttcii relief {run an v tiling, fa fact, the disorder grew worse. At length 1 was rejoiced to read in the Gospel Messenger that you had prepared ■ii iterative (£areapariiiaj, for 1 knew from your reputa tion that any thing you made must be pood. 1 sent to Cincinnatiandgot it, and nasi it till it eared mi>. T took it, as you advise, in email doses of a teaspoonful over * month, and used almost three bottles. ,\ew and In. :!bv • skin so,,n began to form under the scab, which after < while fell oil'. My skin is now clear, and I know by n.y | feeling* that the disease has pone from my ttva'em. Ye"' j can well believe tbatf feel what I am saj iiii when I yon, that I bold you to he one of rbe apostles of the j aud remain ever gratefully. Yours. ALFfvbi) B. T/. t.r.rv St. Anthony's Fire, Rose or Eryiinelac, Tetter anil Kelt Rheum. Ktulti Ringworm, Sore A.yes, llropsy. lir. Robert M. Preble write* from Salem, N. Y., 12tli Pepf., 1*59, that he ha* cured an inveterate en. cf Jhop/y. which threatened to terminate fatally, by t; persevering use of our Sarwiparilla. aud also a danper ous attack of MoVyruirtt En/stpelas by large doses of the nunc; say- he cure* the common Entptiorti by it con stantly. Bronchocel*, Goitre or Swelled left:, Zebnlon Sloan of Prospect, Tex writes : • Ti. :e lot ties of your Sarraparilla cured me from a C'i JV. a bid eon* sw. lluig on the Deck, which 1 had emptied from oTer two year*." Dencori'hira or Tt'kltcii,Ovarian Tttraer, Uterine Ulccradoa, Fesialc Diseases. Dr. J I!, p. Churning, of Mew York tit*, w -,-s ; •• I most cheerfully comply with t req'-fd ofynnr a;- tip , saying I have f,und yon S,a earilla ame : e-: ell-ut alterative in the numerous c-mpfafnts for wlurh ao employ snch a rented.'. hut aspn iallr in /km t> , : r, arts of tlie Scrofuion* ti'athe-fA. I liave cured many inveter ate caws of I-enrorrlici; t 1 It. and some where the cvm i plaint w.-.a caused by ulcer &>* > of the u'm The ulcer aticu itself una t* r, rut -1. Kothinc within my kuowl i edge equal* it 1 r - {■ t.iale derangi meats." faiwari! <t. Mrrr •. of Mew! cry, A la., v. rite*, " A dnn crr .ii.* ,-r 'r/rti tnnor on one of the females in my <hmiir. which had defied all the i*M*dea * M*B aawpUy- kl. J at lengtl, been (' i cureii ly your 11* tract of rial eaparilla. Our pli virian thought nothing l-nt extirpn i tl-.n d.uM afford relief, but be advised the trial of votir Sars-aparilla a* the last resort before rutting, and it proved efleeter.!. Afr, r 'akingyour remedy eight weeks j no eyinp'nin of 'he disease rctnrUne," Syphilis niitl Ucrcnrlol Pbcrsc, N'rw Oruivs. £">tb August, 1 c 59. Tbl. J. F. ATrr - Sir. I cheerfully comply with the giicri! of y r aye it, and rerxirt (o .*>u some of the efitcte 1 have realised w 'til votir Sar.apartila. I I have cured with "it, in my ;• > must of the corr- I p'Jiitils for wiii li it i* ;-e<-oniw mled. and have found its iff :< truly in tho cure of Vmm,il utt-1 M.r rnriul i> .*> r. tme 11"mv patlsak* had BypbGitlc nicer* in i-i:- ' treat, which were consuming uia palate and liie I- p '.I lib inut; h. Your Yar-aparilla, steaiiilv taken, CUI i hint in live avee ... Another was attark. 4 by oudury synipttSNri in his nose, tr.d the nlceiate-ii hud eaten aw.iy i. com id crab I e lout. f it, so that 1 believe the da rd ; ffuoidi on reads liis brain andkiUfete, but it yielded to my a iministration of your P.lrietnaril'a. ti.., lie ers hea'-eci. auu lie is weii again, nut of cour-e wit hi nt sen disiigiualion to his face. A woman who had beet* treated for tho same disorder by mercury was buffering this pcison in her bora*. 'they had'be me so cn ntive tr, the wearhci that on a damp day the eu'Tried , \- cruciating pain in her joint* and Is.nes .-he. t. u, was run d entirely by your ea;*aparil!a in a f--.v w.-egj. I know from it* formula, which your agent gave me, that tins Preparation from your labor* tot v mast lea great remedy; consequently, these truly iL-maikablo results with it britr not surprised me. fraternally jeurs, G. V. LARIMER, M. D lidcuiiiaMvin, Gont, 1-lver Comjilßfnt, iMihrssnrM E, Prest. n Co., Va.. 6th duly, ls.ld. Dp.. J. C. Sir. I l,ave been afllictci with a pain ful chronic El rum.ifism for a long time, wbi h i.nfli d tho kkifl of physician*, and stink to me in spite of all the [ remedies! could find, until i [tied \"iir Sr.i-'ay vnl's. One txiu in crod nit in two weeks, and restored my general health so much that I am fir l-tt-r lhan befei. 1 wu attacked. J tbinlt it* w,asiic: ful medi.-ine. J. l-'REAM. ■' :'c* Y. Gctchell. r f St. Louis, ttriiis: '• T have !---en nf'i .' 1 r years v i'.h an •• Vl* r f . jr... r which d, siioyed my beailli. j tried every tiling, and every thing fh:! ,-ril to relieve the; and 1 have been a rrnliti limrn 1 r some yesrc from to- other •a„*e tliau deruKyement -if it' /.'t r. lly lidov, i pfo.t >:. the iiv. Mr. .adii-'si rn- to try vour Sarsnparilia, bora wo- i. ■ jaiillieiiriw -u, and any thmg you 1: < was wiKth trying, by the Li. s --ing of God 1: .has cr.:x-d nie. and has so puriCed my I i.-rd as r,, make anew aian ime. I f-vi youn.r again. Tba liewi tiican las said of you is :.'-t half good enough." Srhlrr-tn,Cancer Titnion, Fiihriffment, Ulceration, Curios aatl Defoliation of the boili*. A great variety of cases ?:vo been reported to ns where rurc* of there formidable complaints have resulted from the use of this remedy, but our space here will p. A admit them. Svuiio of tfietn may tie found in our Auieriran Almanac, which the agent* I--1-OV caci-1 arc p!" .'. t) f.ll nirih gratis to r. 1 -b-i v.-,H f . th.rr. Dyspepsia, llenrt Disfcsc, Fit*. Epilep sy, Meiaiii'bcly, Mrrv reroark d.'c .rrcf of tfose afii' l.a-e is-cn ri.alc Iy! he alterative |1 u-,r of this uwlldaft. it ttbate lr-. t(ie vital in; i : -.-v into vigi.rou* acticti, at: i thus ovcrccui- dimt!*re v iii.h w. uM be eupi *e<! f -v.fod its rcaeb. V:; ha remedy ha* lory ts-.-n w fired l-.v lite no cess'i = < t!-. re |,and we nre coutdent ti..:- this wiii clo ft them all that...v. can do. Ayer's Gharry Fcctcral, FOI* THE RAPID CURB OF Confjki, Cold*. T;ifin<'<7.r M IFor* i'rPhcLiiJ.-, Inctpifnf f'oa> Us ij;. :oi, aiul fvr tin Irelie* os ( onxmnptive Patkutii in auvanc'd £tugt of ike Disease Th : s *q t r.nirer>a!!y K r.own to sue rfi j ii;.* C3ol® < f 1.. .. ! lllDg 4 . :. • . thai it in u*<' !)tre i h Hie eridaxirc i f -,u virm> lis tnjtiv; •- .1 o- ;c ... et r and i-oUis, -its iml w cxires of j nlovT.-trr dine- :*. li.ive r: ' • ii Vn mn;n qho ; .. •>. a1 ? • i s t!a- < irtk lew H;*A Hh' a or oven l'amiliev. r.n < nr i! m who im • • sot eperi > expei • .• • . ■'iif hvin tr. pity in tlieir initi.-* of its vutoiy •x* i tho eublkf nn.i c T f ;n . iM.r.V-- .of |]. ihiu-iti ami lur. .*♦*. As ttll know t;. >rnlfiil fatality cf |{>(m d>. r-, . d ah they Ui w, tv>*, lh c* >c is f fhis jbii -.dv* v.. i ; ><.' r t do more thrm t.- t u: them it - v:> tnei tiMtif d 11. vs vbon iimi iuf the cures sl.jch I won BO stronply up. n : I J 4 ,e TF IT:WJS. .. *• Prepared by Er. j. C. A'.T." cOCO., Lowell. KESS. B. F. Harry, Bed lord ; Rurndollar & Son, Bloody Rim ; G. B., St. Clairsville : .1. VVoo'lberry ; Geo. Garilill, West End ; .T. E.Colwin, Sehellsbnrw ; and by tie .iers generally. Oct. Id, ISGO. JJO YOU WANT wiISKBRS? DO VOU WANT WHISKERS ? DO YOU WANT A MOUSTACHE ? DO YOU WANT A MOUSTACHE? BFLMNGHAM'SCF EF. B R A T ED STI.MULATI N G OXGUENT, FOR THE WHISKKRS AND HAIR Ihe subscribers take plpAstire in annnnncine to the Citizens ol theTJnited ?> that they h .ve ob ta.ned the agency lor, ar.d aie now enabied to offer to the American public, the above justly celebrated and world renowned article. THE STIMULHTLYG O.YU///AVT Is prep-red by Dit. t . I*. PELI.I VCHAM, en enninent physician oi Eondoi , un.i is warranted to bring out i thick set o! V\ hi-ker- or u in liotn three to six weeks: Tbi article is the only one of the kiad used by the French, aud in London ai.d Paris it is in universal use. it is a be.iotilul, economical, soothing, vet stim ulating compound, acting as il by magic upon the tools, causing a beautiful growth of 'uxunant hair, ll applied to the scalp, it will cure baldness and cause to spring up t u place of the bald spot* a fine growth ol new lj dr. Applied according lo direc tions, it will turn red oi towy hair dark, and restore gray hair to its original co,or, leaving it .soft, smooth and tlexibie. The "Onguent" is an indispensable article in every gentleman's toilet, and after one week's use they would not for any consideration be without it. The subscribers are the only Agents for the arti cle in the Luited Mates, to whom all orders must be addressed. Price One Dollar a box—for sole by all Drnftgists and Dealers, or a box of the "Onguent ' (warran ted ro have the desired effect) will be senl to any who desire it by tnail (direct) securely pveked, on rece pt of price and postage, sl.lß. Apply to or address HORACE L. HFGEMAN ,V CO., Druggists, &c.. 2-1 Wtiiiatn St.eet, N. Y. •March ti. U FRANK. JACKSON, PRINTER AND STATIONER, 439 CUES FA IT STREET, PHILADELPHIA. May 1H,'06.-I ) r. 1 ' N' Ml I ' i i ysttt&Q&W&P. ?v*, -■*&*>&' - /x**t--A ry®'&•■- -♦ fl MI* U f'. t - ..;. <*y ;i. /, j V ■ - 2 HrPfjE*u I*- rv\ '- * I -LI/llr -". '■ fSL-Jyt aJl3^^V .■ . A N APFRIf.KT AND STOMACHIC PRFPARA A t.o„ or IK ON 01 0 l n Z cuZoo - i 0 Sanctioned byt£ i and"*" : ° r ! ;^P r of Vital energy, . M | e I c"tv1n W alm 81 r 7 """P 1 """" l 'ne j ce. It) I, a,most every conceivable , BS e I nr ,ox j a' '" Wb " ' ithai *•">'"!, it'has : : v c,,ra:ive ,n <a,;,j of ,he fo,iow " * ( J > D,bU„„, '>ervt!t.* A/T ericas. Emanate, J) y , i /•' ' Diarihte i, J)y\r/itrr+, I*ripi KJ ,t | Lo > V rf( £ y*ianistr u MV>//.a/o W , 1,, f:r Cmpf-nnf i /•■-% —'- ■ nervous a,. ; a uZZr °* -,i . . " -> ■•on chioiiic toii -1 "'V " :aI ■■ > frsio aGvrhi . Dl , I ce,m| to an extent ufcich i-o J SCMIV , tt.r: attestation viot.ld render c ■ • ' t long li-d-ri ; l-n as l(BV . .. , | own ne gl .oit.oo,;^ ! !!l " busy v., rid >■.- ■ , • ted travel ad, J fiHi ;ii T;n * . I #mafiitt • • • • %*, S ; i(i co.zij.hc4!,cm ot t>*m. t . , r aii4 tiffcise lor u ... name. i A?> voit* Ajfrrtion* of ah -, - , Ir.'fHi ijr to medical men, ?!..•* opeis:, :f 4 - : ration of lioii m^b" • H** the ot I oxid-!>, it fa v.goronriv ton >eing and ove - tM . a . JO , „ u , 2vi S lUll, tr' 11 " " U *'ol co t.ven vn.bout eve, |„,, Pa „ g,, r j c pa a'i-1 or inflicting a disagreenMe sensation. 1 _ J' ; 9 bitter ! (>rty, among oilers, which - •local tendency which forms tbe !t) / ' • *"'£ Uit Ps ftl ißn T enible 88 al ° its s eld" o, tle°r ,T, l)b " ,t " P:ilS has 01! l i cei. lor T j;** habitual ra>rs. h " Cke,i Sn " rr even when advanced to £ and apparently • a ti.e ,0,, paiit3, loss of flesh and ?a l's , K^ Ug ; ,ami ren V !tef:t •. fc'ch geiie lias a' r ' u C°*"Mptioti t this remedy sever.!l very er -•*'r r '' l °' a " d in- I s . , n ll 'r ,n g ar 'd interesting instance*, has tiousiv bllL ? tii " tood 01 th" most cau -**"• -• r lv feniallS Pa, ' riot be 'oo eonfident , il re and restorative, in the ca ses peculiarly affecting them. in'ihe ltuTl' b ° ,h Chr ° n,C and in9atnrn atorv, Tit b i . i • " repot tea, poth as aneviatina nain !" ! tr ' e SVV ' i,l "^ !> antl Stiffness of the" io-.ta *™J™ZT, tt( " t , FeVer ° xt most r "-fessariiv be a * , 2 ' u, e "ergetic restorative,; ail d its pro r, , 8 '- e " e - v settlements 0 f the West, will pro bably be one o! nigh renown and usefulness. i ? aS evcr becn Coveted, in the whole history ol medictne, which exerts such prompt hap comDlefe di Pestor " t,ve *"*•■ ood appetite, with an nn geS |'° n ' r?pld ac( i ulsl, 'o n of strength, lor active and cheerfof exercise, immediately iollow its use. ' n . P ° d a ' meta ' boxes containing 50 pills dealers ' ' Will X V '■ '° r Sa ' e b - V '''"ta lßls a "d to tc.s, orders, etc., should be address* B Locfie & ('o., General Agients, J,:fy 20th, 'go 20 C J--pARSTREET, N. 7 PHiU'A. ADVERTISE ME NT s! I K- G0 U L l\ rs> • JVo. b'3'2 Chestnut St., cor. oj Seventh, VHI LSD EL P 111.1 PIANOS AND MRLODEONS. RAVEN. RACOX fc CO*S., I'A!.t.TT, DA VIS ft CO's.," NU.W'S 4" '-ARK'S, AM) A. H. GALE hi CO*. v i i © e# a * MASOX ft HAMLIN'S, AND PRINCE ftCO'S. MRLODEONS k HARMONIUMS. Pianos and Melo lenns to Rent. Second-hami Piano 3. May !8.'e0.-l yr. T r. HUB E ft," * {ft CCF.s>iS()tt TO J. SOaVER,) —WHOLESALE DEALER IN TOBACCO. SNUFF AND CIGARS, -Vc S A or!h Fifth St., above. Market, Phil'a; Also. Manufacturer and Importer of FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC SEGARS. May 18, 1860.-1 yr. WILLIA.a: RAtGfF.L, JAMES M. AVHITI'V SAX CEL MOORE, EDWARD A ADAt's, WILI.IAV. . skillman, HVnkt P. Ar.U || \ IGUi.L, MOORE k I 0., LATE, raiguei . > :> IMPORTERS AND WHOLE ALK D ALF.KS IN i> R V GOODS. Aos. £2O k £22 JVurth Lit■ i .SR., nh--ve Race t I Vest siic, P 111 L.ib LLP HLi. May 18,'t!0.-l yr. rrnnE VVORLD'S greTt Exlirßifrbx A PRIZE MEDAL, awa. !-<l toC. MEYER for his two PIANOS, London, October 15, 1851. ,y \ ■ : - 5J„v - • i I— * NLtSW. C. METER respectfully informs his friends ar.d the public generally, that he has constantly cTv hand PI AXOS, equal to those for which he received the Prize Medal in Londou, in 185., All orders promptly attended to, Jand great ctua taken in the selection and packing the same. He has received, during the iast fifteen years, more Medals than any other maker, from the Frank lin Institute aUo, First Premiums in Boston, New York and Baltimoie. Warerooms, No. 77') ARCH S'rcet, fc*!i>w Eighth, South side, PHILADELPHIA May IS, 18CU.-I_vr. JOU.N O. JAM, !ISAAC WKI.SH, H. t5. STERI.IXO WS. C. KENT, O. A. S-MIT'I, H. D. WELSH CHAItLKS VtSftlt, fAMI'Kt. WUTT*, J. TOMr INSOX f AMES, KENT, SANTSK & CO., ** IMPOKIKRS AVD JORRKRS op DRY GOODS , E ?S9fc?tl NORTH THIRD STREET ABOVE RACE. PHM ' m- May IS "00 -1 vts .. . "r~.iivt. f',