Newspaper of Bedford Gazette, March 29, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Bedford Gazette dated March 29, 1861 Page 3
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■PUBLIC SALE OF REAL ESTATE IN P CUMBERLAND VALLEY TOWN- H ,p __g v virtue of tin order of the Court of Coui o Pieas of Bedford County, lite undersigned will offer a! pubiic sale, en the premises, on SATURDAY 20th APRIL, NEXT the following described Heal Estate, to wit : ' <i X ty acres of land,- bout six thereof cleared, a'small house thereon erects I. adjoining lands of the undersigned, John Miller, MMIUI Boor and C 'ITRMS ■ Une third in hand and balance in tv. o , q „*l annual payments, with ^ U rRoVT . Committee of Nicholas Boor. r.lsrch "29th,'Ct. 4t. k DM IN IST R A TOR'S NOTICE,- i%. Notice is hereby given that Letters „f Administration, have hern grante to the un . (ersi-ned, on the Estate ot Benjamin V\ igoeld. late bi Southampton Township, Bedford county, dec d., that ail persons indebted to sai.l estate, are reques ts] to make payment, and those having ciaims ihereoni will present the same duly authenticated for settlement. NATHAN KOBISON, March 29th, '6l.' Administrator. FJUBLIC SALE Of f VALUABLE REAL ESTA TE The subscriber will of'er at Public Sale, pursuant to the order o! the Orphans' Court, on the premises in West Providence Township, Bedtord C. ou ty, en SATURDAY, 20th APRIL next, the lolloping REAL ESTATE, late the property of James McDaniel, dee'd., viz : tine trar t of land, being unimproved, adjoining lands 2 . —Fetter on the East. Fred'k. Colluberger en the West, Andrew Mortimore on the North, and Joseph McDaniel's heirs on the 8-outh, containi g one nundred acres, mo e or less. ALSO, one other tract of unimprov 1 land, ad :oining the mansion property and lands of Daniel Snyder, David Steckman and others, and containing one hundred and liity acres, more or less. ALSO, the mansion place, of sard dee'd., adjoin ing lint's of Danie I Snyder, Wi!-on McDaniel, Ja cob Steel, John Calhoun and others, containing SOS acres, about one hundred acres cleared and under fence, 6 or 8 of which are meadow, ba! nee well timbered. The improvements are a two-story Log Dwelling House, with kitchen attached; also a ijirioke House, Spring House, and Log Stable, with threshing floor. There is also an apple orchard on !he premises, and a good spring at the door of the dwelling. The property is situated five miles South oi Bloody Run, on the rond to Clearvitie. The Sale will commence at 1 o'clock, on said day, the terms will be one thiro in band, the balance lr. two equal annual payments without interest. JOSEPH MeDANIEL, March 23d, 'Ol. Administrator. ibt O TIC E . i* I? hereby otven that 1 have purcnased at Constable's sale, on the Vh of March, 1861, the following property, to wit : One grey mare, one roan colt, one red spotted cow, one red heifer, two sows, twelve pigs, six shoat-, one two horse plow, two shovel plows, one harrow, two sleds, one two horse wagon, one wind-mill, one grind-stone, one nori kettle, one ten plate stove one cooking- -tove, two setts oj wagon harness, fif teen bushels oj wheat, forty bushels rye, fifteen barrels of eorn, forty bushels of oats, all of which said property, 1 have left in the hands of Conrad Smith, during my pleasure, and hereby caution all rersons against interfering with the same. H. B. EL BIN, Marco 22. per J. VV. Ta'e, At'y. jf 9EDFORD COUNTY TEACHERS' AS snctATroN. —The Semi-Anoual meeting of the Association will convene in the Hall of the Hull of the Union School House, in Bedtord, on Friday, April 19th, at 1£ o'clock, P. M. The ex ercises will consist of Essays by Misses L. C. Ar nold, M. E. Allison, and Messrs I. B. Flock, M. A. Points, Jas. J. Barndollar and J. G. Livingston.— Lectures will be delivered by A. N. Raub and J. H. Longeuecker. It is hoped that the teacners of Bedford county, will turn out in numbers, and show the people that they are working in earnest. Friends of education, and the public generally are invited to attend. J. GILBERT FISHER. March 22. Chairman Busirie?s Committee. AUDITOR'S NOTICE.— The undersigned appointed auditor to distribute the fund in r h" hinds of the Sheriff, arising from the sal* of Philip Gosler's in terest, in the Bedford Mineral Springs property, will attend to the duties, of said appoitifmeut at hi .iffire, in Bedford, on Friday 17.h day of April, 1861 a- 1 'l'c'oek, when all interested can attend. J. W. LING EN FELTED. March 22d, '6l. Auditor. A D.MINISTftATOR S NOTICE. Fm. IV h*tfrq? Letters of a-iminis 'ration upon the e-tato ot Jacob Murray. Woodbury Township, dee'd., have b-en granted to the undersigned, ail persons indebted tii said estate re requested to make immediate payment, arid tfcaie having claims against sa>d Estate, will m ite e same known witbou delay to JOHN 8. LONGENPICKER, Administrator, near Wooubury. Mirch 22d, 1561. •JAHE RAILROAD C NT BE MADE PAYMENT IS NEGLECTED ' All those that are indebted to the undersigned, "re requested to call and pay up. Thanccoun.s HI - nimerous and none latte, and can be paid at once, tndtnjme nobody. By attending to -his notice, the far ran be kept in motion. So d>n t|forget to caii ixmedratelv. „ .. A. L.DFFIBAUGH- March 22. 4 DV.IXISTEATOR'S NOTICE.— Letters of"ad- upon the estate of John Gorsuch, late ■d Hopewell lp.. dee'd., having bee.i granted to the subscriber, all person, in.-eiited to the estae ore requested to make immediate payment, r.nd those tavir.g claims w ill present them properly authenti cated for settlement. JOHN SHOEMAKER, of March 20. Coieiain township, adm'r. LAST NOTICE. The Books of the late firm of Heed fv Minnich, and J. Keed <V co., are in the hand.of the subscrider for collection. Debtors 'hereon desirous of saving costs, rnu.t call (f, settle in or before the Ist day of April, as after that date he will make use of the law in collecting without respect topersons. JOHN P. REED. March 8, I&61. Attorney at Law. I,® TATE OF JACOB MCODEMUS, dee'd. —Notice is he r eby given, thit 'beundersigned appointed Auditor by the Orphans' Couit of Bedford County, to distr ihute the balance " the hands of Jacob A. Nicodemus, Executor of 'tie last will £cc.,ot Jacob Nicodemu, late of Mid lie Woodbury Towr.ship, in said county dec'J., and to rpjxirt the facts to said Cou.t, will attend to the duties of his appointment, at his office, in the Bor ' igh of Bedford, on Wednesday, the Kith day ot March, A. D., J6l,et cr.e M., of said day. S. L. RUSSELL, March Ist,'6l, Auditor. V **THA T. MARTIS, R. H.HAM area, i. A . MOK RKI CO. K. PEEXILE, s. R. MAV.TIN. p A. BAKER, * WITH MARTINS, PEDDLE, HAMRICK & co. —IMPORTERS OF— HOSIERY, GLOVES AND NOTIONS, -Y*o. 30, North Fourth St., Phil May 18.'60.-1 yr. |)OCK POWDF.R— Just received and for sate bv March 22. A. L. DEFIBAUGH. AMERICAN WATCH COMPANY. GOLD A\D SILVER WATCHES. OFFICE JOHN A. STODDART, NO. 411 CHESTNUT STREET, PHILADEL PHIA, PENN'A. Attention is invited to the following statement and the accompanying tes'iumni als in favor of these fco-jc*£> CELEBRATED AMERIC.LVWATCHES, j A Gold Medal was awarded the Company by the Massachusetts Mechanical Association, 1850. A j Gold Medal was also awarded tlnm by the Atner- j ican Institute at New York, in 1857. The Compa- ! ny also received the First Premium—a Gold Medal j —from the Franklin Institute, Philadelphia, in i 1858. These Watches have now been in the market for ; nearly ten years, during which time they have 'veil tested as to .ICC URACY, D URADTLITY .4 ND K ELTA BIL ITY, in every conceivable manner, an! have proved themselves to be the most satisfactory tune pieces ever offered to the pubPc. This result has been brought about by a strict ap plication of mechanical science to the construction of the watch from its veiy inception, rendeiing it, I when finished MATHEMATICALLY CORRECT, j in all proportions, and ntccssarily as perfect a time ' ke per as it is possible to make. '1 he Company have tested tWeir Watches, in j many instances, by actual daily noting, and the re- , suit "of this test has b en that they h ve exhitn'ed j a rate equal in regularity lo the best marine chro nometer. N. B.— We have just introduced a MAW STYLE OF WATCH elaborately finished, and thinner than any we have heretofore produced, - with several improvements calculated to secure the greatest accuracy .of perfor mance, and to prevent the usual accidents and de rangements to which foreign watchts are liable. L iter from Paul . ifnrp/iy, the Ctlibrated Ch ss Player. NEW YORK, Oct. 15, 1559. Mr. R. E. Ror.B'.xs, Treas. Am. Watch Co. : Dear Sir:—The American Watch, No. 9240. presented me by the New York Chess Club, proved to be a most reliable and accurate time-keeper—al- j most unnece-sarilv so tor ordinary purposes. It is j now nearly five months since it came into my pos session, and during that period its variation from standaid time has been but a trifle more than half a minute. The following is a recoil of its perfor mance. It was set June_3l correctly: June 15, fast l seconds. Aug. 15, fast IS seconds. July 1.-6 do Sept. 1, - 23 do - |5, - '-0 do - 15, - 28 do Aug. 1, -16 do Oct. 1, - 32 do I give you permission to innke such use ol this / statement as you may tnink prop- r. f am, with respect, yours frulv, PAUL MORPHY. The following is from J\lr. Porter, the Well k'lovon Marine Chronometer and Watch Maker. BOSTON, Sept. 28, 1559. R. E. BOBBINS, Treas. Am. Watch Co. Dear Sir :—1 have sold during the last year a considerable number oi Watches of the Waltbani manufacture, and am happy to say that all of them j without exception, have lulfillej my guaranty, and have given satisfaction to the purchasers. GEORGE E. PORTER. The following named gentlemen may be refer red to in relation to these Watches. Hon. Hannibal Hamlin, Maine, John G. Saxe, j Vermont, N. P. Willis, N. \ Hon. N. P■ Banks, j Massachusetts, A. L- Hamilton, Tennessee, James; W Simonton, Gal. Carlos D. Btuart, Long Island,, Townsend Harjis, Japan, Horace Greeley, Frank! Leslie, Norman Wiard, Wis, Dr. J. Marion Bim,| Charles Hammond, Pdil'a., Prof. Bartlett, West j Point, Dr. Ammi Brown, Boston, Lieut. Henry A. ; Wise. U. 8. N., Col. W J. Harden, U. S. A., S. I treneus Prime, D. D. Wnite Plains, Col. 1. B. Thorpe. C A U T I O J*. As our Wa'cd is now exremivety cot.rKrrfit,' by foreign manufacturers, we have to inform the public that BO Watch is of our production which is unacoropanied by a certificate of genuineness, bear j in" the number of the Watch, and signed by our i TTeasurer, R. L. Rohhins, or by our predecessors, Appleton, Tracy & Co- These Watches are for re'e by Jewelers general ly, and can be bad on application to the under- ; signed. i jo 11 j\" A. STOOD AR T, Number 411 Chestnut Sireet, above 4tb St., ; PHILADELPHIA, TA. March 15, 1K61.-Omo. !•; \v Goo i) s, JT ST ARRIVK& AT MRS. S. E. POTTS'. A large assortment cf FALL & WINTER GOODS, FALL & WINTER GOODS, FANCY DRESS GOODS. FA \CY DRESS GOODS of all kinds, handsome winter s.lks, French meri i.oes, all wool delaines, BONNETS & RIBBONS, BONNETS & RIBBONS blowers, Ruches, bonnet velvets—new style, haud o aie cloaks, FUR CAPES, FUR CAPES, Also, a Urge a-sorircent of vicjcrines and mads. Nov. 2,'60. A LLEGH EN Y MA LF. AN D A FEMALE SEMINARY, 26AI.\SBrBi Bedford Co., Pa. REV. W. W. BRIM, A. M., Principal, Mi-s A. L. BRIAI, Preceptress, Miss S. J. BRIM, Teacher IHI Piano Forte. This institution, under the supervision of the a- Bove named persons, as-isted by other competen- Teachera, affords a full course in Mathematics Na'ural sciences. Languages, and Belles Lettres in music, Painting, &c., it gives extended instrue, t ,on. The Spring Term will commence on April 8 1861. Students admitted at anytime. Habits ot health, system, and piumptness , view's, moral, so cial and domestic, are here made prominent ob ject's ot education. That the physical powers, as well as the mental, may be cultivated—Calisthen ic exercises are necessary—here the Students meet each day for systematic pby.-ical exercise. ,-y\ Will pay for board, including} fu'- ,BaV..S){ ) msiied rooms, room rent, fuel and tuition in common English, par term of eleven weeks. Extias, A moderate ehaiges, even less then heretofore, or than the circular calls lor. Students prepared for the highest class in col- Yo- Circulars, or particulars, address to. v-ircuiai , i w w BRIMj Dec. 2t, D-60. Rainsburg, Bedtord Co.. Pa- R. GENUINE GARDEN SEE >S ! FRESH &. GENUINE GARDEN SEEDS ! IVM. HARTLEY HAS JUST RECEIVED 100 DOZEN PAPERS 100 DOZEN PAPERS of Drcer's celebrated Fresh Philadelphia Gar den Seed 3, EVEIvY PAPER WARRANTED Peas and Beans by the'quart, peck, or paper. NO STORE TRASH KEPT, NOR SOLD. tDMIN ISTRATOR'S NOTICE.— Letters oi administration on the estate of Mrs. Kenecca Shi- i mer, late ot Union township, dec'J., having been granted to the subscriber, residing in said town ship, notice is hereby given to all persons indebted to said estate to ui'ke immediate payment, urnl t hose 1 ug claims wilt present them duly authen tic.itn for settlement. JOSEPH IMLER, Feb, 8, 1861. Administrator® , A DM INLSTRA TO R'S NOTICE— -1 Letters of Administration upon the Estate of Francis Mc'iirr, late at Juniata j Town-hip, Bedford county, deceased, having been j granted to the subscriber by the Register ot Bed-i ford County, all persons having claims against sud ; estate, ere hereby notified to present the same properly authenticated for settlement, and all per sons indebted are reque.-ted to make immediate payment. QWP'N McGIRR, Administrator. Feb. lfith, 'CI. Bedford Township. A DMIXISTRATOR'S NOTICE. j\ Lnltors of ; administration having IIPHI, granted to the eub. cii- i ber npot. the estate of Sidney R. Whitfiel I, late ot i E. Piovutence tp.. dee'd., all persons knowing them- j indebted .re requested to make inmieiiiate payment and rhrse having ciainis will dresent thctn lor sett.emeut. joir W.SA.VS, [mar. B.] Administrator. A DMiNISI R \'foR 7 S NOTICE. - L *- ja-'tters r<l ndministratioo bnv ir,g been granted to the -übscvib- r, on the estate of Geo. Ritchey, late of IJr ion Township dee'd, all persons indebted to -aid estate are notified to make payment immediately, and those havi tig claims a g,.'iist sai I estate will present them properly authenticated ! r settlement. LEVI RITCHEY, .March S, 1861. Adm'r. A DMINIsfRA [ CRN NO i ICE. -c*- LNGrsof Administration having been granted to 'he subscriber, on the estate o! I-aac (Jrove, iafe of Monroe Township, dec'd x a!! p. rams indebted to said estate, art- hereby; notified to make payrrfnt immediately, and taosd having c i-.iims against the s'MJie will present them properly authecticated for settlerr'ent. JPNSE GROVE, West Providence, JOHN L. GROVE Monroe, .Marc'h S. .1861, Administrators. A D MINI ST R ATO K'S NOTICE.- i oA- z Letters of admin istration on the Estate of Eliza Colvin, l.te *ot the Borough of Schel'Rburg, dee'd, having been gran ted to the subscriber, living in said Borodgh, all persons indebted to Estate are notified to if eke immediate payment, -nut those having claims will present thern properly authentic-led for settle ment. GEORGE M. COLVIN, March 15, 1861. Administrator. E DITOR'S NOTICE. in. The undersigned ap pointed by the Orphans' Court of Bedford County, i to report a distribution of the money which came to the hands of S imuet Cam, Esq., 1 re deceased, | as trustee to seil the red estate of Simon L aar, dee'd.,and afterwards as guaiuian ot the minorchil dren of said Simon Claar, and now to he accounted ior by O. E. Shannon, administrator, C. T. A., ot . said Samuel Corn, will attend to the duties of bis • appointment, on Thursday, the 21 -t day of March, j 1861, at his office in the Borough of Bedford, at 10 , o'clock, A. M v of said day. when and w here all per- j sons interested are invited to attend. JOHN P. REED, ! March 8. Auditor. ' A ICE. VSL * The undersigned, < appointed by tho Orphans' Court ot Bedtord Coon- j ,y, to report a distribution of the moneys in the hands of Solomon Williams, Adm'r. of the Estate of Levi Clark dee'd., to those entitled to the same, will attend to the duties of his appointment on Fri day, the 22d day of March, 1861, at his office in Hie Borough of Bedford, at 10 o'clock A. M. of said day j when and wheie all parties interested can attend. JNO. P. REED, March 8. Auditor, A UDITOR'S NOTICE.— A, C. James, i In Common Pleas -.1 Ho vs> v ford Co. No 17 Feb. T. 1861. Wm. O'Neal > The undersigned, appointed to make distribution of riioucv ari-irg from .-at- of Real E.U'c. ot above Det't., find facts Ac., will attend to the duties o his apjiointmer.t on Thursday, 28th of March, 186 at the office of Cessna and shannon , in the Rorougl j of Bedtord, at which time a I interested ran atten h JOHN PALMER d. March Ist, '6l. A UDITOR'S NOTICiL yak Thf undersigned,, appointed bv the Court of Common Pleas in and for the County of Bedford, to examine the exceptions, filed to the account of J. VV. Lingenfeller, Commit- j tee of George Ow, a lunatic, and to report the tacts . will attend to the riuiic- of his appointment, on cat ! urd.iv. the .tay ofAßnch, 1861. at 10 o'clock A. it/, of said day. at his office in the Borough o! Bedtord, when and wher a 1 parties interested can a ,Cnd ' JNO. P. REED, JlUrchS. . _ Auditor. A EDITOR'S NOTICK Ja£l The uniier.injned, appoin'rd Auditor to make distribution of ba! nee i in he: da of Job Mann. Adm cistrator of Mrs- So phia Morrison, dee'd., will attend to the duties of his appointment, on the 4th day of April, next, at his oilice, in the Borough of Bedford, at which time R. D. BARCLAV, March 8, 1861. Auditor. Commissioners NOIK E. Michael Wheeling j Subpoena on Libel for vs ' Divorce. Julianna Wheeling. \ . The undersigned appoin ted Commissioner in :■ e bov< Ce to .lake testi mony, ivc., will attend to the duties oi the appoint at bis office, in the Borough of Bedford, on the sth day of Apr, . next, at which lime all desi ring can attend. R. I). BARCLAY, March 8. Commissioner. MISSIONER'S NOTICE.— Henry F.arnest, J Subpoena on Libel ior vs< V Divorce. Hannah Earnest. \ The undersigned, appoin ted commissioner to Take testimony, fkc , in the above case, will attend to his duties, on the 3d day of April, next, at his office in the Borough of Bed fo d, at which time all de im e can attend. R. I). BARCLAY, March 8. Commissioner. 1" XECUTOR'S NOTIC.'E. -J Notice is hereby jriven that Letters Testamentary h ve been granted to the subscriber, residing in Greenfield Township, Blair County, on the will of John Snowberger, late of St. Clair Tp., Bedford Couhty, dee'd.—That all persons indebted to said Estate are requested to make im mediate payment and those having claims then on, will present the same dnly authenticated for settle ment . ELI AS DELL, ATui. Bth, '6l. F.i'r. Jno. Snowberger dee'd. 57' XECUTOR'S aNOTIGE. Ji Notice is Imreby giv en. that Letters Testamentary, on the will of John Bowser, late ot Coleiain Township, Bedford County, have been granted by the Register ot said County, to the subscriber.— All persons indebted to said es tate. aie notified to make immediate payment, and those having claims thereon, will present them du ly authenticated for settlement. MICHAEL HOLDF.RBAUM, Ex'r,. Residing in Bedtord Township. -March Ist, '6l Pays the entire cost for Toil in in the most pop ular and successful Commercial fchnol iri the coun- : try. Upward men from TWEN'IY-ElGiy different States, have been educated for here within the past some oi whom have been employ ed as Book Keepers at salaries^!' SOOOO.OO PER ANNUM, immediately upon knew nothing of accounts when they entered fie College. CC7".Minialers' sons half jjice. Students enter at any time, and review W'l* they please, with out extra charge.

For Catalogue of 93 pagej Specimens of Prof.: Cowley's Bftsiness and Ooamental Penmanship. ; and a large engraving of thijCo'.lege, inclose twen- i ty-five cents in Postage ;'tamps to the Priiici- j pals, jiNKINSfc SMITH, Jan. 18, 1860. Pittsburg, Pa. n (JOKING GLASSES ENGRAVINGS, PICfUREFRAMES, OIL PAINTINGS, i The most extensive and e,egant as-ortment at the very lowesf rates.—G'asse- in store of every de- j sds^i*.ion. Arahuganv f*J - z Gla-ses, lor country sales. Print and l'oitrait framrs, Window Cornices, j Glit Afouldings, etc. .'Estimates for furnishing j Gla-ses U> fi : l every spice, by jfu.l on application- j Engravings for Grecial and aintings.— i Catalogues gratis. VJ/S. S. EARLE & SON, 8 1 G Chestnut St., Pliii'a. May 18,'60.-J-yf. _ €1 REAT BARGAINS ! v • * GREAT BARGAINS ! GREAT BARGAINS! Wishing t 5 redtfte our ssock as low as possible by Spring, we will otlrr every description of WINTER GOODS ! WINTER GOODS ! WINTER GOODS' AT COST, FOR CASH. AT CO>T, FOR CASH. AT COST, FOR CASH. Ready made Clothing at Half-Prtce. AND SEE FOR YOURSELVES._/n I A. B. CRAMER &. CO. fW. H, 1861. (SELECT SCHOOL. The uiidersi'0 p '' htreby ihforr s the citizens of Bedford and vicin'fy, that he wii! o- ; pen a -'SELECT SCHOOL," commencing Monda) , April Stfc, ar.d continue four months. A Nornna! . Cla s will also be formed. Having hirnseif nassed J thiajigli aiu 1 course in the Stale Normal, and e r, i- j ploying none but efficient be feels war- ■ ranted in irisuiing sstisiaction. Pupils of all grades ' will be received. Teachers throughout the county : may find it to their advantage to apply soon.— \ Terms moderate. Apply to A- X. RAl>B, Principal of. the "Bedford Union School.'' March Bth. '6l. A UDITOR'S NOTICE.— """ The undersigned, ap- i pointed auditor to distribute the funds in the bands j of Sheriff Cessna, arising from the saie of the real J estate of Terrehce Keirnev will attend lo the duties ; of said appointment on Monday, the 15tb day of April, IS6I, at t o'clock, P. M., at his office in Bedford borough. O. H. GAITHER March 22. Auditoi. i pATENT MICA LA MP CHIMNEY. A C HIM NET THAT WILL NOT BREAK: i Tb-.s great invention commends itself to every one using Coal Oil Lamps. It gives more light, i ... r! r ar-d U aot break by the j heat or cold, faning, or any ounnaty nsage. r-i sole bv Storekeepers general'/ throughout ibe LN 8. and the Canada-, and Wholesale by the M-nu lacturers and Patantees. HORNING & HUMPHREY, No. 321 N. Second Street. Phil'a. j N. B. A large anJ superior stock of COAL UIL j LAMPS, always on hand, at prices defying compe I titian. Also, the Portland Coal 0.1, at Menulactu- I rt-is' price. March 15, 1861-lt. mrOTICE OP INQUISITION^ - 1 -' \VtIER.EAS, i Zaccheus Ltitnan, late of Cumberland Valley tvvp., j dee'd., died seizpd of tbe lotlowiug Real Estate, j to'w it : One tract of land, being tbe mansion place, situ- i ate to enid township of Cumberland Vrlley, Bedford' County, containing about eighty acres, more or les, adjoining lands ol Jacob Weitz, John Frederick*' heirs and others. Leaving a widow, Sarah Luman, and i-sue six children, viz Ann intermarried with David Dick en, resicing in Seneca county, Ohio, Sarah Luman, residing in Bedford countv, John Luman. tnu peti tioner, Moses Luman, residing in Stneca county, Ohio, Benjamin Luman, resoling in Seneca county, Ohio, an.! Eliza intermarried with William GiiUm, residing in Bedford county, Notice is therefore hereby given t'n t in pursu ance oi d writ of Partition, or valuation, to me di rected, I w ill proceed to hold an Inquisition, or V l uation, on the premises, on Saturday, the >th day of AptiJ, next, when and where all inteiested, may attend if they see proper. Sheriff's Office, ( JOHN J. CESSNA, March IS, ISfil. J Sheiiff. lafofici OF INQtfISITION— -s' WHEREAS Itachae! McCone. late of Middle Woc ibury i'own j ship, deceases!, died, seized ofthe following real estate, viz : One lot of ground in the Town of Woodbury, mtne county of Bedford, with a dwel ling house thereon erected, bounded by lots of George K. Holsinger ,and Jacob Brenneman, Leaving issue seven children, to wit : John McCune, the petitioner, Samuel McCone, Rebecca Alaways, Margaret Igo, Hannah Barley, Nancy Ann Moore, all residn g in R'air County, Pennsyl vania, and Sanford Miller, whose residence is un known : Noiice is, therefore, hereby given, that in pursu ance of a writ of partition or valuation, to me di rected, I will proceed to hold an Inquisition, or Valuation, cn the premises, on Saturday, the 13th nay of April next, when and where ull parties inter ested may attend it they see p-oper. Sheiiff's Office. ( JOHN J.CESSNA, March 15th, 1861. J Sheriff. hg£H ERIFF'S SALK.- By viitueol a writ of Vend. Exponas *o me directed, there will be sold at the Court House, in the Borough of Bedford, on Situr dav, tbe 30th day of March, 1961, at 10 o'clock A. M., tbe following Real Estate, to wit: One truer of land containing 65 acres more or less, about Id acies cleared and under fence, with a plunk dwelling house and log stable thereon erected, adjoining lands of Eleven Shipley, Thomas Conrad and others, situate iu Southampton Township, Bed ford County, and taken in executiTn as the proper ty of Thomas Pennell. Sheriff's Office, I JOHN J. CESSNA, Maich 15tb, 1861. y Sheriff. rriHE BODUGGEK.— This wonderful article jußt patented, is scmething entirely new, and nev er before ottered to agents, who are wanted every where. Full particulars sent free. Address SHAW fa CLARK, March 15,1801. Biddeford, Maine. SHETALND WOOL, all colors at Dr. Hurry's KEROSENE OIL, the best ut civ t "a ri) .N AYER'S SSI CATHARTIC VI t&j , HI lul>>. r-. '"'""'''fei-i Aro j .'.i Hicit. R. mil '''h •Ps&,'' ctvaa !'^ did- -A iv i i ' *t-' •• f or*J-r, with jo*>r kn - - ranged, u-.a ywUf^Vcii?:i a > colli for lata?' 'iuv: >'•,- i -- !! viK> : tonus art* often the i>rltit> 1 1.. C/tJX -A. S",U*m iiitiif.-. .-.11 l :t ■ I ! q v ' : sk-km-ss T* trfvplng U|K. yru. I *.-y A ::Bil should • <->it-vi i.jr n "Ck j timely :i— <rf the rl>-'i• i* - 4 cdy. Tai- Ayr s ' Hii*. and I N "..ok, S>" V clf-anso nut tin- JiMiiiwre-u la * Vjj ,■ „Sfia more purity tin, hlrxwi, f: 1 pSS^ * Jfcvfldas*'' - let tho fiuWa move on ttacb ill y'A strutted in lioaltb taiu. 'N'."?, Tlw.v stimulate tn- fttßrtit u* %.Y< CSfe of tlie body into vigo. -us So vr *' tivity. purify th system frcmi tb obtru'. tions iiicii ntako cHawwe. A cold settles somewhere In the bod;-, anJ <.h stracto it# nuturat functions. These, 1f not reJlevedj react upun 'themselves and the mintnindipg organs, pro during general aggravation, buffering, and diseawa. While in thU condition, oppressed by th ' derangement*, take Ayer's I'ilK ami seo trow dire, -ilv they restore the Bstard action of the syptefii, aud with it the buoyant fi-.'llug t.flu alth again. v Wlwt true and so apparent i tills trivial an| eomoioii complaint. is nit** true in many if the. tod ami dangerous dit mper*. T!i • ?aiad porgntive effoct expels the a. Ciu a si by ifctiihu" ohsttTS> tk**i nr-I deran~ *:!**nt3 of tin? luttiimi JW i the budy, they are rapidly, and many of them snre'jr, r ure<l by fbor.tnittmean*. None who V :ovr th-* vi w-* of Pills, will He-fleet to employ them woeu fi&feriug froia the tlitforiirs lie > care. fettttemenu from leadto* physicians in some of the priuctpal citka> and from other well known public per flOD!). From a Forwarding J.', chant rf Ft. h-vii. /di. 4, ISIPk I>".. Atbr: Tour rills nfd the j- iv .i) f all that is great in haw cured uiy liltio - i:tr of ulcerous "ores tipon her hands und f&S hd proved in-t.r.c'r'.e t'T V in.. Hot m-mmo,- !■. i>- :i ti n--- g iev oa-ly ?fVtcd with Notches nud pir.iid.wuu her 4 iu m l fn n-' hair. After oar chili v.:-? cured, al?o tried your ialid. und they have cured L'v. J\ "* A M IIGIIIDOE. AH a Family Physic. Frcm Dr. E. 11l CiriiCr'ght. Tour Pills are the priive of jn-g >. Their excellout Qualiiies surpass any w Tliey aro mild, but very certain and ef? < in : in their action on the bowels, vvhieh nißket them invuiouUu to u- ia the daily treatment of d^eo£jp l£ca<lackc,b2oi }l;■ nd.:(hp,Foul Stomacli JFVD.II Dr. - yd, ti .-?• t.aorr. DFARBro. AYKR: \ >:i ic/m( com plaints I have d'red with yonr riiumjjß* titan * y wy al- t'vit we ever tre >t with a puri/ati** vt I p!.ee great depen dence on an ntthsrtk in my daily contest with dbv'Qie, an ! believing s 1 .1 • f.ti your Pil.s ailard us th-j best we have, I of course value thuoi highly. rm 3 r:r<o. l*a.. sfav 1, l r £s. Dl. J. C. ATHR. Sir: I have been repeat<td)y cured rf the worst hnulachr, any bo<!y can have by t< J s • or two of your Pill-. It to arise from a foul stoiuacli; wideb they cleanse at once. Yous* with great res]>ect 9 rr>. W. PIIETILF, m Clerk rf Steamer Claris*. Bilious Disorders Diver Complaints* From Dr. Tb'odort li*lL of iVcw York C>ty. Not only arc yonr Pills r* * *bly a'Hptcd to their pur- P' sj an aperient, but T find their beneficial eff*ctßupon the Liver very marked ii.o -i. Tlieyliave in ray prac tice proved more effectual far the cure of biv'ntt crvt- " p!<uui* tiiau any one remedy i CiD mention. 1 incerr!y rejoi'c that we have ..r length u purgative which is wor thy the coufiUeucv- of the pruicsaiou und tl people. BFPAMJGU or THE INTERIOR, ) \Tahing' ij, I>. C., •t ii Feb., 185' J. / Sir* I have used your PM in my gonwal and bo pits! prat lice ever since y-u made them,and eaunot hi -itute to Miy they are the cathartic we employ. Their regu lating action on the liver i* quick and decided, conse quently they are au admirable remedy for deraugemeiiti of tiiat organ. Indrcd, I have seldom fund a case of U4 disuse BO obstinate that it did not readily yield to them. fraternally yours, ALUNZ i UALL, M. b , J Itysidvn of Ute Marine UospiUd. Dysentery, Diarrhoea, Kelax, Worms. From Dr. J. G. Grtr.ii, of Cn >.ago. Your have had a long trial in my practice, and I hold them it 2 esteem as one of the host aperi"Ht* I have ever found. ThC.*r alterative effect ufiou the liver makes them an excellent remedy, when given in smali doses fur " lihous dyscnttry and Their sugoj-coatiDg makes them v -ry acceptorie il'ul fur the uso of women and children. Dyspepsia, Impurity of thiJ Blood. Prom Dev. J. V. Uimct, i'atl r of Advent Church, Zroslon. DR. AYE X: I have used your Pills with extraordinary success iu my family and among those 1 am called to visit in distress. To regulate the organs of digestion and purify the blood, they art* the very best remedy I have ever known, and I can confidently recommend them to iny friends. Vuurs, J. V. lIIMES. WARSAW, Wyoming Co.. N. Y.. Oct. 24. 1555. DZAR SIR: I am using your Cathartic Pills iu my prac tice, and find them an excellent purgative to cle;uii- tho system and purify the fountains of Ou blrjod. ' JOHN G. MEACHAM. M. D. Constlpatlon.Costivenens, Suppression, IJJtriiinatism. Gout, Xturalgk, Ihop uy 9 Paralysis, Fits, etc. •*" From Dr. J. P. Vaughn. Montreal, Canada. Too much cannot bo v .tid of your l-ills for the err ?rf c .s;ren • f . If others of our fiatcrcity have found tin ui rs efTicaceuis as 1 have, th y si: aid join ne in proclaim ing it fur the benefit of tlui multitudes who sufiV.*r trom that corapHint, which, although bad enough in itself, is i i" pruct aifcu oi* othot* timi are w, rtm. I 1 ••>* .. r-> c* r- •• V. 1 - r-v •!iJt Vwur PHI* affect that organ and cure ihe aibeuafs. Frt m Mr?. E. Shcrt, Physician end Jfa- j Bssn. I fin<l ono or tw- Iar r o of your rsm tck f, n at tha pr.per time,aro ex?vi;•••.■ pr-m- !iv sof the % t"itru r <erre tioji when wfa \y or ,Msrl..Uly and also very eff ctURj to clear.-- the *(• ■: rh t .1 tapd worr-,s. Th-v are so tuuch t!e be-t physic vc have luat 1 recommend no other to my patients. From the lice. Dr. Hawkes, of the M Fc-dist Fpis. Ch r-~h. TTnvoprr Si ax 1 should Ui ungrataful f r tbr- rel.*f yonr skill has brought me if 1 did nut rc|>>rt n;} c.v*e to you. A cold > -ttlcvl ia mv limb# and brought oa exerc c:afing nr..'trafficpains, wbdeh od A l in r* onicrh<rfirut h.-vu Notwithstanding I Jntl tin: ' ,**.t f phj 1 * the disease grew worse and worse, unt 1 hv the advice of your ov *• Uent in Bal*huore. Ik- Ki ckcnz! I trlrd • ur Pill#. 'I heir effect?? '.v .? ?h-w. •nf Py persevering ia the u Mi of them, 1 ou t*uw entirely weiL SENATE raYi!is, Paton PP. A VPK : 1 have I'wn entir !y c-:r 1. by your Piila, of ■notic Gi/ilt a tlb i-a.• tb-.r had afi'-iCt* d UIO fry .rs. VINCENT ShIDhLL P~g~V™i of the Pill# in market contain Mercury, whirh, although a valuable remedy in skilful hand#, i# dangerou* in a public pill, from the dreadful ooD>*t— ! • s tliat fr.-jo nitly f II wr itv inemtiou* u--. These c 'Maia uo mercuiy or mineral substance whatever. 1 .ioo, 25 cents per Box, cr 5 Boxes for sl. ft ° arud by Dr. J. C. ATE 3, &o CO., Lowell, Mass. B. F. Harry, Bedford ; Bamdollar & Son, Bloody Ron ; (J. B. Amicfe, Sr. Clairsville ; J. Breneman. ; Woodtierry ; Geo. Gar.lill, West End ; J. E. Colvin, Soheilsbnra: : and by lie lers generally. Oct. 12, lt^O. YOU WANT WHISKERS? DO i'OU WANT WHISKERS ? DO YOU WANT A MOUSTACHE? DO YOU WANT A MOUSTACHE ? BFLLINGHAM'S CELEBRATED STi MU L ATI N G UNGUENT; FOR THE WHISKERS AND HAIR. The subscribers take pleasure ii announcing to the Citizens ol the United States, that they hive ob tained the agency for, und are now enabled do offer to the American pjbiic. the above just y celebrated and world renowned article. THE STIAIL LHTLYG OXGUE.YT Is prep red by DK. C. P. RF.LLINOHAM, an eminent physician of London, und is warranted to bring out • thick set of Whiskers or a Mustache, in from three to six weeks: Tki article is the only one of the kiad used by the French, and in London ai.d Paris it is in universal use. It is a beuuti ul, economical, soothing, yet stim ulating compound, acting as if by ma<ic upon the roots, causing a beautiful growth of 'uxuriant hair. If applied to the scalp, it will cure baldness and cause to spring up tu place of the bald spots a fine growth of new k ur. Applied according to direc tions, it will turn red oi towy hair dark, and restore gray hair to its original color, leaving it soft, smooth und flexible. The "Onguent" is an indispensable articlp in every gentleman's toilet, and after one week's use they would not for any consideration be without it. The subscribers are the only Agents for the a-li cit in the United Mates, to whom all orders must be addressed. Price One Dollar a box—for sale by ail Druggist- 1 arid Dealers , or a box of the "Onguent ' (w Gran ted to have the desired effect) will be sent to any who desire it by mail (direct) securely packed, on receipted puce and postage, §l. IS. Apply to or address HORACE L. HEGEMAN d- CO., Druggists, &c.. 2d William Street, N. Y. March 8. FRANK. JACKSON, PRINTER AND STATIONER, 4-3f CHESTA UTSTREET, PHILADELPHIA. May 15,'66.-1 yr. r _V/. |_ fwi k ~1 *V.C; - : *J I Ws^^hmS^mSSM \ N A PERI EX r AND STOMACHIC PREPARA . 1 tiori of IRON purified of Oxygen and Carbon by combustion in Hydrogen. Sanctioned by tne highest medical authorities, both in Europe and the United States, and prescribed in their practice. The experience oi thousands daily proves that no preparation of Iron can be compared .vith ir. Impu rities ot the blood, depression of vital energy, pale and otherwise sickly complexions indicate its ne cessity in almost every conceivable case. Innox ious in all maladies in which it has been tried, it has proved absolutely curative in each of the following complaints, viz : In Debility, 2\ r ervoi' < Affection*, Emanation, Dys pepsia, Constipation, Vlarrhcea, tit/unite*, Inripiei t Con sumption, Scrofulous. Tuberculosis, til llhettn , Mumeast motion, IT A, us. Ch/orjsis, Liver Cmplaint ' Chronic Utadtehrs, tthrumjtinn,, Intermittent Fe tier Pimples on the, Fact, if. In ca-es ol General I) vbihty, whether the result of acute disease or of the continued diminution of ne:voits and muscular eneigv Irorn chrome com plaints, one trial of t iis restorative has proved auc- to art extent which no d srription nor writ teu aTTTstatinn would render credible. It valid* so long bed ridden as to have become torgotten in their own rieighboi hoods, have suddenly re-appeared in the busy world as if jll.-1 returned from p.otiae ted travel in a distant land; Some veryjsig ual instances of this Kind are attested ot leiiia.o Mjh~rers; emaciated victim" of apparent imratmoi, sanguineous exhaustion, critical changes, and that complication ol oervous arid dyspeptic aversion to H.r and for which tue physician has no Iri of all kinds, am: for rea*ort tamiliar to medical men, the operation of this prepa i jtion ot lion must necessarily be salutary, for, un like tlte oh! oxides, it is vigorously tonic, withou being exciting and over-beating • and gently regut larly aperieni, even in the most obstinate cases of costiveness, without ever being e gastric ptirgatu. e, or infiictiiig a disagreeable sensation. It is this latter property, among others, which make - it so remaiKably effectual and permanent a remedy lor Pi It ~ upon which it also appears to ex e:t u d.-rn t and specific action, by dispersing the tendency which forms them. In Pj r e P" i, innumerable as are its causes, a single box ol these Chalybeate Pills has often suffi ced for the most habitual cases. in unchecked Th-irrhaa, evi-n when advanced t*> I'', stentery, confirmed, emaciating and apparently malignant, the effects have been equal! decisive and astonishing. In the local pains, loss cf flesh and strength, de bilitating cough, end remittent hectic, which gene .■■■■ y mdi'ate Incipient Consumption, this remedy has allayed the a!a:m ol friends and physicians, in severa, very gratifying and interesting instances. id T ■ ulous Tuberculosis, this medicated iron has had far more the good effect of the most cau lio 11 siy balanced preparations of iodine, without any ol their well-known liabilities. 1 he attention of females cannot be too confident ly invited to this remedy and restorative, in the ca ses peculiarly affecting them. In Ilhrumatism, both chronic and inflammatory, in the latter, however, more decidedly, it has been invariably well reported, both as alleviating pain and reducing the swellings and stiffness of the joints and muscles. In Intermittent Fevers it mast necessarily be s great remedy and energetic restorative,"and its pro giess :n the new settlements of the West, will pro bably be one of high renown and usefulness. No remedy has ever been discovered, in the whole history of medicine, which exerts such prompt hap py and fully restorative effects. Good appetite, complete digestion, rapid acquisition of strength, with an unusual disposition lor active aud cheerful exercise, immediately follow its use. Put up in neat flat metal boxes containing 50 pills price .)0 ceil..- per box ; for sale by druggists and deai.irs. Will be sent free to any address, on re ceipt of the price. Ail litters, orders, etc., should ba address? to R. B Locke & To,, General lsxuls, •20 CEDAR STREET, N. Y. Inly 2>th, 'CO. PHIL'A. ADVERTISEMENTS. Jf & G O U I, D, i - > ' JVo. 032 C he&tnut -SV., cor. of Seventh, V HI Lul DELPHI A PI A SOS AND M CLOD EONS. h.-.VFN, BACON & CO'S., BALLET, DAVIS & CoV, sunn's &r ci.ark's, and a. h. gai.k co's. If 3 " r w 1 u - ;.*j a • MASON Hi HAMLIN'S, AND PRINCE & CO'S MELODEONS & HARMONIUMS. Pianos and Melodecns to Rent. Second-hand Pianos, May iB,'CO.-l yr. F P. H U BE K, * {arCCK-SOR TO J. SOP.VCR,) WHOLESALE DEALER IN TOBACCO. SNUFF AND CIGARS, .Yo S Sort A Fifth. St., übeve -Market, Phil'a. Also. Manufacturer and Importer of FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC SEGAPvS. May IS, 1660.-1 yr. WILLIAM RAtGt'KL, JAMES M. WHITBY, SAMUEL M'JORK, EDWARD A ADAMS, WILLIAM . E.iILLMAN, • HFSRV P. ATKINSON. |A IGUEL, MOORE & CO., ■* LATE, RAIGUEf. AND CO.. IMPORTERS AND WHOLESALE DEALERS IN DRY GOODS, .Xos. 2*20 & 222 , x ''rt,h Thir<i St., above Race, West si<le f PHILADELPHIA. May 18,'60.-1 yr, FiF? HE WORLD'S GREAT EXHIBITION PRIZE MEDAL, awarded toC. MEYER or his two PIANOS, London, October 10, ISSI. •••• A wc*w*-i*.*r >V w 1 M tL - C. V- C. MEYER respectfully informs his friends and the public generally, that be ha" tynstantiy on band Pi ANOS, equal to those tor which he received the Prize Medal in London, in !851. All orders piomplly attended 'o, Jand great care ! taken in the selection and packing the same. He has received, during the last fitfeen years, more Medals than any ot tier .maker, from the Frank- f lin Institute—also, First Piemiuuis in Boston, New York and Baltimote. Warerooms. No. 772 ARCH S'reet, below Eighth, South side. PHILADELPHIA May IS, 1860, -lyr. JOHN O. JAM! s, ISAAC WKI.SH, H. O. STERLING*?' WH. C. KENT, <. A. SMITH, U. D. WELSH, |CH AKLKS SAN TKR, BAV UKL WHITE, J. TOMLINSON JAMES, KENT, SANTEE 5c CO., ill PORTERS AND JOBBERS OF DRY GOODS, 239 he it NORTH THIRD STREET, ABOVE RACE, PHILADELPHIA, Ma" 18 '6O -1 vr.