Newspaper of Bedford Gazette, April 5, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Bedford Gazette dated April 5, 1861 Page 2
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BEDFORD GAZETTE. -Hf BFOKtt, Pa.— - _ . a ; j-- ..JiMftfl FRIDAY ; V APRIL 5,1861 B, F. Meyers, Editor Est Proprietor. Local and Miscellaneous. AND BOROUGH OFFICERS. — The following is a list of the Borough and Township officers, chosen at the recent spring election, for the several Boroughs ano Town ships in this county : Bedford Borough. —Judge oi Election, Samuel Davis ; Inspectors, Henry Reiinund, R. D. Barclay ; Constable, Milton Spidle ; As sesor, A. J. Sansom ; Assistant Assessors, W. Bowles, Samuel Shuck ; School Directors, J. W. Lingenfel'.er, F. Joidan ; Supervisors, John Border, W. Hoerkens ; TOWD Clerk, G. H. Spang; Auditor, R. H. G. Irvine. Bedford Tp. —Judge qf Election, Josiah Ritchey ; Inspectors, John Todd, Samuel Phil lips ; Assessor, George Smith ; Assistant Asses sors, Samuel Defibaugh, William Phillips ; Constable; Aaron fetter, of John, John Bowlfcs; School Direc tors, Thomas Gilchrist, John Hershbeiger ; Auditor, Daniel Walter; Township Clerk, David Stivers. Bloody Run. —Judge oi Election, 'James F. Deyarmin ; Inspectors, Daniel Olt, John C. Black ; Justices of the Peace, [Samuel Bender, M. M. Peebles ; Assessor, William States : Assistant Assessors, M. M. Peebles, Jacob Barndoilar, Jr.; Constable, Wm. Dibert; School Directors, J. A. Mann, William Masters, Jeremiah Baughman, P. G. Morgart, John Gog ley : Supervisors, John Gogley, Jesse Grove ; Auditors, J. B. Williams, J. J. Barndoilar, Simon States , Town Clerk, J. W. Barndoilar. Broad Top. —Judge of Election, J. L. Tobi as. Inspectors, John A. J. Pearson, Daniel Ritchey ; Justice ol the Peace, John Major ; Constable, John Eicheloerger ; Assessor, Ed ward Pearson ; Assistant Assessors, John Ford, Lewis Anderson; Supervisors, H. Warsing, David Fluck ; School Dnectois, Lewis Young, W. Warsing ; Auditor, W. S. Audprsoo. Colerain. —Judge of Election, David Whet stone ; Inspectors, W. Ingard, Martin Hetrick ; Constable, Henry Ressler ; Assessor, W. P. Morgart ; Assistant Assessors, Abraham Wei sel, Adam Diehl ; School Directors, John Har kleroad, Samuel James ; Supervisors, Anthony Smith, Joshua Diehl ; Auditor, P. J. Shomaker, Township Clerk, B. F. Morgart. Cumberland Valley. —Judge of Election, Wm, Brant ; Inspectors, John Dicken, Joseph Brant; Constable, George Bennett ; Supervisors, Samuel Elliott, Samuel Drenning ; School Directors, Levi Hardinger, Jos. Growden ; Assessor, J. C. Morgart ; Assistant Assessors, S. Whip, T. Fisher; Auditor, John May; Township Clerk, B. F. Brunner. Harrison. - Judge of Election, Augustu Steer; Inspectors, Joseph Elder, Hezekiah Miller ; Constable, W. A. Powell ; -Assessors, i Geo. W. Horn ; Assistant Assessors, Joseph Mortimore, V. V. Werlz ; School Directors, W. Egulf, John McVicker, David Miller, John E. Miller, Daniel Metzgar, Daniel Ear nest , Auditor, J. C. Devore. Hopewell. —Judge of Election, James P. Long ; Inspectors, Geo. Bowers, Joseph College; Justice ol the Peace, James Piper ; Constable, Henry Conrod , Assessor, John Dasher ; Assis tant Assessors, James E. Kay, Abraham Steel ; Supervisors, Thos. [N. Young, Joseph Gates; School Directors, W. A. Young, W. P. Smith ; Auditor, C. Sp°ese. Juniata.— Judge of Election, Frederick Hil legass . Inspectors, Jacob Beltz, John McCra erey ; Justices of the Peace, P. F. Lehman, Wm. Gillespie; Constable, Casper Stroup, Assessor, Frederick Hiidebrant; Assistant As sessors, Jacob Mowry, John A. Burns ; Super visors, Henry Ellenmrger, James Burns; School Directors, John C. Riffle, Joseph Fuller,; Audi tor, John A. Burns ; Town Clerk, John Kegg. Liberty. —Judge of Election, George W. Gibboney ; Inspectors, Samuel A. Moore, Wil liam Duulap ; Constable, John Long ; Assessor, John Long ; Assistant Assessors, Daniel Stoler ; Isaac Kensinger ; Supervisors, David Keusing er, Jacob Hoover ; School Directors, David Brumbaugh, Daniel Cypher ; Auditor. Geo. F. Steel. Londonderry. —Judge of Election, Solomon Conn ; Inspectors, N. Shaffer, Jacob Carpenter, Jr., Justice of the Peace, David [Evans ; Con stable, Wm. Bonnel! ; Supervisors, Jacob Carpenter, Benj. Valentine ; School Directors. Josiah Hardman, John Burket ; Assessors, Wil liam Cook ; Assistant Assessors, [Jacob Evans, Chas. Hoyman ; Auditor, James C. Devore ; Town Clerk, Caius Devore. Alonroe.— Judge of Election, Alvah Wil liams ; Inspectors, W. W. Ramsey, Geo. Von stein , Justice of the Peace, Jabez Hixon ; Con stable, John L. Fletcher ; Assessor, Isaiah Sha ffer; Assistant Assessors, Lewis Koons, Wm. Cornell ; School Directors, Oliver Horton, Henry Simons, and a tie vote between Daniel Evans ami Jos. Kennard ;[Auditor, J. R. O'- Neal. Napier.— Judge of Election, Andiew Cris man ; Inspectors, Herbert Otto, James O. Robi net ; Justice of the Peace. Samuel W. Miller ; Constable, Thomas P Studebaker ; Assessor, Wm. J. Allen Assistant Assessors, Joseph j Black, Solomon Egull; Supervisors, Joseph Suuser, Allen Sleek ; School Directois, Philip Hoover William Cuppet, Levi Otto ; Auditor, Peter H. Studebaker ; Town Clerk, A. J. Mc- Cleary. Providence £. —Judge of Election, Jacob Ritchey .Inspectors, Samuel Frazey, W. L. Sams ; Coustaole, Samuel Manspeaker , Assess or, Jacob Pee ; Assistant Assessors, John Col lege, Geo, McGraw , Supervisors, Peter Os borne, Henry Wilt ; School Directors, Geo. W. Householder, Jacob Pee ; Auditor, John Xj cum. Providence IF.— Judge of Electron, John Ramsey ; Inspectors, Wm. Foster, Josiah Zem bower : Justice of the Peace, John Sparks; Constable, William Sparks ; Assessor, jWilson McDaniel ; Assistant Assessors, A. J. Moigart, W. F. Woy ; Auditors, B. Hughes, D. Sparks, A. Weaveriing ; School Directors, John S. Morris, W. F. Woy ; Supervisors, Geo. Bot tomfield, W. F. Wcy. Snnke Spring. —Judge ol Election, Jacob S. Kitchey ; Inspectors, John Shus, W. Deter ick; Constable, David Jamison ; Assessor, James M. Armstrong ; Assistant Assessors, John Snyder, Al. Lutz ; School Directors, Aaron W helslone, Daniel Harshberger ; Supervisors, Jonathan Bottomfield, Adam Shaffer ; Auditor, J. W. Skillington. Schellsburg. —Judge of Election, Henry Culp ; Inspectors, Geo Beinigh, Jacob Koontz ; Assessor, John Kemery ; Assistant Assessors, Henry Horn, A.J. Snively ; Constable, John Otto; Supervisors, Joseph Baughman, Jacob Dull ; Auditor, Peter Dewalt; School Direc tors, John Mortimore, W. Y. Poorman, A. P. Hamaker, J. Z. Frazier . Town CT-rk, Ad am Dull. S out hump to •. Judge of Election, Hezeki ah Roland ; Inspectors, James Northcraf*., La ban Johnson ; Assessor, Artemas Bennett ; Assistant Assessors, John Robison, Jared Hanks ; Constable, John Cavender ; Supervi sors, Michael Miller, Daniel Tewell ; Auditor, Christopher Miller. St. Clair. —Judge of F.iection, Samuel Cljik: Inspectors, Thomas B. Smi'.h, David Ickes ; Constable, Thomas W. McCreary ; Assessor, Wm. Oster Assistant Assessors, G. C. Davis, H. B. Mock ; Sihool Directors, William Kiik. Henry "Beckley ; Supervisors, Benjamin H. Walker, Robert Kuitz; Auditor, N. H. Wright; Town Clerk, M. Marshall. Union. —Judge of Election, Ferdinand Ritchey ; Inspectors, W. W. Lamburn, Levi Ritchty ; Supervisors, John James, John Ritchey ; Constable, John W. Fickes , School Directors, Thomas J. Croyle, Moses Gochen our; Auditor, Thomas Oldham ; Town Clerk, A. P. Mooreheatl ; Assessor, W. F. Moore head ; Assistant Assessors, M. Mock, Samuel Shaler. fVoodberry Al. Judge of E'ection, Cvrus Over .Inspectors, David McKee, Franklin Hart man ; Justice of the Peace, Jacob Brenniman ; Cons'able, Samuel Carmack ; Supervisors, John Longcnecker," Jr., Jacob Kyfer ; Assessor, Frederick Kauffman ; Assistant Assessors, Jos. Long, Thomas Johnson ; Auditor, E. F. Barnet. Woodberry S. —Judge of Election, Samuel Zimmerman ; W. Buyer, Da vid Kegarice ; Assessor, Alexander Holsinger ; Assistant Assessors, L. T. Biddle, H. Way , Constable, Watson ; School Pbeiftors, John Gordo^PJ. B. KfgarWy, S. Wyant , Auditor, Adam Haderman. .... We refer our readers to the advvertise ment of Messrs. Mair & Davison dealers .in Saddlery and Trimmings, Pittsburg, which will b? found in this week's Gazette. Their house is the oldest and largest in Pittsburg, and we can recommend their stock as not to be surpassed anywnere. ... .The line of coaches be! wen this piace and Hollidaycburg has been purchased by Tho mas C. RGghard and the tare reduced to $2.50. Mr; Reighard will shortly make great im provements on his accommodations of travel. ....GRADUATED. —At the recent Com -1 mencement of the Jefferson Medical College, ! Philadelphia, the degreee of Doctor of Medi- I cine was conferred upon 187 gentlemen, stu : dents of that institution. Among the names of | the graduates we find that of Dr. James D. No i ble, of this county. We learn that Dr. N. passed a very creditable examination. ... .The influence of the nominal editor of the Inquirer is powerful, indeed. His candi date for the Post ofiicp, though a worthy young man* received but seven votes. It seems that the candidate for whom he takes a stand, is in variably doomed to be defeated. .... What is the difference between par and current funds, on a note of s7l ? J s it $1.75, Gazette J —lnquirer. At present (discount being at 2 per cent) it , would be £>1.42. When your famous sfinve j was made, discount was 24 per cent, and then it would have been $1.77. Did vou ever hear of a bianch of study called Arithmetic 1 DEMOCRATIC TRIUMPHS —The Democrats e iect two of the four Congressmen in Connecti cut. In the last Congress, the whole delega tion was "Republican." The "R-pulicans" elect the Governor.—The ticket has been elected in St. Louis, by 3000 majority, a Republican loss of 5000 f The whole Democratic ticket is successful in Cleveland, Ohio. Tbe Question of Abandoning Fort Pickens. WASHINGTON, March 30 —the repoits in regard to reinforcing Fort Pickens, it is now apparent, were put out for the sole purpose ol helping the Republican cause in Connecticut and Rhode Island. No such orders have been issued, or been contemplated. 1" reiterate my despatch of some days since, that within a very short period Fort Pickens will be evacuated. It is even now a matter of almost impossibility to land supplies there, and by the end of next week the administration will find that it can not make the attempt, much less succeed. The Texas Slate Convention. NEW ORLEANS, March 30, ISGl . —The Tex as Slate Convention ratified the Constitution of the Southern Confederacy with but two dissen ting voices. The Conven'ion adjourned sine die on the 25th instant, without referring the question ol j the adoption of the Constitution to the people, j Governor Horn-Ton's and # Representative Hamilton's efforts at opposition have proved ! an entire failure. All is now quiet in Texas. Why Doesn't he Hang Them ? When the Commissioners from South Caroli na waited upon President BUCHANAN, the He publicans cried out with one accord, hang them ! hang thern ! pronouncing all sorts of anathemas against Mr. Buchanan for suffering them to go unhung. There is a tiite, simple, but true saying that "what is sauce for the goose, is sauce for the gander." If Buchanan ought to have hung '.tie South Carolina Com missioners, ought not Lincoln treat the Com missioners from the Southern Confederacy ID the same manner ? Come, now, ye tlawpick ing, fault-finding Republican critics, is this not so ? Chop us a littler of your logic on this sub ject, pleas? ! Lincoln' 3 Popularity. The Portland Courier , a Black Republican paper, speaking of the proposed surrender of Fort Sumter, says : "The depth of infamy to which even James Buchanan dared not descend, it appears, is re served for Abraham Lincoln to sound." Another Republican papet gives vent to its indignation in this style : "A Government so cowardly, so craven, has sunk itself beneath the respect of a brave and loyal people, and the quicker it is dead and burted out of the way of sight and smell, the better. Oh, lor an hour of James Buchanan !" Says the [Lading Gazette : 'lt is reported that the Wide Awakes of Wilkes-Barre burned their caps and capes, and btoke their lamps on the Public Square, on Wednesday night last, to express their"indigna tion at Old Abe' to give up Fort Sumter." Alas ! Poor Abe i Thy sbbrt-lived glory faded like the summer rainbow, and bjack and lowering clouds hang where thy bow of prom ise stood. \ Combined French and English Fleet for the lulled States The news that the French and English Go vernments are fitting out "a powerful fleet of war steamers for the United Statesf' excites much curiosity and speculation. The Paris correspondent ol the New York limes says that the suggestion came from England—that France will furnish three first class new fri gates, and that the English contingent will per haps be no smaller. The precise obfect of this fleet is not known, and it will probably sail with sealed orders. The Times' correspondent says : "We may surmise, however, it is in fended as an audience foH.,'# struggle which is foon to take place beWetya brothers and fi lends in the United States —as a soil of escort ot honor for the funeral oLihe Great Republic. The idea is said to havesjeen pro voked in the English Cabinet by the indigni- j ties offered to a British subject or subjects in the Southern States. We dot suppose, ot course,; that the fleet goes out with any hostile intent : its ostensible errand will be the protection ol j English and French subjects. But it is the ' custom to send fleets "ol observation" when f any great war is going on in a foreign countiy and while observing, to pick uparjy little ad vantage that may offer for t it- niseivejj„; or when the sympathy of the fleet i< all on one side, to send boats now and then aifcidenllv be tween the contending forces, as England has ' in the late Sicilian war, so as to j proton a suffering friend at the right moment. "Spain, also, although not working in con- • cert with Prance and England, is preparing to send to the waters of the Gu.f of Mexico] a for midable force in men, ship? and material." It is needless to venture any speculations j as to tbe object of this movement. Everything tn regaid to it will be revealed in time. Un- I les.> the Republicans change thtfir miserable j policy and do something bind our country i together in the bonds of fraternal affection, we j may expect ail manner of startling occur rences, not unattended u'ith an abundance oi j humiliation.— Pennsylvaninn. SECESSION IN VIRGINIA. —The opinion isgra- I dually gaining ground in Virginia that- Lin ; coin and Seward are play ing double with the , border States, and hence the secession feeling |is said to be greatly on the increase. Colonel | Baitour, Superintendent of the United States j Armory at Harper's Feiry, all along a staunch j anti-secessionist, has come out strongly for ! secession, and tendered bis resignation to the :V\ ar Derailment. Mr. Summers has also i telegraphed to Lincoln that after a careful count, it lias been attained that only three votes are wanting in the Virginia Convention to pass a secession ordinance. This intelli gence, it is said, has created great excitement among the Republicans at Washington. Thus tar, it is a significant fact that th# "Republi cans" have not made a single cencession from their declared lines of policy, have nut abated a jot of their declaration to carry out the Chica go platform. In this respect, it niust be con fessed, they have shown pluck, much more than many of the border States, which first announced tfley would take nothing less than the Crittenden amendments, but since have shown a disposition to yield more. Mr. Lin coln, it is said, has despatched a messenger to Richmond, and, we suppose, if a liberal supply of offices is wanted to keep Virginia straight, she can get them.— PAila. j2rgu& __ - - z.— r - HEAL THE SlCK. —Diseases of*the Bowels and Stomach are always caused by large de posits of hurtful matter, left by impure blood in those important organs, "and the poisonous material in this vitiated blood, acting on the system makps it too weak to throw off this matter by the natural channel*, or if any is catried off it is a very small poition. So arise diarrhcea and dysentery, colic, cosliveness, bad breath, indigestion, nausea, loss ot appetite, belching of wind ol stomach, etc. To cure all these "the blood is the life," and must be perfectly pure and clean, then you cannot be sick. A short use of JUDSON'S MOUN TAIN HERB PILLS will delight you. You will feel with surprise their mighty power, and be willing to say with the red men of the west,, truly they are the "mighty healer." Sold by all medicine Dealers. VJOTICE— IN All persons interested, are hereby no tified that the undersigned, administrator of the F.stafe of Joseph Weyandt, late of Union Township, Jec'd., will apply to Ihe next Orphans' Court, to be held at Bedford. Apr,l 29th, 1661, for a discharge from his said office, April sth, '6-1. I LIAS DELL. 1 FAITHFUL MINISTERS or HEALTH In ex-! i amining the vessels at I fie various wharves we I J find among the curiosities of our commerce the brig Miranda, just in from Truxillo with a cargo of Honduras Sarsaparilla for Or. J. C. Ayer &. Co., of Lowell. So particular are this firm as to the articles used in compounding their various remedies, that they have this drug, like some others they consume, gathered for them by a skilful agent of their own in the tropical regions of its growth. He informs us thai there are many species of this plant, but two of which are really valuable in medicine ; the qualities of these are also affected by the time ol gathering, mode of curing, etc., opera tions which in that region of unreliable work men imposes a heavy labor upon him. One of the inert varieties of Sarsaparilla grows wild |in Jour lorests, while several others neatly wotthless, abound in Central and South Ameri ca. The intelligent agent assured us that the virtues ot this drug had never been fully told, and that the reason of the low esteem in which many hold it is mainly due to the importation of such immense quantities of the worthless varieties. His accounts ol his trips to Hondu ras and his,business excursions along tlm Gulf of Dulceand the rivers of Montagua and San tiago and among the adjacent mountains were of intense interest. We can but commend and honor his employers for the faithfulness and energy with which they executejtheir trust as ministers to the public health, and we suspect that this course is at hast one of the reasons why their medicines are held in such ex traordinary favor throughout the civilized world. 1 2lnnotiuttmt nts. [All notices under this head must be prepaid.] .4 NMOC i:t t C \f titlgc. MR. EDITOR :—Please announce the name ol I I JOHN S. RITCREY, Esq., ot Bedford Township, for J j the office of Associate Judge, subject to the decis- j j ion of County Convention. Treasurer We are authorised to announce A. J. SA.NSOM, of ! Bedford Borough, as a candidate lor County Trea- j j surer, subject to the decision of the Democratic j County Convention.

F IST OF CAUSES— J Put down for trial at j April Term (29th day) 1881. Daniel Means vs. D.Fletcher, et at. Isett, Wigton & Co. •' H. McN'eal. Lott iV W.itoon ■ Sproat d" Sneil. | Abner Thompson David Stuckey. u 'm. A. Powell . J. Studebaker. .G. I. Steele s use <• W . f. Daughettv. Ab'ra. Skelly, . Joseph Garber. , Mary J. Baker Samuel Smith. O. H. Gaither, Esq., < Collins. Dull & Co. Same .. Same. ,O. F.. Shannon, Esq., " Philip Reagy et al. S. Brown's Ex'r, " Philip Zimmers. J Catherine Bennett's use . " John Wright . i Peter al •• Wm. Mdara et al. ' Ab'm. Pitcher et al " H ester Stayer et al. Prothy's. Office, Bed- ( TATE, lord, Apri!£stb, 1861. J Pmthonotary. : IST OF GRAND JURORS- J Uiawn tor A ptil Term, sth Monday, {29 th day) 1861. John VV. Crissman, Foreman, Daniel N. I Bear, Samuel R. Bottomfield, Jacob G. Briz- j ' gle, Abraham Bennett, John Claycomb, Jacob ; Coplon, Emanuel Diehl, David'Diltz, Aiiam : Dielil, Peter R. Htllegas, Rudolph Hoover, I , George VV. Hollar, John Johnson, Jacob Kifer, Henry C. Lash ley, Cyrus S. Over, Lewis Pip. r I Thos. C. Reighart, Joseph S. Biddle, Christian Snowberger, James Taylor, John Wolf, Full - i i lip Zimmers, Jr. LTSTOF PETIT JURORS. Jacob Anderson, J. S. Brown, D. A. T. j Black, Jacob S. Brumbaugh, Jonathan Bowser, '■ ; Burns, of Thos.. Christian Batzel, Joseph jM. Berkhetmor, Joshua Dielil, John Diltz, I Cadwalader Evans, George Elliotf, Geotge J Eider, William Furney, John Gates, William | | Grove, George VV. Horn, Charles llilligas, | OiiveFHorton, George VV. Householder, E<q., Isaac Imler, A.J. Kegg, Job. Lysinger, Win. i Lamburn, Horatio Means, Joseph Mullen, Wm. Masters, James Miller, John A. Osborne, Win. Ott, John Riley, Jr., VV. VV. Shuck, David ; Steel, Michael Smouse, Thomas Spicer, Adam Weaverling, Solomon .Williams, Jacob Zim mers, of George. PROCLAMATION. To the Coroner, the Justices of the Peace, a>ul Con stables in the different Townships in the County of Bedford, Greeting. KNOW YE that in pursuance of a precept to me directed, under the hand and seal ol the Hon. FRANCIS M KIMMELL, President of the several Courts of Common Pleas in tbe Sixteenth District, consisting of the counties of Franklin, Bedford and Somerset, and by virtue of his office of the "our: of Oyer arid Terminer and General Jail delivery for the trial of capital and other offenders therein and in the Geneial Court of Quarter Sess ions of the Peace; and JOHN TAYLOR and A. J. SMVELY, Esqs., Judges ot the same court, in the tame County of Bedford, You and each of you are hereby lejuiredtohe and appear in your proper persons With your Record;, Recognizences, Examinations, and other remembrances belore the Judges aforesaid, at Bedford, at a Court of Oyer and Terminer and General Jail Delivery and General Quarter Sessions of the Peace therein to be holden for the county of Bedford, afore said, on the last Monday ot Apr if, (being the 29th dry,) at 10 o'clock' in the fo enoon of that day, there and then to do those things to which your several offices appertain. GIVEN under my hand t Bedford, on tbe sth of April, in the year of our Lord, 1861. JOHN J. CESSNA, April sth, '6l. • Sheriff. NOTICE.— In the Court ot Common Pleas, of Bedford county, Feb'y., Term 1861. Application lor a charter of incorporation for "the Rector, Church-wardens and Vestry-men of the Church of St. James." In pursuance of the order of said Court of Com mon Pleas. NOT ICE is hereby giver, that certain | persons of the Borough of Bedford, meaning to as sociate together as members, of the Protestant E pifcopal Church, have made applications, filed with the Protbonotary, setting forth that they are desi rous to acquire and enjoy the powers and immuni ties of a corporation or body politic, and accompa nied by a constitution, or instrument in writing, specifying the object, article, conditions and name style and title, under which they mean to associate ; i and that, if no sufficient cause be shown to the con trary, tbe seid Court will, at next Term, decree and declare that the said persons shall become and be a corporation or body politic, under the name stile and title of "the Rector, Church Wardens, and Ventrymen of the Church of St. James. ' Bv or der of the Court. S. H. TATE, April 3th, '6l. 3'. Proth'y. I) EGISTER'S NOTICE.— All persons interested i are hereby notified, tfiat itie following named ac countants hace filed their accounts in the Regis ter's Office of Bedford County, and that the same will he presented to the Orphans' Court lit and for Mid County, on Tuesday, the 30ih day of April, ins"., at the Court House, in Bedford, lor confir mation. I. The account of Nicholas Lyons, surviving Executor of the last Will, &c., of L ;urence Har. man, lite of Bedfoal Borough, der'd. 2 The account o? Adam Oeller St Josinh Mil ler, Ex'rs. of the last will, IWc., of George Oeller, late oi Londonderry tp., dec'd. 3. The accouritjof John Johnson, Adm'r. of the Estate oi M ichael Hull, late of Southampton tp., dec'd. 4. Th e account of Jonathan Snider, Adm'r. de bonis non, of the Estate of John Snider, late of Monroe tp., der'd. 5. The account of Jos. VV. Tomlinson, Adm'r. de bonis non, with the will annexed, of Joseph Black, late of Napier tp., dec d. 6. The account of Joseph W. Tomlinson, Ex'r. of the la_t will 4-c., of Elizabeth Black, late of Napier tp. der'd. 7. The account of John P. Reed, Trustee t sell : the Real Estate of Win. Anderson, lale of Bioad- Top tp. dt e'd. 8. The account ol George W. Williams, Cuar dian ol Martha, Paul, young St Stillman A. Fisher, minor children of Pamilla Fishei dec'd. 9. The account of Peter F. Lehman, Ex'r., ot the last will, &c.. ot Hannah Mi ler, late ol Lon donderry tp. dec'd. 10. The ccconni of Joseph Crisman, adin'r. of the estate ol Michael Reed, late of Libertv twp. dec'd. 11. The account of Joseph Claar, ex'r. of the last will, Stc., of John C'iaar, late of Bedlord Bor. dec'd. 12. The account of Samuel Griffith, adm'r. of the estate of Elizabeth Griffith, late of St. C;air tp. fee'd] 13. 'laie accoui tof John Wentiing, ex'r. of the last will, &e., ol Wm. H, Wentiing, late of Cum berland Valley tp., dec'd. Registers Ulllce, ( S. H. TATE, Bed fold, April stb. \ Register. OTICE.— J-x l ite follow ing named persons have filed their Bonds & Petitions lo Tavern Li cense, in the office of the Clerk of the Court of Quarter Sessions of the Peace, in and for Bedford County, and the same will be presented to said Court, on Tuesday, the 30th day of April, inst. Isaac Mengel. Jr., Bedford Borough. | Mrs. Sarah Fii er, •* ♦ | Joseph Alsip, " i' J John Hafer, • i < IA. G.Aden, Township, j John Todd, << I G VV. Figard, Broau Top Tow nship. ; J. S. Beck with " > ! John A. Gump, Bloody Run Borough, j Jacob Snider, Cumberland Val. Tp. Martin Fichtner, Harrison Tp. Heniy Corley Fuller, Juniata tp. M. Hildebrand, " Jonathan Fichtner, Londonderry, tp. Jacob Rahm, Liberty t p. • M-s. C. Tricker, " Peter Amich, St. Clair tp. Nathan Davis, " David Sleek, *• D n'L L Defibaugh, I George M. Colvin. Schellsburg Bor. John S. Robison " Wm. C. ?ni\eh*, " Bernard O'Neal, Southampton tp. D. A. 'J'. Black East Providence tp. George Megra v, " George Stuckey, Napier tp. Sam'l. Mixel, Monroe " Henry Fiuck, Middle VVoodbeny tp. j Wm. M. Pearson, '■ ! James L. Prince, South Woodberry. j Thos. E. Reighart, Union tp. Michael Wyant <• I A. J. Pennell, Colerain. ! Clerk's Office, Bed- ( S. H. TATE, I ford, April 5, 1801. f " clerk. | 1" ED FORD COUNTY SS. j J ) At an Orphans' Court held ; at Bedfotd, in and for the county of Bedford, on the . 11th day ot February, A. D. 1861, before tbe Judg : es of the said Court, On motion of John Mower, Esq., the Court grant a rule upon the hpirs and legal representatives ot j Airs. Hannah Hortcn, late of Alonroe Township, ; deceased, to wit: David Evans, John, who is dead, | leaving issue, three children, viz : Lew is, Harvey j ' and Eiiza, intermarried with Reuben O'Neal, Wil liam who is dead, leaving issue eight childrer, viz : i Henry, deceased, leaving two children, viz: names j and residence unknown, George Washington. Wil- i liam, residing in lowa, Wilson residing in Fulton I County, Penn'a., Jane intermarried with James Bar- ! | ton, Fn'ton county, Penn'a., Harrison, residence not known, Mary Ann, intermarried w ; th Alfrey Con ner, residing in Marion county, Ohio, and Marga let Elizabeth, residing in Maryland, Loan Evans, 1 Cadwalader Evans, Philip Evans, dead, leaving three j children, viz : Mary Jane, intermarried with John i Adams. Thomas Jefferson, Ann Elizabeth, the last j j two minors, under fourteen years of age, and a wid- 1 ow, Rebecca Evans, and I,aac Evans, to be and ap- ' j pear at an Orphans' Court, to be held at Bedlord, | in and for the county of Bedford, on the fifth Mon- j day. 29th day of April, next, to accept or refuse to i take the real estate of said deceased, at thevalua-! tion, which has been valued and appraised in pur- \ suatice ot a writ of Partition, or Valuation, issued out ot our slid Court, and to the Sheriff ot said ; county, directed, or show cause whv the same should not be sold. In testimony whereof 1 have hereunto > ban kea ' of said Court, ■"nprf/aIAJ at Bedfotd, the 21st dav of Feb'v. A D. 1861. S. H. TATE, ATTEST : CFk. JOHN J. CESSNA, Sheriff. April sth, 'til. BEDFORD COUNTY SS. At an Orphans' Couit held at Bedford, in and for the county ot Bedford, on the lith day ot Feb'y., A. D. 1801, before the Judges of the same Court, On motion of A. King, Esq., the Court grant a rule upon the heirs and legal representatives of Henry Ickes, late ot Union Township, deceased, to wit: George Ickes, John Ickes, and Adam ickes, re siding in Lower Sandusky county, Ohio, Michael Ickes, residing in Seneca county, Ohio, Henry Ick es, Su>an, intermarried with Frederick Stifiiw, Elizabeth, intermarried with Christian Cain, Cath arine, intermarried with Isaac Horn, and Joseph Ickes, residing in Bedford county, Penn'a,. and two grand children, daughters of Mary, now dead, who was intermarried with John Huli, of Gabriel, to wit: Eliza, intermarried with Joseph Gairer and Catha rine intermarried with John McCieary, residing in Bedlord County, to be and appe ir at an Orpheus' Court to be held at Bedford, in and for the County of Bedlord, on the fifth Mondiy, twenty-ninth day of April, next, to accept or refuse to take the real estate ol said deceased, undisposed o( at the Valua tion, has been valued and appraised in pur suance of a writ of Partition, or Valuation, issued out of our said Court, and to the Sheri ,r of said county directed, or show cause why the same should not be sold. • II testimony where of 1 have here i n,lto set my and the seal of said 'TiMIPy Court, at Bedford, this 21st day of February, A- D. 1861. S. H. TATE, ATTEST : Cl'k. JOHN J. CESSNA, Sheriff". April sth, '6l. \ DMINISTRA ICR'S NOTICE.— "\ Letters of administration having been granted to the subscriber living in Napier Township, on the estate of Elizabeth Hinton, late of Napier Township dec'd, all persons indebted to said Estate are notified to make payment immedi- ; ately, and those having claims against said Estate ! will ptesent them propciiy authenticated for set- : tlement. SHADRACH HINTON, April sth, '6l. Adm'r. E D FOR /) COUN TV $S tied ford, in and for ° r P har *' hetd at llth day ot Feh^ary//T'lsa I"" o "'' "" ges of ib lamr Court. ' J ' be,oie Ifit 'ud- On motion of John Cessna Fs„ . a rule upon the heirs an <i legal r„ Sf * r '' • Mrs. J ine R*i|v lat of k i ** s *ntatives oi ! to wit : James Col Jin.. Darnel' j la Stump. Mrs. Sarah K#lh* ar) ,i C,V,U and appear at an Orphans'' Court to be htn"' k!? | ford, in and for s id county, on the nfi' tf 29th day of April next, to accent ' or ret" Moru,a > , > the real estate of said Jane at the V !° ,Bl "' Which has been valued anda- s I Mt, ° n !of a writ of Partition, or I the Orphans' Court of Bedfoi.l cou' at i , !" j She.iff of said county, directed, or show c.u,e°„hv i , c h ;,^' ne Bhou,d not -old, by order of X 1.,5 -rnr ju festi irony whereof, ! have he,,. &" u "' m >' bar, d and the sea! of the W-Wlfe Tu T U at B * dfon, > !• Cth dir ot March, A. 1)., 18GI. ATTEST. CK,K JOHN J. CESSNA. Sheriff. April sth , 'CI. \NCIKNT JKKUSALEM. A LARUE AND BEAUTIFUL ISpMBTR ICJJ L PIC vi u L OF JERUSALEM AND THE SACRED PLACES SURROUNDING THE liny r liy AS THEY APPEARED IN ANCIEN't I IMKS The above work is commended to the favorable notice of clergymen, and those having c h are . Q , Bunday-schools, Bible-classes, and public ins'itu j tiori*. It is about nine feet long and six feet wide co lored and varnished, and mounted on canvas w.rh rollers. , It has been constructed fremf'ernost rei able I authentic sources, and will be found an invaluable j aid to those engaged in lecturing on the Holv Land or it. imparting instruction to school t.asses or. the I subject To which it rrfers. it aims to give an exact idea of the city as it an | peared in ancient times, it is taken asa .<h ir j s eye 'or view, the beholder bein<' i„ imagination, placed at a considerable elevation, so a, to take a comprehensive view of the city and of the whole country for some distance nround. The View is accompanied with an Outline Key in which the different localities are numbered and' and a Descriptive .Manual containing a'l the infor mation necessary to enable one to use the View to advantage in teaching or lecturing. THE SCM D.I Y-SCHOOL TIMES This is a Weekly Religious Paper, published at the very low price of ONE DOLLAR A YEAR. it is designed for PARENTS, TEACHERS, and ail who are engaged or interested in the religious irannng oi the young. It is excellent FAM- I v PAPER. A portion ol the Sunday-School Times is occu pied with N ARRATIVESand other mattei particu larly interesting to young persons. Teachers will find in it much that they will like to read to their cl issee—interesting matter preparer, to their hands, and such as they cannot find elsewhere. For the same reasons, members of Bible-classes, and the older schollars generally, will be greatly benefit ed by the perusal of this piper. The Sudnay-School Times has every week a r port of the choicest m.tter, selected from the NOO.V PRAYER-MEETINGS, which are so interestiu* to all clssses of Christians. Besides a large amount of general religious intel ligence, the Sunday-School Times contains all the most .ecent Sunday-school news. It reports all the important CONVENTION'S of Sunday-school teach ers. It discusses the questions which most inter est and perplex teachers and parents, respecting the various methods of religious training for the young, the means of gaining the attention and the affec tions of children, and especially of securing their convyrt tmi and biirging them to Christ. The sub let ot Mission-Schools for cities, and of Sunday school missionary work for the interior, is thor- I oughly canvassed. Indeed, there is hardly a top ic of practical importance to any who are inierei ted fti the subject of religious education, which is not here brought under consideration from week to week. The conductors of this paper endeavoi to remem ber, that the great end of all Christian effort is to b. ing mi nto Christ. 1 hey aim, accordingly, to put into every number ot the paper something which shall have tor its uirecl object the conversioi of souls. SPECUL OFFER. The Proprietors of the SUNDAY-SCHOOL TIMEB having acquired th > exclusive right of sale of the splendid work mentioned above, the MAP OK AN CIEN 1 JERUSALEM, otler it as a specia' premi um to those superintendents, teachers, or othets. who will assist in getting new subscribers to the paper. We offer Ibis superb premium to any one who Will send us th<; names of 12 new aubcribers and $!2 in cash. CjHJTIOA. [EP"In every case, before beginning to canvass, he sure to write to us and obtain the necessary docu ments and instructions, 'i hese will help you great ly in prosecuting the woik. and will save you many mistakes. Enclose 5 cents in stamps to pay pos tage. Address PROPRIETORS OF THE SI'NDAV-SCHOOL TIMES, 148 South Fourth street, Philadelphia N. B.—Specimens of the Sunday-School limes, and a copy of the M<p of Ancient Jerusalem, insy be seen at the bookstore of H. C. REAMER. April sth, 'CI. 3m. MLAIR COUNTY * B NORMAL SCHOOL & SEMINARY, MARTINSBURU, BLAIR co., PA. F..J. OSBORNE, A. B. i _ J. W. DICKEKSON. f Principals. This institution will commence its spring sessiou with an able and experienced corps of instructors on Monday. April Bth, 1881. No expense has been spared in making it thoiough and complete in everv department. The school building is constructed and lurnished upon tbe most approved modem plans, and is one ot the best an the State. It contains hall capable o: seating 000 adults, with olfice, music rooms, audi* cient for a school of 300 pupils. Ihe school is located in a region of country un excelled lor its beauty and healthfulness. ad is surrounded by a mora] and industrious community. 1 he distance to Cove Station. Huntingdon ant Broad Top R, R. is six miles ;to Hollidjysburg Stalion, Pa. R. 11. 12 miles, with daily stages frort! the latter and tri-weekly from the former; thus ma king it easy of access from all parts oi the country- Tiie objects oi" t':e school are Ist. Ihe r"ofessional Training of Teachers. 2nd. The thorough Education oi yoting ladies an., ger.t emeu in the English and Ornamental Branches 3d. The preparation of Students for College. 1 he teaching Cla-s will meet daily for lectures on the i heory and Practice ofTeaching, recitation from a standard work on the subject,- or discussion ot Methods of Teaching by the class. Students who desire to do so may piepare to en ter the higher classes in college. v Ladies will have a separate boarding house and w'ill be under tbe immediate supervisioo of an ex perienced Preceptress. Instruction given in all the branches taught in the best Academies ana Seminaties. Whole expense, (exclusive of Ornamental bran bes,) tor boarding, tuition, furnished rooms, room ent, and fuel, SIIB.OO a year. •or circular, with full particulars, address E. J. OSBORNE, or J. W. DICKERSON, J.C. EVTRHART, Mart• rsburg, BU>r CO., P I- Oct. 12. 1800- KOCK POWDER Just r-ceivl and forsa'e bv March 22. A. L. DKFIE AUGH.