Newspaper of Bedford Gazette, April 26, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Bedford Gazette dated April 26, 1861 Page 1
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vou ni; ,17. NEW SERIES. . IHERIFF'S SALE— By virtue ot sundry writs Fi. Fa., Vend Exponas and Levari Facias, -to .Tie directed, there will be sold at the Court Mouse, in the Borough ot Bedlord,ou Saturday, he -7lh day ot April, 1861, at 10 o'clock, A. M., the following desciibed Real Estate, to wit : The undivided half ot one tract o! land, con aiaing 21 acres, more or less, unimproved, ad ioining lands of King -N. Osborne and others. ALSO, The undivided halt ot 19 acres ol land, about 4- acres cleared, and under fence, adjoining lands of Rathmell Wilson and others. ALSO, T/ie undivided halt ol 160 acres of land, more or less, about 30 acres cleared and under fences, with a log dwelling house there on erected, also an apple orchard thereon, ad joining lands of John P. Anderson and olhtts. ALSO, One tract of land containing 5 acres, more or less, nearly all cleared and under fence, adjoining lands ot Rathmell Wilson and others, all situate in Broadtop Township, Bed ford County, and taken in execution as the property ot Lemuel Evans. ALSO, One tract ol land containing 12 acres, more or less, adjoining the Town ot Fair Play, and about 2 acres cleared and under fence, with 2 two story piarik dwelling houses and frame Store house thereon erected, adjoining lauds ot King, Watson St, McCanless, and lot of George W. Figard and others, situate in Broadtop Township, Bedford County, and ta ken in execution as the property of Aaion VV. Evans. ALSO, One tract ot land containing 28b a cres, more or less, about 100 acre 3 cleared arid under fence, with a story and half plank dwel ling house, story and half log dweiimg house, .-and mill, small grist mill, and bank barn ft; -re on erected, also an apple orchard thereon, ad joining lands of Nathan Cruhb, Laban Hanks, Samuel Snively and others, situate in Monroe Township, Bedford County, and taken in exe cution as tlie property ol John Martin. ALSO, One tract ot land situate in South ampton Township. Bedford County, contain ing 206 acres and allowance, adjoining lanri ol A. Rite hey, Israel Bennett, other lands ol said Oss, being part ot a larger tract of land containing 439 as, 58 per's, and allowance, o rigtnally surveyed for David Young, the 6lh October, 1794, conveyed to said Oss, by Abram Kerns, Esq., by Deed dated 20th day ot Sept. 1843, recorded in Vol. A. C , page 37, in Re corder's office of said county, 100 acres cleared and under ience, w ilh a two story dwelling house and barn thereon erected, balance of said Tract b"ing well timbeied. ALSO, One (ract of land situate in said Township cf Southampton, adjoining the above llTtirt J >n r ti tract -of lao.i, c f*J lanxi x iUiry lams, Artemas Bennett and Arnold Lashly, containing 87' acTes and all being a part of the tract brought Oss, by Deed dated 16th December, lSsl,and Recorded in Vol. A. C., page 38, from the Executors ot Abraham Kerns, dee'd. ALSO, One tiact of land warranted in the name of Colin Loyer, containing 399 acres, more or less, situate in said Township ot Southampton, aujoining lands of \rtemas, John and- Robert Bennett, and another tract of land warranted in he name of Colin Loyer, ALSO, One tract of land warranted in the name of Colin Loyer, containing 371 acres, more or less, adjoining lands ol Artemas Ben nett, John Sumrr.erville, Solomon Smith and others, situate in Southampton Township, Bed foul County and all taken in execution a the property of William Oss. ALSO, Two lots of ground in ll- Town el Clr-arville, fronting 120 feet on main sirc t, ami extending Lack 173 leet to an alley, with .i two storv log dwelling house llirrron erected, adjoining lot of Rev. 1 how a.- Hoyden on liie East, ana! ley on the west, situate is Monroe Township, Bedford County, and taken in exe cution as the property of Mathew Murray and Haiv Ann Murray. ALSO, All Defendant John Eicher's right! Tie interest and claim in and to one tract ol land containing 74 acres more or less, about i 1 aues cleared and under fence two y• v log dwelling house with stone basement, one log stable and other out buildings tneieou Ejected, adjoining lands of Henry Fisher, John >wser, John Richer jr., and others, situate in ,ibeily Township, Bedford County and taken n execution as the property ol John Richer. ALSO, All Defendant Joshua Filler's right title and interest in and to one iot ol ground in the Town of Rainxburg fronting about 82 feet on Main Street and extending back about 190 feet, with astoiy and a half log dwelling house and log stable thereon erected, adjoining lot ol widow Overocker, on the North, and lot of : Emanuel J. Diehl, on the South. ALSO, One lot ol giound in the Town of Rainsburg, fronting about 82 feet on Main street and extending back about 190 teet, w.lh a large two story Tavern house, with kitchen, store room, and ware house attached, and frame stable and other out buildings, thereon erected, 1 adjoining lot of George Morgart, on the North, and lot of George James, on the South, and all j situate in Colerain Township, Bedford County, and taken in execution, as the property of Joshua Filler. ALSO, All Defendant John Wright's inter est in and to one tract of land containing 500 acres more or less, about 100 acres cleared and under fence, with a story and a half log house, and log stable thereon erected, also an apple orchard thereon, adjoining lands of Joshua Pen nell, Philip Swartzwelder and others, situate in Montoe Township, Bedford County, and ta ken in execution as the property of John Wright. ALSO, One tiact of land, containing 7 C a cres, more or less, about 40 acres cleared and under fence, with a two story log dwelling house, and log stable thereon erected, adjoining the Juniata River, on the East, Sair.uel Brum baugh, on the North and West, and the Hope well lion and Coal Company, on the South, j situate in Liberty Township, Bedford County, and taken in execution, as the property of John A. Osborn. ALSO, One tract ot land containing 55 a cres more or less, about 30 acres cleared and under fence, with a two story log dwelling house and small log stable thereon erected, ad joining lands, ot William Cook, George Trout man and others,situate in Harrison Township, Bedford County, and taken in execution, as the property of Samuel Miller. All Defendant, Frederick Shimer's, right title and inteirsl in and to orie Iract ot land, containing 260 acres more or less, about 120 acres cleared and under fence, with a two story lug dwelling house, Tenant hou-e, double log ham, and other out buildings thereon erec ted, also an apple orchard thereon, adjoinin* lands ot Michael t>chaler, David Gogiienour and others, situate in Union Township, Bed ford County, and taken in execution a> the property of Frederick Shiiuer. ALSO, One lot of ground, in the Town of Ih'easuntvilie, fronting about 80 feet on the Johnstown road, and extending back about 200 feet, to land ot Jacob H. Wiight, with a two story frame house thereon erected, adjoining lot ol Andrew Horn on the East, and Public Road on the West, situate in St. Glair Town- j ship, Bedlord Gounty, and taken in execution, j as the property of David Sleek. ALSO, One tract ot land, containing 256 acres, more or less, about 75 acres cleared and j under fence, with a story and a half lug house, ! lug stable and Saw Mill thereon erected, also j an apple orchard thereon, adjoining lands of Joseph Mills, John Mills, heirs ana others, ; situate in Monroe Township, Bedford Countv, and taken in execution, as the piopertv of Jacob G. Boor. ALSO, One tract oi land, containing 100 acres, more or less, about 21) acies cleared and under fence, with a two story log dwelling house, and small stable thereon erected, adjoin ing lands of "William Oecqueth, John Ingland and others, situate in Monro? ford County, and taken in execution, as the property c t Gaston Hand. ALSO, One tract of land, containing 170 acres, more or less, about 100 acres cleared and i under lence, with a two story frame dwelling house, frame Bank ham and other out buildings I i thereon erected, also an apple and peach orchard thereon, adjoining lands of Adain Otto, Joseph Blackburn, W'rn. Border and others, situate in 1 Napier Township, Bedford County, and laken in execution, as the property of Jesse Black bum. Sheriff's office, Bed- ( JOHN J. CESSNA, i ford, April sth, '6l. J Sheiiff. aUATf> cou.vrv u D NORMAL SGHOOL& SEMINARY, MARTINSBURG, BLAIR CO., PA E.J. OSBORNE, A. B. 1 n . J. W. DICKERSON, f Principals. This institution will commence its spring session with an able and experienced corps ol" instructors on Monday, April Bth, JBCI. No expense has been spared HI making it thoiough and complete in every department. The school buiidmg is constructed and furnished upon the most approved modern plans, and is one ol the best in the State. It contains a hall capable ol seating r.OO adults, with oltice, music rooms, utfi cieut ior a school ol 300 pupils. Ihesi h vol is located HI a region of country un excelled tor its beauty and healthfulness, and, i l ' surrounded by a moral and industrious community. J he dislaiice to Cove Mation. Huntingdon and Broad Top R. R. is six miles; to Hollidaysbnrg Station, Pa. K. R. 12 miles, with daily stages fron 1 the latter and ti i-v\eekl'y Irom the former ; thus nrr, king it easy of access from all parts ol the county I The objects of the school are : Ist. The Professional Training of Teachers. 2nd. The thorough Education ol young ladies and gentlemen in Ihe English and Ornamental Branches 3d. The preparation of Students for College. The teaching Clas will meet daily for lectures on the Theory and Practice ofTeaching, recitation from a standard work on the subject,- or discussion <>l Methods of Teaching by the class. Students who desire to do so may prepare to en ter the higher classes in college. Ladies will have a separate boarding house and will be under the immediate supervision of an ex perienced Preceptress. Instruction given in all the branches taught in the be.t Academies ana Seminaries. Whole expense, (exclusive of Ornamental bran hes,) far boarding, tuition, furnished rooms, room i ent, and tuel, SIIB.OO a year. 'or circular, with full particulars, address K. J. OSBORNE, or J. W. DICKERSON, J.C. Evekhart, Marorsburg, Blair co., Pa. I Oct. 12. 1860- I IST OF CAUSES— .J Put down lor trial at April Term (29th day) ISC 1 .. Daniel Means vs. D.Fletcher, et at. Isett, Wigton St Co. " H. McNeal. Lott 4" Watson • Sproat 4 Stteil. Abner Thompson •' David Stuckey. Wm. A. Powell <■ J. Studebaker. G. F. Steele's use <• \V. T. Datigbertv. Ab'm. Skelly, •' Joseph Garber. Mary J. Baker " Samuel Smith. O. H. Gaither, Esq., Collins, Dull & Co. Same " Same. O. E. Shannon, Esq., " Philip Keagy et al S. Brown's Ex'r, " Philip Zimmers. Catherine Bennett's use. John Wright. Peter Stayer et al " Wm. Mudara et al. Ab'm. Pitcher et al " H ester Stayer et al. Protby's. Office, Bed-I TATE, ford, April .">th, ISCI. J Piothonotary. i DM IN ISTR A lOR'S "NOTICE.— i\ Letters of administration having been granted to the subscriber living in Napier Township, on the estate of Elizabeth Hinton, late of Napier Township dee'd, al! persons indebted to said Estate are notified to make payment immedi ately, and those having claims against said Estate will piesent them propeily authenticated for set tlement. SHADRACH HINTON, April sth, '6l. Adm'r. VDMINISTR A TOR'S _ Letters ol ad ministration upon the estate of John Gorsuch, late of Hopewell tp.. dee'd., having been granted to the subscriber, all persons indebted to the estate aie i requested to make immediate payment, and those ' having claims will present them properly authenti cated for settlement. JOHN SHOEMAKER, of March 22. Colerain township, adm'r. BEDFORD, PA., FRIDAY MORNING, APRIL 2<i, 1861. J) FGISTER'S NOTICE.— \j All persons interested are hereby, notified, tnat the following named ac 'ctmntantg have filed their accounts in the Regis ter's Office of Bedford County, and that the same will be presented to the Orphans' Court in and for said County, on Tuesday, the 30th day of April, ins ~at the Court House, in Bedford, for confir mation. 1. The account of Nicholas Lyons, surviving Kxecutor ol the iast Will, See., of L urence Har. man, late oi'Bedford Borough, dec d. 2. The account of Adarr. Geller & Josiah Mil ler, Ex'rs. of the last will, &c., of George Geller, 1 ile ol Londonderiy tp., dee'd. 3. The John Johnson, Adm'r. of the Estate ol Michael Huff, late of Southampton tp., dee'd. I. Th e account of Jonathan Snider, Adm'r. de bonis noil, of the Estate of John Snider, late of Monroe tp., dee'd. . 3. The account of Jos. W. Tomlinson, Adm'r. de bonis Iton, with the will annexed, of Joseph Black, late of Napier tp., dec d. t5. The account of Joseph W. Tomlinson, Ex'i. of the la-t will <J-c., of Elizabeth Black, late of Napier tp. dee'd. 7. The account of John I'. Reed, Trustee t sell the Real Estate of Wm. Anderson, late of Broad- Top tp. dee'd. 8. The account ot George W. Williams, Cuui dian of Martha Jane Young & Stillman A. Fisher, minor children ol i'amiila Fishei. 9. The account of Peter F. Lehman, Ex'r., of j the last will, Ac., of Hannah Miller, late of Lon-. 1 dondsrry tp. dee'd. | 10. The recount ot Joseph Cnsman, adm'r. of ; the estate of Michael Reed, late ot Liberie tvsp. ! dee'd. 11. The account of Jo.-eph CI Bur, ex'r. of the I la; t will, Ac., of John C'iaat, late of Bedford Bor. , dee'd. 12 r The account of Samuel Griffith, aum'r. ol : the estate of Elizabeth Griffith, late of St. Clair i tp. dee'dj 13. The account of John Wentltng, ex'r. ot tt>e 1 iast will, Ac., ol Wm. H, VV trilling, late of Cum- I berland Valley tp., dee'd. I IJ. The account of John Luai-m, t-dm'r. of the , estate of Zacheus Lumao late of Cumbeilaud Val ley tp., dee'd. Register's Olilce, 1 S. H. TATE, Bedfoid, April 3th. i Register. ] N""OTICE The following named persona ! have filed their Bonds A ,Petitions for Tavern Li- \ cense, in the office of the Clerk ol the Court of I Quarter Sessions of the Ptjace, in and lor Bedford • County, and the same will be presented to said j ; Court, on Tuesday, the 30th day ol April, inst. i Isaac Mengel, Jr., Bedford Borough. Mrs. Sarah Filler, " < 1 Joseph Alsip, < John Hafer, i * A.G.Allen, • < Township, j John Todd, G. VV. Figard, broad Top Township, j J. S. Beck with •' John A. Gump, Bloody Run Borough. I Jacob Snider, Cumberland Yal. Tp. Martin Ficbtner, Harrison Tp. Henry Corley " Jos. ph Fuller, Juniata tp. St IJ . . Jonathan V'ichtnr, Londonderry, tp. Jacob Kahm, l.iberty iji. Mr s . C. Tricker, Peter Amich, St. Clair tp. Nathan Davis, " David Sleek, • James Barefoot " H. W. J. F, Smith Rainsburg Boi. George M. Calvin. Schellsburg Bor. John S. Robison • Wm. C. Jtiively, • Bernard O'Neal, Southampton tp. D. A. T. Black, East Providence tp. George Megraw, " George Stuckey, Napier tp. Sam'l. Mixel, Monroe " Henry Flock, Middle Woodbeiry tp. ! Wm. M. Pearson, • James L. Piince, South W'oodberry. Thos. E. Reigharf, Union tp. I Michael Wyant • j A. J. Pennell, Colerain. ! Clerk's Ollice, Bed- ( S. H. TATE, j lord, April 5, 16(51. I clerk. ! | 1 1 EDFOIID COUNT}' ,6.6'. I ) At an Orphans' Court held at Bedfoid, in and tor the county of Bedford, on the j 11th day of February, A. D. 1 SGI, before the JuJg-i es of the said Court, On motion of John Mower, Esq., the Court grant a rule upon the heirs and legal representatives of j Mrs. Hannah Borton, late of Monroe Township, j deceased, to wit: David Evans, John, who is dead, J leaving issue, three children, viz : Lewis, Harvey j and Eliza, intermarried with Keuben.O'Neal, Wil liam who is dead, leaving issue eight children, viz : Henry, deceased, leaving two children, viz: names j j and ievidence unknown, George Washington. Wil- I liam, residing in lowa, Wilson residing in Fulton County, Penn'a.,Jane intermai ried with James Bar ton, 1 niton county, Penn'a., Harrison, reside ce no! known, Mary Ann, intermarried with Alfrey Cot- j ner. residing in Manon county, Ohio, and iMurga- | set Elizabeth, residing in Maryland, Loan Evans, j Cadwalader Evans,Philip Fvans, uead, leiving three ! children, v;z : Mary Jane, intermarried with John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Ann Elizabeth, the last two minors, under fourteen years ol age, and a wid ow, Rebecca Evans, and Isaac Evans, to be and ap pear at an Orphans' Court, to be held at Bedford, in and lor the county of Bedford, on the fifth Mon day, 29th day of April, next, to accept or refuse to take the real estate of said deceased, at the valua tion, which has been valued and appraised in pur suance of a writ of Partition, or Valuation, issued out of our said Court, and to the Sheriff of said

county, directed, or show cause why the same should not be sold. testimon . v whereof 1 have hereunto p L set iny band and the seal of said Couit, at Bedfoid, the 21st dav of Feb'y. A. D. 1661. S. H. TATE, ATTEST J CL'k. JOHN J. CESSNA, Sheriff. April stb, '6l. SHERIFF'S SALE! By virtue of a writ of Levari Facias, to me directed, there will be sold, at the Court House on Saturday the 27th of April, inst., the following property, to wit : All the defendants' interest in and to a certain one story log frame church building 35 feet in front and forty leet in depth, situate in Stonerslovvn in Bedford county, and the lot or piece of ground appurtenant to said building and taken in execution as the propeity of the Trustees of St. Mat bias' Church, at Stonerstovvn Bedford county. J. J. CESSNA, Sh'fl. r 1 1H EBOD UGGE R.— This wonderful a'ticle just patented, is something entirely new, and nev ei before ottered to agents, who are wanted every where. Full particulars sent free. Address SHAW & CLARK, March 15,1861. Biddeford, Maine. Freedom of TUought and Opinion, 0L1) ARE'S WAR. SURRENDER OF FORT SUMTER ! ! In the teeth of bis late professions—in opposi tion to public opinion—in defiance ol Gen. , SCOTT'S remonstrance—in disregard of the j wishes of Maj. ANDERSON — ABRAHAM LINCOLN, toe poor imbecile who occupies and disgraces i'Ce Presidential chair, has thought proper to commence a civil war—and what a commence fiieni fbe first battle is a triumph for South i.ardina ! Fort Sumter has surrendered to the -Aemy, and the great North and her people 1 - tnd defeated and disgraced before the world ! \ M'utiJ quite recently Mr. LINCOLN had de termined to evacuate that Fort. He had in ;.'u;:ritd Maj. ANDERSON of this determination,! n.J, with few exceptions, the Republican jour nals of the whole North applauded and be-' ' patt'-red him with compliments for arriving at i! ts conclusion. "The fort cannot be rein-; j forced without naval force aof 20,000 men," i ny t.i the in told us ; and, "even it reinforced, ■ will accomplish nothing," chimed in others. I Hjj 1 aDer this policy had been agreed upon by ! i IN'.'OLN and bis Cabinet, and endorsed by nearly all the Republican papers, a sudden i . j.'uuige came over the Preideot's .dreams, and e airived at the conclusion to drench the: '".Kiot.iy . if. blood by civil war ! Who advised i change of policy f Who influenced the I Pl ' SIDEUT alter he had assured Maj. ANDERSON mil the country that be would not resort to I - icioti ' V\ tio influenced him, we say, and ! reed him to violate his word ? The question ! is easily answered. Tiie extreme Abolitionists, i , who direct ami control LINCOLN, were the men Alio d. :iwndt ! civil war, and compelled the j Pi Mdent, against his own judgment, to attempt impossibility, the reinforcement of Fort limn. GREELY, the man who "prefers the Chicago platform to fifty Unions;" SUMNER,! , W..0 ,-aul the ' Soutii must be humbled ;" LOVE 't i iV, the crazy Abolitionist who compared JOHN j BROWN to our Saviour ; CARL SCUURZ, the | ; Itilidel foreigner; AME, who wants an J •'anti-slavery Bible ■" WILMOT, the one- i t idea Aboli'ioa Senator from this Stale—; j'hese are the men who forced "old ABE" !to declare civil war. They demand the re- j ' mforcement of Sumpter, notwithstanding Gen. ' SCOTT had said that it never could be done.— Why did riot these war-like gentlemen assist in the hazardous undertaking ? We notice that I nearly all the late U. S. Senators from the ! South, are in the ranks ot the volunteers, fight- ' ;mg for what they believed to be their rights. Why don't WILMOT, SUMNER, LOVEJOY, aud PURLING A ME shoulder muskets and fight tor the j .Pucago platform \ They demanded this war, p ,: 'W Jet us see their courage tested. • ' — 4 " J ' (J'V'l RNILIMILIT E ! of LINCOLN S war as tar AS it has goue. Bella j are ringing in the South, and the loud huzzas jof her people are heard—blood has been snil- j led—men have been shot down by their breth- ; j ten—Sumter lias surrendered—the North is j disgraced ! When hostilities are to cease, God | only knows. We may tu all probability will, j have a war of years, and our couutry may be drenched with blood beiore the end. Our Union is doomed—doomed because ol the triumph of an unprincipled sectional, Abolition 'party. Heaven protect us ! But, now that we are in the diiliculty now that we must look the tearful reality in the j tare, our duly, as goou citizens, h> plain— we must stand by the Government, we must sustain the President, and hold up his hands iu this j crisis. Pennsylvania, we doubt not, will do her whole duty, and will assist, with miglitv j power, to crush rebellion, come fiom what quarter it may.— American Volunteer. A TOUGH "YARN" ABOUT WESTERN' VIRGIN] A. "Old," was especially given to "Tough ; Yarn-spinnings." On one occasion, while sit | ting, after supper, before a huge log fire that t oared and crackled in the deep throated chtm m y -place, he commenced, as usual, to enter tain our cletical fri> lid with a few exploits of j bis young days. He remarked, "Game is not ; igli oat ) as | I r.ty as it used to be in old times." "No," replied his friend, "1 suppose hunters | are more numeious ?" " Not nigh onto as plen ! Tv," continued Uncle Gabe, who seemed to he | loit lot a moment in a reverie, then giving his grey locks a tos's and elevating his shaggy eye- t brows, "uigh unto us plenty." When I was a young man in these parts, people had notroub- ! le to get anything they wanted in the likes of meats. Sometimes they had trouble to raise ! corn, as the tarnal varmints had to be watchtd i to keep them lrom carrying away the whole 1 field. One day, along in the fall of IS—I con cluded to go out and scout about and see if I couldn't bring home a few wild turkeys, as the neighbors said they was uncommon thick. I hadn't been out afore. So I tuk down "Old ; Bets," and started towards the Yough, (Yough- ; iogheny,) and when I come down to the river, I looked on 'totber side and I see sixteen tur keys settin'side by side, on a limb that hung out over the water. I fired away and split the limb to let the turkeys' toes in.— The ball went through, and Ihe crack closed up and held 'em last ! 1 loaded and fired agin and cut the limb off, and down it fell in the wa ter. I see the wild honey coming out by the gal lon from where I liad cut it off. I "started to wade across the river to get the turkeys; and when I had got about half way over, the fish ran in under my trowsers so thick that they busted ofl a big metal button at the lop of it. j VCF" A priest, proceeding to the chapel one | Sunday morning through the burial ground, observed several sprightly little girls seated on a tomb-stone, and wishing to be jocular with them, asked what they were doing there.— "Nothing at all, plaze your riverence," was the replv of one of thein. ''Nothing .'"said he. "What is nothing?" "Shut your eyes, your reverence," retorted one of them, and you'll see it." ; WHERE ARE THE WIDE-AWAKES F Night after night fast fall our streets blazed ■ with the torches, and resounded with the shouts of men and bo\s, who kept military time and wore glazed caps and horse collars, denouncing the South and her institutions. We warned them time and again of the sad and disastrous consequences which must follow from their in sanity. We begged of them by every . cotisid | eration of patriotism and humanity to desist from a course that must inevitably result n>ru iin to the country. We referred therr. to the j wise and prophetic warnings of such men as | Washington, Clay and Jackson. But the | Wide-Awakes would not listen. Lanterns,, j and capes, and flags multiplied in our streets. : i Banners floated, and drums were beaten, and ' in a while the deed was done. And now, Gentlemen Wide-Awakes, how do you like it ? No longer than last autumn vou ; had work and fair wages. But how is ,t now ' ; Where is your work and where are your wa ges ? No money—no employment, unless you take service under President Lincoln to do le galized murder upon your countrymen. War is now begun, and men will be needed to fur nish food for powder. The people ot the South are armed and ready for your reception. The diseases of the Southern climate are waiting pa tiently lor their victims. Rut where are the Wide-A wakes now? Where is the half mil- j lion of Wide-A wakes who were to overrun the ] South and reduce it to subjection ? Their ser- i vices are needed, and we insist that they snail I do the fighting.— Greensburgh Democrat. THE~RONN AGETAX. We have been asked frequently to give the i vole up. n the bill to repeat the Tonnage Tax. j For the benefit of those desirous ot knowing j who voted for that bill, we annex the follow- j iug list. j SENATE. Y EAS —Messrs. Benson, Blood , Connell, Fin- j ney, Gregg, Hall, Irnbrie, Landon, McClure, I .Meredith, Nichols, Parker, Schindel, Serrill, | Smith, Thompson, Wharton and Palmer, Speaker—lS. RECAPITULATION. Yeas—Republicans 16. Democrats 2. HOUSE. YEAS —Messrs. Abbott, Acker, Aschom, Aus tin, Ball, Bartholomew, Blair, Bressler, Biews ter, Burns, Butler, (Carbon,) Butler, (Crawford,) Byrne, Caldwell ,Co wan, Craig, Douglass, Out field, Duncan, Dunlap, Eilenberger, Gaskiil, Gibbony, Goehnng, Graham, Harvey, Hillman, I Hotfius, Huhn. Koch, Lawrence, Leisinring, I L/JWIIICI, AtIuXJo/ >w .V, M*O w .. lp u.lj Muivlraii) J Moore, . Morrison , Mullin, Ober, Osterhout, j Pierce, Preston, Pughe, Randall f Reily, Ridg- j way, Robinson, Roller, Seltzer, Shafer. Shep- J paid, Smith, (Philadelphia,) Taylor, Teller, ! Thomas, Walker, White, Wildev, and Davis j i Speaker—6o. BECAPITULATIOF . Yeas—Republicans -16. Democrats 14. Republicans in Roman ; DemociaL in Italic. WHAT IS LINCOLN DRIVING AT ? The pattizans of the Administration, who are so violent in their denunciations of all who do not approve of the policy of civil war, do not pretend that war will result either in the enforcement of the laws or the restoration ot the Union. On the contrary, the admission is explicit}' made that "war 1 with the seceded States will not bring them I back into the Union." Indeed, ater the daily ; exhibitions of intense hatred to the Southern I States, made by that class of Republican jour- j nals most anxious for war, it is impossible to ; believe that they desire to be again associated j with the seceded States. It, then, war is not, to brng these States back into the Union, w hat i is its object ? When we are called upon to ; stand by the Administration, we would like to '• know what the Administration is driving at. WIIO ARE FOR THE UNION ? Ttie Black Republicans pretend to be in favor of the Union, but they refused to pass; the Crittenden Compromise, which would have j saved ttie Union, and insured quiet and j prosperity to the people. The Union profess ions ol the Black Republicans are worth noth ing, so long as ail their acts eieate hatred and ill-will among the people of the States.— The present course of the Lincoln Administra- j tion can have no other efl'ect than to destroy \ the Union forever.— Gettysburg Compiler. THE COUNTRY SPEAKING! Democrats carried Hartford, Conn., j on Monday, by 500 majority ! (EP'Complete Democratic ticket elected in ; the city of Milwaukie, Wisconsin ! [tT"Albany, N. Y., April. The Democrats carried the Charter election to-day by over 1,600 majority ! ff? = "Trenton, N. J., April 9—The election in this city 10-day resulted in the success ol ; Wm. R. Kean, Rep., as Mayor, and Starin, Dein., as Marshal. A majority of Democrats ; on the city and ward tickets were elected ! fCP'Tbe Democrats of Hoboken, on Wed nesday, elected their Mayor and other mu nicipal officers ! 'IF"A poor editor out West somewhere, tai ling into the hands of the Philistines, broke forth in the following gizzard moving appeal : Sheiiff, spare that press ! Touch not a single type ; Don't put me in distress. To stick to me through life. 'Tis all in all to me— If lost, what shall I do ? 5 Then why not let it be ? Oh, Sheriff, boo ! hoo 1 hoo 1 W HOLE \l/jf|HE It, 2947. CHEATING GOING ON*.—Some years ago a 'SS ame poker was beipff played irj this place. Jim C was in it and during the game con trived to steal the-/our aces aud lay them on I Ins knee, to be played ai the proper time— . Che player who sat next to him saw the move, and slipped the aces from their hiding place', putting tour other cards in their stead.' When Jim's turn tame to deal, he called on all hands |togo it blind. "I'll go over all of you."— ! When all were in deep enough to suit him he 1 reached tor his aces, and brought up something ! vise. Throwing his cards 9 n the table, in a tone of indignation he exclaimed : "Gentlemen, I can't play in this game : there's cheating going on !" _CP"Parcn Green, a preacher in the habit . sometimes of drawing upon a box of sermons, I bequeathed him by his father, who was also a minister, upon one occasion got hold ola ser mon, by mistake, which the old gentleman had once preached to the State piison convicts. It opened well, and the congregation were becom ing deeply interested, when all a! once the parson surprised them with th information, that '-had it not been for the clemency ol the ! governor, every one of them would have been j bung a long time ago." I SJ "SO there's another corruptionof Mount J vociferous," said Mrs. Partington, as she put i up her specs. "The paper trlls about the burning lather | fining down the mountains, but it don't tell I how it got a tire." he Pittsburgh Dispatch informs us that Gov. Cut tin is supposed to be §75,000 better otT since the repeal of the tonnage tax, than he was previous to that event. It also states that . Ir. A. K. McClure, Republican Senator from ; r ronklin, who was the leader in conducting : that measure thro the Legislature, has recently i purchased a valuable farm, near Chambersburg, which he is expensively fitting up. The Dis- I patch stronsly intimates that the latter gentle i man was not in quite such good circumstances, j nefore the passage of the tonnage tax bill— These two '-pure and incorruptible" Republi can patriots (?) must have had a splendid "windfall" from some source, and perhaps our cotemporaries, who have prated so loudly about I Democratic "corruption" would be able to tell } where. Have we no Covode in our State Le j gislature ? j '* A Darkey jury of Inquest sitting on the I body of a deceased Degro, the other day, return , ihe following vet diet i "We, de undescribe darkes, being a Kurn ers Jurav ob disgust, to sii jqa de hadv nK de,. ! u"l s l j-uj uu gone berore us, I hab been sittin' on de said niggar aforesaid, did jon de night oo de fusteeth of Juvember, come to his deaf by fallin, from de said riber, whar we find he was subsecomely drowned, and af : terwards was washed on de riber side, whar we | spose he frose to def." _ A ladv officer, if she wished lo give the word ' halt" to her troops, woald do it some what in this wise —"You soldiers, all of you, now mind, T order you, as soon as I have i finished speaking, to stand still, °verv|one of you, on the spot where vou may happen to be • don't you hear me ?' halt, I say, all of you !" | w/y young and ignorant preacher in one of bis discourses preached a doctrine in con flict wilh the plain words of St. Paul. Upon j being reminded of this, UP very coolv rerr.ark eu, "Yes, but mat's where Paul and I differ." r CP""Husband, I hope you have no objection j to mv being weighed." "Certainly not mv dear ; but why do vou i ask ?" "Onlv to ascertain it you will let me, have i my iceiqh once." i - [LP*"I wish to introduce a bill for the pre vention of worms," as the woodpecker said to j the apple tree." (CP""Who goes there?" said an Irish §en j try of the British legion at St. Sebastian, "A Iriend," was the prompt reply. "Then stand where you aj;e, for, by 'he powers, you're the : first I've met with in this murtherin' coun try." tCP* The Missouri Legislature recently adup- I ted a resolution, that the public printing be i done by convicts, but the resolution felt "still bom from the table, because it was ascertained that of all the criminals in the Penitentiary, not : one was a printer. j [LP" A man complaining of being turned out ola conceit, room said he was fired with in dignation. "If you fired," added a bystander, "perhaps that was the reason they p U t y 0(1 out." liyjohn Morrissey, tile pugilist, is lying seriously ill ol diptheria, and his recovery is said to be doubtful. mating the amount of blood in the human body at twenty-lour |>ounds, twelve pounds pass through the heart every minute. [CP"Aftera marriage in Connecticut, lately, the bridegroom took the parson aside most mys teriously, and whispered to him, • 'can't you take the pay out in taters ?*' 'CP°The newest definition of "hard times" is —sitting on a grindstone, and reading a politi cian's speech. I [CP"At a Fair down East, a reporter gives the j following in a list of premiums; "Best bed com forter —Miss Thompson." KF~"The right man in the right place"— A husband at home in the evening. VOL. 4. NO. 37.