Newspaper of Bedford Gazette, 8 Nisan 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Bedford Gazette dated 8 Nisan 1864 Page 3
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BELL'SS PECIFIC PILLS— WAUASTRA I* ALL | CASES. Can be relied • ! Nerr tail to cure 1 Do cot nauseate ! Are speedy in action! No change of diet required! Do not interfere with business pur suits! Can be us*cf without detection ! UpwarJ of 300 cures the past mon'h—some of them very se-j vere cases. Over one hundred physicians have i them incheir practice, and all speak well of their efficacy, and approve of their composition, which is entirely vegetable, and harmless dn the system . Hundreds of certificates can be shown. BKLL s SPECIFIC PILLS are the original and only genuine Specific Pill. They are adapted for male and female, old or young, and the only reliable rem- j •dy for effecting a permanent and speedy cure in all j cases of Spermatorrhea, or Seminal Weakness, with all its train of evils, such as Urethral and Vaginal Discharges, Gleet, the Whites, Nightly or Involun tary Emissions, Incontinence, Geni'al Debility and : Irritability, Impotence, Weakness or Loss of Povv- I er, Nervous Debility, itc., &c.. all ot which arise | principally from Sexual Excesses or Self-Abuse, i or some constitutional derangement, an i incapaci- : tat"s the sufferer from fulfilling the duties of mr- j ried life. In all sexual diseases, as Gonorrhea, ■ Gleet, and Strictures, and in Disease.- of th B ad- ! der and Kidneys, tbey act as a charm ! Relief is ex- > perienced by taking a single box. Sold by ail the principal druggists. Price SI. They will be sent by rra; , secure! v sealed, and ; confidentially cr. receipt of the money, by J. BRYAN, M. P., J No. 76 C % nar street. New York, ■Consulting Physician lor the treatment of Seminal.! Urinary, Sexual, and Nei voue JJiseases, who will send, free to all, the following valuib'.e work, in ; sealed envelope : TIIE FIFTIETH THOUSAND —DR. BELL'S fRKA- j TISE on Seit-Abusp, Premature Decay, Impotence and Loss of Power, Sexual Diseases, Seminal Weak- I Bess, Nightly Emissions, Genital Deb;'"iy, stc., be., j a pamphlet of 61 pages, containing impo rant ad- j vice to the afflicted, and which should be re::d by : every sufferer, as the means of cure in the severest I stages is plainly set forth. Two stamps required to pay postage. December 4, 1863—lysc IMPORTANT TO LADIES —DR. HARVEY'* FEMALE PILLS nave never vet failed in removing difficulties arising from obstruction, oi stoppage oi narnie, or th restoring the system to peifert health when sut feiing fiom Spinal Affections, Prohp,us Uteri, the Whites, ot other weakness of the Uterine Organs. 1 he Pi lis ate pert ectiy ha; mless on the constitution, feud may be taken by the mo-t delicate female with out causing distress—the same time thee act likes charm bv strengthening, invigorating and restoring; the system to a healthy rone.ition, anil by bringing on ibe monthly periof with regularity, no matter j from what causes the obstruction may arise. Thee •' should, however, NOT be taken during the first j three or four months of pregnancy, though safe at 1 any other tune, as miscarriage would be the . e.suit. ! Each box contains 60 Pills. Price sl. DR: HARVF.Y'S TREATISE on Diseases of Females, Pregnancy, .Mi-carriage, Barrenness, Sterility, Re production, and Abuses ot Nature, and ernp'.a'iea! !\ 1 the Ladies' Private Medical Advise", a pamphlet of 64 pages, sent free to ai;y address. Six cents re- j quired to pay postage. The Pills and book will be sent by mail when de sire''.. securely saled, and prepaid, by J. BRYAN, M. D., General A?-nt, No. 76 Cedar st., New York, trrs old by all the principal druggists. December 4, IS63—lysc. <i WALLOW two or three hogsheads of "Buchu," : r )"Tonic Bitters," "Saisaparillit," "Nervous An tidotes," Ac., Ac., and aiter you are .ati fied with ! the re-u!t, then trv one box of OLD DO! TOR 15'!- CHANT'S ENGLIS' SPECIFIC PlLLS— and be ! restored to health and vigor in lest than thirty dvs . They are pur!y vegetable pleasant to ink* prompt and salutary in their effect® on the broke:.-down and shattered constitution. Old and young can take them with advantage. Imported uud sold in the , United St.ites only by JAS. S. BUTLER, Genera! Agent, Station D, Bib.e House. New York. P. S. A box sent to any address on receipt of price—which is One VoUur—post free. March 25, 1864.—3 m T]SE NO OTHER! BUCHAN'S SPECIFIC PILLS | are the only Reliat.te Remedy for all Diseases ! <of the Seminal, Urinary and Nervous Systems. Try i one box, and be cured. ONE DOLLAR A BOX. One box wil! perfect a cure, or money refunded.— j Sent by mail on receipt oi pi ire. JAS. S. HUTLEU. Station D, Bible House, New York, March 23,1864 —3m Genera' Agent. TiO YOU WISH TO BE CURED ? )J DK- BUCHAN'S English Specific Pills cure in less than 30 davs the worst cases of Nervousness. Impotence, Prem ature Decay, Seminal Weakrie-s, Insanity and all Urinary, Sexual, and Nervous Affection-, no matter 1 from what cause p.oduced- Price, One Dollar ; T box. Sent; post-paid; by mail, on receipt of an order. Address, JAS. S. Bl r TLER, Genera! Agent, Station D, Bible House, New York. March 25, 1364.—G>m ASSIGNEE ACCOUNT. Notice is hereby given that the Account of Thomas Oldham, one of the? assign". 9 of George Snyder, of Union township, hus been exhibited and filed in the Common i'ieaa of Bedford Coun ty, at the Prothonotary's o.fiee. tmd that the ame will be allowed by the Court on Tuesday, the 3d day of May next, unless cause he showed ■why it eiiould not be allowed. (.). E. SHANNON. ProthV. April 3, 1854. EXECUTOR'S NOTICE. Notice is hereby given that letters Testaruen- . *fnry Lave been granted by the Register of Bed- 1 ford county to the subscriber on the estate of George Sliger, late tuf Cumberland Vnle-y tp.. : dee'd., and aU per.-on iudebted to said estate j are requested to nrA*' inn.Mediate payment and ! those having c'dmt thereon are. notified to pre sent them duly authenticated lor settlement. j S. Wf/IP, Executor. Apnl 8, 1864.." , AUDITORS NOTICE. In the matter of the account oi* J. IV. Ling- j enfelter, Esq., administrator of the Estate of Mary Gordon, deceased, the (subscriber, appoin- I ted to settle the exceptions to said account and i to report a distiibution of the funds in the J hands of the administrator will attend for that ' purpose at his oliice, in IJedford on Fridi \y the ( '22 d of April next, when and where all pei 'sons ; I interested may attend if they think proper. JOHN MOWER, Auditor. April 8, 1864. Petition for Divorce. *osn Temple, by her j In the Court of Common I next friend, Joshua j Plea* of Bedford county, No. ) Diebi, May Teim, 1884, alias *• | subpmua ou l;bel for di- j Jamas Terapfe. j vorce. I Whereas, Susan Temple did prefer her petition fo ' | the Judge of the Cocrt of Common Pleas r.f Bedford ' moty, praying for the causes therein set forth tJiat xhe should be divorced from the bonds of matrimo- j y entered into wita James Temple. We therefore ! nr.round you as we have heretofore commanded i *r predecessor, that you, the said Jamfs Temple, i ting aside all other business and excuses whatso- ! t, to be and appear in your proper person before j 'Tudge* at Bedford, on tbe Ist Monday. (2.1 day) 1 | \y next, to tn&vvei the petition or libel ct the j Tetnple. And show rause why the said j " '■Temple, your wife, should not be divorced 1 ' °\e bonds of matrimonj', &c., agreeably 10 th ; in such case made m.d provided, ' 'eof fail not. Witness the Hon. James Nill, I nt of our said Cour* at Bedford, tbe j *' ,:d of March, A. D. iS64. at O. £. SHANNON, Proth'v. Apn! J, 1534. | QOCPT PROCLAMATION. To the Coroner, the. Justices of the Peace, and Con stables in the different Townships tn the. County of Bedford, Greeting. KNOW YE that in pursuance of a precept to rr.e ; directed, under the hand and seal o! ti.e Hsr. J A IVIES N! l_L, President of the several Courts of Common Pleas in the Sixteenth District, con. sisiing of the counties ot Franklin, Eolron. Bedford j and Somerset, and by virtue of his office of the Cour: of Oyer and Terminer and General Jail tie livery for the trial of capital and other offenders • therein and in the Geneia! Court of Quarter Sess j ions of the Peace ; and SAMUEL DAVIS and JAMES BURNS, .Tr. Esqs., Judges ol the same Court j in the same County of Bedford, You and each of you are hereby required to be and appear in your i proper persons with your Records, R "cognizances, ' Examinations, and other remembrance.* before the ! Judges aforesaid, at Bedford, at a Court of Over and 1 Terminer and General Jail Delivery and Genera! I Quarter Sessions of the Peace therein to b- holden j for the county of Bedford, aforesaid on the firs? | Monday of May, (being the 2.1 day.) at 10 • o'clock in the forenoon of that day, there and then to do those things to which your several offices ap | per'ain. GIVEV under my hand at Bedfo'd, on the Bth of Ap if, in the year of our Lord, 1564. 1 JOHN;ALDSTADT, : Sheriff's Office, B"dfo:d, ( ~ Sheriff. ■rtpri! 8, 1803. f Important notice. j Storekeeper and d!lorh®r persons are hereby spc- I cia'ly warned and ci-utionea against seliing goods on ■ my credit, or in anv way trusting on my account j my wife or other members of my family, as I will ; riot pay any debts which they may contract, having ! supplied th TI abundantly with the means of living, j April 1, li6l. CHARLES SMITH. PUBLIC SALE OF VALUABLE RE.IL ESTATE. in pursuance of an oider of the Orphans' Court of ! Bedford county, I will exm>°e fo public sale, on the ! premises, in the borough of Bedford, on Saturday, the 3Of A day of inn/., the following real estate, late the property of Dr. Wiil'.am W&t.ion, viz: A fsot oi'Dronadi situate in the borough of Bedford, on the corner of Pitt and Richard streets, being SO feet in front, on ( PiG street, and 240 on Richard sireet, composed oi { one whole let and one third oi ,1 lot. j This property is esteemed one of the best bu*i- ' \ ress locations in the borough, and will be sold alto- ! ] gether or Bivi 'e<! into smaller lots to suit purchasers, ! subject to the lease of the tenants in possession. ALSO —At the same lime ami piace, about 1200 acres of vahtab 1 " timber and far. ll lands, in iots of between one aru? two hundred acres, situat" inSbo ; vet's Valley, am? on the west side of Dur.riing's , Mountain, about If'ee miles south of Beifar l. ALSO—a vuluable tract of land, known a* the i "Farmer Survey," xdjiirirg lands belonging to the i Led I old Springs propeity, containing 140 acres moie J or less, of which a large portion is meadow ground • and part thereof cleared and under fence. . I l'iots of the above lands cart be seen at my office | for ten days befc-e day of sale. TERMS—One-third cf purchase money to remain j in hands of purchaser dming lifetime of widow anc j ■ interest to he paid her annually—one-third of tbe ' residue to be paid on the confirmation of sale, and : i balance 111 two equal annual payment* without iti teiest. A. KING, Trustee. April 1, 1861 —4t ADM IN ISTR ATO RS* NOTICE. Letters of admiii-tration upon the estate of John Metxgar, l ite of Jiiniata township, deceased, hiving been granted to the under igi ed by the Register of Hedfoid county, all pe-son indebted to said estate ; ; are irqi ested to make immediate payment, and ' those having claims will make kcoivu the saaie ; without delay. JOHN ALSIP, DANIEL MET7.UAR, April X, 1864—6t Administrators. i 1 ... - - - j AUDITOR'S NOTICE. In (lie Orphans' Court of Bedford County. j in the matter of the uistrihution of the fund a- 1 rising from the sale of the real estate of the minor ; i children ot Ann Rebecca Harcieioad, dee'd. 1 The undersigned having been appointed auditor | j to di-tri!.utioii of the fund above me tionod I 1 in the bands of John Aisip, Esq., the trus'e? au- j j thurized and appointed to -ell said real estate, a ■ tnongst the heirs of said A r Rebecca Harcieioad, ■ I dee'd., and creditors, &c., will attend to the duties ' i of his appointment at. his office, in Berftord bor. on ■ Wednesday, the !3tb day of Aprji,uext, t 1 o'clock P. M. when and where ail narti"* interested may | appear ar Ibe heard. . A. KING. Audi or. j | March, 25. iofi f. AUDITORS, NOTICE. The undersigned appointed auditor by th rnurt : of Common Pleas of Bedford County, to make ,:,rs— ' tnbution of tbe moneys arising from the sale by | the Sheriff of sawi County, of the Rai Estate of ' fiharlotte Radebaugh will attend to the dntiegofi his appointment at his office in Bedford, n Thurs- \ dry, fourteenth day of April, A. D. 1864, at ten o'clock, A. M- of said day. Match 25, 1861. 8. L. RUSSELL, Auditor. A DMINISTR VfORS NO HUE. The undersigned residing in Juniata Township, : Bedtord County, having r- ceivej Letters of A Imin- upon the estate of Frederick Hiliigus, late of said Township, dee'd. , hereby notifies a (persons | indebted to the estate to come forward and make , payment. Anf a!l persons having claims against | rhe estate are requested *0 present the same prop ' eriy authenticated for Settlement, t .MICHAEL HILLIGAS, FREDERICK HI LUG AS, j March 23, 18C4. Administra'.ora. Aliegiiany Male and Female Seminary, Eainsburg, Bedford Co., Pa. I The Sec.rnd Quarter of the Spring Session of the Institution b-'gin* MEDNE DAY, APRIL 13. Terms reosi naNle, $25 w ill pay -xpenree for a i Quarter (11 WOJCXS.) For further information, ad ; dress J. W. HUGHES. Principal. Mar. IS. Nainsburg, Bedford Co., Pa. • j BEDFORD ENGLISH SCHOOL. The seventh session <>! N't* scliool will com - I mence Monday, April 4, 1U64, ami continue : 11 weeks, Instruction will be given in ail the i branches pertaining ton goo.l IT-Pglish Lfiuca- I tion. Pupils from a distance shouM app'.Y at once. ) Terms :—ln the higher classes $ ..MO, in tbe ! lower, Si- 00 A; $3. 00. 11. YV. FISHER, fwrwij-al Podford, Mardi 18. 1804. i OSBORNE'S PREPARED JAVA COFFEE. | A Fresh invoice of this excellent coflee, joxt re ; ceived and tor Sale at tbe New bargain Store rf 1 G. R. & \V. OSTEIL. Public Sale OF VALUABLE HEAL ESTATE } j By virtue of an order of tbe Orphans' Court J ! of ljodi>rd County, tha will sell at ' | public Siic, on the promises, ia Stonorsloivn, j j Liberty Tow nship, on Saturday, the lOlh dny ! i of April next; OXE HOUSE J.\ D LOT. | fronting 50 (eet on Main Street and extending j back 150 feet to an alley, with a one story iog j house and wagon maker shop thereon erected, I ' adjoining lots of D. S. Berk stressor on the East, ! j and ltaehei Long on the VVeEt, and to be sold i ,! for ca s h. i, J. E. LONG. Adm'r. March 18. 1864." ! ''Skm &k( i. "* > r -Jp - —" <. f > • V ISoB3. Wilson iT3 ? Caiidless. Judge of the United States Circuit Court, P.esid" nt Corner Penn and St. Clair Sts., Pitidntry, P. nn. The Largsst, Cheapest and Be3t. j SUii Pays for a Jul I Commercial Course. extra charges for Manufacturers, Steam boat, Railroad and Bank Book-Keeping. Ministers' Sens at half juice. Students enter and review at any time. This Institution i. conducted by experienced teach ers and practical accountants, who prepare -,oung men for active business at the lea-t expense and shortest notice, for the most lucrative and resjwnsi bie situations. DIPLOMAS gianted for merit only. Hence the universal preference for graduates of this College, by business men. j PROF. A. COWLEY, the best Penman of the Union, ; who holds the largest nnmberof IST PRKMU-MS and , ovei ail competitors, teaches Rapid Business VVr.i --; ting. CIRCVLAR* containing full information sent FKKE on application to the Principals. JENKINS A SMITH, Pittsburg, Pa. QsF"Attend where the'Sons'and Clerks of Bankers , and graduate. ! November 6, 1863. j Whites Mosefs Celebrated Malt Coffee. 1 1 . Containing'® portion of the best Java coffee.— ; The healthiest and cleapest Substitute for Coflee in the world. Price 20 cents per lb. Liberal deductions to Dealers. A fresh Supply ust received and for Sale at the bargain Store of | March, 18, IS6I. G. R. & VV. OSIER. Treasurer's Sale OF UNSEATED LAjYDS. Agreeably to the provisions of an Act of Assem -1 Ldy, directing the mode ol selling unseated land.-: for | taxes and for other purp.oses, passed the l3thday of i March, 1815, and the supplement" thereto passed the 13th day of March, 1817, and the 25th of March 1831. The Treasuier of trie connty o' Bedford here ? by gives notice to all persons concerned therein, ; that unless tne county, state, school on I road taxes 1 doe on the following tracts of unseated lands, situ ate 111 Bedford county, are not paid before the day of sale, the w iioie, or such parts of eacn tr.-.ct as will p3y the taxes, and the costs chargeable there on, will be sold at the Court H0..-e, in the borough of Bedford, on tbe second Monday of June, next, (13th daj) for the ariesruges of tax- due, and tbe cost accrued thereon; and said sale wiil bo contui -1 ued from day to day until all are disposed of. J. 3. FARQUHAK,Tieasurer. ' Acres. Warrantees or owners. Taxes. Bedford Township, 300 Solomon Diehl $2 4-1 230 .Maria Diehl 1 87 i 93 Thomas J. Bonnett 1 72 Broad Top Townshiy, 150 James Entrikeo 1 55 75 William Gray i 40 . 440 33 per. James Pattern 22 05 ' -140 130 " • 7 44 j 175 131 • .3 93 I 58 44 " 1 30 j 81 1-36 Samuel Kerr )- 00 122 Burnet Mowing 6 gg 460 J >hn Sti ne 7 eg ■ 465jj I-aac Kerr 7 68 440 Johu Razor W2 476 F. Mowing, Jr. 73 i 6.3 Jacob Myers S 44 396 James Razor 1 20 I 75 John Beveiea'JX 16 50 403 Johu Kollman 2a 79 30 L. J. Warson 6 75 i 32i> Stevens it Co. 18 62 253 J'oster & Scheil 8 gg | 14 James Figard 1 28 ! 405 Jacob Strine 10 44 j 60 William Figard 6 Ol) ; lot) Duniap 5c Evans 16 00 Christian BarueU 3 72 Josiah Bacon S so I S3 John Cessna, Eq. 1 23 j U.j .... 7fJ >52 •• • -g ; 110 James Patton 5 40 ' 393 Patton & East on 10 $g ! 25 John King's hein 1 JQ j 30 John Cessna, Esq., 90 | 180 John fievereaux 7 59 j 9 Evans W. A. & Griffith 1 gg ! 15 Entiiken A Wilson 3 S6 j U Entrikeii <V Patterson 5 39 I 26 Jonathan Edwards 4 ;g i 49 James Entrikea 6 ->4 j 15 .. 3 37 49 Fluke St Duniap 5 88 j 21 John Forde 39 j 118 Hopewell iron St Coal Co. 11 73 ! 438 • .. 12 3 Q I 168 .. .. 5 0 ., | * " " 60 j 100 .. .. 3 00 j3O Huntingdon B- T. R. R.Co. 9g 35 .t .' 13 51) 250 it i. 28 27 5" John Hinish 2j Kes.ler Whitney 3 20 j - 1 Peter Kessier 4 25 i " 1 89 | "9 Max. King St Co. 43 9S William Loveall 13 05 : 135 Jonn McCanle* 18 57 j 50 Rev. P. Phelps 5 26 j 11® James Patton 3 03 j 165 .. 3 4 r , I 8 William Rogers 120 i 267 Joseph Kicheson & Bhrievet 25 02 i 6.1 James Ricbeson ft Shneves 3 58 | 175 p. A. Wilson b McCanles 35 31 : 289 P. A. Wilson Ik Co., 31 24 ' ; 11 VV'arning it Evans 18 Colernin Township. 1 372£ Mary Kegg 1 08 j 414 Blirhael Ruof 2 48 | j 410 Agnes Roof 1 20 1 ; 400 Jacob Whetstone 1 20 ; 340* Jacob Wyand 1 00 j 111 Andrew Kihock 64 j 90 Joseph 4* Emanuel Diehl 84 j 427 Arthur Biown 1 2S I 50 Philip Diehl 48 r Cumberland Valley Township. 230 James Ewing 2 76 50 James Heyden 28 397| John Sample 4 76 Hopewell Township. 200 John Corby 1 20 413 John Kerr 7 12 150 James Howard 88 4"4 Richard Moan 1 32 420 John Cheney I 32 40* Joseph Moan 1 50 409J Samuel Moan 3 36 424 35 per. Alexander Mom 348 |2o6i John Mclfnay B4 1 192 Timothy Moan 1 38 ' 200 34 per. I-rael Moan 1 30 196 50 Zachariab Moan I U> 212 20 John Boyd 64 216 60 Isabella Davia 70 . 220 j William Piper $4 j ,139 John Hardin 76 2UI Ignatius liardi 64 I 434 12* per James Wilson 64 j IST 43 David Piper 40 42-5 George F. Alberti 213 Joseph Lancaster 00 402 57 stepuen Moan 1 & 900 ■' *~ Montgoraery 3 28 George Wishart 76 26 Mllhken A Bonedict 34 41 . James James Patton 22 j S .4aro:i Rinard 22 (402 Francis ..obnston 1 72 | 143 Wiliiam ffl j 363 Daniel Montgooneiy 1 36 j 304 Alexander Johnson 93 j 368 George Hinish 1 32 • 236 Wulia en Foster 1 06 ' 75 Robert Montgomery 28 300 Carr 3 36 , 80 Swartz 30 Juniata Township > 30 Nicholas Kuoutf 12 Londonderry Township. j 82 James Shaw 1 34 j 4-50 Sarah Wright 60 Liberty Township. [ 200 Mary Gordon 6 14 j 200 .tomes Gordao 0 44 i 400 Thomas Jones 6 60 I 165 Edward Langly 7 08 i j 200 Jacob Miller 2 98 200 Elizabeth Miller 2 98 i 1 | 200 Mary Piper 2 98 ! j 200 Amelia Piper 2 98 ■ i 400 Edward Stone 11 88 . | 132 John Tomm 6 60 ; ■ | 374 Hannah Alberti 5 16 i I j 413 Maria Alberti 10 33 i 1 52 James Entriken S8 I j 50 James Entriken 2 46 403 Alexander Montgomery 1 32 ; 200 John Kerr 2 98 j , | 200 Samuel Kerr 2 93 i ■ 200 Francis Moans 1 66 j . j 150 Stephen Keri 1.90 ' | 200 Milliken & Benedict 166 j ; j 40 Beeler 8c Bowser 31 ' 5 Geoige Thompson 8 j ; i lot Luke Feeney 36 J ' 8 lots Gen. William H. Irvine 1 3d ! i ] 1 lot G. D. Trout 24 j 200 John Stone 4 39 i 200 Bernard Mowen 2 32 102 John Mcllnay g4 132 . David Piper 1 OS 200 Maria Alberti 2 26 107 Bartlebaugh 2 26 32 I'botnas & John King 74 70 Wm. P. Schell 243 ! 14 Scbell & Daugherty 47 i 40 A. fj. Cerrett 1 45 j 1 lot Henry Stonerook 04 j * 1 lot Daniel Stoner 24 I | 1 lot Daniel Baer 24 j I 1 lot Samuel Yingling 04 ' i 1 lot Jacob Biddle 24 i j 1 lot Ephraitn Smiltzer 24 i j 1 lot Jarnes Dunn j 23 I • 1 lot Terry Kinney 1 34 i : 3 lot CJoffrey's heir* 1 73 ! 1 lot Samuel Carmeck 34 i 1 lot Daniel Baer j j 1 lot Mis. Lawrence 34 j 1 lot Ann Scott 34 ! 1 lot S. J. Africa 3 j Monroe Tovonshio. ; 2534 Frederick Collibarger 72 JV'oarer Township. George Davidson CO A brier Rogers 60 East Providence T'wnship. 1210 Samuel Tate's heirs 44 i 900 „ „ , j 300 „ 4t 224| .. 03 I 402 4fi per Hezekiah Logan 1 20 ' 402 02 per Charles Logan 120 ! 400 75 per John Cavan 120 j 'l'homas Cavan 1 20 i P- Clingerman 40 ; I Ezekiel Cook 1 02 i ; 400 VVilliam Long 1 80 ! 4°° Wilijam Cavan 1 60 { Joseph Spars"* beirs 1 i 431 40 per John Crosby 1 (54 U est Providdence Township. 40 David holler * 2S St. Clair Township John Linn 4 20 James May I 20 411 William Snivelr i 20 Southampton Township. 301 George Breathe*! 83 ' 4 ''.) Paul Ward ] 32 j 0 ")7 Patrick Ward 1 08 1 051 Joseph Ward 1 0-1 353 Jolmathan Ward I 04 j 435 Ilenry Whetstone I 31 Union Towns/lip John Swnggari 3 04 400 Leonard Swaggart 3 04 j '206 Alexander Gardner 2 38 (116 William Smith 1 04 j 43 Samuel Burket 44 j 116 John Shoe 83 ; 50 Frederick Snyder 44 ; 400J J'eier Cornice or Cornell -3 64 John Dolton 1 98 274 Jeremiah Jackson 2 82 ! 130 Jacob Swaggart 1 48 •106 Hugh Doyle 3 68 ; 406 James Dunlop 3 68 ! 440 William Pearson 3 96 , 380 Ebene?er Branhaia 3 96 •412 Philip Gordon 3 70 ! 120 Conrad Imler 86 | 200 Cbnstly Bowser 2 30 i 100 George Laib 88 : 100 Jacob Burkct 88 j 150 Peter Shoenberger 1 32 j 123 John Still ,& 3 64 j 200 Michael Shinier 2 90 60 Michael Shaefer 1 22 | 50 Couples (Brush MT) 80 j 133 Hugh Porter 1 00 I 339 Griffith Evans 3 90 ; 4 Philip Stine 3 64 ■139 John Martin 3 96 I 330 Wilson Hunt 3 90 : Alexander Scott 3 94 [ 127 Dr. P. Shoenberger 3 16 124 " " 3 68 20 • " 24 90 ' • 1 48 150 William Laugham 2 40 40 Peter Shimer 40 Woodberrij South ! 135 Peter Shoenberger 3 60 216 Isabel Davis 24 54 100 John S. Hetrick 28 IVoodberry middlt. JO Henry Burgert 1 66 6 Isaac Burgert 1 OS 15 " 44 1 52 22 Kenslngcr's heirs 1 5o 27 Jacob Hoover 1 52 GO 44 " 2 20 62 John McFad-len 3 76 20 Frederick NicLodemus 1 50 16 George Xichodemn* 1 32 50 John Nichodemus 1 43 50 John Stonerook 1 24 18 Samuel Shrive 1 66 14 Charles Tjj •er' heirs 1 50 15 Jacob Zook 75 15 44 " 75 46 Banner's heirs 2 28 40 Stonerook 1 98 403 William Montgomery 6 60 150 Jlobert Montgomery 2 46 13 Jacob Furny 90 20 Ilhinhart lieplocle 2 46 6 Pattou & Madura 1 08 18 John Teeter 90 12 Samuel Teeter 82 14 14 G. H. Spang j 28 15 Jacob Smith ! 08 19 John Z. Smith D 24 | 37 George Smith 1 J4 I 20 Archibald McFadJen 1 24 14 Henry Stonerook 1 24 ; 60 John Tresh 1 1-4 ; Treasurer's office, \ Bedford. Apiill, 1864. j l) ¥ S 1 E P S I A. AND DISPOSES RESULTING FROM DISORDER OF THE LIVER AKD DIGESTIVE ORGANS ARE CURED BY gooflsitd's bar man Bitters, ThP Great Strengthening Tonic, These Bitters liare Performed more Cures! HAVE AND DO GIVE BETTER SATISFACTION HAVE MORE TESTIMONY! | HAVE MORE RESPECTABLE PEOPLE TO VOUCH FOR THEM! Than any other article in the market, i fie defy any one to contradict this assertion, AND WILL PAY SIOOO i lo any one that will produce a Certificate publish ed by us, that is not obnuink. JIJOFLAND'S GERMAN BITTERS WILL CURE EVERY CASE OF Chronic or JS'eroous Debility, Diseases of the kidneys, and Diseases arising from a disordered Stomach. ! Observe the following Symptoms: Resulting from Disorders oj the Digestive Organs: Constipation, Inward Piles, Fulness of B'.oo 1 to the Ht'isd. Acidity ot the Stomach, Nausea. Heart burn, Jisgust for Food, Fulness or Weight i in the Stomach, Sour Eructations, Sink ing or Fluttering at the Pi' of the Stomach, Swimming of the Head, Hurried and Diffi cult Breathing, Flut tering at the Heart, Choking or Suf focating Sensations whea in a lying Posture, Dimness of V,s ion, Dots or Webs be fore the sight, Tever arid Dull Pain in the Head, Defi ciency of Perspiration, Yellowness id the Skin and Eyes, Pain in the Side, Back, Chest, Limbs, Ac., Sudden Flushes of Heat, Burning in Ihe Flesh, Constant imag inings of Evil, and gieat Depression of Spir.ts. I REMEMBER, THAT THIS BITTERS IS MOT ALCOHOLIC, i CONTAINS NO RUM OR WHISKEY, slni) (Tan't fllakc Prnnkarbs, BUT IS THE BEST TONIC In the World. j From the Kv. Levi G. Beck. Pastor of thp Bap- ' tist Church, Pemberton, N. J., formerly of the North i Baptist Church, Philadelphia. ••••••••••! i have known Hoofland's German Bitters favora- i bly for a number 01 years. 1 have used them in my 1 | own family, and have been so pleased with their ei- I fects that 1 was induced to recommend them to ma- i j ny others, and know that they have operated in a j | strikingly beneficial manner. I take pleasure in I ' thus publicly proclaiming this fact, and calling the : I | attention of those afStcled with the diseases tor ' I j which tbey are recommenced, to these Bi'ters, know- ' ( ; it g from experience that will I Ibe sustained. Ido this more cheerfully aa Hoof- | j land's Bi'ters is intended to benefit the afflicted, ! I and is "not a rum drink." Yours truly, LEVI G. BECK. I ' From Rev. J. Newton Brown, I>. D., Editor of the ; Encyclopedia of Religious Knowledge, and Chris- , tian Chronicle, Philadelphia. Although not disposed to lavor or recommend Pat- i ent Medicines in general, through distrust of their I ingredients and effects, 1 yet know of no sufficient j reasons wh> a man may not testify to the benefits j he believes himself to have received from any sim- ! , pie preparation, in the hope that he may thus con- 1 tribute to the benefit of others. I do this the mere readily in regard tc Hoofland's j 1 German Bitters, prepaid by Dr. C. M. Jackson, of j ! this city, because I w is pr judiced against tbem for 1 | many years, under the impression that they were I chiefly an A cnhohc mixture. lam indebted to my I friend, Robert Shoemaker, Esq., for The removal of j this prejudice by pioper testa, and for encourage-| ment to try them, wnen suffering Irorn great and long continued debility. The use of three bottles ! of these bitters at tbc beginning of the present year, j was lollovved by evident jeliel' and restoration to a ; i degr-e of bodi y and tr.eual vigor which I had not j j felt lor six months before, and hadalmort despaired j of regaining. I therefore thank God and my friend j for directing me to the use of them. J. NEWTON BROWN, Phiiad'a. From the Rev. Jos. H. Kennard, Pastor of the 10th : Baptist Church. Dr. Jackson:—Dea r Sir: I have been frequently j requested to connect mv name with commendations i of different kinds of medicines, but regarding tbe ! practice a< out of my appropriate sphere, I hive in j i all cases declined; but with a clear proof in various 1 instances, and particularly in my family, ot tbe use- ; fulness ot Dr. Hoofiand's German Bitters, I depart 1 j lor once from my usual cnur-e, to express my lull ; j conviction that, for general debility of tin system. ! ami especially for Liver Complaint, it is a safe and i valuable preparation. In some cases it may fail ; : but usually, I doubt not, it will be very beneficial to those who suffer from the above cause. Yours, very respectfully, J. H. KENNARD. Eighth below Coates si., Phtl'a. From Rev. Warren Randolph, Pa-tor of the Baptist i Church, Germatifowu, Penn. Dr. C. M. Jackson :—Dear Sir:—Personal experi • . ence enables me to say that 1 regard the German Bitters prepared by you as a most excellent medt | cine, in cases ot severe cold and general debility 1 i have been greatly benefited by the use of the Bit i ters, and doubt not they will produce similar effects on others. Yours truly, WAKRKN RANDOLPH, German town, Pa. j , -etc | From Rev. J. H. Turner, Pastor of Wedding M. E. Church, Philadelphia. 1 Dr. Jackson :—Dear Sir:—Having used your Ger. j man Bitters in my family frequently, I am prepared j to ay that it has been of great service. Yours respectfully, J. H. TURNER, No. 726 N. Nineteenth Street ' From the Rev. J. M. Lyons, fnitrierly Paor of tbe Columbus (N. J.) and Milestown (Pa.) Baptist Churches. New Rochelle, N. Y. I Dr. C. M. Jackson : —Dear Sir:—l fee! it a pleas oie thus, of tny own accord, to bear testimony to J the excellence of tbe German Bitters. Some years ! since being much afflicted with Dyspepsia, 1 used j them with very beneficial results. J. M. LYONS, j From Rev. J. S. Herman, of the German Reformed ' ! Church, Kutztowu, Berks co., Pa. Dr. C. Al. Jacksor. :—Respected Sir :—1 have been j troubled with Dyspepsia neaily twenty years, and | beve never used any medicine that did me as much ! i good aa Hooffmu's Bittera. Yours, with rpecf, I J. 8 HERMAN. PRICES. Large Bite (holding nearly double quantity,) $1 00 per bottle—-half doz. $5 <H) 6mall size—7s cts. per bottle—half doz. $4 00 BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS! j , See that the signature of "C. M. JACKSON" i < on the WRAPPER of each bottle. Should your nearest druggist not have the aiticle, i | do not be put off by any of tie intoxicating prepa- j : rations that may be offered in its place, but send to j : us and we will forward, securely jacked, by express. 1 Principal Office and Manufactory. ] No. 631 ARCH STREET, Philadelphia* I JCKES & EVANS, Successors to C. Al. J arisen Co. PROPRIETORS. j For gale by Druggists and Dealers in every town tn the United States. Jan. 14. SHRINER'S B.ILSJMIC COUCH SYRUP. j For Coughs, Colds, Croup, Whooping Cough. t ' Jhthma, Bronchitis, Spitting Blood, , Pain and Weakness of the Breast, Difficulty of Breathing, <S"C. j THIS is no new remeJy. It has been u-ed > i | foi a number oi yeais in Maryland and i part* of Pennsylvania, and hag. wherever j known, an unprecedented reputation I for cunng the various diseases lor which it n ! re-ommended. So apparent is its usefulness, and so remark - able hns been its cures, that it Is fast super- yew . ceding every other remedy for those diseases. 1 he afflicted can rely upon it doing as much : for them, and in many cases more than any other remedy now before the public. It i-s recommended and prescribed in the practice of a large number of the most Intel- Cl*i ligent and able physicians of Maryland. It dent is used and considered an indispensable house hold remedy by a laige portion of the first i families of the State. | It is usej by all classes of society, and the | universal opinion is that it is good. This Syrup is partly Vegetable Compound, it ts IV ; pleasant to take, and never does injury. But i owing to its purifying qualities, must do good under any circumstances. Its effects are tru j ly wonderful, soothing, calming, and allaying tkdd i the most violent coughs, purifying, strengtL -1 ening and invigorating the whole system, calming and soorhir/g the nerves; aiding and facilitating expectoration, and healing the nttd DISEASED L' NGS. , Thus striking a' the loot of disease, and dri | ving it from the system. CROUP. tu y j l'his disease is announced by difficulty of breathing, shriil whistling or wheezing, hack ing cough and threatened suffocation, Ipr. It mostly occurs in young children. No child ••#> need die of croup if this Syrup is properiy used and used in time. Mothers having croupy I children should watch the first show of the j disease, and always keep this remedy at band, if (hit I For coughs after measles this Syrup is most excellent. Experience has proven that it is . equalled by no other preparation. I * price of the remedy is such as to p'ace M/rt.p ; it within the reach oi all, the poor as well a* | the rich, and every person should have it. Every person should have it in the houie. ; Itis a true and laithlui friend to ail who val- r* . ue health and wish to secure themselves a . gainst that most terrible disease, consump , lion. It will be found the most osetul as : well as the cheapest family medicine in the use i ! world. Jt has been used for the last four : years with a success without a parallel. Price 40 certs per bottle, or three bottles fur SI.OO. Prepared by S. A. Foutz & Bro. For safe by H. C. Reamer and B. F. Harry Druggists, Bedford, Pa. Decemb-r IS, 1863—1y. time. saiUNEirs L\Dm VEOiFt&iT Q _ 1 ,INCE the introduction o! this beautiful prep-ra tion, it has been steadily advancing into public fa vor. its astonishing effica yin expelling worms has won for it many friends - herever known, and these me speak w- *y| ing its praise to others, so s u j S last being introduced into£ TO £ every family is the land. £ demand for it is becoming im "> DESTROY <. meose. To make it stid more worS £thv the prefer en c e already WORMS! £ shown it, the Pnorp.iETOß putting it up ia a much handsomer style than lormerly. it is now prepared with the greatest care of uniform strength, with plain directions, so th it any one can adminis ter it. It is entirely Vegetable—Pcrfecllj Safe and Harmless. And has never been known to tail to expel worms, where worms existed. The proprietors boldly as sert that it is superior to any other preparation ia the woild. Ry Ask for SHRINER'S INDIAN VERMIFUGE, and take no other. OSTrice 25 cents per bottle.' •/Prepared by S. A. Foutz fc Bro., and foi sale at toe Drug Stores of Reamer and Harrv, Bedford, Dec. 1§; '63—ly Poatz's Mixture, THE ISa safe and reliable remedy for the cure of j Rheumatism, Painful Nervous Affections, Sprains, Burns, Sweilinis and all diseases re- BEST quiring an external .application on man. On horses it will never fall to cure Pole evil, Fistula, old running sores, or Sweeney, Lini- if properly applied. For sprains, bruises, xssr scratches, crooked hoofs, chafes, saddle or collar gall, cuts or wounds, it is an infallible Fjb remedy. Try it and be convinced of its effi cacy. 58 13 E i; 32 A T I K ,71 . Man Persons afflicted with this disease no mat ter of how iong standing, ran be piomptly bb3 effectually cured by using this Mixture. xsb There is nothing in the world so sure and so good to take away hard corns, and cur. BEAST Frost Bites as thi3 prepaia'ion. Try it and satisfy yourselves. Price 25 and 50 rente now per bottle. Prepared bv S. A. FOUTZ, Westminster, Md. is LSS CSTor sale at the Drug Stores of Reamer and Hairy, Bedford, Pa. December 18, 1563, — ly F OIJ TZ ' 8 CELEBIUTED HURSE AND CATTLE P() Yv I) ER S. r I HESF. Powders have proved, after a trial I o: several years, to be superior to any preparation of the kind in use. The chief' superiority of these Powders arises from the' fact that they are composed of medicines rhat have Laxative, I'onic and Puniying properties The laxative ejects crudities' from the stomach and intestines , the tonic £jjj gives strength to the system of the Horse, _ 2 and the purifying medicio<s contained in them cleanse the blood, and lay the iouoda- § tun tor a vigorous and healthy circulation. OS The use of them improves the wind, sftength- p* 5 ens the appetite and gives the hgrse a fine, - smooth and glossy skin—thus improving the! appearance, vigor and spirit of this noble animal. j These powders are not intended, as most! jpowders are, to bloat the animal, so at to give him the appearance of being fat when! not really so—but, to remove the disease .and promote hi 3 general health. ' These powdm will strengthen the stom ach and intestines, cleanse them from offen sive matter, and bring them to a healthy state. They are a sure prevention of Lung Fever, and a certain remedy for all diseases; incident to the Horse, as Glanders, Yellow Water, Distempers, Founder, Heaves* Slav-' ering, Coughs, Fevers, Loss of Appetite and Vital Energy, &c.—These Powders, if used two or three times a week, through the wio-* C 5 ter and spring, your horse will never get the y Lung Fever. Colic or Botts. Afe w do?es of £5 thee powders w ill remove the worst cough, £§ 2ob any horse. Were owners of horses to 2 Iced a few of these powders pvery year, they PJ might save the lives of many valuable horses, i * MILCH COWS- I I The properties this powder possesses in ih-t CTeasing the quantity of milk in cows, give* it an importance and value which should j place it in the hands of every person keep-' ibg t cow. In fattening cattle. It gives them' en appetite, loosens their bide, d maker •them thrive much fa-ter. fed H O G 6 . Oj In all diseases of swine, as coughs, olesis in the lungs and liver, tkc., by putting from ££ half a paper to n psper of these powders In yi a ban.-! of swill, the above diseases ean be fc cured or " firely prevented. By using these 5? j powders too hoj choi*ra can bv prevented S : Prepared by B. A. FOUTZ. Westminster, Md. CyFor sale at the Drug Stores of Reamer, art* Harry, Belford, PA. IW-, IS —iy

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