Newspaper of Bedford Gazette, May 20, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Bedford Gazette dated May 20, 1864 Page 3
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A GENTLEMAN, enroll of Nervous Debility, in- j competency, Premature Decay an..' Youthful Error, actuated by a desire to beoifit others, will be hap- , j.yr to furnish to all who need it, (free of charge), the recipe and directions for making the simple rem- j edy used in his case. Those wishing to profit bv his experience, and potsess a valuable remedy, will receive the <=arm, by let urn mail, (carefully sealed) by addressing JOHN B. OGDF.N, No. CO Nassau street, New y ork. .May 20—3 m. BELL'S SPECIFIC PlLLS—Wakrantkd in AM. • lasss. (Lin be relie 1 out Nevr tail ro cure I Do not nauseate ! Are speedy <n action! No change of diet required ! Do not interfere with business pur-j suits! Can be used without detection ! Upward of 200 cures the pist month—some of them very se vere cases. Over one hundred physicians have used them in r heir practice, and all speak well of their . eliic icy, and approve of their composition, which is ' entirelv vegetable, and harmless on the systena . Hundreds of certificates can be shown. Bell'S Specific Pills are the original and ooiy genuine Specific Pill. They are adapted for male ami female, old or young, ami the only reliable rem-' udy for effecting a permanent and speedy cure in all cases of Spermatorrhea, or Seminal Weakness, with all its train of evils, such asUrethrd arid \ agina! Uncharges, Gleet, the Whites, Nightly or Involun tary Emissions, Incontinence, Genital Debility „nd Irritability, Impotence, Weakness or Loss ot Pow- j er, Nervous Debility, Ike., &c.. all of which arise j principally from Sexual Excesses or Self-Abuse, or so Vie cor.stit uional derangement, and inc'psci- , ta'es the sufferer Lorn fulfilling the duties of m . - 1 iied life. In all sexual diseases, as Gonorrhea,! Gleet, and Strictures, and in Diseases of the Biad- j der and Kidneys, tbey act as a c" arm ! Relief is ex perienced by taking a single box. Sold by all the j rincipai druggists. Price sl. They w ill be sent by mad, securely sealed, and confidentially on receipt of the money, by J. BRYAN. -M. D., No. 76 C dar street. New York, Consulting Physician lor the trea'rnent of Seunual, Urinary, Sexual, and Nervou* Diseases, who will spikl, free to all, the following valu-b.e work, in sealed envelope : The Fim ir-Tir Thousand —Da. BELL'S TREA TISE on Self-Abuse, Premature Decay, Impotence and Loss of Power, hexu Diseases, Seminal Weak ness, Nightly Emissions, Genital Debi! ty, See., ike., a pamphlet of C 4 pages, containing impo i .t a1- . vice to the af&icL-J. arid which ,-hou ' '.a ir J every sufferer, as the means of cure in the severest stages is plainly set forth. Two stamps required | tc pay postage. December -i, 1563 lysc Important to Ladies. —Dr. Harvey's Ffmalki Pills nave never yet failed io removing difficu. •. j ansing from obstruction, oi stop ge ot nature, or in restoring the system to peifert health when suf fering from Spinal Affection-, Pro' p us Uteri, the Whites, or other weakness of the Uterine Organs. 1 be Pills ate perfectly harmless on the constitution, and may be taken by the most delicate female with out causing distress —the same time they act like a charm bv strengthening, invigorating and residing the system to a healthy cons it ion, end by bringing on the monthly periof with regularity, no uia'ter irom what causes the obstruction may . rise. They should, however, NOT be takeu during the fi-st three or four months of pregnancy, though safe at any other time, a* miscarriage would be the result. Each box contains CO Pills. Price sl. I)r. Harvey's Treatise on Diseases of Females, Pregnancy, Miscarriage, Birrenness, Sterility, Re production, and Abuses of Nature, and emp a'iceilv the Ladies' Private Medical Advise*, a parcp de' of R4 pages, sent free to any address. S; c cents re quired to pay postage. The Pills and book will be sent by mail when de sirad, securely sa!ed, and prepiid, by J. BRYAN. M. I).. General Ag'-nt, No. 76 Cedar st., New Yotk. KF"So!d bv a!! the principal druggists. Decembex 4, IS63—lysc. A fvlost Excellent Medicine. J. F. Carpenter'S Rheumatic Fluid.— I'ersor.* sunering "from Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Uiptheria, Burns, Ike., will find this a most ex.eilent remedy. It comes to us recommended by so ne of the best men in the State—and in this community Try a bottle and see for jourseh. For sale at .A. L■ Defi. baugh's, Bedford. April 29, IS64—!v. two or three hogsheads of "Bucliu," s"Tonic Bitters," "Saisaparillu," "Nervous An ;i dotes," ike., ke., and after yon are satisfied wi*h the result, thn trv one biVx ft' OLD DOCTOR BIT CHANT'S KNGLISf- SPECIFIC PlLLS—and be restored to heaichand vigor in lets tban thirty Jays. They are purely vegetal'le to take prompt *nd salutary in their eff ts on it," broken-down ■and shattered eonstitution. Qid ana y.mmatcan tHtce them with advantage, imported and sold in the • Cored St its* otify by JaS. S. BUTLER, General Agrnt, Station D, Bible House. New York. P. S. A box eer.t to any address cn receipt of price—which is Ot Dollar—pest free. March 25, 18(54. —3m r TSENG OTHER! LUCHAN'.S SpEctrm PILLS I are the only Reliable Remedy for all Diseases of the Seminal. Urinary and Nervous System*. Try one box, and be ■Cured. ONE DOLLAR A BOX. One box will perfect a cure, or money refunded.— ."tent by mail on receipt of p:ire. .TAS. S. BUTLER, flat ion D, Bible Hou- -*. N-*w York, March 25, ISO! —3m General Agent. T O YOU U ISH TO BE CURED? U I)R- BUCiIAN'S English Specific Pills curs io ie-s :• en 30 day* the worst cases of Nervousness, Impotency, Pre u atnre Decay, Seminal Weakue-s, Insanity e; a! Urinary, Sexual, and Nervous Affections, i o m .iter from what cause p.oduced. Price, One Dollar per box. Sent; post-paid; by mail, on receipt of an order. Address, .IAS. S. BUTLER, Genera! Agent, Station 1), Bible House, New York. March 25, 185*. 3m vYo are authorized to announce John S. Brcm- Bttpna, of South Woodbeny tow ship, a a candi date" f°r county Commissioner, su'-ject to the deoi son of 'be Democra';c county convention. oVe ar 1 * 4t ,! 'boriE-d 'o announce Michael Wbrtz, E*e. of Utf'O" township, a-: a candidate for county Commissioner, subject to the decision of the Dem ocratic county convention.* We are authorized to announce Michael S. Ritch- F.T, of Snake Spring township, at a candidate tor County Commiasioner, subject to the decision of the Democratic eoufrJy convention. MArrH O O D : J io ;v LOST. HOW RESTORED **d 1 new * edition of Dr. Cri.vr.g- US ' • u* 1 ", I Essay on the radical cure (with well 6 ~e i. -.j, AT obrh<ea. or Seminal -YeaiC uut medicine) of Sry. , a; , , r . po:o , cy . Mpo . nets, i | —i. 'L" 'v, Impediments to Mar talaou phyaical Inccpac. ' Epilepsy and Fits, riage, etc.; also, Consump..-,. h extrava-ance Induced by self-indulgence or .v xl,al OTP- ice, in a sealed envelrpe, on ' ' The celebrated author io d., m,r P ; " 3 ' elearly demonstrates, fio.-n a thirty yea/ 5 ® s 'T* fnl practice, that the alarming con=equence. ; °J abuse u.av be radically cured without the dun,, use or internal medicine or 'he pp ication of ae tnile jiointtnc out a mode of cure, cnce siinp!>.. certain ai.u .ffeclual, by mens oi which every s ut ferer, no matter what his condition may be, maj eure himself cheaply, privately, and radically. (jyThis Lecture should be in the hanusot every youth and every man in the land. 9nt, under seal, in a plain envelope, to any ad dreas, pent-paid, on receipt of six cents, or two post stumps. Address the publishers, CHAS. J.C.KLINE & CO.. 127 Bowery, New Ytrk, Post pffiee box 4556. May 20, 1864— 3 m. ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE! The undersigned having received letters of ad ministration upon the estate of John R. Mowery, late of Union township, dee'd., requests all persons having claims against the estate to present the same pioperly authenticated for settlement, and all per sons indebted will please make immediate payment. April 22—6t JOSIAII MOWERY, Adm'r. A Joint Resolntion Proposing certum J mend m?nfs to the Consti tution. Tit it resolvedby the Senate and House of Represen tatives of the Common treat th of Pennsylvania in General Assembly met, That the following amend ments be proposed to the Constitution of the Com monwealth, in aneordanre with the provisions of . the tenth article thereof; There sha I be an additional section to the third article of the Constitution, to be designated as sec tion four, as follows: "Sfction 1. Whenever any of the qualified elec tor- of this Commonwealth shall be in anv actual I military service, under a requisition from the Pres ident ot the Cnifpd States, or by the authority oft this Commonwealth, such electors m iy exercise the j right of suffrage in all elections by the citizens, tin- i der such regulations as are, or shall be, prescribed I by law, as fully as if they were present at their j usual place of elec'ion." Skction 2. Tnere shall be two ad litional sections j to the eleventh article of the Constitution, to be < designated a; sections eight and nine, as follow* : j ' Suction 8. No bill shall b? passed by the Legis lature. containing more than one subject, which ] shall be clearly expressed in the title, except ap- ; propriation bills." "Section 9. No bill shall be passed by th a Leg- • i°!ature granting any powers, or privileges, in any j cas", where the authority to grant sttch powers or ; privileges, has been, or may hereafter be, conferred j upon the courts of this Common wealth. HENRY C. JOHNSON, ) Speafer of rite Hones of Representatives . JOHN H PENNY, ' Ryeaier of the Senate. | Office of tor Skciietarv ok the Commonwealth j Hxrrisbttrz, April 25, 196-1. PENNSYLVANIA, SS I d > hereby certify that the foregoing is a full. ! t:ue and correct copy ot the original Joint j [L. S.] Re-oluf ion of the General A s-embl v, enti tied "A Joint Resolution propo ht certain i Amendments to the Constitution," as the J same remains on file in this office. In Testimony whereof, I have hereunto i my ; hand and caused the seal of the Secretary's office to be aflix-d, the day and yar above written. EL! SLIFER. Seeretnry of the C nmounrealth. The above Resolution having been agreed tc by a I majority of the rr..< rnbers of each House, at two sue- 1 ces-tv" scy.irsr.s of the (Jen. ral Assembly of this: Corno-onwe. Ith, the proposed amendments will be i submitted to the people, for their adoption o* rejec- ' t'on, on the first Tl-kskay of Ai qi-st. in the year j of our Lo d one thousand eight feu idrad and sixty- 1 four, in accordance with the provisions ot the tenth | a; Dele of the Constitution, and the act, entitled! ' An Act p'escribing the time ar.d manner of sub- | mitting to the people, for th-ir ipprnval and ratiti- j •'a'ion or rejection, the proposed amendments to the Constitution," approved the twenty-third day of April, or.e thousand eight hundred mil s'vty-four. ! F.LI SLIFER, j Seeretary of the Commonwealth. roßHS!i!sioncrs ! Sale Of Unseated Land. 1 he Commissioners' sale of unseated land, which was advertised to take place on the sth of January last, having been postponed, will now be held on TUESDAY, JUNE Id. Quite a number of tracts have been redeemed since January, and per-o.os holding such lands ar.i know ing them to t ve been advertised can have an op portunity to redeem th-m by making application to the Clerk, before the ldth of June, at which time the .-ale will positively take place. The Commis s.oners will be in session cn Monday, the 13th of June. By order of the Commis-ioneis. JOHN G. FISHER, Clerk. Miy 13, 1961. SELLING- OFF! The undersigned informs the public that he is now disposing of his goods at LOW PRI3ES, with a view to c ose out s stock. Come, NOW, if you want bargains. He would also inform 'hose indebt ed to him, that they mnst come forward tmd settle their accounts as he intends to quit business. This notice is positive and final. ISAAC LIPPEL. Bedford, May 13—2 m. PUBLIC SALE OF VALE ABLE REAL ESTATE. In pursuance of an order of the Orphans' Court of Bedford county, there will be sold at public outcry, on the premises, on PR. DAY, the 10th day of Jute next. th following valuable Real Estate, viz ; A LOT OF GROUND, situate in the Borough cf Bedford, on West I'irt S'., fronting CO feet on sa d stree'. and extending b. ck by an alley 210 feet to an alley, adjoining lot of Thomas Marwine, with i LOG MOUSE ai d BLACKSMITH SHOP thereon erected, bring the property of the heirs of John CI tar, Jr., dee'd., arid t.> be so'd bv the undersigned as trustee. Terms mid* known on day of sjle. F. D. BEEGLE, Trustee. May 13, 1661. NSW STORE—NEW MS. Mrs. Sam'!. H. Tats has opei ej out, at her residence on Juliana Street, opposite Jhe Mengel House, a full assortment of MIL I. h\ PR Y AXD FAXC Y GOO DS, from the weli known firm of Wood St Carey, Chest nut stree', Philadelphia, which will be renewed by Express weekly, Her f. iends arid the public gene ral;',* are respectful) T invited to give her a call and form their own judgment. May 13. IB.MRiCO., Respectfully iiiiorni fheir /fiends and customers, that they have icw open n.nd ready forsa e, a large and geneial assortment o SPRLYG A .YD S UMMIAi GOODS, which they wi.i sell cheap tot *-a-h or approved cieditol six months —interest charged upon all ac counts after 'bey are do", whether rlo-ed by note or not. Having to pay cash for aII purchases, these eie the most liberal terms we can oft ". Bedford, May 13, ISG4. SHERIFFS CALL'. ~ Bv virtue of t'.re within Fi. Fa. to me directed, there will be so'd at public sale, at the Court Hoi: se, in the borough of Bedford, or, Saturday, t ap4th day of Jure, ISM, at W o'clock, A. A1 , all the right, Title and interest ot VV; g fie Id. in the following two tia-ts ot land, viz : Situate in Southampton towr.ship, Bedford county, one thereof containing four hundred ai d trine seres ant one hundred peich i <, surveyed on a warrant in the narnecf Gustavus Tom. The other thereof containing four hunured and five acres and thirty-four perches, surveyed on a warrant in the name of Nicholas Tom, and seiz ed and tak n in execution as the property of Isaac Wigfieid. JOHN ALPSTA3T, Sherifl. Bedford, May 13, 1961. THE LOST FOUND! Every thing is now 10-t in high piiccs ; but if you Wish to find them again at. old prices, call at MRS. E. r. MOIVRYS, who has just returned from Philadelphia. w;th th<* largest and best select on of MILLINERY GOODS EVER EROUGHI TO BEDFORD, which she will sell as cheap ei cheaper than old prices Her stock rousists ola general assortment of lashionable MLR, CACTUS, STRAW, LEGHORN * CRAPE BONNETS. Infant Hoods, ShaVf'S, and a Urge assortment ol Ladies' Mi-ses and Childrens' HAIS, the very la test styles and colors. A beautiful assortment of PLAID RIBBONS, the latest style. Flowers, Ruche®, Ladies Dress Caps. Corsets, Bal moral Skirts, Hoop Skirts, Dress i rimmings, Head Nets, Zephyr, Shetland work, <Vc. A large assortment of Grenadine \ eils, of alt colors, alsd, Ladies Linen Collars and Pocket Hand kerchiefs. , , Cy-Do not purchase elsewhere until you ca and examine the above stock of a * Y ou w: '' cer " t#inly find it to your interest, Rdford April 8, 1964. ! Jf c " ,-r;i ci / 'y - fP sT- ' Hon. WihQii iTt'Candlen Judge of tbe United States Circuit Court, Pi evident. Comer Penn and St, Ctair Sts., PilL-sbury, Ptnn. ; I The Largest, Cheapest and Best, i P a y* Jor jult Commercial Course. , extra cbirges tor Manttfac'ai rs, Steam- ; ■ boat, Railroad and Bank Book-Reeping. Ministers' | Sons at balf piice. Students enter and review at I any time. This institution is conducted by experienced teach* j ers arid practical accountants, who prepare ',oun2 men for active business at the l?a-t expense and ! shortest notice, for the most lucrative and responsi ; hie situations. Din-oaias granted fur merit only. I Hence the universal preference for gradnates of this College, by business men. Proi A. Cowley, the best Penman of r Union,! ; who holds the largest number of Ist Prkmii'Ms. and j | ovei all competitors, teaches Rapid Business Wri- j i tin T- . . . ' | CtRCri.ARs containing full information sent fore j on application to the Princinals. JENKINS A SMITH, P.ttsburg. Pa. C**" Attend where the Sons and Clerks of Bankers 1 , and lysines- Men gr.wldute. ! November 6, 1803. I Ttfl® SAI.K ! | OF VJiLUJBLE kZHL EST JITE. j Hv virtue of ;!n oider of the Orphan*' Court of , I Bedford county, the undersigned will otir.r t? r *''*> ! at the Court House, in the borough of Bedford, o n J i Wednesday, ihe Ht.h day of June, 1864-, j ht one o clock, P. the one undivided fourth part | of all the following tracts of land, situate in the j | said county ot Bedford, the property of S. H. Tale, ; Esq.. late ct ibe borough of Bedford, deceased, viz : No. I. A tiact ol land, known as the "Yellow j House property," containing23l acres and 83 perch ! cs, having thereon erected a two storied frame dwel- j : in g hou-e and frame barn, paitly cleared and under i fence. No. 2. Known a= the "Price Inn-ovem-nt trict," ■ containing 98 acres and 21 perches, strict measure. No. 3. Known as the "Hal! Tract," containing i 113 acies and 13'.) peiches, strict measure. No. t. Containing 464 acres anil 68 peiches, strict | measure, surveyed on warrant of W. P. Scheil and > j S. H. Tale. i No. 5. Containing >37 acres and 12S perches, j stuct measure, surveyed on warrant of Joseph W. 1 Tate, Esq. No. 6. Containing 116 acres and 37 perches, strict m'-esure, surveyed on warrant of Jacob U. Barn dollar. No. 7. Containing 15S acres and 79 parches and ., surveyed on wariantof Joseph W.Ta'e, ! Esquire. .No. 8. Containing 233 !cr< s, s'r et measure, sur ' veyed on warrant l<> John Morris, excepting out of ■ sunt 15ft acres the surlaceot li 3 acres and 79 perch i es, sti ict i No. J. Containing 331 acres and 46 perches, strict measuie, surveyed on warrant of W. P. S hell and j S. L. Russell, Ksqr's. ALYO —The one undivided fourth part of the right of all the iron ore and oiher minerals of, in, under j and upon the following tracts or pieces of land, viz : No. 1. Containing 207 acres s rid 122 perches, strict measure, being part of a larger tract survey* ! i'l on v. ariurif of George Srrii h. No. 2. Containing 106 acres, strict measure, be j i rig pail o; a larger tiact euiveyed on wariant to j ! Daniel Duncan. ) N 3. Containing 43 acres and 152 perches, strict I , measure, being p rt of a larger tract above men-, tioned, surveyed on warrant of George Smith. No. 4. Containing 53 acres and 123 perches, strict j measure, being part of a larger tract above men- ! ' iini-u surveyed on warrant to Daniel Duncan, lie toregoing 13 trac's of lat.i are situated in j the townships ol West Providence and Monroe, and I constitute w iiat ;- known as "Great Iron Ore Bank," I and will te sold together. T hey are now. end have j been for some time, iu us- for mining purposes, and j the iron ore is the very best quality and found in • very laige quantities. It has been at alyzed by the | first chemists of the country, and pronounced of a j ; very superior qua';!y. This analysis discovered a j large quantity ol ochre in these lands. They are io w owned in connection with Hon. Thomas A. Scot!, Hon. William P. Schell, Hon. S. L. Russell, • a..d Robert H. Gratz, JNq. AL.S.O—The Ore am! Mineral right of a tract of j land situate in Liberty township, in said county, adjoining lands of John Savage, Jacob Cypher and oti.ers. surveyed on warrant in the name r,t William i Harris, containing 400 acres, more or less. JiLSO—Ph e following Tract.•, viz : No. 1. A tract of land in Cumberland Valiev town : ship, in said county, warranted in the name of Ma : ry Kegg, and containing 3971 acres, adjoining lands j iol John Ce-sna, Esq., Joseph Leasure and others, j No. 2. A tract of la. d in Libtrtv township, in sai.i county, surveyed on wari nt of Stephen K-rr, containing 130 acres. No. 3. A tiact of land in Harrison township, in ' said county, surveyed on warrant to Andrew P. Mil ' j ler, containing 73 acres, j No. 4. \ tiact of land in East Providence tenvn j Clip, in said county, surveyed on warranto!' George " Devrcis, containing 210 acres. | No. 3. A tract of land in East Providence 'own ' j Ship, in sail county, surveyed on warrant ol Jacob ' hiicjiey, containing 100 acres. No. 6. A tract of land in Hopewell township, in r said county, surveyed on warrant to William Nich ■ olas. containing guo acres. No. 7. A tract of land in East Providence town , | rn.p. 'ii -aid -.-onn'v, surveyed on warrant to Isaac ; . Carip, containing 100 acres. No. b. A tr.'ct of land in East Providence town j ship, in said c.uiniy. surveyed on warrant to Mar garet C.'arin# containing 400 acres. No. 9. The ore undivided fourth pail of a tract of an.l in Broad Top township, in said county, survey ' , ed on warrant to Aiicuael Sipe, containing 101 an l ! a half a.-les. I'ER \l.-j—Cash at confirmation of sale, or on time To suit purchasers. Widow's Cwer released and i tillt indisputable. j For tun her particulars inquire of Hon. John Cess . na, Hon. Samuel L. Ruseell and Hon. William P . , i Snheli. r i H. NICODEMUS, Adra'r, , ( Bedford, May 13, 1861. mixv FiicM! Recent Arrival of New Goods!! IVcws i\tv <lic Lidics! E. ET. Fislier, Littls John C- £ Wm- J , I Have removed ibeir store two doors south of the i post oliice, to the room lately occupied by William Shatter, Esq., where they have just opened a new and large stock of FANCY GOODS, such as MUSLINS, CALICOES, GINGHAMS, &c., 1 i together with a well selected assortment of LADIES DRESS GOODS, - ; of every description. ' j Genritmcns Shirt Fronts, Hose, Soaps oj all kinds, Jewelry , <s*c., SfC. A!I of which they will sell very low for cash. - i The public are respectfully invited to ei'e us a call before purchasing elsewhere. April 22. '64. : ISJAC HOUGH & CO., t: \ i: A L tomsiiissian jUrrcbajifs, FOR THE SALE OF i llx'ps, tS'/woto, Heading, Staves, ■. Quercitron c£ Tanners' Bark, ,! Treenails, etc. . 1 No. 416 SOUTH DELAWARE AVENUE, PHILADELPHIA. , April 8, 1864—3 m Something new in Philadelphia. : COOPER'S PHOTOGRAPHIC AND ART GAL- ' LERY, NO. 1336 CHESTNUT STREET, Opposite U. S. MINT. GALLERY, RECEPTION AND OPERATING ROOMS ALL ON FIRST FLOOR. Al! style and sizes of Photographs, Ivorytypes, Ferrotypes or *'Tintypes" and taken at prices to suit the times. Pictures Finished in Water Colors, Oil, India Ink and Pastil. Horses and other animals, F.qiripage*. Country Seats, Ruins, Models of Machinery, ~ for Pa tenting accurately photographed. P. F. Cooper desires to call the attention of per- j sons visiting Philadelphia to his new Ground Floor Galleiy, where he has intiodured newly-patented i cameras, capable of taking, in a few seconds, one ; hundred Photographs, from the small stamp or an-j tographic, to the Imperial and Lile Size. Alter many experiments he has succeeded in i placing his skylight at an improved angle, diffusing j the light in equal propoitious, and producing that soft gradation of tone which rannot be given by the j side and skylights generally used, and which is of i so much mqiortance to the beauti of a picture. It j is mad° of French glass, and is the laigest in Phil- j delphia. Mr. Cooper fas been engaged rrore than twenty j years in the study i.nd practice of the Fine Arts.— ! His long experience as a Miniature and Portrait j Pair er is a: fiicient guarantee e or the perfection j of the pictures made it his establishment. The art of idealizing is well understood; none ' but th" most skilful artists are employed in the re spective department. All Pictures wairantej; the Ivorytypes will not* change in any climate, a.d will stand the test of acids.—Pu.ticular attention i> paid to giving grace- : ful and easy positions. Daguerreotypes and all other kinds of pictures cop- f led, from small medallion to life size, and finished j in colors or Indian ink, to look equal to pictures i taken from life. rhis Gallery po.-sesses rare facilities fr taking fauestriaii Pictures from life, in Die rear building I where fr om one to fifty horses can be photographed at a tune - N. 3.—To Pbc M<J o ra P'' i ers,Colortsts and others.— Ju-l issued.— "Every J '"dy ran Lc an Artist —Anew work on PHOTOGRAPH COLORING, iVORYT YPING, EN- ; AMELLING, IVORY MINIATUJth PAINTING, j Ac.,— Compete instructions given for ina.J."' 1 * Ivo- ■ rylypes with some v.' llhie receipt never j published useful to all photographs, for one of which a large sum has been offered. By following the directions contained in this book, even those persons wilh no previous knowledge of I dinting cannot fail to color pholog r eohs in a beau tiful and etfective style. Price one copy with model of coloring $3.00 1 without model $3.60, or five copies for $12.00. By ! remrting $lO one copy, with Box of Paints Palette i Brushes, and preparations complete will be turnish- ! ed of charge Will be published shortly. i A VALUABLE WORK ON PRAWii-G. with progressive Illustrations ot the Human Face 1 an 1 Figure. Also, A HAND-BOO'' ON POSITIONS, j with Illustrations. Designed for the cor of Pho tographers and Artists. Mr. Cooper continues to receive Ladies and Gen tlemen into his Classes lor Injunction in Drawing, and Photograph, Ivorytype, Indian Ink and Pasti! Painting, and a beaut'lul proces for Enameliug Pic tures. Circulars containing list of prices o.' pictuies and further information respecting the Booksand Terms of Instruction may b" had by enclosing Post Office Add-ess and a Stamp to P. F. COOPER, 133* C hestnut Street, Philadelphia, t REFERENCE | ( BIP'O Cops, Presiden' Academy of Fine Arts. Dr. r. B. Wilson Ornithologist and Entomologist. Rv. Thos. Miles Martin. P. E. Church. 1 Hon V ictor A. Sartori, Consul o* Leghorn. Robert G. Clarkron nf Firm of Jay Cook A Co. j New Yoik Rev. W. A. Maybm, Kect. St. A'ban's i Chnrcb. Boston T. E. Tilton iV Co. Henry Howland, Esq., Long Branch N. J. Baitimo. ;, Mons. Amedee Sauvan ,French consul, i April IS, ISoi. \\ ISTAK'H BALSAM OF WILD 1 HKItltV. ONE OF fHE OLDEST AND \V ST RELIABLE REMEDIES IN THE WORLD FOR Louyh s, i. olds, >1 hooping Cough, Bronchitis, Difficulty of Breathing, Asthma, Hoarse ness, Sere Thro J, Croup, nnd every offer.} ion of THE THROAT," LUNGS,",AND CHEST, INCLUDING EVEN co ** .SEra Pi" 2 a WtSTAR'S BALSAM OF WILD CHERRY. So general has the iter, of thit rem'dy heron le, and so popular is it everywhere, that it it unnecessary to recount itx virtues. Its works speak for it, and find ulle'anre til the abundant a-:d voluntary text/many of the many who from long tuff ting and settled dis - ease nave by tlx 7/xe been, re stored to pristine vigor and health. We can present a miss of evidence >* p'onf of our isstrtionx, that CANNOT BE DISCREDITED. The Eev. Jacob Sechler, Well known and inch respected among 'he German population in this country, makes the following statement for the benefit of the afflicted. HANOVER, PA., Feb. 16, 15.39 Era- Sirs -. Having realized in my family impor tant b-n-'fi s from Hie use of your Valuable prepara tion— WISTAR'S BALSAM OP WILD CHERRY — itaffirds me p!ra'ito recommend it to the public. Some j eigb: years ago one of my daughters seemed to be | in a decline, and little hops; ol her recovery were i entertained. [ then procuied a hottle of your ex cellent Balsam, and before she had taken the whole ol the contents of the bottle there was a great im provement in her heal'b. I have, in mv individual ca-e mad" lrequnt u-<- of your valuable medicine, and hare always been benefited by it. JACOB SECHLER, Ft cm. Jesse Smith, Esq , President oj the J.tonis L' Hank, Morristown , .'V eto Jersey. '•Having used DR. WISTAR'S BALSAM OF WILD CHERRY for about fifteen years, and having realized its beneficial results in my family, it afiords me great pleasure in recommending it to the public as a valuable remedy in cases of weak lungs, colds, coughs, Scc.,acd a remedy whicn I consider to be entirely innocent, and may be taken with perfect safety by the most delicare in health. From Hon. John E. Smith, a Distinguished Lawyer in Westminster, J\ld. I have on several occasions used DR. WISTAR'B BALSAM OF WILD CHERRT lor severe colds, and al ways with decided benefit. I know of no prepara tion that is more efficacions or mure deserving of ! general use. i The Bal.-um hes ,-,' so been used wi'h .xce||ent | effected by J. 13. ELLIOTT, Meichant. Hall's Cross Roads, Md. Wistar's Balsam of Wild Cherry. None genuine unlesssigned "L, BUTTS," on the | wrapper. For Sale by :J. P. DINS MORE, No, 431 Bioadwiy, New York. J. W. FOWLF. 4- CO., Proprietors, Boston. And by all Druggists. EEDDING'S RUSSIA SALVE, FORTY YEARS' EXPERIENCE Has fully established the stiperi >riiy of BEDDING'S RUSSIA SALVE, Over all otLer healing preparations. It core- all kinds of SORES, CUTS. SCALDS, BURNS, BOILS, ULCERS, SALT RHEUM, ER YSI PEL A3. STIES, PILES, CORNS, SORE LI PS, SORF, EYES, Ac , RF. 'OVING THE PAIN AT ONCE, AND REDUCING THE MOST ANGRY LOOKING SWELLINGS AND I.NFLAMATION AS IF BY MAGIC. ONLY 2.3 CENTS A BOX, FOR SALE BY J. P. DIN9MORE, NO. 491 Broadway, Nevr-York. J. w. rOWLE & CO., No. IS Trctnont-st., Boston. And by all Pruggiar-, May 6, JS64—eowty Mew (goods AT THE NEW BARGAIN STORE OF O. K. A: W. OSTKR. We are now receiving a choice selection of FANCY AND STAPLE DKY GOODS. Embracing all ihe new styles and shades of prints from 1C ct. up. Delaines, Schailies, Alpacas, Bom bazines, Mohairs, Mozambique?, Black Silks, Vic toria and Pacific La wns, Cambric and Jaconet Mus lins, Embroidered Collars and Sleeves, in set-, Bal moral and Hooped Skirts, of the best makes, and latest styles. SHAWLS AND HEAD NETS New fabrics end design? for Spring and Summer. Embossed Wool Table Covers, Ginghams. Checks, Table Diaper, Tickings, Shirting Stripes, Cotton ades, Sheeting and Shirting Muslins of all the stand ard makes, fiom IS cents up. H'/iiit Ballardvale, Red, G'ty and Striped Shirting Flannels. Clot/is. Cassimeres, Satinells arid Jen it. Carpets and Floor Oil Cloths HEADY MADE COATS AND VESTS tor Men and Boys, cut and made in the best and most fashionable manner, VSP.V CHEAP Hosiery, Gloves, Scarfs. Neck Ties, Shirt Collas an' Front, Cotton Yam and Carpet Cham. 11A IS of every qcahty, style'and color, ficm 13$ cents up. Louis asul Mice*. The large.?! and best a-sortment of Lidies, mi*es an ! ' • ; ; en Fine Calf, Goat, Frn"h Leather, En glish Kid, Morocco and English La-ring, Balmorals, Gaiters, Boots, Sho'Sfid Bu-kins IN TOWN —with oi without heels, made to onkr, call and see them , they trill speak for themselves. GROCERIES. Choice Coflee, Extra tine Young Hyson, Imperial, and Oolong Teas, prepared and essence of Cofiti, a cnniee assortment of Sugars and Syups, Rice, CboccU.te, Spices. Jf-e, CHEWING TOBACCO AND CIGARS, of Ihe choicest brands. QU F. ENSWARE, a full assortment. Herring and Mackerel, b" the barrel, \ bbl or dozen. Together with a grea* yarte' v of other goods to which we would call the attention ff every body. Terms—CASH, uule-s oth'Twin? specin"D. All kinds of produce taken m exchange lor goods. Bedford, May ti, iSOI. IMPORTANT TO ALL i N V AMDS. IRCN IN THE BLCOD It i? well known to the medical profession that IKON is ihe \ ital Principle m Life Element of the blood. Ibis is derived chiefly from the food we eat , but ii the food is not properly digested, or if, from any cause whatever, ihe nece.-saiy rjnanti'y ot iron is not taken into the circulation, or berome reduced, the whole system suffers. The bad blood Will irritate tbe heart, will clog up the lungs, will stupefy the brain, will obstnict the liver, and will senJ its disease-producing elements to all patis of the system, and every one will suffer in whatever orgen may be predisposed to disease. The great value of Broil as a Medicine is well known and acknowledged by all medical men. The difficulty has been to'ob'ain such a preparation of it as w'll enter the circulation and assimilate at once with tho hloa. Thi- -~. TO Or. Haves. Massachusetts State Chemist, has been attained in the Peruvian Syiup, by combination in away b;- fore unknown. THE PERUVIAN SYRUP is a PROTECTED solution of the PROTOXIDE OF IRON. A NEW DISCOVERY" IN MEDICINE, that strikes at the root of disease by supplying the blood with ;ts Vi'al Principle or Tjife Element—lron. THE PERUVIAN sYRUP Cures Dyspepjia, Liver Complaint, Dropsv, Fever and Ague, Loss of Energy, Low Spirits. THE PERUVIAN SYRUP Infuse? strength, vigor, and new life into the sys tem, and builds up an " Iron Constitution. ' THE PERUVIAN SYRUP Cures Chronic Diarrhoea, Scrofula. Boils, Scurvy, Lo-s of Constitutional Vigor. THE PERUVIAN SYRUP Cuies Nervous Affections, Female Complaints, end all disease? ot the Kidneys and Bladder. THE PERUVIAN SYKIJP Is a STKCIFIC fur all diseases originating in a BAD STATE OF THE BLOOD, or accompanied by De bility or a TMH? State of the >yi em. P.mphlets containing certificates of cures and re commendations from some of the most eminent phy sicians, cle-gyroen, and others, will bs sent FREK to any address. Vie select a few of the names to show the char acter of the testimonials. JOHN E. WILLIAMS, ESQ., President of the Metropolitan Bank, New Y'ork. Rev. ABEL STEVENS, Late Editor Christian Advocate and Journal. Rev. P. CHURCH, Editor New Y'ork Chronicle. Rev. John Pierpont, Lewi? Johnson, M. 'L, Rev. Warren Burton; Roswell Kinney, M. p., Rev. Arthur B. Fuller, S. K. Kendall, M. D., Rev. Gurdon Robins, VV. R. Chi-holm, M. D., Rev. Sylvanus Cobb, Francis Dana, M. D., Rev. T. Stair King, Jeremiah Stone, M. D., Rev. Fphraim Nute, Jr., J. AntonioSanrhes, M. D., Rev. Joseph H. Clinch, Abraham Wendell, M. D. Rev. Hen-y EJpham, A. A. Hayes, M. D., Rev. P. C. Headlev, J. R. Chilton, M. D., Eev. John W. Olmstead. H. E. Kinney, M. L. Prepared by N*. L. CLARK & CO., exclusively for J. P. ItINSMORE, No. 491 Broadway, New Y'ork. Sold by all Druggists. RED DING'S RUSSIA SALVE Reals Old Sores. REDDINGS RUSSIA SALVE Cures Burns. Scalds. Cuts. BEDDINGS RUSSIA SALVE Cures!*, Bruises, Sprains. REDDINGS RUSSIA SALVE Cures Boils, Uicers, Cancers. REDDING's RUSSIA SALVE Cures Salt Rheum. Piles, Erysipelas. REDDINGS RUSSIA SALVE Cures Ringworm, Corp.?, &c., iftc. -Vo Family should be without it. ONLY 95 cents a box. FOR SALE BY J. P. DINSMORE, No. 491 Broadway, New Y'ork, 8. W. FOWLE & CO., No. 18 Tremont St., Boston, And by all Druggists and Country Storekeepers, May 13, 18(34—eowly. ADMINISTRATORS' NOTICE. Letters ot Administration upon the Estate of George Mortimore late of Snake Spring Township dee'd having been issued by the Register of Bed ford county to John Mortimore, residing ia East Providence township and Joseph P. Mortimore resi ding in Snake Spring township, :hey f,ive notice to all persons indebted to the e?tate to make payment immediately, and all persons having cl -ims against the same are requested to present the same prc i e r ly authenticated for settlement. JOHN MORTIMORE, JOSEPH P. MORTIMORE, April 15, 1864-—6t Adm'rs. dyspepsia* AND DISEASES RESULTIjYG FIIOM DISORDER OF THE LIVER AMD DIGKS TI v E ORGANS ARK CURED LY {jooflaniTs German Sifters. Ttp Great Slrenslliening Toiiir, These Bitters have Performed more Cares! HAVE AND DO GIVE BE ITER S A TISFAC HON HAVE MORE TESTIMONY, HAVE .more respectable people TO VOUCH FOR THEM ! limn anyotljwaflicle in tit- ruuiket. We defy < :iy one to contrail id this assertion, AND WILL PAY SIOOO To any one that w.ll produce a Certificate publish ed BY us, that is not QR.XUI.NE. MOFLANDS GERMAN BITTEBS WILL CURE EVERY CASE OF Chronic or JYrrvoiix Debility, Disease* of the Kidney*, and Diseases arising from it disordered Stomach. Observe the following Symptoms: Resulting from Disorders of the Digestive * Organs : Constipation, Inward Pu<-s, Fulness of Gisod to the Head, Acidity ot the Stomach, Nausen, Heait buin, disgust tor Food, Fulness or Weight in the Stomach, Sour Eructations. Sink ing or Fluttering e.t the Pf ot the Stomach, Swimming ot the Head, Hurried and Diffi cult Breathing, Flut tering at the Heart, Choking or Suf focating Sensations when in a lying Posture, Dimness of Vis ion, Dots or VVPBS be fore tha sight, Fever and Dull Pain in the Head, Defi ciency of Perspiration, Yellowness of the Skin and Eyes, Pain in the Side, Kick. Cheat, Limbs", &c., Suo'der Flushes of Heat, Burning tu the Flesh, Constant Imag inings of Evil, and great Depression of Spirits REMEMBER, THAT THIS BITTERS IS NOT ALCOHOLIC, CONTAINS NO RUM OR WHISKEY, Tint) (Can't fllake Drunkards, BUT IS THE BEST TONIC In the World. WHO SAYS SO. From the Rev. Levi G. Beck. Pastor of the Rap tist Church, Petnberton, N. J., formerly of the North Baptist Church, Philadelphia. 1 have known Hootland's German Bitters favora bly for a number of years. 1 bave used them in my own family, and have been so pleased with their ei fecls that I was induced to recommend- them to ma ny others, and know that they have operated in a strikingly beneficial manner. I take pleasure itr thus publicly proclaiming this fact, and calling the attention of those afflicted with the diseases (or which they are recommended, to these Bitters, know ing from experience that my recommendation will be sustained, fdo this mote cheerfully as Hoof land's Bitters i= intended to benefit the afflicted, and is "not a rum drink." Yours truly, LEVI G. BECK. From Rev. J. New'on Brown, D. D., Editor of the Encyclopedia of Religious Know ledge, and Chri s Chronicle, Philadelphia. Although not disposed to favor or recommend Pat ent Medicines in general, through di 'r .-tof then irarpitjpn/e arrrt ali-ata, 1 vat know Ot nil Sufficient reasons wh) a man may not testily to the benefits fn believes himself to have received from any sim ple preparation, in the hope that he may tuus con tribute to the benefit Of others. I do this the more readily in regard to Ho ifland's German Bitters, prepaied by Dr. C. M. Jackson, of ttiis city, because I was pr judiced against them for many years, under the impression that tbey were chiefly an alcoholic mixture. lam ind-bted to my friend, Robert Shoemaker, Esq., for the removal of this prejudice by ptoper tests, and for encourage ment to try then, when suffering from great and long continued debility. The use of three bottles of these bitters at the beginning of the present year, was followed by evident relief and restoration to a degr-e of bodi y and mei tal vigor which I had not felt for six months before, anil badalmo-t despaired of regaining. I therefore thank God and my friend for directing me to the use of them. I. NEWTON BROWN, Philad'a. From the Rev. Jos. H. fvennard, Pastor of the 10:U Baptist Church. Dr. Jackson :—Dea Sir:—l have been frequently requested to connect inv name with commendations of different kinds of medicines, hot regarding the practice as oat of my appropriate sphere, I h tve in ail casts declined; but with a clear proof in various instances, and particularly in my family, of the tire fulness ot Dr. Hoofland's German Bitters, I depart for once from mv usual cour-e, to express my full conviction (hat, for general debility of th. system and especially for Liver Complaint, it is a safe an t valuable preparation. In some cases it may fail ; bnt usually, 1 doubt not, it will be very beneficial to those who suffer from the above cause. Yours, vfry respectfully, J. H. KEXNARD. Eighth below Coates st., PHil'a. From Rev. Warren Randolph, Pastor of the Baptis Church, Germahtowu, Penn. Dr. C. M. Jackson : —Dear Sir Persona! experi ence euabies inn to say that f regard Ibe German Bitters orepared by you as a most excellent medi cine. In cases oi severe cold and general debility I have been greatly benefited by the use of the Bit ters, and doubt pot they will p.odiice similar effects on others. Yours truly, WARREN RANDOLPH, Germantown, Pa. From Rev. J. H. Turner, Pastor of Hedding M. E. Church, Philade phta. Dr. Jackson : —Dear Sir :—Having used your Ger. man Bitters in my family frequently, I am prepared to say that it has been of great service. Yours respectfully, J. H. TURNER, No. 720 X. Nineteenth Street From the Rev. J. M. Lyons, formerly Pastor of the Columbus (N. J.) and Milestown (Pa.) Baptist Churchf s. New Rochelle, N. Y. • Dr. C. M. Jacksor, : —Dear Sir:—J feel it a pleas ure t has. of my own accord, to bear testimony to the excellence ot the German Bitters. Some years since being-much afflicted with Dyspepsia, I u-=ed them with very beneficial results. M. LYONS. !■ Rom Rev. J. S. Herman, of the German Reformed Church, Kutxtown 4 Berks eo., Pa. Dr. C. M. Jacksoi. I—Respected Sir ;*— 1 bave been i troubled with Dyspepsia neaily twenty years, and have never used any medicine that did we as much good as Hoofland's Bitters. Yours, with respect, J. S. HERMAN. ffIICES. Large Size (holding neaTly double QUANTITY,) $1 00 per bottle—harf doz. s■> 00 Small size—7s cts. per bottle—half dnz. $1 0t BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS! See that the signature of C. M. JACKSON" I* on the V\ IiAPPER of each bottie. Should your neatest druggist not have the aiticlo do not be put off by any of the intoxicating prepa rations that may ba offered in its place, but send to us and we will forward, secuteTy packed,by t xpieis. PRINCIPAL OFFICII ASI> MAJIVFACTOUT, No. 631 ARCH STREET, PHILADRI.M*IA. JONES 8c EVANS, So roster, t„ C. M. larUn A Co. FROPRIETOrjD- For tale by Druggi*"# ati.l Deal?/- in every town in the Urited States, J Bn , ]

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