Newspaper of Bedford Gazette, June 3, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Bedford Gazette dated June 3, 1864 Page 3
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A GENTLEMAN, cured u i Ne.v.jtis Debility, ln competency, Rtemature D?ey and Youthful Error. iiCi .ated by a desire to benefit other?, will be hap- j [.v to furrifh to a!l who need it, (iree of charge), i l. o iccipe and diiections for making the simple rem- j ' edy 'l s 'd ii> his case. 'I hose wishing to profit by ; his experience, and possess a valuable rem \!y, will . icccive the same, by let urn mail, (carefully sealed) by addressing JOHN B. OGDEN, No 00 Nassau street. New York. May 20—3 m. BELL'S SPECIFIC PILLS— WARRANTED IS ALL CASKS. CAN be rehe Jen ! Never fail fo cure I E'c not n'ieale ! Are speedy in action! No change of ■ diet required ! Do not inteifere with business pur• ! suits! Can be used without detection ! Upward i f 200 cures the past month—some of them very se- j vere case?. Over one hundred physicians have used them in their practice, and all speak well of their efficacy, and approve of their composition, whica is I entirelv vegetable, and harmless on the system.— ! Hundreds of certificates can be shown. BFLL'R Specific PILLS are the original and only genuine Specific Pill. They are adapted for male und female, old or young, and the only reliable rem edy for effecting a permanent arid speedy cure in all cases oi Spermatorrhea, or Seminal Weakness, with all its train of evils, such as Urethr 1 and Vaginal Discharges, Gleet, the Whites, Nightly or involun tary Emissions, Incontinence, Genital Debility and Irritability, Impotence, Weakness or Loss of Pow er, Nervous Debility, &c., K.C.. ail ol which arise principally from Stxual Excesses or Self-Abuse, \ or some constitutional derangement, and incapaci tates the sufferer from fulfilling the duties of mar ried life. In all sexual diseases, as Gonorrhea, | Gleet, and Strictures, and in Diseases of the Blad der and Kidneys, they act as a charm ! Relief is ex perienced by taking a single box. Bold by all the principal druggists. Price sl. They will be sent by mail, securely sealed, and confidentially, on receipt of the money, by J. BRYAN, M. D., No. 76 C-dar street. New York, . Consulting Physician lor the treatment of Seminal, Urinary, Sexual, and Nervous Diseases, who will send, iree to all, the following valuible work, in sealed envelope : THE FIFTIETH THOUSAND —DR. BELI.'S TRKA- ; TISE on Self-Abuse, Premature Decay, Impotence and Loss of Power, Sexual Diseases, Seminal Weak ness, Nightly Emissions, Gemra! D tbil ty, See., &c.. ' a pamphlet of 61 pages, containing impo tunt ad- : vice to the afflicted, and which should be ic d by every sufferer, as ihp means of cure in the severest I stages is plainly set forth. Two stamps required to pay postage. December t, IS6-3—lvse I M PORT ANT TO LADIES. —Da HARVEY'S FEMALE 1 TILLS have nevei vet failed in removing difficulties arising lrorn obstruction, oi stoppage of natme, or in restoring the system to peifect health when suf fering fiom Spinal Affections, Prolapsus Uteri, the Whites, or other weakness of the Uterine Organs. 1 he Pills aie pertectly hai roless on the constiiuiion, and may be taken by the most delicate female with out causing distress—the same time thev act like a ! charm bv strengthening, invigorating and re.tonr.g } the system to a healthy coni..t ion, and by bringing j on the monthly periof with regularity, nr matter Ircm what causes the obstruction may arise. They ' should, however, NOT be taken during the first ; three or four months of pregnancy, though safe at any other time, as miscarriage would be the result. • Each box con'ains 00 Pills. Price sl. DR. HAUVEV'S TRLATI.-E on Diseases of Females, ! Pregnancy, Mi-carriage, Barrenne.-s, Sterili'y, Re-! production, and Abuses of Nature, and emphatically : the Ladies' Private Medical Adviser, a pamphlet of 64 pages, sent free to uny address. Six cents re- ; t quired to pay postage. The Fills and book will be sent by mail when de sii9'. securely s?A!pd, and prep, by J. BUT AN, M. D., Geneial Agent, NO. 76 Cedar st., New York. bv all the principal druggists. December -4, ,863—lysc. A Most Exce.snt Medicine. J. F. CARPENTER'S RHEUMATIC FLUID.— Person saffering from Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Dijither a. Burns, &c., will find this a most ex .eib-nt rem dv. It comes to ii-' recommended by ?ome of the best iner, in the State—and in this community Try a j bottle and see for } ourselt. For sate at f. L. D-fi- I baugh's, Bedford. April 29, IS6s—ly. SWALLOW two or three hogsheads of "Buchu," j _ "Tonic Bitters," "Batsaji irilia," "Nervcus An- i tidotes," iif., Ac., and after you - sati<fied W Dt ' the result, then try one box oi' OLD DOCTOR BU- • CHANT'S ENGLISh SPECIFIC TlLLS— end be | restored to health and vigor in less than thirty days, i They are purely vegetable pleasant to 'UL rro : ,t and salutary in their effects on trie hi ken-down und shattered constitution. Old ami yo.i.'. c. them with advantage. IMPORTED nr.i sold tt United St.. £•■- only by J AS. S. BUTLER, Gehcnl Agent, Station D, Bible House. Ne•*. York. P. S. A hex sent to any fidiir-. ■ on Receipt of price—which is One Dollar—post free. March 2.i, 18G1.— Urn TTSE NO OTHER! BU CHAN'S SPEC NO PILLS J U.- are the only Reliable ID irmly for aM DISEASES! of the Seminal, Urincy and NERVOUS S, - ' ru-. !'• v one box, and be cured. ONE DOLLAR \ LkiX One box wil! perfect a cure, or money refunded. — | jSent by maii on receipt ol pi ice. JAS. S. BUTLKii. j .Station D, Bibiv House, New Y rk, March 25, IS3I—3M General Agent. [> O YOU U TO BE CURED I \) DR- BUCHAN'S English Specific Pills cure in ie=s than 30 days the ■worst cases of Nervousness, lmpolency, Prem ature Decay, Setninai Weakness, Insanity and all Urinary, tjexual, and Neivous Affections, no mutter from what cause p.oduced. Trice, One Dollar per box. Sent ; pot-paid ; by mail, on receipt ol an prder. Address, .IAS. S. BU I'LER, General Agent, Station D, Bible House, New York. March 23. 1804.—3 m , : 7.°D to announce JOHN S. BRUM- ! We are aid no.. Tiy vtrnship* as a candi-1 BAUGH, Ot South Woodbc... " l.ct to the K. - date for county Commissioner, . u _ ( sion of the Democratic county convention. We ARE authorized TO announce MICHAEL WERT/, > Esq., of Uoioa township, a.a candidate for co .tj Commissioner, subject to the decision of "H- Dem ocratic county convention.* We are authorized to announce MICHAELS. RITC:?- BY , of Snake Spring township, AS a candidate lor Coun y Commissioner, subject to the decision oi Die Democ otic county convention. MANHOOD: HOW LOST, HOW RESTORED Just pubii-hed, a new edition of Dr. CULVER- I -VLLL'S Ce!eb:atf d Essay on the radical cure (with ; out medicine) of SPERM ATORSHCEA, or Seminal Weak- Less, Involuntary Seminal Losses, lmpoteney, M-u --'al and physical incapacity, impediments to Mar- i riage, etc.; also, Consumption, Epilepsy en ! Fits, mdu-ed by self-indulge; *e or sexual extravagance, j ECF*Price, in a sealed envelope, only 6cm s. ! * The celebrated author in this admirable c?-ny eleaily demonstrates, from a thirty ypars succes-- j ful practice, that the alarming consequences of sell- ! abuse may be radical!) cured without the dangerous use ot internal medicine or the ppp ication of ttie knife—pointing out a mode of cure, at once simple, certain ar.d effectual, by means of which pv?iy?ut- : ferer, no matter what his condition may be, may cure himself cheaply, privately, and radically. HF*This Lecture should be in the hands ot every youth otid every man in the land. Sent, under seal, in a plain envelope, to any ad dress, port paid, on receipt of six cent 3, oi two post i stamps. Address the publishers, CHAS. J. c. KLINE & CO., 127 Bowerv, New Ycfk, Post office box 1366. ' May 20, 186i—3m. ~ ADMIMSTU '.TOR'S NOTICE. ~ The undersigned having received let'ers of ad- ! •tiinistration upon the estate of.John K. Afowery, late of Union township,aiee'd., requests ail per-ons having claims against trie estate to pre sent the same pioperly authenticated for settlement, arid'all per sons indebted v. ill please make immediate payment. April 22—6t JOSIAH MO W FRY, AJ:N'I. 1 \\ ISTAR'S BALSAM OF WILIS C'SIsLTiT. ONE OF fflE OLDEST AND MOST RELIABLE REMEDIES IN THE WORLD FOR Cough*, I'O/I/J, Whoopin* Coifk, Bronchitis, Difficulty Of Ih-iathm-r, Aztumi. Honrst n'S<, Sore Ihro t*. Croup, nnJ every '[{ffcfioi of THE THROAT. LUNGS, ,AND CHEST, INCLUDING EVEN C & \ vi; .13 p 'r 8 WI STAR'S BALSAM OF WILD CHERRY, .SO general ha? the n?c of tots remedy become, and *opopular f it rv-rywhere, that it fx unnecessary to , ; recount its virtues. Its Hearts sprat for it, and [find I itfie-aace in the alnndant and voluntary testimony : I°' l ' ,K tetany who from lon<r stiff ting and settled dis ease have oy its use been restored to pristine, vigor and health. Tle can present a m iss of evidence in proof of our insertions, that CANNOT BE DISCREDITED. The Eev. Jacob Sscbler, Well known and much respected among the German j population in this country, makes the following statement for the benefit of the afilictcd. HANOVER, PA., Feb. 16, 1539 Dear Firs: —Having realized in my family impor tant beriefj's from the u-e of your valuable prep .na tion VV iSTA R s BALSAM OF WILDCHEHKY—it afTords ,me pleasure to recommend it to the public. Some j eight year- ago one of mv daughters seemed to be ! in i d.clit.e, and li'tle hoji-s of her recovery were entertained. 1 ther piocureda ' ottle ol your ex- I t Balsam, and before she had taken the whole Oi the contents ot the bottle there was :i great im provement ID her heal h. 1 have, in my individual case made lrequent of vour v doable medicine, and have always been benefited by it. JACOBSECHLER. I torn Jesse Smith, Esq , Prestd- nt oj the Moms County Bunk, Marrislowu, .A'etti Jersey. ] '-Having used DR. WISTAK'S BALSAM OF WILD i CitKRHY for about fifteen years, and having realized : its beneficial results in my family, it affords ine ! great pleasure in recommending it to the public as ! a valuable re- iedy in caves of wesk lung-, cold.?, ! coughs, 6cc., and a remedy which I consider to be I entirely innocen'. and may be taken with perfect safety by the most ■■"elieate in health. From Hon. John K Smith, a Lawyer in Wes/mmstei, Jit/. I Lave on several occasions used Dn. WISTAR'S : BALSAM OF WILD CHERRX for severe coi ts, ami al -1 ways with decided benefit. 1 know cf noprepara- I tion th it is more effi.-acions or more deserving of i genera! use. The Bal -am his also beer, used with txci'e.nt i i eftecteJ by J. B. ELLIO TT, Mt-ichaat. Hall'st. ross J Roads, Md. V/istar's balsam of Wild Cherry. ; None genuine unless signed "L, BUTTS," on the | wrapper. For Sale by ' ; J. P. DINSMORE, No. 491 Bioadw .y, New York, i J. W. FOWLE4-CO., Proprietors, Boston. ! And by all Druggist-. SEEDING'S RUSSIA SALVS. FORTY YEARS' EXPERIENCE Has ful'y estab'iishcil the sup-ri rity of KEDDINUS R USsfA SALVE, Over ail other healing preparations. It cures all kinds of SORES, CUTS. SCALDS, i BURNS, BOILS, I LCERS, SALT RHF.UM, ER YSIPELAS, STIES, PILES, CORNS, SORE LTPS, SORE EYES, 4-c., REMOVING THE PAIN AT ONCE, AND REDUCING THC. MOST ANGBY | I LOOKING SWELLINGS AND JNFLAMATION I S AS IF BY MAGIC. I OXLY.23 CENTS A BOX, FOR SALE BY j J. P. DIXsMORFL NO. ti'l Broadway, New-York- • :J. W. Or. LF. N ' 0., No. 18Tremont-st., Boston. : And by all Druggist*. j - %sa >" G lsfii—eawiy j UttJß'tL ■triOsJCi'a 1 iNnEe i H. '• nt' K..-i k rcN.l td 9 j 2heCo w i ;=loners" , s'e of oiteea'ed land, which j v. . !vf r* •■ *:"* •' p; ..c <■ ■■ \ ";• ' * ! .*f Juntiarv > last, having be ■ pr- 'pon- !. wi'l i. rv be held on j TUESDAY', JUNE I!. f i -Ate a number of tract? have j, , en Tt > teem. ! since j January, in i p-r-c is holding such lands and know- ; ■ log them to h ve been a can nave an op-I i i-irtur. ty in re -em tl: -m by making to !• Clerk, !> :•> the i Jth of Tune, at vfeich Dm- : • -al- XV ill posit iv.'iy tike place. The Com tins- | SliWi'ti Wil :o in :. -,,U o: Monday, tl.:: .3th of' i June. Cy older of the Cormnis-ioners. JOHN G. FISHER, Clerk. May :3, 1564. SELLING- OFF! The n: DrGgned nfurros the public that he is - v ii -pc-ing of hm-goods at LOW PRICES, with j ! i view to c'. se out bis stock. Come, NOW, if you ; | want bargains. He would also inform those indebt ed to '..m, '' at th*,- must come forward and settle , their accounts a? he intends to quit business. This ! notice is positive and final. ISAAC LIPPEL. Bedford, May 53—2:n. PUBLIC SALE OF VALUABLE REAL ESTATE. In pursuance of an order of the Orphans' Court of Bedford county, there will be sold at public outcry, on the premises, on FRIDAY, the 10th day of June next, the following va'uable Real Est re, viz : A LOT OF GROUND, situate in the Borough ot Bedfotd, on West Pitt S fronting CO feet on said street, and extending back by an alley- 210 f -et to an alley, adjoining lot of Thomas Mar-wine, with a LOG HOUBK and BLACKSMITH SHOP thereon erected, being 'he property of the heirs of John Cl.sar, Jr., d-e'd., and to oe sold bv the under? gr.rd as trustee. Terms made known on duv of sale. F. D. P-EEGLE, Tt istee. May 13, ISOJ. bIiCHIFFS uALK. By virtue ct i V' Fa * ' iir t '; rtr ' ! ' ! there will be sold at pJ. ,c saie > 4t CourtHouse, | in the borough of Bedford, (& -'•Turday, inn TT®day of June, IS6I. at 10 o'clock, A. M , . r j Title and intt rest of Isaac WigtieKi in the .'al-ow nig two tracts ol land, \. : Situate ,n Snilfcrnaj. on j towr.sli.p, Bedford county, one thereof contu' • four hundred and nine acres ana one hundred peich- j es, surveyed on a wa. iant in the name r f Guetavus ToflQ. The other thereof containing four hundred and five acres and thirty-lout p-.-rcl -s, surveyed on a warrant in th? name of Nicholas 'lorn, and seiz ed and tak n in execution as the property of Isaac Wit field. JOHN ALDSTA?/:, Sherifl. j Bedford, May 13, 18C4. Hi <ih?>f price in cash paid for WOOL. May 27. A. 15. CRAMER & CO. 0 IBS ! o yes:? The undersigned lakes this method of informing the citizens ot" Cumberland Valley, Londonderry and the surrounding townships that he will continue ?n AUCTIONEER, and will attf nd to all business 111 bis line at tile shoitfrfct notice. May 27. JOHN DICKEN. ResprctfiiHy inform their friends and customers, that th<-y hav s now open and ready for sa'v, a large and gcueial assoitmcnt o SPRLYG AM) SUMMER GOODS, which they wi'l sell cheap lor ca-b or approved cred ' of six months —interest charged upon all ac . counts af'er they are due, vvhethet closed by no'- | or no'. Hill ing to pay cash lor all purchases, these j i are the most Llcial terms we can oil?;. Bedio 1, May M' IS6-I. I — —nr l 3Eaesr^gsr^-7. , mrff ssr ! I I fe> c^ 5 Cf^ Sloca. Wilsoai 32'FasxdSesa : Judge of the United States Circuit Court, President, j C rncr Ptnn and St. Clair Sts., Ptlhburg, Penn. The Largest, Cheapest aud Best ijjlfJa Pays far a Jul! Commercial Course. extra charges for .Manufae'urers, Steam. : boat, Railroad and Bank Book-Reeling. Ministers' Sons at half pi ice. Students enter and review at any time. I This Institution is conducted by experienced teach ' ers and practical accountants, who prepare young men lor active business at the lea>t expense and shortest notice, for the most lucrative and responsi ble situations. Diplomas granted for merit only. Hence the universal preference, for graduates of this College, by business men. Prof. A."Cowley, the best Penman of the Union, who holds the largest number of Ist Premiums, and ovei all competitors, teaches Rapid Business Wri ting. Circulars containing full information sent fkke on application to the Principals. JENKINS & SMITH, Pittsburg, Pa. Attend where the Sons and Clerks of Bonkers and Business Men graduate. Novembers, ISC3. $.1.00 RirWIRU. Lost on Wednesday, the 25th nit., between Wil low Giove and William Har'ley's farm, on the turn pike, a i weed Sack Coat, with a pocket book in the breast pocket, containing about SIC.OO in money, i two blank books and snnd-y papers. The under j signed will jay the above reward to the finder on j his returning the same to his possession. DAVJD LINGENFF.LTER. ] Napier tp., Jun 3, 1834.*—3t Take Th° undersigned having associated his brother, ! SAMUEL D. WILLIAMS, with h'mself in the i Mercantile business, gives notice that his books j are leady for settlem-nt. All persons having ac ! counts standing on the same, will please call and i sel'.le without deIHV. J. B. WILLIAMS. Bloo'y Run, May 5, [2o] 1864. j j J I j ! i j | f UKKHART & BENSHEY, BAKERS AM) CONFECTIONERS, AND DEALERS IN FRUITS, TOYS AMD FAM'CY GOODS, j North Main Street, West Side, CIIAIttP'E&SBI!R iJ 9 PA. I I A LL ORDERS PROMPTLY ATTEND 1A ED TO. XT* TERMS CASH.^% May 20, 1864 ly. I WA¥r !>• A hov of good mo:al character, industrious habits, ! and well recommended, to learn the tanning busi- I ness. Aprdy imrned; ntely to th< subscr.b-r in Cu n ! berland Valley. JOHN A. GUMP. Apr. 23, 1861. A .fo'sit £3?BolutioEa Proposing certain Amendments to the Consti tution. I3e it resolved by the. Senate and House of Represen tatives of the. Commonwealth of Peonrylvania in General Assembly met. That the following amend ments be proposed to the Constitution of the Com monwealth. in ancordance with the provisions of the tenth article thereof; There sha 1 he an additional section to the third article of the Constitution, to be designated as sec tion four, as follows: "Ski r1 on 4. Whenever any of the qualified elec tor- oj this Commonwealth shall be in anv actual military service, under a requisition from the Pres ident of the United States, or by the authority of this Com nonwealth, such electors m.v exercise the light of suffrage in all electiona by the citizens, tin ier such regulations as are, or shall be, prescribed by law, ;.g fully as if they were present at their usuai place of elec ion." ; Miction 2. There shall be two additional sections to the eleventh 'rtlcle of the Constitution, to be designated as sections eight and nine, as follows : "Suction 8. No bill shall be PASSED by the Legis i lature, containing mere than one subject, which ' shall b 3 clearly expressed in the title, except ap | propri ;iou bills." •'Section 9. No bill bail be passed by the Lg --i laTure granting any j wers, or privileges, 111 any car . wh-re the authority to grant such powers or privileges, has been, or may hereatter be, conferred upon the courts cf this Commonwealth. HENRY C. JOHNSON, Speaker of the House of Representatives. JOHN" H. PENNY, Speaker of the Senate. Orpine of tub Skcrkta ry ok thk Commonwealth, llirrisburg, April 25, IS6A. I PENNSYLVANIA, SS: I do hereby certify that the foregoing is a full, true and correct copy of the original Joint ! [U.S.] Resolution of the General Assembly, enti tled "A Joint Resolution proposing certain Amendments to the Constitution," as the same remains on file in this office. ' Ix Testimony wh-reof, I have hereunto set my j hand and caused the seal of the Secretary's office to be affixed, the day and year above written. FLI SLIFF.R, ! Sreretnry of the Common wealth, j The above Resolution having been agreed to by a majority of the mem K "rsof each House, at two suc cessive sessions of the General Assembly of this Commonwealth, the proposed amendments will be submitted to the people, for their adoption or rejec tion, on the Fiii.T Tueskay of August, in the year of our Lord on-' thousand eight hundred and sixty four, in accordance with the provisions of the ten'h article of the Constitution, and the act, entitled "An Act prescribing the time and manner of sub- I mitting to iim people, for their approval and ratifi ! cation or rejection, the proposed amendments to the Constitution," approved the twenty-third day of ! April, one thousand eight hundred and sixty-four. : ELI SLIFEK, i Secret aen of the Commonwealth. I fY "• - t-r - ■ -j-iT\eg .. I 1— **"' ■■ -—v ~ - Ij. _ „ . Th,: Specifc res tor e you to former health and with, ut it yon st- the effects of discern. & Q T '• -.'"j-fUS g-A {,?; \A , '• r<: .3 i i L : \ Hi ,ISUPIu. < l '•*" : f£sM '- '■' ' iSr. the Rrcat Sl sovcn lsjn ltenifdy (co 11: ;>OA€l ol" Su V 1-: At TS from llktl 1n 11 kcoi n an 1 liei bH,) for r> II of f lie iilnnry ttud sirxnal such n# liictMKinruc of the I'rlne, Inflammn tiott ox the Biadricr, lutlammfttioii of the •'vr, ! Stoue iu the Blitdder, Mrlcittn-, Ornveli <>oitorrhieaf Oileet, nut'. Is unrliK . si i>> itnylhliiK yet tii coveccd for caring the Wlittcs in u nuiti 1 V ) • - d ■ i ll ■ r l !"it - * to iirict!ons tixir# Ij t'4 L ifluT Turtle u< r -litfll, utul its llrtf cntltiot tn- <ie tecletl Ifv kti> < : tM . Till* remedy is (lerftct and ro- | ■* if.; in . which arc calculated to i3i*troy k. 1 •! t 1 . iiseurtttl oigi ti- 1 , hut removes tlu* poi fr •! ' t • vreii). h'u yaticy ami henltli. i: f. . }i 1; nine, hut i.s the embodied ox j> 1 i"iM hi i;. l*hysi.'i in luoet ttucceaoful iu curing ail d" seof this clns. i' - Let k i.• dct-jmir iu* this r'nt°ly effects the riw*t sujtiii,r.|jin' r r cares, nh-n s;ll others fail. Trice only rl.tO j" tax, or ti boxes for 85.U0. !%•:i hi mail t ty u>Mri on receiptof the |rico. For nuh ! v all ?mh> that ny aiguature U urt uud each box. hole Proprietor, Cincinnati. DEM AS, BARNES & CO., Wholesale Agents, New York. . /ifA \ i ,- v -%c i Y /-'A,. I ' FOR DYSENTERY j Diarriicua. IU.XOX'S AItOXIATIC (CARMINATIVE I Is the only safe and sure cure. It eon- j tains 110 ojnum or deleterious drugs, no min eral or other injurious compounds common to remedies generally sold for this class of ! disease. Tt is so efficacious that Physicians very generally veo it in their practice in all chronic and dangerous cases. tidf Use no Cholera mixtures or doubt ful compositions, (many of which under mine and ruin the constitution.) when you j can obtain an unfailing remedy as simple I .and safe as Blackberries themselves. Ask for Dixon's Blackberry Carmtna- j tiyr, and see that the proprietors name is : written on the outside wrapper o'f each bet- I tie. Prepared only by Sole Propriilor, CINCINNATI. For sale by all respectable druggists. Price, ioid sljrle. 35 cis.) 25c., 500. and sl, per Soitio. DEM AS, BARNES & CO., Wholesale Agents, New York. srr- -sq f --Yfj W~7? f C? AT THE NE¥/ BARGAIN STORE OF Go K. &W. OSTUK. ; We are no'.v receiving a choice selection of | FANCY AND STAPLE iKiY GOODS, ; Embracing all the new styles and shades of prints ' ' from 1(5 ctt. up, Delaines, SchaiHes, Alpacas, Bom- j b-.zines, Mohairs, Mozambiques, Black Silks, Vic- j toria and Pacific Lawns, Cambric and Jaconet Mus- \ iins, Embroidered Collars and Sleeves, in set,, Bal- j moral and Hooped Skirts, of the best makes, and j latest styles. SHAWLS AND HEAD NETS- New fabrics and designs for Spring and Summer. | , Embossed Wool Table Covers, Ginghams. Checks, j Fable Diaper, Tickings, Shirting Stripes, Cotton-j ades, Sheeting and Shirting Muslins of all the stand- j ard makes, from IS cents up. White Bullarilvnlf., Red, G't>y and Striped Shirting Flannels. Cloths. Cassimeres, Satinetts and Jeans. Carpets an t Floor Oil Cloths. j READY MADE COATS AND VESTS for Men and Boys, cut and made in the best and i most fashionable manner, vkrv cheap Hosiery, Gloves, Scarfs, Neck Ties, Shirt Co'.la s | an I Front®, Cotton Yarn and Carpet Chain. j HATS of every" quality, style and color, from !2j j cents up. Ooels and Shoes. The largest and bc>f assortment of Ltdies, mise and Childrens Fine Calf, Goat, French Leather, En glish Kid, Morocco and English Lasting, Balmorals, Gaiters, Boots, Shoes and Bu-kins IN TOWN—with or without heels, made to order, cull and see them, they will speak for themselves. GROCERIES. Choice Coffee, Extra fine Young Hvson, Imperial, and Oolong l eas, prepared and essence of Coffee, a choice assortment of Sugars and Syrups, ! Rice, Chocolate, Spices, J-c. CHEWING TOBACCO AND CIGARS, of the choicest brands. QUEENSWARE, a full assortment. Herring and Mackerel, by the barrel, .j bbl or dozen. Together with a great variety of other goods to which we would call the attention of every body, j Terms— Cash, unless otherwise specified. All kinds of produce taken in exchange for goods. 1 Bedford, May 6, iS64. isiiis naiiiiii & t0.," - E 1% E St A E fjunmission jWcrcltatifs,. FOR THE SALE OF Hoops, Shoolis, Hcadhifj, titavce, Quercitron cU Tanners' Hark, Treenails, iG<?. No, 418 SOUTH DELAWARE AVENUE, PHILADELPHIA. April 8, ISG4—3.n I\v iH^HA HTLL \H.KKV >IS To She Faimors of Bedjotd an I adjoining Counties : 1 offer the best selection of "Farm Machinery in the world." Having a practical knowledge ot farming, and being acquainted with the best and latest improvements, 1 am confident that my selec tions will give satisfaction, at any late 1 am willing TO TAKE THE RESPONSIBILITY and WAR RANT all machines to work and be as represented. Besides I furnish many machines delivered at the I price at sehicft they are retailed at the place of manu- j fact ure. "The Fanner Mower' 1 9 JS MADE OF JROA AMD STEEL i Weighs but 570 lbs., cuts 4j feet swath. Has a | flexible hinge cutter bar, two driving wheels. No j j weight on horses necks. Eura horse has hut 100 j lbs. to pull in cutting. j IT IS THE CHEAPEST AND BEST MACHINE NOW OFFERED TO THE PEOPLE. Is warranted in full —and challenges the world. 1 have already sold nearly one hundred of these Moweis, and can get but a few more. Price $l2O 00, delivered in Beolord —Fanners must j order soon to secure machines. | Willoughby'3 Gum Spring Grate Driiis, slso on hand and for sale at Carlisle priree. I i These drills aie now "MASTER OF THE FIE LDP ' j Sow Outs, Barley, Wheat, Rye, Sec , Measure the Ground, and break no Seed. Thousands already in use and everybody phased Send is your orders soon, as I hive but 59 of tbem. 30 Green Castle Grain Cradles now on hand. The last of these celebrated Cradles j that can be got, as the makert intend moving v- j The Eureka Corn Stalk Cutter and Crusher and Hay & Straw Cutter. ! Having sold more than 100 of these Cutters the ; past winter, in this and adjoining counties, they j i , need no praise. Ask your neighbois who have tbem. ! Keystone Cider Hills, j For! able Fftß'in which will grind ail kinds of grain by horsepower. I APPLE FAKERS, SCYTHES & SNEDS, GRINDSTONES, &c., See. / Hardware ©£ all kinds, NAILS, IRON, PAINT, OIL, Sec., See. My stock cf Hardware was bought at old prices, ! in great part, and I offer much of it AS LOW AS EVER. MY STOCK 13 COMPLETE, and I will always endeavor to please those who may favor me with their pationage. Terms in oil awes CASH, unless otherwise agreed. . DjTTFarmers wanting Machines, ot any kind, must remember that goods ot all kinds are constant- : ly advancing, and the sooner their orders are given the better for them, as Farm Machinery will soon I I advanco in proportion to the rise of material, la- : t bor, See, WM. HARTLEY. May 20, 1 SO4. I i> v$ a* i<: sg a. AND DISbdISES RESULTiXG FkOM DISORDER OF THE LIVER I AND DI.GKSTIVE ORG L L S ARE CURED I V ' |uos*l3i!<!"s Sermaa Sifters, Tbf Great Slrrnrlliriilns Tonic. j These Bilters have Performed more Cores! I HAVE AND DO GIVE BETTER SATISFACTION HAVE MORE TESTIMONY! HAVE MORE RESPECTABLE PEOPLE TO VOUCH FOR THEM! Than any otlu;r article in the inaikot. We defy any one to contradict this assertion, AND WILL PAY SIOOO To any one that w.ii produce a Certificile pub i#l ed by us, that is not okmcinb. JIJOFLAND'S GEKMAN BITTERS i- WILL CURE EVERY CASE OF I Chrome or Vervoui Debility, Diseases of the kidneys, and Diseases arising from a disordered Stomach. Observe the following Symptoms: Resulting from Disorders of the Digestive Organs: Constipation, Inward Piles, Fulness of Blood to the H<-ad, Acidity ol the Stomach, Nausea. Heart burn, Jisgus: for Food, Fulness or Weight in the Stomach, Sour Eructations, Sink ing or Flutter in,' at Ihe IV ot the stomach, Swimming ot Ihe Head, Hurried and Diffi cult Crea'hing, Flut tering at the Heart, Choking or Suf focating Sensations wheu tn a lying Posture, Dimness of Vis ion, Dots or Webs be fore the sight, Fevei and Dull Pain in the Head, Defi ciency of Perspiration, Yellowness •< the Skin and Eves, Pain in the Side, Back, Chest, Limbs, &c., Sudden Flushes ot Heat, Burning in the Flesh, Constant Imag inings of Evil, and great Depression of Spirits REMEMBER, THAT THIS BITTERS IS N OT ALCOHOLIC, CONTAINS NO RUM OR WHISKEY, (£an't fllakc Drunkarbs, BUT 13 THE BEST TONIC In (he World. THREAD WHO SAYSTSO.„£B From the Rev. Levi G. Beck, Pastor of the Bap tist Church, Pemberton, N. J., formerly of the North Baptist Church, Philadelphia. khave known Hoofiand's G.-rmnn Bitters favora bly for a number of years. J have used them in my own family, and have been so pleased with their ef fects that I was induced to recommend them to ma ny others, and know that they have operated in a strikingly beneficial manner. I take pleasure in thus publicly proclaiming this fact, and calling the attention of those afflicted with the disease's tor which tbey are recommended, to these Bitters, know ing from experience that my recommendation will be sustained. Jdo this more cheerfully as Hoof land's Bitters is intended ben fit tb<* afflicted, ar.d is "no f a rum drink." Yours truly, _ LEVI G. BECK. From Rov. J. Newton Brown, f>. D., Editor of the Encyclopedia oi Religious Know ledge, and Chris tian Cnronicle, Philadelphia. Although net disposed to favor or recommend Pat ent Medicines in general, through distrust of their ingredients and effects, 1 vet know of no sufficient reasons wh> a man may not testify to the benefit# h believes himself to have receive ! from any sim ple preparation, in the hope that he may tuus con tribute to th ' benefit of others. 1 do '.his the mere readily in regard to Hoofiana'n German Bitters prt-paied bv Dr. C. M. Jackson, of tins city, because I was pr judiced them f, • many years, urder the imprts-ion that they were chiefly an aiooholii mixture. lain ladvbted to mv friend, Rcl ert Shoemaker. Esq., for the removal of this prejudice by ptoper test-, and far encourage ment to try them. when suffering from great and lor.g continued debility, 't he use of three battles ot these bi'ters at ibe beginning of the present year, was followed by evident relief and restoration to a degree of bodiiy and mertal vigor which 1 had not felt for six months before, and hadalmort despaired of regaining. I therefore thank God and my friend for directing me to the use of them. J. NEWTON BROWN, I'hilad'a. From the Rev. Jos. H. Kennard, Pustoi of the iO'n Baptist Church. Dr. Jackson :—Dea r Sir:—l have been frequently requested to connect my name with commendations of different kinds of medicines, but regarding the practice a-; out of my appropriate sphere, I have in a.l cases declined ; but with a clear proof in various instances, and particularly in my family, of the use fulness o! Dr. Hociiand's German Bilter3, I depart for once from my usual course, to express my iuii conviction that, for general debility of the system and est*dally fjr Liver Complain:, it is a safe and valuable preparation . In sortie cases it may fail ; but usually, I doubt not, it will be very beneficial to fhose who suffer lrom the above cause. Y'oers, very jespectfully, ,T. H. KENNARD. Eighth below Coateg tt., Phii'a, From Rev. Warren Randolph, Pa.tnr of the Baptts Church, Germantown, Penn. I' r . C. M. Jackson : Sir : —Personal experi ence enables me to say that I regard the German Bitters rrepared by you as a most excellent medi cine. In cases ot severe cold and genera! debility 1 have been greatly henefited by the use of the Bit ters, and doubt not they will produce similar effects on others. Yours truly, WARREN RANDOLPH, Germantown, Pa. From Rev. J. H. Turner, Pastor of Hedding M. E Church, Philadelphia. Dr. Jackson : —Dear Sir:—Having used your Ger. man Bitters in my family frequently, I am prepared to say that it has been of great service. Yours respectfully, .1. H. TURNER, No. 726 N. Nineteenth Street From the Rev. J. M. Lyons, formerly Pastor of the Columbus (N. J.) ar.d Milestown (Pa.) Baptist Church* s. New Rochelle, X. Y. Dr. C. M. Jackson:—Dear Sir:—l fee] it a pleas ure thus, of my own accord, to bear testimony to the excellence of the German Putters. Some yeais since being much afflicted with Dyspepsia.. 1 used them with very beneficial results. J. M. LYONS. From Rev. J. S. Herman, of the German Reformed Church, Kuiztown, Berks co., Pa. Dr. C. M. Jacksor. : —Respected Sir ;—1 have been troubled with Dyspepsia neaily twenty years, and have never used any medicine that did me as much good as Hooffand's Bitters. Yours, with respect, J.S HERMAN. PRICES, i Large Size (holding nearly double quantity,) $1 00 per bottle—-.half doz. $.7 00 Small size—7s cts. per bottle—half doz. $4 00 BEWARE OK COUNTERFEITS! See that the signature of <<C. M. JACKSON" is on tue WRAPPER of each bottle. Should you.- nearest druggist not have the aitirle do not be put off by any of the intoxicating prepa rations that may be offered in its pi :C, lmt send to I us and we will forward, securely packed, by express. PRINCIFAT, OFFTCS AMI MAXL'PAGTORV, No> 631 ARCH STREET, PHIITADKLFUIA. JONES 2c EVANS, Stteceseors to C. M. Tarlson \ Co. PROPRIETORS. For sale by Druggists and Dee'ers in very town '< in the United States. Jan. 15.,

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