Newspaper of Bedford Gazette, June 10, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Bedford Gazette dated June 10, 1864 Page 3
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A GENTLEMAN, cured of Nervous Debility, In competency, Premature Decay and Youthful Error, actuated by a desire to benefit others, will be hap py to furnish to all who need it, (free of charge), the recipe and directions for making the simple rem edy used in his esse. Those wishing to profit by : his experience, and possess a valuable remedy, will j receive the some, by lefurn mail, (carefully sealed) j by addressing JOHN B. OGDEN, No. 60 Nassau sticet, New York. May 20— 3:TJ. A Most Excellent Medicine. J. F. C.ARPR.NTRK'S RHRI.MA IIC Flfio.— Persons suffering from Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Diptberia, I Burns, scc., will find this a most ex.client retn-dy. 1' comes to us recommended by some of the best men in the State—and in this community Try a bottle and see for yourself. Forsaleat .'.L Defi j bangh's, Bedford. April 20. iS6I ly. "T_ | r<WALLO'.V two or three hogsheads of "Buchu," yj"Tonic Bitters," <4 Saisaparilia," "Nervous An tidotes," &c., &c., and after you are satisfied with the resti't, then try one box of OLD DOCTOR EU CHANT'S ENGLISr SPECIFIC PlLLS—and fa res tored to health and vigor in less than thirty days, i They are purely vegetatHe p'ei'ant to lake prompt ami salutary in their effects on the broken-down and shattered constitution. Old ami young can take ! them with advantage. Imported and sold in the United Stite- only by J4S/S. BUTLER, General Agent, Station D, Bible House. New York. i P. S. A box tent to any hddress on receipt of j price—which is One Dollar—post free. March ia, ISUl.—Bin T SE NO OTHER! BL'CHAN'.S SPECIFIC PILLS are the only Reliable Remedy for all Diseases of the Seminal, Urinary and Nervous Systems. Try one box, ar.d be cured. ONE DOLLAR A BOX. One box will perfect a cure, or money refunded.— f?ent by mail on receipt of pi ice. •IAS. S. lIUTLER. Station D, Bible House, New York, March 25, 1861—3 m General Agent. UO YOU V\ ISH TO BE CURED ? DR- EUCHAN S English Specific Pills cure in less than 30 days the worst cases of Nervousness, 1 npoleucy, Trem iture Dei-ay, Seminal Weakness, insanity and all Urinary, Sexual, and Nervous Affections, no matter i from what cause p.rniuccd. Piiee, One Dollar per box. Sent; po-t-paid; by mail, on receipt of an order. Address, J AS. S. EU TLER, Gem rai Agent, Station D, Bible House, New York. March 21, 18 i I.—Bin Announcements. We ate authorized to announce David Evan, of Monroe township, as a candidate for county Com missioner, subject to the decision of the county Convenfion. We are authorized to announce Jons S. BRUM BAUGH, of South Woodberiy towi.ship, as a ranili- i date for county Commissioner, subject to the deci- j sion of the Democratic county convention. We are authorized to announce MICHACI. WEETZ, I E--q., of Union township, as a candidate for county Commissioner, subject to the decision of the Dem ocratic county convention.* \\ ear autbonzed to announce M ich akl S. Ritch er,of Snake Spring township, a- a candidate tor County Commissioner, subject to the decision of trie Democratic county convention. GAU IION. I hereby caution all persons not to buy a promis sory note of $20,00 I gave to L. D. Richmond and N. H. Davis, due June Ist , ISG4, as I never receiv ed value theretor and will not p<tV it unles- compell ed to do so by law. EN OS CORLE. June 10,1504. ESTATE OF ALEXANDER GILSON, Dec- Letters of administration upon the estate of Al exander Gil'on, latof Bedford township, deceased, having been gianted to the undersigned by the Reg ister of Bedford county, all persons knowing them selves indebted to said estate are hereby notified to make immediate payment, ami those bavins claim-, will present toeai properly authenticated for settle ment. WALTER B. GIL;ON. JOHN BROWN, June 10— fit Administrators. A DMIMSTK A TOR'S i\ O riCE. Notice is hereby given that letters of adminis tration have been granted, by the ■ -gister, to the subscriber, residing in Monroe to vnsbi i, on the es tate of Andrew bteckman, late of said township, dee'd. All petsor.s indebted to said estate pre here by required to make immediate payment, am.' those l aving claims can present them for settlement. C ATH A R!X ESTECK MA X, June 10— fit Administratrix. ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE. Notice is hereby given that letters of administra tion have been granted to the subscriber, on the es- , tate of Daniel Means, late of .Monroe township, de ceased, that all persons indebted to said estate are required to make immediate payment, and those Laving claims the. eon will present tbarn properly authenticated lor tettiem nr. HENRY WHETSTONE, Adm'r. June 10—Ct. WA.\TS l>. 100 CORDS OF BARK, for which $6.00 per cord, or the highest market price, wrll be given. JOHN A. MO WRY, hurvivor of the firm of Taylor \ Mo wry. j Bedlord, June 3, 1861. MATRIMONIAL. It you wish to marry, a tdress the undersigned, who will send you, "without money and without price," valuable information that will enable you to many happy and speedily, no matter bow old, how ugly, or how poof. This is a leliable affair, 'l'be udo:mation will cost you nothing; ar.d if you ' wish t. marry, I will cheerfully assist von. All ' letters strictly confidential. Tke desired informs Tion sent by return marl, and no questions asked. j Address SARAH B. LAMBERT, Greenpoint, Kings Co , N. Y. June 3, 1861— 4t MANHOOD: HOW LOST, HOW RESTORED Just published, a new edition of Dr. CULVER- i WELL'S Celebialrd Essay on tie radical cure (with ! out medicine) ol Spekm ATOHKHCEA, or Seminal Weak ness, Involuntary Seminal Losses, lmpotency, Men- | tal and physical Incapacity, Impediments to Mar- ; nage, etc.; also, Consumption, Epilepsy and Fits, induced by self-indulgence or sexual extravagance. . C7"Price, in a sealed envelope, only 6 cenU. The celebrated author in this admirable essay clearly demonstrates, from a thirty years succes,- I ful practice, that the alarming consequences of sell- i abuse mav be radically cured without the dangerous use ot internal medicine or the application of the knife—pointing out a mode of cure, at once simple, certain and effectual, by means of which everyut ferer, no matter what his condition may be, may cure himself cheaply, private.y, and radically. I his Lecture should be in the hands of every 4 youth and every man in the land. Sent, under seal, in a plain envelope, to any ad-! dress, poet-paid, on receipt of six cents, or two post stamps. Addrtsg the publishers, CHAS. J. C. KLINE & CO., 127 Bowery, New Ycrk, Post office box 4596. I May 20, 1864—3 m. LM&4MEK &£(}., Respectfully inform their friends and customers, that tbey have now open and ready forsa.e, a large and general assortment o SPRING AND SUMMER GOODS, \ which they will sell cheap lor cash or approved ■ credit of six months —interest charged upon a!! ac-| counts after they are due, whethei closed by note i or not. Having to pay cash for all purchases, these re the moat libeial terms we can otfr. Bedford, May 13, |S))4, r <-/- ■ Hon. Wilson n'Candlcss, ' J " J ? e o' the United States Circuit Court, Piesnient. Corner Petui a tut St. Clan- Sis., Pttt&arg, Fenn. 'the Largest, Cheapest and Best. Puys for a full Commercial Course. ext,a °h 'fges tor Manufacturers, Steam boat, Railroad and Bank Book-Keeping. Ministers' Sons at halt piice. Students enter and review at any time. 1 hi- Institution is conducted by experienced teach ers and practical accountants, who prepare young ; men lor active business at the lea.-t expense and shortest notice, for the most lucrative and responsi b. situations. DIPLOMAS granted for merit only. Hence the universal preference for graduates of this College, by business men. PROF. A. COWLEY, the best Penman of the Union, who holds the largest number of IST PKKMU-MS. and ovej ail competitors, teaches Rapid Business Wri ting. CIBCTURS containing full i-.f. r nation sent FREE on application to the Principals. JENKINS SMITH, P-ftsburg, Pa. d7*".\itend where the Sons and Clerk-, of Bankets and Business Men graduate. November 6, 1563. * D. W. lies' POTT HOUSE RAKE. Ibis rake combines gieater improvement, and more effective capabilities, than any ever before of fered to the agriculturist. As the teeth are elevated and depiesed by the toot of the driver, his hands are left free to guide : his team with precision, and keep it under perfect control. As each rake-tooth is c ipable of an inde pendent vertical movement, the rake will opei.,te perfectly over the most uneven surface with a utii , torrn pressure, an I will, consequently, RAKE MOWN GRASS PERFECTLY CLEAN. | As the teeth of the rake have two movements, stony ground will not obstruct its movement, nor in jure the. several teeth, and it will lake without injury • in the heaviest grass. As the teeth form th ir own springs, the cumber some, costly, and complex springs, heretofore used, are entirely dispensed with, and in case of treat-age any banner can at ease replace the broi.'t tooth. I As the lake-teeth are lifted automatically by j mechanism, controlled by the loot of the driver, be is enabled to operate the machine with very little fatigue and without u-ing his hands at all. As the driver bus both hands with which to manage his team, he can START, TURN, or go FORWARD with precision and at the proper moment; and. us the mov-meut of the teeth aie controlled by his foot, i he can, aj. the proper moment, elevate them to dis ; charge their load, and instantly drop them at the ex act moment and place to commence raking without ! loss of time. I his rake is solid y constructed of durable mate rials, and is so simple ana direct in its operation that any boy who can manage a horse in harness, can, with this RAKE, do perfect work. ECF"AiI peisons wanting a good Rake will please give me a call in due time, as I will have a great many to make this season. For further inlormation as to license, sale, or • u-e ot this Patent, address DANIEL W.AMOS, Bedloid, Bedford Co., Pi. Bedford, Ju..e3, ISGI— 2/u. AUDITOR'S NOTICE. I The undersigned Auditor, appointed by the Or i phans' Couit of Bedford county, to make distribu tion of the balance in the hands of John B. Fluke, Esq., administrator of thp estare of Jacob Kiukej I late ol Hopewell township, deceased, to and among the parties entitled thereto, will attend at his office in Bedford, or. Wednesday, the 14th of June, inst., at 1 o'clock, P M., for the purpose- of his -ppouit ment. j. R. DL'RBORROW, June 3, 1864—2t Auditor. EXECUTOR'S NOTICE. j Letter- testamentary on the estate ot Henry Mil ler, jr., late of Cumberland Valley township, dee'd, having beer, granted to the undersigned by the Reg ister ol Bedford county, notice is hereby to j ail persons indebted to said estate to come forward and make payment, and those having claims agrrnst th" same to preset their accounts propeilv authen ticated tor settlement. JAMES CESSNA, F.x'r. Cumb'd Valley, June 3—Ot* Estate of John Barr. Dee'd- Letters ot administration, with the will annexed, 'on the es'ate of John Dalr, late of Juniata town . ship, deceased, having been granted by the Keg ; uter of said county, to the undersigned, all persons j knowing themselves indebted to said estate are re quested to make immediate payment, and those hav . mg claims will present them properly authenticated for settlement. ISAAC DARR, Adm'r., June 3—Ct Cum testa memo anjiexo. REMOVAL OF TliE FAVORITE FANCY STORE- The undersigned .having .removed her Fancy Store i to the building recently occupied by Mr. E. M. Fit-her, immediately opposite the Washington Ho tel, respec tt'ully solicits a continuance of the pat | tonage formerly, extended £o iier by the people of Bedford and vicinity. Her goods consist in part of DRESS GOODS, SUCH AS Silks, All I Vo I Delaines, rS'c., 4"C. A great variety of Velvets, Flannels, Muslins, Ginghams and Calicoes ; a/so. Skeleton Skirts i ' for Ladies and Children. Ladies' Corsets, Dress Trimmings, Bugle Trimmings, Ladies' Hats, Shoes, Sun Umbrellas, and the usual variety kept in a Fancy Store. The public are respectfully invited to call ar.d ; examine our goods. M. C. FETTERLY. Bedford, May 90—3 m. ComiiiiKsionerg' Sale Of Unseated Uand* 1 he Commissioners' sale of unseated land, which was advertised to take place on the sth of January last, having been postponed, will now be held on TUESDAY, JUNE 11. Quite a number of tracts have been redeemed since ; January, and persons holding mch lands and know ; ing them to have been advertised can nave an op portunity to redeem them by making application to the Clerk, before the 14th of June, at which time the tale will positively take place. The Commis sioners will be in session on Monday, the J3th of ! June. By order of the Commissioners. JOHN G. FISHER, Clerk. May 13, 1864. SELLING OFF! The undersigned informs the public that he is now disposing of his goods at LOW PRICES, with | a view to close out his stock. Coras, NOW, if jou want bargains. He would a'so inform those indebt ed to him, that they mnst come forward and sett'e their accounts as he intends to quit business. This : notice is positive and final. ISAAC LIPPF.L. j Bedford, May 13—2 m. Wool Wanted. ! Highest price in cash paid for WOOL. May 27. A. B. CRAMER & CO. IMPORTANT TO ALL I \ V A USDS. i I IRON IN TSE BLOOD. • I ■ It is well known '.o the medical profession tbat IRUN is the \ ital Principle oi Life Element of the blood. This is derived chiefly from the food we : eat ; but if the food is not properly digested, or if, from any cause whatever, the necessaiy quantity ot , iron is not taken into the circulation, or becomes t f reduced, the whole system suffers. The bad blood will irritate the heart, will clog up the lungs, will ' stupefy the brain, will obstruct the liver, and will , ; send its disease-producing elements to all parts of j the system, and every one will suffer in whatever _ : organ may be predisposed to disease. The great value of I Iron as a HZrdieisie . is well known and acknowledged by all medical men. 1 The difficulty has been to obtain such a preparation of it as will enter the circulation and assimilate at I once with the blood. This point, says Dr. Hayes, Massachusetts State Chemist, has been attained in | the Peruvian Sytup, by combination in away be j fare unknown. THE PERUVIAN SYAU? ; is a PROTECTED solution of the PROTOXIDE OF j IRON. A NEW DISCOVERY IN MEDICINE, : that strikes at the root ot disease by supplying the ; blood with its i ital Principle or THE PERUVIAN SYRUP i Cures Dyspepsia, Liver Complairt, Dropsv, Fever and Ague, Loss of Energy, Low Spirit-. THE PERUVIAN SYRUP Infuses strength, vigor, and new life into the sys tem, and builds up an ''lron Constitution. ' THE PERUVIAN SYRUP (ores Chronic Diarrho-i, Scrofula, Boils, Scurvy, Loss of Constitutional Vigor. THE PERUVIAN SYRUP Cores N'eivous Affections, Female Complaints, arid . I all diseases of the Kidneys and Bladder. THE PERUVIAN SYRUP Is a SPECIFIC lor ai! diseases originating in a BAD Si A I'K Oh THE BLOOD, or accompanied bv De litily or a Low State, of the c-y, em. Pamphlets containing certificates of cure-and re commeridatioris from some of the mSsi eminent phy sicians, cle'gymen, and others, will b; sent IIIKK to any address. We select a few of the names to show the char ; acter of th- Testimonials. JOHN E. WILLIAMS, F.SQ , President of the Metropolitan Bank, N'ew York. Rev. ABEL STEVENS, Lute Editor Christian Advocate and Journal. ; Rev. P. CHURCH, Editor New York Chronicle. Rev, John Pierpont, Lewis Johnson, M. h., ' Rev. Warren Burton, Roswell Kinney, M. I)., Rev. Arthur B. Fuller, S K. Kendall, M. I),, Rev. Gordon Robins, W. R. Chisholm. M. D., Rev. Sylvanus Cobb, Francis Dana, M. 8., Rev. T. Starr King, Jeremiah Stone, M D., Rev. Ephraim Nute, Jr., J. AntonioSanches, M.D., Rev. Joseph H. Clinch, Abraham Wendell, M. D. ' Rev. Henry Upham, A. A. Hayes, M. 1)., Rev. P. C. Headley, J, R Chi ton, M. D , Eev. John W. Olmstead, H. K. Kinney, VI. D. Prepared by X. L. CLARK Ik CO., exclusively for J. P. DINSMORE, No. fbl B-oadway, New York. Sold by all Druggist-. RED DING'S RUSSIA S*ALVE Heals Old Sores. REDDING'S RUSSIA SALVE Cures Burns, Scalds, Cuts. REDDING S RUSSIA SALVE Cures Woinds, Breises, Sprains. ;• REDDING S RUSSIA SALVE , ('ores Boils, Ulcers, Cancers. REDDING s RUSSIA SALVE Cures Salt Rheum, Piles, Erysipelas. REDDING'S RUSSIA SALVE Cure- Ringworm, Corp.-, #tc., i itc. No Family should be without it. ONLY 25 cents a box. ' FOR SALE BV J. P. DINSMORE, No. 4.H Broadway, New York. ' S. VV. FOWLE hi CO., No. IS Tremont St., 80-ton, i And by ail Lruggi-ts and Country Storekeepers. r : May 13, IS64—eowly. ttIIiVAKI). Lost on Wednesday, the 25th ult., between Wii low Grove and William Har'ley's farm, on the turn pike, a Tweed Sack Coat, with a pocket book in the breast pocket, containing about $16.00 in money, , two blank books and sundry papers. The tinder signed will jay the i hove reward to the finder on his retnrning the same to hi- posse-sion. s DAVID LINGKNFELTER. . , Napier tp., June 3, 1861.*—3t Take Notice. j The undersigned having associated his brotoer, SAMUEL D. WILLIAMS, wirh himself in the • Mercantile business, gives notice that his books ; are ready for '-ttlemer,t. All persons having ac counts etanding on the same, will please call and j settle without delav. J. B. WILLIAMS. Bloody Ran, May 5, [2o] 1864. s f f j ftUKKHART & HENSHEY, j BAKERS AND CONFECTIONERS, AND DEALERS IX FRUITS, TOYS AjXD FANCY GOODS, North Main Street, West Side, CHAXBSHSBIUS, PA. i m A :LL ORDERS PROMPTLY ATTEND ED TO. ttJ~TERMS CASfl^gx I 1 May 20, ISC4—ly. wAiiim A boy of good moral character, industrious habits, and well recommended, to learn the tanning busi ness. Apply immediately to the subscriber in Cum berland Valley. JOHN A. GUMP. I Apr. 00 * 1961. ! ' _ ' __ " 77k i Specific resloret you to former health and without it yon tee the tfeelt of diteat*. Or. LIDLVH'B SPECIFIC. Thlifti the pr at & sovereign Remedy (com potted of KXTKAOTB from Indian itoot* and iicrla,) for all dhcasea of tlie Urinary and h \ual Organs, HUCU a* Incontinence of the Urine, Inflamma tion of the Hlndder, In tin unit at lon of the Kidney*, Stone tn the liladder, Stricture, Gravel, Gouorrhora) Gleet, and is tin rivaled hy anything yet dis covered for l ining the \\ hitcH In u o men t When used afcnrding to lfr*<!tk*ns thi Reiuml} 1.H4 tjeilfoer fuHtc nor ginell, audita urn.* cannot be tk iacted by any one. Tli is perfect anil re 4}iir*s no injwtioiia, which are calculated to destroy aiul deaden the di#euited organs, but remove* the JHJl <<n froui the syteni, creating buoyancy and health. It i*noi>nu'k Medicine, hut is the embodied ex j"rionneof th<- Physician must successful iu curing ali dints*** of this class. IMTLet none despair as this remedy effects the Hiw,l astonishing rim* t when all others fail. Price only Sl.i b per box, or ti boxes for So.oo. Sent by mail to auy sddrtww <u receipt of the price. For safe by all Druggists. <s that my signature La around each box. Bt lo I'rojirltiur, CinrionatL. DKMAS, BARNES t CO., Wholesa.e Agents, New York. }oa DYSENTERY —A X D Diarrhoea. JJJXO X'S A h'OM. i lIC BLACKBERRY (CARMINATIVE IH tlie only safe ami snre cure. It con tains no opium or deleterious drugs, no min eral or other injurious compounds common to remedies generally sold for this class of disease. It is so efficacious that Physicians very generally use it in their practice in all chronic and dangerous cases. L'se no Cholera mixtures or doubt ful compositions, (many of which under mine and ruin the constitution.) when you can obtain in unfailing remedy as simple and safe as Blackberries themselves. Ask for DIXON'S BLACKBERRY CARMINA TIVE, and see that the proprietor's name is written on the outside wrapper of each bot tle. Prepared only by Sole Proprietor, CINCINXA TI. For sale by all respectable druggists. Price, (old style. 35 cts.) 25c., 50c. and sl, per Bottle. DEVIAS, BARNES h CO., Wholesale Agents, New Vork. June 3, 1864. AT THE NEW BARGAIN STORE OF ti. si. a w. ovruit. We are now receiving a choice selection of FANCY AND STAPLE DRY GOODS. Embracing all the new styles and shades of prints from 16 ct. up, Delaines, Schallies, Alpacas, Bom bizines, Mohairs, Mozambique, Black Silks, Vic toria and Pacific Lawr.s, Cambric and Jaconet Mus- I lins, Embroidered Collars and Sleeves, in sets, Bal moral and Hooped Skirts, of the best makes, and latest styles, SHAWLS AM) HEAD NETS. New fabrics and designs for Spring and Summer. F.mbossrd Wool Table Covers, Ginghams. Checks, Table Diaper, Tickings, Shirting Stripe®, Cotton-' ades, Sheeting and Shirting Muslins of all the stand- I arc! makes, from 18 cents up. White Ballardonl t, Red, G>ey and St riped j Shirting Flannels. Cloths, Cussimeres, Satinetts and Jeans. Carpets and Floor Oil Cloths. READY MADE COATS AND VESTS lor Men afW Boys, cut and made in the best and ' most fashionable manner, VERY CHEAT Hosiery, Gloves, Scarfs. Neck Ties, Shirt Collas j an I Front®, Cotton Vain and Carpet Chain. HA I S of every quality, style aud color, froaj !2£ j cents up. Boots and Shoes, The largest and best assortment of I. idies, mise and Childrens Fine Calf, Goat, French Leather, En j glish Kid, Morocco and English Lasting, Balmorals , Gaiters, Boots, Shoes and Bu-kins IN TOWN—with or without heels, made to order, call and see them , they will speak for themselves. GROCERIES. Choice Coflee, Extra fine Young Hyson, Imperial, and Oolong Teas, prepared and essence of Coffee, 1 a choice assortment of Sugars and Syr.ips, Rice, Chocolate, Spices, iJrc. CHEWING TOBACCO AND CIGARS, of the choicest brands. QDEENSWARE, a full assortment. Herring and Mackerel, by the barrel, | bbl or dozen. Together with a great variety of other goods to which we would call the attention of every body. Terms— CASH, unless otherwise specified. All kinds of produce taken in exchange for goods. I Bedford, May 6, 1861. Mil' IlOllili & CO., N I. \ I, at A I, Commission Merchants, FOR THE SALE OF Hoops, Shooks, Heading, Staves, Quercitron <£• Tanners' Bark, Treenails, t&c. No. 416 SOUTH DELAWARE AVENUE, PHILADELPHIA. April STlS6l—3m WM HARTLEY'S FARMERS' COLUMN To the Farmers of Bedford and adjoining j Counties: 1 offer the best selection of "Farm Machinery ; in the world." Having a practical knowledge ol farming, and being acquainted with the best and j latest improvements, I am confident that iny seiec ; tions will give satisfaction, at any rate 1 am willing I TO TAKE THE KESPONSIBILI I'Y and WAR | RANT all machines to work and be as represented. ; Besides 1 furnish many machines delivered at the I price at which they are retailed at the pi act of ma nit ' fact it re. | "Tlic Fa ruler Mower" JS MADE OF JRO.\ AMD STEEL. i I Weighs but 570 lbs., cuts feet swath. Has a | flexible hinge cutter ber, two driving wheels. No ; weight on horses necks. Each horse has but 100 j lbs. to pull in cutting. | i IT 13 THE CHEAPEST AND BEST MACHINE NOW OFFERED TO THE PEOPf.E. Is warranted in full — and challenges the world. I have already sold nearly one hundred of these Moweis, anil can get but a few more. Price s>!2u 00, delivered in Bedford —Farmers must ) order soon to secure machines. Willougliby's Gum Spring I 4* rain Drills, i abo on hand and lor sale at Carlisle prices. . These drills aie now "MASTER OF THE FIELDA Sow Oats, Barley, Wheat, Rye, Cc , i | Measure the Ground, nnd brtnk no Seed. Thousand., already in use and everybody pleased. Send in your orders soon, as I hive but 50 of them. | 30 Green Castle Grain Cradles now on hand. The last of these celebrated Cradles that can be g f >t, as the viairrt intend moving tvext. The Eureka Corn Stalk Cutter and Crusher and Hay & Straw Cutter. Having sold more than 100 of these Cutters the I past winter, in this and adjoining counties, they need no praise. Ask your neighbojs who have them. j " Keystone Ciller Mills, Portable Farm Mills, : which will grind all kinds of grain by horsepower. ! APPLE PA HERS, SCYTHES & SNEDS, GRINDSTONES, &c., &c. i Hardware of all kiauls, NAILS, IRON, PAINT, OIL, &c., See. ■My stock of Hardware was bought at old prices, j in great part, and I offer much of it * AS LOW AS EVER. MY STOCK IS COMPLETE, andj will always endeavor to please those who may favor me with tbeir patronage. Terms in all cases CASH, unless otherwiit agreed. C* 7 Farmew wanting Machines, oi any kind, ; must remember that goods ol all kinds are constant ly advancing, and the sooner their orders are given the better for them, as Farm Machinery will soon j advance in proportion to the rise of material, la bor, he. WM. HARTLEY- May 20, 1864. j !> Y S F E F S I A. AND DISEASES RESULTI-Yd FROM DISORDER OF THE LIVER AND DIGESTIVE ORGANS ARK CURED LV fjjoofiauiTs Imuran Oifipfs, The Great Slrm&tliening Tonic, Tli'se Bitters have Performed more Cures ! f HAVE AND DO GIVE BETTER SATISFACTION HAVE MORE TESTIMONY! y I HAVE MORE RESPECTABLE PEOPLE TO VOUCH FOR THEM I I'han any other article in the market, g; W e dejy a 'iy one to contradict this assetlidn, , j AND WILL PAY SIOOO I. To any one that w.ll produce a Certificate pubUah g ed by us, that is not qenoime. JIJOFLAND'S GERMAN BITTERS i, WILL CURE EVERY CASE OF Chronic or Yervoux Debility, Diseases of the Kidneys, and Diseases arising from a disordered Stomach. Observe (he following Symptoms: ■ Resulting from Disorders of the Digestion 11 Organs : r Constipation, Inward Piles, Fulness ol 8100.1 to the } j Head, Acidity ol the Stomach, Nausea, Heart burn, Disgust for Food, Fulness or Weight in the Stomach, Sour Eructations, Sink ing or Fluttering at the Pi* ol the Stomach, Swimming ot the Head, Hurried and Diffi cult Breathing, FluV- \ teritig at the Heart, Choking or Suf freating Sensations when in a lying Posture, Dimness of Vis ion, Dots or Webs be fore the sight, Fever and. Dull Pain in the Head, Defi t ! ciencyof Perspiration, Yellowness id the Skin and Eyes, Pain in the Side, Back, Chest, Limbs, &c., Sudden Flushes ; of Hear, Burning in the Flesh, Constant Imag t inings of Evil, and great Depression of Spirits. REMEMBER, THAT THIS BITTERS IS NOT ALCOHOLIC, CONTAINS NO RUM Oil WHISKEY, Anb (fan't fllakc Dnmkavbs, BUT IS THE BEST TONIC In t/te Wort J. 'SPREAD WHO SaVS So.£ 2 From the Rev. Levi G. Beck. Pastor of the Bap tist Church, I'emhei ton, N. J., formerly of the North j Baptist Church, Philadelphia. 1 have known Hoodand's German Bitters favora bly for a number ol years. 1 have used them in my , own family, and have been so pleased with their ef fects that I was induced to recommend them to ma ny others, and know that they have operated in a strikingly beuefiria! manner. I take pleasure in j thus publicly proclaiming this fact, and calling the attention of those afflicted with the diseases for which they are recommended, to these Bitters, know ing from experience that my recommendation will be sustained. Ido '.his more cheerfully as Hoof , land's Bitters t intended to benefit the afflicted, and is "not a rum drink." Yours truly, LEVI G. BECK. From Rev. J. Newton Brown, D. t>., Editor of the j Encyclopedia of Religious Knowledge, and Chris tian Chronicle, Philadelphia. Although not disposed to favor or recommend Pat : ent Medicines in general, through distrust of. their J ingredients and effects, 1 yet know of no sufficient ! reasons wb> a man may not testify to the benefits ' h"> believes himself to have received from any sim -1 pie preparation, in the hope that he may tn i 3 con- I tribute to the benefit of others. ; Ido this the mere readily in regard to Hoofland's : German Bitters, prepaid by Dr. C. M. Jackson, of j this city, because I was pr juo.ced against them for ! many years, under the impression that they were I chiefly an alcoholic mixture. lam indebted to my Iriend, Rofeit Shoemaker, Est}., for the removal of j. this prejudice by pioper tes's, and lor encourage ment to try them, when suffering from great and ! long continued debility. The use of three bottles j of these bi'ters at the beginning of the present year, was followed by evident rehef and restoration to a degr-e of bodiiy and mertal vigor which I had not , felt for six months before, and bt I almost despaired !of regaining. I therefore thank God and my friend for directing me to the use of them. J. NEWTON BROWN, Philad'a. i __ . : From the Rev. Jos. H. Kennaid, Pastor of the 10th i Baptist Church. Dr. Jackson :—Dea' Sir:—l have beer, frequently ■ requested to connect my name with commendations of different kinds of medicines, but regarding the practice as out of my appropriate sphere, I have in ad cases declined; but with a clear proof in various instances, and particularly in my family, of the use j fulness ot Dr. Hoofland's German Bitters, I depart for once from my usual cour-e, to express my full . conviction That, for general debility of the system ' and especially for Liver Complaint, it is a safe and valuable preparation. In some cases it may fail ; bui usually, 1 doubt not, it will be very beneficial , to those who suffer from' the above cause. Yours, very respectfully, J. H. KENNARD. Eighth below Coates St., Phil'a. From Rev. Warren Randolph, Pastor of the Baptis Church, G ermantown, Penn. Dr. C. M.Jackson:—Dear Sir :—Personal experi ence enables me to say that I regard the German Bitters arepared by you as a most excellent medi cine. in cases ot severe cold and general debility I have been greatly benefited by the u>e of the Bit ters, and douht Dot they will produce similar eflects 'on others. Yours truly, WARREN RANDOLPH, Germaatown, Pa. | From Rev. J. H. Turner, Pastor of Hedding M. E. : Church, Philadelphia. Dr. Jackson : —Dear Sir:—Having used your Ger. ; man Bitters in my family frequently, I am prepared to say that it has been of great service, j Yours respectfully. J. H. TURNER, No. 726 N. Nineteenth Street From the Rev. J. M. Lyons, formerly Pastor of the Columbus (N. J .) and Milestown (Pa.) Baptist Churches. New Roehelfe. N. Y. Dr. C. M. Jackson :—Dear Sirr—l feel it a pleas ure thus, of my own accord, to bear testimony to the excellence of the German Bitters. Some years since being much afflicted with Dyspepsia, I used them with very beneficial results. J. M. LYONS. I rom Rev. J. S. Hernoan, of the German Reformed Church, Kutztown, Berks co., Pa. Dr. C. M. Jack for. :—Resjiected Sir :—1 have been I troubled with Dyspepsia neaily twenty years, ami j have never nsed any medicine that did me as much I good as Hoofland's Bitters. Yours, with respect, J. S. HERMAN. | PRICES. Large Size (holding nearly dowbTe quantity,) | $1 00 per bottle—half doz. $5 00 Smatl size—7s cts. per bottle—half doz. $4 00 | BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS! See that the signature of "C. M. JACKSON" is j on the WRAPPER of eaeh battle. Should your nearest druggist not have the article do not be put olf by any of the intoxicating prepa rations that may be offered in ifs place, but send to' I us and we will forward, securely packed, by express. PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND MANUFACTORY, ! No 051 ARCH STREET, PMir.ADar.eaiA, JONES & EVANS, Successors to C. M. Jackson If Co. PROPRIETORS. • For sale by Druggists and Dealers in every town ' in the United States. -Jan. Is.

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