Newspaper of Bedford Gazette, 24 Haziran 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Bedford Gazette dated 24 Haziran 1864 Page 3
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SHERIFFS SALE. By virtue of the within Fi. Fa. to rr.e directed, there will be sold at public sale at the Court Home, in the borough of Bedford, on S ;tur lay, the ibib dry of July, 1*64, at '0 o'clock, A. M., all the right, ; title ao<l interest of Jeremiah difttrh, in the follow- j ing tract of land situate in Southampton township, ] • Bedford county, Pa., containinc eighty-five acres, | more or leas, rbout fiftv acre* cleared, adjoining lands of Joseph Smith, Lewis Miller, John Cav<-n --der and others, with a log home. barn, fcc., thereon erected. Seized and taken in execution as the prop erty of Jeremiah Smith. ALOO—The following lot of ground situate in the | vil'age ot Stoners'own, Bedford county, fronting I • bout 110 feet oil Main street and extending bacK | about uuO feet to an alley, adjoining lot of Hoiver's j hens on the east, and by an allev on the west, hav ing Theieon erected a two story f:ame bouse, 55 by 33 leet, v. Irarne stable and log wa-h house. ALsO—A vacant lot of ground in said village, fronting on Main street 55 feet arid extending back 200 feet to an alley, adj ining lot of Joseph C.its man's beiis, on the west, and an all-y on tue east. Seized and taken in execution as the pioperty.of ' George Tricker. JOHN ALDSTALF. Yr riff. Bedford. June 17, 1834. PUBLIC SALE OP VALUABLE REAL ESTATE. Ihe undersigned will -.ell at public ale, ON MOD- i da", 4th of Juiy next, the following desciibeti vai- f uable real estate, situate in Londonderry Bedford county, containing 151 ACRES, more or j less, 75 of which are cleared and under fence, with ! • good TWO STORY LOG HOUSE and LOG i.ARN i thereon eree'ed, and also having thereon u good ap- , pie orchard, being the property of the late Charles ' Johnson, dee'd. Terms will be made known on day j of sale, when due attendance wilt be given uy WILLIAM BO.NNFJ.L, Adm'r. of Cba's Johnson, dee'd. Londonderry tp., June 17. IVolice of Enquisilioa. By Virtue of a writ of partition or valuation is- ! Sdec out ol the Orphans' Court of Bedford county and to me diiectPrt, as Sheriff of said county, .' will koid an inquest upon the i al es-jte of John Metz ger, late of Juniata township, dee'd., who died ir-; restate, on the premises, on Friday, the 22d day of j July i.ext, said real estate consisting of one tract | of land situate in Juniata township, Bedford county, j containing 330 acres, more or less, with a brick and j Jog house, bank bam and stable thereon ejected, and i about 160 acres cieaied. That the children and j heirs aid all persons interested therein aie notified ! to attend if they think proper, at the time and place before mentioned. That the following named per- '■ sous are the heirs named in s.ud writ, viz : Ist. Aroe.i - Metzger, widow, 2d. Sarah, wife of , Jacob Cortey, 3d, Mary, wt,e of John Alsip, 4tn, ' Ellen, wife of Wm .Showman, sth, DMI.H Mrtzger. 6th, Maria, wife of John Kerr, 7th, Sophia, vine of j Emanuel Pal-uvr, who died leaving issue six chil uim, viz: Lavii.i* Palmer, John Palmer, E'wiru Palmer G oig Palme . Smsn Palniei and H< met- ! ta Palmer, vtin hav* for th-irgu rhaiit John P. herd and Daniel Meizger, E-cq'is. i.ouisa, wife of Wa-hington iioiler, and 9 h,su-an Metzger, a mi nor, of whom John P Re-d, Esq , is guardian. i JOHN ALDSTADT, Sheriff. BtJfoul, June 17. 1564. Notice of Enqtmilioii. By viitue of a writ of partition md valuation is- ! *ued out of the Orphans' Court of Bedford county, and to me as She' ft of said county directed, 1 will bold an inject UJIOII the rea 1 eslate of Frederick Claar. late of Colon township, deceased, (who diel intestate), on (fee premises, on Friday, the 15th day 'of July next, said real estate lonsistmg oi one tract ■of land situate in "Union towirship, Bedford roui.ty, i , containing 200 acres, more or less, with Iwo log bouses, leg barn end log sl.ibliel hereon erected, and ; a brut 150 acres cleared. That the children and 1 heirs and all persons interested therein are notified ! to attend if they think propsr, at the time and place ' before mentioned. That the following parried per-1 eons are the heirs named-Fa said writ, viz : Ist. Jacob Claar, -haie owned by Baitholomew i Dively, 2d, Simon Claar, deceased, leaving issue 8 • chilure..', Frederick, deceased. leaving one child, - Elsinda, of whom Christ. Biiggie is guardian, Ma- j ria,wifeof Mover, Rebecca, Susan, Catbatine, wife • of Henry Feather, Jacob, Aaron . n i Sunn-I; 3d, j Matthias, share r-wn-d by B. Dively ; 4th. P*ggy, Wife ol Peter Irkes, now dt-ce &ed, issue, to vv.t • Jacob C. Ickes, Nancy. wife of Clay c< rnb, and : i.z abetb, who died leaving one ciillu, W. Iter Berkhl irerj sih, Nancy, wife of Michael Walter, who died leaving issue, to wit: 'iiaii, Sutab. c.inoii, Josei h, Elizabeth, Michael and Catharine ; But, Sarah, wife of Jacob Lingenfelter, leading in i ;i.,j.s; T'h, Barbara, wile of George 1.-. Iter, ,-e held By John Claar; Bth, Henry Claar : yth. Daniel Claar; i 10th, Rachel, wite.of Bartboiocnew Dively, ltih.j Elizabeth, wife of Daniel Bently, share held by B, ! Dively j 12th Joseph Claar; 13th, John W. ( lair. j JOHN ALDSTADT, Sheiiff, Bedford, June 17. IS6J, The -übsciiber has just return'd from Philadel- - phia, where he his puirhas.-d a Irrge ami seleit I stock of PHO'l ? 'CRAt'H FRAMES, comf.iising GILT, EBGM, RUSEU'OC n , UNION, ; A.YD ( AHD FRAMES, fit diffeient styles and varieties, from SO Cta. up to Fc ffoflitE-d, erch, ALSO—A new assortment cf PLotcgiapli Albums, cf all styles, holding from 12 to 200 pictures, at vatying from 73 cents to $20.0 C, Suitable for the Pocket or the Parlor. Photographs, Ambrotypcs. MtlaiLotjpcs, &c.. taken as low as 23 cents each. ,-tures of every kird end d-'renption copied to suit the album size or life or tb most r ; i- 1 •enable ter. is, and in the most dumb t manner. ' 1" struct ions in Ihc art givtu no moderate ? Skylight G'allerr cpoosite toe Washington Hotel. ' 'J.U.GETTY 8. . Eedfotd, Jane ID 1864- * _ i STRAY I.^ULES. U> the premises of lire subscriber 'n Bedford : sewnship, on the Ist in3t„ tv-o MULES, one a bay •with white tpot on the right side of the throat, blind of the left eye, and supiwsed 'o be abcut * : x : years old. The other dun colored, with ringbone j on right hicfl icot, and the letters 17. S. branded on I the right shoulder and the letter bisnded on the left should-:, supposed to be about &even r*arv oh,! no other marks leeollected. The owner or owners j sre requested to com, prove property, pay charges ! end take tbe:xj awar, or tbev will he sold according i to law. WILLIAM FETTER. ; June 10. IS6I. CAUTION. I hereby ce-ition all persons not tc buy a promie-, sorj' note of ?2u,00 I fc ave to L. D. Richmond and | X. H. Davis, due June Ist., I never receiv d value and will not pay it unless compell ed to do so by law. EN OS COBLE. June JO, 1861. { ESTATE OF ALEXANDER GILSON, Dec l.e-ters of udministrat-on apoo 'lie e-tate of Al • Xarder GilsouV lateof Bedford township deceased, having been gta.nted to tb- u-idersignnd by the Reg- i :#ter of Bedford cy, a!! peri.ns knowing them- ; selves indebted to s3'd estate are . ereby no'ihed to rn-ikf immediate pay-fenC and thoee having claims ' will pregeut them proiy'ily eutnenticated for aettK ' went. WALTER B. CELsON, j JOHN ,<*ROWN, June 10—6t Al iterators. ADMINISTRATORS NO Tic "5 Notice is hereby given that lettcis of au.' <l ' ni *~ j tmtiou have been granted, by the register, to *be \ atibscrtbei, residing in Montoe township, on the es- < "•te of Andreiv bteckman, la'e of said township, ' dev'd. All peisons indebted to a;J estate are bore-! i y tiquired to make tmnoediate payment, and ttoso : Iwvdryj claims can present them for settlement. CATHARINE STECKMAN, Joae 10—61 idtninistrsfrix. ' —' d? cv I Hon. Wilfion !7E'€nndles, Judy? of the United States Circuit Court, President, j Corner Penn utul St. Clair Sis., Pittsburg, Penn. j The Largest, Cheapest and Eest. i SUa P"}?* Jor a jull Commercial Course. | tor Steam boat, Railroad and Bank Book-Keeping. Ministers' ' Sons al half pi ice. Students enter and review at any time. Thir- ln.-titu'ion is conducted by expejieiiced teach ers and practical accountants, who prepare \oung i men lor active business at the lea-t expense and shortest notice, for the most lucrative and responA bi situations. Diei.oMss vran'.-d for merit onlv. Hence the universal preference for graduates of this . College, by hu.iness me,;. PROF. A. COWLEY, th- best Penman of the Union, 1 - - •••"b£r OI LIVR PKK.VIICMS AND ovej a' 1 .'0.1.ji.1i.j;,, teaches Rspi-f Liustueij H'n ting. Crzcrtsr.S containing full I- formation sent FSKK ■■ on e( piic&riou to the Principals. JENKINS & SMITH, P ttshurg, Pa. Cy Attend where the Strs and Clerks of Bankers Bua.iies, Men gredj-t'e. Noveu.ber6, 1833. j _ - j 10,000 lbs. of WOOL Wanted, at E M. Srnemaser's Store, for which the highest market price WUL be paid IR Cash or Store Goods. ' June 10, ISS4. ADMIN IS I KATORS NO IK E. Notice is hereby given that letters ol adininisfra- ! tion have beer, glanted to the subscriber, on the es tate of Daniel Means, late of Monroe towns',, p. de- ! 1 ceased, that all persons indebted to said estate are required to make immediate payment, at.d those j having cl- irns the eon will present tnuu properly i I authenticated tor -eitlement. HENRY WHETSTONE, Adm'r. June 10—Ot. I j NOTICE TO TRESPASSERS All persons are hereby notiiied not to trespass on j 'he premises of the undeisigned, either by tisbing, ' hunting, i hrowing down f*nces, or otherwise di-.-1 ( turbing or destroying property, as the jaw will be . enforced against al! who may thus violate it. GF.ORGK G. BURNS, i NATHAN BOKTZ, j Juniaia t p.. June 17* PETER 111 L LEG AS. ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE. Letters o! administration on the estate of Charles ; Johnson, late of Londonderry township, deceased, - having been granted to the subsci iber, all per-0113 i ind-bted to the estate of s id decea-ed.'are nereov | notili-d to make immediate payment, and those hav- j j ing claims ugatr.s' the same will present them duly | authenticated for settlement. WILLIAM BONNELL, ' f June 17—St Ao'm'r. [ j'..loS , WmT lIOKSE RAKE. !j This rake, combines giea'er inriprovemen'*, and j more effective capabilities, than any evei before of tered to the agriru.'turist. As the teeth are elevated and depressed by the foot of the driver, his hands are left, free to guide his team with precision, and keep it under perfect control. As each r.ike-tooth is capable ot an inde pendent vertical movement, the raxe vviii opeiate perfectly over the most uneven surface with a uni form pressure, and will, consequently, RAKE MOWN GRASS PERFECTLY CLEAN. As the tpeth of the rake have two movements,' stony ground rail not obstruct it > movmrnt, nor in- ' jure- the several teeth , and it Will rake without injury ill the heaviest grass. As the teeth form their own springs, the cumber- j some, cosily, and complex springs, teretol'ore used, j are entire')' dispensed with, and in eareof Ire a (.age \ any I'armce ran at ease replace the brotsu tooth. I As the rake-teeth are lifted automatically by ■ mechanism, controlled by the loot of the di ver, he ! is enabled to operate the machine with very little ! fatigue and without using I;s hands a! all. As the i J driver ii is both hands wilh which to manage his y team, he cn SI ART, TURN, or go I'GR'.Y ARD | , precision and at the p:t>p<— moment; and. as j tru ,>icc a: the teeth ate controlled bv nu loot, i be can, ul the proper moment, eievuie tne n to tlis- j charge their load, ami malat.iiy diop t,.eni at the ex act moment and place to commence raking without loss of tune. ' This rase is solidly constructed cf durable mate- f rials, and is so ample am. direct in us cu'raiion ' that anv boy who can manage a botse in names*, 1 can. vviti, his RAKE, do perfect work. !37?"As ! persona wanting a goo 'R• ke will p.eme I g;vc a c.iii i i due tune, a I will iiave a great iriauv to make this s- so,i. *,* For ! trfher information as to hcen-e, faE', or u,e ol tins Patent, ~U;lie.s DANIEL W. A MOS, Beofoid, Bedford Co., Pa. i Lcdfoid, Ju;.e 3, 1801 —2,n. • EXECUTOR'S NOTICE. \ Letters tefclaftieutaiy or, the estate cf Henry Mi' ler, jr., la'ecf Cumberland Valley township, uee'd, having been granted to the undersigned bv the Reg ister of Bedford county, notice is hereby & iven to all pers ris id bfcl 1 laid fee talc To come forward and make payment, and those hactcg claims aguust the satiie to their uccounts propcil) autben ttcatcd ic,r settlement. JAMES CESSNA, F.x'r. Cumh'd Valley, June 3—hi* I f u *.' A y \ J il i, j? i F> 5j OF | TiiE FAVORITE FAXCV STORE . he iindersigpetl having removed her Fancy Store to the bttil nig recently occupied by Mr. E. M. j Fieber. immediately oppusi' the Washington Ho- | te|, rtop.c da.iy i iicils a coil inuance n! the rat-i ronsis fo'wir'y extended to Iter by the people oft Bedlord anj vicinity. Her goo Is in pari of' DRESS GOODS, SUCH AS Silks, All Delaines, 6>'c , u~c. ! J A greet variety of Velvets, Flannels, Muslins, Ginghams and i Calicoes; plso, Skeleton Skirls for Ladits and Children. Ladies' 1 Corsets, Dress 'Trimmings, BugU Trimmings, Lndies' Hats, Shoes, San Umbrellas, and the uMiei variety kept in a Fancy Store, lie ptibl.e ara respectfully invited to call and i examine cur rood*. M. C. FETTERLY. Btdford, May —3 n. SELLING- OFF! The undersigred informs the public that he is : nuvv disposing of hn goods at LOW PRIDES, with | a view to close out hisst-c'-. Come. VOW, if you 1 want bargains. He would CIBO inform nose indebt ed to him, that th*y mnst come forward and settle their accounts as he intend* toq'Utli'Jsiness. Tty notice is positive ami Sua!. ISAAC LIPPF.L. Bedford, May ]3—3m. rrMiiar Respectfully -.iifor.ri their friends aad costomers, I vhei '9>-y h-jve now open and ready for sale, a large ; sad i"i)<Tifc' assottmeul o SPRING AND SUMMER GOODS, I viticb they will sel! cheap lor ca-h or approved j cr-Klitof stxrxontht —interest charged upon all ac- i counts after 'hey are due, whether clo-ed by note ; or tiot. Having to pay cash far all purchases, tbe§q f pre the most !i be al terms we co offer. Bedlord, May 13, 1864. IMPORTANT j TO ALL INVALIDS. i IRON IN THE ELCOD. 1 It is well known i.o the medio*! profession that ■ RON is the Vita! Principle 01 Life Element of the blood. This is derived chierty from the food we eat , but it the food is not properly digested, or if, from any cati** the n**ce-saiy quantity ol iron is not lgken into the circulating. or become reduced, the whole system suffers. The bad Mood will irritate the hearr, will clog up the lungs, will stupefy the brain, will obstmct the liver, and will send its disease-producing elements to all parts of the system, and every one will sutler >a whatever orgeii may be predisposed to disease. The great value of Eron as a jfleiiicine is we!, known and acknowledged ba all medicat! men. - <: J.h.cuiiy nas oeen to obtain siwh a prsjH/stiiw i-l u- aiJ'et'e: the i irculation and assimilate at once with I lie blond. This point, says J>r. tla yes Massachusetts Stat- Chemist, has been attained in' Hie Peruvian fcyrup, by combination in away be lore unknown. THE PERUVIAN SYRUP IS h PRO I'EC TED solution of the PROTOXIDE OF IK O.N. A NF. VV DISCOVERY IN ME I K.TNtI, that strides at Hie root of disease hy supplying the blood Wild its Vita! I'rnir.p/e or L-fr F./e ment—'}, [u THE PERUVIAN - YRUP Cures Dypep s ;a. Live! Complaint, Dropsy, Fever and Ague, Loss of Energy, Low '■• pints. TTLE PERUVIAN SYKIJP Infuses strength, vigor, anil new life into tile sys tem, ai .i builds up an " It mi Cot stitutioH. r IHE PERUVIAN >YKI'JP Cures Chronic Diaj-ihcei, Scrofula Boils, Scurvv, 1.0-s of Constitutional Vigor. THE PERUVIAN SYRUP Cure* Nervou Aiiections. Female Complaints, and ail diseases of the Kidneys and Bladder. THE PERUVIAN SYRfJP Js a SPECIFIC tor all diseases originating in a " AO ' STATE OI I HI-, BLOOD, or accompanied by 1)- j hilly or a Low Flair of the, em. Pamphlets containing certificates of cures and re commendations trorn some ot the mosi eminent phy sicians, cle-gymen, and others, wRi BU tent FUSE to any address. V\ e select a few of the names to show the char- j 1c ter of the testimonials. JOHN K. WILLIAMS. ESQ.. President of the Metropolitan Bank, New York. ■ R-v. ABEL STEVENS, d.x.e Editor ( hristiau Advocate and Journal K-v. P. CHURCH Editor New York Chronicle. Rev. John Pierpont, Lewis Jomso-i, M. j Rev. Wari en Burton, Rosweil Kinney, M. I>., ' Rev. Arthur B. Fuller, SK. Kendall, M. I)., i Rev. Gordon Robins, VV. R. Chi-holm, M. D., i Rev. Sylvanus Cobb, Francis Dana, M. D. } ' Rev. 1 . Siarr King, Jeremiah Sto ,e, Nl. I)., Rev. Epbratm Note, Jr., J. Antonio banches, ,M. D., j Rev. Joseph H. Clinch, Abraham Wendell, >l. i>. i Rev. Henry L'pham, A. A. Hayes, M. D., Rev. P. C. Headley, J, R. Chilton, M. D , j Eev. John VV. Olmsread, H. E. Kinney, M. [>. Prepared by N. 1.. CLARK K CO.. exclusively for J. P. DINSMORK, No. -IUI B.oadway, New York. Sold by all Druggists. REDDJNGS RUSSIA SALVE Jieals Old Sores. RED DING'S RUSSIA SALVE Cures Burns, Scabls Cuts. REDDING S RUSSIA SALVE Cures Wot.nds, Bruises, Spr ins. REDDING S RUSSIA SALVE Cures Boils, Ulcers, C.tuceis. RIt.DDiNG"> RUSSIA SALVE t ures Sait Rheum, Piles, Erysipelas. REDDING S UUS>JA SALVE Cures Ringworm, Corns, fcr.. Kc. •A o b'<im>ly should be without it. ONLY 25 cents a box. FOR SAI.E jtr J. P- DINS\JORE, No. 4.41 Broadway, New York. | S. W. FOVVI.E (<. CO., No. IS Fremont St., Co ton, Ar by all l.ruggi-ts and Country Storekcepets, May 13, 1834—eowly. SGT.OO REWARD. Lot on Wednesday, 'he 25th nil., between Wil low Grove and Wiliip.m Hartley's farm, oil lh turn pike, a ( weed .jack Cost, with a pocket book in the bieast pocket, containing about $16.00 in money, two blank books and sundry papers. The undei sigt.ed will jay the above reward to the finder on his returning the same to his pnsse-tion, DAVID I INGF.NFF.LTER. Napier lp., June 3, ISot.*—3t _ * Tke Notice. Th° under-icred having associated his brother, SAMUEL D. WILLIAMS, with himself in the Mercantile business, gives notice that his books are ready for settlement. All persons having ac counts standing cn the same, will please call and settle without delay. J. E. WILLIAMS. Biccdy llun, May 5, [2o] 1804. | | JTJURKIIART & UENSUEY, BAKERS AND CONFECTIONERS, ' I AND DEALERS IN FRUITS, TOYS AND FANCY GOODS, j North Main Street, West Srde, Cn*Mß*a*3cs<v, Pa, ! A LL ORDERS PROMPTLY ATTEND ED TO. KT~TE£.IIS CASU.^jj ) i May SO. Wool Wanted. Highest price in cash paid for WOOL. Map 27. A. B CRAMER & CO. '' FO." j: DYSENTERY | —AND— I Diarrhooa. II DIXON'S AROMATIC Blackberry OARMINATIVE la t3se only safe and sure cure. It con tains no opium or deleterious drugs, no min eral or other injurious compounds common to remedies generally sold for this class of disease. It is so efficacious that Physicians very generally use it in their practice ia all chronic and dangerous cases. S&F Use no Cholera mixtures or doubt ful compositions, (many of which under mine and ruin the constitution.) when you can obtain an unfailing remedy as simple and safe as Blackberries themselves. r Ask for DIXON'S BLACKBERRY CARMINA TIVE, and see that the proprietor's name is •written on the outside wrapper of each bot tle. Prepared only by ! ; Sole Proprietor, CINCINNATI. For sale by all respectable druggists. Price, (old style. 25 cts.) 25c., 50c. and sl, per Bottle. DEM AS, BARNES & CO., Wholesale Agents. New York. Specific retloret you to former kea'th and without- it you tte the effect* of aiteam. i i Mi Dr. fsUDLOK'S I SPECIFIC. | ThliU liic f*reat sovereign Remedy (eom|iotei or XXI! CAt Ts* tiom lnd inn Knot v and Herb*,) for all <lltr n*e nf the I'riiittry and .Sexual mel at • Incontinence of ili e Urine, hiUanima* tlon of i lie Rlndde r. 111 11a in mat lon of (lie Ntoiic in the Ulmltler, Stricture, Gravel, (ioitorrliceu* Gleet, mid ft* unrivaled* I*> any jtt did. covered fur curing lur v. UUe in u o- IUCU I When use-1 accrding to directions this Bemtdj !iM neither uor smelt, tin-1 its u*o canuvt Ue tie- i lected by iu-v oue. This remedy is feet and re- i quires no : :jec:!o?ia, which are calculated to deslr. y and deadeu ttie diMMtmi orguns, lut removes the poi* soii fVoui (lie orowfiitg lomyaucy ani health. It is uoqwack Mnlihitie, hut i-A the embodied ex* peri-ic* i ih<* iltyxiciiu successful in curing a.! diseases of class. &tr Let none dttHjwir as ti !s remetly efft cts the most cures, wlu*n all or hers fail, l'rice old; Sl.'-O |er box, <tr G boxe for 3^.'JO. j fcsMit l\ mail to atiy address on r<Hi|tcf the price. For sale by all Druggist*. that my signature Is around each box. i'olo Pruprittur, Cificiunstt. DF.M AS, BARNES i CO., Wnolesule, .' ew Yufk. 1 Jur.e 3, 18C4. • AT THE NEW BARGAIN STORE OF G. EL & W. OSTKR. We are now receiving a choice selection of FANCY AND STAPLE DRY GOODS,* Embracing all the new styles and shade, of prints - from 16 ct. up, Delaines, S-challies, Alpacas, Bom bazines, Moba .a, Mozambique., Black Silks, Vic toria and Pacific Lawns, C tmbric and Jaconet Mus lins, Embroidered Collars anil SI eev j, inset,, Bui moral and Hooped Skirts, of the best makes, and latest styles. Sll AWLS AND HEAD NETS. r New fabric, and design, for Spring and Summer. t| Embossed Wool Table Covers, Ginghams. Checks, Table Diaper, Tickings, Shirting Stripe,, Otton ades, Sheeting and Shirting Muslins of all the stand- i J ard makes, jxotn IS cents up. j Wfiitt Ballardvult, Grey and Striped j CkiAing Flannels. j Cloths, Cassimeres, Sal.nelfs awl Jean*. Carpets aal Floor Oil Clolhs. 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SW a , U |j B4Bo nment. i Betting and by the barrel, | bbl or dozen. logether wit a g iPa t variety of other goods to ; | which we r ja |j t jj e a { tenllcn n f every body. ! ! i' u,, ' esß otherwise specified, i ** 1(1 ,r ' of p ro duce taken in exchange for goods. ' I Ptrffw*, M.ay 6, U64. \ isjaOOUGH & CO., G E N K 5t A i* ; FOR THE SALE OF Himis, S/iool's, Heading, Staves, Quercitron d: Tanners' Bark, Treenails, die. No. 416 SOUTH DELAWARE AVENUE. PHILADELPHIA, i April 8, 1864—3 m IVV HARTLEY S FARMERS' OOM'AI V ' To ih' Fanners of BciJui d and adjoin inf Counties : i o/ler the best selection of "Farm Machinery in the world." Having a practical knowledge o! farming, and bein.t acquainted with the best and latest improvements, ' aiT| confident that my selec tions will give satisfaction, at any rate 1 an. willing j TO TAKF. THE KESPO'-N'SIBILKY and WAR j R ANT nil t. worlt .M"i be s* "preaei-red. S Besides I furnish many micnin** drhiertd at the j pure at which they are retailed st ih place of maitu- , facture. "The Farmer Mowor" j I IS MADE OF IRON AjVD STEEL. I H eighs but 370 lbs., cuts feet Has a flexible hinge cutter bcr, two driving wheels. No ! weight on horses necks. Eacn hr.rse has but 100 j lbs. to pull in cutting I IT IS THE CHEAPEST AND BEST MACHINE NOW OFFERED TO THE PEOPLE. Is warranted in full —and challenges the world. j 1 bsve already sold nearly one hundred of these J Moweis, and can get but a few more. 1 Price SIOO 00, delivered in Bedford —Farmer* must i I . order toon to secure machines. I ! Willougkby's Guin Spring 'Walza Drills. also oo hand and for .ale at Carlisle price*. These drill, are now "MISTER OF THE FIELD," Sou: Outs, Barley, Wheat, Lye, „Vc., Measure the Ground. and break no Seed. Thousands already in use and everybody pleased. ' Send ia your orders soon, as I hive bat 53 of them. 30 Green Castle Grain Cradles now on band. The last of these celebrated Cradles that can be got, as the makers intend mating uuut.; I The Eureka Corn Stalk Cutter and Crusher and Hay & Straw Cutter. Having .old more than 100 of these Cutters the j past winter, in this anJ adjoining counties, they i need no praise. Ask your neighbois who have them. ! Keystone Cider Mills, ! Forcible Farm itSflls-, I which will grind all kindaef grain by horsepower. ! APPLE PAKERS, SCYTHES & SNEDS ' | GRINDSTONES, Stc., See. I Hardware of all kinds* j NAILS, IRON, PAINT, OIL, &=., &c. j My clock of UatJware was bought at old prwea. j io great part, and I oSer much of it { AS LOW AS EViJt, MY STOCK IS COMPLETE, ! i and I will alw&v* qndeavor to plea*e ttice who may fawr me with their patronage. Terra* irt all easts C*&sH, unless aiheraeiee, agreed, . j wanting Machines, or any kind, j f mut remember that goods ct all kinds axe contfuat* j !y advancing, and the aoonet their orders are given the better for them, a. Farm Machinery will aeon advance in tr the rise of material, 5a- 1 bor, fire, 'VM. HARTLEY- , *ay 90, 1604. DVSPE!'BI.i. * , AND DISt.iSSS RESULTING FROM OISOROER OF TNI LIVER And DIGESTIVE OiiCJAKS ARK CURED tY losfifiJii's Bprmsn Uiffrrs, Th* Great Slrpngihruins Tonlr. These Bitters have Performed more Cures! HA vn AND DO GIV K BE I TER SATBP ACTIOS HAVE MORE TESTIIVONY : ' HAVE MOKE RESPECTABLE PEOPLE TO VOUCH FOR THEM! I'll an an/ other article in ilic uiaikei. We defy any one to contradict this anttttiom, AND WILL P. rir $ 1 CCD Fo - iy one ti at proiace a Certificate publish ed Ly o, that is not ouwcinc. | JIJOFLAND'S GKHBLir; BITTERS WILL CURE EVERY CASE Of Chronic or .Vervain Debility, Diseates of the Kidneys, unit Diatase-i arising from a disordered Stomach. Observe the following Symptoms: < Resulting from Disorders oj the Digestive Organ* : I Constipation, Inward Pilea, Fulness of Blood to the Head, Acidity of th* Stomach, Nausea, Heart hum, for Food, Fulness cr Weight in the Stomach, Sour Eructations, Sink ing or Fiutterinr et the Pi* ot the Stomach, Swimming o! the Head, Hurried and Ditfl fuit Breathing, Flut tering at the Heart, Choking or Suf focating Sensations when in a lying Posture, Dimne-s of Vis ion, Dots or Webs be fore the eight, Fever and Dull Pain in the Head, Deti ciencyof Perspiration, Yellowness d th* bkin and Eves, Pain in the Side, Back, Ghest, Limbs, inc., Sudden Plush** of Heat, Burning in the Flesh, Constant Imag ining* of Evil, and great Depression of Spirit*. REMEMBER, THAT THIS DITTERS IS MOT ALCOHOLIC, CONTAINS NO RUM C)R WHISEEY, C.ii) (Han't fllake Drnnlnrba, BUT 13 Ti_iS EEST TONIC lu the World. WHO SAYS SO From the Rev. Le-. G. 8.-ck. Pastor cf the fiap tist Church, Pemberiori, N J., formerly of the No. lu I l -.ptist Church, PhilaJelphia. 1 have known Hi--fiam!'s German Bitters favora bly lor a number ol years. 1 have us;d them in my own lamil y, and have been so pleased with their ef fect that I was induced to recommend them to ma ny otb' rs, ami know that they have operated ia a strikingly beneficial manner. I taKe pleasure in thus publicly proclaiming this fact, and calling the a'tention of those afflicted with the diseases lor which they are recommended, to these Bitters, know ing fro-i experience that my recommendation will b- sustained, jdo this mote cheerfully as Hoof la! d's Bitters is intended to benefit the afflicted, and i- "not a runs chink." Yours truly, levi e. rtnett. From Rev. J. New to,. Brown, D. D., Editor of the Encyclopedia of Religions Knowledge, andChns tiau Chronicle, Philadelphia. Although not disposed to favor or recomm-Tid Pat ent Medicine* in general, through tii-trust of their ingredient rnd eßects, 1 vet know ot no sufficient reasons why a man may not i ,t y to th* be icfits h- "elirves him* If t~ have receive I fr m any sim ple preparation, in hope that h? m?y con tribute to toe benefit oi others. I do th. the more readily >n ref rrd to Ho-.firnd's German But. rs, pre,.a:.l by Dr. C. M. .Ihcitson. of tl is citv, oecatie 1 v <s pr judiced aga cc them for many yegis, undei toe impression to .t they were cbietly an a coholic mixture. I *,n imj-bfeil to my friend, Robert Shoemaker. E-q.. lor the removal of this prejudice by ptoper test-, and for encour .gft.. meut to try tbem, when sullenng from great and long continued debility. The use of three bottles of thse brteis at the beginiring of the present year, was lollov ed by evident relief and restoration to a degr e of bodi.y and mental vigor which I had not felt for six months belore, and nadalmoit despaired of regaining. I therelore thank God and nr.y friend for directing me to the use of them. J. NEWTON BROWN, Philad'a. From the Rev. Jos. H. Kennard, Pastor of th# 10th Baptist Church. Dr. Jackson :—Dea Sir:—l have been frequently requested to connect mv name with commendation# of different kinds of medicines, but regarding the practice a- out of my appropriate sphere, I tu all cases declined; but with a clear proof in various instances, and particularly in my family, oi the use fulness ot Dr. HJutland's German Ruters, I depart. .u it.', 1 * f, to express my tu'l conviction ; .at, /i r getter,U debility of tin system and especially fr Letter, un a sa /e and valuable preparation. In some cases it may fail ; but usually, I not, if. will be very beneficial to !hos who suffer from the abuve cause. Ycuia, very respect fully, J. H. KENNARD. Eigl. ~ below Coates st., Pbil'a. From Rev. Warren Randolph, Pastor rf the Bj-Vtis Church, Germanfowu, Penn. Pr. C. M. Jackson Dear Sir:—Persons -xperi .•rre enables me to say that I regard the German Fitter* rrepared by you as a most ex<-iint medi cine. in cases ot severe cold an.; general debility I have teen greatly benefited by the use of the Bit fete, and Toubt i .they produce similar effects on others. Yours truly, WARREN RANDOLPH, (rerrr.uitowc, Pa. From Rev. J. H. Tinner, Paslor of Hediing M. E. Cnur. b, Philadelphia. Lr. Jackson ;—Dear bur:— used your Ger man Bitters in my fe.mily frequently. 1 am prepared" to say that it has h.e no; great lojja J. H. TURNER, No. 7-6 N. Nineteenth S'reet Ftom thg Rev. J. M. Lyon#, formerly Pastor of tUs (N. j.) itwl Miiestown (Pa-) BpU&< CbiHcbt s. New Roc belle, N. Y. Dr. C. M. Jackson :-De-r Sin—l feel it a pleas ure thus, of uiy own accord, to bear testimony to the exce..enee of the German Bitters. Home yeai* since being much afflicted with i)y*pepsh, I used them with very beneficial results, 'j. M. LYONS. From Rev. J. 8. Herman, of the German Reformed Chtjrcb, Kutztoivn, Berks ci>„ Pr. Dr. C. M. Jacssor. Respected Sir -J have beeu troubled with Dyspepsia neatly twenty years, and have never t.-H o-.y mod cine that did me as much good as Hoothcd's Bitters. Yours, with repect, J. . HERMAN. PfilCEl. Ldrge Sir.e (b'.idipg nearly double quantity,) 81 00 per bottle—had Uoz. 86 00 Small #ixe—s cts. per b-'tle -half d.rr, Ot) BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS! See that the rgntture of "C. M. JACKSON" ix cm the WRAPPER of eaeb bottle. Should your nearest druggi c t not have the article do not be put off by any of the intoxicating ptepa rations may be offered in its plate, but tend to us and we will forward, ecuie'y packed, by express PbIXCIFAL tlvriCS AMU MAMTFAtiTOK*, No. 63! ARCH STREET, Philao&x.pui*. JONES & EVANS, Suecteeore to f. M. Jariso* iV Co. PROPRIETORS. , For sal# by Druggist# enc Dealers ir. every tuwn ia tbt United tiates. Jar, it

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