Newspaper of Bedford Gazette, July 8, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Bedford Gazette dated July 8, 1864 Page 3
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PROCLAMATION! SPECIAL ELECTION. fcy vutae of a writ of election, to me directed by Andrew G.Curtio, Governor of this Commonwealth, s iven under his hand and the great seat of the Slate, Hsriisburg, the 21 at day of June, A. I>. ISO 4, according to ihe provisions of an Act of the Gener al Assembly of Pennsyivan u, entitled -'An Act pre scribing the time and manner of submitting to the people, for their approval and ratification, or rejec tion, the proposed amendments to the Conatitull'.ii." J John Aldstadt, High SbentTof the county of BeCtord, (Jo hereby make known and give ihi puk lie notice to the electors of tbc county of Bedford, tb! on the first Tuesday oi August next, (bei.ig the 2d day of the months a special election will be Held at the several eiection districts, established by law in said county, at which time tney w ill vote by ballet for or against certain proposed amendments to the Constitution, of mi* Commonwealth, which are as follows, via • There shall be an addition..! section to the third article of the Constitution to be designated as sec tion Sour, as fo lows : SECTION 4. Whenever any of the qualify i electors or this Commonwealth shall be in actual mihU y •ervice, under a requisition tr mi the Pre.irietit of he United Stales.oi by the authority o: this Com monwealth, such electors may exercise tr.e tight oi -sudrage in all elec'ions by ine citizens, umlej such legi. aliohs as are, or shall be, prescjibed by iaw, as fu..y as if they were present at iheir u.ual place ot election. Theie ska!; be t voadditional sections to the elev enth article of the Constitution, to b - designated as section# eight aud nine, a, follow* . t ECTt'ox S. No h.Ji rbah be pas.-ed by the L'gis- Jatuie containing more than one subject, widen shall b.- elt.ily xpf.isse in title, except appropria tion bills. SECTION 9. No bid shall be passed by the Legisla ture giantir.g any powers, or privileges, many case, where the authority to giant sucn powers, or puivi leges, has been, or may hereaiter be, co iietrtd upon •tae courts of this Common wealth. The said eiectinus will be Held throughout the county as to., J AS : The electors ot the boiougb of Bedford an<t town ship ot i-cui'oral, to meet ul the Court House in se:.' borough. ibe e|aciois ,f jJrond Top township to meet a: the school hou-e in tue town of Hope-well. iLe c.-etor* of ihe boiougii oi Bonds hu i to a.r' t a! ibe sc _ooi hou-e In ?ai i boiough. lhe i> cior* ot t oierain township fo meet at the bin-cut H. Murkey, in ham burg, in stid to-vi,* . p. J ha electors of Cuauberlei u Valley township to i,. •; a..- iu-w -cfiuoi '. ouae erectnt on tr,* laud owned vy John 'A nip's Uri* j,, sa -d township. _he eirc.ors o; hari.tou town-hip lo" at schooi hou-e NJ. 5. mar fie dwell,og ..ouse oi IKn ry Keyser, in -aid township. '1 he tlectora -1 Juniata township to meet at Key ler's school house, in said township. i h electors of Hoperve i township lomeetatihe school houe near toe house of Joha Dasher, in sent tOWilttbip. The electors of Londonderry township to meet at the house now occupied hy VVm. H. Hill &•> a shop 10 Bridgeport, in said township. The elector* of Liberty township to meet at the school house in Sioncrstown, in said lownship. The eiectois of Monioe township to meet at the house lately occupied by JamesCariiell in Clearville •:u said tow nship. 'the electors ol Sche'.lsburg bo.ough to meet at the biick. school tou>e in said borough. 1 r.e electors cl Napier township to meet at the brick school tocos- in the borough ol bchellsbuig i he electors <>i Last i'rovidence township lo'.i*-tt at the house lately occupies by John Nycu.n, j m said township. The eiectois or Snake Spring township to meet at the school bqust near the Methodiat cnurcb on the land of John t*. Hartley. The electors of West I'roviden"' 3 township to meet at-school house lo. -4, usar Dcvt i Spuk*, in said township. The electors of St. Clair township to meet at the store near the dwelling or Gi teon L'., in said township. The electors of Union township to meet at the school house near .Howry's ini.M, ill said township. The eiectois of Bouth Wood .berry township to meet at the bouse ot Samuel G'ster near Nob.e s mill, in said township. The eiectois oi Southampton township to meet at She house of Wai. Adams, in said tow nsbip. The electors of JYliucle Woodberiy township to meet at the house ot Henry f luke in the village oi Wood berry. The Act of Asseiflbly, entitled "An Act relating to elections of this Common we* ith," passed July 3, IS3O, provides as follows, to w it ; "'lnat the Inspectors and Judges shall me.t at the respective places appointed lor holding the election in the district in which they may respectively be long, before 9 o'clock, on lire morning of the first Tuesday ic August, and each of suih Inspectors shrll appoint cue clerk who si.ill be a quahlisu voter of such district, "In case the person who shall have received the second highest number of votes for Inspector shall not attend on the day ot ejection, then the person who shall have received the second highest i umber of voles lor Judge at the next preceding election, shall act as Inspector in his place. And in c ise the person Who has received the highest number of votes lor Inspector shall not attend, the person elected Judge shall appoint an inspector in his place, and in case the peison elected Judge shall not attend, then ihe Inspector who received the highest num ber cl votes shall appoint, a Judge in his place, and if any vacancy sh.dl continue in the bosrd lor the apace ot one hour after the time fixed by law for tha opening of the ejection, rae quashed vo'ei, of the township, ward or district for wciuh such offi cer shall have been elected, present al tre time ol election, shall erect one of their number to till tne vacancy." Particular attention is directed *e the \ct oi As sembly, passed the day of April, 186f, entitled •'An Act predenting the time an t manner of sub mitting to the peop.t, sor their approval aid ratifi cation, or rejection tue proposed amendments to the Constitution," wherein it i- ptelcrtbed, SrCTio.N 1. 1 h t said election snail be opened, arid and closeu, on tfc-j day atoresaid, A. D. ISCt, at tb? places, ami within trie hours a', and, which tr,e general chorions of this Commonwealth are directed to he op-ned, held and closed, and it shall be tue duty of the Judy-g, Inspectors and Clerks oi each of said townships, forougus, wards, pre cinct* and districts, to receive at the said election, tickets, not exceeding the number of proposed a- e.ther written or printed, or partly writ '.f.i parily printed, from each of the qualified -voter. s 01 tb's State, who m,-y otfer the same, ar.d To place a bo * or boxes to be for that putp-ose provided by the proper officers ; which tickets sf.ill be, respect.'vely, labelled, on the outside, "First Amendment, ' "Second Amendment," and "T hira Ariierdsneni j' ' an '' Ibose who are favorable to said amendments, o' tn 7 °'~ them, may express their appioval thereof h v voting, each ar many separate, written or printed, n r partly written and partly punt ed ballots or tickets, as there are amendments ap proved by iht-en, contm nin.g, on the inside thereof, the words "For the Amc'id.Tient and those who re opposed to such aanenvlm.snts, or any of them, may exp ess their opposition by vc'tng, each, as many separate, written or printed,, or partly written sad printed, Ballots or tickets, as there are amend rne. t* not approved by tbem, containing, on the in side thereof, the wonts "Against t.he Amendment the electors, voting for, or against the first amend- j meet, shall be considered ns voting for, or the proposed l. urth section to article three of the Constitution extending the aaffrsge to sol diers; elecUrs, votiiig for, or against, the second j amendment, shall be considered as votiny for, or a- I gainst, the proposed eighth section to article eleven | of the Constitution | and electors, voting for, or a-j gainst, the third amendment, snail be considered as j voting for, cr against, the proposed ninth section to j article eleven o! the Constitution." "bscTio* 2. That the election, on the said pro poses! amendments, shall, in all respects, be conduct ed a* the gvneial elections of this Commonwealth ire sow conducted i and it shall be the duty oi the retura Judges of the respective counties and dis tricts thereof, first having careluUy ascertained the number ot votes for, or against, each of said amend ments in the manner aforesaid, to make out dupli cate returns thereof, expressed in words, at leogtn, sod oot in figures only t oije of which leturns so osede shall be lodged in the Prothonoary's office of ♦he Court of Common Pleas of the proper county, and the other sealed, and directed, to the Secretary jf the f<4iuiu>cvxaltb, and by one of s'.bi Judge*J deposited forthwith ia the roost convenient Post office, upon which postage shall be prepaid at the expense of the proper county." "Stcri. 4. I hat the several duties required to be periouned by ihe 3's, Commissioners, Con s'. .bits. Judges, Inspectors, and all other officers whatever, i.i and about tfce general elections of this Commonwealth, shall be neiformed by such officers in and rbout the election provided lor; ami all per sons, whether officers or others, shall be liable to the t-arne punishment 'or the oegltct ol any duty, or the commission of any oifenee, at, in, or'about, the said election, as they would tor the neglect ol liwe duty, or the commission of like offence, at, in, or about, the genera! election of this Common wealth." For the information of the elect .rs of Bed ford County, I also publish the following taken from an Act of the General Assembly of 1839: '•lt shall be the duty of the several Assessors, respectively, to attend at the place of holding every Genera!, Special or Township election, during the whole time .-~aid elcelion is kept open, for the purpose of giving information to the In spectors and Ju !gc, when culled on, in relation to the right of any person assessed by them to vote at such election, and on such other matters in relation to the assessment of voters as the said Inspectors, tr either of them, shall from lime to time require. "No person shall be permitted to vote at any election as aforesaid, than a white freeman of the age of 2 i years or mure, who sha!.' have resi ded in the 8: to at least one year, and i.i the elec tion District where he offers to vote at 'east ten days, immedi. fely preceding such electi an, and within 2 years luive paid a State or Coout.V tax which shall have been assessed at least ten .lays be lore the election. Hut a citizen ot* the U.'U tcil Stales, who has previously bec-n a qualifier! voter ol this State, and removed ther .roth and returned and who shall have resided in tLeeiec t;on I/.-'rict and iiatii a lores* id shall he entitled to vote titter residing in this Slate six months: Provided, 'That the white fn. .men cit izens of the United States between the oi* 2, and 22 yea s who have reside I in the election District en days as aforesaid, shall be entitled to vote, although they shall not have paid taxes. ••No per? >u shall be permitted to vote whose name is not contained in the list of taxable in habitant* iurn;shed by the Commissioners, un less, First, he produces a receipt for payment, within two '. .Mrs of a State or County tax, as sessed agreeably to the Constitution, and give satisfactory evidence either on his oath or alfir ntaiion of another, that he has paid such a tax, or in failure to produce such a receipt. ei;.ll make oath to the payment thereof: or. Second, if he claim a right to vote by being • n elector between the ages of 21 and 22 years, shall de pose on oath or affirmation, that lie lias re-id; lin the State at least one year next before applica tion, an J make such proof of his residence in the Di.-trict as is required by his Act, an tl ;t lie does verily believe from the accounts given hitu that he is if the age aforesaid, a.d where upon the. name of the persons so admitted to vote shall b. inserted in the alphabetical list, by the Inspectors, and a note made opposite ".her lo by writing the word "tax" he slnvl lie admitted to vote by reason of having paid tax or the word "ago"' if he shall be a Jointed to vote by reason of age, and in either case the i reason of such vote shall oe called out to the i Clerks who shad make the* like notes in the list 1 of voters kept by the.a. •'ln all cases where the name of the person claiming to vote is not found on the list furnish ed by the Comniissoners or Assts. -s. or his right to vote whether found either by verbal . proclamation thereto, or by any written there on or not, is objected to by any qualified citi zen, it shall be the duty of the Inspectors to examine such persons on oath as to qualifiea i tions, ar.rl it Le claims to have resided within • the State for one year or more, his oath shall i be suiiicient proof thereof, but he shall make i proof by at least one competent witness; who shall be a qualified elector, that he ha- resided ; within the District for more than ton day# next immediately pre reding said election, and shall a/.--" Limselt swear that his bona lide residence, in purstia: ce of hi# lawful calling, is within ttic District, and that he did not remove ii.'o the said District for the purpose of voting. "l ivery person qualilied as aforesaid, and who shall make due proof, if required, of his resi dence and payment of taxes, as aforesai 1, shall bi admitted to vote in the ton r ship, ward or ili-tnct in which he sliall re-iue. "If any person slnll prevent or attempt to prevent an ofiicir of tire election under thi* act from holding sucli election, or u* or threaten any vlolen e to any such officer, or shall inter rupt or improperly interfere with him in t!.e execution of his duty, shall block or attempt to block up the window or avenue to any win dow where the same may be holding, or shall riotously disturb the peace of said election, or shall u-e or practice any intimidation, threats, force or violence with the design to influence, wuduiy or overaw any elector, or to prevent him from voting, or to restrain the freedom of choice, such person on conviction shall be fined in any sum not exceeding five hundred dollars and to be imprisoned for a time not less than one nor more than twelve mouths, and if it shall be shown to the court where the trial of suclt offence shall tie had, that the person so of fending was not a resident of the citv, ward, district or township where the said offence was committed, and not entitled to vote therein, then on conviction he shall be sentenced to pay a fine of not less than one hundred or more than one thousand dollars, and to be imprisoned not less than six months nor more than two years. '•lf any person cr persons, shall mike any bet or wager upon tbe result of any election .witbin tins Coniuionwealth, or shall oiler to tu ake any such bet or wager, or printed adver tisement, challenge or invite any person or per sons to make bet or wager, upon conviction therea f, bo or they shall forfeit and pay three times ti*e amount so offered to bet. ''lf a.ny person not by law qualified, shall fraudulently voteatany,ekction in this Common wealth, or Jhaing otherwise qualified shall vote out of his p> oper district or if any person know ing the want .of such a qualification shall aid or procure such person to vote, the penon, on conviction shall be flood in any sum not exceed ing two hundred Joiiars and be imprisoned for any term not exceey ling three months. "If any person shall vots at more than one eloc.ion district, or otherwise" fraudulently vote more than once on the same d ays or shall fraud ulently fold and deliver to the Inspector two tickets together, with the intent illegally to vote, or advise and procure another so to do. he or tbey Bhall, on conviction, be fined in any Bum not less than fifty nor laoro than five hundred dollars, and be imprisoned not lose th-tn throe nor more than twelve months. "If any person not qualified to vote in this Commonwealth, agreeably to law, (except the sons of qualified citizens) shall appear at avy place of election for the purpose of tick ets or of infiuenting fchc citizen J qualified u> I vote, he shail on conviction, forfeit and pay any , sum not exceeding one hundred dollars for ev ! ery such utTence, and be imprisoned for any term not exceeding twelve months." Agreeably to the provisions of the 61st section of said act, *'Every General and Special E!ec . tion shall be open between the hour of eight and ten in the forenoon and shall continue until seven o'clock in the evening when the polls shall j be closed. Pursuant to toe provisions contained in the i section of the act first aforesaid, the judges . of the aforesaid districts shall respectively take j charge of the certificate of return of the elec : tion of their respective districts, anil produce j them at a meeting of the judges from each i district, at the Borough of Bedford, on the i third day after the election, being for the pres ent year ON FRIDAY, THE STH DAY OF A" MUST NEXT, then and there to do and perform too duties required by law of said judges.—That where a judge by sickness or | unavoidable accident, is unable to attend such 1 a meeting of judges then the certificate or re i turn aforesaid shall - taken charge of by one of the Inspectors o; Clerks of the election of j said district, who shall do and perform the du , li.'s required of the said Judges unable to at | tend. Given under my hand and seal at Bedford, tips 7th day of July, 1864. JOHN ALDSTADT, Sheriff. 1 ShciitT's Office. lied ford. July 8, 1864. ... . y< /. 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As the driver has both bands with which to manage ht* team, he can START, TURN, or go FORWARD with precision and at the proper moment; and, a* the movement of the teeth ate controlled bv his loot, be can, at the proper moment, elevate them to dis charge their load, and instantly drop them at the ex act moment and place to commence raking without loss of time. . This rake is vol idly constructed of durable mate rials. and is so simple and direct in its operation that any boy who can manage a horse in harness, can, with this RAKE, do perfect work. CET'AII peisons wanting a good Rake will please give me a call in due time, as I will have a great many to make this season. *,* For further information ss to license, sale, or use of this Latent, addiest DANIEL W. AMOS, Bedlotd, Bedford Co., Pa. Bedford, Jut*? 3, ISB4—2x>. O YES! O YES! The undersigned having taken out auctioneer's license lor Bedford county, oflens his services to tba public. JOHN DELL. Six Mila Run, Jane 17. Woo?. Wanted. Highest price in cash pavl for WOOL. May 2. A. A FRAME** C*. W.M li iRTLErS FARMERS' COLUMN To ike Fat mens of Bedfyd and adjoining Counties: 1 offer the best selection of '-Farm Machinery in the world." Having a practical I'riow.eJge of farming, and being acquainted with the best and latest improvement*, I am confident that my selec tions will give satisfaction, at any rate I am witling TO TAKE THE KESPONSIBILL IY and WAR RANT nil mai bines to work and be as represented. Besides I furnish many machines delivered at the price at which they art retailed at the flue*of manu facture. *'The Farmer Mower" IS MADE OF IROJ\ A.YD STEEL. Weighs bit 570 lbs., cute 4\ feel swath. Eus a flexible hinge cutter bar, two driving wheels. No weight on horses necks. Each hor„e has but 100 lbs. to pull in cutting. IT 13 THE. CHEAPEST AND REST MACHINE NOW OFFERED TO THE PEOPLE. Is warranted in full —and challenges the world 1 Lave already sold nearly one hundred of these Mowejs, and can get but a few rrore. Price $l2O CO, delivered in Beolord—Farmers icuit order toon to secure machines. Willoug'aby's Gum Spring Oram t*riil]ls, | also on band and lor sale at Carlisle prices. These drills aie now j "MASTER OF THE FIELD," Sow Outs, Barley, Wheat. Rye, Ac , Met sure the Ground, and break no Seed. Thousands already in use and everybody pleased. I SenJ ia vour orders saou, as I have but 50 of them. 30 Green Castle Grain Cradles n©\r on band. The last of th?se celebrated Cradlei thlt can b# jot, U mmktr* inffnd tr,ovtng i i I i j T.'ie Eureka Corn Stalk Cutter end j Crusher and Hav & Straw Cutter. Having sold more than 100 of these Cutters the j pa?t winter, in this and adjoininj counties, they . need no praise. Ask your neijhbois who bare tbeoi. I j Keystone Csder 33aS3s, I Portable Farm Tliiig, 7 I which will grind all kinds of grain bjt horse power. ' APPLE PARERS, SCYTHES & SNEDS, K GRINDSTONES, &c., Sm. | Hardware of all kinds. NAILS, IRON, PAINT, OIL, &c., SKC. j My stock of Hardware was bought at old prices, . in great part, tad I ofier much of it A3 LOW AS EVER. MY STOCK IS COMPLETE, and I will always endeavor to pleaeo those who may favor me wuh their patronage. Terms in all aeutet CASH, unlet* otherwise agreed. QiTTargoecs wanting Machine*, ot asy tine, ■mat remember that good* ot all kinds ata constant ly auvaticacg, aod the sooner their orders are g*V;a the better for tbeua, as Farm Macb.oery will nooa . advance in proportion to the rise of materia!, la bor, he. W* < May M, jet. OYSPE P S I A. A WD DIS&M RS RESULTING FROM O:3ORDEPt OF THE LIVER iliD DIGESTIVE OIIG AH S ARE CURED 1 y Jjcofuiid's Crrmaii iJiHrrs, The Great Htrenffiltfiatii; Tc!c. Thess Bitters haFe more Cores! HAVE AND DO GIVE BETTer SATIS''" ACTION HAVE IV?ORE TE ST ON Y ! HAVE MORE RESPECTABLE Pfop Le To VOUCH FOR THEM ! Thrui any other article in the maiLat. We defy any one to contradict this assertion, AND WILL PAY SIOOO To any one that will produce a Certificate publish ed by us, that i> not osncixs. HOOFLANB'S GERMAN BITTERS WILL CURE EVERY CASE Oi Chronic or Jferv vis Dthiiiiy, Diseases of the Kidneys, and Disease* arising front a disordered Stomach. Observe the following Symptoms: Revolting from Disorders of the Digestive Or nans : Constipation, Inward Piles, Fulness oi Blood to tb Head, Acidity or the Stomach, Nausea, Heart buin, i?isjust tor Food, Fulness or Weight in the Stomach, Sour Eructations, Sink ing or Fluttering ?t the Pt o t the stomach, Swimming of ito Head, Hurried and Diffi cult Breathing, Flut tering at the Heart, Choking or Suf focating Sen-ations when in a lying Posture, Dimness of V.s ioa. Dots or Webs be fore the right, Fever and Dud Pain in the Head, Defi ciency ol Perspiration, Yellowness .f tiic'kin and Eyes, Pain in *tif Limbs, &c>, K'ujbpi of Heat, Burn.r.g in tie Fie*h, Constant imag inings ol Evil, and great Depiession of Spirit*. REMEMBER, THAT THIS BITTERS IS NOT ALCOHOLIC, CONTAINS NO J?L'M OR WHISKEY, Ouii Can't ftlake Drimkar&a, BUT 13 THE BEST TOKIC In (he World. Vs-fizAD WHO SAYS So.~£}} From Cp Rev. Levi G. Beck. Pas'or <>r the Bap tit Chui-h. Per.- 1 e:'on. N. J., formerly of the Norm Baptist Church, Philadelphia. ••••*•••. 1 ' ave known Hoof!, nd's German Bitters favora bly lor a number of years. 1 have used them in m v own family, er.d have Le-n so p- with their ef fee"* tnat I \. i- induced to recommen i them to ma ny ojfers, and know t&at they have operated in a strikingly beneficial marner.' I take p'easure in thus publicly proclaiming this fact, and calling the attention of tho r affitcie-J with the (burses lor wnich they are recommended, to these Si'ters, know ing from experience that niv recommendation will be sustained, ido this more cheerfully is Hoof land's Bittern* is intended to benefit the aifiicted, and is "not a rum drick." Yours t uljr, ___ LEVI G. BECK. From Rev. J. Newton Brown, f>. D., Editor of the Encyclopedia ot Religious Know ledge, and Chris tian Chronicle, Philadelphia. Al'hougb not uisposed to favor or recommenJ Pat ent .Medicines in general, through distrust of their ingredients and etfects, 1 yet know of no sufficient reasons why a man may not testify to the benefits b believes himself to have renewed from any sim ple preparation, in the hope that he may tnus con tribute to toe benefit of others. 5 .'o this the noott readily in regard to IJoofland's German fLieis, prepared b" Dr. C. Al. Jackson, of mis city, because 1 whs pr judiced against them for many years, under the impression that they were chiefly an aicnnoitc mixture, lam indebted to rar friend, Robert Shoemaker, E-q., for the removal of ' this prejudice by proper fest, and for encour ee roent to try them, when suffering from great and long continued debility. The use of three bottles of these bi'ters at the beginning of the present year, was followed by evident relief and restoration to a" degr-e of bodiiv and mettal vigor which I had not telt for six months before, art' hadelmo-t despaired of regaining. I therefore thank God and uiy friend for directing me to the use of them. J. NEWTON DROWN, Philad'a. From the Rev. Jos. H. Kennard, Pastor of the 10th Bapttst Church. Dr. Jackson : —D-a' Sir:—l have been frequently requested to connect my name with commendations of different .kinds of medicines, but regarding the practice as out of my appropriate spnere, I have ta ail cases declined ; but with a ciear proof in various instances, and particularly :n my family, ot the use fulness oi Dr. Hocfiand's Gernan Bitters, I depart for once from my usual cour e, to express tny lull conviction that, for general debtluy of the y i.Vn and especially for Liver Complaint, it i t a safe and valuable preparation. In some cases it may fail ; but usualiy, I doubt not, it will be very beneficial to those who suffer from the above cause. Yours, very respectfully, J. H. KENNARD. Eighth below Coates st., Ph.i'a. From Rev. Warren ph. Pastor of theDaptie Cburch, Germahtowu, Penn. Dr. C. M. Jackson :—Dear :Sir Personal experi ence enables me to say that I regard the Get roan Bitters erepared by you as a or,o*t excellent medi cine. In raseß of eevwe cold and general debility I have been greatly benefited by the use of tbe Bit ters, and doubt not they will produce similar effects on others. Yours Iruiy, WARREN RANDOLPH, Germantown, Pe. From Rev. J. H. Turner, Paster ofHedding M. E- Cburch, Philadelphia. Dr. Jackson : —Dear Sir Having used your Ger. man Bitters in my family frequently, 1 am prepared to say that it has been ©f great service. Yours respectfully. J.. H. TURNER, No. 726 K. Nineteenth Street From the Rev. J. M. Lyons, formerly Pastor of the Coturtbo* (N. J.) and Milestown (Pa.) Baptist Cbuictua. N.ew Rochelle, N. Y. Dr. C. M. Jackson s— Dear Sir:—l feel it a pleas ure thus, of my own acoord, to bear testimony to the excellence ot the <errnan Bitters. Some yeats since being much afilicted with Dypepsir. 1 used them with very beneficial results. J. M. LYONS. From Rev. J. 8. Herman, of the German Rjformed Ohuich, Kutztown, Rerka co., Pa. Dr. C. M. Jacksor.:—Respected Sir .—1 have been Doubled with Dyspepcia nearly twenty years, and have never used any medicine that did me 'as much good 34 llooflioi' Latter*. Yours, with respect, J. S. HERMAN. PRICES. Large St'se (folding nearly double quantity,) %.l 00 per bottle—half do*. 85 09 Small air-—7et. pe r bottle—half dz. $4 < BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS I Sea that <h* siguature of '<C. M. wACKSCW to on the WRAPPER of each bottle. Sbou'd 'y our neateat druggist not have the articte do not be- pui ©ff by any of the intoxicating prepa rations that may be offered io its place, but tend to us and we will forward. *eciuely packed, by express. P CINCIRAT. A.SD Misuvactrar,' No. 631 ARCH STREW!:, PmuxßßLeuM. .'ON£B & EVAieQ, B*****ora He C- <Af. Jttri-tnn 6 Co. PROPRIETOR®. Los ale by Druggists aid Dealers in every town w the United j 6 _ if.

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