Newspaper of Bedford Gazette, July 15, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Bedford Gazette dated July 15, 1864 Page 3
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BELL'S SPECIFIC PILLS—WARRANTED IS ATX ' CASES. Can be relied en ! Never fail to cure I Do cot nauseate ! Are speedj* in action! No change of diet required! Do not interfere with business pur- j *uit! Can be used without detection ! Upward of 20C cures the pi*t month—some of them very se- j vera cases. Over one hundred physicians have used | them in cheir practice, and alt speak well of their , efficacy, and approve of their composition, which is j entirelv vegetable, and hatmless on the system . Hundreds of certificates can be shown. DEIL. S SPECIFIC PILLS are the original and only genuine Sjerifi- Pill. They are adapted for male and f-ma!e, old or young, and the only reliable rem e!v for effecting a permanent and speedv cure in ai! v :esot Spermatorrhea, or Seminal Weakness, with all its tiain of evils, so h as Urethral and Vagina! discharges, Gleet, the Whites, Nightly or involun tary Emissions, Incontinence, Genital Debility end Irritability, Impotence, Weakness or Loss of Pow er, Nervous Debility, tic., Acc.. al! ot which arise principally fiosn Sex-ual Excesses or Sel'-Abuse, r some constitutional derangement, and incapaci- , tats the sufferer from fulfilling the duties of mar- ' rid life. In all sexual diseases, as Gonorrhea, , Gleet, and S,riciure, and in Diseases of the ' ier and Kidneys, they r..t as a charm ! Relief is ex- ( y.erienced by takings single box. bold by all (he principal druggists. Price sl. They will be sert by trai!, ecurelv sealed, and i "confidentially on receipt of the money, by J. BR VAN, M. P., ! No. 70 C 'dar street, New Yoik, ! Consulting Physician tor the treatment of Seminal, Urinary, Sexual, and Nervous Diseases, ■'"ho will =end, free to all, the following valu.ble work, in j sealed envelope : Tun Fi FTIKTH THOUSAND — DR. BELL'S TREA TISE on Self-Abuse, Premature Decay, Impotence j and Loss of Power, Sexual Di.ea-es, Seminal Weak- ; ness, Nightly Emissions, Genital Debility, tic., kc., j a pamphlet of 61 pages, containing impo-tant ad- ' vice to the afflicted, and which should be re..d by every sufferer, as the means of cure in the severest j atages is plainly set forth. Ttvoßtamps required to pay postage. December 4, ISC3—lysc IMPORTANT TO LADIES, —Da HARVEY'S FEMALE PILLS have never yet failed in removing difficulties *ri-tng from obstruction, oi stoppage ol natnie, or • in restoring the sy-tem to perfect health when suf- ; ering fiom Spinal Affections, Prolapsus Uteri, the Whites, or other weakness of the Uterine Organs. 1 he Pills aie perlecily harmless on the constitution, j and may be taken by the most delicate female with out causing distress—the same time they act like a ' charm bv strengthening, invigorating and restoung the system to a healthy condition, and by bringing on the monthly periof with regularity, no matter trorn what causes the obstruction may arise. They shon) how. ver, NOT he taken during the firs' three or four months of pregnancy, though safe at : any other time, as miscarriage would be (be result. Each box contains GO Pills. Price Si. L'R HAK VEY'S TREATISE on Diseases cf Females, Pregnancy, Mi carnage. Barrenness, Sterility. Re production, and Abuses of Nature, and emp a11co! 1 y the Ladies' Private Medical Advise-, -i pamphlet of 64 pages. sent fiee to unv address. Six cents ; qu.ied to pay postage. The Pills and book will be sent by maii when de sire', securely scaled, aud prep ltd, by J. BRYAN. M. D., General Ager.t, j No. 7G Cedar s't., New York. E3t°"Sold by all the principal druggists. December 4 1903—l)>c. A GENTLEMAN, cure,l of Nervous Debility, In- • competency. Piematiire D-cay ami Truthful Error. 1 actuated by a de-ire to bent fit other-, will be hap py to furnish to all wfio need it, (tree of charge). ■ i-11 ami direction- for making the simple rem ii his case. Those wi-tung to profit bv r ce, and po s-ss a valuahle remedy, wi'l jrr-.b\ return tnail, (carefully sealed) i-b JOHN B. OGDF.N, >o 60 Na-sat. street, New York. ivioot Excellent Medicine. J. R. CARPS NTF'. > hnri MATic Fi.ri.— Person-, suffering from Riieimatism. Neuralgia, D:pthei.a,J Rurn-t, \c., will find this i trust ri e:l*nt re-n-dy. ; it comes to lit recommended by so ne of the b-*st men in the State.—and in this community Try a bottle and see for yourselt. For>aleat /. L I)- fi Laugh's, Bedford. April 29, 1661 ly. 1 Conic ;niii St'lllc. 1 desire and must have all accounts on my books fettled either by note or within 60 days. "A word to the wise is sufficient." J. B. FARQUHAR, Cheap Cornel, Juliana Street. j tied ford, July 8, 1864. TIIK CAMPAIGN AGE. 1 HE PUBLISHERS OF THE PHILADELPHIA AGE Will issue a Campaign Sheet for the Le.-.iocratic and ' Conservative, masses. It will be printed on a large sheet of fine white paper, at such rates as wiii it within the reach o all. It will support lh nominees ot the Demo cratic N'..tional Convention, the full proceedings of which Vvi.l be published in its columns. I' will bold ly advocate trie rights of the white man, and fear- ! ies-ly sustain all the constitution 1 rights of the i citizen, no matter Irom what quarter they may he i assailed. The first number will be issued about the ,7th ol i August. The whole number will be thirteen fl- . lowing each other weekly, until the Presidential ! election, the result of which will be contained in j 'he final number. Democratic anJ Cotise.vative (Tub.-, County Committees, Agents and all interest- ; cd in the cause are invited to co-operate in the cir- ! eulatina ot 1 THE CJIMPJIGJY JLGE. TERMS. The CAMPAIGN AGE, of Thirtee®numbers. Single copies for the series, .70 cents, in clubs of not ieas than 20 to one add. 4.7 cts. each. •i <> 50 < 40 Cash must accompany each ordei, and NO VARIA TION WILL BE MADE IN ANY CASE FROM THE ABOVE TERMS. Orders should be sent in immediately, or at latest by 'he first day of August, to GLOSSBRF.NNER & WELSH, 430 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, Pa. NOTICE TO TRESPASSERS. All persona are hereby notified not to trespass on the premises of the undersigned, either by fishing, hunting, throwing down feneea, or otherwise tTs- ■ turbing or destroying property, as the law will be . enforced against all who may thus violate it, HENRY WERT3S, PAUL WKRTE, HF.NRT SMITH, JOHN McFERRA.V, ; -""OLAS BOOR'S HKIKS, w, \,Y-„ * 1. 1964.* Cumbetiar.d Valley, Jai NOTICE , . , • ... ,ii nmous remci roed, that the TOiereby giver. P* - acf <snnt on the estate undersigned having 6.e hi , own .bip, de of Henry Raud.riar, late <J. *'• VL * . A i ceased, will apply to Orphans Court a. , Term for a discharge GEO. D. 2AUFFUMAX, Adm'r. July I—3ta. of Henry Kauilman, dee'd. ESTATE OF ALEXANDER GILSON, Dec- Letters of administration upon the estate of Al exander Gdson, Isteof Bedford township, deceased, ha\ in SE b"en gianfed T o the undersigned by thp R-g --ifrr of Reofo-d countv, ! l pr"ons knowing p]ve< indebted to siid e-tate are her by nidified to m k- immediate payment, and tuose having claim will present teem properly auth-nncated fir settle ment. WALTFR B GILSON, JOHN BROWN, JuneiO —Gt Admii istrators, ' O YES! O YES! 'Hje undersigned having taken out auctioneer's for Bedford county, o ffera bis services *.-> the uhlie JOHN DELL. b\g M:|e P.Ub. /ane 17, PROCLAMATION! SPECIAL ELECTION. By virtue of a writ of election, to me directed b Andrew C.Curtw, Governor of this Common wealth 1 given under hi* hand and the great sea! of the Stait i at Hamsburg, the 2i„t day of June, A. D 186-1 according to the provisions .of an Act of the Gene r ai Assembly o! Penusy.vania, entitled .'An Act pre scribing the rime and manner of submitting to th people, tor their approval and ratification, or rejec tioii, the proposed amendments to the Constitution.' i, John Aldsiaui, High Shenffof the county o Beiiloi.., do hereby make known and give this pub ae no'ice to tne e'ectors of the county of Bedford that on the first i uesday „f August next, (being fh< -J.i day of the month,) a Special Klection will be heid at f. e several election districts, established by .aw in said county, at which time they will vote by ballot for or against caitain propose;! amendments to the C.-nsf-jtio:., 0 f this Commor. v-ulth, which are as follows, viz • There shall be an additional section to the third arlicie of the (_ orisfitutioi. to be designated as sec tion four, as follows : Sect!o-. <; Whenever any of the qualified electors oi this Commonwealth stiill be in actual militaiy service, under a requisition from the President ot •he I lilted Mates, or by the authority of this Com monwealth, such e ectors may exercise the right crl c in a!! ions by b* citizens, under such icgu.ations are, orshaf! be, presojibed by law, as tuily :.s it they were present al their u oal place ot election. 1 tiei e sha-1 be tvo additional sections to the elev eiiih article ol the Constitution, tobe designated as sec'ions eight and nne, a, follows : section >. No bill sna|] be pas>el by the Legis iatuie containing more Th >n one subject, which shall he txpressed in The title, except appropria tion bills. 9, No bii! hill bypassed by the L'gisla tore gianting any powers, or privileges, in any case, v bete the authority to giant such powers, or privi leges, been, or rr iy Lereatterbe, conlerred upon the courts ot this Commonwealth. Ihe said elections will be held throughout the county as lollows : • he en ctors of the botough ot Eedf.n-J and town ship ot Bed ford, to meet at-theCouit House in sa.ii borough. Ihe electors ot Broad Top township to meet at the school house in the town of Hopewell. The electors ol the torough of Bloody Run to meet at the school house in borough. J tie electors ol Coleiain tow nship to meet a! the Inu-eot L>. Muckey, in Kain-burg, in s id township. I he electors of Cumberlariu Naliey township to nieef at the new school louse erected on the land owned by John VY hip's heirs in said township. -he electors ot liaiiison township to meet at sct.ooi house NJ. ft, near the dwelling house o't Hen ry Iveyser, in said township. J he electors ot Jumata township To meet at Key ser's school house, rn said township. 'tie eiecioisot Hopewell townsh-p to meet at the school hou.-e near the house of John Dasher, in said UWn ship. lne elec ors of London-Jen y township to meet at The ill Use now occupied try \V ; n. H. Hill a, a shop in Bridgeport, in said township. The electors of Liberty towr.ship to meet at the school house in Stonerstown, in said township. i he ej.ctois ot Monioe town-bip to uieeT at the house iately occupied by JamesCanieU in CleSrville in saul "ownst.ip. 1 he -Fetors of Sebellsburg borough to meet at' the biick school hou-e in said boiough. I ne electors cl Napier tow nship to meer at the brick school hi use n ! he borough of Schellshuig. i t.e eiccloiaol Last 1 township to meet a' th- iious- lately occupied by John Nycum, jr., in said township. l ie t,. i tins ol Snake Spring towr.ship to meet at the school lious-- near the Alethodist church on tr.-c I .lid ol torn. G. Hai lie* - . Ihe electors of tVe<t Providence township to meet at school house No. -t, near David Spaiks, in said township. I he electors of St. Clair township to meet at the store near the dwelling of Gideon D. Tiojt, in said township. the e -c'oTs of Ci,ion Town-hip to meet at the school hcuse near Aiow iy "sir ill. m said township. lae eitctois ol Soul(i Uoocberry town-hip to meet at the house ot Samuel Oster near Nob e's mill, in said township. Ihe lectoisoi Niuthert pton towi ship to m<-et at the house ol \\ in Adams, hi sanl township. Ihe electors ol Ain'ule Woodberiy town.-bip to meet at The house of Henry l-'luke m the villa-- of Wood berry. 1 he Act of Assembly, entitled "An Act to ejections of this Commonwealth," passed July 3, 1530, provides as follows, to wit; "That the inspectors a d Judges shall meet at the respective places appointed tor holding election in the disu ct in wnich they may respectively be •dngi before 9 o'clock, on the morning of the flist i uesiiay in Augu,:, and each ot said Inspectors shrill appoint i ne clerk who shift be a qualih-.ti voter of such dis net, -•In cue tne person who fhail have received the second li.gut st number oi votes for Inspector shall not atlenu on lne day ot election, then the prison who sLai. have leceivetl the second highest i umbei o! votes lot Judge at the next pieceding election, shall act -s inspector in hi- place. And in cse the person wb lias received the highest number of voles tor inspector shall not attend, the person elected Judge appoint an Inspector in his place, and in case ihe prison elected Judge shall not attend, turn the inspector who received the highest num ber i I vet -s sfcnl. appoint a Judge in his place, and it any vacancy continue in the boaid lor the space of one hour after the time fixed by law- lor the opening of the election, toe qualified voters of the township, ward cr district for which such oiS cer snaii have been eiecied, present at tie time of election, shall elect one oi tbetr number to fill the vacancy." Particular attention is directed to the Act of As sembly, passed the 23d day of April, 1564, entitled •'An Act prescribing the time anJ manner of sub mitting to the people, lor their approval an.| ratifi cation, or rejection the proposed amendments to the Co. -mutton," wbeietrt it is prescribed, section 3. lb st said election snail be opened, held at.d closed, on the day aforesaid, A. D. 186 I, at the places, and within the hours at, and within, which the genera' elections of this Commonwealth are directed to be opened, held arid closed, and it shall be the duty of the Judges, Inspectors and Clerk* oi each ot said town -hips, foroughs, wards, pre cincts and districts, !o receive at the said election, tickets, not exceeding the number of proposed a mendrr.enis, either written or printed, or partly writ ten and partly printed, from each of the qualified j voters of this Mate, who may offer the same, and to place them in a box or boxes to be lor that puapose ptovio'ed by the prupr officers ; which tickets shall be, respectively, labelled, on the outside, '-First Amendment," "Second Amendment," and "Third Amendment and those who are favorable to said amendments, or any of them, may express their appioval thereof by voting, each as many separate, written or printed,or partly written and partly piint ed bailots or tickets, as there are amendments ap proved by them, containing, on the inside thereof, the words "For the Amendment and those who 1 fcre opposed to such amendments, or any ol them, may exp ess their opposition by voting, each, as | many separate, written or printed, or partly written and printed, ballots or tickets, as there are amend ments not appioved by tbem, containing, on the in side thereof, the vvonls '-Against the Amendment the electors, voting for, or against the first amend ment, shall be considered as voting for, or against, j tbe proposed iouitb section tnarlirla three of the I ConsUVbGdS right of suffrage to sol ' diers; electors, voting for, or against, the second ' amendment, sha!! be considered as voting for, or a gaiust, the proposed eighth section to article eleven j ol" the Constitution; aud electors, voiiPg lor, or a ! gainst, the third amendment, shall be considered as ! voting for, cr against, the proposed ninth section to I article eleven of the Constitution." "Skctios 2. That the election, on the said pro posed amendments, .-hall, in all retnects, be conduct ed as the ge.ieia! elections of this Commonwealth ate now -endueted; and it 6bf..i be the duty o. the retnrn Jut-es of tbe respective counties and dis tric'c thereof, first having cateludy ascert linen the number ol votes for, or against, each of said amend ment* in 'he manner aforesaid, to make out dupli ce*e returns tr.ere. f, expressed in words, at length, I aud net in figure- only ; one of which returns so mane shall be lodge., in the Brothono'ary's office ol ihe Court of Comt-jj Pleas of the proper county ; and the scaled, and directed, to the Secretary • of the Pemmonwealth, and by one of said Judge deposited forthwith in the most convenient Pes office, upon which postage shall be prepaid at tfc expense of the proper county," r ''Stcri. *4. 1 hat the several duties required t be perloiroed by the Sheriff J s, Commissioners, Cor stables. Judges, Inspectors,' and all otber officer ' , whatever, in and abou fte general elections bf tbi Com men wealth, shall be peiformed by such officer in and rbout the election provided for: and all pel , sons, whether officers or others, shah be liable t ; the same punishment for the neglect of any dutj or the commission of any offence, at, in, or abou' • the said elec-ion, as they would for the neglect c liae dnty, or the commission of like ottmce, at, in or abour, the geueral elections of this Common wealth." For the information of the electors of Bed ■ ford County, I also publish the following tftk*; . Irom an Act of tne General Assembly of 1839 "It shall be the duty of the several Assessors J respectively, to attend at the place of holding every General, Special or Township election during the whole time said election iskeptopen, [ ' or ll' e purpose of giving information to the In spectors and Judge, when called on, in relation | to the right of any person assessed by them tc l vote at such election, and on such other matters i in relation to the assessment of voters as the said Inspectors, or cither of them, shall from time to time require. "No person shall be permitted to vote at any election as aforesaid, than a white freeman of : the age of 21 years or more, who shall haveresi | dedin the State at least one year, and in theelec ; tion District where he offers to vote at least ten j days, immediately preceding such election, and within g yeals have paid a State or County tax ; which shall have been assessed at least ten days before the election. But a citizen of the I'm t J States, who has previously been a qualified voter of this .State, and removed therefrom and returned and who shall have resided inthcclcc* lion District and paid taxes aforesaid shall be entitled to vote after residing in this State six months: I'rovided, That the white freemen cit izens ol the I nited States between the age of 21 and 22 yea s, who iiaw r.sidel in th el ction District ten days as aforesaid, shall be entitled to vote, although they shall not have paid taxes. "No person shall he penny ted to vole whose name is not contained in the list of taxable in habitants furnished by the Commissioners, un less, First, he produces a receipt for pavnient, within two years ola Statu or County tax, as se-.-e i agreeably to tlie Constitution, and give satisfactory evidence either on hi >■ itii or affir mation of another, that lie has p 1 such a tax. or in failure to produce such a receipt, shall make oath to the payment thereof: or. Secon I, it he claim a light to vote by being an elector between the ages of 21 and 22 years, shall de [ use on oath or affirmation, that lie has resided i. tiiv Stale at least one year next before applica tion, an 1 muk - ueh ol his residence in the District as is required by this Act, and that he ib' ■- verily believe from the accounts given him that he is of the age aforesaid, and where upon the name of the persons so admitted to vote shall he inserted in the alphabetical list, by tin- Inspectors, and a note made opposite thereto by writing the word "tax" he shall he admitted to vote by reason of having paid tax or the word "age" if he .diall be admitted to vote ly reason oi age, and in either case the reason ol such vote shall be called out to the Clerks who shall make the like notes in the list of voters kept by them. "In all cases where the name of the person claiming to vote is not found on lite ii.t furnish ed by the Coiiimissoncrs or Assessors, or his right to vote whether found either l>v verbal proclamation thereto, or hv any written there on or not, is objected to by any qualified titi zen. it shall be the duty of the Inspectors to examine such jtersons on oath us to qualifica tions, and it he chains to have resided within the State for oac year or more, his oath shall he sufficient proof thereof, hut lie shall make proof hy at least one competent witness; who shall be a qnahiied elector, that he has resided within the District for more than ten days next immediately piejeding said election, and shall also himself : wear that his hoti i tide residence, in pursuance of his lawful calling, is within the District, arid that he did not remove into the said District for the purpose of voting. "Every per. on qualified as aforesaid, and who shall make >' ic proof, it required, of his resi dence and payment of taxes, as aforesaid, shall bs.admitted to vote in the township, ward or di.-tnet in which he shall reside. 4> it any person shall prevent or attempt to prevent an officer of the election under this act from holding such election, or use or threaten any violence to any such officer, or shall inter rupt or improperly interfere with him in the execution of his duty, shall block or attempt to block up the window or avenue to ufty win dow where tlie saute may he holding, or shall riotously disturb tii: peace of said election, or shall use or practice any intimidation, threats, force or violence with the design to influence,! unduly or ove.r iw any elector, or to prevent ; him from voting, or to restrain the freedom of; choice, such person on conviction shall he fined in any sum not exceeding five hundred dollars and to be imprisoned for a time not less than! one nor more than twelve months, and if it shall he shown to the court where the trial of, such offence .' hall lie had, that the person so of fending was not a resident of the city, ward, i district or township where the said offence was committed, and not entitled to vole therein, then on conviction he shall be sentenced to pav nliuo' of not less than one hundred or more than r, ne ' thousand dollars, and to ho imprisoned no', ],,s than six months nor more than two yc>\r. "If any person orpersons, ahull ma 1 0 any bet or wager upon the result any election within this Commonwealth, or s - . a ii <ltW -to make any such bet or wage,, or adv^ tisement. challenge or i>- vito . , 4 ,VIM - any person or per sons to make bet or wa >:r , , ;pon conviction thereof he or the- slur. t forfeit and pay three tunes the amou-. t PO offered t0 ! ; ln v P '- f ' Son 1101 h y 1;IW qualified, shall trim u ei ,iy \, .eat in this Comnion wea th, or otherwise qualified shall vote out i if his yroper district or if any person know irig the vvfint of such a qualification shall aid or profjure such person to vote, the person, on conviction shall be fined in any sum not exceed ing two hundred dollars and be imprisoned for any term not exceeding three months. "If any person shall vote at more than one election district, or otherwise fraudulently vote UJore than once on the same days or shall fraud ulently fold and deliver to the Inspector two tickets together, with the intent illegally to vote, or advise and procure another so to do, he or tiiey shall, on conviction, be fined in any sunt not less than fifty nor more than five hundred dollars, and be imprisoned not less Hum three nor more than twelve months. It any person not qualified to vote in this Commonwealth, agreeably to lAw, (except the sons of qualified citizens) shall appear at any place of election for the purpose of issuing tick ets or of influencing the citizens qualified to ' I tcW, he shall on conviction, forfeit and pay an; e ! sum not exceeding one hundred dollars for ev , cry such otlence. and be imprisoned for any tfcra - : not exceeding twelve months." ' Agreeably to the provisions of the Gist section i said act, ''Every Genera! and Special Elec tion shall 1 open l>etween the hour of eigi.t and , ten ifi the forenoon and shall continue until . seven o'clock in the evening when the polls shall j b? closed. Pursunnt to the provisions contained in the . 76th section of the act first aforesaid, the judges of the aforesaid districts shall n -pecfively take charge of the certificate of return of the "lec tion of their respective districts, and produce them at a meeting of the judges from each district, at the Borough of Bedford, on the third day after tire election, being for the pres- nl year OX FBI DAY, TIIE STII DAY OF AUGUST NEXT, then and there to do and perform the duties required bv law of said judges. ALSO —That where a judge by sickness or unavoidable accident, is unable to attend such a meeting of judges then the certificate or re ' turn aforesaid shall l>e taken charge of by one of the Lispeciors or Clerks of the election of J said district, who shall do and perform the du ties required of the said Judges unable to at tend. Given under my hand and seal at Bedford, this 7l!i day of July, 1864. JOHN ALDSTADT, Sheriff. Sheriff's Office, Bedford, July 8, 1864. Y . Tiicpeeulinr taint or infec tiou which wo call Hcuor- . qpfc L' LA lurks In the constitu lions of multitudes of men. v'her produces or is ~~ HNFFN R a produced by an enfeebled, vitiated state of the blood, ' << y'r-_wlHTei" that tlui<t becomes incompetent to sustain die /f^i^ T iujtc;n to fail into disorder sin l decay. The scrofulous is variously ~ caused l>y mercurial dis ease. low living, disordered digestion from tin healthy food. impure air. filth and filthy habits, the c ressing vices, a: 1, above all, l>y the vene real infection. Whatever be its origin, it is hered itary in the constitution, descending i; front parents to children unto the third and fourth generation;" ir.dt ed, it see: : to be the rod of Hint who says, *' I will visit the iniquities of the fathers upon their < children." The diseases it originates take various j n atnes, according to the organs it attacks. In the ; lungs, Scrofula produces tubercles, and finally i < 'oiLsuntpiion; in the glands, swellings wliieh sup- ! 1 urate and become ulcerous sores; in the stomach j and bowels, derangements winch produce inii- I p l■ n, dyspepsia, and liver complaints; on the i .'kin, eruptive and cutaneous affection-. These, > all having tlie seme origin, require the -am"' rem- ' edy, viz., purification and invigo ration of the j blood. Purify the blood, and these dangerous dis tempers leave you. With fev '-de, foul, or corrupted i blood, you cannot have health; with that "life of j the flesh" healthy, you cannot nave scrofulous i disease. Ayer'c Garsaparilla is compounded from the most effectual antidotes I that medical: ience has discovered for this afflict- ! ing distemper, and for the cure of the disorders it j entails. That it is far superior to any other remedy yet devised, is known by all who have i given it a trial. T hat it does combine virtues truly > extraordinary in their effect upon this class of complaints, is indisputably proven by the great j multitude of publicly known and remarkable cures it has made of the following diseases: Kings Evil, or Grandular Swellings, Tumors, Erup tions, Pimples, Blotches and Sores. Erysipelas, Rose or St Anthony's Fire, Salt Rheum, Scald Head, Coughs from tuberculous deposits :n the lungs, White S .veilings, Debility, Dropsy, Neuralgia, Dyspepsia or Indigestion, Syphilis and Syphilitic lu---,ctioiis, Mercurial Diseases, i Female Weaknesse -, and- indeed, the whole series ! of complaints that arise from impurity of the blood. 1 "Minute reports of individual cases may be found in AYERV AMERICAN AI,?I ANAC, which is furnished , to the druggists for gratuitous distribution, wherein ' may lie learned the directions for its use, ami some • of the remarkable < tires which it has rn-ule when ail other remedies had failed to afford relief. Those 1 cases are purposely taken from all sections of the j c ountry, in order that every reader may liave ae- t cess to sonv one who can speak to hint of its bene fits from personal experience. Scrofula depresses \ the vital ci.ecries, and thus leaves its victims far , more subject to discos, and its fatal results than ' arc healthy constitutions. Ilence it tends to shorten, and doe ; greatly shorten, the average duration of human life. Ttic vast importance of these con siderations has led us to spend years in pertccting a remedy which is adequate to its cure. This wo I now offer to the public under the name of Avon's j SAUSAI'AKII.LA, although it is composed of ingre dients, some of which exceed the best of Sar*a- i jHirilJa in alterative power. By its aid you may protect yourself from the suffering and danger of these disorders. Purge out the foul corruptions ; that rot an<l fe.stcr in in,, blood, purge out the i causes of disease, and vigorous health will follow. By its peculiar virtues this remedy stimulates the vital functions, and thus expels the distempers which lurk, within the system or burst out on any ! part of it. We know the public hare been deceived by j many compounds of SarsaparilUi, that premised ' much and did nothing; but they will neither be deceived nor disappointed in this. Its virtues have been proven by alaindant trial, and there remains j no question of its surpassing excellence for the j cure of the afflicting diseases it is intended to reach. Although under the same natne. it is a j very different medicine from tiny other which has ' been before the peop'.e, r.nd is far more effectual than any other which lias ever been available to them. .AJYEIR'S CHERRY PECTORAL, The World's Great Kenedy for Coughs, Colds, Incipient Consumption, and for the relief of Consumptive patients in advanced sta ges of tho disease. This has been so long used and so universally known, that we need do no more than assure the public that its quality is kept up to the best it ever l'.as been, and that it may be relied on to do all it has ever done. Prepared by Hit. J. C. AVER & Co.. Practical and Analytical Chemists, Lowell. Mass. Bold by all druggists every where, and by B. F. Harry, Bedford, J. K. Colvin, Schellsburg; J. M. Barndollar, Bloody Run; L. Putt, Stoners town ; G. R. Ami-k, St. Clairsviile; D. Sttoner, Woodberry ; R. Ralston, Water Street; and dealers everywhere. July 1, 1981. ADMINISTRATORS' NOTTCF,. Letters of admiristration haviag been granted to the subscribers on the estate of Robert Elder, late of Middle Woodberry township, deceased, atl per sons indebted to said estate, are hereby notified to make immediate payment, and those having claims against the same will ptesent tbem properly authen ticated for settlement. JOSIAH S. ELDER, WILLI W S ELDER. June 24—Gt Administrators. Wool Wanted. Highest price in cash paid for WOOL. May 27. A. B. CRAMEK& CO. 10,000 (bs. of WOOL Wanted, at J. M. Shoemaker's Store, for which the highest market price wul be paid in Cash or Store Goods. June. lo, 1864. FOR DYSENTERY — ASV — Diarrhcpa. DIXON'S AROMATIC BLACKBERRY OARMINATIVE . Is the only safe and sure euro. It con tains n ocjnu.n or deleterious drugs, no min eral or other injurious compounds common to remedies generally sold for this class of disease. It isao efficacious that Physicians very generally use it in their practice in all chronic and dangerous cases. IJjesT" L T se no Cholera mixtures or doubt ful compositions, (many of which under mine and ruin the constitution.) when you can obtain an unfailing remedy as simple and safe as Blackberries themselves. Ask for DIXON'S BLACKBERRY CARMINA TIVE, and see that the proprietor's name is written on the outside wrapper of each bot tle. Prepared only by I Sole Proprietor, CIXCIX.VA TI. For sale by all respectable druggmu. Price, (old 6tyle, 35 cts.) 25c., 50c. snd sl, per Bottle. _ j j Tlei* Specific mtoret you to former health and unthout it you tfs the effect* of diteae*. i '"or. ' SPECIFIC. Tilts is the gvc t A sovereign Remedy (composed of EXTKAITS from Indian Knot, and Herbs.) for all dte uses of the I rinary and Sexual vrgixs, such as Inconl Inciter, of i he Inflamma tion • i •81-u.iax, i,vr"jni<lon of tti#* Klt!nfyt f Stone in ill*? B l ' Stricture, ©ravel# aorrhc. aj t£*:et# aud fti uarlvaled by niiylhlng Jt* lt covered for curing the Whites lit wo men i When used acrqrtiing t> directions thii Itemed/ ht* neither taste tuir emell, ari'l its uu cannot be de tect .i anyone. Tbi remedy is perfect and re quirfa no injections, which arc calculated to destroy { and drad-n the diseased organs, but removes the poi son from the sytem. creating buoyancy and health. it is HO quack Medicine, but is the embodied ex- prr IVIIC* of the Physician most successful in coring ail diseases of this class. Let none despair a- this remedy effects the ovht astonishing cures, when all others fail, l'rioe only Si.'tl [**r box, or t> boxes li-r , '.OO. Sent bv limit to au\ address on receipt of !♦* pi i ■ For safe by .Il Druggists. See that my signaturs ia-around each box. Solo Proprietor, Cincinnati. DF'.MAS, BARNES & CO., Wholesale Agents, New York. C P O i 4 11 E H E ! C I'AItQUIIAIfS It'. REPUTATION FOR SELLING CHEAP i STILL MAINTAINFj). We are now receiving at "Che? p Comer" a very ar-e stuck of Spring and Surmr, er Fashionable For ugn and Domestic Dry Good. of every variety and I 'tyle. * # ! To Ladies. Ca-'l ani Examine our Stock of CALICOES, BALMORALS, DELALNE'o, HOOP SKIRTS, ALPACAS, RIBBONS, C'J F FS Sc COLL A RS SH A VV LS, ILEADNETS, HATS, COMBS, VEILS, TRIMMINGS, HOSIERY. Gentleman, Come and see oar Assortment of COTTON A DES, COATS, SAFINETTS, PANTS, C A SSI MERES, V ESTS, JEANS, BOOTS, CLOTHS, GAITERS, LINENS, SHIRTS, MUSLINS, NECKTIES. PRILLS, SUSPENDERS. GROCERIES. Coffee, Sugar, Molasses, Syrup, and Spices of every icir.d. TUBACCO AND CIGARS. Congress, Flounders, Old Virginia, John Anderson Natural Leaf, and all kinds of Smoking Tobacco and Cigars. Having adopted the "Cash System," we ate de termined to sell at very small piofit, and the public, wbo have so kindly patro..ixed us, are respectfully invited to call and examine our stock. J. 3. KARQUHAR. Juliana Street, Bedford, June 17, 1854. Photographic Pict arcs. The subseiibeT has just returned from Philadel phia, where he has purchased a large and select stock of PHOTCURAt'H FRAMES, comprising GILT, EBONY, ROSEWOOD, UNION, AND CARD FRAMES, of different styles and varieties, frcm SO CJLs. up to Five Honiara, each. ALSO—A new assortment of Photograph Albums, of all styles, holding from 12 to 200 pictures, at pri.-es varying from 75 cents to $20.00, Suitable for the Pocket or the Parlor. Photographs, Ambrolypes, Melainotypes, &c., taken as low as 25 cents each, depictures of every kind and description copied to suit the album size or life srze, on the most rea sonable terms, and in the most durable manner. Instructions in the art given on moderate terms. Skylight Gallery opposite the Washington Hotel. T. R- GETTYS. Bedfoid, Jure 10, 1864. WM HARTLEY'S FARMERS' COLUMff. To the Farmers of Bedford and adjoining f Counties: J otter the brs - selection of "Farm .Machinery | in tie world." • Having a practical knowledge of I farming, and brif i acquaift* t with the beat antf latest improveiueiita, I a.n confi lent that my ! tions will give satisfaction, at any rate I am willing TO TAKE THF. RESPONSIBILITY and WAR. i RANT all machines to work and be as represented, j Besides 1 furnish many machines delivered at the ■ j> 'ire at trkieh they ate i flailed *t the place of manu- I fact ure. "Tlie Farmer Mower" IS .M.IDC OF JROJ\ JIXD STEEL. % Weighs bat ,'>7o lbs. cuts -li feet swath. Has a flexible hinge cutter bar, two driving wheels. No weight on horses necks. Each hone has but 100 ; lbs. to pull in cu'ting IT IS THE CHEAPEST AND BEST MACHINE NOW OFFERED TO THE PEOPLE. ; Is warranted in fall —and challenges the world. I have already sold nearly one hundred of these Mevrets, and can get but e few more. f Price ?120 00, delivered in Bedford -Fartrere must order soon to 6ectre machines. .. i f : j ..." * I j Willuughby s Gum Spring Grain Drills, sl'o on hand and for sale at Car'isle prices. These drills are now "MJSTER Or THE FIELD," So C Oats, Barley. Wheal, Bye, &*£., Measure the G/ound, and brink no Seed. I iousands already in useand everybody pleased. Sent] in your orders soon, as I have but 50 of them. 30 Green Castle Grain Cradles 1 row on band. The last of these ee'-Srnted Cradles <5 that can be jot, n* tne nta£tr,t intmd moving west. f | The Eureka Com Stalk Cutter and | Crusher and Hay & Straw Cutter. ! Having sold more than 100 of these Cutters tba f I put winter, in this and adjoining counties, they need no praie. Ask your neigbboia who have them. i Keystone Cider Mills, . Portable Farm Mills, which will grind all kinds of grain by horsepower. ! APPLE PAPERS, SCYTHES St SNEDS, GRINDSTONES, &c., he. i i Hardware of all kinds* j NAILS, IRON, PAINT, OIL, &c., See. My stock of Hardware was bought at old prices, in great pirt, and I otter much of it AS LOW AS EVER. I J MY STOCK IS COMPLETE. - and 1 will always endeavor to please taoae who t may favor mo with their patronage. > Terms in ell caret C.iSH, unlets otherwise agreed. > C^ I*Farmers 1 *Farmers wanting Maahtnea, ot any kind, must remember that good* ot all kinds are constant* ly advancing, and. the sooner their orders ara given the better for them, as Farm Machinery will aooo odvaace lu proportion to the riaa of material, la bor, Sco. WM. HARTLEY I May 90^864

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