Newspaper of Bedford Gazette, September 9, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Bedford Gazette dated September 9, 1864 Page 3
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Tucoln Withdraw. rj., (> y . Trtl>m6 fttggesfa the following ex pedient.Republicans dissatisfied with , i{l c iilidacy of Mr. Lincoln, may civ*, with jj ieast l i.'k, a full expression to their feelings. 1 says: Many have declared themselves dissat isfied with Mr. Liucoln, and inclined to select a new candidate; to which end a convention has !e*n suggested to meet at Buffalo, on the 22d of September. But to run two electoral tickets is to brave certain defeat; and this neith er party car. afford. Let those Unionists, who dislike U*r. Lincoln, hold their convention, let thetu name their candidates ; but let there t>e but one electoral ticket on our side; and let the choice of the majority be respected by all the electors chosen by the Union party. Thus we may differ as to men without scattering out votes and throwing away the election; and thus each party may concede to the people what they have never yet enjoyed—rlie high privilege of choosing a President and Vice President of the United States. DEDICATION. The new Methodist Episcopal Church nt Hopewell, Bedford co., Ha , just completed will be dedicated to the worship of Almighty God on Sabbath morning, September 11. The ded ication services will ho conducted by the Rev. •T. McKcndreo Riley, D. D., Rev. J. C. Persh ing . D. D . and Rev. G. D. Chenoweth, P. E of the district. A number of other ministers are expected to be present. The public are in vited to attend- Services at 11 A. M., 3P. M., and P. M. Arrangements will be made to run a train of cars from Huntingdon and Bloody Run. C. W. As neon, ) Joint, ' £ R. Laxgdox, \ ? -HlED— eawm v* ' anmsmt M < * • ■ssMrssrarm TAT LOR.—In St. Clair township, August SO, Mary Cuthaiine, daughter of Henry an 1 Mary Taylor, aged 12 years and 10 days. Office Huntingdon ft B T. \f. 11. R. <j- Coal Co. Philadelphia. Aug. 30, 1884. A meeting of the stockholders of the Hun tingdon and Broad Top Mountain Railroad and Coal Company will lie held at the office of the Company, Philadelphia, on Tuesday, the 13th day of September, next, at 1 1 o'clock A. M. for the purpose of considering a joint agree ment which has been entered into between the Directors of the ] ted ford Railroad Company and the Huntingdon and Broad Top Mountain T.iilroad A. Coal Company, lor tire consolida tion of said Companies, and tire merging of the corporate rights, powers and privileges of the Bedford Railroad Company into the Hunting don and Broad Top Mountain Railroad and Coal Company, at which meeting a vote by baiiot in person or bv proxy will be taken for the adoption or rejection of said eg, teinen., according to the provisions of the Act of As sembly of May IG, 1801, In relation to the consolidation of Rail Road Companies. J. P. AERTSEN, Secy. September 2, 1804. A HEW S£ftSATS Oft It Cheap Corsier, J. 3. PAKQUtIAR has bought out one of the bsst I S'ores in the County, and is able now to offer TLX THOUSAND DOLLARS WORTH OF GOODS TO THE PUBLIC, all bought before the last great rite in prices and will oe sum r _ . r rrT-Don't tail to call at Farquhar's before you purchase. J- B. FARQUHAR. September S, 1804. Public Sale OF VALUABLE REAL ESTATE. By virtue of an order of the Orphans' Court of Bedford county, the i ; dcr signed mdminist'-ntor with the will annexed of John Darr, late of Jc iata tp., Bedford county, dee'd., will se'l at public outcry, j on the premises, on Saturday, 15th of O'lober, nrrt, all the following described Real Estate, to wit: j All that certain farm or tract of land, late the J Mansion Property of said deceased, situate i. tne j tawr,ships of Napier and Shade, in the coiin't-s f i Bedford and Somerset, adjoining land, of Tobia- j Grove, Isaac Swindle, James Allison, John Shaffer ; and others, containing 207 acres and allowance, more or less, and having thereon erected A Two Slory log Dwelling House, Double Log barn and other oul-buildings, about 60 acres cleared, under fence EH J in a goo , sta e of cultivation, the balance of the land is well j timbered. There is, also, a never-failing spring of excellent water upon the premises. ISAAC PARR, Sept. 0, IS6I. Adm'r. Cum Test. Annexo. PUBLIC SALE Cf Valuable Real Estate. By virtue of ar> order of the Orphans' Court of Bedford county, the undersigned will offer for sale by public outcry, on the premises, on SATURP ' V, the Bth day of October, A. D. 1864, at one o'clock, P. M., the following described real estate, late tt.e property of George M. Hoit.i g r, dee'd., situate in St. Clair township, in said county, vix : No. 1, —THE MANSION 1 KACT of said dee'd , rontaininiis 230 acre, arid Ci peiehes neat measure, cf which absmt I*o acres are cleared and under fence, and having thereon erected a Large Two Story Frame Dwell <nc Ihusr, A Lor~ Bonk Ram , Spring House, and H ash House with Teno, House above them, Smoke House, Dry House. Lickemithh Shop and other out-building. There are two Ot-haids on tbis property and a nev er-failing spring of soft water. No. 2.—A TRACT OF LAND adjoining the a bove. containing 79 acres and 36 perches, mea sure, of which about 40 acres are clertre.. and "infer tense, and having theresn erecteu a TWO STORY LOG DWELLING HOUSE with Stone Kitchen at tached, a log bouse, a spring hou=e, and other our- j bui'dings. Thete aie upon the property an orchard, i and a r.eVer-failing spring of soft water. TERMS One-third of the purchase money to j remain in the hands of the purchaser—a lien upon j the land —during the lifetime cf the widow, the in- ■ terest thereof to be paid to her annually, and the i principal at her death to the heirs. One-third i<\ j hand at the confirmation o( the sale, and the re maining tbirrf- in two equal annual payments with- > out interest, secured by judgment bonds. THOMAS S HOLSINGER, September 9, 1864. Trustee. STRAY COW. Taken up trespassing upon the premises of the subscriber, residing in Liberty township, about the middle of August last, a black and white spotted MULEY COW, no ear marks, tnpposed to fc about six years old. The owner is requested to prove piopeity, pay charges and take her aw ay, or she will be sold according to law. HENRY FISHER. Liberty tp., Sept. 9, 1864.* WANTED IMMEDIATELY. TWO good carpenters, by the subscriber, to put up a frame boose in Saxlon. Lumber, windows and doors are ready worked. JAMES L. PRINCE. s axtoii, July 28, 1554. STRAY WARE. ame to the premises of the subscriber, residing in L'berty township, on the 2d of September, inst., " Br ght BAY MARK, supposed ,o be 6 or 7 year, r letter C" branded on the left shoulder, 4 ; bite feet and laid face. The owner is requested | .o prove property, pay charges, and take her away, 1 or she will be sold according to law. c , . „ WILLIAM FLUCK. I September 9, 1361.* NOTICE TO TRESPASSERS. All person? are hereby caution-d against trespas sing upon the premises of the subscriber, either bv wht"e S v hUn L n f; ,h * r,n " ,lUts > or 1,1 an >' nnn#r " „ ,t V ' " ,he la " WI " be strictly enfo.ced a gainst ali persons so offending. rnmk ,. v „ _ WILLIAM ELDER. t-umb d. V alley, Sept. 2, 1864.* NOTICE TO TRESPASSERS. All person: are hereby cautioned against trespas sing upon the premises o. the subscribers, residing erinJ"n°" Wnshlp ' eUber by bu,ltin Mbhing, gath"- . ' ° n,,t8 > or "i any manner whatever, as we are JfferdTn" '* e "'° TCe ,he , laW a alßst a " P s ™ B 8 ° JACOB AKER, n n C u N 'e U n' SAMUEL SHAFER, JOHK ' ' MARTIN IMLER, IStAT Ppfpr MOSES R - gochnour, lb AAC PREbbEL, SARAH GOCHXOUR. te-pter-.l .r 2, 1564.* SPECIAL A'OTICE. BEWARE OF XEW COUNTERFEITS! i hey are well executed. The Amentum Art P.a i- here, the work shows weH, he has the best variety of pictures io the city. Call at the Post ofhee and see fcr yourself, your eyes are the best J ud / e - C. S. WAT4-ON, Artist. Augast 19.* Tunpeculiar taintor infec jgQk tion which we call Sckof tTLA ' ur ' cs ' n l be tions of multitudes of men. i£VL wherein that fluid becomes i. incompetent to sustain the v ' tal forces in their vigorous R ' ll | to fall into disorder is variously ease, low living, disordered digestion from un healthy food, impure air, tilth and filthy habits, the depressing vices, and, above all, by the vene rea! infection. Whatever be its origin, it is hered itary in the constitution, descending •• from parents to children unto the third and fourth generation; " indeed, it seems to be the rod of Ilim who says, " I will visit the iniquities of the fathers upon their children." , The diseases it originates take various names, according to the organs it attacks. In the lungs, Scrofula produces tubercles, and finally Consumption; in the glands, swellings which sup purate and become ulcerous sores ; in the stomach and bowels, derangements which produce indi- , gestion, dyspepsia, and liver complaints; on the skin, eruptive and cutaneous affections. Tliesa, j all having the same origin, require the same rem edy, viz., purification and invigoration of the blood. Purity the blood, and these dangerous dis- j tempers leave you. With feeble, foul, or corrupted blood, you cannot have health; with that " life of j the flesh" healthy, you cannot have scrofulous disease. Ayer's Sarsaparilla is compound"d from the most effectual antidotes tnat medical science has discovered for this afflict ing distemper, and for the cure of tire disorders it entails. That it is far superior to any other remedy yet devised, is known by all who havo given it h trial. That it does combine virtues truly extraordinary in their effect upon this class of complaints, is indisputably proven hv the great multitude of publicly known and remarkable cures it lias made of the following diseases; Killg'B Evil, or Glandular Swelling*, Tumors, Erup tions, Pimples, Blotches and Sores, Erysipelas, Rose or St Anthony's Fire, Salt Rheum, Scald Head, Coughs from tuberculous deposits in tho lungs, Whits Swellings, Debility, Dropsy, Jvtrobjlii Female Weaknesses, and, indeed, the whole scries of complaints tiiat arise from impurity of the blood. Minute reports of individual cases may be found in AYER'S AMERICAN ALMANAC, which is furnished to the druggists for gratuitous distribution, wherein may be learned the directions for its use, and some of tho remarkable cures which it ha* made when all oilier remedies had failed to afford relief. Those cases are purposely taken from all sections of tho country, in order that every reader may have ac cess to some one who can speak to him of its bene fits from personal experience. Scrofula depresses the vital energies, and thus leaves its victims far more subject 10 disease and its fatal results than arc healthy constitutions. Hence it tends to shorten, and does greatly shorten, the average duration of human life. The vast importance of these con siderations has let! u to spend years in perfecting a remedy which is adequate to its cure. This we now offer to the public under the name of Aran's SARSAPARILLA, although it is composed of " gra dients, some of which exceed the best of Sarsa parilla in alterative power. By its aid you may protect yourself from the suffering and danger of these disorders. Purge out tho foul corruptions that rot and fester in the blood, purge out tho causes of disease 1 , and vigorous health will follow. By its peculiar virtues this remedy stimulates tho vita! functions, and thus expels the distempers which lurk within the system or burst out on any part of it. We know the public have been deceived by many compounds of Sarsaparilla, that promised much and did nothing; but they will neither be deceived nor disappointed in this. Its virtues have been proven by abundant trial, and there remains no question of its surpassing excellence for the cure of the afflicting diseases ft is intended to reach. Although under the same name, it is a very different medicine from any other which lias heed before the people, and is far more effectual than any other which has ever been available to them. AYEB'S CHERRY PECTORAL, The World' B Great Peinedy for Qonghs, Colds, Incipient Consumption, and for the relief of Consumptive patients in advanced sta ges of the disease. This has been so long used and so universally known, that we need do no more than assure the puhlie that its quality is kept up to the best it ever baa been, and that it may be relied on to do all it has ever done. Prepared by Dit. J. C. ATER & Co., Practical and Analytical Chemists, • Lowell. Moss. Sold by ail druggists every where, and by 8. F. Harry, Bedford, J. E. Colvin, Sctiellsburg; J. M. Baindollar, Bioody Run ; L. Putt, Stones 1/ town; G. IS. Araick, St. Ciairsville; D. Stoner, Woodberry; R. Ralston, Water Street; and dealers everywhere.' Ju'y I, 1864. HOWARD ASSOCIATION, PHILADELPHIA, Pa , Diseases of the Nervous System, Spermator rhoea or Seminal Weakness, Impotence, and other attention* of the Sexual Organs, Physical Debility and Premature Dec-ay—new and reliable treatment, in reports of the Howard Association, sent by mail in sealed letter envelopes, free o< charge. Address, Jr.J.SKILLIN HOUGHTON. HOWARD ASSOCIATION No. 2 South Nioth Street, Philadelphia, Pa. July 29, 1864—1y. EXECUTOR'S NOTICE. The undersigned, executor of the last will and testament of Jacob Kauffiran, late ot St. Clair town ship, dee'd., hereby notifies ail concerned that hav ing filed his account on said estate, ana settled with and paid of! the heirs, he will apply to the Court a1 nesct teim for a discharge from his office of exec utor. ' HENRY KAUFFMAN. j August 5, 18C4.* CENERAL ELECTION FliOCli AMATION. i WHEREAS, ID and by an Aet ol General Assem | blyof the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, entitled | to regulate the General Elections within this vom-nonwealth," it is enjoined upon me to give public notice ol said elections and to enumerate in said notice what officers are to be elected, I, JOHN ALDSIADP, Shei iff of the county ef Bedford, do hereby make known and give this public notice to the electors ot the county ot Bedford, that a General Election will be held in said county, on the SECOND TUESDAY (11/, I) OF OCTOBER, 1861, at the several election districts, viz : I he electors of the borough of Bedford and town ibip ot Bedford, to meet at the Caurt House in said >oroiigh. Ihe elector* of Broad Top township to meet at be school house in the village of Coal Dale. The electors of the borough of Bloody Run to neet at the house ft, Daniel B* Ott in said borough* The electors of Colerain township to meet at the louse of D. Stuckey, in liainsburg, in s .id to wnsbip. I he electors of C umbeiianu VAlley township to neei ;it the new school house erected oil ttoe land >wnert by John Whip's heirs in said township. he electors ot Harrison township to meet at chool house No. 5, near the dwelling house of Hen y Keyier, in said township. The electors of Juniata towrwhip to meet at Key ■er s school house, in said township. The electors of Hopewell township to meetattho school house near the house of John Dasher, ia ssid township. 1 Ue electors of Londonderry township ta meet at ihe bouse now occupied by Win. H. Hill as a shop in Bridgeport, in said township. i he electors of Liberty township to meet at the school house ,a Stonerstown, in said township. 1 he electors of Monioe township to meet at the house lately occup.-d by JamesCariielJ inClearvilla in said 'ovvnship. 1 he electors ol Schellsbnrg borough to meet at the brick school house in said borough. I Im electors of Napier township to meet at the brick sehool house in the borough of Schellsburg. 1 he electors of East Providence township to meet at the house lately occupied by John Nycum, jr., in said township. I he electors of Snake Spring township to met at the school hous- near the Methodist church on the I ■•ud of John G. Hartley. Ibe electors ol West Providence township to meet at school house No. 4, near David Spaiks, in said township. I he electors of St. Clair township to meet at the store near the dwelling of Gideon 1). Trout, ia said township. The electors of Cninn township to meet at the school house near .Mowiy's-mill, in said township. 1 tie electors of Seuth VVoodberry township to meet at the bouse ot Samuel Oster neur N'ob.e's mill, in sat.l township. 1 he -lectors of Southampton township to meet al the house of War- Adams, in said town,hip. Ihe electors of Middle Woodherry township to meet at the house of Hcncy Fluke in the village of Woodberry. At which rtm-3 and plaees the qaalifiad electors will elect by ballot : ONE PERSON, in conjunction with the eoantiss of Somerset, Franklin and Fulton, for tha of President Judge, for this Judicial district. ON E PI.RSON', in canjunction with the counties of Adams, F.auk in, Fulton end Someiset, to rep resent this district in the Congress f the United States. 1 t\ O PERSONS, in conjunction with the conn ties et Somerset and Pulton, for the office of Mem bers of the House of Representatives of Penney!va nia. ONE for the office of Commisstoner fsr Bedford county. U.BE PEKSQN for the offioe of iSarecter of the Popr tor said county. ONE PERSON for the otfiee of Auditor of said eouiitj. Notice is hereby given, That every person excepting Justices of the Peace who shall hold any office or appointment of prefitor trust under the Unitsd States, or of this State, r any city or corporated district, whether a commis sioned officer or otherwise, a subordinate officer or agent who is or shall be employed under the legisla ture, executive or judiciary department of this State, f/egisfiiiurel'anif of (he'To!ecC or'cotfimod "i&ifii efi"trt any city, or commhsioners of any incorporated dis trict, is by law incapable of holding or exercising at the time, the office or appointm nt of Judge, In spector, or Clark of any election of this Common wealth, and that no Inspector, Judge or other offi cer of such election shall be eligible to be then vo ted fcr. And the said act of assembly entitled "an ec* re lating to elections of this Commonwealth," passed July 2, 'BIO, further provides as follows, viz: "That the Inspector and Judges shall meet at the respective places appointed for holding the election in the district at which ihey respectively belong, before 8 o'clock in the morning of the SECOND TUESDAY OF OCTOBER, and each said Inspector shall appoint one clerk, who shall be a qualified vo ter of such district. "In case the person who shall hare received the ! j highest number of votes lor inspector shall not at-I , tend on the day of any election, then the person who ! shall have received the second highest number of j votes forjudge at the next preceding election shall j act as Inspector in bis place. A< ci in case the per- j | son who has received the second highest number of votes for Inspector shall not attend, the person elect ed Judge shall appoint an In-pectorin h:s place ; and it any vacancy still continue in the board for the space ot one hour after the time fixed by law for the opening of the election the qualified voters of the township, ward or district for which such officer shall have been elected, present at the election, shall elect one of their number to fill such vacancy. 1 "It shall be the duty of the several Ase*sois re- j spectively to attend at the place of holding every j general, special or township election during the ; whole time such election is kept open, for the pur- i pose of giving information to the Inspectors and j Judge, when called on, in relation to the right of j ! any person assessed by them to vote at such elec- | | tion, and on auch other matters in relation to the as- j | jessment of voters, as the said Inspectors or either j ! of them shall Irom time to time require. | "No person shall be permitted to vote at any elec- j j tioo as aforesaid, than a white citizen of the age of i tweaty-tM or more, who shall have resided in this I State at least one year, and in the election district ! where he offers to vote, t-n days immediately pre j ceding such election, and within two years paid a i State or County tax which shall have been assessed lat least ten days before the election. But a citizen i of the United Statei who has previously been a qual- J i ified voter of this St ite and removed therefrom and | i returned, and who shall haTe resided in the elect.on i district and paid taxes, aforesaid, shall be entitled to ■ j vote after residir •in this State six months. Pro- j i rided, That the white freemen, citizens of the U, j States, between the age of twenty-one and twenty two years who have resided in the election district j | ten days as aforesaid shall be entitled to vote, al- I though th. y shall not have paid tax. "No person shall be permitted to vote whose name ■ is not contained in the list of taxable inhabitants, furnished by the Commissioners, unless: First, he ; produce a receipt of payment, within two years of ; State or County tax assessed agreeably to the Con stitution, and give satisfactory evidence oa bis own oath or affirmation of aa.othei that he l as paid such a tax, or in failure to produce a receipt shall make oath to the payment thereof; or second, if he claim a right to vote by being an elector between the age of twenty-one and twenty-two years shall depose on oath or affirmation, thet he has resided in the State at least one year before hts application, and make such proof of residence in the district as is ' required by this act, and that he does verily believe I from the account given him that he is of the age a ! foresaid, and given such other evidence as is requir ed by this act, w hereupon the natnc of the person to admitted to vote shall be inserted in the alpha- I betical list by the Inspector, and a note made oppo site thereto by writing the word "tax." it he shall i be admitted to vote by reason of having paid tax, d ! and the woid "age" it he shall be admitted to vote - i by reason of age, and in eitbeg case the reason of - ; such a vote shall be called out to the clerks, wbc h ! shall make alike note in the list ol voters kept by t 1 th?m. - j ln all case* where the name of the person clavm nig to vote is not found on the list furnished by th j Commissioners, or bis right to vote whether lount I tb*reon or not, h objected to by any qualified citi zen. it shall be the duty of the inspectors to exam ine such person on oath as to his qualifications, end j if he claims to have resided within the State for one ; year or more, hisoath shall be sufficient proof there of, but he shall make pioof by at least one compe tent witness, who shall be a qualified elector, that he has resided within the district ioi more than tep days immediately preceding said electiod and shall also swear that his bona fide residence, in pursuance of his lawful calling is within the district, and that he did not remove within the district tor the pur pose of voting. "Every person qualified as aforesaid,and who shall make due proof if required, of his residence and payment of taxes afoiesaid, shall be admitted to vots in the towasbip, ward or district in which he shall reside. '•lt any person shall prevent or attempt to pre vent any officer of an ei .ction, under this net from holding such election, or use or threaten any vio- j lenre to any such officer, and shall interrupt or im properly intrrfeie with him in the execution of his duty, shall block up or attempt to block up the win dow or avenue to any window where the same may j be polden, or shall riotou'dy disturb the peace of such election, or ahull use or practice intimidation, j threats, force or violence, with the design to influ ence unduly ar ovrnwe any elector, or prevent him from voting, or to restrain the freedom of choice, such pe. sons on conviction shall he fined in any sum' • rot exceeding five hundred dollars, to be imprisoned i for any time not less than one nor mors than twelve ■ months and if it shall be shown to the Court where j the trial of such offence shall bp had, that the per- i son so offending was rot a resident of the city, ward or district where the said offence was committed, j and not entitled to vote therein, on conviction, he! shall be sentenced to pay n fine not less than one i hundred or more than one thousand dollars, and be ! imprisoned not less than six months nor more than ! two years. "if any pertc n or persons shall make any bet or wag r upon the result of an election within tue Cotnmonweilth, or shall otter to make any such bet or wager, either by verbal proclamation thereof, or by any wiitten or printed advertisement., or invite any person or persons to make such bet or wager, upon conviction thereot he or they shall forfeit and pay three times the amount so bet or offered to be bet," And tbe Judges of the respective districts afore said, are required to n.eet at Bedford, on tba Friday next following the holding of election, then and there to perform those things required of item tv law. ' Given under my hand, at my office in Bedford, this 2d day oi September, in the year of eurLord, one thousand eight hundred and sixty-four, and in the eighty-ninth of tha li.dependence of the United States. JOHN ALDoTADT, Slww.ff. Sheriff's Offiee, Bedfoid, I September 2, 166-t. J % %. 2-30 The Secretary of the Treasury gives netice that subscriptions will he received for Coupon Treasury Notes, payable three years from Aug. 15<h, 1564, with semi-annual interest at the rate of seven an d tbree-tnths per cent, per ancura—priacipal and in terest hoth to be paid in lawful money. These notes will be convertible at the option of the holder at maturity, into six per cent, gold bear ing bond*, payable less than five nor more than twenty years from ftieir da'e, as the Goveraraert may elect. They will be issued ia denominations of SSG. SIOO, SSOO, SI,OOO and $5,000, and all sub scriptions must be (or fifty dollars or some multiple of fifty dollars. The notes will be transmitted to the owners free of transportation charges as soon after the receipt of tb- original Certificates of Deposit as they can be prepared. As the notes drtw interest from August 15, per sons making deposits subseqnent to that date mus* pay the interest accrued frern date of note te date of deposit. Parties depositing twenty f |Ve and upwards for these notes at any one .ime i . nf one-quarter ot one per cent. on the receipt af a bill for the araoum, v*. or-, torn by the effijer with whem the depoeit was made.— No deductions for commissions must be made from the deposits. SPECIAL ADVANTAGES CF THIS LOAN IT JS A NATIONAL SAVINGS BANK, offering a higtei rats of interest than any other, and th* best security. j Any savings bank which pays its depositors in U. '■ S. notes, considers that it is paying in the best cir- j culating medium of the country, and it cannot pay ' in any thing better, for its owa assets are e:ther rn j government securities or in notes or bonds payable j in government paper. It is equally convenient as a temporary or perma- | nent investment. His notes can always be sold for within a fraction of their (ace and accumulated in terest, and are the best security with banke as col- j laterals for discounts. Convertible into Six per cent. 5-20 Gold Bond { In addition to the very liberal interest on the j notes for tbrcs years, this privilege of conversion is ; now worth about three per cent, per annum, for the t cuirent rate for 5-20 Bends is not less tfcan nine per rent, premium, end befere the war the premium on six per cent. U. S. stocks w as over twenty per cent. ! It will be seen that the actual profit on this loan, at ! the present market rate, is not less th m ten p:r j : cent, per aRCum. ' Its Exemption from State or Municipal Taxation But aside from all ike advantages we have enu- j ; merated, a special Actof Congress exempts ttllbends j j and Treasury notes from, 'err,l taration. On the av- j erage, this exemption is worth übifi.t two percent, i per annum, according to the rate ot taxation in va- ' rious parts of the country. It is believed tbet no securities offer so great in- : duccmerts to lenders as those issued by the govern ment. I all other forms of rndebtedness, the faith or ability of private parties, or stock companies, 01 separate communities, only, is pledged for pay ! meat, while the wboie propeity of the country is i held to secure the discharge of all the obligation* of | the United States. . While the government offers the most liberal terms for its loans, it believes that the .very strong est appeal will be to the loyalty and patiiotism of j the people. Duplicate certificates will be issued for all depos i its. The party depositing most endorse open tbe I original certificate the denomination of notes re quirbd, and whelher they are to be issued in blank or payable to order. When so endorsed it must be left with the .officer receiving the deposit, to be for watded to th® Treasury Department. SUBSCRIPTIONS WILL BE RECEIVED by the Trea;u , rer of the United States, at Washington, the seve i ral Assistant Treasurers and designated Deposita ' riea, and by the ! FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF ALTOONA * and by all National Banks which are depositaries oi public money, and I ALL RESPECTABLE BANKS AND RANKERS - throughout the country will give further inform" tion and aflord every facility to subscribers. P GOING! GONE! oi The undersigned having taker out !k-"nsc n a y ! auctioneer, respectfully infirm* th* public that h I i 3 prepared to cry sales and will attend to fill call 1--; he mar receive in that line of busiheaa. A 7 WILLIAM BUNNELL. rd 1 Londonderry tp., June 17—tf. - —t l>jw j, -u 1 'v"" m '! • ; r"/ 9 ' v ti -■ C.v j| ROD. Wi!oi JB'Candless, . Judge of the Un-ted States Circuit Court, Piesident. t J Corner Peon and St. Clair St.*-, Pilliburg, Pain. The Largest, Cheapest aad;Best. sßei Payis Jor a Jul I Cor//~n<rciot Court?. CyNo extra charges for .Vanafactar r*. Steam boat, Railroad and Bank Book-ileeping. raster** Sons at half price. Students enter and rt ,"w at any 'ime. I his Institution is conducted by etpeeiencad teach - era and practical accountants, who prepare oung men for active business at ihe l ea,t expenr* and shortest notice, far the most lucrative and respo ,i --ble situations. DIPLOMAS granted for merit on ! r. j llenco the universe) preferenca for gradua'es oftbi ( Loiiepe, by buirevs men. j PKOF. A. COWLEY, the best Penman of tbe Union who holds the largest o.imberof I* T PRKMK and j ovei ail competitors, teaches Rapid Business YVri i ting. t'lßci'Laas containing fall information 6ent rait p. j on application to tee Priacipala. JENKINS & SMITH, Pittsburg, Pa. jyT"Attcnd where the Sons and Clerics of Einkrs j and Business Men graduate, j November 0, 1863. p ' > ? ~S • KJ "W ~:sfz J H ri rUJjfe.. ?• fe ! : m - 3 >*r > •• H i- | I;>.v! C ~'4' - ■ ' I ~' I ' uQ j;- hj L%&£- : , ' ®CS i 63,818AVringors Sold in 1863! Any woman who will persist in She • t-k-break- ! .in wrist-straining and :■ ■■ process ! of TWI.STIHO clothes dry, when a "Universal Clothe., j I hi ringer nan be had for a few dollars, which will i I save * wice its pricv per year, in clothes alone, is ! i either extravagant and fond of hard work, or "pen- ! ! ny wise and pound foolish." The valne of a good | COG WHEEL CLOTHES WniXGER, , is only known to those who oave used ; - .•*>. This ! maohißo has not its equal, it i- : (l wring bed clothes : |as well as the smallest article of rl'thing. it car,*, j get out of order. It i? almost e ,-hsth ar. iit | death to eold dinntrt and Hati fooit c v h da-s; { Just mil at Hartley's Machine and Haruv store ! nnd get one. Use it two or three times a- d 'ir ' don't please all about rhe he tide, bring it back', r. \ vrill bs astrej anU ne charge mada *kily 22, !S<s-i. A Most Excellent Medicine. J. F. CAEPEXTSR'S Rlt KIM *TIC FLUID.- Persons suffering trom Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Dipiheria i Burne, &c., will find this a most excellent retn-dy.' i li comes to us recommended by some cf the best ' men in the State—and in this community. Tr>- a 1 bottle and see for yourself. For sale at A. L. i baugu's, Bedford. Apnl 29, 196i—ty. CATJTIOTT. The undersigned hereby caution? harboring or trusting hi* wife C*mi!'i> on his ac- ! ccirt, she having left his bad as! boar ! without | cause or pre vocation, as ha will pay no debts of her ! contracting. „ „ , SAMUEL BEFGIE. I Bsoforu tp., Aug. 15, 1564.* Vv I STAR'S"MLbAJTj 2 HI * V EHJ- - ONFOF rilF OLDEST' AND MOST RELIABLE j To -s IN Til" WORLD FOR _ j Dffculty of tJrt'itfiing, Jisthmr, h -resc ues 5, So/e Throat, Croup, and every ufrf'ion cf TE-I THROATT LUNGS, AND CHEST, IXCUUBTXB EVEN € O ."V S ts V r 2 © . WIS PAR'S BALSxiM OF V.ILD CHERRY. So gent.a! has the use, of ihi: remedy beeome. and IO popular it it rverytpltere, that it it ttnn.eees.tari/ to reeottnt its virtues, tie works speak for it, and find : utttraiict in the abundant end voluntary testimony of | tht many who frctn long suffering and settled disease ' Utve by its it's been restored to pristine vigor and ! health. We can present a mass of evidence tn proof ' of our assertions, that CANNOT BE DISCREDITED. Tlie Est. Jacob Seclilfr Well known anil much re spec re ' among the German population in this country, makes the fol'owing state ment for the benefit of the afflicted. Hisovts, Pa., Feb. 14, 1559. Dtar Sin : —Having realized in my fa < 'y impor tant benefits from the use of your vuluabi. prepara tion— Wistix r *s Balsam of Wild Cherry —'.t ctfordi me pleaenre to recommend it to liie public, joins eight years ago pee of my daughters s°emed to be in p. decline anil little hopes of her recovery were en tertained. 1 then procured a bottle ol your excel lent Balsam, and before she had taJren the whole of the contents of the bottle there was n great imp-ove ment in ber heal h. 1 have, in my individual cas-, ma.'e frequent use of your valuable medicine, and have always bcn benefited ty it. JACOB SECHLER. From Jesse Smith, E*q , Presidinl of the Countf. Jlorrislown, A'tw Jet bey. '•Having used Pa. Wirtak's oh- Wilb Cbkrry for about fifteen years, and having realized its beneficial results in my family, it affords me "reat pleasure in recommending it to the public 03 a valuable remedy in of weak, colds, coughs, &c., and a remedy which 1 consider to be ei.tirel' innocent, and tmv be takeu with perfect safety by the most delicate in health, i From Hon. John E. Smith, n Distinguished Lnwyer in Westminster, Aid. i I have on several occasions used Pit. Wistar's 1 LaLvAMOF Wim> Cherry for severe colds, and at ; ways with decided benefit. 1 know of no prepara ' tion that is more efficacious or more deserving of general use. The Balsam has also been ased with xcenetitef ! feet by J- 6. ELLIOTT, Merchant, Hall's Cross Roads, Md. Wistar's Ealsam of Wild Clif-rry. Nore genuine unless signed "L. BUTTS," on the wrapper. For Sale by J. P. DINSMORR, No. 491 Bioadvmy, New York. J. W. FOWLER CO., Proprietors, Boston. And by all Druggists. BUDDING'S RUSSIA SALVE. • j . FORTY YEARS' EXPERIENCE , ! Has fully established the superiority of REDDTNGS RUSSIA SALVE, Over all oti er healing preparations. >' It cures all 'in.J-f SORES, CUTS. SCALPS ' BURNS, BOILS, MXIERS, SALT RHEUM, ER ' i Y r !PELAS, STIES, PILES, CORNS, SORE LIPS ! SORi. EYES, A-c., REMOVING THE PAIN AT j ONCE, AND REDUCING THE .Vc sf Af Gixi | LOO RING SWELLINGS AND INFL AMATIoJ . ! ASIF BY MAGIC. g ! ONLY 23 CENTS A BOX, FOR SALE BY in 1 J. P. WNn.rttfTE. NO. 491 Broadway, New-York i 3. W. V(>Wl.teCO.,No. l6Tre*pnt-*t., Boston And by all Druggist*. I May 0, ism eow'ly Jw*. fai/mmf OpjjtoMN ITo iff Farmer*.*/ R , , ~ . _ ** *''/or a nnd adiotntnir > j Countut • J I oflt-r the b u st selection ©t .. v ... ~ ~ .. . ■ nn Maehtnerv iin the world." Ravine practical >. ledgj of , .arming, an< being nrquninte i wuh tfe* \., v { t a?et improvements, lam confident tfctft my ■ '!. lions v, iit iy v.- satisfaction, at any rate I am willing TO TAKE THE RESPONSIBILITY- and WAS | RANT all machines to work and be as represented. * i B xid-s I furnish many machines delivered at the i prire .>< tehith they art. retailed at the plaetaf mintt • fartUTt. "The Farmer Mower" IS MADE or IRO.S AMD STEEL : Weighs hut 570 !be., r!s .jj feet vwath. Rasa j lexibla hinge cutter bar, two driving wheels. So weight on hor"s necks. Fach ho*>e has bat 100 ! ibs. to pull in cutting ; IT IS THE CHEAPEST AND BF.ST MACHINE NOW OFFERED TO THE PEOPLE. Is warranted in full —and challenge* the world. I bare already sold nearly one hundred of tkeae . JWoweis, end eaij get hut a few mare. - rice s'2o os, delivered in Bc-dio-rd— roust ord9t so*r ?q tecure irrhines. Willoughby'a Gum Spring €rafsi drills, a?*# en band and for sale at Carlisle prices. These drills ate nw "MJJSTER OF THE FIELD: 1 Sow Outs, Barley, Wheat, Fye, 6;c., Measure the Ground, etnd break no Seed. Thousands already in use and everybody pleased. Send in your orders soon, as I hare hit 90 of them. 3**' Green Castle. Grain Cradles now AN hand. Th last of tiicse celebrated Cradles that can bo got, aa the maiert hmrn<t mei-iag frtft. Vr, The Eureka Cora Stalk Cutter and Crusher and Hay Sc Straw Cutter. Having sold more than 160 of these Cutters tie past winter., in this afid adjoining counties, they need no praise. Ask your neiglibois who havethem. j ICeystonc Cider SSiSBs, I'ortable Farm Mills, which will grind all kindsof grain by horsepower. APPLE PAPERS, SCYTHES k SKEDS, &RISDSTONES, &c., kc ISardwurc of nil kinds. VAILS, IRON. PAINT, OIL, &c., &c. ! My atoek of Hardware wa< bought at old prieea, in great part, and 1 offer much of it AS LO'.V AS EVER. MY STOCK IS COMPLETE, I and 1 will always endeavor to please those who may favor me with their patronage. Terms in all cases Cunless olherwitt agreed. § wanting Machines, of any find, must remember that goods of all kinds arc constant- lv advancing, and the sooner their orders are given ! * the better for them, as Farm Machinery w ill soon 1 in propo.tipa to the rise of material, ia-> bor, Src. " \\M. HARTLEY. i May 20, VS64,

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