Newspaper of Bedford Gazette, November 30, 1866, Page 3

Newspaper of Bedford Gazette dated November 30, 1866 Page 3
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flic "iufifctd (I'.a-cfir. Local and Personal. t |' I I PAY THE PRINTER ! We have just sent a number of bills to persons indebted to us for job work and advertising. This kind of work is always intended to be vault, but we have waited for months on some of it and for years on others. IIV taunt have these bill* paid. Had we no debts of our own, we might give a hundred vears' grace to those who owe us. But we must pay our debts, and, hence, we are compelled to collect from those who arc indebted to us. The books of B. F. Meyers are also unsettled and must lie closed up. We ar<- driven to sending hills to all, irrespective of per sons. and we hope that we will not he compelled to resort to any thing more stringent. But we must have our lx>oks squired up, and a word to the wise is sufficient. *• i i i i i Co URT PROCEEDINGS.—QUARTER SESSIONS.— The following cases wore disposed of at the last Court of Quar ter Sessions for this county: Com. vs. A.J. Dishongand Elizabeth Dishong. Indictment for Nuisance on oath of W. M. Earnest. Palmer and: Cessna lor Commonwealth, Kimmell J and Lingenfelter and Hall, for Defence. | Verdict, not guilty. Com. vs. Jon. Feightner, Rachael Bush and Chas. Bush. Indictment for Adultery, Ac. Spang,Sharpoand Bus sell, for Commonwealth, Kimmell and Lingenfelter and Cessna for Defendants. Verdict for the Defendants. Com. vs. Frank Gordon and Moore Barks. Assault and battery on oath of Nehemiah Fleegle. Meyers A Dicker son, and Kimmell, for prosecutor, Spang and Keagy for Defendants. De fendant Gordon sentenced to pay a fine of $.">.00 and costs of prosecution. De fendant Barks not arrested. Com. vs. W. S. Fletcher. Larceny on oath of Jacob llite. Deft p'eads guilty and Court sentence him to one year and three months solitary confine ment in the Western Penitentiary, and that he pay one dollar fine and costs of suit. Com. vs. Peter Koons. Assault and battery, on oath of W.H. Lewis. Ver dict, not guilty. Com. vs. Jacob Dean. Assault and surety of the peace, on oath of Jacob Smith, yerdiet, not guilty. Com. vs. Geo. Hook and John T. Rice. Assault and battery on oath of Harriet E. Zimmerla. Palmer, Spang and Geo. A. Smith for Coin., Cessna for Defts. Verdict, not guilty, hut DeFts to paycosts of prosecution. Common Plea*. —F. D. Beegle vs. j Daniel Wertz and Joseph Feather.— Ejectment. Spang for Pl'ff, Cessna for Defts. Verdict for Defts. Win. Todd vs. David Wolff. Sum mons Case. (Waterßight.) Kimmell, tCs-iia, liussell and Reed for Pl'ff, Sharpe, Spang and Lingenfelter for Defts. Trial lasted three days, at the end of which time jury returned a ver dict for Defendant. BLACK'S PATENT SLED.— We spoke, last week, of a - JCHI invented by I). A.T. Black, Esq., which runs on wheels, or runners, at the pleasure of the driver, but did not fully note its advantages over the ordinary sled. It can be run, like a wagon, over bridges, bare ground and streams of water; and Mr. Black's improvement will prevent pushing the horses going down steep hills, and slid ing to one side on icy places, it saves a great deal of horse labor and prevents the soles of the sled from wearing out. The improvement is equally applicable to sleighs. For further particulars, ad dress I). A. T. Black, Ray's Hill, Bed ford co., Pa. WARNING. —We would again warn careless people of the danger attending ;t careless handling of Kerosene lamps. Our exchanges art; filled with accounts "f accidents from this cause by which R'nmcu,children and servants lose their lives. A lamp upset, and the whole mass of oil instantly ignites, running over everything, and setting lire to the elothing of women and children who may lie near. People cannot be too careful in handling coal oil. Lamps Occasionally explode, when the oil is permitted to burn low, and such acci dent.- frequently terminate in death. MARRIAGE AND DEATH.— Why is it that thi' marriage announcements tire immediately followed by the obituary in ..ur papers? Does death fol low OOCiosdyoa the footstopoof mar riage'.' I-grief the page that carries ■ " train ot happiness ? Does the tomb "{'en wide its dark and ponderous jaws hf-ide the nuptial couch ? 'Tis the " ,r Hie gleeful songs of light a 'id merry hearts to-day, to-morrow A 1 turn to funeral chants, and sorrow ' ' ''"Dentation be beard instead of -lad. pealing laughter. We read to day oi our friends' marriage, and wish joy; to-morrow we set; their •th- recorded, and say "peace to their o lir merriest songs art; timed ''in:falls of death, and the "silver ! ml b as fragile as a spider's thread, "•''l the "golden bowl" is more brittle tniltl L'hlvs, S i.mors ACCIDENT.—We regret to : 'i that James Madura, Esq., mana ■s( r "f Bloomfield Furnace, was thrown 'I his horse, a few days since, and notisly injured. We have not been 'imtti a- to the particulars of the accident. -\>-I>TANT ASSESSORS.—We learn •""n the Bedford Inquirer that Capt. " "i I.Helm, ofthisplace, John Shuss, ''f bnake Spring, and John B. Fluke, "pcwell tp., have been appointed ■ distant Assessors of internal He venue f °f this County. DON'T FRIGHTEN YOUR CHILDREN. , —We know that it is a habit with many j parents to frighten their children into J obedience, by threats of imprisonment j in dark rooms, or by picturing some j great bugaboo that is ready to carry them off. Little do those who resort j to this mode of reasoning (?) with in nocent little ones, think of the fearful consequences that may result from such acts. A few days since a bright little lad in Kvansville, Indiana, when play ing on the steps, was threatened to lie shirt up in a dark room if he did not go in and stay in the house. The child, frightened, ran in and fell in parox ysms on the floor, lie begged hi* mo ther not to let the man shut him up, and he would never go on the steps again. He sickened from this fright and never recovered. When conscious he begged bis mother to keep the man away and he never would go on the steps again. And when the little fel low was dying he said, "l'apa, don't let me die, 1 never will go on the steps again." We hope this instance may serve as a warning to parents who read the GAZETTE, to be careful how they attempt to frighten their little ones. SAD ACCIDENT.—We learn from the McConnellsburg papers, that a melan choly accident occurred near that place, a few days ago, which resulted in the dentil ol Miss Laura Ilassler, daughter of Maj. John Ilassler, Treasurer of Franklin county, and the serious inju ry of Mrs. Baker, who in company with Miss Ilassler and a young lad were dri ving in a buggy, from Fort Littleton to McConnellsburg. On thesummitof Scrub Ridge, the boy alighted from the buggy, when the horse became fright ened and ran away, dashing the vehicle to pieces against the rocks on the side of the road, both ladies being violently thrown upon the ground, Miss Ilassler receiving injuries which caused her death a few days afterwards. Mrs. Ba ker was greatly bruised, but was not fatally injured. BUILD HOUSES.—Our town needs now, more than anything else, an in crease of dwelling houses for the peo ple. Many are crowded, two or three families into a house where there should be but one, ahd rents are only limited by the demand of the landlord. We want small houses that our mechanics and laborers can purchase, and thus put their earnings and savings into a per manent form. If the funds invested in oil speculations had hden invested in houses, they could all have been sold at a handsome profit, and the amount re-invested in like manner with a sim ilar result. We call upon our business men to unite and build houses—for each to build one, two or three, as they can spare the means from their busi ness. A MERITED COMPLIMENT.— We were shown, to-day, a magnificent anil costly regalia, of the Order of Odd- Fellows, which was, last week, presen ted by Bedford Lodge No. 202, to Dr. C. N. Ilickok, the District Deputy Grand Master of Bedford County. This is but a Just tribute to the Doctor's faithful, and long continued efforts in the cause of Odd-Fellowship. As an advocate of the peculiar principles of the society, the Doctor has few equals, and his numerous public addresses, in this regard, has given him a widely extended reputation. We are glad to record this instance of the appreciation, bv his brethren of his services. SWORN IN. —Robert Steckman, Esq., the newly elected Sheriff, has been sworn in and is now engaged in dis charging the duties of his office. Bob will make an efficient officer. The re tiring Sheriff, ('apt. Airistadt, goes out of office, with the respect of all who had official transactions with him, and we can say for him, that he was a thorough going and trusty officer. Michael Diehl has been installed as Poor Direc tor. An honest man is "old Mike," and t he public can rest assured that he will be true to their interests. COUNTY PAPERS.— Postmasters should bear in mind, for their advantage as well as that of the local press, that for every county paper delivered by them to subscribers they are entitled to retain of the post office funds ten and one-half cents per year. It is for their interest, as well as for that of the publisher, that the county papers be preferred, since there is no troubiem making collections or keeping accounts thereof, as on pa pers printed out of the county, the commission on which will not average more than from sixtoeight eentsa year. COMPLETION OF THE SAND PATCH TUNNEL.— We learn that the Sand Patch Tunnel, 011 the Pittsburg and Connellsville Railroad, has at last been cut through. It is located in Larimer township, Somerset county. It is 4,- 700 feet in length, is 22 feet wideand 19 feet high. The length of the tunnel on the Peim'a Central, between Cresson and Altoona, is 3,70U feet, just 1,000 less than the length of the Sand Patch. COCNTKRFKIT Coix.—A counterfeit five cent coin of the new nickle issue, is in circulation, nn<l is calculated to de ceive the unwary. The counterfeit is remarkably good so far as the die is concerned, but the metal has that grea sy appearance common to compounds of pewter and other baser metal ie sub stances. It is very soft and cuts easily like cheese. — Buff. Sun. IMPROVEMENTS.—' The Commission ers have re-fitted and rc-furnishod the Court House. It is now one of the most comfortable, as well as one of the neat est, Court Houses in the state. I'KKsKRVrNO Mn.K.-All easy way of preserving milk or cream sweet for a long time, or of removing the sour ness when it has already come on, is to add to it a small quantity of common soda, pearl ash or magnesia. So it is said. __j£ WE call attention to the advertise ment of C. F. Miller & Co., under head of "new advertisements. ALL IN VAIN.—The attempts to palm off upon the American publie the bogus parodies on the leading Paris perfumes, while Phalon's "Night Blooming Cereus," the finest extract for the handkerchief ever produced ei ther here or abroad, is within the reach of every class. Sold everywhere. Lx I.MPT.—Dress-makers and millin ers will be very glad to know hat from the first day of August, 1866, they are exempt from all taxation, whatsoever. Thenew law says: "All articles of dress made or trimmed by milliners or dress makers for the wear of women and children, shall also he exempt." CONVENTION OF SCHOOL SUPERIN TENDENTS.—A Convention of County Superintendents of Common Schools o! the State, will ce held at Ilarrisburg on the sth of December next. It will remain in session three days. DEER KILLED.— A fine large BUCK was killed in Jack's corner, a few days ago, by Richard Sullivan, of Hopewell township. PLENTY—WiId Turkies. Quite a number have been brought to this place within the last two weeks, by our sportsmen. SEE advertisement of "Snow Pow der," in another column. BUSINESS DIRECTORY. The following Business Directory for the bor ough of Bedford and other places in the county, v/ advertisement* appear in the eelumns of THE GAZETTE,) may be of service to our friends md patrons in the county, and is commended to .heir attention: ATTORNEYS AT LAW—G. H. Spang; J. P. Reed; J.W.Tate; John Palmer; E. F.Kerr; Durborrow A Lufz ; Espv M Alsip; John T. keagy A J 11. Filler; Kimmell k Lingenfelter, Meyers k Diekerson, Bedford, Pa. BANKERS—Reed & Schell; Rupp. Shannon k Ci., Bedford, Pa. BOOTS AN SHOES, VARIETIES, Ac —H. F. Irvine. Bedford, Pa. BEDFORD NURSERIES—T. M Lynch CABINET-WARE, CHAIRS. Ac—Richard Leo, Bedford, Pa. CLOTHING—I Lippel. Berkstresser A Irvine, George Reimund, Bedford, Pa. DRY GOODS, GROCERIES, Ac—A. B. Cra mer; .1. M. Shoemaker. Bedford, Pa. DENTISTRY—C. N. Ilickok A J. G. Minnieh, Jr.. Dr. W. W. Van Ormer, Bedford. Pa. DRUGGIST—J. L. Lewis, Bedford. Pa. FANCY STORES—Mrs. V. B.Tate A MlssM. Rea; Mrs. E. V. Mowry; Mrs. M. R. Scliafer A Miss Kate Deal. Miss M. Fetterly, Bedford, Pa. HARDWARE. Ac.—Win. Hartley; Geo. Bly myer A ?on. Bedford, Pa. HOTELS Bedford Hotel, JJ. Shoemaker; Mengcl House, I. Mengel; Union Hotel, V. Steck man. Bedford, Pa. JEWELER—DanieI Border. Bedford. Pa. JOB PRINTERS—Meyers A Mengel. Bedford, Pa.—All kinds of Plain and Fancy Job Printing Deatly and promptly executed. PUMPS—Wm. C. Snivcly, Schcllsburg, Pa. PHYSICIANS—Dr. J. L. Marhuurg, Bedford, ?a ; Drs.W.W. Jamison and P H. Pennsyl. Bloody Run, Pa., Dr. Geo. C. Douglas, Bedford, Pa. REAL ESTATE SALES— F C. Reamer—private sale T. 11. A N. J. Lyons, Private Sale. Jacob Walter. Private. C. N. Ilickok, private sale. AdolphusAke, private sale. Meyers A Diekerson. private sale. John P. Reed, private sale. STOVES, TIN WARE, Ac.—B MeC Blymycr A Co., Bedford. Pa. Or Read the '-New Advertisements'' in this week's issue of THE GAZETTE. Or For Administrator's, Executor's, Auditor's notices, Ac., see "Legal Notices." Read the advertisements under the head of "Notices, Ac." MARRIED. KUSSELL—MILLER—Attne Lutheran Parson age, Schellsburg. on the 22d iust., by Rev. B. II Hunt. Mr. Jacob Russell and Miss Rebecca Mil ler. both of this county. HARBINGER— MeFERREN On the 22d inst., by Rev J. W. Leckie. Mr. Renben Hardinger to Miss Anna E. MeFerren, both of Cumberland Val ley, this county. Wtw Advertisements. \ST ONDEB OF THE AGE! I* The Magic Photograph. Send 25 cents for a package; also get a sample of "The California Indestructible Pen - ' free. These Pens will bend and not break. Teachers and others supplied.— Agents wanted everywhere. Everybody buys them. Address C. F. MILLER A CO., 261 North 3d st., Philadelphia, Pa. nov3owl* H otel for sale.—wishing to relinquish business, I will sell at PRIVATE SALE, my Tavern Stand in the borough of Sax ton, known as the "Waverly House," with 2 lots of ground, upon which is a large number of choice fruit trees, (bearing), and six varieties of choice grapes, well and cistern at the door, carriage house, smoke house, ice house, with every conve nience. The hotel contains 30 rooms. If not sold by the 25th of December. I will rent it for one or more years. Possession given on April 1. 1567 Mv39ff4. J A. ItAUM. V<; E N T 8 WANT E1) KOIt THE MOST POPULAR And best selling Subscription Books.published. We are the most extensive publishers in the U | nitcd States, (having six houses.) and therefore | ean afford to sell books cheaper and pay agents a ! more, liberal commission than any other company. I Our books do not pass through the hands of Gen ' eral Agents, (as nearly alt other subscription works i do.) therefore we are enabled to give our canvas- I scrs the extra per cent. which is usually allowed j to General Agon's. Experienced canvassers will see the advantages of dealing directly with the publishers. Our series embraces the most popular works on all subjects of importance, and is selling rapidly both North and South. Old agents, and all others, who want the best paying agencies, will please send for circulars and sec our terms, and compare them and the charac ter of our works with those of other publishers. Address NATIONAL PUBLISHING Co. Philadelphia. Pa., Boston, Mass., Cininnati, ; Ohio, Chicago, Illinois, St. Louis, Mo., or Rich mond, Ya. nov3t)w4. ttNOW POWDER. —Patented May 29. 1866. This is an article for washing with out rubbing, except in very dirty places, which will require a very slight rub, and unlike other preparations offered for a like purpose, WILL SOT ROT the clothes, but will leave them much W HITER than ordinary methods, without the usual wear and tear I: removes grease spots as if by magic, and sof tens the dirt by soaking, so that rinsing will inor dinary cases entirely remove it. This powder is prepared in accordance with j chemical science, and upon a process peculiar to i itself, which is secured by Letters Patent. It has i been in use for more thau a year, and has proved i itself an universal faturite wherever it has been used. Among the advantages claimed are the fol lowing, viz : It saves all the expense of soap usually used on cotton nnd linen goods. It saves most of the labor of rubbing, and wear and tear. Also, for cleaning windows it is unsurpassed.— With one quarter the time and labor usually re quired it imparts a beautiful gloss and lustre, much superior to any other mode. No water re i quired except to moisten the powder Directions with each package. And can Ue readily appreciated by a single trial. The cost of washing for a family of five or six persons will not exceed THREE CENTS. The manufacturers of this powder are aware that many useless compounds have been iutrodu ced to the public which have rotted the cloth, or failed in removing the dirt, but knowing the in trinsic excellence of this article, they confidently proclaim it as being adapted to meet a demand which has long existed, and which has heretofore remained unsupplied. Manufactured by HOWE A STEVENS, 260 Broadway. Boston, Also, manufnetureraof Family Dye Colors. UP - * For sale by Grocers and Dealers every where. nov3om3. BMC. BLYMYER & CO., Whole . sale and Retail dealers in Stoves, Tinware, <fcc No 1. "Stoneßow,"Bedford,Pa #ctv PUBLIC SALE OF VALUABLE REAL ESTATE.—JOHN ALSIP. Auctioneer. By virtue of an order of the Orphans' Court of Bedford county, the subscriber will offer at public on the premises, in Hopewell township. Bed ford county, OX FRIDAY, DECEMBER 28th, A. D. 1866, at 11 o clock, A. M., all that Tract of Land, late the property of John W. Beeler, dec ! d,containing Two Hundred and Seventy-Nine and one-fourth Acres, adjoining lands of \V illiam Piper, John Burger. David Piper, James Piper, and others— with 150 acre? cleared and under fence, and hav ing thereon erected a Two-Story Framo House, Frame Bank Barn, Tenant House, and other build* ings. There is some good meadow land, and facil ities for making more; also, a large Orchard of choice fruit. This traot of land lie? within half a mile of the Huntingdon and Broad Top Railroad, contains valuable IRON ORE, and offers superior induce ments to purchasers. TERMS CASH—at confirmation of sale. J W LINHEN FELTER, nov.Ghvt Adm'r of J. W. Beeler. dee d RE A s OX s WH Y THE AMERICAN WATCH. MADE AT WALTIIAM, MASS., IS THE BENT It is made on the best principle. It is composed of SOLID PLATES. No jar can inlerfere with the harmony of its working, and no sudden shock can damage its machinery. Every piece is made and finished by machinery, (itself famous for its novelty, as well as for its effectiveness, and is therefore properly made. The watch is vkat all mechnnisin should be—ACCURATE, SIMPLE, STRONG ANN ECO NOMICAL. Except some high grades, too costly for general use, foreign watches ate chiefly made by women and hoys. Such watches are composed of several hundred pieces, screwd and r.iveted to gether. and require constant repairs to keep them in aity kind of order. All pepons who have car ried ' ancres, •Gepines," and English Patent Levers." are perfectly well a Wire of the truth of this statement. At the beginning of our enterprise, more than ten years ago, it was our first object to make a thoroughly good low-priced watch for the million, 1 to take the place of those foreign impositions, the refuse ot foreign factories, which were entirely un saleable at home and perfectly worthless every where. How well we have accomplished this may be understood from the fact 'hat after so many years of public trial we now make MORE THAN HALF OF ALL THE WATCHES SOLI) IN THE FNITED STATES, and that no others have ever given such universal satisfaction. While this department of ou." busi ness is continued with increased ffcilities for per- [ feet work, we are at present engaged in the man ufacture at watches of the very IIGHEST GRADE KNOWN TO I HHONOMETRY, unequal-d by anything hitherto made by ourselves, aud unsurpassed by anything made in the world. Fir this purpose we have the amplest facilities We have erected 1 an addition to our main building expressly for ! this branch of our business, aud hive filled it with the best workmen in our service. New machines and appliances have been constructed, which per form their work with consummati delicacy aud j exactness. The choicest and molt approved ma ; terials only are used, and we challenge comparison ; between this grade of our work and the finest im- : ported chronometers. We do not pretend to sell our watches for LESS MONEY than foreign watches but we do assert, without fear of contradiction, that for the SAME MOSEY our product is inoompa bly superior All our watches, of vbatcvergrade, are fully warranted, and this warrantee is good at all times against us or our agents in all parts of ; the world CAUTION.—The public are cautioned to buy only ' of respectable dealers. All persons selling coun terfeits will be prosecuted. ROBBINS 4 APPLETON Agents for the American Watch Company, nov39w 1 182 Broadway, N.Y. The only Democratic Magazine pttbliehcd tn the United States. "VTOL. V. Again Enlarged! 18(>7. TII E OLD GUAR 1) , A MONTHLY MAGAZINE, DBVOTEO TO Literature, Science and Art, and the Political Principles of 177(! and 1787. C. CHAUNCEY BURR, EDITOR. The success of THE OLD GUARD has been as remarkable as it ought to be gratifying to the friends of a true American literature. It has stead ily doubled its circulation each year of its publi cation, and its publishers have found it necessary to annually enlarge it, to meet the full expecta tions of its patrons, as well as to realize their own ideal of a first-class Family and Literary Maga zine. imiubluea wnti sound p-utioM To still farther carry out this design, The Old Guard for 1867 will be printed on new type, and enlarged sixteen additional pages, making in all nearly One Thousand Pages of reading matter yearly for the low price of three dollars! Arrange ments have also been made to secure the very best literary talent of the country. We willcominence in the January number a thrilling Romance, writ ten expressly for The Old Guard, entitled, JOSCELYN; A Tale ol the Revolution ; By Wm. Gilmore Simins, Esq., of S. C.,

the peer of Cooper and Irving, taking the reader back to the birth of the American principle of government, and introducing him to the rebels of 1776. John Esten Cooke. Esq.. of Virginia, auth or of "Surry of Eagle's Nest," Ac,, Ac., will fur nish a series of graphic sketches, entitled "The Battles of Virginia," while our present corps of contributors, with some new ones, will continue to furnish articles, making the Magazine second to ■none in point of literary attraction and ability.— Politically. The Did Guard will stand in the future as in the past, faithfully guarding the Constitution as it caine from the hands of Washington, without acquiescing in any of the subversions, under the title of "amendments." It will be continued up on the grand idea that "all is not lost," while vir tue and intelligence remain with any portion of the people. TERMS, CASH IX ADVAXCE. One copy, one year, $ 3 00 Two copies, 5 50 Four copies, 10 00 Five copies, and one to the getter up of the club, 14 00 Ten copies, and one to the getter up of the club, 25 00 Twenty copies, and one to the getter up of the club. 45 00 A MAGNIFICENT PREMIUM. We will send per express, carefully boxed, a Gra ver if Baler Sewing Machine, to any one who will send us, at any one time THIRTY SUBSCRIBERS TO THE OLD GUARD, at $3.00 each. The regular manufacturer's price is sus. No such an opportunity to circulate a superior Family Maga zine, and secure a first-class Family Sewing Ma chine, was ever offered. The subscribers may be sent to different post-offices. The slight advance in Club rates over last year is more than doubly repaid in the additional pa ges and increased literary attractions. Single copies, 25 cts. Specimen copies sent for 20 cts, to all desiring to get up clubs. All letters should be addressed as follows : VAN EVRIE, HORTON A CO , No. 162 Nassau St., New York. All persons whose subscriptions expire with the December number, and who intend to renew for the next year, are particularly requested to do so at once, in order that their names may not be remov ed from tha lists. This will insure promptness in the reception of the January number. In remit ting please state the fact that the subscription is a renewal. DANIEL BORDER, PITT STREET, TWO noons WEST OF THE BED FORD HOTEL, BEDFORD, PA. WATCHMAKER AND DEALER IN JEWEL RY. SPECTACLES, AC. He keeps on hand a stock of fine Gold and Sil er Watches, Spectacles of Brilliant Double Re ined Gln.-ses, also Scotch Pebble Glasses. Gold Watch Chains, Breast Pins, Finger Rings, best quality of Gold Pens. Ho will supply to order any thing in his line not on hand. Oct. 20, 1865- R.~ ANDERSON, Licensed Scrivener and Conveyancer, CEXTREVILLE, BEDFORD COCXTV, J*A., will attend to the writing of Deeds, Mortgages, Leases, Articles of Agreement, and all business isually transacted by a Scrivener and Conveyan ;er. The patronage of the public is respectfully solicited. April fi, 'fifi-tf. MERCHANTS AND MECHANICS, and Business men generally will advance their own interests by advertising in the columns of THE GAZETTE. BRITTANIA AND JAPANNED WARE ,all kinds, nt B Mo BLYMYER £ CO'S. rpilE BEDFORD GAZETTE is the I best Advertising Medium in Southern Penn yl vania. BA R<; AINS! BABOA I -NS!—Buy your TINWARE at Aug 10—tf B Mc. BLYMYER A CO S .fancy Stores. MRS. E. V. MOWIIY has just re turned frwn the East with a fine stock of ********* MILLINE R Y * AND F A NCY G O O I) S, ********* and has now opened a handsome variety of WIN TER BONNETS, HATS. RIBBONS, FLOWERS, FEATHERS, Ac., Ac., of the very latest styles. Also, a variety of DRESS G O O D S T French Marines, plaid wool deLaines, Alpacas, Muslin deLaines, Ginghams, Calicos, Canton Flan nel. Frannells. Opera and plaid Flannels, Cloths for coats and sacks. Ladies' and Children's Fl'ltS, Sacks, Coats, Cloaks and Shawls; Breakfast Shawls Sontags, Woolen Hoods, Ac.; Balmoral and Hoop SKIRTS, and Corsets; Ladies' and Gentlemen's Kid GLOVES, Ladies' buckskin Gauntlets, cloth and fleece-lined Gloves, for ladies and children; Lace and Crape VEILS, Barege and Grenadine tor Veils. Pocket Handkerchiefs. Neck-Ties, Combs. Brushes, Soaps. PERFUMERY. Eureka Hair Restorative, Mrs. Hill's Hair Restorative. DRESS TRIMMINGS. WIGANS AND BUTTONS. Also, all kindsof Notions and Toys. Also, the very best made and finest Ladies' and Children a SHOES that car be bought in Philadelphia. Mrs. MOWKY is determined to sell her Goods, and do her work as CHEAP AS THE CHEAPEST. She hopes her friends and patrons will call and ex amine her stock, as she is satisfied that tncy will recommend themselves, in QUALITY and PRICE, to refined tastes and good judgment. nv2iu.3 MBS. V. B. TATE. MISS M. KEA. NEW FALL STYLES!—Mrs. Tate has just returned from the East with a splen did selection of BONNETS, HATS, FEATHERS, FLOWERS, RIBBONS. SILKS, VELVETS, and everything belonging to a MILLINERY ESTABLISHMENT. We would call your particular attenlion to our FALL STOCK OF LADIES' DRESS AND CLOAK TRIMMINGS, of Mrs. Tate's own selection, such as ORNAMENTS. BUTTONS, GUIPURE AND CHERRY LACES, CORDS. TASSELS, FRINGES. VELVET RIBBONS, BELTING, and TRIMMINGS generally. Mrs. TATE and Miss REA flatter themselves that their LATE NOVELTIES will not he sur passed by any. Giving their personal attention to all the branches of their department; the ac knowledged superiority as regards their reliability and the patronage extended them, renders com ment unnecessary. Mrs. Tate procured, while in Philadelphia, a FIRST-CLASS DRESS-MAKER, who is now ready to make Dresses, Cloaks, and Children's Wear. Ladies may rely on being artis tically fitted, and their work finished in the most prompt and efficient manner, at the lowest possible price. Cutting and Bastirj 'one at short notice. Lj?'Girls wanting to lesr intua-Making will apply immediately, as a£L oportunity is given them. _ übtlißf N r EW (i< ><>I>S! —M.(FETTERLY hasjust received a splendid assortment of Fancy Dry Goods, consisting in part of Fancy Dress Goods, Silks, French Merinos, Alpacca. De laines, Flannels. Muslins, Prints, Cloaking Cloth, Cloaks, Furs. Shawls, Hoop Skirts, Balmorals, Hosiery, Gloves, Dress Trimmings, Fancy But tons, Velvets, Ladies' Dress Caps, a handsome as sortment uf Embroideries, Mourning and Lace Goods, Ladies' and Children's Shoes, with a great variety of. other notions, Ac., Ac. The stock con sists of every article usually kept in a first class Fancy Store. Tbankful for past favors, we ask a continuance of your patronage, no v. 9,'66,-yl. itfoots. Shoes and Varieties. REAT EXCITEMENT IN BKI >- U FORD' THE REGULATOR AXD BEDFORD CLOTHIX G EMPO RI UM IN ADVANCE OF ALL OTHERS. FRESH ARRIVAL OF NEW GOODS! BOOTS, SHOES, NOTIONS! CLOTHING, CASSIMERS, HATS of all kinds laid in at prices to suit the times. If you want a good Coat go to the Regulator. If you want a good p'r Boots, go to the Regulator. If you want a good Vest, go to the Regulator. If you want a good p'r Shoes, go to the Regulator. If you want a good p'r Pants, go to the Regulator If you want a suit of Clothes, go to the Regulator. If you want a good Shirt, go to the Regulator. If you want a good Hat, go to the Regulator. If you want a good Gaiter or Shoe go to theßeg'r. If you want good Cassimere. go to the Regulator. If you want a variety of Notions, go to the Reg'r. If you want a fashionable Coat, go to the Regulator If you want fashionable Pants A Vests go to the Regulator. If you want a fashionable Suit, go to the Regu lator. If you want Queensware or Glassware, go to the Regulator. If you want good Spices of any kind, go to the Regulator. If you want good Flavoring Extracts, go to the Regulator. If you want good Toilet Soap or Perfumery, go the Regulator. If yon want good Hosiery, Gloves, Ncek-ties col lars, Ac., go to the Regulator. If you want any thing in our line, go to the Bed ford Clothing Emporium and Boot, Shoe and No tion Regulator, No. 2, Anderson's Row. Goods of all kinds ordered from the Eastern cities to accommodate customers. H. F. IRVINE, Sept. 7, 1866. R. W. BERKSTRESSER. jg EW PHOTX XJRAPH GALLERY The undersigned has fitted up a new Photograph Gallery, J doors West of Dr. Harry's Drug Store, where is prepared to MAKE PICTURES of any size and style desired, from the small breast-pin size up to life size. He also keeps a large assortment of FAXi'Y CASES, LOCKET ALBUMS, ALBUMS for the centre-table, Gilt Frames, Rosewood Frames, Gilt Moulding and Rosewood Moulding for Frames, Cor l and Tassels for hanging frames Will also COPY PICTURES fFoin Ambro typos. Photographs, Engravings, etc., and enlarge them to any size desired. Having all the late improvements in the art and being engaged in the business longer than any other man in the county he can assure his custo mers that he will make better work than can bo had at any other establishment. He was the first man to introduce the AMJiROTYE; " ME LA EXO TYPE, FERROTYPE; " PHOTOGRAPH, and is the only one who can make the beautiful ALBATYPE or PORCELAJX PICTURES of recent discovery. £j*f Terms 25 per cent, cheaper than any other place in the county. T. R. GETTYS. n0v.9.-m3. Gt UNS AND LOCKS. —The under r signed respectfully tenders his services to the people of Bedford and vicinity, as a repairer of Guns and Locks. Ail work promptly attended to. L. DEFIBAUUH. sep 28, '66-tf Mammoth sale bills, prinu ed at short notice. Large Billsmake large sales. We know it to be so. TRY IT! It will much more than pay the extra er petite of print ing. Call at THE GAZETTE JOB OFFICE rpilE Local circulation of the Bki> JL roRDGAZK,TTB is larger than that of any other paper in this section ot oountry, and therefore of ers the greatest inducements to business men to fdvertise in its columns. EJVERY VARIETY AND STYLE J OF JOB PRINTING neatly executed at low rates at THE BEDFOBD GAZETTE office. Call and leave your orders ORDERS from a distance for any kind of JOB PRINTING promDtly attended to. Send to THE GAZETTE JOB OFFICE, Bed ford, Pa Ilnt-fioods, <srormfS, &f. ****** **>-* * * XTFW* GOODS! FALL A WINTER! The undersigned have now opened a large and j general assortment of FALL AND WINTER GOODS, | FALL AND WINTER GOODS, j to which they respectfully invite the attention of buyers, confident they can offer BARGAINS! BARGAINS! j BARGAINS! BAIIGAINS! BARGAINS! | In every department, tir CALL AND EXAMINE OCR STOCK You can be SCITEH at the LOWEST PRICES, TERMS: CASH or PRODUCE. When credit is given, in ALL cases after six MOSTHS, interest will be l-jr ' charged in the ~<B_l Ija^aocount.^jSjJ A. B. CRAMER & CO. r l ****** * * * * * * oct26 EW GOODS! NEW GOODS A large and complete stock of FALL AND WINTER GOODS, just received and opened at J M. SHOEMAKER'S, No. I Anderson's Row—bought just at the right time. The following comprise a few of our goods : DRY GOODS: Calicoes. Delaines, Coburg Cloths. French Meri noes, Alpacas, Flannels, Ginghams, all wool De laines, all colors, large stock of bleached and un bleached Muslins, Cloths, Cassimeres, Satinctts, Jeans, Tweeds, Ac., Ac. BOOTS AND SHOES: A large assortment of Men's and Boys' Boots and Shoes Ladies' Misses' and Children's Boots. Shoes anil Gaiters, all prices, and sizes to suit everybody. CLOTHING: A very large stock of Men's and Boys' Coats, Pants and A ests. all sizes, and prices to suit the times. HATS AND CAPS: A complete assortment of all kinds, sizes and: prices. GROCERIES, SPICES, Ac.: Coffee, Sugar, Lov .-ring and other Syrups. Molas ses, Tea, Rice, Tobacco, Spices, Ac. LEATHER: A prime article Sole Leather, Calf Skins, Kip and Upper Leather and Linings. COTTON CHAINS, Single and Double, all numbers, cheap. CEDAR AND WILLOW WARE, Tubs, Buckets, Brooms, Baskets. Ac. Call and see our stock of Goods and be convinced that No. 1 Anderson's Row, is the place to get bargains. J. M. SHOEMAKER, 5ep.28,'66. OELLIXG OFF AT COST!! P. A. REED, Intending to relinquish the Mercantile business,in Bedford, IS CLOSING OUT HIS ENTIRE STOCK OF DRY GOODS, Sfc., AT COST! A rare chance to buy goods, of all kinds, cheap. Call and see. junl,'66. A CHANCE FOR BARGAINS! REMEMBER THE NEW CHEAP STORE, At St. ChtirsviUe, Pa. GOODS OF AI A. KINDS SOLD AT SMALL PROFITS. OPPENHEIMER Has just received trom the East, and offers for sale at the LOWEST PRICES,. a large and varied assortment of LADIES' DRESS GOODS, of every description and of the best quality; MILLINERY AND FANCY GOODS, a large assortment, to suit all classes; NOTIONS, in endless variety; M CSLINS, all kinds, very cheap: CALICOES, from the best manufactures. Our stock of DRY GOODS is unsurpassed, and we ask all to give us a call, if they desire to get BARGAINS. REA DY-MADE ('LOTHING, of every description, for sale at the LOWEST PRICES. We also make CLOTHING of all kinds TO ORDER, at short notice, and upon the most reasonable terms. We also keep constantly on hand a splendid assortment of PIECE GOODS : CASSI MERES, YESTINGS, CLOTHS, &C., (Sec. and Men's and Boy's Furnishing Goods of all kinds. We also have a fine assortment of BOOTS AND SHOES, HARDWARE, QUEENSWARE, TINWARE, WILLOW-WARE, Ac., Ac., Ac., together with everything usually found in a well assorted store, all of which will be gold at the LOWEST PRICES UP Remember OPPEN HEIMER'S Now Cheap Store, St. Clairsville, Pa. ju1.27.—6m. COOK AND PARLOR STOVES AT B. Mc. BLYMYER A CO'S #cal Estate £aUS. IJIARM FOR SA LE. —200 acres, one half under cultivation, well improved. Fruit and Timber abundant. Situate in Napier town ship. For particulars, price, Ac,, apply to JHON P. REED. Agt. A. B. SANDS, Pr'r. [aug.27-3m.j Bedford. Pa. OPLPTNDID FARM FOR SALE— ir 7 wiles from Bedford, containing ONE HUN DRED AND FIFTY ACRES, 125 acres undercut tivation. blf creek bottom; well watered; excel lent Brick House and Frame Barn; plenty of good timber: convenient to schools, churches and mills. \\ ill be sold at a bargain. Inquire of MEYERS A DICKERSON. oct2f>tf Bedford, Pa \TALI AIiLK FARM FOR SALE.— \ 200 acres, situate In Liberty Township, Bed ford County, on the Juniata river and Hunting don A Broad Top Rail Road. Well improved fine meadows, fruit and timber—a very desira bio property, at the head of market—the property of Capt. Josephs. Reed. Will be sold cheap'— For price. Ac., apply to JOHN PUREED, aug.24-tf. ' Att'y, at Bedford. I JUBLIC SALE OF VALUABLE f REAL ESTATE—By virtue of an order of the Orphans' Court of Bedford county, the under signed administrators of the estate of Martin Hoover, late of Liberty township, dee d will offer at public sale, upon the premises, on SATURDAY, DECEMBER 29th, 186b, the following described re* 1 estate, via : No. 1 A messuage, being the mansionhouse and tract of land situate in the township of Liberty, in the county of Bedford, containing one hundred and eighty-four acres, more or less, well improved and well watered, adjoining land of Samuel Har vey, Geo. I'. Steel and others. No. 2. One tract of wood land, situate in said township, containing six hundred acres, more or less, adjoining lands of decedent and others. No. 3 One tract of land situated in said town ship. containing four hundred and thirty-two acres and thirty perches, more or less, adjoining lands ot James Fatten and others. Upon these last two tracts there is an almost unlimited quantity of excellent timber TERMS : Cash at the confirmation ol tbc sale. Sale to commence at 10 o'clock, AM, of said dav. GEORGE HOOVER. JOHN H BILLING, n0v.23.n4. Adnt'rs of Martin Hoover, dce'd TTAEUABLE LAND FOR SALE. t —The undersigned offers for sale the follow ing valuable bodies ot land : THREE CHOICE TRACTS OF LAXD, containing 160 acres each, situated on the Illinois Central Railroad, in Champaign county. State of Illinois. S mile? from the city of l.'rbana. and one mile from Rcntual Station on said Rnilroad Two of the tracts adjoin, and one of them has a never failing pond of water upon it The city of L'rbana contains about 4.000 inhabitants. Champaign is the greatest wheat growing county in Illinois. ALSO — One-fourth of a tract of land, situated in Broad Top township, Bedford county, contain ing about 45 acres, with all the con! veins of Broad Top running through it. ALSO— Three Lots in the town of Coalmont. Huntingdon county. Jin 26, '66-tf F. C. REAMER ¥7" ALU ABLE 11K A L ESTATE AT \ PRIVATE SALE.—Onelotof ground in the centre of Bloody Run. fronting on Main street about sixty-five feet, one of the very best business locations in Bloody Run. Also, ten acres of wood land, adjacent to Bloody Run, lying on the Bed ford Rail Road, containing first rate iron ore and having thereon a never-failing spring of water. For particulars inquire at the store of Mrs. S. E Mann. Bloody Run. or of I>r. Hickok, Bedford, Pa Dec 15. '65. 1/ XTENSIVE PRIVATE SALE I j OF VALUABLE PEAL ESTATE—The un dersigned will sell at private sale, several adjoin ing and contiguous tracts of land, lying on the headwaters of Dunning's Creek, in St. Clair town ship. Bedford county, containing 765 acres, now divided into four tracts, three tracts thereof con taining respectively 157, 163. ai.d 183 acres and the other, being the Saw Mill tract, contaifiing 202 acres. These tracts will be sold as they are or subdivided to suit purchasers. The saw mill tract contains a FIRST CLASS SAW MILL, with a never-failing head of water, and is in the midst of a TIMBER REGION un surpassed for the quality of timber. One other of the tracts contains an enviable site for a TAN \ ARD, with all the advantages of water, and is alongside of Chestnut Ridge, whete the resources for Bark are inexhaustible. 100 acres of the land is bottom, mostly covered by large sugar trees. 300 acres are cleared and in a good state of cultivation, and the balance well timbered. ' There are THREE DWELLING HOUSES, up pon the premises and THREE BARNS, with other outbuildings. The Fruit is choice and in abund ance upon some of these tracts. This property lies 12 miles North of Bedford, and in a country noted for its good roads, leading North. South, East and West, to Bedford. Hollidaysburg. Johnstown, and otner the Posii : n Cv.urwti Railroad. Farmers, Lumbermen, Tanners and Speculators should examine the premises, as these lands will be sold on fair and reasonable terms. T H LYONS, junß, : 66. S. J. LYONS. IM)R SALE—VERY LOW — a second ' hand PIANO. Inquire of apr.l3.-66.-tf. C. N. HICKOK. DR. GEO. B. KE L LEY, having permanently locate! in ST. CLAIRS VILLE, tenders his professional services to the citizens of that place and vicinity. nov2'66yl HARTLEY & METZGER KEEP constantly en hand a large Stock of general HARDWARE. They havcjust received 50 DOZEN REST * CHEAPEST FRUIT JARS ever offered to the public. They keep all kinds of Farm Ma chinery. including Mowers and Reapers, Cider Mills, Fodder Cutt< rs and Willoughby's Gum Spring Roller Grain Drills, the best in the world. Jul. 13,'68. f 1) ERS()NS knowing themselves in debted to us for advertising Administrators', Executors', Auditors' Notices, Orphans' Court sales and other sales of Real Estate, and for printing bills. Ac., Ac., will please call and settle for the same, as all such advertising and printing should he CASH MEYERS A MENGEL. Feb 16, '66-tf. HHANNERS, ATTENTIC >N !—Anew JL Tannery, in good order, containing one pool, three limes, three baits, five leaches, thirty-four lay-a-way vats, with the necessary number of han dlers, in as good a location as can be found in Bed ford county, fur rent. For further information call at this office. Nov. 17, '65-tf OOLDIERS' BOUNTIES.—The im iOdersigned has the hlanks now ready and will attend promptly to the collection of all claims un der the law lately passed for the Equalization of Bounties. aug.l7-,f. J. W. DICKERSON. I AST NOTICE.—My old books ( jmust be squared by cash or note immediate ly. Those persons who may fail to settle their accounts, on or before August 15th, 1866, must blame themselves, if they have costs to pay, as I have been very indulgent, and now need money, jul Id-tf. WM. HARTLEY.' XfOTICE TO ASSESSORS.—The .L N Assessors of the several distrietsof the coun ty, elected for the year 1867, arc hereby notified to meet at the Commissioners' office, on Tuesday, December 11th. 1566, to receive the books, instruc tions, Ac., fur the assessment for said yenr. Let none fail to be prcseut. By order of the Commissioners, JNO. G FISHER, n0v.23.w3. Clerk. ¥F#AL r?XECCTOR'S NOTICE.-- -Letters JLJ testamentary to the estate of Moses Dicken, late of C. Valley township, deceased, having been granted to the undersigued, by the Register of Bedford county, all persons indebted to said estate arc hereby notified to make immediate pavment, and those having claims against the same will pre sent them properly authenticated lor settlement n0v2.1.-6t.# JOHN DICKEN, Ex'r. \D MINI ST RATt> II 'S NOTICE. Notice is hereby given that letters of ndinin tration have been granted bv the Register of Bed ford county, to the undersigned, on the estate of David Roudabush, late of Napier township, dee'd. All persons indebted to said estate are requested to make immediate payment, and thoe having claims can present them duly authenticated for settlement. n0v.23 —fit HIRAM DAVIS, Adm'r. i I (MINIS'TR ATOM'S NOTICE.— / \ Notice is hereby given that letters of Admin istration have been granted to the subscriber on the estate of John Zeller, late of Juui&ta town ship, deceased. All persons indebted to said estate are notified to make payment, and those having claims there on, will present them duly authenticated for set tlement JOHN ZELLER, Adm'r, oct2sw6 QELF-SEALING FRITT CANS AT B. Mc BLYMYER A CO S QLII* BILLS, PROGRAMMES, POSTERS, and all kinds of PLAIN AND FANCY JOB PRINTING, done with neatnes* and despatch, at THE GAZETTE office.