Newspaper of Bedford Gazette, December 7, 1866, Page 3

Newspaper of Bedford Gazette dated December 7, 1866 Page 3
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1% HilriUovd tOngcttr Local and Personal. | I* I 3 PAY TIU: PKIM'EB We have just sent a number of bill: to persons Indebted to us for job wort and advertising. This kind of wort D always intended to be nt*h, but w. have waited for months on some of n and for years on others. lj r e runs! han thett bills paid. Had we no debts o; our own, we might give a hundred vears' grace to those who owe us. Bul we must pay our debts, and, hence, wc are compelled to collect from those who are indebted to us. ihe books oi ]', F. Meyers are also unsettled and must be' closed up. We are driven to -ending bills to all. irrespective of per -ains und we hope that we will not be compelled to resort to any thing more stringent. But we must hare oar hooks Iqaared up, and a word to the wise is sufficient. i & ... JL i METEORS.— This seems to bean in exhaustible subject. Even the poets have waked up to its importance, as witness the following effusion poured out for our columns: November winds were blowing cold. When, in a country town, 'twas told [f weep!'' would >t:iy up all night They would be sure to see a light— Meteors! That such ft light ne'er fell on man, Before or since the world began ; I'jjg shooting star.- (, t Thirl\-three Would sink int.. oblivion's sea. Meteors! Then no one knew that they would erne, \rid so the sight was missed by some ; But all in 'sixty-six should see What sort of things these star- might be. Meteors! Y r men are -r> much wiser now— Thcv know the where, the when, and how. And all that people had to do. Was keep awake and calmly view- Meteors ! From Mud town up to Gravel Hill. Awake they kept, and hourly still pid folks explore the quiet sky. Easter to give the signal rv— Meteors But vainly sought f-r - "toe coimn-.tion Among the isles of that blue ocean ; For -'radiant jaunts' about the Lion, Or from the girdle of Or. >n. Meteors! To hurry matters up in town — Perhaps to hurry meteors down— The village bells were loudly run g, Then every blind was open tiling ! Meteors I From east to we f. from north to -oath. Wtrh straining eye and open mouth. The people turned themselves about, A.- from the steeples rose the shout — Meteors The stars, instead of falling down, tat winking at the folks in town. Thinking, from all that they had seen. That some of them were rather green. Meteors! When still ab ve ttiev kept th !rpl..ccs. The peoj.le turned with angry faces, And hr.iing it was pretty coi l. They stamin'd their ! .-r-. exclaiming— Sold ' Meteors' In sleep the morning hours were spent, And when the sun. as usual, sent Above the hills his rosy beams. The people muttered in their dreams, Meteors ' NOT APPRECIATED. —It is a very common thing for -omcpcrsoiisb. grum ble at the price they pay for their local ptiperaml their advertising—invariably ending with the remark, "that is given in charity, for they never receive any benefit therefrom." An exchange com menting upoiitl. 'sulijc t, truthfully re marks : "New-papers by enhancing the value of property in tlieir neighborhood and giving the localities in which they are publish" l a reputation abroad, benefit all Mich grumblers, particularly if they are merchants or r- il estate owners, tarice the amount yearlyof the meagre >uni they [ay for their support. Besides, every public spirited citizen has a lauda ble pride in having a paper of which he is not asliained. A good-looking, thriv ing sheet helps to -a-ll property, gives character to the locality, and in all re spects is desirable as a public conve nience-. If fr uu any cause the matter in the editorial or local columnsshould not lie quite up to your.standard, do not cat it aside and pronounce it of no ac count until you .re satisfied that there has not b. n mor" labor bestowed upon i. than is paid for. And it must not be supported in a spirit-of charity either, but b.v:!"-o you feel it a necessity to support, i'i. loi-a] f.ress is the 'power that moves the people.' " STAT: APPROPRIATIONS TO STU DENTS VND < iUAlii \ ri:s. —By a recent Act of the Legidature, the following a l>propriatios are made by the State to Normal spid-:it, ; ,nd( Jraduates: I-.. : I, h studentOVI Tseventeen years V' a - '• ''/> "lull -ign a paper declaring "'1 id ion to teach in the common >'Tioo:s of the State, shall receive the '"d'ycent- per week towardsde ,,! Oijig he expen-. - of tuition and ooanhii'v. -'i. Sfudents over seventeen years of ' ■ v,! " w 'V r " disabled in the military : seni'iceol the United States, orof IVnu ';• yania, <n- father lost his life in su'l -'-rviee, wlt<i shall -ign an agrec : id ;<s above, shall receive the sum of 1 one titular per week. 3d. tach student who upon gradu<i mg suould -ign an agreement to teach j i ( "mnon Schools of tite State two cm years, -hall receive the sum of fif- j ty dollar-. Any student to secure these bene atten-l the seh'io! at least one i ■ ol twelve conseeutive# weeks. I 1 " ~ iefit- are to he deducted from j■■ ■ ular expenses of board and tui- 1 ■m.b'Y HOME-:.—The great end of; i- s to give cheerfulness to i Imnr- which splendor cannot ; - u unl acclamation cannot exhilur- j ' intervals of unl tended ' -'Usi'incnt in which a man shrinks j li: - natural dimensions, anil throws 1 ornaments and disguises' , l,! '""is in privacy to lie useless : '■'c'uiiihranccs, and to lose till effect ! Whco they become familiar. To be I " Jl'.p at home is the ultimate result of | ambition, and t<> which every cn- | and labor tends, and of which ; | very desire prompts the ex ration.j i! " ' at h >nio that every mail "toe known by those who would I,U! :l just estimate of his virtue or fc-1 hcity. A HINT TO LADIES.— An eastern eo- temporary, who has evidently been shoved into the mud, and also been in danger of having his eye put out by the tip of an umbrella arm, takes revenge in the following language:—"Ladies, when two of you are walking side by side, taking up every inch of the cross , walk, and theday is rainy and the mud . deep, doiPt think of such a thing as for . one of you to step behind the other, so . as to allow one of the "lords of crea tion" (what a misnomer) to pass by you dry shod, but always do as you did f —crowd him off into the mud, and keep your umbrellas bolt upright, too; it's no difference to you if he has to hold his at arm's length away from him to avoid a collison with yours; • and then it looks so lady-like and be coming for you to assert your superior ity upon every such occasion." LOOK OUT FOR TIIKM.—We learn, says the (ireensburg Art/us, that well dressed, smooth-tongued scamps are traveling over the country, having with them a model hay and manure loader with which they are gulling farmers outrageously. Their mode of opera tion is to visit the principal farmers, exhibit their model, sell a right to use it, and give an order tin a manufactu j ring establishment, where they pretend to have a contract for the manufacture j of the implement, receiving in exchange the fanner's note, which they immodi | ately convert into money, at a discount and then elearout. It is probable that some of the patent-right venders will visit this county, and farmers should exercise due vigilance to detect them. EPISCOPAL, CHURCH AND LOTS, — The foundation walls of the Episcopal Church here have just been put up, and preparations will be made during the winter for putting up the sujierstrue jin the spring. The remain-of the dead ! formerly buried in the old church lots, on I\?nn street, have been removed to the cemetery,.and a monument is in tended to lie placed over llieni. The lots are now in the market for sale, and can lie purchased for a moderate price, rile Will has been made secure by a recent act of the Legislature. A MISSING MAN FOUND.—The [ Gneensburg Argus -ays the skeleton I of a man named John Orlim, was found in a coal mine in Sewickley town ship, Westmoreland county, a short time since. lie suddenly disappeared some two years since, and his friends never heard anything of him until the finding of the skeleton, which was identified by discoveringa handkerchief on which hi-name was written, and al so bv parts of his clothing. The mys tery as to the manner of his death has uot been solved. ! CONDUCTORS IN LlMllO.—Nearly all . the conductors on the Pennsylvania j Railroad have been arrested forembez | /lenient of funds belonging to the com pany. We always regarded this class : of people as the most scrupulously hon | est persons in existence. llow could a man be dishonest who will not let a pt rmiie-- individual ride a mile at the Company's expense, and who refuses ; to take any money but sjiecieand green- I backs for farts ? — • COXVERSION <>FSKVEX-THIBTIES.— | Parties desiring to convert seven-thir > tie- into five-twenty coupon bonds, are reminded that all conversions on and . after December I, will be made in live- j twenties, bearing interest from Janua ■ | ry 1, next, and on transmitting or ad i justing their seven-thirties, they will > make up the interest account to that; date. • BAN K NOTE PA PEKTAX ABLK.— The i Commissioner of Internal Revenue, in j ■answer to an interrogatory from As-j se-sor Martin of this District, as to whether bank note paper is exempt' from taxation, answers: "Bank note j paper, not being regarded by this office as printing paper, within the meaning of the law, is held liable to a tax of j three per centum ad valorem." TIIAXKSGIVIXG. —Last Thursday, 29th tilt., appointed by the President j as a day of Thanksgiving, was duly ob-erved by our people. The stores and places of business were closed. Rev. H. lleckerman preached in the Presbyterian Church, and Rev. A. J. Barrow in the Court Mouse. The day was disagreeable, rain falling from ; early morn till night. ♦ i A MAX, stopping his paper, wrote to theeditor: "I think folk-attend tospend their inunny for pajters; my dad didn't, and every body says lie was the intelli gvntist man in the country, and had the smartest family of boys that everdugged tutors." N EW P. M. AT DFLSTOWDOX. —We learn from the Huntingdon papers that , G. Ashman Miller, Esq., has been ap pointed Postmaster at that place, vice John Reed removed. We know Mr. ' Miller well and can heartily endorse the : appointment. NEW IJOIK'E OF F. O. OF <>. F. —The Grand Lodge of Odd Fellows, of thi> State, at its late session in Philadelphia, granted a charter for a Lodge at Sax ton, | this county. | COMMON BCHOOU. — "The common; : schools of our borough opened on Mon-; : day last, witli Rev. H. lleckerman as Principal, and Misses O'Conor, Holder i haum, Tondinson and Russell, as as-; I sistants. _ ! HOUSE AND LOT FOB SAEE. -Daniel j Heltzell offers for sale his house and lot, near Bloody Run, on the Bedford ; Railroad. Inquire of Meyersand Dick ersou. j • NEW GOOWS AT THE REOEEATOH. , \ large iot of hoots and shoes, quoer:>- just received and for sale very'low'at Irvine's Regulator. Call and examine. EIMSFOI'A I. SEKVJ' Es.—'i here will lww the usual services at the Court , I next Sabbath, at 11 o clock, •A. M. and P. - VT - BOOKS AND PERIODICALS. A NEW BOOK BY MRS. EMMA D. E. X. SOUTH WORTH.— T. B. Peterson & Brothers, Philadelphia, have in press and will publish on Saturday, Decem ber loth, a new book by Mrs. Emma 1). E. N. Southworth, entitled "The Bride ot Llewellyn," which will, beyond all doubt prove to be the most popular 1 and successful work that has ever been written by her, for she is beyond all question the most powerful female writer in America, if not in the world. No one ever read a chapter of one of her works, without wishing to read the whole book, and none ever read one of her books without admiring the rare genius of its author, and wishing that she might soon write another. Her scenes are life-pictures, her incidents are lounded on facts, and her senti ments are characterized by a single pur ity both of conception and expression. She lias the rare faculty of saying what she means, and of saying it in such a manner that her meaning cannot he misinterpreted. In short she possesses in an eminent degriv those qualifica tions which are the peculiar preroga tives of a good writer; and while she delights the reader's imagination with her descriptive beauty, sheappiieshome truths to his understanding with the force of rational convict ion. The "Bride of Llewellyn" will be welcomed by all such readers especially; and those who have never read the work- of this gift ed woman should not fail to buy and read this new novel by this gifted American authoress. / GODEY'S LADY'S BOOK.—The De cember number of "Gotley" is on our table. It is one of the best Holiday numbers of this magazine we have ev er seen. The "Christmas Doll" and "Christmas," are fine sfeel, engravings and are alone worth the subscription price. The fashion-plate- are ex eel lent, a- u.-ual. The tales, poetry and literary contents generally, are at par. "God ey" is the oldest magazine of fashion in this country. The magazine offers great attractions for lS(i7. Our advice to our lady readers i> to subscribe for Gfjdey's I.wh/\< Hook. THE LA DIES' REPOSITORY.—We rec ommend to those of our readers who desire -ome intermixture of We-teru Literature with that of the Middle .States and the Yankee notions of !ii>— ton, the Ladies' L'epo.sifory, a monthly magazine published by Poeund Hitch cock, Cincinnati, o. It is an old estab ished magazineand maintains it- well earned fame as a readable and interest ing work. Let those who wish to read a Western monthly, subscribe to the Ladies' Repository. Price $3.00 per annum. CLARK'S SCHOOL VISITOR.—We are in regular receipt of this neat and in tercsting little periodical. It is the best juvenile monthly published. The "Visitor" is to be enlarged on the first of January. Price7scents per annum. Address J. W. Daughaday, Pluhidel delphia. WE call attention to the advertise ment, in another column, of Ann S. Stephens' new book, "The Soldier's < )r --piians," just published by Peterson A Bros., Philadelphia. REVIEW or THE MARKETS. PHILADELPHIA, Dec. 3. FLOUR. —The market is very dull, and prices unsettled— •' Northwest superfine, $7.00(e7.5" Northwest extra, 8.50(" 8.00 Northwest extra family, 11.00( 12.25 Penna. and West'n superfine,B.oo< 8.50 Penna. and West'n extra, 'J.OOffflo.oo GRAlN.—There is little demand for Wheat, and prices are nominal. We quote— Pennsylvania red, per bus., $2.05< J J.'.Mi Southern " 3.00(3.10 White, " 3.35(3.30 live, " 1 .•'•)(<' 1.40 Corn, foryel., (new) ",(i.!iu Oats, " 58("5!>e POVISIONS. —Prices are unsettleil. Mess Pork, per bbh, $23.00(VJ.23.50 Bacon Hams, per lb., !<>(" 31c Salt Shoulders, " 13:" 13(c Prime Lard, " 13c SEEDS.—We quote Cloverseed, per bus., at $0.0u10.00 Timothy, " 3.00(e3.U-i Flaxseed, " 3.J5(3.Ai BUSINESS HI RECTORY. The following Business Directory for the bor ough of Bedford and other places in the county. whose advertisements appear in the, columns of THE GAZETTE,) may be of service to our friends ind patrons in the county, and is commended to .heir attention: ATTORNEYS AT LAW—G. H. Spans; T. P Reed; .I.W.Tate; John Palmer; E F Kerr; Durborrow A Lutz; Espy M. Alsip; John 1 Keagv & J H. Filler; Kimmell & Lingenfelter, Meyers A Diekerson, Bedford, Pa. BANKERS—Reed .fc Sehell; Rupp, Shannon i C >.. Bedford. Pa. BOOTS AN SHOES, VARIETIES, Ac ll. F. Irvine, Bedford, Pa. BEDFORD NURSERIES—T. M. Lynch. CABINET-WAKE. CHAIRS, Ac—Richard Leo, Bedford. Pa. CLOTHING—I. Lippel- Berkstresser A Irvine, George Reiround, Bedford, Pa. DRY-GOODS, GROCERIES, Ae —A. B. Cra mer; J. M. Shoemaker. Bedford, Pa. DENTISTRY—C. N. Hickok A J. G. Minnich. Jr.. Dr. W W. Van Ornier, Bedford, Pa. DRUGGIST—J. L. Lewis, Bedford, Pa. FANCY STORES—Mrs. V. B.Tate A Miss M Rea; Mrs E. V. Mowry; Mrs M. R. Schafer A Miss Kate Deal. Miss M. Fetterly, Bedford. Pa. HARDWARE, Ac.—Wm. Hartley; Geo. Bly mycr A son. Be lforl, Pa. HOTELS Bedford Hotel, J. J. Shoemaker; Mongol House, I. Mengel; Union Hotel, V. Steck man. Bedford, Pa. JEWELER—DanieI Border, Bedford, Pa JOB PR INTERS— Meyers A Mengel. Bedford, Pa —All kinds of Plain and Fancy Job Printing neatly and promptly executed. PUMPS—Wm. C. Snively, Schellsburg, Pa. PHYSICIANS—Dr. J. L. Marbourg, Bedford, ?a • Drs.W w Jamison and P. H Pennsvl. Bloody Run, Pa.. Dr. Geo. C. Douglaa, Bedford, Pa. REAL ESTATE SALES- F C. Reamer—private sale T. H. A N. J. Lyons, Private Sale. Jacob Walter, Private, C. N. Hickok, private sale. Adolphus Ake. private sale. Meyers A Diekerson, private sale. John P. Reed, private sale. STOVES, TINWARE. Ac.—B. McC Blymyer A Co., Bedford, Pa. I if Read the "New Advertisements" in this week's issue of THE GAZETTE. li For Administrator's, Executor's, Auditor's notices, Ac .see "Legal Notices." |jZ Read the advertisements under the head of "Notices, Ac " iUu* HOUSE AND LOT PORSALEL— The undersigned offers for sale his House nnd Lot, on the railroad near Bloody Hun. The lot contains 4i acres; the house is a two-story building in good repair. For particulars, inquire of Mey ers <fc Dickerson. DANIEL HELTZELL dec7w4* 4 L L IXT ER E SPF E D JL\_ will please remember that OUR BOOKS WILL BE BEADY FOR SETTLE MENT, JANUARY 1. 1867. Those indebted are respectfully notified, They Mt/sf Settle their Accounts. fhnnking all who have heretofore complied with our terms, we also inform all who neglect, to do so. they will find their claims in the hands of an officer for collection, sixty days afterdate named above. flec7wß. A B. CRAMER .V CD. AND SETTLE.—AiI penobs V ' are hereby notified, that THE BOOKS of the undersigned MI ST BE SETTLED immediately, either hy CASH or NOTE All interested are re quested to attend to this matter on or before the Ist of January next. I>. A. REED. dec7w3. | AST NOTICE.—AII persons tn- I J debted to the undersigned, either by note or book account, will be given till the Ist day of January, I*B7. to pay up The notes and accounts of those who neglect, irit/ioitl rtgarrito peixon*. will then be pi a ed iu tin officer's hands for collection. 1 herefore, if by negligence you pay costs, after being often warned, do not bfaine ttac7w4 w.M HARTLEY. ALL PERSONS INDEBTED TO A JL HARTLEY A METZGER will please settle their accounts on or before January In tr rent will />;w tivtly be charged Irorn that dateon all unsettled balances. Our terms are CASH. 57W4 HARTLEY k METZGER MARGARET BRUBAKER, BY HER next friend. James lliiuimond, vs. George W . Brubaker. No. 71, Nov. Term, 1866, alias subpoena on Libel for Divorce. Nov 19, 1866, on motion of John Cessna, Esq., M. A Points, appointed Commissioner to take tes timony, notice is hereby civen that the undersign ed will meet all parties interested at his office in Bedford, on Saturday, December 29th inst., at ten o'clock, A M., to take testimony. d.-cTwl M A POINTS. Cran'r TVISSOLUTION OP PARTNER- J / SHIP—The pi'fnPshipheretofore existing under the firm of Defibaugh A Fisher is this day dissolved by mutual consent. All persons know ing themselves indebted to said firm will settle by cash or note on or before the Ist of January, 1567; otherwise, all accounts unsettled, will be left in the hands of au officer for collection. A. L DEFIBAUGH, Bedford, N0v.27.'66. E. M. FISHER. X B —Mr. i'efib-iugh will continue the business at the old s and. He desires his friend? to extend the same patronage to him that they have extend ed to us He expects to procure a new -<tock of goods in two or three weeks. D & F. dec7w.'l • "VT"EW ST<)RE !; NEW GOODS!! 1* —AT— MILL-TOWX, two miles West of Bedford, where the subscriber has opened out a splendid assortment of J fry-Good-, Groceries, Xotions, &e., Ac. All of which will be sold at the most reasonable prices. lire?- Goods, b>--t quality. Everybody buys 'eni. Muslins, '■ '• Everybody buys cm. Groceries, all kinds. Everybody buys em. Hardware. Queensware, Glassware, Cedarware,Ac. and a general variety of everything usually kept in a country store. r Everybody buys em. Li*' Call and examine our goods. _dce7.'<>6 G YEAGKK. IJUBLISH E D TH IS DA Y— ANN S. STEPHENS' NEW BOOK ! THE SOLDIER'S ORPHANS. By Mrs. Ann S. Stephens, author of "Fashion A Famine,' - The Gold Brick," "The Old Homestead," "Silent Struggles." "MaryDerwent," "Rejected Wife," "The Heiress," "The Wife's Secret," etc. This new book, by Mrs Ann S. Stephens, has been pronounced by all to he by far the best aud most interesting work ever written by her. Itap. reared in monthly instalments in "Peterson's Magazine" during the last year, having been com pleted in the December number, where it proved to be the most popular, powerful, and successful novel that has ever appeared in that Magazine, | aud it is now published complete and unabridged, I in one large duodecimo volume, uniform with the "Gold I.rick," Fashion and Famine.'' and other works of Mrs. Ann S. Stephens, published by us. It will no doubt prove to be tbc most popular work that has ever before been written by this talented American authoress. Mrs Stephens has justly become a favorite with all American readers of prose fiction, and the an nouncement of a new work from her graceful pen is cheerful uewS to thousands of readers. And there is a rare treat in store for thetn, for in "The Soldier's Orphans." Mrs. Stephens has, if any thing, eclipsed all her former efforts. There is less redundancy of scene and action, but there is far more anir-tic excellence, and an elaboration of causes and effects, attainable only by practised writers. The action of this new novel transpires in Philadelphia, and beyond the limits of the city, the authoress does not permit herself to stray. Tho time selected by Mrs. Stephens is recent, the late war,and she pictures with vivid distinctness the do

mestic suffering and sacrifices entailed by, and made for, the gra-d and heroic struggle for na tional unity. The plot is one of absorbing interest, the characters are graphic transcripts from real life, strongly individualized, and the contrasts formed by their individual peculiarities, mental and physical, lend a rare charm to this last and most finished of Mrs. Stephens' books." "The Soldier's Orphans" is published complete in one large duodecimo volume. Price $1.60 in paper; or $2.00 in cloth. MRS ANN S. STEPHENS' OTHER WORKS. The Gold Brick. 1 50 | Mary Derwent. 1 50 Silent Struggles. 150 j Fashion A Famine. 150 The Wife's Secret. 1 50 j TheOldHomestead.l 50 The Rejected Wife, 1 50 | Tho Heiress. 1 50 Above are iu paper cover, or in cloth at $2 each. The above books are for sale by all booksellers. Copies of "The Soldier's Orphans " or of any other or all of the above popular books by Mrs. Ann S. Stephens, will be sent to any one, free of postage, on receipt ot price. Address all orders to the Publisher?. T. B PETERSON A BROTHERS. GilS Chestnut St , Philadelphia. Pa. And they will receive immediate attention. I si;t ! GET UP YGUIt IsiiT! i CLUBS. "THE AGE," A DEMOCRATIC MORNING JOURNAL! (treat Improvements and Grrat Inducements. t MOM, RKSTORATIOS. A\N CoxsTirrriosAL LIB- F.RTV ! The Daily Ago contains the latest intelligence from all parts of the world, with articles n Gov ernment. Polities, Trade. Finance, atnl nlltheeur rent questions of the day: Lead Intelligence. Mar ket Reports, Prices Cnrren*. Stock Quotations. Marine ami Commercial intelligence, Reports of Public Gatherings. Foreign and Domestic Corres pondence. Legal Reports. Book Notices. Theatrical Criticisms. Reviews of Literature, Art and Music, Agricultural Matters; and discus-ions of whatever subjects are of general interest and importance.— Besides special telegrams, it has all the dispatches of the Associated Press from every part of the U nited States, and tho news from all parts of Eu rope. brought by the steamers, is instantly tele- I graphed from the point the steamers first touch The Weekly Age will be a complete compendium of the news of the week. iyid besides the leading editorials from the Daily, will contain a large - mount of interesting matter prepared expressly for j the weekly issue. It will be in all respects a first class family journal, particularly adapted to the Politician, the Farmer, the Merchant, the Mechan ic, the Family Circle and the General Reader, having, in fact", every characteristic of a live news paper. 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Ladies' buckskin Gauntlets, cloth and fieeee-lined Gloves, for ladies and children; Lace and Crape VEILS. Barege and Grenadine tor Veils. Pocket Handkerchiefs. Neck-Ties, Combs. Brushes, Soaps. PERFUMERY, Eureka Hair Restorative, Mrs. Hill's Hair Restorative DRESS TRIMMINGS, WIGANS im. BUTTONS Also, all kinds of Notions and Toys. Also, the very best made and finest Ladies' and Children s SHOES that can be bought in Philadelphia. Mrs. MOWRY is determined to sell her Goods, and do her work as CHEAP AS THE CHEAPEST. She hopes her friends and patrons will cull and ex amine her stock, as she is satisfied that they will recommend themselves, in QUALITY - and PKICE, to refined tastes and good judgment nv2m3 MBS. V. B. TATE. MISS )L. HE A. YEW FALL STYLES!—Mrs. Tate _a 1 has just returned from the East with a splen did selection of BONNETS, HATS. FEATHERS, FLOWERS, RIBBONS, SILKS. VELVETS, and everything belonging to a. MILLINERY ESTABLISHMENT. We would call your particular attention to our FA L L STO C K op LADIES' DRESS AND CLOAK TRIMMINGS, of Mrs. Ta'e'a own selection, such as ORNAMENTS. Bf TTONS, GUIPURE CHERRY LACES, CORDS. TASSELS, FRINGES. VELVET RIBBONS. BELTING, and TRIMMINGS generally. Mrs. TATE and Miss REA flatter themselves that their LATE NOVELTIES will not be sur passed by any. Giving their personal attention to all the branches of their department; the ac knowledged superiority as regards their reliability and the patronage extended them, renders com ment unnecessary. Mrs. Tate procured, while in Philadelphia, a FI EST-C LA SS DR ESS- MA KE R. who is now ready to make Dresses. Cloaks, and Children's Wear. Ladies may rely on being artis tically fitted, and their work finished in the most prompt and efficient manner, at the lowest possible price. Cutting and Basting done at short notice. Lsf~* Girls wanting to learn Mantua-Making will apply immediately, as a fine opportunity is given them. - ootlVtf VKW GOODS!— 3LC I L I TELLY A X hasjust received a splendid assortment of Fancy Dry Goods, consisting in part of Fancy Dress Goods. Silks. French Merinos. Alpacca, De laines, Flannels. Muslins, Prints. Cloaking Cloth. Cloaks, Furs. Shawls, Hoop Skirts, Balmorals, Hosiery. Gloves, Dress Trimmings, Fancy But tons. Velvets, Ladies' Dress Caps, a handsome as sortment of Embroideries, Mourning and Lace Goods, Ladies' and Children's Shoes, with a great variety of other notions, Ac., Ac. The stock con sists ot every article usually kept in a first class Fancy Store. Tnankful for past favors, MC ask a continuance of your patronage. u0v.9.'66,-yl. iUuUo, and -Varieties. / 1 RI-;AT EXCITEMENT IX BED- V J FORD! THE REGULATOR A.Nn BEDFORD CLo TII IX G E3ll'o RI U M IN ADVANCE OF ALL OTHERS. FRESH ARRIVAL OF NEW GOODS! IK>OTS, SI IOES, XI)TIOXS ! CLOTHING, CASSIMERS, HATS of all kinds laid in at prices to suit the times. If you want a good Coat go to the Regulator. If you want a good p'r Boots, go to the Regulator. If you want a good Vest, go to the Regulator. If you want a good p'rShoes, go to the Regulator. If you want a good p'r Pants, go to the Regulator If you want a suit of Clothes, go to the Regulator. If you want a good Shirt, go to the Regulator. If you want a good Hat. go to the Regulator. If you want a good Gaiter or Shoe go to thcßeg'r. If you want good Cassimere, go to the Regulator. If you want a variety of Notions, go to the Reg'r. If you want a fashionable Coat, go to the Regulator If you want fashionable Pants A Vests go to tho Regulator. If you want a fashionable Suit, go to the Regu lator. If you want Queensware or Glassware, go to the Regulator. If you want good Spices of any kind, go to the Regulator. If you want good Flavoring Extracts, go to the Regulator. If you want good Toilet Soap or Perfumery, go the Regulator. If you want good Hosiery, Gloves, Neck-ties col lars, Ac., go to the Regulator. If you want any thing in our line go to the Bed ford Clothing Emporium and Boot, Shoe and No tion Regulator, No. 2, Anderson's Row. Goods of all kinds ordered from the Eastern cities to accommodate customers. 11. F. IRVINE, Sept. 7, 1860. R. W. BERKBTRESSER. VKW IIi(>TOGUAPH GALLERY The undersigned has fitted up a new Photograph Gallery,:: doors West of Dr. Harry's Drag Store, where is prepared to MAKE PICTI RES of any size and style desired, front the small breast-pin size tip to life size. He also keeps a large assortment of FA N(' Y CASE.S, POCKET A L PUMA, ALBUMS for the centre-table, Gilt Frames, Rosewood Frames, Gilt Moulding and Rosewood Moulding for Frames. Cor f and Tassels for hangin" frames. Will also COPi PICTURES from Ambro types. Photographs, Engravings, etc., and enlarge thetn to any size desired. Having all the late improvements in the art and being engaged in the business longer than any other man in the eoutity he can assure his custo diers that he will make better work than can be Biad at any other establishment. He was the first man to introduce the AMBROTYE; " MELAI.\OTYPE\ FERROTYPE-, " . " PHOTOGRAPH; and is the only one who can make the beautiful ALUATYPE or PORCELAIN PICTURES of recent discovery. ~ Terms 25 per cent, cheaper than any other place in the county. T. R. GETTYS. n0v.9.-m3. / lUNS A.Ni> LOCKS.—The mulcr vj signed respectfully tenders his services to the people of Bedford and vicinity, as a repairer of (iuus and Locks. Ail work promptly attended to. L. DEFIBAUUH. scp 28. 'tjt>-tf MAMMOTH SALE RILLS,PRINT. _ ed at short notice. Large Bills make large sales. AVe know it to be so. TRY IT l It will much more than pay the extra, erpense of print tag. Call at ITS IIMEWI JOB OFFICE rpilE Local circulation of the BKD- I FORD GAZETTE is larger than that of any other paper in this section ol oountry, ami therefore of ers the greatest inducements to business men to fdvertise in its columns. FTLVERY VARIETY AND STYLE J[ J OF JOB PRINTING neatly executed at low rates at THE BEDFORD GAZETTE office. Call and leave your orders ORDERS from a distance for any kind of JOB PRINTING promptly attended toT Send to THE GAZETTE JOB OFFICE, Bed ford. Pa pni-Crooclsi, o>voreries, &r. *###*# * # * # ♦ ]V"E\V GOODS! FALL & \VJ XTER! The undersigned have now opened a large and general assortment of FALL AND WINTER GOODS, FALL AND WINTER GOODS, to which they respectfully invite the attention of buyers, confident they can offer DA 11G A INS! BA HGAINS! BARGAINS! BA IIGAINS! BA RGAIXS! In every department. CALL AND EXAMINE Ol'R STOCK. JSf 4 You can he sciTsn at the LOWEST PRICES. TERMS: [jpe CASH or PRODUCE. When credit is IJ/" given, in AI.L cases after six [JJF MONTHS, interest will be 1 charged in the ,Nfi account.^J A. B. CRAMER & CO. ****** ****** oct26 Vi:w GOODS! NEW GOODS A large and complete stock of FALL AND WINTER GOODS, just received and opened at J M SHOEMAKER'S, No. 1 Anderson's Row—bought just at the right time. The following comprise a few of our goods : DRY GOODS: Calicoes., Coburg Cloths. French Mori noes, Alpacas, Flannels, Ginghams, all wool Pe- j laines. all colors, large stock of bleached and un- j bleached Muslins. Cloths Cassiuieres, Satinetts. : Jeans, Tweeds, Ac., Ac. BOOTS AND SHOES: A large assortment of Men's and Boys' Boots and ' Shoes Ladies' Misses' and Children's Boots, Shoes j and Gaiters, all prices, and sizes to suit everybody, j CLOTHING: A very large stock of Men's and Boys' Coats. Pants j and Vests, all sizes, and prices to suit the times. ! HATS AND CAPS: A complete assortment of all kinds, sizes and j prices. GROCERIES. SPICES, Ac.: Coffee. Sugar, Levering and other Syrups. Molas- I ses, Tea, Rice, Tobacco, Bpices. Ac. LEATHER: A prime article Sole Leather, Calf Skins, Kip and j Upper Leather and Linings. CO 1 TON CHAINS, Single and Double, all numbers, cheap. CEDAR AND WILLOW WARE, Tubs. Buckets. Brooms, Baskets, Ac. Call and sec our stock of Goods and be convinced that No. 1 Anderson 3 Row, is the place to get bargains. J. M. SHOEMAKER. 5ep.28,'66. OELI AXG OF F A T C<>S T!! P. A. REED, Intending to relinquish the Mercantile business,in Bedford, IS CLOSING OUT HIS ENTIRE STOCK OF DRY GOODS, \c.. AT COST! A rare chance to buy goods, of all kinds, cheap, j Call and sec. junl,'66. j CHANCE FOR BARGAINS! REMEMBER THE XE \V CIIE A P STO RE , .1/ St. ('hiirsville, Pa. GOODS OF ALL KINDS SOLD AT SMA LL PROFITS. OPPENHEIMKR Has just received from the East, and offers for sale at the LOWEST PRICES, a large ami varied assortment of LADIES' DRESS GOODS, of every description and of the best quality; MILLINERY AND FANC Y GOODS, a large assortment, to suit all classes; NOTIONS, in endless variety; MUSLINS, all kinds, very cheap: CALICOES, from the best manufactures. Our stock of DRY GOODS is unsurpassed, and we ask all to give us a call, if they desire to get BAKG A INS. 11E A1) Y-M ADE CL( >T 111 AG, of every description, for sale at the LOWEST PRICES. We also make CLOTHING of all kinds TO ORDER, at short notice, and upon the most reasonable terms. We also keep constantly on hand a splendid assortment of PIECE GOODS:— UASSIMERES, VESTINGS, CL< )THS, etc., Ac. and Men's and Boy's Furnishing Goods of all kinds. We also have a fine assortment of BOOTS AND SHOES, HARDWARE, QUEENS WARE, TINWARE, WILLOW-WARE, Ac., Ac., Ac., together with everything usually fouud in a well assorted store, all of wnivh will be sold at the LOWBB® PRICES. JjP Remember OPPENHEIMER'S New Cheap Store, St. Clairsvillc, Pa. jul.27.—Cm. COOK AND PARLOR STOVES AT B Mc. BLYMYER A CO S ileal instate Sales. 1 ! AARM FX>R SA LE.—2OO acres, one half under cultivation, well improved, i ruifc : and Timbir abundant. Situate in Napier town- I ship. Fr particulars, price. Ac,, apply to JHON P. REED. Ag't. J A. B. SANDS, Pr'r. |aug.27-3m.) Bedford. Pa. I QPLENDID FARM FOR SALE— j 7 miles from Bedford, containing ONE HUN DRED AND FIFTY ACHES, 125 acres undercul Ovation, half creek bottom; well watered; excel ! lent Brick House and Frame Burn; plenty of good 1 timber; convenient to schools, churches and mills. W ill be sold at a bargain. Inqnireof MEYERS A DICKERSON. i oeiattf Bedford, Pa. _ T7ALUABLE FARM FOR SALE.— \ 2IM) acres, situate in Liberty Township. Bed ford County, on the Juniata river and ilt nting don A Broad Top Rail Road W <*ll improved fine meadows, fruit and timber—a very desira ble property, at the head of market—the property of Cap!. Joseph S Reed. Will he sold cheap' For price. Ac., apply to JOHN P. REED, aug2l-tf. Att v, at Bedford. HOTEL FOR SALE.—Wishing to relinquish business. J will sell at PRIVATE ! SALE, my'tavern Stand in the borough of Sax eon. known as the "VVnveriy House," with 2 lots of ground, u|H,n which is a large number of choice fruit trees, (bearing), and six varieties of choice grape*, well and cistern at the door carriage house, smoke house, ice house, with every conve nience. The hotel contains 30 rooms. If not sold by the 25tb of December. I will rent it for one or more years. Possession given on April 1. 1887. D0T304. J. A. RAL'M. PUBLIC SALE OF VALUABLE F REAL ESTATE.—JOHN ALMI>. Auctioneer. By virtue of an order of the Orphans' Court of Bedford county, the subscriber will offer at puhli™ sale, on the premises, in Hopewell township, Bed ford cmintv. ON FRIDAY. DECEMBER 28th, A. D. 1868, at 11 o'clock. A M., all that Tract of Land, late the property of John W Becler, dee d.containing Two Hundred and Seventy-Nine and one-fourth Acres, adjoining innds of \V illiam Piper, John Burger. David Piper, James Piper, and others— with 160 acres cleared and under fence, and hav ing thereon erected a Two-Story,Frame House, Frame Batik Barn. Tenant House, and other build ings. There is some good meadow land, and facil ities for making more; also, a large Orchard of choice fruit. This tract of limd lies within half a mile of the Huntingdon and Broad Top Railroad, contains valuable IRON ORE, and offers superior induce ments to purchasers. TERMS CASH—at confirmation of sale. .! W. LINGJSN FELTER. novSOwJ Adm'rof J. W. lieeler, dee'd. I )ÜBLIC SALE OF VALUABLE j[ REAL ESTATE —By virtue of an order of the Orphans' Court of Bedford county, the under signed admin'strators of the estate of Martin Hoover, late of Liberty township, dee'd will offer at public sale, upon the premises, on SATURDAY, DECEMBER 28th. 1866, the following described real estate, viz: No. ]. A messuage, being the mansion house and tract of land situate in the township of Ltberty, in the county of Bedford, containing one hundred and eighty-four acres, more or less, well inter ved and well watered, adjoining land of Samuel Har vey. Geo. F. Steel and others. No. 2 One tract of wood land, situate in said township, containing six hundred acres, more or less, adjoining lands of decedent and others. No. 3 One tract of land situated in said town ship. containing four hundred and thirty-two acres and thirty perches, more or les*. adjoining lands ot James Patton and others. I pon these list two tracts there is an almost unlimited quautity of excellent timber TERMS : Cash at the confirmation of the sale. Sale to commence at lit o'clock. A. M . of said day. GEORGE HOOVER, JOHN H. BILLING, n0v.23.w4. Adrn'rs of Martin Hoover, dee'd \ T ALI'AHLE LAX!) FOR SALE V —The undersigned offers for sale the follow ing valuable bodies ot land : THREE CHOICE TRACTS OF LAND, containing 160 acres each, situated on the Illinois Centra! Railroad, in Champaign county, State of Illinois. 8 miles from the city of I'rbana. and one mile from Rentuai Station on said Railroad. Two of the tracts adjoin, and one of them has a never failing pond of waterupon it The eity of Urbana contains about 4,000 iut uhitants. Champaign is the greatest wheat growing county in Illinois. ALSO— One-fourth of a tract of tana, situated in Broad Top township. Bedford county, contain ing about 46 acres, with all the coal veins of Broad Top running through it. ALSO—XV 'tne Lots in the to wit of Coalmont, Huntingdon county. Jan 26, '66-tf F. C REAMER. TTALUABLE REAL ESTATE AT T PRIVATE SALE.—One lot of ground in the centre of Bloody Run. fronting on Main street about sixty-five feet, one of the very best business locations in Bloody Run. Also, ten acres of wood land, adjacent to Bloody Run, lying on the Bed ford Rail Road, containing first rate irwn ore and having thereon a never-failing spring of water. For particulars inquire at the store of Mrs. S E. Mann. Bloody Run, or of Dr Iliokok, Bedford, Pa. Dec 15, '65. VF. PRIVATE SALE IJ OF VALI ABLE REAL ESTATE.—The un dersigned will sell at private sale, several adjoin ing and contiguous tracts of land, lying on the headwaters of Dunning's Creek, in St. Clair town ship. Bedford county, containing 765 acres, now divided into four tracts, three tructs thereof con taining respectively 157. 163. and 183 acres and the other, being the Saw Mill tract, containing 262 acres. These tracts will be sold as they are or subdivided to suit purchasers. The saw mill tract contains a FIRST CLASS SAW MILL, with a never-failing head of water, and is in the midst of a TIMBER REGION un surpassed for the quality of timber. One other of the tracts contains an enviable site for a TAN YARD, with all the advantages of water, and is alongside of Chestnut Ridge, w here the resources for Bark are inexhaustible. 106 acres of the land is bottom, mostly covered by large sugar trees. 300 acres are cleared and in a good state of cultivation, and the balance well timbered. There are THREE DWELLING HOUSES, up p..n the premises and THREE BARNS, with other outbuildings. The Fruit is choice and in abund ance upon some of these tracts. This property lies 12 miles North of Bedford, and in a country noted for its good roads, leading North, South, East and V ,-st, to Bedford, Hoßidayshurg. Johnstown, and other points, on the Penn'a Central Railroad. Farmers, Lumbermen, Tanners and Speculators should examine the premises, as these lands will be sold on fair and reasonable terms. T. H. LYONS, junS.'66. N. J. LYONS. ilotices. &c. IJiOR SALI'V- VERY LOW —a second hand PIANO. Inquire of apr.1.V66.-tf. " C. N. HICKOK. nil. GEO. B. KEL LEY, having permanently 10. atc 1 in ST CLAIRS VILLE, tenders his professional services to the citizens of that place and vicinity. nov2'66yl TTARTLEY & METZGER Keep | | constantly on hand n large Stock of general HARDWARE. Thev havejust received 5(1 DOZEN BEST ,t CHEAPEST FRUIT JARS ever offered to the public. They keep all kinds of Farm Ma chinery. including Mowers and Reapers. Cider Mills, Fodder Cutt rs and Wiiloughby's Gum Spring Roller Grain Drills, the best in the world, jul 13, '66. |)ERSONS knowing 1 themselves in | dehted to us for advertising Administrators', Executors'. Auditors' Notices. Orphans' Court sales and other sales of Real Estate, and for printing hills, Ac., Ac., will please call and settle for the same, as all such advertising and printing should be CASH MEYERS A MENGEL. Feb 16, '6B—tf. r|\\ X NEBB, ATTENTK >X!—A new 5 Tannery, in good order, containing one pool, three limes, three baits, five loaches, thirty-four lay-a-way vats, with the necessary number of han dlers, in as good a location as can he found in Bed ford county, for rent. For further information call at this office. Nov. 17, '65-tf QOLDIEBB' BOUNTIES.—The nn krdersigncd has the blanks now ready and w ill attend promptly to the collection of all claims un der the law lately passed for the Equalization of Bounties. aug.l7-if. J. W. DICKERSON. f AST NOTICE.—My old books J jmust be squared by cash or note immediate ly. Those persons who may fail to settle their accounts, on or before August 15th. 1866, must blame the m-rlvcn, if thej- have costs to pay, as I have been very indulgent, and now need money, jul 13—tf. WM. HARTLEY. "VTOTICE TO ASSESSORS.—The 1* Assessors of the several districts of the coun ty, elected for the year 1867, are hereby notified to meet at the Commissioners' office, on Tuesday, December 11th, 1866, to receive the books, instruc tions, Ac., for the assessment lor said year. Let none fail to be present. By order of the Commissioners, J NO. U. FISHER, n0v.23.w3. Clerk. SLIP B 1 LLS, PRCniiIAALMES, POSTERS, and all kinds of PLAIN ANJja FANCY JOB PRINTING, done with iieatfM