Newspaper of Bedford Gazette, January 4, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of Bedford Gazette dated January 4, 1867 Page 3
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fl'.f ilrdfovd fertte, Local and Personal. 1 [ I illM !'ll : $ j i j 1-1 ? i; - ~ i•/ | Jai.! i. 4 a JA- ... "is' 4 i "<■ l I l 7| 8 ill 10 il'l2 J 4 V t 9lt 12 13 j ! "'ls if. 1? 1 la It l.j it 17 I- ;. I |2U 21.22 m 24 25 26 121*22 2". 2. 25 2;i 27 • I-7 20.2J T0 2I 2929 IV 31 ...| j frK .......i 2 Aujr 1 i 2 < L ,|ls< 1r # I:s6 7 ! #1: j ,l p (12 15 It 15 If. ill 12 •:, ! I ,7 '< ! 6|la 21 22 23 'I- 19 . 21 2\ j „ -■ 25:26 27 28 25 2. it 7. j Jar. . .|...i i. -j, , 45!f,71r.50 M. ; 2 -i s6 ; I 'IOII 12 l.'i 14 15 it; i ain '1.12 I:, 14 I lli 111!<• 21:22 23 IS 16 IT I.'- it. 2tt ' | 121 25 2.1 .7 2> 2a 36 22 2: 24 24,26 27:28 . Sl' "... 29 36 1...1... Ib r. ...| 12'4 5' Oft. .12 ,U I I j 7' - 6 Hi I! 12 13 t: 71 a |H I! 12 it 111 :>i 17 I-' 17 2: i 14 :: 16 I7il-.ll: 1 ,2! 22 23 21 13.26 27 . .9:1 22 23 21 25 20 4 ' 2* 29 30 i... 27 2 22 36 31' 'til ' 2: S: 4 ,\? 1 ...! I; 2 • ; •*' '• 71 fa in I: 3 41 5 6 7 S 9 1!'-' i:' ilsif 17 I.- miil3us it !!• "" 21 22 23 24 25 ;; 19 3: 21 25 .7 2-. 29 30 3! ... 21 25 X 27 2- 22 .41 4CS 1...1 I n ;... ...1... , i | ; 3 6 7 •- iff. i 2 3 4 5; 6 7 4 1 .1 ill! if 12 13 14 i: If • I. II 12,13 1 I 11 41; 7711 -4 '9 20,21 22 li rl7 1 1 20 21 j >...! ". ... ; MASONIC BANQUET.— On Thursday •evening list,LSt. John's day, was cele brated by Bedford Lodge, No. 320 A. 7 Y. M., by a banquet at the Mengel House. After the singing of an ap propriate hymn and the asking of a blessing, the fraternity sat down to a splendid supper to which they did am ple justice. The entertainment was truly a magnificent one. After the cloth was removed, the following toasts were given and responded to: By Dr. C. X. Hickok : "Our Ancient Fraternity." Responded to by Rev. S. Kepler. By J. Palmer: "The Cardinal Vir > tue of our Order, Brotherly Love." * Responded to by Rev. A. V.C.Schenek. By Rev. A. V. C. Schenck : "The la dies of our land." Responded to by Dr. C. X. Hickok. By J. L. Lewis: "Our Worshipful Master." Responded to by Dr. C. N. Hickok. , By Dr. S. G. Statler: "Our Senior Warden." Responded to by J. L. Lewis. By H. F. Irvine: "Our Junior War den. ' Responded to by B. F. Meyers. By B. F. Meyers: "Our retiring Sec retary." Responded to by It. W. Bcrk stresser. 1 By Rev. S. Kepler: "The Ladies of Bedford." Responded to by J. Palmer. By : "T!jeLadies of the Mon gol House." Responded to by 11. W. Fisher. By Itev. A. y. ('. Schenok: "Our Order, pure as the water; may it be come as useful and as universal." Drank standing and in silence. Al?x) the following toasts: "Our Ab son t Brothers," drank standing; "Our O" Brother, Maj.L. Taliaferro," responded to by three cheers; "Our Host." After the singing of a Hymn and the benediction, the fraternity dispersed. A LUCKY FELLOW. —Our friend TraughjOfthe Hoilidaysburg Standard, ihas received as Christmas presents, 1. "A fine fat turkey, of the female persuasion ;" 2. "A whopping turkey, of the male persuasion;" A box of ine cigars; 4. "An elegant pair of | vteel skates;" 5. "A beautiful tm<l ca pacious pocket-book." How we envy I he fellow's good fortune! For the j skates and the pocket-book, (especially ; he latter) we wouldn't have much use; : )ut the turkeys, of whatever "persua j ;ion," are a nice thing in a family, and | .vA would much rather puj/'t hose prime I ,'igars than some other things we wot if. But we console ourselves by the •efleetion that next to our individual elves, Traugh is the man who de- J | terves just such presents. P. S. Since the above was written, j I re have been made the recipient of a ff ine specimen of the gen us turkey, pre- j I tented to us by our friend, Capt. J. B. I Helm. We now begin to have some j J (lea ot the feelings which must have 1 reigned in the bosom of the aforesaid I; Traugh when he was overwhelmed ! iA'ith those C hristmas gifts. MATRIMONIAL. —The Matrimonial | narket, remarks an exchange, about I his time of year is pretty nriri, but the j 'j itltrrent qualities of stock thrown up- I n the market makes the "fluctuations" j 1 *equent. "Sweet sixteens" are active, ! ! ut not up to the demand,and "gooil'" 1 i previous figures. La- -es of "twen- A "brisk," and sales more lively.— i I [isses "of age" weak and fully up to J ! i - demand. Unmarried aunts are on j i dline. Old maids are active and i market is stocked. Bachelors, in j j allow tailed coats, seedy and ui.-jpon y |a,to. .g-ruce bachelors of thirty, i ■ .truly, with a prospect of a few sales. ' f, bung and fascinating "swells" in good whnantl, and sales are quoted at "hand ►me figures." The market closes very •isk with he.: vy stock On hand. ( CHRISTMAS was celebrated by servi-! s ill the Episcopal and German iie -1 rmed churches, and by a number o: ie Sabbath Schools. The children mnected with the Episcopal Church j ad a fine Christmas tree, beautilqlly i mvigcd, and received presents of 1 afnisjme books. The German, Re | #ned Church was very prettily and j decorated with evergreen • ,*iths and festoons, and upon the I ■ faipii were placed a star and cross, , I'Jth the letters of promise, I. U.S. | I handsome donation to the Orphan's | 1 tone, at Bride-burg, was made by I -deoagri gation and Sabbath School. ;eral tastefully arranged Christmas I <s were much enjojted by the chil 4NTE IN FRIEND'S COVE.— One day j ( week, the dwelling house of Mr. i ,->b Bowser, of Friend's Cove, this | pity, was discovered to be on fire, i <J>efore the fiarnescould he arrested, tiie whole of the combustible v +t)f the building was consumed. : 'louse was built of stone, and the | i were not injured by the fire. Mr. ! ; -,er and his family lost ai! their *ig and mo t of tbc.r house lurui- j 1 ft is paid that thy lire originated te stove-pipe. j SHOULD HEAD THE NEWSPAPERS.— An exchange truly says, that it is a i great mistake in female education to" keep a young lady's time and attention ! devoted to the fashionable literature of the day. If you would qualify her for : conversation you must give her some- ' I thing to talk about—give her education with this actual world and its trans ! piring events. Urge her to read the newspapers, and become f:fmiliar with j the present character and improve- j 1 moots of our race. History is of some j j importance, but the past world is dead, and we have nothing to do with it. • Our thoughts and our concerns should ! : he for the present world, to know what I it is, and improve the condition of it. Let her have an intelligent opinion and be able to sustain a conversation con- I corning the mental, moral, r o!itical ; and religious improvements of our l j times. I SALT THE CHIMNEY.— In building a chimney put a quantity of salt into i the mortar with which the intercourses jof brick are to be laid. The effect will . be that there will never he any ami-, inulation of soot in the chimney. The j philosophy is thus stated : The salt in < the portion of mortar which is exposed absorbs moisture every damp day. The j soot thus becomes damp and falls down j the fire-place. Our readers should re member or preserve this little piece of j valuable information. SLEIGHING. —The gingle of the mer ry sleigh bells at present, reminds us of Ihe following extract from a boy's composition or essay on "Sleighing "There ain't much sleigh-riding ex ec pi in th winter. Folks don't seem to care about it in warm weather. I Grown-up boys and girls like to go sleigh-riding—the boys generally drive with one hand and help the girls hold their muffs with the other. Brother Bob let me go along a little way once when he took Celia Ann Crane out sleighing, and 1 thought .ho paid more i attention to holding the muff than he : did to holding the horses. Ait RESTED. —Oil Friday last the teamster Chisholm referred to, a short time ago, as having decamped with SBUO, belonging to Dr. McNeill, was brought to jail in this borough, having been arrested near Tyrone Jity, Blair county. Between $-iOO and SOOO of the money was found in his possession.— A woman by the name of Hannah Deal lias also been arrested, charged with having some connection with theaf fai r.— Fulton Jlepublicon. PAINFUL ACCIDENT.— Our old friend, Air rew Crisman, Esq., of Napier tp., received :i serious injury, :i few days ago, by falling upon one of his knees, by which the "knee-cap" was disloca ted and one of the bones in the region of the knee, fractured. At last accounts |he was doing well. We hope our < re ntal old friend will soon be on his "peg's" ! again. • t — AN UGLY AFFRAY. —James Cal a han, alias James Key, a colored ma.n, one day last week, attacked Mr. ge McDaniel, brother-in-law of Mr. Gr<-go, of the Washington Hotel, with a ra zor, cutting a deep gash in McDaniel's arm and ripping open the hitter's vet it. Esq. Lingeufelter released Calahan 0 :1 S2OO bail to answer at the next Quart er Session.-. • TiiEt'ountySuperintendentSjin th ?ir recent Convention at Harrisburg, re commended the adoption of a law lix ing six months, instead of four, as t .he minimum term of the common schools of Pennsylvania; and, also that the school directors should be authorised to purchase school books and apparatus at the expense of their respective dis tricts. / LARGE DEER KILLED.—A corres pondent informs us that on the 24th ult., llenry J. Claar, George W. Claar and John M. Claar, of Union tp., killed a deer weighing, when dressed, 1401 lbs. Should any one doubt this, they will forfeit $2" in gold if they cannot prove the fact. Beat this, ye hunters of Bedford county. THE MISSIONARY ANNIVERSARY in theM. V.. t.'hurch, in this place, will be held next Sabbath. Rev. Wilson Downs, of Lcwistown Station, will be present and preach at 10} o'clock, a. m., and Gp. M. He will also address the School at 1} p. m. BARNUM, in his expose of modern humbugs, will, it is understood, apply tli'. iasli to the counterfeiters of foreign perfumes in this country. They are fair game, but of small account, as Phalon's "Night-Blooming Cereus," the great floral extract of the day is rapidly driving their trash out of the trade. Sold everywhere. , BE careful with our fires. Use the utmost precaution about throwing out your coal ashes. Fires are occurring throughout the country at a fearful rate —most of them through careless ness. - ♦ , THE senior acknowledges the receipt of some very tine oysters in the shell from Messrs. Barnhart and McMullin. We can recommend the bivalves kept by B. A McM., "as of the first water." MESSRS. HARTLEY A METZGAK, j "Crystal Mills," have sent us a sample of their brand of family flour. It is ! of a very tine quality ami makes good bread. CIGAR INSPECTOR.— Mr. John A. S. Cramer of Chambersburg, has been ap pointed Inspector of Cigars for this ! Congressional District, by Mr. .Swope. W E read in the Journal of Health that people must not "cuddle up" in 1 bed during this winter weather, if they wish to keep healthy. THE wool growers are in a high ag itation at the proposed reduction on wool—from quadrupeds, not Colored bipeds—they say that it will send all ; their sheep to the shambles. i THE MONEY ORDER SYSTEM.— In a late circular issued to Postmasters, oc ' curs the following paragraph in rela tion to the money order system : The maximum of a money order is limited | to fifty dollars, hence it is not intend -1 ed that this system should assume the functions and interfere with the busi ness of hanks and bankers. Postmas ters are, therefore, hereby instructed to refuse to issue in one day, to the same ! rem i iter, and in favor of the same pny j ee, more than three money orders pay able at the same post office. REVIEW OF THE XAKKETN. PHILADELPHIA, Jan. l. FLOUR.—The market is very dull, and prices unsettled— Northwest superfine, s7.ooc< 7.50 Northwest extra, 8.<)0("'.).(><) Northwest extra family, 11.00('i 12.25 Penna. and West'n su perfine,B.oo(o 8.50 Penna. and West'n extra, 9.00> 10.00 GRAlN.—There is little demand for Wheat, and prices are nominal. We quote — Pennsylvania red, per bus., $2.00(h 2.8") Southern " 3.00(o>3.10 White, " 3.255,3.30 Rye, " L3.xgl.4D Corn, for yel., (new) " $0.8(>(.0.90 Oats, " •">(;." 56c P(>VISIONS.—Prices are unsettled. Mess Pork, per bbl., $23.00(" 23.50 Bacon Hams, per lb., 16(ff',210 Salt Shoulders, " 13(<rJ31c Prime Lard, " 13c SEEDS.—We quoto Cloverseed, per bus., at $9.00;. f 10.00 Timothy, " 3.00( 3.05 Flaxseed, " 3.25$ 3.25 KYSIXESS DIRECTORY. The following Business Directory for the bor ough of Bedford and other places in the county, whose advertisemtnit* appear in the columns of \ THE GAZETTE,) may he of service to our friends I ind patrons in the county, and is commended to | .heir attention: ATTORNEYS AT LAW—G. H. Spang; J. P. Reed; J. W. Tate; John Palmer; E. P. Kerr; Durborrow .t Lutz ; Espy M. Alsip; Js-hn T. Keagy & J 11. Fill er; Kimrnel! A Lingeufelter, Meyers A Diekersoi 1, Bedford, Pa. BANKERS—Ree $ & Schell; Runn, Shannon A Co., Bedford. Pa. BOOTS AN SI I'OES, VARIETIES, Ac.-11. F. Irvine, Bedford, J. J a. • BEDFORD NU RSERIES—T. M. Lynch. CABINET-WA RE. CHAIRS. Ac.—Richard Leo, Bedford, Pa. CLOTHING —T.. Lippel, Bcrkstresser A Irvine. George Keimund , Bedford. Pa. DRY-GOODS, GROCERIES, Ac.—A. B. Cra l mer; J. M. She >einaker, Bedford, Pa. DENTISTRY— C. N. Hiekok A J. G. Minnicb, ! j Jr., Dr. W. W. Van Ormer, Bedford, Pa. DRUGGIST--J. L. Lewis, Bedford, Pa. FANCY STf IRES—Mrs. V. B. Tate A Miss M. I Rea; Mrs E. V. Mowry; Mrs. M. R. Schafer A ! Miss Kate Derd. Miss M. Fetterly, Bedford. Pa. j IIARDWA'.tE. Ac.—Wm. Hartley; Geo. Bly | myer A son, Bedford, Pa. HOTELS Bedford Hotel. J. J. Shoemaker; S Mcngel, I. Mengel; Union Hotel, V. Steck ' man Bedford, Pa. | JEWELLER—DanieI Border, Bedford. Pa. JOB PR INTERS—Meyers A Mengel, Bedford, j Pa. —All Kinds of Plain and Fancy Job Printing, J :catly ar.d promptly executed. PUMPS—Wm. C. Snivcly, Schellsburg. Pa. f PHYSICIANS—Dr. J. L. Marbourg, Bedford, • Pa.; Drs.W.W. Jamison and P. 11. Pennsyl. Blood,y ' Run, Pa., Dr. Geo. C. Douglas, Bedford, Pa. | REAL ESTATE SALES— F C. Reamer—private sale | T. H. A N. J. Lyons, Private Sale. ' Jacob Walter, Private, C. N. Hiekok, private sale. ; Adolphus Ake. private sale. Meyers A Dickerson, private sale, j J-oho P. Reed, private sale. STOVES. TINWARE, Ac.—B. McC. Blymycr ! A Co., Bedford, Pa. j l-f Read the "New Advertisements" in this 1 week's issue of THE GAZETTE. For Administrator's, Execu'or's, Auditor's | notices, Ac.,see "Legal Notices." Read the advertisements under the head of "Notices, Ac." MARRIED. VAN HORN—WEEKS—Dec. 18, at the rcsi i deuce of the bride's father, by Rev. W. G.Fer guson, Mr. JohnM. Van Horn, of E. Providence, • to Miss Maria C. Weeks, of W. Providence tp. i GILLAM—OSTER—Oct. 25tb. by A. Zenibow j er, Esq., Mr. George Gillain, of Cumberland Val i ley and Miss Elizabeth Oster. of Southampton tp. HARBAUGH—CORL—Dec. 16. by Adolphus 1 Ake, Esq., Mr. Alen Harbaugh and Miss Amanda j Corl, both of Union tp. ! MOCK—IIOENSTINE—At the residence of the j bride's father, Dec. 25th, by Rev. J, Peter, Mr. ; Peter S. Mock and Miss Dorothy Hoepstiue, both 1 of St. Clair tp. SHROYER —LOGSDON —Nov. Bth, by D. V. Evans, Esq., at Ihe residence of the bride's father. 1 Mr. Moses Shroyer and Miss Mary Logsdon, both i of Londonderry tp. GRUBB—O'NEAL—On the 18th ult., at the res idence of the bride's parents, by the Rev. G. C. Probst, Mr. Harvey Grubb. of West Providence tp. and Miss Rachel Sarah O'Neal, of Monroe tp. MILLER—BOOR—On the 18th ult., at the resi denceof the bride's parent-, by Rev. J. IV. Leekie, Mr. Martin Miller and Miss Lizzie Boor, both of Cumberland Valley. MILLER—SPKOAT—On the 27th ult., by Rev. A. R. Jvremer, Ed. J. Miller, M. D.,nr.d Miss Liz zie Sproat, the former of Fulton county, and the latter of Ray's Hill this county. DIEHL —\\ EISEL —At the Friend's Cove Par sonage. on Thursday, December 20tb, IB6S, by- Rev. Wm. M. Deatrick, Mr. Henry Diehl. of Friend's Cove, and Miss Susan Weisol, of Bedford township. EARNEST—SUTER—On the 27th ult.. by the Rev. H. lieekerman, William Earnest, of Harrison township, to Miss Catharine Suter of Bedford tp. SILVER—BERK HIM ER—On the 27th ult., by Rev. A. V. C. Scheuck, Mr. Richard S. Silver and Miss Mary M. Berkhiuier. DIE D. RYAN—On the 23d of December last, suddenly, -Mrs. Catharine Ryan, a native of the county Tiperary, Ireland, in her 69th year. She had been afiiicted wiin illness for several mouths, be fore her decease, and uniformly bore her trials with true christian patience and resignation to ihe will of God. R. I. P. RP II E B E DFOILL) ULA.SBICAL J SCHOOJ. will re-open . fter flic Christmas vacation, on Monday ihe 7th inst. jan4w2 J<>!lN T. HUOGARP. "V^OTIC'E. —Tl:c annual meeting of it "oek holders of the Six Mile Run Coal Com pany. for the election of Directors for the ensuing rear, will be held at the Company's Office, No. 2<)o V\ liuit street. Philadclnhia, on Tuesday, Janua ry 15th, 1567, at 10 o'clock. A. M. jan4w2. JOHN ROMMEL, Jr., Prest. J EXCHANGE HOTEL, Pi HUNTINGDON, PA. The undersigned would respectfully announce that they have leased the above named hotel for a term of years. The house is delightfully situated, convenient to the Penna. Railroad Depot and well arranged and adapted for a public hotel. The proprietors intend that their table shall not be second to that of any country hotel, and their bar will always be provided with the choicest liquors. A share of Ihe public patronage is respectfully so licited. FEE A ACLTZ. Huntingdon. Pa., Jan 4. 1867. ly. j Dg'*—BLACKWELL A Co., haw 1 Ol) a n° w ready their revised Catalogue of 1867 —Newspapers for 1867, containing all the 1867—principal Publications, for which they re 1867—ceive Subscriptions at the regular rates( and 1867—0n many of ihein ofTer the advantage of 1867—subscribing lor 3 months. Send for a copy 1867—containing full details of our admirable I.Siib—system of operation. We refer to the Pub 1867—lishcr of this paper. BLACKWELL A CO , Office, 82 Cedar St., New York. jan4n>3. BOX 4299 p. o. 1^ XECUTOIt'S NOTlCE.—Letters tes auieutary to the estate of Jacob Beisel, late of Bt. Clair township, deceased, having been granted to the undersigned, by the Register of j Bedford county, all pers. ii- indebted to sail estate are hereby notified to make immediate payment, and those having claims against the same will pre sent them properly authenticated tor settlement. jan4.-wO. " JOHN ALDSfADt L'x'r dtl ,'.e T'j X. uW . "•. Notices, FOR SALE—VERY Low—a second hand PIANO. Inquire of apr.13.'66.-tf. C. N. HICKOK. TAR. GEO. B. KELLEY. 1 / having permanently locate! in ST. CLAIRS VILLE. tenders his professional services to the citizens of that place and vicinity. nov2'66yl T~ L L I INTERESTED f\ will please remember that OUR BOOKS WILL BE BEADY' FOR SETTLE MENT. JANUARY 1. 1867. Those indebted are respectfully notified, They Mud Settle their Account.s. Thanking all who have heretofore complied with our terms, we also inform all who neglect to do so, they will find their claims in the hands of an officer for collection, sixty days after date named above. dec7w3. A. B. CRAMER A CO. /"YOME AND SETTLE.—AII persons V are hereby potifi"d. that THE ROOKS of the undersigned MUST BE SETTLED immediately, either by CASH or NOTE. All interested are re quested to attend to this matter on or before the Ist of January next. P. A. REED. dec7w3. TIM E ! LIM E!! LI M ET] I J PRICES: 1000 bushels or over, 12 cents. 500 " 15 " 250 " 20 " Less quai titles, 25 " Deduction of 10 percent, for slaked lime, and 5 per cent, for cash sales. 0. E. SHANNON, dcellml Bedford, Pa. T AST NOTICE.—AII persons in | J debtcd to the undersigned, either by note or book account, will be given till the Ist day of January, 1867. to pay up The notes and accounts of those who neglect, without regard to will then bo placed in an officer's hands for collection. Therefore, if by negligence ybu pay costs, after being often warned, do not blame deo7w4 WM. HARTLEY. ALL PERSONS INDEBTED, TO. HARTLEY A METZGER will please settle. their accounts on or before January Ist, 1867. Interest will positively be charged lrom that date on all unsettled balances. Our terms nre CASH. dec"w4 HARTLEY A METZGER. HARTLEY & METZGER Keep constantly on hand a large Stock of general HARDWARE. Thev havejust received 50 DOZEN BEST A CHEAPEST FRUIT JARS ever oflVrcd to the public. They keep all kinds of Farm Ma chinery. including Mowers and Reapers, Cider Mills, Fodder Cutt' rs and Willoughby's Gum Spring Roller Grain Drills, the best in the world, ju1.13,'66. PERSONS knowing themselves in debted to us for advertising Administrators', Executors', Auditors' Notices, Orphans' Court sales and other sales of Real Estate, and for printing biiis, Ac.. Ac., will please call and settle for the same, as all such advertising and printing should be CASH ' MEYERS A MENGEL. Feb 16, 'B6-tf. rpANN ERS, ATTENTION!—a new E Tannery, in good order, containing one pool, three limes, three baits, five leaches, thirty-four lay-a-way vats, with the necessary number of han dlers, in as good a location as can be found in Bed ford county. for rent. Tor further information call at this office. Nov. 17, '6s—tf QOLDJFRS' BOUNTIES.—The un tOdersigned has the blanks now ready and will attend promptly to the collection of all claims un der the law lately passed for the Equalization of Bounties. aug,l7-.f J. W. DICKEUSON. DISSOLUTION OF PARTNER SHIP.—The partnership heretofore existing under the firm of Defibaugh <fc Fisher is this day dissolved by mutual consent. All persons know ing themselves indebted to said firm will settle by cash or note on or before the Ist of January, 18(57; otherwise, all accounts unsettled, will be left in the hands of an officer for collection.. A. L. DEPLBAUGH, Bedford, N0v.27,'6G. E. M. FIBIIER. N B —Mr. Defibaugh will continue the business at the old s:and. lie desires his friends to extend the same patronage to him that they have extend ed to us. He expects to procure a new stock of goods in two or three weeks. D. & F. dec7w3 £EGAL NOTICES. 4 I)M INISTR ATOR'S NOTICE.— /\ Notice is hereby given that letters of adrnin traiion have been granted by the Register of Bed ford county, to the undersigned, on the estate of David Roudabush. late of Napier township, dee'd. All persons indebted to said estate are requested to make immediate payment, and thoe having claims can present them duly authenticated for settlement. nov.23.—fit. HIRAM DAVIS, Adm'r. MARGARET BRUBAKER, BY lu-r next friend, James Hammond, vs. George W. Brubaker. No. 74, Nov. Term, 1866, alias subpoena on Libel for Divorce.

Nov 19, 1866, on motion of John Cessna. Esq., M. A. Points, appointed Commissioner to take tes timony. notiee is hereby uiveu that the undersign ed will meet all parties interested at his office in Bedford, on Saturday, December 29th inst., at ten o'clock, A. M., to take testimony. dcc7w4 X. A. POINTS, Coin'r. •VroTH"E OF is J_Ti hereby given that appeals from the assess ment for the year 1867 will be heard at the Com missioners' office, in Bedford, for the several dis tricts of the county, as follows : For Juniata, Schellsburg Borough, Harrison, Londonderry and Napier, on Monday January 14. For Cumberland Valley, Colerain, Southamp ton. Monroe and St. Clair, on Tuesday. January 15. For East Providence. West Providence. Bloody Run Borough, Hopewell and Snake Spring on Wednesday. January 16. For Middle Wood berry, South Woodberry, Broad Top and Coaldale Borough, on Thursday, January 17. For Libert}-. Saxton Borough, Union, Bedford Borough and Bedford township, on Friday, Janu ary 18. No subsequent appeals will be heard, unless in case where persons have been unable to attend at the time and place above indicated. MICHAEL WERTZ, M. S. RITCHEY, DAVID HOWSARE, Attest—J.vo. G. FISHER. Cl'k. Commis'rs. dec2l w4 \1AXK001); HOW LOST, HOW IT I RESTORED— .Tost published, a nrw edi tion of DR. CULVERWELL'S CELEBRATED E6SA \ on the radical euro (without medicine) of Si'ERM ATORR HOC A, or Seminal Weakness, Involun tary Seminal Losses, Impotency, Mental and Physical Incapacity Impediment to Marriage, etc.. also Consumption. Epilepsy, and Fits induced by self-Indulgence or Sexual extravagance. The world renowned'author, in this admirable Lecture clearly proves from hi own experience that the awful consequences of Self-Abuse may be effectually removed without medicine, and without dangerous surgical operations, bougies, instru ments. rings, or cordials, pointing out a mode of cure at once certain and effectual, by which every sufferer, no matter what his condition may be, may cure himself cheaply, privately and radically. THIS LECTURE WILL PROVE A BOON TO THOUSANDS AXD THOUSANDS. Sent under seal, to any address, in a plain, seal ed envelop, on the receipt of six cents, or two post age stamps, by addressing CIIAS. J. C. KLINE A CO., 127 Bowery, X. Y., Post Office Box 4586. Feb IG, '(if!—ly / ILOTIIING EMPORIUM. —GEO. \J REIMDND. Merchant Tailor, Bedford, Pa keeps constantly on band ready-made clothing, .such as coats, pants, vests, Ac.; also a general as sortment of cloths, cassiineres, and gents' furnish ing goods of all kinds; also calicoes, muslins, Ac., all of which will be sold low for cash. My room is a few doors west of Fyau's store and opposite Rush's marble yard. I invite all to give me a call. I have just received a stock of new goods. niay2s,'66. A RARE CHANCE IS OFFERER A ALL PERSONS To display their Goods; T( sel! their Goods: To gather information; To make known their wants; Ac.', Ac. Ac. Ac., Ac., Ac., Ac., Ac., by advertising in the columns of THE GAZETTE. TT V. IRVINE, 1 1 • ANDERSON'S ROW* BEDFORD. PA.. Dealer in Boots, Shoes, Queensware, and Varie ties. trom Country Merchants re spectfully solicited. Oct 20, 1335, Merchants and MiiciiANics, and Business men generally will advance their own interests by advertising iii the columns Of TUB GAZETTK. 0 LIP BI L Ls, PROGRAMMES, 1 7 POSTERS, and ail kinds of PLAIN AND FANCI JOB PRINTING, done with neatness and despatch, at THE GAZETTE office. T E7TER !IE AI)S AND BILL I J HEADS, and EX\ ELOPESfor business men, printed in the best stylo of the art, at THE GAZETTE J " *""26075.1 .fancy uteres. 11TRS. E. V. MOWRY ha* just r 1T I turned from the East with a fine stqck of * MILLINERY * AND SI FANCY GOODS, * * * * * #*#* and has now opened a handsome variety of WIN TER BONNETS, HATS, RIBBONS, FLOWERS, FEATHERS, Ac., Ac., of the very latest styles. Also, a variety of DRESS G O O D S, French Merinos, plaid wool deLaines, Alpacas. Muslin deLaines, Ginghams, Calicos, Carton Flan nel, Frannells, Opera and plaid Flannels. Cloths for coats and sacks. Ladies' and Children's FURS, Sacks. Coats, Cloaks and Shawls; Breakfast Shawls Sontags. Woolen Hoods, Ac.; Balmoral and Hoop SKIRTS, and Corsets; Ladies' and Gentlemen's Kid GLOVES, Ladies' buckskin Gauntlets, cloth ami fleece-lined Gloves, for ladies and children; Lace and Crape VEILS, Barege and Grenadine tor Veils. Pocket Handkerchiefs. Neck-Ties, Combs. Brushes, Soaps. PEIIFUMERY. Eureka Hair Restorative. Mrs. Hill's Hair Restorative. DRESS TRIMMINGS. WIGANS AM. BUTTONS. Also, all kiudsof Notions and Toys. Also, the very best made and finest Ladies' and Children's SHOES that can be bought in Philadelphia. Mrs. MOWKY is determined to sell her Goods, and do her work as CHBAP AS TUB CHEAPEST. She hopes her friends and patrons will call and ex amine her stock, as she is satisfied that tney will recommend themselves, in QCALITV and to refined tastes and good judgment. nv2in.3 MRS. V. B. TATE. MISS M. REA. N'EW FALL STYLES!—Mrs. Tate has just returned from the East with a splen did selection of BONNETS, HATS, FEATHERS, FLOWERS, RIBBONS. SILKS, A'ELVETS, and everything belonging to a MILLINERY ESTABLISHMENT. We would call vour particular ntteulion to our FALL STOCK ' OF LADIES' DRESS AND CLOAK TRIMMINGS, of Mrs. Tate's own selection, such as ORNAMENTS. BUTTONS, GUIPURE AND CHERRY LACES, CORDS. TASSELS, FRINGES, VELVET RIBBONS, BELTING, and TRIMMINGS generally. Mrs. TATE nnd Miss REA natter themselves that their LATE NOVELTIES will not be sur passed by any. Giving their personal attention to all the branches of their department; the ac knowledged superiority as regards their reliability and the patronage extended them, renders com ment unnecessary. Mrs. Tate procured, while in Philadelphia, a FIRST-CLASS DRESS-MAKER, who is now ready to make Dresses, Cloaks, and Children s Wear. Ladies may rely on being artis tically fitted, and their work" finished in the most prompt and efficient manner, at the lowest possible price. Cutting and Basting done at short notice. Girls wanting to learn Mantua-Making will apply immediately, as a tine opportunity is given them. octl9;f V"GOODS! —M.(FETTERLY 1* hasjust received .. splendid assortment of Fancy Dry Goods, consisting in part of Fancy Dress Goods, Silks, Freuch Merinos, Alpacca. De laines, Flannels. Muslins, Prints, Cloaking Cloth, Cloaks, Furs. Shawls, Hoop Skirts, Balmorals, Hosiery, Gloves, Dress Trimmings, Fancy But tons, Velvets, Ladies' Dress Caps, a handsome as sortment of Embroideries, Mourning and Lace Goods, Ladies' and Children's Shoes, with a great variety of othernotions, Ac., Ac. The stock con sists of every article usually kopt in a first class Fancy Store. Tlianki'ul for past favors, we ask a continuance of your patronage. n0v.9,'(56,-yl. GIOCTSI, §HOC.SI AND VARIETIES. CS 11EAT EXCITEMENT IN BED- J FOIID! THE REGULATOR AXD BEDFORD CLOTHING EMPORIUM IN ADVANCE OF ALL OTHERS. FRESH ARRIVAL OF NEW GOODS! BOOTS, SHOES, NOTIONS! CLOTHING, CASSIMERS, HATS of all kiwis laid in at prices to suit the times. If you want a good Coat go to the Regulator. If you want a goodp'r Boots, go to the Regulator. If you want a good Vest, go to the Regulator. If you want a good p'rShoes, go to the Regulator If you want a good p'r Pants, go to the Regulator If you want a suit of Clothes, go to the Regulator. If you want a good Shirt, go to the Regulator. If you want a good Hat, go to the Regulator. If you want a good Gaiter or Shoe go to theßeg'r. If you want good Cassimere, go to the Regulator. If you want a variety of Notions, go to the Reg'r. If you want a fashionable Coat, go to the Regulator If you want fashionable Pants & Vests go to the Regulator. If you want a fashionable Suit, go to the Regu lator. If you want Queensware or Glassware, go to the Regulator. If you want good Spices of any kind, go to the Regulator. If you want good Flavoring Extracts, go to the Regulator. If you want good Toilet Soap or Perfumery, go the Regulator. If you want good Hosiery, Gloves, Neck-ties col lars, <te., go to the Regulator. If you want any thing in our line, go to the Bed ford Clothing Emporium and Boot, Shoo and No tion Regulator, No. 2, Anderson's Row. Goods of all kinds ordered from the Eastern cities to accommodate customers. H. F. IRVINE, Sept. 7, 1808. R. W. BERKSTRESSER. \TEW PHOTOGRAPH GALLERY The undersigned has fitted up a new Photograph Gallery, 3 doors West of Dr. Harry's Drug Store, where is prepared to MAKE PICTURES ot any size and style desired, from the small breast-pin size up to life size. He also keeps a large assortment of FANCY CASES, POCKET ALBUMS', ALBUMS for the ce. tre-tuble, Gilt Frames, Rosewood Frames, Gilt Mouldiug and Rosewood Moulding for Frames. Cord and Tassels for hanging frame-. Will also COPY PIC TUBES from Ambro types. Photographs, Engravings, etc.. and enlarge them to any size desired. Having all the late improvements in the art and being engaged in the business longer than any other man in the county he can assure his custo mers that he will make better work than can be bait at any other establishment, lie was the first man to introduce the AM BRUT YE; '• - " MELHINOTYPE; " " FERROTYPE; " PHOTOGRAPH; and is the only one who can make the beautiful .I LB A TYPE or PORCELAIN PICTURES of recent discovery. Terms 2a per cent, cheaper than any other place in the county. T. R. GETTYS. E0V.9.-in3. Gi UNS AND LOCKS.— The under- T signed respectfully tenders his services to the people of Bedford and vicinity, as a repairer of Guns and Locks. Ail work promptly attended to. L. DEFIBAUGH. sop 28, '66—tf MAMMOTH SALE BILLS, PRINT ed at short notice. Large Bills make large sales. We know it to be so. TRY IT! It will much more than pay the extra expense of p-int ing. Call at THE GAZETTE JOB OFFICE M IIE Local circulation of the BED FORD GAZETTE is larger than that of any other paper in this section ol oountry, and therefore of ers the greatest inducements to business men to fdvertise in its columns. IN VERY VARIETY AND STYLE OF JOB PRINTING neatly executed at low rates at THE BEDFORD GAZETTE office.. Call and lave your orders. ORDERS from a distance for any kind of JOB PRINTING promptly attended to. Send to THE GAZETTE JOB OFFICE. Bed ford. Pa snt-6oods, (Srormfis, &f. *##*#* ! # # # * * j , ' ', • | VEW GOODS! FALL & WINTER! The undersigned have now opened a large and general assortment of FALL AND WINTER GOODS, FALL AND WINTER GOODS, to which they respectfully invite the attention of buyers, confident they can offer BARGAINS! BARGAINS! BARGAINS! BARGAINS! BARGAINS! j In every department. LT CALL AND EXAMINE OUR STOCK. Y'ou can be SUITED at the LOW EST PRICES. TERMS: CASH or PRODUCE. M'hen credit is IdT given, in ALL cases after six R" F > J MONTHS, interest will be charged in the A. B. CRAMER & CO. ***♦#* *#**## oct 26 GOODS! NEW GOODS A large and complete stock of FALL AND WINTER GOODS, just received and opened at J M. SHOEMAKER'S, No. 1 Anderson's Row—bought just at the right . time. The following comprise a few of our goods : DRY GOODS: Calicoes. Delaines. Coburg Cloths, French Meri noes, Alpacas, Flannels, Ginghams, all won] De laines, all colors, large stock of bleached and un bleached Muslins, Cloths Cassimeres, Satinetts. Jeans, Tweeds. £e., Ac. BOOTS AND SHOES: A large assortment of Men's and Boys' Boots and Shoes Ladies' Misses' and Children's Boots. Shoes and Gaiters, all prices, and sizes to suit everybody. CLOTHING : A very large stock of Men's and Boys' Coats. Pants and Vests, all sizes, and prices to suit the times. HATS AND CAPS : A complete assortment of all kinds, sizes and prices. GROCERIES, SPICES, Ac.: Coffee, Sugar, Lovering and other Syrups, Molas ses, Tea, Riee, Tobacco, spices, Ac. LEATHER: A prime artiele Sole Leathor, Calf Skins, Kip and Upper Leather and Linings. COi'TON CHAINS, Single and Double, all numbers, cheap. CEDAR AND WILLOW WARE, Tubs, Buckets, Brooms, Baskets, Ac. Call and see our stock ofGoudsand be convinced that No. 1 Anderson's Row, is the place to get bargains. J. M. SHOEMAKER, sep. 25,'68. QELLING OFF AT COST!! P. A. REED, Intending to relinquish the Mercantile business, in Bedford, IS CLOSING OUT HIS ENTIRE STOCK OF DRY GOODS, ire., AT COST! A rare chance to buy goods, of all kinds, cheap. Call and see. juul,'66. A CHANCE FOR BARGAINS! REMEMBER THE NE W CIIE A P STO RE , At St. Clairsville, Pa. GOODS OF ALL KINDS SOLD AT SMALL PROFITS. OPPENIIEIMER Has just received from the East, and offers for sale at the LOWEST PRICES, a large and varied assortment ot LADIES' DRESS GOODS, of every description and of the best quality; MILLINERY AND FANCY GOODS, a large assortment, to suit all classes; NOTIONS, in endless variety; MUSLINS, ali kinds, very cheap: CALICOES, from the best manufactures. Our stock ol DRY GOODS is unsurpassed, and we ask all to give us a call, if they desire to get BARGAINS. READY-MADE (JLOTHING, of every description, for sale at the LOWEST i RICES. We also make CLOTHING of all kinds TO ORDER, at short notice, and upon the most reasonable terms. We also keep constantly on hand a splendid assortment of PIECE GOODS : CASSI ME RES, VESTINGS, CLOTHS, &c., &c. 1 and Men's and Boy's Furnishing Goods of all kinds. We also have a fine assortment of BOOTS AND SHOES, HARDWARE, QUEENSWAIiE, TINWARE, WILLOW-WARE, &C-, ic., dec., together with everything usually found in a well assorted store, all of which will be sold at the LOWEST PRICES. £_gf-* Remember OPPENIIEI MER'S New Cheap Store, St. Clairsvillc, Pa. j01.27.—6m. PRINTERS' INK lias made many a i businessman rich We ask you to try it in , the COLUMNS of THE GAZETTE iUal Estate £alfs. HOUSE AND LOT FOR SA LE.— The undersigned offers for B'ile hi." llouse and Lot, on the railroad near Bloody Run. The lot contains 4i acres; the house is a two-story builiUig in good repair. For particulars inquire <>f Mey ers A Diekerson. DANIEL HELTZELL. . dee7 4* SPLENDID FAIIM FOR SALE— -7 miles from Bedford, containing ONE HUN DRED AND FIFTY ACRES, 125 acres under cul tivati n. half creek bottom; well watered; excel lent B-iek House and Frame Barn; plenty of good timber; convenient to schools, churches and mills. Mill bo sold at a bargain. Inquire of MEYERS A DICKERSON, out2sif Bedford, Pa. XT ALU ABLE FARM FOR SA LE.— T 200 acres, situate in Liberty Township. Bed ford County, on the Juniata river and llintirg don A Broad Top Rail Road. Well improved fice meadows, fruit and limber—a very desira b!e property, at the head of rnaike I —the prrperly of Capt. Joseph S. Reed. Will be sold cheap*— For price. Ae., apply to JOHN P. REED, uug.24-tf. " A't'y, at Bedtord. P ! ÜBLIC SALE OF VALUABLE REAL ESTATE—By an order of the Or- I plians' Court of Bedford County, the subscriber ; will offer at public sale, on the premises, on Tuesday, the, 15 tk day of January, A. D. 1857, the following described tracts of land, late the property of Eliza Wat son, deceased, situate io Snake Springs township, about two miles from the town of Bedford ; one thereof bounded on the north by the Ravst'-wn Branch of tin Juniata, on the east by lauds of Jamison's Heirs and Etnanuel Bcegle, on the south by Harclerode, and on the west by Running's Mountain, containing 162 acres 98 perches, neat measure, about, 75 acres cleared ami having thereon erected a Log Dwelling House, aD. üblc LoJ B irn, and other outbuildings. The other theieof bounded on the n -rth and east by lands of Jamison's heirs, on the south by 'ands of Etnanuel Bcegle. and ou the west by the above de scribed tract, containing 199 acres6l perch-s, neat measure, with about 110 acres cleared. Tbisfract is nearly nil limestone land. Both tracts are well watered and have a good supply of timber. % TER.VS —One-third of the purchase money in hand at the confirmation of the sale, and the bal ance in two equal annual payments, without in terest. Sale to commence at 10 o'clock, A. M. of said day. S. L. RUSSELL, Administrator, with the will annexed of Eliza Watson, doe'd. dec2lw4 VT ALU ABLE LAND FOR SALE \ —The undersigned offers for sale the follow ing valuable bodies of land : THREE CHOICE TRACTS OF LAND, containing 160 acres each, situated on the Illinois Central Railroad, in Champaign county, State of Illinois. 8 miles from the city of Uibana, and one mile from Rentual Station on said Railroad. Two of tho tracts adjoin, and oi e of them has a ncver . failing pond of waterupoti it The city of Urbana contains about 4,000 in abitatiis. Champaign is the greatest wheat growing county in Uliiioi<. ALSO — One-fourth of a tract of laud, situated in* Broad Top township. Bedford county, con ain ing about 45 acres, with all the coal veins of Broad Top running through it. ALSO — Three Lots in the town of Coal wont, Huntingdon county. Jan 26, '66-:f F. C. REAMER. T7" ALU A RLE REAL EST A TEA T \ PRIVATE SALE.—One'otof ground in tho centre of Bloody Run. fronting on Main street about sixty-five feet, one of the ve.y best business locations in Bloody Run. Als >, ten certs of wood land, adjacent to Bloody Run, lying • u the Bed ford Rail Road, containing first raie iron ore and having thereon a never-tailing spring of water. For particulars inquire at the store of Mis. S. E. Maun, Bloody Run, or of Dr. liickok, Bedford, Pa. Dec 15, '65. EXTENSTV E PRIVATE SALE OF VALUABLE REAL ESTATE.—The un dersigned will sell at private sale, several adj fin ing arid contiguous tracts of land, lying ou the headwaters of Running's Crock, in S . Clair town ship, Bedford couuty, Containing 765 acres, now divided into four tracts, three tracts thereof con fining respectively 157, 163. and 183 acres and the other, being the Siw Mill tract, containing 262 acres. These tracts will be sold as they are or subdivided to suit purchasers The saw mill tract contains a FIRST CLASS SAW MILL, with a never-failing he id 'f water, anil is in the midst of a TIMBER REGION un surpassed for the quality of timber. One other of the tracts contains ati enviuble site for a TAN YARD, with all the advantages of water, and is alongside of Chestnut Ridge, where the resources for Bark are inexhaustible. 100 acres of the land is bottom, mostly covered by large sugar trees. 300 acres are cleared and in a good state of cultivation, and the balauoe well timbered. There are THREE DWELLING HOUSES, up poti the premises and THREE BARNS, wiibother outbuildings. The Fruit is choiee and iu abund ance upon some of these tracts. This property lies 12 miles North of Bedford, and in a country noted for its good roads, leading North, South, and West, to Bedford, Holliilaysburg. Johnstown, and other points, ou the Peun'a Central Railroad. Farmets. Lumbermen, Tanners and Speculators should examine the premises, as these lands will be sold on fair and reasonable terms. T 11. LYONS, junS,'66. N. J. LYONS. VEW STORE!! NEW GOODS!! MILL-TOWN, two miles West of Bedford, where the subscriber has opened out a splendid assortment of Dry-Goods, Groceries, Notions, &C., lie. All of which will be sold at the most reasonable prices. Dress Goods, best quaiiiy. Everybody buys 'em. MuslinF, " '* Every body buys 'em. Groceries, all kinds. Everybody buys 'em. Hardware, Queensware, Glassware, Crdarware,Ac. and a general variety of everything usually kept in a country siore. Everybody buys 'em. Call and examine our goods. dec 7,"66. G. Y'EAGEB. ~\~G E N T S WA N TED J\_ FOR THE HOST POPULAR And best selling Subscription Books published. We arc the most extensive publishers in the U nited States, (having six houses.) and therefore can afford to sell books cheaper and pay agents a more liberal commission than any other company. Our books do not pass ibrough the hands of Gen eral Asents, (as nearly all oihirsubsciiption woiks do.) therefore wo are enabled to giv our canvas sers the extra per cent, which is usually allow d to General As,en s. Experienced canvassers will seethe advantages of dealing directly with the publishers. Our series embraces the most popular works on all subjects of iu.portau e, and is selling rapidly both North and Sou h. Old iigents. and all others, who want the best paying agencies, will please send for circulars and see our terms, and comj arc them and the charac ter of our wmks wiih those of other publishei*. Add re-s NATIONAL PUBLISHING Co. Philadelphia, Pa., Boston, Mass.. Cm - iimati, Ohio, Chicago, Illinois, St. Louis, M >., or Rich mond, Vu. nuvoU .v 4. JJ R. ANDERSON, .Scrivener and Conveyancer, CENTRtVILLK, BEPFOKD CoUXTV, P will attend to the writing of Deeds, Mor gages, Leases, Articles of Agreement, and all business sually transacted by a Soiivent* and Couveyan ;tr. The patronage of the public is respecttuily solicited. April e- '66~ tf DANIEL BORDER, PITT STREET, TWO DOORS WEST OF THE BED Foitf) HOTEL, BEDFORD, PA. WATCHMAKER AND DEALER IN JEWEL BY, SPECTACLES, AC. He keeps on hand a sto. k of fine Gold and Fil er Watches, Spectacles of Brilliant Double Ke med Glasses, also Scotch Pebble Glasses. Gold Watch Chains, Breast Pins, Finger Rings, best quality of Gold I'eu . Ho will supply to order any thing iu his line not ou hand. Oct. 2U, 1865- Manufacturer of CABINET-WARE, CHAIRS, &C-, BEDFORD. PA., The undersigned being engaged in the Cabinet making bu.-iness, will umke to order and keep on hand everything in his line of manufacture. BUREAUS, DRESSING STANDS, PARLOH AND EXTEN SION TABLES, CHAIRS, BEDSTEADS, WASH STANDS, &C., AC., will be furbished at all prices, and to suit every taste. COFFINS will also be made to order. attention paid to all orders for work. on West Pitt Street, nearly opposite the residence of George Shuek. July 10, 1863.—tf RICHARD LEO. rpERMS for every description of Job 1 PRINTING CASH ! for the reason that for every article we use, we must pay cash; and tho cash system will enable us to do our work as low as il can be done in the cities. MERCHANTS' SHOW BILLS, printed in superior style, and upoD re&aoiia rms, at THE BEDFORD GAZETTE oflico