Newspaper of Bedford Gazette, February 1, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of Bedford Gazette dated February 1, 1867 Page 3
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S; 4 ! 6| 7! 8| 9 112; 13 14,15.16 17,18 ! ,l IMI 13U4i15|16| ;i9 20 21 22 23 24:25 i H7.18 19 20|21 22 23 , 16 27 W2930 31 ... 24 25 726 27|28 29|30 2! Si 4; 5 "it"7! S i i 3' <I ii 7 9 10 11.12 13 14 15 1 8 9 10 11:12,13, 14 1 16 17 18119:20121:22 'l5 16 17;18 19 20 21 23 24125 26 27 26 29 |22 23 24 25 26 27; 28 3U'...| ■' 29.9131 FOR RENT— A two-story House, con taining five rooms, a kitchen, wash room, &c. Situated in a pleasant part of the town. For further information inquire at this office. febl. THE DEMOCRATIC COUNTY COM MITTEE will meet in the Court House, at 7 o'clock, on Tuesday evening, Feb. 19. Important business will be trans acted and all the members are partic ularly requested to In; present. The following are the names of the mem bers : Bedford tp., Owen MeGirr. Broad Top, M. A. Hunter. Bloody Run, Simon States. Colerain, G. \V. Cessna. Cuin'lnd Valley, 1). R. Anderson. Juniata, Fred. Hillegass. Harrison, G. W. Horn. Hopewell, J. B. Fluck. Liberty, - Isaac Kensiflger. Londonderry, Josiah Miller. Napier, J. J. Sill. E. Providence, Cadw'rier Evans. W. Providence, A. J. Morgart. Sehellsburg, Jere. Black. Snake Spring, John G. Hartley. St. Clair, Samuel Beckley. Southampton, Wm. Adams. Union, Michael Wertz. j S. Wood berry, I. W. Noble. M. Woodberry, Daniel Barley. Saxton, C. Faxon. Monroe, Daniel Fletcher, (vice H. Whetstone, dee'd.) BULLY! —This is becoming a com mon word, certainly very expressive if not very elegant, an Americanism in such general circulation, that it has a place in even Webster, and is of classic and of ancient origin, as Shakspeare wrote, "Bless thee, bully Doctor!" so it was not borne by our b'hoys, but only adopted as their cute term. It embra ces more than any word in its wide signification. For instance—a clergy- ! man some time since, after baptizing a woman, asked her how she felt in her mind? to which she instantly replied "Bully!" In fact it is just the way we should suppose a man to fefif now in mid-winter who is the happy owner of a barrel of flour, a keg of sauer-krout, a heavy hog, a car load of coal, a barrel of lager, ten pound of sausage and sev en of scrapple, seated itt his own fireside, with acopyoftlie BEDFORD GAZETTE, which he is conscious has been paid for in advance. Such a man, in our esti mation, is naturally, and by right ought to feel bully. CRUELTY TO ANIMALS.—The pre vention of the cruel treatment ofdumb aninulls is a subject that always awa kens sympathy in the heart of every right-minded person. The formation of societies for preventing these cruel ties by prosecuting to conviction and sentence persons who are guilty of them in several large cities of the Un ion, has already directed public atten tion to this matter, and these societies, by their exertions, have done a great deal of good. The merciless beating of mules that formerly was so common is now rarely seen, and in New York a cruelty prevention society, which has been in operation for but nine months past, has wrought wonders in curbing the brutal propensities of many of the people of that city. All well-directed efforts to save horses and other useful animals from the cruel treatment too many people aie accustomed to using towards them, are for the benetit of so ciety, and the humane feelings of the public will always second them. THE GAME LAWS.—We call the at tention of those interested to the fact that the time for killing either pheas ant or quails has already expired. At tention is called to the change made in the game law last winter—Act 11th April, 1800, P. L., p. 714: Sec. 2. That no person shall shoot, kid or otherwise destroy any pheasant be tween the Ist day of January and the Ist day of September, or any woodcock between the Ist day of January and the loth day of October in each and every year, under a penalty of live dollars iii each Section six is a re-enactment of sec tion six of the act of 1858, with this amendment: That instead of impris onment for two days it.shall be ten days, without bail. DEED* NOT STAMPED.— It may be well enough to know that a late act of Congress requires all deeds dated be tween the Ist of October, 1802, and the 2d day of May, 1865, to be stamped, un der severe penalties. To avoid the pen alty imposed, those who have had un stamped deeds recorded should have them stamped at once, and the record corrected accordingly, i lereafter, deeds not stamped at theday of execution can only be stamped upon application to the District Collector of Internal lieve nue. WHEAT VS. OATS. —While the wheat crop has largely increased this year, the oat crop has materially fallen off.' Once it was thought that oat grain was the only grain fit for horse feed, hut now corn lias largely taken its place, and that is probably the main reason that oats are becoming a less important fea ture of our cereal productions titan tin y were formerly. To OUR MERUANTILK FRIENDS.— We call the attention of the merchants of Bedford county to the card of DR. TAYL.UK, Tobacconist, No. 836 Market Street, Philadelphia. The Dr. Was t'fe tnerly the senior partner in the firm w Taylor and HewphiU, of that city, and is well known us a man of probity and correct business habits, and one who wit! do his utmost to accommodate his customers. We hope our mercantile friends will give him a call when they visit Philadelphia. FINE WINTER.— The oldest Inhabi tant scratches his head in a vain at tempt to call to inind a more pleasant winter than the present. We have had neither rain or mud, but either' hard, dry walking of elegant sleighing. We hope the weather clerk will continue to give its, during the remainder of the winter, as pleasant days a-> those we have passed. DRY GOODS.— Bunting Bros., No. 42$ Market Street, have just opened out a new wholesale Dry Goods Store. We can recommend the Messrs. Bunt ing to our mercantile readers, and hope when the latter visits the city they will give the former a share oftheir patron age. WINTER sports—sleighing, skating, ! coughing, sneezing, blowing your nose, flourishing your handkerchief, buying lozenges, overshoes, and swallowing "cough candy," not to speak of cayenne pepper lea, hot whiskey punches, horse blankets in day time and old stockings around your throats at night. DIED. FLUCK—On the 18th ult,. at her residence in Hopewell township. Mrs. Mary Fluck. widow of Eli Fluck. deceased, in the 72d yearof her age. COLLINS—On the 2oth of January, in Bedford, Mrs. Anna Eliza Collins, aged 36 years, 1 month and 10 days. gtw 4 RMBRITSTER & BROTHER, /\ No. 306 N. Third St., above Vine. PHILADELPHIA, IMPORTERS AND JOBBERS Of Hoisiery, Gloves, Shirts and Drawers, Buttons, Suspenders, lloop Skirts. Handkerchiefs, Threads, Sewing Silks. Port Monnaies Soaps, Perfumery, Trimmings, Fauey Goods and Notions generally. • ALSO, Manufacturers of Brushes and Looking Glasses, and Dealers in Wood and Willow Ware, Brooms, Ropes, Twines, Ae. • febl,'67yl R. TAYLOR, Wholesale TOBACCO Dealer, No. 330 Market Street, One Door below 4th. PHILADELPHIA feb.l,'67yl YTTARTMAN & ENGELMAN, TOBACCO SNUFF AND SEGAR MANUFACTORY, No. 313 NORTH THIRD STREET, SecoDd Door below Wood, PHILDELPHIA. J. W. WARTMAK. H. P. ENGELMAS febl,'67yl I " | JJUNTING BROS., [ * D R Y-GOOD S, 423 Market Street, \ PHILADELPHIA. febl,'67yl LADIES VISITING PHILADEL PHIA should call and get some of PERRY'S FINE NOTE PAPERS, stamped handsomely, in colors, without extra charge. W. G. PERRY, feblm3 72SArohgt. - | I) LANK BOOKS AND STATION ) ERY. supplied at low wholesale prices, by W G. PERRY, I feblmj 723 Arch St. 1 SOT ~" THE woiiLD -"- iBG7 - The ai .ention of the public is invited to the claims of'-The World" as oneof the leading pub lic journals of the country. It is the chief orgs n of the Democratic Party of the United States, and the foremost advocate of the immediate restoration of the Union. Its highest merits consists in its character as an enterprising and trustworthy news- ; paper. The next year bids fair to be a more critical one 1 in the history of our free institutions than even any eventful ones that have preceded it. The first 1-equsite for an intelligent judgment of public af fairs is a full and authentic account of facts as they transpire. These THE WOULD always aims to give with eonseiencious accuracy, and with equal full ness and fidelity, whether they make for or against its own vifwsof public policy. Prompt activity in spreading before its readers every kind of news in which any part of the public takes an interst, j; is the first duty of a newspaper, and the facilities of THE IVORLD for diccharging this obligation are unsurpassed by those of any journal in the United Statis. Whatever else it may fail in, it certainly will not fail to furnish the news, nor to supply it with such promptitude, spirit, freshness, abund ance, variety. Accuracy nnd candor, that no class of readers can mi. anything of interest which they wish to find. THE WORLD will publish doc uments and arguments prepared by political foes just as freely as tho.-s prepared by political friends; making its own comments on them, of course; but never suppressing or garbling thera because they are calculated to damage its own party. Adverse argumen s, which it cannot refute, it is content to leave to make their full impression. THE WORLD auopts this rule because it believes no other is honest; because it conceives that its fi'St duty to its readers is to keep them thoroughly informed °n every passing subject of impor,unce. In poli tics, THE WORLD will continue to be the bold ad- , vocate ot a Liberal, Progressive Democracy. The untliuching champion of Freedom. .Justice. Order and Constitutional Rights. The inspiration of its politics is Freedom restrained by Justice; or, to ' speak more strictly, Freedom pure and simple, in the largest collective measure; the office of jus'ife being merely to protect freedom froin encroach- I meats; Freedom of the individual citizen in his rights of thought, speech, religion and locomotion; in his Right to choose his own food and drink, in spite of meddlesome temperance laws: in his Right to make any money bargains he thinks proper, in spite of foolish usury laws; in his Right to buy and sell in all markets, domestic and 'oreign. iu spite ot unjust protective tariffs; in his Right to repre sentation in the legislative bodies which tax him. in spite of unconstitutional exclusions; Freedom of collective citizens to assemble for discussion of grievances; Freedom of ail local communities to ; manage their local affairs without central iuter lerence; Freedom iu every section of the country from the arrogant and unconstitutional domination ; of other seoiiohs; this large and comprehensive , idea of Freedom - sum- up the politics of THE WORLD, which will never be found wautiug lothis capital interest of the country and of the human SMMRTLMTTMS; raoe. its ntCnrftt" (Uomhiercial Intelligence ami reliable market reports. THE WORLD will Wntlnue to maintain its present liigfi reputation. A paper published in the Commercial metropolis is naturally looked io for authentic information re lating to trade, commerce and finance; and this be ing a feature in which the THE WORLD prides it self, it boldly challenges comparison with every journal in the metropolis. EDITIONS. The WEEKLY WORLD, a largequarto sheet, same size a Daily, is now printed throughout in large type, and has the largest circulation of any week ly journal published, save one. Its extraordinary success since its uuiou with the New York ARGUS has justified the most liberal expenditures, which will make it unrivalled in interest and value to farmers. Published Wednesday. 1. Its M.irKet Reports embrace the New York, Albany. Brighton and Cambridge Livestock Mar kets; the New York Country Produce and General Produce Markets; special and valuable Hop Intel ligence; a department of Agricultural Reading; all together composing au unrivalled handbook of cur rent information for the Farmer, Live Stock or Produce Dealer, Country Merchant, Ac. 2. A page or more reserved for eutertaining Fireside Reading for the Eamlly circle, embracing the freshest and best Stories, Poetry, Religious Reading, etc., and a page for the Discussion of all Prominent Topics of general interest, political, agricultural, financial, literary, etc. 3. Its Digest of the News is not, like most week lies. a mere waste-basket of the Daily; only mat ters of interest and importance arechosen from the Daily, while the uiuss of its contents are prepared especially for the Weekly. In every postcffice district there should be found some active, public spirited Democrat, who will coufer a benefit upon us, his neighbors, and the cause, by counseling with his Democratic friends and making a determined effort to form as large a club as possible for the WEEKLY WORLD. The SEMI-WEEKLY WORLD is a large quarto sheet, same size as Daily, which, by omitting a great mass of city advertisements from the Daily, contains all its news, correspondence, editorials, commercial and market news cattle market and provision reports, and a fresh and entertaining miscellany of literature. Published Tuesday and Friday. The DAILV WORLD affords a complete compendi um of, and commentary upon, the news of every day. TERMS. WEEKLY WORLD.—One copy, ODO year. $2.00; four copies, $7.00; ten copies, $l5; twenty copies to one address, $25; fifty copies, to one address, $5O. SEMI-WEEKLY WORLD.—One copy, one year, $4; four copies, $10; ten copies, 20. DAILY WORLD—One copy, one year, $lO.OO CLUB PRIZES. For clubs of 10, one Weekly, one year. " " 50, one Semi-Weekly, one year. " " 100. one Dailv. one year. DIRECTIONS. Additions to clubs may be made any time in the year at the above club rutes. Changes in club lists made only on request of persons receiving packages, stating edition, post office and State to which it has previously been gent and enclosing twenty-five cents to pay for trouble of the change to separate address. Terms, cash in advance. Send, if possible Post Office Money Order or Bank Draft. Bills sent by mail will be at the risk of sender. We have no traveling agents. Address all or ders and letters to THE WORLD, febl 35 Park Row, New York. ftfSl Notices. ! fftBIAL LISTfor SPECIAL COUBT ] J_ on the 18th day of February. 1867. • . j Martin Cordel vs. Paul Fouse. ! Jac II Longenecker vs Jos M Shoenfelt. i Satn'l Stmyer, et al vs Chas Maddan. | Sam'l Clark vs Win Sleek. ; Pius Little'sadm'r vs Jno W. Heeler's adm'r. • i Bloody Run Sch. Dist. vs W Providence Sch Dis. T W Blackburn s ex'r vs John Hull et al. H it B Railroad vs VV T Daugherty. Same vs Sam'l Cam's adm'r. ; Same vs JnoG Clark. Same vs Jno W. Crissman. i Sam'l S Fluck vs Rich Langdon. C Fackler <t Sons vs Geo Roades et al I CorneliusDevore vs Wm B Huffman. Mary Potts vs Anth. Smith and wife. i Mardara <t Spang vs Eversole Martin Cordel vs David Bvers : Fluck A Wharton vs Homer Neice. Jacob Steckenins vs Sophia Lutzgazelle. Certified, January 21st, 1867. jan2sw4 .0. E. SHANNON, Proth'y. BEDFORD COUNTY,.SS-TheC(rii monwealth of Pennsylvania —To the Sheriff |of Bedford county, greeting: Whereas, Lotta Smith, by her next friend, Mary A. Birely. did prefer her petition to the President Judge of the Court of Common Pleas of Bedford county, pray ing for the causes therein set forth, that she should be divorced from the bonds of matrimony entered into with Aaron S. Smith. We therefore com mand you, as we have heretofore commanded you, that you, the said Aaron S. Smith, setting aside all other business and excuses whatsoever, be and appear in your proper person before our said Judges at Bedford, on the seeond Monday, 11th day of February next, to answer the petition or libel of the said Lotta Smith, and show cause why ! the said Lotta Smith, your wife, should not be di -1 vorced from the bonds of matrimony, <tc., agreea bly to the act of assembly in such case made and : provided; and hereof fail no*. Witness, the Hon. Alex. King, Esq., President i of our said Court at Bedford, the 15;h day of De j cember, A. D., 1866. 0. E. SHANNON, ; Attest.KOßT. STECKMAN. Proth'y. janlBw4 , Sheriff. BEDFORD (<HpTTY, ss.— At an Orphans' Court held at Bedford, in and for the county of Bedford, on the 19th day of Novetn [ her. A. D.. 1566 before the Judges of the said j Court. On motion of J. B. Cessna, Esq., the Court t grant a rule on the heirs and legal representatives of Martha Ritehey. late of Union township, dec'd, [to wit: John S. Ritehey, Daniel B. Ritehey, of Amanon, Henry county. Ills., Jacob Ritehey (mi nor) of Baughtnan, Wayne county, Ohio, Mary, ! wife of Michael Walter, Bedford county, Sarah Ritehey, Hannah Ritehey, Samuel B. Ritehey. • (the last three are minors and reside in Bedford i county.) nnd a husband, Ferdinand Ritchev, who has assigned his interest in the Real Estate to the said heirs, to be and appear at an Orphans' Court ; to be held at Bedford, in and for the county of Bedford, on the 2d Monday, 11th day of February • next, to accept or .refuse to take the Real Estate of said deceased at the valuation which has been valued and appraised in pursuance of writ of Par t tition on Valuation, issued out of our said Court, ; and to the Sheriff of said county directed, or show . cause why the same should not be sold. \ [L. S.] In testimony whereof. I have hereunto ! set rny hand and seal of the said Court at Bedford, | th 20th day of November. A. D.. 1866. O. E. SHANNON, Clerk, j AttestROBERT STECKMAN, Sheriff. janlBw4 EDFOIID COUNTY, SS.—At an Orphans' Court held at Bedford, in and for the county of Bedford, on the 19th day of Novem ber. A. D., 1866, before the Judges of the said Court. On motion of John Mower. Esq., the Court i grant a rule on the heirs and legal representatives of Artemus Bennett, late of Southampton town ship, deceased, to wit: Lieuah Bennett, widow of the said A. Bennett, dec'd. Abraham S. Bennett, of Allegany county. Md.. Mary S., intermarried with Christopher Walter, residing in the State of lowa, Charles S. Bennett. George S. Bennett, ) Daniel S. Bennett, Barbara, now dead, who was intermarried with John Leasure, nnd who has left issue four children, viz : Jemima. Masey, Rebecca Ann and Atsey, M isey, intermarried with Thomas Leasure. Artemas S. Bennett and Tasey Bennett, to be and appear at an Orphans' Court to be held at Bedford, in and for the county of Bedford, on the 21 Monday. 11th day of February next, to ac cept or refuse to take the real estate of said de ceased, at the valuation which has been valued and appraised in pursuance of a writ of partition or valuation, issued out of our said Court, and to the Sheriff of, said county, directed, or to show •cause why the same should not be sold. [L. S ] In testimony whereof. I have hereunto ■ set my hand and seal of the said Court at Bediord, ilhe 20th day of November. A. D.. 1866. 0. E. SHANNON, Clerk. Attest: —ROßEßT STECKMAN, Sheriff. jan!Bw4 COURT PR () CLAMATION.— To the Coroner, the Justices of the Peace, and Constables in the different Townships in the f County of Bedford. Greeting: KNOW VE, that in pursuance of a precept to me directed, under the hand and seal of the Hon. ALEXANDER KING, President of the several Courtsof Common Pleas, in the 16th District, consisting of the coun ties of Frauklin, Fulton, Bedford and Somerset, and by virtue of his office of the Court of Oyer and Terminer and General Jail Delivery for the trial of 1 capital and other offenders therein, and the Gen eral Court of Quarter Sessions of the Peace; and G. W. GI MP, and WILLI AM G. EICHOLTZ. Judges of I the same Court in the same County of Bedford, You and each of you, are hereby required to be and appear in your proper persons with,your Re cords, Recognizances, Examinations, and other Remembrances, before the Judges aforesaid, at Bedford, at a Court of Oyer and Terminer and General Jail Delivery and General Quarter Ses sions of the peace therein to be holdcn for thecoun- ; ty of Bedford, aforesaid, on. the 'id Monday of , February, (being the Wth day.) 1867, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon of that, day, there and then to do J those things to which your several offices appertain. : Given under my hand and seal the 18tfi day of • January, in the year of our Lord, 1867. ROBERT STECKMAN, SHERIFF'S OFFICE, 1 Sheriff. I Bedford. Jan 18. 1867. j w4 4 CCOUNT IN nINACY. ac f\ count of lie iry B. Walter, committee of Samuel Walter, a Lunatic, now deceased, will be pr ?entcd to he Court of Common I'lea-', on tbe 19 h day of February next, fur confirmation, janaowl 0. E. BHA.NSOE, Pretty spgat ftotifc*. LLST OF CAUSES, put down for trial at February Term, 1867. (11th day.) Conover, DorfF 4 Co., vs. Israel Oppenheimer. B. ff. Garretson vs. John W. Beeler s ad'r. Homer Neice, vs. Wm. Woy. Gideon Hitechew. vs. Adam W. Miller. E. A. Fockler, . vs. Jao. A. Raum. Uriah Adams, vs. Sarah Pierce's Ex'r. David lleidler, vs. Hunt'n A B.T R. R B. W. Garretson's use, vs. Isaac M ller. Eliz. M Bridenthal, vs. Emily Wolff. Same, vs. Angeline Earnest eta Same, vs. Sarah Sleek. Certified, January 14th, 1867. janlBw4 0. E. SHANNON. Proth. I IST OF GRAND JURORS— j Drawn for February Term. 2d Monday, lith day. A. D . 1867: John Arnold. Foreman ; Cad wnlader Evans, John Harduian, W. B. Limbright, Jacob Reed, Andrew Mortimore, Peter Morning star. John Holderbaum. Azariah Blackburn. Levi C. Thomas. Philip Snyder. King. John Mor timore, Uriah Conley, L. N. Fyan, James Carnell, Fred 11. Beegle, Thos. M. Ridenour, John C. Fi gart, Asa Mowsare. C. F. Heltiell, Daniel Shreevos, Michael Miller, William Egolt. Drawn and certified at Bedford, this 2tth day of November. A. D. 1866. ISAAC KENSINGER, WILLIAM KIRK, Attest: Jury Com'rs. JNO. Q. FISHAR, Clerk. I IST OF PETIT JURORS, drawn j for same term Jonathan Diehl, Wm. F. Faultz, Daniel Barley, Joseph Sleighter, Thos. B Smith, Gabriel Burket, David Figart, Jon. C. Edwards, Aaron Reed, Jos. Weaverling, Jauies .Yttistrong. William Ralston, Samuel Logue, Jacob Cflaar, Stephen Weimer, Dan iel Heltzel, Em. Swartzwelder, J T. Gephart, William Bowles, Thos. Johns, A. J. Morgart, John Shoemaker, Thomas Itnler, Jason Hanks, Corneli us Devore, B.H.Walker, Simon Nvcum, Adam Geller, David Miller, Francis Donahoe, Capt. E. Eichelberger, Dr. Asa Duval, Christian Miller, H. Clay Lashley. Peter 11. Shires, Jacob Bowser, Jo seph Miller, Dr. J Compher. Drawn and certified at Bedford, this 24th day of November, A.D. 1866. ISAAC KENSINGER, WILLIAM KIRK, Attest: Jury Com'rs. JNO. G FISHKR, Clerk. junlBw4 REGISTER'S NOTICE.—AII per sons interested, are hereby notified that the following accountants have filed their accounts in the Register's Office of Bedford county, and that the same will be presented to the Orphans' Court, in and for said county, on Tuesday, the 12th day of February next, at the Court House, in Bedford, for confirmation: The administration account of James M. Smith, administrator of the estate of William Saylor, late of St. Clair township, Bedford county, deceased. The account of Josiah linler, executor of the last Will and Testament of Jackson Dibert, late of West Providence township, Bedford county, dec'd. The administration account of Duncan McVick er, administrator of the estate of John Culp, late ofSchellsburg, deceased. The account of Thomas Oldham, administrator of trie estate of Joseph H. Corle, late of the county of Randolph, State of Indiana, deceased. The account of Thomas Oldham, Esq., adminis trator of the estate of Eve King, late of Union tp. deceased. The final account of John S. Stuckey, one of the executors of the last Will and Testament of Samu el S. Stuckey, late of the township of Napier, in thecounty of Bedford, deceased. The fiual account of Asa S. Stuckey, one of the executors of the last Will and Testament of Sam uel S. Stuckey. late of Napier township, Bedford county, deceased. The account of Samuel Shafer, administra tor of the estate of David Lewis, late of Union township. Bedford county, deceased. The account of Bernard O'Neal, administrator of the estate of John Hamilton, ate of Southamp ton township, deceased. The account of Martin S. Iletrick, Esq., admin istrator of all and singular the goods and chattels,

rights and credits which were of David 11. Stuck ey, late of Colerain township, Bedford county, deceased. The first account of George Smith, and Jacob Law, administrators of all and singular the goods and chattels, rights and credits, which were of Paul Rhodes, late of Middle Woodberry township, Pa., yeoman, deceased. The account of David B. Kochendarfer, one of the executors of the last Will, Ac., of Christian Kochendarfer, late of South Woodberry township, deceased. Account of George W. Cessna, one of the execu tors of the last Will and Testament of William Cessna, late of Colerain township, deceased. The account of Levi Otto, administrator of all and singular the goods ana chattels, rights and credits, which were of Adam Otto, late of the township of Napier, in the county of Bedford, and State of Pennsylvania, yeoman, deceased. The fiual account of Isaac F. Grove and Sarah A Grove, administrators of the estate of Jesse Grove, late of Bloody Run Borough, deoeased. janlBw4 0. E. SHANNON, Reg'r. SI IE RIFF'SiAL E. -By virtue of sundry writsof vend, exponas and fieri facias to me directed, there will be sold at the court house, in the Borough of Bedford, on SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 9TH, A.D. 1867, at 10 o'clock A.M., the following real estate, viz: One tract ot land, situate in Liberty township, Bedford county, Pa., all the defendant's right, ti tle and interest in and to a tract of land contain ing 150 acres, about 50 acres cleared and under fence, having thereon erected a good two-story log house, kitchen attached, spring nou e, barn, coop er shop, and other out-buildings thereon; also, two apple orchards thereon; adjoining lands of George Rhodes, William Little, Philip Gossler and others, and taken in execution as the property of Willium S. Entriken. Also—All the defendant's right, title and interest in and to a tract of land containing 102 acres, more or less about 50 acres cleared and under fence, having thereon erected a two-story log house, spring and dry house, bank barn and other out houses and sawmill thereon erected; also an apple orchard of choice fruit there'n; adjoining lands of George Rhodes, ffm. Fluck, Wo. Little and oth ers. and taken in execution as the property of W. S. Entriken. Also—AH defendants right, title and interest in and to a tract of land, situate in Union township, Bedford county, containing about 400 acres, more or less, about 80 acres cleared and under fence, with n two-story log house and log barn thereon erected, adjoining lands of Christian Briggle, Matthew Moorehead and others. Atso—AH defendant's interest in and to a tract of land containing about 200 acres, more or less, about 20 acrescleared and under fence, with a two story and a half log house thereon erected, adjoin lands of Joseph Stiifler. Samuel Archerand other-. Also—All delendaut's interest in and to a tractot land containing 200 acres, more or less, about 10 a cresclcared and partly under fence, with a story and a half log house and log stable thereon erected, adjoining lands of George Knisely, David Lewis, dee'd, and others. Also —All defendant's interest in and to a tract of land containing about 200 acres, more or less, about 80 acrescleared and under fence, with a two story log house and bank barn thereon erected, ajoining lands of John Boyer, Samuel Walters and others, seized and taken in execution as the prop erty of David C. McCormick. SHERIFF'S OFFICE, 1 ROBERT STECKMAN. Jan. 18, 1867.-w4. ) Sheriff. XECUT()R\S NOTlCE.—Letters 2J tesiamentary to the estate of Jacob Beisel, late of St. Clair towuship, deceased, having been granted to the undersigned, by the Register of Bedford county, all person J indebted to said estato arc hereby notified to make immediate payment, and those hnving claims against thesame will pre sent them properly authenticated tor settlement. jan4.-w6. JOHX ALDSfADT Ex'r. ADMIN ISTIIATOR'S NOTICE.— Notice is hereby given that letters of Admin istration have been granted to the subscriber on the estate of Samuel Walter, late of Union town ship, deceased. All persons indebted to said estate are notified to make payment, and those having claims there on, will present them duly authenticated for set tlement. janllw6 HENRY B WALTER. Adin'r. $ ADMINISTRATORS' NOTICE.— Notice is hereby given that letters of admin istration have been granted to the subscriber on the estate of William Bunnell, late of Londonderry township, Bedford county, dec'd, all persons in debted to said estate are notified to make payment, and those having claims thereon will present them duly authenticated for settlement, janllw6, JACOB TROUTMAN, Jr., Adm'r. ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE.— Notice is hereby given that letters of adinin traiion have been granted by the Register of Bed ford county, to the undersigned, on the estate of William Frazier, lute of Juniata township, dec'd. All persons indebted to said estate are requested to make immediate payment, and tho j e having claims can present them duly authenticated for settlement. janlBw6 JAMES W. FRAZIER, Adm'r. EXECUTORS' NOTICE. -Notice \ hereby given that letters testamentary to the estate of Peter Earn. late of East Providence township have been granted to the undersigned by the Register of Bedford county. All persons indebted to said estate are requested t make immediate puymeut. and tuuse having claims thereon will present them, duly authenti cated, for settlement. GEORGE KARN, of E. Providence tp., SAMUEL SPARKS, janllwfi.* of W. Providence tp., Ex'rs. RPHE BEDFORD GAZETTE is the I best Advertising Medium in Southern Penn jleania. innrjl ft MRS. E V. MO WRY has just turned from the East with a fine stock of * #•**#♦#■ MILLINERY ♦ AND FANCY GOODS, * * * * * **•* and has now opened a handsome variety of WIN TER BONNETS, HATS, RIBBONS, FLOWERS, FEATHERS, Ac., Ac., of the very latest styles. Also, a variety of DRESS GOODS, French Merines, plaid wool deLaincs, Alpaeas, Muslin deLaines, Ginghams, Calicos, Cat:ton Flan nel, FrannelU. Opera and plaid Flannels. Cloths for coats and sucks. Ladies' and Children's FURS, Sacks, Coats. Cloaks and Shawls; Breakfast Shawls Sontags, Woolen Hoods, Ac.; Balmoral and Hoop SKIRTS, and Corsets; Ladies' and Gentlemen's Kid GLOVES, Ladies' buckskin Gauntlets, cloth and fleece-lined Gloves, for ladies and children; Lace and Crape VEILS, Barege and Grenadine tor Veils. Pocket Handkerchiefs. Neck-Ties, Combs, Brushes, Soaps. PERFUMERY, Eureka Hair Restorative. Mrs. Hill's Hair Restorative. DRESS TRIMMINGS, WIGANS AND BUTTONS. Also, all kinds of Notions and Toys. Also, the very best made and finest Ladies' and Children's SHOES that can be bought in Philadelphia. Mrs. MOWRY is determined to sell her Goods, and do her work as CHEAP AS THE CHEAPEST. She hopes her friends and patrons will call and ex amine her stock, as she is satisfied that tney will recommend themselves, in QUALITV and PRICE, to refined tastes and good judgment. nv2m3 MRS. V. B. TATE. MISS M. REA. MEW FALL STYLES!—Mrs. Tate 1* has just returned from the East with a splen did selection of BONNETS, lIATS, FEATHERS, FLOWERS, RIBBONS, SILKS, VELVETS, and everything belonging to a MILLINERY ESTABLISHMENT. We would call your particular attention to our FALL STOCK or LADIES' DRESS AND CLOAK TRIMMINGS, j of Mrs. Ta'e's own selection, such as j ORNAMENTS. BUTTONS, GUIPURE AND CHERRY LACES. CORDS. TASSELS, FRINGES, VELVET RIBBONS, BELTING, and TRIMMINGS generally. Mrs. TATE and Miss REA flatter themselves that their LATE NOVELTIES will not be sur passed by any. Giving their personal attention to all the branches of their department; the ac knowledged superiority as regards their reliability and the patronage extended them, renders com ment unnecessary. Mrs. Tate procured, while in Philadelphia, a FIRST-CLASS DRESS MAKER, who is now ready to make Dresses, Cloaks, and Children's Wear. Ladies may rely on being artis tically fitted, and their work finished in the most prompt and efficient manner, at the lowest possible price. Cutting and Basting done at short notice. Ljv Girls wanting to learn Mantua-Making will apply immediately, as a fine opportunity is given them. octlHif "VTEW GOODS!—M.C. FETTERLY ! X v hasjust received a splendid assortment of j Fancy Dry Goods, consisting in part of Fancy { Dress Goods, Silks, French Merinos. Alpacca, De laines, Flannels. Muslins, Prints, Cloaking Cloth, Cloaks, Furs. Shawls, Hoop Skirts, Balmorals, Hosiery, Gloves, Dress Trimmings, Fancy But tons, Velvets, Ladies' Dress Caps, a handsome as sortment of Embroideries, Mourning and Lace Goods, Ladies' and Children's Shoes, with a great variety of other notions, Ac , Ac. The stock con sists ot every article usually kept in a first class Fancy Store. Tnankful for past favors, wo ask a continuance of your patronage. n0v.9,'66,-yl. #ootsi, and GREAT EXCITEMENT IN BED FORD! THE REGULATOR ASD BEDFORD CLOTHING EMPORIUM IN ADVANCE OF ALL OTHERS. FRESH ARRIVAL OF NEW GOODS! BOOTS, SHOES, NOTIONS! * CLOTHING, CASSIMERS, HATS of all kinds laid in at prices to suit the times. If you want a good Coat go to the Regulator. If you want a goodp'r Boots, go to the Regulator. If you want a good Vest, go to the Regulator. If you want a good p'r Shoes, go to the Regulator. If you want a good p'r Pants, go to the Regulator If you want a suit of Clothes, go to the Regulator. If you want a good Shirt, go to the Regulator. If you want a good Hat, go to the Regulator. If you want a good Gaiter or Shoe go to the Reg'r. If you want good Cassimere, go to the Regulator. If you want a variety of Notions, go to the Reg'r. If you want a fashionable Coat, go to the Regulator If you want fashionable Pants A Vests go to the Regulator. If you want a fashionable Suit, go to the Regu lator. If you want Queensware or Glassware, go to the Regulator. 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Will also COPY PICTURES trom Ambro types, Photographs, Engravings, etc., and enlarge tbem to any size desired. Having all the late improvements in the art and being engaged in the business longer than any other man in the county he can assure his custo mers that he will make better work than can be had at any other establishment. lie was the first man to introduce the AMBROTYE; " ME LA INOTY PE; FERROTYPE-, " PHOTOGRAPH-, and is the only one who can make the beautiful ALDATYPE or PORCELAIN PICTURES of recent discovery. Terms 25 per cent, cheaper than any other pluee in the county. T. R. GETTYS. n0v.9.-m3. GUNS AND LOCKS.— The under signed respectfully tenders his services to ihe people of Bedford and vicinity, as a repairer of Guns and Locks. Ail work promptly attendeJ to. L. HEFIBAUGII. sep 28, '66-tf __ MAMMOTH SALE BILLS, print ed at short notice. Large Bills make large sales. We know it to be o. TRY IT ! It will much more than pay the extra expense of print ing. Call at TUB GAZETTE JOB OFFICE rpilE Local circulation of the BED | FORD GAZETTE is larger than that of any other paper in this section ol oountry, and therefore ot ers the greatest inducements to business men to filvertise in its columns. EVERY VARIETY AND STYLE OF JOB PRINTING neatly executed at low rates at THE BEDFORD GAZETTE office. Call and leave your orders. ORDERS from a distance for any kind of JOB PRINTING promptly attended te. Bead te THE GAZBTTK JOB OPflCl, Bed ford, Pa. ****** • * * • * GOODS! FALL & WINTER! The undersigned have now opened a large and general assortment of FALL AND WINTER GOODS, FALL AND WINTER GOODS, to which they respectfully invite the attention of buyers, confident they can offer BARGAINS! BARGAINS! BARGAINS! BARGAINS! BARGAINS! In every department. CF* CALL AND EXAMINE OUR STOCK. .£1 You can be SUITED at the LOWEST PRICES. TERMS: [y CASH or PRODUCE. When credit is Iy given, in ALL cases after six JF] MONTHS, interest will be iy charged in tbe Jc\ iy account..^! A. B. CRAMER & CO. * * * * *" ****** oct 26 IVTEW GOODS! NEW GOODS A large and complete stock of FALL AND WINTER GOODS, just received and opened at J M. SHOEMAKER'S, No. 1 Anderson's Row—bought just at the right time. The following comprise a few of our goods : DRY GOODS : Calicoes. Delaines. Coburg Cloths, French Meri noes, Alpacas, Flannels, Ginghams, all wool De laines, all colors, large stock of bleached and un bleached Muslins, Cloths Cassimeres, Satinetts, Jeans. Tweeds. Ac., Ac. BOOTS AND SHOES: A large assortment of Men's and Boys' Boots and Shoes Ladies' Misses' and Children's Boots. Shoes and Gaiters, all prices, and sizes to suit everybody. CLOTHING: A very large stock of Men's and Boys' Coats. Pants and Vests, all sizes, and prices to suit the times. HATS AND CAPS: A complete assortment of all kinds, sizes and prices. GROCERIES, SPICES, Ac.: Coffee, Sugar, Lovering and other Syrups, Molas ses, Tea, Rice, Tobacco, Apices, Ac. LEATHER: i A prime article Sole Leather, Calf Skim, Kip and ' Upper Leather and Linings. CO I TON CHAINS, Single and Double, all numbers, cheap. I CEDAR AND WILLOW WAKE, Tubs, Buckets, Brooms, Baskets, Ac. Call and see our stoek of Goods and beconvinoed - that No. 1 Anderson's Row, is the place to get ] bargains. J. M. SHOEMAKER. , 8ep.28,'66. I A CHANCE FOR BARGAINS! REMEMBER THE NEW CHEAP STORE, At St. Clairsville, Pa. GOODS OF ALL KIISfDS SOLD AT SMALL FRO FITS. OPPENHEIMER " Has just received from the East, and offan for sale at the LOWEST PRICES, a large and varied assortment ol LADIES' DRESS GOODS, of every description and of the best quality; | MILLINERY AND FANCY GOODS, a large assortment, to suit all classes; NOTIONS, in endless variety; MUSLINS, all kinds, very cheap: CALICOES, from the best manufactures. 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MERCHANTS' SHOW BILLS, printed in superior etyle, and upon reasons Tins, at Tux BKHFORD GAZETTK office i LETTER HEADS AND BILL HEADS, and ENVELOPES for busineu men, I primed in th bestitjlt of the art, atTHI Gaxitt* < Ja Omar |Ual <£stat* £aUs. HO USE AN D LOT F< > R SA L E•— Tbe undersigned offers for gale bis li ' I and Lot, on the railroad near Bloody Run The.® contains acres; the house is a two-story building I in oood repair. For particulars, inquire of Mey ers A Dickerson. DANIEL HELTZELL. deo7w4* OPLENDID FARM FOR SALE— -7 miles from Bedford, containing ONE HUN DRED AND FIFTY 125 acres under cul tiration, half creek bottom; well watered; excel lent Briek House and Frame Buru; plenty of good timber; convenient to schools, churches and mills. Will be sold at a bargain. Inquire of MEYERS A DICKERSOX. oct26tf Bedford. Pa. FARM FOR SALE.— V 200 acres, situate in Liberty Township. Bed ford County, on the Juniata river and Hunting don A Broad Top Rail Road. Well improved fine meadows, fruit and timber—a derira ble property, at tbe head of maiket—the property of Capt. Joseph S. Reed. Will be sold cheap- For price. Ac., apply to JOHN P. REED, aug.24-tf. Ait'y, at Bedtord. TTALUABLE LAND FOR SA*LE f —The undersigned offers for sale the follow ing valuable bodies of land : THREE CHOICE TRACTS OF LAND, containing 160 acres each, situated on the Illinois Central Railroad, in Champaign county, State of Illinois. 8 miles from the city of Urbaua, and one mile from Rentual Station on said Railroad. Two of the tracts adjoin, and one of them has u never failing pond of water upon it The city of Urban* contains about 4,000 inl abitants. Champaign is the greatest wheat growing county in Illinoi. ALS o—One-fourth of a tract of laud, situated in Broad Top township, Bedford county, confin ing about 45 acres, with all tbe coal veins of Broad Top running through it. ALSO —Three Lots in the town of Coalmont. Huntingdon county. Jan 26, '66-tf F. C. REAMER. TFALUABLE REAL ESTATE AT V PRIVATE SALE.—One lot of ground in the centre of Bloody Run, fronting on Main street about sixty-five feet, one of the very best business locations in Bloody Run. Also, ten acres of wood land, adjacent to Bloody Run, lying on the Bed ford Rail Road, containing first rate iran ore and having thereon a never-failing spring of water. For particulars inquire at the store of Mrs. S. E. Mann, Bloody Run, or of Dr. Ilickok, Bedford, Pa. Dec 15, '65. INTENSIVE PRIVATE SALE { j OF VALUABLE REAL ESTATE —The un dersigned will sell at private sale, several adjoin ing and contiguous tracts of land, lying on the headwaters of Dunning's Creek, in St. Clair town ship. Bedford county, containing 765 acres, now divided into four tracts, three tracts thoreof con taining respectively 157, 163, and 183 acres and the other, being the Saw Mill tract, containing 262 acres. These tracts will be sold as they are or subdivided to suit purchasers. The saw mill tract contains a FIRST CLASS SAW MILL, with a never-failing head of water, and is in the midst of a TIMBER REGION un surpassed for the quality of limber. One other of the tracts contains an enviable site for a TAN YARD. with all tbe advantages of water, and is alongside of Chestnut Ridge, where the resources for Bark are inexhaustible. 100 acres of the land is bottom, mostly covered by large sugar trees. 300 acres are cleared and in n good state of cultivation, and tbe balance well timbered. There are THREE DWELLING HOUSES, up pon the premises and THREE BARNS, with other outbuildings. The Fruit is choice und in abund ance upon some of these tracts. This property lies 12 miles North of Bedford, and in a country uoted for its good roads, leading North, South, East and West, to Bedford, ilollidaysburg. Johustowu, and other points, on the Penn'n Central Railroad. Farmers, Lumbermen, Tanners and Speculators should examine the premises, us these lands will be sold on fair and reasonable terms. T. H. LYONS, junB,'66. N. J. LYONS. Notices, &c. FOR SALE —VERY LOW —a second hand PIANO. Inquire of 0pr.13,'66.-if. C. X. HICKOK. SOLDIERS' BOUNTIES.—The un dersigned has the blanks now ready and will attend promptly to the collection of all claims un der the law lately passed for the Equalization of Bounties. Aug. 17-.f. J. W. DICKERSON. rpilE ANNUAL MEETING OF I THE STOCKHOLDERS of the Huntingdon and Broad Top Mountain Railroad and Coal Com pany, will be held at their office, No. 258 South Third street. Philadelphia, on TUESDAY, FEB RUARY sth, 1867. at 11 o'clock, A M., when an election will be held for a President and Twelve Directors to serve for the ensuing year janlBw3 J. P. AERT'SEN, Sec'y. C A TONS PLASTER FOR SALE J AT '-CRYSTAL STEAM MILLS," Bedford, Pa., at lowest market rates. "The Crys tal Steam Mills" being now in full operation, we are prepared to do all kinds of ' Grist work," and to furnish all kinds of good Flour and feed, at short notice. Rye, Corn, Buckwheat, Ac., ground on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Grists delivered in town, with dispatch. Hav ing spared no expense in the erection of these Mills, we are determined to try to please, and so licit a SHAKE of public patronage. JOHN G A \VM. HARTLEY. N. B. The highest market price paid for grain of all kinds. j mlBui3. VTEW STORE!! NEW GOODS!! i> - AT ~ MILL-TOVVN, two miles West of Bedford, where the subscriber has opened out a splendid assortment of Dry-Goods, Groceries, Notions, Ac., Ac. All of which will be sold at the most reasonable prices. Dress Goods, best quality. Everybody buys 'em. Muslins, " '• Everybody buys em. Groceries, all kinds. Everybody buys 'em. Hardware, Queeneware, Glassware. Cedarware,Ac. and a general variety of everything usually kept in a country store. Everybody buys 'em. LSpi* Call and examine our goods. dec7,'6G. G. YEAGER. |7W*7 - J7871\ —ISG7. AT IT AGAIN! AXD A rare CHANCE for BARGAINS! JAMES B. FARQUHAR Is pleased to state to his friends and former custo mers, that he has RESUMED BUSINESS IN BEDFORD. at the well known P. A- Reed stand, opposite the Bedford Hotel, where he is prepared to sell everything in his line, CHEAPER THAN THE CHEAPEST! He has a full line of Drv-Goods, Ready-Made Clothing, Boots and Shoes, which have been purchased at very low prices, and will be sold at a very small advance. Call and examine our stock. jan,18.'67. 4 DMINISTRATORS' NOTICE.— _j\_ Notice is hereby given that letters of admin istration huve been granted to the undersigned by the Register of Bedford County, upon the estate of John B. Kochendorfer, late of South WoodOerry township, deceased. All persons indebted to said estate are request ed to make immediate payment, and those huving claims can present them, duly authenticated for settlement. f JOHN Z. KOCHENDORFER. jtn2sw6 JAC Z. KUCUENDURFEU, Adrn'rs. ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE.— Notice is hereby given that letters of admin Ist ration have been granted to the undersig. Ed by the Register of Bedford county, upon the estate of Chrisiian Hardened, late of Bedford township, deceased. All persons having claims agamst said estate are reque.-ted to present them, properly authenti cated. for settlement, and those indebted to the estate to make immediate payment. jan2sw6 JOHN lIARCLEROAD, Adm'r. rpAVERN LICENSES.—The loilow | iug named persons have taken out petitions for tavern license, aud notice is hereby given that the same will be presented to the Court ot Quarter .Sessions to be held at Bedford, on the llth day of February next, for allowance. J. H. Greenough, Saxton Boiough. David Weiiner, Olearville, Win. M. Pearson, Wooduery. Isaac Mengel, Bedford Borough. Win. T. Grove, Bloody Run Borough. Henry Fluke, Wuodberry. i James L. Princo. Saxmu. D. A M. Oit. Bloody Run. i Mrs. Rachel Nagle, St. Clairsville. ' _ jtutittw-4 JS- Sjtf Aff