Newspaper of Bedford Gazette, February 22, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of Bedford Gazette dated February 22, 1867 Page 3
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Local and Personal. JOHN W. BOWEN Esq., is a regular ly authorized agent for this paper, and will visit our friends throughout the county, for the purpose of making col lections and taking subsections. We hope that his calls will be responded to in the proper spirit. We have some st>,ooo on our books, SI,OOO of which we need very badly to pay a debt we owe in bank. In fact we must collect, and if mild measures will not answer our purpose, we will be compelled to resort to harsher ones. There are many per sons who pay promptly. To such, thanks ! There "are more who do not. To such, duns, and finally writs. We j desire to oppress no man. We are wil ling liberal to those who are in straitened circumstances. But if me do not heed our request to settle, if they treat our call for payment with con tempt, they have no further claim upon our generosity. \\ e have given away enough in our business to keep a small family five yerfrs. If we are to contin ue that sort of work, we want those who can pay to come forward and do it, and those who can't, to step upland settle. Of course, we don't refer to those who do pay. If this be not at tended to .wow, we will see whether "some things can't be done as well as others." • COURT PROCEEDINGS. -The follow ing cases in the Quarter Sessions were tried last week: Coin. vs. M. Reighard. Fornication , and Bastsgrdy. Verdict Guilty. Same vs. Jacobßinard. Forgery, on j oath of Jas. Heffner. Verdict Guilty, j Same vs. same. Larceny on oath of i •Lis. Mcllnay. Verdict Guilty. Same vs. John M. Hammond, Jacob Rinard, John Hudson, Wm. Hoey, Chas. Jackson, Jno. G. Smith and Geo.; Fessel. Jacob Rinard pleads Guilty. Same vs. Johnson Barnes (colored), j Burglary, on oath of Geo. Mardorff. Jury failed to agree. Same vs. Jas. Key. utias Jas. Cala hail (colored) and Moore Barks (color- j ed). Vssault and Battery with intent j to kill, on oath of Geo. McDaniel. Ver- j diet Guilty. Motion for a new trial in j the case of Calahan,overruled, in the ' case of Barks, motion for a new trial j granted, and prosecutor permits > e- 1 fendant to be discharged. Same vs. Wm. Chisholm. Larceny on oath of Dr. A.C. V. McNeal. Ver dict Guilty. Same vs. Hannah Deal. Larceny on , oath of Dr. A. C. V. McNeal. X T erdict Not Guilty. Same vs. James Baum. Larceny on oath of llenry Weaver. Verdict Guil- i ty, but recommended to the mercy of j the Court. Same vs. David Watt, Thos. Lane ' and Win. Pitch. Assault with intent | to Rob. Verdict Not Guilty. Same vs. Same. Assault with Dead ly Weapons. Verdict Not Guilty. Same vs. Robert Banres (colored).; Larceny on oath of Shannon Kennedy. Verdict Guilty. The following cases in the Common { Pleitas were tried: Homer Neice vs. Win. Woy. As-j sumps it. Jury find for Plaintiff for I $112.75. Gideon Hitcliew vs. Adam W. Mil ler. Slander. Jury find for Plaintiff! the sum of $5.34 damages, with costs of j suit. E. A. Fockler vs. J. A. Raum. Ju- i ry find for Plaintiff $128.50. j A BEDFORD COUNTY AFFAIR OF i THE HEART. —We find the following ' in the Pittsburg Pout, of a iate date, and 1 will add that we have heard nothing of this occurrence, in this neighborhood, though the statement may be correct: On Saturday last there arrived in this : city, from theeouniy of Bedford, a man ! named Nicholas Jones, in company with another man's wife. The wo- j man's name is Catharine Weaver, wife of James Weaver, of the above named | county. The pair found lodgings some- ! where in the city, and were living j quietly and happily together, when j yesterday their quiet was broken in upon by the arrival of the husband, who proceeded to tlie ollice of Alderman Morrow, and made an information a- j gainst Jones lbr adultery, alleging that; he had a wife of his own, whom he had I deserted. He also stated thai Mrs. W. had left not on'v a broken-hearted bus-; band but two helpless little children. A warrant was issued, and Jones was found working on the Pennsylvania j Railroad, a short distance beyond the depot. He was committed to jail for a hearing. No search was made for Mrs. Weaver, and of course she did not , put in an appearance,at which the hus- 1 band seemed greatly disappointed, as j he says his object in visiting the city % was not to punish Jones, but to reclaim his faithless wife. INSURANCE. —We are requested to • announce that Maj. J. F. Frueauff, of Holidaysburg, Blair county, is Gener al Agent for the State of Pennsylvania • for the WORLD MUTUAL LIFE INSU- I RANCH COMIANY OF N. V., to whom ; applications for insurance, further in- j formation anfl to obtain Local Agencies, should be addressed. The special features of this company are as follows: Mutual premiums lower than those of a majority of the Life Insurance companies in the United States. Non participating premiums lower than those charged by any company in the world. Dividends increase annually! after two years, with the age of the policy. Losses paid in thirty days af ter due notice and proof of death. Thir ty days' grace allowed in the payment of premiums. * t- ' SPECIAL COURT.-— Judge Taylor, of Huntingdon, is at present holding a j special court in this place. The Judge j gives very good satisfaction to our bar. j TEMPERANCE LECTURE.— We had not intended to make any notice what ever of the performances of a man by the name of Uniac, in the Court House, on Saturday night last and in the M. E. Church, on the following Sabbath evening. But a member of the order of Good Templars, one of the best cit izens of our town, has handed us the following and we have concluded to publish it. We desire it to be distinct ly understood that we are just as anx ious as any man can be to see drunk ards reclaimed and intemperance check ed. but harangues like those ol Mr. Uniac are calculated rather to retard than advance the good work. \\ e ad mit that Uniac is a good declaitner and quotes Byron oxceWentiy, but his mat ter is the merest jum le of crudities possible to be uttered. The article by our Good Templar friend isu> follows: — If the Good Templars have no other than a Boston clown to uphold their cause, it would l>e much better to have him go around with a menagerie or circus in the summer, and remain at home during winter to practice tumb ling and rope-dancing. And if pul pits cannot afford any better preachers, it would he well enough for some rough carpenters to erect stages inside ol the churches so that we might have some of Paul l>e Kock's moral scenes dram atized and acted. It is much to be re gretted that the cause of temperance should be damaged by such lecturers as Mr. Uniac. 1 advise those whose taste selects men of this kind as the champi ons of temperance, to mix the perform ance, next time, with a little common sense, and ask them in the name of ev erything not hypocritical, to keep all such monkeys otit of the pulpit. A GOOD TEMPLAR. LOCALIZING.— AImost everybody has an idea of his own how a local newspa per should be conducted, but however much they differ on other items, they almost invariably coincide in the one opinion that a newspaper should be mostly made up of local items. They do not seem to think that a local editor is not omnipresent; nor that the pro prietor cannot afford to keep a "local" on every street corner; nor that either of them cannot he poking his nose in to other people's business all the time; a-king questions for which he feels he should be rebuked. To effect the grand result desired by everybody in a local paper, each member of the communi ty should be under obligation to con tribute his mite of news, with the un derstanding that every other member do the same. Thus an editor would be merely a scribe and the printer the multiplier of the records made. LECTURE BY REV. S. KEPLER.— The lecture on "The Power and Grandeur of Moral Principle as exemplified in the Statesmanship of Moses," delivered by Rev. S. Kepler, in the Court House, on Tuesday night last, was enjoyed by a large and appreciative audience. Rev. Kepler is one of the soundest thinkers of the age and never fails to impress his hearers with the beauty of his dic tion as well as the forcibleness of hfs argument. DROWNED.— We are pained to learn that Harry Tipper, of Hopewell, was drowned on Monday last. Tipper and same others were engaged in erecting a rope ferry across the Juniata at Hope well, when the unfortunateyoung man fell out of the boat in which he was at work. He leaves a wife and one child to lament his loss. WE have much pleasure in recom mending the Catalogue of Newspapers and Periodicals issued by the firm of Blackwell & Co., of 82 Cedar St., New York. It will be found a most useful publication and we advise our readers to write to them for a copy which may be obtained gratis. BRIDGE SWEPT AWAY.— The bridge at Hopewell, was swept away almost entirely by the breaking up of the ice in the Juniata, on Friday last. The loss to the county will be at least $2,- 500. NEW GROCERIES.— Irvine and Stat ler have just received, at the Regula tor, a large lot of groceries, embracing the finest Sugars, Coffees, Teas, Syrups, Ac., which they will sell very low. Coffee at 811 cents per pound. Nfew Pner MASTER..— -it, A. Hun ter, Esq., has been appointed Post Maater, at Riddlesburg, this county. Mr. Hunter is well qualified for the position. —A man named Nichols murdered his wife and two children, in Brook field, Missouri, on Saturday night, and then kilied himself. MARRIED. PRTCE—WYON—On the 12th inst.. by Rev. A. R. Krewer. Mr. D.tvid Price and Miss Ma tie Wy on. both of South Woodberry township. KOONS —WISEGARVER—On the 7th inst., by the Rev. 11. Hcekerman. Mr. George Koons nnd Miss Ann Margaret Wisegarver, both of Bedford township. ADAMS—HYXER—On the 29th ult., by Rev. J. 11. Donaldson. Mr. Win Adams, of New Paris, to Miss Rebecca Hvner. of Napier township. DIED. DEFIBAUGH—On the Bth inst., William J., in fant son of David L. ami Sophia Defibaugh, of Bedford township, aged 7 months. isUir. qVilvcrti.smwnt.i \ N ELECTION WILL BE HELD f\ at the Public House of Emanuel Brosius, in the bormgh of MeConnellsburg, on Monday the 4th day of March, next, between the hours of 10 o'clock. \ M . and 1 o'clock, P. M . for five.Man agers of the Chambersburg and Bedford Turnpike Road Company, for the ensuing vear. feb22w2 T. B. KENNEDY. Prest. 4 DMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE.— 2\.Notice is hereby given that letters of Admin istration have been granted to the subscriber on theestafeof Henry Keyser. late deceased. All persons indebted to said estate are notified to make payment, and those having claims there on, will present them duly authenticated for set tlement. feb22w6 WILLIAM KEYSER. Admr. rjnfl BRIDGE BUILDERS.—The uiu I dersigned. Commissioners of Bedford county, WILL LET, on the premises, to the lowest and be-d bid ler. on FRIDAY, MARCH Bth, 1866, a KGOFED BRIDGE to be built across the Juniata, at the town of Hopewell, in Broad Top township. Plans and specifications will be cxhibted at Hope well on the day of letting MICHAEL WERTZ. MICHAEL S. RITCHEY, DAVID HOWSARE, Attest: ' Commissioners. JOB* G. FISBBH, Clerk. fob22w3 -T-"t * ir'-ei — 4 ! NNUAL REPORT OF THE AUDITORS OF BEDFORD COUNTY. ORGE MARDORFF, Esqp, Treasurer of Bed | ford county, in account with said county, from Jan uary 4, A. D., 1866, to January 9, A. D., 1867. TREASURER, DR. To amount received from James B. Far quhar. Esq , late treasurer, as per re ceipts exhibited, SS,29S 24 To amount of tax received from collectors. Jacob A Nieodemus, Woodberry M. 1858 152 84 R D Barclay, Bedford borougn, 1861 25 00 T M Lynch. Bedford borough, 1862 76 91 William Phillips, Bedford borough, do 47 19 Philip Hardman, Cumb. Volley, do 5 10 J R Durborrow, Woodberry M, do 252 20 Jacob Fetter. Bedford township, 1863 561 11 U H Akers, Bedford borough, 1864 367 72 Samuel Bender, Bloody Run, do 50 00 William Stuckey, Monroe, do 114 70 Joseph Fisher, Providence W, do 58 84 Samuel Bcckley. St. Clair, do 65 52 George Beegle, Union, do 73 67 E F Kerr, Bedford borough, 1865 532 10 llenry Beegle. Union, do 1366 82 John C Figard, Broad Top, do 639 77 John C Black. Bloody Run. do 115 00 Jacob Bowser, Coleraiu. do 606 83 Archibald Blair. Cumberl'd Valley, do 425 00 Henry Wertz, Harrison, do 135 16 George Gardill, Juniata, d 258 03 Michael Carpenter, Londonderry, do 127 00 Samuel Harvey, Liberty, do 83 58 Philip Snyder, Monroe. do 19 64 David H Bowser. Napier. do 519 09 P M Barton. Providence E. do 239 37 George Baughman, Providence W, do 55 33 Solomon Slirader, St. Clair, do 569 56 Westley Perdew, Southampton, do 172 91 N N Koons, Snake Spring, do 113 44 Daniel Horn. Sehellsburg, do 100 00 Adolphus Ake, Union. do 506 05 Solomon Barley, Woodberry M, do 737 29 Samuel Crissman, Woodberry S, do 1221 73 John C Figard, Broad Top, 1866 783 84 Jeremiah Thompson. Bloody Run, do 200 00 Henry Hite, Cumberland Valley do 350 00 Jacob Bowser, Colerain, do 200 00 A W Shoemaker, Harrison, do 185 00 James Fink. Hopewell, do 282 00 Henry Horn, Juniata, do 150 00 Jacob Evans, Londonderry, do 300 00 John MeLain, Liberty, do 60 00 Jacob Fletcher. Monroe, do 715 00 Henry Egolf, Napier, do 347 00 Uriah Mclott, Providense, E, do 105 00 John Kinsey. Sehellsburg, do 57 00 Moses Tewell, Southampton, do 249 00 Solomon Barley, Woodberry M, do 362 11 To amount received from Hucksters lor Hucksters' license. 210 00 To money advanced from citizens of Na pier and Harrison townships on bridge, 800 00 To money received from sales of estrays, 31 67 To money received on Treasurer's deeds, 26 00 To money received on lath sold at Court House. 2 75 To costs in commonw'k vs. S Amick et al, 32 30 To amount received on sale of unseated lands, 790 82 To amount received on bounty fund, 56 40 To sundry refunding checks, 331 20 lotal charges, $25,351 91 TREASURER, CR. On sundry ehecks drawn by the commissioners, as follows, viz : Paid Petit Jurors, Feb-uary term, $452 34 Grand Jurors, do do 171 10 Petit Jurors. Special court, 449 90 Petit Jurors, September term, 336 88 Grand Jurors, do do 142 10 Petit Jurors, November do 383 25 Grand Jurors, do do 142 39 Petit May do , 261 73 Grand Jurors, do do t 127 59 Fox and wild cat scalps. 327 53 Isaac Kensinger, Jury Commissioner, 48 00 William Kirk. de do 48 00 J G Fisher, clerk do do 24 00 Tip-staves, 199 83 Talesmen, 99 22 Court-crier, 48 00 Assessors making assesment returns, 205 61 Constable's returns, 365 73 George Roades, Commissioner's salary. 238 00 Michael Wertz, do do 141 00 Michael Ritchcy, do do 124 00 David Howsare. do do 16 00 J G Fisher, elerk to do 250 00 J Aldstadt, Sheriff, boarding prisoners, 1187 72 do conveying prisoners to Western Penitentiary, 692 00 do costs on comm'h cases, 78 98 do costs in commonwealth vs. John Hammond. 201 86 do costs in commonwealth vs John Stokenius 25 51 Metropolitan Insurance company, 90 50 John Harris arresting Walker alias Rom dolf, _ 20 00 Expenses of Spring election, 211 04 do October election, - 414 42 Charles Merwine, services as janitor, Ac., 72 50 John C Figard. money over paid on State tax, V HO 53 Rupp, ."-hannon A Co., chairs for court house * 128 64 Jeremiah Thompson, repairing bridge at Bloody Run, 200 00 Jacob Lingenfelter, hauling stone, Ac., for same, 50 00 0 E Shannon. Esq., fees as Prothonotary, 150 00 G Blymyer A Son, bill of oils, paints, Ac. 300 29 B McC Blymyer A co., bill of goods, 29 65 W G Perry, dockets for Prothonotary's office, 51 00 Meyers A Mengel, advertising and blank printing. <>Bl 50 Durborrow A Lutz, advertising, 562 20 Dr John Coinpher, attendance on prison ers at jail, 6 00 Expenses of road views. 232 00 do bridge do 28 98 do do sales, 17 35 John and Joshua Mower, work done in re- pairing court house. 161 91' 13 W Garretson, building bridge at Ejolf's 959 00 John G. Fisher, making out and distribu ting duplicates, attending bridge sales, and money paid for work at courthouse 71 00 William Beegle, bounty and interest, 29 67 A 11 Cramer, bill of goods, 25 58 Matting fot court house, chandeliers, 4c., 150 33 B W Garretson, lumber for court house, 1 1 9-1 Win Trouttnan, painting court house, 245 00 Bounty paid to soldiers under act of 1863, 335 39 S L Russell, overpaid on unseated lands, 112 84 Money overpaid on duplicates for which treasurer is charged, _ 224 53 James B Farquhur, money overpaid on militia fund, 499 75 Ilenry Nicodetuus, costs on commonwealth cases, 35 51 George Mardorff. money paid for slate roof 545 08 John Sill, interest on note, 60 00 George W Gibbony, bridge at Stonerstown, 500 00 J W Tate, money wrongly paid on deed, 44 53 Revenue stamps and postage for commis sioner's office, 46 43 S L Russell, services at Ilarrisburg*, 40 00 Wood and coal for public buildings, 180 98 Henry Nicodetuus, money wrongly paid on treasurer's deed, 32 37 Stationery for commissioner's office, 40 31 John Aldstadt, bill of goods for jail 160 93 Tobias Boor, building bridge in Cumber land Valley, 200 00 Jacob A Sleek an, l . Adam Diehl. coal and wood for jail, 109 90 Costs paid to justices and constables in commonwealth cases 127 19 George Mardorff, advertising unseated lands, 41 00 Wm Hartley, oils, paints, nails, Ac., 416 39 George Blackburn, building bridge a* Statler's • 630 36 Lath, lime, and hauling sand for court house. 58 20 John Aldstadt, costs in commonwealth cases, 1093 92 John Aldstadt, costs in commonwealth vs. Wertz A May, 44 38 R Leo, book-case and chairs for court house, 32 80 Williams, Orne A co., window shades and 'carpet 138 47 Henry Nicoderaus, examining dockets and swearing assessors, * 42 50 Castleton Ake, building bridge at Mow ry's, • 1105 00 Simon Nycuui, plank on bridge in East- Providence township, 18 90 Hartley A Mctzger, freight on slate, 81 00 Lumbar fur repairing court house, 72 12 Matthew Spidle, painting court house, 208 12 Isaac Mengel. freight on chairs, 22 20 Daniel Miller, plastering court house, 105 25 Work in repairing, roofing and white washing court house. 162 80 Jacob Semler, hobbling prisoners, 4 00 Isaac Mengel, meals furnished jurors, 48 00 O E Shannon, for having dockets bound in Protbonotary's office, 20 00 Philip Little, hauling slate from Mount Dallas, 30 04 Advertising horse thieves, 286 70 Mary Norris, scrubbing offices in court house, , 36 50 William Keyser, bridge order, 500 00 James H Aloorhead, repairing bridge at Wisegarver's, 95 00 Harry Drollinger, Hopewell bridge, 51 10 George Mardorff. treasurer's deed to com missioners, 54 37 Conrad Feaster, building bridge at Shaw nee RUD, 80 00 Special election in Saxton borough, 10 50 David Brown, on Blackburn'sorder, 10 80 Michael Keed. Esq.. bridge plans, 6 00 0 E Shannon, fees as prothouotary. 120 00 Treasurer's salary, 300 00 Revenue stamps and postage, 30 00 Allowance on old account, 10 00 Expenses on sales of unseated lauds, 40 00 Bank note detector, 1 50 Certified copy of huckster's law, 1 50 Huckster's blanks, 7 00 Auditors and clerk, 100 00 Chus Merwine, attending auditors. 6 00 Total credits. $21,247 Xcpl Itotim. Charges, $25,351 91 Credits, 21,247 66 Balance in county treasury, $4,104 25 Money due and, owing to Bedford County from Collectors, and others, for 1866 and previous years. From Collectors •' County: State: John A Osborn, Broad Top, 1857, 106 69 76 01 Lemuel Evans, do do 1858, 289 67 230 46 John C Morgart, C. Valley, do 89 23 100 00 Aaron Reed, Wood berry S. 1863, 750 40 Samuel Beckley, St Clair, 1864, 94 00 50 S M Bender. Bloody Run, 1864, 25 00 J C Black. do do 1865, 23 84 Arch. Blair, C Valley, do 174 00 64 98 Henry tVertt, Harrison, do 138 41 Westley Perdew, Southamp'n,do 368 41 67 20 Sam C'rissman, Woodberry S, do 10 16 E F Kerr, Bedford borough. 1866, 1064 19 163 02 Hen. Moses. Bedford tp., do 1793 68 230 00 J C Figart, Broad Top, do 1264 79 163 24 Jer. Thompson, Bloody Run, do 177 70 43 36 Jacob Bowser. Colerain, do 935 00 557 06 Henry Hite, C. Valley, do 750 11 134 71 A W Shoemaker, Harrison, do 295 39 42 91 James Fink, Hopewell, do 300 22 25 94 Jacob Evans. Londondery, do 491 03 79 12 John McLain, Liberty, do 462 66 43 16 Jacob Fletcher. Monroe, do 128 82 54 17 Henry Egolf, Napier, do 826 43 112 49 Uriah Mellott, Providence E. do 485 17 31 22 Jll II Sparks, do 465 81 224 81 John Kemery, Sohellsbiirg, do 184 87 42 98 Wm Grisinger. Snake Spring, do 718 26 167 53 Moses Tewell, Southampton, do 414 35 67 61 Henry F Smith. St. Clair, do 1377 92 51 72 Henry C'orle. Union, do 959 97 227 17 Sol. Barley, Woodberry M. do 1741 95 179 76 M Brumbaugh, do S. do 1848 16 291 98 To amount due from former treas urers : A J Sonsom, late treasurer, 100 00 J B Farquhar, do 927 82 Jacob D Fetter, mistake in aoc't, 60 84 $20,577.41 $3,991.29 Moneys due and owed by Bedford County. The county of Bedford owes John Sill, on note, S2OOO 00 The State claims from Bedford county, on account, half mill tax on real estate and fine, under act of 1865, about SBOOO 00 Treasurer, Dr. To militia tax received from collectors, $lO2 00 Treasurer, Cr. To amount paid for assessing and making out duplicates and rolls of militia, 80 00 Balance in treasury, $22 00 Bedford County, SS. The undersigned, Auditors of said county, do certify that in pursuance of the Acts of Assembly, in such eases made and provided, they met at the Court House, in the borough of Bedford, and did audit nud adjust the accounts of George Mardorff. Treasurer of said county, for the year A. 1)., 1866, as contained in the foregoing statements, and that we have examined the foregoing accounts of money due to and owed by said county, and that we have found the same to be correct. Witness our hands, thir 9th day of January. 1887. DAVID EVANS, JAMES MATTINGLY, JOHN D. LUCAS, Attest— E. F. KERB, Clerk. Auditors. To the Auditor General of Pennsylvania: GEORGE MARDORFF, Esq., Treasurer of Bed ford county, in account with the Commmwealth of Pennsylvania, from January 4, 1866, to Janua ry 9 1867.

Treasurer, Dr. To amount received from collectors of taxes for 1866 and previous years, $8965 66 Treasurer, Cr. By receipt of State Treasurer, dated March 2,1866, S3OOO 00 do do Aug't 3, 1866, 2500 00 do do Oct'r 2, 1866, 4000 00 do do Jan'y 3, 1867, 1560 50 Associate Judges' salary, as per receipt, dated January 3, 1367, 439 50 Treasurer's per centage, 115 00 Credits, $11,615 00 Charges, 8,649 34 $2,649 34 Merchants' Licenses. Treasurer, Dr. To aggregate amount of mercantile license for the year 1866, $837 00 Treasurer, Cr. By Treasurer's commission, s4l 85 Durborrow A Lutz, advertising list of retailers, 13 70 Meyers A Mengel, do 13 70 Amount due State, $767 75 Tavern Licenses. Treasurer, Dr. To aggregate amount assessed for 1866, SBOS 00 Treasurer, Cr. By Treasurer's per centsge, 40 25 Balance due State, $764 75 Eat'uiy Houses. Treasurer, - Dr. To aggregate amount assessed for 1866, SIOO 00 Treasurer, Cr. By per centage to Treasurer, 5 00 Amount due State, $95 00 Banking Houses. Treasurer, Dr. To aggregate amount assessed for 1866, S2O 00 Treasurer, Cr. By Treasurer's per centage, 1 00 Balance due State, sl9 00 Distilleries. Treasurer, Dr. To aggregate amount assessed for 1866, $45 00 Treasurer, Cr. By per centage to Treasurer, 2 25 Amount due State, $42 75 Bedford County, SS. The undersigned, Auditors of said county, do hereby certify that in pursuance of the Acts of As sembly, in such cases made and provided, they met at the Court House, in the borough of Bed ford. and did audit and adjust the accounts between George Mardorff. Esq., Treasurer of said county, and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, as con tained in the foregoing statements, Witness our hauds, this 9th day of January, A D., 1867. DAVID EVANS, JAMES MATTINGLY. JOHN D. LUCAS. Attest—E. F./KEKR, Clerk. Auditors. febßw4 ADM I NISTRATC )R'S NOTICE.— Notice is hereby given that letters of admin tration have been granted by the Register of Bed ford county, to the undersigned, on the estate of William Frazier, late of Juniata township, dec'd. All persons indebted to said estate are requested to make immediate payment, and tho a e having claims can present them duly authenticated for settlement. j'an!Bw6 JAMES W. FRAZTER, Adm'r. \ DMINISTItATOR'S NOTICE.— i~\ Notice is hereby given that letters of admin istratiou have been granted to the uudersigi ed by the Register of Bedford county, upon the estate of Christian Harcleroad, late of Bedford township, deceased. All persons having claims against said estate are requested to present them, properly authenti cated, for settlement, and those indebted to the estate to make immediate payment. jan2sw6 JOHN HARCLEROAD. Adm'r. ADMINI STR A T<) RS' NOTICE.—- Notice is hereby given that letters of admin istration have been granted to the undersigned by the Register of Bedford County, upon the estate of John B. Koehendorfer, late of South Woodberry township, deceased. All persons indebted to said estate are request ed to make immediate payment, and those having claims can present them, duly authenticated for settlement. JOHN Z. KOCHENDORFER, jan2sw6 KOGHENDORFER, Adm'rs. ADMIN ISTRATOII'S NOTICE^ Notice is hereby given that letters of admin istration have been granted to the undersigned by the Register of Bedford county, upon the estate of Sophia McFarland, late of Monroe township, dec'd. All persons knowing themselves to be indebted to said estate, will make immediate payment, and those having claims against the same, will present them properly authenticated for settlement. feb.Sw6 DANIEL McFARLAND, Adm'r. | I ME! L I ME!! LIME!!! REDUCTION IN PRICES! O. E. SHANNON, feblsw3 Bedford, Pa. PTRY MRS. E. V. 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Also, the very best made and finest Ladies' and Children's SHOES that can be bought in Philadelphia. Mrs. MOWRY is determined to sell her Goods, and do her work as CHEAP AS THE CHEAPEST. She hopes her friends and patrons will call and ex amine her stock, as she is satisfied that tney will recommend themselves, in QUALITY and PKICE, to refined tastes.,and good judgment. nv2m3 MRS. V. B. TATE. MISS M. REA. "VTEW FALL STYLES!—Mrs. Tate JJv| has just returned from the East with a splen did selection of BONNETS. HATS, FEATHERS, FLOWERS. RIBBONS, SILKS. VELVETS, and everything belonging to a MILLINERY ESTABLISHMENT. We would call your particular attention to our FALL STOCK OP LADIES' DRESS AND CLOAK TRIMMINGS, of Mrs. Tape's own selection, such as ORNAMENTS. BUTTONS, GUIPURE AND CHERRY LACES, CORDS. TASSELS, FRINGES, VELVET RIBBONS, BELTING, and TRIMMINGS generally. Mrs. TATE and Miss REA flatter themselves that their LATE NOVELTIES will not be sur passed by any. Giving their personal attention to all the branches of their department; the ac knowledged superiority as regards their reliability and the patronage extended them, renders com ment unnecessary. Mrs. Tate procured, while in Philadelphia, a FIRST-CLASS DRESS MAKER, who is now ready to make Dresses, Cloaks, and Children's Wear. Ladies may rely 011 being artis tically fitted, and their work finished in the most prompt and efficient manner, at the lowest possible price. Cutting and Basting done at short notice. Girls wanting to learn Mantua-Making will apply immediately, as a fine opportunity is given them. ootl9if "VTEW GOODS!—M.C. FETTERLY I.N hasjust received a splendid assortment of Fancy Dry Goods, ccnsisting in part of Fancy Dress Goods, Silks, French Merinos, Alpaccn, De laines, Flannels, Muslins, Prints, Cloaking Cloth, Cloaks, Furs, Shawls, Hoop Skirts, Balmorals, Hosiery, Gloves, Dress Trimmings, Fancy But tons, Velvets, Ladies' Dress Caps, a handsome as sortment of Embroideries, Mourning and Lace Goods, Ladies' and Children's Shoes, with a great variety of other notions, Ac., Ac. The stock con sists ot every article usually kept in a first class Fancy Store. Tnankful for past favors, we ask a continuance of your patronage. n0v.9,'66,-yl. Shoes ml Varieties. GREAT EXCITEMENT IN BED FORD! THE REGULATOR AND BEDFORD CLOTHING EMPORIUM IN ADVANCE OF ALL OTHERS. FRESH ARRIVAL OF NEW GOODS! BOOTS, SHOES, NOTIONS! CLOTHING, CASSIMERS, HATS of all kinds laid in at prices to suit the^times. If you want a good Coat go to the Regulator. If you want a good p'r Boots, go to the Regulator. If you want a good Vest, go to the Regulator. If you want a good p'r Shoes, go to the Regulator If you want a good p'r Pants, go to the Regulator If you want a suit of Clothes, go to the Regulator. If you want a good Shirt, go to the Regulator. If you want a good Hat, go to the Regulator. If you want a good Gaiter or Shoe go to theßeg'r. If you want good Cassiinere. go to the Regulator. If you want a variety of Notions, go to the Reg'r. If you want a fashionable Coat,>go to the Regulator If you want fashionable Pants A Vests go to the Regulator. If you want a fashionable Suit, go to the Regu lator. If you want Queensware or Glassware, go to the Regulator. If you want good Spices of any kind, go to the Regulator. If you want good Flavoring Extracts, go to the Regulator. If you want good Toilet Soap or Perfumery, go the Regulator. If you want good Hosiery, Gloves, Neck-ties col lars, Ac., go to the Regulator. If you want any thing in our line, go to the Bed ford Clothing Emporium and Boot, Shoe and No tion Regulator, No. 2, Anderson's Row. Goods of all kinds ordered from the Eastern cities to accommodate customers. H. F. IRVINE, Sept. 7, 1866. R. W. BERKSTRESSER. gotiasi, FOII SALE — VERY Low—a second hand PIANO. Inquire of apr.13,'66.-tf. C. N. HICKOK. SOLDIERS' BOUNTIES.—The un dersigned has the blanks now ready and will attend promptly to the collection of all claims un der the law lately passed for the Equalization of Bounties. aug.l7-.f. J. W. DICKERSON._ I"[i LECTION NOTICE.—The stock. j holders of the Bedford and Stoystown Turn pike Road Company, are requested to meet at the house of A. J. Snively, in the borough of Schells burg. on the first Monday of March, between the house of twelve and one o'clock, to elect five Man agers for the ensuing year. feblow.3 A. E. SCHELL. Sec'y. r7f \ TONS PLASTER FOR BALE e)l ) AT "CRYSTAL.STEAM MILLS," Sdford, Pa., at lowest market rates. "TheCrys- Steam Mills" being now in full operation, we are prepared to do all kinds of "Grist work," and to furnish nil kinds of good Flour and feed, at short notice. Rye, Corn, Buckwheat, Ac., ground on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Grists delivered in town, with djspatch. Hav ing spared no expense in the erection of these Mills, we are determined to try to please, and so licit a SHARE of public patronage. JOHN G A WM. HARTLEY. N. B. The highest market price paid for grain of all kinds. janlßm3. ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE.— Notice is hereby given that letters of admin istration have been granted by the Register of Bed ford county, to the undersigned, on the estate of Henry Whetstone, late of Monroe township, dee'd. All persons indebted to said estate are notified to make immediate payment and those having claims will present them, properly authenticated, for settlement. feb!sw6 LEWIS HOWSARE, Adm'r. ADM INISTR ATOR'S NOTICE.— Notice is hereby given thai letters of ad ministration on the estate of Helen Hinton, late of Union township, deceased, having been granted to the undersigned, by the Register of Bedford county, all persons indebted to said estate Brc hereby notified to make immediate payment, and those having claims against the same will pre sent them properly authenticated lor settlement. HIRAM DAVIS, Adm'r, feblsw6 St. Clair tp Sri}-(sooUs, 6rorma, &r. ****** * * * * * * GOODS! FALL & WINTER! The undersigned have now opened a larg* and general assortment of FALL AND WINTER GOODS, FALL AND WINTER GOODS, to which they respectfully invite the attention of buyers, confident they eaD offer BARGAINS! BARGAINS! BARGAINS! BARGAINS! BARGAINS! In every department. CALL AND EXAMINE OUR STOCK. You can be SUITED at the LOWEST PRICES. TERMS: CASH or PRODUCE. When credit is |Y given, in ALL cases after six I3F* MONTHS, interest will be charged in the JST] account. A- B. CRAMER & CO. ****** * * * * * oct26 "VTEW GOODS! NEW GOODS A large and complete stock of FALL AND WINTER GOODS, just received and opened at J M. SHOEMAKER'S, No. 1 AnderSon's Row—bought just at the right time. The following comprise a few of our goods : DRY GOODS: Calicoes, Delaines. Coburg Cloths, French Meri noes, Alpacas, Flannels, Ginghams, all wool De laines. all colors, large stock of bleached and un bleached Muslins, Cloths, Cassimeres, Satinetts, Jeans. Tweeds, Ac., Ac. BOOTS AND SHOES: A large assortment of Men's and Boys' Boots and Shoes Ladies' Misses' and Children's Boots, Shoes and Gaiters, all prices, and sizes to suit everybody. CLOTHING: A very large stock of Men's and Boys' Coats, Pants and Vests, all sizes, and prices to suit the times. HATS AND CAPS : A complete assortment of all kinds, sizes and prices. GROCERIES, SPICES, Ae.: Coffee, Sugar, Lovering and other Syrups, Molas ses, Tea, Rice, Tobacco, Spices, Ac. LEATHER: A prime article Sole Leather, Calf Skins, Kip and Upper Leather and Linings. COTTON CHAINS, Single and Double, all numbers, cheap. CEDAR AND WILLOW WARE, Tubs, Buckets, Brooms, Baskets, Ac. Call and see our stock ofGoodgand be convinced that No. 1 Anderson's Row, is the place to get bargains. J. M. SHOEMAKER. 8ep.28,'66. NEW STORE!! NEW GOODS!! -ax- MILL-TOWN, two miles West of Bedford, where the subscriber has opened out a splendid assortment of Dry-Goods, Groceries, Notions, &e., Ac. All which will be sold at the most reasonable prices. \ Dress Goods, best quality. Everybody buys em. Muslins, " '• Everybody buys em Groceries, all kinds, Everybody buys 'em. Hardware, Queensware, Glassware, Ccdarware.Ac. and a general variety of everything usually kept in a country store. Everybody buys 'em. [y Call and examine our goods. de 07."66. G. YEAGER. I JT"*" J. I}. F. —1867. AT IT AGAIN! AND A rare CHANCE for BARGAINS! JAMES B. FARQUHAR Is pleased to state to his friends and former custo mers, that he has RESUMED BUSINESS IN BEDFORD, at the well known P. A. Reed stand, opposite the Bedford Hotel, where he is prepared to sell everything in his line, CHEAPER THAN THE CHEAPEST 1 He has a full lino of Dry-Goods, Ready-Made Clothing, Boots and Shoes, which have been purchased at very low prices, and will be sold at a very small advance. Call and examine our stock. jnn,18,'67. . GAIRTIMS. JACOB REED, | J.J. SCIIELL, REED AND SCHELL, Bankers and DEALERS IN EXCHANGE, BEDFORD. PA., DRAFTS bought and sold, collections made and money promptly remitted. Deposits solicited. RUPPA SHANNON, BANKERS, BEDFORD, PA. BANK OF DISCOUNT AND DEPOSIT. COLLECTIONS made for the East, West, North and South, and the general business of Exchange transacted. Notes and Accounts Collected and Remittaneeg promptly made. REAL ESTATE bought and sold. febß LADIES VISITING PHILADEL PHIA should call and get some of PERRY'S FINE NOTE PAPERS, stamped handsomely, in colors, without extra charge. W. G. PERRY, feblm3 728 Arch st. BLANK BOOKS AND STATION ERY, supplied at low wholesale prices, by W. G. PERRY. feblm3 728 Arch St. THE AMERICAN COW-MILK ING MACHINE. THE GREATEST AND MOST SUCCESSFUL INVENTION OF THE AGE Every prudent farmer shall have one. Secure your OWN territory, TY Apply early at the office, EXCHANGE BUILDING, feblsw3 Harrisburg, Pa. MAMMOTH SALE BILLS, print ed at short notice. Large Bills make large | sales. We know it to be so. TRY IT! It will j much more than pay the extra expense of print ing Call at TH GAZETTE Joe OFFICE GAL £STATR £AUSI. BPLENDIDVARMTFOR SALE— -7 miles from Bedford, eontainfDg ONE HUN DRED AND FIFTY ACRES, 125 acreundercul tivation, half creek bottom; well watered; excel lent Brick House and Frame Barn; plenty of good timber; convenient to schools, ohurcnet and mills. W ill be sold at a bargain, lnquireof MEYERS A DICKERSON, oct26tf Bedford, Pa. TT ALUABLE FARM FOR SALE.— T 200 acres, situate in Liberty Township. Bed ford County, on the Juniata river and Hunting don A Broad Top Rail Road. Well improved fine meadows, fruit and timber—a very desira ble property, at the head of market—the property of Capt. Joseph S. Reed. Will be sold cheap- For price, Ac., apply to JOHN P. REED, nug.24-tf. Att'y, at Bedtord. TTALUABLE LAND FOR SALE J —The undersigned offers for sale the follow' ing valuable bodies of land : THREE CHOICE TRACTS OF LAND, containing 160 acres each, situated on the Illinois Central Railroad, in Champaign county, State of Illinois. 8 miles from the city of Urbana. and one mile from Rentual Station on said Railroad. Twe of the tracts adjoin, and one of them has a never failing pond of wateruponit Th* city of Urbana contains about 4,000 inhabitant** Champaign is the greatest wheat growing county in Illinois. ALSO — One-fourth of a tract of land, situated in Broad Top township, Bedford oounty, contain ing about 45 acres, with all the coal veins of Broad Top running through it. ALSO— Three Lots in the town of Coalmont. Huntingdon county. Janj26. '66-tf _ F. C. REAMER. \R ALU ABLE REAL ESTATE AT y PRIVATE SALE.—One lot of ground in the centre of Bloody Run, fronting on Main street about sixty-five feet, one of the very best business locations in Bloody Run. Also, ten acres of wood land, adjacent to Bloody Run, lying on the Bed ford Rail Road, containing first rate irenore and having thereon a never-failing spring of water. For particulars inquire at the store of Mrs. S. B. Mann, Bloody Run, or of Dr. Hickok, Bedford, Pa. Dec 15, '65. INTENSIVE PRIVATE SALE OF VALUABLE REAL ESTATE.—The un dersigned will sell at private sale, several adjoin ing and contiguous tracts of land, lying on the headwaters of Dunning's Creek, in Sr. Clair town ship, Bedford county, containing 765 acres, now divided into four tracts, three tracts thereof con taining respectively 157, 163, and 183 acres and the other, being the Saw Mill tract, containing 262 acres. These tracts will be sold as the£ are or subdivided to suit purchasers. The saw mill tract contains a FIRST CLASS SAW MILL, with a never-failing head of water, and is in the midst of a TIMBER REGION un surpassed for the quality of timber. One other of the tracts contains nn enviable site for a TAN YARD, with all the advantages of water, and is alongside of Chestnut Ridge, where the resource* for Bark are inexhaustible. 100 acres of the land is bottom, mostly oovcred by large sugar trees. 300 acres are oleared and in a good state of cultivation, and the balanoe well timbered. There aro THREE DWELLING HOUSES, up pon the premises and THREE BARNS, with other outbuildings. The Fruit is choice and in abund ance upon some of these tracts. This property lies 12 miles North of Bedford, and in a country noted for its good roads, leading North, South, East and West, to Bedford, Hollidaysburg. Johnstown, and other points, on the Penn'a Central Railroad. Farmers, Lumbermen, Tamers and Speculator* should examine the premises, as these lands will be sold on fair und reasonable terms. T. H. LYONS, junß.'66. N. J. LYONS. PUBLIC SALE OF VALUABLE REAL ESTATE —By virtue of an order of the Orphans' Court of Bedford county, the under signed. administrators of the estate of Martin Hoover, late of Liberty township, dee'd, will offer at public sale, upon the premises, on FRIDAY, the 22J day of MARCH, 1867, the following de scribed real estate, viz : No. 1. A messuage, being the mansion houss and trRCt ofland situate iu the township of Liberty, in the county of Bedford, containing one hundred and eighty-two acres, more or less, well improved and well watered, adjoining lands of Surnuel Harvey, Geo F. Steel ana others, and having thereon erec ted a SAW MILL with CHOPPING MILL at tached, the saw-mill containing circular, lath and upright saws, and eituateupon a good stream of water; there are also a turning-lathe and cider mill attached to the saw-mill. There area tenant house, dry house and other outbuildings upon the premises. 150 acres are cleared and under fence, part of the farm being limestone soil. There are also a carpenter shop, blacksmith shop and a mill lor grinding clay upon it. No. 2. One tract of wood land situated in said township, containing six hundred acres, more or less, adjoining lands of decedent and others. No. 3. One tract of land situated in said town ship, containing six hundred and thirty-two acres and thirty perches, more or less, 20 acres oleared, and having thereon a small orchard, adj lining lands of James Patton and others. Upon these two last tracts there is an almost unlimited quantity of excellent timber. The whole is well water jd. The above described real estate is pleasantly sit uated in a fine agricultural district, at the very head of railroad market, where all produce raised can bo sold at the highest prices; and as the saw mill is one of the finest in the county, and there is a large quantity of valuable yellow pine and oak on the same, and the transportation to railroad is quite convenient, it is considered a valuable poiut for the manufacturing of lumber; besides there is an immense quantity of rock oak bark on the premises. It is believed that the lumber and bark capacity of the premises, alone, is worth all the money the property will sell for. The partic ular atteution of tanners and lumbermen is invi ted ; as the water-power is of great strength, the mill site is very valuable, and quite a profi table chopping business can now be done in addi tion to the manufacturing of lumber. The prop erty is likely to sell at a very moderate price. TERMS One half cash at the confirmation of the sale and the remainder in one year from that time. Sale to commence at 10 o'clock, A. M., of said day. GEORGE HOUYER. JOHN H. HILLING, feblsw4 Adm'rs of Martin Hoover, dec'd - £raclr. ARMBRUSTER & BROTHER, No. 306 N. Third St., above Vine, PHILADELPHIA, IMPORTERS AND JOBBERS Of Hoisiery, Gloves, Shirts and Drawers, Buttons, Suspenders, Hoop Skirts. Handk< rchiefs, Threads, Sewing Silks, PortMonnaies Soaps, Perfumery, Trimmings, Fancy Goods and Notions generally. ALSO, Manufacturers of Brushes and Looking Glasses, and Dealers in Wood and YViilow Ware, Brooms, Ropes, Twines, Ac. febl,'67yl TAYLOR, Wholesale TOBACCO Dealer, No. 336 Market Street, One Door below 4th. PHILADELPHIA., feb.l,'67yl ART MAN & ENGELMAN, TOBACCO SNUFF AND SEGAR MANUFACTORY, No. 313 NORTH THIRD STRUT, Second Door below Wood, PHILDELPHIA. J. W. WARTMAS. p. RKGKLMA*. febl,'67yl JgUNTING BROS., DR Y-GOODS, 426 Market Street, PHILADELPHIA. febl,'67yl ORDERS from a distant* for any kind of JOB PRINTING promptly attended to. S<d*TKXftAZ>m£KOVl'K* M tord, Pa