Newspaper of Bedford Gazette, February 22, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of Bedford Gazette dated February 22, 1867 Page 4
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gotrt. T> ED FORD HOTEL.—The un dersigned having taken charge of the Bed ford Hotel. formerly kept by Col. John Hafer, an nounces to the public that he will be able to af ford the best accommodations, both to the travel ing publie and home custom. The house will be improved and re-fitted, and the Bar will always be wall supplied with choice liquors. His table will be aupplied with the choicest edibles of the season, and ha will apare no pains to make it suitable for all. His stable is one of the best in Bedford, and a good hostler will always be in attendance. taken by the.week, month or year. Terms reasonable. The public are respectfully in vited to give him a sail JOSHUA J. SHOEMAKER. Jan. 15, '64 rTI HE MENGEL HOUSE, Juliana Street, Bedford, Pa. The subscriber respectfully begs leave to inform the travelling public that he has recently enlarged, improved And refitted bis bouse, both for the ac commodation of travelers and boarders, as well as >untrv customers Persons coming to this place for the purpose of visiting the Bedford Springs, will find this house pleasantly located. Ample and convenient Stabling is attached to this Hotel, which will always be attended by a careful hostler. Also a safe and convenient car riage bouse. A , All are invillH to give bim a call. ISAAC MENGEL, Proprietor. April 15^' 64. MORRISON HOUSE, HUNTINGDON. PA. I have purchased and entirely renovated the large stene and brick building opposite the Penn sylvania Railroad Depot. and nave now opened it for the accommodation of the traveling public. The Carpets, Furniture, Beds and Bedding are en tirely new and first class, and I am safe in saying that I can offer accommodations not excelled in Central Pennsylvania. I refer to my patrons who have formerly known toe while in charge of the Broad Top City Hotel and Jackson House. JOSEPH MORRISON may25,'66.-tf. I EXCHANGE HOTEL, HUNTINGDON, PA. The undersigned would respectfully announce that thev have'leased the above named hotel for a term of 'years. The house is delightfully situated convenient to the Penna. Railroad Depot and well arranged and adapted for a public hotel, the proprietors intend that their table shall not be seeond to that of any country hotel, and their bar will alwavs be provided with the choicest liquors. A share of the public patronage is rcspecttul.y so licited. FEE 4 AOLTZ. Huntingdon, Pa., Jan L 1867.—1y, TT N~I o N H O T E L, WEST PITT ST., BEDFORD. PA : V STECKMAN, Proprietor. This excellent hotel is now prepared to accom modate the publio in the best manner and on th< most liberal terms. May 9/62. TTTEAVER HOTEL, St. Clairsri/fe, YY Pa.— The undersigned would respectfully inform the public that he has leased the hotel late ly kept by Mr. S. Crissman, St Clairsville Pa., where he will accommodate all who may tavor T.Jar"HESRY WEAVER. JACKSON HOTEL. Railroad Street, HUN TIN GDO N, Pa. C. SXELL. apr.13,'66. Proprietor. AL PER YEAR! We want J '' s agents every where to sell our IMPROVED S2O Sewing Machines. Three new kinds. Ut.der and upper feed. Warranted five years - Above salary or large commissions paid. TheoNLY machines sold in the United States for less than S4O, which are fully licensed by Howe. Wheeler ir Wilson. Grover £ Baler, Singer 6f Co.. and Baeheldtr. All other cheap machines in fringements, and the seller or user are liable to arrest fins, and imprisonment. Circulars free. Address, or call upon Shaw A Clark. Biddeford, Maine, or Chicago, Ills. [Dec. 22, '65 ly A Agents wanted / \S for six entirely new articles, just out. Address 0. T. GAREY, City Building, Biddeford, Maine. ly T\ISSOLUTTON OF PARTNER- I / SHIP —The partnership heretofore existing Ectween the undersigned under the name of J B. Williams A Brother, is this day dissolved by mu tual consent. All persons owing accounts or notes to said firm will pleasecall and settle immediately, as in ash. rt time they will be placed in otherhands for collection. ' J.B.WILLIAMS, S. D. WILLIAMS. Bloody Run, March 15, '66. The undersigned having taken the stand hereto fore occupied by J. B. Williams A Brother, wishes to say to his friends that he feels grateful for past favors and begs a continuance of the same. But will give ntttice that he cannot sell goods on long " credits, and persons buying must not leave their accounts stand over six months. J. B. WILLIAMS. Bloody Run, March 15, '66. JP U M P S! ! ! I am engaged in selling the ERIE PUMP— •ertainly the only pump well adapted to this climate in need of a GOOD PUMP, will do well to give me a tall. Jsjp*Orders from all parts of the county attend ed to with promptness. ADDRESS : WM. C. SNIVELY, Schellsburg Aug. 1, '6s—ly lODD PHILADELPHIA 1866. lOUO. WALL PAPERS. NEW FALL STYLES. HOWELL & BOURKE, MANUFACTURERS OF PAPER HANGINGS, and WINDOW SHADES. Corner FOURTH A MARKET STREETS, PHILADELPHIA. N. B. Always in Storo, a large Stock of oct 5-3 m* LINEN A OIL SHADES. WANTED, AGENTS!!—Great chance for Agents in everv county of our glorious Union, to sell our Maps. Charts and 1 Lo tooraphs. Good Agents are making S2OO amontK New charts issued monthly. Everybody will find tbis a respectable and profitable business, as we offer large inducements Send for circular and particulars. Address HAASIS A LUBIiECIIT, Publishers of popular Maps, Charts, etc., nov2w2 lOS Liberty St., New York. HENRY HARPER, No. 520 ARCH Street, PHILADELPHIA, Has a large Stock of fine WATCHES, JEWELRY, SILVER-WARE and SILVER PLATED WARE, Suitable for Holiday and Bridal PRESENTS. n0v.16.-m2. A GENTS WAN TE D FOR THE MOST POPULAR And best selling Subscription Books published. We are the most extensive publishers in the U nited States, (having six houses,) and therefore can afford to sell books cheaper and pay agents a more liberal commission than any other company. Our books do not pass through the hands of Gen eral Agents, (as nearly all other subscription works do,) therefore we are enabled to giv • our canvas * eers tho extra per cent, which is usually allowed to General Agents. Experienced canvassers will see the advantages of dealing directly with the publishers. Our series embraces the most popular works on all subjects of importance, and is selling rapidly both North and South. Old agents, and all others, who want the best paying a'gencies. will please send for circulars and see our terms, and compare them and the charac ter of our works with those of other publishers. Address NATIONAL PUBLISHING Co. Philadelphia, Pa.. Boston, Mass.. Cincinnati. Ohio, Chicago. Illinois, St. Louis. Mo., or Rich mond, Va. nov3ow4. MERCHANTS and MECHANICS, and Business men generally will advance own interests by advertising in the columns of THE GAZETTE. CLIP BILLS, PROGRAMMES, POSTERS, and all kinds of PLAIN AND | FANCY JOB PRINTING, done with neatness ! and despatch, at THE GAZETTE office. HFTIRVINE, # ANDERSON'S ROW, BEDFORD. PA.. Ueaiei in Boots, Shoes, Queensware. and Varie- > ties from Country Merchants re- i Tjttw* T judical. OHRT REWARD • I will pay to any Doctor or member of the Med ical Fraternity, the sum of SIOO for any Compound that possesses more medicinal virtues and curative powers than Mishler's Herb Bitters. B. MISIILER. Proprietor, S. E. Corner of Centre Square, mayll.— ty. Lancaster. Pa. REWARD! ' I will pay SIOO Reward for the discovery of any medicinal preparation that can cure a greater va riety of complaints than M'shler's Herb Bitters. B. MISHLER, Proprietor, S E. Corner ef Centre Square, mayll. ly Lancaster. Pa. DOLLARS REWARD! I will pay SSOO to the Proprietor of any Medi cine that can show a greater number of genuine Certificates of cures effected by it near the place where it is made, than MISHLER'S HERB BIT TERS—of Consumption. Dyspepsia. Liver Com plaint. Bloody Flux. Diarrhoea. Typhoid. Remit tent. Intermittent and Bilious Fevers. Fever and Ague. Cholera Morbus. Yellow Jaundice. Scrofula, Running or Sore.Legs, Cancer, Abscess. Neuralgia, Rheumatism. Coughs, Colds. Cramp in the Stom ach. Chronic Diarrhoea. Piles. Tetter, Scald Head. Ophnema. or falling awav-sickness peculiar to children. Lmcorrhea, Falling of the Womb, all obstructions to the due course of nature in females, all veuerial diseases, and all complaints arising from impure Blood •w- nk and disordered state of the Stomach, Livei or Kidneys. Certificates of cures of the Yellow Fever in Mexico can also be furnished. Remember if it does not cure, the money will be refunded by the proprietor. BENJAMIN MISIILER, E. Corner of Centre Square. Lancaster, Pa. SEND FOR A CIRCULAR. The ingredients used in compounding Mishler's Herb Bitters are not kept secret by the Proprietor. Send for a circular and you will learn the medical properties of all tho articles used in its pr- para tion; also in the manner in which they operate on the system, and much other valuable information. If you are afflicted with disease send for one of Miibler's Herb Bitters Circulars; read itcarefully. profit by the hints it contains, and you will be placed on the sure road of recovery. mayll.—ly. MISHLER'S BITTERS WILL CURE ALL DISEASES OF THE SKIN! Diseases of the skin are numerous and, with but oue or two exceptions, may all be traced to impu rity of the blood. In many persons this impurity is born in the system; while others acquire it through improper treatment of scores of diseases. Under this head may be classed— -Ist. Scrofula, —This disease is hereditary and is transmitted from generation to generation It is caused by a transgression of the laws of nature, both moral and physical; in other words, it is caused by rice. Acting as a latent poison, it re duces the" vitality of the blood, and weakens the depurating organs, so that they fail to discbarge or cast out the impurities that are continually gen erating in the system. A person physically pure acquires gonorhoea, or some o'her secret disease; he undergoes a course of mercury, the disease is dried up, and the patient pronounced well. Vain delusion. The complaint is not cured, its channel is only diverted. Instead of makipg its appear ance outwardly, it acts on the internal organs, and scrofula, which is bequeathed from father to son, is the result. Many persons who are perfectly free from all immorality and vice are afflicted with scrofula They are suffering for the sins of their fathers and laboring under thecurse inscribed in scribed in the Book of Books. "I will visit the iniquities of the fathers upon their children.'' To cure this dreadful complaint it is necessary that the bl'od should bo thoroughly purified, all the organs of the body brought into a healthy state of action, and the system braced up and strength ened by invigorating tonics. Look at the articles used in compounding Mishler's Bitters; see the ar ray of purifying and invigorating medicaments, and say whether theru is an article in the whole list of medicines that equals it. We here emphat ically assert, without tear of contradiction, that Mishler's Bitters will Cure all Unds of Scrofulous Diseases. It purifies the blood, it strengthens tho internal organs and aids them to perform their natural functions, i 1 is a stimulant nnd a tonic and it will cure Scrofula. 2J, Running Sores and Ulcers.—Running sores and ulcers invariably indicate a scrofulous tuiut. They are caused by the efforts of nature to dis charge the impurities of the blood. Many persons afflicted with running sores and ulcers succeeded in drying them up and think they are cured when the skin grows over the sore. They are, however, "but making bad worse," for the impurities that were discharged from the system through the me dium of the sore now act internally and cause in numerable diseases and often death. The only true and sure cure for all running sores and ulcers is Mishler's Bitters, a continued and persevering use of which will most certainly effect a permanent cure. 3d. Salt Rheum.—Salt Rheum is a vague, in definite, though, popular term given to almost all the non-febrile eruptions of the skin which afflict adults. It is generally an eruption of vesicles in small, distinct ulcers, accompanied with a smart ing, tingling sensation, witn a tendency to'creep er spread over the adjoining surface. Mishler s bitters are a sure cure for this disease. 4th. Pimples and Blotches. —Pimples and Blotch es on the skin are always a sure sign of impure blood. Although never dangerous, except in ca ses of carbuncles, they are very disagreeable.— Often we will see the most handsome features ren dered hideous by great blotches and piuiples, and instead of the pleasing look which should irradi ate the human face we see nothing but disgusting corruption; for pimples and blotches are nothing but the corrupt accumulations of the system ex pelled through the medium of the skin. The use of Mishler's Bitters will force these corruptions to be discharged through the natural channels, and thus cures all kinds of pimples and blotches. La dies who desire a fair complection, free from pim ples should bear this fact in tnind. For sale by J. L. LEWIS, Druggist, Bedtord, Pa. mayll.—ly. LATEST FASHIONS DEMAND J. W. BRADLEY'S CELEBRATED PATENT DUPLEX ELLIPTIC (OR DOUBLE SPRING) SKIRT. The wonderful flexibility and great comfort and pleasure to any lady wearing the DUPLEX ELLIPTIC SKIRT n ill be experienced particularly in crowded Assemblies, Operas, Carriages, Railroad Cars, Church Pews, Arm Chairs, for Promenade and House Dress, as the Skirt can be folded when in use to occupy a small place as easily and conveni ently as a silk orinuslin dress, an invaluable qual ity in crinoline, not found in any single spring Skirt. A lady having enjoyed the pleasure, comfort, and great convenience of wearing the Duplex El liptic Steel Spring Skirt for a single day. will never afterwards willingly dispense with their use. For Children. Misses and Young Ladies they are supe rior to all others. They will not bend or break like the single spring, but will preserve their perfect and grace ful shape when three or four ordinary Skirts wiil have been thrown aside as useless. The Hoops are covered with double and twisted thread, and the bottom rods are net only double springs, but twice (or double) covered: preventing thein from wear ing out when dragging down stoops, stairs. Ac. The Duplex Elliptic is a great favorite with all ladies and is universally recommended by the Fashion Magazines as the STANDARD SKIRT of the Fashionable World '. To enjoy the following inestimable advantages in crinoline, viz. superior quality, perfect manu facture, stylish shape and finish, flexibility, dura bility, comfort and ecououiv, inquire for J. W. BRADLEY'S DUPLEX ELLIPTIC, or Double Spring Skirt, and be sure you get the genuine article. CAUTION —To guard against imposition, be par ticular to notice that Skirts offered as •• DUPLEX" have the red ink stamp, viz: "J W. Bradley's Duplex Elliptic Steel Springs." upon the waist band—i_ir"none others are genuine. Also notice that every Hoop will admit a pin being passed through the centre, thus revealing the two (or dou ble) springs braided together therein, which is tho secret of their flexibility and strength, and acoin bination not to be found in any other Skirt. For sale in all stores where first class Skirts are sold throughout the United States and elsewhere. Manufactured by the sole owners of the patent, WE&TS, BRADLEY A GARY, 97 Chambers and 79 A 81 lleade si reels. jan2s'67m3 New York. _ DC LAXDELL, G FOURTH and ARCH Streets, PHILADELPHIA. Have now completed their IMPRO\ E'MENT and are now offering on the BE?T of TERMS— FULL STOCK OF FALL DRY GOODS. Fine stock of SHAWLS,^ Fine stock of SILKS, Fine stock of DRESS GOODS. Fine stock of WOOLLENS, Fine stock of STAPLE GOODS. Fine stock of FANCY GOODS. New and desirable Goods daily received, and told at small advanoe wholesale. oct 5-6t# A RARE CHANCE IS OFFERED A. ALL PERSONS To display their Goods; Tt sell their Goods: To gather information; To make known their wants; A*., Ac. Ae. Ac,, Ac., Ac , Ac- Ac., by advertising in thaoclnmn? c#MX *WITE £u!)tiraticns. T7 CLECTI CM AG AZIN E.—LITER ATURE. SCIENCE AND ART —New Vol ume begins January, 1866. The ECLECTIC MAGAZINE is, asitsnameindicates, | , a selection from other magazines and periodicals. These selections are carefully made each month, from the entire ran<re of foreign Periodicals. In this respect it is entirely tut/He other monthlies. and has no rival. The following are some ot the works from which selections are made : London Quarterly, Revue de deux Monties, British Quarterly, London Society, North British Review, Bentley's Miscellany, Pop. Science Review, Cornhill Magazine, Saturday Review, Fraser's Magazine. Leisure Hour, Temple Bar, Westminster Review, Chambers' Journal. Dub. University Magazine, Edinburg Review. Art Journal, " London National Rev. We have also arranged to secure choice selections from the FRENCH, GERMAN AND OTHER CONTINEN TAL PERIODICALS, translated especially for the EC LECTIC, and it is hoped this new feature will add ! "reatly to the variety nnd value of the work. , EMBELLISHMENTS Each number is embellished with one or more ' Fine Steel Engravings —portraits of eminent men i or illustrative of important events. 1 j Volumes commence in January and July of each • | year; subscriptions can commence with any month. >! TERMS : ssperyear; Single numbers, 50cents. : Five copies, S2O. The Trade, Clergymen, Teachers ai.d Clubs sup ' i plied on favorable terms. Address. I i y W. H. BIDWELL, Dec 22 5 Beekman St., New York. I T>RITISH PERIODICALS. PREMIUMS TO NEW SUBSCRIBERS ! 5 The London Quarterly Review ( Conservative ) The Edinburg Review (Whir ) The Westminster Review (Radical.) The North British Review (Free. ( httrrh.) And Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine (Tory.) TERMS FOR 1866. per an. s For any of the Reviews • $4 00 For any two of the Reviews 7 00 I For any three of the Reviews 10.00 For all four of the Reviews 12.00 i For Blackwood's Magazine 4.00 For Blaokwood and one Review 7.00 f For Blackwood and any two of the Reviews 10 00 For Blackwood and three of the Reviews 1.1.00 : For Blackwood and the four Reviews 15.00 Tho interest of these Periodicals to American , readers is rather increased than diminished by the ' articles they contain on our late Civil War. and though sometimes tinged with prejudice, they inav still, considering their great ability and the different stand points from which they arc written, be read and s udied with advantage by the people of this country, of every creed and party. Premiums to Neto Subscribers. ' New Subscribers to any two of the atove peri odicals for 1866 will be entitled to receive, gratis, any one of the •' Four Reviews'''' for 1865. New Subscribers to all five of the Periodcals for 1866, ! will receive gratis, any two of the •' Four Re ' views'' for 1865. > Subscribers may also obtain back numbers at ! the following reduced rates, viz : Blackwood from September. 1864, to December, 1 1865, inclusive, at the rate of $2.50 a year ! The North British from January, 1863, to De cember. 1865, inclusive; the Edinburgh and the Westminster from April, 1861, to De ember, 1865, inclusive, and the Loudon Quarterly for the year '' 1865, at the rate of $1.50 a year for each or any | Review. 1 A few copies yet remain of all the Four Reviews for 1863 at S4.UP a set. or $1.50 for any 1 one. LEONARD SCOTT A Co., Publishers, 38 Walker Street, N. Y. ' The only Democratic Magaztne published in the United States. j T OL. V. Again Enlarged! 1867. THE OLD GUARD, A MONTHLY MAGAZINE, 5 DBVOTED TO ; Literature, Science and Art, and the Political Principles of 1776 and 1787. C. CHAUNCEY BURR, EDITOR. The success of THE OLD GUARD has been as i remarkable as it ought to be gratifying to the i friends of a true American literature. It has stead ily doubled its circulation each year of its publi -1 cation, and its publishers have found it necessary to annually enlarge it, to meet the full expecta tions of its patrons, as well as to realize their own ! ideal of a first-class Family and Literary Maga ■ zine. combined with sound political principles.— 1 To still farther carry out this design, The Old Guard for 1867 will be printed on new type, and enlarged sixteen additional pages, making in all nearly One Thousand Pages of reading matter yearly for the low price of three dollars ! Arrange ments have also been made to secure the very best 1 literary talent of the country. We will commence in the January number a thrilling Romance, writ ten expressly for The Old Guard, entitled, JOSCELYN; A Tale of the Revolution ; By Win. Gilmore Simins, Esq., of S. C., the peer of Cooper and Irving, taking the reader back to the birth of the American principle of i government, and introducing him to the rebels of 1776. John Esten Cooke, Esq., of Virginia, auth or of "Surry of Eagle's Nest," Ac,, Ac., will fur nish a series of graphic sketches, entitled "The Battles of Virginia," while our present corps of contributors, with some new ones, will continue to furnish articles, making the Magazine second to none in point of literary attraction and ability.— Politically, The Old Guard will stand in the future as in the past, faithfully guarding the Constitution as it came from the hands ot Washington, without acquiescing in any of tho subversions, under the title of-'amendments." It will be continued up on the grand idea that "all is not lost," while vir tue and intelligence remain with any portion of the people. TERMS, CASH IS ADVANCE. One copy, one year, $ 3 00 Two copies, 5 50 Four copies, 10 00 Five copies, and one to the getter up of the club, 14 00 Ten copies, and one to the getter up of the club, 25 00 Twenty copies, and one to the getter up of the club, 45 00 A MAGNIFICENT PREMIUM. We will send per express, carefully boxed, a. Gro ver Baler Sewing Machine, to any one who will send us, at any one time TIIIRTV SUBSCRIBERS TO THE OLD GUARD, at $3.00 each. The regular manufacturer's price is $55. No such an opportunity to circulate a superior Family Maga zine, and secure a first-class Family Sewing Ma chine, was ever offered. The subscribers may be sent to different post-offices. The slight advance in Club rates over last year is more than doubly repaid in the additional pa ges and increased literary attractions. Single copies, 25 cts. Specimen copies sent for 20 cts. to all desiring to get up clubs. All letters should be addressed as follows : VAN EVRIE, HORTON A CO , No. 162 Nassau St., New York. ON SATURDAY, JANUARY 6,1866, Messrs. TICKNOR A FIELDS began the pub lication of a weekly journal entitled EVERY SATURDAY: A JOURNAL OF CHOICE READING, SELECTED FROM FOREIGN CURRENT LITERATURE. Much of the best literature of the day is found in the English and Continental magazines and pe riodicals ; and it is the design of the Publishers of this new journal to reproduce the choicest selections from these for American readers, in a form at once attractive and inexpensive. The publishers believe thatiuch a journal, conducted upon the plan which they propose, will be not only entertaining and in structive in itself, but interesting and valuable as a reflex of foreign periodical literature of the bet - ter class. EVERV SATURDAY is intended for town and coun try. for the fireside, the seaside, the railway and the steamboat. Its plan embraces Incidentsof Travel and Adventure, Essays Critical and Serial Tales, Short Stories, Poems, Biographies® Literary Intelligence, etc., in connection with ju dicious selections from the admirable popular pa pers on science whieh are constantly appearing in foreign periodicals. The value of these papers arises from the fact that .scientific subjects, howev er harsh and dry in themselves, are here treated : in so graphic and picturesque a style as to charm 1 the reader while insiructing him. It will be. in short, the aim of its publishers that EVERV SATURDAY shall commend itself by its fresh ■ ness and variety to all classes of intelligent and j cultivated readers.

EVERY SATURDAY will eontnin each week thirty ! two large octavo pages, handsomely printed in dou ble columns, with an engiaved title. T E 11 M 8. Single Numbers. 10 cents. Subscription price $5.00 ,)er year, in advance. MONTHLY PARTS will be issued, containing 128 pages each, handsomely bound in an attractive cover, price 50 cents. Subscription price, $5.00 j per year, in advance. CLUBBING ARRANGEMENT. —Subscribers to any of tho other periodicals published by TICKXOR AND FIELDS will receive EVERY SATURDAY for $4.00 per year in advance. TICKNOR A FIELDS, Publishers, 124 Tiemont Street, Boston. NOTICE TO THE PRESS.—EVERY SATURDAY will be furnished to the press, for clubbing, at $3.50 per war; ud apy paper copying tl6 prospectus, with editoriSl notices, will be entitled & an exchange 3HisrcUatuousi. 1867! GET UP YOUR 1867! 1 CLUBS. " THE A G E," A DEMOCRATIC MORNING JOURNAL.' Great Improvements and Great Inducements. UNION, RESTORATION. AND CONSTITUTIONAL LIB ERTY ! The Daily Age contains the latest intelligence from all pnrts of the world, with articles on Gov ernment. Politics, Trade, Finance, and all thecur rent questions of the day; Local Intelligence, Mar ket Reports. Prices Current. Stock Quotations, Murine and Commercial intelligence. Reports of Public Gatherings. Foreign and Domestic Corres pondence, Legal Reports. Book Notices, Theatrical Criticisms, Reviews of Literature, Art and Music, Agricultural Matters; and discussions of whatever subjects are of general interest and importance.— Besides special telegrams, it has all the dispatches of the Associated Press from every part of the U nited States, and the news from all parts of Eu rope, brought by the steamers, is instantly tele graphed from the point the steamers first touch The Weekly Age will be a complete compendium of the news of the week, and besides the leading editorials from the Daily, will contain a large a inourt of interesting matter prepared expressly for the weekly issue. It will be in all respects a first class family journal, particularly adapted to the Politician, the Fanner, the Merchant, the Mechan ic, the Family Circle and the General Reader, having, in fact, every characteristic of a live news paper. At an early day will be begun an intense ly interesting serial-, by one of the most popular and fascinating authors, and it is also the inten tion to publish, from week to week, in the course of the year, three or four of the best and latest novels. TERMS—ALWAYS IN ADVANCE Terms of the Daily.—One copy, one year, $9.00; six months, $4 50; three months, $2.50; for any less period, at the rate of one dollar per month. Pay ment required invariably in advance. Postage on the Daily, thirty cents per quarter, or one dollar and twenty cents per annum, if prepaid. Terms of the Weekly.—One copy, one year. $2; five copies, one year, $9; ten copies, one year, $17.- 50; twenty copies, one year, $39. To clubs, where the papers are sent to one address, the following reduction will be made: Five copies, one, §8.50; Ten copies, one year. $18.50; twenty copies, one year. S3O, A copy will be furnished gratis for each of ten, or more, to one address, for one year. Postage, five cents per quarter, to be prepaid at the office of delivery. The above terms will be rigidly adhered to. Specimen copies of the Daily and Weekly sent gratis, on application at this office. Advertise ments inserted at moderate rates. Address WELSH A ROBB, decT.) 430 Chestnut St., Philadelphia. REASONS WH Y THE AMERICAN WATCII, MADE AT WALTHAM, MASS., IS THE BEST. It is made on the best principle. It is composed of SOLID PLATES. No jar can interfere with the harmony of its working, and no sudden shock can damage its machinery. Every piece is made and finished by machinery, (itself famous for its novelty, as well as for its effectiveness,) and is therefore properly made. The watcfc is what all mechanism should be— ACCURATE, SIMPLE, STRONG AND ECO NOMICAL. Except some high grades, too costly for general use. foreign watches arc chiefly made by women and boys. Such watches are composed of several hundred pieces, screwed and r,iveted to gether. and require constant repairs to keep them in auy kind of order. All persons who have car ried '-ancres," ••lepines," and ''English Patent Levers," are perfectly well aware of the truth of this statement. At the beginning of our enterprise, more than ten years ago, it was our first object to make a thoroughly good low-priced watch for the million, to take the place of these foreign impositions, the refuse of foreign factories, which were entirely un saleable at home and perfectly worthless every where. How well we have accomplished this may be understood from the fact that after so many years of public trial we now make MORE THAN HALF OF ALL THE WATCHES SOLD IN THE UNITED STATES, and that no others have ever given such universal satisfaction. While this department of ou.- busi ness is continued with increased facilities for per fect work, we are at present engaged in the man ufacture of watches of the very HIGHEST GRADE KNOWN TO CHKO.NOMETKY, unequaled by anything hitherto made by ourselves, and unsurpassed by anything made in the world. For this purpose we have the amplest facilities. We have erected an addition to our main building expressly for this branch of our business, and have filledit with the best workmen in our servico. New machines and appliances have been constructed, which per form their work with consummate delicacy and exactness. The choicest and most approved ma terials only are used, and we challenge comparison between this grade of our work and the finest im ported chronometers. We do not pretend to sell our watches for LESS MONEY than foreign watches but we do assert, without fear of contradiction, that for the SAME MONEY our product is iucompa bly superior. All our watches, of whatevergrade, are fully warranted, and this warrantee is good at all times against us or our agents in all parts of the world. CAUTION. —The public are cautioned to buy only of respectable dealers. All persons selling coun terfeits will be prosecuted. ROBBINS A APPLETON, Agents for the American Watch Company, n0v.39ml 182 Broadway, N.Y. SNOW POWDER. —Patented May 29, 1888. This is an article for washing with out rubbing, except in very dirty places, which will require a very slight rub, and unlike other preparations offered for a like purpose, WILL NOT HOT the clothes, but will leave them much WHITER than ordinary methods, without the usual wear and tear It removes grease spots as if by magic, and sof tens the dirt by soaking, so that rinsing will inor dinary cases entirely remove it. This powler is prepared in accordance with chemical science, and upon a process peculiar to itself, which is secured by Letters Patent. It has been in use for more than a year, and has proved itself an universal favorite wherever it has been used. Among the advantages claimed are the fol lowing, viz : It saves all the expense of soap usually used on cotton and linen goods. It saves most of the labor of rubbing, and wear and tear. • Also, for cleaning windows it is unsurpassed.— With one quarter the time and labor usually re quired it imparts a beautiful gloss and lustre, much to any other tnode. No water re quired except to moisten the powder. Directions with each package. And can fee readily appreciated by a single trial. The cost of washing for a family of five or six persons will not exceed THKKB CENTS. The manufacturers of this powder are aware that many useless compounds have been introdu ued to the public which have rotted the cloth, or failed in removing the dirt, but knowing the in triusic excellence of this article, they confidently proclaim it as being adapted to meet a demand which has long existed, and which has heretofore remained unsupplied. Manufactured by HOWE & STEVENS, 280 Broadway, Boston, Also, manufacturers of Family Dye Colors. IJr. p or sa ] e by Grocers and Dealers every where nov3otn3. MU 81 cAL INSTRUMENTS. — B. M. GREENE has opened his M#sic Store, one door west of W. Lewis' Book Store, where he keeps constantly on hand STEINWAY A SONS and RAVEN A BACON'S, AND OTHERS' PIANOS, MASON A HAMLIN'S CABINET OR GANS and CARHART, NEEDIIAM A CO'S' ME LODEONS; Guitars, Violins, Fifes, Flutes; Guitar and Violin Strings. MI'SIC BOOKS —Golden Chain, Golden Shower, Golden Censor, Golden Trio, Ac., Ac. SHEET Ml'SIC— He is constantly receiving from Philadelphia all the latest music, which persons at a distance wishing, can order, and have them sei* by mail, at publisher's prices. and Organs warranted for Jive years. Those wishing to buy any of the above>artieles are invited to call and examine mine before pur chasing elsewhere. My prices are the same as in New York and Philadelphia. Circulars of instruments sent promptly upon ap plication with any additional information desired. B. M. GREENE, Hill street, Huntingdon, Pa., in Brown's new Hardware Buliding. Dr. C. N Hickok, Agent, Bedford, P. Dee. 1. 'BS-ly MAXIIOOD; HOW LOST, HOW RESTORED. — Just published, a new edi tion of DR. CULVERWELL S CELEBRATED ESS A1 on the radical cure (without medicine) of SPERMATORRHEA, or Seminal Weakness. Involun tary Seminal Losses, Impotcncy, Mental and Physical Incapacity Impediments to Marriage, ! etc.. also Consumption. Epilepsy, and Fits induced by self-Indulgence or Sexual extravagance. The world renowned author, in this admirable Lecture clearly proves from his own experience that the awful eousequences of Self-Abuse may be effectually removed without medicine, and without dangerous surgical operations, bougies, instru ments. rings, or cordiuls, pointing out a mode of cure at once certain and effectual, by which every sufferer, no matter what his condition may be, may cure himself cheaply, privately and radically. THIS LECTURE WILL PROVE A BOON TO THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS. bent under seal, to any address, in a plain, seal ed envelop, on the receipt of six cents, or two post age stamps, by addressing CHAS J. C. KLINE A CO., 127 Rowery, N. Y., Post Office Box 4SBA Feb 18, dfl-Iy Ijofc f mttofl. rpHE bedforTgazitte POWER PRMSG PRINTING BSTABLISHMENT, BEDFORD, PA. \ MEYERS & MENGEL PROPRIETORS. Having recently made additional im provements t( our office, we are pre pared to execute all orders ft>r PLAIN AND FANCY JOB PRINTING, With dispatch and ia the Host SUPERIOR STYLE. % CIRCULARS, LETTER HEADS. BILL HEADS, CHECKS, CERTIFICATES, BLANKS, DEEDS, ■t REGISTERS, RECEIPTS, CARDS HEADINGS, ENVELOPES, • SHOWBILLS, HANDBILLS, INVITATIONS, LABELS, ife. &fc. Our facilities for printing POSTERS, PROGRAMMES, &e., FOR CONCERTS AND EXHIBITIONS, ARE UNSURPASBBD. "PUBLIC SALE" BILLS Printed at short no Otto. We can insure complete satisfaction as to time and price AH ork Executed Promptly. SfteHiral. JJELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU. MKLMBOLD'S BUCKW MELMBOLD 'S B UCHW. HELMBOLD'S BUCHW. Tne only Imown cttaedy ft DIABETBS, IRRITATION OF THB NECK OF THI BLAD DER, INFLAMMATION OP THB KID NEYS, CATARRH OF THB BLAD DER, STRANGURY OR PAIN FUL URINATING. For these diseases it is truly a sovereiga remedy, and too much eannot be said ia its praise. A single dose has been knowa te relieve the most ar gent symptoms. • Are you troabled with that distressing pain in the small of the baek and through the hips? A teaspoonful a day of Helmbold's Bucba will relieve you. PH YSICIANS AND OTHERS PLEASE NOTICB. I make no secret af ingredients, flelmbeld's Extract Buchu is composed otßuohu, Cubebs, and Juniper Berries, selected with great care, prepar ed in vacuo and according to rules of PHARMACY AND CHEMISTRY, These ingredients are knovA as the aaost valua ble Diuretics afforded. A DIURETIC Is that which acts upon the kidneys. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU ACTS GENTLY, Is pleasant ia taste and odor, free from all injuri ous properties, and immediate in its action. FOR THE SATISFACTION OF ALL, See Medical Properties contained in Dispensatory of the U. S., of which the following is a eorreet copy: "BUCHU. Its odor is strong, diffusive, and somewhat aromatic, its taste bitterish, and analo gous to that of miat. It is given ohiefly in eom plaints of the Urinary Organs, such as Gravel, chronic Catarrh of the Bladder, Morbid irrita tion of the Bladder and Urethra, Diseases of the Prostrate, and Retention or the Incontinence of Urine, from a loss of tone ia the parts eoncerned in its evacuation. It has also beea reoommended in Dyspepsia, Chronio Rheumatism, Cutaneous Af fections, and Dropsy." FOR FURTHER INFORMATION, See PrefessorDewees' valuable works on the Prac tice ot Physic. See Remarks made by the celebrated Dr. Phy sic, ofPhiladelphia. See any and all Standard Work en Medieine. FROM HIE LARGEST MANUFACTURING CHEMIST IN THE WORLD. lam aequainted with H. T. Helmbold; he occu pied the drug store Opposite my residenco, and was successful in conducting the business where others had not been equally so before him. I hare been favorably impressed with his character and enterprise. WM WE IGHTMAN, (Firm of Powers A Weightman,) ManufacturingCChemist,t t, Ninth and Brown Streets, Philadelphia. ;From the PhilaPa Evening Bulletin, Mar., 10. J Wo are gratified to hear of the continued suc cess, in New York, of our townsman, Mr. H. T. Helmbold, Druggist. His store, next to the Met ropolitan Hotel, is 28 feet front, 230 feet deep, and five stories in height. It is certainly a grand es tablishment, and speaks favorably of the merit of his articles. He retains his Office and Laboratory in this city, which are also model establishmonts of their class. The proprietor has been indueed to make this statement from the faet that his remodies, although advertised, are GENUINE PREPARATIONS, And, knowing that the intelligent refrain from u sing any thing pertaining to Quackery, or the Pat ent Medicine order—most of whieh are prepared by self-styled Doctors, who are too ignorant to read a physician's simplest prescription, much less com petent to prepare pharmaceutical preparations. THESE PARTIES RESORT to various means of effecting sales, such as copying parts of advertisements of popular remedies, and finishing with certificates. The Science of Mddieine stands SIMPLE, PURE, and MAJESTlC,—having Fact for its Basis, In duction for its Pillar, Truth alone for its Capital. A WORD OF CAUTION. Health is most important; and the afflicted should not use an advertised remedy, unless its contents or ingredients aro known t# ethers be sides the mannfaetnrer, or until they are satisfied of the qualifications of the party so offering. I I HELMBOLD'B Genuine Preparations. FLUID EXTRACT BUCHU, FLUID EXTRACT SARSAPARILLA, AND IMPROVED ROSE WATER. Established upwards of 16 years. Prepared by i. T. HELMBOLD. PRINCIPAL, DEPOTS. HELMBOLB'S Drug and Chemieal Warehouse 594 Broadway. New York\ And HELMBOLD'S Medical Depot, 104 South Tenth Street, Philadelphia, Pa. SOLD BY ALL DRUGGISTS. Oct. WNR-+J piatlawou. 1867 The attention of the public ia invited to the claims of "The World" m one of the leading pub lic journals of the country. It is the chief organ of the Democratic Party of the United States, and the foremost advocate of the immediate restoration ot the Union. Its highest merits consists in its character as an enterprising and trustworthy news paper. The next year bids fair to be a more critical one in the history of our free institutions than even my eventful ones thst have preceded it. The first requsite for an intelligent judgment of public af lairs is a full and authentic account offsets as they ranspire. These THE WORLD always aims to give consciencious accuracy, and with equal full j,'s and fidelity, whether tbey make for or against •r, o r, WD o*' ews Pnfi'ie policy. Prompt activity 1 spreading before its readers every kind of news ai i y P art °f the public takes an interst. is the first duty of a newspaper, and the facilities ot IHE WORLD for discharging this obligation are unsurpassed by those of any journal in trie United T er e .' se ** may fail in, it certainly will not fail to furnish the news, nor to supply it with such promptitude, spirit, freshness, abund ance, variety, accuracy and candor, that no class of readers can miss anything of interest which tbey wish to find. THE WORLD will publish doc uments and arguments prepared by political foes just as freely as those prepared by political friends; making its own comments on them, of course, but never suppressing or garbling them because they are calculated to damage its own party. Adverse arguments, which it cannot refute, it is content to leave to make their full impression. THE WORLD adopts this rule because it believes no other is honest; because it conceives that its first duty to its readers is to keep them thoroughly informed on every passing subject of importance. In poli tics, THE WORLD will continue to be the bold ad vocate of a Liberal, Progressive Democracy. The unflinching champion of Freedom, Justice, Order and Constitutional Rights. The inspiration of its politics is Freedom restrained by Justice; or, to speak more strictly. Freedom pure and simple, in the largest collective measure; the office of justice being mcrclv to protect freedom from encroach ments; Freedom of the individual citizen in his rights of thought, speech, religion and locomotion: in his Right to choose his own food and drink, in spite of meddlesome temperance laws; in his Right to make any money bargains he thinks proper, in spite of fooligh usury laws; in his Right to buy and sell in all markets, domestic and loreign, in spite of unjust protective tariffs; in his Right to repre sentation in the legislative bodies which tax him, in spite of unconstitutional exclusions; Freedom of collective citizens to assemble for discussion of grievances; Freedom of all local communities to manage their local affairs without central inter terence; Freedom in every section of the country from the arrogant and unconstitutional domination of other sections; this large and comprehensive idea of Freedom sums up the politics of THE WORLD, which will never be found wanting to this capital interest of the country and of the human race. In its accurate Commercial Intelligence and careful, reliable market reports, THE WORLD will continue to maintain its present high reputation. A paper published in the commercial metropolis is naturally looked to for authentic information re lating to trade, commerce and finance; and this be ing a teature in which the THE WORLD prides it self, it boldly challenges comparison with every journal in the metropolis. EDITIONS. Tlie WEEKLY WORLD, a large quarto sheet, same size us Daily, is now printed throughout in large type, and has the largest circulation of any week ly journal publishod, save one. Its extraordinary success since its union with the New York ARGUS has justified the most liberal expenditures, which will make it unrivalled in interest and value to farmers. Published Wednesday. 1. Its Market Reports embrace the NeV York, Albany. Brighton and Cambridge LiveStock Mar kets; the New York Country Produce and General Produce Markets; special and valuable Hop Intel ligence; a department of Agricultural Reading; all together composing nn unrivalled handbook of cur rent information for the Farmer, Live Stock or Produce Dealer, Country Merchant, Ac. 2. A page or more reserved for entertaining Fireside Reading for tho Family circle, embracing the freshest and best Stories, Poetry, Religious Reading, etc., and a page for the Discussion of all Prominent Topics of general interest, political, agricultural, financial, literary, etc. 3. Its Digest of the News is not, like most week lies, a more waste-basket of the Daily; only mat ters of interest and importance arechosen from the Daily, while the mass of its contents are prepared especially for the Weekly. In every postoffice district there should be found some active, public spirited Democrat, who will confer a benefit upon us, his neighbors, and the cause, by counseling witb his Democratic friends and making a determined effort to form as large s club as possible for the WEEKLY WORLD. The SEMI-WEEKLY WORLD is a large quarto sheet, same size as Daily, which, by omitting a great mass of city advertisements from the Daily, contains all its news, correspondence, editorials, commercial and market news, cattle market and provision reports, and a fresh and entertaining miscellany of literature. Published Tuesday and Friday. The DAILY WORLD affords a complete compendi um of, and commentary upon, the news of every day. TERMS. * , WEEKLY WORLD. —One copy, one year, four copies, $7.00; ten copies, sls; twenty copies to one address, $25; fifty copies, to one address, SSO. SEMI-WEEKLY WORLD. —One copy, oneyear, $4; four copies, $10; ten copies, 20. DAILY WORLD. —One copy, one year, SIO.OO CLUB PRIZES. For clubs of 10, one Weekly, one year. " " 50, one Semi-Weekly, one year. " " 100, one Daily, one yeur. DIRECTIONS. Additions to clubs may be made any time in the year at the above club rates. Changes in club lists made ,only on request of persons receiving packages, stating edition, post office and State to which it has previously been sent and enclosing twenty-five cents to pay for trouble of the change to separate address. Terms, cash in advance. Send, if possible Post Office Money Order or Bank Draft. Bills sent by mail will be at the risk of sender. We have no traveling agents. Address all or ders and letters to THE WORLD, febl 35 Park Row, New York. \ CHANCE FOR BARGAINS ! REMEMBER THE NEW CHEAP STORE, At St. ClairsviUe, Pa. GOODS OF ALL KINDS SOLD AT SMALL PROFITS. 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