Newspaper of Bedford Gazette, March 29, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of Bedford Gazette dated March 29, 1867 Page 2
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%\u FHDFFLD FERTILE frtflny March 29, IHB7. AIiKAtV TO ORTAIX SIIWCRI I'TIOVS TO THE GAZETTE. Circulate your County Paper. The following named gentlemen hare been ap pointed omr AgeDta to obtain subscription* to the GAZETTE. They are authorized to receipt for us: Bloody Kan —Jeremiah Thompson. Ray'* Hitl—D A. T. Black. Moarot —Daniel Fletcher. Co/erain —Geo. W. Deal, H. P. Diehl. C. Valley —D. R. Anderson. A. Zembower. Londonderry —James C. Ilerore. Harrison —Geo. W. Horn. Juniata —John A. Cessna, Geo. Gardill. Srhell*burg—J E. Black Napier— .John Sill, John W. Bowen. Southampton —Wm. Adams, John Cavender, Westley Bennett. Union— M. Wertz. W. B Lambright. / M. Woodhrrry —W. M. Pearson, Daniel Barley. 8. Woodberry —J. I. Noble, J. S. Brumbaugh. Hop^weU—W. A. Grove, J. B. Fluke. Broad Top —M. A. Hunter. Liberty —Geo. Roades, D. Stoler. Snxtoa— Charles Faxon. St Clair —John W. Crisman, Samuel Beekley. S naif Spring —Andrew Mortimore, J. G. Hart ley and M. S. Kitchey. IV. Providence —Geo. Baughman, Homer Neiee. LEGISLATIVE REFORM. There is one point in the discussion of this question upon which the Rad cnls preserveasignificantsilence. Here tofore, amendments agreed 011 in con vention have been subinittted to the people for adoption. Is this to be done now? The people want to know. The tendencies of the times are revolu tionary. The party in power are un scrupulous, treacherous and cowardly. What they dare not propose- openly they will effect by stealth if they can. It has, when occasion seemed to require, struck down the most vital principles of constitutional liberty. The propo sed convention, ostensibly for the pur pose of reform, may in reality be for the purpose of establishing negro equal ity. It would be in perfect harmony with the antecedents of this party to cheat the people into a convention 011 the plea of reform, use it when assem bled, to white-wash the negro, and when its work was done, assume that it was sovei'eiyn and refuse to submit its work to the people. What does Col. McClure say on this point? OUR Legislature seems to have es tablished a national reputation. It is known in Washington, and seems to be in as bad odor thereas it is at home. It appears that this imposing body made an excursion to the national Cap ital to see Senator Cameron sworn into office. Tickets and drinks were free, so everybody went along, clerks, mes sengers, pages, postmasters, pasters and folders, and the sag-tag and bob-tail generally. Of course they got drunk and had a good time of it. As the crowd was exceedingly select, and (in their own opinion) well behaved, a mo tion was made inviting them to seats on the floor of the Senate, but the Sen ate "couldn't see it." One Senator said there were one hundred and thir ty pasters and folders in the crowd!, and that these were the most respectable part of it. Another called attention to the fact that most of the Senators were that day paid off, and had themoney about their persons. Another was wil ling to admit the rag-tag and bob-tail, but not the members. After a run ning debate of this kind, during whiea the modest excursionists were waiting at the door to be ushered into the august presence of the Senate, the motion was voted down, only two Senators voting in its favor, whereupon the excursion ists adjoured to take a drink. Thus were these men of "great moral ideas" snubbed, jeered and humiliated in pres ence of the whole country. Hvery Penasylvanian will blush that such a rebuke should bemerited. When will this cancer on the body-politic be heal ed? When will this seething, loathe some mass of moral putrescence be bu ried, that it may no longer be a stench in the nostrils of honest men? RADICAL legislation is beginning to bear its legitimate fruits. Money is scarce. Labor is at a discount, and capital at a premium, Hard times are upon us. Thousands find themselves unable to pay their debts, and buy bread for their families. All this was to be expected. The opposition id the Democratic party have always been in favor of a monied aristocracy. This they have established di'rmg the last six years. Their laws have been cun ningly framed to shield wealth and op press poverty. Labor must pay , capi tal is exempt. Of the two thousand millions of government bowls not a ce:it is paid in the shape of taxes to support the national treasury. Thus nearly half the wealth of the country is exempted from taxation. Where then is the burden to fall if not upon the la boring classes. It is true, heavy man ufacturers and other capitalists pay im mense revenues to the government, but all this is assessed upon the value of their wares, and comes eventually out of the pockets of the consumers who are the laboring classes. Is not this so? and If so, how long will it be endured? wlv't of Fyre A Landed irt mnoth ..erixdutwn. . . • TIXADSTEVENS' "GOBBLE" BILL.— Thefollowingsummary of Thad Ste vens' bill will be found interesting as showing the length to which "loyal'' thieves are prepared togo to satisfy their cupidity. No age, perhaps, was ever cursed with a greater number or a bas er lot of villaiA than the present—and they all appear to be in the Rump Con gress : The confiscation bill which Mr. Ste vens introduced into Congress confis cates all the public lands belonging to the ten rebel States, and all the lands and other property forfeited by the act of Congress of Juiy 17, 1862, all of which is to be seized, condemned aud sold. Out of the proceeds each adult male freed slave is to receive 40 acres, and each one who is head of a family 40 more. Out of the balance a sum of s>o for each household is to be appropria ted to the erection of buildings for the use of the late slaves; $200,000,000 is to be invested in United States six per cent, bonds, and the interest added to the pensions of Union soldiers; ami $300,000,000 is to be appropriated to pay damages .done to loyal citizens by the civil or military government .of the reb el Confederacy, under which clause Mr. Stevens would be reimbursed lor his property destroyed by the rebel in vasion of Chambersburg, Pennsylva nia. The remaining sections of the bill prescribe the methods and machinery by which it is to be carried into effect. INCREASING THEIR PAY.— Mr. Waddell, of Chester county, Chairman of the Committee on Ways and Means in the lower House, has reported a bill increasing the pay of members of the Legislature to 51,500 per annum. They are also to have, besides this large ad vance, mileage and stationary adfibituni. Of course it will pass. Such bills al ways do; but we hereby give notice to any Democrat in either House, who may vote for this increase of salary, that we will publish his name throughout the State as recreant to his trust, and as a fit object for public reprehension. Let us have a solid vote of the Demo crats of the House and the Senateagainst this bill. That may kill it. We hope no Democrat will think of voting for it. The present salary of members is sufficient to pay any honest man for his services. If there be one who does not think so he can easily retire and leave his place to be tilled by another. There will be no scarcity of candidates. Any Democrat who votes for this in crease of pay ought to he immediately repudiated by his* constituents. Let them stand as a unit against it I—Lan caster Intelligencer. WASHINGTON NEWS. WASHINGTON, March 23. A. H. Garland, ex-member of the Confederate Congress, whom it will be recollected raised the question of the constitutionality or the test oath as ap plicable to attorneys before the bar of the Supreme Court, and who was ad mitted to its bar under its decision, has arrived in this city. He is one of the Senators elect from Arkansas. As it is certain that any application he may make for admission to the Senate will be rejected, it is understood he intends bringiug the matter before the Su preme Court of the United States. Snrratt will not probably be tried be fore the next of the Criminal Court in June. The prisoner and ills counsel are anxious for a speedy trial, but for some unassigned reason hisease is thus delayed. The President stated to several mem bers of Congress from the city of New- York, who called upon him to remove Mr. Smythe, that he did not believe in the truth of the charges, and that he would not remove him unless they were clearly established. Mayor Hoffman is here, and had an interview with the President this morn ing. The veto was received this afternoon, and the House passed the bill over the President's objections, by a vote of 114 yeas to 25 nays. Evidence inculpating Senators Pat terson and Doolittle, was read in the Senate this afternoon. Senator Patter son arose in his seat and pronounced it wholesale forgery. Howe defended his colleague, anu also pronounced it false, and thought that the Senate ought not to consider it. The President's veto message of the Supplementary Reconstruction bill was read in the House immediately after it was received. The President objects generally to the provisions of the bill, and especial'v to those relating to the registry, 110 per sons being permitted to vote whose names are not recorded. He says, as the preliminaries to hold ing Conventions are under martial law, and conducted by the commanding offi cers, and as there is no appeal from the registry, those in control of it may so act as to prevent the election of such Delegates as may faithfully represent the wishes and sentiments of the State in the Conventions to be called to frame new Constitutions. No considerations could induce hirtri to give his approval to such an election law. He speaks of the Reconstruction bill, and tins supplementary one, as estab lishing, under martial law, military co ercion, and making political disfran chisement. He then refers to the remark of Dan iel Webster against military govern ments founded on force and mock elec tions, and takes occasion to reiterate his views heretofore expressed 111 relation to the restoration ofthe Union, express ing the liopa that eventually all the States will be admitted to the enjoy ment of their rights under the Consti tution. '' RUTS AND ROADS. —The public high ways throughout our county,excepting always turnpikes, are in a most melting condition of mud and misery. Team sters and farmers, when they visit town, are compelled either to load their wagons very lightly or make a very free use of horse flesh. We shall be glad, and people living in the country will no doubt be pleased, when spring comes in earnest and makes the roads fit for travel. INCOME TAX.— the income tax is to b3 on the amount in excess over $l,OOO instead of $6OO, and at a uniform rateol five per cent. The real taxes, insurance and repairs of all kinds are to be taken out of the income. So in effect the in come is to be exempt to an average a mount of $1,500. —There is good authority for saying that Ex-Senator Foster, of Connecticut, will receive the nomination of Minis ter to Austria, in place of Mr. Motler, resigned* Local and Personal. SPRING ELECTION.— The following named persons are the officers elected, at the tyte election, in the several Bor oughs and Townships of this County: Bedford Borough. —Chief Burgess, O. E. Shannon ; Ass't Burgess, Philip Huzza. d; Town Council, Hiram Lent/.. .!. 31. Shoemaker, T. R. Gett.vs (2y'rs.) High Constable, Samuel Waters; Au ditor, H. F. Irvine; Judge of Election, Samuel S. Diehl; Inspectors, Henry Reimuud, Thomas Faroer; Constable, William Gephart; School Directors, 11. Nicodernus, John Cessna; Assessor, J. 31. G"phart; Ass't Assessors, N.J. Lyons, B. R. 3liddleton; Town Clerk, J* Reed Yeager; Supervisors, John 3liller, Alloways Leonard. Jifdford Township. —Judge of Elec tion, David Points; Inspectors, Owen McGirr, Josiah Hyssong; Constable, Absalom Reighard; Assessor, a.I cob Harshbarger; Ass't Assessors, John Amos, Wm. S. Fluck; Supervi sors, Wm. O.Leary, J. IE Moorehead; School Directors, Hugh 3loore, J". G. Dively; Auditor, Daniel Walter; Township Clerk, Abr'm Reighard. Btoodg Run. —High Constable, Philip Bottom field; Chief Burgess, Andrew Geinger; Ass't Burgess, S. P. Lewis; Councilman, J. C. Black ; Constable, Win. Whisel; School Directions Fred erick Feltoti, J. A. 3lann, Daniel Ott (ly'r); Judge of Election, Jacob Eb bert; Inspectors, J. 31. Bender, Alex. Tate; Assessor, J. 31. Barndollar; Ass't Asssessors, John Gogley, Jere. Baugh man; Supervisors, Michael Ott, Jacob Wagner; Auditor, Theo. Blake; Town Clerk, E. C. Hoffmire. Cumberland Vat/eg. —Justice of the Peace, James Cessna; Constable ,T. B. Andersou; Assessor, Wm. Mason; Ass't Assessors, S. Whip, J. J. Wertz; Judge of Election, Geo. Whip; Inspec tors, Levi Hardman, Marion /.embow er; Supervisors, Wm. Wertz, Samuel Ciitz ; School Directors, D. R. Ander son, John W. Wertz, Win. H. Rose; Auditors, Robert Deremer, John Blair. Township Clerk, H. Detibaugh. Colerain.— Constable, Henry Ressler; Jude of Election, Geo. W. ileal; In spectors, Simon England, Lewis A. 31 ay; Assessor, H. P. Diehl; Ass't Assessors, R.Smith, A. Weisel; School Directors, Jno. Holderbauin, B. F. Diehl, 13. F. 3lorgart; Supervisors, Jon. Bowser, J. Rawlins; Auditor. Jo seph Beegle; Township Clerk, Wm. Cessna. Harrison. —Constable, 11. E. 3lav ; Judgeof Election,G. 3lay; Inspectors, Jos. Kring, 11. Ilildcbrant; Assessor, H. B. Wertz; Ass't Assessors, Wm. J. Kerr, J. F. Miller; School Directors, David 31 iller, 31. ('. Miller, Geo. Kerr, Samuel Carpenter; Supervisors, An drew Turner, Joseph Fisher; Auditor, Emanuel Hyde; Township Clerk, Jos. Cessna. Hopewell.— Judge of Election, Wm. Young; Inspectors, Geo. G. Gibson, Henry S. Fluck; Supervisors, Joseph Gates, Jacob Hann; Constable, John Gates; Assessor, John Gates; Ass't Assessors, Alex. Davis, T. N. Young; School Directors, T. X. Young, Christ ian Bafzel; Justice of the Peace, Jas. Piper; Auditor, Christian Spiece; Fence Inspector, Obidiah Hays. Napier. —Judge of Election, Sylves ter Souser; Inspectors, Josiah Adams, John Border; Constable, Martin 3low ry; Assessor, Cornelius Whetstone; Ass't Assessors, Win. Crisman, James Sili; Supervisors, Levi Otto, H. E. Kinton ; School Directors. R. 31. Tay lor, Jac.Koontz; Auditor,JamesNau gle ; Township Clerk, Solomon E^'olf. Liberty. —Justice of the Peace, J. A. 3Viiite; Constable, Jacob Ivensinger; Assessor, Jacob Kensinger; As't As sessors, Daniel Stoler, S. F. Shoup ; Judge of Election, J. O. Xeary-, in spectors, Isaac Eider, A. Brideustine; School Directors, Jacob Stoler, Jacob Rhodes; Supervisors, Henry Kensing er, Isaac Eider ; Auditor,Geo. Rhodes. Londonderry. —Judge of Election, C. McDaniei; Inspectors, J. Thorp, 1). S.Evans; Constable Jno. Burket; As sessor, James Mattingly; Assistant As sessors, C. Devore, J. Miller; Supervi sors, Henry 3liller, Wm. Hile; School Directors, Jno. Dunlap, Wm. Keiler inan; Auditor, J. C. Devore; Town ship Clerk, J. C. Devore. Monroe. —Constable, A. 11. Williams; Judgeof Election, P. Felton ; Assess or, C. C. Garlick ; I nspectors, E. Shear er, John Tewed ; Supervisor •, W. 1). Bequeath, H. Grubb; Ass't Assessors, J. A. SchalFer, Lewis Koontz; School Directors, B. B. Stockman, Daniel Mil leg E. W. Ash ; Auditors, D. Fletch er, G. Williams. Providence West, —Constable, Joseph Weaveriing; Judgeof Election, P. V. Haller; Inspectors, J. P. Weaveriing, P. Chamberlain ;Supervisors, A. ilum ler, C. Carn ; School Directors, P. Wea veriing, E. Cook ; Assessor, .J. S. 3lor ris; Ass't Assessors, Asa Williams, W. Ashcom ; Auditor, W. McDaniei. Providence Hast. —Justices of the Peace,Samuel Study, J. W. Sams; Con stable, J. Chamberlain; Judgeof Elec tion, Geo. 3lcGraw ; Inspectors, Win. Stoutenour, S. S. Foor; Assessor, H. Brison ; Ass't Assessors, C. Felton, D. Ritchey; Supervisors, Wm. Gracey, A. MeJlott• ; School Directors, J. Fel ton, Win. Shade. ; Auditor, A. K. Bottomfield. Saxlon Borough. —Chief Burgess, C. S. Faxon ; Ass't Burgess, T. P. Fock ler : Couneilmen, 31. Gundaker, Win. Faltz, 8. A. Alexander, J. Fulton ; School Directors, C. W. 31oore, E. A. Fockler. 31. 8. Barney. I. Pnxson, 31. H. Gundaker ; Judgeof Election, C. W. 3loore ; Inspectors, J. Paxson, Jno. Harris; Assessor,E. A. Fockler; Ass't Assessor, C. 8. Faxon ; Constable, Geo. Boyce; Auditor, E. Eicheiberger. Jumata. —Constable. Michael Corley; Assessor, C. Stroup; Ass't Assessors, Jno. Corley, Sr., S. M.-Creary ; Super visors, A. Warner, Ed. Bynie; Judge of Election, Wm. Frazier; School Di rectors, I*. F. Lehman, 11. G. Guyer ; Inspectors, A. Diehl, Jos. Ling; Aud itor, M. Hillcgass; Township Clerk, Jno. Kegg. Schethburg Borough. —Judge of Elec tion, Geo. Slack ; Inspectors, W. J. Hock, .Jas. Gollipher; Justice of the Peace, A. J.Snively ; Con. table A. W. Smith ; Assessor, W.C. Snively; Ass't Assessors. I. C'onlry, D.Horn; Chief Burgess, J. 8. Scheli; High Constable, B. F. Tucker; School Directors, Sam uel G. Statler, Jno. K. Colvin, Ilenj. F. Williams (3 vrs); Town Council, Ed. F. Garlinger, J. J. Luckens ; Auditor, J. P. Smith; Town Clerk, A. Long; Supervisors, Geo. Beneagh David 3lil ler. .Suahe Spring.—nudge of Election, Michael Smouse; Inspectors, Thos. Mullinix, Jno. Swart/; Constables. Geo. Shearer, 13. F. Jamison; School Directors, Wm. Grissinger, D. Jamison, Wm. Lysinger; Assessor, Jno. Koons; Ass't Assessors, Solomon Reighard, A. Whetstone; Supervisors,A,Koons, Wm. Harkieroad; Auditor, Geo. Koons. St. Clair.— Justice of the Peace, An thony Ziininers.; Judjce of Election, J. H. Bowser; In.-patois, Jacob Aid stadt, Thos. McCoy; Constable, A. J. Crisman; Assessor, Titos. Allison; Ass't Assessors, Jos. Griffith. Thos. Jones; School Directors, A. M. Horn, Simon Hamaker; Supervisors, Henry Claycomb, I. Cuppet; Auditor, H. B4 Mock. Southampton. —Constable, H. Wilson ; Judge of Election, H. Barkman; In spectors, Jas. Elder, Thos. Donahoe; Assessor, A. Perdew; Ass't Assessors, P. Donahoe, J. Robinett; School-Di rectors, J no. Casteel, W. Perdew, J. Keefer, Israel Bennett, W.Bennett; Auditor, E. Shipley ; Supervisors, Jos. Bowman, H. Bennett. Broad Top.— Justice of the Peace, D. M. Jones ; Judge of Election, Wm. I lodgers; Inspectors, 11. JLangdon, W. Foster; Assessor. A. 11. Anderson; Ass't Assessors, Jon. Burnett, David Ritchey • Supervisors. Wm. Foster, Jas. Ileniser ; Constable, T. B. Crom well; School Directors, A. Foster, W. Spangler; Auditor, A. Foster ; Town ship Clerk, David Young. Coa/dale Borough.— Justice of the Peace, Jno. Green; Constable, John Paul: High Constable, T.Green; Chief Burgess, .J. M. Lehman; Ass't Bur gess. J. M. Barnett; Councilmen, Jno. Green ; W. It. Green, J. A. J.Pearson, A. Evans, M. Powell; Assessor, G. W. Figard; Ass't Assessors, Alfred Evans, A. W. Swope; Judge of election, G. W. Figard; Inspectors, J. 31. Barnett, G. W.Evans; Supervisor, Jno. Green; School Directors, .1. M. I.ehman, John Green, Jas. Green; Auoitor, A. W. Swope. Union. —Constable, Jeremiah Clark ; Supervisors, J. B. Corle, Wm. Carn ; Assessor, Wrn.Wertz; Ass't Assessors, M. Gochenour, 31. Mock; Sudge of Election, G. 11. Ickes; Inspectors, 31. Carn, Moses Crisman; School Di rectors, W. J. Palmer, Geo. Points; Auditor,S. A. lock; Township Clerk, 31. A. Walter. Woodberry Middle.— Justice of the Peace, Chas. Zook; Constable, Josiah Bark ley; Judge of Election, Jere. 3lentz; Inspectors, Jon.Sutton, Daniel Barley; School Directors, F. Holsing er, P.* Haffly, E. Holsinger; Supervi sors, J. Carper, Jno. McFarland; As sessor, Fred'k Kauffman ; Ass't Ases sors, D. Bridenthall, Jos. Long; Aud itor. D. S. K. Brumbaugh. Woodberry South. —Justice of the Peace, Rob't Raiston; Constable, Wm. Detwiler; Judge of Election, Jno. P. Williams; Inspectors, J. T. Ketring, J. 3lcDonald; Assessor, .J. S. Brum baugh; Ass't Assessors,]). S. Replo gle, S. Nicodernus ; Supervisors, Sam'l Working, J. Ditmer; School Director, J. It. Jordan; Auditors, A. Hade man, Wm. Delancy; Township Clerk, G. W. Oster. * PUTTING ox THE HARNESS AGAIN*. —Rev. Samuel Kepler, 01 this place, at the. E. M. Conference recently held at Baltimore, on solicitation consented to be transferred from the Supernumerary to the Active list of ministers. He was subsequently assigned, by the Bishop, to Harrisonburg, Va., one of the most important and desirable sta tions in the Conference. This is as it should be. A minister of his learning and eloquence ought not to be silent. Mr. and Mrs. Kepler will be missed in this community, and their departure will be regretted by many warm friends. TABLEAUX. —The Mite Society of the Presbyterian Church propose giving a series of Tableaux, in the Court House, on Thursday evening, April 4, begin ningatTi o'clock. The entertainment will be varied with Reading, Recita tions and Music. Tickets, 25 cents each, can be had at Lewis' Drug Store, and at the door. WE are sorry to announce that the lecture which was to he given by Rev. Mr. Hunt, for the benefit of the Lu theran Librabry Association , will have to be again postponed in consequence of the sudden and severe illness of the lecturer. FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE CEME TERY.—The Rev. A. V. Selienck, will deliver a lecture in the Court House, on Tuesday Evening next, for the ben efit of the Cemetery Association. Sub ject: Physiology—'The Nerves. BEDFORD CLASSICAL SCHOOL. —We would cull attention to this School con ducted by Prof. Huggard, whoseattain mentsin Latin, Greek, French and mat hematics are un usually good. Those wishing to attend such a School this Spring cannot do better Terms very moderate. A" EDITOR'S NOTICE.—The under signed, appointed by the Orphans' court of Bedford county, to state an account against John I Slick, administrator of the estate of Allen Slick, deceased, will attend to the duties of his appoint ment,on Monday the Bth day April, A. n., 1837, at his office in Bedford, at 10 o'clock A. M., of said day. when and where all parties interested can at tend. [mar2Slwl| JNO. P. REED, Aud'r. DISSOLUTION OF PARTNER SHIP —The partnership heretofore existing between the undersigned in the Fancy and La dies' Dress Goods business, has boen mutually dis solved, and the books will remain in the hands of Mrs. Virginia Tate for collection Persons will confer a favor by settling up immediately. VIRGINIA TATE. MARTHA REA. The business will be conducted at the old stand by the undersigned, who will be ever ready to please and satisfy the most fastidious taste. The public are earnestly invited to extend their pat ronage. [mar29w3] VIRGINIA TATE. 1867. SPRING. 1867. EYRE & LAN DELL, Fourth aDd Arch Streets, PIIILADELIIIA, Pa., ARB OPENING FOR SPRING OF 1837, 3 cases Select Shades of Silks; fashionable Plaid Silks; Bismarck, the new color Silk; best Black Silks, perfect; new Spring Dress Goods; new style Spring Chintzes: Organdiesof newest stylos; steel colored PopKtis tor suitr. N. B.—Staple housekeeping Goods, fresh Stock Cloths, Cassimeres, and Tweeds for youths. P. S.—Merchants in seurch of scarce and desi rable goods will find it to their interest tocall and examine our stock. uiar29w6 PUBLP SALE OF REAL ES TATE.—By virtue of an order of the Orphans' Court of Bedford county, the undersigned, Guar dian of John Dunn, minorchild of John Dunn, late of Monroe township, Bedford county, deceased. will sell, upon the premises, on THURSDAY, APRIL 2.lth, 1867, a tract of land situate in said township and county, containing 210 acres, nett measure, about 130 acres cleared and undor fence, about 15 ac-es of which is good meadow land, the balance being well timbered, having thereon erected a two story weatherboarded log house, a double log barn and stable attached, blacksmith shop, granary and other outbuildings adjoining lands of Dl. Sleight er, Jere Shaw, Harry Williams and Wm. Clark. There is an orchard of choice fruit trees on the premises, and a good ' spring of water near the house, and there is water convenient to all the fields on the land. Li'* Sale at 10 o'clock, a. in., when the terms will be made known. inar29w4* CHAS. CRAUGHAN, Guardian. BED FDR D COUNT Y, SS-The Com monwealth of Pennsylvania.—To the Sheriff of Bedford county, groeting : Whereas, Andrew G. Shroyer did refer his petition to the President Judge of the court of common pleas of Bedford county, praying for the causes therein set forth, that he should be divorced from the bonds of uiatii mony entered into with Susan Shroyer, setting a sideall other business and eyeuses whatsoever, bo and appear in your proper person before our Judges at Bedford, ou the 4th Monday, 22d day of April, next, to answer the petition or libel of the said Andrew G. Shroyer and show cause why the said Andrew G Shroyer. your husband, should not be divorced from the bonds of matrimony. Ac., agreeably to the act of assembly in such case mude and provided ; and hereof fail not.

Witness, the Hon. Alex. King. Esq., President of our Haid Court at Bedford, the Ist day of March. A. D., 1867. 0. E. SHANNON, AttestßOßT. STKCKMAN. Proth'yi mar29w4 Sheriff- dtUu' PUBLIC SALE.—By virtue of an 1 order of the Orphans' Court of Bedford coun ty, the undersigned. administrator of the estate of John Shook, late of Bedford township, deceased, will sell at public sale, at the Court House in the borough of Bedford, on SATURDAY, the 20th day of APRIL, 1867, the following described real es- : tate, situate in the town of Fair Play, in Br<-adtop township. Bedford county, to wit: A'l the inter est of said John Shook, dee'd. in one Lot of Ground i in the said town of Fair Play, in Broadtop town- ; shop. Bedford county, being forty feet in front and ' extending back eighty-five feel, with a two story log, frame House thereon erected, adjoining Eli Thomas and others. |SP Terms, cash. Deed to be made after confirmation of sale. Sale to com mence at 10 o'clock, A. SC., of said day. mar29w4 JOHN ALDSTADT, Adm'r. CO URT PROCLAMATIOX.— 7b the Coroner, the Justices of the. Peace, 'and Constables in the different Townships in the Comity of Bedford. Greeting: KNOW YE, that in pursuance of a precept to me directed, under the hand and seal of the Hon. ALEXANDER KING, President of the several Courts of Common Pleas, in the 16th District, consisting of the coun ties of Franklin, Fulton, Bedford nod Somerset, and by virtue of his office of the Court of Oyer and Terminer aud General Jail Delivery for the trial of capital and other offenders therein, and the Gen eral Court of Quarter Sessions of the Peace; and G. W. GUMP, and WILLIAM G. EICHOLTZ. Judgesof the same Court in the same County of. Bedford, You and each of you, are hereby required to be and appear in your proper persons with your Re cords, Recognizances, Examinations, and other Remembrances, before the Judges aforesaid, at Bedford, at a Court of Oyer and Terminer and General Jail Delivery and General Quarter Ses sions of the peace therein to be holdcn for the coun ty of Bedford, aforesaid, on the 4th Monday of April, (being the 22 d day.) 1867, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon of that day, there and then to do those things to which your several offices appertain. Given under my hand and seal the 29th day of March, in the year of our Lord, 1867. ROBERT STECKMAN, SHERIFF'S OFFICE, \ Sheriff. Bedford, Mar. 29, 1867. ( w4 TIST OF CAUSES, put down for J trial at April Term, 1867, (22d day.) Theo Neil, et al vs Sam'l Stern. Wm Nycuin vs Jacob Duukle. J W Beeler's adm'r vs Dr B F Harry. Sam'l S Fluck vs Rich Langdon. C Fockler Son vs Geo Roads, et al. Jyhn B Peacock, vs Geo White & Co. David Heidler vs Railroad eompauy. Wm States' use vs Geo Blackburn. Same vs John Gochenour. Daniel Border vs Jacob Reed. Same vs Reed & Schell. Jacob Barndollar vs John A Gump et al Certified, March 25th, 1867. mar29w4 0. E. SHANNON. Proth. LIST OF GRAND .TUItG US- Drawn for April Term, 4th Monday, 22d day, A. D.. 1867: Bedford Bor.. A. J. Sansom, Foreman, Freder ick Benedict. Thomas Merwine. Bedford tp., William Mickel. Bloody Run, John D. Lucas, Bartley Sams. Cumberland Valley, Samuel Drenning, William Gillaui, Francis Rice Josiah Bruner. Harrison, Joseph W. Elder. Juniata, Abraham S. Ritchey. Monroe, John F. Snyder. Nattier, G. S. Mullin, Michael Wendle, George i W. Williams. Providence E., Geo. W. Householder. Providence W., Joseph Fisher. Southampton, Artemas Bennett, Jeremiah Rob inett. Snake Spring, Edwin Hartley. I St. Clair. Eli Miller. Woodberry S., Jacob Z. Kochenderfer, James H. i Graham. i Drawn and certified at Bedford, this 12th day of | February, A. D. 1867. ISAAC KFNSINGER, WILLrAM KIRK. Attest: Jury Com'rs. JNO. G. FISHER, Clerk. I IST OF PETIT JURORS, drawn J for same term. Bedford Borough, Martin Milburn, John G. Minnich. Richard R. Sill. Bedford tp., Michael Nawgol, Geo Lysinger, Charles R. Rea. Bloody Run, John Filler. Colerain, Nathan C. Evans, George W. Shafer, William James. Harrison, John G. May. Juniata, John H. Keyser, John Laffertv. Liberty, Michael L. Putt, Enoch McGrigor, I sano K. Little, David Stoler. David Cyphers. Londonderry. James F. Mattingly. Monroe. Jacob Fletcher, of J. Napier, Henry Kerr, Wm. Colvin. James 0. Robinett, Abraham Dennison, Richard McMullin. Providence E., William Morgart. Providence W.. A. J. Morgart. Snake Spring, Asa S. Stuckey, William Lysing er. Southampton, Daniel Tewcll, Levan Shipley. St. Clair, Jacob Croylc. Union, John R. Imler, John Fickes, Sr. Woodberry M., Valentine Glass. Woodberry S.. William Detwiler, Martin Brum baugh, Andrew Snoberger. Drawn and certified at Bedford, this 12tli day of February, A.D. 1867. ISAAC KF.NSTNGER, WILLIAM KIRK, Attest: Jury Com'rs. JNO. G FISHER, Clerk. mar29w4 ) E<TESTER'S X( >T I CM.—All per sons interested, are hereby notified that the following accountants have filed their accounts in the Register's Office of Bedford county, and that the same will be presented to the Orphans' Court, in and for said county, on Tuesday, the 2.'! d day ot April next, at the Court House, in Bedford, for confirmation: The account of Joseph Horn and Henry Horn, administrators of the estate of Henry Horn, late of Schcllsburg borough, deceased. The account of Daniel Ritchey. administrator of all and singular the goods and credits which were of John Ritchey, late of Union township, Bedford county, deceased. The account of John Stayer, administrator of the goods and chattels, Ac., which were of Adam Stay er, late of South Woodbury township, Bedford county, deceased. The account of Jacob Troutman, jr.. administra tor of William Bonnell, deceased, who was admin istrator of the estate of Charles Johnson, late of Londonderry township, deceased. The account of Samuel Bender. Esq.. adminis trator of the estate of William Brallier, late -of Hopewell township, deceased. The account of William Warsing, administrator of all and singular the goods and chattels, rights and credits, which were of Henry Warsing, Esq., late of Broad Top township. Bedford co., dee'd. The account of Michael Wertz, executor of the last will and testament of Sarah Pierce, late of Union township, Bedford county, deceased. The account of Henry Fluck, adm'r of Christe na Fluck, late of Middle Woodberry township, dee'd. mar29w4 0. E. SHANNON, Reg'r. | \ ENT IS TR Y ! DENTISTRY! A BEAUTIFUL SET OF TEETH FOR TEX DOLLARS I)r. 11. VIRGIL PORTER, (late of New York city,) DENTIST, Would respectfully inform his numerous friends and the public generally, that he has located per mancntlv IN BLOODY RUN, where he may be found at all times pvepared to insert from ONE TOOTH to full sots of his BEAUTIFUL ARTIFICIAL TEETH, on new and improved atmospheric principles. THE TRIUMPH OF MECHANICAL DENTISTRY, RUBBER FOR THE BASIS OF ARTIFICIAL TEETH, j This discovery which has met with such universal approval throughout this and other countries, has seemingly placed Artijicial Teeth at tbe disposal of all who require them. Dr. -PORTER is now in serting most beautiful and durable, at prices ranging from ten to eighteen dollars per set. Temporary sets inserted if desired. J^ 13 All operations warranted. TEETH EXTRACTED, without pain, by the use of NITROUS OX IDE or LAUGHING GAS. This is NO HUMBUG, but a positive fact. Gas administered fresh every day. As the Gas administered by Dr. Porter is pre pared in accordance with the purifying method of Dr. Strong, of New Haven, Ct., and Prof. Siliman (late Professor of Chemistry in Yale College), he has no hesitation in asserting that it is attended with no danger whatever. Persons desiring the services of a Dentist, would promote their own interest by calling upon Dr. Porter, as he is determined to spare no effort to please the most fastidious. Dr. Porter's mode of operating will at all times be of the mildest char acter, avoiding the infliction of th'e slightest un- and carefully adapted to the age, constitution, health and nervous condition of the patient. Spceial attention is iuvited to Dr. Porter's scientific method of pre-ervirig decayed and aching teeth. H. VIRGIL PORTER, mar29,'B7tf Dentist, Bloody Run, Penna. 2tnr sUi'frtisemrnt<i. SHERIFF'S SALE.—By virtue of I sundry writs of fieri facias and venditioni ex ponas to me directed, there will he sold at the ' court house, in the Borough of Bedford, on ' SATURDAY. APRIL 20TH, A. D. 1867, ' at 10 o'clock A.M., the following real estate, viz: One iract of land containing one hundred and ninety-five acres, uiore or less, about forty-five ' acres cleared and under fence, wi th a one story log ' house and log stable thereon, and a small orchard, adjoining lands of James Bowman, Isaac Jam'es. < * Mary Jones, Michael Stoner. Elias Murphey. and ; others, situated in Southampton township: taken in execution as the property of George IV . Buxton. Also—One frame house, in the borough of Coal- ! dale, known as the Postoffice and standing on ; Spring street, bounded on the east by lot of David j Dunn, and on the west by lot of A W Evans, situa- j ted in the borough of Coaldale, Bedford county, j and taken in execution as the property of A. \V. | Evans, Lemuel-Evans and Levi Evans. Also—All Defendant's interest in one lot of ground fronting on Pitt St. 60 feet, and running ! back to an alley 120 feet, with frame house thereon j 26 by 28 feet, frame shop, 26 by 28 fee", with log stable thereon ereeted. adjoining lots of Dr. Ealy on the west and Win. Rock on the east, situate in the Borough of Sehellsburg, Bedford county, ta ken in execution as the property of A. F. Poor man. ALSO The following tracts of land situate in Union town ship, viz: All Defendant's interest in and to a tract of land, adjoining Valentine Fickes, dee'd, on the north. I Conrad Imlcr and Win. Cook, on the east, John I George on the south, Joseph Cook and Thomas Cook on the west, containing 190 acres more or less. Also—All Defendant's interest in and to a tract of land, adjoining Edward Shoenberger on the south, Henry Boquet on the west, Peter Shoenber ger and Wm. Cook on the north, and Wtn. Geqrge on the east, containing 310 acres, more or less. Also—Ail Defendant's interest in and to a tract of land, adjoining John Berkhimer on the south, Jacob Fisher, now others, on the west, JohnGeore on the north, and John Couple's improvement on the east, containing 370 acres, more or less, 25 a cresot which are cleared and under fence. Also—All Defendant's interest in and to a tract of land, adjoining lands of John Fetter on the east, Henry Johnson on the south, Edwin Shoen berger and Wm. George on the west, aud John Cessna on the north, containing 400 acres. Also—All Defendant's interest in and to a tract of land, adjoining the summitof Dunning-'s moun tain on the east, James Watt on the South, Wm. Berkhimer and others on the west, and William George on the north, containing 239 acres, more or less. Also—All Defendant's interest in and to a tract of land, adjoining lands of John Ake on the north west, Conrad Claycomb on the North-east, and John Bowser on the south-west, containing 80 a cres aud 10 perches, more or less. Also—All Defendant's interest in and to a tract of land, adjoining lands of Adam Shaffer on the east. James Johnson on thesouth, Dr. Shoenber ger s heirs on the west, and Jacob Eokart on the north, containing 259 acres, more or less. Also—All Defendant's interest in and to a tract of land, adj lining lands of Edward Evans on the west. Mary Dyce on the north, Pressel's heirs on the east, and Charles Williams on the south, con taining 250 acres, more or less. Also—All Defendant's interest in and to a tract of laud, adjoining Conrad Imler on the west. Ed ward Evans and James Johnson on the north, and lands of Samuel Barclay's heirs on the south, con taining 180 acres, more or less. Also—All Delendanl's interest in and to a tract of land, adjoining lands of the Defendant on the south, east and west, and John Shea on the north, containing 173 acres, more or less. Also—All Defendant's interest in and to a tract of land, adjoining lands of Charles Petit on the east, described land on thesouth and eas f , lands of John Shea on the North, and George Craughan, on the west, containing 173 acres, more or less. Also—All Defendant's interest in and to a tract of land, adjoining lands of John Sjiea and John Little on the south and west, Edward Evans on the North, and Charles Williams on the eitet, contain ing 121 acres, more or less. Also—All Defendant's interest in and to a tract of land, adjoining lands of John Boyer and Dr. Shoenberger on the north and west, Edward Evans on the South, containing 33 acres, more or less. Also—All Defendant's interest in and to a tract of land, adjoining lands of John Boyer on the east, Dr. Shoenberger's heirs on the north aud east, Dr. Shoenberger's heirs and Joseph Ake on the west, containing 164 acres, more or less, 80 a cres cleared and under fence, with a two-story log house and double log barn thereon erected. Also—All Defendant's interest in and to a tract of land, adjoining the last above described tract of land on the south-east, Joseph Ake on the south west, and Dr Shoenberger's heirs on the north and north-east, containing 124 acres, more or less. Also—All Defendant's interest in and to a tract of land, adjoining other land of Defendant on 'he southwest, the Blair county lino on the northeast, Jacob Eckart on the south, containing 100 acres, more or less. Also—AH Defendant's interest in and to a tract of land, adjoining lands of Matthew Potter on the southwest, Emanuel Bollinger on the northwest, Jacob Burket's heir? on the east, containing 100 acres, more or less, being part of Jacob Burket's. Also—All Defendant's interest in and to a tract of land, adjoining lands of Dr Shoenberger in right of James McCormick on the north and Jacob Bur ket's heirs on the south, containing 74 acres, more or less. Also—All Defendant's interest in and to a tract of land, adjoining other lauds of the Defendant on the south, Margaret Bowman on the northwest and the Blair county line on the northeast, containing 153 acres, more or less. Also—All Defendant's interest in and to a tract of land, adjoining the Blair county line on the north, Margaret Bowman on tne southeast and Dr shoenberger, in right of John Swagert on the south, containing 117 acres, more or less. Also —All Defendant's interest in and to a tract of land, adjoining other lands of Defendant on the northeast, Jacob Burket's improvement on the southeast, Leonard Swagert on the southwest and Philip and George Swagert on the northwest con taining 4t)7a aeres, more or less. Also—All Defendant's interest in and to a tract of land, adjoining other lands of Def'ton the east, Peter Stiffler on the south-east, John Linn on the south-west, John Still and Philip Swagert on the north-west, containing 414 i acres more or less. Also—All Defendant's interest in and to a tract ot land, adjoining other lands of Deft on the north-east. Peter Stiffler on the south-west, Henry Louts and others on the south, Hugh Porter and Wm. Long on the north west, containing 420 acres more or less. Also —AH Defendant's interest in and to a tract of land, adjoining lands of Jaooh Beard on the south, Henry Loutz on the west, John Linn on the nbrth-west, and Frederick Stiffler on the north east. being a of the Frederick Stiffler tract, containing 200 acres, about 60 aen s cleared and under fence, with a story and a-half log dwelling house and log stable thereon erected. Also —All Defendant's interest in and to a tract of land, adjoining Simon Claar and Emanuel Bol linger on the north, Mathew Potter and James Ster ling on the south, Fred'k Stiffler and Adam Bow man on the west. Frederick and others on the north, eoutaining 252 acres. 10 acres of which are j cleared aud under fence with a story and a-half log house and log stable thereon erected. Also—All defendant's interest in and to a tract I of land, adjoining James Sterling on the west. IV . ; Kennedy tin the south, Geo. Saib and Dr. Smith on the east, other lands of Deft on the north, con taining 3901 acres, with one and a half.story log | house aud log stable thereon ereeted. Also—All Defendant's interest in and to a tract ! of land, adjoining Wm. Long on the east, M. fay | lor on the north, by residue of same tract now I held by John Wisong on the west, and land of Pe j ter Cassiday on the south, containing 141 acres', I with a one-story log house thereon erected. Also—A tract of land, in the name of Wm. j Langham, containing 50 aeres, adjoining lands of I M. Shaffer, John George aud others, with one and a-half story log house and siable thereou ereeted, 20 aeres cleared aud uuder fence now occupied by J. L Fickes Also—All Defendant's interest in arid to a tract of land, adjoining other lands of Def't on the south east and south-west, Hugh Barclay on the north, j P. Richey on the nor:h-east, containing 4181 a j eres. Also—All Defendants interest in and to a tract i of lai d, adjoining H. Barclay, now P. Richey. on ! the norlfc-we-t, other lands of Def't on the north cast, lands of L. Swagert now Deft, on the south west, containing42o aeres. Also —All Defendant's interest in and to a tract of land, adjoining Deft on the south-west, Blair eo. line oil the north, aud south-east by L. and J. Swagert, containing 138 acres. Also—All Defendant's interest in and to a tract of land adjoining lands of Jno. Martin, and Grif fith Evans on the west, and Blair *o. line on the north-east, J. Swagert on the south, containing 125 acres • Also—All Defendant's interest in and to a tract of land, adjoining Hugh Barclay now P. Richey, on the uorth. Abraham Whitmer on the east, John Martin on the south an 1 west, containing 356 a cres. Also —All the. Defendant'x interest in and to a traet of land, ad joining lands of Hugh Porter on the east, William Pierson on the west, A/ex. Scott anil Griffith Evans oil the north, contain ing 439 acres. Also—AH the Defendant's interest tn and to a tract of land, ad joining lands of Hugh Porter j on the south, Jeremiah Jackson, pit the west, Jno. . Taylor on the north and John Martin oil the , east, contaiuii # 440 acres. Also—All Defendant's interest 11 and to a tract of land, adjoining lands oj William Pier son on the east, and on the south by the part sola to Joseph Ake. contain in# 314 acres. Also—All Defendant's interest in and to a tract of land, adjoining William Hunt on the north and east, Jeremiah Jackson, on the south, Robert Evans and Israel Jones on the west, con taining 440 acres. . A! so—All the Defendant's interest in and to a I tract of laud, adjoining lands of Ebeiiezer Branhune on the south, John Musser on the west, Dan'/ Rees and John Thomson on the -nrthnnd ' gntr gUlMrtireittfttti John Taylor on the east, containing 430 aeres. A/so—All the Defendant's interest in and to a tract of land, adjoining lands of Wilson Hunt and John Taylor oil the south, Alexander Scot t on the east, George Swift on the north and John Thomson on the west, containing 439j acres. Also—All the Defendant's interest in and to a tract of land, ad/oiuing the Blair county tine on the north, Dan'l Rees on the south, and Hash Roberts on the west, contain nig 432 acres, part m Blair county. A/so—All the Defendant's interest in and to a tract of land, adjoining lands of Wilson Hunt on the west. Dan'/ Rees on the north, Alexander Seott on the east and William Pier-son on the south, containing 438 acres. Also—All the Defendant's interest in and to a tr " C f 'if t"nd. adjoining lands of John Tuylyr and Dan'l Rees on the west, the Blair county n"/K,y ji" Philip Stein on the east and if/"" fvatis on the south, containing 408 a cres. part i„ )jt„.; r co , nlty Also—All the Defendant's interest in and to a tract oj laud, adjoining lands of Hugh Barclay on the east Griffith Evans on the south. Alex. Scott on the west and the Blair county hue on north, containing 372 acres. Seized and taken in execution as the uronerty of David C. McCorm ick. SHERIFF'S OFFICE, ) ROBERT STECKMAN. March 29. 1867.-w4. J Sheriff. PUBLIC SALE OF VALUABLE REAL ESTA I h.—By virtue of an order of the Orphan's Court of Bedford County, the un dersigned will offer for sale, at the Court House, in the Borough of Bedford, on SATURDAY, the 20th day of APRIL, 1867, at 10 o'clock, A. M.. the following tracts or pieces of land, situate in the said county of Bedford, the property of S. H. Tate, Esq., late of the Bor ough of Bedford, dee'd, viz : No I—A tract of land in Providence township, surveyed on warrant to Sarah Logan, containing 401 acres. No 2—A tract .of land in Providence township, surveyed on warrant to Charles Alberti, contain ing 487 acres. No 3 —A traet of land in Bedford township, sur veyed on warrant to Charles Austin, containing 403 acres. No 4—A tract of land in Providence township, surveyed on warrant to John lloye, containing 300 aeres. No 5—A traet of land in Providence township, surveyed on warrant to Thomas Logan, contain ing 485 acres. No 6—A tract of land in Londonderry township, surveyed on warrant to J. Baker and j. Albright, containing 181 aeres. Ho 7 —A tract of land in Providence township, surveyed on warrant to Anthony Richard, con taining 400 acres. No B—A traet of land in Providence township, surveyed on warrant to George Smith, containing 300 aeres. No 9 —A tract of land in Cumberland Valley township, surveyed on warrant to Samuel Wilson, containing 236 acres. No 10—A traet of land in Providence township, surveyed on warrant to James Hamilton, contain ing 413 acres, 91 f perches. No lI—A tract of land in Providence township, surveyed on warrant to John Bittle, containing 448 aeres No 12—A sract of land in Providenae township, surveyed on warrant to Richard Evans, contain ing 413 aeres. No 13—A tract of land in Providence township, surveyed on warrant to John iienton, containing 402 aeres. No 14—A traet of land in Londonderry town ship, surveyed on warrant to James Williams, con taining 198 aeres. No 15—a tract of land iu Providence township, surveyed on warrant to Mary Woods, containing 2811 aeres. No 16—A tract of land in Napier township, sur veyed on warraut to Isaac Ciark, containing 25 acres. No 17—A tract of land in Monroe township, sur veyed on warrant to Joseph PenneH, containing 60 acres v ' No 18—A tract of land in Providence township, surveyed on warrant to Nathan Sharpless, contain ing 360 aeres. No 19—A traet of land in Colerain township, surveyed on warrant to Hill (widow), con taining 65 acres No 20 —A tract of land in Hopewell township, surveyed on warrant to James Cavan, containing 401 aeres. No 21—A traet of land in Colerain township, surveyed on warrant to Robert Fyan, containing 155 acres. No 22—A traet of land in Providence township, surveyed on warrant to Joseph Dilworth,' contain ing 400 acres. No 23—A traet of land in Liberty township, surveyed on warrant to John Savage, containing 120 aeres. No 24—A tract of land in East Providenee township, surveyed on warrant to Aaron Barton, containing 40 acres No 25—A tract of land in Providence township, surveyed on warrant to Richard Tallwell, con taining 447 aeres. No 26—A traet of land in Providence township, surveyed on warrant to Ethan Holms, containing 143 acres. No 27—A traet of land in Monroe township, sur veyed on warrant to James Means, containing 50 acres. No 28 —A tract of land, in Providence township, surveyed 011 warrant to Samuel Gustin, containing 301 aeres. No 29 —A tract of land in Providence township, surveyed on warrant to Thomas Richards, con taining 401 acres. No 30—A traet of land in Hopewell township, surveyed on warrant to Alexander Cavin, contain ing 406 acres. No 31—A tract of land in West Providence towuship, surveyed on warrant to John Beamer, (or John Reamer), containing 397 acres. No 32—Tne undivided half of a tract of land, situate in Liberty township, containing 400 acres, more or less, about 50 acres cleared and under fence, with a two-story dwelling house, double log stable, and other outbuildings thereon erected, also an apple orchard, adjoining lands of Jacob Cypher, Jacob Eichu, and others; formerly tho property of Wm. Fisher. TERMS—One-third of the purchase money to be paid in hand, at tho confirmation of sale, and the balance in two equal annual payments. 11. NICODEMUS. mar29w4 Administrator. 4 NX ELIZABETH LITTLE, by j~\ her next fridnd, DAXIEL WASHABAUGH, vs. DAVID LITTLE. In the Common Pleas of Bedford county. No. 52. April Term, 1867. Alias Subpoena in Libel for Divorce. And. now, Feb. 16. 1867, the Court, on mo tion of J. W. Lingenfeiter, Esq., grant a rule oa David Little, respondent in the above case, to show cause why a Divorce a vinculo matrimonii should not be decreed. The said rule returnable on Mondav the 22d of April, 1867. 0. E. SHANNON, Proth'y. Attest: ROBERT STECKMA.N, Sheriff. To David Little and all others interested. Notice is hereby given that the undersigned, commissioner, appointed by the court, to take tes timony in the above case, will attend to tho du ties ot his said appointment, at his office in Bed ford, on Saturday, April 20, 1867, at ten o'clock, A. M., when all interested can attend if they think proper. M. A. POINTS, mar29'.v4 Commissioner. Bedford county, ss.— y/? Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. To Amos Wertz, executor of the last Will, Ac.. of James H. Boylan, late of HarVison township, deceased Tne Petition of lleury Shaffer, a creditor of James II Boylan. dee'd, was read, set ting lorth among other things, that said exceutor, on the 2d day of May, 1855, filed an account ex hibiting a balance in his hands of $3 60 and tbere >ll ter recovered out of thu State of Peuusylvauia. That ha never filed any final account and that tho Petitioner is interested in the estate as aereditor; Whereupou, on motion of G. 11. Spar.g, Esq., the Court granted an alias citation against the said Amos Wertz. Wherefore, we command you. as wo have heretofore commanded you, that you, the said Amos Wertz, layiug aside all other business aud excuses, whatsoever, be and appear in your proper person beforeour Register for the Probate of VVills granting Letters ot Administration, in and tor said county, at bis office in Bedford, before the time of the return of this writ or exhibit and file an ac count as executor aforesaid, aud make a truo statement according to law, or show cause why you should not have done so to our Orphans' Court io be holden at Bedford, on the 4th Monday, 22d day ot April, next. • . Witness the Hon. Alex. King, Esq., President of our said Court at Bedford, the 19th day of Feb ruary, A. D., 1867. 0. E. SHANNON, Clerk. Attest : ROBERT STBCKMAN, Sheriff. mar29iv4 rpAVEiiX LICENSES.—The l'ollovv- J_ ing named persons have taken out petitions for tavern license, and notice is hereby given that the same will be presented to the Court of Quarter Sessions to be held at Bedford, op the 22d day of April next, for allowance. Valentine Miller, Londonderry township. Joseph Cessna. do do Jacob Mills, Clearville. John Cessna, Ceutreville. Burtou Edaall, Sehellsburg. Bernard O'Neal, Cheneysvillc. James B Stoner. Bloody Run. George Weimer, do John L. Grove, do Charles Bush, Palo Alto. J Valentine Bessener, Stouerstown. Catharine Trieker, do Joseph Mortimore, Snake Spring tp. Isaac F Grove. Bedford borough. Valentine Steckman, do J J Shoemaker, do Joseph Foller, Buena Vista. John Aldstadt, Pleasautville. A J PenneH, Rainsburg. mar29w4 O. E. SHANNON Clerk.