Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, January 8, 1836, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated January 8, 1836 Page 3
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JVoticc. rpilR members or the Burlington Tiro X Company an licraby notified," Hint the annus! mooting off nid Company will bo hold, on Et J. Howard's Hotel, on llio fourth Wed nesday, Iho 27th day of January, instant, at ssven o'clock in the afternoon, for Ilia pur poso of chooring ten Wardens, a Clerk and Treasurer, and for transacting nil other busi. ncss required by the charter and laws of said Company. The Trustees congratulalo the members of the Company, and of the scvotal Engine Com panics, and the housoholdors of Iho village, that, during the past year, not a singlo build, ing has boon destroyed by fire, within the lim .its of Iho Company. Tho cry of firo has several times been heard on our streets, but the prompt attendance of our Engine Com panies, and tho vigilance of this company and of our citizensgcncrally, have extinguished the "little inallcr"lieforo "a groat firo had been kindled." All tho alarms of firo which wo havo h'jard, tho past year havo commenced and continued willi"moro smoko than fire," and ended as they should do, a mere excite raent, Sinco tho Inst annual mcoting a number ofsubscribcrs havn been added, as members to this company, and several liberal donations have been received from benevolent individu al?. Moro than $200. has been raised by vol unlary subscription lo construct cistern, nnd wells, for thu uso of this company and Ilia accommodation of the public!:, a part of which has already been expended for tbeso purposes. The recent national calamity by fire in Iho city ol'N. York, where 074 loncinenls and properly to tho value of 14 millions of dollars Were consumed, in the short space of 15 hours, peaks volumes of caution to every reflecting tnind.and warns the most unwaiy to take care of fire. Tho Trustees deem it not arrogance lo at- tribulotlio quiet enjoyment of Iho firesides of many of our citizens to the well organization of our Engine companies and the vigilenco of this company, but much remains yet lo bo done. Thero aio now only 100 members of this company, while there nre about 300 house holders in Ihe village1 The company need funds, but they need the aid of individual ex ertions, as well as funds. A causo so general deserves goneral encouragement; and the Trustees auain call upon uvcry householder in the village lo allend the meeting and join Ibeconipany lSurlutgtnn expects ovcry man will do las duty. By order of iho Wardens LYMAN CUMMINGS, Clerk: January 4, 1830. THE annual meeting iiftlip, Burlington Mechanic As-ociaiinn will be on the 5tli day of January next, to he holden nt Howards Hotel al 9 o'clock P. M. At this meeting the Officers ol mid association are lo be elected for ihe year ensuing, and other business of importance is to be trans ne'ed. A punctual attendance of all the members must therefore be relied on. By Order nf, John Johnson, Sec. Burlington Dec. 22, 1035. TO L3T THE rooms over our Store formerly oc cupied by J. Maeck E-q-Dec 25. LYMAN & COLE. LYMAN &. COl.E BHAVE Ibis day received n lew bales BUFFALO ROBES, of a superior qunhly. Buckskin Millers nnd Moccasins. Wadding. Morroccn shoes, Kid sandals. Burlington Jan. '3G. SMITH AM) IIAKHINOTON'S CATALOGUE I OF CHRISTMAS AM) NEW YEA 11 GUTS. I rillli; Dinning lloniu Srr.ip lluok, (tpurto,) X flej.inlly bound, SG nines, willi il- Ustraliurn liv L. K. L., nm.-ic Uc. " We lefer our readers lo the I). II. S It. fir ilia lichen neat i lie Year giio." New Monthly Mag. The Christian Keepsake, euiieil liv I lie lliv. v, J..IIM, murli enliiged, 17 pl.itcs, bound in .Morocco Frieml-liiii'ii OITerinj, 12 pi lies, beautifully Imiii d in Jlnroccn. Arkeni in' Targei ine nnl, I.nnilun. The Bo'ion Tokeii nml All.innc Souvenir, 13 on fpnvingo, cdiled by S. G. Goodiicli. '1'lie Ameri can Juvenile Keepsake, edited by Mrs. Hofl.ind, 9 illiisliniinns. The lielijions .Souvenir, willi por Irnil of Dr. Bedell. The MagnalM, a new 'wiih 13 tnpeib Heel engnnin;?. etcpinlly Iwminil Nov Vork, The Gill, I'liil.iilclphin, ciliied h Miss Leislee, wiih illiisitnlion, he.i mi fully hou.i's The Language of Flowers, colored pl.ues. Florih Dictionary, edited hy a l..nlv. The l'e.irl wis mezzolinio engravings. The Lilly G coloied illok rations. Bibles in elegant hindinjs. The Hood of Common I'r.ijcr, with the new Fs.ilms nne Hymns, in rich bindings nnd various sires. Th Works of Hannah Mine. The Gc02r.1phic.1l An, mini, a cabinet A I Lis. The Young Lady's Book. 750 cngrnvings. The Young Lady's Own Book. The Young Lady's Suml.iy Bnok, The Young, Man's Sunday Book. Superb Alliums with engra vings. Tort Folio's Arabesque willi lock. Galle ry of Portraits, upwards ol 200 l'orlraits. 'I'he National Gallery of l'icluies, hy the great masters j about fifty numbers each containing two splendid -engravings hy eminent artists : ihe Gallery of mod crn Hritish arlists, 17 numbers. Landscape illus trations oft he bible, consisting of view of the most remarkable places mentioned in ihe Old and New Tesiiimpiils, in 17 numbers. Illustrations of (lie Bible, in 12 numbers, from original paintings made expressly hy Itichard Wrstnll, U-q B. A. on. I John M.irlin, Cq. the painter uf Belsliazzai 's tl'Vast. The works of Bjion, Pope, .ShAspe.irc, Kirk While, Coleridge, Johnson,, Ooivper, Thomp son, Ilollin, Ldeuniih, Burn, jlfiltun. Mis lie. mau'i l'm ins. Mroioirs of Hannah .lore. Pen cil Skeirhes, hy Mitt Leslie. Dirk's uoiks, 1 ols uniform. Popular Juveniles, willi colmcd rn varieiy. Itohioon Ci usoe An nual, illustrated willi SO liaructeristic nils, and u biogi'ihical account of l)pfu-. Colltge it. Vec. 22, 1835. TALKS of the PEERAGE and the PEASAXTRY. Edncd bv Ladv nDcre, 'i volume. For mle by Sept 23 Smith & llAr.nM.Lfj.'N. Wi 'X Sureotjplnf of every dewription f ie-X"'f .euti-d In ne and durtUa sivlnat il.e r HtAMU.I illlRiitiv. ,and 00 th mn.t icmi,ii Ulini, f.ii".:'. YCiiH or apprmed nrdii. "'' .'. v IX OW TV1'K "Un t 9 t- pour-d'T f$. tb. Franklin Foundry. if SMITH, IIAllUINtiTf) tc i:TON. Zi Cullego hlKKt. 'j SilWSIli Blankets. 100) Plain and double milled Blankets for sale by HALL & STEAllXS. Alfred Day's Estate. S7V77'; OF VERMONT,) District of Chittenden Sf The Hon. the Probate Court icithin and for the District of Chittenden, to all per sons concerned in the estate of Alfred Day late of Burlington in said District deceased. Whereas tho Administrator on tho estalo of said deceased, proposes to render an ac count of hisadministration nnd present his account against said cslato for examination and nllovvanco at n session of Iho Court of I'tobate, to bo holdcd at E. Chittenden's Hotel in Willislon on the first Monday of January ncxl, and also said admistrator will then and Ihero mako application for nn exten sion of the term, for settling said estate, ono year from tho 19th day of Dec. insl. Therefore you aro hereby notified lo appear before said Court at tho time and place afore said, and show causo if any you have, why the account aforesaid, should not bo allowed and why said time of settlement of said es tate should not bo extended. Given under my hand at Willistcn this 19th day of December I0J5. GEO. I!. MANSER. Register, Clianipluin Transportation Go. Tho stockholders of the Champlain Trnns portation Company aro hereby notified, that tho mutual meeting fur the purpose of chous ing Diicctois for Iho ensuing voir, will be holden at Iho Hotel or John Howard in Bur. linglon, on Thursday tho 7th January A. D. IUJ0, at ono o'clock P. M. By order of I ho Directors. P. DOOLITTLE, Clerk. Burlington 21st Dec. K135. Hank Stock For Sale. ripWENTY SHARES ol- ihe Capilnl JL Slock of the Bank of Burlington, he longing to t lie estate nf ihe Into Na'hnnicl Newel, will lis sold nl public auction, nt Howard' Hold, nn Monday the 4th day of January next, at 2 o'clock P. M. EZItA ME ECU. Administrator,' Sliplbiirnn, Dec I9ili ll!35. Window Glass. Boxes Gln-s. 3 qualities to wit: 1st Lake Dunmorc 2nd Salisbury 3d Argqlc. Various sizes manufactured at Salisbury Vl. just received bv T."J &W.L. STRONG. Burlington Dec. IClh 1B35. TOBACCO cfr SNUFF. ORILLARD'S Macabnv and Scolch Snuff, do Chewing anil Smokioir '1'n. bacco at Fnctnrv Prices. T. F. &. V. L. STRONG. Iron, Nails, Steel. f& TONS, mnnufaelurcd Iron enn M.-ting of a complete asorlmoiit of Round and Square, Band and Hoop, Shoe Shapes. 6ic. Tons Foreign Lon, such as English 20 lire, nil size. Sweeties, Russia. Old nnd New Sihle, Ru?..ia nail Rod, Braqnins Rods. jCO Sens waggon, carl, carriage & coach Iioxo?. Hollow ware, of every dc-t-crtptwn. 10,000 Potinils German. Spring Swccds. Cast and English hli'lered Steel, 50 Ton-; Cut Nail-- aborted from 3 to 60. Potali and Cauldron Kellelcs, Cast Iron Ploughs. Brai-s Kettles &c. itc. which make a complete assortment of Ironmongery and winch will be sold nn ap favorable term." at- can he obtained a', any tslab. Itshiiiei'l 111 the Stale. Dee. 10. 103.1. T. V. kW. L. STIIONO. FllUSil GOODS. rT ALL k S TEARNS, have inst returned JTJ from New York witli a Fresh supply of v, llliui uuuus, miiiuii louy Will sell jovv lor cash, as they wero rcccnlly purchased at re duced pticcs. Wo invite purchasers to call and examine our extensive assortment of Fa'hionalilc. Dry Goods; consisting in part of French Marcnos, plain and fisured Cir. casnans, Bombazelts, a large atsortincnt of Dark Prints ; plain figured, nnd plain Silks of all colors and qualities, plain and figured Sal. ins, French Bombazine, buck Beaver, & red Gloves, Ladies lined Gloves, inareno and cot. ton Hosiery, black and red Mareno Shawls, clially a mi imitation Miawls and llandkcr chiefs, taffeta Salin, Lutestring and Gango Ribbons, silk Velvets, bombazine nnd satin Slocks. An assoilmciit of Clolhs Cassimcrs and Vestings, C, 08, 1.4 linen Diapers 4 1.4 Irish Linens, coloured Cambrics. Lace and Engins Ladies down sleeves, cotton Waddiiif , Wicking etc. 0 Church si. Dec. 21. 103j. Lint Seed Oil, For sale by T. F&W.L, STRONG Dec. 10,1035. Qroeerics. 00 Chests, Hyson, Hyson Skin, Young llyson ami hmicliong leas. Siornr'. Sinces. Tobacco. Hipp. Molasses, Liquors. Wines, Herrings itaisins. ftiurcu, iinngo, rtai-tcratus Ginger, dried. Currants, Almonds Filborls. Brazill nuts. etc. etc, For sale cheap, bv 7'.' St Jlr. L. STOA'G. Dec. 10. 1035. . N OTIC 15 rglUE Lessees and deblors'of tho town of JL Jiurllii'itnn will take uoiico mat llieir renls and inlerest will become due on first day ol January next. Punctual payment is expec. tcd.wilhout fiiilher notice, NATHAN B. HASWELL, Burlington. Dec, 17. HI35. Treasurer. Wanted. A LAD of about lOyears of age, who lias been in a store solficicnlly to ho already well acquainted with business may find a situ ation advantageously calculated for complo. ting his mercantile education, by applying lo fa S. E. HOWARD. Burlington. Dec. 17, 11)35. Corn Hroonis For sale by UAl.I. i STK.1JIJVS. Dec. 21, 11135. Lvinan & Cole XTavu now a fow doz. of extra sea Ol. JO-tcr, Seal and imitation fur Caps; &. also mens liair Seal Cups, large sizes. Asmnll qunntity of spruce Shingles, nutlinqlon Dec 25. 1035 Vermont Central Rail Road. THE undersigned commissioners of the Vermont Central Rail Road Company, will meet at the Inn of Mahlou Coltrill, in Montpclier, on tho Olh day of January next, 2 o'clock, P. M. Tho books for4subscnption to the capital slock of said Company will ho opened at Iho same placo on tho 7lh day nf January next, at 2 o'clock, P. M. anil at such oilier places on Iho Monday following ns Ihe commissioners miy at lint lima sec fit to direct, ucccmucre, nijj. John N. Pomsnov, ) Timotiiv Foi-lctt John Peck, Ilurlington Luthcr Loomis, John SrAUi.Di.No, J Timo : IluntiAiin, Montpolli J. P. MlM.F.It. ) Amtmus Blake, Chelsea, Cni:sTi:n Baxtkr, Sharon, Lnwis Lvman, Hartford. JUST received, bv stage, some Watches, and vcrv extra plated Spoons; also, silk Boot LaciriL's. and slcel shoo Ornaments. All who wish for a good nrticlo of plated Spoons, can bo accommodalod al tho Variety Shop, liy Panodorn i jikinsmaih. NOTICT. rjlIIE subset ibcr having closed his mcrcan- R Itl.. I.M.!n..H .nnonelD nil ..nrenno (II. m. IIIU WUOIIItn?, lllJHLPtf nil" ... dchted to him on bonk to settle by Ihe lirit of Janunry, and all whoso notes nre now duo lo pay Ihem imtncdialely. Those who neglect this chII will find llieir notes and accounts with an attorney for collection. Dec. 15. 1U30. Ji. l.uu.vuo . s ' UPERFINE FLOUR, for sale bv H. V. POTW1N cV CO. Doc. II. 1035. )NF, Case new patterned fur lined Shoes 1 ' Rob Rov Shawls. Just re ceived by 11. W. POTW1N k CO. Dec. 11, 1835. 0 1'L LAMP Oil of a good nualilv for sain al HOWARDS. Dec. 10, 1035. Worsted blond Lace. A Large quantity just received nt HOWARDS. Dec. 10. 1035. Tons of whtlu western Plaster, ground and in bulk. 30 Tons of Novascolia do in Bulk. For sale cheap for cash, hv FOLLETT & 11RADLEYS. Dec. 9, 1035. Farmers can supply themselves by find ing 1 heir own casks, which will ben saving of 52 per Ion. December 11, 1835. RECEIVED a new supply or Fancy Goods, such ns, Embroidered Thibet, Cashmere nnd clially Shawls; Splendid Figured Bonnet'. Sattius; Brown and Ma roon cold French Merinos; Merino Shawls; Sili.-bury Flannels; India Rubber Aprin Merino Trimmings; Bonnelt anil Cnp Rib bons, by LEMUEL CURTIS. Dnrlinntun. LUTIIER LljOATTSh,rs ju-t received and offers fur sale nl Ill's sloro in Essex, " large assortment of'G O O DS. Those wishing to purchase maj sae both and money by giving him a call, ns the goods will be sold uncommonly Cheap November 4, lfiSsj. Journeyman Blaksmith wanted Enquire nt this office. Nov. 27. ntMli: LAST DAYS OF POMP 1211 Bv the author of Pclbatn, Eugene "r,,m, England nnd the English, &.c. For "aleby S.mitii & llAnni.Nn ton. l (f(n CORN BROOMS, just left -ssf fr 6alc at HOWARD S, Nov. 17, '35. rip HE highest price in Cash will be paid JL for Sheep's Pelts, by V. K. VILAS. Pearl s(.. Burlington Sept. 1 J. 1035. Important Information ! TO PEKSO.NS ArrMCTHIl WITH THE FOLLOWING COMPLAINTS. SC ROI'UL A, Leprosy Salt Rheum St, Anthony's Fire, Kcv. Sorcs.even when the bones are affected Whilo Swellings Violent Eruptions af ter meazlcs. S C Hit V E Y. Festering Eiuptions, Pimpled Faces Sore Eyes Sore Legs, Scald Heads Ulcers Venereal Taints, when mere, has failed and all disorders arising from an impure state of llic Blood nnd Humors aio assured that Dll. HELVES BOTANICAL DJLOP2S continue, unrivalled for tho Prevention, Belief and Curo of these complaints. In proof of which icau mo loilovving : KXllimarlallc cure of a case of 12 yrrrrJ standing. Extract of a Idler. Sir "Mv Ic2 which before did not look like a human limb, is now entirely healed up, (after resisting every other application for 12 years!) Pre vious to taking your Rclfo's Bolunical Drops, I had given up ull hopo of relief. Anollfr Case. An agent writes "Thero is a person taking Ihe Botanical Drops, evi dently with Ihe greatest advantage." Hcde. claies, to uso his own words, "It is doing wonders for iiim," and, as it wore, 'snatching hiih from tho grave.' Numerous instances havo occurred whero persons wo-o pining away n miserable exist ence, nothing Ihcy could procure affording liicm a permanent rcliel, until lliey liau mailc use of llie above invaluahlo Medicine. They am also the best spring and autumnal physic. Price $1, or 0 hollies for five dollars. nujiFnit:s'"iii:.Mnni' For. One of Iho most thorough remedies known for this troublesomo conipla.ut. It has more perfectly nnswered the purpose for which it is intended than any other now in common nse, nnd affords immidiate and permanent re. lief, both from tho disorder itself, and its accompanying symloms nxnam in Vie loins vertigo, headachtloss of appctite,indigtstion,ai oilier marks of debility. U-Tl riceRI lor liotli articles- uintmcni .v Eloctury or CO cents when hut ono only is wanted. T O R 13 N T A Dwelling Houso Suitable for a small family Situalod Near tho Lake, Enquiro of II. W. Potvvin Sc Co. For Comforters. UST Bcccived al Howards 15001b. 4-',Common Cotton Batting. Good tec. I'lli. Iljj. n EMICAIiEM IMtOCATION.

WIUTWELL'S Truo mid Original OPODELDOC Tests of the only tr no kind nre : lei Set; llial I lie certificate of the Into Dr. Mitchell. LI.. D. of the city or New York, is on the kisido direction paper. 2d That my name is Btamped on (lie boltlc. 3d That tliarclnil price is not less limn 37 cents a bottle, nil others arc but base fabrication. The nbnvc mtv be considered ns infalli ble, in bruizes?, fyrnins, rheumatism, stings nf insects, vogeobte poisons, cramp, &c. &c. &o. In n wml, in all cases of external injury. The public luve been frequently most pros'ly imposed ipon by spurious imitations of ibis compos! ion. "They nro made by various persons n their own names, and by pedlar." Fcallcrci nil over the country.-- They have imlling but their cheapness to recommend limn, being ns useless ns bo much colored sprit, and so long ns they nre purchased Ihcy vill continue So bo manu factured. It iatlic public therefore who aro lo hlaine. mil not the makers nnd should Ibis slati of things continue, (he best medicine in t!ic world will hi; in the situation of n first rule bank, wliosenol c. ore ono and til reffwil in conrequence n the great nom,,c of its counterfeits. If the first nrliclo hid not become cclcbrntcd, there would have been no imitations. In dependant of tin , there is a constnnt rival bhip among tho host of imitators, cacli stri ving .o undermine the oilier. 1 lie worst nnd cheapest materials have been nccessa- rilvcmploycd, until llicv have nothing but t he name left to recommend. The original nrliclo on I he contrary, has never varied oil her in quality or price, and is and ever lias been in every respccl. quite a tllltercnl nrticlo from any of the imitations. To Consumers. The true nrticlo is the cheapest in the end. Remember that tho' prudence may he a desirable virtue, vet that the Eaving of a few cents in a phial of medicine is but n pitiful economy, nnd mav lend to worso consequences than the loss of money, therefore for your own interest nnd comfort, purchase not a single bottle in luinrc, which has not the tests above de scribed. To Countni Traders. Dealers in medi cine will find moi'c profit on the sales than on any of the imitations, besides having the satisfaction nfEollinglo their customers the genuine article. Sold hy all tho principal druggil in the U. S. who also keep for srlo the VOLA TILE AROMATIC SXUFF, (or many years celebrated in cases of catarrh, head" ache, dizziness, dimness of eyesight, drow siness lowness of spirits-.hypochondria, ncr vous weakness, &c. It is most fragrant and grateful lo tho smell, being composed principally from roots and aromatic herbs. It is absolutely necessary for those who watch with or Visit the sick, being an ex cellent prevention ofconlagion Recom mended hy Dr. Wntcrhouse, Into Prof, of tho theory and practice of Physic in Har vard University. Sold in Burlington by .. St J. II. PECK, St Co. Price. j0 els. AV 25 els. march "! v (Uonsuniplion. BR. HEINE'S ASTHMATIC PILLS, have, from their extraordinary success in giving instant relief, and in curing colds, coughs, asthmas, difficulty of breathing, whec zing, tightness of tho chest, pain in the side, spiltidg of blood, chills nnd shiverlngs Ihat precede fevers anil lung complaints generally ! bccoino one of tho most popular medicides known, and arc sought after from every part of the country, on account of the astonishing cucccss that hasattedded their administration in i he abnvo complaints, frequently curing the most obstinate cases, and giving the most unexpected relief, after every oilier remedy had faijcd, and persons had given themselves up in despair of a cure! They have been known to cure persons supposed lo be far gone in consumption, and exhibiting all Ihe appearance of npproacning dissolution. And such have been the salutary effects cf Ihcse Pills, even in hopeless cases, at so far lo miti gate tho sufferings or tho daticnt, as evidently to prolong life for even days and weeks, and give In it a positive comfort they never ex pected to enjoy. Tho operation of tho pilN i wonderful in cising respiration, quieting tho cough, and procuring comfortablo rest. Common eclds arc fcrqucntly removed in a few hours. !LX Although (save a person Fpeaking of these pills) my wilo has tried various medi. cincs nf Iho first cclcbiityfor an nsthinalie difficulty or affection of tho lungs, which at limes was exceedingly distressing, confining ncr trt her house for days ond weeks iogetber, she finds nothing giies her Ihe rilitf which Ilclft's Jlslhmailc Pills do .' casing her icspi tion, puioting her cough, and giving her comfortable rest." And leis is tho testimony of hundreds or thousands. Tho relief which aged people, ns well as others, experience from the uso of tlicsa pills is truly astonishing, nnd renders them invaluahlo to many, nnd aro in fact to sonio an essential cuxiliary to their comfort and almost to their existence! A physician informs the proprietor that a gen tlemaa in Iho country observed lo him, ho had season tobolieva'tho use of ihoso pills had been Iho menis of saving his life. Price whole box, 00 pills $1 ; half do. 12 pills 50 cts. K WATUn, for soro or mllamod eyes. jVollung gives such immediate and comfortable relief. On recent soro eyes tho cfTecl is most salutary. Whero iho complaint has heen of years stand, ing, nnd in some exceedingly had rasos, tho most unexpected and desirablo relief has been found in tho uso nf Ibis Eyo Water nflcr every oilier remedy had failed. Persons who havo used il pronounce it without hesitnlion the ties! preparation for these complaints they havo over met with. Prico, 25 cents a bottle. 2 I CASE Blk. Lynx. Sable &. Ernwic St Capes from I,50to4l5 each, lr IL W. POTWIN Burlington November C. Bank of Burlington. NOTICE in hereby given that a meeting of tho stockholders of tho Bank of Bur. linglon will bo held at their Banking House on the 2d Tuesday in January nexl, at II o'clock. A. M. for Iho ptirposo of electing seven directors for the year next ensuing. II. G. COLE, Cashier. December 2, 1035. " CAPS. 'JTMcgnnt Otlcr Caps, Senl r-kin Caps, at Jithu Variety shop. A AT. I! OIIA' Illl 1XS.UA ID. Dec. 25. 1335. PRACTICAL TREATISE on tiik cui.TUnu w sii.k, ntlapteil to Ihe Llr male nnd Soil of the United Slates, By F. G. Comstook, Secrelary of the Hartford Connlv Silk, nnd Ltlilor of Ihe Silk Ciilturist. Illustrated by Engrnvings. 1 lie inlerest in all parts ol the United Stnlrs in Iho Culture and Manufacture of Silk, manlfeslcd bv the constant call for in formation on tho bubject. has induced I lie ntiblislier lo have prepared a plain I'racli. ral Trcalis on the Cultivation of the Mul- bcrrv nnd Rearing Silk Worms, ndnpted to the Soil and Climate nftbis country and to I lie wants of plain practical men. The practical Ciilturist in this roiintry needs n directory adapted lo the Soil on which ho plcrnfs his trees, nnd Ilia Climate in which ho n'ars his worms, without refer ence to Soils and Climates ler.s congenial to their growth, it has been Ihercforcthe object of Iho author to make n trcalise strictly practical, omitlir nothing ol im portance and adding ncthing of a useless or extraneous character. As making the raw mafcrial into Sow ing Silk and Twist is very profitable to the Silk grower, nil necessury information for that purpose will be given. J ln- Work is in Press and will soon be published in a duodecimo of ahotil lv'0 pa ges, in linndnmo binding price .10 nmls. A part of tin; edition will be put up in elastic covers lo he forwarded by mail. Ltltlnrs ol INcwspapers who wni give the above tbreo insertions, witli this notice, and forward their paper with the advertise ment marked, shall bo entitled to n copy of the work, to be forwarded In their order. WM. G. COMSTOCK. Hartford, Dec. 1035. Cure for the ITCH, OWEVEIt inveterate in one hour's ap. plication, and no danger of laking cold, hy using Dumfries Ilch Ointment. This pre paration, for pleasantness, safety, expedition, case and certainty, stands unrivalled for Ihe curo of this troublesome complaint. It is so rapid as well as certain in its operation! as to curo Ihisdisagiecablo disorder most effectually in ono hour's application only. It does not contain Iho least particle of mercury or olhcr dangerous injredicnt, and may be applied with perfect safely by pregnant women or to children at tno breast. Price 3J cents a box, willi ample dircclious. D. UKLrn's ANI-niMOUR TILLS. For indigestion, loss of appetite, listless- tics', C'oslivcness, Flatulence, Cholic, Bilious affections, i:c. To comment on the efficacy of these Pills aflcr a successful experience of many years in England and America has established their reputation, is needless : Suf fiico il to observe that for redundancy of bilo, flatulence, costiveness, headache, &e. they will undoubtedly fprovo far more service able than those drastic purges too frequently employed, and will not only lend al the samo lo remove tho offending causo by gentle motions and strengthen the digestive organs hut improve the appclite and renovate ihe system. Prico 50 cents. CtAMMtlAN TOOTII-ACIIE PILLS Tho relief is immediate, without the least injury lo the tcelh. Price 50 ccnls a box. jry. Rni.rns' VEGETABLE SPECIFIC, JL for sick headache, ic. Prico SOcc-nls. QCNono ate genuine unless signed T. KIDDEIt. nn tho wrapper, (sole proprietor and meerisor to 'Jr i.o.nvay.) liy wliom limy nre for sale, at his Counting Room, IS'o. 00, Court strt. Boston, and by his snecial appoint ment, by J.& J. II. PECK & Co. JWoticc. THE Subscriber takes this mpihnd of informing nil those indebted to htm. whose debts arc due in grain, must be paid by Ihe first day of February, next, as he considers himself under no obligations to receive grain alter the above slated time. Ilo would again say lo hiy cuMntners ihat hu shall Icavo Milton the first of March next, nnd all acounts Ihat reman unset tled at ihat time will be left fer col lection. A. NOBLE. N. B. I shall leave tlieSiore I now nc cupv to-morrow. A. N. ..Vi'iVon Drc. II. 1035. Farmers & Mechanics Bank. nnJIE .Stockholders arc hereby notified JL that an election for Seven Directors to serve for the ensuing year will be held at Ihe Housk, on ihe Second Tues day in Jununry next. (12th.) bclweeii Ihe hours of 10 o'clock. A. M.. nnd 2 o'clock, PM. T. HOCKLEY, Cashier. ISurtingl on. Dec. 4. 1035. SILYEFw WASH. 10M BS, elegant pattern , silver Head t Band ; Table, Ten. Desarl. Cri-nm, Mustard. Sail. Sjup and Collet! SPOOJVS, plain & claw Sugar Tongs ; Puller Knives, Pickle Forks, Iriilt and pocket fruit Knives, some with silver and pearl handles ; silver Nursing Tubes. Coffin Plates , Letter Scnl. SnufV Boxes, Vignells. Plaqtiesand broaches ; silver top bottles of smelling sails: silver looth picks: and numerous other articles in their line, lor sale at the Variety Shop, bv PANGBORN & BRINSMAID. .'Voin 1. Silversmiths Jeremiah FrenclCs Estate. STATE OF VERMONT District of Chittenden, ? $ 7Vic Hon the. Probate Court tcilhin and far said District, to all persons concerned in tic estate if Jeremiah French late'of If illiston in said District deceased: "TvAL7hcrcas tho Administratrix of said de. V T ceased, proposes to render an account of her Administration and present Iter account against said o.natc for examination, nnd nl. lowaneo at a session of said Court to bo holden nl E. Chittenden's Hotel, in Willislon, on tho Third Monday of January next. Thcrcforo you am hereby notified to appear before said Court at the time and placo n fore said, ami f how ctiuso if you havo nny, why the account aforesaid, should nnl be allowed. Daled al Willislon Ibis 2J day of Decem ber, 1835. GEO. H. MANSER, llrg. Prohnt'. msSOEUTIOK". rgHF. Copartnership existing under M e X firm of Halt. & Stkaiws. isihisday Dissolved by mutual Consent. Persons having demands against Hie said firm nre requested to present them for Payment. And nil Persons indehled to snid firm will mako payment Hi Peter Halt, without de lay, whois fiil'v nutliorir.ed to n-Hle the Same. ' S PtTru Mam.. II. Si-earns. Burlingion Dec. 30. 1U35. A, London manufactured Funj. (JltiiKntA squirrel tail Hons, MP Block Lynx do Grey squirrel Capes, Black Lynx do Brown Martin do Svvnnsdowii nnd fur Cuffo Russia Creamers Men's Eur lined Beaver Gloret, Ladies' do do Just received and for sale by Dec. 10. IIICKOKlc CATLW. Canada Bags. 500 Canada Uas for sale hy IIICKOKk CATLLY. Dor. 10. 1035. FRUIT7&C: Til (Iftdt boxes bunch Rnisinj, WM 20 kegs Malaga do, 10 Frails Almonds. 5" do Brazil Nut, 5 do Filberts, 30 do Figs, 30 boxes Pipes, 5 do prepared Cocoa 5 do Chocolate 20 25 20 do SlBrcii do Soap do Candles do ilo sperm do Ilurrinir 50 2000 lbs. assorted Confectionary, Genoa Citron, English Currant's, &t Drc. 9, '35. J. & J. IL PECK & Co. PAINTS & OIL. IVE ton- d ry White Lend, 2 do ground in oil. French Yellow, Venetian Red Spanish Brown, Whiting, Glue and Sand Paper 10 lilids. winter strained Sperm Oil, 10 hbls. Linseed Oil. 10 " Spirits Turpentine Dec. 0. '35. .1. Sti. H. PECK. & Co IS AILS $ IKON. lOOO I"?'0 Nail&f nsoitcd 150 do Brads do 20 do Wrought Nails, do 3 tone Band Iron, from U to 4 in. 15 do Round do. 4 to 3 in. 0 do squaro do. J to 2i in. 5 do scroll do. C do Horse shoo do 3 tlo Peru do. Foreign Iron, 10 tons English Iron, assorted 5 do Swedes do. 3 do N. Sablo Russia do. 4 do Old do do do 5 do Russia Nail Rods 150 pairs Cutter and sleigh Sboei 2000 lbs. assorted cast steel, 1000 lbs. German do 3000 lbs. Swedes do 1000 lbs. English Blister do 4000 lbs. spring do 100 doz. Hoisc Rasp'. Dec. 9. .1. & J. II. PECK Si CO. Teas, Sugars, Rice, &c. 5 chests Ilvsonsk'n. Young Hyson, and Hyson 1 ens, 25 barrels St. Croix, Poriorico, and N. Orleans Sugarn, 10 do Lump and Loaf do 5 tierces Rice, 5 do Salcratus, 20 hhd. Molasses 150 Matts Cassia 2 bids. Cloves. 1 case C.'iSsia Buds, 15 kegs pure Ginger. 10 bags Pepper, 10 do Piniinto. 25 do Rio. St. Domingo nnd Java donees, a. '35 J. & 3. If. PECK & Co. Dee GROCERIES. CCIGNETTK BR r N D Y, I loll. Swan. Inn, St. Croix Rum, 15 bbls. American Brandy. 15 " do Gin. 10 " Marseilles Madeira Wine, 5 " Malaga do Sicily. Mndetra. pale & brown Sherry, Old I'd rl and Madeira Wine. Dec 0, '35 3. &. 3. IL PECK & Co. boxes Champlain, Peru, and Jerico Window Glass, 100 do Redfbrd, Saranac. and Crown Glass. Dec. 0. '35. .1. & .1. H. PECK & CO. Lorillard's Snufifc Tobacco. 3.0 barrel Matcoboy, " Scolch. 20 " Chewing Tobacco, 25 " Smoking do. Dec.0. J. & J. II. PECK & CO. Agents. POWDER 100 kegs Powder. J. & J. II. Pkok & Co. FLOUK. WESTERN and Troy Flour constant! on hand, hy .1 .1 II PECK & Col Nathaniel Knight's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, District of Chittenden. ( TVtc Hon. Ihe Probate Court irilhin and for the district of Chittenden, To all persons concerned in the estate tf .Xath'l Knight. late of Ilinnburg in raid district deceased WHEREAS iho Administratrix on lh pstntc of said deceased proposes in render an ncount nf her iidminilrHtiori nnd present her neennnt against said estate in r examination luitl allowance nt a ses sion of i he court ol prnbnlc lo be holden nl E. ChitiendenV' Hotel, on Ihe third Monday of December next. Therefore yon nro hereby notified to np pear before snid court nt the lime and place aforesaid, nnd shew if nny you have, why Iho neeoiint ufnrestud should not bo allowed. Given under my hand nt Willis ton. this 23d davnf November, A.D. 1035. D. FRENCH. Register. rip HE Snb-crihers will pay Ihe hiyhcut JL market price in Cash 'for Corn, Rye, Oals, Barley, Reims. Peas, Delivered at their Slore. Hickok k Catm.k, nttrlinglon, Dee. lf, KK3tV