Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, February 5, 1836, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated February 5, 1836 Page 3
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m & 35 XT M XT ntiDAV rnn. r. Mr. Wbhstkh's Spckch To the ex clusion of almost every thing ulsc, we pub lish this masterly production to-day, entire. It is hardly necessary to invito the ntlen lion of our readers to this speech, as its high source and the importance of the nib jocl, ui'iit secorn lor it . candid perusal; and in j rc especially since it has been mad the occasion lor an impotent attack on Mr. Webster in the other House nn account of which will be found in another column. An English Brig of war arrivjd nt Nor foils a few days since with dispatches from the British Govornuv.Mit. The nature of these dispaches is not positively known j but it appears to be generally understood that they contain an overture for tin me diation of England between France and the U. States in relation to the vexed question. A few days will undoubtedly put 113 in possession of the facts. Mr. Adam's proposition for a eommitloo of investigation, although originally favored by the administration mcnibols, his turned out rather unfortunately, and thoy are very an.. ious to"dodgo" it. Mr Cambrolcng thinks it inexpedient to investigate tho subject any farther. No doubt. Hut not no with the Whigs they seek investigation and aro doler. milled that tho facts shall bo known. In tliu mean time tho debate has taken a wide range end drawn forlh some of tho first talent in the House. A correspondent thus speaks of the first day's discussion: Ap n spceimen (if Mr Ad-inis' turner, ibis, re tu.iikalilc speech w is inn- til" I lie wi fiuct hi; ecr ulleicil -liciit distinju sli 'd fir puinti'.l s.irc-i'iu mid c'nqtienl iinectiic ami :it the Mine lime in u i' nl mill nil I tie epctkci 's felicity uf language an I v uiely of illustration. Mr Wcbier u:is pinseui iilnifi! fnnii I tie com nii'ticentcnt', un I ihi Ltiby riud c.l h iili ?:cii.iliirs 'in. I ndier diiiitiii.lh'il indivi In. its Mr tVebstei's piest'tri: in llio llmi-e ric.itc I iiileiesi, mi I m-i ti v .nixi mm mi I ruiiiiiM cv weio ciiiitiini.itty tunic I In the lilu ti.iinl il inr ulicrc tie u-.ia kmIciI; hut mi rnic w lin tlitlil-nk bimv un i.di't-p el et; tun JimM 'i.iw fell ii'siued tif hi niiiinu un ponei iu susi.iiu uuiiseii iniier.tin .'gied sion. Mr Wise nuirli nf Ids .snndierii in rustling lo lln li-jlil .'ifitT llr Ail.inti It id c.inrlii. ilo.l. Hi-in k up tin- il'li'iire of liii pnl) .i.iiii-t llie.r new nnd if ii ltd i ns-.til.tnt wiili nu alu'iirj mill viiinr nf ilcfi nee wl.irh s .,n .ill iii'l.iiied defi'in siir. fni" the mii'l g li! ml an I ami i in.r species nf nfli-iis t! . ul in1. Hi seleriril .Mr. ly.iiiiliii'len, u I1ns.1t 1 utnC'liiili'ly befi m Iiiiii, nut lin .im-I 114 1 11, d 'i-piie tin.' nileip 1 iun nf the -piMkr-r, lit' 1 mil 1 ri In lite .itt,ick, ad lics-iii. Imii in ili most kiTi tfil ti.iitiior liy ii.imi', mil lifr'itiily rli lUin I1111 u.i;ei' iii iiis Tire. Air. U.untiu'li'it time it Ml Irl) Eiu I hum ircill, an 1 ficii'itMlly iu teply In Ins i-eieie iwci mi 11m ies, jh oimi'il In iii lluu. i' a Cull .111. 1 f.ilii'f.iflnrv i:pl.itiiii.iii. 11 lliu inipftiio-i'v nf Mr Wise's el-n; i.mi;i'. in tic v.i.t tun ill d.t cried power, in lii fni ions eeiiini nf 1. 11 moii-p menu! si en'll, un 1 in itli mii-tiei'ii uinu anj iit.mii uliirli li" oee.i-iti nf I .1 110114 .id i.mks, liu if sein'ili'd nolliin. s 1 liiucll ;14 ml iului 1 iti'.I dull tiinke In i-t 1 1 .1 .Sjl.l'llsll "in IH 11 m ni 1114 Ml (i.lllllll e i.,f r'i.t 1 r '.t ll-.ii'i-ij iu'ii 1 lie air nam, 1 in M- A 1 1 111 In ill" d in .nd-iiin uiili IU'l lU lll-U'il'lli 1. Il'lll llf'k, .III I ll,)!)!!!.! I.iil. d.i-lrui in lull nil 115 iiii'1 tin; Hi".iki'r Iiim-clf 11111I ei(.iliu in all .1 'lceics nf iM fe.n lul uu mill 'led with .iniu.ruiciil. We aj iii) c.i'l ilif aili'niioii nf ilu pulili,! Iu t It u buks vf tile CnMitwcr m inuf iciuriu Ciiuiny, wliicti. it wilt bs ft'en, are (0 lie eln-e.l in a few di)s. If ve me coiteclly infirme.l iti?ie ate cap. il.ilesls nil 1 -Man 1 re 1 ly t t ikn die ti it nice uf I lie slurk, Hliilder il 111 ly lie, bill it is t lie ilfsiie of t lie Cuuimiltec Iu k ite il ilisiriliutc I gpiicrally nmQiig tlie people of liie rounly, and p 11 liriil.ti Ij a nong llie farnicip1 nin! wool gruwcii. Tins we are glad lo fee in a f.iir way to lie nccoinplU'icl. Our leaders know ill 11 we me not in llie li.iliil i f obtruding our nduce upon them iu nutleiri uf pri vate concern, hut llii.- we d i my, lint, li id we (lie means we would fooner lineal money 111 tills cntci prise llien any tiling elre alio 11, (hIw.ijs ex. cepling silk.) The pi ice al uliicli llie priiilrge is nowolTeied is ahsululely iiouiinal, mid we hope lliat lliose wlio negleit lliu pie.-enl apporiuniiy, will licreaftcr fparc llicir (oinpl.iints iilotii llie tclfirh monopolieiiig fpii it of llie riiiililirla WilVni two jc.irs from litis day, hundreds will curse their own flupidity, for not taking stock when il could ho got al par. "A woul 10 llie wijf," &5. AFronebtnan, named Mitcuki.i. U.wjiou, pcrMicd onthoLakoon Tuesday night, last. He had boon out skating, and is supposed to havo run into a craek, try .vhich ho received a contusion on his head, and his boots being fill ed with water, froio up so as to deprive him oflhe powor ofiocotnotior., The ieo is now good, and teams aro crossing Hie Lake in all directions. Tho Indian disturb tncics havo assumed a very soriou3 aspect. The Savannah Re publican of Jan. 20lh says, "Wo under stand from a letter read to us from a high ly respectable citizen of Camden County, that 500 Indians were within forty miles if St. Mary's, committing depredations. The letter docs not mention whether they aro of the Crepk or Seminole tribe; we should suppose of the former, as 11 rumoreu, inai they joined the latter." At our laot ac counts serious apprehensions were cxpres. scd for St. Augustine, which is almost defenceless. The ludiaiw are said to bo about 1500 strong, well armed and provis ioned, and, maddened to desperation, are determined to sell themselves as dearly as A letlcr from Washington to the Journal of Commerce, after ppeaking cf the recent massacre, adds; "The next news. I fear will bo that tho city of St. Augosline has undergone a woreo rale than that of I'ompeii. Ah!!-th.s is tho last tho most desporato Mrogglo oriuo Indian Do fights now gloiiouly and gal lantly, with tho spirit of o thoufcand Hons in his liieast for tho soil on which ho was horn, and which was his itift iohoritanco from his ancoblors. Wo, by u forcod and corrupt troa- ly, null it ouic Wo pond armed men men armed with thuwhiiky bottle,. 1 weapon more terrible than tlio rtllu lo pursuadu them lo abidu by u treaty which they never made, and lo cross tho Mississippi, never lo rulurii. Tho spirit of their triho tho groat Spirit walking in tho sky lolls them they must parish. Tho voico of their fathers calls them to their liumu tho only home which the whilu man has loll them tho grave. The preventive power of Ihis government' is nolli nig; hot its venganco is tumble, us the poor Indian has inntu than once experienced. Preparations arc linking, not fm tliu di'.fual (iithe 6'eniinolcs, but for their extermination. I'very Indian and every negro siispculed of having been allied to the Indians, will he slaughtered iu less than two mouths from this time." INDIAN MASSACllU. .Mobile papers nf the Ulli tilt bring lis tho painful and distressing intelligence "I tho surprise and M.iseacru of two enmpa niesoflhe United States Troops, under ihe command of Major nidi;, consisting nt 112 men, by Ihe Seminole Indians. Major Dade had started with his troop to Camp King to join G 0 11. Clinch, when un the evening uflho 2l)th Dec. al 0 o'clock, they were surrounded by a large body of Indian supposed to number from U00 to 1000, and were cut to pieces. Only tlircc men of the 112 escaped, badly wounded, to recount the lamentable story of tho butchery of their fellow soldiers. Major Dade was shot 01T his horse on the commencement of the attack. Captain Oardenr and Prasersoon after fell tn irtally wounded, and their scalps wore taken by tho savages. Lieutenants Bissinger, Henderson, Madge, and Koan, and Dr Gallin, surgeon to tho detachment were all slain. Lieut liassingcr was wounded on tho onset, and was discovered by a negro in the party of savages, crawling otTto a place of concealment and tomahawk ed. We dinot rcmcinbsr tho history of a butchery m ire horrid, and it stands without an example in the annals of Indian warfare. Another account says, lint nbjtit 3 o'clock on the morning of the S.Hh, they were at tacked by an overwhelming number of In dians Maj ir Dade was shot immediately Capt Fraser rod.; forward and was also cut down tlie reiniin ler maintained the conto.-t lor an hour until they were reduced 1 1 20 in number. The Indians then retired, and the survivors, almost all woun ded threw up a slight brea-lworlt, The Indians returned to the attack at 1 1 o'clock and completed the slaughter of the whole corps. The three survivors who reached Tampa lliy, after travelling sixty miles throii'rli the woods, add, that the negroes rushed in and bitcheredlhe wounded, Tlioy deseribi the conduct of the noble fel lows who p.'rished, in the highest degree I'allant. Th.'V obeyed every order, ami Htood their griitiiid In tin: l ist. The fight was so close, that the Indians cut ihi'in down with koives. and ttvy were obliged to throw away their gnu, or strike with tho butts. U- S. Sbnati:. It is stated that Jr. Mralke: administration, is elecled Senator from Mis-i-sippi Wee I'oindexter, whose term has expired. II. C. Nicholas has beeen elected a Senator of United S'nles from the Stale nl Louisiana, to fill the vacancy occasioned by the resignation of Mr Giyatre.!. A bill has been introduced i ito the legislature of L'liiiiiana, which, it passed into a law, will effectually prevent duelling in that State for the future. Among the previsions uf the bill arc the following : "This bill "uaranties to the creditors of fie deceased, killed in duel, a full payment It inn the property of Ihe surviving party and righ in sue for the same. In case nf injury sustained in body, whereby tho party is unable to labor for his, or his family's sup port, or In make good all legal demiuds against himself incurred b 'fore or after said injury, the party injurnii; shall be com pt'llcd to support the parly luiu'cd and his family, and to make good at the hazird nf the law s displeasure any demand fur I ho ame Shall forfeit to the nearest surviv nig relative the bum of thou-and dollar.! and should they fail to claim for one year, ih.' claim shall be legal 111 tliu hand ol the ni'Xt eldest relative. That 1I10 evidence of the dying purty is'lenal with regard 1 1 all claims against him-ulf, and the tcsti inany of Ins second valid and placed he yorul impeachment, for whaleycr evidence he may under other circuni-lauces have given. Winch bill was read tho first lime tind ortb-red to he printed." Attention tho Wliolo! P1 n.NSIO.VKItS on tho Hull of tho Ver. inout Aguney, ( hor as Invalids, Iluvn- lulinuary, or under tho Acts uf 15th May 10.'!!, or 7 June 1U32, are notified that their Pensions will ho paid at tho Hank of Durlinglon , on tho production of tho proper vouchors, K.T. r-NGLHSBV, 1'rest. Hank of Burlington, ) andl'onsi n Agent Fob. 5, VM, I STATES VfAlTTZUD. TBI 11 K uuilnr-tgued wi-ltes lu contract X for 5000 While Oak Stuves, for which a liberal price will bo given. N. B. Persons having unsettled accounts with the subscriber are invited to call and adjust (lie sain", and all those indebted are earnestly requested lo make num-duiie payment. C. SUV Kit ANC1J. Burhnglon, Feb 5. 1 030. LYMAN & COLE HIIAVK Ihis day received a low bales BUFFALO IIOBKS, of n superior quality. Buckskin Mittens and Moccasins. Wadding, Morrucco shoes, Kid sandals, Burlington Jon. 'U0. M'Uia STATU UONVKNTION. A Coiueiilimi of llie U It ins of Veiinont will tie liokleu al the Vill.un uf Moittnrlii'r, on Wi'ilncnl.n llie2llh d.iyol eVIiritniy, 1S;I6, nl 9 o'clock, A. 11. Inr llie nttipose ul tit a ItcKet lor Htnie Ofiico s. mid an 1 U-t-roi .1 1 Tit-kel lo he ic t'ointncnileil to llie iuii(iiil'd stipputt uf por- tioiKifitie fiei'incn, 41 williuul itislini'tioii uf pmiy 11 inn's," who me upp i-ed lo lite iniMrmcs of llie ftalinnal Ailinini?!! ulioii. I'lie couiitiiiice n-i'iiu un just r.nt"C for further "diiiun unions hieilneii (if the s una I.111I1, cniili.illy in 111: llie aim 1011 fi Pt'ini'ti nf eiei tuwn in llie Sl.ile lo send delegates in irpie-enl lliem in the Cnuirntlon. Iu making ill, the rnmiiiitiee act at itic lequesl of oilier, and 111 designating llie tune of iiiecling, are gniern ed liy no oilier inutile 1I1.111 a deflii that such ac tion inn be had sis will irsiilt in milling 1 lie utes of all those of itift same national politics, upon one and the same liikel for Suite nftieets timl Ijlerinis. II. II .Ili'.KI). Ceinriil 11. P. WAl.i ON.V Slate JO.S IIOWCS. jCom'le Maiupclicr, Jan. 23, 1S"0. DUMOCItA 110 AM'I.MASOMC STAT1 lIO.VVEiM'IO.V. A neninrriilic State Comcnliuii will be hotden al the Slate Hoihc in Munipelier, on Hrednesday the 2UU ilaij of February, 1S3G, at 9 u'olurk, A. M. for die purpose nf nniiiinaiing a ticket for Stale Ollicers for lite political j ear ensuing; 11111I to lake into consiuVrnlioii whether liny or wli.ll action may lie expeiliem nl tins lime ret. Hue in i'. in. lid He for llie National I'l csiileiiny. Ingeilter with all oilier mallets cuunecteil with the adtaiice incut of ilio-c priueiples, for which Aiiliuiasons have pier co ilenili'il. The Stale Coinuiitice, seeing no catt'e for relax. 11U tlioc cei lions winch line til 1 e.nlv uchiFied s 1 mucli luw'.iiils 1 iiMiiiy: (lie cnunirv of nil iiisiint lion ilecmcil ly us iiicomp.ilililc wiih line liuerlly an I nil piiuciples wlncli repulilieans fIkjii Id most clii'i i.-li, eainesilv lerniesl llie alleinlaiire of 11 full leniejenliiliou of the scleral I'nwus in ihis Slate. 'I'lie Couiily Cuinmiltee me recptcsled lo notify l owii Uouiiniltee.s anil see all uic sca.onalilv apprized nf the contemplated Cniiieiiliun. And all llloe who are opiio-ed iu Seeiet Societies, and arisiociatic munnpulie.s, without distinction of li.ntv names, are invited 10 assemble in ilieir res pecntc ion ns an I clioo'e delegates to attend and rcpifsent tliem iu llie Coiiieuliuu. MAIM'IN I'l.INT, ) CAI.Vl.V ilLOOCCrr, Slale Committee SAMUEL JIAXN, UIED tn this town 011 llie lliili ult. Mi: Samuel Hill htcof shelburn, a soldier of (lie Revolution, aged 84 years COIiCIIESTHU MA.NUPACTURI.Nf: COMPANY. THE proprietors of tho water privileges on the Colchester sido of onion River falls, having generously offered Ihoir purchase at co-t, to such persons as would associate with thim under tho charter of the Colchester Manufacturing Co and subscribe $01,000 for said properly and foi the erection of a Wool en Factory having advcrlised in tho papers primed in this Inwn Iheir proposals and having-subsequently taken tho trouble to is sue circulars to most of the business men i:i the Coouty. and inioy out of il, with a view ofgivtog all. so di-posed, an opporlueity of in iking a pa"fitiiblu investment and promoting the hui.1 intercuts uf ibis part of the Country would now give farlhoi nolico that about JCO.OOO have been subscribed and that tho bonks still remain open at John Howard's Hotel, and will so remain until Saturday the Kiih instant, when ihcy will bo closed and no further subsciiplions received whether tho slock be taken or not tho proprietors con ceiving that they will then have fully discharg ed all the duties, in this respect, which can ho claimed from lliein liy the public. samui:l iiickok. j SION K. HOWARD, Committee. SIDNEY IIARLOW ) Feb. 4, 11)30. NATHAN LAKE E 1 C11 i. ) An ClIITTCNDCN COCNTV t'f. Couar : HF..MAN LAKE. ) August Term, 1835. WHEREAS, Nathan Lake, of Shelburn, in t li 0 county of Chittenden, at tho March Icnn of this court, A. D. 1035, com menced his action against Human Lake, late of Shelburn aforesaid, for money lent and ad. vanced, laid out and expended., Sic. demanding iu damages tho sum of three hundred dollars, which causo having been entered upon tho docket of said ccurt, tho plaintiff tppoared by his attorney, and tho defendant not having notice ofsaid suit, and il appearing to said court thai tho said lleman Lake was without llicir jurisdiction al tho time of suing nut the plaintiff's writ, said causo was by or der of court continued to llio present time, when Ihe defendant not is further ordered that notice bo given to tho said Ho lilan Lake, fay publishing tho substance oflhe plain tiir's declaration three weeks successively in the Froo l'rcss printed al Burlington, tho last uf which shall bo at least thirty days be foio lliu session of said court lo be holdon at Burlington on the Ia-t Tuesday save one of Match, A. D. 10'JC, which shall bo deemed sufficient notice, and Unit said caoso bo con. tinued to tliu term in March aforesaid. Given undor my hand at Burlington, this 27lh day of January, A. D. 1030. NATHAN 11. HASWELL. Clerk NURSERY. WILLIAM KEN RICK OF NI'.WTi IS, Ni:R BOSTON, a AS a capital selection of purest kinds of Fruit and Ornamental T R E E S, Shrubs, Roses, I'monics, Double Dahlias, &c. of most splendid kinds, .Moms Multicaulis, or true CHINESE MULBERRIES, tho food for silk worms, by wholcsalo and retail. Orders addressed by mail, post paid, will bo executed promptly. Trees packed iu faithful order, for distant places, by land sea. Cnlaloifiies gratis, 115M. TO liOmCIMNlDERS. A Journeyman book binder may hear of u situation and constant employment v ap p I yini' ul this nllige. Jan. 20, 1030. rtlllK Subscriber, having purchased the JL Ktilire Stock of Goods belonging to lata firm nf II w.i, & Si kahnu, will con lintm the Business ill all its branches, at the former Ktnrn, whero ho Solicits tho, I'alronago of former Customers, and Pur chasers Generally, l'leaso call and exam iue. I'eteu II all. Church. SI Jan. fi, 1030 INDIA HUB 11 Ell Al'ltONS-Ladieu' and Children sizes; and India Rubber Cloth Ovor Shoes. Just received by LEMUEL CURTIS, Burlington Jan, 'il, 1030. Mulberry Seed. flj'A few pounds of tho ecntiinn While Mulboiry Heed, warranted to be last year's grnwlh, for sale at this office. MEDICAL COLLEGE or the UNIVHIISITY OP VI2IUIONT TUB Leclureis In Medical Student i" this iiistilution will begin nn the tllh day of March, 1838. anil couliiiui! fourteen weeks. Lectures on Natural Philosophv and Chemistry will hi; civeii by l'rof. G W. Mcnkdici i on lieiieral nnu bpcciai Anatninv. on PIivsihIol'V. on I'lithologieal Anatomy utul on Surgery, by I'rul. i. t' ; en 1 heorvand I'ranlicenl ftleui eine, on Malcrta .Medico anil l'liarmacy and on Obstctricks, by l'rof. Josuni Marsh, Pecs for all Ihe courpo of Lectures $50 ; charge lor contingent expenses 82 s grndu alion fee iil5. G. W. HKNKDICT. Dean nf Ihe Medical Faculty. toVThc North S'ni. Montpelter Watch inan.lMalnne 1'alladium, Montreal Gazette Franklin Journal, Rutland Herald, lien nmeton Gazette, and Brnttlcboro I'liocnix will cive the above four insertions and send bills to G. W. Benedict. JYcic Firm. rilHK subscribers having formed a co JL partnership in business in the name and si lie nl 1ATHHOP 8t POTWIN, and huviug purchased the entire slock ul goods of II. W. Potwin & Co., will con Untie tho mercantile; business at the old stand recently occupied by them in all its various branches. Having made orrangemontB to receive supplies of goods at all limes of the season coro ullv seiectected by one ol the firm they intend that their store shall at all times be stocked with the choicest eclcc lions of rich, fashionable,yinci and staple Dur (joods tho market ntiords. They have a full andcomplete assortment of family Groceries, such as Imperial, Old and Ynuns Hyson, Hyson akin, l'ouchong Souchong and ISohea Ti:as; loaf, jump and brown bUGEn; Popper, bpice, Ginger. Cloves, Mace, Nutmegs, Saheralus, Cur rents, Prunes, Citrons, Box and Keg Rat sins, &c. They have also in connection one of the first Drugg & Medical establishments iu this part of the country, to whtch'dcpart ment tho most particular ntlcution will al all times be given. Phisicians may al all times be supplied with any article in the above line on the most reasonable terms. GlDBON LATIIROP, II. W. POTWIN. Burlington, Jan. 15, 1830. STATE OF VERMONT ) Dipt 'iot of Chittenden ss. The llmorqble the Probate Court within and ftr the District nf Chittenden. rriO the creditors and others concerned JL intho estate of Nathan Allen late ol Wilhs'On in said District, deceased. Wh)rcasthe Administrator do bonis non of sail, deceased, has made application to this t'tuti, to extend the lime limited for makttit payment of the debts of said de ceased, twolve months from this date, and the G diy of February next, being assign ed for 1 hearing in the premises, at ihr Ofiico C the Register of litis Court, and it havm, boon ordered that notice thereof be givei, by publishing this decree three weeks iiccessively in llie Free Press a news pticr printed at Burlington, before the timefixed fir hearing. Therc'oro, you are hereby notified, to appear b.foro said Court, at the time and place aftrcsaid. then and there, lo make objccliot if any you have, to tho said lime of paymr.t being further extended as a foresaid, Givenunder my hand at Williston this 10th doyof January A. D 1836. GEO. B. MANSER. Iirgi''r. For Sale. THE Place known by the name of the Eldridgc Place. It contains forty acres of good valuable laud, has on it a large two btor) House, two good barns, n cow house, a torn house, and other nut houses both Decenary and convenient. This place is well cabulalcd for a tavern stand, situ ted on the iiiuin road from Burlington to Williston ind about two miles from the Colleen. The locality and situation of tho place, render it a desirable stand for any one who may wish to purchase. The terms shall be made known bv callitiL' on thesnb-cribor, WILLIAM WHITE. Burlington, Jan. Olh. '36. GEO. N. SP 13 ARS TENDERS his compliments to his old customers and the public and respect, fully informs them that he shall return to Burlington about the middle of March, when he wl1 1'-' happy to attend to any orders in tins line. JVtto York Jan. 1030. Stray Cow. STRAYEP from tho pubscribcr, or. Monday last, a small dark red two year old COW, with small, handsome horns. She ;ave a small quantity of milk when she went nwuy. Any informal ion concerning Iipi, will be thankfully received, and rsasouablj paid for. TIIADDEUS TUTTLE. Burlington Jan. 20. 103G. GROUND PLASTER. Md Tom, which will be sold as low Jfc" pacsed in Sound Barrels, as can be purchased of our neighbors in bulk, no charge lor Casks. Jul). 7. HlCKQK &CATMV. TO LET THE roonis,iver our Storo formerly oc cupied by J. Mieck E-q. Dec 25. LYMAN & COLE. ALES of tho I'KHIiAGE nod Ihe PEJlSJlJVllir. Edited by Lady aDcre. 2 vnlumel. For sale by Sept 25 Smith & IIarumaomn. CJ CREWS. BUTTS- LOCKS Door P Handles, in great variety nnd largo -.,-.!:-- . V. I iiuuiiuiii's, iur Egto inw, wiiim'fetnu unit retail. WOOD $ ABBOTT. 10,000 Whltu Oak Slaves. Apply to, 1Iici;ok &. Jan. 7. CLOVER SESD. 3000 lbs Clover Seed for sale tiy Jan. 7. lliCKoic uatmn. TTX jf o r a: or 3 Single Sleighs, by Mouse & Lown 'ainlors of Sleighs. &c. C. St, Jan Cash! Cash! T.T7K wish yoiii ifyon own us, to call & T T sellb immediately. We wont juo ucy and must have il. 1'A.GI10IIN CV UIU.NSMAID. January. 7. .4 TKINSON'S DEPILITORY for re V tnovitiff hair from the face, neck and arms of Ladies, without injury lo the tkin Atkinson's Curlinrr Fluid, which will keel the hair in curl whilst dancing or in damp weather. Imperial Dye for changing halt to brown or black. Oils and other prcpe rations, to make tho hair grow on bald heads: to produce eye brows and whiskers. Milk of Roses for removing frccklois and lun, and to prevent Ihe face from being roogh. For sole at tho Variety bliop, by pANGnnnN & Bhi.ns.maii). Bank Stock For S.ile. TWENTY SHARES of the Capitol Stock of the Bink of Burlinzton, be longing lo the estate of the late Nathaniel Newel, will be Eold at public auction, at Howard's Hotel, on Monday the 4th day ol January next, at 2 o'clock P. M. EZRA MEECI1, Administrator, Shnlbnrne. Dec. 19ih 1035. Window Glass. Boxes Glass, 3 qualities to wit: W&vr 1st Lake Uunmoro 2nd Salisbury 3d Argqle. Various sizes, manufactured al Salisbury Vt. just received by T.F. Si W. L. STRONG. Burlington Deo. lGlh 1035. TOBACCO & SNUFF. T ORILLARD'S Macaboyand Scolch JLifenult. do Chewing and btnoking To bacco al Factory Prices. T. F. &. W. L. STRONG. Iron, Nails, Steel. QA TONS, manufactured Iron con 'fciil inr. tC n pnmnlnln nacnrtmpt.t nl Round and Square, Band and Hoop, Shoe Shapes, &c. 20 Tons Foreign Iron, tucli as English tire, all sizes, Swcedes, Russia. Old and New Sable, Russia nail Ruds, Braquins Ruds. 500 Setts waggon, cart, carriage & coacli Boxes. Hollow ware, of every dc scriptioti. 10,000 Pounds Getman, Spring Swccds. Last anu linglisli blistered Dteel, 50 Tons Cut Nails assorted from 3 to 60. Potash and Cauldron Kcllele?, Cast Iron Ploughs, Brass Keltlcs &c. Sic. which make a complete assortment of Ironmongery and which will be sold on as favorable terms as can be obtained a', any cslab hshuicpl in the State. Dec. 10. 1035. 'I'. F. SzW. L. STRONG FIIESII GOODS. rxALL Sz STEARNS, havo iusl icturnod JL'J from New York with a Fresh supply of Winter Uoods, winch thoy will tell low lor cash, as they wore recently purchased al re duced prices. Wo invite purchasers lo call end examine our extensive assortment of Fashionable, Dry Goods; consisting in pari of French Marcnos, plain and figured Cir- caiatis, llotubazetls, n largo assortment of Dark I nuts; plain figured, and plain bilks of all colors and qualities, plain and figured bal. ins, French Botnbazino, buck Beaver, & red Gloves, Ladies lined Gloves, niarcno and cot. lun Hosiery, black and red Marcito .Shawls, chally and imitation Shawls and Haudker chiefs, taffeta Satin, Lutestring and Gangc Ribbons, silk Velvets, botnbazino and satin Slocks. An assoitmcnt of Cloths Cassimcrs and Vesting, G, 08, 1.4 linen Diapers 4 1.4 Irish Linens, eoloored Cambrics. Lace and Logins Ladies down sleeves, cotton Wadding, M'icking etc. Church si. Dee. 21. 1035. Lint Seed Oil, For sale by T. F&. W. L. STRONG. D.:c. 10, 1035. Crroccries. GO Chests, Ilvsiin, Hyson Skin, Young Hyson and Souchong Teas. Sugars, Spices, Tobacco, Rice, Molasses, Liquors, Wines, Herrings Raisins, Starch, Indigo, Sal-roralus, Ginger, dried. Currants, Ahuouda, Filberts, Brazill nuts. etc. etc, For sale cheap, hy T. F. & W. L. STOXG. Dec. 10, 1035. NOTICE rflIIE Lessees and doblors'of tho town of -L Burlington will lake nolico that thoir rents and interest will become due on first day of January next. Punctual payment is expec- leu without lurincr nolicr, NATHAN It. HASWELL, Burlington, Dec. 17, 1835. Treasurer. Wanted. A LAD of about lOycars of age, who has been iu a stoic sufficiently to bo already well acquainted with business may find a situ ation advantageously calculated fur ronudo. ling his mercantile education, by applying to o. 1.. HOWARD. Burlington. Dec. 17, lfl3. Lvinnn &. Cole Ha 1 avo now a lew doz, of cxlra sea Ol. tor, Seal and imitation Fur Caps; Si also mens hair Seal Cups, large sizes, Asmall quantity of 6prucu Shingles. Burlington Dec 25. 1035 4 N elegant assortment of Diamond, Jet, XX. Pearl, Topaz, Emerald, Amethyst, Cornelian, Gold slid other linn PINS, IlllO.ICIIES anil f.VOS, ju.-t received at the variety mmp. I'Artouon.x & BniivsuAti). DISSOLUTION. npIIL Copartnership heretofore exiting JL between thcHttbscribcrs under llie firm) or II. W. Potttin &, Co. is this day dis solved by mutual agreement. 11. W. rUTWIW. Jan. 7. '30. J. S. POTWIN. N. B. All notes and accounts due thd late linn will bu adjusted al the old stand where the subscribers have commenced bu siness under the firm of LATimoi'&Poi wiwi GIDEON LATIIROP I L W . POTWIN. JUST received, bv stage, some Watches', and very extra plated Spoons; also, silk Boot Lacings, and steel shoo Ornaments, All who wish for a good arllelo of plated Hwons, can bo accommodated at the Variety Shop, by Panodoiin Si Brinshaid. NOTICE. Tin HE Filbsciibcr having closed his mcrcan JL ti to business, requests all porsonsin dehli'd lo him on booV to sotllo by tho first of Januaryi and all whoso notes aro now duo lo pay them immediately. Those who neglect ihis call will find Iheir Holes and accounts with an attorney for collection. Doc. 15. 10.35. L. LOOMIS. NE Cose now patterned fur lined Shoes 1 ' Rob Roy Shawls. Just re-" ccived by II. W. POTWIN & CO- Dec. 11. 11135. OIL. LAMP Oil ol a good quality for sale at HOWARDS. Dec. 10. 1035. Worsted blond Lace. A Large quantity just received at HOWARDS. Dec. 10, 1835. Tons of white western Js s ground and in bulk. Plaster, 30 Pons of Novascntia For sale cheap lor cash, bv do in Bulk. FOLLETT & BRADLEYS, Dec. 0, 1035. Farmers can supply themselves by find nig their own casks, which will be a saving nf J$- per Inn. December 11, 1835. RECEIVED a new supply of Fancy Goods, such as, Embroidered Thibet, Cashmere and chally Shawls; Splendid Figured Bonnet'. Sattins; Brown and Ma roon cold French Merinos; Merino Shawls; Salisbury Flannels; India Rubber Aprons; Merino Trimmings; Bonnett and Cop Rib bons, by LEMUEL CURTIS. jtWfigiort, UT 1 1 E R "LO O M IS has just" received and offers for sale at his store in Essex, i large assortment ofG O O DS. Those wishing lo purchase may save both time and money by giving him a call, as tho goods will bo sold uncommonly Cheap. November 4. 1035. Champlain Transportation Co. The stockholders of the Champlain Trans portation Company aro hereby notified, that llio annual meeting for tho purpose of chops, ing Diieclois fur tho ensuing year, will bo huldcn at tho Hotel of John Howard in Bur lington, on Thursday tho 7ih January A. D. 1030, at ono o'clock I'. M. By order of llio Directors, P. DOOLITTLE, Clerk, Burlington 21st Dec. 1035. rpHE LAST DAYS' OF POMPElt A. By ihe ntilhor of Pelham, Eugcno Aram, England and llie English, &c. For saleliy S.mitii &. HAnmisGTON. CORN BROOMS, just left fur sale ul HOWARD S. '35. Nov. 17, rip HE highest price fu Cash will be paid JL for Sheep's Pelts, by W. R. VILAS. Pearl st., Burlington, Hetil. II. 1035. f Important Information ! TO rEHSO.NS AfFLICTED WITH TllE rotLOWI.VO COJin.AINTS. SCROFULA, S C V R V F. Y, Festering Eiuplions, Pimpled Faces Sore Eyes Sore Legs, Scald Heads Ulcers Venereal Tain!. Leprosy Salt Rheum St, Anthony 'k Fire. Fev. Sores.cven when the bones aro afiVcled Wliilc Swellings Violent Eruptions af ter meazles. when mere, has failed and all disoiders arising from an impure stato of the liluod and Humors ate assured that lilt. HKLFE'S SCTAITZO'AL DROPS! continue unrivalled for Ihe Prevention, Relief anu cuio oi inese complaints. Jn proof of which reau the loiiuwin' : ILr Jiunarkable cure nf a case of 12 vean standing. Extract ofa Idler. Sir Mlv In which befuro did not look hko a human limbi is now entirely healed up, (after resisting every other application for 12 years!) Pro" vious to laKing your Hello h fiolanic&l Orons. w I....1 II I p f 1 1 i iiuu ivun up un nupu ui ruuei. Another Cuse. An agent writes "Them is a person taking the Botanical Drops, evi denliy with tho greatest advantage." He dc. dales, to uso his own words, Jt is doin" wonders fur him," and, us it were, 'snatching him from tho giavc,' Numerous instances have occurred uhcro persons wo-o pining away a miserable exist ence, nothing they could procuro affording t lie in a permanent relief, until (hey had made use of tho above invaluable Medicine Thoy aro also the best spring and autumnal physic. Price $l,or G bottles for five dollars. llUMFKIts' r.KJIKDV FOR It? One of the niosl thorough remedies known for this troublesotuo complaiiil. 11 has mora perfectly answered Ihe purpose fur which it is intended than any oilier now in common aso, and affords immediate and ptrmunent re, lief, both from llio disorder ilcclf, and its accompanying symtoius of pain in the loini vertigo, hcadachjoss of aipctile,indigeslion, and other marks of debility, D"Pricc$l for bolh articles Ointment Si Elcclury or 50 cents when but ono only Is wanted, For Comforters. JUST Received at Howards 15001b. Good .5- Common Cotton Batting, Eec 17th. 035. TTXlogaut Oiler Caps, Seal tkin Capj. at lithu Varied- sin. p. i'i.vajw!.Ytt miKvs.v.iia DlC. Si. I ('34. f

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