Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, February 26, 1836, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated February 26, 1836 Page 3
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iii devote number lny I" its cnnsiilernliiin. No qiioHUiu has been taken. It will again lie called up to morrow, nnl I niiw hope will pass the cnmniiite ol the whole. February lit. In llic Senate, l liis morning. Mr llenlnu's resolution ngnln came up fur considera! inn. Mr Rnli'iin. ot' lllinili! 1 1-1 ;i 1 1 rl , undo n most chaste nnil n r 7 'i n 1 1-1 1 1 j 1 1 v. rjmi-cli ngatu-l it. in i r e o r i jj i n 'i 1 form. After n few bnof re in r r I; by sevornl member-. I In.' piepuMlinn (il Mr HuiiiiiM wiw mi iiineiulud, ns In i:ail, "Mat tn mmk nf Ihe revenue ion nccivt ry" ought In l" iip'fritpri.'itoil tut ho d-lcnco oftlio country, rrevtous id ra Kititr "i" question nn llir- resolution, ns tun- nded different Senators ru.-o rn their place- mid elated distinctly, tlio grounds tip.iu winch llioy should vote for it. They did inn in tend to commit lliem-elvos in any manner i ns to their (mure votes. When a bill up pYopriatincr muuey fur the defence, of the country cume before ilicin, they i-linii'd judge of its m-ces-ity or oxpedi-ucy mid vote accordingly Tim appearing m lie the general understanding, tin' quo-linn on the resolution, ns. amended, wn- lakcn by yen? and nays, and cariiod unaiiinumily. In the llnu-c I' It"!'"' isil iv. -!. the bill Tor the relief of the Miff rcrs liy tire in ihe city '( N York was ng.nn taken up in Cuminl'tiec of the Wlinle. Dill'menl n-tnr-iiduion's were eU'ered a ml rijoe'ed. It nift with a strung Miif until, bul generally free nl n-pcrlty or unkind fioling. There arc exceptions' In lint remark, hnwevor, in the curly singer o! lh" di i-iis-wii! and there nretho-ewlii'vannieilrind li ui-icd Hint they, by the powers nf I hi ir plnxoeiie". had 'kill nl Ike dill, mid Hint it mill J ncecr nain be broaxhl up fin' itibtfta." At n late hour Ibis nfiernnop, it passed in Cntil-.itil'fo of til" whole, r.lit! wa- rcpniled In tin! II m-e. The Hmts- Willi g-oat lib eralny made il the older of Hi-' day lor In morrow, no1 Aiih.-lauding Friday- are m-i apart liir tile out-idi-rat Inn of private bust tiers, I llnw hnpe U Will 1).' ordered In he. ongriXi-pd tn morrow Inr :i Hnrd reading, mid It It- pn-fible. bill perhaps H I- i x;ee t ui 15 too mo cti. ilul it may receive t he 1 mo of lie- UmirC. nn iN ihl.'d ami final reading, b- I ire thev iidj .urn. Ap Ilea" i oi h.i- ll I'll mule to tie' Legis lature ol Mm--. Inr llie iiieorporat inn of a Ten million limit:. Aimoiolhe i nfor in ution coil! ain-'d m I In- pot it ton, wis nateiii'-nt thitthe I.nather M innl'ic oMoir interest of Al.lSrJbUlliiclta was i q ui In !lia! ol'all lh'."C'itloJi jirnwn in S-uitli Caroi'im. Sitrn- Ttiv'.l ii:h-on Courier am! I) iyle. town Hnire---. A'.in lluren p iper-. late ul' D"Vl-tiiw ii. liork-coonl j . lone liemi ji'ndrt! Tin1 Mu itjriimery D inecr.i'. of ,V irrMuwn, Mno'enne-i V I'-oto'V. a mi! Ii r Van "Roren p.tpi r. i- .il-.i ali nr lo .vu u'i tlienl.i-t, i. Stale Jnuinill, lllll nr'ao i t Mtilile. ti r V.i il Inn ri-in-m. ill H ints lioreh. Ii.i- i-u- n r.-lnje in tin- arm- n!" Hie Jii'pi'ler, Tlie !.-th'tliln :l Il r Mo'di-ehi-re;!! Vno Unroll priul, wa- i!n (.nntioio t - 'iio- tune r-ince. A nen I irristm and (!ritnrr p iper ha- r. ci u 'v ti- en ni no at Ijib in'tn, under Cite ti it- ol' Ij ili.imoi ('oorier. Cr.iiHi. The l'-ll-iijr.s nl T.-ui l' c ietifated fheir aiinivertiiry in N--w Y-irk a- o-iii1. mid drank llieir en-iinnjry tn.n-is. Auione lliem wp ii.i' ice Ihe rollmvoe.': liy William llm n Wic li lis The llUell II- "I Mlll '-'lll'lll MM. I f.HI II IPI-ni inav tlie hiitnnn f.nnily In-pmne em incin it d from H-- lull lonce, and our e nirls nl'ju-. tice roe ivo it no lunger s a t.--i nt lrmh. Wo predict that the tnn-i will enme. when Mr lJrowu would tv..- the world i he had H, eonld he Tccal this impimia aenti inenl aml--bUit. il out forever." The delnle in Senntp nil I he 3 I in-t. on erpuiiging Uesiiliiliims exhibited "Hie irly" in a iii-i-l rulieol'itis attitiide. S-vpral member- avowed tli -inselvs in 1'ivir nl the theory, bul nain-l Ihe prtvl.'nil apphcai noi Hie dnct'ine-ul lo-t riiei loo. Olherf v iled (or the ile-nlulion with the uvownl 'hm Hipy would bn ;nverned by them if ever lironeht to b.-ar nil iil IliPinselvi'-; while all It v their miiiiier. evdeuc- .-hiuif.' ami umrti ficatinr. at He' pUiJ'ul paita Ihey Here play iiig. Alb. J'Uir. The buililtu new occupied by the Uni ted S'aies Uranch Dank in New York was fold l'nr ii:D.000, and purchased by ihe merchant.- with a view i f its bein ufi-.r,,, I , tu the jiiveriiineiil for .-. post afllcu The Charli'.-tuii vnluntecrs now doin-r duly ot Si. AtiL'UK'iue, njein inclined lo make the tune pa-s as pleas intly as possi ble, mid not having a yol had an import u 1 1 1 1 v i i kill liiiluiiis. ihey uoiitrivi! all nossi- blu wnysto kill can.'. Amon; other tln.ios ' thev have eslabhshed a newrpaper, II led Willi jukes, punt ami wiIicimus without number, and which Ihey call the "Vohui teers' Gazette." "Jlpptliltbui icd nun vie' lit piriitm'' H the untln ihey havo chosen fur llieir paper, and wo learn from the Charleston Courier, lhat a recent number of it eonlamed iiiuono mher matter-', the iilinoiincemeiil that a debaiine; chili had been 'st nlili-lii-d in the yarn-on, wherein uad lately been disCu-M'd, the lolloAni-r very puzzling' i;ue.-tioii:-.''Is it constiiutiun ul to eumpcl a man to volunteer?" A r'..vrni.i:i) to Voti:. The sub joined is union.'; the many curious incidents lo which the film"; up the vnii- papers, nt the Cnrioraiion I'JIeclions. env" rise The list ol resident liou-ehohlers, at Windsor, entitled to vote coilluiued the totlowinir; Kami;. Ri;-iih:,nci:. I'n h-ksmo' William the? Windsor ) Km t. Ilritian ruurth. ( Cuslle. and Ireluinl. The Cuiiviited Iiucnditirics. Wpdnp-dny thu lClh of March, is ns-iniied by Ihe (3nv ernur of Mast, fur the tweeulinn of Simeon L. Crmlall and Stephen Jlu.sel.i, I'nlli Cunsidiriihle Cuid'. The editor nf the Newcastle Gazelle relates a story about n couple of tjeiitl m in that iieinli- borhoud, who had a li.o kindled in their hlecpiin'-room. n few evein.i-;s siiicp. nnd kept u"luriiiii!l nil iul.' i on nwnknio in the niorniiijfi thev d-fcvcrcd haiiiiio nom each end ol the hir bark lnr "large iiiitet uxoruien inches in ft?M!" The editor of lliu Gazette cays he ainl afraid lo put tUfai:l nyainst any tiling this side of let: land. The I'eure llslablhlimnil. It win men tinned, III the Onlir.-o n!' I). di lie ill the 1 1 nil -e nf Reprosoll'al ivps ypsliinliy. thai, the (J.iinniil ice on N ival AlTitrs, I'mui wlmm e.M r n or ill nary a ppr nor In timet had liei'li netted Inr that service tn the aiiiniiul nf upwards nf iv minimi.-, had ngrc"d lo report lhru.' milli'ilH of dollars for that obj"i'l. .Vii. Int. laver sei:'.il The Sin Nieliota', n v el ieigiiei the -lave trinl. lilting onl 111 New York, hut been m'IZ'mI liy ihe proper nut Imril ips. It was in proof 1 1 1 :i on II fnrmel VUIHI'O I II M Vi'tud Imd ,i0() hlllVft on hoard, who wore fed by throwing lice lulu the hold. IIKAVHN. Heaven according to the oil repeated ex prc.--ilou of nor S iviour, it -wit Inn' u--. fl I' a otiallty of the r oi 1 1 , mmiioiIiiii that we bear iibonl with iiii not an mil ward "nod, but an inward pence mill J y- It it dismo silinn. tlio character of Hie un'ec'ions mid lialiitt, which const it n i e i! nut chattel! of1 jdn( clinoyi! of external condition. ! I lio mctd. hi i9 nun itl.ici', an I in, Cm ni.iku a luMien nflidl. ,i lu-ll i.flii-.uoii.' Tin; "inlly. conscience .-Irielfen one m iy 1 inontli nl K'hruary ll!'.53, with uitere-t lor flv hi- houie", hts arqn.iiniance, hi-country ; 1 value received, and ilomatulin; in ilmnsgcs he inr-v liul'j hiuiselfin Hie linpetiet ralile ' I he i-ti n of I wn luindrei' dollart. as p-jr writ .-olilude-. but Ins foe still purpiies htm, con-: ami declarat ton nu file will appear. At science slill wields Ins iron t-cnnrire. He I which time, canio the I'lainifi'by his atlor mav llee away, hut not from himself'; nor . ney riederick Hazen mid It. Appealing lo from his own mind and lliniiirhi!--, and thev 1 are noil. It is not otilward torture, tin! material li.'et which mal;i il. It cuiumen cos mil Willi the future life; it b'L'im wnh the first immiPiits ol cnn-ciout inli. TIipip it a hell ofpriih1. mid envy, and worhllincss. Mvery t m-l u ruijj recollection, every au'Mii'-lioil thotiirhl, the apprelioii-inn Hip tear, I lie i-hame. t hat appal and rend l he heart of Ihe tumor, arc so much ol" hell uiiilerijonp now, I And mi nf heaven. Il Cnmnieuce8 with I our littlest fir lit joys; commences with 1 Mho hr-t virtuous t'fplme and act ot I he j I soul. Wo enjoy so much nf it a- we poa-, I se-s l rue ondni;--' on i an h. It is not any , tiling Inreti'ti In tin: mind t I ; It It a ! character nr comlilion of the soul, which can-, d it l.i h al pence Willi find, and lilt il for tin; pore L'r.H ifieat ion nf a moral and fpiriiti.ll life It is, to u-e a noaint but ex p.-ei-ive piiiai-oloy. "th life ol God in ' tlipfiul;" ; i-the breatluu of tlie Imly ' alieotiii" ; a -pint moulded into a reseinb- i I, inc- f G mi lit v. and d. a id nulled Willi Inm m lin ear and loiv till- s lle-iv-n. i) i i), I In .I.'l ii'lm, nn l!l- 18dl in.'!. .Mr. J KDB PIAII i (! III m , ni-.l 111 e.ns. I Iii I. mi Inn, Hplir.oin (yli.unhei I'm , ar-d (iG C.trs, ' In Ciin'iini iii, OIhii, (icii 1, .. ml Khi.'i nn ..I.!., ..I ...A ,ii. i .1... I :.. ' il... Oi iii'iii 1 1 1 1 I. u. In, flui-ii Kin-;, sun of pjilicu I'm. I it, .i-ji'd tluee in. nulls. N(JV fScllUol Book. E"UJn Nurih American Spelling Hunk. ..'J. 1 fnniied In Wnrce.-ter', D'c'loiiary Willi 11 p ni!r.-.-iy.. -pries ul' easy re.Miii" li -. t.v L. W. Lnerorv 'mil S.-i -I l'le tn D i-ty I, .i-.onau!). Author of the in iii: Cla-s liool; and I ne 1. 1 !nun t are a lew nl the ininy re i: iiiiiii"iuI.i' i hi--if the work, winch have h I r. veil- I-'iniii ilm II. mi .1, I'.n ki-r, ,Iii.I,'i. nf llie .Stiperinr Conn nl New ll.uup-liie. I have ex no iieii lie! Nmlh Ani-'riPau So-dim,' h eik. by R.-V. I. W. L-minrd. ami commend it In ,i favirahl" nnlice nt' p.ireuls and in-t meters. The arranee inenl of t he Ip on-- will, in my npiuinn, make the pn.-'res- nf iln; pupil umeh ninrp ea-y, nnd mo. I render ill" ivmk a v iliiibli; iieipii.-itiuu. J. I'ARKKR. Kueue, Nov. i'2. 1 13 j. 1111111 Ih-v. I'. Mime, The North Aiuorii-au Sp-iin; 1! ink 1 coii-lder Miperinr lo any Unit-.' nf the kind, Willi whicn I have been acquainted. I "heerfully recuiiini.'tul it in parents ami teacher-, anil Miicorely hope il will he in troduced into every town ii nil lien everv neliool district, for Hie u-e of children. I'liutl t tic ".Mnililni-." Tli i-s book ihU'-r.- from those with which j we a re ar qiiaiuteil in two pj rl ii-ii'ii's; il, eonl'oriniiy lo Worcsier'.- Diriionary. a i work winch i- alre.idv exteu-iyely kumvii mid adopted and winch will, wo think, mmui ! beconm I he fi-AM) p,ii work in aspect lo1 . orihoornphy and prouuncimiou. i li furn.i-fe oilier works of the kind with i which we ar" acquainted in lh ,.., i I'm., i I' ttif.r.l ... ll... judicious :lu-ilicatinu ol words in the suellin col minis, lo this respect the book is as well Milled lo carry the pupil lorw.ud b e,nsv and alumni imperceptible fti.'in from tn'e minplesl to the inure more ditli'Mlt word-, in is Collinrn's Ariihun.'lie in do the like m Hip soiiiilun nf inilheiu itiral questions. UJ ftchool uommiltce.t anil t eachers, a ro ... i . .. ,i ' leepi.-uiiouy inviieu in can um. uAuiuine ine ivnrK. Tor sale by Smith & II.tnniNRTiiN. Umbrellas, Canes and Riding Whips. BLACK, Jitue, Green, ami other cul.'orpd ill; and Cnlloii Umbrellas; IJI.ick walk ing Chips, Hword Canes; Ivoiy and (olden hearJi'd Ciiik-s, small walking hticks; ltidinj; Whips, fce at the Vnrii-ly Shop. I'amiuoiin iC IlniN-i.vuin. Ladies' I 1 TI I . JIKIKI IVUDDOr AprOIIS.! . ' 'rfU.ST received fruiii thu Roxburv Ind Cy Rubber Co- n fresh Mipiily of thu aiinve I article, coiupri-me soiih'oI' the best patterns ' w I. s a. I hdia Rnhber OFF.It-SHOKS. ladie-'l am! eiillemen's sixs wattr proof und Ui very -uperior an icle. I Meichaul'ri will he supplied wilh Ihel abnve articles at fair priee., nnd on libe'iil lerius. Iiurliwston r.KMin:i. cujiTis. Fid oil. HI30. L Y M A N 4- C O L E TTJT.W'W received 101) prs. India Robber OVi:il-SlIOi:.S. from Ilm lar.-esi in the sin illpfl si.en a very (!ciruble ui . tide nt this season of the year. ALSO A few tmslir'1" ol'lirrl quality of I HMD'S miASs sniu) Fed. ac, ituo. G OLD RINGS, wide and narrow, mai'i III L'ood flvle. at the Varlelv 6'nnp. I'.iUHoio &. l)itir.sM.un. STATU Ol1' VKIIMONT. Gin mi I km; District, S At a I'mbntn Cmirl Imlilui ill the Pnih lle Off! i r in A'oWi Heroin slid itilriit nn the U)lli idtij if February. .1 I). lilJO. I'lescnt the Hon. .loul Alien. .1 mlyo. Il it ordered hyuild Court that nntico bo ijwan to all iMiicerned, thai lie I'robalu Ollicu for liind ili-trtct will ho l;opl in liilnre nl Ihe dwelling house of Aipju-His KniL'hl in iN'nrlh Hem in -mil di-t riot , nnil t hut the Court will hold t lift r Mated sc. ions i the dwelling hnii-o of .led 1'. Ladd, tn Norlh Hero no the third Monday in every mouth hereafter, Iruin 9 o'clocli in the forenoon In.) im.I'h:I; hi Ihe nllernoan. 15 v order of CmiM, AUGUSI'WS KNIGHT. GRAND lt?U-: COUN TY COURI1, September Term, ln'.j. Cncv in ) yiiF.tu:.s (Jliancy vh. ' I la-, in of North Jn-r.i'ii llu rciii.N.t. S Hero in the County of Grand I-ln, at the September term of i tin.- Court A. I). commence l lilt tic ' lion uu'iin-t .ln-eph Htl'cliliis of North He M III 1 1 rand 1- u Uniinlv. tint now (il the Ktnle of Ohio, in an nelmo on note (la led tlie I2ili day nf l'.ibru.iry ir.:il, for the .sum ot ninety live dollar payable. I" i-aid (yimri Unit the D-'leml.iiii was out ol tin- atale at I hi; I imp ol I lie commencement of lint net inn mid had mil been nottlied nf the pend-'ney of this Hill, and find cause was by order of court, continued tothe next May term of this court, A. 13. Il!35. at , whtclitime an order was made that i-atd can-e be pnnliiitied lo tin! ne.i Sepieinlier term. A. I) 1 1135, mid that notice he riven of I he i-aid Min by piibli-lnn the .-ub-tnnce of the l'laiuttlT't dechiration. three weeks Micces-ively in the Hit rlirip-tiin Tipe I'rep8, printed at liurlineton the laM of which i-hiill be lour weeks bolore tie; r-.nd hepteinber term, lf!3j, al which tune further order was made the taid rule of I bis Court ho eiihirired and the eall-e c.mltnueil to the net lerm ul tins conn, April term, A. D I IM ifi niul ..irl ttnlel.iti 14 li.. rhu in. ' ' " " ' -J I tified to aniienr at the term aforesaid lo be holder at Norlh Hern within nnd Inr the County of G rand I-le on ihe lonrih Tups day of April, A. D. 1U3C, and defend etiii! .-nil I ho.-cehl. (iiven iindpr my hand at Nurjli the Cotinj v of Grand Isle this 20 li ol l-Yb ruary, A 1) 1030. JOKIi AM.RN. Chrl- 3$ U 11 li r N (J T O , V li ill X 1, K JS M I N A It Y. '"iHI! Snriu-r and Suunner Term of Ihi' - 1'itiiiii'ifiii euiiiuiences .March :lil am i con:i weeks, Il i-- niip-n-tant as lar a-- pr.ict nnblp. Hi 1 1 pupils ohniihl Piper al 'tin' on - it 1 1 1 u ot lh- iniin. Tuenly five ! youn-r ludi 's can le: accouimoil-iu-il with board iii the fjtnily attaehed to the rieiinnu- ' rv under thu cue ul Miss Green. -'rln. ''lull. Pmr 'imrion I-Vh. 17. IK3I5. 'rtjl!Il'" siilnciber w;shin lo chanjro Ii i - occupation and residence, ami lecliti).' unwilling tu leave his friends ami the j werlthy town of yiielborn destitute of , a Physician, tillers his House with con ! venient mil buildms mid a garden, on very rpa-onuhle terms to any 1'iivsician who.-e ! qua Illicit inns morit the patronufre of an eu- hr.'h'ened chri-tiiin c.iiiiniuuily, Fur further I Hilnrinat inn, ennuire of .Ioi:i, KunciiiM) Ja. Shclbitrn l"t. hb, II, Ili-iO. Colchustor Alnnufacturing Company. f"nill'" Hook fir-i oppii'd by Hip Commit lee for Mi'd C'linnuiiy will he kep: upon 1 i"r siiii-enplliius at (siiluev li irlnw .- rnurp ' l!iirliiii;''in tint il the "01 li day nf Maich I next. SMU!-:i- IlICKOK. ) ! SION K. HOWARD. V (;, SIDNKY I1ARI.OW. ) Hiirlim-ion l-'eb. 1.5. Ilt.10. rsfj f. 'f'Tf.'rit "-t- w Si " have ii lion hit ul ind Hiu-'hes of ail kinds mid price, at the Variety 1' IMIHOIIV Si UlllN-MMI) SJSyVESl SPOON?. "frli are cnu-ianllv mukliio "ond Siver t i Sponu ami M'lliiii; I lii'iii at Ihe V i r I -I ".r. n nt it lilUN'.VAtll. i'iv Slmn Guy Boynton's Fstato. rrr-(Hl'' flnu. Hi" I'mbate Cmin Inr the JL District of Chiilendeii, Cmiips the siib-crlbers, Jeileduih ISityutou, ailiumisl ra tnr of the estate of Guy lloyutoii, latu ol iliiH'-liuroli, ill cea-ed, nnd represents that Hie per-iinal e-lilu uf said ilecea-ed will not be Millicient to pay the debts; he Iherelbrp and hereby makes iipplicalinn In said Court, for license lo tell said eMail- fur thu purpose. ji:i)i:i)iAti IJovnto?, , i'.- ST.m: OF VFMJlOXr, At a I'robaie District nJ Chittenden, is. S ourt hoi don at Wil'i-ion. in said Di-tnct. on Hie 10th day of Feb. A. I) "l"3ij, It is order ed Hill mi accuunt he taken of the debt and also the prucceds nf the pernuial e-tule nf i-aid decpased, and thai the heirs and all persons concerned in said estalp be iiuiilied lo appear le'l'nre said Cmin on the lirM Moudj" o' March next nl II Chitiendei.s Iliilel in Willi-ton, nlnre.-aul, lo i i v i.1 bond for I he navinetil of debls. and kIiow cau-e . . ' .... wll' licen-'i a- ntorei-aul sliall uol lutgrniil i .. . i .i . i i. . i i i. i ed, und lhat such unticu be given by publish l the ubuvu apiihcalinn three weeks sue rc-sively. ns Minn as may be in the Free Press a newspaper printed in IJurlinjrtoii, in fan! Di-lnct. Given under my hand, the day nnd year first above written. GKO 15 MANSKR, Heeler. ''H'"' subi-enber requeM'i- delited lo him on book ill persons in. li) sell lo wil li mit delav, and all wIiom iioips are now due to nay Hiem luiuipil aiply, Tuuso who m-i;-led this e ill w ill find I heir notes aiil ue cmiuts with an allo'iiey Inr pnllepi.iiu Wm I SKY.MOUR. lliirrmelnn F h. 1.1. 111:10 A BOH V 00 llu,hel's Jlenh Onus Srrd LM- ul n niperior q'uiliiy ami llie ruwlli ol ' 1!I33, jus' received mid i ir fiik- al j HOWARDS. STAVES rnillM iimlorMe-ned wishes lo cnnlriict JL fur 5000 While O.ik Slaves, far which a liberal iince will be u'lven. N. Ii. I'ersnnt liavnio unsettled acennnts with the subscriber are tuviled to call and adjust the Mime, mid nil tho-f! indebted u'o eii'ruesilv rt'ipteM'ed to make iinniediale pavmenr. C. KMVIIRANCK. "li.irlinrrtnn, I''"li fl. tn.Jl). TIIH fuhscribers at executors of iSJSMij THOMAS STORM, dec-ased. iiSiSlilaie of the CUV of New York, of fer fursiile tins l-'iirm tn Williston.Chlltpnilen county Vi. belli" part of the farm formerly nvvtied ami occnpu-d by Giles Chit tendon, U-i. derea-pil. and lately oci-tipied by his widow, CMil ;i I ni li nlmiil J 35 acres. On thu premises is a hire;e substantial two story lirick Dwellniir UniisO, two llarns. and two Orehaids. i'art of till' tract Is Wniidlaiid. wnh fonip chuire Timber, ini kinir it ., very llpsimblu farm. l'nr further inlnriinl ion apply to Win. A Gnswohl, JJ.q, It i !iirliii!ton, Vt. or lo either o the s ub-i,nb"r.s per mall. C. P. IUJNNOR. .'xceuior, C. J. MANNING. S 1"xccian ' -Vus York. Jnn'y 11. 1 1130. A. . If ilm above farm should remnin n 1 1 LI . tin- Mime will be leased on reason able lurni- fur one year from the 1st day of April n-'Xt. Application lo lie made tn "m. A. GIMSWOI.D Azmt Dining Table Castors. Wli hnve i he ino.-l superior assortment of Castors ever on hand; const-ling of silver plated IJritlama, Paper. Wood, and Rrass, with elegant cut Hollies, or plmn; some bountiful revolving Castors, some plated nnd snni'.- blark. We have them wilh 3,4, 5. 0, ur 7 Unities, square, round, und trinngoht; well worth an ox aminalion, nl the Variety Shop. Pennon & Itni-ssM un. l'or the cure of Cotds,Aslhmn, ll'taopiiig Cough, spilling of Blond and Consumptions. JCI'.LAXD MOSi'gto.ys plentifully in the . Island of Iceland, from whence it lakes Us name, and in all the high tiiiithrrn lati tudes nf Ruropo and Asia, where Us Medicinal qiialiiint have been long known, and highly appreciated- This plant contains a learger proportion of Feilndle tVurittige, than any other known substance, and in combination with it is a bittrr principle which acts most hcn. ficially in givmgslren!;lh in eases ofgreat wcakne-s and debility "I" the lungs, ''he knowledge of many of our mn-t vain utile med. leinrs, l'nr thu cure nf di-e.ises, have been ob tained from nli-urving their eii'eot on brute aniin.ils;-Mi in thu e.isu of this mn-t iuvaluablo Muss. Its virtues were lirfl discovered by tlnur cflucts on the h'irdy, lumflivcil and s.igacinus Rniu Deer, which derives lis prin. cipal niirMiuiciitfrnm thu heltml JIIuss. and tthos-caiiilk becomes so highly imbued with its IJiiIsiinnc virtues, that il N used will; the greatest conlidence at a sovereign remedy by tlio inhabitants of all lhou countries for thu euro ol all of tha breast arid lungs. In France, this compound has long lipen known, and extensively used ; and to its salutary ollects as much -j lu lliu fulubrity of ilm climate, is probably owing thu very rtnall number iff iilnt rn wifcni, sumption in that country. compared with liruat llritan and thu United s,.,,' n,i,; r. , i . i .stales. I Ins byrup eontaius all the mcdieiiia . - . viilues ol thu Mix.-, io the most concentrated form, and is prepared from iheoneiul leceipl irom raris, only hv. II. IlUTvjlllNGSci- CO. ISnllimnrc And none is genuine unless it has their fac simile upon each bill ol'direclion aUo upon the envclupu, rCT.itid mnlt-d with their seal. .1- & J. II. I'Lf'K Si I'.n., wholesiilu agents. Attention thu Whole! "OKNsSIOXLIlS on thu Hull of tbn Ver- JL muni Agency, either iin Invalids, Reyn- I iiiniiary.orundur tbn Acts nf 3ih May or 7 .luuu lii.ii, are notified that their l'eiisioos will liu paid al lliu lijtik of Ilurliiigtun , on lliu production of the proper voucher-, H.T KXGLKSI'.V. Piu:st. Hank of I'urliiigton. ) andl'cnsi' u Agen 1'eb. o. I!!3G, , Your Swinish: Toic. uq. iiia ii' ii v waineii iiumeinnieiy. bv A liliuri- U'.ii.ii , NATHAN l.AK'L ,AKL 1 Ciiitti:.mii:.n Uol-.ntv Counr: AKL. ) August Turin, I 'J3j. iilmax'l WIIKRP.AS, Nathan Lake, of Shelbiiru, in thu county of Chittenden, at the Maruh teiui of this c.uirl, A. 1). 11137. cum. ineiiciiil his action again-l llemau Lake, late nf Shi-Ilium aforesaid, for ninncy lent nnd ml. ritneed, laid out and expended, "c. demanding in damages ilm sum nl' three hundred dollars, which eaii-.ii having been entered upon the docket of said court, thu pi, initio" ippe ired liy his attorney, and thu defend. nit not having nntico of said suit, ami il appearing to said court that thu said llemau Lake was without their jurisdiction al tlio limu of sui'ig out the plainlilV's writ, said caui-o was by or der of court continued to lliu present time, when thu defendant not is furlhei ordered thai notice bu given In thu said lie man Lake, by publishing thu substance ul'lhu plauitilV's declaration three weeks f uccesi-ivuly lu Ilm 1'rr.o Press printed al liurlingtoii, the last uf uhieh shall lie at least thirty days be fine thu session of said court to bu hidden at liurlingtoii on the last Tuesday save one of .Match, A, D. lli:iG, which shall bu deemed stiincicnt notice, and that said cause be con. limied lo thu term in March aforesaid. Given under my hand al lluitiugloii, ibis ",7th day of January, A. D. 11130, NATHAN II. IIA.SWr.LL. Clrr OTRSSRY. WILLIAM KiSN RICK Of M-.WTC.N, Ni;ll II.ISTUN, AS a capital selection of purest kinds nf I-'niit and Ornamental T 11 L L S, nhriihs, Rn-us, I monies, Doublu Dahlias, ,tc iifmosl splendid kinds. Minus Mullieauhs or truu CIIIXESL MULHLRUIK.S. thu food for silk wiirms, by wliiili-.-ale and lelail. Orders addressed by mail, posl paid, will lie executed piumptly. Trees packed in faithful order, for dintaul places, by laud sea. ('Dialogues gratis, llfl.M, TO nOOKIilNDEHS. A V4 rtiryiiiuti bunk binder may hear nT tl '".rpy.iiatiun mid cntislniit employment by applying; at this oilier-, Jan. '21 IU3C. Mull)crry Seed. UA few pounds of the rnulnn Whilo Mullii'iry Seed, warraiiled lo bo last yuar's gtowlli, for sale al this MEDICAL COLLEGE up TIIK ir.VIVKKSITlT Ol'' vrumont rjjlllli Iiepliiri s to Medical Studeiil! in il. Hut in-titiiHun will begin on the 0 h day nl' March, 1030. and continue I'mirleeii weeks. Lectures on Natural Philn-npliy and tjheiiilslry will be civeli by Pruf. G Y. Itr.M'.ntci ; on Genernl and Special Anatomy, on Physiology, on Pnlholoirical Anatomy mid on Surgery, by Prof. ). F,. I'iiiimm"; on Theory and Practice of Meili cine, mi Malerti Medica and Phiirniacy. ami on Obslctricks, by Prof. Jusm-ii M .Ml-II- Foes for all the course of Lcciures i0; char-'i; for emit ingenl expenses urndu. atiun fee gl5. G. W. I!F,nV-I)1CT. Devi if the Mcdivnl Family. fiT-The North S'ai. Montpelier Watch man. Malniie Palladium, Montreal Gnzclte Franklin .loiirnal. Rutland Herald. Hen miigtoii Gnzetle, and llratllehuro Phoenix, will give lh" above lour itifcrtuuis ami -end bills to (5. W. Hk.nkdict. (JWew JFirm. rJT H H f nbscribers having formed a cn .!. partnership lu bii.-iue.-s in the name mid having purchased the entire slock ol goods of II. W. I'otwin & Co., will con tiiitie the mercantile bu-iiipss nt the old stand recently occupied by them in all its various branches. Having made nrrangPinentB In receive supplies of goods nl nil times of the senMin carelully sclcctccted by one of the lirm ihey iiit (Mill thai their Mure shall al all iitnrs be stocked wilh the choicest selection-' of rtcli, hishinnable. riiiri and staple Dnv Gonns I f ui market nfi'ords. They have a full and complete assortment efliioiily Groceries, such as Imperial, Old nnd Young lly-nn, IIvmui Skin. Poiichong. Soiiciioug ami liohea Tr.A-j loal. Iiimp-and lirown Sucnii-; Pepper. Spice, Ginger. Cloves. Mace, Nut megs, Sjltcraliw, Cur rents, Prunes, Citrons, Rux and Keg Rai- fins, &c. j They In yp also in connection one of the first Drngg Medical e.-tabli-hmeuts in ! this part of the count ry, to which depart ment the ino.-l particnla- atlcnlmn will at ! all tunes be given. Phi-iciaiis may at nil j times be supplied unh any article in the1 above line on the inosi reasonable terms, i GlDKO.N IjATIIIIOI', I II. W. Potwi.n. I Rurlington, Jan. l.i. I!I30. ' STATE OF V Lit MO NT ) , Di-trictof Chittenden ss. ( The Honorable Ihe I'mbate Court irithin und for llie Diilrkl if Chittenden. i TBIO the creditors and others conrerned JL in the estnti' of Nathan Allen late o1 ' Williston in said District, deceased. Whereas the Auiniuistralor do Inuii- nou i of faid deceased, has. made application to! this Court, to extend the time limited fnr I making payment of the debts of Mtid do- I ceased, twelve month- from Hits dale, mid I the 0 day of February next, being a-.-ign- i ed fnr a hearing in the premises, nl ihpj Office nf ihe Register of this Court, ami 1 it having lieen ordered that nnlice thereofj be given, hv publi-htng this decree three weeks -iiLci'ssively in the Free Pre.--- a news paper pr oieu ,n liuriiiigiuu, uuiore , . i I In. Inm, l.,r inn rim. . . . i . . i, i Tiiprcloro, vim .ir.; Iicrebv notified, to appear bpfori; Maul Couri. nl Ihe time and plac- aforesaid. I lien and there, In make nhjectiun if any ymi have, In thu said tune of payment being further extended as u-forp-aid. Given under my hand at Williston this Itiih day of .luiuarv A. D 1030. GKO. li". M NSP.!t. .v..;.'..- For rjTIIL Place known bv the name of the Lldrul-'o Place. Ii cuiittiins foriy acres of gnod liJtU Vailllllllp lilllil. Im -a nil It n l.-irne twn ftory Iliuise, two good barns, a enw-huti-e, n enru hnii-e. mid other out liou-i r. both nece--ary and convenient. This place Is well calculated for a tavern stand, situ led nu the 1 1 1 u iii mad fmiii Hurliugtiiu tu WilliMou nnd aliiiut two miles I'rmn the College. TIip locality ami siluatiuii of the place, render it a dest'itble stand for any one wlm may wish to piireha-p. The terms shall he nind" known by calling on the subscriber, WILLIAM WHITE. Hurhngtoii, Jan, IPh. '30. (SKO.K. SITE AUS riTlLNDLRS his cniiiphmuuts io his old JL cu-tomurs and the public and rc-pect-folly informs tbein he shall return lo Horliugion nbutit the middle of March, when he will be happy tu altend to any order- in Ins hue, .A".io York Jan. lfl.M. an oumfinAsTEli. Pons, which will he sold ns low lacked in Sound lliriels. as can bu purchased of our neighbors in bulk, no charge lor Ca-ks, Jan. 7. IIlCKOK ifcCATl.iN. TO LST TIIL rooms over our Store formerly oc cupied hv J. MnecK h'q Dec! LYMAN & COLF,. rpALISn nf Ihe Pi:iM.C,fl and Hip PEASANTRY. Ldiled by Lady aDcre. - volumes. For sale by Sept 25 Smith Sl II w-.iirn.i.iivv. S CRLWS. HUTTS- LOCKSDoor i-s, ;ti great variety mid large fur sale low, wIioIpsiiIp ami WOOD iV AHIIOTT. iiiautili retml. Visiting and Printing Cards. TR'SllFi largest nail best assortment ol fl. plain mid enniuelli'd; go'tl bordered ami gilt edged, white, blue, pink, green, nnd oilier colored Cards, from I lu 0 inches. by Ihe d z u nr single Pack, thnl is to be Ilium! io Ibis narl of thu Country Wo have fomn Iieniiiiful Cards, largo enough to ennuieriilo a pretty good bu uf Gnmls nn which aru lo b" i.-unil m thu Vaiiely Simp P.-.(!U 'ii & llmv M (III. m. fjnllF, lnghcft price In Cash will be paid JL for Sheep's Pelts, bv W. R. VILAS, Pearl ft., liurliitglon, ) Sept. II. I03o. ( ii CORN HROOMS. jn.t lef for nale it HOWARD S. 35. Nov. 17. wmmra'B 10,000 "l Staves. 5000 Ash Ju- Apply lo. IltcKou & C.tTr.tN. Xm. 7. 3030 lb.- Clover Seed ',,r sale nv Jam 7 II ickoic V. (Jatmn. 2 or3 Single Sleighs, by Slousr. fe Lownv. Pniiilrrs nf Sleighs. &c. V. tit Jnn 7. Cash! Cash! Ij wish you; if yon owe u, lo call & fetll ! immediately. We want Mo ney and must have it. pAGnun.N & I?i;i.vsm.mi). .Innnnrv 7. ATKINSON'H DliiMLlTORY for ro iiuiviiig hair Irom tlio face, nvck and arms of Ladies, without injury 'o the skin. Atkinson's. Curling Fluid," wliich will keep Hie hair in curl whilst dancing or in damp wrnther. Imperial Dye for changing hmr to brown nr black. Oils and other prepc. rations. io make the hair grow on bald heads: lo produce rye brows ami whisker, Milk of Roses for removing freckles and lan, nnd to prevent the face from being rough. For sale al the Variety .Shop, by" P ANnimiiN & liniN-.M.Mii. VindowGlass. ifJfefH ""X" Gla.o.3 qualities to wit: "nd Sali.-bufv 3d Argqlc. Various sizes, manufactured al Salisbury Vt, just received bv TF. & W. L. STRONG, linrlinglnn Dec. IC'li l!13.i. TOBACCO 4- SNUFF. LORILLARD'S Macalmy mid Seoleh Snutr. do Chewing nnd Smoking To bacco nt Factory Pries T- F W. I,. STRONG. Iron, Nails, Steel. oisd '''()'N'S. manufactured Iron con M-ting nl a comp.etP a. ortmeiit nf O - . I, t ... Round mid ! ipiare, l.ailll tl nil llonp, Shop Shapes, &c i!0 Tntii Foreign I'oti. Midi as Lngli-h tire, all -izps. Swppdes, Rn ia.Olil and New Sable, Rus..a nai Rd, Iir.-iqulit.- Ruils 500 Sells waggon, earl, carriage it coach le-xe-. Hollow ware, of everv lie- - IT pt ten 10.000 Pnuni1 Geiman, Spring Speeds. Ca.-t and Luirli-h bll-lered Si. ..l Ton, Cm Nallj. n.--urled I nun 3 lo CO. I'nta-h nnd Cauldron Reticle.-, 'list Iron Ploughs, lira-' Kettles Sic. Sic. u-hicli make a eouiplele as-orlinent of Iroriinniigery mid wh'cl- will he ...Id en as liivnrnblij terms ns ran be nbtanu-d u' any t sir.lj-li-huieii m the Stale. Dee. 10, lSUi, T. V. SiW. I,. STUOXC. FlU'SSII GOOD. LL fl S'I'LA I'.XS, liavn jn-l ictiirned from Xew Vnrk With a K"reli -imnl v nf Winter Goods, which they will sell liny fnr cash, as they ucro recently purchased nl re duced price-. U'u invite purchaser" lo cll and examine our exlensivu a'sortmenl of Fashionable, Drv Goods; consisting in part of French Marcnos, plain and figured Or Ilombazetts. a large asiortmcnl of Dark Prints; plain figured, and plain Silks nf all colors and qualities, plain and figured 6'u. mt, French lliunbazine, buck lieavcr, &rid Gloves, Ladies lined Gloves, mari-no jud cot ton Hi-iery, black mid red Mareno ,-hawls, eh illy and imitation .Shawls and llandki r ebiefs, tatlela Satin, l.ulcftrun' and Gango lliblumf, silk Velvets, lioinhaziric arid satin Stock--. All assnitmeiit nf Chillis C.i'siinci ami Veslings, (j, 03, 1.4 linen Diaper 4 1.4 In-h Linens, colniired Cambrics, l,ace nnd I'ugins Ladies down slcuvcs, cotton Wadding. H'icking etc. Choreli sl. Dec. '.'I. IfUi. Lint. J?ced Oil, For sale by 'P. F & W. L. STRONG. D"p. 10 In.ii Groceries. 00 Chests, llvson. Ilvson Skin, Vollllfi Hyson and Snochoiig Tea.-. Sugars, Spices, Tobacco, Rice, Molasfps. Liquors, Wine. Herrings Raisins. Starch, Indigo. Sal-ierniiif. Ginger, dried, ('iirrant-. Almoudi-, Fiiberls. Hrnzill nuts. cic. etc. For sale cheap, hv ''." F.ScU'.L. STO.YG. Dee. 10. l.!3i. N OTIC 15 Tip UL L?spcs and debtors of the town nf JL. Rnrluiglmi will lake nut lie Hint their rents and interest will become due on first day uf January next. Punctual pa) muni ini-jpci!-ted without fin titer nnlice. NATHAN II. UASWr.LL. Ilorlmgloii, Dee. ", llld.i. Treusiirt r. NVanted. A LAD of about 1 11 years of age. who has been in a store sufficiently to be already wull ai quainted with business may lii.d a silti ation advanlageouhly calculated fur eomple. ling Ills mercantile education, bv applying to S. L. iiOWAKD. Ilnrliiigtoti Dee, 17, ll!3i. fiVinan Coin ave now a tew 1I117.. ol extra S"a Oi ler. Seal nnd niiitaliiin Fur Caps; it alsii metis hatr Seal (Japs, largo nzes. Astitnll (unntiy nf spruce. Shingles. Hurling!. m )i c .. 11135 AN elegant u.-surluieiil of Diamond. Jet, Pearl. 'I'opa., Lniernld. Amethol, t'nriii'liio. Gold mid uther line P I N S, HROACIIKS ami AV.W.'.S, just rcceiv. d 11 Hie Van i Slum P (MiiinnN liuiXM nn.

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