Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, June 10, 1836, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated June 10, 1836 Page 3
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Goods for Summer Clothing. LEMUEL CURTIS St CO. have this day received fi packages summer luffs comprising 10 pes. Mai town w stripes. SONapiicon and Ilamillnn drills, 15 Itnucn Casiimcrcs nnd stotmcnt's; crapcCamblots, Beavortccne, Frcncli rnd English Buck tklni, wliich will be eold on (ho best terms, wholesale or retail. Burlington, June 10. NOTICE WHEREAS, RIIODA my wife, has eft my bed nnd board without any ust ptovncalion this is to forbid nil per Vols harboring or trusting her nn my nc count, as I will pay no debts of lie r con trading after this dato. THOMAS YAW. Hineshurgh, May 16. 1836. 3w WOOL CAUDNNG and Cloth Dressing. THE Machines at Ilubbcll's Fulls ore now in operation for carding Rolls, and those who wish to have carding done can bo accommodated. Cloth Dressing will commoncc the first nf August. Those customers of mine who live on the south side of the river, can cross the Ferry with wool or Cloth, Toll Freo. TFAXTEDA young man acquainted with the business. JOSHUA IIAYNES. Essex. June 0. 183G. 3w Farmers and Mechanics Bank. THE Stockholders aro hereby notified that an instalment of Ten Dollars, per share, on the Capitol Slock of the Bank is required 13 bo paid at the banking House in Burlington, on the first day ol July next. By order of the 'resident and Direc tors; T.. HOCKLEY, Cashier. April 20. 1030. H.j'i China,Glass & Earthcrn Ware A FULL nnd complete assortment in all its varieties, by LATIIROP St POTWIX. Mav 27, 1030. Waddington Superfine Flour. a(& fiRRK,,s rrckh Supcr" GG Batrrls Fresh Fine. 46 d . do. Fine Middlings. Just reci.'ivt d and lor sale by JASON C. I'EIRCE. St. Johns, May 9. 1036. 76 doz. large fire works WE h i h to info m thnc who like tosce good Firn Wil li", Unit we intend hiving an odd-iion to our Stock of Rockets, Fire Wheels, Rinnan Can, lies. Italian H'eamcrH. Tnnrboloins. NcM of Snakes, FliwcrPul" Grass-Hoppers. Blue Lights. Pigeons. Serpents, &c. making nbnii' 7G dozen in nil ; mi that wo think wo rnn sup ply nil orders from home or abroad, (which wc have not been nble to do any firmer fcnsnn) nl wholesale only. We have a quantity nf red Chinese Crocker" ; also for ale pulling Crsrkers and Tnrprdoo0, or Throwing Crnck-rs ; the two Inst kinds nre I ho only kind we sell In bnys ; they cannot get even powder on (ire, as we hnve proved by repeated experiment?. Our as sortment ol all kind.' of Good- i very complete, nnd we nsk nil pptMins io take n look through the Variety Simp. Pa.nrii m Si BnnsM.un. Burlington, June 0, 1036 Fruit. A FEW boxes fresh Oranges, Lemons, Prunes nnd raisin", for 'oIp bv LATIJROI' & POTWIN. June 10. Florida Water, And most nil kinds of American, English. French and German Perfumery, now upon ed at iho Variety Shop. N. B. Real German Cologne nnd 12 dozen pots of r-n I Naples S inp, jut open ed. pAMitlllllN Si BltI.1S.MAM June (1. Carpetings. 10 rcls; nigs. BALES sup. lograio nirl Venetian 6 do India malting for summer car. Oil cloth do. Wilton nnd Brussels Bindings &c. just received by LATIIHUr & I'OTWIA. June 10. American Hotel, EURLrxarox, vt. THE subscriber would inform llie public, that he has IrB-cd this Ei-tab-lishment (recently kept .by Messrs. Cudy and Donlittle) for a term of years, and has fitted it up in a style which he trusts will both plcasctnd accommodate those who call on him. The pleasantness of its situation ; tho spaciousness and number of its opartrnnnts ; and the accommodation it is calculated to afford to a large or small number of guests, arc rarely exceeded by any Establishment oftho kind in the country ; and the Pro prietor flatters himself that, by strict nltcn tion to the wants of the travelling public, lie shall bo able to render its internal con duct not less inviting than its external np pcoranco and local situation. IRA SHATTUCK. Burlington Square, May, 11136. White Lead. 1 O CASKS No. 1. White Lead, for sale Xji by II1CKOK St CATLUf. May 27. Paper Hangings. 1CASE UBaorled qualitn.-H, for snlo by JIICKOK & CATLIJV. May 30. Fine Salt. Kf BARRELS Western, for salo by 3 U II1CKOK & CA TL IX. May 20. RED, White and Black Merino Shawls of every description quality and price from 41 35 to!7. just received by L. CURTIS & CO. June 3. The Variety Shop. At Burlington, Vermont, West side Church Street. I7Ehove received large additions to our v Slock of GOLD and SILVER Watchc, Chains, Keys, Pencils, Pins, car Rings, Clocks, plated Ware, Briltania, Castors, broH and plated Candlesticks. Snuflurs and Trays ; plated knob Lamps ; small go to bed Lamps, lamp Wicks and Glasses; baskets, bags nnd purses; milita ry goods, perfumery, hair oil, shaving snop, razors. In' her brushes, pots, &c; fine razor straps, fine cutlery, pen makers ; an elegant assortment of fashionable slocks, collars and bosoms, neenrdcons, music box es, small organs and oil kinds of musical instruments: hair, tooth and all kinds of brushes, visi'ing cards and cases, a great variety of sizes and colors; backgammon boards, chessmen, playing cards, qmlK sil ver nnd steel pons ; steel bross .vnod and whalebone busta, narrow whalebones, slay and boot lacings of cotton and silk, India rubber suspenders, patent and common elastics, thimbles, needles and pins, iber ninmeters, rosewood dressing cases, work boxes, pnrlublc desk, dressing cases for travellers, manifold writers, matches, pocket tinder boxes, dressing room mirrors, pocket and French mirrors, merchants' Tags, paints, brushes, pencils nnd nil nrlicles in Ihat lino; pictures, varnish and whiicwood boxes, bnskels &c. for transferring, fine engravings and prints for framing. &c; miniature eases and sittings, pisto's large and small low nnd high priced, dirks and clasp knives, large nnd small telescopes or Spy Glasses,'; plaques of various patterns wdicii arc rapidly superceding waist uuck les, powder horns nnd flasks, shot bag, table mats, slates, cones" and umbrellas, to pet her with a very large and elegant col lection of fancy articles, some of which will be more parlicu'nrly enumerated nt some future time. To strangon visiting Bur linglnn we would just say, that wo have an assortment, selected with great care, which stnnrls. wo b:lieve,unrivalled in these pnrts; and Ihosu wishing fur fine Watches, .loweiry. or any uooils we sell, vill snvo both time nnd money by calling at the Va riety Shop, where Watches and Clocks arc cleaned and repaired ; pilver Spoons are mado and constantly kopt for sale ; Brands nnd S'nmps cut at short notice ; trunk and enfiio Plates made when wanted. pAnnonN Si BntNSMAiD. June, 1036. Linseed Oil. BARRELS, for sale by IIICKOKSl CATLl.W 50 Mnv 20 Wool Twine. 1 BALE low priced Twine, suitable for 1 wool growers. 2 Ca-dw low priced Tubneeo, Miilnble fur (he above named per sons, fur sale by mCKOKSi CATLIX. Mav 30 Au mistake and just as I thought it wouldbe. 1st .Tune, 1836. REACTION AM) COOtls'AS CHEAT AS l'.VEf.. TOWARD of the Cheap Cash Store, hiwjiisl relumed ogam from Now Vork with rnihernn unusiiiilly largo supply nf Goods, which purchase was made at nut only lower prices than what goods were bought for a few weeks since, but a great portion nf them at much loss prions than ever purclia"d at boforc, and will now sell nl corresponding cheap prices In all who wish to buy goods fur cash Not lime In enumcuilc articles at present, but can sav, iho assortment nf rich, fashionable, fancy and staple Goods is unsurpassed by any other s'nek of Summer Goods he has ever before ofl'ired; and further, as his trade has so much increased, he will sell at retail to customers at wholesale prices. S. EARL HOWARD. N. H. Downs' VEGETABLE BALSAMIC ELIXIR, For couirhs, cn!d, catarrhs, cramp, nsthma. consumptions, whooping cough, and all other di-eases of the cIiobI and Lungs ; a few hollies this invaluable, highly and re spectfully recommended Medicine, J just re ceived and fur talc by Janes, Smith, & Co. Burlington, Juno I, 1036. The above medicine is also sold by A. S &i D.G. Weller. Ilinesburgh. If Lyman &c Cole, HAVE received their Summer Goods, comprising n very extensive assort ment of cnllicoes, a great variety of figure stylo and fabric from 15 to 02 cIb per yard; cambrics, plain, check and plaid; mull and swiss mu'lius ; cros bar'd plaid and birds eye do. ginghams, checks, plaids &c. tins icry, embroidered open work, and plain silk cotton do. Gloves, silk, kid, linen nnd Ber lin : Suspenders, India rubber, web and knit ; o general assortment of Silks, inclu. ding rich, heavy, plain, black, blue black, gro do Swiss, gn de Rhine and other silks; rich fig'd bluo black do. belt ribbons Io match; rich col'd crn do Naples, plain, fiz'd nnd plaid: mix'd silk Camblcts and Pongee; bluo black nnd printed Miallys very rich ; black green and brown French Bombazine; Tofieta garniture, and cap ribbons; linen sheeting 4.4 to 10.4 wide; Irish linen; brown anu black linen; table spreads, blend and brown; birds eye napkin", linen damask; Kussia Diopcr and crash; Hamilton stripe, mixture and rouen Cassimcre ; bed tick, double and sinclo width ; cotton drilling. brown and bleach'd ; cotton sheeting nnd shirting do. corpcling, floor cloths and flan ncls; knitting cotton and thread. Vjentlcnien will find a great variety of auimiier vjiouis, including uIbck, brown, and several shades of green Brochella, Princetta, Emminctte, London summer cloths, Src. white and brown linen drilling. Broadcloths, black, blue, green and fancy colors; checkd, plaid and lancy striped do. Heavy black and blue black silk velvet for vesting; white Mersails, fancy do. fig'd silk and other vesting. Podlars will find a largo assortment of low prie'd callicos; spool, skein and pound thread. One entire case of coat, vest and pantaloon buttons. Hooks nnd eyes, ens ponders &c. I Burlington, May ? Apollos Burritl'a Entato. STATE OF VEBMOXT. ) District rf Chittenden, is, C Tlmltonirnblo llie Probate Courl fur iho District oi wiiiiirmicn. io mi persons concerned in llio eslnie of Apollm IWrill, hie of IlirmlMirgli, in said dintrlct derenapd. 13111'rTIMu WHEREAS, this F.XMMilor of said deceased tirono'c.i In render nn nrr.nnni nf lit. n.lmln Ktrnllnil. nml nrejienl III Iirrnilnl ntr.iin.t arilil a....... for examination and allowance nl n pfsdon of the Cour t or l'i oli.Ue to lie balden nt WllleyV Inn in ivnnsion on inc oil .'lonilay ol June next. '1'lierpfnrp. voll nrp notified In IteTurn o.t.l Court nt the limo nnd pl.ire aforesaid, nnd show rause if nny yon Inve, why the nccounl aforesaid .t...i.i I.- ..ii i riiwiiitj in. i iiu iiiiiiiiuui (ilien under mv limit nl Willislon lliia SOili d.iv of May, A. I). 183G. liLU. U. MANSUll, Ilegis'r. C ALVIN on Romans. Life of Calvin, by Theodores Beza. "The Pastor" just received by Smith & IlAnuiNG-roN, June 3, Corn Brooms. rnn CORN BROOMS, for sale by JUU IllCKOK St CATLIA". May 30. SUGARS. BAGS While and Brown East India Sugar. 2 Hhds. Porlo Rico do. fur 15 so le b v IllCKOK & CA TL IX. M ayjlO A COMPLETE Slock of Gauze Lust ring and Satin Ribbons of nil widths, and comprising very rare and desirable colors. Also Plaid and plain Gro de Nap Silkn. Sewing Silk. Chincliella, Chally & Ipsoln Shawls. 4 doz. French and Swiss wnrk"d Capes and Collars from 25 cts. to $10. Thread Muslins, Bobb't Blondo Edg tngsnnd Inserting, 4-4 French Prints and Muslins, by LEMUEL CURTIS & CO. Juno 3, 103G. The Cheapest Cash Store, NEARLY opposite S. E. Howards, nnd one door norlli of Lemuel Curtis & Co. JOH1T ABBOTT, of llie. I, He firms of Abbott, Wood Company, nnd Wood & Alihoit, is now receiving Irom New York nn rxtenlte assortment of OOODS suitable for llie season, winch he olTers nt n Finn II advance fiom llie col ; among whieh nre superior blirk, blue, violet nnd invisible Green lirniiilelollis: ri'oliM, stripM nnd pUin C.tssiineie?, silk Veliet ; lil.ii'K sntin, i-liiililns unit .llerf ;nlj Vesting', very rupeiior ; n rhoire selection of worsted Linen null Collon Good", fur genllemens' nnd boj' summer wear, Irisli Linen nml Limn, linen Diaper; table Linen, McrsaiU toilet spreads; cnsli linen nml cotton satin Jean; j.ironclt Cambric?, eoiricd Skirls; furnuuie Dimilv nnd hinge fig'd nnd plain srarfs ; Mull, fi le, plaid nnd plain J ironeli nml I took iMiulin, .line liiin ll.lkfi. nnd Cambrics; I' re nh Muslins, ilaiK anil light, plaid, light lancy, French, llni. nn.l American 1'iinis ; dark nnd liuht furniture Pi lilts, French and Ameiican; plaid and stripe Uingli lin; uleacn u and luown sheeting mid shitting' : I'ongees, fine Fienrh nnd Eng, llomlii- zines; silk Vehct : black nnd uliite silk Ilofierv nml Gloves, fiae cotton, worsted, merino nnd linen gems', ladies' nn I cluMrens' llnsier nnd tallies; nlso a large nonrttnent of gent's and ladies' horse nnd goat kin Uloies, 1, allies' anil Misses India Itubber Apron nf superior size and nualitv : silk nnd Finncli Gingham, gent's line palm, lined and bound summer Hals; ladies down and manilla grass sleeves ; Uinbrell is. Parasols; gimp thread anil liloml Edging,' Lace; liuilli ig nnd Inserting: while nnd fig d rongee: llandannas and lancy silK lldKIs, fancy, plaid nnd Italian silk Cravats; sewing silk, rliallv. Tibet nnd merino thuvl : n rich assortment nf sewing, plaid nnd fancy silk lldkf ; nlso n va. riety ol r irnrn uorKeii taee nnu iniHiin uonars : green, black nnd white blond gauze Vules ; Silks; lilk. Gro de swiss, Italian anil Florentine ; col'd Florence: black, blue, green, purple, plaid and claret Gro de Naples : black, blue black, lead, cinnamon, maroon nml green Foul de soie ; fi'd, while, pink nnd itntciei! satin : green. India, blk. Florentine nnd surge: black, blue, pink, green nnd white Crapes; Veliet, Gauze, fig'd Gro de Nap ; plaid, rol'd nnd blk TafTl.: Ribbon, fancy, plaid, waiered nnd satin belt Uibbons, ladies 1 1, Helling Itaskcts, menm Bags nnd snlchcls, luscan inula lion, nip and collage noun, lace nnd French Tus can. Aiso a variety of .Misses Donncis. GliOCERIESSttsars, Slolosses, Teas of all klndj. first riuality Coffee, Chocolate, salralus, Ginger, Cinnamon, spices, col'd spcim Candles, lamp Oil. He. tec. The subscriber, grateful to hi' friends and llie public for their patronage hiiheiln, would now to licit the rmiilnunnci- of il, promising his beet exer ion to give entirn satisfaciion. Burlington, May 27, 1836. Confectionary. STEWARTS celebrated Confectionary for salo by LATIIROP &. POTiriX. Mav 27. Dry Groceries. THE subscribers liavo nn hand a great variety of superior Family Groceries, such as Teas, Sugars, Spices of all kinds ; Nuts, Fruits, tic. &c. wlucli will ue sola on ino most reasonable terms. LATIIROP Si rOTiVlN. Mav 27. 183G. NEW GOODS. T DOOLITTLE is now receiving his X Spring supply of GOODS, com prising a general and well selected assort ment of Dry Goods, Groceries, Crockery, Stc which will be sold at the lowest prices May 19. I H3G. , Lamp Oil. 2IIIID3, just received aod for salo by V. DOOLITTLE, May 10,11130. KBIiJV & EVAJVS HAVE just received from New York, their spring supply of goods, com prising a choice selection of CLOTHS, CASSIMERES, VESTIXGS, TRM MIXGS. Stc which with thoir former slock, makes their assortment the best they have ever offered. And nnlwilhstand ing tho present unparalleled high price o( goods in market, our arrangements are such that wc shall sliM be enabled to furnish our customers with very superior articles at a enroll advance from former prices for prompt pay. Wo will take the present occasion nlso,

to correct an erroneous impression, Ihat we sell only to thnso who employ us io make their garments. This is entirely a mistake. Much as it might gratily us to do our friends justice in the fit, as well as the fabric, we shall nevertheless bo equally happy to furnish tho materials for llmse who may find it moro convenient to employ other mechanics. Burlington, May 15, 1038. Paper Hangings. 500 !.,'', ,nS3"!C(1 Pnl'cfns now opening ww by Iho anlxcribcr. LAT1IROP POTWIN. Juno 10. BONNETS. OnJ,; enso moro fiino English Straw Ilonncts thii dav received bv iho sub. scribcrs LATI1ROP & POTWIN. Juno to, A VALUABLE SAL TE IOR Wounds, Utilises, or Sores nf any . kind, even thoso which hale Inns; boon troublesome ; nn immediate euro for Hums or Scalds, Salt Rheum, Chapped Hands, and tho best thing that I havo cvor known used fur Sore Eves. It is also good for tho St. Antlin. nies' Fire or Irrcclpolus. 1 had a child very much ofllictcd with il ; I applied many things, but to no effect until I madn use of my Salve, which cured her In ono day by rubbing it on tho putts DlTcclcd. In fact il may bo used for every thing of a sore naluro to good effect and with perfect safely, and no family ought Io ho without it. it would bo tound very usclul on linird nr Rleam Uoats, or vessels of any kind, whero accidents may happen ; especially such as Scalds or Rums, for where applied, draws nut the paio immediately and heals tho wound quicker than any thing olso I over know used. Iricnionf sickness whero persons arc under tht nccossily to havo blisters drawn, Ibis Salvo is llie best application wliich ran bn mado after the flics aro removed. If you wish .to have it draw muchsprcad tho plaster thick; if to heal immediately, spread it very thin on linen: you need no other npplica. linn. Prepared nnd sold by A. RUTIIEF -FORD, Ilurlinglon, Vt. Prico 12 1-2 oonts per cake. This may cortify to all that it may concern, that I bnvo for about two years past, madn use of A. Rutherford's heal all Salve, in my fam ily, nnd I consider it preferable to any salvo I have over known manufactured; its utility will apply to fresh wounds, old sores, soro eyes, scaids and burns, Elwood Irish. I do hereby certify thrt I have mado use of A. Kulliorlord s Salvo lor nearly two years, and I never found any thing ever equalled it for a burn or scald, or a Iresh wound ; nud for soro ryes thorn is nothing that ever I tried which will restoro tho eyes to their natural state in so short a limo as this Salve. I do therefore recommend it for tho benchlof man. kind. John Looan. Burlington, May, 1038. The subscriber hereby certifies that for moro than a ycarpasl,in cases of ivoundsand bruis es, ho has frequcnclv mado use of and cxpori. enced thosalulnry effects of A. Rutherford' salvo, and lias also witnessed tho sarr, J in oth ers, and must cheerfully tecommend it as a valuable salvo. E. W. Srt:An, Shelburn, May, 103G. Vl'c llie undersigned havo used A. Ruther ford's salvo for moro than a year, nnd havo known others Io uo il , nnd can recommend it to bo Iho best thine wo ever know for burns, scalds, fresh wounds, bruise, or old sores of any kind; and we further rccommcod it to be superior to any thing else, for soro eyes ; and wo do think A. Rutherford's salvo ought Io be moro publicly known for Iho benefit of man kind at largo. Nathaniel Howard, F. W. Gaiewoi.0, Luciot's Hendrick. Vtrgcnncs, May, JScw J'ishions nnd New X&S. MITCHELL, DRAPER AXD TAILOR, HAS just returned from New York with n splendid assortment of tho most Fashionable Goods worn ; among which are invi-'iblo Green, Dahlia, Violet, Mill berry, black, bluc.brown, olive Hrnadclolhs Also a variety ofCassimcres and Summer (mods ; such as imitation rib d Uassimercs, Hamilton's Stripes, lineu and cnllnn Dri! lings, Roiipii Cassimeros, buffalo Cloth, &o Silk and Marsailles Vostni"s, new stvle Slocks, Collars, llosoms. Suspenders, and a choice assortment ol ready mado tJloih ing . Grateful for past favors he sollcites a continuance ol patronage, reminding llie public of the principle upon wliich he is tloing business, viz : that no gentleman is asked to take any garment unless tinted whether it bo his own clolh or no!. CCutting dnno as usual. Burlington, May 24, III3G. Gw More JVexv Goods. THE subscribers have rrceived. during the list week, 10 Packages Xcw Goods, consisting in part of the following articles : SILKS Rich plaid and fig'd, of every shndo and quality ; satin tig d, extra qual it v : sup. 3 4, 7.8 and 4-4 black Italian blk. and bluo black Poll de Soi ; bonnet silks and Ribbons of every voriely. MUSLIXS St SUMMER STUFFS- 1 case beautiful patterns printed Jacnnctts: worsted Challys : 3 cases French nnd Eng Calicoes; 1 dosuperbslylo ploid Ginghams; worked Muslin, Capes and Collars, new patterns; hern stitcn a linen camD c uukis. silk Hosiery and Gloves, extra quality: goat skin do.: fashionable I'arasols, arc oic. 1 case sup'fino Irish Linens and linen Sbpniinrrs -. heavy 9 0 cotton do. superior quality nnd fabric ; 10 biles sup. brown SlipnliniTf, nnd Sllirtincs . 7 8, 4 4, & 6 4 Ticking": wick Yarn. &c. &c. LATiinuf runyi.y. May 27. 183G May 20, 1836. LEMUEL CURTIS fii uu. nave re ceived, in addition to their last weeks arrival, a choico selection of Hroadclolhs, of every color, quality and prico, from 175 .,.. nn . .il.h'.l Itnekakins : Cassitneres . IU u"-i I t, mix'd Laslings; Cropo do.; Ueaverteens ; 4 and G 4 Tickings; fl 0 and 12-4 linen Sheetings ; Umbrellas, I'arasols ; IJornba zincs, fiom 50c. to $3; Glass Clolh; linen, cambric and pongee Hdkfs.; black, Italian and English uiipck; iruvui jjicl-u uint-u'i and common Braces; G to 11-4 bro. linen Table Cloths ; uo. uieacn u uo ; wormeu . i. ..IM An . inOj nlid. rnnunnli Pinn ; German do; Hooks and Lyes ; cheap vest n.i mm Ruttons : corset Rings ; Taper, cotton Threads; cheap Dress Hdkf. Os saburgs, Ducks, Kussia nneeiings, cvc. Now nnd Cheap Goods, At B'holesile and Retail. SIDNEV BARLOW, at the sign of the New Store, Pearl st. haa jii""i receiv ed a very heavy stock of DRY GOODS GROCERIES, CROCKERY St HARD. WARE, which will bo sold uninnally low to raise cah, in pny hii assessments to the L-olclicftcr manufacturing company. Burlington. .May '27, 11130. New Books. MEMOIRS of tho Protestant Episcopal Church in Iho United Slates fm.n lis nrrfntil7nilrin in ,i. . . . . .. Wm. White, 1) D. nishop of the Protest", ant l.piscopal Church in tho commonwealth or Pennsylvania. The Churchman's Man ual an exposition oftho doctrines, ministry and wnrship oftho EpUeopal Church. E ptscopacy Examined and re-examined. The Professional Years ofjohn Henry Ho. uuri, u. it. receivnu and lor sale by SMITH & HARRINGTON. June 3. Take Notice. A LL persons who arc nwlmr mn bv nntp tX. nr hook account, will call and' cloc the same and save cnt immcdiololv. LEMUEL CURTIS. . tine 3. Jewelry. R FITZGERALD invites all pprsorn to coll ond examine his Summer slock of Jewelry &c. which hois now o pening and offurs for solo r.ow for CASH, in Wainwright's buildinj, Church-st. Ilnrlingion, Juno 1, 103G. Gw ENTERTAINMENT. KTMIE subscriber respectfully TlTljH f. informs his friends nnd the liliS public that lie has Inken the house on the corner of Church and College streets, formerly occupied by S' Watnwrighl, and will uso his best en deavors Io render it accoptoblo as well to llie traveller and man of business, as to those who want hoard in n central and business port nf Iho town. Tho outbuild ings connected with this establishment are well arranged, nnd in good repair and the undersigned hopes, by prompt ond nnre mitled personal attention, Io secure to it the amount of palronogo which its location ought Io command. Connected with this establishment the subscriber will also kpep a choice selection of Groceries Teas, Sugars, Spices, Fish, Fruit, Confectionary, &-c which will bo sold at tho lowest pries. JEREMIAH POTTER, Burlington, May 27, I03G. N. ft, All person? hiving itn.-ttilrd accounts uith llicsobsciiber, oniiHCied with hi. former till earnestly irqnrsicd Io call and adjust llie same iiiihonl itelav. K?hoit settlements make long friends, ns Poor Kichaid sais. J. 1' CARPETIJVGS. Ttl (TlV a'cs comprising Ingrain Fitir, Venr-tian Carpeting; also 4 and 5-4 Canton 11 tor Matting ; Ilrtissels Ruga, Mails itc, by Lemuel CcnTts & Co. May 27, 183G. CLOVER SEED. mgg BARRELS clover seed for JJLUV sale by May 20. HICKOK &. CATL1N. Twist Combs O HELL, Horn or Silver, at the Variety IO Shop I'.iNOnnnN Si RniNsMAit Sold Out. npiIE subscriber having sold to Doctor JL Robert Moody his Hardware and Drug cstablNlimcnt, takes great plcaiuro in oxprcs. y'irg Io his friends and customers his gratitude for the palronago ho lias received at Ihcir hands, and respectfully solicits tho contiiiu. nnco of their support, to bis successor, wliojie doubts not, will conduct tho nslablishiiicnt Io their cnliro satisfaciion. Ho would also say Ihat ho will bo ready to attend to the settlement oftho Rooks and Demands of Iho lato firm of ood k rfbbott, and alo his own books, thro' tho whole of next week ; after that time said demands will bo found at tho Olfico of Henry Leavenworth, Etq. where, if attended to immediately, Ihey may bo settled without cost. T. II. WOOD. nurlinglon,Mai'iO, 103G. 5w PLASTER. 1 fid BARRELS, just recciied nnd for sale 1UU by p. noou rn.n. Slav 19, 1S3G. r BALES SHEETINGS, 3 do Cotton Balls, 2 do Wickinir. 2 do Yarn. Just received and for salebv P. DOOLITTLE May 19, 1836. For Spring and Summer. rTlHE Mibscribcrs have opened and nre l now receiving a vcrv extensive as soriment of STAPLE AXD FAXCY for the Spring and summer trade, compris ing block, blue, green, olive, brown, A le lin h, mixed and mulbring Broad cloths ; black, bluo, prpcn, drab and mixed cassimcrcs; Padding, Duck Buckrams, Sil iscas; double and 6tngleFoiiudations, icon bonk do.; Bonnet boards, wound wire, ginghom'.colicoes, prints, French muslins. printed imiflin", Ulialleyelts, cambrics, Jn. chnnnclts; book, Swiss, and inuil Muslin, firr'd, corded nnd plain mucins; black, bluo. and blue black colored India sewings. Am. In. black nsi-'d and brown linen thread, Clark, and Taylor's sup. sowing cotton. knitting cotton, white and mix d, white blk, random mixed, corded, clocked and open work, collon and silk hosiery, horse skin, kid, silk, cnilon and linen gloves, Flngg and Pongoo silk hdkfs ,- white and plaid cotlon anil sill: cravats. 3 4 5 & 0.4 bleach'd collon. 3 4 A & G.4 brown do. & G.4 ticks; 3 4 0 7 & 8 4 blk, white. and red merino shawls. Leghorn and straw bonnets; French & Am. kid nnd morocco slips nud gorier boots ; walking shncs : Eiiirlish nnd Am. Ingrains, car pet inns, straw do. Ribbons, Hdkfs, shawls itc. ic. for sale low, by I). W. INGERSOL Si CO. Churih ft. May 5. Drugs and Medicine!?.. LATIIROP & POTWIN hove receir ptl their Spring supply nf Genvin Drugs and Medicines ond arc r.tnv offering them Io the public, nt wbolcsolc or retail, on the most reasonable terms. June 3 2; KW 12 ON NETS. JNh case iipw stylo Gipspy llouin-u, r. V-F new ond fashionable article lust re ceived and for salo by LATIIROP & POTWIN. June 3. .TUJVJE 3. t sar. A FEW tnnro new UnmN aro openin" hv t lin Clltiaprttia. ....-I. t -.1.' - j . .... w, rlli, u3 ijhuib nuu Children's Oil Silk Apron. nn nrlirlc so perinr Io thn I ml in An...... r .t. embroidered muslins do. Gotitlpincn'H Sum- mor omen, unys imp clolh Caps, snpnrior stylo nnd quality. Roys gloves, while. oiuo ond pink figur d Satin, very rich. A Tew heavy II. 4 and I2-4 Mnrsailcs Quilts, crib and cradle do. Paper Hangino.. Ac. Sec. LATIIROP & POTWIN. Wines, Teas, Sugars, &c. MUULI ITL.C offors for ta'e Old Madeira, Sicily do. Muscat, Mersailcs, Port nnd CImmpaigno Hyson, Young Hyson, Hyson Skin, Pouchong and Souchong Molasses. Lumij nnd St WINES TEAS. Croix Sugar Lemons, Oranges, Raisins, Figs, Bar S iap, Tobacco, Segnrs, &c. May 19. 1833. New Goods AT THE GLASS-FACTORY STORE. JANES. SMITH & CO. have just re ceived from New York a largo stock of good, comprising a cenernl assortment nf DRYGnODS, GROCERIES. CROCK. ERY. HARDWARE. rROVISlOXS. Stc which ihey offer nl a Email advance for cash or country produce. Farmers who wish to exchange their produce fur good, will do well to give us a call. Cash paid lnr Butter, Cheese and E"gs. WM. A. BURNETT, Agent? May 19. WANTED IMMEDIATELY by the subscriber. 8 or 10. Journeymen Masons, at Sump and Brick laying, lo whom Cash and n lair price will be nrtid. SAMUEL REED. Burlington, May 2G, 1836. ASTIIAY. CAME into the enclosure of tho sub scriber, nl Colchester Point h fow days sinrp. n sorrel mare COLT, three years old, with a large switch luil. and th mono inclining lo the left 6ide. The owner is requested lo call for her immcd atflv. GEO. N. SPEARS. Burlington, May 24. 1330. JOURNEYMAN CABINET MA KER. wanted immediately bv ABBOTT Si PANGBORN. Burlington. May 12, 1836. notice" I To the inhabitants of BurlingtonSf I'uinily. jrpUE iindprsgned I153 rented the store formerly occupied hv Win. WpII. and the last yenr by David Irish, where he is now receiving from New York n genpral BMnrltnrnl of DRY GOODS. WET and DRY GROCERIES. CROCKERY, GLASS and HARD WARE, which he will sell for cash or most kinds of country produce as cheap ns the cheapest. He lakes ibis opportunity lo thank llie public for tho general support he lins re ceived for tho short time ho has bi'pn in business, and lie hopes, by giving pond bargains and paying strict attention lo business, still In receive the same cei'Pral support. SOLOMON WALKER. Burlinzlon, May 21. 1830. BONNETS. i CASES comprising super English " Struws. 7 nnd II braids do j French and Swiss Lace ; Lace and common Tiij. can; Grecian do : Misses Palmetto do. ; Misses Fine II braids; Misses Tuscan and Willow; by Lr.Mt-Er, ConTu-. & Co May 20, 1836. Shoes and Boots. LEMUEL CURTIS & CO. Iiavp now a good assortment of Lidips Englch ami French kid Slips; gaiter Boots nid walking Shops; gentlemens summer Boot; do. hair Boots ; do. Pump nnd walking Shops. May 20. 1836. LOOK ! ONLY 2 1 -2 cents per light for window sash where 50 windows are sold, or 2 3-4 cents for n less number ; warranted to be equal if not superior lo any nionufac lured by hand, fur snlo by tho subscriber, north side the Coutl-hnnso Square. WM. BLAKE. Burlinzlon. Mm 10, 183G. House for Sale. Bni.N'G about lo Icavo Burling. Ion, tho subscriber ofiVrs for sale his DWELLING HOUSE, siltia. ted on Church streot a fuw doors south of the square Tho premises consist of a dwelling house, wood house, a small gar den, an excellent and never failim? well of water ; all in tho most perfect stato of repair. and for location not exceeded for convenient and beauty, by any plico of moderato valuo In Iho Village. Immediate possession given and tonus made easy. Also, pow No. 15 in tho white Church. Also, a good IJorso, T. H. WOOD. llurlingtnn, May CO, 183G.