Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, August 12, 1836, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated August 12, 1836 Page 2
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t tic time. Anil indeed there vn no man, whom lie consulted fur inmy years mure Irccly limn Mr. Madison, or in "whoso tnl cnls, judgment, ntul fi'lrlity, tic hail n Hlronpcr rniilidcuci) which la nbumlntitlj proved by ilio written corrctpundcncu Urn' passed between tlicm. JARKD SPARKS. V R I U A Y M O II N I N 0, AUGUST 12. ron, riti:siiiENT WM. H. EIAI&I&ESON. ron vice riu:siiiuNT FRANCIS CJItAN(!i:. ron governor sua :i rr. j u x-T 2 r o i7, I.IKUT. GOVI.KSOIt DAVIU M. CAMP, of Doiby. ron trkasurkr AUCUSTINH CLAKKI2. SENATORS TOR CIIITTESDEN COUNTV. John n. poaimtoY. IIAltRY itlllXKlt. SENATOR FOn ORAM) ISLE COUNTV, ftXCTtlll ADAMS. ron CONGRESS The Whigs of Burlington arc requested to meet at Ilow nrd's. on WEDNESDAY cvo- ning next at half pnsl 7 o'clock for the purpose of nominating a candidate to represent this town in the Legislature. It is hoped there will be a general turn out, as it is highly desi rable to have a lull expression of public sentiment on this sub ject. llAUliV BnAPLKV, T. F., Dan Day, Town Committee. Burlington, A tig. 11, 183G IS MR. VAN NKSS COMING IIOMK? " 'I'on my wind il is tri.o ! What Ml jo l.iy it's a lid Il teems to us that ihu Sentinel is per forming a work of supererogation in at tempting nt this laic day to prnvo that Mr. Vnr Ness is earning home. The readers of tlut paper can certainly need no further evidence on lliis point, when they recollect how clearly il was established in 103-1; and wo certainly sec no more reason for doubt ing these and similar statements now, than oxislcd at that period. If ihe aiithorily of the Sentinel is good fur any thing in this matter, there can be no doubt as to the fact that Mr. Van Ness h'ft Spam more than two years ago, anil was nclually on the ground here on the first of December last, ready to have taken his sent in Congress had he been elected. Under these circum lances, il strikes u-, that a more reference to the files of the Smtnicl will furnish nil the information necessary on this subject. And, fur the double purpose, of doing neigh bor Stone a kindness, and at the same tunc absolving ourselves from the imputed "in gratitude" of "doubling" the fact that Mr. Van Ness is, actu.w.i.v, coming home, wc have quoted a few chapters nnd verses, which must put tho question :it rest forev er. Wc commence with the address of the convention which nominaied Mr. Van Ness in 103-1, as wc find it recorded in the Sentinel. "He is now on his return home fiom a foreign luission-nherc hchas concluded nn inipoilnnl lie.ily, ilul irflecis equal credil upon our Uotcriimciil ami us milliner." As this convention ivj composed almost entirely of ufiicc holders, this annunciation ought to have been treated as ofliciat, nnd considered satisfactory. Hut I hen, ns now, people would "surmi-o" and ask questions, nnd the Sentinel found it necessary to speak out : The return of Sin. Van Ness. Ii hn ofien lccn nrkcil, When wilt Mr. Van Ness rcliu nl I;or llie t--.iliir.icl ion of his fi ieinl iipnii lliis sulijc'M. tte ran ns.uro llioin, cxlr.ini ilin.ii.icd excepted, ho will bo in Veiniout in lljcmniM- of ti ueiks. Tlie liealy lictueeii lliis ami ilio SpniiMi (Totem incnl was sanctioned by llie on llip fird of Juno last, and iimncdijiely despatched lo ilio .Span-i-li Court fur ratification, by fioici uinoui. Tlie liealy probably niriifil at Mailt ill t lie first of July, so lliat at tlie'limo of penning lliis aiiicle, lie i' luoli.ililv li ilf iinosi llie A 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 -. 1 1 id iriiini in Vermont whliin a few ri k, i. he) mid all imci'linn; ' anil we intifl ircpiegi lit (Yirndi "lo gitp par lo no idle sin uiircs on llie fiiIiji rl, but loco ulic.iil ami bis election is safe. 1 J ih cinlias.v is nrroinplitlird mill lie Unn bis mum liome. Sentinel, of Au. UUit 8, 18J1. The election however passeu, and Mr. Van Ness was not elected, neither did he return from Spain; nnd tlio-sc of little faith began to doubt. Ilul these misgivings were measurably removed by the following nil thenlic intelligence from Franklin county, A correspondent of llie Si-ntinol of Sopt. 19, nficr assigning various reasons why Mr. Van Ness was not elected, concludes thus : And il was also reported lb il it wai doubtful whcllirr .Mr. Van Ness would icturn from Spain lliis fill, Sic. Ilul not-.- ilhst.inding all lliis, uml notwithstanding llie extraordinary -ffoi is ami peitetcranco of llie lun opposing candidates ami I licit' fiicmls, Mr. Van Ness bis leceited almnl as many ioips as .Mr. Allen and li. is left Mr. .Smilli in llie rear. And il is now- ascertained Mr Van Ne. has left Spain and will lie in Vcr i ixi n t toon, bis fiiemN in lliis pail nf ilu: ill arn aroiHpd fiom iliuir leih.irgy, and li ne brroinc laspireil uuli irnenril Zealand hope. It net ideal lull .Mr. Van INefs will ultimately lie tlectul Now u hoover expressed Ihcso doubts, t li cy were prcbably no belter than they tvcti; probably to bettor than they should bo ; nnd wo doubt not they felt cheap enough when they "ascertained" for a cor tnin'y, that Mr Van Ness ten coming home "s'lon." Ilul such is the depruvity of the liiiirini heart. This Mr. Cormn-in Iteport kepi his doubt i in circulation, nnd the pco plu fli.l inclined to believe him, till nt lungih, llie Seiuinol imt tho lollowing ex- tingu'Hicr upon him : Sir. Van Ness lefi Madrid on llie first ofAiiIiut for lliis I'ouiiliy. lie is ilailv expected by bis fi it-mls in the rily ol Kcw 1 oik. It li H olicn oecn nsseri' cd liv lii onnonents. that be will not relurn in sea son lo orrupy his scat should lie bo elected. Hut this Is the l.ingu igo of deception, 'l lieio sliould bo no lel.ixalion on the pai I of ihc fi lends of jlr. Van Ness and the democracy i;pnrr.illy. His pios nreis in c f.uirr than lliosc of cither tho niher ran diij.iles. lie lias 33 nies moio llian Jlr. Smilli, and onlvfiSO less than Mt. Allen. Sent, of Oc tober 21, 1S31. Again on tho "71 li of November, just be fore the second ballot, the Sentinel nssurcd us thai ho would "soon be here," and made llie following touching appeal in his behalf: lie seasonably nt Ilio polls lei not llir frowns of ll.u.k iiowcr delcr ou from an independent cx- cicitcofjour political ligbis. The prospect of clcrt imjj om rial mil anseiit incml is gocu. Jit te SUON 4c here will lake ou by lb- band and defend j our cause. You li ne ofien had bis suppoit in trWng limes jou will li.n e it again. i.el titgraMuue nctrruo laid tojour tnarge, Ilul all would not avail. "Doubts,'' "do. coptions," nnd "ingratitude" prevailed. Mr. Allen was elected, and many persons believed that Mr. Van Ness was even yet in Spain. We expressed on opinion like this ourselvcs--to which tho Sentinel re plied : I'raud urox the rsortn. Fret Vrtsi. It i cr.uelv asserted in the I'reo 1'iess. tint the putlinj; in nomination Mk. Van Ness for member of Longro's was an "pnlirc fiaud upon Ilio people." If I lie people nccr be subjecled lo a grosser fiaud than this, iboy have but linlc leason to complain. We he. elofoie said ilir. Van Ness would be back seasonably lo enter upon ilio duties of I lie office should ho be rleclcil. Time w ill show we w tie not mistaken. Tho people will picscntly deride which of llie two presses his practised the fraud upon them. We hate no apprehensions for the lesull. "The ciilpiit is often the most clamorous In pur suit." Sentinel, of Dec. 12. 1834. As to the fraud involved in the nomina tion of Mr. Vnn Ness, the pooplo must bo Ihcir own judges ; but should they so es teem it, wo see naughl bul they mubt grin and bear it, ns tho Sentinel is of opinion that they have no rcaton to complain. Uut whatever difference of opinion there may be as lo the moral cha.raclcr of this trans action, there can be no moro doubt nboul Mr. Van Ness' relurn, than there is about the authority above quoted ! And it is but justice to tho Sentinel hero to admit that we have never seen a lio moro uniformly nnd perscveringly persisted in than this. Indeed, it has been so ofien reiterated, that wo have little doubl tho cdilor nclually bo licves it himself. If others still doubt, they must pray for more faith; for wo very much doubt whether there are any now facts calculated to remove their unbelief. B:rVc fear that tho faithful in this dis trict, will not have even tho poor satisfac tion of voting for Mr. Van Ness's baggage, ns that was left in JVcio I'orA-, where he will undoubtedly tnko up his residence in case bo should over come home! The ha"- gage with which the editor of the Sentinel is so much elalod, belongs to Mr. Kmcart ! " A horse ! my kingdom for a horse!" Wc regret lo learn that tho bearers of the late cxprcst to Cambridge came near get ling themselves into difiiculiy. It seems that in the hurry of the occasion, ihcy mis took a tin pedlar's horse for their own, and never discovered the mistake till it was too late to reclify it. lirolher Jonathan having Inst a whole day's dicker by ibis operation, was, of course, very indignant. An uQicc has been offered to heal the matter, bul his ambition being of another cast, it wan de clined. And thus the matter rests. Wo can conceive of circumstances under which a man might be justified in taking his neighbor's horse without leave; bul wo very much doubt whether tho occasion al luded to would come under this head. Our advice to brother Stone is, to settle with the pedlar, and let him go about his btwi ncss. Our information from variuus parts of this district , highly gratifying. It loaves us no room to doubt of Mr Allen's rc-clec-lion by a larger majority than has been giv en to any individual in ibis district for ma ny years. Hundreds of Mr Allen's politi cal opponent, who would have casl their vntei fur nlinout any uf tho American can didates lalked of, express their determina tion never again to bo hum. bugged by a gentleman in Spain. We doubt nol tho concert this evening will prove that there arc bul few people in Burlington "fu for treason, blrnlagems, and spoils" according to Shakcspenr's estimate, Go nnd sec. To the Freemen of Chittenden County : Unity of fuilinj nnd haimony of action, Bats ii iliHiiiguithed aiulior, nie absolutely necessary in older lo perurc the ncpoinplisliinenl cf any gical "nail glorious object. The Antbrnasunic and tvliij par lies hate nomimalcd distinct and separate tickets for Sen uors. Why is lliis Ale they not in effect etiugljlin for llie s.iino objects contending for ilio same pimcipiesi I lien wliy tins division I Uan llie "nipiriuapy uf ilio laws" be moic effectually vindicated 1 Can cxceiiiiic abuse be inciosnrrps. fully restrninrd, and high-handed usurpation! moip assiduously resi.ledl Ccitainly nol. Union is slrengili ami willewi that union, j on iniglii as well altenipllo rlierk the piogicss of llie "IVinooski" with jour h imls.iis lo resisl ilio oterwhelining lor lent nf Van llurenism. The Vnu liuren parly fight fir spoils, nnd .villi I lio fciocily of llie half funnelled tiger, iiicy.iu.ii lowarm men- pipy, trampling eve iv lliiag under foot. I'lcciiiiii ofCliilicndcu Coun It! Have jou no public rpiiii 1 Arc jou tvillin; ...I.!..!...l I I.. .11.1. ...i . I... ,!, ir.rn Wlllllll WHICH IUMS 3 IJ II III l.lllglliigu IUU iiuiii lu inifiinderslood .Suffer not jourseltes lo bo bound baud and fuot nrise, heal all dissensions and clivi sions goto tlio ballot box and nobly suslnln lliosc pi inciplcs which nlono can gite peace nnd prosper, iiy to our once h ippy, but now distnibed Union. St. Geoiioe. CHAM) ISLE COUNTV WHIG CON VHNTI0N. A largo nnd rcspcctn'olo number of dele- gates from tho several towns, opposed lo tho election of Martin Van Uureii and 11. M. Johnson (Ule La Mott excepted) nssem bled at the Court House in North Hero, on the 15th July. Tho meeting wns called to order by Hector Adams, Iq. and on motion, tho lion, JOEL ALLEN was np pointed Chairman nnd F. Hazf.n, Sccreta On motion, n committee of two from ench town represented was appointed to present to the Convention some suitable person to represent the County in the Senate of this Stale, and tho following named gentlemen were appointed : Messrs. G. W. Good rich, Doct. Duller, Augustus Knight, Ja brz Lndd, Uonjnmin Griffith, Gary Whit ney, Calvin Fletcher and Alson London. Tho committee retired for n thort time, when tho Chairman of the committee, Cal vin Fletcher, reported tho name of HEC TOR ADAMS, Esq. which report wasac ceptcd and the nomination of Mr. Adams was confirmed by tho Convention without a dissenting voice. Wc omit that portion of tho proceed ings relating to llie local arrangements for tho election. footed, That the prccccdings of this Convention bo signed by tho President nnd Secretary and published in the Burlington Free Press, or so much of it as will give publicity to the nomination of HccTon An.tjts, Esq. Adjourned without day. JOEL ALLEN, President. F. Hazek, Secretary. Mn. Stacv I noticed in the Sentinel of week before last, nn nrlicle signed "Grand Isle County," casting reflections on tho Whig candidate for Senator in Grand Lie County, and tho manner in which tho nom ination was made. The writer of that ar ticle is known, and when his character rises above thai of the bruto creation, ho will be entitled to some notice. Bul perhaps the public may demand that some further notice should be taken of the article in question, and also the manner in which it appeared ; and the msnncr in which it has been received by the Van Burcn party nnd candidate for Senator in this county, de mand it. It was. fondly hoped (hut each parly would bo frco to select their own candidate without any interference of the other parly, and that the election would be conducted upon fair nnd honorable prin ciples ; but this hope has been blasted by the appearance of the article in the Vnn Burcn organ, and which is fondled and cherished by their candidate and party in thi.s county. Ten days have been suffered to pnss since tho appearance of tho slander, for tho purposo of giving Mr. Barnes and his supporters nn opportunity of condemn ing it, if they did not approve of it. But his hired man lias been seen peddling the papers that contnined it. There arc but two assertions in llie article in que.-tinn, that arc true, ono is, that Mr, Adams was nominated as a candidate for Senator by the Whig Convention in this county, and the other, I lint Isle Li Mott was not repro. scntcd in tho convention, (in consequence of the high winds rendering tho waters im passable on that day.) An incendiary is always the first one to cry "fire." Let us examine the nomination of Dr. Barnes, the Van Burcn candidate for Senator. No public notice was given that a convention was to be held for that purpose. Dr. Barnes repaired to North Hero on a military inns ter day, called a few of his patients into tho Court House, who forthwith appointed him chairman of the meeting. Dr. Barnes ap pointed his committee, and his committee in turn nominated him a candidate fur Sen ator, nnd therefore Dr. Barnes ordered his Secretary lo publish this fnrco in the Son tinel, as the spontaneous voice of the Van Huron parly; when it is well known, that, had tho whole county been fairly reprc scntcd, Judge John M. Sowlcs would have been selected as tho candidate. South He. ro was not represented at nil, nnd Alburgh wns roprcsonlcd only by two deputy Cus torn House officers under Col. Hyde, who is brother in-law to Dr. Barnes. Now under these circumstances, what chance was ihero fur tho nomination of any per son except I)r Barnes. In the Whig nomination, public notice wns given that n convention would bo held Tor Hint purpose; and four towns out of fivo in tho county were represented, and tho convention appointed n committee of two from each town to present a suitable person to he supported ns n candidate for Senator, which coinmilteo unanimously reported the name of Mr. Adnms which by the convention. It is true that fivo of iiiu cigiu eiwiiniuce were originally in fa vor ol another gentleman; bul upon con sultation, came lo Hie above conclusion. It is also true that Mr. Adams himself pre ferred the nomination ofanolhor gentleman, hut yielded lo tho voico of tho committee. Now let tho public iudirc who Was rnnst in. etrutuL'iilalin procuring Ins own nomination. lis Ilul..... St a 1 Dr Barnc3or Mr. Adam? 1 copic wholivo IU Fll IllUllllr3l,llJ il III. UU UII.IIIILU IU l'j . u.i.kb bolder-of lliirlinglon 1 It cannot be. There is n aniill nimii-tii-fvi.f.lliprn iccnmnlllln? In glas3 houses should never llirow stones. CAMion. North Hero, August, 103G. To my old friend Stacy, of the Burlington Free Press : What a liar "Grnnd Islo County" is, friend Slacy. I dont mean the county of Grand Islo, nor the people that livo in it, but tho man that calls himself "Grand Isle County," in the Sentinel of week beforo last. Now I know the man, nnd so far is ho from being the whole of Grand Islo County, hois but a mere drop in tho buck et, and it seems to bo a pity that ho was was ever dropped in the land of the living. His real name sounds more like a roaring beast, going up and down, seeking whom ho cant find nobody to cheat, than it docs liko "Grand Isle County." Now this man of the Sentinel is really nobody but n pet tifogging lawyer that came lo stay with us some two or three years ago, and is ns mad ns a henuvilh her head cut off because ho cant get any business. Our good pco pie made no business fur him, so ho resolved to kick up a dust nnd mako business for himself. The first dust he kicked up, he kicked an old woman nnd was fined four dollars and the costs for it, which mndc business enough for him for about three months. Ho next whipped up a dust, by whipping a female child, two and a half years old, till the poor creature's body was as black as his character, nnd he is now bound over to our next County Court to answer for it, and the child has a judgment against him for 45, damages nnd cost. This will probably make business for him a year or two more, nnd will entitle him to the "Knight of the whipping post," instead of "Grand Isle County." Now friend Sin. cy, if this dont set well on "Grnnd Islo County's" stomach, I should recommend him to call on Dr.Slcarns and get two box- e's of Leo's pills, and a bottle of Anderson's Cough Drops, and go over and vote for the lories, and his cure will be radical. Maj. Jack Downing, jn. Alburg, Aug, fl, 1036 Louisiana. The recent election in this Slate has resulted in tho re-election of the present members of Congress two whigs, and one Von Burcn man. Tho Lecislnturo is claimed by both parties; but wc think there is little doubt of a whig majority. This fact is of some importance now as a U. S. Senator is to be elected at the next session. North Carolina. The election in this Stntc is now in progress and tho canvass for Governor seems to bo conducted with much spirit on both sides. Gen. Dudlcv is llie whig candidate in opposition to tho present incumbent, Gov. Speight. Tho returns thus far received are not sufficient to warrant an opinion ns to the result thouch tho whin- papers sneak with irreat condcncc. Tho Raleigh Register holda this languogc : - - - - " . ,y- , VSMIVUI W I'fJUli, U 1 J in may boast nnd talk large, and 'whistle lo keep their courage up ;' but all will not do, hr will nnrndlv bn nle-nlnrl litr n Inn.lanmn majority. Gov. Speight, being tho incttm-i.-... i i i . . uL-iii, ui n.-uuivi' iniiiureus oi voieson mat account. But nil will not do. The 'hand writing is on the wall.' and lie is blinded by party who does not rightly interpret it." Another sign in the Kkv State. The Carlisle Republican, a leading and zealous Jackson paper, has taken bold ground against Van Burcn. The followitiT Is an extract from the article announcing that determination : "We have thrown ofTlhc collar of degra ding pnrly vassalage wo have huiqulv emerged from a state of worso than Egyp' tian darkness ond although wo still "ra. fess to bo a Democrat, wc swear never again to be a stave. The people and the press have too long been in a 6lato ol vas salage lo parly lenders to dishonest dem agogues who profess to love, merely to dupe nnd deceive them. They have attached too much consequence lo names, and too little to principles they have in their sub. serviency to men regarded too little their own dignity, the honor of their native State, and the substantial interests of their belov ed country. Wo have had our mouths muzzled and our tongues tied wo havo been obliged lo go with what is called 'the party,' right or wrong to Pwallow the most factious measures and support from time to time for office tho most corrupt nnd imbecile creatures, selected months before hand by party leaders, and laid beforo our Conventions lor their concurrence ; which it is worthy of remark is seldom, in such cases, withhold. Let others do as they pleaen, this is a state of things to which wo shall no longer submit. Wc wcro not born a dog that we should fawn and cringe nor less than man that wo pay adoration and homago to frail humanity. PRENTICEANA. Wc copy the folowinir tit-bits of humor. wit. and laconic argument, from a few of the latest received numbers of (hat invalu able paper, tho Louisville Journal. Pren tice's wit is inexhaustible, oven in hoi weather : There wns n report in our city on Sunday of the death of Col. R, M. Johnson It was without foundation. It originated wo understand with n gentleman who camo through the Great Crossings, nnd was sur prised lo 6oo tbo Colonel's family all in black. A fellow in Ohio who was recently la ken up by I ho Tories as n testifyor ngainst Gen. Harrison, has tun away, nnd nobody has been ablo to catch him. Isn't he a "swift witness." There U n lottery scheme in Tennesson, which enumerates among Iho prizes lobe drawn for, "a brick houso, steamboat, negro girl Ilcbcccn, sorrel mare, and yellow girl Matilda. Tho Memphis Inquirer says that a package of tho tickets has been purchased by Cot, Jnhmon- Wc have no doubt of it. Vho knows but Rebecca and Matilda arc destined lo be mothers to Iho future slayers offuturo Tccuinschs i "Our daily paper sinks us $50 per day." iyamnglon Utouc. Wo long ago discovered that the Globo was daily making a sink of itself. "Mr Van Burcn ond Col. Johnson have no fellowship with political puritans and blark legs. Eastern Sentinel. How long since Col. Johnson conceived a dislike towards black legs ? Tho editor of the N. Y. Jefiorsonian asks whether the Whigs mean lo buy him Certainly, sir, here is a four-pence give us the change. The Whigs may trim their sails, tack ship nnd manoeuvre us much ns thev nleasc. they will not get to windtvnrd of tho nd- mtnislration. Northern Argus. Wo shall certainly insist on getting and keeping to the windward of the next admin istration, ifCol. Johnson and his family arc connected with tho concern. The editor of tho EaUcrn Democrat puts a uozon Raucy questions to us, nnu con cludes with calling us "a brandy barrel." If ho has that opinion of us, no wonder ho is so fond of pumping us. Isaac Hill, in his New Hampshire Pat riot, calls Miss Reed, the conductress of a ladies' paper nt the cast, his "Filler of tho quill." Isaac's sisters of tho quill are very difTerctJt creatures from Miss Reed. Flocks ofihcm may occasionally bo heard gabbling in (he creek. Tho Globe calls some of the members of Iho United Stales Senalc, "debtors lo the Bank oflho United States." How long would thev continue debtors tn that insiC tulinn, if, like the editor nf the fJlobe, they could manage to pay offg22,000 with g!50 . Mr J. Shucking, of tho Northampton Times, says "the Whigs arc tugging like infuriated fiends nt tho sacred" pillars of human liberty." Oh, Shocking ! A Mr. Bently has been indicted in Ala bamy for striking and severely wounding a stranger with an axe. Ho gives as a rea son for the deed that he didn't know but tho stranger was a robber. He didn't know, and so ho axed him. Mr Joseph Mondey was recently indicted in Illinois, for ssault and battery. He wen' to n tavern and on being required lo settle his score, ho kicked the Inndlord, Bill Sim mons. That, we suppose, was what he called footing the Dill. g35,000,000.-Thc nppropriatinni made at Iho late session of Congress, for Hip sup port of government for the year 1030, n mount to thirty five millions of dollars! Who Could hnvn nntifinMnd, ago, (hat he would lave lived to see the uay wiicii uie expenses ol Hits government in time of peace would amount to tho enor mous sum of thirty five millions nf dollars! Eight years ago John Quincy Adams' ad ministration was flnnniinnml mi tint nmennl ruling party, for Ihe crime of extravagance, and this was one of the grounds upon which that administration was overturned. Yet the expenses of John Quincy Adams' ad ministration averaged about twelve millions of dollars per annum, about ono third oflhe proposed expenditures of 1030, under Ihe present economical ndminiMration. A committee of retrenchment was got up in Mr Adams' time of which C. C. Cnmbre lcng,the present chairman of llie committee of ways nnd means, was a member, and tin committee made a voluminous report on the extravagance of an administration, which expended twelve millions of dollars a year! They recommended iho lopping ofi'nf sun dry offices, by way of promoting economy yet this retrenching party is now in pow er expending nearly three tune the amount which was expended in Mr Adams' tune, and offices of nil kinds are enormouily in creased. No committee nf retrenchment is now appointed, no inquiry of any kind is permitted to bc-instituted inth the gross, palpable and enormous abuses of the day. Every attempt to inquire into these abuses, i steadily opposed by the parly in power, who in this as in every thing else, have violated every promise'and profession by which they deluded tho people and gained Ihcir present baneful ascendancy. Dela ware J,mt nal. A gentleman in Cincinnati writes to tho Portland Advertiser as follows: "There is one fact I hat I think nil who have ony knowledge of Gen. Harrison, will admit, and that is, that he is in every re spect, n superior man lo General Jackson having more honesty, moro intellect, and better political principles. James Mon roe was not superior in any respect to Gen. Harrison. In fact he had not the mind of Gen. Harrison, nnd I do nssure you but few men have. I have had the honor of the General's acquaintance, for many vears, and I know him to bo a very superior" man. Ho is courteous nnd gcntlcmanlv in In; inmiiiuiB. inui ns.cntaiinus or proud. Libernl nnd generous lo n fault. The poor and afflicted always find him their friend, they ore never turned irom his door. Would to God every voter in tho.Union knew Gen. Harrison, as I know him. If they did, ho Would be clcctml lw nrnlim.i;,.., n - "J .-MiB.iiuimn. 41l3 y just Iho man the people want at Washing- uii. iu uicar oui mo nun auii corruption that now exists.lhere. If ho loves one vir tue more than another, it is strict uncom promising hunor and honesty. If elected lie serves but ono term. Around him ho will call the best men in the Union, and I havo full faith that tho Government will be administered more to the satisfaction ofthe whole country, than it has been since the days of Washington. Foreign. Tho last arrival at N. York brings English dates lo tho 29th June u.nj ii-iii in loiurcsi is tue account or another attempt upon tho lile or Louis l III IO. The follnwinrr nrn ll.n nn.i:..l... as given in iho Courier Francaiso of Hip 20lh: l.utctcning, about G o'clock, n new nlicmpt) was made upon the Klng'n life, which fortunately proved nj unsuccessful ni the former. Juit m hii Majesty had entered his carriage, to return to Neullly, nnd wa p iMin? under (lie gateway lead ing in the Quay, u jounj man tvlio had placed himself on the side oppoitc lo oflhe National (iii.ird, lificd up n cane, in tthicli n pistol barrel bad been fiVd, placed It on llie carriage door, and fired il nt the King. I.nuij I'liillippe was that moment bowing lo ilio National (iitard-i llirongli t lio other window. Whether llie nsasiu felt agitaied, or, n ia dated, tvns pushed while engaged in taking nim, the ball did not touch I he King, who immediately nfier llie explosion, m ule n tigu that ho was not wounded, nml ordered Ihe coarh to drive on lo Neuilly. Die King tvns Willi llie Queen, and his sisier Alndamc Adelaide, nnd a detachment of dragoons eicorled lb") carriage. On hcai ing the repoi I llie National Guard rushed upon him tthilc he held the weapon In Ilia hand. A poignant tvns found in liij pocket, lie refused lo loll his name. Afier he was recognized by the b) glanders, he gave the name of Alibead. He did not lepent of bij crime, and was not in the least ngllalcd, nnd gavons n reason fur missing his nim, that some one pushed his iirm. After exaniin. at Ion he was imprisoned in Ihe loom lately occupied by l-'iesclii. He was dressed in n neal frock coat ; Ins shirt was dirty nnd iu rags nnd he was without stockings. In llie evening nil the Ministers, Peers, and Deputies present in Paris went out lo Neuillv lo congratulate til's King on his escape. The Queen took Irom Ins hair some ol Ilu wadding that had lodged therein. All the Paris paper except Le National condemn llie assassin. The Kinz ttns nn his wav lo Neuitlv. nnd In stead of Fioniiing at llie Tuilleriei. nfier liicalicmnt on his life, procetdo I on his journey, where his I. unity weic in waiting lo receive mm, ignorant 01 the danger lie had p.e,iped, when nn affecting inter view took place. Ilis palace was ihronged wilts foreign Miui'ierd, ttho were- anxious to congrat ulate him on his epapc. The Chamber of Peers was instantly convoked, nnd llie Dnkcs of Orleans and Nemours were sum moned lo I'aiij by lelegraph, while on their return from l.ombiidy. J licic is no oilier news ol interest. Thn Cnnnnrlniirnn f? nnnsitnrir nnnnnnMna ...w. U....U w hvco the death at that place of Jarnes Parish, En. u;iu inu m mn oi luiilllllic inci dents. An emigrant with his parents from Connecticut, lo Luzerne county, Pennsyl. vnnia. lie tvns rantnrpd i.i 1770 nt iI.a n of 1 1, by a parly of Dela wares, a few days after the mas?acrt' nf Wvnmin.nnrl ramnin. , . , J pr"""iiiii- cd a prisoner among the six tribes for seven years, acquiring ineir language perfectly, and also their manner nnd n-piiirod Inm. spiI upon his mind at Hint early period, cas ny recugiiizauit! in inoso wno Knew dim in after life, nnd wcro familiar with the pecul iarities of llir. In, Inn elmrllnlKr. Tin ,..-o released at Fort Stanwix (now Romol in I rt . CI , . i- . , rr. .... i iii-i, opeamng nive iniiercnl Indian Ian crunrrcs. ho was annointpil Ininmroior nn.l Sub ngent under Washington, nnd so con tinued for 30 years. He thus turned his former misfortunes to a nrnfitnhln n ffiiii n I nnd has left behind him not only a fortune,' jut an unuicimsneu rcnutnlion, to bo cher ished by n numerous family who deplore his IUSP. Ancient Families. A rnrrpannmlnnl nf the United Slates Gazette, writing from Dorchester, speaks ofthe tanning establish ment of our venerable fellow-citizen Dea con Humphreys, of whom it is a little re markable, that lip fhllmuj lhni,mnn...i..- lion which has been foHowcd by six gener ations of his direct ancestors before him, sinco the arrival nfllio flri In im-r. it,.. is, for 199 years, nnd upon the same spot, ur vury nrnriy mo same, wiitcli was useu by nil ofthe scrio. Some ofthe pita du" I... ,u ..i .... 1 . uy mi.- luminal Fi'uiur are sun sound. The son of the old gentleman is now the manager ofthe business, and the grandson, tve believe, is beinrr initialed into iho mn leries ofthe same. The former is of tho seventh generation, of course; nml now uiai wo are nmnng trilles and personalities, -which nro notorious enough, to bo sure, in tho region round nbout it will do per- han to add the ciretimstnnpp. Ihnl l tin Inrl,. of this gentleman, not long i-incc married, is one oi tno seventh succession, in like manner, from the first Dorchester settler of her own name, nnd that hpr linnn 1 minininn have also been the constant occupants of ihe estate selected by him, down to the present time. In sueb n rpsllp-ia nnd ocor changing population as ours is, these cases uru mn so irequeiit ns a Inremger miht iiiiuyiuu uiuy uillliu Ol'. OSt. Alias Intemperance. Ihe Parent of Murder The murders, (iiicIiiiIiiil' suicides and mur. der by duelling) that are fruits of intemper ance, constitute far tlio greater portion of those who stain Ihe records of tho judicial or private history of society. Tho brutal quarrels which end in Hie immediate death of one or both ofthe parlies; the polite uiiiurcnccs tiiat are icrininaicu in olnou by the sword or pi.-lol; the female victims) that are sacrificed by drunken husbands, and who sink under violence more barbar ous than Iho ferocious Foldicr pepetrates, when in the career of a glorious victory he sacks a city ; or the wives who perish sor rowing uy tho flow lorttire of disappointed hope ; t he deadly blow inflicted bv iealousv stimulated to madness by the enticinir .1 I.. . .!. - - ! . . , , . " ii r u ii ii i. -, inu sun oiuruer commiucu Under the immediate influence of alchohol; or tho deliberate suicidal daslnrdly crime which is weeks, and months, nnd years in the ac complishing nil belong to the same family, nnd fill the greater pari of the history of guilt. The last siit'cnnmi nf Ynnbp initsniiliu I . - . . ........ wo have lipnrd nf ia i m nnn n.!i,i i... .k- venders of smrilH in rnrinin i,,,..n rri i,4 Island where it is prohibited. In public houses, along tho shelves arranged for tho glasses, are lound, over a particular glass Iho words ''Ask; and you shall receive." These magic words pronounced, and tho charm made more strong by money and tho us,e ofthe words "Gin" or "Brandy." tho shelf revolves nnd n glass of the required "critlur" stands before you. All this is ef. fected without any apparent human acen cy. For Sale. a iionsR ,,,! ,, . i i . c tre oi land, with a wood shed, barn, a oiigoou orciiaru and well of water ESJUikftsltU&tpd on llmn-Ll.nni ' ii-ci, vvunin a quarter of a mile of die Lake. Posses, sion given thoSisl oPnext April. Terms very reasonable and inado known at G Marsh's Office. A. JOSEPH ' litirlington, Aug. 9, 183(5. 4w 500 Spanish Leeches of a late importation, by a. J.fc J. II. PECK & CO.

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