Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, August 26, 1836, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated August 26, 1836 Page 2
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P II 1 1) A V M O II N I N 0, A U C. U S T 20, PXJOPijTJ' V7a 3IZ 2V. vol rnr.siUKST WI, iff. SffAEiftlSON. run vicr. r h i:snr. st FRANCIS CU.YttC'Kl. run (lOVl.tlNOK I.IKUr. liOVI.'ltNOU DAVID 31. CAM I', of Doiby. I'.ir. TRKAtOllKU AUG UST1N I'j CI,AUKi:. SKf..irOliS roll CtllTn.NllKN Cotl.MV. JOHN VAN SH'KI.KK, .Til. JiAititv i i.i,:: life- r. N A T 0 It roil OltANII I3f,l". cou.ntv, IIKGTOI. ADAMS. roil HOIS'. EaBBS&W AftTSST. The Litk Ili.KcrioNs. The accounts from all parts nf the ciu ilry, so for as re ceived, nro of the tn is' cheering cliarJdur it will lie soon tli it. there is really a re deeming spirit in t hu people, ami llioy nro nl Indt "coming to Ilia rescue." Tlio So'Uh lias pp ikon in language nit to bo misunderstood, that her 8i!fi'jrag,8 will never bo given to Martin Van Huron. Anil the West Willi a clnractori-lic bbldn"ss and energy, Ins iriumplnn'ly proclaimed that to her own "favorite sri," IIinni'ON', will etio confi lo the destinies of ibis great na tion. If it ho true lint "cnm'n? events cast their shad iwi bforc," t lion have I tic whig? oflho Northern ami Middle States every thing to clioor llioni on lo greater and still greater evertion in the coining conflict Let tlicra follow the example so nobly set by their friends of the S mi li nnd West and the hopes of "t'gi reirhing liaekinghain" will bo forever prostrated the country will bj disenthralled from the gripe of the hnng-y leeches win arc now preying upon its vital, and Ihe itdiirni-lrntiuii of the government again brought back to that s und and healthy slate which can alone preserve and porpetu Uo its existence. Our information, b i'Ii public and priva'e, from various puts ofihc Slite is such as to leave us no doubt of I he s iitovS of the Jr.v jvhon utid Camp ticket by a triumphant vote. To ensure this, however, it is im pirtaut tint every voter s-houUI be awake to the impirlancc of the subject, and real ize that he Im an indivul nl interest, in the in liter an individual do'y to perfonn.nsile from thai of merely giing to the polls. There ii no individual, however humble, but what is capable of oxorl mg an influence 1 1 his town or ncighb irlnnd, and ho is un der solemn obligation to make that influ ence fell in support of c-irrccl principles. lie is not at liberty to lie passive. The ub- ligation is imperative. County committees shinld be vigilant, ami sec lint the severnl lowns ara well supplied with voles. Much depends on this. Where piintcd vote-' are ucd, few persons will take the trouble lo urilc.nnd hundreds ol votes have been lo-d to l he Whig cause for want of seasonable nltcntion to this subject. Vekmont Wc Ii.ivr ircciicd ilio (hit number of n now piper published ,il .U.iiicIicf- icr. It is a spoiled little sheet, audioes licit l and li in I fur llanison and Granger. Sateen lo ii, Tlio fjllmiig uriic'o liie.nlifs iln lriiespiiit. Firemen of Vci mom ! .Sons of lire iriolntioinry J'llliers ! Vuii occupy n piou.l sund in the nation, Tlio billows ol't'oi i njiiioii luio fished innr innim tains un I threatened lo iiiun late jour inll.-?, Inn our loi ii p.iliiiilicin lolled tliein Ii.icL I'.tc. liniii.-IF, 0 mil Aliro.ul. li ne ninibiiied uilh ileni i. K'ljiycs ami npo-tiilcs nl Inimc, in t It tin jolt In tlio Mr of Unit n iiml die tii'jjuncy ; but ma hale I not linn nionr u iiieiple. A despeMle and ijiii j film I is null ni.ikiiiiu ilntcjnn ft am niir i-tniii hold', lo mi leiininn jour sirred hh'ilios, it id in iku ion tin- liiinililc sLnrs of u man, ulu neuiilid n nolili! act ; ,ini! uhn."o iilinle, life h.i men ili.ii.iriciiyi-d hy deception, tihin'ni', iiihI in incite: ultotispa lite tmii't'a of jour (iijieruinenl I" imiicIi.ish p.iui. tn; an I ilia euiolunientJ of oflii-e i'i lee.l I I. lllin t liu-l nl I'.nujiie. Vule f lloi 111. ill fti-iiiui liis atlliuieifntri ,ind the priilo if jr.tir tit itc i l.itniflifil. Her ox.ilioil cli u.iricr ii KniiH fniricr. Voti uill be ill limit lo fiction, nnd identified uitli con uptiou, Van litirciiifin und ei-nciy. i i. j.xprcst. I nr. ArrnoAciiixc ii ci ion. IVo Impjn to leatn ill ii ilic intelligent, die ineniriiitible, mid ilio ii.U i iutie I'i (tint n of Veriuotit tire In Ii? ilined. ul'eil and liiiniliiijgpil by the po.npuiK at ir(jcr.ilie lluieu junto, Our iii('oin,.iiioii fiom utmost 1 1'ieri p.ut of tlio Stale us o a lory ihireienl 'iiiii'lu-iiin. 'I'Iid Whig mid Aiiliiiii'iinic p.ipeis from ilitTeren; fpctiona giiciliu iiuji llittcrinj ne- count,! in to 1I113 'Tio-perl Itloe lu " l.idi'.id n.iU and loners fiom oilier p.irn and near Ii mio tell us lli it noiliiiig i u .uiiiiii; but the altriitiw of ilie licpiiicn in ilie polN to iiiMiie in .i n,nt iiiuniplimit lielory. llenre, I lie t,ne ml our lelloiv tiiiem lllin once lo lie mindful of (lie ineslini ililu ii,iit of ilie electiie fiandii-p. IYr iliia, it i iloublv important. In addition In tlio niiliii uy liiistnesj o"f iliu piiaiiino te.-tion of our LegirLiluie, there is our I'lo'.i of Ilio turpluj ipyenuo to lie ilispn-i. d nf, ,i. inouniinj. piul ililv, In mil Ipm lli.oi I'lVi: HUN. DUUDTIIOUrfANl) DOI.t.Mt.SS-iindii Hpii. ntor In elect for L'uiiiiPM for ix ) Will a iii'4le iilio ipj;.iiiU nur ciiil priiilpgp iionli a I'lipppr, und thu i'cuni.iiy inleicslj of "he Sl.ito of any cuiircqnenci1, til duun ,un f,l, liU nrnn ami .iy lo lum-ell, "my nic p.m ho of litilu rnii ipiicp in the ili'rtinu, it wrnu in iko hul oiif dilTu eueo !" If llieio me .my rucli, iliey uugtii iu iloomcd to lli rh.iiiH i'f t neiy. ripciiipii, go n promptly In ilie'pnlln as jou Mould ill forth lo Li i 1 1 If, ueie your hcloied I'Otniliv iui.i. lied by a nillilefs and annoyiun' piicmy , tin your "Illy, mid ii hen the hitllc inner if jnu do not come 41II conrpieiora ind eoier )our.eliP' v i;h yloiv, tell us uc li ne decciied )ou. llullund Jlcrulil. SrArK i:r.i:cTiox. Dining iliu List uppk, uc li lie h ul an npporliiuily of mnviMiig iiilh indiiid. n.lls finui diOeicit p.irln of the .Sl.ile uho ,nc nell i rr. i'j in iu Ii I !-.. I iju., und in uliocc opinion ,c pl.iro conliileuce. Nutivilli-tundiug the hi.i tatlu of ilio Van Ituicn piinlK, the iiifoiin.iiion uc (let fiom i icrv tout ic, anil the rigii) of ilie pnlitici Jioiit'in, (uitlfitn U3 in thu Ulicf that ritt.AS II, .1 cnnMon ii ill be plertpd Gnicrnor by llu people; ' an I ih H, Inn, li) n he.ny iniloiily, Thuptibhc in'n I ii getling i. inn upon ilia nibj-ct, nTi 1-lli'e iihiile Snile liekpt rerun Id innel ilio nppi obalinn of I lie fi lend' iifpi' i iiiun in einij tpi liter. The null' c undid ii" iippo'ed (n I'niinor ,leiiiiiiin, i Willi.ini 0.'ey. a Inner and nn if theio i-i one in the "til.ite, lie ran Ii ndly icecim ihe'iippnl of Ids nun p.uly. The Van lluren iiiiliin irniH h ne been tin. ippnin'cil in their pxpec t.itiiMn und do not leceiic i lie iiriniin illon of .Mr. lira llev h ith any ileijire. of roidi.tliiy. Il is ex petted "th il thi')"u ill lotc fir our r.indid Uo icry Sener.llly, indeed tiiey nMt do so In lie rnnllcnl, A h ileier in iv bp. their feelinj tihout iho I'lP'i ihuiey. lliey mini, ihi-y uill i .illy upon iho A mini i -mil It: Hl.itc liiiniiu.itinu. Whllo lie arc thin rnitfi. dent oftiieccs, lei not the fippincn fleep inv.iy iheir lime bel veen ibis tind cleclinn. Let llieui Like not In eel iho iirIiI kin I of town iepie..enl,itiie.. Wp f limitil not be H.ili.'finl uilh n meio lielni), ll (h mid bsfucli nil one ih will lell the world llnl Vprnioul fl.iudj upright upon iho bro id found, ilinn of her iineient fiiih. At tlio election dram, eiery in in fh mid bo In his pn( , and fee lb il ihin!" air ip uly for iho rnmumin ition po ileioully to bo uislted, iiud to confi lently pspected.-J'fojit's IV. Tlio Van Huron loaders h ivo recently been stirring up their subjects in this State by means of a circular sent into cvory school district, signed by Human Lowry, directing Iho modo of tlio cunp'iign, and calling upm Iho fjitbful to meet in thoir rcspcclivo towns on a given day for Iho purposo of recoiving instruc tion'. Tlio mooting in this town was hold list evening at liishop's. This is a part of the groat Van Huron Central System, by which all elections aro hereafter to bo settled nl Washington and Albany. Gr.-rriso niniiT again. Our friend NichoK of the 'IJraltlebnro I'hronix,' i' ha been feared, was getting on the wrong side of our political controversy, but those tears were probably without any great foundation. lie uuderlojk, what is very natural for a pretty clever fellow to be re markable civil lo the Iloroitcs but found that crying 'good Lird' and 'good Devil,' would not gn il (juilc 03 well as was pro bably expected. Hence, lie has hoisted the IIariu-ov nnd (Juanoeii Flag, nnd foetus lo b" driving ahead in good earnest. llutltml Herald. Vr.nirAs. One of the scriblors for the Sentinel, who in IOjI deceived and hum bugged the people in regard lo Mr. Van Ness' return, seem? to have b Jen frightened almost out of his propriety by our merely alluding to tlio subject and n-iutiim a few of his paragraphs from tin Sjiitincl lo prove that Mr Van Ness juis coining home two vcars ago. 11 was certainly very lar from our iiiten'ion to disturb the quiet in. significance ufthe individual alluded to, or lo add nnolli'er pang to his stricken con science. This however, we have unwit tingly done, and we regret to learn that since the publication of that article ho has hardly had an hour's rjttiet.bnt in visions of the night Ins bion continually haunted by ghosts and spectres dire, until with guilty Clarence he is rra ly to exclaim "O.I hue pi'Vd a miserable n'ghli .So full nf feu fill dieanu, of ujly pighls,, as I iima Chri'tian faithful mm, I would not pcnd another such a night, 'i hou?h 'meio (o buy a world of h.ippy il iys: So terror tlio lime." Mcllioiight, a legion of foul fieniN Kmirou'd mo, an I honied in mine ears .S'tich hideous rries, tint, uilh iho irry noi.-o, I irrnililiii' uak'd, and, for n tc.ijon after, ("no Id not bclicio liul th it I was in hell ; .S'ucli icrtiblo iiiiptcst'wns male iny dicutii, Distressing a? this sta'c of minJ must be wc have only to ndd, in the language of the field preacher, "groan, sinner, groan." The Wanui'.risg 1'ii'cn honared in with a visit on Monday, nnd performed in the evening lo a very respectable audience.--He spent several hours with us during hi s'ay in tow.i, nnd wo were graiifi.'tl to find tilni altogether the getrleman, in'elligcnl, and communicative. O.i his return from Mon'pclier, he is to stari fjr St. Louis--will spend the winler tit the West, nnd leave lb ! country in Much. It eeems that he has bestowed for clnritahlu purpisesin this ciuntry about JoOOO, which h" hopes to swell to 10 000, being Ilie nm unit bestow ed in Great Uritain and Ireland. Of the object of his mission (if any h? ha, cxcepl that of helping hiuiioll" and tlmg good to other-) we are ofc ui'so entirely uninform ed, except so fir ns it tiny bo inferred from the following negative information contain cd in his circular of last year. I neicr announced myself fir any thing more than Mr. i'lu nl iho U'.indei ing I'ipcr. I deny hiving tin iiie.-enl,tr.nellni' in I'lnnee. nrtinv illicit" pl.-e; my inioiun i rolely connected uilh iho U. S. of AiiiPiici,O.ISriiniivin I IipI.iiiiIj llieio in o niimeinii'i u.igers ppinling on tlio i-.-iic ol inm animus und'i l.ikmg, u ilh uhieli, I tun not in the le nt t oncpi nod is trim, and dial th" Inppiiiivj of my lnv i em. lining tl.i),", depetidj inurli on the man. ner in uhieli ihe ni.iner th.ill tcriuiiMIe, is liken i.'O Hue: ei, them h h not licen th l lean hint git en lo I lie ptihlie.hoM' they could tcnc inc. An cxpl in it ion thill bo giieu licfiic I lake my ib'p.ittuio for Imropc. Anotiikii Krr.i:5s man ttavolling in great haste in tho direction nfC unbridgo Iho other day, was arrested in this town, on sus picion of having taken a horse, (probably a pod lor',) without loavo. Ho prolosted, urged the importance of UU mission, und said bo had scon "baggage" nil along shoto. liut the. Spanish nows being rather uiicurrent now.a-days, ho was hoot to jail, and it is feared that his "cako will bo dough." war unur 10 imsin ine nentiuci in prov ing certain nutters touching Mr Van Ness", return, iccuis not to have been well rcceiv cd by n ccrlaiu scribbling lawyer, who ! . .. .1 C - . iiisiuuu iii iiiiswuriiig our arguments or disproving our l.icls, Ims veulcd himself in n column of tplecn against us personally thus hoping to divert public attention from Ins own moral deformily. This is vcrv much in character ; but ii will not avail. I ho farm.'iti of this District mctiMirc the depravity of Iho Irnn-ar.tion by another I standard, according to which Mr "Vorilus" will find himself deficient at least n Peck in a bushel. AT It was the opinion of some great man that ' fat tleok headed" enemies wore la's dangerous than those of the lean and hun gry cal and it is probably under Ihis im prcs-ioii that '"Veritas" has taken so much pains in the last Sentinel lo notify the public that our corporeal dimensions are jomctcW less than thoc of neighbor Mench-all which is most true. And,admitling the premise?, wc certainly find no occasion to troubleotir readers with even an allusion to an individ ual who would be very accurately persona ted by a well stuffed sausage, surmounted with a roasted npptc. Fit si Congressional District. Tlio democrats of this dlslricl, nominated John S. Uoiiin son, r.fip ofllcnninglnu, ih a r.indid.uc for Con cress, in opposition to .Mr. Hall, tlio present mem ber. Tlio nomin ition H a good one, nnd strong hopes mo entertained of Mr. It.'s election. Sent. "The '!iope3' of the wicked perish". Htlaml Hill will bj tdcclcd from the first district. The last received Globo is silent nbout Iho elections. The Globe usually brings ui the earliest news, when it is favorable to its cause. Its silence is rather ominous. FROM TI1K SOUTH AND WEST. Nonni Catiomna. It is with nnniing led motions of pleasure and delight that wo announce the following oi.onioos .news from North Carolina. Prow the N. Voik Kiening Sinrof Saturday, oi.oiimus unsuLT nuni.nv cixcrnn Wo underslpiid, from n gentleman who left Raleigh on M outlay evening, and who arrived in advance of the mail, that on Monday evjning.retnrns had been received from "7 counties in addition to those al ready received, which gave Dudley, tho Whig candidate for Governor, n majority nf nearly Ihrcc Ihousiml voles. The coun ties yet to be heard from will increase tho majority, 'i'ho Van Huron party had given up all hope ofclcctiug Spiight.bitt claimed a majority in Iho House of Commons, whilst the Whigs felt confident of success there also. Two stages filled with whiirs came into Grcenbnrnugh on Tuesday, hiv ing Hags lying in honor ol the victory, Wo believe all these particulars can be re lied upon. It will not bo forgotten that in 1 1i32 llicrc were polled for Gen, Jackson in that Slate, 2-1,072 votes, and lor the opposition, only 1,503, giving Iho former n majority of CO,. 290 votes ! Now, when Mr Van Boron corncs into the field, the majority is revers ed, the Whig cause is 'triumphant, and the Kinderhonk jockey is distanced. Tho Richmond Inquirer admits that the Whigs have carried tho Legislature and by pu'ting this and that together, we infer that they have carried all. 7'ioo days Liter We la-t evening saw and conversed with a gentleman who left Halifax, N. C. on Wednesday last. At that time returns had reached that place from forty three counties. Dudley ton five I'lousunil ahsnd. The Legislature stood Fifty -Six Whigs. Forty five Van lluren. All hail, Nurth Carolina '. Phil. Lxq. A t.AiiAM v. The Mobile Mercantile Ad. vertiscr of tho O h inst. says, in regard to the iatc election, of which it contains some further items: "Wc hope nnd believe that Van Rurenism has now received its quietus in Alabama. It is a plant not congenial nt nil to the soil. In this county, it his been torn up root and branch. Colonel liatcs received three nnd General Everett two vitesio Mr Raven's one. Si much for Van Ilureni-m in Mobile city and county." 'I'ho New York Journal of Commerce, a Van Huron pap?r, udinits that the returns from Alabama, "as f u as received, nro f;i vorable to the Whig parly." li'MAN.t. As fur as heard from, there are elected 27 Harrison Representative?, and 5 Van Iiurcn 7 Harrison Senators and 1 Van Huron. Kkntuckv. The Lexington and Liuis. vlllo papers received yesterday, bring us returns of the votes for Governor in -13 counties in Kentucky Clarke, 21,033 l'loiirnoy, ICC79. Majority for Clarke, 7101. The legislature, bo far ns heard from, stands, Whigs .13 Vanilcs 21. A in ing the members chosen, we observe tho names of Judge Letcher, David Trimble, and Henry Daniel, well known ns distin guished members of Cjngress in former days. John Tope w.i3 n candidato and beaten. Missouri. Wo have but few returns, hut enough to satisfy us of tho triumphant election of Gen. Aihlcy, tho independent candinalc for Givemor. In St. Louis county nlotio he received n majority of 750 voles over Mr Hoggs, the Van Iiurcn can didate. The utter djspair of tho Van Hurenites, by the appalling intelligence from this slate, may he judged of by tho following extract ofa letter Irom thence, dated St. Louis, Aug. .ith, io tho 1'ieschi of the Globe : '"The way Ashley runs it 'beats tho Jews.' There is no accounting for il." Another remark of this letter wriier, who is a con genial spirit with lllnir, says. Tho pat rouugu ofthu General Government has not been ucJ to biistain thu republican parly as far ns wo have u right to expect, no: so far as the opposition give credit for." Q,ui:uu consolation. -An Alabama Van Huron newspaper consoles itself for defeat in tho following ingenious manner : "We nro by nn means dispirited. Our opponents wore beaten in 1 13 t nnd lOJ'i rurthnr than we nro in 1030. Wo conn dentlv look forward In thn next contest for a different result. Tlio Presidential elec tion will then have passed nway." CT When wo hear eood nnd true Whigs pay " What can wo do in Ih) coming clec lion I fear Van Huron h too strong for us" the answer should be, "Do your duty ex nrt yourself, go to the Polls and vote, nnd leave tho rest lo Providence and n good caiHC." Timid politicians arc dead weighls on the republic. When (Jen. Urown nskod Col. Miller whether Im could carry n strong fortress by storm, hi nnswnr wns, " will try. Sir."" Tint is nil that is wanting j try and defeat Van Huron, and ho i defeated j never despair never give up never allow tho vain boasting of vnur adversaries to shako vnu from tho lino of your duty. If we were to believe what tho army ofodico holders tell us, Harrison would not get n single state in tho Union. Now wo say distinctly nnd unequivocally, Van Iiurcn cnnnol be elected. Ho had gained all up lo August that he could possibly gain ; from that period to November next, ho low ho goes down. Tho recent elections in Ken tucky, Indiana. North Carolina. Louisiana, Alabama and Missouri sufficiently indicate the impossibility of Air Van Huron's receiv ing the voles ol the South and West. Sime of his friontls still, however, claim for his Mippirt Virginia nnd Pennsylvania. The Slntcs of Oliio, North Carolina, Kentucky, Tenncsscoe, Massachusels, South Carolina, Georgia, Maryland, Indiana, Alabama, Vermont, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Delaware and Arkansas, which will aU go for Harrison, makes n majority againn Van lluren, cxelutive of Pennsylvania or Virgin ia, fourteen although wo consider Virginia safe, and Pennsylvania sure. JV. I'. Star. Our lukewarm politicians, the waiters upin Providence, who have boon lamenting over the inevitable ruin of our country, and yet r 'fused to net like men nnd freemen to recover t riot r rights, are now nobly relitiUcu by the eflorts and the glorious triumph of the North Carolina Wings. Had tliev too 1 folded l heir hands, and given up all for lost without n struggle, ruthless proscription and party violence, would have itill con tinned their sway in that portion of our land. Hut unintimidated by power, uinwed by menace, uncnrriipted by the spoils, the gal lon! sons nf North Carolina have rushed gallantly to tho field, and with upwards of 15,000 majority agiinst them, nothing daunted, contended hand to hand, and glo riously conquered the enemy. Alb. Ado. The Rkpuolican Pautv. It is well known that the friends of Mr. Van Huron assume to themselves the name of the re publican party, but by what right wo should like to know. Is it hecano Iheir favorite has uniformly opposed tho leading men of l lint parly, while he thought ho could tie rive advantage from opposing them ? Is it because ho was opposed to Madison, Clin ton, and Jackson .' Isitbeciuso ho advo- rated the election to the Senate of the U. States, of that high Inncd Federa'ist, Ru- rushmg? is it because lie was a Missouri rcstriclionist f Is it because the federal States of Rhode Island and Connecticut have suddenly abandoned I heir principles, and hoisted the Van Huron fl lg ? I i short, is it because t It c republican slates of the south n'ud west are almost unanimously op posed to him ? .Often was it said in 1023, that the con test between Gen. Jackson and Mr. Adams was a contest for principles, not for men All the stnlos which vutud for Jackson were called democratic states, and those which sustained Adam- were termed fede ral states. At l hut time. Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Islnnd, Connecticut and New Jersey voted for Adams. These stales arc all nou for Van Huron. The following States give their electoral vote for Gen. Jackson in 1020, viz: Ohio, Kentucky. Ttaiueiseo, North Cimlina Alabama, Louisiana and Mi"oun. VYtcy are now all nppisul It .Ur fan Iiurcn. Comment is tweloss. It is evident lint the states which elected Andrew Jiek-ou President arc fast uniting upon Judge While as Ins succosfur; and Ihe Mali's which were in a minority in 1020. will be again in a minority in ICJC. Hilcigh Jlcg. Ai.iiF.MAni.r. anceiioti:.-TIio wags made somewhat free with the Hero in his lain progress to the hermitage. A citizen of Albemarle, tells tho following nnecdote: A Mis.-ifSippian passing down Mio road, un derMood that President Jackson was ex pected in nn hour or Iwo tin his way west wardly. He stopped at H iwen's null, nnd informing tho miller that Gen. Jackson would pass in a carriage and four while horses in a little whllo, asked him to deliv er the General the following message : "That he was glad to hear lie was going to the herfniiagu, and hoped he would stay there, for ho had done mischief enough at Washington." In a few minutes the Pres. idcut cast up, and the miller, faithful to Ins trust, hailed liun."Mr. Jackson! Mr. Jack son !" The Pro.-ident, with bis accustom cd courtesy, called a halt, and pulled oil' his hat to the hailing party ; and the miller coming up, nsk'd htm, if ho had met agon lleman a mile or so down the road: The Presider.t replied ho had. Well Mr. Jack son, he tolled me to tell you that he wns glad you wero going to the hermitage, nnd hoped you would stay tlioro. for you had ilotio mischief enough at Washington! The unconscious miller, n worthy as well as a Jack-on man, was not aware of the import of his iiie.-sage, until ho witnessed tho i flee I. 'i'ho General fumed und thun dered nut, "tell tho gentleman I will come and go as I please." Rich. Whig. Mr. Dr.wt:v, thelraveller, says arguing ,n favor ol general public amusements "In seven months upon the continent of Europe, though living amidst crowds though living in taverns, in hotels, in public houses, I have not seen four intoxicated persons! Hut I havo fccii in parks, in gar dens, and places of public assembly, millions of pereons.exhilaralnd by music, by specla cles, by FCeuery, flowers, and fingranco, cheerful without rudeness, and gay without excess." GENERAL HARRISON. Prom the Mnsaillon (Slaikco. Oliio) Gazette. The editor of the Canton Democrat, the most brawling v i 11 1 fi -r of General Harrison that is known alntil those parts, having tho cfironlery in his list sheet to pronounce him a coward, the abortion was promptly met nnd refuted by the very individual to whom ho referred for nn endorsement of tho fabrication. Jas. Downing, one of the Commissioners of Slnrk county, is the gen tleman that was appealed to by this mighty politician. The Democrat says : " We nro informed by responsible men, that Jus. Dnoning. nno of ourcitinty com missioncrs, whosorved under General Har rison ns n captain during the last war, in speaking of him ((Jen, Harrison) gavo It as his opinion, tint General Harrison ahoiys tort n coward, nnd that ho always looked upon him as 6tieh. Wc could also add as being worthy of remark, that wo look upon Capt. Downing, although opposed to us in politics, as a man unimpeachable. Our in formants are also men ol unblemished cha racters for truth and veracity." Mr. Dawning says " I pronounce tho assertion made in the Democrat of the 2nd inst. that I should have called Gdii. Harrison a coward, ns to' tally untrue from beginning to end. I have never made such an assertion nor do I bo liovo it. I know him to have been a brave man. J.imes Diwnino. General ILtrrisun and Simin Snider. Among Iho innumerable testimonies borne by Congress, thu Stale Legislature'', Mu nicipal Corporations, Statesmen, Heroes, and Patriots, the gallantry nnd consutnnnli! military prowess of the gloriou Harrison at the Victory of ihoTlmue, tho following extract from Gov. Snidor's Message tn the L 'gislaturc of Pennsylvania. D.'c. 10,1013, will not prove loait acceptible lo Penn-yl-vanians. See Dinne's weekly Aurora of D 'C. 21st. 1013, page 270 : "TVte bleiingi," said Sinnn Snider, " nf IhouiimU of wjmen and children rescued from the seal pin" knife of the rulhUis Savage n) the teilderncit. and from the slit! mire suvae 1'roclor, ilj IlKS r U. II A II 111 SON and tin oai.lant An.iiv."! ! ! Intrrest SicniPlccDTO Pr.ixciri.u. Gen eral Harrison's farm, at tho N'orth Iiond oflho Ohio river, contains sonio hundreds of acres of as fin a corn ground as nny in tho world, and it is not suittod for whoat or small grain of nny kind. Many years ago, when com could not bo sold for more than eight to len cents par bushel, tho General established a distillery in order to convoit his surplus corn, into a nnro portahlo and profitable article for the Now Or loans market, then tho only outlet for we-'.crn produce. In a sdiort time lie saw Iho evils re sulting lo society from such manufactories, and, however injurious to his pecuniary inter, est, ho sot tho noble example, of sacrificing gain to principle, nn I nlmh-died Ins tliMtllu-y In his address to the Hamilton enmity ngn cultural society, delivered five years ago, he beautifully and feelingly a'ludes lo this subject in the following ex'ract: "The exports of O'no are generally tho substantial comforts of life, which are every whore acceptable, their arrival h illed as a blessing as well in the mansions of tho rich as inlhe cottage of the poor ; by : he luxu rious inhabitant oflho tropics, cloyed with the luscious product of his burning' chma'e, as by tho poor negro who ministers to Ins wants. Alas! that there should be an rr. ccption ; that n soil so prolific of thai which is good, should, by n perversion ol" the in tcnti ins of the Creator, b mid in yield that which is evil : to scatter life and death with an equal hand. To th" heart cheering prospects ol'tlocks and herds feeding on un rivalled pastures of grain, ("clnbiiuig tliu scriptural proof that thu seed had been casr on good ground how often is the eye ol the philanthropic traveller di-guted with the dark unsightly manufactories of cerlain poison poison lo the b uly and the soul ! A modern .'ICneas or Ulyiics might mistake them for entrances into the infernal Region-!, nor wou'd they grna'ly err. Hot unlike tho-e pissages which conducted tlio Grecian und Trojan heroes on their pious errands, tlio t-cenes In which rill th -se con duct the unhappy wretch who Mia'l enter them aro those, exclusively, rf misery and wo. No relief In the sad picture : n i '"ir nuns mere, no rjys-ium iterc. iiisnii ar tnric darkness, nnd not tinfrcquenlly Tar taric crime. 1 speak mue freely uf the practice nf converting the material of the "siiitl'ol life" (and for which so many hu man beings ya-ly perish) into an article which is so destructive of health and hap piness, b-'cni-n in that wav I have sinned myself: HUT THAT WAV I SHALL SIN NO MORE." 0,'iio People's Press. Who ark tiik Ani-Tocr.ATs. The Len don Morning Herald, speaking of our new Minister to England, Mr Stevenson, who is ono of Mr Van Huron's followers and friends, says he is " likely to be popular with the Aristocracy. " Tho Globe, whether ns "oflicinl" or ''un official," wo n-o not informed, announces that Mr Van Huron rides in an American, and nut in an English carriage. Thonaugh. ty Whigs, il appears, have put him into tin English carriage, with English horses, and English men ns drivers, and therefore, on this account, it is probable tho Globe thinks il nn nfi'ur of sufficient importance to take him nut. The naughty Whigs nre very wrong, and we must set them right. When Mr Van Huron first came hack from England, ho came back with many airs, Willi much of the petit m'litrc in his manners, and more in his eqtiippago : but the correspondents in Wuslnugtnn, and the male society there, which, inlhe absence of men's wives, daughters, nnd lady-friends, is not tho t nit it polished in the world, soon rubbed him down and brought him back within the American pale. Mr. Van llu ren. we beliovo, did bring over with him an English carriage; but be this as it may, the one he sported in at Washington was a splendid one, and an honor, if made here, tu any American who made it. Ills horses were the finest that could be found; but fur this we do not blame him, as who would not have fine horses when he could but gel them. His servants and this was a piece of fully wcro Knglish servants -and which was a greater folly still- -wero clad in live ry. Tho servants could not ho mistaken, such fitio, full, 'leor.drinkiiig boys did they seom lo hi. A folly wo say tho importing of English servants was, for Mr. Van Hu ron who stands nt I ho head of tho "Dcmo cratio parly." which nt limes lliinks tho unrso nl n man (soothe New Hampshire Pntriot) for hiving a clean shirt on, should never have madcuch an importation, there by insinuating that none but those who had been the livery men cf dukes, and viscounts and lords, wore fit servants for liitn, though by the way, wc don't blame ono for ob taining English servants when ho can got one. A fully ngam it was tn clutho theso servants in livery, for a livery, like a coat of arms, is not in very good taste in this part of the country, where perhips half of our rich men some day or other wurc a livery themselves, nnd where not ono in ten of iu can tell whoso sorvau's our fa'hers wore. Hut ono of the most nmosing exhibitions in Wnshington, tho fust winter Mr.Van Huren came there, was tho witnessing of tho manner in which he was forced to dofif his plumage, feather by feather. The Washington correspondent- -thu Whig rogues began upon his livery, and anon that went oh", and his lino portly English servants, who had no doubt sported thoir feathers and regimentals in Regent and Hind streets, and upon tho Houlevards of Paris, looked liko so many peacocks with their tails cut oil'. Tho Washington cor respondents, the greater rogues they were, when flushed wild this triumph, then began upon Iho English carriage, and there they won nno'her victory, lor the English car riage was put nside and a new republican looking wa taken in its stead. Tho Eng lish servan's as yet we belive, hold their places. Tho correspondents to this day, as wo understand, have not won a victory over them. JV. Y. Ilcprcss. Notici: Ex nt l ! ! I To. Tames II- Hicks. In n recent publication I observe that you propose batting (hit Martin Van Buroi will bo di eted President of the United States, and that yutt are ready to plank from 10 to 15 000 dollars nt an hjtir'd notice, in support of tho assertion. You will therefore lake notice, that upon being Inform"!! that the above amount is deposited in the bank of Zinesville, by 10 o'clock A. M. on Monday next, that I will stand ready In place nn equal amount a gainst the same that Van H iren will not bo elected President of the United S'ales. And furl her, if you, or any of your abet tors have an nildilio tal 20,000 to make use of in a similar manner, you will find in mo ihe person responsible for the same. WM. PARMER. Zanosville, Ohio, July 15. 1330. I (hi hereby certify (hat Cop'. William l-'jrin ir is a cspon-able man. C. W TALLMAN. The Wheal Crop The harvest in this part of ih,' S a'e is over, and the apprehen sions nf a light crop continued. Wnh a few exceptions,! he best farms in iho county have yielded no more than a half or two thirds crop. A few nf the better located plots, have turned out n full yield. We Jinve heard of several parcels giving Irum 10 to GO bushels to tlio acre, and of a piece ol 200 acres, winch Mil average U3 bushel but i ins is by no m.-ans general. Tho pri ces nfwheai wi'l doi.btless be high. "3.,r"? grams generally promise vv-'II 0 Us wo understand, are quae thrifty, while a very J it 1 1 u rain would ensure n fine gath ering of p natoi'-s. The samo cannot be said ol c im. winch is usinlly light. There will hi ii i dinger, however, nf a famine; and pprliap the mcroan! in price will eom-pen-a'e tln firmer lor what thnro is below an ordmiry crop. tier Democrat. A R ival Scut. p run Tho Albany Dti. ly Adv.'rli-or ,-ays that of the daughters nl Louis Philippe of France, is an adept it' sculpture, though yet a young girl. Slio ha--just given the last touch of her chisel ton large marble group, which is 1 itended tor cxhiaitiou in the Louvre. The king, in adversity, taught his family to turn their hands, like himself, lo nny thing for no Ininortibli; livolilio nl. This useful know lodge oud practical acquaintance with the languages and customs of various nations, nre now the briglnc-l ornaments they can bnst of in the midst nf rn,yal splendor. Hy the laws or en-tomes of the Turkish empire, the oociiiiint of the throne is re quired lo understand some trade. Mali iitnud, the present Sultan, is, we believe, a button'maker. Ei.oQUT.NT Passach Prom the eloquent address of Govern ir Everett, of Massa chusetts, delivered at Now Hedford, in be half oflho Hunker Hill Monument, tho fol lowing is nn extract : "I live at the foot nf Hunker Hill ; oud endeavoring in other things to shape my life and conduct by the rules of a Eober prudence. I own that hero I tho reins up to tho imagination" Sometimes, of a serene and cloudless night, when Ihe moon and stars nro keeping waich in their heav enly encampment, ur at tho gray dawn, wlnlc all around is still wrapped in silenco before the mighty heart of the cities beneath Ins begun to beat with tho pulsations of life and passion I go up lo the summit of that sacred hill. I yield m)solf willingly to the illusions of the place and the hour. The blond-dyed sails seem lo heave beneath my feet as I press them their glorious tenantry start up from their beds of fume and gitliur an awful company at the font nf (hat majestic shaft I read iu their radiant faces that the pious work of their children is grateful to those sainted heroes. I perceive in their bent", naul cnuntcnances that th-y behold in what is already done n safe pledge that nil will be accomplished !" CoMJMmuM. Why are tho Van Huron men like fish out of water ? Hecausc they aro always lying about tho Hank. Tho sales at Niagara Falls, being only a small part of the property intended to bo sold, brought the first two days jjl 12,000. A total suspension then took plnce, in enn' sequence of tho sudden prostration of Rath bun, who is one of the proprietors. .V. Y. Star.

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