Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, 9 Eylül 1836, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated 9 Eylül 1836 Page 2
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FOItESGH INTEL SUMMARY OP FOREIGN LICENCE. They have an excellent law in Sivilr.n land, thai of indemnifying I hose wlin have been acquitted nf crimes fur which they liod been indicted. A married couple nccuscd. at Barue, of being incendiaries, received lately 229 francs lor 7!) days of imprisonment. A person calling himself Count Joseph dc Moistio or JMaitrc, at Paris, threaten? lo overturn tho entire inductive system nf Litd Bacon, Ho must bo a mailre mas ter1, if he does. Extraordinary Antediluvian Animtl- One nf l lie dislHiguished Geologists, nf is a 1)'. Kdpstein, (literally meaning Clip-sloneO a most capitnl pane. He has been clipping eiouc In mm" pur pose, having recently found near l.ppcl chiiini, llio bead nf thai wonderful fii'sil, the dinnlltcrium giganlum, proba bly the largest nnteduliivian species whose remain? InTvo hitherto been I'mind. The bead is 0 feel bin- anil weighs 500 lbs. The upper pari i f the fnrc l"g win C feel. Wc think liiis anininl should be pnl along fide the bones nflhe punt which a fellow recently nietended to have discovered in Ohio. The infernal machine, and ovary rpecio ofilifernal machine in lire n t in owes Us parenlago to Fiance. A' .l.irville rerenilv a lady received n b s ron-irticlcd simdarlv lo the one some months since font lo Li Gov. Collin-" of Rhode Island, which, on opening, exploded wilh a treinotidou re port, bavins oven found to contain several pistols. A chemist nf Marseille?, has extracted a itrnng poison frnm ulivo nil, which hills as suddenly, il is said, as pruic acid The widow of Napoleon, I he Archduchess worm Jjouisc. who unco wore llio prnitu ctt diadem that ever graced a female brow excused herelffiom the dinner given nl Vienna by Metlcinich to the Duke of Or. kans, the heir apparent nf Franco, plead ins indisposition. Wollshc might, wlien ho looked bad: at the past and thought nf tlio Wiley intrigues nf tint same Metier nich, who had done all in his power lo re duce her to her present slate nf degradation, Hie princess who was the ilaugii'er nl iiiat potentate, bv whose misplaced geuero.-uy he was raised lo the diplomplic impnrtaiico which ho has acquired. 7Vie Imbecility if llnynlty --The King of Saxony, lately deceased, became such a bigot at l lie close nf bis life, thai ho imag i lied he would not be saved uutes he made o pilgrimage to Jerusalem. lie arcoiJ. ingly, under a snecics ef religion lunacy, commenced going round his paik on hi Knees till he came to the imaginary tniiiu of Christ the rcsull ol which peregrina tions, during several inon'h, proed no less destructive lo his inexpressibles, than ludicrous and pitiable ill the eyes of Ins utlcndants. The manufacture of bed suar is mail ing much progress in Belgium. The town of Gricbwillen, on the Upper Rhine, at the prematura death of their revered minister, M. Moder, of t he Re formed Church, raisd immediately 55,000 francs for bis widow. A Female Agruulturisl. Mademoiselle Gervais, of Muntpeher, is said to have discovered a poworlul vegetable agettt as a substitute for manure. Afini suhju I foi' a painting. The slcep'o of the Cathedral at I) jnn, was lately struck and partially consumed by the elccirie fluid. A little child at proves in one of the chapels was the nnty person injured, being rendered lor some lime iiispnib'e. The Pnnsans being i-lou up mi the inte rior, and having only a sin ill s.'rr.aui run ning through the city, are of course pas eionatcly fond of every l lung connected with maritime matters and i he sen, whose f-ub-limily they are deprived of ihc pleasure of contemplating. In their love of the hor rorsol iragedy.lhey have founded a ' Ship wreck Society" and hold their annual mim ic fetes of the dangers of the tea on the tur bid waters of little Soma There are 50 rail roads in Franco: in . England 3000 miles completed, and 513 in America about 3000 miles completed or in progress. The Pope Bays he will recognise young Donna Maria if bhc will let her tvranl uncle. Don Miguel, have a suitable stipend M. Anchor, the naturalist, mel with ; serious loss at ilia Ore of Constantinople, being no less than In live year collection ol insects in 1'ersia. Sic. The two "crack" chess players nfFranco aro Al. Deschapelles and Al. Ijahoiirdon mis. Tho latter, in tho lato challenge from London, has yielded up one pawn and two moves. I lie trial is to l.i decided al London in 20 games and 30,000 francs have been bet upon it. No less than 03 000 francs were collect ed on the Brussels and Antwerp rail roai in 20 days. Unaccountable Fact. It hn boon a-cer certaincd thai most of tho suicides among military men at Paris, havo taken place among those whose pecuniary circuinsian ces were easy. Tho widow of the immortal astronomer. La Place lias founded m tho Academy Arts and Sciences, a perpetual prize of 215 francs to the first student leaving the Lkolc Polylcchniqne. The Punishmtnl of Avarice. An old money lender at Paris named Feburc, lately died leaving 1,700,000 franc, which, ns there was no will, went the whole of it in to the public treasury ' Asa reverse pie turo we present the following as a good moral derived Irom the opposilo course n life pursued by a centenarian pauper "According lo Ihc Journal dc I'Aveyrcn n miller of Ihe name of Peter Barbe.-es died on Ihc lOlli in the commune of lieu zins, at 1 10 years of age. The old fellow was active, hearty, nod merry lo tho last lie related, as if in a dream, tho Ihoiirand pleasures he had had in this world, and he passed Irom it into a belter by a bleep." Unpacking or an Eoyi'tian Mummy -On Friday evening, Juno 3d, Mr. Pciti grew undertook tho task ol bringing to light, oftor a loprc of thirty centuries, or more, one of the inhabitants of ancient Egypt, before one of the most crowded as semblies, withinlho walls of the Royal In etitution. The mummy is, one brpughl by Ihe late Mr. Sail from Thebes, and pur chased by Mr. P. at a rale ofEgyplian an tiqnittcsn few months since. It hod three ensrs, a painted wooden one, in nonlaol with Ihe body, fin outer coffin, and a sarco phages nf sycamore wood. J his, which wa-i ol an oolong t-napc, n ni exceciiing inlereM, for il is coveted willi hierogly phics and pielnral ropresenlalion-i in nti ens cnl-'M. One of these represented the i!ccpocI conducting the boats of the sun. (Ihe emblem of this deity, Pharaoh being sealed in tho rrture, miner a c.i lopy pinned by Ihc snake Urcit, ornamented with the niilro, typical of tho upper region") ntnl 'leered by Horn. the sou 0-iiri. Mr Pel ligrcw ri nnrlied Ihat Uorns was nlwnv tin; f-trrrMiian of the boats, and be thmlii Hal Hot in. or Jl-ir, Ihe origin ol the Greek I la rim, or Charon, and perlnn llnie-nru!, Hie living Horn. Another sin pillar representation on Ihe sarcophagi!. ivn ilhwl'alivo of the d'ccaed IhrowiiiL' nlTlbis "mnrlal coil," and slaniling eslab-li-hed ; Ibis being represented bv Ihe cor poreal mil! painted red, nnd fnMing In Hie mother earth; and ihe spiritual pad paint oil blue, with Ihe band-i extended to Ihe heaven.'. The whole cao Was pulirelv covered wiih hieroglyphic many pnnge of which Mr. P. rva'il ufi. from whieh it wn anparenl that the cinb.ihneil individual w.n a prie-i concerned in the libation, ilia' Irs name w.n O-i'i, thai be wa-i the son of a p'ie-i nf Auitnon Ononofri. who win the Kin of a priol Anrsei! ihat hit mother's naino wn Masdii se. The led nrcr pointed nut fonie ciirioiH variaiions ns to the man per in which the name of the d ceased and his lumber are spell, oceurrins in the fir mer ea-o in no les I ban five difl'ureiit ivnvs, and in ihe latter in three several mode. possess. Wo formed our opinion of the "Awful Disclosures' from the internal cvi. denee oflhe work, which wo perceived to he beyond the reach of any ingenuity, nnd we now know that it is true. The public, tniivcrsnily, will be of our opinion in n very short lime, notwithstanding Ihe temporary elTect which may be. produced by the refu tations nf it which Messrs. Jones and Le clerc are about to publish. Her story is true, and will be proved to be so, lieymd all ra'ional doubt. In the moan time wp recommended the perusal of llio "Inter view, &.c." lu regard to Ibis the Journal nf Com merce say s ''Tho statement of the Son is not with nit foundation, though il winlil have been as well if nolhiPL' had been said ol'lho matter until invesiig.itiou had gone farther. Il i I'uo however that a letter was received l.ict week from a respectable gentleman at Rome, New York, slating n young woman was nl hi" house, who said s-ho had escaped from Ihe Hotel Dipu nun nery at Montreal, and that her nccount ol iniquity practised there more Ihan siiain ed the'"Awful Disclosures'!' Miria Monk. Tim yoiine; woman Inn been brought to Ibis city fNew Yorkl nnd we are Inhl, Un parson of intelligence nnd accomplishments A thorough exnniiniilion as lo Hip truth nf her pretention will bo made, and ihe pub ho will probably bo informed nflhe result. The neenrrenco Ins of course excited conid erahle interest as far as it has been known." The in-iile nf Ihe painted rofini contained various figures, connected with the Egyp tian mylifnlgy, nnd prayers off-red up,1." Ihe vii nous debics of th-. deceased Osiri Tliev ran in tin manner "Open ihe gale of Heaven, open the World, open Ihe gate of the rem So Osiri." At the foot of jho ease, I-n u-a- p-iinied cinbraciug Hm feet, and a line nf hieroglyphics cxpres-in Tin i-'ul'l-i. who emb-ace? thy feet. Al Ihe boiiuni uft'ie case. waa very spirilcd repre--eiilalion of the deceased, as a mum. my oo i !ie back of Ojiri.m. or the Stood Moll, who wa galloping efl'woli Ihe body. Mr. P. gave various iiiterurolatinn of the characlers. ami piocccded to unfold the mummy- bandages were exeeedingly inline nus, very chan, npp'ied in Ihe uea'-e-il in innor poi-ible. and extended lo per. haps mil le-s than 2000 van!.. Several in s-or i j: ions were found upon the bandage. Tlio pitchy matter neca-ioncd the bandage lo be linn'y fixed lo Hie body, ami the tune , evening. Search was made in every direc BxTnAon.DiN.wiv ArrAtu. Tho N. Y. Tunes publishes the following slalcment: A young lady, elegantly dressed, nnd wearing several article? of rich jewelry, was (d)served on Thursday morning by Air. R'gger. gardener, (whoso premises aro sll. uated between 3d avenue and Kipp's Hay.) lying spiirless in one of his corn-liehl-j. He immediately wilt lu llio Alms-house, and gave notice of the afi'air to Mr. Stevens, when that gentleman and a physician promptly repaired lu the spot and found a lino looking girl, apparently nbnit 20 near ly in tin agonies of death. The I) ictor concluded that sliu had boon taking poison. The stomach pump was placed in requisi tion, nnd other immediate iiva-ures used, bapp ly with the best efi'.'c!, and the is now mil of danger. This young lady is daughter to one of our mosl rc.-peetaulo citizen, residing in Hip Howery. She was to have been mar ried on Thursday evening. Her lover and intended husband is n fine young man, and il was supposed, (and there is no reaon yet to believe otherwise) that the affection wa reciprocal. She left home on Wednesday afford important and effectual facilities for spreading throughout our country a knowl edge of our own resources and capacities of producing tlio necessaries nnd elegancies of life s and every succeeding year lias given llio most conclusive evidence of nil incrcos. cd and increasing emulation among com petitors. The enterprise thus awakened. the inducements lo competition thus crcat ed, bring witli them, in their results, a ten fold reward lo tlio artisan and inventor. In furtherance ol tho leading object nnd design of our charter, the Managers re spectfully inyilo conlribiilions of nrliclcs for competition from all parts of the United Slates, and from every department of in dustry! ol choice specimens of American ingenuity and skill ; all rate and valuable dome-tic productions, natural or artificial; useful labovr-saving machines, implements of husbandry, and new models nnd ma chines, in all their varieties. Especially would they solicit the delicate and beautiful handiwork of females, furnishing so much attraction, and commanding so much alien tion at former Fairs. Tho Managers, in the name of the Inst i i ill invito a general attendance of all who feel a gratification in wiuiesing nnd con tributing to the prosperity and independence ol our country. Ihat they may see what the skillul aitist and tho labouring man, the true patriot nl llio land, are doing in the grand cause of national advancement; be ing fully persuaded, from the interest ol rtady manifoated, and (he preparations al ready waking, Inr and wide, that Ibis great and truly national display will surpass any and all which Have preceded it. For any further information, addicss T Wakuman, Corresponding Secretary, 7 Broadway We give below a list of members elect, so fur as heard from. Those marked Whig. include nnlimasnns, and all those opposed to Van Huron and Toryism. CHITTENDEN COUNTY. al'otled to'lhe meeting being quite exliau-t ed, .Mr. P. wa only able to make out one side nf the bead, w"h'n:b appeared in per fect pre-eiVil:ou. and clearly e!nbiled Ihe features of Ihc ancient Egyptian's c ninieiianue. The viscera hud been remo ved I'moii the b dy by ibo uici-ion in Hie left fl ink as de.-cribed by lJernd-i'ii. and the various parts were found noon tho body and between the legs separately bandaged, in a complete -'a'o of pM.serviili',n. The limb wcro sopcralcly bandaged , paper. From Canton. The Journal of Com merce has Canton paper- to Ibo 5th April. Crave robbing, H appears, naj nccninc alaimingly prevalent i some parts of China Nol Ihat species ufgravo robbing known among oiirce've, bill a plundering of the ornaments attached to I lie corpse and eullin. It is the cnloin oTltic Chine-c lo place lit the graves of lli--ir deceased relatives vu rious article.-, of valii", such -js gold, s-ilver, pearls, nnd utensils made of precious rtoncs. I ho villages of Ij-ingkeaug and Luug- b ing wealthy, loeir place of inter ment wa.- pitched upon by llio grave rubbers a promi-ing held lor plunder. A uuy in wis in the habit o! visiiiug her hus band's grave to worship at and xweep H, first difcovtred the robbery, and on inves tigation it was found thai more than eighty raves had linen opened and robbed. 1 en or twelve robbers nan uoou arre-ieu, aim would Miffer a lingering death by being lowly cutlo piecies, such being the pun ishment allotted to the crime. T. JS. IVakcmnn, JIT. E. Thnmpson, A. Chandler, J. A morn. D. .Marvin, J. Titcamb. E. T. Tiackhntse. J. Turrcy, ' T. Fryer, Wm. Inzlis, E D. Plimpton, A. William. Win. P. Disnsicay, A'eio York, Jane, 1 11 .T.oclcxcood, J. F. Kenny, E. Paine, F. A. Gay, J. Sampwn, E. V. Price, W. ITall. . Van jYurdcn, J. Wulcolt, S. W. Ecncdicl, A. Fleming, J. TJ. Murray, Geo. Tiiiion, 13G, Managers. F R I I) A Y M O II N I N G, SEP rEUBER 9. i)o.n uoTir lion for her, but in vain. The bridal hour came. Il was a i-ad onn for the inmates nl thai house. The bridegroom and tho friend wore Ihcre, but lears and lamenia lions absorbed Ihe place of tlu anticipated joy. In the midst ol the mourning t ho young lady was brought to the door in a bg wagon, she having told her name. ''he scene may b" imagined. There isn mvstc ry over the affair and a ecrot in that young heart known but to God and herself. The fortunate discovery of her by Mr. R. onlv prevented her from perishing, which pIip must have done in a short tune, and the cold and narrow coffin or tomb proving bei bridal bed. AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF THE CITY OF NUW YORK. j m: ninth ANNUA', i' Am ni mis insti tute will be held at Nlblo's Garden, 470 Broadway, in October next ; opening to visiters on Monday, the 17th, al one o'clock in thu aflcrnoou, and continuing al least four day. Articles designed for premium, must be delivered at the Garden on Friday or Sat urday, the Mih or I5lh, previoii. Those intended for exhibition merely, will be ro ceived nl nnv time during (hu Fair. 'The morning of Monday will be occupied bv the Managers in completing the arrangement of the nr'ieles lor exhibiton; and by the Committees on Premiums, in deciding; on their respective merits. Premiums consisting nl Uuld and inlver JIedah, Diplomat, and other discretionary rewards, will bo awarded to suecessliil competitor, a public annunciation of which Tim Uuiiijun Fours r.uir.s, 'The Atlas mentions, on Ihe authority nl a letter Irom Bufiulo. Ihat It is now ncertaliH!d, Irom an examination nf Ratbbiiu's papers, thai his forgcrie, from their commencement lo the pic-cnt lime, amount to the Microti ible bum nl seven millions, j here is pruii ably no similar in-tuneu on record. The for genes of ihe not or ion Fan ul leroy, larger than any other in European expel leuce. nmaiinted to uboiit one lentil nt thai sum Toil such a course should havo been pur sued fir Iwo or three years, wilhout expo sure or sn-picion, is mii-t. remarkable. Ho avs thai lor tho la-t lour months, ho ha lived in perpetual dread of an explosion-- has lull as il he had stood heloro a loaded cannon, wnu ns maicii hdwiv nuriiing. That he i-lionld have hail l lie nerve to live through it nil, and expect, by changing and continuing bis practice, lo escape ul limaie detection, is the t-lrangest pail ol his history. M.wm Mom: a rain. 'Tho following (statement is from tho New York Sun ol Monday last. Interview with .Maria Jlonk. A highly interesting pamphlet, repoiiing a ennver sation between Maria Monk mid the Mon treal PrioeK Mr. Jones, Ihe ediior of the 'L'Amidu People." and Mr. Leclerc, ha; just been published, nnd will obtain uiiivur sal attention. 1 hese gentleman are now in thiscily, bringing out n refutation of her "Awful Disclosure,'' with affidavits, &c. but every body will speedily sco through thu whole of Ibis atlempl. From circiim tlaucos which have come to our knowledge within Hits last day ur two, wu can assure such of our readers as coincide in our opiu ion of Maria Monk's book, that the truth of her disclosures will soon bo established beyond all possibe refutation, and thai (he greal body of Catholic Christians will themselves bo convinced of il. Another nenon, who has been in the Hotel Dieu Uoiivcul irom cany youiii, uui who ua now escaped from it, will prove that Alan Monk was but tin infant in the knowledge of tho horrible atrocities of that Pandcnio bo made in the Saloon, as soon as may be after Ihe reports of the several Commit tec arc handed in. Thu accommodations of llio Garden and buildings, though heretofore spacious, have been enlarged and improved since the hist Fair, nflordmg more and better room (or showing the various arlicles lu advantage. particularly wollcu and cotton lubrics. A steam engine, tuilablu for operating ma chinery ol any kind, has been creeled on Hie premises, and thu Mangers confidently rely on our mechanics lor snliicient ma chines to show a "m jving spectacle" of l heir kill and ingenuity, nnd lu impart greater annual ion to ihe general scene. s wiii.i.uns havo now become a greal staple ol American maiiiilaclurc, and ns il is very desirable that llio specimens exhib ited should lairly represent the actual stale of this important branch nf industry, thu .Managers particularly sulicl wollcu inaiiu- Ijcturers to f-enil in samples ol eiicIi goods as they are usually maiiulacluriiig, ol dif lereut colours and qualities : and m award ing premiums in tins department, referenco will be bad not onlv to the qwility, bill also. loa certain extent, to the nuanlilii of good and varielv of colours furnished bv each contributor. Thosamo remarks will apply also lo c.ii.icon. rnivrs, nnd lo cotton t'Annics of every kind ; and specimens of ind.i Irom every printing establishment and cotton null in the country, will be thankfully received. Specimens ol mm.', from the cocoon, lo tho iniiiulaclured article, will merit and re ccive pa-liculnr intention, ns ii (lie design ol this Institute to aid, every way in us power. Hie successlul introduction ol Hits important and beautiful nuxibary to our uaiioual commerce ami manufactures. New branches of mi s, inov, stkei. and oilier .mkt.w.ic manufactures, will also bo cnlillcd to particular consideration In ulher respects, the premium, will gen orally bo awarded on the principles adopted ut former Fuirs, and in which experience u ml puunc seniiiiieul havo given sanction 'The immense number nf persons, not from our own immediate vicinity only, but Irom ilislani and widely remote sections who huve visited these Fairs, lias furnished the strongest illustration of the public csli (jIiitti:nii:n Uounty bnccr. It gives us pleasure lo announce to our readers that Chittenden County is politically regencra ted, and that in this town, wo have given our Slate, Congressional, and Senate tick ets, handsome majorities. This is the first instance, wc believe, that our Stale ticket has received a majority in ibis town. List year Bradley's majority was .fifty. Now Jenniion has a majority for Governor, Al len 53 majority lor tjongrcss, and Van Sicklen a majority of 50 for tho Senate. List year Mr. Ilaswoll was elected by a majority of 53 votes. He is this year re elected by a nommai majority of two voles His scat will, however, be contested. It will thus b'j soen thai although wc have been defrauded out of our representative we have achieved a glorious triumph, and have abundant cause for congratulation. In the county, there wa3 last year n ma jority of four rr"r;s( us. 'Tin year (pull ing Mansfield to the new county ) lucre will b a majority of tw)n our favor thus return ing ihe political power where the numerical strength ofthe county has alwiyi been sr.NATnns run ciiittendbn county. Van Sickbn & .Miller. Warner & Jones Burlington, Charlotte, Huntington, Milton, Shulburn, Si. George, Underbill, Wlllistou, Mansfield, Colchester, Jerico, Bolton, The towns that remain to bo heard from will increase Van Sicklen and Miller majority 75 voles. Their majority will be not far from -100 nium of iniquity, and will expose them uu dcr advantages which Maria Monk did nuimalo of their merile, and shows Ihat they 2111 2v5 121 29 51 30 12 1 " 112 JIG 30 35 2 47 .11 127 40 I I 20 44 90 140 711 I 33 Burlington, Charlotte, Jerico, Shclburn, Underbill, Mansfield, Colchester, Bolton, St. George, Milton, 273 270 125 31 MO 70 98 34 01 G7 II 20 44 90 I 43 25 2 135 112 Foukth Distinct. Our returns, it will bo seen, aro as yet quite limited ; but such as lo leave us little doubt of Mr. Allen election. Allen 2!i9 125 IIG GO MG 9G Burlington, Charlotte, Georgia, Huntington, Milton, Shclburn, Sheldon, St. Alban, St. George, Underbill, Maiirfield, Uolcheitcr, Bolton, Irasburgb. 71 51 2G 55 It 39 O 93 Van Ness. 23G 30 23 50 99 2G 29 (JQ 1 51 20 109 39 42 Suconi) Distiuct. The following is all the information we have from Mr. Sladu's district : Sladc. Vergenncs, N. Haven, Puntoo, Ferrisburgh, Addison, Wuliham Rutland 70 125 G2 133 t!0 20 191 Clark. 44 19 34 20 15 o 53 Barber. 29 3 3 23 1 19 VOTES Klin COVKIlNOll. Jennison. Bradley. Vergcnues, 77 53 N.-Haven, 137 ,39 Panton, G3 43 Ferrisburgh, I2U 25 Addison, 38 43 Wallham, IG 9 Rutland, 230 33 Middlcburv, 244 127 Burlington Bolton Cnlihcstcr Charlotte Ens ex Ilincsburgh Huntington Jerico Jlilton Wchmond Shellurn St. George Underldll Wetlfml Williston Jlanijicld N. B. IInwp S. B. Kenedy Thos. Browncll Piti E. Ilowett Albert Stevens Nat III. Miles None Erastus Field Arthur Hunting A rtcma.s Flag Horace Sixlen Sherman Beach Reuben Parker John Allen Ezbnn Sanford Elisha A. 'Town T. T. T. W. T, W. T. W. T. W. W. T. W. W. FRANKLIN COUNTY. Shcldcn Georgia St. Atbani S wanton Fairfield Fairax ITighgalc Eranlclin Berkshire Enosburgh Fletcher Balcersfield Dr. Judson Elijah Dec John bmilli Bradford Scott Joseph Soule Alfred Wheeler C. II. Jenison E. Bascow John T. Webster Horace Ealon Guy Kinsley A. Crop jr. T. W. WASHINGTON COUNTY. Mmtpctier L. B. Peck T. Wulerbury Nowcornb W. Berlin Currier T. .Vorctown Ira Carpenter T. Bar re J. Scott jr. T. Plainfield B. Buncrolt T. JMidillcscx II. Putnam W. Xurlhfnla A. Adams W. Worcester Newinn W, Jtoxbun Oreutt W. Jlarshield Win, Martin W. Calais' .P. Curtis T. T)tixhury W. Fnyslon Warren Waitijield Cjrpcnler W. ADDISON, fcrgemicj J. Shermnn W J. Haven Win. Nash " I'anlon P. Bishop Wallham Jos. Evert Ferrisburgh L. Carpcler " Addison Converse " Bristol N.-edham T. JIonklon L. B Smith " Slarksbori John Hill 3d " Wcybriilge Drake W. Jliddlcbury Brewster " R U T LAND. Rutland S. Foote W. Wallinford II. Harris " W. Iladley R. Crowley " Clarcnden Dr. Shaw " Shrcwibury P.M. Wilkinson T. ORANGE COUNTY. Washington J. A. Colby W. Williamslown Poor W. Chelsea II. Halo W. WINDSOR. Bethel Waller W. Hartford 'Tracy W. ORLEANS Irasburgh Sabin Kellani. Off rnn Tkxas. The Rut licrfmdinu (N. C.) Gazette stales tlm Gen. Davi.l Newland. who wa beaten by Graham, nbunt to emigrate to 'Texas. As soon ihe Presidential election is over, tiie'Torie will be nil' for Texas in swarms. Tub Puni.ic Monkv. By the annex. notice from the Treasury, il appears thai the amount of money in the 'Treasury sub icct to draft, together with the amount standing to the credit of public officer that is subject lo their draft, instead of l lie Treasurer's is more than forty-two and half millions of dollars ! The surplus on Ihe 1st January next, when the distribu lion among She Stales lakes effect, will ex ceed the most sanguine of nil rational eal culiilions ; whilst every successive account ofthe increase of the rurplus affords fresh reason for congratulation on tho success of the Whigs and their patriotic allies in pro curing the passage, nl thu hue session of Congress, of the Deposilc and Distribution Act: JYut Tnt TnEAsunv Department, ) September I, I03G. ( In conformity with l ho resolution of l he Senate, passed 1st July, lf!3G, directing that "during the ensuing recess of Con gross, the Secretary of llio Treasury cause to be published, al tho commencement of each month, a statement nf the amount of money in the Treasury subject to draft, and also Ihe amount standing to the credit of disbursing officers," the undersigned here by gives public notice that "the amount ol money in tho Treasury, subject lo draft," as shown by the running account of tlio 'Treasurer, reported to this Department on the 31st ultimo, was g37,OI7,99G 39, and "the amount stnnding lo tho credit of dis bursing olficcrs." as shown by tho latest returns received, was g 1,017.920 55. LEVI WOODBURY, Secretary of the Treasury. Df.cency of the Administration. General Jackson's ulficial organ is einula ting the decency of its master. Tho Gn eral says that "John Bell lies" ihe Globe says that Mr. Calhuun never tells the truth when a falsehood will answer bis purpose. 'Flic milk of human kindness seems to have been acidulated in these worthies by the recent election returns. Tlio thunder bolt from North Carolina has completely soured ii. BERLINGTON FEMALE SEMINARY. Mr Stacy I have seen no notice la ken as yet of tho recent examination in the Buni.iMiTON Female Seminarv, under the care of Miss Green. A largo number nf professional gentlemen, were so much gratified with the results, that they express, cd the feeling very ttronsly at tho time, that it deseivcd some public notice and a public commendation of ihe mode of study producing such results. In a late number ofjnur paper, yon expressed tho intention of making some remarks upon the subject. No such remarks have appeared, to my' nnwlcdgo. Therefore, as I have no per sonal connexion with the Institution, cither by nfiice or patronage, and no other interest in il than Ihat of a citizen, I believe I may trust myself and bo trusted by your readers, when I say that the recent examination was among the most substantial and satis factory I have ever witnessed in any insti- lution. I regard that a? a good examination of a school, which gives to intelligent spectators distinct knowledge on the following points. I. It must be so extended and minute oa lo 6how us the character of the minds of tho pupils. 2. Il must show us that they understand thoroughly what they have gone over, for thus only can it prove real progress. 3. Il must enable u to know in what' manner the pupils have pursued study. 4. It tnusl give us a general insighl into' Ihe Ptale of the school as to its discipline, order, habits. Sic. Such was tho cxaminn' lion at our Seminary. In saying this, I feci dial I shall bo fully sustained by oil who a' l ended it. Phi. Institution ha been in operation one year and three month. I here havo been conni cted Willi it during that lime, one hundred and forty-four pupils, front ten or twelve difi' rent stales and provinces, under lb" pare nflhe Principal and eevoral asociate teacher. It was establi-hed bv the efforts and fund nf private individuals'. By t In" in a handnnu" and convenient edifice has been erected, in a central but unexpo. cd iiua'inn, and c inveniendy connected with the Boarding Establishment, which', uiilil now, has been under ihe superintend ence nf Hon. Win. A. Gri-wold. Mr. Griswohl now retire from il on account of ill healih in hi- family. Il was llio design nflhe founders to vs. tabli-h such a school, n. in l hrir view, tho public wants demanded a school, wh eh would be wo thy of, and would cnmmind the ntt i niiou of young Ladies in our S'nte , in tho latter pirtion of their term of pupilage. 'The coti'se of .-tody U intended thor oughly lo discipline the mmd- of the pupil. In bring nut and strengthen by ex 'rc.l.-n all their facubie. so as to give Ihe pupiH such a control over her own mind a, ena bles her to place it upon any subject and retain it there al ple.vorc: in other words, to give her the power of thinking decrlu and coireithj. To attain this strength of mind and ibis power of conlroling it, niath-pmaiic-' and language are pursued to somo extent. the progress of the pupils in those studie- i onward and thorough ; and il is found lo produce on their minds tho same results which are denied hylbe young men in our colleges from pursuing the samo ohd studie.. 'The moral discipline of ibis Institution is iich as it nughi lo be, firm, affectionate, and equable. It is in'onded to give the pupil c nstant and healthful employment. No young lady, coming to the fdiool for the sake of improving her mind, heart, or manners, ha ever hicn dissatisfied. The pupils are constantly under the care nf their teachers both in and out of school hours. On staled evening, and on some other occas'ons, they see, nnd associate with, company under such regulations as every judicious parent will approve. The general intcroslsof the Seminary arc under the superintendence of a Board of Trustees. Its expenses arc so low as to place its advantages within the reach of vlmost any family. The Boarding Estab. lishment will hereafter be conducted by Mr. D. A. Brama.n, a gentleman of liberal ed ucation; nnd from personal acquaintance, wo feel authorised to say, Ihat Air. Braman and his lady possess largely the requisite qualification, bolh of head and heart. for such n charge ; and ihat their family circle will be such an one as every parent would wish to havo his daughler placed in. In respect to religious belief, ihc rules of thu Seminary arc snfiicicnlly tolerant and liberal. All the pupils ore required to at lend public worship somewhere on tho Sab- balh, ond generally do attend under tho care of their icacliers, unles otherwise directed by their parents. No ono how ever is constrained to ntlend a place of worship which she does, not choose. But I perceive, sir, that I am extending my review Tar beyond the limits intended! In justice I could not have said less in jnstico to the Insl'Musnm, which is at onco on ornament to our town and state, I ought to say much more of its harmonious and efficient operation in making thorough tchnlarn. But I will nut add. Its well filled halls already bear amplo testimony thai an enlightened community arc begin ning to know, appreciate, and improvo itt advantages. 0TAi

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