Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, September 16, 1836, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated September 16, 1836 Page 3
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hnolilnr. Culloil nl llin nnllll till ff-fOOtll of iho man, and nskcd him if ha wonted ail ver dollars. 'Yep,' said the merchant j "have you got any?" "Nut with mo.' replied Iho larmer, -but I think I havo n few nt home. What do yon give.''' "lour percent." eaid tho niercliant; nnd added, 'I will givo you seven for all ymi liavo. "VVcll" eaid tlio man, "I should like to have you just clap down on paper how much von nivo, ond llio number of your shop, or I shall he puzzled to find it." "Yes." said tho merchant, "that I will do: whot is your name?" "Edward Sumner," said he. Tho nierchnnl then wrote as folluws, and cave It to him: "Edward Sumner, tf Roxbury, says that he thinks ho has some Spanish dollars nt home, but don't know. I hereby agree to pay him seven per cent, premium fur all such dollars as he may produce. O A ." "If I find any," said thn dungcart man, "I will call with them to-morrow morning, nt 9 o'clock: if I don't, you won't see mo." The appearance of tho man satisfied the merchant that his dollars would be scarce. At 0 o'clock Iho next day, however, the man appeared, and stocking full after stockin" (ull was carried up and emptied on the table, till tcven thousand were count 'cd. The merchant, somewhat restive, but 'honorably caught, look tho silver, gave a a check for the amount, with seven por 'cent, added ; nnd pleasantly remarked, "1 did not roallv suppose, from your appear ance, that you could have more half a dozen dollars." Mr. S, took up his check, and replied hi his own peculiar emphatic stylo. "Sir, I'll toll you n truth which a mall of your stand ing in tho world ought to know, and it is this API'EA NANCES OFTE.-sTI.MES DECEIVE 'us. Boston payer. Early Fuo-t.TIic severe frost of Tuesday night appears in have put an en lire stop to tho violation of ninny plants, which usually continue to grow two months later. Indian corn i9 killed ; very little if nny having ripened in thin vicinity the present seam. Melons, squashes, cucum hers, beans. 3 ml other garden vi'g'.'lables are killed. This will iiccnsinii a serious loss throughout Now England, and cauie a s?vere deprivation to very many persons. Boston Patriot. MARItlKD. Al Iline.-timgli, on 'I uprd.iy 13ili in-l by Uev. John Ide, Mr. A ORAM of this limn, lo Mis. Sarah Smeulet. In Augusta, Ci.i. S'pl. 11, by Kpv. W. Smith, Dwight 1'. KpsseLL, fui merly of this loun, l'i Mrs. Sarah A. Clark. In Keceille. N. V. un I lie 14ili inat. by llie Uer. Mr. Hi iuiki'iofl", Rev. Sew.ill S. Culling, of West lJinUlon,,to .1iss Lielm I Clurlolte, il in;tiler'of O niliif r Slmv, Eeq. of Keeseville. In NVesifoid un .UjnJ.iy moinini; by Uev. Sime on I'.n incite, D.uifurlli .Vales, Em. to Miss Olive Cu.-liiii''. mni. In Cli ulolle, un ri , Un il ly ei'enin,' l.isl. Mm, Ol.lVK, wile of Jeremi ill iiarluii, E-u. used 55 nfier mi tnironitiioii sciero. .nul disiie-sin illne'd of une jer, which she line uiili resignation lllesied arc (hose vhu die in the l.uul. Town Meeting. "VXTTLL bi held at the Town Room in TT B.irlingloii on Tuesday tho 27lh itist. at 2 o'clock P. M. a general attendeiice is requested. Samuel Nichols, ) Selectmen rf II. L'lWiiir, ( Burlington. Burlington, Sept. lath 1IJ3G. Ash Timber. 1717 ANTED for the u?e of (he Winoo-ki TT Patent Block Mills, and to be deliv cred at that e.-Ublishiiii'ut in l In euurse of Iho cnruiiiii winter, the following descrip tions of White Anh Plank, sawed lo the given dimensions, f-qnaro edged, sound and free from knots, (.hakes or hoarl wood. JS'n of fret, Widih, Ijo,ii d in measure. inches, 20.000 7 25,000 1! 20.000 9 10,000 10 15,000 - II 10 000 12 10,000 13 G,000 1 1 t.p.i.-t tlii.'knc.-M lo uurk. li 13 U U U la o u Grcaieit thickness rcceii cel. n 24 4,000 14 2J A U S 0, Wnnlcd, one thousand WHITE ASH LOGS iho standard Iol' to he 22 inches diameter and fourteen feet long, sound and free from knots or shakes lo bo delivered al tho Mill during the ensuing winter, or at the wharf al Burhnglon in ihe mouth of Mav. IB37. GUY CATL.IN. Burlington, VI. OZi Sept. 1830. LOVELY &, ABBOTT. HAVING returned from New, York Jt-M with their fall slock of coeds, have now Ihe pleasure of offering for sale ono of the finest assortments of Broad Cloths, Cas irrieres. nnd Saliuetts, Thibet cloths, Frftnch and English Marines, of every va rietyand color, Mohair i-ilks. offino nssort. rneni8. Mucins and Cainbricks, French worked Collars, Marino Thibet wool. Kill; chally Crapo and other variclic-i of Shawls and llclkb., Jlleaclied and unoieaciieu Cottons. TicKincs. I auio and oilier ijincns a variclv, French EnglWh and American Prints. Cotton Yarn. Waddinr and Bat- tinir. Cariietinirs. and. in fine, we think us good an assortment of fancy and Maple nut contain u particle of tho chloride of dry Goods, and on as good terms as ever soda, on the agency of which their efficacy offered in Burlington. Cut and plain must necessarily depend. The article here Glass, China and other Crockery ware advertised is confidently offered to the ex omong which ore Elegant Dining and Tea uminalion of tho public, us possessing in an eette, nnd almost every article ofcolour and eminent degree, tho virtue of neutralizing kind in Market, Teas of all kinds. Loafaud all that is offensive in the mouth and brealh, Drown SugarB, CofTec, Chockulale, Sugar- removing soreness and spongiiiess ofihe house and other Molasses, Box and quarter gums, destroying tho taint of! tobacco, or box Raisins, Mackerel in half and quarter Bny other effluvia from whatever cause. bbls.No. 1 and 2 White ond colored Sperm Jn short, this preparation will be found lo Candles, Scotch and Mnckaboy Snuff, jU6ljfy t10 vari0Ui commendatory notices inaico, smoKing uou uuuwihk i Soap, Spices of all Kinds, &c. &c. Burlington, api. io, iujo, fiilt and Mahogany Frame Glasses, from 25 els. to fourteen lrllnm. for Salo 1V LOVELY &. ABBOTT. September 1G. 1036. Wool & Butter. THE Subscribers will pay Cash for (loud Clean Fleece AVool, delivered at their Stord in Church Slrrol. They will also pay Cash fur Uoud Butter at one shilling pr. pound. Lovely & AnnuTT. Burlington Sept. I6(7t I03G. New Goods Sept. 16. VEGETABLE ROUGE, "on exquisite orticlc for enriching ihu glow of Ihe cheek: this beautiful cosmetic preparation has at ail limes found a place at the fash ionable toilet. It is an innocent, yet pow erful auxiliary where circumstances havu rendered assistance expedient, it is free from any noxious ingredient und entirely innocent: calculated lo create new beauties where beauties were before i to add fresh ness to the chock which caro or illness may have rendered languid; and in place of tho Lily lo plant the Rose;'' just received nt Hie Variety Shop. PANominN & RnrsAMAin. Rail-Road Notice. NOTICE is hereby given thai n pen tion will be preferred to tho Lcgislo ture of the Statu of Vermont al llioir next session fur the grant of a Kill Road from Bennington, through Iho counties of Ben nington, Rutland, Addison, umiicncon anu FrrTnklin, t" Canada line, in the direction of Montreal. Stephen iiiNsnn.i,, Svi.VEsTKn Samuel Canfiei.d, C. V. Clnant, John A. Conant, Samuel Swift, William Slade. Sept. 7, I03G , Fall Goods. T' HE subscribers aie now opening nn extensive assortment of Goods adapt cd to the tall trade which will be sold cheap fur Cdh. Wo have now a full assortment ofsuper- lino Broad Cloths of every shade and quol "' ..... Rich ami heavy, plain 01 riaiu uas rnr s. A few ps. new stylo Durham Cas'mr's. 40 ps. G-4 French & English Merinos. 1 Case Elegant Fig'd Merinos. Balling, Wadding, Cambric Linings &c. IiATIIUOl' & Potwin. Sept. USth 1U3G. CJTRAYED from the 6iibsc:iber on the 9lh instant, a small, short legged linn ttnrlr rpil ritll' with short horns, and considerable whi'e on variom pjrts of her body. Whoever will return Iter or give inlurmatioti wh.ire she may uu louuu, shall be amiilv compciifated. STEPHEN WHITNEY. Burliniilnii Seiil. JG. September 1836. Fall Goods at the Variety-shop 1M7"E arc getting in our Fall Goods, all T T thiii"s necessary to keep our assort nicnt ju g.ioil order ; Watches, Clocks, perfumery, Tea-pols, Military Goods, Cas tors, Jewelry, Slocks, Collars, lilcn and sat i if Bosoms, Lamp wicks, I uys, anu an endless variety of Fancy articles. All per snus arc invited to call and look at thein'at Ihe Variety Shop. Pam:iiohn &. Bbin-maio, 9th Sept. 1836. To our Agriculturalists success l o our Literary Iiieiitutions Ihe high standing I hey ineril To our Manufacturers Iri uniphancy in competition uud tn com nicrce. Free Trade and Sailor's Rights HE Go Ahead Principle is so predom iuani in our land at tho present day, that the Car loaves him behind, who plops fur trill '8, or descends lo particulars. We of Iho Green Mountain Slate bavins such conspicuous bumps of eiitcrpriz marked on our head lam.s, need only knuw the l ext I it; reot is understood II is now Ibis HOWARD, of Ihe Cheap Cash Store, has been to Ihe citv of New York, the L'rand emporium of our country, ami reeeiv ed his full supply of necessary and detirable goods, which were proouceu oy a comoina lion of all tho natural intellectual median ical and on.-ralivii exertions ol our above named motto. To conclude, llio gooos were bought to pell, and will be sold cheap tor cah, no rnistiiko. New Goods Sept. 8 COMPOUND Chlorine Tooth VVush the discovery of iho chloride of Soda & its uses bv Labarranuo ol I'aris, was an au dition lo Ihe resource! of medicine of the ut most iinnnrtaiice as a neutralizing agent. I counteract al onco ihu principle of decay which commencing imperceptibly, slowly irathers strength, and finally destroys, tho jmporlant service which can be derive from the use of chloride of soda, when nd ministered with hkill and care; the diseas es of Iho tenth being, in Ihe greal mnjority of cases, ihe result of neulect, and a c'rad ual accumulation of tho principle ubove alluded lo. it becaino obvious, from the earliest experiment, that the chloride was the proper remedy, and preleraiitc lo pow derj. deulri ces. iSic. nl whatever kiiiu nretension. Bv a chemical annlysis it will im found that tlie greater nart of the chlo Line comnoutids bo extensively in use, do anil recommendations ii has received, where ev:r it has been introduced. Just received and fur sale at tho Variety Shop. rAISUIJORN Sl URIJNoM AID. Seplpm. II, 103G 500 Spanish Leeches of a lute importation, by i. fi. J. li. rt.vr.c ou. Now Arrangement. HMHB subscribers having entered into JL copartnership in thn uinnufiicltiru of Sheet Iron, Copper and Tin Ware, tho bu sinrsi will hereafter bo continued under the firm of STARR U B03TWICK at iho old stand of J. J. Slarr, in Church street, oppnsitn Iho Jail, where all kinds of Job work will be done on bhort imtioe and in the best manner. They havo now on hand a large and general assortment of plain and Japaurd which they will diiipose of nt wholesale or retail, as low ad can bu purchased in this section of the country. They have al so on IUIIU OnU Will h Inn tf IHM vn innniin, Rotary and other Cooking and Box STOVES, of various sizes and most approved patterns. Stove Furniture nnd Pipe of all descrip uons an oi winch will be sold on the most reasonable terms. All orders in their linn will bo promptly attended to J. J. STARR. II. II. UOSTWICK. Burlington, Sept. I, I83G. Ucnjamin F. Bailey's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, ) District of Chittenden, ss. i The Hon the Probate Court for tho Dis- trict of Chittenden, To all persons con. corned in the Estate of Benjamin F. Bailey Into of Burlington in said District deceased. WHEREAS, tho Administrator ofsaid deceased proposes to render an ac count of his administration, and present his account against said estate for examination nd allowanco at a session of the Court of 'robatc, to bo holdcu at Willcv's Inn. in Williston on the first Monday of October next. Therefore, You arc hereby notified to appear bclorc said Court al the tunc and place aforesaid, and shew cause, if any you liavc, why the accoent aforesaid should not bo allowed. Given under my hand at Williston this 7th day of August. A. D. IC3G. U. B., Register. THE SILK GROWER'S GUIDE. Willi various engravings, AT s2 PEIl ANNUM, IN ADVANCE, rN Wednesday, August 3, 1036, the J firpl number of the SILK GROW ER'S GUIDE will ho published by the subscriber, and cunlinued every oilier Wednesday thereafter, each number con taining IG largo super royal octavo pages double columns, expressly adapted for binding, and the whole subject fully illus trated by appropriate engravings. r.verv possible source ut inlurmalion will be used to make this a standard publication for American cultivators ol bilk, i he ed lor is extensively familiar with the subject from personal experience in its most impor tant branches, und comes prepared to fur nish his readers with information so much desired on this interesting subject, lie I also be assisted by valuable pens in this city and its vicinity, where the Mul berry tree ond faiiK worm nave lor many years received close attention. 1 he cultivation ot tne muiucrry rree. in nil its varieties llio rearing ot CsilK Worms production of Cocoone reeling. manufacturing and dying Silk tho easy introduction ol ihe bilk business its im mense value to every farmer its profits ts peculiar applicability to our climate, and tho habits of our farmers, with numerous other considerations, will be fully and honestly elucidated in this publication. Philadelphia, as a locus, possesses remark able facilities lor Ihe acquisition und dis soiiiinalion of this impoitanl knowledge The Beet Root Sugar cul'uro, nnd agricul I oral subjects in general will be assiduously nltended to. To mako the subject pecu liarly intelligible, engravers will be freely employed to illustrate the work, and no expense ma red lo place it in the first rank of the inoi-l completu publication on Silk husbandry in America. It will be printed on fine paper, with rjood tviu und packed up lo defy Injury in the mail. Six copies will be scut fur 10 thirteen for j$20. Address the cdiior, post paid, r. w. LiiUfULU, 1J Chcsnut Elrect, I'hilad. JYeiv Firm. HE undersigned have commenced the T nierly occupied by ,on Potwin, late E. W. Ingertoll &. Co. where, in addition lo (heir pre.-enl stock, which is a respect able one they aro receiving and will re ccivo in the course of eight or ten days, ad ditions. of every variety of'Euglish, French and American Dry Goods, Dry Groceries, China, Glass &, Crockery Ware, Looking Glasses, &c. which will make it one of the most exten sive assortments now offered in this place. Juat received nud are now opening some of the leading articles, viz : 4 and 5-4 brown Sheetings, 3-4 Shirtings, 4 nnd G-4 bed Tickings, Balling, Wadding, Wicking.col Ion Yarn. Indigo, blue Prints, dark do. Birds Eyo and Table Diaper, mixed Sutli netts, grey Cloths, Paper Hangings, &.C. &c. The public are respectfully invited to call. Cash, or Gouds at the lowest cash nricos. naid for trend Inhle Butter. NOBLE LOVELY, JOHN ABBOTT. Burlington, Spt. I . W13G. WANTED. A FEW thousand feet of 3 I 4 PLANK not less than 12 niches wide, and ai much widur as convenient. The timber may be cither oak. ash, beach, birch, ma. nle. bass-wood, or yellow pine, bui must be nearly or quite clenr of knots. Tho high Pit mnrkr.t nrice will be noid in cash, on delivery, ol Iho Burlington Mills. RUFUS CLARK Burlington. Bill mo. 22d, 1030. Lyman & Cole, Will pay cash for fleece Wool I in clean merchantable order, delivered jineir 6toro in Burhnglon. July I New Goods. AN exiniifivc assortmentof Fall & Win. tor Goods, of oil I ho ii'iinl varieties kepi in (he country- just Rrc'd & for sale uy P. DOOLITTLE. Sept. 15. Wood-Choppers YVantcd. riHE subscribers wish to employ twenty JL or thirty nifii l chop Cord Wood. JANES, SMITH & CO. An?, in, 1II3G. rpilK NATURAL HISTORY OI'' EN. JL TIIUSIASM Fourth Edition : for salo -try V. HARRINGTON. Aug. 2G. New Establishment. THE subscriber respectfully informs the public and his friends ircncrally, that ho has taken tho store recently occupied by Mr John Abbott two doors south of Ins old shop, and has just received from New tori; a well selected assortment or allies' Boots &. Shoes, Misses', and Childrens'. &c. of all kinds and descriptions. He has also, on hand and is now manufacturing from the nest materials lientlcnicns' thin Bool?, Shoes and Pumps; thick Boots. Shoes and urogans. in ehort every article in Ins line made on short nntico, and as cheap as can be nfTurdcd for cash or short aDDrovcd cre dit, and all rips mended gratis. U. S. RUSSELL. N. B. Wanted immodiatolv two or lliren first rate Journeymen Boot Makers to whom the highest wages will be paid,and constant employment. D. S. R. Burlington, Aug. 17, IB3G. Dorastus Holton's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, District tj Chittenden, ss. C The Honorable llio Probate Court within and fur the District aforesaid, to all per sons concerned in the estate of Dorastus Hollon, lato of Burlington in said dis trict. deceased. Greeting. TXTHEREAS, the Adminisl rotor ofsaid T T deceased proposes to render an oc count of his administration, and present Ins account against said estate lor examination and allowance at a session of the Court of Probate, lo bu hidden at Willcy's Inn in Williston, on the first Monday of October next. Therefore, you aro hereby notified to appear bcloro said courl at the lime and place aforesaid, nnd thew cause, if any you have, why the account aforesaid should not be o Mowed. Given under my hand at Williston, this 27lh day of August, A. D. 183G. UKO. U. MA INS liR, Register, FANATICISM by the author of natu ral 'History of Enthusiasm.' For salo by V. HARRINGTON An J. .u, CJNIUTUAL DESPOTISM-by tho au 3 thor of Fanaticism,' natural 'History of tmlliusiasm,' lor sale by V. HARRINGTON. Aug. 28. PHYSICAL THEORY OF ANOTHER LIFE by tho author of Fanaticism,' natunl 'History of Enthusiasm,' 'Spiritual lor buIu by V. HARRINGTON Aug. 2G. POSTHUMOUS RECORDS of a London Clergyman ; by the Rev, Hcbart C'aun- tcr, IS. u. ; lor salo by V. HARRINGTON. A ng. 2G. S' HELL COMBS &. HORN TWIST COM BS. A new assurtinont of Shell idc Cuuib", and new style Horn Twist Combs. Also Quill Back Shell Combs j ust received al the Variety Shop, by I'ANnnonN & Uni.NSMAiu. August 24. 1U36. Fire ! Fire ! tt1 HE members of tho Vermont Mutual Firo Insurance Company arc hereby notified that tho following assessments havo been made liy I lie Directors, on all notes inlorce, un tl;o following days, lo wit : Dec. 7, l!!33, 1-4 of 1 percent. do 20, do 1-2 do do do do Jan. G, 103G, 1-1 do do do On Feb. 10, do 34 do do do do March G, do 1-2 du do do do May 10, do 1'4 do do do do Juno 15, do 1-2 dodo do do Making 3 per cent assessment for the year said per cenlago lo lie cast on the original mount ol tho piuiniuni note, without refer enco lo any endorsement, and to bo paid to tho treasurer at his office in Monlpclier, on or ueturo llio I Dili day ol Ucloucr 1IJ3U. An opportunity will be presented lo forwaid as scssmciits I iv iho members of the Legislature and thoso who neglect to forward thuir assess mcnls then, arc referred lo llio I) sec. of the act attached to each policy for Iho conscquuu ccs. Ky order of Iho Directors. CALVIN JAY KEITH, Treasurer. Monlpclier, Aug. 20, 1D3G. fJj-Tho printers of each weekly newspaper in this Slate aro requested lo publish llio a. bovc notice tlirco weeks successively, and tor ward their bills by tho members of Iho Lcgis laluro for payment. SALT. 1500 Bushels Steam Salt, just landed by J. &. J. II. PECK &. Co. An?. 25 THIS DAY nECEIVEl) M1 KOn BALE AT THE Ladies' Shoe Store, 60 pairs Womon's Leather Pegged Wells. 50 do do Kid Walking .Slips. 100 do Superior do Slipi, city madu. 50 do Children s morocco brogaus, 20 do Women's stout morocco walking 20 do do Leather pegged brogaus, 40 do do Seal, sowed. Q". do mncr. Kid Pans silos. 15 do Spring do blips. 20 do French morocco do 25 do Win-'a stout walking. 12 do do Calf pegged brogans. 20 do do Moiocco slips. 50 do Children's morocco boots, 15 do Wm.'s Seal pegged brogans. 3G do Spring prunella slips, 211 do Wm.'s leather sewed wnlking. 18 do Mioses morocco pegged slips. 12 do Wm.'s calf biiring walking, 52 do Ladies and Mirses calf slips, extra al quality, D, A. UIIAMAN, Builington, Aug. 18, 1330, NOTICE. npHE subscriber having made now or J- rangeinents in business, it become-necei-sary that the old concern should be sol I led up. Hu therefore requests all thosr indebted to him lo call and selllo without "cloy. J. J. STARR. Sept. 1, 1030. Commissioners Notice. WE iho mlisciiliein , having Iwcn nppoinledbj lh(! Honorable thn I'mlj.ifo Com t for ihe Disliict of Chiilcmlcn, commliiloncrii In icomvc, rxnminc und niljnsl llio claims nnd demands of nil pciioiu, ng.lilifl llin primp nf DA V1D A TWOOD, lalonf ChniloliB in Mid Uidi ici, deceased, irpre fciilcil insoUrnl, mul nla nil cl.iinn and ilcin.indu exhibited in ihp.irio J mul six inoniha fiotn ihe d.iy nfihed.ilo hnrof, heinj iillimedhy p.iid Com I for tint plirpojp, vvnilo lhpiipiic hcicby ;ie nolifp, lli;il vi will niienil lo llio Im.inest of our ;ippuliif ment, III Ihe dwelling of ihn wi low of llin r.iid de censeilin Glial blip in s.iid l)ilricl on lliefiix IM. l,ns of November & Jiinu.iiy next, at 10 o'clock, A. Al., on c.irh off.iid d.iys. D.ltcd, lliinGih d.iy nfjntv A. U, 183G. IMTT I'. lIKirBTT. , ) Commij. GUOKGE SHEIl.MAN, J.ioiieu. Ladies' Shoe Store. rilHE subscriber has iust opened. next A door cast of Smith Sc Harrington's Hook Sloro in College street, a Shoo Store, princi pally composed of Ladies', Misses' and Chi! dron's Shoes of all kinds and sizes. Ilisar rangcinenls (recently inndo with an cxlcn. sive house in New York) arc such a3 will enable him to sell at prices which ho confi dently believes will bo satisfactory lo all who may bo disposed lo extend lo him their pat- 'onasc. jj, A, ijUAMAN. IJurmnoton, July i'O, !f)3G. Dr. B. J. Heineberg i ESPECTFULLY informs the inht R inlmh. itants of Burlington and Vicinilv ihm ho has opened an Annthennrv Rlmn in Church-etrcct. two doors south uank or Isurlinirton. wlioro. nnilpr thn nnrp or a regular and experienced German A' poinccarv Wliom Dr. 11. has Bin v prmnrr cd) Doctors' prescriptions will be attended io nt nil Hours; and where simple ond compound medicines may bo had in all pns sible varieties. In addition to this. Dr. H. lias also on hand a choice selection of per lumerics, which ho will sell at reasonable prices rpilE LIFE AND TIMES, RELIGIOUS JL AND POLITICAL OPINIONS of John Milton, with au appendix, containing animad versions upon Dr. Johnson's Life of Mi Ion by Joseph Ivimey aulhor of tho ' History ol t! t. I, ....... w i. . . uiu r.uyiiMi Djpusis, ac uc. ; i or sale nv V. IIAIllllNUTON Burlington Female Seminary riiHE Fall and Winter Term common JL ccs September l-lili. Pupils should enter nl the commencement of the term. Mr. D. A. IS it am a will have the charge of the boarding establishment, which the friends of the School believe will be con ducted to Iho entire satisfaction of patrons. Applications to be maue lo the Principal, Maiiv C. Gheev. EXPENSES. English tuition, board, lights, fuel and washing per quarter &30 00 3 00 3 00 French, do do Latin, Drawing, Instrumental do do Music do do du do 5 00 12 oo 100 Vocal Aloeic TnUSTF.ES. REFERENCED. Faculty of College Hon. II. Allen. E. T. Englcsby. W. A. Gnswold. Rcv.G G.Ingcrsoll Rev. J.K. Converse lion. Alvnn, Mr J. S. Potwin, Pror. G.W. Benedict, Mr Hurry Bradley, N. B. Haswi ll, firn. Mr Henry Moyn, Geo. P. Marsh, E-n. Mr S. E. Huward. C. Adams, H-q. J.N. Pomeroy,E?r. I1 r iS. liicknk. W. Lyman, E?q. II. & L.C.I.DOIIIIl. J. B. Hnllenbeck. N. B. Music taught by Prof. Mult.Miss II. Hosford assistant ; Mr. E. R. Proiity leachcr of Vocal Music. Charges made lor term of entrance, except in cases of sick nes. Aoffii-i 11,1 ft 38. JUST received &. fur sale by ROBERT MOODY 2 Boxes French Olives I do Anchovies I do Capers 1 Case preserved Ginger 2 Boxes Prunes 1 Jar Tamarinds 1 Case best salad Oil 1 Box prc-ervnd Citron August 25, ItiSG. Medcalf's Patent Compound Oil for Painting. A perffcl substitute fur Linuced Oil for all kinds of Paiiiling. is offered to llio public by' Ihe subscribers wilh the fullest assurance of its utility. Il is now about eight years since it was biuuuht lo its present slalo'of perfee I lion, and during that has been r.loni vely used & tested in every way which LliKccd Oil is used for painting, fur insido and otilsidu house painting, on brick nud on wood, and fur coaches, rigor, boati &c. Ai for spirad ins and drying for inside wurk il is not sur passed, and lor body, nnd dm ability iu situa tions exposed lo tho sun and weather, it ii warranted Ijr superior lo Iho hest LhiM-ed Oil nud being liulil colored renders il prefer. able fur while und all ulhcr delieata colors. Ono of tho firsl painting establishments in this city of more than iwcnly years standing j say in their certihcaln " Having used .wed. cair s l atent I anil Oil do ccrlily lliat more surface and belter painting can bo douo per L'allun. than when mixed with pure Linseed Oil. This oil forms a combining substance when mixed with puro Leads that does mil decompose and rob off by expo.uro lo tho sun, and by experience of two years, wo aiu vur. allied In saying that pniuting done with 111 N saying that painting done with Ihii oil. will stand the weather much lonarr, and' remain unimpaired, when painting done in Iho usual wuy will not, anil fur oil clulhs, wo think it surpasses every thing lliat wo ever iifcd." JulintV. Fasuellhas purchased thf right to make and vend tho "Patent Compound Oil" in Iho following Slates, viz: Pennsylvania, New York, Massachusetts, Vermont, Connec ticut, New Jersey, South Curulina, Ohio, Michigan, Illinois and Indiana, and cautions all persona, ngainsl any iiifringcinoiil, as every ofTonco will bo mot u illi rigorous prosecution. Tho piice or Iho ''Patent Oil" will bo ono quarter less than Linseed Oil. It Is wairantcd and sold wholesale anU retail FASSETT, SKLDEN & Co. r t.... !., p.i.,1. n . Vurnis iiKC. swi " street Troy N, Y. Augusts 183G. University of Pennsylvania,' MEDICAL DEPARTMENT, fin HE next course of Lectures will com JL ini'iico mi I'n(silay, November Ihi firol, and be culitinlied Under llio fullowiny arangcincnls : IViiciIci of McJicino Niulimilel Clinpnian.M.D Sl"'",islry Hhcri llnrc. ,lu '"(.'"y Willi (iil0. ,! An.un.ny Win. C. Home,, do liictiitr of Mcdicino Hnninel Jnckcon, do Mnleil i Medici Gporgn 11. WVoJ ,lu Midwifeiy Hugh I., llod-o ,u Lectures nn Clinical Medicinn and Sur gory are delivered at the Penii'ylvaini Hn.epital and al the Philadelphia llui-pitu'l (Blncklcy ) The whole amount of fees is thnntnc us hcreloforo paid, notwithstanding the aug'- .nuiitoiiiiii in mo nuinuer ot rroief-sorfriiini and linproveinptit in the cnur-o nfintriic Hon. W. E. HORNER. M. I). Dea n of Aledical Focully. Philadelphia, July SOih, 1030. Harvard University. THE Medical Lectures in Harvard U. Diversity will begin at the Massachu setts Medical College in Mason st. Boston, the first Wednesday in November next, n't 1.4 bcforol), A M. nnd will continue thrco months. Fur ono month after Iho end of the course, lectures will be delivered in Ilia College, and the DN-se'cllng Room will bii open lo such students as may remain, with out additional lee. Such students may also attend Iho Practice of the Massachu setts General Hospital. Annlomv and Oneraliona !n Suigery, - . . Dr. Wancn. Uliennslry, ... Dr. Webster. Mnleii.i Jlcdica, Dr. Blsclow. Alidwiferv and Medical Juris prudence Dr. Channinj. l'i inciplcs orSurgcry and Clin ical Surgery, - - - Dr. H.iyward. i neoiy unu rraclice ol I'hvsic, Dr, Waie. Clinical Lectures will bo delivered as usual on tho cases iu the Massachusetts General Hospital, JsEW DISSECTLYG ROOM. A new Dissecting Room is now building, and will bo finished before the Lecturer begin. It will occupy all tho vacant land east of the Medical College. Every care i laking to make this importanl'pari of tho medical school ns perfect ns possible, so that it may lurnMi to Iho student ample facilities for prosecuting his Anatomical studies. The legal cnactmenis of iho 6lalo, co liberally and so wisely framed; will be faithfully and thoroughly applied to the accomplishment of their important ob- JCC13. WALTER CIIANNING, Dean. Boston, July, 133G. IMPORTANT r10 persons suffering from R II BUM JL ATIC COMPLAINTS. To the Editor of the Enquirer isir, On the prin ciple inculcated by the great and good Dr. Franklin, to diffuse as widely as possible every means within onr'power to mitigate or soften the offliciions ofsufTerinj! human ity, I feel it incumbent on rns to mako known through the medium of your useful paper, that on reading therein an adver- 1 ticii'ent of Dr. Jebb's Liniment, for tho cure of RHEUMATISM, I was forcibly iinprei-rvu wiin a Ue.'iel Hint it was calcula ted to remove the snveru Rheumatic nffec liun to which I had been for seven or eight years tubjecled, some times almost depriv ing me ol the use of my limbs. 1 accor dingly procured a bottle, and before I had used the Whole uf it, fuutid very sensible relief. This increased my confidence in it, and led mu to obtain nimtlicr boulo. the use of which has completely removed tho swellings and pains of my limbs, together with the cramp, and restored them to their wonted vigor. I uiu respectfully yours, Geo. Tayi.ok jr. Ilcmpitcd. T.. I. March 24. PersuiH mfiering from ihe above com- Pninis, nnd iu despair of a cure from Ihu failure of the various remedies I hey havo used, arc invited lo make trial uf this long celebrated medicine, which has in years past cured and relieved, as it is now doing, lliousani who had despaired of relief. Nothing but a fair trial can give an idea of its unrivalled excellence. It is al one of the best applications known fur slilfuoes ot I lie juinlf, noinljiH'-,.-pr;iins and chilblains Price 30 cent-". For sale bv J. &. J. II. PECK & CO. I'nr tho euro of Colds, Asthmas, Whooping Cough, spilth's Blond and Consumptions. 1CF.LAND MOS4'gio.v8 plentifully in Iho Island of Iceland, from wheneo il lakes ilH name, and in all Iho high noilhern lali-liidi-i uf Kuropo and Aia, where ils Medicinal qualities havo been long known, und highly appreciated Tins plant rontains a leargur prnpoition of Vrrta'jle Mucilage than any ulher known substance, and ill combination with it is a bitter principlo which acts most beneficially in giving strength hi eases of great weakness and debility of tho lungs. Tlio knowledge of ninny ofour most valuable mud. iciues, for the cure of dir.ies, havo been ob tained from observing llicir eil'ect on hrulu aniinalsi-Ro in tho easo of this most invalualilo Moss, lis virtues wurn first discovered hy their ellects on tho hardy, long-liitd and spacious Rain Deer, which domes its prin cipal nurishi.ieiit from Iho Iceland Muss, nnd who milk becomes so highly imbued with- ;,c n .lomi., virliies. that II l useu win. uiu " , ' -.,.,., ... KUierei"ii remedy by k . . ...... . ..,-.i'i ,1...... nnnnirioa for Iho :..i..i.;,.ij ,.Cnll ihoso countrios for llio curoorall diseases orihobreabl and lungs. In France, thin compound has long been known, und extensively used i and to its salutary ellecls as much as to tho salubrity uf llio climate, is mCbably owing tho very small uunibor of fatal cases of consumption in that oounuy. compared wilh Croat Uritan and Iho Un led Slates. This Syrup contains all the inediciiial v i.tues oflho Moss in the ri.o.t concenlraled form, and is prepared from the ongnal receipt from I'aris. only hy. .t, . . E 1 1 UTO H I N G S A- CO . Baltimore And none is genuine unless it has ihoir fac simile upon each lull ofdircclion also upon Ilia envefopo, 0"and sealed wilh their seal. J. & J. II. PECK A: Co., wholesale agcnl:

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