Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, October 7, 1836, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated October 7, 1836 Page 2
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only tiiDilo wc can drcim of whereby t lie pope cnii make himself loll here This is llio way t he popn has exorcised his Mender mercies miliu hnropoan vo).l fur ccniii ties. Voter must bn cniimaiitlil. Tin polls must be talfmi j'0y iliitiv is done politically in lliis country. Well, now, what iiru t lie signs since I ho Mile initial coTcspntiUeiice? About stmul tanoous With the date, wo have the move incntrf oftlio bishop of Cincinnati, the oath, olic emperor i('. ti-,1 ria, ninl Hint cothoiicol catholics, Metterntch. Wlmt Fnys the let ter of Bruin, since that date, about foreign nnuspiractcsngaiiistthu liberties uf the Uni- tcu btnles? What moans the twenty Ihnu titnd dallttv rent tolho ratlin ica of Ctnciti nali the tixly thousand dollars sent- to those ol Dot roil, and the large film s of mo ney tent lo ntticr points m tim union? Why i.s the catholic Bishop in Vincohncs. liul., now on n visit to the holy father nt Rotm-? Fur what purpose ilnl the bishop of St. L-tuis la'cly visit Rome ? What moans the cathiilic Priests that arc now pouring into the Mississippi Va'ley direct Irn'71 Home? Ljt Mr. Van Huron answer these questions and then wo tuny know what is meant by the excellent policv of the pope, of which he Fp"u:s. In connection with the letter of Mr. Van Huron to the pope of Rome, wu give the following extract from tlJU conversation of llio Duku ol Richmond, while governor ol the Canada". In spraking of Hie govern incut of the U. S. ho says : "It will be destroyed ; it ought not nnd will not bo permuted to exist long. So long as it exists no prince will be sale npun his throne, nnd the sovereigns of Europe nre aware of this, and they have long been cletornincd on its destruction, and have de cided the means to accomplish it, and those moans are subversion. The rhurcli ol iRomc lias a design xipm that country, ami t will in time bo lip; c-itnblishod religion, nnd will aid in the final destruction of that Republic." Here wo have the words nnd predictions. 01 foreign nutili'inati ; one ol high standing ultho court of Si. James; in the confidence of his king, nnd conversant uiih the de signs anil plana of the p itonlales of Europe. What d ics he pay? That this rcnublie is viewed by them with a ji-alnus eye; it is 10 uusuuvcrlcd: the ciinicli ol Homo i to hu agent abroad, and let us ark is VAN BU REN to be the jiobm t 11 .me? GEN. HARRISON IN NEW VORK. 1'ioni llio N. V. Aihcrtiscr. Veslorday was a most unpleasant, mi. comfortnblo day raw, damp, cold, and cloudy until n'littlu before the hour np pointed lor the landing of llio veteran whom to many thousands worn eager to meet with testimonials of respect ; "but at abaut a quarter to Tunr. the sun burst forth from behind the clouds and the lime pul nn the nsscmblancc of a pleasant autumn day. The reception wn-t in no than cordial it was enthusiastic. The numbers who as ecmblcd to meet the General at his landing, were to bi reckoned by lhuu--nnds, and their welcome was hrnrly. with looks as well as voices. A carriage was in rendl hops, in which Gen. I! irriion took his Heat with Serjeant Junes, who fought under him and did good service nt the battle of Tippecanoe, but who now earns nu honest living, "in these piping times of pence," by driving a part in this cily. He was instant ly recognized by the General, who bore honorable testimony to his gallant conduct in the war. On arriving at the American Hotel, the chairman of the committee appointed to proffer the city's welcome, delivered the following brief anil approprhto address: Gen. Harrison In the name and on be half of the friends of the Constil ution and the Laws of the city of New York, 1 bid you welcome to our city. In you, sir, wo recognise a worthy snn of a worthy patriot of Hie revolution. In you, sir, we recognise an early, nnd for a long period a successful Vcfcndcr of our country. Under our government vou have tilled important Motions both in u'civil and military capacity, and mull, havudischarg ed your duties with lininr to yourself and advantage to the nation. In i II your course, fair, you have exhibited n love of country nnd a reverence for its. laws ; and should you, sir, as we ardently hope, be elevated to the chief magistracy of the nation, your past life furnishes- a sure pledge that" iln government will be so administered as to redound to the perpetuity ol our institu tions and llio benefit of the whole pjoplo. The reply of the General wns in tub Klonco ns follows ; we copy it as well ns "he remainder ofihe article,' from the Cour ier & Enquirer. Sir The sentimenls which you have convened to me on behulful your follow ci' izons, and the kind manner in which you have communicated them, have only udded 10 the debt of grnlitudu I already owed to the cily of New Vork. This is not the first occasion Uuon which I huvo rpn.-ivpil ihe generous tender ol tho hospitality of niuciiy; nnu me emotions which former manifestations of iheir good will excilcd in my bosom ran never be effaced to the la lest I. our of my existence. I cunuul recollect. Mr, without tho live liest sensibility, that upon my return thru" this city from a most urduous campa'cn when l was most nnxious to knosv tho views winch my tellow citizens might on- ....!.. ..r.t. ' .... . . iuiiuiii oi niu vaiuo oi iny uesi services in llio cause ol u y country on the frontier that it was my fortune to meet, in your city, wild n welcome which at nncu reliev ed me of nil anxiety, and left an impression upon my mind which no lapse ol time can destroy. It was here, sir, that I received Hie most gratifying li'ttimony of tho genu rous regard of my countrymen, for my ex onions in tho campaign which closed with tho battlo of the Thames. With regard to my exertions in behalf ol iny country, to which you have dono mo the honor to ullude, I know und feel thai it docs not belong to mo to estimate them. I can only say, that in every situation in which I have been placed, military or civil, as I have never bliruul; from performing iny duty, so I have never abused tho power confided to me, to oppress or wrong any individual ; and that in the most delicalu and trying circumstances, I havn ever mode it the first object of my most anxious solicitude lo reconcile my duty to iny coun try, with the respect due to the rights ol 'he humblest citizen." it uffords in unfeigned ploiniro lo add, I hut, Cornelius W. Lawrence, prompted by n conviction of whnl unsduo by tho people ofthls cily nnd ofthe Union, lo k distinguished nn individual and great public bi-ji.ficlor at Gen. Harris in, and, topnrdless r.s he always is of parly coiisid orations in Ilia disrhargc tfpjblic dulies, waited upon the General while at dinner with his Iriends. When about retiring, a g nlli'inan proposed as a toast "Cornelius W. Lawrence, the nblr nnd efficient May or oT lho city of New York," which was received wilh three cheers. Mr Lawrence briefly replied, and slated, that being com polled lo leave town nt tin early hour in the morning, ho fill that ho would have been wanting in his duty to tho inhabitants of this cily, if he had not availed himself of the opportunity, late ns it was, to pass his nersonul retnrrt. nml i,, ii, ,,,.. ..r i.u constilut'tils, to welcome to unr city, one wuo i.iiu rendered such ynlonblu and dis- lll'i'Ulshoil snrvirn I it 1 Itn. Mitnntrtr tti tint hour of its greatest gloom. His icnmrks were rosponuou to tiy three times ihrcc, and hu retired, accompanied by Aldermen l'urtly. Schniolzel, Tahnadgo, nnd Benson, who had accompanied him on this well con- iureu visn oi respect lor a worthy public servant. v it i d a v m oiimnq, o c r oisbr. -. FOIl TRESIDKNT WM. fiT. IIAEt-SISON, KOIl VICE IMIES1DKNT FUANCIS OKANGIJU. Kon r.LECTUR'. JAI3EZ PROCTOR, SAMUEL SWIFT. .11 litrgi. Dibt. No. 1, DAVID CRAWFORD, 2, ZI.M11I HOWE. 3, TITUS HUTCHINSON, 4, W.M A. GRISWOLD, 5, EDWARD LAM H. Till: EIGHTH OF NOVEMBER. Dj'Lot every freeman remember the Olh of N ivenib.'r. Our votes arc then to de termine whether we a-e for the Intriguer of New York, or for tho Cincinnalui of the West. HARRISON ami VAN BUR EN Gen. Harrison has been represented by ihe Vun Boron papers, as a broken down old man, though only nbut six years older lhan Mr Vun Huron ! The difference be Uieen them is, that Harrison wns fighting the battles of the country protecting the immense western frontier from foreign und savage aggression, while Van Huron was plotting ngaitisl Madison's election lo the presidency! Tint ilirrison was distiu guish'.'d ns the G ivernor of tho N irth Western Territory, hjfore Van Huron was eyeu heard of. 'Phit ns oi 'in'.iur of the House of R"prete;iiatlves from 1 Q I G to ''JJ, and as Senator till IT 211, Harrison Hiistain oil tho great principles of American Indus try and Internal Improvements, while Vun Buri ii oppnsrd iheio u'l. Wo will agree lo support Van Huron to morrow, if ii will not b.; found by lho voles of the two men that Harrison aKviyi sustained lit: inter esis of the n irlh, uud Vun Hjron always oppj-td them. "NORTHERN CANDIDATE" 03" We are often told that Vun Huron is the northern candiditc ! Spotted all over with the leprosy of New York cor ruption, yet he is Hi ! northern candidjiu ! How to, ovdii if ooc'ioual feelings are to deturiiiinc our choice ? Harrison is of Ohi j bone of our b mo, und flash of onr uVsli---where thuii-ands ol Vermouters havn found a home. Ohio i.hviijs supported tho interests uf Vermont. Did N. York ever ? is not Oliio as near and dear to us us New Yoik? Is Oliio a slaveh dding (.late? New Yoik is the only state, as yet, whose whtde political institutions tun J lo make men politically, and intellectually, slaves. Away with tins nonsense about Van Huron's biiing the northern candidate. - Harrison is lho northern candidate yet ii iuch a sense ns to bo ihe whole Nation's Candidate. LIBERTY or tub PRESS. Mr. Von Huren, bv his casting vote in the Senate, decided that every deputy po muster might open letters and papers, and destroy them, if in their immaculate judg menl they might contain sentiments unfa vorable lo human slavey ! Men of Ihe north ! tucli nn act involves not only the suppression of your liuucsl thoughts on slavery but whether thu right of ppeech and ol the press shall be destroyed Free men of Vermont ! will you surrender the rights of liuinin liberty, of speech, and the pirss, to the Intriguer who would sacrifice Ihem all for his own advancement? VAN HUREN ISM ani ANARCHY. The recent revolutionary proceedings in Maryland arc approved by the Albany Argus Van Huron's right arm. Tho con sliiullon or Maryland required forty Elecs tors to choose a Senate, and a quorum required twenty four electors to be pres ent. The Whigs elcctod 21, the Van Burrn men 19, The consequence was that the Van Buren men rufused to meet with ihe oilier electors no quorum could bo foriiio'd no officers could be appointed Ihe government was dissolved and thu state thrown into anarchy. What was this lo Vun Huron, if ho could destroy tho vole of Maryland ? What cared hu and liU tnin ions, if he culd u.Mitrali. ! the votoofn stale, Ifrcviilulion, bloodshed mil anarchy ensued ? This ii a plain statement of the case, and let tho freemen of Vermont de cide whether they will pul tbj nmrchist at the head of tho Guvflruiii int. FALSE ISSUE. Win Franklin County, during the Into campaign, it was proclaimed that the issue was butween Vun Huron, the N irlhern mnii,and White, tho Southern linn. II u risen, th ! pat riot, the slnlesmin nnd he horn, was constantly kept out of siglp by the Franklin Journal, The samj course was pursued by Rubor, Elton, nnd tho rest of that bought crew. Folio .v citizms, do not be deceived by a f.ilso issue. liar, r'non is swooping the West ; his teeent visit to Haltimuro, Philadelphia, and New York, has been n succession of triumphs. The people have seen him as they naw him when he protected them from savage def lation in '13, 'hi nnd '15. 33Ss!0 Loiter to the Pope on lirsl pigc. Spanking of General Hirrisun's visit lo New York, lho American thus remarks j "This visit ha i given tho lie very pos itively and conclusively lo some Ium or three of the fabrications of tho Van Buren press especially tint which pretends to represent Gen, Ilirrison as a broken down old man, without capacity. Hu has been seen by tens of thousands, nud thf-y found themselves looking upon n man of plain farmer like app. orance. of thin, wiry and nclive form, of quick and nlclhgcnt eye, and nltogethor ns little like decrepitude ns can well be imagined. He has boon hoard too, by thousands, and on occasions whrfii ho could not in the nature of things have b"cn prepared in advnace, and his rrplies have evinced tact, knowledge, in-tructiun, anil principles well settled in his u u mind, and frankly cxprcsed to others U o hive no doubi, if Mr. Vin Boron nnd Mr. Harrison should go forth together and unaccompanied, upon n tour through out tho United Stales, and bj brought in to contact with Ihe people, and that the issuj of lho Presidenlal election should be determined by the impression respectively produced by the manners, appearance, and speeches of each that Gen. Harrison would beat the lavourito so:i clean out of si 'lit." An account of General H irrisori's recep at New York, will ho found in another coin mn. JOB HASKELL, -rni: LOCO FOCO. Jod il.i.ucM, who was. a J ick-on ni'ni bor of tho Now Yoik As-ooibly in 11133, was oniong tho multitude that visile I G?n. IlAiimcoN, at lit: City Hill, in Now York. Mr. Haskci.i. adresscd th: G nernl as fol lowc: Clenciul H.inijoii : I h.iie come lieic to nay inv icrperls lo jou. I, sir, iim ii J.ickfon man, r,' I.IIPnl.rnii'aii Niu. inn i...i..i - I . . . . iigam Here lion candidate hVlurn ilia Vllc" ' I ! ac.c0,"paniment of a narrow and contracted uc li'un mv siippoii( general, because I ulivajs A man of an exilted sense of jus- conjideied him a pm !ut and soldier, uliivu uliule 'lioe-.of that delicate and rhivalric spirit, life had been honorably and Elctdf.Mily dcoted to ' which cannot hour that no ither shall suf die inieicsis of his country. lie is now alwul Pilfer injury Ibrough his instruinniitahlv rill I Time Cieneral, is ii part of the history of my country. I know it well I Know it us one who h ire arms my. self during our hue war with deal liriniiu, und shared the trials and dangeis along our fioutiers. Me. IliuUcll hero gate n slim I history of the ari oils billies wilh their dales und ciieiiai.liinees nl luded lo the d's islets which iinemled Hull's cini. paign hi Canada spoke ol the dangers which tieu mil Hatiison had eneounteied uf the irtoiies lie niu won, oi me c.ipunc oi rtoeioriiud Ins suv.ige when vou applied lo Mr Von Buren he ul hes, und of the effect whi,hiil,,d 10 hi,he I refined" lo indemnify w.n for Ihe iniorv ndeiiconmrnigiihehl,ua.iiidsofoiirhordeis.oileiP,L.,,,l,(r1,1t lr. w.l,l ,. 1 , , ' wholiail heei.diiien horn .heir homes, und also on h" lnr."lluU'. w'l'l not bo respon-lble lor lho soldiers ofour nonhrtesierii fionlicr, who rai?ed " , ""'l".1' driver, y-itt will do mu nnd their ujices in praiso of ttie patriot und soldier, i 1 ,lu P'V'lic n favour by s'litliig the Inels ii.intson, tin llie echoes reached llie Heaiens. Ves Genenil Harrison, ii is owing tu such men us General Jackson nnd our liberties h.nebeen picsened, and it is in such men that the American people must rely, if ihcv would wish 10 ha0 their liberties perpetuated. 'linn anurc, sir, ihat General JackBon has been abased bv the pub. he piess, und I mn ulso aware, sir. that "the fahc hoods whii-hnicdiily pulilhlied tespecting yourself would, iflhero wctonot thousands who shared llm battles and ihe dangeis of the war wilh j.iii, be sufuciciii to destroy our well cained fone, weie those ihousands nol liting ultneucs of tho lowed lie-, unj the unliolv iii-iseeiiiimis nf mn who would h.iie 110 shame 10 blot fiom tho soldier's 1 0l1 al " hllnr' angle and ran ilirecily upon rcincii.biunce jour i.uioui gallam deeds, if iilmy chuise nud horse, broko the chaise and ..mi. iiiciii to niiuin uieir n.f noons ends. 1 1011 nivaic. (icn Hnrr son. 1I1..1 !, ,. r.t.l.. fully served your rountrv for a iierioil nf innrn ,iV-.n 1 Pnty years, und thai in jour declin-ng sears ou ' can boast ol little tnoto an honorable fime ' j ears ym iiiitwhilo uthcis weie looking fir the spoils op u...vU.u ,,c i,a,,i,s )our counirv s ii.itues .unj re III ei "M oonr nil ir.,i 1..I.1;.., i Ti... r sir, wh-.ilcer may be the falsehoods of the public press, they cunnol roll jou of it is the common properly of llio people ns wellns oursclf, mrl limy ill take care In prcscrie it. Should jou ho eli vain . sir, by the fiee enffrnsej of the American people lo the high distinction for which you hate been put in nomination, will jou, Goneral (liiriisou mniiiinin llie constitution und administer tlio eov. eminent for the benefit of the whole people ? Tho following lonst was given ut the neon. lesuvai at rsashville, iu honor of John Boll Iho-iioblo ton of Tennessee : By Allen Brown. Tho people of Tun nossco. They can be led bv General Jack son to the charge of an Indian or British line, with n gallantry peculiar lo themselves but wilh all his personal popularity and olhcial influence, hu is unable to drive them to a Van Huron ballot box. A W'ag in tho Ohio Convention said ho had been a Jackson man, but was no Van Huron man. Ho liked Robinson Crusoe, bnt d 11 his man Priday. Chief Justice Ta.nev, who is a resident of LlSllllllOre has CXllreksnd liiin.,.lf In terms against lho high handed usurpation ol die nineteen Van Huron Electors. MIl.lTAItY. Al n meeting of din Qeiieral nnd Field Officers nf (lie 3il, und llllle licimruiit (if I lie 2nd llrig tide nud 3d isiou of llio Milill.i of Vermont, nl llowiod's Hold, October -llli, 1S:!G, ( tlpin.iu It. tSmilll was nppoiiilrd rli lirinan, S. H. 1 1 mv.i ill Sci'ieniiy nnd I lie fallow in icsolntions wern udiiplcd : llcsotvctl, 'I'll it llie flcncral, Klolil, mil Com-inl-sioiu'd Officers ihiDiijIioui ihis Suite he t-fpic'l-cd to ni.ikc n irpicsriiniiimi in tlieir irpeetim lunn represeiiliilHes of llie St He l.rgil..lini: of the iiercsily of ndrqiiate remtineralions hcing p.iid lo llic inilhi.i oftliis Klulc for Filch luilinny duly nn llieyiiiny Im required In render, on rondilion ol their lii'Iniy fully erpiipped Hecoidim In law, Itcsoletd, 'I'll it n commtfisiniied nfliccr finiil each ie;iiiiciit he sent In Moulpclicr on Tuesday the lSih d iv ol' Oeiohcr, for llie purpose ol fui ihcr nccom ptMiing llic uhoe otijert. Wlieiciipon, the fiillun ing delegates were rlnsrn fur iIiIa brigade, tz : (,'il. J.ienh Itolpli, fur the l.-l tesiinenl, Col. Frederick I'leiclier fur llie 3d d . DjI. Pnkins for llie lih do. I.I. Col. Aineswoilli fur llie Uiflr do. Jtesolved, 'I'll it llie proree lings be. oigned by llio Cli.iii in in nn I Secrrtary, und iiutili'lied in both pipers or this village, nnd u liquesl thai other pipers through ,ut tlia finite pi hit the s inn. till MAN It SMITH, CAaiVmrm. S H, HoWAiin, Secretary. A Tvrn The following anecdote, cut from the Richniiud Whig, is mt only amusing, but, typical we are willing to be lieve. A blaze of light is always unfriendly lo crawling things, and of such, Martin Van Huren, the "glory enough," sycophant is bitrcly the paragon : h'uvmna .tnccdotc. General Ilirrison wns received with cn'.hu-insin nt Columbia the old military slnlion of the Point of Fork Al. night Ihe citizens procured a tar barrel nud several of ihem proceeded to light it with caudles. Al the moment of ignitiun. oul popped a snake, which had found a res idence in ihe barrel ! It was pursued w'Ph shouts of Van Huron! Van Huren! hero he goes! put it to him! amidst an uproar of mirth, und t rcmiMidoiis applauf o ! IIoNortAnr.B There are two clerks, father nnd son, in the offi:') nf Genera) Harrison, who are d dug nil they can to aid Mr. Van Huron's Election! If thij was Mr. Van Huron's-cue, the incumbent would very s'lon be romived, but Gen. Harrison is not in favor of interfering with "tho freedom of elections," Close of the Summer Camptign. Wo ,'iavo to aunounce that the-long talked of "summer campaign" by the President, in Tennessee, lor the benefit of Mr Vun Hu ion, has terminated, nnd that the result has been lo xceaken Mr. Van Huron and .1 , I. S .1 tlfi . . r. . to the freemen of Tennessee for tnming a f otnjoicn juujc sviuie: uomnirnu us Lion. Wc wish some of our Regency friends could have been hero to witness llic process. How they would have been struck "all in a heap" to see the Tennes scu boys with the utmost mm chalancc run ning their (ingots ltirnugh;his maue.playir.g witli his dreadful slaws, and ns often n's ho showed his teeth, showing theirs loo! But wo are talking Grcclc to our Regency menu a lion How can thev understand InmiiiL' It is"glory enough" for them to irqmuie ni nis roar to pirtaue nl the gmia Ihat lie previUcs XujMmo m his font-step and net behind him on the slightest an- pro-ich of danger. JVnslicille U inter. MARTIN VAN BUR EN'S SENSE OK JUSTICE. The following enrrosnondunen nnd nffiMn. vit establish n trait in the character nf Mr Van Hurcs, which we have long known him to possess, and which is lho invariable a ion i t'liiuiie, ii i now uiii'.'icm wou (I have been the conduct of lho high mindcld una magnanimous tjf.Av. or the dlfiuloresl ed and generous HAniuiiin '. Chronicle. hAi.Ti.Moni: 22d. S-pl IU30. Sin. Having heard that Mr Van Bu ren's drive r ran against your horse and chaise, and endangered your iifu. nnd ihat nntl allnlavit lliereto, that I tuny h,y (hem bi'foie the pub ic. Yours." I); GREEN Mr. II. P Camp, of Washington cily Bai.timoiu;, "2d Sept. 133C. Sin. Sometime, us nenrly ns I now re collect, in March. 1331, I w'ns riding down Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington cily. iu a chaise, I h"ard n carriugu driving very furiously behind me and turned to tin. right to give it space. TI13 rnrrhgo turn tripp.iil up my horse. cndan"orini' mv life r . .... .,..! .. ' .. , ",J 1 "as tie carriage ol Mr Van , ' .', " wml llflve'. " foreigner. un 011 o"trt"0r. After having bhullered ,ny chaise, they pn-sed nnd held up a lull nun laugueu winiij was "at her '0' un the . . , . " ul' fragments of the gig. I wrote n letter to Mr. Van Huron Muting tho fuels, observing that 1 presumed nil he warned was m bo informed of them to make me suitable re paration, and referred him to Gov. Tomliu son us to my chrractcr and veracity. He did speak to Mr. Tomliinon, who told linn Ihat whatever I said was entitled to full credit, as Mr, 'I'onilmson informed me nf. tcr.woriK Mr Van Buren gave the coach man my letter, who came to me in 11 moat insulting manner for having informed Irs master. 1 (hen called upon Mr. Van Buren at his own house, and recapitulated the facts as I had elated them iu the latter, iu the presence of Mr. Forsyth. Mr. Van Huron said that I must he aware he wns not responsible for tho nets of his driver, and that I must look to him (his driver for whatever damages ha had done mo; 'nnd he nuvcr has made mu any reparation whatever. Yours, respectfully, Haltimoiik CiTv.Stnto of Maryland, S. S. September 22, 1830. This day came II. P. Camp before me, thu subscriber, n Justice of ih ln,. ; und for the said city, and made oath that Ihe statements contained in tho forco-niii" Idler are true, WM. ASHMAN. Tkx.m Gen. IIousUiu President, New Orleans papers of the I5lh nnnoiinco the election of Gen. Iloiiklou as Prrsiileiit, nnd Gun, Lunar ns Vice President. Another attempt iss'.iid to have been mndu lo rescue Sanla Anna but defeated. A number nf prize?, had been sent in by the Texan schr. Terrible. The Toxnn nnny hnd returned lo a new encampment near Matagorda Hay. A proclamation issued by (Jen. Houston, ut Nacogdoches, says thai he n induced lo bel eve llie .Hint ion of ihat place un safe, expecting nu nitnck from lho Mexi cans nnd Indian". He therefore commands the militia of tho ndj lining counties to he orrnnized, nnd demands a roiiit'o-op mflil of 1-15 men, until the past can be remfurced by Gen Gainci. SwinATil Sctioot, Annivkksaiiv. The anniversary of thu Burlington Sabbith School Union will ho holden, (Providence perni'lling.) in thu White Church, on Tuesday next, 1 1 of Oct. Services to com mence at half past ten o'cl ick A. M. Teachers nnd scholars will assemble in the Lecture Room nt nine o'clock and wn'k in prnces-i in lo the Church at ten o'clock. AdJrcsses suited to the occasion miy bo expected. COUNTY AN.MVnitNARIKS. 'riio nniiiicrjiiricj of die Chittenden Comity Sab. huh fe'rliool Doine-iic Mis-shinny l-'iueyn s-ion.oy n id liihlo s'lieielies ill he held in ihe Whim Cliuit-li in this village on Tuesday nnd Wednesday uf net ueck, commencing Tuesday uiiriilng nt hilfpist ten o'clurk. AddiesFe? may be expected from ,ecml rlergjmen und l.ijnien mi each ofllie.e hiunelies of heneinlenl p(T..r'i. Ills deshtil pei-y Cliuich in ill is CuuiiH r.iiineclcd wilh llicso ins. iiuiions may he repirsenieil. The people of the village und vin'nhv, nnd nil olhers who inkeiin iutci est in the good w'orks which Ihe.-e nssoeiaiimij nio iicliieing, urn conlially Invi ted lo atlend. J. K. Convkuse. iHAIUUKD. In lh!. ullage on Monday morning a, bv llic Rev. John K. Comerse, Mr. Wm. A. HunNKTT, nl'tlie fit in of Junes, Smiili & C,,., to Slitg Jank K. Kt.DiiEnaE, of this town. Also, nt ihe Winooski Fulls, on tho rerihi2 of llie s.nnn .1.,. i I iv ihe same, IMr. William GitiFiiru to jViss (ii-.Acr. ri. Watson. In yiition on the 2S.h uh. hv W nrrrn I.sq. JIr. Alanson ItejnoliN of F.onhim, L. C. to Mis. Iliinice Hu Ailing, ofilMion. In yiAinkton on Ihe21al nil. hy V. King-liy e.q. Win. I. Douglas, men-hunt of Hincsliiiigh, to'jliss Uisuler A. daughler or Col. Snniurl Fuller, of die foitner place. In Clint lone on lho C-h iiut. by ihe Itev. .Mr. I'hillips.Mr. Chirloj It. Cooke to MUt Harriet M. dauglitei- ofiUijor John illiau Ilic.ikeinidge. JUST icccived, the Penny Mn"aztne for 133.', '33. '3-t and '35, b utnd full clot h or half ca'f. price JJ per voluiri Oct. 7. Vermis H.trtni.'sRT in. This day i ec'tl price 50 els. nently bound in cloth, lho Painter's Gild er's and Vami-her's Manual, containing rules and regulations in every thing rela I'niL' to the art of Puitiliug, Gilding nnd Vurnishingj numerous useful and valuable RcCelnlS: Tests for lint LCI in.r nil nil ..n I ;., in oils, colors. &c. nnd stni..,,,,,,,, ,t.. di.s"n's nod aceidunis iu which Puinters liuoers nud var ushers nre peculiarly ltuh. with the stinjilost anil bi-si method of pri ven'ion nnd rcmrdv. Oct. V. II tnnivt: t..n- Broke into the enclosure of l Ik. subscriber nbiut t lie first of Snptombpr t red linu backed thrruycur 'ildsltor. Tno owner is requested lo prove property pa; Charges and take him nwnv. I'LIIIU" RUSSELL Slielburn, Sept. 12. 1330. CANADA STOVKS. V I .... 1 1 iu nun- iiitvc on nanct an as- sortmenl ol Canada Plate Box Stoves, ol the following nzv, Ql, SI, 20, 30, 31, und 00 111r.11. j no pjitprns uru (rood. T. F. & W."L October 7, 1 330. CM E.V FIlU-MVOOir" rI","l '""'''unoil .lT.:r for s-ilu Pir. JL Wood ofstiiierinr q taltty, 111 siniill or large q.ntiUiies, to b-j d.-livered 1 i'h,.r on Ihoir liirtu (3 miles norlh ,,f Burins, ion) or on lie premises of the tuirdi-i-fr"... 1 no ronu leaning tlimngli tlte farm to the wonu tunil being now 111 excellent sinte, affords In persons desiring to buy their wootl on thu land every facility uf getiiii.r 11 out to the main road. c" B. J. Ilr.i.vucnG. T. P. Molt. Biiilingtnti, Od. G. 103(5 SATIN BEAVERS- TH '' received on ConsiiTiimnnt n case J of Ladies and Misses Satin neater tKmncis, neing the most splendid nnd benu. tiful ariielo of the Honiat kind ever offered for (nil and winter use. a lull ns-ortinent of Goods of cvnrv description which will he sold cheap for Cash nt the Cheap Cdti Store b S. EARL HOWARD. Hurlinston Oil. 7. UI.JG. NOTICE. PROM the I2th day ofjuno last, iuclu tlmg eighteen months of minnritv I have given and dn hereby pubhckly give. - ".-, tii-uunrv, ins time, lo transact business for himself, nnd shall not demand from him or any oilier person during his life or canabihtv in n,.i c... Iiimself, tiny wages, nor pay any debts of 1. 10 luiuiuuiiiig uiier inisU3te, , ELISHA SEABURY. Jericho, October 1st 1330, New Goods, October 1836. NEW style Gold Seulsand Keys, both combined in one i Gold swivlo keys to wear tin gtinrd chains, in gn at vnrielv Ll"gnnt Gold Bosom Pin?! F,o Silver ljial Lupines, four hole Jewelled, bcautifui Movements. Gold do. A new ossortinont hurtles P nnucs. an nrilrln vulni, i r... inking tho place of Waist Buckles; a fine mi gilt Buckles. An elegant assortment ol bi Ivor Pencils; from 50 els. to th0 heavy old rnshioned Pencils at 2, 2 50, 3, nnd S3 50 ench. Silver Combs, Compass Seals and Key,; Silver Chains, ond innuv other articles. We are getting iu nil nr". vn-o-a, oescessory to Keep up the Varitlij. at the Vaficly Shop. J PAClllm. & Bhins.maid. ! REMOVAL. t TOT A VIN 0 ili-solved my conurxion. tilji. in biisines? with Mr. 'Abbott, nud .ri'rnovetl In tile west rule of tho Stjnaro,J I would lender my sincere thanks in niy$ 2 friends and the public for lho patronngoS Jof ihe past year, nnd respectfully soil J Jcit its coiil iniimic-s nnd lho good nfiiccs;; Jnf nil who wish me well. I n ill now 2.uinking. and du-ign lo keep tin hand, nj J'.'ood nssorlnient of jCnbinct Furnilure fc Chairs? -j adapted lo lho tunrkcl, nnd shall endavor 3 to innko the new rtdohlMmicnt worlliyT 3of public ci-nfulinre nud snpporl. WeslJ Jside Court House Squ ire. 5 t I). K. PANG BORN, t nurlinlon, Oil 3, 1330. .t October 7th, 1836. IT KMUEL LURTIS i: CO. aro now re. JLi ceiviug nud opening their Fall stock of Goods comprising nltogulhcr lloj richest as sortment thoy halo ever offered to the public, among which aro Rich figured Satins and (Jro do Naps, plain Poult do Soiu's and Italians, Black silk Caoib lels, Lustrings nnd Sinchews ; 5 lo I2.4lli red and blnck Alerino Shawls; Woolen and Worsted, Highland, Valencia and I'liissmn do. Vnlen'ia, .1 and G 4 hnbbinctl blond nnd ihu'e L-tces. Thren'tl nud bobbmctt Edgng-, Pigiirt il FicmU M rinos. J co G 4 Engl sh th. 23 pieces French Men no-, rvi-iy color; Roslm checks, a r.cvy or lich' ; 4 ca-rs Moiiuo Circcs-ian--, from 17 lo2l elf. Superior English and French Prints; 10 casts American Prinis, by thu pirce, Imc. A In nvv stock of eunip'isitig all llm f.i-hionr,bli! shades, r.t every price and qn ,hly. P.hil and Molt ur Cloths Lion Ski is ; P, t..Tslniins. plain, ribbed and Buck-kin Cus.-imeres ; Goa's hair and tin latum d i. Gamble!? ; red. while, and yellow Flnnnnls. I bale 4 4 0 4 do. 150 ptLi-es cold Cambrics, I case d.i fringed; Every H vie bleached (Jut tmi", from 10 to TO ct-; 23 pair Rose Blankets ; Mackinaw nu I Whntijv d i : 10 Inlr. A A broil n Ci.tton from 0 1-2 to 12 1-2 cents. n bales fun Ingia-n . ,.,. , i- 3 tile V.-not m i, ,1.. I CAR IV. I IN Gt. Hrocktng ami fl ,r Hiizs ; r. of which will be sold "a- ocuil' iiu the best tenin 03"JMPJtOVED NOTARY STOVE. THE Subscribir would ju,t .-ay to' tho pubhe. that hu hit received a lanm quintily of the Improved IMary Stive, of cl fferciil siz"s an I will k.'ep llicm c insiun' ly on hand nt his S'orc. Norlh side of Court House Square. Also, Parlor, B ..x und h-r c mk Sloves, ofdifi'-rent Patterns. Also, seco d hand Stoves lo sell or R.'nt, clmnp Bleu Pipe, stovo iriin niogs, &c. I would bore remark that in consequenc ) of the rapid salo- that nllendetl the Itnruv ed Rotary Stove tho In s' pen son, it was ini. pes-ible to imnticttire ilieiu so ns to mp. ply over oni half of th-call.-; hut the pub licnii be under n i nppreh itsjnn oll t,nt p 'in1 i his season, as; I hive over four limes Hie nmouiit i. ,u- n nonfat nred. Ihtt I had last t nsou n Mn tun , s i lh i pc j,ih. from a distance m -v v ... w thou' fear of disnp-pom-nvnt 1 I,-o, nun ., , . coiiimeudati. n-, b :.,u ng 1 1, lL. ili)ruv. cU liolary Stove h i- hjen sutlicnmily ten ed. to recoiutii:nd jisdl'm il.ii vicinity. 1 ho improv...ii.-nis thu wo have mad i upon the S'ove for tho a,r sots ,,, n-c -il- oable; w.. nw mak- l. K- ,;l ory three times t !-- weighl ufth ise lu-t vu'r and turn the Iric't .n R .Her- on which the capr-sls, tind various oilier tmj.ruvem ms nut necessary to m iiijt.n. The Sioyes nr. Ct-i nt i,.. fndry of John I). Word, an l from tho b .-t Sco'c'i und Monl.ton Pig, and are not surpis.ed, if equa l"tl, for smoolhrcs nud benu' oftm lli. in this section of lho cooulrv. N. H. I have rccen'ly seen u'l'.'iv -loves ni 'thi.s icinily culled Imprund lltlary Stoves, that Inivn mi fnelum m l rs under Ibe cap, but itirii up ,n n pivot in the same manner ihnl I si tix,.J lnllc. but nfter n-log m nu in ii)a. shape one year, I found i lint it did mu my expec nlion. I discovered that hunting thu stvu caused it to torn very hard, especially when tho stove was loaded when there was a kettle or boiler ol water upon the top it was al most impossible to turn it withuot spillimr lho water. 1 did ii.ii at fm understand the reason as n w.nlj turn easy when cold, but finally n-c.-r'ained that bv heal mg the stove it s,.rten..d tho iron, "nnd as ihe fuller wouhl rest Pon ()c side, it cau-cd so mud. friction that it was impU Mble to use then-, with safety or conven icnce and ... order to got ,,f this fr.o oo I have placed under tho outer ed-re nf be rap friction rollers, and have Then lurnetl so ns to bo onrf. Olf f Pll A .... ,1 .moon,. The few stoves abovi re ered Z nre not made n. Ward's Foundry, neither h o r y I',""'0 ,,r ren.Vlted iron, but from thu raw ore. il it,., i,. scqnenlly nre .nor., porous and sioy ; ml he back ffro platu ,s nul mur,, half llio thickness f ,,,1,,., Al... n' can very easily .-II my stov,.Jr ,Il0,Lv al Ward's, by the -friction rollers, as we tnuke no others. Hurltmrton, Oct. i tnsc. New Fall Goods. jpLEGaNT (.ii, nm ,,!,,,,, 1)Bn SCflb ba'd Sabre.: aNn leather scabbard enures ; crooked and straight. f,o and common Swords. Uulslor IVtols ; Spurs. Sword chain. Hells, Hashes, Lace. Bullous. I lotos, and almost nil kinds of goods ne cessary in the Military line, this day ree'd, ami op-ned. Suine of our new ewortls are tliu besl wo ever had ; oll of our military, goods ore now nnd iu fine order. PaISGUOH., - BlllNSMAIIl, - SP'-20 ronety Shop. IiOST rN Salurdoy ihe J7lh between J, V-r Howard's hotel Burlington, and Mil-- MFR1NO SNA wl ' " i,argQ Whi,c i I. KINO SHAWL, wrapped in awhile linen pock.'l linndunrchiof. hinrkcd Jui ia AsIILEV, No. 4 Tho finder shnlt !, i'.u erally rewarded by returning the shawl and handkerchief ol this oflice. oepi. VJ.

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