Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, October 7, 1836, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated October 7, 1836 Page 3
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NOT1CF,. CAM II inlo lluu'iiclii-iir.' of t ln subset', ber nn or about ili liiMt int , a pale red 2 year nlil STEAR. mm ill horhs ml midJlinr ti.''. The nu uer is requested in prove property piy diirg s nnd lake luin away. MASON MEAD. Kiiex Srit. 2G(7t in3G SHEEP LOST. TI'IIIN two nr I hire w eoks, I he subscribe r lias losl twelve or thirteen Weathers nml Ewes Willi Iho letter I'. in Rod Pain', a In 1 le I nek of t ho left shoulder. U is supposed t liny went with a drove to the Nun li my iiirn in-t lion relative to said slmop will receive re munorniiiin, nml thanks Irom the nwiinr. HANI III j PERRY. Rurlinglnn Scpl. 27(j I0.3G New Goods, Noodles. . Saddlers', Millcncrs', 1 1 inir-5c, D truing. Knitting, Glovers, Dortlng. A-sorlrd Si c-iminon sowing Noodles; of 1 lemming &. Suns' M iniifae,turo,jost ree'd nt III" Vni in ly Shop. pANOII IIIO Si Rlls.FMAI. TO PAK.MEI8.S. nurrnn, cn u- ci.otii. ami ri. i-bi.. Lemuel Curtis & Co. WI LL pay I In highest price fur tlie lies! of Rotter. Alan, wanted 500 yard' Grey Cloth & 500 yd.-, Flannel nil Wool. They ore now receiving their New Goods suitable fir ilie present ninl approaching senon being llic most complete assortment I hey haw rver lind llin plonsurn of offering. '&. at Prices rfild qoolity wliicl) conhot ' bill filene. !urttnSln SO.'i I83G. Watid, 500 YJs Sheen G-h:' ;.iii-500 lln. Wooi-ii Knittuw' yarn nml 1000 p.iirs Wonke Sucks in rxchnti,'-' ,,,r gnml. Sept. 29. Lvm n v' Gui.r. wi:&T's rATUNT oiiToiTfiN f COS MET J C and VliA, 'B7I O II Rmgivoims, Sillili'iim. Scnld JL liend, end ull Ouiiiiienu.s II Uptons. Tin.- amnio is mt thrown into market like most I'ntLiit medicines, backed by some Mill (l acn licliilous. certilica'e- ; but n dimes reppcelnbly nml Lonelily recotiimen- tied, nml is, we verily believe, nil lluil ii claim lu be: mid n such, H m nltered lu I he public, bv J. &. .1. II. I'M (IK & C. Sept. I!j'30 1gcnlifir the I'ultnlic Boston Lion Circus. Viom the lon Aiiijih'th n're, lin.-liin. Requiring fir its operation vpic ird if eighty lam a ul hartu TjlISPI-ICTFULLY inror,,, . ri'iz-n-! --.4 ul Iiiirlinginn and vieimly thai they intend lei perl'utm on the C,tm;i Grnuiii! ciip Saiii-day Hie Uii d.iy ofOolob-r n-.'. for one day only. The managers ,,f lg splendid r qus Irian estdblislim nl, v. Iiich.giiTod i.npiei-c-dented popularity m (1 i-i,,,, during the winter, hiveheen induced to cmiply Willi -iilicif at ninr- ol'inilnoiitiiil yen'li innn who ui iiL'.-!;ed the perl'" innnces, nml will ink" a rapid excursion lhronli 1 1 prin mpiil towns in this section of the cninnry nml prefeol. llmir wonderliil v-iiielj ol IValV many of whioh have never t:eoro 'been nt templed on llii.-snde of nllanlic. I'roiid of llic disimc'iished approbation nml the rn -li lonublu niidieiices with wloih 1 1 1 y have lieen honored, Ihcy have eh.'erfolly incur red n largo espen.--; In enlinncc Hill more tho uitrac inns uf the bum n r irnvellni" enen. " The public tre .lifllinclly informed I In' jliis t'slabli.-liinent i eondncieil on a now nml much imprnvivl plan, en'irely nbov the old Hylo of ('irciHei, nod uvoulin overy Hung nir!niw i' pood inornls or repnUivn lu l he in isl r -tiiK'd ear. The llqncslrian Co.rps i I In: liresl nnd most powerful in America, embracing youn' men nnd lads sei'ccled I'roni the ilowcr of the country, who .by long praclice under distinguished misters, are enabled lo turnasa nil their nredeccs-'or- in fen In of Jjorecninneliip ami ntlileiie. nkill. Their noble and t-'ijleiidnl eiiiiI ol Arnliinn nnd Jlannvcrian horsss Inve been c'loeen from ttliR best blood at ''real eni-l: miii will eP. pecially delight thohfi who woobl oucrjuriie improvement in tho lirettu oi iioreu-'. uy lung nnd severe training' '''""y liav0 lu;l!" taught to g" tlirmiah tho (iilficnlt mazes ol vauliz and Contra Djiicu; nnd !o perform other surprising exercises which il would ficem to ri-quiro the human mind tocxecu'e. The Arena s arranged in a novb' mid :onvcnient ftyle, having an airy lior ' boxes, neatly carpeted, nultodc the lirsi. nround tin.' entire circemference. Ladier .and Gentlemen .nre. invited lo I'xamint; li .previous In tho exhibit ion, while putting up The full and affective Hand iiccompany jng the Arena, will perform many national ind popular nir. For pariiculam see large bills at the principal UoU-lf. Doora open at I o'clock, p. m, nnd per. formonco nl 2 o'clock. Admission to tho boxes b0 cents pit 25 nonta, Children under 10 years of ago nre admitted with their pnroiits lo the hoxei at half price, nn half price lo the pit, Ilurlington, Sept. 30, !B30. Young Cattle. Q4, HUAD of two year old cattle for sale by jlicicmc & Cat Sept. 22.' SSL Kjjnmn & (Dole eA VI'. n-ceived nn exteiicivennrtmeiii nfl-'AI.I. nml WINTHIl GOODS comprising I'.oie, II nek, lihie black. Olive. clarc;i, brown, invible green, drnk" in ck, polish nnd other cha'les ol green Dmoad Ci.otih. Hlnck, b'ue. fnricystriii'il, ch-ek'd, nlnid rojnl rib'd, vic'orine nnd buck fkm Cah Mi:ni:4. I'l.iin. ebrck'd. nnd Ftriped Salinells, Heavy inill'd Ckih. I'llot Cloth. I'elers. hum and Mohan Coding. Tlie above em. b'.iees n very exten-ive assortment of ibis description of goods, nnd nre worthy the attention of gentlemen. A rich nriely of Vc.jtims, including Ilenvy h'nek, nnd blue black, Silk Velvet vesting. Figured mi l s'riped do. Plain, plaid, nml striped Silk d i. D.irk Velvel Valentin. Toilinel nml Cinsininre do, lvonnsrnn stuffs. Fiench, German nml Mnlish Merinos. A lew pieces dirk figured Alerinos. Gm d j Nm nnd Crnne do. Merino Circassians anil Ilombiv! 'lie. Moreen nnd Damn k Goriiriu Goals Ilnir Camblots. F.iiglh and imila'ion d i Urecliel'as nnd Princt la. (! Tinnn ll.ig W ifsted. WIii'ii, senr let. nml mixed knitting wei-ted Clouded oolon yarn, silk il ,p &o. H'nek. Idue black, brown, green nml drab Ilmnbnz ne. Merino Trimmings Wood nnd Ildiiuetle lldeing', I ierlmg Lien. &c. Mcrinn S'inwis lied Iliudkereliiefs. Gloves nnd II i?iery A splendid nssoriment of H'nek. nnd blue black, Gro d.: S,vi.s nnd Gro do Rhine, ligor'd nml plain do. Col ored nml nlnid Gro ile Nnples. Sewing Silk nml Twist. Sdk Cnndilels nnd Pon gees. Printed and plain Shallys. A g-rent vnrieiv of Freneh ntid Hnnlish Invini been bought by llie cn.,-, will be sold verv cheap. A variety of Rich I'.iory down Scarfs For Tippets, fancy Co'lars, Ladies fancy Silk Cravats. Tninboard nnd French worked Capes nnd Collars, Shnllv Hdkfs nnd ShnwK Sew nig silk d i Figured Silk, Crap", Gauz-, and other Fancy II uidkcrchie fs. noMKsnc noons. (J, lon Sheeling, Slnrlilig, hlench'd do. Cintoi, Flannels, Drilling, 'Pick, Wadding, Halts. v ..'"kuig and Co' ton Yarn. S pi. 29. .State or Vkhm .nt, ) Chittenden i-s. The Hon. ihe Proba.'e Court lor the Dis trict of Chittenden--T'"1 'l persons con ceined in llic estaicof N'afhan Allen, late of Wilh-ton. in snid distriu."1. deeented. WIIKRKAS, tho Admini.-trai ' lc bani nnn ol'ranl deconsed proposes lo r . i I G " an account of In ndiiiliit-trntion. nml p'i Sl-,iil his nceoiiin ngninsi taid e.-lnlo for exnti.'!,? at lull and allowance nt n fession of ibv Court of i'ridnte lo b-: holdeli nl J. A Wll lej's Ion in Williston, on the fith d.-iv of Oelober lo-x1. Tin refore you arc hereby notified to np penr before said court nt the time and place aforesaid, ami show cause, if nny you have, by the account aforeiiiid fI utd not be ill wed. Given under my hand at Villiton, this 10 b day of September. A D. 1.130. G. 15. MANSER. Re2. Lyman & Cole, VVill pay cash for fleece Wool in cl nti ine'ehan'nb'e order, delivered nt llieir Piore in I'nrlingfon. July I. NOTICE. Ql TRAY HI) from the subscriber a light kD red COW uiiddli'!' -izo ivuli theioids 'film burn- nwell nil" V 11 lexer will give nihiriiialion whe-eshe may be f mud snail be bniidsiuncly rewarded. " JONATHAN HART. Riirlington Sept. 2J September 1836. Fall Goods at (he Variety-shop. VJ7"!; lire gelling in our Fall Goods, nil v i lung nere.farv i keep our n-ort- oient in gioil i rder ; Wnlelies, Clocks, perdimery. Tea-p its, Military Goods, Castor--, Jewelry, Sloe!,... Cillars li ion nnd -it in lio-oms, L'imii wicks, T,iys. nnd nn endless variety ol Fancy articles". All in r sou n i! invited to rail nml look at them nt the Variety Shop. i'ANfJiioriN & I5ni..vAit. WANTED. A Fl-IW Ihousnm! feet of3 I 4 PLANK mil e,s tlinu 1 ' iitnln's wide, unci n iniich wider as convenient. Tim limber may ! eiiher oak. n-li. lienrli. lorfl, ... pie, b it.-wood. or yellow pine, but iiiuU be nearly o' q-ioo cb-nr nf knot'. Tim high osl m-iikei (irice will be paid in cnh, "on delivery, al the P.irlunr'ioi Mills RUFUS CLARK llo'lllig'on, ti li mo 22d, 1 030. New Goods SeptTTe. VMGHTAKLM ROUGH, "nil exquisite nrhcle for enriching ihe glow of the cheek: ibis beautiful cosmetic preparation has at nil limes found u place nl the I'unh lomiblo toilet. It i.s nn innocent, yet pow erful auxiliary where circumstances have rendered assistance expedient, it i free from nny noxious ingredient nnd entirely innocent: calculated lo create new beauties where beauties were before : lo add fresh nces to l ho cheek which care or illness may hove rendered languid: and in place of the .Lilv to plant (he Rose:"' iusl received nl the V'.s fitly Shop. I ANononN &. IIrins.maii), FalT Good's TBIIII subVcribers aie now opening nn JL extensive assortment of Goods adapt ed to t li q fall trndii which will be sold cheap for Crtrll. Wo have now n full assortment ofsupcr fine llioad Cloths of ever t-hade and ijunl it v. "Rich nnd heavy, plain &. Pluid Cas'mrV A few ps. new Btylo Dnrhoin Cns'mr's. 40 ps. G-t French A lluglieh Mcriuus 1 Case l-Ilegatit Fig'd Merinos. Itntling, Wadding, Cambric Linings &c. LATiinor & Potwin, Srpl. IG'i III3fi. rBinn Lin: akd tih:s, ki.ligioijs JL AND POLITICAL OPINIONS of John Milton, ivlth no nooeoilix. nit.t!,.lnrr ni,ti.l. versions upon Dr. John'on's Life of Milton j ny jo.epo ivimcy auiiior or Urn ' History ol the Lnglish llailists,' ,c &c. ; fir rtilo v V. IIAUIUNGTON. Ash Timber. WANTIID for the no of I lie Winnixki Piileul llloek Mills, nml lo be deliv ered nt thai eliiblisliineiit in the course ol the ensuing winter, 1 1 r following dercrip lions nf White A-li Plank, staved lo the given dimensions, square edged, sound nml free from knot, shakes or bean wood. No of feel, Wldih, l.ear-t TirraieM '"'oil in iIiI.-Imiivs mcifuic. niches. lo noik. icrciicd. 2d 000 7 IJ J 25,000 tl tg 20 000 9 1 4 I J 10,000 10 u 1; 15,000 II 15 2 10000 12 J o 10 000 13 2 2i 0,000 14 2.) Si 4 000 14 23 2 A LS O, ' ....u ..i.iin'ifiii tr t u t'joij A-OCS--!he slnndard log to he 22 inches diameter nml fourteen feet long, sound nnd free from knots or shnkes lo be delivered at tho Mill during the ensuing winter, or nt the wharf at Iliirlinglon in the month ol M.y. 137. GUY CATLIN. Iturlingt.m, ft. 01k Sept. 183(5 9th Sept, 1836. To nor Agriculturalists sucecs To our Lilern-y Institutions, the high slnnding they mnril--To our Mnnn'aclurers Iri" nmphancy in competition and to nun merce. Free Trnde nod Sailor's Rights, THE Go Ahead Principle is so predom. inant in our kind nt the present day, thnt the Cur lenves him behind, who ftoos for trill s, or descends to particulars. We of the Green Muunlnin Stale huving siieli conspicuous bumps of enterpnz marked 011 our head Inn s, need only know the Text, the rest is understood It is now this of the Cheap Cash Store, hn been to the cily of New York, the grand emporium of our country, and recciv ed hi full supply of necessary "and defirable good-, which were prm'uned by n combina tion of all the nnloral inlcllecttml mechan ical nnd op.'rativ" exertions ol our nlinve named motto. To conclude, the goods were bought to sell, and will b; sold cheap for cash, no mistake. New Goods Sept. 8. COMPOUND Chlorine Tooth W.ish. the discovery oft he chloride ofSoda it i; n.-es bv Lab-irrnqou of Pari', wasannd. dan. '' I" I he resources ofmedicinc of the nt moil i, 'Oir'nnce as n neutralizing ngent. To counternr'1- "l onc" 'he principle of decay, which con. 'lencing imperceptibly, slowly gnthers s'rei'lh, nnd finally destroys, j. Ihe iinnorlant vico w hich can bo derived fom Ihe ii. e of (J. 'oriib: of soda, w.'iimi ad-miuisti-red with sk.di' and care j the diseas es of die teeth being, uf 'he great majority of rases, lb- result of n. -lect. nnd a grad mil iiccnuml iiion of ihr; principle iiIimv" alluded to. i' became obv: ""n-. '"'in ihe earlie-t experiment, Hint Ihe ''loride wn Ihe proper remedy, and preferaii'J lo pow dors, di.oii riliees, &c. of whatever ,'ind nr pielensmn. Uy n chemical analyis ;t will be found that the grrater part of thy thlo rine compounds so extensively in uv. ''" not coninin n particle of the rhlorid,; ol soda, on the ngeney of wh'cli their i ffioae' nuisi i.rees-nniy iiepenu I tie nrliele liere advcrti-ed is confidently ollercd to the ex nmiiintion nf the public, n - posRsing in no i.'iniiirnt degree, tlie virtue n!" iieotrnbziiHr all that i- off nsivo in the mouth nnd brenl h, removing soreness nnd of u gums, destroying the tnmt ol loliacco, or any other fill ivin Irom whalevor cnu-e. In short, this preparation will be f mud lo justify-1 ha various, commendatory nonces ami reeoniinenilaiions it lias received, w here ev r it ha-- been introduced. Just received and for sate nl the Variety Shop. PANG HORN &. ISR.NSMAID. Seplrm. ii. 13JG Gilt and Mahogany Frame Looking Glasses, from 25 els. lo fourteen dollars, for sale bv LOVIILY Si AIUJOTT. September IG. ISI36. New Establishment. rwi Hl-I subscriber respectfully informs the JL public and his friends generally, that he hnstnken iho store recently occupied by Mr John Abbott two doors south of bis old stiop, nml has just received from New York n well bcleeied nssortmeut of Ladies' IJoots &, Shoes, Misses', and Childrens'. &c. of nil kinds nml descriptions. He lins also, on hand nml is now manufacturing from Iho best materials Gentlemcns' lino Honte, Shoes and Pumps; thick Hoots, Shoes nnd Hrognns. Iu short overy article in his hue matin on short notice, nnd ns chenp as cun he nfTorded for rali or short approved cre dit, nnd nil rips mended irraiis, m , , " S. RU3SF.LL. IN. II, Wanted tniinodialelv two or three first rule Journeymen Hoot Makers to whom the highest wages will bepaid.nud constant employment. j) S R. lurlingtun,.hig. 17, lfl3G. Rail-Road Notice. NO'PICI-I is hereby given thai n peti lion will bo preferred lo the Lo -isn. lure onhe Stnto of Vermont nl llieir'nexi session for ofn Rail Road from lienningioii. through il. eminties of H.-n mnglon, Rullnnd, Addisim, Chiliem'en nnd I' riinkhn, io C iiiadn lio... i,Mlm direction urMontreal. Sikiuikv HiNbDii.i,, Svi.vr.sTEii l)i:Mi,r., Samuui. Cas.fiki.i, C. W. C-.NA.NT. John A. On.NA.vr, Sami-ki, Swift, William Sl.ADE, Sept, 7 !l3o. .rtnJ fWlrlrf:lr3rrt-Vi 500 Spanish IjeeeheBof alale 'uporlalion, bv ' J. t J. tl.PF.CK6V. CO. Paper Hangings. Ps. Paper Hangings enmprisr iug a rrrenl variety ol new nnd beautiful patterns, now opcu'liur nml lor sali by LATH HOP & POTWIN. llurlmgtoe Sept. 2.'3 III3G. Wool & Butter. rjrUIK Subscribers will pay Cash Tor JL Good Clean Fleece Wooi, delivered al their Store in Church Street. They will also pay Cash for Good HuUer al one shilling pr. pound. Lovnr.y &. Annorr. nurlingt.m Sept. I5fi 1030. September 23, 1836. "fl ffk ps. supr. Goats Hair and Crapn Jfl-P Cn mblets. 10 do sup. Italian Gro do Swiss and Cluilly Silk-. 0 Doz pairs Ladies sup. Geat skill nnd Kid Gloves. 1 do Ladies D uvn Tippets, a new article for evening D'css. 0 do Hoys Cloth L'nps. 20 ps. Rich Chintz Prints, dark colors. Heavy lluck skin Gloves and Mtllen. Lace Uotlons. French marking Cotton, Fancy Dress Handkfs Ac. &c. just received and for sale by LATIIROP & POTWIN. September 2J. "lovely &Ta bbott. HAVING returned from New. York with their full stock of goods, hove now the plea-ure of offering for sale one of the finest assortments of Hrond Cloths, Cns simeres, nnd Salmons, Thibet cloths, French nnd Mnglish Marino., of every vn riclynud color, Mohnir silks, of fnm nssorl. inenis, Mu-lins nnd Cnmbricks, French worked Collars, Marino Thibet wool, Silk chnlly Crape and other varieties of Shawl--nml Hdkfs.. Hleaehed nml Unbleached Cottons. Tickings, Table nnd other Linens n variety. French Mnglish nod American Prints, Cotton Yarn, Wadding and Hal ting. Carpeting, nnd. in flue, we think ns 'rood no assortment of fmirv n,wt Binr.ln dry Goods, nnd on ns good terms ns ever ollereil in ilnrlingtou. Cut and plain Glass, China and other Crockery ware nmong which are Hleganl Dining nnd 'Pen LOII.J nml nlttifiel n.l'mt. ,.r..l I - .....i . , - ,i i ii, i,; ,i uiotoi r 11 OO kind iu Market. Tenof nil kinds. Lonfnnd isrow ii sugars, i,.iitec. Cliorkolnte, Sugar house ami oilier Mola-ses. !,ix and qua"rlcr box Raisins. MneL-ernl m lifiir n,,,l im-.m. lib's, No. 1 ami 2 White nnd colored Sii;rm Candle?, Scotch and Mncknbov Snuff. Indigo, smokiiiL' nnd chewirnr Tohneeo-ltnr Snip, Snicesol'nll Kinds. Szc. Am. Hurlington, S.ipt. IG, II13G. New Goods. AN extensive nssnrtmcntnfF.ill iV, Win. ler Goods, of nil llin varieties kept in the country just Rec'd &. for nle lv ;. nonr.iTTr.r. Srpl. j HE NATUHAL niSTOrtY OF F.N. TIIUSIASM-Fniiilh IMilion : for sale by V. HARRINGTON. Aug. 20. PHYSICAL TIIHOUY OF ANOTIII'.R L I.IKR lit' llin miliar,. Pi P., nn ;:. , oatiiril 'History of J'litlius.iasm,'' 'Spiritual Despotism,' for sale by V. HARRINGTON. A. tig. 2G. POSTHUMOUS RECORDS nfa Louden C'lcrg yiu.iti ; bv the Rev. Hebarl (.Son, :cr, I!, D. ; for sale bv " V. HARRINGTON. X "g. 2G. sai;i 1500 I3uslrcls Steam Salt, just landed bv J & J. II. PECK &. Co. Aug. 25 mi i iv rcci:ivi:i) Aftrt nm sai.c at thu Ladies' Shoe Store. GO pairs Women's Lcalhor Peye-cd Welts. -,ll ,1,, ,t I,-l,l iv.ll.;...7 si;.,., 100 do Superior do Slips, cily made. 50 do Children's moioeco brogans. 20 do Women's stout morocco walking 20 do do Leather pegged brogans, 10 do do Seal, sewed, 2" do super. Kid Paris slips, 15 do Spring do slips. 20 do French morocco do 25 do Win-', stout walking. 12 do do Calf pugged brogans, 20 do do Moioeco slips. 50 do Children's morocco boots, 15 do Win.'s Sual pegged lirogaus. 3G do Spring prunplla slips, 2!l do Win. 'h lcalhor sewed walking. 18 do Misses morocco pegged slips. 12 do Win.'s calf spring walking, 52 do Ladies and MIpm calf slips, extra JVew BPirm. ralIK undersigned have commenced the .1- mercantile business in Iho store for meily occupied by ,oiu ,V. Potwin, late R. W, lngvrotl Si Co, where, in addition to their present sloclf. which i.s a respeel able one they arc receiving ami will re ceive III tho course of omlil or l,.n ilnuj ditions of every variety of Knglih, French 'on American Dry Goods, Dry Groceries, China, Glass &. Crockery Ware, Looking Glasses, &c. which will make it one of the inul cxtcu ive assortments now offered io this place Jiisl leceived ami arc now onenunr koiii,. of the leading articles, viz : ! and 5-4 brown Sheetings, 3-4 Shirtings, t and CI bed Tick mgs. Hatting, Wadding, Wicking.cot ton nm. Indigo, blue Prints, dark do llirds Hvo and Table Diaper, mixed S itu oells, grey Cloths, Paper Hangings, &c &c. The public are resneclfullv invited lo call. Ca,di, or Goods al llin lowest cash prices, paid for good table Duller. vmim i' i nvi'i.v I.Ulllill 1111,, JOHN AIJHOTT. lliirlioglon, Sept. I , ll!3fi, Fire! Fire ! ! IrmllC tnembcrs of llin Vrrmnnl Mutual Fire vH, Iesuranei! Coiupany aro herrhy notifieil iii.h 1 1 1 'i lo iiiwing assessments have neim maih by Ilia Directois, on nil notes in force, on il.c of I do do do do do do do do do do per rent, do do 1-2 1-1 3 4 1-2 '! do do do do do do do do 1 2 Oo Co d.. do Mnkiug3 per cent assessment for Iho year said per cenlago to bo east on the original a mount of tho premium note., without refer, enco to any endr rsument, and to bn paid to llin treasurer nl his office iu Mnntpolier. on (,r uoiore tlio lain day of October l!i3G. Ao opportunity will lie presented to forwaid as. srssmonls by the members r.f tlio Legislature, and those who neglect to fo rward their as.erp. mcnts iiien, nro rolerrcd to Ihe f! sec. of llic act attached to each policy for the conscq'ieu cns. I!v order of tho Directors. CALVIN JAY KniTH, Treasurer. Moritpnher, Aug. "0. lll.'IG. U3"Tho printers of each weekly nowpnpcr in this Statu are requested lo publish Iho n. bove notice Ihreo weeks siicee'sivelv, nnd for ward Ihmr bills by thu niemhi-rs of tho Legls laturo for payment. Pig Ir on. IG0 tons English and Dutch Pig Iron, receiving bv J. & J. II Aug. 25. puck vV Co. Wood-Choppers Wanted. raillM subscribers wih to employ iweniy JL or thirty men to chop Cord Wood. JANMS, SMITH & CO Aug 10, 1IJ3G. Ladies' Shoe Store. fin II F subscriber has jusl opened, next A. donrcnsl of.-iinith i- Harrington's Hook Store in College street, a Shoo Store, princi pally composed of Ladies', Misses' and Chil dreo's Shoes of all kinds and sizes. His nr. rangeinenls (recently made with an exlen. sivo houso iu New "York) nro such as will unnblo him lo sell nt prices which he confi dently behoves will bo satisfactory In all who maj oo disposed to extend lu nun their pal- ronago. 1). A. HRAMAN. Hun mnotov. July 20, ! 030. Burlington Female Seminary. rjplll-l Fall and Winter Term cninmcn X ces September Mill. Pupils should enter al the commencement of the term Mr. D. A. IIraman will liaye the charge of the boarding establishment, which iho friends of the School believe w ill be con ducted to th? entire satisfaction of patron. Applications lobe made lo the Principal, Maiiy C. Giiuev. tlXPKXSES. Ilnglish tuition, board, lights, fuel mid washing per quarter French, do Latin, do Drawing, do Instrumental Music Vocal Music TIIUSTUESJ. Hon. A I van Foi te, Mr J. S. Potwin, Prof. G.W. Hcnedicl, Mr Harry Hrndley, N. U. Ilaswell, fi,q. Mr Henry Mayo. Geo P. Marh, F,.q. Mr S. II. Howard, I t,u"""A "Y","'(4,'i Hon. H. Allen. K T. Mnglesby. 1 W. A. (J iswold. Rev G G Ingersoll Rev J K.C.inver.-e C. Adams, 11-q. J.N Pomcroy,l',..q Mr S. Hickok. W. Lyman. II-q. II. Si L.C.Lonmis. J. I! Ilollenberk. N. H. Mu.sic taught by Prof Molt, Miss II. IIo,ford assi-ian. ; Mr. II R Proiuy lonelier of Vocal Music. Charges made to'r Icrm of entrance, except in cases nf tick ncs. August 1 1. Ifl30. JUST received Si lor talc by ROHCRT li ixes French O'iyeg I do Anchovies 1 do Capers 1 Cae preserved Ginger 2 lioxes mines I Tamarinds 1 Cae bt-st salad Oil 1 Hox preserved Citron uust 25. 133G. TUB SILK GROWIIR'S GUIDII. With various engrm ines. at 2 I run avmjm, in aiiv scr.. N Wednesilny; August 3. l!i3G. the fir-t number of ihe SILK GROW ER'S GUI DM will be pobli, 1 by the subscriber, nnd coniinueil every oilier Wednesday thereafter, each number con taining IG large super royal octavo pages double column", expressly adapted tor binding, nnd the whole subj Tl lul'v illus trated by approprialeengriivings, livery possible source ol. nifirmnl ion will qe used lo make Ibis n slnndard publication lor American cul.ivalors nl Silk. The ed lor is extensively fa mill ar with the subject from personal experience Hi its most impnr. taut branches, ami coiiiih prepared lo lur-iil-h his rentiers with infortunium so much de-irrd on this interesting sohj- ct, lie will nlso bo assisted by valuable pens m this cily ami its vicinity," where tho Mul berry tree and Silk Worm have lor iii'in yenrs received close attention. The cultivation of the Mulberry T'oo in nil lit) va-icltes ihe rearing" of Silk I Worms production of Oneonn reeling,! manufacturing nml dying Silk the nary' inl rnduclion of Hie Silk biisines its no I nieuse value lu every fiirmtr it proliis it peculiar applicability to our c'lm ite. nml 'ho habits of our Inriuer. w-nh iiuine'oos o'her coitsideralion. will l.e fully m l honestly elucidated in tins publication. Philudelphin, as n focus-, pose remnrk tble facilities fur the acquisition and ills, seininallon of Ibis imporliilll knowledge. 'Phe Heel R iot Sugar eol'nre, nnd ngrieul. 'llrnl subj 'Cls in general will ho nssiiluouslj nl. ended to. Touiukelhe Mjbjeel pern iarly intelligible, engravers will be Ireel) employed to illu-lrnle the work, nnd in expense .pared lo phico H m Ihe first rnuk of I lie nuisi cmnplele publication on Sill, liiisbaudrv in America. It will' bo prime. I on line paper, will, good lyue, nnd parked up to duly Injury in 'ho mail. .Sit copies wid be sen! for 10 'hirlcen for i?0. A'ldre. the editor, pesi Mini. F. W. LEOPOLD. bv .15 Cltcsnnl ftK-i'i. Philad. Deo. 7, l!!J5. do 20, do Jan. (1, IfJ.lfJ, Fob. It), do March G, do Mny 10, do .Turin 15. do University oj Pennsylvania ,""U''' ''isl ARTMFiNT. 'B1IIF. next coorsc of Lectures will com. 1 ' ueo uinii! ler Ihe folluwing i-raiigeiuenls .' I'rarliri! of .Mnhcinc ('! IIII5II v .Slilrffiy ' in ninny liM'elni(.f Mcilujne uciii .Medici I'dwiferv NatlMnMln..-i,ni,(M,ti Ruben, , William (M,,,,,,, j,, Viii. H. Iloincr, do Knlliilfl Jar k.rii, , (Ifoigo II. vV,10, , U112I1 1.. n,i-o .1.. lieclures nn CI nical Med riiie'and Sur me de hvernd t tl,e Pennsylvania 'unrki"., j,ld"1 "IC '''''Iplun IIo,,i.u The whole n,noi,ni rf,rf j,. lf, a ei, n;i',a,-P'1':1, ,""'","n.lll.K the nog "e iln.ionmthemunbnrof P,"Wslir.(l,L 'ml improve.,,.,,,, , ,, r,lllr.(, ritl.lni' W. II HOIiNIIR M. D Pin I i . "p",""1 M-dienl Faculty. 1 lil'ailelphin, July 20, h. IP3fi. Harvard University. " ffWV, ,Medienl in Harvnrd IJ. niversity will begin ,,, i,0 Mnnchii. '(Us , Medical College n, Mnon st. Huston, hi! first Wednes.lnv III November peM nt l-l beloreO, A M . ,) u., rlltm,0 u')1i,l, im-nih-. For one month niter the end ol he course, Itclure will be delivered in the College, nnd the Di--ecling Room will be "pen losiichsludents es may re.nnin, wilh out ndiluiinal fee. Surh stiirlenl- irino al.-o m. end the PrarPce of the iMassnchu'. sens General llospiinl. Aii.iliuny and Oprinlion in ''T'-V- . Dr. War, en. lif,isi,y . . . Dr. Weli.irrr. Wnipiin .liilu-a, - - Dr. I'.l .clow. Jlnluifiiy nml Jurij- " '" i';''-'"n.'', ' , . - Dl- Clianning. I'l inciples ofaurgciy nnd Clin- icnl Surgery, - . . Dr. Ilajward. I lu-oiv.ind Prnniceofl'lujir, Or, Waie. Clinical Lecture will be delivered n uunl on tho cases in the Majjnchusotid General IIopitii, jVric nrssRCTLva room. A new Dissecting Room ,w build, if, and will he finished before the Lectures begin, h will occupy nil ihe vacant land en-l ol the Medirnl College. I'verv en re is taking to make this importcnt'part nf the medical school ns perfect ns nosililn Hint it mnv furnish lo I lit; student nmnh. facilities for prorcutintr his A tin ? nm inn I studies. Tlio Icgnl ennclmenls -of the slate, so liberally nnd so wisely framed. ...:ll I... r!.i p , .. . . win uo ia ii iii u i iy ami uinrnuglily r.pplicd lo the accomplishment of their important ob jects. WALTER CHANNING, Dcm. Uo.-loii, July, 1.13G. rr IMPOB1TANT r jO per.-ons sliflonng trom li F. U M 9 A '' I roionr ,..r ... ,i, . vw.,i i i ,-3. j,, nlr ) n I "f1'1 l:n'l"irer-iiT, On the pr... Jj"j t'l'le ineu'eated by the great and good I) . r nnl ''"' '" ,,l"""",1'n widely ns possible io nn'"'"-1' ""-'an" wiitnn nor pow'er lo miti-nte "''l"r'i"fn'' "", nfilictions ofsnnoring human. I 00,11,.. I fr ,, lnn.l,.,.., "... - j , . .... . .. ...I. ur iit ,;n nm in iiinKe known t'lrough llie m-dinm of your useful Paper, il.nt on reading ihcreln'nn ndv r lisemen' of Dr. Jebb's Liniment, for the cure of RHEUMATISM, I was foreib y im-'re-sei with a belief that It was calculi, led lo remove t,e seven, Rheumatic. nlTcc lion to wlijeh ,a, heeu for seven or ei-ihi years siilijecleil, sntne tunes almost il pnv ing ine ot I lie u-e of 111 V llllllis. I neenr. il:o Iy prncnreil n botile. and before I lout used the whole of it, found very sensible relief. This increased my confidence in i'. and led me to obtain nnnlher bottle. Ho use of which hr.s completely removed Hie swelhngs and pains of my limb, together wiih the crnmp, nml restored iheiii nl their won'cd vigor. I nm respectfui'y your. Gt:o. Tavmiii jr. Ihinpital, I.. I .Viilth 21. Per.-ons suH'ering from the above enm f'niiiis. and in despnir of n cure from iho fnilnro of the various remedies ilmy have u-eil, nre invited lo make trial of Kile loti" celebrated medicine, which lias in years pnst cured nml relieved, n it is now ibiiim i liiopsniii! who had despaired of relief. ! Nolliing hut n fair trial ran giv- nn id' a of is unriva'leil excellence. t is n'-o one o! I I lie best npplicaiions known fir sliffue-s ol I .1' uiies-.sprnins ami chilblain Price 50 cent. r Mile bv J. Si J II. PECK d CO. iMedcall's Patent Compound Oil for Painting. A perfect suhstil ute for Linsceil Oil for all kinds of Painting, isuft'ired lo Ihe piibhu bv Iho subscriber)' wiih the fullest assurance nV its uiiliiy, Ii i niiw aboiil right years sime il was bioilghl lo its present sldto'of perfee lion, nod during that has been exionhelv ii-liI .tte-tud in every way which Linseed Oil is u-ed for painting, fr insiilo and oul-iiie houso p. iug. on briek and on wood, nml tor eo.u iies, signs hoals .fee. As foi spicad mg and drying fur in.ide work it is not snr pas.-cd,nml foi body, and durability in situa tions e.pose, i,, l0 sua and weather, it is warranted far ruporiur lo iho best Lin.eeil Oil and being light eolorud lenders il prc-fci-ablo for w bile nnd all ollui delii-nle rnm. One ofthe first painting i sl.ihli-liniri l in this city of more than twenty ycais standing j say in their certi'lk-ato ' Having med Aled. calf's I'.Uenl Faint (Jil do i erlily lint uinro soifaccand belter painling call ho done per gallon iliiiiulieu hum ci u impure . hisc t-il Oil. This oil forms a combining substance I w hen mixed wilh pure docs not dei iposo and rub off by exposure to Iho sun, and by epi-ricnco of two years, we aio itai. milled iu saying Unit painlieg done w ith llii. oil, will st l ml Ihe w eather much longer. Hurt i cm tin iiiiiinpaiied, when p tint ing done in the. usual way will not, and for oil cloths, we think it niipiss'i-sevciy ihuig I tin I we ever ured," John N. I'.if.i II liar- purchased the lijilil to uinku nnd vend Ihu "Pulrnl Compourd Oil" in Iho Sliiles, viz ; IVnnsylv join. New Vmk. Massacliusi tls. Vrriuonl, Coniiru, licul, Ntw Ji-ifcy, Smith Cmoliua, Ohio, .tliihigan, Illinois and Indiana, and cauli' tis all persons, "gainst any Infriiigrnionl , ns every offence will ho incl u fib rigorous proserulimi. 'I'll o pi ice of llin "I'fiteiil Oil" will bn one quarlei les than Linseed Oil. It is warranted and sold wholesale and retail by FA8SHTT, SELDKN Si Cr. Dealrrs in Paints, Oils, Varnish, &e. 2ll Hivci klieet Tiny N. Y. August 5, 1830, 3 FANATICISM by the nulhor of imtn . iiil llirt.ory of KnlhiisiaMii.' Ker salo V. IIAUIUNGTON. An;. if..

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