Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, November 4, 1836, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated November 4, 1836 Page 3
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Curioui Calculation. Lord Chcslcrflqld wi a great enemy to snuff taking ; indeed tnbaceoin any ahapa was hie aversion. He calculated that every inveterate snuff taker takea one pinch every ten minutes every pinch, with the agreeable ceremony of wiping and blowing the none, and other incidental circumstances, consumes a min ute. and a half. Thin, allowing sixteen hours to a snuff taking day, amounts to two hours and twenty-four minutes out of every natural day or one day nut of every ten or thirty six days in a year. Thus if the practice shall bopcrsisted in for forty years, two entire year of a snuff-takcrs life' will be dedicotrd to tickling his nose, and two more to blowing it. Button Merc. Jour. DIED. In Smith Hern, on i lie llili uli. Dill) Lnnrion, Erq. Hgeil SO jeim. very suddenly, NOTICE. AT meeting of the Directors of the Colchester Manui'acmiing company, duly hidden this 2nd day nf November, A. D. is ordered that an assessment of five dollars be laid upon each share of the capital stock of laid company, to be Yntrl nn or before the first day nf Decern bcr next, and a further assessment ol five Hollars upon each share of said copilal block to be paid on or before the first day of January next. GEO. P. MARSH, Prtsl. November 2, 3jv Timothy Seed. 30 bushels for sale by HICKOK Si CA TLW. JVbv. 3, 1036. Quick and Cheap. at HOWARDS a;ain. AN Entire New Stock of Winter Goods Is now being received at his Chenp fort Cath Store, which have been purchased .with inch particular care and attention as to quality and prices as was deemed justly duo to Ins numerous Cnfh oml ready pay Customers, lie has very much increased his usual supply so as to enable buyers to obtain almost any qmntity wanted, and by many judicious arrangements entered into with American manufacturing establish ments, some article- come to han'l lower thin by poping through market. A great many goods were laid in through the Auc linn Houses in New York at the late re duced price and now as to the disposal ofj uch an cnlargi a sioeK compri-ing every article ever expected lo be found in a real Fashionable Silk, Fancy and Staple Dry Good. Family Grocery, Crockery, Look iti? Glass, Carpet fitc. Store. He has lo say that in Cnnsrqiiencc of the increase of business he is willing to sell at a percent agr less than heretofore, and as the motto it 'Cheap lor Uasir lliey will be sold very low for money. S E HOWARD. Burlington, Nv. 3. 1036. Over-Coat Cloths. LEMUEL CURTIS & Co hove just re. ceived in addition to their former stock, an invoice of heavy over coat cloths, compri sing Heavy Pilot and Mohair Cloth, Peters, hams and Lion skins Heavy Drab, Green, and brown Cloths, also Droad Cloths and Cassi mrres, of every color and price. Oct. 28. 1836. Lamp-wicks, Classes, &- Can dlesticks. 3Pifi DOZ. Lamp Wicks, for Brass & OvJU pewter store lamps ; forasiraland reading lamps ; Glasses lor the bras siore lamps nnd the chimney; glasses for astrnl lamps; Plated and bra-s candlesticks, enuf fers and trays at the Variety Shop. Oct, 26. PANGDOn.N Si BlUNSM AID. Japaneese Lotion, rpO remove freckles, pimples, and all eruptions of the skin, and for the cure of chapped hands, faces, Ate. for salo at the Variety Snop. Oct. 26. PANGBOnN & BniNSMAltl. Rose Lip Salve F OR sale at the Variety Shop. Pang mm fit Bihnsmaid. Oct. 27. Home-made Cloths. THE subscribers have now on hand, 500 yds. heavy sheep's fray cloth, 300 .yds. black and brown cloth, which will be sold low by the piece or yard. L. CURTIS & Co. Oct. 28. 50 Tons Pie Iron, S20 Tons Novascotia Plaster, 15 Bales Buffalo Rubes, 55 ' Chew Hon. 100 Rrls. Linseed Oil, SO Casks White Lead, 20 Brl. No 2 Maekerell. for sale by HICKOK Sl CATLIJf. Oet. VUh 1836. New Fashions. ItARS. M. FRASF.R would inform the XVX LaJics of Burlington and its vicinity, that she has just returned Irom IScw York, ahd has brought with her the newest fashions far Ladies Polices , Dresses, Cloaks, Huts and Caps. She has also SMin, Reaver, Leghorn, Tuscan, Straw and Silk Hals ; an elruant assortment of Ribbands, t ealhcrs and Flow era, a great variety of Silks for Hats, Pel ices and Dresses. Bobbinet, Tlnilo, Slarfe blond Laces, Quillings, Thread and blond Edfjings, VH. Hollars. Gloves, sewinrr Silk, Thread Sic. All which she will sell on as reasonable terms as can be found in this vicinity. Dress p.t;... and Cloaks made in the newest yle and best manner. Shop opposite Durkees Hotel Uliurcn sireci Burlington, Oct. 28, 1836. New Goods. THE subscribers have just received from New York an extensive asnrt went of FALL and WINTER GOODS, rnmnriiinn all the usual varieties kept in a country alore, which we will sell as cheap at the cheapest. WELLINGTON. WHITNEY fit CO M.lmn Falls. Oct. 18. 1836. N. B. Also 500 bushels coarse and fine talt. HTilJE TOKEN and ATLANTIC SOU-JL- VENIR. for 1837, with 12 engrav ings, far sale bv Ojt. 21. " V. HARRINGTON. Martin Van Buren. LARGE portraits for framing of Mar tin Van Burcn, Vice Picsidcnt of (he United States, and Miniatures of Martin Von Burcn, painted on ivory and set in gold, received and for sale at the Variety Simp. FArGnonN & Brinsmaid. Oct. 20. imHE AMERICAN fUMNAC and Rn Uk rosiTORr of UseruL Knowledge, for 1UJ7, for salo by October 21- V. HARntNOTON. New Goods Oct. 19, 1836. WE received lo day, cold, openworked. chased and plain Guard Keys ; gold Bnrpins; Spectacle glasses: Bombaxinc, silk and satin Slocks; Linen bosoms and collars; satin bosoms; 10 bundles best Italian violin string' ; Flageolet; clarified rosin; Instruction books for bugles, ser pents. Trombones and fluirs; books on hand for other instruments; Cologne water, niilk of soses ; tooth powder; 6 dozen but. tics indelible ink to mark without a pre paration ; 3 dozen do. to mark with a pre paration; cither nf them are good and will not wash out. For sale ol Iho Variety Shop. I'AKfinnnN Si Cmnsmaid. THE SSETROPOLITAN XUC AOAZINE. Edited by Contain Marryatl, Author of "Peter Simple," Ac. no. lxiv. August, 1830. CONTENTS. On tl:o justice and expe. dioncy of establishing an International Copy right Law, Summcr.Night Thoughts, Snarleyyow , or Iho Dog Fiend, the South Iircczo! Stray Leaves fiom the Diary of a Courtier, Rich Relations, Mr. Midshipman Easy, O'DonnclPs Farewell to Erin, A talo of llio Irish Rebellion, Mount Skiddaw, Ardent Troughton, tho Wrecked Merchant Fame, Tho Lion of llamsgale and hit Tiger, I.cs Mimndullcs, Our Actors, To La Bolle Kate, toe Life. Opinions, nnd I'cnsilo Advcn lures of John Ketch; August. V E RN ON II A Illl I N G TON , A sent. College street, Oct. 21, 183C. For Sale A Quantity of WAL NUTS from Ohio, by the bushel or barrel. En quire ol V HARRINGTON. College street, Burlington Get. 21. Marryatt's Works. HMUE work is published in semi-monthly JL numbers, ench number complete in itself, and containing the whole of one of his works, equal to iieo duodecimo volumes. The whole series comprise eiaht numbers. and will form two royal octavo volumes of about twelve hundred pases, lor 5.50. Liil of uurks enmprited in thit edition. 1. Peter Simple, or the Adventures of a Midshipman. 2. Jacob Faithful. 3. The Pirate; The Three Cutlers. Sic. 4. Frank Mildmay, or the Naval Officer. 5. The Kine'a Own. 6 vire 7. 8. Newton Filter, or the Merchant Ser Pacha nfinany Tales. Jnphct in search of a Father. For sale by Oct. 21. V. HAnniNOTnN. United States Pensioners. Bank of BtrnLiKr.-roN, Oct. 14. 1836. THE following circular having been re ceived by me, from the Treasury Do pnrlinent, il will be necpssary that a strict conformity with tho rules should be nb served by all classes of pensioners, who may apply cither by attorney or in person. E. T. ENGLESBY. Prttident and Pension Agent. CIRCULAR. Treasury Department, Second Comptroller's Office, September 29, 1836. The agpot for paying pensions at Burling Ion, Vermont, Sir In order lo guard more effectually against a repetition of frauds, as heretofore practiced by 1 lie production of forced pa pers, the first Ihree following additional rules will be observed by the accounting officers of the Treasury. 1. In every case where the pensioner employs an attorney to receive his pension the execution of the power must be in I he pretence of al least otic witness other than the magistrate betorc whom it is acknow ledged. No payment to an attorney will be allowed unless supported by a voucher bus executed. 2. In oil cases where the signaturo of the pensioner or his attorney is required, such pensioner or attorney will write his name al lencln, it capable ol so rome ;-- otherwise Ins signature may be by mark or or cross, in which case the execution must be in the pjosence of at least ono compe tent witness, other than the justice or no larv who nets officially in the case. 3. No payments will in future be made to any pensioner, eilher in person ur by at torney, wlm has not applied for his pension for more than one year, without the pro duction nf evidence of his identity, as pre scribed in the instructions from! Ins office of Juno 10. 1833, chapter I, section 2, nnd form B; nor until such evidence hat been transmitted to tho Commissioner of pen sinus and a special dirictton authorizing the payment has been given. 4. In cases where a cetificate Ins been issued by the commissioner of pentions to the widow or children of an officer or sol dier under the act of June 7, ,832, or un der the net nf May 15, 1828, no proof of the relationship ol the applicant to the de ceased othcer or soldier is to be required by the pension agent, that proof hiving been necessarily filed in the office of the commissioner qf pensions prior to the issu ing of such ccrlif)cate. Respectfully sir. your nh't servant, ALBION K. PARRIS, Comptroller. To Rent, A Dwelling House suitable for a email fam ily situated near the souare. Enquiro of LATHROP & POTWIN. Burlington, Oct. 14. 1835. NOTICE. FROM the 1 2th day of June'last, inclu ding eighteen months of minority, I have given and do hereby publickly give, lo my son Samuel Forest Scabnry his lime, to transact business for himself, and shall not demand from him or any other person during his life or capability to act for himself, any wages, nor pay any debts of his contracting after this date. ELISIIA SEABURV. Jericho, October 1st, 1830. SATIN BEAVERS. JUST received on Consignment a case of Ladies nnd Misses Satin Beater Unnntts. being the most splendid and beau tiful article oil he Bonnet kind ever offered fur latl and winter use. ALSO a full assnrlmcnt of Goods of every description which will be sold cheap for Cash nf. the Cheap Cath Stnre by S. EARL HOWARD. Burlington Oil. 7. 1 83C. FUltS. JUST received on assortment of fine Otter Seal Caps, Hair Seal do. Also Blk. and Grey Fur Capes. Fur Ties, &c. Lemuel Curtis & Co. October 21, IH36. TM PROVED STEAM DREDGE I. The sub-criber nffirs lo build on the most reasonable terms, at I. & J Towns- criil s lurnacc, Albany, his newly invented S'rnm Dredge. Having limit a number nf Machines Tor Lynns fit Howard, for the U. Slates, Hiid-on river improvement, nnd Canada, and also one for Iho U. States al Chicago, and ono for a Troy company, flatters himself that his Dredge is superior to any now in use. Persons wishing to build or contract for Steam Dredges of any size or form, cither in part or the whole iron and wood worn complete, will do well lo call on the sub scriber before they contract. All persons arc cautioned not to infringe on the rights of the subscriber, cither by using or vending the same under the pen ally of the law. 3w. MELLEN BARTTEL. Black Otter and Fur CAPS. A Good assortment, ofevery style qual ity nnd price, for sale bv WM. I. SEYMOUR. CTCaps made to order. Burlington, October 21. 183C. STRAYED From the Interval Farm of the subscriber on I lie 9lh init a while Sow. weight supposed to be about 150 pounds, any information that can be given nf her willl be thankfully received anil duly rewar ded. 'LUTHER LOO MIS. Oct. 19. 1836. 3w CARPETING. C Bales sup. Ingrain and Common Car AW pels. 3 do Figd. Floor Cloths, India Matting, Hearth Rugs Sic. for sale by LiATIIIlOP it roTWli. October 14. 'HE subscribers acquaint their friends and the public that they have entered into copartnership, and have openda shop near the corner of Church and King streets, where they will dress and dye nil kinds of Furs, at reasonable prices. 1 hey also in lend to keep for sale moM kinds ol DRES SED and DYED FURS, and will buy all kinds of raw furs. Persons wishing to hove furs dressed or dyed are invned to call and examine specimens of our work nt the fac lory, which i. is confidently believed will prove satisfactory. BIERDEMANN & VOLK. Burlington, Oct. 12. 1 1136. Lathrop c Potwin TTAVING been encaged the last two JLJL months in selecting their FALL GOODS, have now the pleasure of offering to the public one nf the heaviest and best selected aiortments of Rich, Fashionable, and Fancy Dry Goods ever oflered in this market. The following are a few of the lending articles, viz. 27 pieces blue, black, brown, invisible green, ntlfliadc and drake neck BROAD CLOTHS. 27 pieces henvv striped, plaid, nnd ribh'd Buck Skin nnd Common CASSI MERES. Plaid and plain SATINETTS. Drab, blue and invisible green PILOT CLOTH, lor over coats. Silk, velvet, toilinct and Valentin Vkst French. German, Jacquards, Eng. and common Merioms and Circassians. German, Goals Hair, Crape nnd com mon Cnmbleis. Bombazines nnd bombi zetlc. Green, crimson, and scarlet Mo reens. Merino and worsted Hosiery. Blk white and scarlet Merino Shawls. Em broidered Thibet and Merino Ilandkrchfs. Colored worsted and silk blend Edgings. Ladies' fur lined Gloves, superior coats; skin do. SILKS. 67 pieces comprising every shade and quality of plain and figured Gro dc Naps, (iro ile Swiss, and Poult de Sui. Superior mack Italian Gro de Swiss nnd Poult de Soi. Heavy black silk Camblets, grey do. Pongees, sewing, twist, chnlly, and plain silk Handkerchiefs and Scarfs ; muslin and lace capes and col ars; down scarfs; thread and bobinctle lace edgings and Insertings; quilling and netl Laces; long kid and open silk cloves, etc. Sic. 10 bales Lawrenco mill Shcctinzs. Tick ing, wadding, balls, cotton yarn, white and brown Canton Flannels; white, green and yellow English Flannels; rose and point Blankets, Sic. DRY GROCERIES of every doncrip. lion. CROCKERY, GLASS, St CHI NA WARE, Sic. Sic. Burlington. Oct. 14, 1836. CANADA STOVES. Wo now have on hand an as sortmenl of Canada Plate Box Stoves, of the following sizes, 21, 24, 26, 30, 31, and 36 inch. The patterns aro good. T. F. fit W, L. Stroo. October 7, 1836. .LYMAN" & COLE . HAVE ree'd a few bales ofvory supe rior BUFFALO ROBES, Rose Blankets, Dufrlle and 5 Puint Blankets, Horse Blankets fRcal French Kid Slips Heavy kid do Morocco do Thick Sole do Gailcr Boota Bolivcr do Walking Shoes, Sic. A few baskets best Champ'n WINE Gold Sherry, Sicily, Lisbon, Pott and Malana. 14th Oct. CONTE.NTS or NO. XCIII OK TUB NORTH AMERICAN REVIEW. Art I. Livingtton't Syitemof Penat Lato. A System of Penal Law for the State of Lou. isiana, consisting of a Code of Crimes nnd Punishments, n Code of Procedure, a Code of Evidence, a Code of Reform and Prison Disci, pline, and a Book of Definitions; prepared under the Authority of a Law of the said State. By Edward Livingston. Art. It. Romaic Popular Poetry. 1. Das Grieclusche Volk in oiTentlicher.kirch. lichcr und privatrcchtlichcr Bczichung, vor und nach dem Freiheitskampfe bts zum 31 July. 1634. Von G. L. Maurer. 2. History of Modern Greece. By James Emerson. 3. Cours do Litteraturo Grecque Modcrne, donnd a. Gen6ve, par Jacovaky Itizo Niroulot. Art. III. American Architecture. The American Builder's General Price Book and Estimator; deduced from extensive Expe. rience in the Art of Building. By James Gallicr. art. IV. IVtHit't Writings. 1. Mclanie and Other Poems. By N. P Wit. lis. Edited By Barry Cornwall. 2. Pcncilings by the Way. By It. P. Willis, Esq. 3. Inklings of Adventure. By the Author of " Pencilings by the Way." Art:V. Northeastern Boundary Message from the President of the United States, transmitting, in Compliance with a Re. solution of the Senate,sundy Documents relating to the Northeastern Boundery of the United Slates. Art. VI. Von Kaumer's England in 1835. England in 1635 ; being a Scries of Letters written to Friends in Germany, durinrr a Rosi. dence in London, and Excurtions into tho Pro vinces ; by Frederic Von Ravmer. Art. VII. X,ie and Works of Dr. Richard Bcntlcy. I. The Life of Richard Bentlev. D: D.. Mas. ter of Trinity College nnd Regius Professor of Divinity in the University of Cambridge ; with nn Account of his Writings, nnd Anecdotes of many distinguished Characters duringthe peri, od in which he flourished. By James Ilenrv Monk, D. D. 2. Litterarischc Analectcn. hcraustreceben von Fried. August. Wolf. (The Article Rich ard. Bcntlcy, in tho Firstnumberof Wolf "Lit. erary Anaiccta.'y Art. VIII. Principle of Emulation. 1. On Emulation. By the He v. J. Emerson. 2. Dr. Dwight on Emulation. 3. Emulation in Colleges. By Warren Bur. ton. 4. Professor Robinson's Account of the Ger man Universities. Art. IX. Lite ofPinkney, Ellery, ij- Mather. The Library of American Biocraphy, con. ducted by Jared Sparks. Vol. VI. Art.X. Critical Notices. 1. Swcctser on Consumption. 2. Calvert on German Literature. 3. Pierce's Treatises on Trigonometry. 4. Hale's Traits of American Life. 5. Smith's Three Eras in Woman's Life. 6. Greene's History of Italy. 7. Bliss's History of Rehoboth. 8. Reports of Seaman's Aid Societies. 9. Salcs's Edition of Don Quixote. 10. Popkin's Lectures. 11. Upham's Discourse. 12. Adams's Baccalaureate Address. 13. llazli'.t's Literary Remains. 14. Boruly's Discourse. 15. Ups and Downs. Editor' Note. Quarterly List of Neie Publications. VERNON HARRINGTON, Agent. Oct. Uth, College Street. L CUR I IS fit tyU. are now opening . their fall purchases of Crockery and Glass Ware, consisting of all the dcsl blc articles in their line. Among them may be found. Globe, Hall and Astral LAMPS Cut, prcss'd Si plain Stand do Champaign, 1 Jelny?and GLASSES Lemonade J Dining Setts, from 116 lo 210 pieces Plain, White and Enamcl'd Ware Whilo, gill edged and bronzed China Tea Setts. China Fruit Dishes Cut. ground, and Flint Tumblers, Sic All of which will be (old on the best terms. Od. 14, I33G Manilla Matts. C 4 doz. Mnnilln Mat Is nf nil sizes, jus received by Lemuel Curtis fit Co. Odober 14. Ladies' Satin Beaver Bonnets. a Cases of satin beavers, comprising all " the lasliiouable and desirable colors, drab, brown, green and hlnck. by Uct. 21. h. CURTIS fit CO. Cod Fish. 1 in Quintals Cod Fish, just landed, by l3KJ J. fit J. II. PECK fit CO. Ocl. 13. CHEAP FIRE WOOD. THE undersigned offer for sale Fire Wood of superior quality, in small or large quantities, lo bo delivered cither on their fnrm (3 miles north of Burling ton) or on the premises of the purchasers. The road leading through tho farm to the woou :anu being now in excellent stale, affords to persons desiring to buy their wood on ihe land every facility of gelling ii oui to me main road, B.J. HciNDEno T. F. Molt. Burlington, Oct. 6, 1036. Nowton's Panacea. TMIE celebrated Newton's Panacea, or purifier of the blood, an invaluable remedy, by J. St.. 3. H. PECK 4r CO. Ocl. 13. EYE WATER. br. Adam's' Celebrated Eye Water, Warranted an effectual cure for sore, Weak, and inflamed eyes, rnice 25 cents rea vial. THIS celebrated article wns invented by ono of the most distinguished physicians oi me age, nnu auring an cxicnsivo practice of 30 years, he invariably resorted to il in all cases of sore, weak and inflamed eyes, that camo under his notice, and so great a celeb rity didhoncquiro thereby, that they ccmcto him from all parts, nnd in no instance was il ever known to fail in producing llio desired effect. A short lime only has elapsed since the article wns first ir.troduccd to public no. ticc, and during that period, upwards of TIIR.EE THOUSAND DOTTLES Jiovc been disposed of, nnd tho demand for it is rapidly increasing. So sura and speedy is Ihe effect produced oy this article, that one singlo vial has completely cured an inflamed eye, though various remedies had for a long timo previous been resorted to, but in vain. Amplo directions accompantho article, asy well n letters of recommendation fiom the most respectable physicians in the country With a view toinsuro its usefulness in a more extensive way, the proprietor has appointed Iho following persons wholesale. Agents for the sale of it, whero the public may rest assur ed of procuring thcgcnuino article. JOSEPH FISH KB. proprietor, 7lh Si Buttonwood, JOHN R. ROWAND.249. Market Si E. A. HOSKINS, 37G Market strcels, Ph lidclnhia. DR. W. L. ALTF.E, Lnncustcr. J. Si J. II. PECK Si CO., Burlington, Vt. As will of all druggists and storekeepers throughout the Slate. Orders thankfully received and punctually attended lo for ryo. water or drugs. rniladclplna. June 211, IB3G. tr. October 7th, 1836. LEMUEL CURTIS & CO. aro now re. cciving and opening their Fall stock of Goods comprising nltogothcr III') richest ns sortmcnl they have ever offered to the public, among which aro Rich figured Satins and Gro do Nans, nlain Poult do Soio's nnd Italians, Black silk Camb lets, Lustrings and Sinchcws; 5 to 12 4th red and black Merino Shawls; Woolen and Worsted, Highland, Valencia and Prussian do. Vnlcniia, 4 and 6-4 bobbinctt blond nnd thule Laces. Thread nnd bobbinet Edging?, Figured French Merinos. 1 catt 1 English do. 28 pieces French Men nos, every color: Roslin checks, a new or liclo ; 4 cases Merino Circassians, from 17 to 21 cts. Superior English and French Print ; 10 coses American Prints, by the piece, rote. A heavy slock of comprising all the fashionable shades, at every price and quality. Pilot and Mohair i, i.niis, l.ion bktns ; Petershams, plain, ribbed and Buckskin Cossimercs ; Goats hair and imitation do. Camblets ; red, white, and yellow Flannels. I bale 4 4 0-4 do. 150 pieces cold Cambrics, I case lo fringed; Every style bleached Cottons, from 10 to 30 cts; 25 pair Rose Blankets ; Mackinaw nnd Whitney do ; 10 bales 4 4 brown Cotton from 0 1-2 to 12 1-2 cents. 8 bales fine Ingrain J rMJPFTtNrr:'? 3 ply Venetian do. CARPETINGS. Bracking and floor Baizes ; all Of which will be sold "as usual" on the best terms Dry Groceries. rLU uyson. Imperial in at. canisters iiun l'owder, Souchong and Black, Hyson skin, and Young Hyson Coffee, pepper, spice, ginger, TEAS. salcratus. Lump, loaf and brown S'ignrs. Molasses, &c. Lamp Oil, A good assortment of the above articles will be kept on hand at the lowest prices Oct. 14. Lemuel Curtis & Co. CASH FOR BUTT Eli. HE highest market price paid for Good Table llulter by LATHROP Sf POTIFIX. Oct 17t IR36. This day ice'd price 50 cts. nenl ly bound in cloth, the rainier s uilcl er a and Varnishcr a Manual, containing rules and regulations in every thing rela ting to the art of Painting, Gilding nnd Varnishing; numerous useful and valuable Receipts; Tests for detecting adulterations in oils, colors, &c. and a stnlcmenl of Ihe diseases and accidents to which Pnintcrs Gilders and varoislicrs arc peculiarly liable with tho simplest anil best method ol pre ventinn and remedy. Oct. 7. V. Harrington. REMOVAL. T AVING dissolved my connexion ImJL in business with Mr. Abbott, nmlS ...'t'lll-iVt'll I" IIIU riu ui imu -j.jiiu i I-, would lender my sincere thanks tnmy$ c;,i ,.i-1 1, Qn. Ifnends and the public for the palronagr of Ihe past year, mid respectfully soli J Jcit its continuance, nnd the good tflices ot nil who wish me wen. I am now making, nnd design lo keep on hand, n Xnnml ncerlrl mplll nf ICabinct Furniture & Chairs! 3'ndaptcd lo the market, fit shall endeavor" jio make the new establishment worthy' Jnf public confidence and support. We.-i; isiue Court House hqnare. J D. K. PAINUUUKN. : i Burlington. Oil. 3. in36. September 1836. Fall Goods at the Variety-shop Mr-R aro rrellin!? ill our Fall Goodl, all hint's necessary to keep odr assort ment in pood order ; Watches, Clocks, ncrfumcrv. Tea-nots. Military Goods, Cns tors, Jewelry, Slocks, Collars, linen and satin Bosom's, Lamp wicks, Toys, and an endless variety of Fancy articles. All per sons are invited to call and look at them at the Variety Shop. PAKOOOIltt fit BntNSMAID. Wool & Butter. mHE Subscribers will pay Cash for JL Good Clean Fleece Wool, delivered at their Store in Church Street. They will also oav Cash for Good Butter at one shilling pr. pound. Lovelv fit ABnOTT. Burlington Sept. 151 1836. frrlMPROVED ROTARY STOVE, THE Subscriber wfmld just say to the public, that he ha received a largo (lunntiiy of ,0 improved Rotary Sljte, of different sifces and will keep them constant ly on hand nt his Slore, North side of Court House Square-. Also, Parlor, Box ond other cook Sloven of different Patterns. Also, seco!d hand Stoves lo sell or Rent chrnp nho Pipe, stove truntning, Sic. I would here remark that in consequoncd oftho rapid sales that attended the Impror. '.'d Kolary Stove the lost season, it wasimi pnssiulu in inonufucturc theirt so as to sup ply over one hnlf ofihe calls; but the pub lic may be under no apprehension oh that point i his season, as I have over four time iho nmouiit now iHiinufiiclurod, that I had Inst season nt IhUlime, so thai people from a distance may come without liar of disnp puinlnienl. I here omit n Ions list of Re commendations, believing that Ihe Improv ed Rotary Stove has been sufficiently lett ed, to recommend itself in this Vieinitv. The improvements that wo have "made upon the Stove for the last season are val uable; wo now make the fire Plate nearly three times the weight of those last year and turn the friction Rollers on which Iho cap rests, and various other improvements not necessary lo mention. The Stoves arc CjeI at the foundry tt John D. Ward, nnd fiom the best Scotch and Munition Pig, and nro not surpassed, if equalled, fur smoothness and beauty offin ish. in this section of ihe country. N. B. I have recently scon a few stoves in Ibis vicinity called Improved Rulary Stoves, that huvo no friction rollers under the cap, but turn upon a pivot in tho samo manner tnai l nrsi nxed mine! but after using mine in that shape one year, I found lhal it did not answer my exnee ation. I liscovcrcd thnt healing Hie stove caused it o turn very hard, especially when Ilia stove was loaded when there was a ketlle or boiler of wntcr upon the top it was al most impossible tu turn it without snillini? llio water. I did not nt first understand I he reason, as it would turn easy when col.l, but finally ascertained that by licit ing the stove il softened the iron, nnd as Ihe boiler would rest upon one Bide, il caused so much friction that it was impos sible lo use them with safely or conven- e. ami in order to acl rid of this fric tion I have placed under the outer edge of the cop fnctiun rollers, and have them turned so as lo be perfectly true and smooth. The few stoves above refcrcd to are not made al Ward's Foundry, neither are they made from pig or rcmclted iron but fro in Ihe raw ore, and the plates cod. cquently arc more porous and stoggy ; and the back fire plate is not more than half the thickness of mine. Any person can very easily loll my stove, or those made at Ward's, by the friction rollers, as we make no others. 1VM. BLAKE. Burlinslon. Oct 1 1030. Fall Goods. THE subscribers o'c now opening an extensive assortment of Goods adapt ed to the lull trade which will be sold cheap for Cuh. Wo have now a full assortment ofsuner fine Broad Cloths of every shade and qual- Uy-. . . Rich nnd heavy, plain at Plaid Cas'mr's, A few ps. new stylo Durham Cas'mr'a. 40 ps. 6-4 French & English Merinos. 1 Cae Elegant Fig'd Merinns. Batting, Wadding, Cambric Linings Sic. Latuuop Si Putwin. Sept. ICf'i 103G. LOVELY & ABBOTT. HAVING returned from New, York with their fall slock of goods, have now the pleasure of offering for sale one of the finest assortments of Broad Cloths, Cas- simcres, nnd hattnetts. 1 lubct cloths, French nnd hnglish Marinos, nfevery va riety and color, Mohair silk-. of fine assort, nifiil?. Mu-lins and Cambricks, French worked Collars, Marino Thibet wool. Si lie chally Crape and oilier variolic-1 of Shawls nnd Iltlkl'i.. Bleached and Unbleached Cottons, Ticking. Table and other Lincna variety, French EnglMi and American Prints, Cotton Yarn, Wadding and Bat ting, Carpeting-", oiui, in fine, we think ns good nn assortment of fancy and staple dry Goods, nnd on as good terms as ever offered in Burlington. Cut and plain Glas, China and other Crockery ware nmnng which nre iJiegant Mining anu i ea sells, and olniosl every article ol colour anu kind in Maiket, 'IVns'of all kinds. Loaf and Brown Sugars, Cnffl-c. Chnckolale, Sugar- house nnd oilier Mola'ses, Box and quarter box Raisin. Mackerel in half and quarter hbls.No. 1 and 2 White nnd colored Sperm Candles, Scotch nnd Macknboy Snuff. Inilii'O. smoking and chewing Iobacco,uar S.iap, Spices of all Kind, Sic. Sic. Uurhnglon, aopt. lo, iiuo. Mew Goods, Needles. Saddlers', Millener-', Harness, Darning. Knitting, Glovers. Beedings, A-sortcd fit common sewing Needles; of Hemming fit Son' Munulaci ore, just ree'd at the varic- !) Shop. PANGllWlS fit lilllNSMAlD. WEST'S l,lTE.vr CIILOKINE COSMETIC and PILLS, 17 OK Ringworms, Siltrhcum, Scald J head, nnd all Culancoiis Eruplionr. This article is not thrown into market like inn-l patent medicines, backed by some half dozen fictitious certificate ; but it comes respectably and honestly recommen ded, nnd is, we verily believe, all that it claims to be; and ns such, it i offered to the public, by J. Si J. II. PECK & Co Sept. 1036 Agentsor Ihe Patentee New Fall Goods. ELEGANT gilt and plated metnl scab bard Sahres: also lenther scabbard Sabres ; crooked ntnl slraight. fine and common Swords. Holster P.-tols ; Spurs. Sword chains. Belts, sashes, Lace, Buttons. Plates, nnd almost nil kind of goods ne cessarv in the Military line, this day rcc d and opened. Some of our new swords aro the best we ever had; all of our military goods are new and in fine order. l'AfOBonN t( BniNsMAtrt, , Sent. 53. . raruiuanop,

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