Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, December 9, 1836, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated December 9, 1836 Page 1
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uvlin NOT THE GLORY OF CyESARjjllUT THE WE1FAHE OF ROME. BY If. B. ST ACT. FRIDAY, DECEMBER 9, 1836. VOL. X No. 494 1 n 2Lati) of TTmuont. rtn rtci iinpinpiuuing le fuim llieiein mentioned wr in.iKing ceiium fune. TT is herein enatted'bii the General As J. sembly nf the Slate of Vermont, Tliat mere ue. anil Hereby is, appropriated n fcum not exceeding three thousand dollars loruio purpose ol making n pelimiiiary sur vey ofthe route from the state.lhrough the valleye of the Connecticut and IVeutnpsie rivers, with reference' to Iiiu r.Uustruction of a rail road thurenn. Sec. 2. That there he. and hereby is constituted a board of commissioners, con , Misting of two persons, to bo appointed by ft!io Governor of the state, whoso duty it shall be to employ a competent engineer or engineers for making the aforesaid survey 'Vind to superintend Ihu expenditure ol the ttioncy herein before appropriated. 'Stic. 3. That the treasurer of thi state lie, and he is hereby, directed to pay to the a foresaid eommsioners out of any funds in the treasury not otherwise appropriate cd. fucIi sums as they shall from unit; to time order, not r-xceeding In q aggregate .the sum herein before named. .Provided nevertheless. That no part of '.lie sum I'e-ignal'ed shall bo expended for micIi survey, until MU.-facinry pledgor shall have been yen to the cniiiuiis-iiunei-i of such route )hat any further sum which may be lound nrneonry fur completing said survey shall .be ntheru ise raUed. ami placed at the disposal 0 said commission ers. Approved Ni otribe,r IV, 13"G. An Art uuilioi in; the .Simi'V'r (jeneinl in stiuev and settle tin lim- between ihu comilied uf intlli.iin and l't-miin:;ioii. IT ix hereby i nut lid life. That Iho Sur vryor General of tin Slate is hereby authorized in survey and establish the county lino between the counties of Ji:i ninctou und Windham in thu state, nud make return thereof to the Clerk of the county of Bennington, together with a bill of his expenses and services in surveying 'the county lineas aforesaid, within one year from the pacing of this act; which e.iid expenses shall be paid, one half out of tho 'treasury of 1I10 couuly of Bennington, and the oll'ier half out of the treasury of the county of Windham. Approved Nov. 17. 1 030. iAr. net 10 provide fur the receipt nnd deposition nf Ihe I'dhlio minify of the United Slates which iiisy !; deposited with lliis Stale. IT iekereby enacted S;c. That the Treas urer of this slate be, anil ho i hereby, authorised to receive from tho Secretary of tho Treasury of tho United Slates all 'the money which is directed to bo deposit odwith the s'ale of Vermont, by virtue ol the .provisions of an act entitled "an net to regulate tin; deposited of the public money" pr.S6ed by the Congress oft bo Uni ted States at the fe.-Miin thcreot now lul past, and approved by iho President on the tventy-lhird day of June. Anno Doni int one thousand eight hiiiidrrd and thirty fix; and the ssid Treasurer of this stalo is hereby directed and empowered to execute and deliver (0 the said Secretary of the Treasury of the United State-' certificates of deposit for said money, pledging l lit; ailh of tlii stale for safe keeping and re payment thereof, in conformity with the provisions of ssid act. Sec. 2. That each incorporated toCvn in this state may. on or before Iho first dav of January next afir the passage of this act, at a town Hireling duly warned anil hidden for the purpn-e. .mil at each 11111I overy March m!et mg after tin; year one thou'end eight hundred and thirty seven, elect, bv ballot three trustees of such town, for the purpose of receiving am) managing such portion of the public money 09 mav bo deposited m such town agreeably to the provnrions of this act, which trustees shall cxecule their bond to the town, willi three or more sufficient surolic, in such sum as the t-clectmen of such town shall dirceland accept, conditioned for the faith fnl nerlbrinaoco of their dots' in the loan ing. managing and accounting for such cum or Bums of money as may be placed in their churgc agrccablv to tho provision of this act. and ebch town that shall ap nnint such trustee, and receive by them sneli ilenosil money, shall be accountable for the return of said money, or any part thereof to the 6tato treasury, whenever called for by the state Treasurer upon the requisition of tne United Slates, or for the purposes of new apportionment, in the same manner as towns arc now accountable for the slate taxes. fire. 3. That the Treasurer ol this stalo shall, on the receipt of any portion of such money, deliver to Ilia trustees 01 t lie respective town such sum as such towns shall respectively be entitled to receive on .1 1.1 l.n nnetu tnl.-nn if, tlin vear onn thousand eiffht hundred and thirtv. and such trustees shall rcspec lively execute lo ihe Treasurer of the state certificates of soch deposits, ill such form as thesaid state's Treasurer is requir ed to execute to the Secretary of the Trcaiury of the United Slates, agreeably to the provisions of the act mentioned the first tcciion of this act. Sec. 4. That the trustees of the res pective towns iliall loan out the money deposited to such persons and in such sum os they shall judge expedient, for a Icrm not exceeding ono year at one linio, and on tuch security, either wild one or more itiretics or on mortgage, as they shall deem amply eafe at an interest of six per cent., payable annually, and make all securities tauen for the same navable lo the town loaning the money, and such money may, aner 1110 expiration ol 1 lie lime lor winch it snail lie loaned, be collected by the Irus lees in Mich town, and rc-lonncil, when ever lliey deem 11 expedient. Sec. 5. That tho interest arising fron the monev depn-itcd in any town shall an nually be appropriated by such town to the use ol common schools m such town, aoree ably lo the provisions of this act; and in llie year eighteen hundred and fortv-one, and as often thereafter ns n ccnus shall be taken by the authority of the United States, or of this stale, it shall be Ihe dutv of the Treasurer lo make a new apportionment of the money so deposited as aforesaid among the several organized towns, according lo the population 1 hereof, and shall havu power to call upon the several towns who have in deposit a large amniitu of said money than their proportion for the amount of such excess, and it shall be Iho dutv of the trustee of-nch towns tn pny over the sum to the Treasurer aforesaid, who shall there upon deposit the same in such towns ns have not their portion of said monev in deposit, in proportion to Iheir population. Sec. G. That if any town shall have other school fund', sufficient tr support a school in the several school districts in such town for six months in each year, then and in i-ticli cases it may be lawful for such town lo appropriate I he income from said deposit money lo such other use as such town may direct. Sec 7. That it shall bo the dutv of the grand jurois, cmpannellcd before the county courts in Iho several counties in this stale, 111 each and every year to in quire into the manner in which the several towns 111 their respective counties have managed said money and tho annual inter est thereof and shall present lo said courts an indictment against each and cverv town fsaid county in which Ihe duties of said towns, have nut bci-n attended to agreeably lo the prnvMnni of this act; and any town so indicted shall, on conviction, be sen tenced lo pay a fine, not exceeding Ihe amount, of double Ihe annual interest of all the money deposited with the trustees of such town in conformity with the provis ions of this act, in Ihe discretion of the court, together with costs of prosecution, which fine c costs shall be paid tn thctreas urer of the county iu which the conviction shall be had, nnd lo the use of said county. Sec. 0. That if any town or towns shall neglect or refuse to appoint their Iru lees for the purpose of receiving Iheir proportion of said money agreeably to the provisions of ih'u act, the Treasurer of the state shall put tho same to use, in such mniiner as he shall deem moat expedient, uud annually pny over lo Mich town or towns tho intcroft arising from such sum as they were entitled to receive on deposit. Sec.O. That this act shall lake effect from and after tho parsing of the same. Approved, November 17, 183G. AN ACT relating lo interest. TT is hereby entitled cy-c, That no person or persons, upon any cntitrsct, hereafter to be made.slinll take, directly or indirectly more than the value ol six dollars for the forbearance of one hundred dollars fur one year, nnd so after that rate for a greater or ess sum. or lor a longer or snorter nine. Skc. 2. That if any person shall hero after lake or receive, by means of any cor rupt bargain, loan, exchange or lu'erest, of any money, wares, merchandise or other lliing whatsoever, or by any deceitful ways or means, or bv any covin or deceitful con vevance, for the forbearance, or givingday of payment, fur ono whole year, ol or lor hi-, her. or llieir money or oiner lnmgs, above the sum ofsix dollars.eithcr in money, goods or 01 her tilings, for the forbearance of ono hundred dollars for ono year, and so nfier that rnto for a greater or less sum, or for a loncer or shorter tune, the person or persons, so paving any such sum of money, or delivering any such goods or other thing, "-hall be al liberty, at any lime within onu year next alter the payment there!, in nit for and recover the money so paid above the rate aforesaid, or any part thereof from Iho person or persons wlio shall accept or receive the same; with co-ts of suit, in an action of assumpsit, declaring for monev had and received, or for goods sold mill delivered, an die case may be. Provided nevertheless, That nothing in till act shall extend to tho lulling caltle.or oilier wage of tin; like nature ainoog far mers, or maritime contracts, lottery, or couri-o ofexchango as has been heretofore and still is accus-lotned. Sr.c. 3. That an act entitled "an act to prevent u-ury," passed on the twelfth day of November, iu Iho year one thousand eight hundred and twenty two, is hereby repealed1 Provided, That nothing in this act shall be construed lo ofiocl any action or penalty accruing or accrued under the act afore said. Approved, Nov. 8. 103G- An Act relating lo Bank Commiiioneis. IT IJ hereby enarted Stc, That 11 shall be tho duly of the auditor of accounts hereafter, to audit llie accounts of Iho Bank commissioners of Iho stale of Ver mont, and draw orders on the treasurer of this slain for such sum or sums as he shall find iustlv due; which sum or sums ihe treasurer U heiebv directed lo pay out of tho Bank Safety Fund. Sec. 2 That this bill shall lake eflect immediately after ii shall liavo received the signature of Governor. Approved. November 3. 1G37. An Acl, aulhoiitiiig llm Treasurer to borrow llie sum therein named. IT is hereby enacttd S(c., That the Treasurer of I Ins Stale be, and ho ii hereby, aulhurised (o borrow a sum not ex cecdiiig forty thousand dollars in the whole, for thc"purposo of defruying the expenses of government, and appropriations that arc, and hereafter may bo made. Approved, Nov. 15, 10S6, An Act, annexing a pari of ihcloun of Higlijatelo llie Iu iv 11 ol Hw-nnton. fT is hereby cnattcd &c., That so much X of tho westerly part of the town of Highgale, in the county of Franklin, as lies westerly ol the Missisquo River, below tswanton t alls, he, and the same is, hereby annexed (o the (own of Swanton, in said county for all purposes.the same as thoii"li said tract of land had been enclosed in the original chartered limits of said town of Swanton. Provided nevertheless. That this act shall not extend to deprive tho town of IJtgligale Irom collecling,and appropriating to their own use ono hall of thy rents oris ing from school lands in that part of said town, in the same manner as though this act had not been passed. Approved, Nov. 3. III1G. An net lo loco 1 0 llie county buildings In the county l I'liinklin. TT is hereby entitled. &-c. That Charles J. Ltnsley. Daniel Kellogg, and Lyman r itch be, and hereby are, appointed u com rniltee, whne duty it shall be lo visit Ihe county of Franklin, and make examination for the purpose ol ascertaining tho proper place for the permanent shire of said cnun ty, nnd make report lo the next session of tne legislature, giving their opinion where tne sinro or place lor (lie county buildings insaidcuunly ought to be fixed, 'inking into consideration the accomodation n ihe sev eral towns in said county, and the claims of the present locatiun of said county build ings. 2. I hat Ihe expense of said committee shall bo defrayed by a tax upon said county 01 i- rai.Kiin. ArrnovEt), Nov. 17. 11)30. An net in addition In, ni.d nltPiation of .vi nrl pas v.. A .:.i.. 1 ...... rvunii(.i iuuu, imi!l!;il itui t-lt'-lllll llll IIC llieiein mentioned nnd pro iiling lor ailieriise meals icl.iling lo l.ind laxes nnd notices," and lepe.iling nil limner l.ius lel.uing ilicrelo. IT is hereby entitled i;c. That all adver tisement:) and notices, by law required now lobe published, relating lo land taxc which by said act passed November fourth ono thousand eight hundred nnd thirty five, are directed to be published 111 the Vermont I'atrioland Slate Gazelle printed at Monl pclicr, or any other paper published iu tills slate, shall hereafter be published in said t'atriot, nnd alD in the Vermont Watch man and Gazette printed at Montpclicr ; or; or in case either of said papers should cease to be published, such notices or ad. vertisemenlsshall be published in any other paper printed at Montpelier ; and in cac both said papers should cease to be pub lished, in any two papers printed ai Mont pelier in Iipii thereof. Sec J lint nil former laws relnlinrr lo Iho advertisements and notices of land lax- Im, rtltl Iho pnum nro ttnrrlty r-,c..'- -1. Provided, That this act shall lake effect from its pasao. Approved Nov. 17, I83G. An Act, iiiuliorizing die (loternor lo distribute pieces of oidn.mcc IT ix hereby enacted Sfc. That the Gov ernor of this Stale be, and he hereby is. authorized to procure the mounting, and to make such distribution of llie pieces of ordnance belonging to this state, as he mav Irom tune to time think expedient. Provided, 1 lint no regiment shall receive more I ban one field piece. AprnovEn, Nov. 17, U13G. An act relating to ilulle of flank Committee or II, ink lii'pecior. VfrT ix hereby enticted. That thu duliei ii nnd services of thu bank committee shall be confuted and limited to such bank' only as arc not by their charters, eubjec. to the visitation and examination of of tin board of bank commissioners, appointed under the provision of the safety fund act ; any law or custom lo the contrary notwith standing. Approved, Nov. 17. 1C3G. An act, making appropriation for the support of PC.ace shall have t ho same power to sign all gociiiuieni. (original writs, returnable to Ihe county jfT is hereby ensttcd That n sum not,cnurt of their respective counties that the exceedin"- forty live-thousand dollars be and thu same h hereby appropriated, for tho purpose of paying tho debentures of tho Lieutenant Governor, the Senate, .executed by any ollicer lo whom directed nnd the contingent expenses thereof, and ; Approved, November 3, 1II3G. for the debenture-! oflho House of Repre- TT, , ,. : -7. r : ... 1 ,, ,. . . Ar Act, lepeahng part of'an act a ohiiij em ors scntat.yes and the contingent expenses! ees n, maintain aciions in , heir own i,;,nes. thercol, including 1110 debentures 01 1 Me tuuiiur . "ui - arc provided by law. and such sums t.s nro directed by special acts ol the Legislature 10 uc paio irino uie treasury. sec. 2. Thai a sum not exceeding llilr. ly thousand dollars bo and the same is hereby appropriated for t lie purpose of paying such demands ogainst tho state ns may be nllowed by the auditor of accounts, und such orders as may be drawn by the supreme nnd county courts. Approved, Nov. 15, 1S3G. J An Aci. iifsebiSi1nxforibeiipportorGovcrn.tllAcll Ilf.m ilc, le.;s ,0 egll, T 15 hereby enacted Sfc, That there be, ! and hereby is, assessed n tax of thrccr cents on the dollar on the lists of the pollsj.iat fln be ,ccnm ,, ntJjujrj a", ond rateable estate ofthe inhabitants ofi,M0mUi,i ,i r.,- ii, .... ,.7.i ru tins State, for the year one liioin-nild eight Iinmlrnfl mill tlnrlu civ. I r. I.n .n i.l In, , l. I reasury of Ihu Siato by the first day , mcllt 1)f (lltI nld ,iUouMy pprJnSi.. ..r June , , money. ccri.ficaies or nntePLscd Mllrcll liri, , ie ..enr ono thou, issued by the i fcasurer of . s Slate, or- , m ,llni)rC(, a,j linclv ders drawn by the Auditor of accounts, or ,, lhe ,a,t proviso l0 f01(f , b orders drawn by or under the direction of ,, ,,, i? lerel rc1(,alo(, tliebuprerneor bounty courts. f Provided. That i Ins not uhnlt tint nfTni J r , .w ui,l tlllil Mil'

Approved. Nov. 15. IB3G. An Acl.piovidmg for pinning uf die Stnale, 'fiT u hereby enacted uifotlawxt N 1. The Secretary of the Senale shall cpujo iho journal of lhe present session to uu printed. 2- Tho copies tliercofshall be distributed m the same manner as i 'provided for (lis tributing lhe journal of tin; lluuso of Rep rescnlalivce, with the addition of ono copy Jltts Stale, within encli town, when the in the President nnd each member of ilie'iinly cnnveniioii of said county may deem Senste, who shall also bo entitled to a copy "accessary. of the journal ofthe House of Rcprcienln ,Bec 2. 'That ibis net shall toko effect tivca. ifm tho passing thereof. 3. After llio present session tho contractApproved, Nov. 19, 1036. fojprinling Ihe journals of ihe Senate and liaise of Representatives shall bo made by th. clerk of the House of Representatives, in ho manner prescribed in the act entitled "ai act iu addition to an net providing for Hi slate pruning," passed November the tqth, in the year ono thousand eight hun dcil and ln-cti!y-sevcit, nnd tho Secretory oflho Senate shall furnish tho journal of tin Senate for publication annually, ogree ajiy to such contract. (Approved, Nov. 1, 103G. A act, altering tho teim ofthe Supreme Court in the county of Chiucnilen. II is hereby enacted Sec, That in future tie supremo court of said stale shall be Iwldcn o. Burlington, within and for the county of Clullenden, on the Thursday next proceeding tho first Tuesday ol Janu ary in each year. And all complaints, in formations, indictments, actions and suits, bills, petitions, and every ulher matter or thing, in law or in equity, now pending iu, and all writs and warrants, appeals, recog. ii'zances, and every other mailer or thing, returnable to, or hereafter made returnable lo, the said court in the county aforesaid, shall bu entered, heard and determined at the time in this ncl named for the said court to hold its session in said county- And all persons and parties, required by law lo ap pear before said court in said coiintv, shall appear and have day in said court at the next term l hereof, hidden in said county. according to the provisions of this act. Provided, That Ibis net shall take cued from and after tho passage ofthe sume. Approved. November 14, 1 330. An ncl, in ndililimi In an act dit iding llie Stale into Juilii-ial Li;lii l8,p.ied Octuhei' 29di, 1S33. It m hereby emitted, That Ihu couuly ol Grand ItJc shall heresfter bo annexed Id Ihe third judicial circuit, nnd the county of Liamoilc shall be annexed to the mill judi cial circuit. Sec. 'J. II is hereby farther enacted. That this act shall take eflect immediately on tho passage thereof. Approved, November 10, 133G. An aci, hi addition to an net entitled "nn act ennui lining llie ftnpicine Court uf judic.iluic and coun ty courts, defining tlieir powers and regulating judicial piorredings. It is heribii enacted. That the iudges ofthe supremo court shall not hereafter bo required to account to the Treasures of the state for the fees paid lo them respectively by tiiu several clerks ol counties lor the benefit of said iudges, agreeably lo the act to which this is an addition, passed Novcm ber eighteenth, one thousand eight hundred and twenty four, and the act entitled "an act cstablishinn; permanent salaries for the judges of the supreme court of this state." oisht hundred and four. Provided, however. That if tho fees of cither of said judges shall at any time ex ceed tho sum of one hundred and twenty- five dollars per annum, such judges shall account to iho Treasurer for such excess. .Approved, IVovcinbor 17, I03G. An act, in addition loan net en t it led "an act lo cinponer ihe Judges of the Supieine Court lo giaal hill. nfdi(oicc, and lo repeal p.irls of cer tain aria llieiein mentioned," passed November 7, 1S33. His hereby enacted. That in all petitions now pending, or that may be hereafter pen ding, in the supremo court for bills of di vorce, the coviction ofthe petitioner of any crime, and sentence thereon to three or more years imprisonment, and actual com niltinont thereon lo Ihe slate prison, shall be taken and deemed lo be a wilful deser tion fur three years, within the true intent and meaning of 6aid act any law or cus tom lo the contrary notwilh-iinndiiiir. Approved, November 10, I33G. An Acl, concerning County Court Writs. It is hereby enacttd, That justices nf (lie plerlcs of the several county courts now have ; which writs may run into any coun ,ly '"" plnce within this stalo, and be there u It is hereby entitled, That thu proviso lo ine nrsl section nl an act entitled "an act BbiVjns clld()rS(;cs tn ,a,ntain actions in lj,,jr nwn nainCiS... also an act entitled "an let in explanation of, and 111 addition in, an lei therein mentioned, passed November lie first, in ihe vear ono ihou-and ciuht jundrei and thirty two, be, and the same e, hereby repealed. I Provided, That nothing in this act shall lpair any right which has accrued under lie act to winch this is an amendment. Approved, November 17, II13G. ' . fs hcrcly cmllali T',at ,e lwcnlicth - Minn nr n ,.i ,,i;il,i i., .ic r de,-i..nnlin,. ihe dnlies nnd nn- . , -. . . - of ,n j ..I I in it .1 I... . - , .,.., ..,,,. , .,, II be heard ond finally determined in the ic manner as though this net had not n passed. Appioved. November 17, 1(130. (art In addition m an ncl einilted "an uri iela lint; lo l lie appointment and d-ilicnf lii'peulou Ifllopi in nail fur die State ufVeininni." pt:c. I, That ono liitpcctnr of hops be finally appoitiled iu and for each coiintv Quick and Cheap. at HOWARDS again, AN Umire New Stock of Winter Goods is now boino- receiver! nl Ida Chean for Cash Store, which have been purchased wiui sucii particular care and attention as lo quality and prices as was deemed justly due to his numerous Cash end ready pay Customers. He has very much increased his usual supply so as to enable buyers lo obtain almost any quantity wanlcd, and by many judicious arrangements entered into with American manufacturing establish ments, some nrticles come lo hand lower than by passing through market. A great many goods were laid in through Ihe Auc lion Houses in New York at the late re duced price and now as lo iho disposal of sucii an enlarged stock comprising every article ever expected Id be found in a real Fashionnblo Silk, Fancy nnd Staph; Dry Good. Family Grocery. Crockery, Look". iug Glass, Cniuct &c. Store. He has lo snythal in Consequence of llie increase ol business he is willing to sell at a percent ago less than heretofore, and as tho motto is 'Cheap for Cash' they will be sold very low for money. S K. HOWARD. Burlington, Nov. 3. IH3G. Over-Coat Cloths. LEMUEL, CURTIS & Co. have just re. ccived in addition to their former stock, an in voice of heavy over coat chillis, compri sing Heavy Pilot and Mohair Cloth, Peters hams and Lion skins Heavy Urab, Green, and brown Clolhs, als-o Ilroad Chillis and Cassi. meres, of overy color and price. Oct. 23. 11136. Homc-imulc Cloths. THE subscribers have now on hand, 500 yds. heavy sheen's trrav cloth, 200 yds. black and brown cluth, which will bo sold low by llie picco or yard. L. CURTIS k Co. Oct. 28. 50 Tons Pig Iron, 220 Tons Novoscotia Plaster, 15 Bales Buffalo Robes, 25 Chew Hops. 100 Brls. Linseed Oil, 20 Casks Whim Lead, 20 Brls. No 2 Mackerell. for sale by IIICKOK & CATLIJV. Oct. 2f!f7t I33G. New Fashions. MRS. M. FRASER would inform the Ladies of Burlington and its vicinity, that sho has just returned from Now York, and has brought with her tho newest fashions for Ladies Polices, Dresses, Cloaks, Hats and Capfi. Shn itaa also Statin, tloavnr, Leghorn, Tuscan, Straw and Silk Hats ; an decant assortment of Itibbands, Feathers and Flow ers, a great variety of Silks for Hats, Polices and Dresses. Bobbinet, Thulo, Slarfe blond Laces, Quillings, Thread and blond Edgings, Veils, Collars, Gloves, sewing Silk, Thread, &c. All which sho will sell on as reasonable terms as can be round 111 this vicinity. Dress es Pcliccs and Cloaks made in the newest sylo and best manner. Shop opposite Durkccs Hotel unurcli sircct Burlington, Oct. 23, 103G. JUST received, llie Penny Mogazine for 1332, '33. '34 and '35, bound in Kill cloth or half calf, price g2 per volume. Oct. 7 Vernon U AnniNRTON. L CURTIS Sl CO. are now opening their fall purchases of Crockery nnd Glass Ware, consisting of all the desi ble articles in their line. Among them may be found. Globe. Hall and Astral LAMPS Cut, press'd & plain Stand do Champaign, 1 Jelly!'and GLASSES Lemonade J Dining Sells, from 1 1G to 210 pieces Plain, While and Enamcl'd Ware White, gilt edged ond bronzed China Tea Sells. China Fruit Dishes Cut, ground, and Flint Tumblers, &.c All of which will be sold on the best fcrnn. Oct. I t. 1 $3G Ladies' Satin Beaver Bonnets. a Cases ol satin beaver, comprising all ine lasinouable and desirable colors drnb, brown, grccu and black, by Oct. 21. 1,. CURTIS & CO. Cod Fish. 1 Quintals Cod Fish, jnt landed, by A'JU J. it J. II . PECK & CO. Oct. 3. For Sale, THE House and thrce.foiirths of an ncru of Land, formerly owned anil occupied by Ziehen's Peaslec, Esn,, siluaicd in Ihe vil. age ol uurlington ; lhe hoiiio and out buildings in good repair wiih a good well of water, garden, and valuable Iruit trees on the premise-. For terms, apply to DAVID RUSSELL, Esq. Burlington, Nov. 10, IC3G. Saddlery & Carriage Trim mings. JUST received and now being opened ai tho Hardware Store; Iho most full nnd complete assortment of Saddicry, and Car liago trimmings over offered lo iho Irado in ibis place, comprising full assortments ol Urnss, Plated, Japaucd and tinned, Saddlery; Cotton and Woisted Webb, wide nnd nnrruu Straining and Itoiu do, carriage laics; Steps exlcs, nod plated dai-h Iron; plated and bras plated Carriage, Gig and Sulkcy Lamps i,c nllofuhich will bo sold at reduced piiccs for cash or short credit, by itonr.ftT MOODY PICK up )our old Out turn and him It into mo nnd I will nnv- v-i.o il,.. "..,;. , - r j i.iii wi,.,, for il. A penny saved is worlh two pence c!ear,says Docl. Franklin. (IF St n r a w r , III Burlington; Nov. 8, 183S, THE subscribers acquaint their friend npd iho public that they have entered into copartnership, nnd have npen"da shop ncarlho corner of Church and Kingi-treels where lliey will dross and dye all kinds of Furs, at reasonable prices. They nto in. tend lo keep for sale most ktnds ol DRES SED and DYED FURS, and will buy all kinds of raw furs. Persons wishing lo have furs dressed or dyed arc invued lo call nnd examine specimens of our work at the fac tory, which it is confidently believed will prove satisfactory. BIERDEMANN &. VOLK. Burlington. Oct. 12. 1H3G. New Goods Oct. 19, 183G. WE received lo day, gold, openworked, chased and plain Guard Keys ; gold Bar pins; Spectacle glasses; Bombazine, silk and satin Slocks; Linen bosoms and collars; satin bosoms; 10 bundles best Italian violin string-i ; Flageolets; clarified rosin; Instruction books for bugles, ser pents. Trombone and flutes; buoku on hand fur other instruments: Cologne water, milk of sines; tooth powder; G dozen bot. lies indelible ink to mark uiihoul a pre. paration ; 3 dozen do. to mark with a pre paration; cither of them an; good and wilt nol wash out. For sale at the Variety Simp. Pangpoun & BnlNfM.MD. THE IVIETROPOIiXTAN IVXAGAZIITE. Edited by Captain .Warryatt, Author of 'Peter Simple." i-c. no. ixiv. Augur!, 1G3G. CONTENTS. On Iho juslico and cxpe. diency of establishing an International Copy right Law, Snmmer.Night Thoughts, Snarleyyow, or tho Dog Fiend, the South lirei zi'l Slray Leaves from Iho Diary of a Couilicr, Rich Relations, Mr. Midshipman Easy, O'Dnnnoll's Farewell lo Erin, A lalo of tho Irish Rebellion, Mount Skiddaw, Ardent Troughton, tho Wrecked Merchant Fame. The Lion of Itani'gato and hij Tiger, Los Jlitondcllcs. Our Aclors, To La Boll Kate, the Life, Opinions, and Pensile Adven tures of John Ketch; .August. VERNON HAUUINGTONVtfgen. College street, Oct. 21, 103G. For Sale A Quantity of WAL NUTS from Ohio, by the bushel or barrel. En quire of V HARRINGTON. College street, Burlington Get. -I. Marryatt's Works. FTMHE work is published in semi-monthly A numbers, each number complete ip itself, and containing Iho whole nf ono of his works, equal to firo duodecimo volumes The whole series comprise eight numbers.. and will form two royal octavo volumes of about twelve hundred pages, tor 3.50. List o'icorlcs compriied in this tdition. 1. Peler Simple, or the Adventures ofa Midshipman. 2. Jacob Faithful. 3. Tin; Pirate; Tho Three Cullers. &e. 4. Frank Mildmay, or the Naval OfiiceK 5. The Kind's Own. G. Newton Foster, or the Merchant Ser vice. 7. Pacha of many Tales. 8. Japliet in search of a Father. For sale by Oct. 21. V. IlAnniNOTON. New Watch and Clock repair ing Shop. 0THE subscriber, informs his old Customers Jb and iho Public, that he has resumed tho Watch and clock business, 2 doors north of J. Mitchells Tailors Shop, opposite R.Moodyu Hardware Store, East side Church St. whoro he is ready to put Clocks and Watches in a good order as formerly and on as good terms s his Neighbors. Ho will also keep for sale on onimission, ono and eight day Brass and Wooden Clocks, as low ns can be had in town and warranted. Call and see. A. BRINS.MAID. Burlington, Nov. 1 1, 1B3G. WEST'S patent rirr.nniNi'. COSMETIC and PILLS; 171 O R Ringworm, Sillrheum, Scald- P n ml oil f 1.' . uvuu, ,illi UK WUItlllVUUS ijllipi num. This article is not thrown inlo market like iniift patent medicines, backed by sorm? half dozen ficliliom certificates ; but it comes respectably nnd honestly recommen ded, and is, wo verily believe, all that it claims to be; nnd ns such, it i-i offered in (he public, by J. & J. II. PECK & Co. Sent. tf!3G .dxenhfor llf 1'ntenttr. MOHAIR CAPS. 14 ilohair Caps of asssorted colors, for sale nl Iho Variety Shop. Pangcorn & BniNSMUD. Nov. 10. Chlorine Tooth Wash. 2 doz. hottles of (his most ex cellent nrliclo for Iho Teeth, just received at Iho Variety Shop. VLVRWJvV H IUUXSMAW. Nov. in. INDIA RUBBERS, For sale at the Lndins Slinn Sioro. together with an extensive assortment of SHOES for tho season, just received liv O. A. BHA.VAX. Burlington Nov. 1G, 18.1G. Dry Groceries. OLD Hyson. n Imperial in qt. canisters. j Onn Powder. i tic ,r Souchong and Black. i Hyson skin, and Young HvsonJ j. i " ' ' li "'gcr, faierattis. ump. oa nnd hro- Mobsse. &c. "pun, A good assortment of iho above article will bo Upt on hand at tho lowest priced; UCl, 14. I.VMtTrr r'.. t 'n .,w-w WUKIIIO&IO.