Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, March 17, 1837, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated March 17, 1837 Page 3
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FRIDAY MORNING, MARCH 17. Ths Cabinet. It is to bo presumed, rfrom the fact of only ono Cabinet Minister being nominated to '.lie Senate, that the rcsiduo of the Cabinet will remain, as com. tponcd under the last Administration. Tlio Cabinet will then consist of the fallowing igcnllcmen t John Fousvth, Secretary of State. Levi Woonuunv, Sec. oftlic Treasury. J. R. Poinsett, Secretory of War. M. DicKKnsoN, Secretary of the Navy. B. P. Buti.ku, Attorney General. Fi.oniDA. Prom Clinrleston, under date of March 1 , wo havo late advices from Florida. The information from General Jesup, who was at Dadc'n Bottle Ground is far from cheering. General Jesui- was Tcnowing the campaign, the Ciuf having nut como in according to ogrocmcnt nnd the itcamcr Forester had been despatched to "Savnnah. 'Hoalililice were to have commenced again on the S5th inst. Two negroes who wore 'taken by iho Indians in Mny Inst, had -made their escape. They statu that there is a great deal of dimension in iho nation. The Chiefs arc willing to give up. but tho young warriors are averse to it. They hove plenty of ammunition, and four hundred fighting men in Pliiltp'u tribes. They place no confidence in the profession of General J usur, which deters them from coming in. Mexico. letters have been received at N. Y. from Now Orleans, bringing intelli gence from Yucatan to the 12lh of Feb. ; and notwithstanding the apparently auihcn. tic assurances wo have had, that Santa Ana would be favorably received, and the gov ernmcnl had even officially directed the subordinate authorities to treat him with til duo respect, it now would seem that Bufctamcntc has obtained entire possession of the government, and was pursuing a course the reverse of what had been stated. Among other matters he 'determined to re move Toro, Santa Ana's brother in-law-, from the command of the Yucatan depart ment, to substitute Brigadier Itivas Zayas, the present Governor of Campcachy, and personal enemy of Santa Ana, in his place. An nrmcd government schooner from Vera Cruz with Scuor Nestor Escudoroon board, to effect this object. Much excitement was thereby occasioned among tho friends of Santa Ana at Jlerida; tho seat of Govern incnt, and Toro declared he would listen to 'n proposition that did not come from Santa Ana himself. Great excitement prevailed at Vera Cruz and the Mexican fleet under the command -of Lopez, consisting of 4 lings and 2 ichoun. ere, tailed thence iho 1st February, it was said, to intercept Santa Ana. Ono of the brigs, it is asserted had a:ms,&c. on board, brought from England, and is destined for Matamoras. The army under Bravo. 5000 strong, were, it is said, to inarch for Texas in Fob nary, in two divisions, ono by the way of the coast, the other by Bexar. It is supposed the invasion, however, will be deterred until Santa Ana is disposed of. The most important item of foreign in telligence is the apprehended difficulties between Russia and England, in conse. qnenco ot the recent capture in the Black Sea, of the British merchant brig Vixen, by a Russian vessel of war. Tha Vixen was loaded by an English houo at Coh tantinople, with salt, for Iho purposo of trading along the coast of Circassin. But the Ruesians claim tho whole of that coast by their treaty at Adrianciplp,when tho Sol. tan, it is all.idged, expressly sorrcndcrcii it to them. The British government denied this right, and therefore refused lo acknow ledge the blockade, and quarantine, and custom. house regulations which Russia had established there. Russia eays Iho ports of Anagia and Redoute Ivulu only, were publicly declared open, and tho Vixen hould havn gono there. Whereas she at tempted lo trade illicitly where I hero wore no custom houses. She was accordingly eoplurcd.taken to Scbastapool and confisca led. It is asserted by somo that she had powder on board, and that tho voyage was expressly made to set Russia at defiance, and test the validity of her blockade. U is Oso stated that Russia claims tho entire uast of the Black Sen and that or Azof. By tho tone of iho English papors, we hou(J judge that that government, how ever "mips they may have formerly been in permuting Russia to spread her eagles over the Tuikinh dominions, now repents of it, and is determined to bring tho mat. lerto an issue. jt is thought the Sultan and oil Persia, anu Asia Minor, look lo England for a rreacuo fr,.n u,0 grasping do minion of, Iho autocrat. MonLE. Tho following itatement of thefcnls paid in Mobile is takon ffom tho Springfield Journal; "A block of brick buildings recently erect ad near the wharf, Iho dimensions of vhich are about 85 feet front by about 00 feet deop, 3 stories high, without any cellar, rent for $7000 a year rachs that is, the lower story rents for g4000, and the two upper stories lor $3,000. Tho prico of them is held at ubotit $30,000 each. A well 11 o ished brick house, 3 stories high, say 25 feel front by 40 foot deop, in tho third street back, rents for $2100, tho Btoro in the lower story paying $M0 of tho sum. A friend of mine, about two years since built a house of ono story, say 30 foul by 40, with a piazza in front, and a detached building in the yard, for a kitchen, and a small stable, Iho lot. of ground being about 50 feet rear, and his recently sold it for $12,500. Mo informed mo that it would rent for $1200 a year, and 1 would bo wil ling to contract to build as good a houso in Springfield, and furnish the materials for the latter sum. I enquired the prices and rents of various other houses and stores, and I consider these fair samples in favora blc situation. Mn. Van Ness. It will bo seen by the following extract, from the Paris corres pondent of the Albany Daily Advertiser, that trc were not mistaken in the opinion ex pressed somo days since as to the probabil itics of Mr Van Ness' return to this coun try. Tho letter is daled 7th January. M. Vaa Ness, t lie American minister in Madrid look hid leme of the Cnccn of Spain (in 21m. nil lie prnfciiled In lier Majesty, M. MiJdlciuii, iliu scori'lnry ol pg:iiinn, wiki is lo nnl st Umigc d'AfTiircs of dm New Minister. The l.iller had jiisi landed ill Cadiz. M. Van Ness has hllpil hi (lipunnaiiral liincitnns in .nation, lor up w.niln of sc en years, lo llic satisfaction of both countries. Attitude's evehv thing. President Van Buret) while reading his Inaugural Address studiously concealed one of his hands in his breeches pocket. lie was too cautious to show his hand, cither in the address or elsewhere. Tho Philadelphia Gazette says : "The action, thouch it must have niven the President somo trouble in turning the leaves or n is pampnict, was in strict accor. dance with his cautious policy and custom, not to let the left lioi.d knowwhal the right docth. Perhaps, aware that he would bo surrounded with needy office seekers, he kept a light grap ot his purse. The prac. tice, mayhap, might have been deemed tho polite thing at the court of St. James, where it is supposed Mr. Van Burcn oc quired those final touches, which, as Ted dy O'Rourkc observes in the play, ''bring out the polish !" The Supreme Court of iho U. S. haa decided that the state laws requiring bonda lo bo given lor passengers from foreign cuuiilties, to indemnify the city where they aro landed, for their maiiitainanco, is con sli tutional. NEW YOIIK lUtRKEr-MHreh 11. Flour. We liaye no change lo notice in West lern j ihe nme in.iclitiiy pievaiU as noticed in our l.iM, without any di.o.-iiiinn .immii; the holder! lo gim way in price. In .Southern kinds there ii lint lilllc doing, pi ires uie nominally thK ninu; as last week, hhiio few sciiltci ing sales however, has heen inaili! al a ti idling dnehne from our quotations. The demand for coaiee sniffs combines liuiitid. Groin. No domenic Wheat in inaiket, there haa heen about oO.OOO bushels fiiroign irccivcd during the week, Inn the demand has been o limited, we have no sales' of moment lo notice. In Uje then: is moie doing, hut at reduced prices sales of sound anil of good qu.iliiy tit 1 37i, ca.-h damaged al 81 L'.'i eiiiul to cash. In coin theiu has heen more doing and at improved prices sales of southern at $1 12 per 00 lbs. but little :iri iving. Provitioni 'Ihcsalo of Beef and Poik has been ery moderate the past week. Mcs Beef lias tieen sold ui $15, licsi hrmids; and .-nine old Citv 1'iiiii'? Itcef ill $3. We cjtioti! m-r lieef al S'l4i a 15. I'riine Beef S3 CO a 9. Mesa Pink 18 a 18 50. orti-()hio, dull; 12i cn. is ntked. Noithein 14i a 15 cut. ill A It It I KD. In this town, last evening, by the Ilev. G. G. Ingersoll .Mr. John II. Peck, of the house of J. & J. II. Peck & Co. lo iliss Lucia. M. BiiA.Dl.Kr, daughter of Harry Bradley, Krq. J in Lebanon N. (I. by thu Uev. Mr. Mone.Htr. Sidney RAitLow.of this place lo Mia Cako. link D. White. In this village, on Wednesday evening, at the Ameiiean Motel, by the Kev. J. 1C. Converse, Mr. Joskph N. Donning to Miss Frances L. lll'KLUUr, bulhofihis tillage. In this town, on the 15 h nut. !)(. Ki.vina I. TON, wife of t;aiil. I)AN LvoN. :i"e,l w.iu. In Jeiico.on the 25ih nil. Amaniia, tvife of uitvtLl.K .Shaw, in the yjih eiir of her age. Al his le.-idenee in Wind-nr, on .Sunday eve h!ii lire 5th inst. Dit, Nahom Thsax, ui the uge of 76 yeais. fJ3A word to tho xviso is suffi cient. rpiHE subfcriber wishes nil persons indebt J. ed to him to call and settle their Hills in), mediately. Thoso who nejrjeci ju jt ,ay ho notified personally u-id at thoir own ex pctisc. JAMES MITCHELL. Burlington. March 10, 1!I37. tf. The Selectmen of Burling ton, will meet al the American Hotel, on Saturday, iho I llll ilnv m' Mnrrli in.lnnl lit 10 o'clock, A. M. to recoivo proposals irom no proper aim suitable persons lo tako the chargo as siipormtendaiit of tho Furm, I oor house, and house of Correction, for tho year ensnitnr, SAMUKliS'lCHOLS, ) Wm. A. GIMSWOLD, Selectmen. H. LOWltY, S Burliniion, Mar:h. IG. 1(137, JVKVV GOODS first m the Market. JUST received "BY LAND" at the Vaiety Shopj Twist Combe ; Chalk Crayons; drawing Pencils, India Rubber, fine Bornbazino Stonka win, nn...a c. Slc. Wc aro receiving and shall continue to roceivo all articles necessary to keen our assortment xrood. Wn Imvn rn..;.,!i Binno i good and largo cotton and scotch gingunm umuroiias. PANGBORN $ BRWSJIIAID March 13, 1837. 3w DISASTROUS STAGE ACCIDENT, TnriKE Lad; es iirownrd I On Tuesday of this weak, as Iho mail stage from Wulpoto for Windsor vas passing tho brldgo over Cold Rlvor, one milu soulh of Hollows Falls, where It empties iuio Connecticut river from iho eact, Iho ieoat thai time just breaking up,tho hridgn gave way, prcclpilulitig tho stage, hnrsOM hiul passengers Into tho stream. Th drlycrfMrSi. titons and agonllomaii pasicngor silling with him :cupcd immadialoly lo tho shoro wllh sligh I injury. Innido tho stago woro four pas songore Mr. Chipiiian Swain, of Putnoy, and tlircu ladius. Thcso with the bingo and liorocs wure floated directly into Connecticut Iti'cr with thu inoviiiir icn and timber. Mr. Swain, after uxcrting liiniisull'in vain to sovo the lailics escaped hlinel!'by steppiiig from cake lo cako ofllm broken ico, on Iho west sitlo of Council licut River. Tho three ladies perished, being or fubmerged. Tho last ctTort of Mr. Swam was u fruitless attempt lo pull out ono of Ihoni wedged in imniovnbly atnonir tho Ice. l'o horses wrrn drnwncil and two ueie ex li irali d alive, bill so injiucd us mil, likely to liie. The mails mcir siived and smnu bagtiiige. itfr. Swuin's esciipe was iimupIImiis, ns OouiicClicnl Filter had broken up in its tthole breadth fur forty mils uboic mid below the inouih of Cold Uivrr. The name of the ladies wc have not learned. Two, iUr. .Swain tulderslooil lo be of On-Mim, eoiug lo Coinish to visit a relative these were tnidtlle iiged persons. The other appeared to be between Hci ty and thirly. O" Mr- Swain, from whom we learned tht abnvo particulars, whii-hes lo express his ucknuw leilgemcnls lo Mr. Hall mid other gentlemen ut liellows l-'ulls, for iidmiulsiering to his romfoii oti his uriivul ltpre in mi nhnosl exhairsted stale. P. S. From anoilicr source we lourn thai I lie name of thu two ladies going lo Coinish was Tus kcl, mill that lliev weie sisters. Also that the nainn of I lie oilier lady was ilis. J. Dunham, of vvooiKlucK whose uouy was utterwanu niiiaineu. Vt, Chronicle. Pensioners under the act of the 4th of July, 1836. THE following Circular having been received from Iho romptrolcr, it is published for tho informal ion of those who are pensioned under the abnvo net. E. T. ENGLESBY, Preit. . Bank of Burlington, ) and Pension Agent. March 10,1837. S cmcur.An. TRASURY DEPARTMENT. ") Second Comp. Office, July 16, 1836. Sir : In the payment of the half pay pensions to widows and orphans, whose liu&bands and fathers have died of wounds received in Ihe military service of the Unit ed States, provided for by the act of Con gross, of 4th of July, 1U36, you will be governed by tho forms and instructions heretofore issued from this, office, except where tho accompanying forms marked A, B and C, vary from them, in which case the latter will bo substituted. Very respectfully, sir. Your obedient servant, Jno. N. Moulder. Acting Comp. A. Form of tin affidavit lo be made by a widow pensioned under either the first or third section of the act of July 4. 1336. State op ) Be it known, that County S3 s before mo, a justice of the peace in and for ih coun ty noircc-ald, poisonally appeared and made nnth in due form of law, that 'she is tho identical parson named in an original certificate rn her possession, of which (I noriify) the following is n true copy; Here insert a copy of her certificate of pension. (hat sho has not intermarried, hut contin tics tho widow of the above mentioned -, and that she now resides in , and has resided there for the space of years past; and that pro vious thereto fIig resided in ; 1o the truth of which statements I am fully satisfied. Sworn to and subscribed this day of 183 ; before me Note. The above deposition must bo signed by the deponent. B. State or ) Be it know.n, that County ss i on tho day of 133 . before mo tho subscri her being tho propi.-r accounting officer or nont for paying stipend under the act of July 4, 183G. entitled "An act granting hall pay to willows or orphans, whurc their hiL-hands and fathers have died of wound-! received in military service of the United States, in certain cases, and for other pur poses." and authorized by said act lo ad minister oaths in certain cases, personally appeared the aitorney named in the foregoinir power of attorney, and made oath thai he has no interest whatever, in Iho money he is ntilln rizctl to recoivo by virino of tha foregoing power attorney, cither by any pledge, mortgage, sale, as signment or transfer, nnd I hat he tines not know or holiovi' that iliu same has been so disposed of to any person whatever, Sworn and subscribed the day and year l ift above mentioned, before mc Note. This affidavit must bo signed by the attorney. C. State or ) Be it known, that County es beforo fa), in and for the county aforesaid, personally ap prarrd (6). guardian of (c.) orphan child of (), anil made oath in duo form of law, that he is the guardian named in the accompanying cortifkalo of guar dianship; Hint his said wards aro Iho chil dren of (e.) referred to in nn original certificate of pension, of which tho following is a copy : Hero insert n copy of the certificate of pension. by which it appears () entitled to 0 pension of dollars per month, and thut the said child (g.) sli 1 1 living, and not over sixteen years of ngc. (A) Sworn and subscribed lhi Uu of 183 , beforo mo. (a Justice of the peace, or other officer, ob the case mav he. b Namo of iho guardian. c Name, or names of tho child, fir pliiblrkn ( Name of the deceased falhor. e Namo of the deceased father. He, sho, or they, is or aro, as tho caso may oo T Is or aro, os tho caso may bo. a oignatiiro or mo guardian. MOHAIR A- PILOT CLOTHS, a few niocios various colours for ! i, ii, sdor paltorn by Lininor & Potwin. Nov. 11 Gold and Sivcr Watches. WE havo Just added to our stock of Watches. Wo havo somo fiuo gold casod Patent and Lover, plain and chazed, snmo 6 and full jowolled, gold cased Itepcal lug Wnlehos,gold cased Hulls cyo Watches, Jewelled Verges which run as well as Lev ers, fino jnwcllcd LoEpinos in gold and silver cases-, Silvur Lovers, English Watches. All Iho above Walchas will perform well and are wairantcd, All kinks of Watches and Clucks cleaned and repaired at tho Variety Shop pANaaon.N Si DniNssiAiu. March 17, 1837. 3w William lilunchard's Estate. WE iho siihrcrihrrs haviiiy; been ap pointpi) by tho II. m. Judge of Pro bate for tho .District of Grand Isle, Coin misioiii'rs in receivo, rxnmino and adjust i lie cluiiiM n id demand of all persons agaiiibt iho pstato of Wm. Blancliard late of Isle Li Mott in said District deceased, represented insolvent, and olso all claims and demands exhibited in o'fT-et thereto; and six mouths from i In Cd day of March, A. I). 1837. being allowed for Ural purpose, we do therefore c'rvo notice that wc will atlend lo the business of our appointment, ot tho dwelling house of Win. Stephenson, in Isle La Moti, on the 2d Monday of July nexl.frotn ton o'clock A. M. till six o'clock P. M. Given under our hands at Islo La Mott, this 2d day of March A. D. 1837 Wm. STEPHENSON, ) Commit. NATH. HOLHROOR.. .In. ( uWr LYMAN & COLE, WILL pay cash lor n f-w thousand feel clear slut? Wlntf Pino Boards and Plank, full 2 in. 14. Land 5-8 in. thick thoroughly seasoned, free from sap or pilch. Also, jea-orcd Hard Maplo Plank 2 in. thick. To bo doliverod at. their Store, Burlington, March 10. 1837. NOTICE. THE subscribers give notice that the Grist Mill at the Falls is now in their possession. They have employed on expe. rienced Miller in tho place of Mr. Edp cumbe, who will endeavour to satisfy the public. 11ICKOK & CATLIN Feb. 23 1837. STjTPjbi OF VERMONT, i niSTRICT OF CHITTENDEN, 8. t The Honorable the Probate Court for the District of Chittenden. To all persons concerned in ihe Estate of JYoah Chittenden tale nj Jericho in said District, deceased, Greeting. l'HEREAS,Tho. Chittenden adminis- " " trator of the estate of said deceased proposes to render an account of his ad ministration, and prcsunt his account against said eslato for examination and allowance at a session of the Court of Probate, to be holden at Willision on the tliird Monday of April noxt. Therefoic, You are hereby notified to appear before 6aid Court at the time and place aforesaid, and shew cause, if any you have, why ihe account aforesaid should not bo allowed. fiiMcr, uuiinr mv hand at Burlington this lGln day of March A. D. 1H37. Wm. WESTON. Register PIAETO PORTE ESTABLISHMENT. KTfcHE subscribers respectfully inform the j& fublic that they havo formed a copart nership under the firm of IIERRICK, CHRISTOPHER & CO. for tho purposo of manufacturing and selling Piano Fortes, in ail their varieties ; warranted equal in elegance, workmanship, touch, and tone, lo any manufactured in the United Slates. The operative part of tho firm have lied a long and thorough practice in tho best establishments in Boston, Philadelphia, and Now-York, and feel warranted by a competent knowledgo of tho husincss, in recommending Ihcir Instruments equal in all respects lo any in market. AmnlnnrR in mmir. n...t n,t,... arc rcqtioFted tocall at Ihu Ware Rooms, Cor. noroi t-iiaiiipiain anu nlacuonougli Streets, ii mi ,'xuiiiiiio mo instruments constantly on hand, consisting ofa variety of plain and ticli Mahogany Case, and supciior havy loncd. Roso Wood, with the highly approved grand nr.tlmi. tvllipll rtl-nilnnna n i!nln...i:.l ..I - i-. ----. " "f.iuuiu liiunrnt!.""" and brilliancy of lono unknown to others- All orders by letter or olherwiso directed to Ly man & Colo, for Piano Fottcs, Tuning, or any other business connected with such an esinli Jishmeiil, will bo promptly attended to. Old instruments tuned and repaired on reasonable terms. HIRAM HF.RRIf'K, Wm. II. CHRISTOPHER, LYMAN Si COLK. Burlington, Vt.. 2.'d Fiibrtiary, 1837. Aaron Carpenter's Estate. WE the siib-cribors, having linen ap pointed by the Honorable tlm Pro bale Court for Ihe District of Chiiicndon. conimissinners to receive, examine nnd nd just the claims and demands of nil persons, nsainsl ihe estate of Aaron Carpenter, late of Milion in said District, deceased, rcpro scnted insolvent, and also all claims nnd demands exhibited in off-et t hereto ; and six months from tho dav of tho dale hereof, being allowed by said Court, for that purp pose, we do therefore hereby give notice, that wc will oticnd lo the bu'rinos of our anpnintmcnt. ai iho dwelling of Alfred Carpenter in Milion in said District, on the 2d Tuesdays of Juno nnd September next, at 10 o'clock, A. M. on each of said days. Dated, this Qlh day of February A. D. 1837. 3 STEPHEN HOXSIE, Cnmmis. ETHAN AUSTIN, sinners. Jonathan WlfllsVEstate. STATE OF VERMONT,) District op Ciiittknoen. The Honorable the Probate Court for the District of Chittenden. To all persons concerned in the estate of Jonathan IVillii. late of Weslford in said District, rrea GREETING. "1ffHEREHS, David T. Stono admlnistra. T T lor flftlin n.l.ln r.C ..i.l .l .. ch to rondor an account of his adniinislratioii, anu present ms account against said cstatn for examination and allowanco at a session of the Court of Probata to ho holdnn at Burlington on the socotid Wodnosday of Apiil next. j utuiutc, i ou aro nurutiy noiiuou lo ap. noar beforo said Court nl tlintimi, n.l aforesaid, and show came, if any you hava, wnjr iiiuaccuuni aiorusaiu snoutu not bo al lowed. Given under my hand at Builington this ighlh day of March A. D, 1837. Wm. WESTON, Rrgisttr, i CALEDONIA SPRINGS. ANALYSIS of the Mediconal Spring. In Caledonia, Upper Canada. GAS SPUING. I QT. WATI'R, Chlorido of Sodium 89 7.? " Magnesia 1 0.0 " Potasiuin Sulphur of Lima 1.17 Carbonate of Limo 2.40 ' Magnesia a AO " Soda l,o:5 lion 1 03 lodino 1 3-s Vcgotablo extract 1 n'i Grains 100.22 WHITE SULPHUR SPRING, 1 ar. WATWR. 'Chloride of Sodium CO. 'I t do Magnesia .02 Sulphurate of Limo .08 Carbonate of Limo .82 do Magnesia 3 CO Grains GG-1G SAL I' SPRING-, JO CALLED. 1 UT. WATKtt. Chlorido of Sodium 108.22 do Magnesia 2.01 Sulphurate of Limo 1.23 Carbonato of Limo 2.00 do Mngnosia 5.12 do Soda .82 Iodine of Sodium .38 Vegetable extract ,61 Grains 120.44 Ono Hundred cubic inches of Gas from the Gas 6'pring analyzed is as follows: Light Carbonated Hydrogen 82.00 Nitrogon C 00 Oxygen 1.5(5 Sulphurate Hydrogen 4.00 Carbonic Acid 5.54 Signed, J. K, CHILTON, Chemist. Now York,25lh Oct, 1U3G. Thcso waters havo been proved cood for Rheumatism, Dispcpsia, Suit Rheum, Fever Sores, soro Eyes, Liver complaints and till oiooo complaints Corh Brooms. Dozen Corn Broom9 by J. & J. II. PBCK & Co. 120 W. W. MESSER, No. 208 Wasiiinoton Street, Boston, Importer and Dealer in English, Canton, French, German and American Fancy Vooui. SUBJOINED is a Catalogue of some of iho various kiodsof Goods W. W. MESSER is constantly receiving from the Foreign and uomosuc irimiuiaciuicr. In soliciting the custom of Merchants and Dealers, he astfurcs them that ho Will sell his goods for Cash or Credit, at as low prices and on as good terms as can bo found in any City in tho Union. Having bAil leccnlly commenced business, ho will be pleased to sell for Cash al n much lowor ralo of profil than iho old and establish ed houses of tho City arc in practice of doing RICH GOODS. Gold and silver Pencil Cases in great Vari ety; cold, silver, shol, pearl and finely painted SniifT and Tobacco Boxes; silver' Spoons, Thimbles, butler and fruit Knives: pearl, agate and glass silver mounted Seals-; silver moun ted Dirks, Scissors, Sliluttocs, Emeries and Waxes; silver Tooth Picks, Whistles and Rattles; a variety of elegant pearl Waich Stands; ladies' rich gold plated Head Bands, Bracelets and Booquct Holdeis; inlaid rose wood and silver furnished Sewing Jinxes; silver plated Teeth Brush, soap and shaving Boxes ; gold and silver Vinaigrettes. CUTLERY. Pearl, ivory, sla?, horn and cocoa handled 1.2,3 and 4 blade Pen and Pookcl Knives, of "RogcraV "Hunl's," "Clock's," "Rotheram and "Bagshaw's" manufacture; desk, bowio and pruning Knives; pearl ivory and slag handled silvei capped Dirk Knives; a great variety of English and French manufaclurcd Razors in cases, on cards and Dozens ; minia ture Knives and Scissors; pocket, button hole, nail, lace and common Scissors and Shears, of Kuirlish and German make, ofevory form nnd quality; Tweezers, &c, nRusutis. French, English & American hair Brushes, ofall possiblo varied size and finish ; clothes, nail, hat, comb, shavinr and i-lion Brushes, of great variety ; 1,2, 3,4 and 5 row fine French. English and American Teeth Brushes ; crumb and Ilcsh Biushcs. COMBS. Fine ivory Combs of all sizes and prices; wrought and plaino shell Back and Sidn Combs, shell and bufftlo horn Twin Combs; shell, ivory and horn Drcsintr Combs nenrl, shell and horn Pocket Combs; silver. Guilt and jappaimed metallic Twist Combs ; jet and guiiiMicu sine cnni'jcs. SOAlS,IERFUMARY AND OILS. Almond pasto Shaving Soap; "Kow's," wnuo nrown I oilel bhavtog Soap ; 1 rotich transparent and exquisitely perfumed Toilet Snaps , Lawson's composition Soap for tho extraction ol Oilslroni Cloth; American Toil el and Shaving Soaps, in great variety; real Farina, French and Ameriran Colognes; English and French double distilled Lavender Wator; French perfumed Tuilot and Bureau Cushions ; a general assortment of tho French extract of flowers, loo numerous to par lieu larizc; Maccassar, Autixuo, Vegetable and Boar's Oils i bear's Grnase, peatl Powder, French and American Hair Powder, and Olio of Bote. POCKET HOOKS, CARD CASES AC Plain and inlaid shell Card Cases, pearl and wrought ivory Card Cases, gilt and morocco do.; Souvenirs, Noto Cases, Memorandum Books. Tablet, Thread and Needlo Cases of beautiful finish and extensive variety ladios' silver and steel mounted Pocket Books, Him plo and combined with Card Cases and Nee dlo Books furnished and plaint Gentlemen's Wallets and Poukbt Books, in as great a vari cly as can bo found in tho city ; Porcelain Slates, Lcavos and Tablets; shell Card Bas kets, of beautiful and varied forms. URONZKU GOODS A great variuty of unique and elegant pat. terns of Bronzed Ink Stands and Thormomo tors ; bronzed Card Racks and Walch Stands; bronzed Paslilo Burners, tables Bells, Cologne and Per film a Stands. DESKS, CASES, DOXES, AC. Ladies' and Gonllcuieu't 12,14.16,18,20 and 22 inch rosowood and mahogany pearl in laid and brass bound Writing Dusks, with secret urawers; ladies' and uentlemonV richly furnUhed and plain Dressing Canes ; leather travelling and jaiipaniied Shaving G'u tea; ladies' plain and inlaid, furnished and unfurnished, rosowood, satinwood, bird'r.7 mapl.'anr! mahogany Work Boxes; a variety of sizf and patterns of pictured white wocft Cottmi Boxes; travollinir roll up and lock up Portfolios; poifuinury, jnwr.l, handkerchief nnd trio Vo cases.: cIcl'&iiL Cliinoia Tea Catk dies. iMISCCLANKOTJS ARTICLES. Bead Baas and Purses, silk and luathor dm. silver plutefl.gilt and steel i'u'rso Clasps; pis. led, gilt, sticl and glas Pursn Rings and Tas tnis; tioxos ol Motto SouW, umbroideted Bur lin Needlework, pearl, mamlla, leghorn, shell leather, morocco and German Cigar Care fancy Toilet G lasses'; Boxc and Baskets; fancy Album Hooks and Boxes; India Kobbor Rings and Balls; clustin Garters: Indelibla Ink, Steol and Gentian Hones, English and American Razor Straps'; Btittaninand Wood Shaving Boxes; Powder und Puff Boxes; Lu cifor Matches ; Spool Stands ; wood, ivory and iron Silk libels j pearl and ivory tfilk and Cullon Winders ; boxes of Pens, Inks ana Sands; feather Dustois; wrought ivory, Chincso and feather Fans and Firo Screens; work, travelling, Cunlon, Freuch and Amcri can baskets; steel Pons of all the most of, proved iiianufuclurcr.s' tnako; wax beads; eo' ral Necklaces ; safety chains ; Pins and Nee dles; Pin Cushions ; egg Glasses: steel, gilt and composition Thimbles'; poarl, bono and Canton Paper Foldois and Holders'; Tapa Measurers, gold and silvur Spangles'; Trans parent, brntizo arid-common Wafers; writing Ink and sand : Glass Inkstands and Sands Billet and Letrcr Paper, and all tho varieties of sealing wax ; Cloak Clasps'; ivory, bona, and cocoa Napkin Rings: Puzzles, Mirror and Toilet Glasses ; toy Watches and bozns ofChincso Tcys. ARTISI'S' TOOLS & MATERIALS. All sizes of host prepared Canvasses; Dry ami ground Colors; Mastic Varnish ; Nut OHt Lion's, Sable and Camel's Hair Brushes ; pal let Knives; Asphallum; all sizes French and English Ivories; water Colors; Miniatur Cases, black and wluto Crayons'; Portcray ons and Drawing Boards. SHOOTING vV ANGLING TACKLE. Percussion Caps'; Shot Bags; I'owdot Flasks; pocket Screw Drivers; gnn Worms Game B.igs, Flagons and Sportsmen's drink, ing Cups, a very convenient article for travel. Icrs: Fishing Rods and Hooks, Bat-ticl, Floats Linen. Manilla, Silk and Hair Lhie : Fi.-di Gut. ico. &o. (JAMES AND AMUSEMENTS. Splendid Canton wrought ivory 'Chessmen ' French, English and German ivory, bono and wood diiln,CliesM, Backgammon and Cheqtujr BuardsofCantoii, EiiL'lish and German mnko, ivory, bono and wood'Chequcrmcn : Cribbago Boards -. English, Fronch and American Play, tug Cards: Wrought ivory, pearl, bono WhUt and Loo Counters, Dice antlCups, Dominoes. Loto, Solitairo, German Tactics, Fox and Gcesc' Battledores, Birds, Coronellas, Gamo of Iho Graces, Cop and Balls, Boxes of Games, Jump Ropes, Bows, Arrows and Targets Jack Straws, together with tho following amu sing and Instructive Dissected Puzzles t wrought ivory and plain boxes of Chineso Puzzle-) ; Maps of tho World, Europe, Amcrfc. ca and tho United Slates, Buildings, Land Fcapt-s, Manufacture of Tin, Grand Aviary. Zoological Gardens. Slavery Abolishod, Scenes in Paris, Telegraph, The Sorcerer, Scripluro Views, Monument, ABC, Harvest Home, Fair Day, Billy Button, Johnny Gil. pin. Threading the Needle, blue beard, Robin son Crusoe, Napoleon's Bivouac, A l'earaflot Marriage, Hunt the Slipper, No pleasing Eve rybody, Sic. Sic. N. B. Orders from the Conntry promptly atended lo and pul up with great care. To Cabinet and Carfiago Makers. 3"RHF. subscriber offers for salo al wholesale JL &i retail, Furniture, Flowing, Polisliinc, Coach and Black Varnish, made at one of (ha best vuviiish factones In the U. Slates, and allogathcr a new article in this market. rob. Moody. Burlington, Fob. 14, 1837. To tho Public. THE subscriber has purchased of C. Goonnicu, his Bonk Binding tool. Stock &o. nnd has removed the same to ihe building formerly occupied by War. W Ai.wnit!iiT, lor a tin ware lactory. whom tho Bnok-Binding business will be carried on in all its various branches. SAMUEL HUNTINGTON. The subscribers have formed a nnnaexica in the Book-Biuding business and will do binding in al! its branches. Blank-Books ruled lo pniiern nnd bound in nrtlor. Or der sent by mail for Binnk Books, Binding, or Ruling pupiT, thankfully received and promptly executed. The patrnnaga of the public is respect fully solicited. S. HUNTINGTON. M. II. LYON. Bindeiy a few doors east of V. Harring ton's Bin. I;. lorn. Burlington Jan, 27, 1837. "Tlie.hiiagltT, old ul' thinking quite, ('lips l.iwver, iloflnr, parson, all alike. As if the lork ili-i-k the prj inj; qnii. With equal grace would fit the docmrV phiz. Or ihe iiierk paimut, liatinj croplv fliow, Would like ihn I'lfhlun nftlie difiiin benu j Bill fi'lence tenelie' hereto cut or patC Sli:iiii' r.ii h luck in beatily to a h.iiri Miniliond In. ij;or, nje renews its piiinr, And brighll) beiiuu the hum. in f.ii'o divine ; Hi chin ii PiuiKiili. his h iir cut a la mode, And bo'l Ion no lire, is on him bloived. Ye hIiohoI'i smile fiom beauty uould obtain, Yii ulio (n ne would luin b.irk jdiiiIi again, Ve le.irneili.who fnigiicioiii lnuk would wear, To Louis' go, mid all be atiiled llicre," 'Phe Ftihcnber, grateful for the liberal patronngo heretofore bestowed upon him, respectfully lenders his acknowledgements to tho public, and bogs to apprise his pat rons of his renewed -."al in their service. His shop Is always open at an early hotif in the morinng, and till 9 o'clock nn Snitir, day cvi'iiings. Cn.-tomors arc requested to rail early on Sunday mornings. March U. Louii HenviLi.k. Of All persons indebted, must mako immediate payment, or be sued. No mistaki'. Kigging, Cordage, &c. aiirfTiTV COIfcS Rnisia, Manilla and Tarred Rig?ing. of all de crip'ious. Camberlines, Cod Lints, Mar lin and tSa' Thread, by J. (5c J H. PECK &. Co. March 2. 1R37, FOR Solo at R. MOODY'S Hrdwar Stnro a few supurifr English Fowling pieces fin cah Burlington, Tcb 7, 1 037.

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