Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, March 24, 1837, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated March 24, 1837 Page 3
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Tho oilier day, a gl bill "r t he Sandusky Dank cnnio into our possession, upon the back of which some wag of n spoctccurron cy-inan had wrillcn tho li 1 1 tj v i n apostro plio : "Tlioti art, nt best, ilio clwst of cash. Tho spirit nf 11 rpecio dollar, Tliy p.ipcr fabric u bat Hash, And a II ihy piomi'ca nro hollow ! Uckoiio ! I Icnr tlnil thou art hi caking, TIicmi ill-rondilionri, rugged elf ! Thy sIIrIii foundation nuy lie shaken ; And now so clew thyself I ' Wo oppruhoud the liiiicr injur.lion was superfluous. Such "ghosts" arc easier laid than raised, in these iron limes. Yon mny call them from "tho vasty deep," but if they cnndescentl to como nt nil which i rarely I lie case with us they nro hut Iran fcicnl visitants, and not. all of tho como again class of spirit that bothered Mac beth. However, tho writer is n wit mid n wag and has hit the truth in the first lines of his stanza withal Waggery ! Tho 1 1 linen llorold, a Van Uurcn, paper, indulges in a sly hit at it h Chief. "For once in their liven," pays the Herald, "ic political enemies of our pres cnt Executive, must acknowledge that he hni committed himself. Yes. he standi solemnly pledged to sustain the constitution 0 his vount ry .'" This ia excellent. It briii2 to mind 0 parallel case of committal in Cayuga conn, ty, which our old Clinioniaii (but now Van JJurcn) friend, II. L. Smith, 11-nil to tnll. A politician had hnlnnced his opinions ho well as to rrcoivc tho Nomination of both parties for Supervisor, nod b-ing equally certain that the candidate was their own man, a committee from each parly was np pointed to call upon tho gentleman to get tie the vexed question. Thus beset, the gentleman drew himself up nod replied : "I acknowledge 1 lie; right of tho People to know the fccntimcntfi of those who arc can didates for their favor. I urn free to speak my mind on this subject I am ready to avow my sentiments openly ami 1 lit io openly and boldly avow myself in favor if the principles nf lite Declaration of Indc -pendence." Ii is so with Mr. Van Huron, lie stands (solemnly pledged to support the constitution of his country lAlb.Jnir. '"Is that clean bolter?" said Mike lo a countryman who had n wagon foil of but. ter. "Guess it ought to lie," replied the countryman "it look the old woman nnd three of Hie boys all night to pick the hairs out on't." FRIDAY M 0 R N I N G, MARCH 24. We ought perhaps to inform our readers that the late President, has put his name to n. document prepared by Kendall and Ben Inn, purporting to be the "farewell address of Andrew Jackson." lis. not of a char ncter however lo require republishing, a it is merely a repetition of his vetoes, pro tests, self glorification, nnd tlie fierce and hitler denunciations ngaitist rncn and things continued in his several messages. Its character will bo readily inferred from I ho following apology the editors of the Nil 1 ion 11 1 Inteligencer doomed nncos.iry lor occupying their columns with it. "We redeem a promise made to our rrn. dors by inserting in this journal the paper lately published as being the Iwu:wki.i. Ainnr.ssofthc laio PnKsniK.vr lo I ho Peo ple of the U. States. If we had mil prnni m iscd it, wo do not know that wc should have assisted in multiplying copies of a Doeu nicnt, which is not in fact what it purports to bo, because it is evidently not the prodnc. lion of the mind of him whose signature il benrs. It reflects, indeed, the passions and feelings of Gen Jackson; but, unfortunate ly, it reflects the bad ones as well ns the good, and (hoso who are most likely to pay any regard nt all to the Address are tlui least likely lo discriminate properly be twecn what is good in il and what is had. For ourselves, wc believe in nnd respect nil the fervent aspirations for the welfare of his country, anil in the sincerity of the pro fessions of patririntic devotion, which tin Address imputes to (Jen. Jackson. Dm wo nlso-belicvc in the sincerity of he vin diclivc disposition which it mnnife.-tn on hi pari ionic insiiiuiioin 110 lias neon making war agn!nsl, and to certain prominent statesmen whom he iilludcs to with suffi cicnt distinctness. Wc wish that he had not recorded these ns his last impressions nor left them in trust to those who may be disposed to receive and hand down his payings as the emanations of wisdom some- thing more than human. " Wo ptiltlieh In-day ilu cnriesponilcncc between R. M. Whitney nnd llio It.uik of Riirlington, ns reported Iiy lite commiiicc of investigation. Wo shall publish I ho whole report 113 eoon as wo can find room for it. Rotation. The appointment of Mr. Lowry 03 Marshal, is certainly a vory no table exemplification of the doctrine of rota Hon that is, rotating out of one ortico into another. Fifteen years sheriff-- seven years marshal then sheriff (and embryo candidate for congress) and now marshal again. One of two things results : cither liis claims aro very preeminent, or else the party aro Bomowlmt deficient in material And here, ob might be cxpecled, there i Home difference of opinion among those coo ccrncu, oihi noi a tittio speculation as to the reasons for Mr. L'h resignation in 1035 ami ins rcappoitiiiiotU in 1037. On tho one hand it is asserted that in 1 035 lie re faolvcd to rotate into congress, and helio ving that lliesherifliilty would furnish a better Bpring-plonk for that purpose, ap pointed Mr. Barker a t-orl of trubtco to hold tho ninrshnlshlp for him while he tried the experiment ; hut failing in his congrcs sionnl aspiration?, and not having accepted the appoint munt of sheriff again, I he office has been promptly returned, according to contract, On tho other bond it is alleged that the resignation in 11135 was bona fide on his part, and that his subsequent tip p 'liniment is the result of necessity, as no other individual could bo found in the par ty fully competent to discharge tho duties of so important a trust. But whatever the true interpretation may be, all will admit, that, as an illustration of the rotary princi ple, it beats Blake and Stanley, all to nothing. ViuntNiA. The General Assembly have pnscd a law malting the S'alc elections 10 take place on the same day, in future, throughout the Stnlo. Members of Cong ress and of the General Assembly, will be chosen on the 4th Thursday of April next. Win II It'ianc, onolhcr of tho Ititchc fj(0rj,i oot,n elected U S. Senator from Virginia in place of It. 14. Parker ro tated into a belter office. The ILcv. Horatio Poller, Rector of St. I'ctor's Church. Albany, has been unani mously clecicd to the Presidency of Wash, ington College, in the place of the Ilcv. Dr. Wheaton, resinned. .11 Alt It IK I). In Willlflnn, mi Monday List, liv Rev. 0.0, Ingnmoll, Mr Ichadou Mattocks to JWiss ANNK FrtKNCH. In Essex nn tho 19ih Inst. Iiy J. Tallin Esq, Mr. Jcrcmiuli l-i.tier jr. lo Miss CnstiiM Near. In IItiiiliii"toii 011 tlin IG1I1 insl. Iiy John Ju.Uoti ' K-ii. Mr. lltMiian Ilciiiiiigion lo .Mrs. Elvira Rol- lilts. DIED. In ibis lown on t tic IO1I1 Inst. Mr Levi Ciiaimn iigeil .IS je.ns. In this lown suddenly, on the loth Inst. Frances A NN, only (hiti4lucr of Samuel Nichols, Esq. aged G e.irs ami 9 tnuiillis. In iliis town, on the 13ih insl. Mr?. Elvira II. I. yon, wile of Cnpi. Dan Lyon, nged 31 years. She bore hrr sickness with gicnl calmness, and hi lift i.tti patience, bonis lieiluctlv resign u lo de part and he with Clniet, which is far belter. Kesign il she bade Una worlil lulieti; Resign'd ue sne her up lo Ood ; Tiiuiiipliant from litis vale she (lew A tiophy of rcdccniing blood. Com. Doct. A, Hall. iFFBRS his professional services lo ' the inhabitants of Burlington and vi cinity, ns practitioner 111 Hleutcino nnd atir. rerv. Office over R. M oodv's Store, (for merly occupied by Dr. Cobb,) corner of Chii'ch htreet ant the Square. Uonrus at II. Thomas'. Burlington, Mnreh 24, 1037. Spring goods. LATH HOP & POTWIN have rccciv ed a lew Spriojr Goods aotl will con tinue to receive by Stngo until tho opening nf navigation inn 11 v articles i the fancy line. Thev hnvo now n few ns. Figured Peruvian Silks, Pink, White. Blue and Sirnw colrd. a new artilco for Spring and hummer DressrR, Dress Hdfs. and bowing SiIk. a few ps. Prints &,e. &c. Htirlllinrloll. Maroh 23. 2037. March 23, 1837. f UST Received a few bushels of Tim- d othy Seed, and for snlo bv GKO. PHT13RSON. HERDS CRASS SEED, IIIAVK 103 Bushels on hand raised in the County of St. Lawrence N. Y. in 103G. Il is altogether superior to the Canada Seed JV'oie is the time to buy in 10 or 15 days lliero will not be a bushel of this kind lo be had in the County. S. E.'IIIL HOWARD. Rurlinzton. JVrrrii 23. 1037. DISSOLUTION. rwilirc Copartnership of the subecribors in JL the name and firm ol'l):ms& Mayo is by mutual agreement this day dissolved. Thobu. siness will bo closed by Henry Mayo 2d who is authorized to use ihu name of thu lino for that purpose DANIEL DAVIS, IIUNKY MAYO, 2d, llurlinglon, .March 20, 1IJ37. Genuine Garden Seeds RAISFjD for and put up by Joseph Brock & Co. Successors to Geo. C. Barren at the seed establishment, connect ed with 1 he New Knglaud Farmer Office, North Market Bt. Boston, 'The above seeds arc of the crop of I03G and of tho very best quality, being raised by the most experienced growers expressly for I ho above establishment, except sucii sorts as will not ripen to advantage in this country which nro imported from the first houses: 111 Huropc. Aware of the great complaint thai 1 hitherto exisiod with regard to seeds, and of the importance to the Farmer and Gartl nor of having such as can be relied upon, every ellort hns been mado at lliis'cstab lishment to raise ant! vend such only ns will give perfect satisfaction." Tho subscrib ra have on hand and will certainly keep for sale at wholeaalo or ro. tail, seeds from the above establishment, as agent for tho proprietor. Also 100 papers Ornamental Flower Seeds, 10 lbs Mongol Wurlzel, 10 " Ruin Bago, 10 " Flat Turnip, T F. $ W. L. STRONG. LOOK AT THIS. INFORMATION wauled of EZRA B TAYLOR, formerly of Burlington Vt. who led this city on tho20lh ofDccoinbor last, willi u largo amount of goods belong ing to the subscriber, for whom ho was hired to trnvel us Hawker and Pedlcr. Ho was to be absent about four weeks, but has not been heard ol since. He drove u gray horse, with a yellow Pctllers waggon on eliptic springs had a largo stock of Fancy Goods, Jowelry, Cutlery, &c &c. Any person who willgivo information that will lead tn the detection of tho Villiun or recovery of tho property, shall bo hand 6umoly rewnrded, and all expenses paid by A. R. ROGERS. 314 Broad tt. Newark N. J. March 10, 1037 lw STOCK FOR SAIil3. I ho subscriber otters for sale at his promises about a mile south of Hoot's Invorn, two or Ihrco Good O O Wit !-: and a pair oflhico year old STBERSi on very liberal terms for r.nsh, If applied for soon. Burlington, March 21th, 1037. GA1US S. DEAN. . Chnrlcs S. Kimball's Estate. WH the sub-cribffrs, having been np pointed by the Iloiiorahlo the Pro bate Court for tho District of Chilloiiclon, commissioners lo receive, examine and nd- just the claims and demands of all persons, nsrainst the estate ol Charles S. Kimball late of Burlington in said District, deceased, rep resented insolvent, and also all claims and demands exhibited in oll'-ct (hereto; nnd six months from tho day of the date hereof, being allowed by said Court, for that pur pose, we do therefore hereby give notice, that we will attend to the business of our appointment, at the dwelling of Daniel Lathrnp in Williston in said District, on the 1st Monday of Juno nnd September next, at 10 o'clock, A. M. on each of said days. Dated, this 11th day of March A. D. 1837. HAIlllY MILLER, J Commit sioncrs. JOIINBItOWN, jr. ( Issi Fletcher's Estate STATE OF VERMONT District of Guano Isr.K ss. 5 At n Probate Court holdoii nt tho I' rebate office in North Hero on the llth day of Match A. D. 1037. Prcf-ent die Hon. JoEr. A m.f.n, Judge. A N instrument purporting to be I ho last xjL will anil testament of Issi Fletcher lo'c o! South Hero in soid District de ceased, being presented to tho Court here, by HccTor Adams the Executor therein named, for Probate. It is ordered by said L-ourt, t lint all persons concerned therein be notified to appear at a session of said Court to be holden at Hector Adams' office in said South Hero on the fourth day of JMoy A. I). 1037, at one o'clock P. M. nnd show cause if any they have ogainst the probate ol said Will; lor winch purpose it is further ordered that a copy ol the record of this order bo published three weeks suc cessively in I he Burlington Free Press printed at IJurlington in Chittenden Coun ty ns may be. A true copy of Record. Attosl A. KNIGHT, Register. Thomas Reed's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT Distiiict of Chittenden ss. 5 The Hon. the Probate Court for the District of uiiiuenacn, loan pcrions concerned in (he Estate of Thomas Reed late of Jericho in said District deceased, GREETING. WHEIIEAS, liouben Rockwell adminis trator of tho estate of said deceased proposes to render an account of his adminis tration, arid present his account against said estate for examination and allowance at a scs. sion of tho Court of Probate, to bo holden at Willcy's Hole! in Williston on tho third Mon day of April next. TiiEitEFonn, You are hereby notified toap. penr before said Court at tho lime and place aforesaid, and show cause, if any you hnvn. why the account iilbrct-uld Mioutd not bo allow ed. Given under mv hand at Williston this 20th day of Match A. ). 1837, W.M. WF.STON. Reg. Gideon Prindle's Estate. To the Hon. the Probate Court for the District of Chittenden, enmet the subscriber admimslra tor of the estate of Gideon Prindle late of (Jiurloltc tn said district deceased, and rep resents that the personal estate, of said deceased will not be sufficient to pay the debts and char ges thereof and hcicbii makes apnlicalion lo said Court, for licence to sell the real estate of said deceased for that purpose Gi'oitcu PniNOLE. STATE OF VERMONT, DlSTaiCT 01' ClIITTENOCN, St. S A T a Probate Court holden at Burlington, Z JL in said District, on tho 21sl day oi March A. D. 1037. It is ordered that an account be takon of the debts and also, tho proceeds of llio pcisonal estate of said deceased, and thai the hoi re and all persons concerned in said estate bo notified to appear before said Court on the second Wednesday of April next at tho olfico of the llc'rislcr ol said Court 111 liurlmirton, aforesaid, to givu bond for tho payment of debts, and show catibowliy license as afore snid shall not bo granted, and thai such no lico ho given by publibhiug the abovo apoliea tion three weeks successively, as soon as may bo in tho Prco Pross a newspaper printed in llurlinglon, in saiu I ml net. Given under my hand, tho day and year first aoovo written. W11, Vi:ston, Reg Jonathan Willis's Estate. S T A T E OF V E R M O N T , ) District or Chittkniiiin. S The Honorable the. Probate Court for the JJislrict 0 Isliittenilen, To alt persons concerned in the estate vf Jonathan Willis, late of JVcstford in said District, decens. ed. GREETING. WIIEREHS, David T. Slone adminislra. tor of tho estate of said deceased propo. scs to render an account of his administration, ami prcsont his account against said estate for examination and allowance at a session of tho Court of Probate to bo holden at Burlington on tho second Wednesday of April noxl. TiiEitKroRE, You aro hereby notified to ap. pear boforo said Courl at the lime and placo aforesaid, and show cause, if any you have, why tho account aforesaid should not bo al lowed, Given under my hand at Builinglon this eighth day ofMaroh A. D. 1037. Wm. WESTON, Reghter. STATE OF VERMONT, ) DISTIIICT OF CIIITTENDKN, SS. The Honorable the Probate Courl for the District of Chittenden. To all persons conctrnid in the Estate nf JV!jat Chittenden late of Jericho in said District, deceased. GnEETINO. WHERKAS.Tho. Chittenden ndminia. tralor of the cslnto of said deceased proposes to render an nccounl of his nd minisl ration, and present his account against said cclatu for examination and allowance at a session of tho Court of Probate, In bo holdon at Williston on tho third Monday of April next. Thcrofoic, You aro hereby notified to appear before said Court at tho time and placo aforesaid, and bhew causo, if any you have, why l ho account aforesaid should not be nllowcd. Given under my hand at Burlington this I6I11 day of Morch At I). 1037. Wm. WESTON, RegUler. PIANO ESTABLISHMENT. TpllE subscribers respectfully Inform tho UL I ublic that lliov havo formed a copart nership under the firm of IIKKKICK, CHUISTOIMIHH & CO for the purpose or manufacturing and sulllng Piano Fortes, in all their varieties ; warranted equal in elegance, workmanship, touch, and lone, lo any lutinufaclurctl in tho uniieu Stales. Tho operative pail of tho firm have bad a long and thurough practice in tho best establishments in Boston, Philadelphia, and Now-York, and reol warranted byu competent knowlodgo of tho business, In recommending their Instruments equal in all rcspoets lo any in market. Amateurs In music and others are requested to call at Ihu Ware (looms. Cor nor of Champlaln nutl MacDouough Streets, and examinu tho instruments constantly on hand, consisting of a variety of plain and lich Mahogany Case, and supeilor havy toned, Roso Wood, witli (he highly approved grand action, which produces a splendid clearness and brilliancy of touo unknown to others1 All orders by letter or olherwiso directed to Ly man & Colo, for Piano Fortes, Tuning, or any other business connected with such an estab lishment, will bo promptly attended to. Old instruments tuned and repaired on rcasonablo terms. HIRAM DERRICK, Wm. H. CHRISTOPHER, LYMAN & COLE. Burlington, Vt.. 22d Fcbruar.y, 1037. Pensioners under the act of the 4th of July, 1836. nriHE fullowing Circular having been received from the complroler, il is published for the information of those who ore pensioned under 1 he above act. E. T. ENGLESUY, Prcst. Bank nf Burlington, ) and Pension Agent. March 10,1037. CIRCULAR. TRASUftY DEPARTMENT, 1 Second Comp Ollice, July 1G, 183G. J Sir: In the payment of tho halt pay pensions lo widows nnd orphans, whose husbands and fathers have died of wounds reccivctl in the military service of the Unit ed States, provided for by 1 he act of Con gross, of 4th of July, 1036, you will be governed by I he forms and instructions herctoloro issued Irom this nlhco, except where the accompanying forms marked A, B and C, vary from them, in which case the latter will bo substituted. Very respectfully, sir, Your obedient servant, Jno- N. Moulder. Acting Comp. A. Form ofau affidavit lo be made by a widow pensioned under cither the first or third section of the act of July 4. 1330. State ok ) Be it Krow.v, that County ss before me, a justice nf the peace in and for t ho coun ty aforesaid, personally appeared oud made oalh in due form of law, that she is the identical person named in an original certificate in tier possession, of which (I cerlify) tho following is a true copy: Here insert a copy of her certificate of pension. (hat she has not intermarried, but contin oca the widow or 1 he above mentioned ; and that slio now resides in , and has resided there for the space of years past; and that pro vious thereto shu resided in ; to tho truth of which statements I nm fully satisfied. Sworn to nnd subscribed this day of 103 ; belore mo Note. Toe above deposition must be signed bv the deponent. B. State ov ) Be it known, thai County ss s on the day ol I0J , belore mo Hie siibscri her being the proper accounting officer or nrront for paying stipend-) under t he net of July 4, 1030, entitled "An net granting half pay to widows or orphans, whore their husbands and fathers have did of wounds received in military service of the United States, in certain cases, nntl lor other pur poses." and authorized by said act lo nd minister oaths in certain case?, personally appeared tho attorney named in the foregoing power of attorney, ond mode oath thai he has no interest whatever, 111 tho money he in authorized to receive by virtue of the foregoing power nttorney, either by any ph'de, mortgage, sale, us signment or transfer, and that he does not know or believe that tho same has been so disposed of to any person whatever, Sworn nnd subscribed llio day and year last above mentioned, bcturc 1110 Note. This affidavit must bo signed by the attorney. C. State or ) Be it known, that County ss s before o), 11 nnd for the coiintv aforesaid, personally ap peanut (b), guardian of (r.) orphan child of ('), nnd mnde oath in duo form of law, llial lie is the gunrdian 1111 moil in the accompanying certificate of guar dianshiti; thai Ins said wnrtls arc the chil dren of (e.) referrctl to in an original certilicalo of pension, of which I he following is a copy : f Here insert a copy of the certificate of pension. bv which it appcarn (.f) entitled lo a penpion of dollars per inonlli, nnd thai the said child (;'.) still living, and nut over sixteen years of ago. (') Sworn and subscribed (his dny of 103 , before me, ( Justico of the peace, or other ofjicer, ns the case may lie. b Nam6 of the guardian c Name, or names of 1 ho child, or children. d Name of the deceased father, e Name of the deceased father. He, she, or they, is or aro, as the case may be g Ih or aro, as the caso may be. h Signaturo of tho guardian. IlYMANlOOirE: 17" ILL pay cash for a few thousand feet TT clear stuff White Pino Boards ami Plank, full 2 in. 14, Laud 5-1) in. thick thoroughly seasoned, freo Irom san or Ditch Also, seasoned Hunl Maplo Plank 2 in. thick. 1 o bo delivered 11 1 iheir Store. Burlington, March 10, 1037. 100 Barrels Suporlino Flour Tor sale by IL H YDK & CO. Dec. 23, CALEDONIA SPRINGS. ANALYSIS of the Mediconal Springs, in Caledonia. Unper Canada, (IAS SIMUNd. I UT. WATIMt. Chloride of Sodium 89 7. " Mairnosia 1 G. " Polasium 1.5.0 Sulphur of Lime .47 Carbonate of Limn 2.40 Magnesia 2 60 " Soda 1,0!) lion 103 lodino 1,35 Vegotablo extract l,f,2 Grains 100,22 white sui.PiiuiisptiiNa. 1 qt. watcr. Chloritlo of Sodium G0.44 do Magnesia .02 Sulphurate of Lime ,011 Carbonate of Liiuo .02 do Magnesia 3.G0 Grains GGIG SALI'SPrtlNG, so called. 1 nr. watbr. Chloride-of Sodium 100.22 do Magnesia 2.0l Sulphuralo of Limo 1.20 Carbonate of Lime 2.00 do Magnesia 5.12 do Soda ' .02 lodino of 6'otlituu .31! Vegotablo extract .Gl Grains 120.44 Ono Hundred cubic inches of Gas from tho Gas Spring analyzed is as follows Light Carbonated Hydrogen Nitrogen Oxygen .Vnlpliurato Hydrogen Carbonic Acid 02.90 GOO 1.5(1 4.00 5.54 .Si-rncd, J. K, CHILTON, Chemist. Now York, 25th Oct, 103G. Theso waters havo boon proved good for Rheumatism, Dispcpsia, 6'all Rheum, Fever 6'ures, soio Eyes, Liver complaints and all blood complaints Corn Urooms. V Dozen Corn Brooms by MmtJ J. & j. h. puck & Co. W. W. MESSER, No. 208 Washington Struct, Boston, Importer and Dealer in English, Canton, French, Ocrmun and American l-anr.y Goods. SUBJOINED is a Catalogue ofsonic of the various kinds of Goods W. W. MESSEIl is constantly receiving from the Foreign and Domestic Manufacturer. In solicitlm: the custom ofMorchanls and Dealers, he assures thorn that ho will soli his goods for Cash or Crcilit, at as low prices and 00 as good terms as can bo found in any City in tho Union. Ilnviui' hut icccntlv commenced business, he will be pleased to sell for Cash at a much lower ralo ol prolil than tho old and eatable-li ed houses of tho City are in practice of doing HICII GOODS. Gold and silver Pencil Cases in great vari ety; iold, silver, shell, pearl and finely painted Snnff and Tobacco Boxes; silver Spoons, Thimbles, butter and fruit Knives: pearl, agate and glass silver mounted Seals; silver moun ted Dirks, Scissors, Slileltoes, Emeries antl Waxes; silver Tooth Picks, Whistles antl Battles; a variety of clugant pearl Watch Stands; ladies' rich gold plated Head Bauds, Hracclcls and Bouquet Holdcis; inlaid rose wood and silver furnished Sowing Boxes; silver plated Teeth Ilrosh, soap and shaving 1 Boxes ; gold antl silver Vinaigrettes. CUTLEHY. Pearl, ivory, stajr, horn and cocoa handled ' 1.2,3 and 4 blado Pen and Pookct Knives, of j "Rogers','' "Hunt's," "Crook's,"' "Rolherani and "BngshawV manufacture; desk, bowio and pruning Knives; pearl ivory ond slag handled silver capped Dirk Knives; a great variety of English and French manufactured Razors in cases, 011 cards and Dozens; minia ture Knives and Scissors; pocket, button hole, nail, lace and common Sensors and Shears, of English and German make, of every form and quality; Tweezers, &c, HJUJSIIES. French, English American hair Brushes, of all possible varied size ami finish ; clothes, nail, hat, comb, shaving antl shoo Brushes, of ;rcat variety ; 1 , 2, 3,4 and 5 row line French, English ami American Teeth Brushes; crumb and flesh Brushes. COMHS. Firm ivory Combs of all sizes and prices; wrought and plaiuo shell Back and Sidu Combs; shell and buffalo horn Twist Combs; shell, ivory and horn Dressing Combs; pearl, shell ami horn Poekel Combs; silver. Guilt and jappamicd melalUcTwisl Combs ; jet and guill shell Side Combes. SOAPS, PEKFUMAKY AND OILS. Almond paste Shaving Soap; "Kow's," whito k brown Toilet Shaving Soap ; French transparent and exquisitely perfumed Tuilut Soaps, Lawson's composition Soap for the extraction of Oils from Cloth ; American Toil el and Shaving Soaps, in great variety; real Farina, French and American Colognes; English and French duiibln distilled Lavender Walor; French perfumed Toilol and Bureau Cushions ; a general assortment of llio French extract of flowers, too numerous lo parlinu larizo; Maccassur, Anlixtio, Vegetable and Bear's Oils; Hoar's Grease, petit ) Powder, French and American Hair Powder, and Olio of Roso. POCKET HOOKS, CAHD CASES StC Plain ami inlaid shell Card Catcs, pearl and wrought ivorv Card Cases, gill ami morocco do,; Souvenirs, Note Casits, Memorandum Books. Tablet, Thread and Nccdlo Cases of beautiful finish and cxteusivo variety ; ladies' silver ami steel mounted Pocket Books, sim plu antl combined with Card Cases and Nen tllo Books furnished and plain) Gentlemen's Wallets mid Pocket Bonks, in as ureal a vari ety as can lie found in tho city ; Porcelain Slates, Leavos and Tablets ; shell Card Bas kets, of beautiful and varied forms. liRONZED GOODS. A great variety of uniquu and elegant pal torus ef Bronzed Ink Stands and Theriuoinii Icrs ; bronzed Card Racks ami Watch Stands; bronzed Pastilo Homers, tunics Hells, Cologne and Perfuiuu Stands, DESKS, CASES, IIOXES, SiC. Ladies' ami Genlluineu's 12,11.10,10,20 nntl 22 inch rnsowood antl mahogany pearl in laid ami brass hound Writing Desks, Willi Secrel Drawers; ladies' ami Gentlemen's richly furnished and plain Dressing Cases; leather liavulling ami jappaunrd Shaving C'.i us; ladies' plain and inlaid, fuiimhod uud unfurnished, rosewood, salinwood, bird's oy maple am! mahogany Work Boxos; a vurioty of sizes ami patterns of pictured wllitn wood C'oltfiu Boxes ; travelling roll up and look up Portfolios; peil'timery, jnwel, handkerchief and gluvu uaas ; olugnul C'liinoi) Ten Cud. dies. MISCHT.ANKOUS AKTICLKS. Head Bags mid Purses, silk and leather dot silver plated, gill nnd steol Purse Clasps; pin. ted, gill, stent nntl "lass I'urso Kings and Tas sels; boxes of Mollo Seali, ciiibroldinud Bur. lin Needlework, pearl, inanilla, leghorn, shell leather, morocco and Ge.'iuan Citfar (.'iimis fancy Toilol Glasses; lloxcs anil Baskets; fancy Album Books.nid Boxes; India Rubber llirgs ami Halls; elastic Garters t Indeliblo Ink, Steel and Gentian Hones, English and American llazor Straps ; Biiltania and Wood Sh.wing Boxes ( Powder and Pull' Boxes; Lu eifur Matches ; Spool Stands ) wood, ivory and iron Silk libels; pearl and ivory Silk and Cotton Winders; boxes of Pens, Inks anil Sands; feather Duslcis) wrought ivory Chinese and feather Fans and Fire Screens work, travelling, Canton, French and Ameri can iasltcls; steel Pens of all the most ap proved mantificlnrors' make; wax bonds; co ral Necklaces J safety chains ; Pins and Nee dles; Pin Cushions ; egg Glasses: steol, gill nnd composition Thimbles ; pearl, bono and Canton Paper Foldets and Holders; Tapo .Measurers, gold and silver Spangles ; I rans parent, biou?.o and'commoii Wafers; writing Ink and sandt Glass Inkstands and Sands! Billet and Letter Papci, and all tho varieties of scaling wax; Clonk Clasps ivory bono and cocoa Napkin Rings: Puzzles, Mirror and Toilol Glasses ; toy Watches and boxns of Chiiioso Toys. Aim SI'S TOOLS & MATERIALS. Allsizosof best prepared Canvasses ; Dry and ground Colors; Mastic Varnish ; Nut Oi'-, Lion's, Sahlo and Camel's Hair Brushes; pal let Knives; Asphallum; all sizes French and English Ivories; water Colors; Minialuro Cases . black and whito Crayons ; Portcray ons and Drawing Boards. Percussion Caps; Shot Bags; Powder Flasks; pocket Screw Drivers; gnu Worms: Game Bags, Flngons and Sportsmen's drink ing Cups, a very convenient nrtielo for tiaVcl. Icrs t Fishing Roth and Hooks, Baskets, Floats; Linen, Manilla, Silk and Hair Lines t Fii-li Gut,&c.&c. GAMliS AND AMUSEMENTS. Splendid Canlon wrought ivory Chessmon ; French, English and German ivory, bono and wood ditto, Chess, Backgammon and Chequer Boards, of Canton, English and German make, ivory, bone antl wood Chcqiicrmcu : Cribbago Boards: English, French and American Play. ingCatds: wrought ivory, peail,bond Whist and Loo Counters, Dice and Cups, Dominoes, Lolo, Solitaire, German Tactics, FoX and Geese' It.ittlndorcs. Birds. Coronellas. GaO'U I of the Graces, Cupand Balls, Boxcsof Games, ' Jump Hopes, Hows, Arrows anu largeis, ' Jack Straws, together with the following aruu- s'g " nislrnclivo uisseeieu luzzics. wrongm ivory anu ptiiiii uous v-.n.-v , I'nzzles ; Maps ol tbc worm, Miropo, rnncr . ca and the United Slates, Buildings, Land scapes, Manufacture of Tin, Grand Aviary. Zoological Gardens. Slavery Abolished, Scenes 111 Paris, Telegraph, I he tjorcerer, Scripture Views, Monument, ABC .Harvest Home, Fair Day, Billy Zfutlon, Johnny Gil pin. Threading t lie Needle, blue beard, Robin son Crusoe, Napoleon's JJivouac, A Fear after Marriage, Hunl llio Slipper, No pleasing Eve rybody, lie. fee. N. B. Orders from tho Connlry promptly alended to and put up with great caro. T ROT E S T A N T JESUITISM. For sale V. HARRINGTON- J, bv JN EW GOODS First in tne Market. JUST received "BY LAND" at llio Vaiety Shop; Twist Combs; (Jhalk Crayon:-; drawing Pencils, India Rubber, fine Bombazine Stocks with Bows, cVc. &c. Wo tiro receiving and shall coniintio to receive nil articles noecssury to keep our assortment good. Wc hove received some good and largo cotton and scotch 'iii!huin Umbrellas. PAJWBORjY Mirth 13. 1037. BRI.rSJUAJO 3w (JFA word to the wise is sulli cicnt.aO ril HE subscriber wishes all persons indebt JL cd lo liim lo call and settle their Bills itn. mediately. Thoso who neglect to do il may bo notified personally and ul ibdif own ox putise. JAMES MITCHELL. Burlington. March 1G, 1037. if. The Selectmen of Burling ton, will meet nt the American Hotel, 011 Saturday, the 1 .If Ii day of March instant, at 10 o'clock, A. M. to receive proposals from all proper nntl sinlnble persons to loku the charge tls siiporiiiit'iidiint of the Faun, Poor hoiii-c, nntl house ol Correction, for thu venr ensuniL'. 'SAMUEL NICHOLS. ) Win. A. GIUSWOLD. Selectmen. II. LOW11Y, S Burlington. March, 10. 1037. Gold and Silver Watches." WE have Just added to our slock of Watches. We havo soino fine gold cased Patent Lovers, plain and clnzed, soma 5 ami soino full jewelled, gold cased llfprsl iug Walclies, gold cased Bulls eye Watches Jewelled Verges which run as well as Lev ers, line jewelled LcEpiuos in gold and silver cases, Silver Lcvers.fc Ennlisli Watches. Ml thu abovo Walchas will perform well and are warranted, All kinks of Walclies and f 'locks cleaned ami repaired at llio Variety Shop PaNGUOIIN & Blll.NS.MAII). March 17, 1037. 3w William Ulanclmrd's Estate. WH the subfcribers having been ap pointed by the Hon. Judge of Pro bate for thu District of Grand Isle, Com. iuis,,inner to receive, examine and adjust 1 he rlainis and demands of nil persoiiH against the estate of Wm. Blatichard Into of Isle Li Molt 111 said District deceased, represented insolvent, mid also all claims and demands exhibited in offset thereto; and i-1. months from the 2d dny of March, A. D 1037, being allowed for t'liui purpose, we do ihorefore givo notice that wo wi'l al lend to the business of our appointment, at the dwelling house of Win. Stephenson, 111 Isle La Moll, on Hie 2d Monday ol July next. from len o'clock A. M. till six o'clock P. M. Given under our hands at Ulo La Molt, 2d day of Match A. D. 1037. Wm STEPHENSON, Commit. NATH. IJOLlHvOOK, Jr. S imm.

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