Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, May 5, 1837, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated May 5, 1837 Page 1
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NOT THE O L O It Y O F C JE S A K 5 U T T II I W K I. F A UK O F II O 31 13. BY U.K. STACY. "THREE WAVS OF LIVING" FRIDAY, MAY 5, 1837. VOBi. X No. 515 Wo rxtrnct nil amusing past-age from hi? excellent nml interesting book. As the nppcnmtie.o of property lint) In1 r.omc noccFsnry, economy tnnl be practised somewhere, lii 'bring mil i lie yonr. Thisol course fell upon the inlcrior. .lane hnd boon in the Imbit of superintending her own af fairs, nnil seeing untliing wnslecl mid noth ing used superfluously. Tin.-system, while it extended lo mob lind In nil. wns cliucr 1'nlly rt!CPivid. Hut wIipii I he i!nincfiliv Sound Mint I he limine." of the ki'cheii were not proportionate 10 the -nrlor. limy tol I lier l lint she might 'bed; out for oilier help.' Those mistresses of families who hnvo ever iwporionccd the lint rn-it-inu labor ol koeptni' up : showy appearance in I lie parlor, with tiirict economy in the kitchen, will i-yiupn Ibiso with poor Jatio in her arduous tr,-k. They will undorsinnd with what reluctance she entered lis procints, and i.ow olton she was driven to it hv the -uporoiliiiu - lunUs of the lady who ntlrtl the mm. All these tliflicnlt'ios s-lit t'licnuiitori'rl ; and sihiuM iun't lonlnd back, with nsigh. to Inn lire! i.vper iincnt in hniifc keeping, when with her woman of all work--, anil .Martha's little girl, every thine went smoothly on, in har mony anil conlidoncc. 15ul this was a Iri 1le, compared lo the nppnrer.l change in her husband's temper. From franl; heart oil open confidence in all around him, he began to to he tenacious of civility; it must he because the.y had not returned their calf, or some other rea--nns as import ant. Then lie sniucl lines "epented utjvds, which .lane IV It wt re sarcasms. 'How l-. n u is it,' .--aid .lane one morning, 'since uncle Joshua ha- been hero?' 'I suppose,' .-aid Frank, 'he feel- nn nwk. wnrdncss ell account of our different rani; in life.' 'Oh, no; ihnl is whu'ly unlike him. Sup pine wc scud and a-'k him to diuo to-day?' Nut tod iv I have invited I.'rofes.-or R anil Dr. B. You know 'Icy ntu biih intellectual in-ii Hi' would u it enjoy hi dinner.' 'IJe.-ides. i-aiil .lane.' when be eones, wo iniisi let nil the ciiiblreu dine at I Ik; table. We will as-k him lo.ui mow, nml appoint lIlllll'T hi two.' With nl! niv heart,' snid Frank, ns he went out to pay n vi-ii to iho market, fol lowed by the borvaiu wilh the market ba-k M . Jane began her preparations, for dinner. Her constant of servants, and in creasing trouble with them often undo .) In ui mi nrilii'ius la-k. She was soon in 'ihe inid.-t of glass ami china; and n--i.-led by her chanilierniaid. begnu lo lay the la bl('. They bad got it nearly completed, w'lli its pla'cs, wine g'a-ses t ntnb k-rs, (ill in it rote when 10 wns alarmed by n loud ring at the door. Th-i chain!) rinaid despatched, with strict injunction lo let nn body in, bin i-ny she was nut at home. There wns evidently a parley, and the step of a person was bean! approaching. Willi a sudden feeling of mori ificai ion at being caught, Jane ru.-hed into lb" clu?ot ami closed the door. The .-ouud of uncle Jo-h. tin 's voice struck her ear as he entered. 'Are you . -urc she is not at home?' said he to the girl. 'O. yes, sir quite sure, I saw le-r put on her thinps and go on1.' 'Mow long has fIio hern gone?' 'Full an hour.' said i be gul; who, as these kind of people often do, overacted her part. 'Then probably she will be back soon, rind I will wait for her. 'O, no, nr. (-he t-aid -ho should not be back till near dinner lime.' 'Why, you look as if you were gninr to have a company of Alderman lo dine.' The girl nnsworid in a simpering tone, 'No sir, only two or three friends. Jane, during this conversation felt a con Mentation that disabled her from acting jn. dicinu.ily, which would have been lo have come out from her hiding place and tell the simple truth. lint she know her uncle' straight forwa'd mind, and she was.-ure he would not make Ihe iliriiuctioti which cus torn and fashion warrant, of noi nl home n? moaning engaged. The girl, loo, had so positively implicated her m a falsehood, bad shown so completely that she under stood no qualification, t hui Jane fell the tit most horror at being detected. She nctu ally looked out ot Iho window, to sec if there was no possibility of escape. In the mean time, uncle Josbun laid down his bat and cane, scntcd himself by the open win dow, and aiked for a glass of water. Jane at length came to the conclusion that f ho bad belter remain prlectly quiet. that bis calls were not very long, and she would send for him the next day. and should escape all unplcnsonl fueling. " To her dis may," however, she presently heard him call for (he morning's paper. She knew ho was one of those inveterate newspaper readers, that go through ibe whole, nnd she tried to be resigned to at least an hour's imprisonment. Alas! whut a situation ! The dinrur at n stand, the marketing would bn hack, nml ducks and gee.-e in waiting ! At length, however, uncle Jo.-bua got to nn end of the everlasting newspaper ; and ns ho folded it up, told the girl who had en tcrcd the room every five minutes, to nay to bis niece, that he was very sorry not lo fcc her but could not wait anv longer.' Then turning suddenly upon the closet door, lie gru?ped the handle 'Sir, sir,' exclaimed the girl, 'that is tbo wrong door. It was loo late. Ha turned tbo lock, nnd the door, caino open, Tho'o stood Jano in one corner, as pale as a lily, but I lie color ot a lull grown pinny. Hh stir prise for a mnnicnt was extreme. But be was not slow of comprehension j nnd tbo truth lushed upon him greatly exaggerated for be believed it was n couinvnnce to nvoid seeing him. He stood silent with his eyes fixed upon her. 'Dear uncle,' snid she, I thought it was a stranger, I did not know it wns you when I ran into the closet. 'Silence,' saol he. 'no inorn falsehoods. Begone !' turning lo the chamber maid. 'And you l ave learned that poor ignornut girl, lo peril her soul by falsehood: ! Jane, I hnvo loved you like my own child; but I nhall I rouble you no inure. You i-hall not lie obliged to semi word to your uncle that you are not nt home.' And be turned to go. 'You mnl not go, my ih'nr, denr uncle,' nhl Jane, throwing hor nrnn around him. You mint bear my explanation.' 'I tell you I will noi be the cntisc of nny more falsehood.' 'Ami you will give inn up! Your sister's only child, who un-i loft nn orphan to your carei whom you have carried in your tmin, whom yen have held upon your knee, whom you have cherished in your bisom. when tl ere was no oilier bo--oin to receive her !' 'Then.' said the old man, with a fauller ing voice, 'then you wo'c niv comfort my own Inn hearted Jane. Tlin 1 had until, nig but von lo love; nnd now I have noth ing nothing.' And be Ihrn'.v himself upon n chair, and put his handkerchief lo bis eye. 'My dear uncle only lion r me; I told the girl to say I bat I was not nt home if any body called ? 'And yet you were at home,' said bn in. dignantly. 'Hut every body siiyn so ii i not nny falsehood. It only menus that they are u t at home to companv. It H un derstood ' 'Understood they nrc hid in the closet?' IIi anger evidently began to yield, for he laughed out -O, Jane what a ridiculous fig lire you cut, when I stumbled upon Ihe wrong door! I am glad I did it ; it is a good lesson for ynu. 'It is, indeed, uncle,' I promise you I will never say I am not at homo again when I am.' 'Cooped up.' continued he, again laugh ing, in cine corner like a mouse in a cheese; and there you had been shut up a whole hour, 'ike n naughty child. 'I .-hall bliifh to t hink of it, ns long as 1 live. you, well behaved, nnd pnMonMy waiting! for their turn to ,u M,,,(), jow wnH t to dny? A cosily and more thin iibundnnt dinner, spoiled in the cooking; n ehnugo of plates, knives nnd fork-?, with difiicultv to he procured. The children shut up 'in n chnmher unify, mid hnll fed, nnd Ihe mm li er looking feverish, nnxious, nnd uuhnppy; and unable to ntteud lo Ibe conversation at ihe tnhle, hardly to givo answers to her guests, ho necessarily, wa sIpj engrossed with the dinner.' O, uncle ! what n picture ! I dare sny, Jane, you wnnt lo tell me ev ery body (Iolm so ; bill I know belter than that. It is well for people lo live in what is called style, have nil ihintM in ngree inuni. il'ihey e:in allbrd to hnvo the b sl of attendance, 0f cooks, &,c but there i no gentility in doing ihrngj by ballot. Indeed uncle, t-n ul Jane, rallying her .-Pinls, wo were very iinforlonare Our pcrvnnis nrc all bad ; I hopu lo get heller; anil 1 haven very good nursery maid engaged.' A nurr-ery maul ! Take care of your children yourself, dont make them over to a nursery moid, let them have their seat" nt your table. I feel indiguat ion. when I m'o ihosc litilu in on nml woman mined over to nursnry-niaids. And now, Jane, I know I have made this day an iiucnni fortnhle one for you, and God knows ii has been so for inc. I should be sorrv. if 1 had not meant by nil my ndvicc to do yon the greate-l kindness I have ever done yet ; nml I close with one reinak--llial no -tyle of living is good, or, lo use vour own phrase, genteel, that is not thorough, ran istdtl. and well carried through. God hlessyou !' and he hiirriod a way. THE BEAUTIFUL CANDIDATE FOR A CROWN. rno.M Tin: ror.TiicoMisr. tvonii ''nvr. MNC5 with c.i.MiiAcr.iu;-." The Emperor Napoleon had reached the nitli ol Ins pre-'penty lit And so you ought, to tell a downright falsehood?' 'Dear uncle, nobody cnlls it a falsehood ; it only means that yon arc very busy nnd cannot see company. ' 'Then why not sny so nt once ? Rut tho gin s,n Ml yon were out, that you would not uo imme lilt near dinner. ' 'That was ontirelv her own addition. She had no right to sav so ; she was not told lo say any thing, but that I was not at home ' 'You allow i hen, thai she told an un truth ?' 'Cortainlv. I ),' 'Now 1 1 1 1 nie. Jane, if ynu think she thought it more oTan untruth to say. you were out, than that you were not at 'home. It i-' all the sain.'! thing,' Jane found it was mi vain to try lo con vince nor uncie. and sue oiuv linug upon him and begged of him lo love her as ho used lo do. The old inn n could not long j letain hi re-'enlineoi. and he said with a -eriniH air, 'I willingly forgive you for your ofl'uiee, lo nie; hoi I am no priest ; I : cannot forgive your telling a falsehood. Yon inn! nsk pardon of n higher power.' When bn made n motion to go. Jane en t rented li'm lo slay to dinner. 'It is such a long walk,' said she. 'von mu-t not go; we were going to send for you lo-mnrroiv. I shall not think you have forgiven mc if you refuse.' Undo Jo-Inn nt length conrented. and "he lull n if a lond wns Inken from her henrl for she loved him nfi'ect innately. She earned hip, inl n number room, got Hun ail tho newspapers she could collect, and went cheerfully on will) her prepnra t ions. When Frank returned, he expressed hN pleasure at seeing uncle Joshua ; for, how ever unfashionable ami inelegant ho might deem him In' could not refuse him his tri bute of respect. The guests were men of good sense nnd intelligence. They were struck with the independence nnd originality of uncle Joshua'-- chnracler. I le converged without timidity or affecta tion, and fell mortification at not knowing whnt never came within the sphere of his observation. All this. Jane would have highly enjoyed, could she have spared any lime from her dinner Tim servant was a raw country lad, who required being told when to lake a plate and whern to put one. The boiled turkey won ovor done, nnd the ducks over done; the oyster sauce spoilt before it reached I he table, nnd by tho time dinner was over, she looked ns red ns if he hnd been cooking, herself. When Jane rose to leave Iho table, her uncle raid he would go with her lo see the children. They repaired to the nurserv. found lliem with empty plates, greased to iho ears, loudly vocifornting for Sally. Iho chamber, maid, who was sitting below, to bring Ibem ninro dinner. Jane at last succeeded in quieting them, and told her uncle ibnt the nurserv maid loft them Iho day before. The Misses Fultnns, with one voice, snid 'Hurrah! ii was n good dav for Ibem; for she wns so cross they bated her.' After uncle Jiishua had niado bis visit to them be said, 'now, Jane, I want to see you n lone jano leu nie wny with tenrlnl misgivings ; for she saw a shade of melancholy on bis countenance. My dear,' snid ho, 'sit down by mo, nnd taku every thing kindly ns I menu it. You know I first opposed your marriage, bo causo 1 thought your husband could not make enough lo support you; but after wards I saw I was mistaken. I saw you net only comfortable, bill possessing ' all that seemed necessary ; for then, you wore inodcrato in your desires nnd oxpeuscs. 1 hnvo s'uico felt mi-givings, when I saw you increase your manner of living. But I said, they know their own means, nnd I be beved lint you were, nt least hnppier; hut, indeed Jane, I must sny that I find it other wibc. When I last dined wilh you, in It street, your dinner wns uimple, nnd well cooked, your liltlc emiling children around was loiilciii mugs with os much onto as ho wns inn kin inars' n'--. Mnrnt had just been transferred from I ho Grniul Dn'chy of lierg lo the throne of Naples, when one morning carriage drove into niv court yard, nnd lady alighted from it. Ah, mierinordc! I exclaimed, is her Imperial Highness the l'rinci'ss dc Guastnllii, (Madame Ilorghoio iho oca ii 1 1 1 ii 1 1 . inline IJonn purlo.) I wa hastening down stairs to receive her wilh nil due ceremony when happening to pas1 a window which looked mil lo the garden J beheld ndvaneing toward- the huutc-- who bill the Emperor himself. Ho rune; at the back door. tonally approp' iated to thr servants, and entered, lie nas I ihink, accompanied by li Million Hero wn rencontre ! It tvn-i Scylla and Chnrybdis ! 1 might perhaps hnvri feigned not to recog nise Emperor, but with a mo-t imperative gesture ho beckoned me lo him. 1 there fore turned to the right about, and leaving the Princes to liod her own wny lo Iho drawing room, unattended, I hurried to the Emperor. 'Prince." aid he, ns soon ns I was in hi presence, "I l;now that mv sister wishes n speak with you. Show me into an adjoining room, where 1 may hear her break her thunder holts. Siy what you can to ap pease but do not pledge mo for any thing, (in to her quickly she will never forgive you for keeping her waiting." I thought of the fainl position ofGer inanicu.s with Nero, in Racine's tragedy in the scene in which Junio complains to the former of the cruelly of th - latter. 1 had prepared myself for a most violent re ception, but all mv expectations fell short of reality. Tho Pnucess, ns soon as she saw me, taxed me with w.inl of re. t-peet, nnd complained of not bnving found me wailing to receive her at the door of my hotel. This first ebiibtion of ill hu mor being exhausted, I t-nid : "Madam, if your Imperial Highness hail been pleased lo give me notice ol of your intention lo confer on mc this lion or, I should undoubtedly have observed the doe etiqutte. Rut, ns 1 mil not en dowed with prescience, it was only n few minutes ago that I lea ned, from my servants that the sisier of our august moil nrcb was in my house." "His si-ier, sir ! rather say nn iinfor. tunalo a forsaken a miserable slave !" "Is it possible, inadanie, I bat. enjoying as you do the favor of bis imperial Ma josiy, you can havo any cause of coin plaiiii ?" "His favor ! What n mockery ! Does he show his favor degrading nie-?" "No, madam, but by having elevated "And! sn yon have followed me."sho snid. Then ymi thought really intended to throw invi'lf into the Seine, ns I threat ened. I have cmno here to request Prince Canibriceres in intercede for nie. Now, my dear Nnpolcon, I miwi hnve n crown. I ilon'l enro whom it is. Mnko mo Otioon of Portugal, or Denmark, or what you will. I would even reiirn in Swiizer and. or Corfu--no mailer where ; but n crown I must have : Am I to ho I he only one of the family who does not wear one ?' -Oh, Na poleon ! your uiikindness will kill inc. With ihe.-o words, she burst into a flood of tears. I'ho. cnpricioii-- beauty had chan ged her imperious tone to otienl supination him lender reproach. The Princes Pan- mo was certainly a most faseioatin.'i wo man, but nt Hint moment she r.ppeared lo be more eln rning tliancvcr. I could not wonder al the ifcetidaucy she gained ov r the Emperor. He wan at first mi a violent rage; bul In-- anger was gradually soothed, nod, when Pauline slopped short "in her ap peal to him, and burn into tenrs, he ndvnn ccd to her and said nH'uctinnalelv. My ih'nr sister, v-hy are you not nalis- fied? 1 am doing al.I can fur von. King doins cannot be created nt my will, lie sld"s, your hu-hand not a Frenchman. "Let me haven ditorecjhen." "Ilea veil forbid?" "1 will be n Queen, or I will go lo Lon don.'; "You shall go to Vinccnnes." "1 defy you! I will strangle myself as I enter." 1 know not what crcnnisinncn was re called to Napoleon's mind hv this threat; but bis brow lowered, his eyes flashed, nnd he bit his lips nil he nlino-l drew blood; and then in a voice faltering with emotion, he exclaimed : "So lunch Ihe borer, nindime ! You will rid me of a termagant whom I find more difficult lo govern than all Europe to gethor ! I see that vou are only to be ruled hv a rod of iroi,. 1 therefore coin mand you to go iniircdiatelv lo Madame Mere, and ihere nwnt the orders which the Piinco A rcb-CI ancellor shall deliver to you from me." "Then you w ill make mo n Queen? I inusi be crowned." "Really, Pauline, to hear you one would iningino I lint I bail wronged you of youi right of siiccc.-siou to the late King our fa' her." I hail never before known the Emperor lo have recour.-e to tuts sort of pleasantry, bul I olieu afterwards heard him employ -miliar language. On tlio occasion which I have been describing, Ibis good humored touch of satire had an excellent effect. Pauline blushed, mid a rapid glance al Ihe pisi temindjgl l'r of le-r humble origin, contrasted as it was wilh Iho high rank to which her brother had raided her. A sud den change was efi'-'O'ed in her feelings, -he hung down her head, and wns evident ly mortified and ashamed. Nopoleon nsk ed her whether she had come alone. She nnmed one of iho ladies, I do not recollect whom, nnd said she was wailing in another ainiriui'Mit. ' Lot her come in," snid the Emperor. I rang the order was given, and the lady appeared. The Emperor directed her not to lose sight of the Princes IJorghesc, and then, turning to in", ho added: "Let us retire to your cabinet." "I am al your MaiosH's disposal," rc plied I, Inn permit me first to observe the ceremony due to the Princess." "Well, well! only be quick.'" II,. proceeded to my cabinet, anil I corted the Princess to her carriage. As soon :w I had got rid of her. I flow to wait upon ibe Emperor. I found him walking about the room wilh hurried steps. "Well, Prince !" snid he, ns soon ns I entered, "this is one of ihe thousand disa greeable, scenes which, tyrant, as they say I am, 1 am compelled lo endure. This morning Paulino came to ine, commenced no altercation, as-uinod an iniperaiive lone, and ended by threatening to drown her-elf. Sceni" the excited ftato she was in, , I knowing her violent temper, I became j "",1 lb alarmed. She left me, I followed her, and 1,1 I'1'1-' ili,' 1 I 1 1 f I a n t catni! out of his shop, in.-H-led on my leaving the house, and ulti mately In! nie n punch with ihe bundle bis uiiibrnlln. Tailor Perjury, nnd I'll prove it (wri ting "handle of an umbrella" it. wus n wniki ig s-ti :k.) Doctor lie thou struck mo n blow on the face nnd applied opprobrious eiiithois. Magistrate Did he use more lorce than was requisite to oblige you lo leave Ihe house ? Doct. I think he pushed mc fur ther than wni necessnrv. Tailor Ah! Totally fats' ! My whole establishment enn prove I did not push him farther than tho pissnge. Doctor Mv nose bleeding, nnd the mnid servnni brnugh' mo n wnshhnnil basin. Tailor AlH'liinr liilnnlumml ( i iitny) wti-hhaod hn'in," n w,i Ha, ha. MagHtrnte Your conduct i.s extremely improper, I must request vou will conduct yourself with more respjct while you are in this ofii'.'o. Tailor 1 offer ten thou-nud apologies. I never harbored the reuiote-i intention ofo''. luring drsrespcci to the criminal juriprti. donco of my country. A highly comic thought having crossed my mind, it caused mc li) givo way to no ebullition merriment Am I now permitted to enter on my defence ? Magistrate. Ymi can proceed. The tailor hero ol'.nwed a passage right nnd left, nnd threw himself into a Demos Ihenio attitude. ' Fortunntely," said be, flourishing his green memorandum built. "th1 strong points nrc already registered. It will now only be necessary for mo to give n succinct account of this very re markable transaction. This person did call to sco a cent Ionian staging al my hoiie. and knowing that the indisposition of the had been brought on by want ol -kill on Hie pari of the defendant. I delor mined al all riks lo prrvent hw ingress in lo Iho ehnuibcr of the invalid. With tin view I stationed uivself al. tin; Hun! s'air, and with mv wnlktiiir -tack, assumed nn at litnde which no nrudent man would have ventured lodiMiirb. The delondnnt in-i-l ed on passing. I remonstrated he n'tack me defended mvsell and, a'ler a short, but desperate combat, succeeded in placing him on Ins bad; in Hp.' parage. To this simple statement I leel U quite un. necessary lo add another syllable (coming fnrwan!)'io impress on the Bench ibe right every liriti-di sill ieets possesses ol ejecting intruders from bis house. It is impos-ib! to say another word on tho subject (retirm; ngniti) only this coming forward) that ns an educated person, 1 con-otter the iis ot opprobrious epithets as unlit lor a man improper Magistrate Pray, sir, be noict. Tailor Improper for a gentleman and disgracelol to a member ol The officer here laid hold of the tailor and stood before bun. Tailor peeping under the officer's arm Of a civilized community. The magistrate being of opinion that tbo complainant ought not to have persisted in remaining in tbo house, and considering that there was a doubt n to the person who rommitled i he assault, di.-charged the war rant, on the payment of n shilling by the de fetidant. The Sun, restored to bo again expelled, nnd Iho 1.' oflbein, who-ie fi'eblo hands nnd feob head were reeoinly placed ni res', lenvi1' a nnine for uiorali-ts to use os a figure 1,1 their pictures of human change. Uonnpnrtc rose a meteor, blazed n few years over a torrid -d world as Napoleon limptnnr. and then sunk into the bosom of an i-lu of the boulbern hemisphere oftho enrih. LoiiH Ph'!ippo, in'o whose hands have been planed the scepiru of Charlemagne and sword of Napoleon, and whose brows an; encircled by l be crown of the Bourbons. what ba he gained by ho much grandeur? 1 tie lus'nry ol the las' six year can answer. l bus we are taught il.eleaifiil lesson that, of the rovereigns v;h i have reigned i:n.ojie since i in, i tghi nunp in bloody graves; iline ili"d in ex.le, anil one oi tho-'c Napoleon, 'Two, i'- not three, per il in prisons ; one, Vic'nr Amailus, King of Sardinia: another, Louis XVII, hi.-tory sian s not whore. Another, Gusta- IV, wanders ns n perturbed spinl over Europe. It is i nut! such instances ol royal or imperial pariicipntion in the calamities incident to humanity can claim little ra- totial .-vmpa'hy. from I heir rntiu; but n9 nn uunrruig -yniiiioni of mdicnl change in the mornl principles of mankind, their ex amples are awful and impressive. Roasts. perbati-i well founded, have been made o! ho improvement '"ado nn human society luring the past century, but wc cannot rc. fu-e n II "dion to the f.iei that more sove reigns haw become v.c'ims in Europe since I7J0, than did in the five previous centu- . PUhburg .tdcncilc. THE LIFE OF MAN. A man named Edelmann died lately in Uolirinia at the age of llo year-j. IIi. fathr.r was a mason, and ho followed the same trade. 1 1 o did not marry until be was SO, nnd then hail seven children, of whom three survive him. lie was pas siotialoly fond of music nil he lesl his bear ing, about two years ago. His memory was excellent, and he frequently related facts which had taken place u century back. His last illness was for a month's duration. lio'd. Commercial. This man must have been bom in 1721. What changes ha"o been made, not on man singly, lint on nations, since his birth? The American Reviliniou was 5 1 years, French filJ years after be came in Kings are Iniidmarks. nnd Hu ns soon ns she stepped into her carriage, '.neater part ol lliem nrc no more; mm I tool; nofsession of' tho II rM cabriole I sniv without enumerating German and standing in the court van! of the To Hones She drovo across the bridge ; I suspected she was coming lo you ; I eniered by your back door and you know the rest. A crown for a llorghese ! Such a propnsi Hon would excite an insurrection in the army! 'I'ho Bnrghese are of pure bood royal. I know; but kings of my creation mtiiit be of my own blood, and must have received the sword. However, I nm mix. ynu to the digniiy of an Imperial Princess. , ions lo soothe Pauline- Ikr husband shall hv having conferred on yon the Dudley of be made Governor of Piedmont- Tell her Guai-tnlln, nnd milled lo a Roninn Prince ! , ibis from mo ; and, moreover, that I will "A brilliant innrnngo, truly ! An il lustrious rank ! I have indeed reason to congratulate mv-elf when I see Cnrohno n Queen, my sisti r in-law a Queen, nnd Hie n Josephine's daughter n Queen, or on the point in becoming one ; and I suppose give her a million francs to clear off her debts and re set her diamons. A million francs ! what a sum ! How much bappi-ue.-s it would difiiiiu if dirlnbuted ! Ah, Prince ! what n cross-is a iiuinorous fa;ni. y ion man like mc ! I hnvo nlwavs en- there is a kingdom in store for Jerome's , vied the happiness of Molchi.edeok, who wile! bliza, loo, will be crowned by mid never know laiher, uiollicr, brother, and by; wiii'st i am nothing. Hear ine. nboie till, sisters. Princo Cainbacercs (io immediately lo Bonnpnrto, and tell linn that, if In; does not raise inn In tho dignity of Qucon, I hnvo n terrible vengeance in leserve for him." "But which your nMorly affection will not permit you to infiict." "My Direction ! I hnto him ho is n monster. "Hush J Princess!" I exclaimed with some nlnrm. "Know that in Franco walls have ears." "I defy the police.and I would loll him all I hnvo snid lo bis face ; nnd I will seek rcfugo in England, or be shall perish by my hmid." "1 became more nnd moro nlarmcd, mid I v iu abniil lo reply, when tho Emperor sn veil mo tho trouul Princes by the dozen, since tho Edelmann, there have been !! Sultans. 10 Popes. 5 kings or Naplo: birth of The Oralorieal Tailor Loudon Police A inilor from Cork-street and a young medical man from Ibe samu iieigbboihood came before Iho Bench on an assault war rant. To corroborate Hih case Hie Doc lor was provided with a black eye, nml to Btrenghiiien his defence the inilor brought with him n green morocco memorandum book and u solicitor. Thu case having been called on, ihe doctor ns complainant, begun "On Wednesday I went lo this person's house" Tailor Wait n minute, I'm nut quite prepared lakuig out his green inoinornn duin-book, mid sharpening his pencil. ) Now, Sir, proceed. Doctor I calfcd to bco a particular lie opened the door, 1 friend upon whom I havo been attending mid presented himself to tho astonished professionally j but I was told Iho geullu Princess, ! mail wns not nl home. I was cerium be "Maniac !" he exclaimed, "you ulmll not wns within, audi said I would wait hi go lo England, but lo Clarcnlon." Mho passago until I bow him, upon which 'and the whole fnmi'y, after yoare of exile, 0 do of Sardinia. C Sovereigns of Austria. 7 do of Spain. r do of Portugal. 5 do of Great Bn'tiaii, 10 C.ars of Russia, male and female. 0 Kings of Denmark. .1 do ol Prussia. (1 do of Sweden, nnd 7 in France, which we havo b fl to Hie last, from the dillienlty of determining bow many sovereigns have swnyed the sceptre during the hiri 1 15 years. Of this goodly catalogue of 71 crowned heads, of whom leo or eleven nro living, if wo except half n or so, what have tliev done to repay mankind for the honors I bestowed on ibem, nnd iho luxury in which they lived at the public expense? Ihe genius of history blushes with shame at ihe question. But there arc inornl nnd political consid erations, arising nut of Hie history of Euro, penn sovereigns, during tho pa si" century, of infinitely more coiit-equniico Ihan their own generally useless lives. Of the Sul tans, one, Acluuot III, was deposed in 17.50, and two were murdered ; Selnn III, ll!07, and MiHtnpba V. lUOH. Of Hie C.ars, Ivan was impris uied in 1711, ami murdered in 1701; Peter III wns deposed nnd murdered in 1 70-, nml Paul murdered in I l.'OI. In Sweden, GuMiivtis HI was nssnsinri led in 179 J, nnd his son, Gufl'avus IV, still living, wus deposed ill 11)09, and his crown placed on tho head of a marshal of France. In Franco, one King was dethroned ai.d beheaded ; Ins sou perished mysteriously, From l lie, Brandon I'tlfgrnph . SHEARING TIME. Respected Friend Editor: When I was a young mm now between tinny anil forty years sine.' 1 bail occa-ion lo cross your Green M nintaiu S'ate. from the beau tiful C Jiuiec' icut to Lake Ciianiplain, four times. But from Hint time to '.he past yenr, I have not been within Hint State. W it tin. tlw pi-t year, I again bad occasion to cross Vermont, from Windsor oo Iho En?l. to Burliiigion on the Wc-t, nnd wit nessed will) pleasure, the growth and im provements H:at have been made, in com fort and conveniences, so remarkable ap parent in all the New-England Stales. But I was !-oinehow struck' with the con viction that, not only Ihe inhabitants of divers: seel ions and regions of your State, but mi uierou - eti igrauts who.travcrse from tine sec' mn of count ry to another, in search of "go'id land," are qtn'e ignorant of the f.ilue--- id' Hie roil, ns well as ihe important privileges 'A your Sia'e over mid above iho "Far West," now-a-days so eagerly sought a'tor b, the ri'sle:-s and the ambitions. In travelling from Bor'ington, on the Stage Roatl leading to Sianslcad, as far as Lamoille River, considering Iho goodness of the land and the low price of cultivated farms, it appeared to mc a region altogeth er worthy the attention of enterprising farmers not lo nnme o'her clns-n. We well know that this is poi a soil and cli mate suited to tho growth of co'lrn or cane; but ii is suited to other growths equally productive, all ihings considered. For gras ng. it appears to mo thai no hnd exceeds n ; and Hie location is almost un rivalled for raising e.T.tle mid sheep When we take into view Hie contiguity of i hi region to Burlington on Lake Cham, plain, nml .the easy water counnuiiiontbn thence to Albany on the Hudson, and to New York, the great Linden o Ameiica, we may be struck with no small degree of a-ioni-hmei)! . Hut such advantage? should be overlooked by a quick sighted, decern ing people I nui led to believe Hint a far mo r. with live or ten ihoti.-and dollars, free from embarrassment, could hardly in any mlicr region hotter invest bis capital, nml improve his facili'ics, for his own benefit ami tho benefit of his IV-llow men. I may just observe, here, that I own no propuiiy, of any kind, within the S'ate, to Inn-s my (lpti)ton ; nor do I ever expect to-, being mv-elf si-tiled in l be h lokselltug bu siness in the city of New York. There was anoih r subj 'ct that arrested my niteniioii, and grieved my feelings ; and the one which was tho procuring cause of ilnscfl'irt lobe useful to my fellow men. It wns, ns I conceived, a mistaken policy, or economy, pursued by those farmers who raise sheep, at the season of shearing, now approaching. After some week,? of warm weather, du ring which Hie sheep have been burdened, with an abundant lleece, ihey are shorn of the whole at once, which causes them to suffer during l he nights of mmi-rato weath er; and in cold siorm-, unless iho farmer litis provided s mho arbor for ibem to run under, a great loss is su-latucd, in tbo health, mid frequently in (he life of tho flock. "Blessed nre the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy ;" mid this mercy, I believe, it is our bounden duly to extend, not only to nil the human family, but to all dumb nnimuld. Tho truly uie'rciful man is merei. fnl to the bruto creation, as well ns to his own species. Bul interest and economy, it would seem, would prompt to tho removal of the evil now under consideration, Ono farmer informed mo that he liadTiost sixty sheep, Hie past season, by turning out his tloek after shenring witliiiut provi ding a shelter for them. Sad neglect ! which no provident fanner should suffer himself to overlook, Two bovs, of fif teen, could, in a day or two. buu!d a bower sufficient for two hundred shcCp'to run tin. dor in a storm. It could ho done wilh posts hnd poles, covered, four feet from the ground, wub pine or hemlock boards, nt the expanse often or filteen dollars, nnd would hist lor years. The farmer who neglects such n preparation, mid depends on bringing up Ins fiock to tho barn in tbo time of n s'urni, leu to one, will in lime nejlecl his sheep nllogelber. Respectlully, thy Friend, An Or i) Man, Ncw-YojIj, -Hh mo. 17, 1837.

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