Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, May 19, 1837, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated May 19, 1837 Page 3
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V 11 I 1) A Y M O II N I N G, M A Y 19. Probably most of our renders are already apprised of lhu ciispcnsion of speck' pny rnciit-) by I bo New-York banks. Suhso. ciucntly, Ibo Boston, Philadelphia, net! Baltimore banks have also suspended, and ns n matter uTcourse, the enmity butiks.gcn. crnlly, will bo compclledtn fnllin with I be measure. With this result, wo are in no way surprised. It i? the nnliiral consc tjuenco ol' Gen. Jackson's "experiments" will) tlio cnrrene.y. To have expected any ihing else, was to turn a deaf car to the voice of nil history, and to deny to cause their natural iffrclp. lint wo timet take t liinn-s as ibnv nre. and make the best of them. Wo arc all in t no panic boat, and it is certainly the part of wisdom not to ag gravate bv needless excitement, rv Is al ready sufficiently formidable in themselves Notwithstanding I ho lempornry suspen. tiun ofspicic payments by tho banks, tl cro ran be doubt whatever as to their solvency and -rencral ability to meet all their liabili. tic--. In the meantime their bill will con tinue to circulate nod be received in all bu pieces transactions as heretofore. We therefore caution our readerp against need less alarm on the subject, or submitting to any losses in the shape of discount. JFc shall be very happy to receive the bills of any bank in this State, at par, for all debts due u--. Su-i-unsion Luv A law to suspend procedure against any bank in the state of Now York, with a view to forfeit i' s char tt r, on account of sn.-pc nsiuti of specie pay ments, passed the S- uate. on the 12'h in.-t. bv a vote of " I to 2. The following are its essential provision?. Hrcrios 1. Every ptoiis'mti of lnv in foire, mpioin;; or siiitlint c.ina ptonedini's ngnin-t any bunk in this slsilo, uith a iciv In fin foil iis c-liai trr, or wind up Us rni.rrrn, or to mliji'i'l inn iiIi !.Iir:i1 tUorhlioldiT to mil iim.-iiii:iI U.ilulilirs fur 1 1 to dclits olfitrh 1 1.) nU ,f ir Im I) inpiiii's mii Ii li.nik In ftipend its opri .ilions mill piorri'ilina. In onn-r tiii'nc(. of .1 ll-fu.-ul in p. IV iis nutps ir c il"':irc.- of clulit in iio cic, is lieieliy m'pi'iijpil fur one jenr. The srcoml sncliou sifter roii-'nlci :1ilo debate w.i. adopted, in sub-Inure, us fillou? : In any suit pin-edited nsninM any snrh cnrpnia linn, oi-'indiiiiliial Mnd.liolilei-, iiiihiii din pciioil ndiiesaid, for iioti.p.i moiil of m debts in specif,, no cost? i-li'.ill hi' to.i'oinolitu In llippnriv pi OMTiilin, iiiilc.-s lliu i f f rli.ill iirnior '30 or iipwiinN ; Hinl ill mi ll cii-cs no nil."!" ih.ill b(! 1 1 cowi alili: lie. jond nrlual it Ulm i iiiom nor intrie-t hcionil I lie iali! of fpvi n per r.rnl per aniiinn. 5 The aniiMinl of ncitr or I 1 1 - i"ited anil In rhiiil.ilimi of llio epietnl haijks of this State, .-hall mil liriTaficr on dl I lie follow inn ninoiiius iivpn: liwli : 'I'hnns hiving f.ipn:i! In die niiiniiiil of 8100,000, a cii ii of Sl.'O.OtlO ; ill -ii Ii.iv. ins cipli.iN in 1 1 if aiiiotnil of 1 50,C00. 1 7".000 ; tlirxo Inning rapil.iU in llk amount of $200 ,000, ii-200,000 ; iImim- h.iiin:; rnpiuil lo I tic ainniinl of 2"i0,000, 22.') 000 ; iIiip limn,' iMpiial- to llit iimmintofS"00,00U, .-2.'i0 000 ; ilio-o Ii ii ins rap. half lo llio annaiiil of !--t00 000, SOO.OOO j ilin.c luiiU capitals of 300,000. S'll.'iO.OOO ; lln.-o Inn ins capiial.- lo I lie am, mm of fjGOO.OOO, Si 150,. v 000; iliosp Inn ins lo ilip anniiinl of 700, 000, COO 000; those Innins rsipii.iU in the nn'unnt of $1 000,000. 800.000; ihn(. liaiins r.iph.iN to llip"amonnl of 1 ,-l)0,OT; lli'i.o liaiins t'iipit.iU to llic ainonnt of $2 nm.OSJ, 1 213,001. -1. Tin- Mull not l.i ti.inU not Fiit'jcct In tin : effo f.l of anv ititlc I " n ael to cieatc ii fiui'l for lliu lieni fit of the ci eililnis of cci lain inniiicil eoipmaiioiiJ, and for oilier piirpo'e," pat-xil Api il 2, 1S29, unlos mi Ii li.mU tliall sijulfy Hp :is.-cnl lo I HO pun ision-ol llnsact, anil the pio imoii' ol I Up ael l.i-l alioip tneniioiipu anil letcneit In, fo far as icgarils ihe li.-itntion of iIip eotn ini inners to a-cciiain the exK nl ol their i.'-nes ; which faiil in--.ent shall he yiicn uiiliin (en il.ii", by an i.iceincnl iimler its rorpoiati! fc,il, lo ho de posited w nil llie ri ci clary of Hale. 5. iS'niuiili-uiinliiii: die proiisions in lliis art roniained, it m ill be ami is, die ilntv of die li.nil; coininieminci? to uUo piompt ami iflii-ieut s'epsac (online to die law now in foicn, l'i foifeil llie char ter siml ivind up die eoiieci ns of any h.iuk, uliiill lliey mall find lo he in ilanjeruiis or in.-ulienl cir-i.'tnn-'taners. fi. This ar.l fhall take i fl'c el iiiuuediiilcly. Pnoriincv or Mr.. Ci.av. Tnr. Prori.r. ore now looking back to tho warnings andj admonitions that were in vain iiileted by the Whig statesmen of '33 '3 t -'3'i in regard to the consequences of the ties' rue. lion of the U. S. Bank. Comparing ibem with the promises and prcdiciions of the men whoso councils ,t hey followed ilipy may learn whom to trust fur tho future: Tile I'auk has lie en ilnnmcd lo dPrliuciinn, and no one noiv iliinks the tei li.u ler of il is piactic.ilile, or oiilil to lie atlciuplcd. 1 fear, f.iiii .Mi. Clav, that die people will liaio jnsl anil K'ieie citii-P to I egl ol its ilcsti iielion. I'hu aihniiii.-ti.uion of il mis iiiicniniimnl) alile ; and one is al n ln-s uhicli Uiol lo inhniie, llie impci tin liahlu Iciopcr or llic uifduui of ith enlightened I'iPrlileiit. IN'o cunnlij can possibly pos.e-s a heller " nuiciiey than it mpplieib The injin ions eonfi iinnccs of the me. I ifil'l! of lllis Valll.llllu illMillllioil Will hhiii lie f.-li Thcie lieiiiR no linger iuij htniiiKd al llie liead of our hankinj; ciiil'lifhineiiis, lo wain ihpiii. by iis iiilonnaliou ami opeiaiions ol iippio.icliin ilancr, die local iiti-ti lotions, ahcaily mull i plied lo an al.u in ingcMciil, and iiliini-l daily imdlipljin, in fimkiiis of prosperity will nuke fice and unie-liaineil cmis. piniis' A ll'llio tliiiniirl.s of ciiciil.uiijn will lieeonin KOigrd. I'ropeily will use extravagantly liinh.anil ron-lanlly looking up, die. icuiplalinn to pinchase will he incsbtihli!. liiotdiualu i-pcciilalion nill en-f-nc, ilehls w ill he fici ly rniiti .icleil, ami when the peanut ofndicifhy comes, iu roinu it inn-l, die liatiki. arlinj uiiliom conceit iiml iiiihoiu guide, obeying ike law of t-clf.picscrwiliuii, i ill all at thu tame lime call in I licit- issues; lliu i.ift nunihcr will f'c,i;'cratR llio nl.inn, and gcnetal di.-lin-s, uiilcspicail mill, an I mi (.xplujion of die uhole liankins syflctn, or die csiablirhmeut ofti new It. ink of din United Sliues, udl Im die uhim.ile eflecls, was prophecy in 1S33 is histoiy in 1S37. Tlio hniies of Crockett, Trnvis, Bowie, and tho other defenders of Ibo Alamo, have been gathered, placed mono eoflin, and bu. ried with military honors, in Toxin. ju a it it i n I) . In Jcffersiunilli! Vl , on lite Oili in.l I y the linn, Joseph Walciiniin, .Mr. P.. II. Ilubbel, of Hills, buro Illinois, co Miss Cordelia Ann I'.ukcrof (lie fiji'incr place. 1)1 CI). In Ilicliinouil mi the 12th inat. I.uiher 11. foii of Hawtcl tMuion Un. in die 9th jcar uf Ins ne. In Shi'lhtnti on the lOlh inn., Mix. ICIizahf ill CI. oh ngeil 87jtyis, pihilcrs in ,Miisf,icliii;ets ate irijiic ted &c, l'or llii! Ittir linsloti Kreo 1'icis. TWII.KSHT. 'I'lic fim Itassnl, litliinit lliu itinuiilntii'i" brow Ami fi'i'li. irpiifii, .tint now lie badi' adieu Tufloiwiv lea, and pl.icid l.iUo, nml bill, Ami Flreain, nml llio look lie- gM!, "'as full Ofi.iilianru iMetlionalil 'iwn not unlike 'I'lti! lingering look of Iihtm iii lliny pari, When moil to incut iig.iin I hoy einlli!, and 6iiiile, Ami M'pcnilu. Dili now llio livil'i'at rIows Willi rlcltost tlnls of jollow, ("olil, nml led J And a lie (!!.(! upon I tin lic.iltlenii" fopiic, We reetn to Fi o lliu (;lorinit3 efTn Ijjrnco Which, cicr liproniins limn lliu IJicnml'd throne, Itailiates llm iilioilpf of htrFOilncFF Niilora iiroitml U ltn.lieit, tin limine. Imni, 'I'lin linnlins din, li.iio ee.iTil. TIip liiulj too Siiipii i oliiit, Fin eel tiiPFfcnser ofFptins, Wlin It, pnirlied upon nillfliinl liiifli completes Ilia eenins mns hale gone lo ic!. 1 bail TIip twilislil for 'ii-' llien H'llrcliini h alien Ami incinoiT loo, a-isiiniei lur uomcil sway, All int'inoii! Iiow now lliy innsic. power ltiins-i bull (o life, n 'lueie, (lie pcene-i, llic forms 'I'lic jop, the liopt'it lite feai" of oilier d.iJH 1 ('o tlilnk ofilio?!- up otai-of iIidfc tecrc Anil n c fit upon die i-tir.ituli'l'fl bank Wlietc pi st tin i-.iti' in iwilislit'i" lovely hour, Or ulien llio injoii iliil mcil us p.iln piuo light Upon l tic linliblins Inook in icieiic lo.t Wo Hail til lenslli, lli.n wo'io nlone llial llicy Wlioouco uciollioic, ate. llieiu no inoiu. Itut jet 'I'liey il' exi-t, lliey dwell ill jnnder fpbere; Aiiifol'l in filcnl iilglil. iilifii n.-itoin fli cp.-i I'liey hour o'er in, nml in our lonely walk We hear lluui, as lliey pn in on llic As il'llici called in fiiim lliis lotier world, To liciv'llie lie.iuties ol llie ppiril l.iml. I). Uniietsity of Vei ni'inl, April 2U,1S37. J. Ne WKA VHll is now recciviorr from civ Ynrli a new piucn c uono-j, cons-ift tun-of almost evorv art icle of Wet ami Dry Cirocnrios. alo. fnino of the lead in;; articles in tlmDiy Goods liiin. also, n larc Fupply ol',Moss Vork, New York city inspection." Northern and western Laid. Flour by the 1'arro', half barrel, and lb. ('ud Fi-b and Mack"rel, Rai-ins by the 15 1. ur Koi;. Alinonds. Filberts, and nrazil Nu'p, &.e. &.c. All of llm above named article? were bought with eab in New York at the very time to hit tho nail on the head, and will bo sold fur cash as low as any man dire fell artie'os nfihe miiic quality, Kaid Weaver is now. and has at all limes during tho money alarm taken the bills of all the Vermont" Hanks without a discount for poods, aNoihe bills-of almost all Ibo Iianks that tiro in circulation in this pari of the cminl rv at thi'ii- full value. Winoo'ki. Mav HI. KU7. ATF,W GJOOBS- PDOOIilT'I'lii:, lins jurt received IVi-m New York, a :euural assort ineut of Dry Goods, Groceries &c, which have been bought al Ibo Into lnw prices, and will bo s"l-l vetv low for Cn-li. Mav 17, 1!!37. " 3w K'KSS.: & EVANS, OH.ilH-T T ASL OIIS TOfAVFjus! received from New-York, ll.-ll a splendid assortment of Goods ill t In ir line, consist iu; of IJ'oitdnluihs, ty'a-Jsi. mores. Veslins, Smcks, Collars, Bosoms, Su.-pendcrs ; lorrether with many other ar tides tint necessary lo iMiuinerato, all of which will bo sold cheap for Cash. Thev will, as u-mal, at lend lo mitkmjr and euttmo for o'bersto mike, srentlotneo's iartnrMts nt'ovory dascript 'lull. (-horeh.Si. liiirlinglon, ) Mav 17. If.37. FOUND. phN Church front, on Friday last. velvet Aop'vat this Ollieo. WATCBBB3.. TiVi l'i have n eeiveil t--i nii very fine V Y silver Levers, 13 hole ; j-j,,,, C liolo jewelled Lemurs, and irood c uniuon Watoho.-: duo Gold, Lover, and L 'pines and F'L'h--h Watches, for Mile, l'arlieulai aMeniion paid to Watch repair tnjr and brass clock rcpn iriny at the Va ra tv liop. I'ANGHOItNvt BRINSM AID. Mav 17. WOOL. nnilF, Wmoo.-kt Mills of Burlington will JL take WOOL to work mi i-hares, or i xchauge for Saliincltcs on Delivery of tho Wool MiMTAIlY GOG U.S. VVY i. nave saworus, riuincs, riatps, liuiis, t Y .Sashes, Loukcls, Sword Chains, Cap I'lalcs, Stars, Laglcs, Feathors, Bolt Plates, Ilutlon.-, Luce., Ilor-o 'thiols. Spurs &. all new and in good order, Variety Shop '.IMillOUN ,5 lilllNS.M.llII. jNfow Musical instruments. xVS F. htivoi If 'red -ome I) Octave Flutes, V V 15 nnd C Fi'os. D Flutes 4 keys, film Violin-, fine violin Bows, Clarinet Caps, do Mouthpieces. And wo have fur rah: most all kinds of Musical Instruments, liirtruetion Book--, and Musical Merchan dise, sueh as, Si rings. Bridges, Peg--, Tail pieces, Ueeds &e. As we keep iheo nrti cles in drawers, persons wi-hing fur any in this Imo will pb aso enquire for them al iheVtriety bliop, Mnv IB. pANr;nnnN BniNM.ii. V tpor Ilanjiimrs. IV. baltiii ii Common, fur sale bv IIickok & Cat FLOUIi. Bids. Grantham Mills sup rfinc, lor salu bv May 19. IIickoi: &. IJairy Salt. Qr Sacks Liverpuol Fine Sail, just reu'i bv IIickok & May 19. Comuion Cherry Stonos, which eouiain M l silver spoons, for sale at the Variety Shop. PANfilWIiN &, BlllNS'IAIP. Paints, Pencils, Crayons, fco 710 havo opt ued water Colors several V kinds, and prices, by tho Cake Box, nlso, drawing and Camels hair Pen oils, Chalk Crnyons-, Porcelniii stands lo mix colaiH in, ilia wing paper, Bristol Board liohl fit .silver Pnpor, India Rubber, iliaw ing B iard, Quills, salin ground gilt edged L Iter Paper, Hath billet Paper, iv m st articles in this hue, ri ceived in llie Vanelv Shop. I'ANfiiion.N it IJkinsm m. Now Watch and Clock repair ing Shop. VfRIin subscriber, informs bis old Customers yil, nml thn Public, that ho lias resumed the Wnicli and clock business. in tho Morso Ilnnio I door north of the Jail ,last side Church St. ivhcro ho is ready to put Clocks and Watches in as good order as forinnrly and on as (rood loruisns Ins Neighbors. Mo will also keep lor sale on commission, one and eight day llrass and Wooden Clocks, a low as can bo had in (own and warranted. Call and sec. A. imiNSMAlD. HurliriKton. May 10, 1H37. MACKI2RELL. C)C llbls. No. C Maekurel', for alc by w IllCKOK &. Cati.i.n. Mnv 19. FORK. City Inspected for sale by Uicicok &. 10 Dbls Mav 19 White Beans. 2f Hush, for sale bv VJW IIickok &. May 19. Ti LOVF"NUTS, OR MAIJKIUA HJT NUTS, in which will bo found when cracked, a pair of fine kid gloves lor some pretty hand, Variety shop I'aNOIIOUV it I'ltlNSM tn Summer stocks, Linnen Bo miiih nml Collars, of different kinds, just received at tho Variety Shop. I'ANCnORN BRINSM AID Mav 1'.17 Cluncsc Carmine on enrdsat ;j cts each, and Carmine Sancern at l?l cts nml 25 cts each received al the vanelv Simp. FANG HORN &. BRINSM AID. Mav 11! ll.'iiiiubnl Hodges l iSillarrv Hodges, Chittenden Co. Court vs. August Term 15330 Orin Bishop. J WIIKRFAS. Hannibal Hodges and Harry Hodges, haying returned their action on bimK account, in the docket ol the Court alorcsaul against Orin Bishop mil lodgement to account having been ren dorod Iheroou, and the Eiib-eribcr having been appointed Auditor I hereforo notice is hereby given, to till persons concerned that ho will attend to the duties of said ap pointmenl .and will autltl and adjust the no counts between tho soul parlies, on the 3 Mondav of August ne.l, at 10 o'clock A M. at his cdlicn in WtMistno. DAVID FI! FjNCH, Auditor Burlington, March 30 11137. FoiTumerv, Soaps, Hair Oil, JUriT opened, Oil of Lavender of ibo purest quality. Olio of Rose, the best "eriimu Cologne, "real Naples Soap, also, most nil kinds of N. Smith Prentiss's Snap, I'orfomory &c.. Florida Water, Atkinson's Depilatory, Tooth Powders, Milk of Rose--. French toilet Mid Nursery Powder and Pnfl's. Japanese Lothm, Balm of Co lumbia, Preston Salts, Volatile concrete salts of Roses, Vegetable and Chinese Rouge, Citrbnnie Denlrifico, Cosmetic cold Creams. Musk, genuine Clnriuo Tooth Wash. Cephalic Soon', Fye Water, Pearl Powder, Bears O I, Wards Oil, Rowlands Oil, Antique Oil, Honey Water, Musk scented Lavender, an article to cure the tck headach, Dye lo color the Hair brown or li'ack. Magnetic ondmitica for the Teeth, Soda nod Soulletz Powders, Most all kinds of Perfumery &c. Lither Boxes and Brushes, Nail and Tooth Brushes, Castile Soap and other kinds in cake--, wash Bal's, Saponaceous Compound, Windsor Soap, Almond Paste, Black ami Flesh colored Court Pla-ii r. Lip Salve, Diamond Co. tnent, at the Variety Shop P,r(innrts & BniNM.m. CORN. xrCi Bush. Corn from Hudson for sale by IIICKOK & CATLIN. May 19. WHEAT. OHO w 111,0 0,111 rt'" wantixie, lor seed, for sa'e by Ma 10 IIICKOK & CATLIN AT II U' OP" "Ai POTWlN," liavu ro .J ceived and will sell cheap for cash, n variety of Woiked Mitelins, Capes and Collars, Artificial Flowers, Bonnet Uihhons, Straw and Tuscan Bonnets, French Cainbricks, Calicoes &o, &e. Also, n few llhtls Mtucrivado and New Orleans Sugar at 7, (1, and 9 cts. pr. pound. Olhor Groceiies proporliouubly low, May VI. 1(137. While Lead. BE ICKOK & CATLIN havo received 5 Kegs White Lead, which they of. ler lor sale. Also llie best Lmsced Oil Mav 12. I H37. AVestcrn Flour. It Bbls. Van Rcnsfclear Flour jusl - received anil tor tnlu nl the low ed market price, by IIICKOK Si CATLIN Book and Job Printing. npIlE subscribers have taken the Print X ing Ollieo recently owned by V. Harrington, and are filling it up with u variety of new typo itc &e. 'J hey are connecied with no newspaper, nnd will bo ready nl once lo do any work I hat maybe culled mr, in a superior manner. Books, Pamphlets, Cards, Handbills mid Printing of every description, w.ll bo oxu cutcd in a maimer u it surpassed by any city establishment. II JOHNSON Si CO. Old stnnd. Col'egc s. ) May 10. 11)37. s David Alwood's Estate

rflO Ibo honorable llio l'robalo Court JL lor Ibo District of 'hillendmi. the uiidersii;iicd. Muses Al wood, of Cliattolto. olio of t Ins bi'irt" to tho eslnto ofDnvid At wood.lato of Chariot to. deceased, respect lol ly represents that ho holds one equal tenth part, or said opIoIo jointly with the oilier heirs Microo', anil bump desirous to hold the satne in severalty, lie prays llio lion. tJouri lo ordur n division of the said estate, and to appoint n coninittoo for that purposu. uateil tit Uharlollo ftlav 9, tfl37. MOSES ATWOOD. statu ov T'un.MOjrr, ) Dl-TIUCT Of ClIITI T.NDKN SS. The linn, llic Prob'ite Court within and for llic Umlrit.l nf Cltiltcndcn l o the heirs o llie hslrtlc of David .Itwnutl late of Char Intlc in id id district lerta,cd,nnd all qthcr prrsnn ccnrcrucd or interested in the di vision of said cilulc anion i; the licirx there of. G11EET1KG. IILRFiAS, Moes At wood of Char. lotte, in Miid District, hath repre. cnted lo mid court that hois one of tho heirs to said estate and r.s such holds one equal tenth part of said estate jointly with oilier heirs thereof, nml being desirous lo bold the same in severalty he bath nrmcd eaid Court to order a division of said estate ninnno; the heirs thereof; niid to appoint a Committee lor that purposo. And Ibo sec otul Wednesday of June A. I). 1837, being set fur a full hoar'ui" in the premises: It is ordered uv the said court that the said Bin scs At wood rivo notice to I he heirs of said estate, their oltornies, and acnts, and all persons interested in said estate to be and appear before said Court at a session there of lo bo hohlcti at the oflico of tho llojrister of said court in Burlington on the second Wednesday of June A. I) 1fl37, to make objections to such division il they see cno-e by publi.-hinir ihcir said application togeth or w'uh this order three weeks successively in I lie Free rrcss, a newspaper printed at Burlington in said District, llic last of which publications to be previous to the day sol for hearing. r - Given inn II J ' 'II ton, in Ih Given under mv band and I ho seal robatc Court, at Burling the District of Chittende l this 10th dnv of May. A. D. 1C37 CHARLES RUSSFiLL, Jud. Dry Groceries. TVTOW receiving and for solo lower than J." ever, a great variety of Dry Grocer lea, coiiM-ting ol SUGAR. COFFEE, TEAS. TOBACCO, &e. eye by IllCKOK &. CATLIN May 12, 1 S37. ' Sheep Tobacco. ff-UST received 9 1'hls. Coniniom Tobacco Qtl suitable for washing shcop, and for sale uy IJlClvUK & UA I LI. May 12, 11137. Master Builders, take IS'otice rrriHE sub.-enbors will receive sealed JL proposals until the'Jd inst. for erect ing ami linishing a house of worshm Winoosl.i Village, tho materials will be furnished on the ground. The proposals must note the expense of the Stone nml brick work, finishing out-ido, and finishing llie inside cadi pad separate from the other. A plan of ibo house may bo scon at Dan Day's store, at the Falls. DAN DAY. W.m I). KIDDER. SAML S. TO W MS END. Burlington, Mav II, H137. HOT KB,. JOHN A JENNER. Art iV'OULD respectfully in FitL 'urnl ''lc fiii'1,is I5"r. l5!slf'3 lingtou and vicinity, nnd the utMzd& travelling public, tiiat he has taken, lepaired, and lilted up in good stylo, the boose lot uierly l;ep! by Mr. Harrington and subsequently by Mr. Cady, on tho Ea-l side ol water si rect, at tho head ol Ibo Steam Bint Wharf, and opposite Messrs Foiled and Bradleys Slotio Store. Having had much experience in the bu.-iness Mr. J. flatters himself that ho will be able lo give satisfaction to all who may favor him with a rail. His Bar anil table will be supplied with the best that tho market afi'irds, mid his house, barns and theds, for convenience, are not inferior to those of his neighbors. Steam Boat pa-sengers will bo waited on to and from thu Bunt--, ami I heir bag gage conveyed and lakeu caro of fret! of charge, and stage passengo's, from every direction, be set down nt this house, with out anv additional lare. Horses nml carriages will bo PurnUhod o any who want them to do business nl any part of the village or town, at reason abb) prices. Determined lo epare no pains to merit, Mr, J. hopes to receive, a share of the public patronage. Burlington, Mav 10, 1S37. Henry L. Reynold's Estate STATE OF VJlllMOXT DisTiticr ok littAM) Ism: ss. s At a Probate Courl holdeu at tho Probate ollieo in North Hero on thc'.'Cth day of April A. D 1(137. Pretcnt the Hon. Joi:r, Ai.r.r.N, Jttifcc. k N instrument purporting lo bo the last X. will nod teslamont ol Henry L. Key nolds la'e of Alluigh in said District do ceased, being presented to lhu Courl bv John Reynolds one of Ibo Executors there in named, for Probate. It is ordered bv said Court, that all persons concerned therein Im notified to appear al a session of said Court lo ho holdeu al tho dwelling of Jed P. Ladd in North Hero, in saul District, on tho thud Monday of June IU37, at mu o'clock P. M. nnd show cause if any they have against the probate of said Will; for which purpose it is luilhcr ordered that copy ol thu record of ibis order bo pnbhrhod three weous successively in lhu Burling tun I' rue Press, a news paper primed at Burlington in Chittenden County, as soon as may be. A true copy of Record, Attest A. KN1UHT, licgisler. Pot Ash Kettles, by J. & J. II. PEl K & Co. CM A AIL' LAIN HOTEL. JON RESPECTFULIiV animunceH lo lie citizens of Burlington ami its vicinity and tho Travelling public generally, ilia' he has taken, repaired, painted, lo'eil up ml ftirn sbeil thu nhovo Hotel, n'ualetl near the head of the Steam Boat Whirl ami next door north ol Messrs. Fulled and Iradlevs Stone Store, in n slvle of elegance and convenience not dirpassod bj any I Iter Hotel in tho village ol Uurlingloii i Fpaciuus Parlour, Dinning room and selling rooms, nil contiguous, communicate with each oilier ami Willi lliu ironl i'liizz-i below. Parlours and sleeping rooms above are convenient, airy and prospective and communicate by the Hall to the Front 'itizzn above, are all inviting to trnveller-s. boarders and parties of pleasure. The Bar room, barns, sheds, and yards are arranged llie nosHblo manner to accm modato the travelling and business pub'ic Mr II. from long experience proteoses to ;now how to furnish a good table and bar and to seryc up tho choicest ea'ables and rarest delicacies that the maruet ami sea sons afford in a manner to suit the taste of the connoisseur, nnd confidently ai-sur his patrons nnd guests that his ii'iin exertions will be put in requisition to serve them. Steam Boat Passengers will be wailed on to and from tho Boats and their Bag gage transported and taken caro of, and save their Hack hire to and from thu Court House Square. stage pa-scngers can be sel down at this Hotel without additional fare, and so ta"king tho Boats will bo shown on board with their haggage free of expense and without incurring any risk of being left, bv Ibo darkness or lateness of the night or any other emergency incident to the hurry and bustle of bteatn power opera tion, or tlio fluctuations of wind and weather. Horses and Carriages furnished those who wish to call at the Banks or public offices, or visit any part of the village, on 'reason able terms. Burlington, May I, 1337, GHSJvp FOP. CUSH BKOAD.CLOTMS, CasMincrcs, and Satti. nets, at reduced priees. 1LSO Carptings, and Paper Hangings, Good Muscavado and New Orleans Su gar at 9 & 10 cts. per lb. Teas ColFuo voty cheap, Good Lamp Oil, all for sale bv S. E. HOWARD. TO the Hon. llio Probate for Ibo District of Uhitleodun comes Joseph Marsh, of Ilinesbttrgh, in said District, and s-hnivs lo said courl that ho is legal guardian of Mary L. Taylor and Charlotte I. Taylor, female in. fants mulct tho ago of eighteen years ; that tho said Mary L and Charlollo I. arc seized as tenants in common in their own tight in fee of nno undivided fourth part' of two certain loti- of land situated and being in Ilinesbttrgh, in said District, numlicred sixty nine ami seventy in the first division of lands ir. mid town ;.:iu'd that a sale oP said land is conducive to tlie best interests of his said wards Wliereloro he prays said court lo grant him license and cm. power him to sell the said. land. And your petitioner will ever pray. .loscni AlAiisu, uuarilian ol Mary L. and Chailotle 1. Taylor. Wnesburgh, May 10, IS37. . STATU OF rrMJiIO.YT, ) .Di'sTntcT nt- Chittp.ndks. ss. ( Tli-c Prohnle Court for the District of Chit tenden, In all persons to ichom these pres ent1! shall Cf-me, fi hkf.ti ,mi . fOSEPH MARSH, of Hinesburgh. in Mho Dist'ict, of Chittenden, guardian of Mary I. Taylor and Charlntle I. Taylor female, infants under the age of eighteen year.-, .having represented to this CouM lhat Ibo said Maria L. and Charlotte I. are seized a-, tenants in common in their own right in fee of one undivided fourth part of two certain Lots of land situated and being in Hine.-burgh aforesaid number, ed sixly-nine and seventy, in the lir:-l divis ion of lauds in said town, mid that a ?alc ol said parcel of land is conducive to thn best interests ofbissaul wards It is therefore hereby ordered thai aid application stand fur a hearing before said Court, nt a ses.-mn thereof to be holdeu tit the office of the RogiMor of this Court in Burlington on the, second Wei'tic-dav ol Jono A. D. 11137; and that notice thereof be given by publishing ibis order together with the substance of ?aid petition in tho Free Press, a newspaper pruned at Bur linginn in the County of Chittenden, two weeks snccssively, the last of said publtca lions to bo not less than two weeks pre vious to said dav Oivnn under my band and the seal of said Courl al Bnrjington, in the Di trict of Chitlendoii, thifi 10th day ol Mnv. A. D. Ifl37. CHARLES RUSSELL, Jud-e. Ephraiin Hasolton's Estate. STATE OF rilUMOXT, ) IHSTIIICT OP CIIITTPNIIP.N, H- X The. Honorable the Probate Court for the Diilrict of Chittenden, To all pcrmns conct.rnultn the hslalc oj j.piirann un icllnn, late of Jfcturd in said Dislrul dc fit icd. R E E'P ING. Vftf II EREAS. Abigail 0 llaselton, ad. T t ininistralrix ol the e.-tato of said do ceased proposes lo render an account of her administration, and present Her accouni against said estate for examination nnd al- lowancenl a session oft he Court of Probnt lo bo hidden at the ollice of the RepUter nl tins Court in Burlington uu tke second Wednesday of June 11137. Thcrefoio, You are hereby notified lo appear before said Court tit tho lime and placo afore.aid. and shew cause, if nnj you have, why llic qccouiiI aforesaid hbouhl not bo nllowed. Given under mv liniul nt Burlington thif lOlh day of May A. D 11137. CHARLES RUSSELL JmW- NEW BONNETS. ONE Case Pino English Slraw, Leghorn Braid, Oriental, Laeo and .Vines Tuu-ans, jilt I II ceived by the subscriber, and telling at Reduced uriccs. I, rilROP h I'O'I W IN. .May 5th 1U.I7. Matthew Jr-ax's Estate. I'o Ibo Hon, the Probata Courl for thn district of Grand We. Iia Hill of lido La Moll irt said district administrator of thu estate of Matthew Sa, late of Chazy, in the Stale of New. York deceased, respectfully reprcfctila t It :t t lhu said Matthew Stu, did in Win life, timu enter into a certain contract In nnd with one Joseph Bowman opinio La Moll nOire. said to deed and convey lo him the said Jo sepb Bowman tho whole of lot No. 70, and tho north half oPIul No. 73, lying and being in lalo La Moll al'orcsad, wh'u b said con tract was nt thu decease of tborald M.itihcw Sax, and still is, unexecuted. Thcrufnro Ibo said Ira Mill irays the said court logrant unto him liherly and authority to deed said land according to tho terms ol'said contract agreeably lo the statute lo such case mado and provided IPvA IHLL,.;imV. North Ihro, April 3. 1 1137, NT A T P. OP V E It MO NT,? DisTiucr or G hand. 1st, i:, ss, $ I'T by lhu Probate Courl for Ibd I. district aPorcsaid all persons concern ed be notified In appear lie for a said Court, al a session thercol lo he hidden at tho dwelling Iimisc of Jod, P. Ladd in North Hero on thn third Monday of May next one o'clock P. M. to show eatiso if any they havo why llic liberty ard authority requested in thu foregoing appli cation should not bu granted, nnd thai for that purposo tho said application to got her with this order bo published in the Burlington Ftcc Press printed at Burlington in the County of Cbitloitdcn, throe weeks successively ds soon as may ho. In witness whereof I have hereunto afTixcd the seal ol said Court and subscribed my namo this .lib day of April A. D. 1037. JOEL ALLEN, Judge, New Goods-New Goods Up and doing, Quirk and Cheap CHEAP for Ca--ii and no Imprisonment for Debt, have boon my inollos for fifteen lull years ol brirk and lively trade. An early starl in the spring helps well through the winter. January, February, then March means go ahead, nnd so he did. Howard, of the Cheap Cash Store, Marched off'o New York and he.? return ed with an additional assortment of New Goods, t-ncli a t3i ks, Muslins, Ribbons, Calicoes. Cambrtcks, Shawls, Hdkfs., Gloves, Hosiery. Combs, Leghorn Straw and Tuscan Bonnets &c. &c. which to gether with his former slock makes aa ti-ual a very rich splendid and desirable! variety lo select from, nnd as goods have coino down to cheap prices in New Yurki they will bo .-old at corresponding low pri. ccs at Howards in Burlington. P. S. There is no mistake about price?, I have bought Cheap and have no other biifiii' S on hand but to attend to their be ing disposed of El prices i hat will suit buyers. S. EARL HOWARD. Burlington, April 7ib 1 "37. David At wood's Estate. STAT OF VICIIMOXT ) I)isTiucr or CitnTENDK.v ss. S 77it lion, llic Probate Court for the District oj Chittenden, To all persons concerned in the JUlate of David Alioood, late of Charlotte in mid Villi ict deceased, GllEETIXG. j "WIIEItEAS, A mo Clark, administrator 11 of the estate of said deceased proposes to render an account of his administration, and pri-seiit his aecotinl against said estate fur examination and nllo.vaneo al a session of thu Court op Probate, to he holdeu at the llrg. ilcr s ollieo in Burlington on the second Wednesday oPMay next. I iiuiif.i oaK, en are hereby notified loap. pear before said Courl at llic time and placo aforesaid, anil shew cause, if anv vou have, whv the account aforesaid should nol be allow ed. Given under my hand al Burlington thi lllh dav ofAprd'A. 1). 1C37- ' W.m. UT.STON. Rrg. ms SOLUTION r?pilE Copartnership oP tho subscribers JL hcreloPiiio existing under tho firm oP Day, C'atlin & Co. is by mutual consent this day dissolved. Al I debls duo ibo firm are to he paid to Dan Day. who is to discharge all liabilities against the same. IIickok & Catmn. Din Dav. Burlington, April 19. 11137. NOTICE. rfniII3 mav Certify that I have given mv JL sou tt'liAjVT J ROCKIVFJ.L, his tinio during his minority and I shall pay no debts of his contracting nor claim any of his earnings aftet Ibis dale, MF.RIilT ROCKWELL. Allmrgh. April 1 1, 1U37 NEW RUM. Ilhda. Boston N. E, Bum, by j k J II Pt'ci; A- 20 May 1, 1f!37. Patent Pails, Zf doz PATENT PAILS by JV J. i-J. II. Peck & Co. NEW RUM. rilST received and l'or sale QQ Hints ' New Hum, by Foi.i.ptt Jc Br.ADi.nvs. Mav 3, 1037, of FLOUR. nnillS day received and Por salo 13D bbls. J Van Benslaer Flour, a primo article, by Foi.m:tt 5" BtiAi)i.i:vs. May 3, 1U37. May 1837. ' AT the Variety Shop. Wo have return, ed from New Yurie, with a good as Mirimeni, and a great variety of goods which will enable iito put upon our coun ter iilumst any article that is palled for nt our simp We havo made additions lo .ur Slock of Watches, Clocks, Plated Waio, Silver Pond's. Butter Knives, Jew elry; Stationary, Cutlery. Musical Instru ments, Sonps. Petfniui'ry. Portlolios, Paris Toys, &o. No pains Imve been spared to keep up the variety. More particulars in loluro advertisement. PANG BOB N & BRINSM AID' Nova Scotia Plaster. OtO ','"n'1 gf'"11"' Novafcotla Plaster. &0J which willbosoldd liverablo at tho C jlehester Mills or at tho Ho-o of .1, & J, II. 'eck& :o. May 1