Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, June 23, 1837, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated June 23, 1837 Page 3
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WOOL TWINE. fUHT rocoivfil bv I J. &, J. II. I i:ck & Uiii June 21. FRUIT. mill inril the PINT .4PPLRS, ami LF.MONS, for rale at MTIIKOl'&l'OTWIN. June OH. NAILS. KcL's1 Nails, assorted size', n superior article, ins', received 1)11 COIIsiglHII' III, .liul lor (-till 111 Hlf loWPEt nr. bv ii. m. (imniNns. Ifurlington. Pearl st. June 'l.t, lli!l7. roa port douglas, pout kf.nt, rour Jackson, riiATTsmmiui, N & S. II FRO. ST. ALDAN'S, ALISURGII SPRINGS. AND HIGH GATE. Tin: stimm no.-rr HI A C B O N O IT O JUT , CA1T. WM. P. PHILLIPS. "r7y7i 1 1 , 1 j Leave I'lirllliL'tiill every .Vimdtil Vx morning, at hall p.i-t 7 o'clock, nml will hind and receive passengers nnd freight nt till the above n. en lionet! purls, and arrive at llighgatu iibimt half pan 0 o'clock, P. M - Leave II ighgiilo every Tuisdny tnfr ti i n r , nt ti' ti:ist 7 o'clock, reluming' h.V Ihe same loule, nnil arrive at Rinhngtun about half nasi fi P. M. fLrLeave Rmliugltiu evrry Widiieidin. Thursday, Fiitlni anil Snlurdiiy, nl half p.t-t 7 o'clock in Ihu morning, lunching at all inter- ineuinto perl", e.Mepl Porl-JJoii'rias, am live nt hl.dlbtiiM .U J o ulncls, I'. M. Leave St. Albans at hall past 1 o clncl;, no Hie snmc davs. and arrive nl Iiiirliolon nt halfpat fceven u'clock, P. .M. Thi arranaenienl is made fur the nccnnio dalimi nf iIiiim! vim ui-h to visit Alhiiii;! HnriiiL's nml Ihe north part of the Lake. This f-eunrrv on tins ionic is l'r the most interest Hi" on'lho L.ihe. 'I'lmse who hn u not viited this portion of the la 1.0 eannnt linlbe interest 'd liv making the excursion 1 1 1 rou li the Jshii'uis to Albiirfrh Sprin and Ilighjjntu. ISiirhogton, .lime 11, 11)3". Josiah Blake's Estate To the lion, il.e Probair (Jouri lor the )isiricl ol ('liitlendi'ii, romes Ihe sub tcrilii r J), reas lllak' , nilniinist nil i i.s of the Ksinle of .liisinh Jilnke, hue ol llolton in md District, deceased, nnil repre-ents ihnt Hie personal estate ol said dertiisrd will not he .-uflicieel in pay Hie debts nnd charges thoreo', and here by uinkes iipplicaliioi in snld Court for license to sell I he ienl e-tale for that pur poi, nnd as n part ol Mini esinte ennoot be si. Id ultimo' injo'V In those ioleres led in Hii! rrmmiider, she llierelnre iiinkes ntiplicatiou lorn license to sell nil Ihe icnle.-iiite nnd the reversion of Ihe willow's dower in sun! e-in!e. 1 '!-.? s Iil.AKR. STATU OF VIlIi.UO.XT. ) Di-'ruicT or ("iiri i iiikn, ss ( 'A T a Piohnie Cmirt holilen nt Wii'is is H'li, in snid Di-trie, mi the tj ( (lny nf .Une'rv. I) l!!.17 II is ordered Hint nil iceimnl bo tiiken nt the dehts uml nl.-o, the procrf'ds of Hie perMimil imienf Mini di'- eiised, and that Ihe heirs and nil persons concerned In snul estate be notified to r.p pr'nr behwe said (Joint on the third Moil dny of July oox ' Ihu lviL'le Hall in "" l ' 1 1-1 u il. iiforesntd, lo Mve liom for the pasinent of deb's, nnd show cau-n why license ns nloretnid -hull not be omnied, and I hnt such notice be oiveu tiy pub t-h-nifr the nbove npplicni mil llin e wei lis sue :essiv(dy. as soon as may be, in the Free I'riss. n newspaper printed in IJiirlinton, to said District. Given under tny leitid. the day and year first a huve written- VV.iW KSTO N. letter. Matihew Sax's Instate. rBlIlK subscribers haviiii; been appointed by .B. llin I loniualilc. Probate Cuurt for the ills, trict of Grand-Isle cnmmissionirs to receive examine ami udjiisl all clnims nml demands nf Jill poisons iiimiii si Ihecslato of Mat t how Sax, late ofChazy decensed and nil chums and de iiuiikL exhibited in offset thereto, do hereby 'mvu notice that said estate is leiiresented iii. solvent, and six months Ironi Hie "7lh dav of April A. D. lii.i" is allowed to ihe crediloisof Mild estate to provu their respective clnims he. lore us, and that we will nilcnd lo the duties of our appointment at tliu dwelling house ol Irn Hill, in slo La Molt, on the thud Monday ol'Auust next, from 10 o'clock forenoon nil 1 o'clock afternoon. Dated nl Isle La Mott, this st day of June 1 Ul J till l C 11 m's EZRA PIKI'..jr. MARRY MILL, John Wing's Estate. WF Hie Fiilcribers. Iinving been np pointed by the Ilonornble Hie Pro. bale Court for the District of Grand Isle ct ininissioiiers lo receive, examine nud ad Just the claims nnd demands of all persons, 'agonist the estate of John Wing, bile of Albnrgh, in said District, deceased, rep resetiled insolvent, and. nlso nil chums nnd .demands exhibited in ofl-el therein; nml ,mx mouths Ironi llio dav of the ilnle hereof, being allowed hv said Court for thnl pur pose, we do therefore hereby give notice. Hint we will n t tend to Hie bnsine.-H nf our appointment, nt tho dwelling house of Mini naii Wing, in Alliurgh, in said District, on the Insi Saturday of October next, from 10 o'clock, A. M. till G l M. Bated Alliurgh. 'JC'd May, 1C37. Wm. SOWLKS. ) CommU. ICMAROI) NILKS, f doner. SCYTHES. DOZ. wtirrniiled Scvthes by Temperance School Medals. QCIIOOL MUDALS, with the Tcui. JO ncraiice I'leilgu and oilier tcnitiernnce delicti upon I hem for bale nl Hie Vnrie'y Simp. JiillOItN & Uulnsmaii). June 15. Plated Spoons. nl'AT III) TI1A ANI) TA 15 L H ft. SPOONS. 1'iiiHmI (Jrinm Spoons sugar l'uijr. Plated Salt mill Mm Spoons nt dlfl'eruut kinds Cur snlu m Variety Shop. J 1 1 IK 15. I'ANntlOHN it UlUN'M.MI). L. B. Piatt's Estate. T7 H the subscribers, having been np W4' pointed by tin; Ilnnornuv the Pro bate Court for tliu District of Clnl tcndcn, commissioner..! to receive, exnininn uml ndjust tlin claim nnil deinniids of till per sons, ngmnst Hie eslnto of I., li. Plntl, Into of Milton, 111 smd District,, rep. resented insolvent, anil nl-o nil claims nnil demands exhibited in nll'-cl thereto; nml six months Ironi I In: day nl'lhe (lato hereol, being nlluwed by t-aitl Court for Hint pur pose, we do therefore hereby give not ico, that wo will ntlunil to ihu business of our appointment, til the il welling nf Stilly Plntt, in iMillon. in mill Dhiriet. on the lUih day of Nov-tuber next, at 10 o'cIlcIc, A, M. Dated, this ICHi 4l.1v ol .Mav, A D HIS". 'DANIKL II. CIJIOM, ) Cummin. IRA WITTKRS, doners. Joseph IJrown's Estate. sr. in-; of ri:ii.Moxi IV'iuict or Cm tti:m)i:. &. S A'P a I'rubati! Court liohleo at. liurlitif: ton within mid for the District nlorc aid on the 'J Hi day of .luiie, A. 1). l!i.'J7. in liwtrumeni piirporiin' lo bis the lust Will nod 'I'estniiient of Jo-epll lirown, lie of .lenelio. in snnl District deceased, ivn-i irr-rnleil to the lun rt, here lor fro bale, bv Polly Jlrown the Hxecntnx, there. in named. riii:ui:roiii. it is ordered by f-ntil Court. that public mil ice be o'ven lo nil pert-ons interested thorrin to tippunr tie'ore stun Court, tit n terMon theieol lo lie holdrii nt liiirliii"ton on the lU'li day ol .Inly next A I). MI37. nud contest tho probate nl said Will, mid il is further ordered ihm this order be published three weeks nic-rc.-suely in the Free Press a news paper printed nt liorltntnti. in this Smte. the ihe last of which publication .-bull be previous lo ihe dny n-sined, us aforesaid for liiMiriH;. Given under inv lianil nt llio I'ejiistrr's Ollice, this Dili da'v of .loim A. 1). 11337. Win. 'WKS'POiW l'isln: Round Bales lor Counting Room Desks nnd Marble ptnnds mid Rules for the same, for sale nt the Variety Shop. l'.fillOUN &. Jilll.N-JIAII) .Tune 15. AY MA Bil5. .( Ill A LIJ Irooi T tic sub-criher on IheCOth Mav Inst, ti Rrowti Mnre. with a su I'ch tail. IT n sUir in I he foreliend nud - mnrked on one liind I Whoever will nive noy informal urn ol'sn d mnre shall receive t'i" sinrere thanks of tite subscriber. Pill LIP PKAROIJ. Piiirliiiolon, .liiut! la, 1IU7 Y fS A I R . S I L i & S HA W 1) WTTK A.M. P'.sh Monks. Rods iii canes, Shite Pencils set iii Cedar; tine Jjidin Ink, III b' s' art icle we ( ver had, iust received ill i ue Vaiiety Shop. I' VNr.inns & RitiNvM UD. Poclcet Book and iloney liost, T3F.'rWI',l'.N the Limekiln of. Mr Dean, tin .D-P Ibo llinesburL'h rond, nud the Court lloii-e squaro. n calfskin Wallet, containing fifty five ilnlliK's iinil a half I'niir leu iind tuo live dollar bills 00 the Fanners and Mcohnii icks linok, one five dollar bill on SI. Albans hank, and one half dollar of American coin. Whoever may have found said money, shall he it I it letl lo Ten Dollars, by leaving the same nl the Post Officii in Ibis village. JOHN' VAN' .-sJCKLLW Jr. new dob iis EOVKLY & ABBOTT, L"j? AVK just relumed from Now York with .11 .11. a gond assotliiicnl of Fancy ami .Staple Dry Goods. Dry Gioccrics, Ctriekuiy, Glass ami China Ware, &c. fee. which will he sold verv Low fur Cash. May 25, 11137. STOCKS. ry tlnz. Super Satin i I S T O CKS. it " lionibiizinc just received by June 1, 1037. L. CURTIS k Co, 1 Case more IdeianL florfnci: tuscan siion'nf.ts coloaf.ijm ) 2 " Ftencli Wreuths, hy L. CURTI.S'fc Co. June 1, 1337. June 1st., 18IJ7. TOW GOODS AG.A7.I? BOYS. nro pleaM'd to inform our young ciisinim rs, thai wu did not for"ct tliek ortlnrs, whilst selecting our Variely, but havu hroughl 000 Alley and oilier Matblos, some 1 11 11 1 sl Kuh'.ier lialls, I orpedocs. iVo. expressly for our vouxc customers, nt the Variely Shop, 1'A.NtsnonN Sc Jliii.Ns.MMn, June Jst,New Coods again. Wl'l have again relurued from New Vork with mi mlditionnl stuck of New Goods, which makes our nssoriinent belter Ihnu ever before : nnimnr 1 hn Goods now opening are 0 do.. Swords nud other Miltlnry Goods; ol nil ,ouj nml nrices : tine J.upine Wniches. t.degant portable writing Dusks; black and while Cruvous. Crayon holders j Slobs, Wafers in ' Hi. HuudlrH. i.lnying Curds of the best quality, star and plain Hacks; letter mid cap Pnper. ruled nnd plain; mile Paper: ladies silver Itiblet Pencils; line Steel Pens; nud n great variety of nrlicles 111 these depnrl. tiieuts; just opening at tho Variely Shop. I'VWillOHN &L HuiNSMAII). FIKJS "WORKS. ROCKK'PS, Flower Pols, Mines, Fur belows mid other lurgujl'Veworks, will bo furnished, by us, for tho 41 h ol July or other celebrnt ions Wo do not keep nny nt the (hop, hut they can be had in 11 few minutes nlinr ihey uru culled for. No fireworks will bo sent from Hio Mngnziue. llup sensou with the privilege of returning ihofco lint used. Panocoun &. HniNsMAin. fTi lovr nuts, on. siadkir a i yA IN u rn, iii win no ionno worn mucked, ii p'lir hi tun; lni .'loves nir sumo prelly linnd, Variety Shop P.MiltollV it Ruiv'M.vtn. Hummer slocks, Linnon Bo- miiH mid Collnrs. ofdifl'-renl kinds, just sccuived nt llm Vnrielv Shop. PANG HORN &. HRINSMAID Mny 11137 n u.iu i ! in '"AiMoiTrimTinTKrv a- ty riuiy Simp. I'ANfltmnN it Riunsmaii). COGGIiES. .lUIVE 1st. Trr, have rceeiveil Minto very iinnl onef, V'V' "'reeii anil nine uinsscs-, nun pinico Alountinirii, at the Variety 6'lmp. I'ANonoiiN & llr.ixMAtn. .Tunc 1st. iS'ev Goods again. Wl hnve, enntiary to our e.presrd in tention piltehnsed sotnebcaiitifol brown Mohnir ('atis, Cnrls and plain Hair, N'ets mr Misses, and Cliildretis, line Artilirinl Flowers and WiratliM for tho inside and outside of ladies bonnets, in order to answer the mils lor the above artieles; at tho ariely Shop I'ANOllOItN k lilll.Ns'M i i Juno 1st, New Goods njjain. do7. cliiinney Glasses for Astral Lamps, sl ; doz Glolin i;hisses (nr brass limigiiifr Lamps, .11) j.'ross Lamp Wieks, for most all kinds of Lamps, small l" to bed Lamps for Puhlio lit uses, Plated and llrass (Jnnillesticks liultur.s nml J rays. ariely Miop, PANOIlOliN k. MlllSS.M.MI). Small Bills, or Change, Vr.f1,ri0 cts. 'J. ets. Z l-C cts paynblo on demand in trade or hills, hitiiilsinnely executed on Hnnk lull Paper can bo had by the quantity at tho Vmiely Shop, for from f 1 to tier hundred. These will assist in makiii": change and be a ureal convenience. P.Nnmii! & P.aiN-'M.iin. DISSOLUTION. 'OTICH is herehv oiven that the Co- IN iinrinerslu:i heretofor" exisliii'r under I the firm of Wellington, Whitney & ' mid lioardinmi, Clark & Co. washv inulual consent dissolved on the 251 Ii 111st. nil Notes, nccnunls nnd debts due the, iloresnid , firms, tiiu-t. be nrrm.grd nnd Felt ed with ' t 1 1 I'll . s. 7 n . 1 ! phtilel Vi'liuuev, bv whom all demands . .' .... ............ ...... 1 agmiirt the nforesntd firms will be dlscharg d. .IOSLMMI CLARK. SAMUKL HOA R DM AN. KLIP1IA1.KT Will l'NHY. F.. WF.LLINGTON jr. .Milton, ,Vfj 30, 11137. COPAIITNLUISIHP. rw 1 1 F sub-cnburs having forincd ti Co. JL partnership tinder Hie firm of JIOAltDHAX, tT.AKIC & CO. AM) IL WUITNIiV As CO. nt ihe old stands of Hoardman, Clark it (Jo, and Wellington, Whitney &. Co. 10 Milton, at which two places all Ihe bu-tness lierelofor" carried on by the above firms will be by us c ut inued 111 nil i's various brunches-. .TOSKPlI CLARK. SAMUKL HOARDMAN. KLIPIIALFT W11ITNHY. .Illllnn, .Mitij 30, 1!J37. NEW GOODS. f jplin silbsctilier has tuken Ihe Store. B- herctofon1 I'cnjned by Mr Sidney Harlow, nud hns the pleasure of ofl'ering a . I ! ,1.... . 1 ! 1 1 1 1 i.envy sine, o, ry u..o,,.,i,rMt,e, j terms. Most kinds of Produce received ' in exchange, ntul good bargains given lor Cash. IIAWLKV M. G1DDINGS. Hurlington, May i l, 1337. Ladies? Shoe Store. riTllB siihsrribnr would give notice thai JL in nihldiiion to his nrrseut stock of fn-ionnhle Stmes, he is weekly reci iving f' ot 11 Hie Manufaci urers a selected 11--sortnient. of eiisloin work, tiiuong winch nro MnnslieliL best Kid Slips, Gaiter Hoots and Walking Shoes, which will be ap proved by all who mny wish mi nrlteh't'or Service. Likewise Gentlemen's fine Hoots nud Pumps innilo lo order by Hie best of workmen that can be obiniued nud warran ted. All of which are ufl'o.-ed at Ihe lowest price for Cash. DANA A. HRAMAN. Hurlington, May 'J3, 1337. Blacking and Brushes. PASTF, nnd VARNISH HLACKING of good qunlily. nnd good shoe Hresb. en, fur tnle nt Hid Variety Shop, I'AMillOKN & Hni.NSM.VII). -j 9 dn., Twist Combs, long teeth, .1 " narrow Twtt Combs, long teeth, lZ " quill back Combs, long teelh, 0 " inuro good shell side combs, u gnod lot of very nice shell Pocket Combs ! 11,1,1 mw ,il"2" lrosjm.,r Combs; Va rtety Shop. I'.VNfSllOnN it AGAI3ST, AGAIZV, AGAIIT, yfiOWARD hnsjust relurued from New v-.e4 York, being his seennd I rip Hits spring, nnd hns liroiighl just whnt hu been hnped nud wished for so mix inn-1 v viz. Hie ww" "f heller tunes Iinving commenced m ' c oliseqiience of Ihernll of I ho Congress of 1 "lilinii nnd tho heginniiig ol ihe City lianKs lu receive tun Country Jinnl; notes, both of which causes have inspired hopes and brought back confidence ,11ml wilh it theNew Gnods into market for distribution, and being just at Hie right lime, Ihe turn nig of ihu ltd", ireeived Ins ponton of Hie 1 1 1 1 1 approved nri teles, dime hack in the fastest Rail mid Slc.un lioat Lines with them so ns to distribute, the happy intelli gence, nnd pleasing New GuniL mining the people ns generally nnd ns hist ns possible, nud if they will only come buy and take them 1 am sure they wih feel and appear better and moie cheorln Viud nil ihitigo will go on nijain regularly mid linimniiioiislv. P. S Only j list call mid look or buy nt Howard's. May III, 1 037. Neat Walkinu ('anes, with or without .Swords, jusi received at tho Vnrielv .Shop. I'AMiuoiiN it Hrivsmaiii Crockery and Class Warn rBIIL Mibcribr: nro now oll'oiinjr a larjjc .H. nml -lfifl il Mock of (!roel,ery nod Glnss Wnre. nml il is their intent inn lo keep surh n stock that the public, will know where to union and select their full supply any time, and at satisfactory prices. We huve Now, t iii, Ground, and ) tniu AM nil, Globe, iall and LAMPS. Stand ) DiniiiL' fcIU complete, while and prin ted. (Sold Hand, while ami hron.u China sells. Cut nod plain (.'hanipaiyiio J Lemonade, Whip, Winu, and (H..1SSI1S. Celery ) nd in 'fact almost every article in tho line Li:.MUKt. Cuiitis k, Co, liurlinjjloti, Mny 2.",, l!.l". LYMAN & COLE H'AVPi iPf.'d llieir Spring sunt Simitnrr CSnnd, compi it'mi iifind n "encial assoitiiieiu of 1)11 V GOODS, Aihp-112 ulii'b nip a plrinliil ii'.-oitiiicnt ofC.di coes, (iinali.oiis nnil Pi'miml Cuiilnic.". I'irM, cro-s li.irird il I'l.iin ,Miilin.. Sis mull, .Iiipoik-i, nii'l Pl.iid Miiiilin'. I'l.iin, I'lid's Lip, nml I'l.ilil ('iiinbrii's. 1 E it-It I'l.iin nml Lmliioiilcied Silk lliisiciy. (In, do. ('nl Ion do. OloiPf , Silk, Kill, l.lnpn, Picnic, nml Cnltnn, lll.irk, lilne PI iik, PiiiiPil nnd Pl.iin Oio tie Sivi..- nml (im ill' lilinii CiiPi ii nit I'lnil (no do NiidIpi? tin. Silk ConbluU and Pinmtcs. mimed and pl.iin ti,..uw i.l(ijp, rm... n.nvnt Tamlmiii- I'lPiicli umkeil Ciiih's nnil Collars. Pl.iin and Kh-'d Slullv ll'dk'fi nnd Slnmls ciy i irh. Si'wina Silk do. do I'i'd silk Cinpe, uml rich Ucinaiii, HMkYs nml sjIhimK Tad'i't.i nail finrailiiio Ribbons, Sewing ! nail Tiusl, lJioailt lntlH, C.ifsinicips nnd Vestings. Domestic (ITooiTS, lirnu ii (Jiitlini blii'Clinir, him tin;; nml Di 1II1112 Pilemli tin, tin. tin. Tick, Wicklnj, Jsi:. A "nod iis-iiiinii'iit offiminipr Clnth. idci fcc 1'iucliell.i, Piinet'tla, l'liuiiiellc, Cinpc, Cam y0,k .Mixture?, bine Drills, fancy stripe mole Skin fee. Siipci fine Linen, Tri-h Linen Shirting, do. ftlK,' '!;1 .. hods eve Diaper, tin, INapKin nml Linen ),im.i-K. Ilnssin Diaper, nml crash, linen table Clolns llrniMi mid Pilent lipd. Hinliiisttm, May 2,"jb, 1S27. Bonnets. Wreaths, &c. 1 0SF Sup Straw ) HONNF.TS. J ttscaii and Florence Common Tu-ran nnd Collosum do French Flower. Wreaths &c. bv LFMUF.L CUR'I'IS ft Co. Mnv 22. 11137. -TT A T a meeting of the Directors of the J.. Colchester Mnnufactoring (Jouipany ilolv holilen, it wns ordered that an asses.. tnetii of 'Pen tlollnrs he Imd oil ench share of 1 he capital slock of said Companv. to be pmd on or before Hie 23d tlav of June A- D K!37, and a Inrlher nssessiiienl of live Dollars 011 each share of said Capital stork to be pnnl on or before the lot duv of Julv A. D 11157. SIDNFY HARLOW, Clerk. Mny 111, 1337. .'iw Artificial I lowers, very pretty; Mohair (Japs, fancy colors, Stny nnd Hoot Lace.-; nod, S'eel nml Wlinlebone Husk m,w Whalehones. Ivas.ics. Suspenders; rlor Halls. Haltledore's. Looking-Gla (for. Toilet Tables and Rod Rooms,) with Drawers for Combs. &c. under them, Curls, Ringlets. &.c. Vnrteiy Shop. P.l.NfillOKN it HlllNS.M vm Cold and Silver Pencils, and Spectacles; Tool It Picks, Thimbles. Hos 0111 Pius, linger Rings. Far Jewels nud rings i Chnius Kevs nnd Seals &e. nt the Variely Simp. P.vr,iionN& I'iiinsm vn BOOKAGRNTS A S tunny soliciting book agents, as shall 1 (pint the number of Counties in Hi State of Vermont arc wanted, lo solicit subscribers to n ;irio. largo and nriirhml work tilled, 'tiii: Avn-Umvc.iisam on a llivronv of Tin: rvi.i.r.v Avnui.c ot Tin: ScitiPTijiu-.s, inUnihd 111 a vrfnlatum nf the three- mnin paints nf Lnirfrsnhl tl trinr, wunclij : thnl there no hill Jar Ihr inV.vt. nftcr thin lifetut iltvj nf Jutlmirnl nl the cml nf the tcnrlilitiul nu liivil or Sttlan, ni 11 real heiiv' in rrislenre. ai iv held hi Ihr nrlhmlor srett nf religion." Such persons ns mnv wish In become engaged 111 this business, nin-l he of fair diameter, nnd able to give good security by way of nn untler-writor lor all books sold, nud siicli n- are not sold to be relurued, if reluriii willnii such time ns shall he specified 111 the obligation given for the hooks, nt the tune ihov mny be vwintod. As in the reniiiner niton for the tiL'ont's services, nnd the rmt ol Irnnsaciing Hie bu-inoss, if trniisacie according lo contract which mnv be eu tered into with the author it will ho such ns 1 lint Ihe moderate success of five sub scribers a dnv, will give tliu agent, 1 deducting expen-es ol' honrd, soinethin over Kti'i'v 1101. 1. .wis a month, except the trniisporiatiou of the books, which in till cases is but trilling. This work is now nieelitiL' with iixtiaordinnry success, bv wnv ol'snbseriplion, 111 nenrlv all the Conn ties of the Slate of New-Vork, nnd doubt less will elsewhere. School uiasier-, Far mors, Mechritiii's', Merchants, Siudeii!n tit Law or Divinty, are respectfully invited ;' not otherwise profitably eiigngod lo ac cept ol th.s employment, ns Hie opnorluiii ty to double the amount above nnuied is lairly prohnble. J''or nil further- ir.fiiruini ion, relative to the innnner of doing the bu-iuess, please nthlress the Author, Josiah I'ricst, at Hie Albany Post-Ollice, N. V., which will meet with immediate titlenlioii if;)o ptiid, ntul not otherwise. N. 15. The work is to be embellished Willi new nnd original engravings suited lo the subjects ol the work, in num ber. While Beans. I flf Hush, for talc hv UW JlicKoii it Cati.i.n. I Mny 10. S3- isoomis, HASjiHt received from Ni w 'ork. m Ins tii-mhor, Morocco mid t'liiilini; Smre. S'do Ijoiither Ironi 17 to '11 c'n. Mo rocco's of all kinds, KID LINING, TRIMMING SKINS. Ste. .'I .SO, Shoo Mnkrrs'i? tools of every ilefcriptinn, ntul Shoe Thrrnd. Iienther 'of nil kinds coustnnlly on hand, of his own iiiniinfnrlurr. Any nrticlu in his lino will ho sold very low for cash. 1'enrl Street, Mny 2'ith, 11537. JW. WKAVKR is now recoivinir, from . New Vork n new stock of Goods, cotitsiiiif of nlmost evorv nrlicb' of Wei anil Dry Groceries, nlso, sotriu of the lend injr nrliclcs 111 the Dry UnniN line, nlso, n Inroi! supply of Mess I'urk. New York city inspection. Northern nnd woslorn Lnnl. I lotir by the Il.irrel, hull barrel, nnd lb. Cod Fish nnd Mackerel, Itnistns by Ihe 15ox or lvejr. Almotids. Filberts, nnd Nuts, itc. iSic. All of lb" above nnnicd nrticlrs were hnuifht with cash 111 New York nl t ho verv time lo hit the nml 011 the head, nnd will be sold for cash ns low ns tiny ninn dare sell articles ol'llu; Fnnir qunlily. Said Weavnri s now. nml has nl all tunes dunns the inonev nlartu taken the bills of all Hie Vermont Hanks without n discount, for (.moils, also the bills of almost all Ihe Hanks that are in circulation in I his part of the count ry at their full value. Winnn-ki. Mnv 1!!. 111.57, JC1S UN & JI3VANS, 3CBHCIIAN,r TAILORS. "JOf A VM just received from New-York. 11. JL n splendid iissorliiienl of Goods MM their line, conisiirig of Hroadcloths. Casst. meres. Veslings. Stocks, (Jollnrs. iiosotns. Suspenders ; together with many oilier nr tides not iiere.-snry to enumerate, all ot wnien win no soitt etieap lor insi. Piiev will, ns 11-ual, mtend to making. nnd cutting for others to make, gentlemen's nrments of every description. ( I'liirlington, i May 17, lf!37. Professor Ilenrv's Discourse lefore tlie Phi Sigma Nu Socictv ot t lie U. V. M. For sale ul the Hookstore. Mav 2G. WATCH Kr. a t7 l'i have received ssiiuie very fine V T silver I .overs, 13 hole jewelled and line (1 hole iewulled Lepines, and good murium Watches: fine Gold. Lever, nnd .opines mid Knglwh Wnlche, for sale, 'articular niteniinn pmd lo Wnich repair nig and brass clock repairing nt the Va riety Shop. PANG HORN &. HRINSMA1D. Mnv 17. riJHK Winooski Mills of Hurlington will ii- tnke WOOLlo work 011 share, or exchnuge fur Saltiucltcs on Delivery nf the vv,,'l- " MILITARY GOOD. r7 bave Swords, Plumes, Plates, Jiehe V V Sashes, Li ockct.s. Swortl Chains. Cnii Plates, Stars, Fables, Feathers. Hell Plates, Juttoiis, Lace, Horse 7'istols, Spurs &c nil new and in good order, Vnrielv Shop. 'AM! i:0 UK liKINS.M.MIl TSfew Musical Instruments. K linveoll'ered some I) Octave Flutes. I. ntul l. Tiles. 1) J.'lnles .1 keys. fine Violins, fine violin Jiows. Clarinet Caps, (hi Mouthpieces. And we hnve lor nle mo-t all kinds of jMti-tcal Instruments, Instruction Hooks, and Mnsienl Merchan dise, such as. Strings, Hrulges, Peirs, "I'm i I pieces, Reeds ite. As we keep it .-so nrti c os in drawers, persons wi-lnng ior any Ins hue will plen-c cnuuire tor thein nt the Variety Simp. Mny 111. I'AMnonv &. Iirin-m vtr. I'aper fiiniiiiii's. J f fT, Ps. Saiiin &. Comninn, for hW&W snle bv lllCKOK it C.VTl.tV FLOUK. 15 Hbls. Grnntham Mills superfine, forsnleby Mav 13. 1CK01; it C.vrr.iN. j)airv Salt. q Sacks Liverpool Fine Salt, jusl ree'd lxl bv IlicKot; it May IU. Common Cherry .Stones, which eoutaiii l-l'l silver spiiutis, lor sale nl the Variety Shop. P.VNnilOllN it lilllNS.M.VIli. CARVE TINGS. Hales superior Ingrain ('arpctings V? 3 do Fine. do Stair Carpel nigs, also, Flour Chillies, Rais es ttc. ve. by Li:mui:i. Cuiitis it Co. Mny 1C, 1337. Nova Seolia Plaster. Ofxll Tons ground Nnvnseulia IMnster. rCOJ which will bo sold deliverable at ihu Culcholer Mills, oral llm slo-o ol J.Sc J, ll.7'i:cK&co. iMay 3. fHlilK subscrilier Iinving assumed all the .1. debts duo tho lato firm of Day, ('albn .t Co. gives iiotico that inimetlialo paymuul niiisl he iiiade of the same, as well as nil oilier tlc mauds duo him. DAN DAV. Iliirhnglon, Aptil 19. 1(137. 3w "new goods. TT ATIIROP it POTWl.Vhnvorrcoiyril tho A .A last wet k a few ps, heavv Illk. Jlalinit Silks, Light Col'd French Cmnbriuks, Gloves, Hosiery, Thread Luces. Long Wliiln Lace Gloves French (Forking ('ollun and Cause, II il'i;ins-, f.- ki;, April II. Urillsinisi Ten Pots, Pitchers, Puinbiirs mid ('ups forale nl Hie Variety Shop. PaMIII'IHS t& lilll.Ns'M VII). .tune 15 TOCO F (JO AN I) liUCIFF.R. .U-J A! A'PCIIMS, oontl oops, nlso Cigar Match"-, lo carry in Hie Pocket, for Mile .it I lie Vunety Shop. l'.VN(il0tN & HfllNsM Mil Needle work Capes & Collars. J doz. I'reiiph nnd .Scotch workcd Capes and ('ollnrs. some very bcnuliful nml rich Pntteni', from $ 1 to $12 1-2. by LKMUI'.L CURTIS & Co. .Tunc 1. U37. NEW GOODS- . , FJJOOLI'PTliK, litis just reccivcil . from New Y'ork, n general nssnrt inent of Dry Goods, Groceries &c., which have been bought at Hie late low prices, and will bn sold vetv low for Cash. Mav 17, 11137. " 3vv STRAY COW. QTUAYF,I) from J J the subscriber on Kith in?!, a IJInck Lino Hack (Jnw, long boms, a white, star in " -"' her lorehead, full mid- tiling fur size Any inlortnation given so he cow enn 05 ohtameii, snnn tie iiausnmciy Rewnrded. GIDI.ON M. J'MSK. Paints, Pencils, Crayons, &c. H hnve opened water (colors several VY kinds, mid prices, bv the Cake or Ro. nlso, drawing mid Cmnes hnir I'cn- ct's, (yhalk Crnyons, Porcelnin slnnus to miv polars in, drnwing paper, Hri-tol Honrds Gold it Silver I'nner. India Robber, drnw- mj, j;,,nrd, Quills, nt 111 ground gilt, edged I.etter Paner. lint Ii billet Paper, & most articles in ibis line, received at the Variety Shop. Panoiioiin iv. Riiinsji aid. PORK. i f Hbls. City inspected lor sme nv IVJ ' Uin..rii.- n.vrr.lN. Mav 19. Groceries and Provisions. A. B. LOWRY, AS taken the brick store on church street n few rods north of tho juil, where intends to keep a general assortment of family Groceries for sale. Such as 'Peas. I Ctiffee, Rice, Loaf. Lump and Ii'nwn Sugar, Molassess. Lamp Oil, Cod i tsh, Mackerel, Figs. Jvnisins. fstits cce. Y. ALSO, S03IE I'UUi: ST. CROIX RUM, WINKS. HOLLAND GIN, HRANDV. Prices and quality nf the nbove articles will bear comparison with anv in this count v. Hurlington. May C5. 133" Hannibal lodges ") & Iljrrv Undoes, ! Chiltendpn Co. Court S " j Ao"iisl Term 133G. Orin iiilmp. J 'vWUKRKAS, ilnnnibnl Hodgi-C and Hurry Hodges, haying returned their nr.tton on boot; nccoiini, in the thickets of Hi" (.nun nlore.-aitl ngailist Urin Mshnp, nnd judgement to account having been rcn tiered thereon, nnd the sub-criher Iinving' been nppoitned Auditor Therefore notice is hereby given to nil persons enncernrd, thai he will attend to the duties of said np- piiiiitiiient.nnd will audit mid ndju.-t thenc. counts between Ihe said parlies, on I lie 3d Momlay of Angnt next, nl 10 o clock A. M. nl Ins ollice 111 Wtlluti-ti. DAVID FRf CII, Auditor. Hurlington. Mnrch 31" (337. WHEAT. white and red Danlizic. ftu -jV-'v-7 seed, for snlo bv May 19. II1CKOK it CATLIN While Lead. 7TT? ICKOK CATLIN have received lill 5 K. gs Wluie Lend, which tb"V of ler lor sale. Al.-o Ihe best liinecl UN. .Mnv IQ, 1337. (Jbicrji num. i W'if - vmi Kenssetenr j iour jusi ret:eiveo mm tor snte ni tne imv- market price. i,v IllCKOK iV. UA I l.liN. iEW BONNET. kNK Case linn F.nglish Straw, Leghorn niraid. Oriental, Lace tind .S'imss Tuscan jutt R. ceivet' by Ihu sub-criber, aril selling at Reduced nrices. LATHROP&POTWIN. Slay Sth 1337. Sheep Tobacco. VjMTST received 9 Hbls. Commmn I obacro G1 suilablu for washing sheep, and for sale IllCKOK & CATLIN. May 12, 11137. MACKKRELii. OA lluls. Ao. " .viaekerelt. for sale nv IllCKOK it C.VTI.I.N. Mny 1 CO UN. Corn from Ilu'lson for t-nlc IllCKOK it CATLIN. 500 l,1' Mny 1J. Dry Groceries. 'XVrOW receiving nnd for sale lower Hum i ever, n great variely ol Wry W nicer ios, con-i-'uig ol msm Jig, SUGAR. COFFKK, 'PR AS. TO HA CCO. &r. Sec. bv IllCKOK it CATLIN. Mny VI, U137. Engravings and Bictures. Il Great vuriei'v of Pliitrs. LandscapcJ, 'i 1 lends. Cm i.'innes &f,, for sale nt I the V uietv S'i" i I' nv & HuiNSMVi).

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