Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, June 30, 1837, Page 4

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated June 30, 1837 Page 4
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Brittnnia Tea Pots, Pitchers, TumbUts Mid Cups for sale at llio Variety Shop. Paivohohn t JJiu.ns.maii. Juno 15. LOCO I'O GO AND LUCIFER MATCHES, good "ncn, also Cigar Matches, to curry in'tliu l'oekcl, lor s:alu lit llio Variety Shop. 1'AMJiimiN it HniNfMAin. jWcodlo work Capos & Collars. I) ilnz. FriMich ami 6'eoleh worked Capes tinil Collars, sonic vrry beautiful mid null I'utturn., from .Jl m H2'l-2. Iy Lemuel cmvns&co. June 1, 1.137. FDOO LITTLE, tins just received from New York, ti general nssort iiiont of Dry GooiK Groceries tc, winch have been bought nt tho late, low prices, nml will tic mid vctv low for Cosh. Mny 17, 1 1J37. 3v STRAY CO w7 sr"-TT-nri OS TRAYED fi from Kith inM. ,1 I! 'lie. I; li'iic Rack Cow, In tijj horns, a while slar 111 her (ori'lirail, full mid information given bo i t (Hint? for fuze Any I he cow can he obtained, shall hn hndsonicly Rewarded. GIDEON F1SK. Paints, Pencils, Crayons, &e. Wl) liave oprticil water Colors several kinds, and prices by the Cuke or Rnx, (il-o. drawing and CiimcU hair Pen cils, Chalk Crayons?, Porcelain stands to mix colars in, drawing paper, RrWtol Hoards Cold & Silver Paper, India Rubber, draw 1 1 Hoard, Quills, satin ground gilt onged lii.'ller Paper, Rath lullel Paper. it most articles in this lmo, received nt 1 lie Variety Simp. P.vrsnnojtN it l!ni.N?MAin. FORK. i r Rbls. City Inspected for sale by '-' " IIickok & Catm.n. May 19. Groceries and Provisions. L B. LOWHY, H' "AS taken the brick store on church street a few rods north of the jail, where intends to keep a general assortment nf family Groceries lor sale. Such aa Teas. ColVoo, Rice, Ijoaf. Lunip and Emwii Sugar. Molassess. Iiainp Oil, Cod Fish, Mackerel, Figs. Rn'-ins. Not? &c. &. ALSO, SO.UC I'UIt 13 LKiUOIlJ. ST. CROIX RUM, WINKS, HOLLAND GIN, RRANDY, Prices ami quality of the above article will hear comparison with any it) this county. Rurliuglnn. May 25. ir,37. Hannibal Hodges ") it Harry Hodges, I Chittenden Co. Court vs. August Term 11130. Orin Hishnp. J WHEREAS, Hannibal Hodges and Harrv Hodges, haying returned their action on boot! aceuuni, in I lie dockets of tltn Court aforesaid against Orin Hishnp, and judgement to account having been ren dered Ihereon. and llio sub-criber bavins been appninled Auditor Therefore notice is hereby given- to all persons concerned, 1 lint he will attend to ihe duties of paid ap pomtnif'ul.aud will audit and adjust thoac cuuiiN between the mid parlies, on Hie 3d Monday of August next, at 10 o'clock A. M. at his office in Wili-tnn. DAVID FRENCH, Auditor. JJnrlingioi), March 30, i .:JV. , WHEAT."" 900 ''llsn' wl'ito and red Dantr.ic, fot Mav 19. IIICKOK &. CATLIN White Lead. HICKOK &. CA'I'LIN have received ! Kegs While Lad, which they of for for sale. Also thu best Linseed Oil. May I i!, 1337. Western Flour. Vf'S1 ''''If. Van Reiissulear Flour just J ' received and for sale at llio low est market price, hv HICKOK it CATLIN. NiW BONNET. ONI3 Cnsofine Knglish Straw, Leghorn liraid, Oriental, Laco and wiss Tuscans jutt It' ceived by the subscriber, and telling at Reduced uriccs. LATJIHOP&I'OTWIN. May fith 133". Sheep Tobaeco. MTjMJST received 0 Hhls, Coiiunoin Tobacco OL?'' suitable for wushinj: sheep, and for sale by HICKOK & CATLIN. .May 10, 11)37. MACKEREL L. Hbls. No. Maekerell. for 'ale by IIickok it Cati.i.n. 20 May I CORN. Corn from Hudson for snle JHCKOK ei. CATlilN. 500 May U). Dry Groceries. WOW receiving lim) fr vu,, lWrr n,,in ever, a greut vurioty of Dry G rocer ics, consi'ting of SUGAR. COFFJiK, TKAS. TOHACCO. &n. tVc by HICKOK t CATLLN'. May 12, 1337. Engravings and Pictures. A Great variety of Plates, Landscapes. a Heads. Curicatures ttc, for ynlo nt 1I10 ncty simp. Pawgjioiin it Ukiksm aid. CIIAMPLAIN HOTEL. 08m JONA. HART. Tn ESPECTFULLY niinnnncos to the citr.eiiH iil'liiirlington mid its vicinity, and the Travelling public generally, that be hastaken. repaired, painiud. fitted up and furnished the ttbnvu Hotel, si'miied near the lioad ol the Sieain Rnat Wliarf ami next door north of Messrs. Follett and llradleys Stone Store, in a style of elegance and convenience not mrpas-ecl by any other Hotel in the villain ol Rurlingtoii. A spacious Parlour, Dinning room and setting room?, all conliguous. (oiniiiuuiciite with each other and with the front Pui'za below, PnrlourH and bleeping rooms above lire convenient, airy and nrospective and enniuiunicnle liy the Hall to Ihe Front Pinz.'.ii above, are all inviting to travellers, boarders ami parties of pleasure. The lt;ir room, barns, sheds, and yards are arranged in the best possible manner to accoui. modate the I ravelling and hiwiness public. Mr H. from long experience professes to know how to furiu-h 11 good table and bar and to seryo up the choicest eatables and rarest delicacies lhat llio ma'kel and sea siMHnfi'ord in a manner to mil the taste of Ihu connoisseur, mid eonliilenily assures ln-i patrons and gucls lhat. Iih Utmost exertions will bo put in requisition to servo them. , Steam lUit Passengers will no waited on to mid from the H'M's nml their hag- sage trnnsporled and liiken care nf. and save their Hack hire to and from the Court House Square. Stage passengerM can bo set. down at this lintel without additional fare, and 1I10M! Inking the IJoats will lie shown on board with llicir l:aage Iree of expense and will t incurring any nk of being left, liy the darkiies" or lateness t the night or any other emergency incident to the hurrv and bustle ofstenni power opera tion, or" the fluctuations of wind and weal her. Horse and Carriages furnished lliose who wish to call at the Hunks or public oflices, or viyit any part of the village, on reason able terms. Rnrluigion. May 1. lt!37. JOHN A JKNNKR. TLjrJb TOULD respect fully in- ftV''M 'nr'" lllG t-'",''-'"t' 1,1 ur. !jniy3 litis'"" nnd vicinity, and the unveiling public. I Mat hu has tnl;en. (enaired. and fitted on in L'ood style, the house tomierly kept by Mr. Harrington and sulHeniiontlv by Mr. Cndy, on the 1 Fast side of water street, at Ihe head of the Sicam Hoat Wharf, and LppoMio , iiss3rs- r oiien. miu nrsunevs oiouu omri-. Ha villi: had niiich oxpcrience 111 the business. Mr. J. flaliers bimselft hat he will benbln.ogu-osatislac.ion to all who may j ,'avor nun Willi a can. ijis uar nun laoit- Will bo supplieil Willi the best that th market affords, nnd bis house, barns and sheds, for convenience, arc not infciior lo those of his neighbors. Steam Hoat passengers will be waited on to and from thu Heats, and their bag- gae conveyed and taken care of IV 1 f ciiarge, and stage passongo-s, from ev, ry direction, bo sei down at this house, with out any aildilioual faro. Horses and carriages will be furnished o any who want tln ui to do business at any part of llio villags or town, at reason able prices. Determined to span; no pains to mcril. Mr. .1. hopes to receive, a bharu of tho public patronage. l'nrlington, Mav 10. 1307 STATU OF VK11M0XT DisTinc r of (! 11 a n Isi. 1: ss. J At n Probale Court holdoli at Hie Probate office in North I lero un tlie i!Gih day of April A. D. 1337. Present the lion. Jour, Ar.i.K.v. Judge. A1 N instrument purportniL' to bo the last will nnd testament of ilonrvL. Rey nolds la'e of Albugh in said Di-trict de ceased, being pre-cnted to the Court by John Reynold- one ol tin Kxeeuiors there. 111 named, for Probate. 1 1 i- ordered by said Court, lhat all persons concerned therein lie notified lo nppear at a ses-ion of said Court to bo Inlden lit the dwelling ol Jed. P. Jiii (Id in evil DiMrict, on tlio ibird Monday of June 1337. at one o'cloek P. M. and show caiisu if miv tbev ' have against the probate of said Will ; fur it'lxrl, ...inwiLn o , l i rl i.rrli.ri.,1 HimI i I copy of tho record of this order bo published I three weeks Ei.ccess.v. lv in llio Hurling-1 I. ,11 1?,.,,. l,.a 11 imu'i nnmir xrnifnil 1. 1 res. u news paper printed til Hiirlington in Chilleiidon (Joi'.nty, as soon as may bo. A Iron copy of Record. Attest A. KNIGHT, Jiepislcr. New Watch and Clock repair ing Shop. MTIlE subscriber, informs his old Customers vJii and tho Public, that ho has resumed llio Watch and clock business. in llm Morso I louo I door north of Ihe Jail , East side Church St. whom he is ready to put Clocks and Watches in as good order as formerly and on as good terms as his Neighbors. Ho will also beep for tale on eoiuuii-sion, one and eight day lirass and Wooden Clocks, as low as can bo had in town and wurranltd. Call and sen. A. HIUNSMAID. Hiirlington, May I!!, Ib37. ' May 15, IS:7. AT the Variety Shop. Wo have return od from Now York, with a good as sortment, and u great variety of goods, which will enable us to put upon our coun ter nlmost any article that is calh d for nl our shop. Wo havo made iiddiiious to our Slock of Wntcliris, Clocks, Plated Waro, Silver Pencils, Hotter JCnives, Jew elry; Stntiounrv, Cutlery, Musical Jnstrii ments, Soaps. Perfumery, I'orltohos, Paris Toys, Sic, No pnitid have been spared to keep up the variety. Moro particulurn in luturo iidvcrlipemc'uts. PANGBOItN & BIUNSMAID- mm Perfumery, ftoaps, Hair Oil, JUST opened, Oil of Lavender of thu purest quality, Otto of Rom, thu best gerinan Cologne, real Naples Sonp, also, nio-l nil kinds nf N. Smith Prentiss's Soapj. Perfuiiiory &e Florida Water, AtkiusonV l)emIatory, Tooth Powders, Milk ol Rose. French toilet and Nursery Powder and PtilT, .lapatiese Lotion, linltn of Co lumbia," Preston Salts, Volatile concrete sails ol Roses, Vegelable mid Chinese. Rouge. Carbnnic Dentrilice. Cosmetic cold ('reams. Mic-k, genuine Clorinu Tooth Wash, Cephalic Snuff. Kve Water, Pearl Powder. IJenrs O I, Wards Oil, Rowlands Oil, Antique Oil, Honey Water, Mti'k scented Lavender, an article lo euro the sick heiidach, Dyo to color the Hair brown or blark.Miigneiicondoiitica for the Teeth, Soda and Seidlelz Powders, Most all kinds of Perfumery &c. Lai her llnxes and Hruslies, Nail nnd Tooth 15rushes, Castile Soap and other kinds in cakes, wash Palls, Snponaceons Coinpouud, Windsor Sonp. Almond Picte, ISIaek and Flesh colored Court Plaster. Lip Salve, Diamond Co. nienl, at the Variety Shop PA.MillollN &. Hnt.N-M All). Chinese Carmine on curds at n els each, and Carbine Snneers nt lrJJ rts nml 05 eta cacli received nt the variety Shop. PANGBORN & RRINSMAID. Mav II! To llir Hon. Ihe Probate Court for the District ifGliillrndcn,rnmci the hvhscrilirr udmiiustrn. lor of llir, cslitln of Gideon I'rindk late oj Charlotte in raid district dtcrastd. and rcji' rcsrnti that thrjirrsmwl estate of said drcinstd u-ill not In sufficient In pay the debts and char irr? llirnof and hinbi; makes application to 'said Court, for licence la sell the nat estate of said deceased for that purpose (.; no 11 01: Pr.iMH.i:. RTATKOr VI.RMONT, ) DlSTIUCT or ClUTTKMHIN. s- S AT a Probate Court holilen at Iiurlinglon, in said District, on tho'.'lsl day of .March A. D. 1.1.J7. It is ordered lhat an account hu taken ol'lbu delit-i and also, the proceeds ol'lhu pmsoiial ostato of said deceased, and that llio heirs and all poisons concerned in said cMato he notified lo appear before said Court on the second Wednesday of April next at the olfieu ol'ilii) Itegi.-ter o'l'said Cr.urt in liurhngtoii aforesaid, lo give bond for the payment of debts, and show eausu why license as al'oru snid -diall lint lin granted, and that such no tice lie given by publishing the aliove appliea. lion three weeks successively, as soon as may lie in thu Free- Press a newspaper printed in ISiirlinglon, in said District. Given under my hand, the day and year first above written. Wm j:sj w'HsT'S l'ATUM' CIIL w.M. vi:ston. lit!. oitiM: Q Q S i E 'V 1 C and PILLS, Q R Ul,wnrillH Satril(M, Scald- 0 R Ringworm L head, and nil Cutaneous hruptioiiH. This article is net 1 brown into ninrket like l;,.,,,o,l I,,, ctnn ' I' f ,,;, fic!llRS 'ml ,i,i , comes respectably and honestly recommen ded, nnd is, wo vetily believe, all that it claims to bo ; and as such, it is offered to Ihe public, by J. & J. II. PKCK it Co. Sent. 1330 A penis for the I'ulrntic PLASTEli e$ W7 TONS of Novascolin I'lustnr, now g&fyWJ iiriud.nir at the new Mill, rinoos. ki Cilv, and for sale, hv FOLLCTT & HIIADLF.YS. April Cf). l!!.i7. Om Looking Glasses, Portrait. fc Picture frames &,c. rnillK Sub-cribiT has 11 uv ready tor sale JL ami will bo constantly manufacturing a splendid assortment of LOOJCING GLASSKS. from 2o Cts. to CI3. made by Ihe best city workmen, and wdl ho sold at Nnv York prices, at wholesale or retail. Portrait and pieiuro Paine--, mid all gold work 111 tho lino, done on short i.oueu and in llio he.-i manner at his factory over the Hardware and DriiL' Sioro R. Monv. CJideon Priudle's IJiStato. S 'I' A T I'. O F V i: U M O N T , ) Di.tiiict or Cuitti:.niii:n. ss. The Honorable tho Pmbalc Court for the Dislri'il of Chittenden. To all jicrsoim inuecrnid in thee stole of Gideon Prindlc late of ChurUte. in said District, decent ,d. GH KKTING. WllF.Ill'AS, George Prindle, adininistra lor ol'tliee-ilale of said deceased propo- ses to render an account ol Ills administration and present his account against said estate lor OXailliual ioil (111(1 alloWallCU at il SCSslllll III the Court ol l'roiiale lo no noiue .11 1110 oin.o .11 l!'V'-r ' :.""rl ln ""''"'i!10'' 0,! tllc M ("110 I IIU OCSU 11 V "I i"" 'I'ur.nuroni:, You are hereby nolilieil to ap. pear lieforo said Court at the iinie and place afoicsaid. mid shew cause, if any you havo, why the account afoicsaid should not bu al lowed. Given under my hand at Huilington this 20lh day of April A. D. l(l.!7. W.m. WESTON. Ilrgitcr. Novu Seolia Plaster. Qffrs Tons ground Novascolia Plaster. iOJ which will bo sold deliverable at tho ColchesleV Mills Mav 3. at the slo'o of J.fcJ. ILPncK-fcco. CnUE sub-eribcr having assuined all tho .11. debts duo the latu firm of'Uay, (Tallin k. Co, gives nolieo that iminediulo payment niiisl lio iiiado ol tlio same, as well as all oilier de mand duo 1 1 tin . DAN DAY. Hiirlinglon, April 19. 1037. 3iv NEW GOODS. TT ATI! HOP & POTWIN havo recoiyed tho JLi last week a few ps. heavy Hilt. Italian Silks, Light Col'd French ('(.nibricks, Cloves, Hosiery, I bread Laces, Long White Lace Gloves French Torking Cotton and Gatibo, Hibliaiis, Vc, iVc. April Common Cherry Stones, which nullum l-M silver spoons, for sale nl the Variety Shop. I'ANfillDltN it Hlll.NfMAlI) " CA11PETINGS7 Ruled superior Ingram Carpetings V7 3 do 1' inn, do Stnir Cnrpolings, ulso,Flnur Clothes, liais es itc. itc. by LUMUUL. CuitTli vt Co, May 20, 1037. LJFI5! LIFE! MFjE. im. jon a. mooiik's SGfJcucc of affc. 40 CSSfTS PKH BOTT31I!. rfH 1 1 13 most hlahlv esteemed iiiedicinu that iL has ever been discovered for curimr 1 uougiis, uniunnd wnooping cougn, wuien, 11 taken at llio commencement of llio disease, may lie cured in a short lime, The following aro a fow of more than a thousand It 13 CO.11 .11 1 3 N D ATI O NS. The uiulcrsiL'ncd ministers of llio (Snspel in tho county of Windham, Vt. knowing ihe sal ntary cineaey, of Dr. Joualhan Mouro's Ks senco of Life," having used it ourselves and in our families, consider it a valuable composi tion; particularly useful and odicalitius in re moving complaints of tho lungs, anil indeed a safu and restorative medicine in thu various diseases named in llio Doctor's accompany label; and do most cheerfully recommend its general use, hulievinj it well worthy the pat rona'o of Ihe publici Signed llosca llcekly, Diiinmcrslon; Syl. vester Saao, Westniinslor ; Jed. L. Slark, Ilratllcboro; Klisba D. Andrews, Putney j Chandler Hates. I'hilctus Clark. October 1), 1HSJG. To all uhnm it nwi concern. We, thu undcrsi'Mied I'livsicians, who have proved the efficacy of Dr. Jonathan Moote's I'-isenee of Life, conceive it our duly lo pal roni.o tho medicine, and aro of opinion that if gcnerttlly used, it will be of public ulility. Smncd Aliel Duncan, bamuol blearns, Diiiiimci-.-lou ; Jonallian ISadgcr, Win. Town 1Vstniinster ; C. W. Chandler, Andovcr Preseott Dull, Chesterfield. (TPTlio above medicine is pre pared by Ht'iNKY Sr.YMOUIt, of Madley Mas. from the original lecipe, bv the diiection of said Moore, and sold by him :i"d l (in p.inci pal Dril'r'risls in llio uniicii oiaios. ILr-AH there are many spurious articles in circulation, lor llio uuouiil ui iiiu jiuuiiu, uu w 11 givu the following This ma' certify toall whom it may concern lhat I, the subscriber, residing in Iladley.Mass. have made an improvement, in I ho mod cine invented bv mo, and denominated "Dr. Jona- ;n Moore's I'sscnce of Life,'' and have co'ui'; niuiiicated the Hecipu lo JJenrv Seymour of aid lladley, .and to him only, llio united I ,i,iu:s IS HIM Ul iiiu swjiiiisui:. uru .iiiiuiu, .11111 Ibis is lo give notice to the public that if they wish lor Ihe genuine I.ssonoo of Life. Illey I miisi apply lo said Seymour or his agents 1 and bo pai iicular to inquiru for that prepared , uy iioniy beymunr. nr. J. iwooai:. i Hadloy. feent. t. ttl.'J.J. Sold, wholesale and retail, by J. & J. II. PECK it Co. liurliugtoii, wholesale agents Cor the stale of Vermont. Oj Orders will rVcciyc pmmpl attention, and my quantity ol iUlicliic iiuincdiately lurmsli ..l 'I'l.: l:. V. ;., I, ........ .. ed nl' nni nr I two dozen each. cnnvenic,U and safe fur trans. portalion, and labelled with the name of lieu ry Seymour, Iladiev, Mass. April 14. " Cm Saddlery Carriage Trim mings. JEST received and now being opened at the Hardware Store; tho most full and complelo assortment of Saddiery, and Car tiago trimmings over offered lo the trado in 1 1 1 in nine,', lioni nrisi nir full assortments of (irass, I'laled, Japaned and tinned Saddlery; I Colton and Wnisled Webb, wide and narrow Straining and lieiu do. carriage laces; Steps, j exles, and plated dash lion; plated and bras- I plated Carriage, fiig anil Sulkey Lamps tc. all nf which will be sold at reduced prices for 1 cash or short credil, by KOIiEUT MOODY. CJ LA Sri. 1 Onn l',,x,'q Cliaiuplnin, I'erti andJer 1UUU ,eo (J(?S 300 Redlord. Sarnuac and Clinton Crown Do. by J. it J. PECK it CO. Etna Insurance Company. VjR:HE subscriber continues In insure all ysk kinds of real nnd personal properly ns agent for said Company, to whom ap plication mav nt nil limes be made nt his Cilice in Jiiirhugtou. The established ropuintion of tins Company for sHibiluy. fairness mid liberality in their dealings, needs no further coiuiuendiiiion. W.m. A. Gniswni.u. Hiirlinglon, Aprl G. HUG. Rigging. Cordage, &o. (.OILS Russia, Mnniila mid Tarred Ril'L'IIil's. of all de. enp'ions. Camherlines, Cod Jiincs, Mar in and Sail Thread, by .1 . & J . II. PECK &. Co. ft n it ta LiiIk of Ihe Tnmnnl Hotel, WillhUm. Vl Vrfrt'AS tho pleasure ol informing liis friends i!E-!k mid thu Public lhat he has leased the above establishment, wliieli has been thorough ly repaired, and furnished in the best possible umincr, and is now open for tho iceeplion of Company. lie will be found at all times ready lo sup. ply tho wants of si II ihosu who may I'.ivor him with a call, with the best Ihu market affords, and hopes (by bis desiro to please) lo merit, and receive ihe patronngo of a liberal Public. Strangers and all those wishing to visit llio extensive manufacturing operations now in progress at llio Winonslu Falls, aru informed tint a cairiago will run for from Hiirlinglon Cuurl Hutisu Square, to this Ilonse, three limes a day, (and oflener if required) through tho season. A Liv ery Slablo is in connexion with this establishment where Horses and Carriages can bo bad, at all times, on reasonable terms, Wiuouski, May 23th, 1U37. ' ATHROP vt POTWIN. have ro- ceived and will sell cheap for caih, n variety of Worked Muslins, Ctipos and Collars, Artificial Flowers, Bonnet llihhons, Straw and Tuscan Bonnets, French Camhricks, Calicoes &,c, tfce. Also, n few IIIuls Miifcovailo ami New Orleans Sugar at 7, 1), mid 0 els. pr. pound. Other Groceries pronoriionubly low, Muy 12. 1037. I REMOVAL. I TTAVINO dissolved my connexion:? JiJL in busines'' with Mr. Abbott, nnilj removed lo llio west side of the bqtiare,: 3 would tender tny sincere thanks to inyj; ifrienih and the public for tho patronage; of the past year, and respectfully soli. cit its cotitiuuniice, and the good nfiiecs; "fnf all who wish mo well. I am now'? -'milking, and design to keep on hand, n- 3-good assortment of 'a- iCahinot Furniture & Chairs 'adapted In tho market, it shall endeavor S'to iiiaku 1 lie new establishment wort by jt ZjJ'of public ceiifulenco and support. Wesi: tsluo Court Houo Square. f D. K. PANGHORN. Ihirlinslnn. Oil. 3. 1II3C. -i-f-i-f-i ? r r-t 4-t -t i - PXAMO IlKIIK subscribnrs respectfully inform tho vk f iiblie that ihey have formed a copartner-hip under llio firm nf IICUKK'IC, ( IiniSTOPIlF.U A? CO. for the pnrposu or manur.ictiiring and selling Piano Fortes, in ail llieir varieties ; warranted equal in elegance, workmanship, touch, and tone, to any manufactured in the United States. The operative pait of tho firm have had a long and thorough practice in the best establishments in Boston. Philadelphia, and New-York, and leol warranted by a competent knowlediru ol llio business, in reeomineiidlnir their Instruments equal in all respects to any in market. Amateurs in music and others are requested to call at thu Varo,JiKioms, Cor ncr of Cliamplaln and Mai)()iiounh Streets, and examine the instruments cousranily on hand, consisting of a variety of plain and lich Mahogany Case, and superior havy toned. Uom! Wood. Willi the highly approved grand ...:,. wliieli nrndiicns a solendid eloarness and brilliancy of tone unknown to others' All orders by loiter or otherwise directed to Ly man & Cole, for Piano Foites, Tuning, or any other business connected with such an estab lishment, will bo promptly attended to. 01 instruments tuned and repaired "ti reasonable terms. IIIltAM IIF.KIHCK, V.m. II. CHRISTOPHER, LYMAN Ic COLE. I'.urliugton, Vt., 2,'d February, 1!137. t r-,. , . . , . . I 110 hiCK lllilllS 1' riCIKl. ArniMCni'i 3 "Pill5 UlUlibUll a X llla Or the real genuine I IvgeiaiiUmversa! Me- dicmo (d the. Hntisli Coilogo ot Ucalll Mftm.i ..I' 1 . 0 -,r :t d.i.lnr. no bo ,.li. tainod in this town, only ol the regularly appointed Agent. As you value ' health. which is life," seo that you get the genuini Pills; Ihoy are signed S. Cage at present. it.... . 'ii i ii toill will soon oo sigoco 11. r m il) oiu' Agent, and A. Jiriiisniaid, sun agent lor HiirliiiL'ton, Vt. all others nro ba.-e coun terfeits. For the convenience of the pub lie. they will bo, with the Powders aniikviil: Hygoiai) Hook, kept at tho Variety Shop'.' A. ISKLNSMAID. Agent for Hiirlinglon, Vl EYE WATEK. Dr. Adams' Celebrolul Eye H'uter. Warranted an effectual cure for bore, weak, a nil inilamcd eyes, raici; 2.j cc.vrs ecu via i.. , rH"lHIS celebrated article was invented by Jj ooo of the most distinguished physicians of the age, and during an o.lcnivo practice of 30 years, be iovaiiably resorted to it in all eases of sore, weak and intlauied eyes, tlia1 came under his notice, and so great a celeb ritydid he ncijuuc thereby, that thev cs'.uio lo him from all pails, and in no inslancu uas it over known to fail in producing the desired etfecl. A short tune only lias elapsed since ihu arliele was first introduced lo public, no. lice, and during that period, upwards of TllltKi: THOUSAM) ltO'lTLJOS have been disposed of, and the demand for it is rapidly increasing. So sure nod speedy is the ofl'uot produced ny this article, thai one single vial has complelely cured an iiilbuucd eyu, though various remedies had for a long time previous been resorted to. but in vain. Ample directions aeeompan the arliele, asy well as letters of recommendation from the j most respectable physicians in the country Willi a view to insure Us u-eliilucss in a more (.tensive way, the proprietor has appointed ihu following persons whole-ale Agcnls for ihe sale ofit, where ihe public may rest assur. ed of procuring the genuine arliele. JOSEPH FISHI- It, propricior, Till tc Hullufiwood, JOHN H. 110 WAND, 2-10. Maikei & E A. UOSKINS, 37G Market slreets, I'll hdelphia. Dll. W. L. ALT EE, Lancaster. J. fc J. 11. PECK k. CO., Huilington, Vt. ; As will of all druggists aui' storekeepers 1 throughout the Stale. j Orders ihankliilly received and punctually attended to I'm eyo vvater or drugs, Philadelphia, Juno 211, lilJG. it. VOR'lCi"AfAVKEin:llL. LOVELY & AHHOTTI.iivo on ban it for sale a few HirreU .Poik. aNil Gin relis', Half it Quarter Harrela of Mackn Stereotype Foundry. Jw Arrangement ) MA V I N C, made a new arrangement in the Meieolypiug busi ness, tha public aru here, by informed that the present proprietor Ins lilted up tho concern in a manner ihafmnV be beat" in this latitude: and holds himself ready to do all kinds of Hook work, in a slylo warranted lo suit thu taste of publishers yenornlly. flj Job work of every description done on short noticu, Plates for Hlank Deeds, Writs, Executions, Notes i:e,(uriiished lo Older. 'I'ypo Galley's, a v ery convenient article for Printers made to order on lirass copper or Russia Iron bottoms. Largo six horso btage cnls for t alu lour horso do. small do. do. Largo horse culs, Small do, Also a great variety of small cuts, of every description, (Lr Leads furnished, from .') to llio Pica to 7. Tho patronage of the public is icspectfully solicited. All letters on business directed to the subscriber will receive prompt attention, G. TAYLOR RA'WJV, Agent. Fou Hilary in Latlirop & I'otwin's building, Corner of Church and College Streets, thud blory. Burlington, April 2(3, 1837. FJ.OUH. CK'S II IS day received and for salo 13!) hbla JL Van Renslacr Flour, a prime article, by FujiLinr .J' JJitAULuvti. May 3, 1C37, MM Elexir Vegetable Balsamiquc. N. IT. DOWN'S VKGKTAM.K BALSAMIC EUXV.R For Coughs, Colds, Coustinintion, Calath Croup, Asthma, Whooping Cough, and all other diseases of the head, chest and lungs. Pamphlets containing a history of tho med icine a sKoicii oi tim dlscasos lor wliieli m is recommended certificates from unques tionable sources ample directions, and much other important information accompanying each bottle may be had of any of the Agen cies, gratis. .1. CURTIS, Druggist, St." Al bans, Vl. wholesale Agent and joint proprie tor. The lollowing aro especially appointed retail Agents. liurliiu'lon Lalhrop U Potwin. Janes, Smith & (Jo. and II.. Moody. ItincsburzhA. S. &. D. G. Wcller. Milton Wellington, Whitney A: Co.. Clark Hoarduian & Co. Ciurlolk .Samuel II. Hurnes. arid most other respectable Druggists, &c. in tbsfcoun- try- ... St. Albans, July 12,1330. tf Mini be used in Wine or IPttlcr. Hn 11 H.SFi cohehrated hn tors are compos J3- ed purely of vegetables of ihe most innocent yet specific virtues. They nrtr recommended particularly for restoring' weali coii-litulioii.s, cleansing the stomach and increasing the appetite also a preven tative against the cholera morbus, fever mid ague, removing nausea, voiniiingt heart burning, weakness in tho breasl paiu in tho s'oinach mid oilier sympioms of lliituleiico and indigestion, Onu box will tiucltirc one gallon. Price 25 cents a box. Russell's Itch Ointment. Thw choice and sale ointment is said t ,i be superior lo any now in n-e, for that di agreeable and loathsome disease.! he ITCH TIih ointment is so corlnui in its opouuinn lhat no person troubled with ihe above disorder ought not to be without it. It w a remedy for cutaneous eruptions, scorbut ic affections ol tin: head, or any olhtr breaking out vv Inch arise.-from sharp hn. inoiirs in the blood. Price 25 cents a box, Russell's Vorretahle Billions PE&XiS, OH FA JULY PHYSIC. FOR general cascsos of Jaundice, morbid sensibility ol the stomach and how-el-, loss of appetite, fiend brent It, eotUvo-nes-. Piles, nnd all disease.- arising from .biliary derangements, also (or correcting the stain ol llio blood, and cleansing llio -Vsiein olifiiiil and viscid humors. Tho.-o pills are a mild cathartic, producing neither pains nor griping, and are therefore a val liable and highly approved tnecicine, mid aro prunonrced as such by llio most (lis. iingiii.-licd physician-.--Each box con taining 3U Pills. J'riceS" 1-2 con's a In x. Russell's Cellcbraled Salt Ilhcum Ointment. THIS i- iimpii'-i louably the hi si and -atesl n-iie dv ever y ofi' rod lo llio t nb In' lor II, m ob.liimti' ili.-orilor SAL'P llHEU 'ii. Wlu-re other np'inis have fail, ed. it ha-succeed, (f. and the laci lhat it" lias been i xleii-iveiy u-,.( by eiiiiiienc PinciiMoneis speaks ci Inine.s m it prnisi. It is eipinlly ( flica"ioiis in all dispasea (.r llio skin, ring worms, mid tho most invete rate llch. itc. &c. Niimernns certilicates might bo tiblaineil. but llio propnetnr cliooses that a fair trial should be the only evidence of its superior efficacy. Price 50 cents a box. A fr.-h supply h just received and for sale by J. Si J. J. Peck it Co.. Dr M mdv Lalhrop Sz Poiwiu Hiirlington-. S. ILHaiiu! Cbarloiie M Hull Jlincshur"li Onion ,i St rung, (i. it W. j. Parker I Itiiit iti"i(iii it Whaio Vergeini.v Sli'tlW, Lnosev I'heckehiiry green-Jauiiii IlJinilton, P 1 leleher Jerico D. H. Wilson. S. J! I leleher E-sex D. k W. Carpenter Waierbury and with ihe Drugisls generally throughout Ihe United Slates," nnd at whole by Win. C. Stiiniison it Co. Huston For thu euro uf Colds, Asthmas, Whooping Cough, sjulliig oj Blood and Consumptions. "H CELAND MOSSgroivs plentifully ii tho .tJ. Island of Iceland, from whence it tikes its name, and in all tho high noilliern lali lu'b'sof Europe and Asia, whoroils Mei ciiial qualities havu been long known, mid uglily appreciated' This plant contains a lurger proportion of Vegetable .Vticilage thai any oilier known sub-ianco. and in coinluiation with it is a bitter principle which acts most beneficially in givingstrength in casesolgieat weakness and debility of iho lungs. The knowledge of many ofotir most valuable ined ieiues, for tho cure of diseases, have been ob tained from observing their effect on trulo aninialsi-so in tho caso of this most invaluable Moss. Us virtues wero first discovered by their efl'ecls on tha hardy, long.lned and sagacious Rain Deer, vvImlIi derives Us prin cipal iiurishincnt from thu Iceland .Moss, and whoso milk becomes so highly imbued ivith ilsHalsoniiu viilues, that it is osed will, llm greatest confidence as a sovereign remedy by llio inhabitants ofull thosu countries for tho euro of all diseases of tho broasi and luio's. In France, this compound has long been known, and uxleiisively used s and to ilssaluiary effects as much as lo thu talubtity of llio eliinalc, in probably owing tho very small number oi'ntnt cases ofeonsumptiun in that country, compared with Great Ilritan nnd tho United Stales. This Syrup contains all tho medicinal viiluus of iho Moss in Iho most conconlfaied form, and is prepared from the ongnal iccoipt from Paris, only hv. K. IIUTCIJ'LNGS&CO. 7Ja;m$rc And none is genuine unluss it has thei fac nimilo upon each bill of direction also upon iho envelope, (CTaiid scaled with thoir seal. J. & J, 11, i'liCK & Co, "wholesale agfnln Butter Hogs Lard aiid"Pfk Hams. Fot talu by Lovklt & AunoTt. April U.

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