Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, July 21, 1837, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated July 21, 1837 Page 2
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V I II I U A V M O II N I iN 0, J U I- Y 2 1, .Strife Miction. September .1. port Guvr.nwm, SILAS H. JUN1SQN. rnti i.iput. oovnnNnn, DE E2. OASES5. pen t.ti: ur.n, ion ti:sAT"!H-ciniTi'M)i:s imuvrv, .jojin vav f-u:rn.ur;, jr.. oiU.I.A.N- CuUM'V. A U U U T U !3 Y O U N G. Gil AM) 1-t.U COUNTV. ii o n. j o e: i. a i. Ti r, .v, STATE CONVENTION. Montpelmr. July 12, 1037. At 10 o'clock, pursiianl to dm en'l ofdm Wine; State Comniinoo, the delegates from different m c linns of die sinio, in u very largo iintnlmr. r.ssemblod at llm brick r'lurih, mid wiiii- railed to order ly Ilmi. Milton !JmwN, el.airtn'in of tin' commit too. On motion, Ilmi. HoiiF.nT'oi.T I ill In ml , wns appointed PruHdep.l, ntu! 0. 1 1. Knapj', of iM.joi poller, Secretary jr tempore. On no. Moil of Mr. Ilown. of Custlctou. Resolved, Thni a committee of ti'ii lie appointed, to nominate ufiicr?. rrpori Mich measures n aro nrc. t-.-ary to facilitate iim huines of i ho Convention. Whereupon. Messrs. Howe, Holland Co., .1. Smith. Windham. 0. I lopknis, Windsor, A. II. I'i rrv. Addisnn. Ran-lend. Orenge, (i A. Allen, Clnitrnden, C. L. Knpp. Washington, Jnmoison, Orloniw, Fniibnuk-. Caledonia, nnd Siuionds, Lniimih, wore appnuitod 'ho cMi.tnii loo. On inoiion of Mr. II'WP., the committee nn unminntinii-- wcro in-lructod to obtain, ns far as nrncticab'o, tins names anil nnuai nut a list of tin; delegates of lliu couven Hon. On mm ion of Mr F.ur.n. .-.:, Resolved, That nil pi n'louioii prc-cut citizens o! 1 1 1 1 Stale who arc ftiintllv to the obii els of this convention, be invited to lake fit-s us inemb' rs. Mr. Howi:, Imm dm above committor), made report of officers of lliu convention a-i I'oHiiw.s : For Pro-iiloiit. lion. HENRY F.JANES Vice Presls. Tnr.opmi. us Cp.av.'I'op.d ' am ft: i. C. Cp.akts, Srcre'nrio-, Noiiman Wii.i.uih. ClIAUNCT.Y L. Knapp, James M. Sr. di:: And fu 1 1 her, t lint a committee nf ten he noiio'inled, to he deiionniinled ciiinmiticp of re.liiiin ; that a cnnuiiiitcu of live bo i appointed to prepa-e nn address In tin; free mi n of I he Mule; onl that a committee of t vmi from each county rctro-ontril be ap pointed lo ma!;o n nomination of stale of firers and state coinmitice lor tlio ensuing vear. Which report was accepted and ttnaniin. ously agreed lo. On innninatinn by the chair, the rovcral conint'iieei' were appointed, as follows: Oi Jr-ui'iZH.-n-Me'-'-rs IVrpmnt.ilowp, Cumnbell. Fmrbank-J, (J. A. Al Ion, .1. IJerrv. C I.. Knr.pp, C. W. I'ren-ti.-s. and W". II. IMIey. Oi .'lildrcsi'.i Met-r-s T. Ilulcliinson, Dell. I'.irier, .lelinson and M. Drown. Oi nnmiimlitms, Me-iv::-ini!h a id Cutler, Windham CO., Jjrmvn anil D.iniels. Ilnitand, Trail and lliehmoml. Windsor, Jlirr... mid Ilich. Aildw Ai hinmn and Sal-bury. Addison, Miller and i'ir.-iow. Chi'lenden. I.uel; and,' Vahin'tou. Killiedi'O nod i'oi lc-. (Jaleilonia, Uodrield am! Sunipfoii. Orleans, Simoml' aiul Itobinmn.IitnoiUp. After reinarl;s from Messrs Mntclnnsnn. i'lerpeinl. Iel'. Miller ami Lyman on mo lion, the euiiveniion ni'journed to '2 o'elocl;. At-'TiniNooN. The e.invenlinn bein onllcil to order, Mr Smith, of lJuiuey. from ihe nniiinit icon Humiliation--, inado n-pori ih loll.iws; 'or Governor. Ul I, AW H JENISON, For I.i.ut. G-v. DAVID M CAM!'. ForTror,. AUGUSTINE CLARKE. The ccinmillee nl.-o reporied For State Oomiuilluc--Milton Urown, Joint. I' Miller, Vj L Knipn, Orrtu .Stun 1 1 . and E II I'rentini: Which report wnnaccepied.iind the kov rial nominal urns wero uimnimuuely agreed Mr Ilu'rcriiNto".'. from the committee, -emir ted an I lie frueinau ol Ver mint, which win read Hie report accp'ei!. inul on inoiion of Air M u.i.iiii. Iho mUlreh- was adopted and oidered to be puliliblieil The ndllrs will appear in otir uexi. Mr I'lf-npoT. from llm eninrn'tlee, n ported the following reMiluliuiH ; tlio report was neccpieil, nnd the resolutions, nfier ro niail;f by Mo-srs Mdler. Ware, liell. Hop kins, I'lerpoint, II II Heed, and C LKunpp. woro unanimoii-ly inlopud : Jicmlvttl. That Iho polnieal history of Veimoni, from the or;aoiv.iiion of its j-uv ernmeni, lej.''lher with Iho clahlihed clinrpe.U r of her eite.eui for inlell i'i nee and virtue, nnd ilunouyli ni rpiumiBiire with iho principled of libe'iy, all'ird-i nbundani evidence of her democrat ip principles ; and fiirnifhi s the Biiresl jnariin:y thm the will nover eniiM'iit lo exelianeo n ilennirraey. ientnne in principle and appropriate in limn, for lint dcjjoneinlo modem namcenlio A'hich during tight ye'a of the miliums Itrntinn nf tho Gciiernl Government ltnt I been eiiihneiastie in Iho Mippnrt of power mid pr"ro"nilvi', aeamoi Ih" rt.'hn ol III" prmile nod Hm reiu.icv of I. ? Lnw. llemlvnl. Tint to ih, it i; i lua'ter, b it It ol wonder nnd deep regret, lint any of our ciMKniK, who have Inbornl porscveriiinly lo esiablKli the Suprrmnvtj of the Liwi over every I; tint of innoiile, s-h mid now one.ioir one, in any manner, Hie cuiilinnanc1! of iho ahiiM.'.t which tiro hrinoiii(j ruin on the country. Revlvcl, That the rrratitilous pledge of Mr Van l.ureii to vein nnv hill wlncli should bo pard by Coti'tres for Iho alio- lillou ol ii.ivery in the DiHiripl. ol Couim h;a, witliout tint eonspiit of ihe slnveliohl (tales, while ho ndiniltrd the conslitn liinmlily of mob nn net, is calculated lo re. pfp?9 ihe riiht of petition by the people, vera wo Congress, and eestroy the, repri.' seiiiai've elnracier of our Got eminent. Jlcsnlvid, That whatever may be ihe no crfip v ol'a well oriramzed National haul. for innintninin! n sound and uniloriii curren cy. for Inuiliiniiut exchanges, and carrying on the (innncml operations ofihe Giivern- nt. wo believe that a ban!; connect rd v ilh lliu treasury and coin rolled by ihe executive. would be Irauulit Willi evih eunntci tin in is in; all atlvan'nfje--. and by mitt tuif ihe control of the urord and purse, would result in priistraiino tln consiilution nnd isinbli'lnn-j the iniint despotic Goveriiuitiii in 'arlh. Ilesnhcd, Thai the present deranged slate of the currency, tin; prostratlo.i ol n :hl, anil ihe ditress and einlnirra'snienl xporienced hv the commercial, iminul'ic I u r my and laboring coinni'iniiy, are ih le oiinnate revolts of the Evecnlivc expert' mtnti upon ilie currency of the coun'ty. Kaolml. I lint whatever may nave lieen the proximnto efl' els of a snirit ol siieeulu lion and ovetlrad,ng upon tlio credit of Iho country, that spirit had its origin in the ex tended issues of irrp.-pon.-ible i-lale banlts. nnd of the haul;? fpleeied ati iho deposito ries of I he people's money. Pnr.AMP.i.t: ' I hose who trade on hor- rowed capi'nl ought lo break." O'cit. Jarksnn. Rni'dced, That lho"o inea"!'ireR of I he nduiHH-l ration which are de-hitied to brenl; down Ihei-jvlein of credit under whirh Ihe cnur.iry has grown up. aro directly calcu lated lo malic the "pM" poorer, una the rich richer." Resolved, Tim! anv attempt to rurronnd Ihe I'rosidcnt nl'tho Uui'ed Slaien with n mihiarv force, for the pnrpore of executing his orders; an alaunin' ,o dei polism, and I hat the approval of such an nllempt liy iiinrliu van Uuren is meian clndy les'unony of bis willingness to be come a Dp.-pot. llcnotccd, That the "Esnnnging resoln t ion" of ihe Senate of iho Uiined Stales, is uncoutiin'ion'il, and .in usurpation of now er which hhuuld deeply al.irm every frce- inan. Rr.mlvcd, Thalthe nromiso of r.iartiu Van lioren In ''follow in the I'eiHleps" of General Jackson, i-s a ptactieal commentary nn iho degradation to which Iho whole country Im- been subjected by the usurpa tions ut i ho Insl mailt years Revolved. Thai the olliee holdcm of ihe Gencinl Government, have within n l'e years, b -comu an order of nobility in per Ii el Iiooiini' with Ihe Ivmr'ly power as. turned by Andrew J,icli-on uud his pledgi d successor. ?oioi'vcd, That the delegation in Con grcss Irtini llns S.ale, be icquesteil lo op pose pity utleniit dial nnv hj made to an nex I evaa to I lie United ia'c-!. Ileaohcd. 'i'hat I he Wl.i'f members of Coii;rrePs bo reooeli d to nniioiut a tiim airl nlac" lor holding a Na'iono.1 Couven I ion for I h" purpose of nominating eaudi (Lit cs for ih11 next President and Vice Pros ident oflhe Unil'd Siuie, On nii.t iuu of Mr PiuiipoiNT, it was Jl'solvrd, That the llianln of tin.-, con. veiHion bu tendered lo Ihe lir.-i Coiigrega imnal Soc.ely ol Montpelicr, for the iitu ul tllel' huii On iiioiiiui of Mr Pir.r.pntNT, it war. nlso Resolved, That the lliaulis of this e,on- vcniiiin be tendered io ih,. Hnu Ilir.v ! J Ar.e--. for I he able and iuipnriial imiiue in winch he has discharged Iho dutiot- I lie chair. On motion of Mr Vzt.i,, Resolved, Thai iho proceedings of ihia ponveiiiion ho .--igiied by tne President. Vice Presidents, and Secretaries, nod pub h-hed. On motion ilie nonveniinn was disolved. IIENRV F JANES, President. Tiii:oi'iiii,us Cnwvpuitu, Vue i?MUPi, C. ('p. pts. Presidents. Nor..: n W 1 1. 1. 1 a:,: ) Ciiau.nct.v L Knapp, Secretaries. Jamus M .Si.ADt:, S I lie following is tlio lOfoliltion pm pni tin;; lo lio intnpleil liy ;i ini'oiiii!; ul" I on or liudii! iliuiif.unt uil iX'iu nf l'lnl,i(lL'liliiii, iin.l iiniiccd U lliu leply of iMr Van liinoii : Itesolvvd, 'I'll. il innio ctTerl no llv in upluild ilie ('iiihiilliliiinal (init'i iiinciil ol'inir I'linlt'c, I of our lore In i-ei'nio ilie i iu. I eiil'.'icins of die I v 1 1' l.'iin';ie.-s, nnd the orders of If e . u'i re c di 'pil,esm,i4....,,'l,i do lin n.-clwi Iv ',! Olit: N VAK in III" cuy anil i n y of I'lol nlel, Inn. ! n fiit Milniiiier li's'ii'ii ul 'I'I'.?; THOUSAND1 VR., to l. in lin.ih in I'UI.IA' AUM '.I I, mil IXlt;il'l'r.ll dm same In Im r.illl'd (lie Pldludclpl.ia United States Mitulc Men. IViinliinjjlrjii, May 2D, 1837. Genlleinin,-- I liaie I lie honor in iirkiinivlrilsn llio leceiplof (inr li'lirr cutiinitiiiiiuiin:; In inn I lie pun ei'dnt. of i l.nae nn ol iii i f di" l iiren- ol'lliu cu v iind OoniU) of rinl.nli-li'lii I, milium il ii i ii''i io-i of p.ili, liel'l in liiilcpl'ilili in'e Siinne, on I lit '2Si I i 1 1 I . Il i Ui,ml n lo inn In n I'i mil iliioo pi nd'cilinS". dial ill" cuniMi pui.ii.'il liy iu -rll'mi'l ilm.e iii.-ni'ii. lid Ullll Ilie 111 (lie KMTIIlilc In il Ii I'I . I' I In' (invoill iiiimii, iipnn die iiiiiinilaiil -iilij' i'lii nf llm i in icncy, linoijil Oiiiln inul die pulilie land., kit lie- llm int. dial npprnli.uioii nf mi iiii'i ilm inili uud ic-pi I'lahle It puilinii ofnn IVllniv cilr.i'i'S, I'nr linn ckiioioii nf ilii'ir eiiiifi'lcnro mid unod u ill, mnl I'nr die iiri oinp no iiij pledgi) nf ciippml mid co opcialion in uplioliliii Ilie niidini iiy nl' i In. inul l.nw, I lu i il In in iKn In llinru llll II plOl'ill, IIIV him i'i i' in Unnll li'di-i'lin nil?, 'riiankin mmi, liPiillinticii, fn' il). Il on l in,' mid fi loud y in onici in ulin Ii ion Ii. on pi" I'm incil 1 1 1,' dull iohiiii il In Jon, I inn n il ips,ii ci'ir,ti , omi' otic.iiini k'iuiiii, .MAiirr; v.. ihji'.h.n. To Alvunii, P. .Slci'icr, I.iaol Voting and J, is Do-in. , Stale Convention, on Wednesday last, fur exceeded the anticipations of even tho most sanguine Owing to thu complelu failure oflhe tchemeo of the V. 15. men, lc?o lliun ordinary exertions wcro mo do for this Con- vntion, nnd considering tlio lateness ni veil as lliu biisim 84 of (he scatni n large niimtier could not bo reason ibly expected. Wo were disappointed extremely and happily disappointed, whether considered in point of numbers, respectability, zeal or unanimity, a linger nnd it belter convention has never been hidden in Vermont. Had wc looked through friend Marslon's green spectacles, ns he did on tlio Cist June. we fchotild pay Ibis convention numbered morn than tiso.hc hundred ; hut inasmuch as our specs areof Iho revl inibtaitied glns uny, us wo depend upon actual and re pealed counts -we cay ibis conveulinii numbered more than MX IIUNDHLD Wing freemen of Vermont, representing PEN er.nniies. The list of names taken is known to be very incoinplele, nnd yet that list embraces four hundred and fifty delegates. Again wesay, the Whigs have exceeded their highest anticipations ; and it is complete pnd cheering evidence that iho PEOPLE of Vermont lire awakened to tlio true condition of things, and deter mined lo profUcntu zeaolti'ly, thoroughly and triumphantly, ns far ns in thorn lies, the work of reform. In vicwofiliis do monsira'ion, ol popular feeling as well pk of the cheering evidences lo he found in ihe proceeding1" of tlio county conventions, with which our paper is filled, wo c;in as suro our friends i:i o'her dates, the Iriends of reform, of a nalioml government constitutionally and honestly adniinisicrrd that Vermont icill slick to tier iu'crili, and now, as ever, preserve her political chnratlcr pure and untarnished. The petty t-eucuics, t-tcrct and open, of iho Van Huron men: t-heir constant changing of hobbies; their playing upon every tiring to caich V ites ; hard nviiiev here, paper money there pio tlavery here, anti-fcla-vury there,--loco focoism here, and no loco locoism there ; all llieso, and tlio de sert ion of demagogues from our own ranks (good riddance, say we!) have noi shaken and cannot shake the Whig! of Vermont. These things will give them neis Urenlh, in Iho support of many who Invo b.-eu deluded by Ientnn humbugs nnd iho fahe .-tories of the oliicc holders ; and cenfi denlly anticipate even a more signal over tiirow ol I lie minions ol hxocuiivc power and Lxeciiiive "exporiin -nls," lhaii ihey met in September and November I H JO. iVnUhman. '11 ox. I'nifii in", in oiililii: iiDiici! llic (Iele; ilc-i fiom t lie Fovi'ial iiomh in nnd i: nniy, iiniuinn in,' n .'ilium Cniy, tni'l in t.niiii II"ii-e oi iN n ill I lei ii, (in iln; l'idi d.n nf July, A. 1) ISj", In1 llm purpo-i' of iiouiiii n in it hiii.iIi'c ( i .-"'in in Ih; Mippni lid lor Si nutiir fur miiiI dniiilv in ilie iiimiio irliii.;' t'lcc linn, 'i'lie iiiei'iiii1' Ii itin Iw-.i i ill. .1 o, m -r lv 1 lit ilini. S'liniii'l i! oim. 'I'Iid ilmi, J, 1 1 Allen u clin-i'ii i li.diiii.iii, mill Win. I.. .';init- Sri'ii'l.'ni I'll ntiji it id die i niiWMilin I ll.iun; lii'ni rl.i'rd fieni lie- i lniir, mi ninliiin n w.iii mio I oi.i! ,i c"'M. iiiiure 'if l,i fiom o.ii n Inun I n rli"-eii lo ni d n 1 1 ' l i - , . i i i 1 1 lo ill" ciinenlinn fi.i" ill" nlVi n of Sen nor. S.iid eniiiinilico duly iippntn ed, inul .il'ier leiiii.T,' fir a ,-lmit linie, pnvenu-d die naiiHi of lliu Il' il. Jni'l Allen of ,nidi Hern it (i pel .-mi well uordiv nf llm mppnit of llm I'i ei'iiicn of s.iid O'liiiuv, fir ill ! s.iid union of r.'cn:iior. VVIii'iiMipnn Mr. Allen iri'icil fioiii ilie i li.or, and U'lilli-i dull ;n duly c!in-eii in hi-t - oli"l lliu I In pini'i'i'diil4 of lliirf i ouwnlimi In: siljnpil lij dm i iLiiAiiiin mil t'l'nei.iiv. mil Put). Ii.-l.i-d. iVAU.IS .MO'IT. Chairman. Wit. I.. SOWI.CS, Secretary. In our InimMo npininn thii rapil incrrnso nf hanking capilal is thu primary eauso oflhe tempo'! ol'banlirtipley and rum, U'lnoli has swept li!:n n'mg scourge from ouu end I I ' n union t" ih" nlhor. Wo do nnt cm ivo i: to bn willihi llio tango of l'n-inii.i TIBS, li.ol any eounlry nan mi-tain ihulf on. dnrlho operiiiiun of'-oii'i a v.t-t oxpiniou of iho credit system. Wo entertain no fears as to tlio result of llio enqilirii'i of tho ponplo relative to iho can-os whinll havo produced Iho present pcrniiiiiity eoiharni'-'-iueuts in thu country, Kitip-lied as wo nro, that il has boon brought about by a rapid iiiere.HO of banking capital, its "naliirnl nll'-pring overtiading and speciilaliou. Too ul lempls of llio I'uih'i-iih-ls lo fusion iho trmibl "s of thu country upon lliu Into and piucut ad, ninisl ration, will lilui all llndr cll'irl-s ol'a Mioilar charac ter, bu liraiidi d by llio judgment ol'lliu unligl- Ulltld llllll llllell'yoilt of llio llgl! Willi illfalllV and dngrauo. H'mdior Ulutcwuin. Who is to blame fur all this: The ad. ministration passes will icll you thra it h ihe Whig: they have encouraged the I! inks to make exce-cive issues, in older that ihey tuny trado and speculate, rnd I hat l hey have failed with ihem Wo will prove this to be false. The Whigs irnd Iho whole country were content, hnppy and prosperous with the Hani; of United State-; they nsl.-ed no change they did not press f,.r new Slate charters. Who dul ? We aiwwer, the Jackson and Van Uuren aduuui-tratiuti, as Ihe f.llowingcj -liii'.v: The Legi-huuro of Maine, which elected M 'snrs Siieply and Ilugglcs, Jack-on Van Huron men, lo the U. S. Senate, incrc.icd Hie hanking cnpilul ol that State fiom 030,000 to $1,3 19.1130. Tho Lngisla'uru of Now Ilampfihire, ni iho f-nniii 111110, increased tho banking cnp ilul of State from $1, 701,070 in $,- 055,oor;. The Legislature of Connecticut, which t'lceied .Mr. Ndcs to thu U. S. Senate, in crcu-ed the binking capital nf lhat Slate from $1,4:13,177 lo $7 :J30.7oT.. Tim L"gisl-iiure of New York increased ihe b.inkiug capital from $J3,3IJl,d00 lo $37, 001,400 I Tho Legislature of Alabama, which elected Win. R. King to the Senate, in creased tlio banking capital of that Slato front oO.'J to $0,107,0.23. Too Le'islaMiro of L'liiisnna, which elected A. C. Nicholas lo iho U. S. Ton ale. also iucrea-red iho Ranking capilal of thai Suite from jJVGGj, OI'.O to $7,1 71 ,U3, and Inst yonr In $17,000,000!!! The liOgislniure of Mi-sissipni, which ubtiiulPil Walker for Poinde.xter in iho U. S. Senate, enlarged iho banking capi

lal of that State from $950,000 to $,C0O,. The Legislature ofTonnc.-'sno ! onlargud i he li'iiiking capilnl from $737,(517 lo $2,- 100, Si! I. The Legislature of Ohio, which elected Photons Alorris to the Senale, added a. bout $). 000,000 to its banking cipilnl. Tho Logislaiuru of Missouri which sustains Thomas II. Renton in tho S Minto lias created a new Suite Ihuk with u cap Hal of $3,000,000. Here, nt once, wc have the naked truth lint Messrs. Jackson nnd Van Huron, under the mat't'.lhe plci of furnishing Goti and Silver as n circulating medium, havj, on" the contrary nnd in ten Slates, which. unhappily, ihry conl rolled, augmented iho PAPER CAPITAL to ihe enoriii'HH a. mount of nearly EIGHTY TWO MILL IONS of Dollars illegally seized upon the people's money, deposi'ed in the Uni ted Suites R ink, uud placed il in llieso new Ranks, where the mo-t part of it ia irrecoverably lo-t nnd tbu'whole of these in-iilinioiH, of ibeir own make, have been bankrupted. Let the people open their eyes nnd see at once at whou door the evil lies, and who is lo bo censured for the suiter mgs now experienced by I he country. Taxi. Too Pniriot; speaking of Iho Wli'g state convention, paid "Tnore will he a splendid cxli'lniion of tslnrU and grdd watches, no doubt." Comment "I never s,uv a rougher set of inon!" .'2 'in: Rural victn, after the con vention. These tiro tlio extremes, and truth lies in tho middle. Tlio convention was cuin posed, neither of rich men nor nigged men but of nil cla.-ses of men, and by far the niott part, of Irmly and independent far mers. Tneso are the men who have car ried Vermont through every struggle erect ami free, unpolluted by Ihe touch of Exreulivi) poive.r mi the ope hand, and of demagogues on iho oilier. P. S Tlio on, ly gddio'ttt'i we have pooh hi any of iho Convention-,, wa -purled by an njjiie ladder, mi ihe Colli ! and that, ut about the lime In was drafting tho resolution against Gov .lenison, lo ho presi tiled by another nfl'ico holder, who flouri-lied a very liandi-omo cane .' .' lalchmon. LATEST FROM ENGLAND The brig Old Colony arrived il llus psrl la-t eveiniig from Liverpool, whence she -ailed on the 7th of June. She brings L nidon dales of Ilie lifih, one diy later ikm iIuko brieiglit by tho Alhinvat Now York The account ' of llm -ii -pension of of snerie payiiienls i.i Ibis country had not reached Europe Three ol the great commercial backing liniw-j in London, via. Messrs. Wii-un, Vi'ildes and Wiggin, I. ad been obliged to ru-pend jnyiin iii on l ie j'I. The amount of I heir ohbgaiiom is said to bu three in ill-noi- gierling, and not two million.-, as sla led is llio New York papers. Tho Cotton mark t at Liverpool, on Iho the O'h, clo-ed ;il a decline nf I .'! per lb. mi quotations of the -Jd. The bales were 4000 biig-. nnd mirket heavy The lailure of ihe loudon houses pro dnced scnniioii auiong coinuiercinl men in Paris. One of llio Pari! paper? sovjihere is too luilo cnnncMoii between Ihe commercial rehtiioiH of France and Eiigl-iinl to give any uiica-me-s. I'lie L 'iidoii mormg Herald of tho 3lh, -ays iho pimo wliioh commenced on ihe '.'d iiinnng Iho hnii-os eoiiiiecled with ll.ij American trade, I. as continued. It is Willi pain vi-o niinoiinco iho foihiro of i ivo oilier ostublishinenis, Me.'-rs Gowan i" Marx uud Mc-.-rs Di.'ll & Grant, who were large. Iv liilere-lrd in llio undo Willi the U. t. Tin.' Iinbilities of die w lioli! of llio I'ruis which hi -pi nded pavn'.cul, are ostiinaicd il lull iliren. millions Moiling. Tuoro Invo neon oilier e.-uihlisliiiienis named as hav ing been iinablu tu meet their engage ments. Th amount of bills duo on on 3d. says iho II. 'raid, was very great, and Ihe quan tity relumed was oon-iderable; but. on iho whole the engagements for ihe day, excepting of course iho-c of firun which have Mi-peuded payments, were lin t hotter than was calculated upon. The Herald lurlher Hales that llioro aro good rea-anis for believing Iha'. Messrs. Goian and Marx will speedily roHinie payment, ni it is known that they hnvu most iiumlo means to pay ultimately all the claims ngain.-l lli'-m. Tim Liverpool Mail of the fltli says, "we biiiienl mnl Hie monetary concerns oft hw mighty Empire have been so wretchedly I'oiidneied Ibat llio citizms of tips U. Suites hnvu b"eii cnnbli'd, by a lallncious -ysli'in oferedit, In mb ihe luerehanls and iiiaiiulncliirers ul this country of a sum mil l.-s-iiliaii seven millions of pounds ster. lil'!.'." It does not npponr that ihore had been anv failures at Liverpool Host, Atlas, MEXICO ami tup. UN I'I ED STATES. Our leaders will recollect Hie absurd nies-ngo of General Jacli-oii lo llio la-l L'nugicsj, n-king a 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 r 1 1 y lo die ports of tho United S'ute.s again'. Hie M. xieaii eiunuierce, and In i-sue letters nf marquo ti'.ul reprisal ((.'ain't Mevican ves i Is, if tho demand for n seltleineiil of die el iiiiH of Auierieau cinsniis against die Mexican Covoruuieiit, were not in-laillly Complied wilh. This wns llio first lime Onngre-s had hoard of any thing nbont those claims; and it very properly refused to havo any thing to do with tho ab-urd proposition thus mndo to it. Even iho last Congress had too much eonse and dierelion to on IriHt die midi'irHy id' declaring war, lo -licit a fi'iarrol-onie, hoi, headed follow ns our Idle 'vi.ernblo Preidi nl " The M' Xieau ( iveriimout, however, havo taken advantage- of this hosHlo do nioiislrntion, on the part nf General Jack son, mid have very haniLumcly lurried the Initios upon im. They have pa-ed n de cree authorising Preid"iii. Iiiistnnienie lo smile die claims nf die United States; or in cau Iho parties should not be nblo to ngree. In refer llmni m I he decision olVnui" I'rii'iidly power, 'l'ollns decree, a second nriic'n'ls appended, nuihori-ing the Preb' dent, in cae Ihe Uoiled S'ales refuse to :;ivc Hint. s-diftrlioii, to'.'in a rensnvdilc mi. se'i'ch .Me tiro Ivit a right, lo dewtnd under the trcalt, or in case Ihe open ng zrcsslnns should continue, tet.'ct have been close our ports lo the com irn'rce oflhe United Slates, to prohibit the introduction nnd the u-o of our maimlnc lures, to point out a period to consume or export thoi! already in the country, nnd to adopt all Iho nrcesinry means in effect llieso inea nres and the salcly of the MeX. icnu Republic. Thus, by Iho folly and mismanngomenl nf nor Government, we nro in danger of losing one of die nvid imp riant and lucra. live branches of our CilUtlierce. The Mopongo of dm Mexican trade would bo a great, blow lo New Odeam. bill n blow winch dial city has I'chly meri led from dm open and decided pari which ll hn-t tr.l.en in die hotlloa ogain-t Mex ico : having h.-eo in fict, and Ip'iug now, Iho lead quarter of tho sell styled Tex-. iiih, the place where tl eir iiumi nre enlis ted, and whence I heir supplies are obtained. i hiTy"aT w iTj eT The following i the cony of n loiter from Mr. Wise, lb" distinguished member of Congress, in reply lo a Idler received requesting his influence in favor of die Tempernnce Society of Virginia, The answer is in character wilh the real pecu liarities and life of Ihe man. Accomack Go E S . Va.. ) May 2Jd. Ifi.)7. s Dear Sir I received your very gratify ing letter by ihe mail beforo die lai. and havo to return you my mo-t Miicerc nc kii'iwli dgoinenls lor die honor of your in vitotmn, t" attend llio Conveiiliou of the Maryland Slain Temporaries Society to he he'd in die cily of JJalumoic on die hi-l Wodne-d'iy of this monlh, and for die Haltering in which you were plnned in couch your requc-t for me lo a'lend us sit'iug. You wore correctly inrormod, fir. when told that I tun an advocate of ihe temper ance cnuso. and I con--u!or it one of tho inghe-' oiitiinliiiioots you could havo paid me to orodi! the rep iri. 'I'o be a inemher of the temperance society h lo die stran g"r, wiib me. one of tho highest recom mendations nf character, not only I'or so bri.iy, hot for nio-i of thu virtues which coiisiiniie a good citizen. It would give me die gronteM plen-oire In attend tin- Convention, but very recent ilnm'sdio afik't ioiH, of die severest kind, compel me to forego dial plon-oro, nnd lo d'.chiie your iuviiaiion. I may. however, avail myself vorv properly ! hope, of tin-; o'liorinnity of ben ring my le-tinionv lo Hi" i fieri- of teiiiperaut'e. by vindiratuig in v in ual olnunoier from Ihe rispersooi n tul ciluipnii's whirh hive h""n cn-i nion it by Ihe insinunli uis of -rofiigaie pTti v.Tu pre-sos dial in my huoib1.. effir's in Con gri'fs to re .lore a pirn and free ndm iMS t ration of tho govrrnmepi I Imve been In bittiaily. or at nines, more siuoulati d by alcohol than by a Invo of country. Now, ir, I am but thirty years old, and for ilie h-l I! year-- nnd simi." uinndis of my Ij!',., I have P.ol tated a table spoonful nf ardent pirils, or drank one half of a gallon of I3IIIC. In 1 "29, while residing in Nashville. Tenue---ee, I became a in mber of n wncn.' ly loaiist.iin from dm u-n ofarden' spiriN, and was appointed eorrep nding Sorrel. a -ry of die St.iti! Temperance Socieiy, of which Phillip Lind-ev ). I). President of die Umveisny of Nnslmlo. was Proi ilent. Sinou my mum lo iho Ei-ien h iro of Virginia, I have hcii active in fonuing societies in llio two counties ol Aooninnek and Northampton, and wilh others have been micivssI'iiI in organising do: number of somo liv" or si,.;, omliracing in all biiwoen two nnd three hundred nii'iuhor--. S'ure a member of Congres-'. I dely a l iho malignity of I ho biiicrost and moil false polil'enl or personal enemy in n-erl that I Imve ever, in I lie It n-l , do purl- d from the slrieie,-t pledge ()f teui peratice Hoci' ty which (icrnn's wine to bo la-led at n'l. I havo nid in part die ox P'Oisim of mos;es of gem lemon who at the b'nrtlmg houses provide themselves with ir'nc for die Isiblo and for die ens loins of ho.-pi'nlity In vi-iitors; I have never bought wino or used anh'llt sjurits at all, nnd but touched wine nt lime--, m objervnnce inero'y ol die forms of society nt die metropolis. I am thus particular in regard to uiv-adf. sir, in order dial I may mo-t emphatically reply to tl-.osn wlm would impair certain utatemonts wlrrh I have made ns a pub'ir mm in die nation, bv the tin put nt i in of iutemonrauco to mo, hv saving, "I wns not mad," nor was I drun.',; "mst nob'o Fe-tus." Anntlior reason for ibis partiriihrii y ns lo my own ci-e. is to show dial die beam is mil of my own eye, hi lbro I proced lo pnnit out die llioto in Iho eves of nllior. Il has. forln naiely or iiufiiriunatr'ly, I know nnt whirh, lallen lo my lot in public life to be the in si rumen! of exposing abuses in public nf fairs, and oflencos in die men who conduct them. Such as I lliinli worthy of expo sure, I shall not shrink from ca.-tigaiing by speaking of ihem in my placo ami out ol mv place ai will, without any regard what, oyer to personal consequences, I stale Ihe fact, then, lo the nation, thai somo of die higher excrniivo ollieers, nre, and have been notorious drunkards drunk nrds in my s'-nso of the term habitually afi' eled by nrdeul spirits drunk at least onco n wi ok impaired in cim-liiuiion by die ii-eofsirong drink ; and I further slate thai I havo often heard die reason assign, oil, ami I believe it was n valid one, for the Ilou-onf Representatives of llio Congress of the Unilod Sintes not tailing in the eve uing after dinner, when the public bnsincFs required il, that many of die mcmbcrn wore so much i.i the habit of intoxication that Ihey were not only unfit thtniselvee lor tilth I c diiy nfter a certain hour in tho day, Im wi re I ;ply lo prevent olherH in di-ch,'irging their diily, hv interrupting tho order of proceeding. During Hie latter pan oi me sesjion ol Uougross, wlici Iho two Houses were compelled to Fit late, members loo drunk for die deconcv of a invoru bar-room, wore not iincnmmun -ighls jn th" Senate rhaihber nnd in the bill of iho House of Represent 'Hives of a Rcpuhlir, who-o fathers handed down lo it the hallowed and Immutable Iru'h, "that no free government or the blessing nf lit), orly, can be preserved lo any people, hot liy aiiiieratie.! I o justice, nioihoatton, letn peranr.e, froga Vy and virion !" Then aro fads. Fir, which in my name, if you choose, you miy bring to die aiteniinn of tlio Con vein ion as worihy the attention of iho people of die United S'aHw. , utterly oppu-ed to t)io lemperaiice raus'c a engine in nny way wlntcvor; hut if the friends of temperance will aid it! ridding Congress of sols no matter lo what political party limy miy be,ont. for limy are n di-grace and an actual jnj iry to any parly they will be subserving t',ep own wmk of goml m ,tnU, nod do dm C'liuiirv some service. Indeed, M. facis which I have Kt'ited, apply widioqiml force and truth lo hoi It Wlui and Tories in about Ihi' i'xacl ratio ofilmir numbers in the h-i of public men; and let mo not In misunderstood n reproaching die admin ist ration, except so I'jr r.s Inn", aj rr-,tIn sible executive nfiices nro entru-iod lo in temperate incumbents ivhon- habits nre known by the boy 0ii iho streets of Was'i tuglon. I have been n candidate ibreo limes for die suft'ages of dm pnoplo in the oldest district in O d Virginia, proverbial lor "honey drams," 'mint j'tlipi." "hail storms," ' stings," ' dem d ops." nnd cvorv doscriplion of nectcned drink, and havu' never found il luressary or requisite lo oh lain a single vole, in re-ett lo die vul-ar graces of die familiar cup. " I have written too much, and more linn I intended, and mosl nib-crib" myself, re spectfully yours, dm friend ,, IIENIIY A. WISE. From the Jacksonville (III.) I',,,;ot HORRID MUIIDER. Mr Naiimuiel Fowlo, loimcrlynf M,1---sachn-elis, was slmt ty n ,.iu nnimd iirnvesui fja'tirilay last, ai Pinhid'. Ip' ia. Cass County. The circumsianeis u-o'e briefly dies,. :-Mr F. had an indentured colored girl who had ab-ented herself from Ins hou-e and could not icll what ,aj ,,. come nf her. Some of dm neighbors re ported Hint dmy had fpoii Iut on a horso behind n man, an-wormg lo the descri,)'. lion ol Graves. She snb.-pqii,.ni ly cui'm luck, and stand lint (;r;,v,.s hid an, p. ted lo kidnap In r. On Smnrday In-t tlicro waa -nle at Pl.iladelidiuiuboiii I.", pn'.w from Jark--nnvillo and while Mr F. Vlu Mr Heard were -tiling down iwar die lionsn of a neighbor. Graves parsed lln oi , Fowlo rennrked In b'-ard, dun dun was die mnti', pinning lo davos. Mr Fowlo i! ,.ft Mrli. and w. in to tlio horso-rack. wberu Graves wa-sianding and had snmi; con" vocation with him; . i. rrilll0 r,,m dm hou-v, approached Fowlc tind prcscn led a pisn.l at lnni. F. paid Imle a'icii -lion lo linn, not riipriiKing lnni tn h.. m eirno-I. Graves said sooieiiung ..',.. loll ug him Ime ih": ntciiN ol iK. pi -,, , when Fowlo drmv a p,-!.d, nod m r!r,..' les--nmnner snnl ha had n pi,,, i,-,,. tiraves ilu.ii mine up nnd -hot. FnvV thr. ogii Iho hc-jri. who cxnir.-d in n for mince nfier (;. Hp.-n iold ;..-, r ,f gave any alarm Im would ,i iiiin, r immodiaioly j mpod on IN hor,e.' Mr Mncdonald, who came op din-cfy, jnmned on a horse in pursuit of dm murderer, j ;0 overtook him no dm Prairie, when dV.v.-s turned upon bun. and aimed ri b.lU. t ,K Ih.-nat with hs kinfo. Furlnnateiy tbo knife struck Ins check bone, nnd ahhoeoh Ilie wound wn hovere, Inying open oho"!;. M. e .nliiiucd dm pii.-.-m,. At tbo i nun Im was Wounded Im wrested Ihe knil'o ftnui Grave-', witli winch, a-- Im de quendy i,'alt s. vera I cuts al llm murderer. Thrv soup got in to the tinibir. After n close pursuit llmro dm horse on which Grnves rode, fci1; Mncdonald imnie.lintely di.-ninunted and wiili a lif'uvv blow wilh his fi..t, lev -Ih-d Graves lo dm onnli. Inimedniit'lv mhcri canm up. and secured liim, nnd M in lav evening, he was brought into town ouocr a -trong guard and lodged in jiil, where ho tr.Vitiis Ins I rjnl. From Ihe C mmercinl .'ldvrrtiicr. Obituary. Vu ar concrin .1 to no. nonce Hi j death, afi .-r u r vrn I'loe-s of of six dais, of RoBEtr U. Lvc E q. and sieec llm ilisea-o of Ins I'a'i.'.-r, dm ,-eni ir editor nHIm GazeHo. Thus m- ,,, lle venerable editor of die gazett,. been fol lowed -lo dint bourne whence no travel ler returns," by his eldest nv sons, and by his son in-law, Mnj ir Gamble, ivnlnn die space of about lii'trep mouths. Mr. Robert U. L'iog, was fiii yearo old. Tim di.-order of which Im died, originated in a severe cold which Im look on Monday Inst producing siricnro of breast, fever, "iiifli inadon, itc. Tne d 'cea-ed was a very amiable mnn, of good noquircmenu and very re.-peciablo talonis. Tho Norwalk, (C iineciicut Gazette says, wo learn Unit a few days sioee. an old gentleman in Dinbury, Mr. Elmkini Peck, who was ridmg i a nrm-hnrto wagui, cium in cnninct wiili n boe-hivo, which wns i brown from die form on which it stood lo die ground. The bees iii-lnudy nt'aeked dm hor.-o and his driver, ami s'ong tho former r o dreadfully, thai ho died within n 1 1 hour, in most excruciating agony. The old gentleman sti'l hvu-, but it is not expected dial he will recover. Ni:w Fi.ourt.'I'lie Augusta. Geo. Con sdiut'onalit hivs " Wo undorMand a wagon load of Flour, iiiado from wheat, iho growth of die present year, was ro. reived, ill Hamburg, on dm "Hill nil. by Mr II. L Jeffeis from dir. nulls f Mr. Jo seph Grilliu, in Abbeville Dutricl, and that il met w'uli n ready sale m this city, nl $10 per bid." Mr. Van Huron snys he never voted for n bank but once, and has repented of dint. Tho Wheeling Times, in reply, says Iho ponplo have voied for him but once, and they hnvu repented of that.