Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, August 25, 1837, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated August 25, 1837 Page 2
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V It 1 1) A Y MORNING, A U Q U S T 23. Stale EUclian. September 5. von oovr.uNnn. SILAS II. .1EJX1SON. rou lielt. liovEUNnn. run Tm:.'UF.n, run se.natoii' cm i'tkmiks county, JOIJV VAN SICICI.EN, .Til. ISAifllV dlH.LKK. oni.i- c- v cy. AUG US'PUS Y OVNG. GUAM) Hl.E COUNTY. ir o n. j o i: ii ali, i: n, TO TMI3 FRilliMAN OF GRAND 1SLB COUNTY. f7 Fellow Citizens : you nrc soon to be called upon to olert n person to represent you in the State Senate for the ensuing po. liticnlyenr. In these dnngcrous and diffi cult times every office should be occupied by a man of ability, wisdom ond integrity. Quacki nnd Tinkers have cursed our coun try long enough. They have, nf'ur n seven yenrs war upon our currency, nt length t'ticci'cdori in reducing our circulating me dium from a Found mid healthy state, to the tiiott miserable shin-plaitcr system. This Rtate of things has been brought about by the nbntniuablo corrupt and wily specula tions eC our Nat iniiul Administration; who now haw; the boldue-s and effrontery to charge it nil to their opponents, it be comes yotiMlu'y. (oHow citizens, to correct those evils, while you may. There utc but two candidate? for I lie ollice in question. The Whirs, have recommended lo you the Hun. Joel Allen, as a man eminently qunli Pied for that station. On the other hand Dr Uartics through the agency of the Cus tom House department has again procured his own tinmiimiinii to the ofllcc, the duties of which, he m clumsily and ignornntly at tempted to perform last year, to the great mortification and chagrin of his constitu ents, lie style himself the "Van Burin cadidaie." I need not inform you that Judge illou is allowed to be Dr. Humes' Eiipeilur in every necessary qualification for n Legislator. Indeed Dr. Iiarnes cannot .... 1 III iltiy JJillllUMlill ruvius; uinu uuu ijuttiiiQiy nnd you have had enough of them, being no necessary qualifications, for such n bta tinn. But let us try Dr Barnes by his offi cial nets while a Srmilor liiat year. The fiM we learn of him. nfler he left us, is from the Journal of thu Senate (-co page 1st.) we find him seeking a seat in the Sen. nte by the aid of Ex-Guv. Pulmor fa man whom Dr. Barnes formerly scorned and ridiculed for his antimasGiiry) without pro ducing Ins credentials O ! a wise Sen. ntor without any cridentials ! How every freemen in I he cminiy blushed and hung Ins head when ho road the mortifying fact, in the Journals of the day, that their Senator had forgotten Ins credentials. The only dunce in Hint Iluuor.iblu body. On page 0 1 It of the Senates Journal you will find the Doctor hanging himself lor forgetting hi- credentials, by voting lo have the State fiirni-h him two daily and three weekly news-papors during tho Sesrions of the Legislature. But let us see how tho Doe tor dorlcred our interests afier bo obtained so honorably a seat in that Honorable body. On page 50 of tin: ?amo Journal you will find Hut Dr. Barnes voted to repeal the law which made it penal for a man to lake unlawful Interest. The Doctor from his voiith up has been a grrai jf.?urerind many a poor fellow has been skinned by his quackery and illegal Interest. As tho law fiiimcrly Flood the D 'dor dare not directly take illegal interest ; but ho would the borrower n sliaviueil Horse, a IniiO Cow, n broken Waggon, a Fiek Hog, some tenb by Sheep, or a I5rn-s Watch for ten or fif teen timet- I ho va'un i hereof, and thereby indirntly take illegal l"'trc.l by way of the old t-trnlngeui f whipping the Devil around the stump. But this way ol evading I ho law becamo rather irksnmo and hazzardoiiF, fo thu Doctor doctoral tiio law. You see fellow citizens tho Doctor is faithful to his own Interests. Thu Doctor has also a pe culiar laculty of obtaining votes. He is (as most of you know) the Surgeon of our Regiment of Militia; and thu Uegimptit under bis kind attention are all becoming Invalids; but Mill t hey nro apt voters, Should thu Doctor bo a candidate two years longer, tho whole Regiment of Militia will bo disbanded, and ynu will hove lo depend entirely upon Invalids to protect your wo. men nnd children from the invasions of o ruthless savago or a foreign loo. They will all linvo certificates from your kind iiirgeon. You would bo ii6tonis!ied to Icain all (he causes of exception from mili lory duly, assigned by your Surgeon.--Sotno are pick, eomo expect to be sick, some hftve limp fingers, snmo linvo short fingers, ftotno have crooked fingors, some have three toes, eomo six toes, mine have no toes, nnd oven some linvo long whiskers. Tho Doc tor's motto in politics is "Van Duron right or wrong," he believes it is wrong to op pose bis administration, or any of bis mcas uros; the Doctor in fact bcllves in the don trine of nnn-renistanc c, ho even declared as much in his dinner sperch on the 4ili of July last. Ilo praised the "Experiment" and the "Humbug," and I understand ho is now in favor of Mr. Van Huron's Treasury Bank. Dr. Barnes nnd bis partizans nrn now busily engaged electioneering through the County and claiming his re election be. cause of his great services to the county Inst year; audio carry the joke still fur ther the Doctor has ordered the long caned Editor of the Sentinel to tell yon what public opinion is here respecting tho prob ability of his re election; and n evidence thereof, the sapient Kdimr tells you bo has received half a hundred new subscribers to I he Scnlinel within the last two weeks. Poor man ! deluded with a falso hope of gain! Tho Doctor has probably ordered the fifty new papers for bis pnrtizans lo distribute among the electors of the county for the shallow purpose of inducing them to vote for him: how many gulls bo will catch by the low stratagem remains to be seen ; but alas ! a killing frost on the 5th of Sep tember next may blast the Editor'si hope, bani-di his fifty men subscribers and leave the Doctor sad'y in the minority. Take David Crockett's motto of "Go ahead ;" fellow citizens, elect Judge Allen and the county will be Fafe. You can do it nnd I think you will do it. Buckingham. Grand Lie County. August 11137. Jackson has ical'y rendered his country a service when he len-t intended it. His recent incendiary Letters to B'air were evidently written to keep Van Buren "up to tho rack, fodder or no fodder." But they were charged wMi gall against our commercial and monetary iuterCfts. No class of citizens and especially that class which embraces so large a portion of the wealth, intelligence, enterprise and pa triotism of tho Country like to be told even by Gen. Jackson, that they have done all in their power to "disgrace and ruin" that country, and that ihey "deserve tin favor j mm the Government." Thousands of the best and most efficient supporters of tho Administration, when this wanton at tack appeared in its official organ, til once and forever abandoned the party. Indued so elrnngly is the popular indignation ex. .,.! ,l.t .,,il,r il.r, Allmnv Arrrnj .ir New York times has dared lo publish those Letters. Dj'TIio truly great and patriotic Wash ington, when he retired from tho Presi dency, wrote a Fahewell Annnnss, and from ihat time forward studiously avoided interfering with ihc politics and the gov ernment. Gen. Jackson, in mockery of Washington, nlso fjnvo us a "Fuicwcll Address" But Washington retired to honor and dignify the walks of private life Jack-on. forgetting his "Farewell" has relumed lo Ihc arena of politics, and is slandering and abusing the belter portion of our citizens, for the purpose of promo. nog too political schemes nt Ijenton, Kendall, Bi.aiu, and bis oilier profligate followers. THE ELECTIONS. THE SPEAKER. We believe the Wcfet has saved the country. The return? exceed tho inos-l sanguine expectations: the evidences of public opinion arc too loud and exprcFsivc to mistaken by U e ndmiiibiratinn, and if the President is determined to stand u against the people, and withhold Ihat im mediate relief which it is in his power to grant, laud woe it is lo tho country thai he has thu power, tho storm iniint over whelm him. No additional returns have been received since yesterday, but tho ac counts are mote full. Thu following may bn considered ns Ihe truo stole of the Cunjtssionnl contest : KENTUCKY. ME.Miir.n- elected. 2d Disuict Cih (Mi 7th 8'h 10 h Hill 1 Jill JU.Ii Runi'py .Lours Hurl. in Juliii I'tilhoun Jilllll I'opii J. Graves JC it-li oil I'll in It Km Ii ntl II. Mrncfec Ji lni ('It.tinliriR Win. W. Koutlignie Wide : gain Win. d. il.) do tin Wilis gain w hi- Whig gnin pour dlstrirls lo be ft out, which Van Buren may gain one. INDIANA. MEMIIEIIS KM CTED. fifoi-jo H. Dunn Vlti g.iin. J mix' IC'tt Itlt-ii, W Iti, Willi, on (jiiilunn, In-; g.iin Willi, on III lull, Wlo le rlccf-.d A, H. While, Im; niu Juliii r.uin W'lui; ain rtntuie, Ilium, 'n ptob.iiily (lie only one elected in lliiti riiiiie. TRNNESSnn. mf mii mi 9 v.i.icrr.n. William II. C.iiiiiMI(H'liig1 John Hell (Win-; ) Aliiuli'iiii I'. M utt)- (II'IiIr ; J.unrs K. r'lk IV. It.) tin change. II. I.. I iiiiit-y (V. I! iiiiiu.) Ilirliilr.l CliiMiiiuui (H'higipiin.) Joint Ir. CiockM (ring gain.) Gov. Cuiiiioii will bo re elected 10,000 niajonly, by In North Carolina, it is ascertained that A. II. Shepherd is elected by 100 votes. Lad year, Ibis district gave a Vnn Buren mnjnrily of 1400 voles. There is tin im j mense change in North Carolina. From nil that wo can collect, wo ehanld not bo much surprised nt the choice of n Whig Speaker. The parties seem lo be rqunlly divided; nt nil cveiits, there are runny conservatives in the administration rank" who will not vote for a Van Buren Speaker until they know what tho message will recommend. Van Huron ia getting bis collars ready, and intends lo whip tve. ry man ol It is own party ituo a caucus, and then put tho screws upon them for Spenkcr. Tho elections at tho West will keep many of bis men out of that Caucus. His true friends do not wish him to have the Speaker. Tho elcclion of Polk would finish him before the session is half through as he loaves Tennossen with written in structions from Jackson an to his Commit tees and his course in the chair. The Madison i an. The southern papers announce thu first number of tho Madison, inn, n semi weekly paper commenced ot the seal of government, evidently with a view of advocating those doctrines touch ing the currency, which approach the near est to the Whig principles of any aowed, by the former pnrtizans of Genernl Jickson more catholic than even Mr Tallnudge's letter- and promising n gentlemanly course, it will be a thorn in the side of the Globu not only by hcfrce, but by the iroper tone of its articles. If ibis paper is trcrelly npprovod by Mr. Van Buren, it mist be from the conviction that it will relievo him from a portion of the tyranny of the Globe. The Next Conoiie-s. We haw now sufficient (lain for I lie formation o1' some opinion respecting thu plate of panic in I he new nue ol Representatives, i ho Mibj iinod staiemeut is ns correct, wfl think, a any that can be made nut nt the r-rcMmt time." Il vill bo seen that there is no knowing "who will bo Governor until after the election " Rhode l-land will piobahly have the decision ol Mr. Speaker Polk's late. We give ihc Van Buren t-troiig'h its claimed by Ihat parly, but it remains lo be phcii whether members elected while the grand experiment was in succcs'lul opera, lion, will all b". true nod faithful since Ihe humbug has been exploded. Wc have itooiI reason lo believe that some of the Western Van Buren men are out openlv noamM the pnwcis that be. NEW Co.NGIlE-S. L,T CoJGtlESS. W, V. B. W- J. Maine 2 0 2 0 N. Hampshire 0 5 0 5 Vermont 4 1 5 0 Massachusetts 10 2 10 2 Coiincciiciil O G 0 0 New York 10 30 O' 31 New Jersey 6 0 0 C , Pennsylvania 11 17 11 17 D-lnwaro 10 10 Maryland 4 4 4 4 Virginia G 15 d 15 South Carolina 9 0 7 2 (ii'orgia 2 7 1 !t Loui-iann 2 1 2 1 Mississippi 0 2 0 2 Mifsoiiii 0 2 11 Illinois 0 3 0 0 Ohio II II 10 9 70 103 09 110 In the following States, the returns ore not complete, but they will not van much, from present appearances, from the tubjoin. ed statement. Kentucky 12 1 9 4 Indiana 7 0 0 7 Tennessee II 2 9 4 Alabama 3 2 3 2 N. Carolina 1! 5 7 5 Arkansas 0 I 0 1 119 120 97 142 Michigan nnd llhode Island yet lo choose, which States send three representatives. A cnrrcrpoiniont of tho Ohio Register, writing from Cincinnati, says: "On lauding, was yoftorday nt-nishod by the nppcnnince of a young man Ironi down I ho river, who, when caujlit and measured, proved lo be seven feet fix inch. es high. As be Flood in 1 lie cro.vd, Ins shoulders high nbnve the hend-i of tho tnll est. he looked around him wiihout the leaM inierropiion lo Iih prosper!, winch wn doubtless nn exl ended one.wh lo the pigmies of Adiim. your common six footer?, wsrt walkiiif: n mil ml lion nt n soilnhlo di.-lnnce for tho purpose of see'ng his whole length ns men walk widu of ihe hoii-e to rend r sign board, or lo i-ec if I ho chimney be on fiie. I nlterwarilssnw him tnnding on iho guards of n Ftenmboal, apparently survey ing, over Ihc lop ol Iho boat, fcoine object on tho other side. Of course, ibis "urnM delicate monster" was tho lalk of l-Veiil street lor thu day. Upon inquiry of cap tain who brought him up, I found he un n Loui.-villo hackuiaii, unined Purler. His ngo is 22 only, ami ho hos not oi censed lo grow ! "Ho is filling up," Fiid the crptntn ; -'he'll be ipuet a Inrgu unit yet, he's a young fernomenon, ain't hi?" FIIUM THE FAME. Wc command the following extract to the consideration of Iho advocates of an exclusivly metallic currency; "Thu I hiio litis now arrived, say Ihe Lonilou Sinudnrd, for us to remind the public of n proposition, repented nun loo dred limes in this journal--namely, the proposition 1 1 1 a I there is not nbnve grcuud in the world, ouo half, one quarter, or u of lite gold nud silver lu'ccx.-ary to cliry oil domestic and external trade, upoi, its present ceule, through tho earth. I'he proposition wo have always iiccniipafird by ihe corrollnry. ihat no one nation can ever attempt to make gold and silver the ex clusive instrununl of its domestic commerce, without deranging the trade universally, and deranging the happiness of all mankind.' From dm N. Y. Expnu. MAJOR 1)0 WING TO HIS FELLOW CITIZENS. Attention nil creniion! eyes right? fnce fronl ! Major Downing, just returned from foreiegn parts, addresses you on "grent nnd weighty matters." Tho "big guns" of Diddle. Hamilton, Adams, nnd Tallmadge, nnd others having been (lis eharged, it is now of high importance to know what Iho illustrious Major has to say. The Major promises in hi-i next to take up ihe subject of the currency, nnd lo go to woik in enrncst to do Ins best toward j pulling things in order ngnin. In cm a of his conversations the other dnv, H is report ed that ho said there wns but one honest political parly in this or any other country. nun nun ue woinu in goou note ucmou. slrate thi. JViiis vcrran's, the Major now can parley vous l-Vciich we dare suy, hav nig returncu Irom Ins travels in (orcign parts. M AniNE Pavilion, Rock away, L. I. i August 15th, 1037. in sight of the wreck ol tlio Two Polliest. ) Po tho People of tho United States of Nonh America, in general, nnd to I lie grent Democratic Family in particular. Fellow Citizksi You have nil lu ting Hum heard tell of my return lo my nn'ive land, after an abseeuco now of over two years this gra5s, ami how nigh I came resting my bones nlong with Ihe "Two Polhes" on tin bench, anil nil mainly owtn lo n notion that Captain Jumper took that ho was more kuowiii than other folks about his latitude nud longitude nnd souudius, and lo wind up all, was willing, right or wrong, "lo take the reFponsibilily. " Well, the long nud short of ihe inaltcr Is, the "Two Pollies" weni nliori, nnd there she lies now, right off and on the liou-'o I am now in, and as I am in pretty good keep, in here, I iiH-nn to slick by nnd wait for I be high tides of September next, nnd tee if there is nny hopes of getting this vessel off. I don't mean to quit so long ns two hltcks of umber of this vessel hangs to, gel her. 1 know fIio is worth tavio, and if we can't save all wo can save part, just eiiuiY lo preserve the model, for there aiu'i sicb another craft afloat or on shore in all tin' created airth. In tho nairal course of things, I suppose that seeing il is now more than two years since I wrote my last letter from Franco to my old friend Dr. D'.vight, that 1 nnglit lo tell where I have been, nud what 1 have been about ; but this would be a long story too long to be rood fur nothing, nnd I have no tune lo finish it if I once begun it I'll leave Ihat till i el through more tin porlant mailers. I did not intend writ i nu ll ny thing till l!ie "Two Pollies'1 was oft and pnft; hfl nl ngaio ; but seeing that all the great folks are at work writing piivato letters for publication, I thought it was high tune to begin, and m doing to, as the Globe say- of uiv old friend the Gineral's letter, "dash il off in Hit) broad bold hand of the venerable chief without ihe slight est care of punctuating or correct ing. &o." When 1 left home the lift lime on inv way lo France, to nul in keeping things right there, 1 nt tlown at ihe stnrn ol the Two Pollies, nml kepi my eye on my native hills till Ihe top nt ihe highe.-t one wa ist in the log cloud that hung over it. I I hen began to feel considerable wamble- crop'tl, and could not help thinking of the tune when I was a buy, and when the i:reat platter o login ilumpliiis stood smo king on tin! table, nud Ihc Inmilv taking chairs all nrnoud il ; nud iest then mv good old mother calling out, "Yon. Jonny. mv on, them Ingy caltle nrc in ihe corn field le-'ii run my boy, and turn em mil," nud away I'd scud, and wlut running 1 would keep thinking of Ihein diimp'in--. what changes might take place among 'em alore I got hnck agin, nud in fact, whether tliero would be nny left at nil by the lime 1 got back. And jest so it wns this tune; there was my ninve hills, all flunking in the distance, je.-t like a row ol hot dump lins. anil 1 going oil to Keep r.n eve oi them Frenchmen ; what changes, iliiuk I. will take place among ihein lulls alure 1 gil back lo I hem ! I don't want to underrate dumpliii'. for I lived on 'em nigh ball" my life, but I inii.-t -ay; if any man wants to know how much dearer to bun is his native hills limn any thing else in all creation, let him stand on the slam of a vcsm'I going away Irom 'em at the rate ol leu miles an hour, and srt 'em go down nut ol sight in n log bank and if he don't then feel cnnpidernbli ptrrnked. depend on't he bauit got a coon t r v worth returning to. In such a I line n man knows how lo feu I for Ins country his hull country, and nothing but Iih conn try Talk lo him iheu about parly pili ticks, anil see how small, and mean and coiiteniptihlu all iho little nasty ilifiijrouct of puny squabbles nppear. Whig, Tory. Hank. Anii Hard Currency, Piper Currency. Loco l-oco, Ansincracy, I'-'inoe racy, Jackson. l?enlon, Van Huron. Kindle Ni'gpr, Ann Nigger, Monopoly, Tainuia 1 1 y unci Auti-Tsuiinauy, nml Uncle Joshua ill becomes mixed up like n ball of rnv. lips of old stockings, anil nint worth no mnro, nnd this h r 1 1 iir us nil to to Ihe only pint worth thinking nlomt ; nnd us I lot ye nut lime lo tiros up n long dory, appeal TO r.VEUY NATIVE lloll.N A.ME1UCAN CITI zen (ihe only cl.ii-s I earn to talk lo je-i now) lo think unh me and if I nm not right, let them tell me where nml howl am wrong. I hnve now seen all count rie exeept China and Iho Suiulwich Islands j nnd n sinull pari of Russia p nil I can say that I linvo seen no country nnd no people thai can hold a caudlu lo u- and all that is wauling on our part is lo feul nnd lo act ns we might In feel and to net --and thai is for every iiinn who has got Iho rale grit in bun lo un-backlo himself from all nasty party prejudices nnd look to the good of ins country ns he would lo bis own good and that cif Ins family and children. In some couiiiriee whern I have been, thu will or wiPh of one man is the law of the land when ho whistles ho say, let no doghaik. Is it to bu fo with u.? Are we an independent and free people, and vet In be whirtled into the Iracei and fancies ol nny mnn or set of men? I fir one won't I'll een nny mnn or ket of men, or any other inno in Kumsctitkn first. Well, what U tho puzzlo now before us? Wo aro alt at odds ond ends. Paivty that sulfish deceitful monster, lias been at work and twisted us into n pnarl, and il i our business to untwist It wind off Iho best part for our own use, ond throw the rest to the devil where it come from along with those who wickedly strivo to draw lines hut ween the people nnd set one class up ngin onoiher, jest, lo serve iheir own party purposes. It would be a useless task for me lo attemit to go into nil tho causes, why nnd wherefore, lo show how wo got into Ihc crape we ore now in it is omilF lo know wu nrc in rt scrape, nnd 1 don't know a shorter wny to explain it than to fov, thnl if n farmer wonts to pco bis farm well tilled bo won't take n watchmaker to till it if a lint maker, or a shoemaker, or a nailmakcr. or n carpenter, or n mnson, or any kind of manufacturer, wants gnod workmen to ns'ist lino, he won't employ persons who don't know ony thing about Hie trade. A ship-builder won't employ a halter or ma iron to aid lino in building a slop, and wisy wcrsa. Homo loins can lull logins auu some can manage finances every man to his trade; there is a trade and calling for every man--btit if in the courte of parly management n tinker says bo can cut a ( conl better than n tailor,' it would not bo j strange- if some of us should have a tin keltle tied lo iho tails of our coal flips nnd fo it is in mntlcrs of more importance. ut what grit' ngin Iho griiin Willi me, is to seo "-onio folks who have been put into high offices by us "the people" nud nanl by u? out of our earnings twenty-live thou i n (I dollars a-year or about seventy dot. Inn a-day, besides Iioihc rent and other clipping turn round nud loll us their masters what thai wnnt done nnu wlial we muil do, because I hey say so. Has it conic to this, then, in this country o".iic made by Iho people for llieir own ' good, ihat nny man in ofl.oe. and wc I paul by os for bis serv.ces. shaM dare to dictate lo. ,s our doty, when In- duty is simply to I billow tho laws toe chose to make Ihrougu our representatives lor hit nnd our guiil-i mice? Shall., be any man who ' hns been ... office and well pnul for Ins scr ' v ; r ",c " r- Q"u ey vice.-, dan, lo pre'i.n.e upon his former sh"M be llrl1' P''b'--popularity to dictate tons by his opinions The Norfolk papers gives snino furlher and notions whal we bhonld do, when H i particulars of disaster which happened ro can be seen without spectacles he ha' made !collly nn the Portsmouth nnd Roanoke a gross mistake, and, like the fox that lot i rnli r(lnli i. w.,, occn.umi,. i. ,rflll, nm inn hi im. imp, ouw naiii-uiiin - cut off our lulls, so ns lo cover Ins mistake Il .--ucli fhinL'S nre to be, nnd we nre t-lnves lo full into these iioiioih, then I lor one .-ny, I'll scrape of the nnmo ol ihe "Two Pollies ot Dowinngville. nnd pnint on her .-tarn "The Nigger of Ar.ibv." nnd any mnn who wears u collar may oooimnnil her. Fellow Ciliz'-ns I nun in l In; humor jnsl now to lell ynu Ihe lalal error you are laho nig under. 1 am one ol yourselves, bealen down, shipwrecked, and huiuhog- ged ultnoft ashamed to say bow it has ull come about ns it has because in telling you the siorv. I tell it lo all creation, nud "that is what I don't like. I would raiher keep our laiiuly quarrels within the walls of the old homestead; and that is the rcn snn, when I was abroad and among for eigners, I heard them talking about nnd rending nloud ihe Globe and other official papers containing mailers 1 was nshauted of, I would suy thai Globn" was publirhed wny down in Sooili America, ami Ihat Ihe folks there were all ciiiiilerl-lt American i hey had papers nud editors and towns all called after our own, and there war'nt no dependence to he. put in 'em. Dot as I saitl jesi now, we aro in a scrape, and I mean to try as a good eitizeo. lov ing my country nnd every useful class of citizens iu it. us a man should m get ih out of it. We nro nil upbore, joi-l a the "Two Pollies" is but wo have not gone to pieces yet. nor she oother, ami I don't think we t-hall ; but this depends on our selves. I have known pilots in my day run n ship on jdioro. audio kiver Ins mistake, wi.-h every mhor pilot would do Ihe same thing. ! have seen a cook spoil u whole pot of timl h, ami when turned out, luugli in Ins Fleevti to see Ins Miccessor do Iho Mime thing. I have seen great noliiiei.ius nnd Generals who have failed in their experi ments, so In r forget the interest ol iho-n who employed I hem, ns to torn nud curse parly b iiiIcm nud soldier', and wih to kiv or up their disgrace by wishing their sue. cessors the snnie nii!foriiine. I know once n captain of a steamboat who did tml know hi- biHines', nnd blew up hi' boat ond pas 'engers, feel ns happy in n bird when he heard ihat others had been as unforiiinnle ns himself, and gravely sny, Ihat for Ins part ho was Euro there was no pnfety in Fleam engines. And now we seo Finn" folks equally toady to blow up Hit: hull Hanking rytem, In cause m their ii.HimMi agenient of il they have burnt their fin gers, and now sny thai all liauk' nro (-ail monsters. Just so would a linker who hiu-ted of knowing nil about a steam en gine, and nfier having tinkered changes in Us pipes mid valves, nnd blown it all to eiarnal mii.i-Ii, Miy "nil engines nre dnn gerous and anil deinocraiic--nwav with Hiein, nml let us take to oars nud pel again;" jest en but ibis is enough for the present. And till I have tuno to write you again, let ih all remember Hint when weak, bad or, fooli h men combine. His liim; lor sound, good and intctigenl folks In unite. So no more at preseni from your old friend and fellow citizen, J. DOWNING. Major 2nd Brigade Dowinngville .Militia. G il AT I F Y 1 N G R US U LTS. Ry referring to the election returns in another column, it will be seen that the issue I Ii us far, has exceeded thu most san guine anticipation of the Whig party. Kentucky in particular, has completely used up Iho Tories. Where ihey numbor ed four of the thirteen members in the Inst Congress, il ii nnw certain that Ihey can have but one, and probably mine. The delegation from that Siato promises lo bo nmotig thu first in Hie House. South gnte, (Whig) elected in Richard M. John hii.'s district, is a powerful man. The Vice President took the field openly against him, gnve free bar barbacues every Wed nesday and Saturday for throe weeks pre ceding Iho election, and entreated Ihe vo ters not to allow his district lo go fur the Whigs, Georgetown ii the head quarter! of the Vice President, and there MrSout gate obtained 300 majority. An nnecdntc of tho Sheriff of this coun ty is worth relating. A few days prece ding the election, lie addressed the people of georgelowu, nnd upon resuming his seat concluded with this pertinent remark : "My Jackson friends, ifyou felt as I do now, since I have thrown off tho collar, you would onu and all with me, shout glo ry. I am no longer a slave. I no longer the private property of Dick Johnson, or of Andrew Jackson. I nin now a freo man and a happy one.J' JACKSON vs, JACKSON. Our "late vcnereled Chief .Magistrate," in Ins Message lo Congress nlier he hail Inken the "responsibility" of removing the Depositcs, was graciou:-ly pleased to tnv that: " I'lic Stale Bank sclorlpd inn nil iniiituinns of "Iiil'Ii rli.irnclcr .mil niiilntihli'il sliriii'tli. mi l iimler ihe nvui.iupiiipni Irimnul of men uf uiupiesiiuu. "able piobiiy mnl intelligence." In Iih recent Letier to I? In i r, "nur late venerated chief magistrate." in speaking of the state Hanks which he nesuroil Con- gre--s were "Inititutinni nf high character and undoubted strength," utters Iho follow ing nuathinn:--"Tlm liUlniy ol tln wnrltl never lina tci-.o riled "mil-It UASG TKKACUKHY linil l'F.ltEIDY 01 hat "been committed by Ihc deposits Iiamcs "a.'iiiit'l llie (iifi mucin, mill put ely with thevit-w "of jjnilifjiii!,' I'iililli! nml ihi lint U'-, inul liy I ho "i-lHll!llillll offpCtiiR p.lJIIIOIll.tlr.llll', "mill UUIN, IK THEY COULD, Til fill IMV.1 "cuuNTny, for the felfili vifiv uf ni.tkin l.irue "ptullls by tlirowiii-; om tiiiltiniH nf ilFiiteni.iit-d ;'P P'-yp e-selim- iltt-ir upccie at 3jml4 uf (Von) 25 j() ' Mm h . ' ' f e 1 '" l''"' havo ' ' , . " ' , u , --ro,,,,-, , f"'un"y. ktm. Van Lt.reu and I he.r lumber running on Hie mud, at n tune when it ought lo have been kept, clear lor the passenger train, and consequently coming in contact with the pns'eng-'r train ol thirteen cars, in which were two linn dred passengers. Three per-ons were kil led, n' b'-lore elated, nnd 20 or 30 were wounded. As I be engine wns returning from the place where iho aeeident oecnred. in the evening, bringing back iho physi cians and directors who had noun to the relief of the MilF'rors, I wo persons who were walking mi Ihe rail rontl track, were run over, nnd one of ihein kdled and Iho other severely injured. Wive' Wanted. A Yankee who ha' wandered mm Indiana, and squatted down upon n piece of land ihat. is growing in value ev ry hour, writes hoine lo n friend lo send on n hundred girls he wnnt' one and will find lubaudn lor "the other nine ty nod nine." Now I Ins is one nf Iho coolest pirc? of impudence that we hvi' hh-ii (nr n long lime "Hring on your potatoes," snul the Inburer lo the mioi-ler, "nnd 1 will ilig I hem for von." "Iiring on your girls, ' laysiho Ynitltoe hoo'icr, "nnd I will marry ihein." And tin- lo ihe fn-tuloou.s mils ot" New Eog anil, t hat "M us. be wooed, Anil not un'oiight be won." Bill that H not uli he iiuil, "ihe Sn baryte," have his first choice out of n hun dred nnd then will find lui.-baml.' for tint "pour njec.i.'d." Hard ttmns ami inngia. lion may bring the New England g rl' lo change i-ouie of llieir manners, hot i hey have not come to Hint vol. They are not going to look out lor cu-ioniers at H;at dis tance, nnd say Willi Ihe city ndvetliser, ..orders from the country gratefully re. ceived," A stage coach win up-et on the night of Hie 7ih iiHt. near Clear tjpnog Md .utitl tumbled down iho side ofa mountain 35 feet ninong the roea. Two of tho pas-.-ouger' were killed, nnd two of the hor ses; nil the pa'.-eugers were badly woun ded mjiiio dangetoiiflv. Henri Clay jr. sou of "Old Harry." is elected from Hie Lexington tli-lrict, Rep. rei-enintive to the Sinlo Legi-lnlure. He is a young man of much proini'e. The late Lieut Governor Moorchead.( Whig) is nlso elected to the Legislature from the Frankfurt di.-tric. which hns heretofore been represented by nn Adiiniu.-tralion man. There will be n large Wing inajor ty in the A'-enibly ol Kentucky. A L M E S l-OUV (Moll AM TllOE A friend of mine built u good schooner, and through Ihe reqint uf ihe ma.-ler work man, and presentation of a m-i of colors, i-lio was chri'teiied "Tl.oma' H. Heuiiui." She cannot get n load in nny port on Laka Mrie. even when there H freight to send, ami Hie wny she ii-jeered with T. II. Ron. ion, living ut her must head, when in liar hor, is a caution .- An; you loaded with yellow boys will you inke n load of shi. iters to Missouri, ccc. and so on. Her owner sojsshe is in danger ofuotng Lynch ed, nnd ns her inline ennnot be allured ex cept by tin art of Cnngrrs--, it hrs been suggft-tcd Hint he draw black lines around the magic name nnd write upon the Hag "expunged," Dry nn Ohio Journal August 22, 1837. ASlBilVAIi. WE luioriu our cuMnuiers, Mini wo hnvo tins day received from New Vork, some neatly ii'inde suilo stocks wiih Hows, narrower lliau those before on hand, also smiie very lino Rombaziiie Slocks, plain and with bows, assorted widths, i hose wilh tho gretl variety before on hand, makes our nt-snrtmcn't of slocks very complete, the line sat in slocks with hows, nre, of tho same quality ns our last, but will be Mild nl lower prices. Also, received at the same tune 1 dez. Pink Saucers, 4 doz. papers French Toilet Powders, n few Duxes brsl German Cologne, 1 box. Prentiss' St.nving Soap, I Gross Marbles, &c. &c. Now Goods cmiilantly receiving nt Iho Variety Shop by Pa.ngudrm & IIiunsmaid.

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