Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, September 22, 1837, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated September 22, 1837 Page 1
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NOT THE (J LORY OF CKSAHJ II V T THE WE I, F A HE o F HO M E. BY II. B, STACY. FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER, 22, 1837. VOIv. XI No. 535 From the Providence Journal. Wo copy iIid subjoined stanzas, with the prefatory remarks, from tho Boston Ccntinel of yesterday, ond would observe for the benefit of all concerned, thai they originally Appeared in this paper on the 14th of April, 1023, with the following caption, viz: "The Kinu or the Bat .0 pleatant new song, in imitation of Ihr. German Ballads, (Faithfully I rausfuted from the Narrngnnset dialect.)" It is from the pen of n fellow townsman, who.hos nequired a high reputation, and one that he well merits, for his ardent love for. 'and his cultivation of, the Fun1 Art?, his various literary productions, and hinumerous poetic effusions; among the lighter of whicfjt may be ranked the sub joined, and "Old Grimes." An the form er hat crossed the Atlantic, and received a London dress, it will undoubtedly now bo approved at home, and extensively cop ied as n capital production nf some unknown Englhh hard jTfir Editors : Therfi is n rotk, in Norili Kingston, It I., hiijiil.irly innked, which, from 'its nppp nand! :i ml n line, it lr:u-- I lie not in- nf irav rllfic. liis c.illril " Tir: l)KVtt.' I-'oot,"' nnd llie in igiri of ilit- apprllnlinu is iiiii in l lit- hut' heicwiili i-hii win fur publication, hi(li I have rrrrinly tevn in a collection of poems, edited in Lull Inn. "FIRST I M m FUSIONS" OF "THE DK. VII.'S FOOT," AT liORTII KINGSTON', IT. . Not far from AppniMiig. lived .Molly the Fair, A belle in llm priiln nf lur qlmy ; In n fine nilniiioii, for Hiking ihc air, Wliicli no one will ilem, who hastier been there; If he'does 'twill not injuie my tory. In n (iilit rqpPil Iiihhp, by llm fide of (be mad, Klip dwell wiili ii heiol void of car? ; A cliiinnpy nfiooiip, in iIip old fatdiinned mode. Cinuned llm loofofhi'i- low mid imiim.tin abode! Which w.ts Hinieihing in nam ofirpnir. One ere, n fair Molly bud fei herself down, I'miudiiij npire in ;i bup woodpn timitar, A wnsgnner rinpi, jn-i reiinnin; fiom lown ; Hi coin was Minff i-oloicd.his liiHvurfs eie In own, And Hiked fur n mug of ruld w.ilrr. "Oil ir,"i:iys llir in.iidpn : tho tiraner remninii Al llie ".lie, li iIip il of the ,ijon, (W liirli enine liny and n rnndliM nf epiriio contain", A beef liPinl I y dn; nnje, Iiiiiij nlnne in llie chains J Tu wail fur ilia m.lid and lift (1 .14011. 1 he mvd soon npprarol, ilb hrr (1 ignn e blight, Tim pettier, and filled wiili hpw eider ; H" il wnli lia-le, and drank wild (Might, Hp IooKpiI nt 1 In- m ini, ulm iv.i six cei in height, Lord lu' niPiejl h.n pli.i 1 1 lyliM-jnl Iter. 'In n Iwinklin; I tic f nn i( 11 monger Iip look ; The wauon thru innhhiil fiom liew ; Tlip maid nidi mrpiNe and ti.-Uini.linn-nl shook, And gnp, o'er lit)' hmtliler. it terrified look, Hei eje not a little atktw. Hi h.iir.of Ip.i k a ivrealh; III nni-e, like a luliftfr appear?; A ln-aitl ot llm t fid juis in h.ini;iiij; lieneadi, Vliilp two 111 of Iiiijp liam.K le-i fpnrd biin fur And lo in igioHii ( lain tliellii for eau. ippiIi 'Who nre 1011 V fiir Molly wiili enjprnesi mid; "No lii-ii i f Knih, iipiiv maiden; I'm a (!nd of iIip Sp 1. iin pen pip, liv inv head, Tlif and lb- ISIindidi Irchnld mc'ttilli dieiid, Anil I inle llie Tnt; and .Menliadrn, The Kinj of iIip Itav an aaaiifet Finbepn, Sinrn tlip Slaiii and flip I'lnneiH liivp.kept llinr; N rrcmii (ihiii uaniiaid wi h 11 cniiiplaihant grin, NVliii li lui'.i M iIip m il iiiniw exienl of hi. rliin,) 1 riceixed ft mil nn gie.ti Uncli: Neptune. Bel, Mollv, I'm tired of bicli-lnio lifp ; For ehanyp 'u In en mine limp prep.irin; ; And tlio in. 11 1 iafe, I iu iinnhlc and flrife I fit lengthhnvr ctmrluiltd to make you my wife Why, Loid, luiw the woman in slating ! Alt my nilijrrn ti iazp, and behold 11s will) pride, Ai tter.ini- iliminji 0111 k iiitlmn injeihei' ; While die not Id rhall leinaiii.jini thall lite hi my bride, Yon oliall rule all hlirll (i-b and prU.nd f ha II ride On 11 fhoel noed sbiiik in bad wcaiher." Then lie uhbked her, wbiltt icreiuning wiili ter ror, mvay 1 Ton rock in North Kingstown lie lirnngln her; And (he marks of their feel, as the old viomen . '"J Jnxpress'd in the rock, may be pern nt ibia dav, Whence be jumped wiiii'her in into the Water. Thiii i no fiction, the rock is there, and may , aliow for itiaelf. GOOD SENSE. We rejoice to find eucli a i-peciincn of fgood sense coming from eo respectable on ecclesiastical body as tlio General Asaocia rtion of thc Slato of Mapsochngetts, especial ly in thceo days of moral timidity. We have for years 6cen and deplored the wide departures of many of the females of our land from tlioee spheres of duty nut of ac tion in which their Creator designed I hern to move, and have, on divers occasions, in curred the charce of heresy, for venturing to rcbifko the practice. Thus we havo op. pored ihc organization of female temper, nnce societies, female antislaveiy societies, .&c, &c. And thus do .we oppopo the practice ofrilly women," of crowding the tables of Congress with petition upon sub jeets in respect to which it is not their province to movo. Our female friends will find a beautiful leuon as to their duties in the last verse of tlio Ural chapter of I ho epistle of James: 'Pure religion, and undefiled bofor God and the Father in this. To vi-il the fath erless and widows in their nfllictlnn, and to keep himself unspotted from the world." In the discharge of theso and such like du ties, the female character shines wiili a beautiful lustre ; and we prny to the sex In study the holy Scriptures with ti view of having jiiat notions of their duties rather than the psc03 of fanaticism upon any subject. Wo make no appeal to "our fe male brethren" engaged in the nntislavery conventions nl'thc day, because they are probably pas'ed cure; but wo do hope, that other ladies, married nnd unmarried, w listen to the voice of wisdom, as snnken bv the Mafsachus'eTts fsocmtioj -nnd bc cunie "keepers al home.tiiihtead of "bus'v ' bodies" in matters respecting w'Pflch it con cerni them not to take a public part. We wish the phrenologists would direct their attention to the discovery of no organ of tlnynlhomeativencss, with a view to its more general cultivation by mothers and nurses. Com. Ado, "Wo invite your attentmn'to the dangers when nt pretext seem tu threaten the fe maid character with wide-spread nnd per manent injury. The appropriate duties and influence nf woman ore clearly slated in the Now Tlninent. Those duties mid that influence nru unobtrusive nnd private, bill the source of mighty nower. When the mild, dependant, softening influence ol woman iipmi the tornncss of mini's opiu ions is fully exercised, society luel- the e' feci nf it in a thousand form-". The power of woman is in her deprudnnce, llnvvniy from the conscintisncs-i of that weakness which fin has given her lor her protection nnd which keeps her in those department of life that form the character of individual,, and of the nation. There are social influ ences which females use in promoting pu ty and the great objects ol Christians benevo lence, which wo cannot too highly coin mend. We anprccinte the unntdontatinii prayers and efforts of woman in advancing tho cause of religion al home nnd abroad : in sabbath schools: or leading relijions in quire to the pastor for instruction ; nnd to nil such associated effort as becomes llm modesty of her sex; nnd earnestly hope she may abound more and inure in these In burs of love. Uot when die assume Mm plncennd tone of man us a public reformer, our enre and protection of her seem unne cessary. Wo put nurielves in self deffiice; hi yields the power which Gon lm given her fur her protection nnd her character be c nop. iiniwi' urn I. It t lie: vine. v bun ireogih and beauty is to bear 0000 the trellis work and help to conceal its ch)rtt;r ihitiks to ns-mme the indepiMidenco and overMinil'Hving nature of the elm, 11 will not cease to benr fruit, yet full with shame and dishonor to dint. We cannot there torn hot regret the niistnk-'U conduct u those who enconrnge females to bear an obtrusive nod o-teulniiuos part in toea-inr- 01 reliirin, or countenance any of thai e. who so far forget llu'in-elves as to itinerate in the chnrAifr of public lectori r- nnd teachers. We ei-pecially deplore the inti mate acquaintance and promiscuous con versation with regard to things 'which (uiolit not to be named.' bv which too' modesty and dehencv. which are the charm of (lumi'siic lile, nnd which cousiiluit: the (run infliiiicn of woman in society, nre con. sumeil and the way opened lor degeneracy and ruin." Presbyterian. UNCLE BENJAMIN'S SERMON Not mnny hour ago I heard Uncle Ben jamin discii'siog this mnlter to his son. who was coinpluining of the pressure. 'Rr-ly upon il Sammy," said the old mnn. a lie lenneit on his flnfl, with In, gray lock-- fl nviog in the breeze of n Mnv morning, "murmuring pays no bills " I have been an observer diirnii' these fifiv venrs, and I never saw a man helped out of n hole by cursing his horses. Be h quiet as you can, for nothing will grow under n moving harrow, and discooteni harrows the mind. Matters ore bad, I acknowledge, but no ulcer is any tho bet ter for fingering.. The more yon groan the poorer you glow. "Repining nt losses is only putting pep per into n sore eve. Crops 'will fn it in nil soils, nnd we may bo thankful thai we have not a famine. Besides, I always look no lien, thnt whenever I felt thc 'rnd pretty smartly, it wns ns much a to say, 'here is oinellung which you havo got to learn,',- Sammy, don't forget that your schooling i not over vet, though you have a wife nnd two children." Ay," cried Sammy, "vou may say I hat. and n mother in law and two apprentices into in? oargain ; anu 1 siioulu line to know what a poor man can learn hero, when the greatest schnlnrH nnd lawyers ore at log gerhends. and can't for their lives tell what has become of tho hard money." "Softly, Sammy, I am older than you. I have not got these groy hairs and this crooked bnck without some burdens. I could tell you stories of the days of conti nontal money, when my grandfather used to slnffa sulky-box wi'h bill to pay for a yoarling or n wheat font and when the Jersey women used thorns for pins, and Inid their tea. pots away in tho garret You wish to know what you enn learn-? Vou may learn these seven things : "First: that yon have saved too Mile, nnd spent too much, I never taught you to bo a mUor, but I hnvo seen yon giving your dollar for a 'nolinn,' when you might have laid one-half aside for charity, and nno-half niiilc for 0 rainy day. "Secondly: that you havo gono too much ftipnn credit. I always told you credit was a shadow; it shows that thcro is a subslanco behind, which casta tho shadow; but a tmalj body may cist greater shadow ; and no wii man will lollow the shadow tine further 1I11111 he enn see the siiInibiiri. Vou niny now learn, that you hnvj followed I be opinion and fashion of others, until you have been do coyetl into a bog. "llnrtiiy; thnt you have been in loo much linsto to become rich. Slow and ensy wins t ho race. "!' 'UiMhly : that no course of life can be depended upon as always prosperous. I am n (rani the younger race of working men in America have bail a notion that nobody would go to ruio on Ibis side of tin water. Providence hns greatly blessed us but we have become presumptuous. "I'Vihlv: that yon have not been thank fill enough to God, for his benefits in past limea Sixthly: that yon may bo thankful our llnt ' n". wnrs0- Wu wnight havo Ihniine nf nPMlllnnrn lir turn- nr lirmmm nil or peiilencet or war, or tyranny, ort nil "And latlVjin end my Jormnii, you niqy learn to offer, with more under-landing, tho prnyer of your infancy, 'give us this uav our unity oread. The old man ce.ietl, and Sammy put on his npron. nod told Dick to blow awav at the forgo bullows THE YELLOW DOMINO. IIY CAPTAIN M AimVAT. It wa a fine nniumntil evening: I had bo'n wnlkinrr wild a friend until dusk no the P iazzn Grnod, or priocipal square in no 1 own nt lateen. We had been con versing ol England, our own count rv. from which I tin il then banished myself for nearly four years, having taken up my residence in Imly to fortify a wenk constitution, and having remiineil there long after il wa 'eqnisiie for my health from an atinchmeni to its pore cky, and llie "ruee far niente" which so wirw upon you in 1 hat liixiirioo clitnnin. We had cnniinunicaied to each other llie contents, of our respective letters nrnved by the Inst mail, hnd talked over P'iliiic, grent moo. acquaintances', friends nod kindred, nnd. tired of cotiver-atioo, hnd both sank into n pleasing reverb a we watched the stars twinkling above us. when my friend rose hastily and bid me gootl night. 'Where are yon going, Alfred ?' inquired 'I hod nearly forgotten I had an appoint motif ibi evening. I promised to meel somebody nt the Marquesa di Ceslo's mas querade.' 'P-bnw ! are you not tired of these tilings?' replied I. 'that eternal round of black masque?, anil dnminos of all rotors, heavy harlequins, fool and clown by na ture wenring their proper dres-e there. ami ou'y 10 mn-qoernde when out of il. .Nun who have no sin in t heir ennnm-i. Hon (1 n, friars without a spice of religion ugly Vemwes. Dinnns without cha-oi'v. mil Holies as old a your grandmother.' 'All very I rue. Herbert. And life llsell u ira-qnernde enough, but the fncl i. thai I hnve nude no appointment ; il is of im portance, and I must not fail.' Well. J wish you mom amu--ement than I have generally extracted from theo bur-le-qoe meeting. ' replied I. 'Adieu, and may yon tie successlul,' nnd my Albert hastened away. I remained another half hour reclioiii" on the boneli. nnd then returned to mv lodgings, Mv servant Antonio lighten the caudle nod withdrew. On the tnhlo laid n note; it wn an invilntion from the mar quest ; I threw it on one side nod took up 1 nook; one Hint required reflection nod deep examioatioo. but the rattling of the wheels of tin; carnages ns 1 liny whirled thing past my window, would n 0 permit me to command mv attention I throw down the book, nnd taking a chair nt the window, watched the e.trriages full of mii-ques as they rolled pnl, apparently so enyor in the pursuit or pleaure. I win ui a cynical humor. What fools thought I, and yet what numbers will be there; ihpre will be nn immotwn crowd, not! whit can be the assignation which Albert said was of such consequence. Such wn mv reflection for the next ten minutes, during which at least fifty carriages and other vehicles bad passed in review before m. And then I thought of the princely for lone of the marquesa, the splendid palnzzo nt which llie mnsquernde wns given, nnd the brilliant scene which would tnke place. 'The grand duke i to bo there, and every body of d'slinction in Lucca. 1 havo n great mind to go myself.' A few minutes morn elapsed. I felt that I wns lonely, and I made up my mind that I would go. I turned from the window nnd raog tho bell. , 'Antonio, sro f yon can procure me n domino, a dark. colored one if possible, and tell Carlo to bring tho carriago round as soon ns he can. Antonio departed and was away so long, that the enrriage was at tho door previous to his return. 'Signnr. I nm very, very, very sorry, but I have run to every shop in Lucca, ami Ihern is nothing left but n yellow domino, winch I hnvo brought with me.' 'Yellow! why. there will not bo two vellow domino in the whole masqucrnde: I might as well tell my namo nt once, I shall he so conspicuous.' 'You oro ns well hid under n yellow domino or a black one, signer, if you choose to kecjfyour own secrets,' obsorved Antonio. 'Very truo,' replied I ; 'give mo my masque.' Enshrouding myself in a yellow domino, I went down tho stairs, throw myself into Ibu carriage, and directed Carlo lo drive to the pi In zzo of the marquesa. In half an hour wo arrived at ihc en iranco gates of tho mnrqnesa'a superb country seat. Prom these gnles to the palazzo, a sweep ol several hundred ynrd, tho trees through which tho driver passed wero loaded with variegated lamns, hnng. ing in graceful fc6touns from branch In branch, and tho notes of music from Ihe vast eutrnnco bull of tho palazzo, flouted 1 through ihe still air. When I arrived nt j the urea in front of the flight of marble I steps which formed the entranco of the palazzo. I wns astonished at the mngntfi ct.'iice, the good taste, and the toinl disre gard of expense which wns exhibited. The palazzo it-elf nppenred like the fabric built of diamond. nnd precious sinnes by ihe genii who obeyed the ring and lamp of Alnddm,8o completely wns Its marble front bidden with n mass of ' mnny. colored lamps, the reflection from whose gnlnxy of light rendered it bright ns day for nearly one hundred yard around ; various clurns nnd transparencies were arranged in the walks nearest lo the palazzo, and then nil wns ditrk, rendered still darker fiom the con with the flood of light which poured to n certain distance from the scene of festivity. Groups of characters nnd domi no wero walking to and fro in every di rection, most of she'm ictrncing Iheir'steps when tbey.hrrived to the sombre walks and valleys, soinu few pnirs continuing, their route, where no listeners wore to bo ex, pecied, Tllis is nn aninmting scene, thought I, as tlin'gflrriagi! slopped, notl 1 nm not sorry l bat I otfule one ol the party. As soon n I bad descended, I wiilkml up the broad flight of tumble steps which led lo ill spacious hall in which the major pan of the enmptny were collected. The music had. for a moment, censed to piny, and finding lliatj.the perfume nf Ihc exotics winch decorated the hall was too powerful, I was again descending the tnaiblo steps when my hand was seized nnd warmly pressed by one in a violet-colored domino. 1 am so gi.iu mat. vou nre come ; we wore afraid thnt you would not. I wil see you ngnin directly,' said tho domino nnd then lull back into tho crowd and dis nppenred. It immediately occurred to mo that it wn my friend Albert who spoke to me. "Very odd.'-' thought. I, 'thnt be should have foood rue out !' itod ngnin I fell into the absurdity of imagining that had put on a conspicuous domino, I was sore to he recognized. "What cnu he want with mo? He must bo in some, diffi colly; sorno unexpected one, that i cer- inin.' Such were mv reflections as I slow. ly descended the stops, occasionally pans ing lor a moment, on one. as I was lost in conjecture, when 1 wns ngnin arrested bv n slight slap on the shoulder I looked around, it wn n femn'o, and although slu wore her half mn-k it wns evident that she wns young nnd I Cult convinced that she was beautiful. 'Not n word.' whipered she. polling her finger to her lip ; 'follow me.' Ol course I followed, who could rrsit such a challenge? 'Von nre Into.' t-.tid ihe incognito, when we had walked mi t'nr away from the pu hizzo a to hi; mit of hearing of ihe crowd 'I did not make up mv mind to come on. lil an hour ngo.' replied I. 'I wns no afraid thai you would noi eooie. AU)"il wa-sure ihn' you would. He wh nght. 'He told mo itisi now that he had pokeo to you.' 'What, wa that Albert in the roso-col- oured domino ?' Yes, but I dare not stnv now. mv father will be looking for me. Albeit is keeping him in converi-niion. In half nn hour lie will speak to you ngnin. Ha. he explained to von what has occurred ?' Not one word.' If he Ihm not time nnd I doubt if he will hnve, as ho must nitend In the nreiiar iiiiona- I will wtite a few linos, if I can and exp'nin, or nt len-t tell you whnr lo bill I am so hnrrased. si. fri"bieoed ! We do indeed renoiro voor nn.tnnef Adieu;' o saying, the fair unknown trip ped linstt! v own v. Whnt the det c i all thi--.' muttered I. a I watched bet ret rent ing fi.Miro. 'A1 berl nnl 1 lint he had nn appointment, bill ho did not make me hi coollilept. It np penn that something which hn occurred tins night, nccn-ion him to require my asiManoo, Wi ll. I will not fail htm.' For about hnlf an hour I sauntered up and down between the hoes of orange. trees which were drcs-ed up with vnrieoaieil lamp, and shed their powerful fragrance ioihunir; I ruminated upon whnt. might he my friend's intiilinn. nnd what migh' ho the result of so intrigue carried on in n country where the stiletto follo.v love so close through all the maze nf hi Inby rintli, wle 11 I was ngnin accosted bv the violet-colored domino. Hit !' whipored he, looking carefully round n hn thrust n paper into my hand, 'rend Jus after I leave yon. In one boor from tin be you on I Ins 6001. Arc vou armed ?' No.' replied I, 'but Albert ' You may not need il ; but. nevertheless tnkothi. I ennnnt wnil.' So snying, he put n stiletto into my hand, and again made a hasty relrent. It hnd been my intention lo have asknd Albert whnt was his plnn, nnd further, whv be did not spenk Eoghi-h instead of Italian. ni he would have been less liable lo be un derstood ifoverhenrd by eavesdroppers; but a little reflection lobl me thnt ho wns right in speaking ltnlian, Engli-h would hove identified him as a foreigner. rt very mysterious alluir 'his!' thought I ; 'but, however, this paper will I nresnine explain the business. That tberu is 11 dan ger in il i evident, or ho would not have given mo this weapon,' and I turned the siilello onco or twieo In iho light of the lump next to nm. oxaming its blade, when looking up. I perceived a block domino standing before me. 'It is sharp enough, I warrant.' said the domino ; 'you havo but to strike homo. I have lieen wailing for you in tho next walk, which I (bought was to bo our ren. dezvous. Hero is a paper which you will lasinn 10 ins dress. I will contrive thai hn shall bo hero in an hour hence bv a nre tended message. Alter his death you will put this packet into his bosom; you un derstand. Pail not; remember tho nne thouiand eequins; and here is my ring, which I will redeem o.s soon a your work 1 i done. The other will ooo bo hen;. The password i Milano. But I inusl not be s.H'ii here. Why n yellow domino. 11 i too conspicuous for retreat.' nnd n I received from him the packet nnd ting. Ihe blnck domino retreated through the ornngo grove which encircled us. I wns lost. 111 ninnzeinent ; thorn I stood with my hnnd full. I wo papers, a pnc.ket. a siilcito nnd a dintnotid ring. "Well." thought I, 'this time I nm most nssuredly Inkeu for somebody else for a brnvo I am not. There i some foul work going on which, perhaps. I mnv prevent. "But whv n yellow domino?" nid he; I may well ask ihe same question, 'Why the deuce did I come here in n yellow domino, or nny domino nt all?' I put the ring on rov finger, the stiletto nnd packet in my bosom and then hastened nwny to the garden on the other side of the pnlnzzo, that I might rend the mysterious communication put in lo my hands by my friend Alb-rl; nnd n I walked on, mv love for admiration lot! 1111 nwnv so as lo find myself pleased with Hn. mystery nnd and danger attending upon the ; nnd feeling secure, now tbni I hnd a 'lillelto in mv b 'sotn for mv defence. I resolved that I would go right through until l In- whole affair should b unravollid. I walked on until I had gained the In-t lamp on Ihe other side of the palnzzo; I belli up to its light the mysterious paper; 11 was in Italian, and in a woman's handwri ting. "Wo havo determined upon flight, as we cannot hope for safety here, surrounded n wo nre by stiletioes on every side. We feel sure of pardon ns soon n.s the papers which Albert received by this (lav's mail. and which he will entrust to you when you tneetngain, are placed in my father's hands. We must have your assistance in removing our treasure. Our horse nro nil rendy. nod n few hours will put us in snlslv; but we most look to vou for following us 10 your carnage, and conveying for me what would prove ro great no iucuinbrnnco to our nccesary speed. When Albert sce you ngnin. he will be nblc to tell yon where it is deposited, follow us quicK, and von will always have the gratitude of viola P. S. I write in great haste, as I can noi leave mv father s side tor a moment without his seeking for mo." "Whnt can ail this mean? Albert told mo of no papers by this day's mail. Viola! I never heard 1 1 1 (it meniion such a name. He said lo toe. "read this and all will be explained. I'll be banged if I am not o- inuch in tho dark ns ever follow them in my enrriage with the treniin; never says where? I pre'iime he is about to run off with sotno rich heiress. Cnolonod this yellow domino. Hero I am with two paper, a packci, aMiletlo and a ring; I am In re ceivo another pneket, nnd am to convey lrenore. Well, it mu-t. solve itself, I wil: back to my po.-t, but lirsl let me see what is in this taper which I am to affix upon the man's dres after I have killed him. I held 11 up to the light and rend in capita' hiiter., "The reward f a traitor .'" "Short nnd pithy." muttered I. ns I replaced it in toy pocket, "now I'll back to llm spot of nssas-inatiun, for the hour must bo nearly expired. As I retraced my step. I ngnin reverted to tho communication of Viola, 'surrounded as we nre by stilettoes on every side!' win surely Alb"H cannot be the person that I am required by llie bluck domino to depatcl nod vet it may be so nod others are n j tin mo here before the hour is pa-t. A .bought struck me: whoever the par' might he whose life was to be taken, wheih r Albert or mini her, I could save him. My reverie was again broken bv a lap on ihe rdmuldor. 'Am I right ? What is the password ." 'Mil.too.' replied I 111 a whi-per. 'All'- right, then Giacotno and Tonmn are close by I will fetch them ' I he man turned uwov. otid in n minute reappeared with two others, bundinn- a- ihey forced their way under the uruncc trees. 'Here we all are, Felippo,' whispered the hrt 'He is to be here in a few niiiiote 'Hush !' replied I in n whisper, and hold. ing up 10 them tho brilliant ring which pnrkicd 00 my linger. 'Ah, signnr, I cry your mercy' renlicd the' man, in n low voice, 'I thought 11 was 1-V lippo.' Not so loud,' replied I, still in a whisnor. 'All i discovered, and Felippo is arretted loiitnosi nwnv immediately. You thull benr from inn to morrow. Corpo dt Bacco! Where. Eignor ot t ho oh place ?' 'Yesnow nwnv. nnd save yourselves.' In n few seconds, tho desperate men di appeared among the trees, nnd I wns lefi alone. 'Slaves of Ihn Ring, yon havo done mv bidding ut all events, iliis tune.' '.hnooht I nodi looked nt tho ring more nlieutivelv It wns n splendid soliiarie diniuond. worib many hundred crowns. 'Will you ovot liml your wny bnck to your lawful owner? wns the quei-tio.i in my mind when Albert made his appearance in his violet coloured domino. ' 'Twos imprudent of vou to send 100 the paper by the blnck doiniun.' stud ho Im-nk' Did I not toll you that I would be here in nn hour ! Wo havo not a moment to spare. vuouw on; quiciiiy, niiu tie silent.' I followed the paper which Albert re ferred to needed no explnoaiion ; it wa. indeed, the only part of iho whole nfl'.ur which I comprehended. Ho led Iho wnv to about three hundred yards of ihe path hrough iho wood. 'There' said he, 'in thnt narrow n venue you will find my faith Inl negro with his chargo. He will not de. liver it up withoul you show linn this ring.' and Albert put n ring iipuu my finger. 'But Albert' my mind misgnvu me Albert never hnd a fnilhful negro to in knowledge. It must bo some other pen-on who had mistaken mo for his friend. nu. afraid. ' 'Afraid let mo not hear you say that, You nevor yet knew fear,' raid h. inter rupting mo. 'What have yon to fenr be tween this nnd Pta? -Your own horc-r will take you ihere in three hour. But here's that packet which you must deliver yourself. Now that you know where tho negro is, rclurn to the palnzzo, deliver it into his own hnnd. requesting hie. immedi ate pcrnsnl. After that, do not wall a mo oi"iii. hoi. hasten here to your charge. While lite grand duku U rending it, I will escnpe with Viola.' 'I really cannot understand nil this,' said I Inking t he packet. All will be explained when we meet at Pin. Away, now, to Ihe grand duke I will go in -ihu negro and prepare him for ynur coining, 'Bui allow me ' 'Not a word more, if yon love me,' re phed the violet coloured domino, who was now convinced, wns not Albert; it uns noi his voice 1 here wa a mystery and a mi-talj": but I hnd become so implicated (mi I fill I could not relrent without sac rificttig the pnrtic. whoever they might be. Well.' said I, a- I turoed bnck to thi pnl nzzt. 'I 111 11 -I go on now; for ns n gentle man nnd norm of honour, I cannot refuse. I wi'l give 1 he iacki I. lo the grand duke, and I w ill nl.o convey his I rea.-ore to Pisa confound tin yelhuv domino.' As I ro turned in the Palazzo, I wns accosted by the black doiuioo. 'Milano,' replied I. 'Is nil right, Felippo." said ho in a whis per. 'All is right. Bignnr,' was my answer. 'Where is he ?' I pouitod with my finger to a clump of orange trees. 'And the paper and packet?' I nodded my head. 'Then you had belter away I will sea you In, morrow, At the old place, signer ?' 'Ye.' replied ihe black domino, cutting in'o a cro-s path, nod di-appearing. I arrived nt the Palnzzo, mounted tho step, forced mv way through Ihe crowd, mid perceived the grand dnke in nn inner saloon, the lady who had accosted me lean, tog on In nrin. It then occurred to me 1 lint t be grnod doke had nn only daughter, whose name was Viola. I entered the sa loon, which was not crowded, and walking boldly up lo the grand duke, presented tho packet, requesting that Ins highness wnuld give it his immudinte attention. I then bowed, nod ha-tened ttway. once more pas--ed through the thronged hall, nnd gained ihe marble step of Iho Palazzo. 'Have you given it." said a low voice, close lo me. l have.' replied I ; 'but Signor ' 'Not a word. Curio, hasten to the wood, if you love mo;' and tho violet-coloured dommo forced hn way into the crowd winch filled the 1 1 n II. Now for mv j iurr."y to Pisa,' said I, -Hen- I not imp icated 10 high treason, in eooseqneoc ot my pulling on a yellow doioioii. Well, there's no help for it.' In a few minutes I had gained iho narrow av "tioe, and having pursued n n bout fifty void, perceived the glaring eyes of tho crouched negro. By the starlight, I could ju-l iliMinguih thai he had a basket, or -otoeihing like on" before him. 'What do yon come for, i-ignor." said the negro, rising on bis feet. 'Fur what ha been placed under your charge; here 1 the riog of your master.' Toe negro put hi finger to tho. ring and et it, thai he inighl iccugnise it by its, -iz and rhnpe. 'Here 11 js. .-ignor,' said he, lilting up the bt-kei gently, nnd putting it into mv inn. It wt not heavy although some- -vliti cumbrous from iis size. 'Hi'k, .-ii?nor, there is confusion in tho Pnlnzzi. You miiit bo quick, nnd I must mil be si.'fi .villi you;' nnd away darted ho negro like lightning through the bush- I nlso hastened nwnv with tho basket content unknown, for it nppenred to mo bat tilinrs were coining to a crisis. I heard people running diff.'rent ways, and vo'ce npprotchiog me. When I emerged rum the narrow .venue, perceived sev eral lijitres coming down tho dark walk .it n rnptd pace, and seiz-'d with a sort of paoic, I look to my heels. I soon found 'hfil they were in purhiiit, nnd I increased my speed. In :t.o gloom of the night. I unfortunately tripped over a stone, and fell with the basket to the ground, and then the -creams from within informed mo thnt ihe tren-uro intrusted to my snlo keeping was a child. V earlul 1 bat it was hurt, and I'orguiliug. for n lime, tho danger nf boui" captured. I opened the lid and examined itn limbs, while I tried to pacify it; nud while I was silling down on my yellow domino, 1 bos occupied in hushing n baby, I was eiz-d by both shoulders, and found myself 1 prisoner. What is the meaning of this rudeness, signut!-." said I, hardly knowing what to ny. Ymi nro arrested by order ol I ho Grand Doke.' wns l ho reply.' 'I mn nrresied why I nni an English man.' Thnt make no difference; tho orders ire to nrre-t nil found iii tho garden in yellow Itouiiooes.' 'Confound lb" yellow domino,1 thought I. lor Ihe twentieth tune at least. "Well signnr". I will ntiendyou; but first let mo try to pacify thin poor"frighieoed infant.' 'Strange thai ho ehouhl bo found running nwnv with a child at tho same limo that ihe Lady Viola has disappeared,' obsorved uno of my capiors. Yoo nro light, signers,' replied I; 'it is very strange; and whit is more strango is, Hint 1 can no more explain it thai) you can. 1 am now ready to nccompany you." Obliro me by one of you by carrying tho basket, w.niu 1 ioko care 01 uiu iinani." In a few minutes wo had arrived at tho Palnzzo. I had retntnod my mask, and I vns condocied through tho crowd into ho saloon into which I had previously en- ercd when I deliirored Iho packet to th grand duke See 4th page.

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