Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, October 6, 1837, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated October 6, 1837 Page 2
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V It I I) A Y M O II N I N (5 , (0 I'OHKIt 0 Co.noiii:w. The proceedings of the Fpooi'il session of Ci)D;rr'i, will in nil prob.ibdi'y, ho brought to n close mi Men. ilsy the 91 Ii of October next, A resolution to t lint rfii'ct. linn nlroaily passed I lit! Sen ate nnd hos been pent to the Hotio for concurrence. When the day of niljotirn mcnt arrives liulo will have been done e. copt to postpone the instalment of the sur plus revenue, pnynplo on the 1st ilny of October next, ond to grant nulhoriiy for the issue of ten millions of Treasury Notes. Thcc measures will relieve the U, S. Treasury anil prevent Secretary Woodbury from slopping poymcnt. Thi lone the country will In left to lake enro of itself nntl will ndjnnrn. 1'. S. 'J'lio Ilmio hns fixed the loth bp the tiny of ndjoiirnnient, The Senate probably concur. Gnonc?tA.--Tlio Governor of this Stale is chosen biennially. The election took- place on the 2d hist. Tho Whig cnediditi is George It. Gilmer, a grille offinn talents, nnd a foe to Van l?urenim,Lnco Fneoism, nnd Nullification. The Troy candnl'ite is ihc present Gov ernor. William Schley The State elections in Pennsylvania and New Jersey take place on ibo lOih. Cj'Afirr :i fni-inighi's sti-nsjlc wiili his con RPicnre, the editor of ill" Scinliicl lias nl la-l In n't himself o lbs flickin? pnint, nnd denies llie an iin;omrnt fur rr lelirat iiij a Van Daren triuintli in llii lonn nl ihc l ite clcciine. Ilmv tlii world lg!inn In lyin ! Now die firl in ibis ra-n are Inn well known, licio, by tnrry liny in llio sticrls, In ifrjniio epn a p.'ifiin imiic.e. But lor die iiifoini.ilinn of those abroad who t ike any inlrrrft in iIip tnnlicr, it may not tin nniis.s In irpeat ilie facts 0OHint l lie .miii wu nciii.ilb pirpaied for tlic oroasinii, lirnulit up In llio AniPiiran, and de posited in iIip sial le llic nijlit lipfniP the eleriion. An in tlip pippipe tnimlirr of e.irli i Ije-r pi"i.ued, wo iln not prrtpnil In say ; nor is it At nil event?, ihev uprp siifiirieiil fur iIip m-eaioii. FnrdiiTimite, the editor of the Sentinel well know ill it llio Whina pmpofPil In lake tlic r(iiiiiilr off llipir Ii uid al rust, nnd that llip offer ivsis infused on llio pinnnil dial it woutil lie " iitilirromiii a nuiutl nnil ipliginn people" tn permit a ' federal" x irinry to lie eelrbialed wiih "ilemorrAlin powder." S'n iIip whins lwit'lit ilieii-ciwn mntinilion, nnil die Ii.ip siill (;nt tliehs on lianil, fur atiglit wc know. I'i urn iIip Sentinel. Tn tp'eipiirp in ihr. eieir.'iidin:: pnrnrnpli nf "eli cilini leniiiii-res" in llie l'iee Vir- nf ilie Sill ;nt. -o far im the Uciinieiai- of U'e-if.inl ate inili'ie i'o.I, tit.- uliule paininanli ii u b.iec ami lues f iln ieaiinn. IVp know nolliin nlionl llie 'e?lfniil "Detno nais " I'm wh. o. siiil in lelalinn o llie 'I'mv eelelitatinn i Ii up, awl llie nlilnr ff llie S'enliiiel kiinuf it tn lie so. We li ne rnnvPifeil u itli fev. icspertalile u'cntl men c.' tliat mwn within the ji:i( ei k, one nfulintn win pioirnl on llie nren (ion nllmleil to, ami tliey nil a5tne ti? tlul llie f.iets Flaieil by ita arc Fiilxlnnlinlly tine. Wp miHt ilieirfniR bo p:niscil if wo tplnm n " b;ise nnd lung filiiiealinti" to iln i iclnful f.wncr. ExpuvntNr,. The bilU of the Tiank nf Missouri are ornamented ! with Ihc head of .Incksnn, Vnnbnren nntl Ilenton. The consequence is. that nearly every bill which rpcn'vrd nt the Hank is unfi1 tn he re issued; in nearly every instance, where a bill has been out any considerable tinn the portraits of these worthies am scratch nd out. torn tiff, or innltilated. The head of Den'nn generally hns black liiic! d':n n around it, with tho word "ex unged" written over it. Tlic eihtni' of ie Sentinel think' llie "f.ilipil pnlf" has not been l.ille'l. His reinleis think (iihrji wife frnin tlm ritninnlanrn tliey linp hail "cahc'ii," wnkly, forfotne monllu path Wo learn from the St Louis Uopubli rnn. that letters have been received there, Ptiitiiir that I he r.'ovovernrnnnt agents had succeeded in indtmiitg nbont five hundred Indian warriors and bravo tn go to Plori. da. They ore procured from tho Shaw iief, Delaware, and Pnt'nv nl funics. Wim'.at. On Mi niln y lit some lnrrrp pn'e-i i'f iww hnt were made at Kvvt ar;, Wiiyno county, al $1 60. On the satne day nt Trntiiautbiiroh, $l"'0. Al inoui.ri K'venn nt the mill-- nl the west Imvo not hren fully emplnyrd, m eniiho (pience of tho recent dry weniher, larrre qnnnlities of Hour have been mamifneiureil which is now on its wav to New York. Jib. Daily Aih. i'i Gill the Huston All i?. maini:. We nfTufneil yesierdav that the TiOco Pneo parly in iMamo hod been morn disas trously luerthmwu in the chnieo nf reprc nentnlives tn the popular branch of the IjpgitdnHire limn they hud boon even in tho eleei;iiii of Governor. Wo nrn now prepared lo prove the Irtiih of the nsserlion nod In hhnw hotirnhlij gonlleinen nl Wafhinglon how much confidence tliey m.v pl.'ee in the doclaraiions of M r P. O J. Smith thai the people hnvo not changed The llou-o of Hi'iireseiitntives conni-U of 1115 members, We hnvo now return. o the clioieo of irjfi. year tho re.n- iescninlive from tho towu henrd from,! irffiflii'ftnir Wines and one hun- (hid four 'I'ories t 'J'oty mtij n rit v.TVy- This year Ihc same towns bwvi' eb cleled lo the llonso mm'.tv Whiufl ntnl sirli citfhl Tory Loco Puces. Whig majority TWEvrv two, nnil Net Whijr gain h':vi:n. tv two. W."ill Mr P. O. J. Smith be gnotJ enough to tell the people of the coun try, in t be nest speech ho makes on the floor of Congress, how lliij great change, wot brought about? The following tnblo, which wu have tn- ken pains to propnre. will show the chnu ties in tho isovoml counties since last year, KI27 1030 Whig LucnFnco Whig Tory York 9 1!) Cumberland 1(1 10 n 3 n o C 1 1 4 3 nit 13 1 1 12 1 3 3 0 13 12 i;: 9 9 9 12 lIIU'oll) Kennebec Oxford Somerset Penobscot Wnlilo llnnnnrk Washington 17 00 6.1 101 Whirr majority V2. Tory majority in tho panic towns Inst year 60. Nr.r Wttir. rt,iN 7'.'. Is this no'indication ofo change in the will of the people ? Wo find tho tolle.wing paragraph in the Providence Journal one of the bent con dueled papers in the country. Coming from such a source, wc feel warranted in 9aying that no linns is intended. The curious in these matters will of course malto their own cominenls, nnd draw their own conclusions. One thing is certain, however, that this science, or humbug whichever it may be is fan gaining pros elytes, belli in this country and Europe. Important discovkiiy in Animal Mao nktism. A scientific M'lilleinao who hns devoted much t into to this subject, and for several innihs entertained the opinion that Animal Magnetism is a fluid, subject lo laws eimilnr lo those which govern electricity, ga'vatiism, &c. has, nf'ter n series of experiment1), arrived nt results, winch promise to p,ivc no entire new coin plexion tn the science. lie hns not only Mitipfnctnrily ascertained the truth of his opinions, lint hns cont rnctctl an apparatus by which the fluid can be transported to any place uitbout losing its virtue, nntl ailininistored without the presence or knowledge of the magnet The fluid, thus conveyed, produces nil the phenomena of animal inairuetiiin, when produced bv manipulations, nnd ne.-instancu has come lo our personal knowledge, in which it has been sollieient ly used in inducing a slnio of complete somnambulism. We hnvo seen llie apparatus, but arc not siifiieicntly versed in science to give n description of it. PROM WASHINGTON. Sept. 27. In the Sp.natf., the Sub-Trbasury Dill was token up, and Walker of Mississippi delivered a speech to empty benches. Af ter he had finished, some verv small talk look place bi'Uveen Cilhmtn. .Worn'? of Ohio, nnd Hubbard ol New Ifninp-hire. Calhoun funis himself obliged to submit to manifold mortifications; nnd to modify nntl alter the phraseology of his nmend- menl so as to suit the tlohcnli; loco loco tnsies of such fellows us Jlarris and Hub bnrrl. As no body seemed inclinpil in take the fl tor. Calluiun moved an n'tj iortiment. Buchanan opposed it. Ii would bo nbiun innhh; fur the Senate to udj nirri before two o'cTn'k, iniolerable ! Jlrnlon nodileil assent, nnd called for iherpie-lion. Hurh anan took the hint nnd added, that if no body would speak, '.he qnstion ought to be taken. Calluiun replied, uiswiiug on the importance of the subject, nnd the neces sity of a full diJciisstou. H'rbslcr inquired ofCWioiri if he had any other imi -n :i nt niiiendinent to oiler to the bill. Calhoun avoided jr'ving any direct answer to ihi- in quiry. lie said, that would depend on circumstances, fiuvhannn insied noon taking the question, and reminded Cal houn of t 'mi resolution was presented, he hiitild hnvo opposed it. Tiie Sennie wa. hound .o give a full discussion to the gret qupciions now pending. Jiuehannn still itir-i-led ihat Senate had nothing to do but in register executive edicts nnd go home, Ilenton nodded assent, and shouted fur the question. Whereupon Ct ittmilen took I he floor and commenced n speech u'aiust this bill. In tho MnirK. the whole nf the morning hour was con-unied in the presentation ol petitions, nnd in motions lo suspend the nles, in order to allow the presentation of re-olotions. Tho Itesolution of the Committer) of Wnvs and Mentis touching the Niitionnl Hank, wns postponed, till Saturday next, and Hindu special order fur the morning hour of that day. Sept. 21!. Mr. Webster delivered n very able speech to-day, occupying nbont three hours, in the conr.-e of which he was pretty -evere upon the friends of llie ndniinif.t rn' Hon. ns well n the President, for the new ground which they have laken. Hint the currency is not continually within Iln rench of the government. He gave n history of the hank and the course nf the government, in snow mat ine two lino,;, of llie United Stales were not created solely for the purposes of revenue, hut for tho purpo-n tifnidmg tho commercial in If rests of the country, nnd regulating the currency. He quotes from tho mrssiges of Washington ami Madison and Jock-on and from various Treasury reports, to shew that they nil concurred in this point, so far ns regarding the banks ns regulators of the currency. Even when General J'ickson urged wnr ngn'uiii the Hank tiffin United .Stn'es. th first charge ho made was. that the Innk hud failed to fulfil its obligations ns n regii'ulur of tho currency, nnd the boast of ibo General was, that (he local batiks would he ns efficient agents of the government, in regnln'iiig the currency nnd exchanges ns n Hunk of the United Slates. It was not until Mr. Van Huron came into ollice and found nil these local institutions wrecked, and the experiment of his predecefsor n failure, I lint hn thought of this now expedient, litis new rending ol the Constitution, lie found himself in a situation in which ho must either coneni Id undo all that had been done, lo sustain nil Ihi) measures of his predecessor, in whose track he hud pledged himself lo wnlk; or extricate himself by some new Hindi,'. It then occurred lo htm lo ru-rnad the coiietiliilinn, nnd deduce from it that the government hud no power over llie currency, nnd that this was n business which llio pcoplij must lake euro uf the nd- i ininistrnlion was to provide- lor Hie wants oft he government. The government holds nbont il tier cent, in tne common stock and this small interest was lo eernpy the entire ttiimh nl Congress, while tin people constiMiting ihu other 91! per cent woto to lake the best care tliey could ol themselves. There were lo he two kinds of currency, the gnltl nnd silver curtency for the gov. eminent, nnd llm paper currency Cur 1 1 people. The government, were 'n have the first cut, sitting at the first tnV!e, and the people wore lo sit nt the second table and pick up whnt they could. He pointed nut llio inconsistencies in Hid entire ' of the administration. In KS37, Mr. 'J'nney wrote to tno uaiiits inviting litem .o loan out public money esppcially to t,n mer chants now there is ti bill under consid eration, wlneli provides unit ihc receivers anil nfiieers shall provide ilieuuelves with strong vaults fur the safe keeping of tin' public inooey, put ii triple Ineu upon them and if they should dan.- to lend a dollar to any one, t here is n bill of pa it s and p"oal lies, threatening them with a lull nf Hnlel menl, and n severe punishment. Tlu wiu tint. inconsistency. Another was tlm circular itist written by Mr. Woodbury. before the bill to nniiiorize the issue of Treasury notes has become a law. request iog to be informed on uhal terms the banks will receive thcju Treasury notes to he pinned to his credit , and paid in spece, if required! This is the way Mr. Wood bury sets nbont divorcing ill" bunks and I he government , bv depositing I hese Treas ury in banks and r' Ceiviiig lliere'or only n credit on their honks. Mr. Hob bard made n lame and impotent reply, ntnl Mr. Hiichnnnn moved I he adjournment, I presume lie intends to pin. Ins shoii'der to the wheel, and help the Treatuv machine through. It 'h believed now that Hie bil1 will pass I he Seimte, perhaps, on Saturday, by n majority of snine I hree or four, nnd will be swamped in Jiat vast morns.--the llou-o nf Representatives. It is under stood that the House will he rear'y lo sanction the Senate's resolution to adjourn when it shall be taken up on Monday. I'. S. Smcce pulling my letter into the mail to night , the llno-e ordered He bill sn-pending the payment of the Imirih in stalment under the Distribution Law, to he cng'i'ssed for a third reading ayes 1 19. noes 117. As S'jon ns the result of the vote was announced, Mr Pickens ()f h Carolina, having voted in the atiirnia'.tvc: gave notice that he would on to morrow move a reconsideration, and then adjourned. Tne object of Mr. Pickens is supposed to be, so to amend the bill as to procravitn ate Ibo tune of payment, but ultimately to securr to t hi Stales the tnooev. This hn? an awful nqniiiiing for the administration. It is one of the largest, if not the very largc-l, vote over given in Congress say 23G. there being only five abicnecs oud one vacancy. Sept. 201 h. In the Scnath. tho Sub-Tree sttry Hill being under discussion, llurhanan i bellowing, with n most significant, self complacent smirk upon Ins face, ng.nnst bunks against merchants, and in favor of sub t ren-ories. As this con-cicocious day laborer in the business of white. washing the administration, plastering over contin uous, and regt-iiering e.xiciitive edicts, iinltU liliosolf liniirnl to iId n regular din's work in his vocation, I siippn-e he will t.ilk till sonet.. It is understood thai Preston will speak tomorrow. In the I Ioun. lllddle of Peiinsvlvnnii, nllereil n resn'iition calling upon the See reiaryoflhe Treasury, for copies of hi correspondence with any banks or individ ual, touching Hie disposition of treasury notes, should any he N-ned, in conferui 'v wi'h tin hill now btil'ure tho House. Lam on the Table. S nt. 30. La-t night, the IIoue was jo r-c ti till after ten o'clock, nnd finally pawd the hill in potnoiie the ptijuient of the .I'd m.tal menl of the deposit es direct etl !o ho undo with the Stulet, under the deposite act of l!!3C. The hill, however, was nmemled by llie adoption ol M r. 1'iekeiis, iiinriiilunoil. which postponed the payment of ihu instalment till the 1st nf January. IfiJD. Al Hint tune the instalment mn-i he paid, without ihiv further provi'ion by law for that punosj "ul, as tin bill stood, and in llie lorm in winch it was ordeietl to a third readin on Monday night, it po-' pones tins in-ialn. ut Mill further provisions slinuld he mail' In law" that p. ns Mr, Ada in just v re marked "lo I he Greik Kalsuds." 'The hill pas-ed without a division; but I he yen and nays were taken on engrcsstnont, unil were yens !!, nays 100, The llou-o. wearied by its lite sill:ti's, and apprehensive, too, of eucronchinn on the Subbiiih, if they went into ih Trcn-u-ty utile bid (In-fussing at length ntlj ernei -non after two n'elork. Tlm ninndnients nfll-rcd by Mr Cuinli'i'leng nod i'Jr, Rholt are lo he punted, bv Monday ino-ning. Tin1 Sennit! eiiuenrred in lie H nise amendment to the l) po-iies Pn-lponeineui Hill. 30 lo 2 and II i now n hw lor I lirerinoe it was nfl" red thia evenitg lor the President's signature. chitti:,n'I)i:. ro.vsociAT.ON'. Thu tmiitcink'ti Coiiniy Consoeia ion will meet, for holding the tiiiniyer-ar'es nPienuvo lent Societies, at .M.llon Palis, on '.'iie-d.iv next, tlm ldili day of Oct. niH. at halfinst 10 ' o'eloek A. M, The iiicinhiirs of Coosicialiou 1 aiu desired lo hn puueltial and ineinlii.'ri of Iho I churches in ilie ('utility and vicinity are ovilei loullinid Out. fl. .1. K. C.i.Nvi-mt, Rip, i) i i: i . In lllid vill ic, mi lilt' 21 hwt, llellen ,-tiiplii.i il.unluei nfliio. W. ami .Snihi.i A, I'.n i .ii .'Mil U noil I lii nnd 1 day, ' "ll'i done ili'.n- mother all thy rate Tin' iinsiiins nan li'iijc, (nils I pains It's d me fur ine ! I'm 1 1 ' I wl-etii liiiinuilal health ami plr.iMiie lei-j. ' J'is ilono dear fuhcr ! nmv uppd No mm a ihy kind siipp.n i ins i s To so'iihc my i tins and Iml u head I'm uohiK far (ijoi e.oihh haii'im." In this Inuii, mi dm 28lh nil, Wm, A. Fnn nf II, P. umlOlun .McP.iil.iml, aiil S iiionlh, ami 2i iI.ijh. rjnHE sohsfrihers have received n inrge quanlny of Hroad Cmlhs nf every shade nnd quality and will bs fluid nl price's curiejponding wnh the limes. n ITHIlOl'4-POrWJN. j October 0, 1017. ! STTMAET St WILL sell lh Pinno Portes uiannfnc lured by Horrid,', Christopher & Co at n reduced price for cash or nppfi.vtil notes. As the e.ineern is closed, the In strtiinents will henir red for stile here three weeks previous to sending them to New Vork All who wish to purchase n supe rior article, will find this a favorable oppor. .unity. Tliey have on hand twenty nine. Pianos from jJi.'S to 100, each. Hiu liiigion, 'October 0, 1037. TLFJ Vh ree.ened n largo assortment of Ji-.H Pur Cups, ISnck M tlens, Gloves, Cloths. Cnssiuieres, Merinos, Voitings &c. October 0. 11)37. VILL iccive Wool on di bts nnd for guods, to ho di livered nt their storu. Hurliogton, Oct. G, 11)37. t I n oieelimr nl' il... 11, ..,!..., ..t' ,i,.. (Jolcbestor Miiuul'acturinir Ciimnnnv. doty Imlden nt the ofliuo of Lyman and Al.ttsb, in Hnrlingtou, on tho 6th day ot October, 1 1537, it was ordered that n rn II of leu dollars- per share on iho new stock o! aid eoinpnnv he hud, payable on or before Hie l-t day of November next, nnd n fur ther call of ten dollars per share on said new snick payable on or before tho 15th day of iiovemher tn xt S1DXEV D All LOW, Clerk. Iittrlinj'oti. Of r. it: ;7 J Q Hales Oil Clolh Cupetiugb, Gothic and other patterns. Also 2 tlnz. Hordered patterns lor putting under stove Ironi 1 to 4 yds. square, just received by Latiiuoi & Pin win Oct. 3. 1P.37. M23 SUNOS. TJTJllENClI, Jiiirlisli and CJro do Nap tt. Merinos, a full assortment of the a hnvo articles, Ju-t received and for sale at tho luweu price by LATiinoe & PowiN. Oct. C. 11)37. October 18:J7. v737"I1ALEH0NE ''U'S mid narrow t Y Wiitileiiones, patent German Violin Strings. Hiss Viol Siring--, ('larinet month pieces &, Heeds, 3 dnz. Pink Snicers, Mu-ieal Iiisirninents &c-just rucived nt the Variety Shnp. Panoiiohv &, llniN-.-MAH). STLWBtl S-PQOm. TTO rWITIISJ'ANDING tho scarcity 1 i of Silver, wc continue to make nil kinds of Silver Spoons, nnd have n good assortment now nnd nt nil limes on hand, warranted good, Variety Shop. pANC.lloiiN- &. He.lNSMAll). WOTJUIi. BROKE into the lot o! tho subscriber stitne tune since, n red COW with a lopt horn, ubmii S years old, dry. The owner is reques' ol to prove property, pay charges and take her a wav. JAMES'I. CUTLER. Hiibbcll's Fall--. E-sus. ) oepn tuner ;!0. UiJ7. Lot No wo lis Estate. STTft the siib-cribers. having been np Tf pointed by Hie Hon. the Probate Court lor the Di-irict of Chutenden, cotn- mi-sioner to receive, exuiiinu and ndiii-t 'he chums and demands -if all person .ia-n-t the e-tate of Lol Newell, lute of CharliiHe. in said !)-t net. deeea-eil. repie seoied insolvent. and al-n all cluiins and de mends exhibited in olf-et thereto; and six uionihs trniiiihe dav of .'ho dale hereof, be ing allowed by said Conrl for that we do luereforo hereby give in'tice, that we will allend lo the business of our a,i the dwelling of Birdseye N'w ell in Churloiie, in said District, on the -ccon Tin-d:iy uf March next, at 10 o' clock. A.M. Diletl. 'his IH'ti dav of September. A D. IJJJ7. PI IT K. I IE WEPT, ) Commit- i i l) rr i' . ...-,...... GAD ROOT. ,v i o nrr.i. Cheap, Chert per, Cheapest, J. vT. AVE 21 TT'jl AS u'.iiu returned limn Nuw-York JOi. with a now supi!y of Goods in his line of bu-unjss, cuii-jinting of a geuorul os sortiueni of (si-ocorios, Iorlc, & Flour, Boots, & Sliots, Shooting, Shirting, .Hutting, Wadding, & (The iiimblu six-peucc is better than the s'nw shilling. Win l-i. Oct. fl. 1!!37. W. V. M 130 S SER, iN'o. 21)!! WrtSiiixoro.v STiiur.r, liosro.N. Importer ami Dialer in Knlislt, Canton, Fienrh, German and .'hnentun Faney Cuuds. Q UBJOINED is a Catalogue nfsomn nf the r-2 v.iriou- kindso-'lJoods W. W. iMKSSP.Il is constantly ueeiving Coin ihu Foreign and Dotueslic Maiiul'tPliifi't. In soliciting the cif- om nf jilnrebaulH mid )o-ilers, ho assures tiieoi thai Im will sell his goods lor Cash or Ciedil, al as low prices and on as good terms us can bu found in any City in llie I nitio, Having but recently commenced business, ho will hn p'e.ised to sell for Ca-ii at a much lower rale of piolit than llio old and e-lahlil. ed houses uf iho City Are in practice ot' doing. men coons, Gold and s Ivor I'eueil Cases in great varie. ly ; gold, silver, shell, pearl.iuil linuly paintetl .Siiiiir fc Toliaono lii xes ; silver Spoons. Thimbles, butter and fruit Knives; pearl, agnle and glass silver mounted Sc-ils; silver mutinied Dirks. Seis-ors, Hlileiloes, puieries and Wax es: silver Tooth Picks, Whistles nnd Radius a vaiidy of elegant pearl Watch Stands:; la dies' rich gold platen Head llrnds, Bracelets and llnitiiiet Holder-; inlaid rosewood and silver furnished Sewing lioxes; silver pin tod Tenth Brush, soap and shaving Boxes ; gold and silver Vmuigrettps, CUTMillY. Pearl, ivory, slag, horn and cocoa handled 1 2 3 and 4 bludo Pen and Pocket Knives, of "Rogers'," ''IIllnt,fl,,,"Cronk,.'"'Uf)tbcrnm,, nnil "Itngshnw s" rnntiuracturc, dejk, howic and pruning Knives; penrl ivory nnd stag bundled silver cupped Diik Knives; n great variety of P.nghsli nnd Pruned manufactured Razors in cas. son eiirilsaud Dozon. miniature Knives and Scissors; pocket, button hole, nail, lace nnd coiomon Scissors und Sheais, of Png. hsh nnd German make of every form and quality ; Tweezers. &s !iusnr:s. Prcnclt, English it Aiuvricnn hair Brushes, ofall possible vaiicd sizonnd finish ; clothes. nail, hat, comb, shaving and shoo finishes, of great vnnnly ; t 2 3 4 and ;i row lino French, I'tighsh ntnl American Teeth Hrushcs; crumb and flesh Brushes. COXITIS. Pino ivory Combs of nil sizes nnd pricci; wrought and plain shell H.iek nnd Side Combs, shell and buffalo hnin 'I'wt-t Combs, shell ivory and born Dressing Combs; penrl shell, and Ii nt ii Pocket Combs; silver. Guilt and jappnnnril melalliu Twist Condu ; jet and guilt shell Side, ('otnbes. SOAPS, PKKIMUIUtY AND OILS. Ahuoiid paste Slowing S np ; "K"W's," wlntij iS brown Toilet Shaving Snap ; Prench transparent nt d exquisitely perlutn ed Toilet Snaps, L'iw-oo-'h composition Snap for the extraction of Oils from Cloth i American Toilet nnd Shaving Soaps, in great variety ; renl Fnrinn, French and American Colognes; English ntnl Prench double distilled Lavender Wamr; Prench perfumed Toilet and Bureau Cushions; n general assortment of the French extract oi' flowers, too iiiimerotH to pnrltculnri.e ; Mnccasnr, Aetixue, Vegetable and Henr's Oil.-; Pear's Grease, penrl Powder, Pruned and American Hair Powd;r, nnd Otto of H ope. 1'OCKKT IJOOKS, CAUT) CASES, &V I'lain fi ii t J nifaiil -lu ll burd (;ases, penrl and wrouglit ivory C.iril Cas'-, gib and morocco do.; mvenirs, Note Cases, Mem oraudiim Hooks, Tnldet, Thread nnd Nee. die Cases of beautiful fiui-li nntl extensive viriety; ladies' silver and steel mounted Pocket Hooks, simple nnd combined with Card Cases and NeciHe Honks furnished and plam ; Gentlemen's Wiillets and Pock el Books, in ns great n variety ns can be found in iho env; Porcelain Slates. Leaves and I ablets; shell Card Baskets, of beau tiful and varied firms. BRONZED GOODS. A great ariety of unique and elegant patterns of Brot'jjed Ink Stands nnd Ther mometers; brui sed Card Ilaeltsand Wn'ch Stands; hrnnzetid Pn.-tilo Burners, tables Bolls. (Tntncne nnd Perfum" Stind--. DESKS, CASES, BOXES, AC Lathe-' nnd (lentleinan's 1 i, I I, IC. 13. 20 and 22 inch rosewood and mahogany pcaii inlaid and brass bound Writing De-ks, with Secret Drawers; ladies' ami Gentle men's richlv furnished and plain Dressing Cases; leather travelling and jappaned Shriving Cases: ladies plain and inlnid, furnished ami unfurnished, rosewood, satin wood, bird's-eye mo pie and mahogany Work Boxes; n variety of sizes and pat terns of pictured white v. nod Cotton Boxes; travelling ro'l up and lock up Portfolio); perfumery, jowpl, handkerchief and glove casts, elegant rinnece Ten Culdies, M JSC V. L N EOU.S A II TIC L ICS. Bead Hags and Por.-es. ,-iik and f nibrr do silver p'a'ed.gilt and steel Purse Cl.ispf; n'nted, gill, steel and gins' Purse llings aotl 'I'nssels; boxes of Motto Seuls. embm!. der d Berlin Noodle wrl.-, pearl, mnriiMn, leghorn, shell lea'her. morocco nnd G-'rinan Cigar Cusp.? fancy Tot't't. G'asses; Boxes and Hn-kets: fancy Album Hooks and Box f s ; India ILubher Ring and Halls; elastic Garters: Indelible Ink. Stni 1 nnd German Hones. Hnrrh.!) und Amerie-m H.'iv.ur Siran-: BiiHiinia and Wood Sunvinn- Bv. es ; Powder and Pult Boxes: Lucifer Matches j Spool S'nntls : wood, ivnrv and iron Silk Heels; pearl ond ivory Silk nod Cnttnn Winders: boxes of Pens, Inks nnd Snnds : feather Diis'ert;: wrought ivory, Chinoe and leather Pans and Fire Screens: work, travelling. Canton, French and Airier lean Bn-ket-: -leel Pens of all the most an. proved niaiiiifnc.inrers' make : wax heads; enrnl Necklaces: safety chains; Pins nnd Needles; Pin Cushions; egg Glasses: steel, gilt and composition Thimbles; pearl, bone and Canon Paper Polders nuil Holders; 'Cape .Measurers, gob! nnd silver Spangles: Transparent, bronze nnd common Wafers ; writing Ink and sand; Glass Inkstands and S'liids: Billet niit! Loiter Puier, nnd all the varieties of sealing wax; Cloak (Jlaps; ivory, hone nnd cocoa Napkin Rings; Puz zles, Mirror and Tmlel Glasses: toy Watch, es nnd B '"s of Chinese Toys ARTIsTS'TOOIiS AND MATERIALS AM ot beat prepared Canvasses; Dry nnd ground Colours; Misiic Varnish: Nut Oil Liou'k Sable and Camel's Hair Brushes: pallet Knives; Asphaltum: ti'l sizes French and English Ivories; water Colors; Minia ture C'ises, black and while Crayons: Por tcrayons and Drawing Bnrtls. SHOUTING A'N D AM! LI V G TACKLB Percu-smn Cnp- : Shot Bags ; Powder Fla-ks; pocket Screw Drivers; gun Worm-; Game Bugs, Flagons nnd Snurlsiiien'. dnnlnng (Jups, n very convenient article for tr.-ivelieis; Fishing R ids nnd Hooks. Bn-keis. Flo-Ms; Linen Manilla, Silk and Hair Lines; Fi-h Gil', & e. &e f.A.IIES A.M AJ11J.S...MENTS. Sjilendid Canton wrought ivory Cliess men; French, English nnd Gorman ivory, bone nntl wood duio, Chess. Backgammon und Chequer Boards, of Canton,' English nnd German make, ivnrv. bmie nnd wood Chcqnennen : Cribbngo Boards; English, French und American Playing Curds; wro't ivory, pearl, bone Wins' nnd Loo Cnunlrrs, Dice tiiul Cups, Dominoed Loin, Solitaire, Germnti Tac'tc-. Fox anil Geese, Battle dores, Birds. Corotiellas, Game of llio Grn. ees, Cup and Balls, Boxes of Games, Jump Ropes, Bn.vs, Arrows mid Turgeis, Jnek Straws, together wnh the following mini, -nig nnd iiisiriiciivii Di-sec'cd I'u.z'es ; wrought ivory nnd plnin boxes of Chinese Poy.?.le.-; Maps of Hp. World, Europe, Amor, ieu nnd Hn Unileil Slates. Building-. liud. -n ines, .Mniiufaciuru of Tin, Grand Aviary, . lologicul Gardens, Slavery Abohshe'd, Scenes in Pans, Telegraph, The Sorcerer, Scripture Views, Monument, A B C. liar vol Houie, Pnir Day, Billy Button, Johnny Gilpin, Thienihiig Hi,. Ne'edlo, IiIiid beard, Robiii-ou (Irusoe, Nnpoleou's Bivouac. A Y"nr nfter Marriage, Hunt Ihu Slipper, No plen-iog Ever b 'i!y, &.c. kc. N. II Orders Iron) Hie Country promptly attended in nuil put tin with great cure. a00 Bids Rochester City Mill Fluur, from New When , for salo by FOLLUl'T & BRADLHYS. nnO tho Hon. the Probate Court JL the District of Chittenden, comes the subscriber Thomas Chittenden, adminis trator of the Estate nf Nonh Chittenden late of Jericho in snid District. dimenseiTil and represents) that the personal estate of said deceased wi'l not be sufficient lo pay the debts and chnrges thereof and hereby makes application to said Court, lur licence, to sell the renl estate fur Hint nurpose. THOMAS CHITTENDEN. October 5. 11137 STATU OF n:il.UOjYT, ) At n Probate Dis-rniCT ov Cihtti:m)i:n. Court bol den nt ilurlingloii. in tnul Disirict. on llie fit Ii flny ol October A. D. 1R37. Il is ordered Hint nn ncount he tnken ot the debts nnd also, the proceeds of the pcr sonai esmte tn sain tiecenseu, oud Ihat tho heirs and nil persons concerned in saitl es tate bo notified in nppenr before snid Court on the third Monday ol October inst. nl the Elgin Hall in Williston. aforesaid, to give bond for the payment nf debts, nnil show cause why license ns nforesnid shall not be granted, nnd Hint such notice bu given by publishing the above nppbctinn three weeks successively, ns soon ns may be in HieFroo Pros? a newspaper printed in Burlington, in tnul DLtrict. Given under my hand, the day and year first above written. Wm. WESTON, Raler. Charles James Kathrens f.atenf Quebec and Si. Jul. is, J THiEGS leave rno-t rcspectfuhy to nc MJ quaint the Ladies, ond Gentlctnen of hnrlingtou ond its vicinity, that, bnvitto recenily nrrived in their viilnge (where he intends to re-ide.) ho will guu iossons mi the Piano Forte, Violin, Clarineti, &.c. iSic. to such Ladies and Gentlemen as may please to honor him with their com ma nils. C. J. K. oho desires to stnto that bnvinrr tho acquirement of Thorough Bass, )c Q enabled to nrmngo .Music, nnd give inslmc tions, agreeably to all the purposes of har mony, nnd further wishes lo add that, he tunes piano fortes, carelully nnd correctly. Green Mountain Douse, Pearl gt. Burlington, Sept. 21. in:)7. rffllin Annual Meuiing ol tiio members of AL tho Vermont Mutual Pirn Insurance Company, will be boldcn at the. Court House in Moutpuhor on the 18th day of Ottohcr next, at one o'clock ufternoon, for the choice of Directors for the year ensuing, and lo malto such amendments lo llie by hnvs as may be deemed necessary. By order of tho cotnunt loe. JOSHUA Y. VAIL, itcV. Insuarncc olhcc Moutpolier. ) Sept. 10. 1337. WALTON'S DAILY JOURNAL. The sub-enbera will publish r daily uaier during the ensuing session of the legisla ture, of the size and in the firm 07 thrs daily of lasl yehr, containing reports . f tlie proceedings of the IcgL-latiirp, ot Cmigrr- and the news nf the day. Tlm paper"iv 'i be issued in the nfirrnonn of eneb day, (Sundays excepted.) in tune for the mat'ls which close in the fVeiililg. Terms il. tJTMeinbrsnf the legmhiturd and inhers, w tin -nl lorwnril us the tilonrv slmi; receive onj copy gratis fur every five'sllb-cribers. Tne Wutchmnu and .lourntl wtel;lJ will be fnrnisbed through the ..,nii f,c 25 cent i throe uionihs tor "0 eeurs E. P. WALTON & SON. Montpeher, Sept. 15, !)37. CAPS. BlOll .Sale, wholesale and retail, Fur P-p? put up in good stylii0 he sold at fair puces. Caps mado to order. W. J. SEYMOUR. Sept- 21!, Iti37. LOST. ON the Wmooski turnpike, between Mr Pnrkhurst'- lavern nnd ihN vil lage, U bluck CANK. With ln.el.-l, nr., Imn die, slid L. F. marked mi the h01( 'j'ilC finder Will bo SUIUb'v rnennln,! I,.. i.,..-, It a I Ibis office. " ' & Sept. .'?, 1,137. S'S'OVE PUP Ei, 5$) 0 J"'""" Canada Pq.r.t.lso a gen-e-x oral assortment of P.nglish and Russia Iron Pine, just rce'd and for salu by W. R.&F.C. VILAS. Sept. 29, IP.,17. 3w Concave Spectacles. JUST received an addition to our assort ment nf Concave ; silver bowed Specta cles nt tho Variety Shop. Snpi.2h PNnnnnN Sc Brimu. Tho members oflioxcr Engine Company No. !!. am notified to meet atJohn Howard's II itel on Monday next (Oct. 2d) at 1 o'clock P. M. A punctual attendance is ro quo-ted. W. SMITH, Clerk. Sepi.29. 1M7. HAS just received n large and general as sorlmeni of Pall and Winter Goods, which ho offers for sain on the lowest terms for cash or credit Tho Goods Iiavo boon bought in Xuw.York nt the present low rains, and will be sold as low as nl any store in iho county. Burlington, Sept. 2", 1037. 3w e.'.-.f'jfO'11' 'l,ln l'10 enclosure of jfSr'S'jn Iho subseribnr, n few days KST, since, a two year old WRATH K it, cijjjjsjwitb shoit liorns, and llio letter "11." in red paint on the left shoulder. II. B. STACY. Sept. 20, 1837. AT JI OWA B Hi ' S A now lull nnd complolu a-sorluiant of ev IS cry dosciiption of Pashionsbla Puncy aud Staple Dry (ioods is just ipe'd from New York and olsowhero which with what I had lie I oio makes ono of tho best assortments I have boon ablo to otfer lo customers for 15 years past, to iindovtake to enunieralo niticlcs would only he taking unnecessary time, to wrilo, print and lead, for it has lonjj been said that ifynu want nn article of goods just call at Huward'g and yuu will generally bu snro lo find il ihcro and nt. about a fair price, Sept. 28, 1U37

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