Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, November 24, 1837, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated November 24, 1837 Page 2
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F H 1 1) A V M 0 II N I NO, NOVEMBER 24. Tho result of the New York election eccma tn have como upon I lie President ri'iid hi? confidents nt Washington, like a iccl if thunder from a cloudless sky. Cntnbrt'lcng had assured him thai nil uos well in the state, nnd even endorsed the city. The first intelligence therefore, was oliy tiling but comforting; but this the Olobo got over by cursing the banks, the merchants, the aristocracy, &c. nnd, finally thanked th Lord that "the city was not tbc whole Plato." But, nlns, how 6Urcly do the hopes of the wicked perish! The cry was etill "they come," the conquering Whigs. Counties, districts, on Umpire lost! Bring me no more reports nil is lost ! cried tbc successor to his predecessor. "A little more civent, good apothecary ;" nnd mantling up his face, he curs'd, in Dutch ! The groat result will tinyo a great effect iiton tlio politics of tho country, I lie Pieshlcnt nnd llie Cat l net. It is now hclicied line, Mr. Van Hu ron in hia next message, which wc shall have in three wcck, will sav iiotliin? of ihe finances of I lie country, but tii it lie lias l.iiil nil on Congics in his l.iet message, anil that no.v his rlu'cf otj:ct will do to FpciiK ol our uiimc.lln nnd foreign iin.iirs. is little ns posihlu will he said of llie Sub-Treasury scheme, which, without u doubt, is now nban doned. The nlav of Air Van liiiicn will now be to coax the people hack, The Globe, nnd the Kendall clan he d.irc not throw ovei board, however, if lie Would. The only nnxicty that Mr. Van Huron full lire viotu to llie election, was nboiil the cily. lie and Ms friends never dreamed of loosing the State, Confident of earning that, the Globe was directed to open its batteries upon Senator TnllmailgA, who, with all the Oonservnliies, were In lie sacrificed on ton L.oco Foco rack. Mr Cainbrebuii has writ ten here repeatedly (hat ihcic was no danger : nnd tfter the union of the Tammany and (he Loco Foco parly in Ihis cily, lie wrote that lie was almost sure of of carrying that. Judge ihen, must have been Air. Van Ihiren's terrible disappointment. Mr Van Burcn begins lo feet that the insane course he lias pursued, despite of t tin counsels mid warning of the more rational members of Ilia parly, wrought nil the mischief; and deeply he re fuels this couisc. lie is, sifter nil, but a puny flower that ran stand nothing lint the summer breeze; not lie, tho tree lhat is trained and strength nncd, nnd made lo strike its tools deeper by wrest ing with the winter storm ! nounccd as nn heretic and federalist, nnd Ircrtucnuv 'Happens inai incm '7'" ...i... i. !,!,,. I nnrtieii nrlv in tho election of Senators, osirnctscu nt.u t.r.ven rui, ui... mi fof - pafl l)C j,9lf lcU com Canadian affairs, it will bo seen by our extracts, are assuming more and more in tercst. The tubicon is passed, and it would eucin almost impossible lo avoid serious consequences. Much excitement prevails throughout the province, and few men wc find arc at all sanguine as to the result. Already a number of tho patriot leaders bavo been arrested on charge of treason, and warrants arc out for a number of others tt'bo it is Paid have left the Province. Wc Understand however, that the persons ar rested have been admitted lo bail ; and it is olso reported that considerable numbers of tbe Tapineau men have signified a desire to return to their loyality. We give those reports ns they reach us, without vouching for them. savs wns r.a cn olet It) destroy f.veiu bank in tho country. Next comes the following significant allusion lo the Presi dent. "But nil our rcaoning and expostulation wcro in vain, our voico fell upon ears a heavy nnd dull as death. Our warnings wero disregarded our counsel disdained. Now, that the sceptre has departed from Judah whore is the tnnntlo of tho prophets, and of what value are tho words of the oracles?" Much as this means, what follows hns still more meaning: 'In the decisions of tho democracy of numbers, wo "absolutely acquiscc." 1 lie two great ontngonist powers of the Jack Bon nnd Whig parties, Becm to have broken up. A new disorganization is likely to ensue. "Jt is not our business or purpose to dictate, bu. lo reflect the senti ments of those represent." Wo therefore do not undertake lo chalk out a course for the democracy to rally again upon, but our belief is, that the two great ban ners hereafter will lead n conservative party on one side, ond the destructives on the other." Tho self styled "parly organs," will bo taught by this adverse political tempest, a lesson which they will not readily forgot. Tho admonition however has come too lato fur thetn; tho revolution is past, nnd they have nothing left but unavailing pen itence and the 6ilent gnawings of the "Remorse, that comes too late !" Yes, their remorse seems to be the very spirit that troubled Conrad tho Corsair "Impcuitent remorse Thai iiijeliii!? fiend which never snako bclorn But cries I warned (7ie,wlieii the deed is o'er," If any of our administration friends linvo any appetite for dinner after reading the Madisonion, we wish them joy. From Florida. A letter from Fort Hcilcinan, dated tho 5th inst. tdutcs thai Gen. Jcstip, Gon. Eustis, and Col. Twiggs were still at lhat plncc, but it was expected that the whole of the forces would be in readiness to move forward in two or three days. Indian trails had been reported within fourteen miles of that place. The steamboat Santce had just returned from Volusia, to which place she had conveyed Col. Gardner's command. Gen. Smith left New Orleans on tho 2d inst. with a body of 250 volunteers for the seat of war in Florida, where ho expected to be joined by fivo conpanics from Phila dclphia. Sixteen on- prisn n largn number of towns. It happens however that in tno laic ciecuuu, um wmim forty arc chosen, nnd what is more remark able, nnd even unprecedented since the formation of partias, the choice lias rosuncu in all the districts, thirteen in number, in favour of tho Whig candidates, by decided inninritifK. Yet thcro was a contested election in everv district, ond in seven of these districts, at tho election of last year, tho Van Burcn party was successful. In tho House of Representatives there will bo about 100 Van Burenitcs of all complexions inclusive, lo 350 Whigs. Last year parties stood 370 Whigs to 202 Van Burenitcs. It was anticipated that the reduction of tho number of the House would increase the rclativo strength of tho administration party. The result docs not seem lo justify the approhension, A Sen ate composed exclusively of Winos, and a Wtnr. majority of 250 in the House, wc should imagine, would insure a competent amount of sound Whig legislation. Has the Sentinel henrd any thing about tho New-York election? Michigan. For the take of variety, we rejoico to record tho fact, that Mr. Van Huron has carried ono stnlc. Gov. Mason Isro-clcctcd in this state, by what an ad minist ration paper calls a"6ignal and over Dowcrintr majority" of 500! There is tonic contradiction as to the legislature but wo choose for the present to concedo Il to Mr. Von Burcn. Thoro is no mistako about New York Tho whig majority in the state is 20,000, or thereabouts. Four-fifths of llie legisla ture, and three fourths of the senators elected ore uhigs. Even Clinton County, which formerly giivc six or seven hundred majority for the regency, has elected a whig sheriff. New. York Legislature. ly of the hundred and twenty eight mem bcrs elect of the New-York Houso of Assembly, were members of the last legis lalurc. Mu. Whitney has addressed a Ions letter in tho Madisopian to Martin Van Burcn, tho apparent oDjeci or wiiiuii is iu niuw umi r.i nnvnnEss and the Executive. At a lato meeting oflho Whigs at Faneuil Hall, Boston Mr. Fi.ETCiiEn, tho Roprosontalivo in Con Gross from the city of Boston, (and who was nt tho lato session of Congress, a momber of tho Cominittoo of Ways and Means, made, in the courso of an address to the assembled People, tho following statement ; "During tho session, the business projects upon which tho Houo was called to act, camo almost entirely from tho Commitlco of Ways and Means. There are nino members of lhat committee, only Iwo of whom aro understood to hn onnosed to the cenoral policy of the Administration. I suppose you would liko to know the manner in which tho business was arranged for tho Houso. I will toll ycu tho irnus and means vou will all sec in duo limo You doubtless sspposo that this Commitlco of Wnvs and Means hassomo duly lo do somo ways lo devise, somo means io uuu our; kuiiiu plans to originate and maturo for the acluiowl cdiremcnt of the Houso, Tho commitlco, vou imacinc, look over the Mossago, seo what is recommcnucu io uo uonc lor uio uoneni oi tho country ; consult together as lo tho best measures, and lay the result ortlioir dolibera lions before tho House. Is this your idea Mr President? Is this what vou think, fellow-citizens? If it is, I am sorry to inform you tliat you labor under a very great mistake Tonce cnlorlaincu ino same lacas; o-ji i soon found mv error. No such thing, sir no such thiriff. The chairman of the commitlco slops up to the Whito House, and there receives from tho Presided, or the Secretary of the Treasury ,sucb bilU as ihcy wishto havo passed by tho Houso. ino cnairman puis me bills into his pocket, takes them to tho com mittee ; without any examination, Iho ma majority of tho coinmittco approvo thorn; the minority can do nothing ; tho bills are presented to Iho House, and received as the doings oflho committee. "1 avor lo you that every important bill passed by tho Houso came to the Houso ready drawn, from tho Executive. Tho Rep rcscnlalivrs aro mcto machines. Every measure is nn executivo measure I mean, . liv tho Executivo, tho President and llie heads ot ucpartmcms ; Wo liovo not learned positively tho pro ciso naturo of these arrests. Public report declares them to bo lor high treason ; and wc nro tint aware that thcro is any reason tosupposo it incorrect in this particular. That treason nns uccn commuieu oy ino parties, there can bo no question. Wo hopo tho time is at last come, when il can uu provcu upon mem. At eight o'clock on tno eaino evening, a pariv of 10 of tho Royal Montreal Volun leer Cavalry, under Lieut. EnM atinger, was despatched tost John's, via Liongucuil and Chambly, with Constable Malo, to ef fect tho arrest of two worthies of that place, Messrs Dr D'Avignon and Dema rav, Having quietly effected their object, thev scl out on their return, about 3 o'clock ! .. L.. .1 1 M. f. in iiig noruiiiir. uv inc same roau. liui mi from Chambly, thoy met with a party of nboul 30 persons, variously armed, wno, however, went off as thoy approached. At about a mile from Lonjruouil, they wero warned by a woman, that a large body ot men was in watting for them a little further but from somo cause or other tho infor mation was disregarded, and the party pro cccded as before. They had gono on but very short distance, when they found themselves almost close to a body of about 300, in a field on the right of the road, pro. tcctcd by a high fence, and armed with ri fles and muskets. The party in advance moved on to pass them, but was received by a heavy fire, which it was impossible for them to return with effect, armed as they were with pistols only, and from a body which on account of tho high fenco thoy could not chargo sword in hand. Under theso circumstances, they fell back on the main body of the pany, though not until several shots had told with effect upon them, Lieut. Ermatinqer was wounded, we belivc, with duck-shot, in the face and below the shoulder, Mr Sharp received a bullet through the leg, a little below the tsnee, and Mr John P. Ashton also rcceiv. cd n slight wound from a slug Mr. John Moi.son, jr., had a narrow escape for his life, a bullet passing through his cap and grazing his head. Mr Joshua Woodhouse is also wounded, and wc believe from all we hear, severely. Several of the horses, wc arc told, wcro more or less wonded. In turning to retreat, the waggon in which the Constable and the two prisoners were, was upset and necessarily left behind by the Cavalry, who then made their way in to Longueuil, across the fields. On arriv. ing there, they found a detachment ol two Companies from the 32d Regiment, under Major Reed, who had been despatched at an early hour from Montreal, to receive and support them in case of necessity, but whoso orders had unfortunately directed him not to proceed beyond Longueuil. The prisoners had, however, then made their escape, and the whole body returned to the city, fur further orders. Courier. Montreal, Nov. 20. head no doubt, in which cose tho monster never could be accused of throwing "shceps eyes." It is to bo hoped the poor fMliormcn will not becomo bed ridden from' the lamentable effects of their fright. IMPROMPTU Uttered by a certain official at Washing ton on the reception of the nows of the' New York election s " Take, oh I take those lips away," Take, old lake those Whigs away That my friendship hive forsworn, And those Locos, ! Thus to leave ine nil forlorn ! Rut my message bring again. Precious nonsense preach'd in yaiu. Hide, oil ! hide those beads of dough, Which I set this land to rule, Headlong to the dogs I hey go. Sure I nm an April fool J Uncle Sam, piny set me free, I'll be off lo "retirncy." Blair should no looser b trusted by his to t in tK Excellency! Mr. Whitney is, rig ... The . ' J "J 8 P d f (J .or , immedialn cause of Ins letter IS this. Wo l,wl ' , ' -j .i.- r. . When New Jciscy rent in hor adhesion to wliie principles tho Vun Burcn men cursed the 'Ilixitcs'and talked a deal about 'local causes.' Rien camo Rhode-Wand and thcro loo iho j Quakers had difficulties, it was said. Again, after Iho Mnino election, wo woro lold about fnt fleck headed men, with broad brims, &c. who had played iho devil with tho democracy In that state. But wo havo heard nothing uboat tho disciples of Pcnnuinco tho N. l'ork election. Tho Van Burcn men now givo it up acknowledge that tho administration is blown sky-high and what is moro.ono half of tbctn aro heartily rejoiced that it is so. mentioned him casually in somo icmarks as probably connected with tno ulouo. J no Globe answered that it was not the fact, disowning tho intimacy and almost the ac quaintance of its old ally said that its cdtlor went bail for him once; and was very Baucy altogether. Mr. Whitney's reply extinguishes Iho official editor, and shows that thoy woro once, as every body knows, near and dear friends. Nat. Gnz, Maine Another whig member has been chosen to the legislature of Maine from Canton district, making the Whig strength in llie House. 99. Wednesday was a day of jubilee in the Sluto of New Yoik. Hardly n town or village, but what honored the occasion with suitable demonstrations. Gun8,bells,bonfires nnd illutninnti mis, wore made the viiible demonstrations of the universal joy which prcvades the hearts of llie people. Ominous, The four towns in Es??cx coumy lying north of the nlrrrimac river, and adjoining the State of New Hampshire, viz, Alelhueii, Haverhill, Amcsbuiy, and SnUbury, were rep resented last jear in the Genial Couii by ten Tories and one IVhiglhey uio now regenerated and will be represented in I lie next Legirlatmo by nine Whigs and not a Tory. Host Atlas, I Riot at Alton death of the Rev. tor, comma tor comma, ana ino cxcutive majority in tho Houso pass each bill forwith, w t iout a oration ana, so lar as ucpenus upon tlicin, without debate just as it comes from their masters at tho White House ! "I had heard ol Iixecutivu dictationor Executive usurpation of Executivo pat ronage. I thought I had seen something of it ; biit till I visited the scat of Govern mcnt, I had in conception of it6 true nature ol its vast extent. I solemnly warn you against th'w terrible concentration of power in (he hands of the Executive! I see in it a most alarming danger threatening, fear, fullv threatcnins the liberties of the conn- trv! Executivo power has become a very f!nlnssus. which bestrides the laud from ono end to the other; and, follow.citizcns, if we do not othertlirow it, mo3t assuredly it will crush Mt; and, in crushing us, in crush ino- ihe Peoule, it will crush liberty, it will crush the Constitution." March or the troops lo Chambly ; arrest of seven prisoners on ine roaa. Tho above formed part of an extra, is sued from our office on Saturday morning. Wc have now further intelligence no less important, to communicate. Between 7 and 8 o'clock on Saturday morning, tho troops set out for Chambly, under Lieutenant Colonel Wetheram-, ns stated in our Extra. Four Companies of the Royal Arlillory ..ill. O A.l.1.pinpa. unaui Uupa',ii fif.At.naw, and frrom IC lo 20 of the Montreal Volunteor Cavnlry. un under Captain David, formed the detach ment. Among the latter, we unuersianu there wore n good many of those who had been out on the severe duty ot the day no- fore. Lieut. Ermati.ngr.iii particular. and Messrs. Mu.on and Ashton, though sl'mhtiv wounded the day before, were anions ihe number. The Depiity-Sahci itt, Mr. Duchesnay. and S. Bei.i.ingham & l' The Madisonian has scattered to the winds tho hopes so fondly indulged by the Van Burcn party, of winning back the Conservatives to their embraces. In a Ion" article, evidently expressing the views nnd fcolmns of tho Conservatives of Now York nnd Virginia, it says, after do tailing tho disasters of tho country : 'In tho midst of all then crying evils ihn londimr messes on the sido ol iho nu ministraiion. with nmo few niomorablo Acromions, stood listlessly by, and permit tod tho work to go silently forward, or fanned tho flame by their nciivo influence Wo entreated tho Albany Argus to como to the rescue nnd heln lo snvo tho party; it onlv denrccatcd our existence, Wo reasoned and expostulated with tho Globe il onlv crew tnnro and more desperate and insane, and denounced ub in a manner more consistent with its own character than doro

gatory to our own." Il noxt takes up tho Sub. Treasury ecbemo, which il says was set up usiho criterion of party faith, and every man vbon "reason did not approvo nor con MtorrM wuctioo" the Bohotne, was de- E. P. Lovejov. -The Alton Telegraph of the Q l Ii inst. envs : "It is with tho deepest regret that we stop the press in order to statu that, at a late hour last night an at tack woe made by a large number or per. sons on tho warehouse of Messrs Godfrey, Gilman & Co., for Iho purpose of doltoy ing n press, intended fur tho revival of the Alton Observer; which shocking to relate, resulted in the death of two individuals llie Rev. E. P. Lovejoy, lato Editor nf the Observer, and a man named Uishop. nlcv en others wero wounded; two severely ud t ho others 6lightly. Wo can add no more at thin time, than thu assailants suc ceeded in effecting thoir object." MASSACHUSETTS. Wo subjoin returns from 297 towns in the State, which, according to tho Boston Atlas, exhibit tho following vote. For hdwaru bvereU, 51,100 Marcus Morion, 33.330 Everett's majority, 17,1)50 Last year the vote stood in thu same towns, as lollows : For Edword Evorott, 41,030 Marcus Morion, 35,723 C.lll Evorott's majority, Tho Whig not gain in Iheso towns, is 11,739. Tho wliole voto of tho Stato last year was 73,000. This year, in all tho towns but tnn, tho whole number amounts to 04,510. In 1034, tho aggrcgato vote wns 75,004. Tho voto this year is larger by 7.500, than was over boforo known Forty Senators elected. As under our constitution, in Iho clioico of nil elect ivo officers, n majority of all Iho voIcb giv en ia required to constitute a choice, it LOWER CANADA. Montreal, Nov. 10. Arrests in Montreal ; rescue of tioo pris oners arrested at St. Johns. The events of yesterday and llie day be fore, nrc of a nnturo to require of us the fulfilment of our promise made at the begin. uing of this month, of an extra sheet, when. over news of particular interest was to be communicated. Wo were prevented from publishing in our yesterday's paper, llie earlier part ol thu narrative we now pros ent, by a special request, as well as by tho fear of perhaps impairing llie success of the measures lhat wero in progress by any loo curly publicity, such as wo might then have uivun them. It was not till about 9 o'clock on Thursday evening, thai they became known at nil ; and il was then considered bcsl. that for n short limo thoy should re main as little known as passible. On Thursday evening, a considerable number of warrants were lodged in tho hands of Mr. Dem-i.e, the high coistablu, who entered immediately on (he discharge of the duty assigned him, nnd succeeded, with a party ol special constnuics, in arrest ing six ol the delinquents, Messrs Andre Ouimet, president oflho "fits de la liberie," Duuuc, an employe at I'ljjcnn's tavern, Frans. Tavernier of tho Faubourg St. Antonio. George De Uouciiervim.e, ad vocate, Dr SiMAiii). and a Student at Law, named Leiii.anc. Several other warrants were not served, owing to the absence of Iho parties lor whoso benefit thoy wero in Icuded. Among the absentees, wo under stand, worn Dr. O'Cam.agiian, Tiios. S Brown, Rodoi.imie DEsiuviEnns, and Ovide PEnnAui.T. Tho arrested parties wcro all safely lodged in gaol, A report has been in circulation, that Mr Dksiu. vieiies has since been arrested, but up to lasl night nothing had occurred to warrant it. -Mr Ouimet, wu aro informed by ono of thoso engaged in his arrest, did honour lo the " juponnesso" whoso president ho is by wccpinir bitterly on llio way to ins win tor quarters, an exhibition of tho manly spirit of n revolutionist hero, which greatly odihtd his enptore. E- Leclere, Esquires. Magistrates, ac companied the detachment to authorise its movements. The spot where iho attack was made on Friday upon the cavalry, is, ns we now learn "from parties who" havo since gone over the ground, from two to three miles out of Longueuil. On arriving nt this nlnnn. ilio dutncliment found the waggon in which the prisoners hod been conveyed lying by tho roadside, a ucau nurse in uio road, and trnclis ol Uloou in ine neiu wuure the assailants had been posted; from which it would appear lhat some execution was dniin bv ihe fire oflho Cavalry, previous to their retreat. 1 lie nouses anu oarns oy the road-side, from which the Cavalry i.rwi i.pnn fir minn in ihcir retreat, were nil fminil with tho doors and window shut lorn na ild un. A careful search wns of course made, but though tho fires were still burning in somo of them, there were neither weapons nor inmates to be lound in anv. Tho parlv then proceeded along the road, finding the houses w ith one or two exceptions only, deserted, anu uni formly without arms in them. Scouts were frequently soon mounted, and riding down the several concession roads towards tho main road ; but on sight of the troops they uniformly started off again, An in dividual who wua mot upon the main'road, stated ilmt ns he came alonir he had seen numbers of men, women ond children, leaving the houses along tho road, nnd go in off right and loll, Iho men mostly ar med. About six miles from Chambly a man was overlakon on the road, armed. When arrested, ho admitted lhat ho hod turned out to join a party lhat was design cd lo intercept the troops. About a mile further, the Cavalry, who wero a nine in advance of tho main body, gave chase to a party of about 20 armed horsemen, wnom thev saw at some distance beforo them, and who made off immediately ni iuii speed, turning lo tho left up a Concession rnnil lOWarUd II C ueiiuisiu tiiuuiiiaiu. ji lor n milo and a half of hard riding, most ofthem took to the woods, wtuio tno re maindor made their escape along Iho road A company of Iho infantry coming up, wnrn then ordered into tho bush, iho cur nlrv bninrr drawn up along the edge lo cut off such os might bo driven out. Some twonty or thirty shots wero oxchanged, . with what cltect on tno routes is uui kiiuwu nnd iwn nriaoiiors named Mongeau, fa Ihor and son, and four horsos, wero taken Nono of the soldiors were hurt, ino ci. der Mongeau, when taken, was armed witli a horso pistol, Iho youngor with a fiunr.. limb had a nood supply of ball- cartridge, a part of which they declared to i have boen eorvcJ out io inem uy ur. der, of Chambly, ono of tho missing lie though wo daro say it was a very sizeable' roes of tho revolution, whose present locale one, sufficiently capacious for a cabbaga is by mnny shrewdly conjectured io tie south of the line 45. On arrivint at Booth's Tavern, not far from Chamlily, a nnriv of about 100 men wero found posted just beyond the bridge; but they made off soraslastlie troops came up, mai uiny four of them wore taken. Tho party reached Chambly with their seven prison ers a little after sun-down. From the general statements made by the prisoners, it is evident that a very largo body of men had been called out to oppose the troops, and that courage rather Ihon numbers was wanting, to induce thetn to attempt it. The two Monoeaus, we understand, arc identified as having been of the party that fired on tho cavalry, on Friday. The two Magistrates and the Deputy Seriff. return ed on Saturday night to tho city. The troops, with their prisoners, wno are piaceu in separate confinement, remained at Cham, bly. , . Wo have heard complaints made in somo quarters, of tho small force despatched on tho former errand for tho arrest of Dema ray and D'Avignon. We believe a very short nnswor muv bo made to them. Until the civil force had boon proved inadequate, Sir Tnnv nnt.nonNE could not have been justified in furnishing a military force for Buch a purpose, inc voiumuur uuvunj were employed in the capacity ol special constables, on lhat occa sion. 1 lie forcible rescue of llie prisoners ,'rom tncir nanus, hnc linnnilw ivnrrnntod the stronger mcas urc which was adopted the next thy. We mnv nnw lnolf nvnrv datf for intelligence ot the utmost importance. Virtually, ihe whole neighborhood in which those events nave occurrea, is oireauv jh " ... ..... It cannot bo long, before it will be rcgu larly declared to bo. lo all ini'cnls and pur poses, under Martial Law. lb. The ariests in this cily, of wi'.iose nature we spoke with some little uncertainly on Saturday, we have since ascertained lo be fur hirrli't mason, as thev ouffllt to be. The nrreslod parlies aro all in separate confine? mniit. Thoso who woro taken in arms ot Saturday, arc, of course, all guilty of treason, also. Since the six arrcets on Thursday eve ning, three others have been made in Mun treal, all for the 6amc crino. On Friday evening, Messrs. Joseph Lettore and Dr. U. Lionais, both ol at. Aininase. mode their appearance in town, much to tho surprise of their captors, and were speedily committed to gaol, as nuicii ui their own surprise. On Saturday, Mr. Louis Michel Viger, president of me Banc du Peup'e, was quietly lodged in the same building, in consequence, il is said, of some peculiarly heavy charges ogainsi him. relating cnicfly to the financial con cerns of the party. If llie half of what is currently believed bo true some startling disclosures mav shurtlv bo expected, ol eerlnin innnns hv which the '"sinews nf war" have bean supplied to aid in llie pro curcmcnt of arms, nnd other ma'lcrs, con traband of war. lb. UPPER CANADA. Th',8 morning at 9 o'clock, a detachment of Ihe Rovul Artillery, under the com mnnd nf I .it. Marint. consisting 01 one Serjeant and 21 rnnk and file, left ibis Sta linn for Montreal, via the Ridcau Canal. Kingston Chronicle, Auu. 15. VC llllJciB'oii.1 lliol Q RoflimOMt r.f llio Glengary Militia has been formed, contes ting of the inhabitants of Kenyon and the Indian Reservation adjoining thereto. lb. The anniversary of the Battle nf Crys ler's Farm was celebrated nt Willianis bnrgh on the I lib instant. The first Reg iment of the Dundns Mililia under Col. Cryslur attended on the occasion. Ib. A canoe partly laden with leather, &c. was seized in this port on Tuesday lust by Mr. Kennedy. Deputy Custom IIou?c Ofli cer, the property being contraband goods from the state ol INew t orK. lo. "What's the news from New York."r said a young gentleman to a portly branch'' of'the Democracy." "Don't know any thing about New York." "Ah! I understood that you had been down to the election, and came up in the boat" "Yes, yes that's true I went down to where New York used to bei but il isNtw' York no more. Don't know such a place "' New Haven Herald. NEW YORK MARKET. GnAirr The supplies of Wheal nre light, about' 1,000 bushels Ohio has been sold nt 2,01 1-2;: nnd 600 bushels. German inferior at 170 cli; Northern Ke comes in slowly and' brings 130.1132c, barley advances sales, 500 bush. 93n94: ; South ern Corn brings 1 12, and Northern 1124116c,' both scarce Northern O.ils 49.i50c. Flour We again advance our ntiotntions for Western Flour, llie sales of llie week have been generally at 9 62.i9,75, for common ; nnd 9,87al0,; for fancy biamls with n good demand : all kinds of .Southern are held at 10, llie sales nro light ; Ujo Hour brings rj,ouw,oz i-zj uorn, a,5U in' !bls. Pnovisioss Sales ofDcef nnd Poik liavn been' quite brisk nt our fiiot:ilioiis. Mess Beef 12$ n 13' prime j ii o. new ieei is now arriving amy prices nnn. mess i or uu, anu ine marKci 14 ciiite bare of ibc article. Prime I'oik 11$ a i I2i ii 13 slock large fur the season. Lard good ii scarce and ihe stock of all kinds quite re duced. c quote 03 a y. Wool Small s ilcs of pulled have ixen made from 17 to 31 cents: mixed loia of Fleece' WooP selling from 25 to 45 cents, nrnl the demand,, at the: above prices, confined to small lots. ill A K ft I K D , In Grantham IV. U., Oct. 24th, by ibc Rev. D.. C. Eastman, Mi Gko. W. Kmkkson, of Winoos ki City, to Mm 1-Vuia S. Fowlek of I lie former place. DIED. In Albnrgh, on (he 5:li inst,, of consumption,, (at llie residence of her Sloiher, Mrs. S. M. Rey nolds,) Mis. Mary Ann Warner, aged 26 jear. Calm nn llie bosom of thy God Fair spirit ! icst lliee now Dust to its nanow home beneath ! Soul lo its peace on high ! They have seen iliv look in death No mote may fear to die." Cash paid for Gold and Silver at the Variety Shop by I ANGDORN iV UIIINSMAID. Nov. 21, 1837. WK arc now manufacturing linfi Gold Deeds, at tho Variety Shop. I'ANaOOItN & LfitlSSHAtD. Nov. 20. 1037. Melancholy. Yesterday afternoon, at about three. as two rrontlcmcn were return ing from Brighton over the Mill Dam, their attention was attracted by a fashionably nttircd female who was makinc frantic ires lures outside the rail between llie road and the water, Nearly as they reined in th"ir horse bhc uttered a niercinz shrieu nud sprang into the water. One of the gentle men instantly aimnieu. anu wiinoui siop ninrr to divest himself of any part of his clothing, plunged in and seizing her by her dishevelled locks succeeded in rescuing her from n watery grave, just as she had sunk lor the third lime, falio was in tno snun lion of those who bve not wisely, bnt too well, and was instantly conveyed to a prop or asylum, where.when she had suflicieni ly recovered to bo uulo to spcaK, biio ai nrs declined giving her name or answering miestions : but, upon more imporiunuy u appeared that she was the daughter of one of the most onulent and respectable ciiizens of Boston, and lhat seduction had driven her lo delirium and sell-murder. Her cir cumstances and singular beauty have crea ted no 1 il t lo sensation, not only in her own fatnilv. bv whom the shock was unexpect cd, but in the circle where her misfortunes have temporarily placed hor. Host. JVcic. Duel. We have heard that an affair of this character, which has been lor some time in agitation between Mr Dromgoolo of Congress, and Mr Duggor of Brunswick county, Va. was decided a few days 6incc about six miles from uaston, IN. c. Mr Dui'irer received tho ball of his an tagonist in his side, about three inches be neath llio arm-pit. Ho is said to have been alive the next morning after tho meeting, which it seems took place in tho altcrnnon. I'otersburg vVa.) Intel. J The Sea Serpent. It must bo croli rying lo the dwellers about Capo Cod and "alonz shore" to una mat incir old alarm isl has changed his quarters. Wo hasten lo nppnzo them of tho authentic, no less than airrccauio intelligence mat a uutcii paper contains an article from Dronthcim, ol sseptcmuor o, stating thai the sea scr pent had been seen off the coast of Nor way. It was first perceived by Bomo fish ormcn, who noticing that it followed their boats, became alarmed, anu so over exert cd themselves lo avoid tho monster, that they have been confined to their beds ever since. It is said to be 000 or 000 ells in length, to havo eyes of tho aizo ot a plate and is never teen except in calm weather i The eize of the plate is not mentioned Guy Boynton's Estate. STATU OP VERMONT. ) DuTnicr ok Cihttemies, fs. The Honorable the Probate Court for the Dislrul of Cluttendrn, Jo nil persons concerned in the Estate of Guy Bmjnton late of Ilinesburgh, ii said District de ceased. GREETING. WHERIiAS, Jodedinh Hoynlon. Ad ministrator of the estate of said de ceased prnpoies to render an account of his admistralion, nnd presont Ins account ajrainn said estate fin examination and nl ownnce at a ses-ion of the Court of Pro bate, to be hidden nt tho RPL'i'tor's office in Burlington on the second Wednesdny of December next. Therefore, You aro hereby notified to appear before said court ai the time and place aforesaid, and shew cause, it any you have, why tho account aforesaid should not he allowed. Given under my hand ot Burlington Glh day of November A. D. 1037. Win. WKti l Ujy. iic"istcr. WWW GMMU3 WE havo received Fevoral beautiful loned rose wood Accordeon's 0, 10. and 12 keys, most all kinds of Musical Instruments and Instruction Books for them; I'ockel Books, Wallets, Memoran dums. Card Cases, Portfolios, Rodgcrs & Wimtcnholmc-s fine Knives and Scissors, fine Razors and straps, good Britonia Tea. Pots, Tumblers and Pitchers, fine Slocks, Collars and Bosoms, good Quills and Cap Pnpor, Soaps and Perfumory of most all. kinds, Musick, Convex and Concave Spec tacles, toft and hard Tooth Brushes, Tooth, Washes and Powders. Hair Oils. Powders and Brushes, Chain Dog Collars, Brittania drinking Flasks, Boots, Shoos and other Lacings, double bottom and double Cased silver patent Lever Watches, some 13 holes Jewelled, silver ami gold L,cpino Watches, of fine quality, 4 holes Jewelled, English and French Watches of cood quality, ready Pen Makers, Maynard & INoyes' olack writing Ink anu ink fowuer, Indcllible Ink, silver lop and open top Thimbles, Music Boxes, Snuff Boxes, Plated Tea and Table Spoons, Visiting Cards, &c. Violin Strings and Bass Viol do. with other goods, not necessary to mention. To which wo snail conunuo io mako additions as long as navigation is open. Most articles which we havo ever kept for solo, can bo had at tho Variety Shop, for cash only, at tho time of purchase. Pang doiin & Brinimaid. NEW GOODS. HM GIDDINGS, is now receiving , a heavy slock of Dry Goods, Gro ceries, Crockery and Hardwaro, which will bo sold lor cash at a very small advaocs. Pearl St, Burlington,) October 10, 1037.