Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, 24 Kasım 1837, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated 24 Kasım 1837 Page 3
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Solomon Walker & Co, Have for eolo n largo assortment of Dry Goods, C rockery, Gloss nntl Hord Ware, Wd n largo assortment of Hoots anil Shoes,' Otlo r und Seal Caps, and Collars, . AI.Kl). 10 Him?-. Porto Rico and Trinidad Wo. tasses. 6 'do St. Ctoix Croix & N. O. Sugar. nOOO blf. Luafnnd Lump Sugar. "6 'flags Java and Porto lllco Cofl'eo. nO'Chcste and Half Chests. Hyson, Young Hyson, & Hyson Skin Teas. '50 Boxes and Half Boxes Raisins. 10 Kegs do. , 20 kegs and boxes Tobacco, 100 quintals Cod Fish, or, hhld M.irkcrell. 25 quarter casks Madeira, Sherry and Malaga Wines. 3 bogs Pimento. 3 do Pepper. S00 lbs. Cassia. 6 kegs Pure Ginger. 10 boxes Haul Soap. 10 jars Macohoy Snuff. 5 do. Scotch do. 4 bbls. Cut Tobacco for Smoking. 2 do do do Chewing. 2000 bis Solnr and Steam Suit. 100 bbls Fine do. 25 Sacks do Dairv do. 200 bbls. Nova Scotia Plaster. 20 hhds. pure New England Rum. 4 do St Croix do. 2 pipes Cogniac Brandy. J uo American uu. 2 do Holland Gin. 3 do 'American Gin. 0 boxes Pipes. ' 200 bbls SF. Flour. Glass and Nails, at manufacturers prices. Madder, Alluni, Red Wood, Log Wood, 'Cam Wood, &c. Indigo, Copperas, Cream Tartar, Blue Vitroil, Camphoir, Nutmegs, &c. The obovo Goods can be had at Whole sale or Retail on terms to suit purchasers. Wool,- Pork, Grain, &c. taken in exchnngo for Goods. .'Nov. 15,' 1037. MORRISON'S llygeuu Medicine of the British College of Health. We i- give notice to those who use this Article, 'tllat there i3 none to ho hail in this town, ' nor arc wc cble to get any. The Stale Agent writes us "thnt it is impossible for liiin to supply near oil his orders for it." Should" we receive any. notice will he "pivrti-cf1 it, in both the Village Papers. ''We have' been out o( the Jlcdiciuu for about two months anil there lias not been "-more than about half enough tent here for three years to supply the colls for it. We have nfuw Boxes of the Hygean Powders. VVaricljl Shop. PA&GB"nN & BniNSMAll). "'Nov. 1. IRON NAILS. 8 Tons assorted English Iron, 6 do do do do Swedes do Russia Peru Russia Noil Rods do do 5 4 200 Pairs Sleigh and Cutter Shoes 20 Tons Assorted Round Iron B do do Square do 4 do do Peru do 5 do Horse Shoo do 5 do Hamc and Scroll do 2000 lbs asroried Cost Sicel 3000 do Swedes do 1000 do German do 1000 do Braziers Rods 1000 Kegs Nails from 3a to COa 200 do Brails J. & J. II. Peck &, Co, by 1 00 kb's. Nova Scotia, 1 jJKJ 200 do Western hv J. & J. II. Peck & Co Drugs t$ Medicines. rilHE subscribers oro now receiving JL new supply of Drugs & Medicines which they offer on favorable terms. J. & J. II. Phck & Co SALT. . 5COO Dusl0s Solar Soli, 5000 do Slcam do 2500 do Tuiks Island do 1)00 Barrels Fine do 150 Sacks Fine Dairy do 75 do Coarse do by J. & J. II. Peck &. Co. SnufF & Tobacco. '200 Jare Lorillards Mnccoboy Snuff, 600 do Scotch do 30 Barrels Cut Tobacco for chewing, 25 do do do smoking, 30 Kegs Plug do 10 Boxes Cavendish do by J. & J. H. Peck & Co. WOOL. "S7'OOL received in exchange for Goods T T at the Cash Store of S. E, HOWARD. 0, 1037. Nov. Black Otter and Dark Seal GAPS. A FIRST rate article can bo found at the Cap and Hal Store of WM. I. SEYMOUR. Gentlemen wishing to pur chase a good article, of elegant form, will avail themselves of the opportunity, Also Buffalo ROBES of largo sizes. Caps made to order. Burlington, Nov. 0, 1037. HATS & CAPS, W. G. SPBAGUE HAS opened a Cap and Hat-Store, in the same room formerly occupied by G. T. Mead, where he offers Hats of all kinds, and Caps of many qualities, Buffalo K0DC8, fur Uollars, Vc. on as good terms as elsewhere, lor prompt pov. Burlington, Nov. 9, 1037'. FURS. (Gaps, MuITk, Boas, Gloves, 11 ilia, Collars, 01c. lor ealo by ' Hickok Catmn, LYMAN & COLE. HAVE received an extensive assort tiieut of Fall and Winter GOODS, which they offer nl a price which cannot fail to be acceptable to the purchaser, con sisting of Dark French Merino, Figd. do, Gro dc Nap do. Rich Camblcts, Crape, Ladies, Goat's Hair, Imitation do. very superior. English Merino very dark and rich, Black do. Ratincttc and Salisbury Flannel and Circassians. BROAD CLOTH. Black, Blue, Invisible Green, Polish Green, Purple. S.ixony Black, the two last are new colors suitable for Ladies Rich Cloaks. A variety of Fancy Colors, and Cadcls Grey, &c. CASSIMERES. Black, Blue, Lavender, Mix'd Royal Ribb'd, Fancy Plaid & Striped do. VESTINGS. Black, Blue Black. Fitl'd and Plaid Silk Velvet. Woolen Velvet, Valentio and other stylo vestings. Black and Cnl'd Bombazines. Mix'd and Cold. Pongee. SILKS. Blue. Blue Black, .Rich Fig'd Blue Block Gro de Nap. Col'd Manotinc, Col'd and Fig'd Gro dc Nap, Black Gro do Swiss. Bandanna Hdkfs., Crimson Pangce do. Spittalficld Choppa. Fig'd Pongee, Childrens do, Block Italian Cravats. Plaid and spotted do. RinnoNs. A good assortment of Garniture, Gauze and To (Tut a Ribbons. Galloons, Shoe Ribbon, Silk Braid, cord and Velvet Ribbon. GLOVES. Buck Skin, Black & Col'd, very heavy. Brown Kidd anil Woolen do, Womcns Black and Col'd Kidd, Silk and Angola do. SHAWLS. Block, White, Scarlet and Fancy Col'd Merino Shawls. Col'd and Scarlat Valentio do. Heavy 0.4 Rob. Roy Highland and Vic toria do. Ilernani. Shally Thibet and Raw Silk do. For Gcntlcmcns Overcoats Drnb Hunters Cloth. Lvon Skin. Dark Kersey &c. FANCY PRINTS, Rich dark col'd English Prints, do Twilled. 3 cases dark col.d low prie'd American do very cheap. TAILORS TRIMMINGS. Best Italian Sewing Silk, Iluaw Can vass Buckram, Crrquilla, Red Podding, Col'd Solccio, Bro Linen. Col'd DmIIiii". Silk Biiitliuir, Braid 11 nil Cord. Worsted Binding. Marshall's host Patent Thread, Convex lasting Coat Buttons, Froir do. Fancy Gilt do. Super Pearl Fig'd Coat 1 Buttouns, do Vest. Plain and Fig'd Gill do. I DOMESTIC GOODS Colion Sheeting, Shirting. Tick, Wick ing. Wadding, Baits &c. One Ctisu Col'd Cambrics, One do. Cotton Flannel, Bleached Cotton. &c. &c. GuriiseylFrocli, Worsted Druwots, Uo bleached Cotton do. Merino and Lambs wool do. Proctor Adam's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, ) District of Chittenden, ss s The Honorable Ike Probate Court for the District of Chittenden, To nil persons concerned in the Eilate of Prnclnr Adams late of Millon, in said Dislr'ul deceased, GREETLXG. WHEREAS, Albert G Whilieinnr.) executor, and Soiiu B Adorns ix ecutrix of ihe esiaio of said deceased pro pose to render an account of their admiuis tralion, and present their account against said estate for examination and allowance at a session of the Court of Probate to bo holdeiiat the Register's office in Burlington on the second Wednesday of December next. Therefore, You ato hereby notified to appear before said Court at the time and place aforesaid, and shew cause, if any you have, why the account aforesaid should not be allowed. Given under my hand at Burlington this 6th day of November A. D. 1037. Wm WESTOX, Register. Samuel Buell's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, ) District of Chittenden, ss. C The Honorable the Probate Court for the Uistricl oj ishitlendcn, To all persons concerned in the Ettale of Samuel Buell late of Burlington, in said District de ceased. GREETJNG, WHEREAS, Wm. P. Brigs adminis trator of the estate of said deceased proposes to render an account of his admin istralion, and present his occount ocoinst said estate for examination and allowance at a session of the Court of Probate, to be holdenat the Register's office in Burlington on the second Wednesday of December next. Therefore, You arc hereby notified to appear before said court at the time and place aforesaid, and shew cause, if any you nave, why the account aforesaid should nut be allowed. Given tinder my hand at Burlington this 6th day of November A. D. 1ti37. IFm. WESTOJY, Register. REMOVAL. The Ladies Shoe Store IS removed to the building recently oc cupied by Doct. B. J. Heinebcrg, West sido Church 6treet. Those who have hitherto favored the subscribor with their custom, he hopes to sec at his new Store, and all who arc wishing a supply of onncs ior inu season are rcspcctiuiiy invited lo call and examine his assortment, which is offered on tho most rcnsonnblo terms. D. A. BRAMAN, Church St. Burlington, October 13, I03T, GUtOCEKTES. 8 Pipes American Gin 0 do do Brandy French Brandy, Holland Gin, St. Croix Rum, Madeira, Sherry, Port, French Madeira, Malaga nnil Champaign Wines, 20 hhds Molasses, 30 Bogs Coffee, 10 do Pimento, 10 do Pepper, 2 bbls Cloves, 300 lbs Cassia, 15 Kegs Puro Ginger 10 Tierces Saloratus, 05 Chests Hyson Skin Teas, GO do YonfifT Hyson do. 50 Quintals Codfish, 25 Boxes Pipes, 30 do Hard Soap. 35 bbls St. Croix & Port Rico Sudors, by J. & J. II. Peck & Co. Paints, Oils and Dye Stuffs. 10,000 lbs VVI.,0 LroJ 5 bbls Venetian Red 15 do Whiting 5 do French Yellow 0 do Amcricar do 12 do Spts. Turpentine 25 do Linseed Oil 2,000 gals, puro winter and fall Sperm Oil 150 bbls ground Logwood. St. Domingo, 75 do do do Cumpeachy 150 do do Fustic 100 do do Nicaragua 60 do do Cam Wood 10 do do Bar do 12 do do Peach do 10 do do Quercitron Bark 30 do Madder 25 Demijons Oil Vitriol 10 bbls Allum 5 do Blue Vitriol 2 Ccroons Flotant Indigo 1 Case Bengal do by J. & J. II. Peck &. Co Huck Wheat Flour, for sale by IIlCKOK & C.ITMN. CALODONI A SPRING WATSR. T HE proprietors of the Calodunio Springs have made their grund depot at St. Johns, and appointed tlio subscribers. agenls lor t ho sale 0! the water. Any quantity can bo supplied in boxes of 0110 dozen bottles each. Price, largo bottles Oj.l common sized bottles $2 per dozen. Ap. ply to MOT T &. PATTEE. St. Johns, L. C. WHOLESALE GROCER.ut '250 Riv or Si reel, next door 10 the store oc copied by Converse Sf Huddlestnn, has just received and offers for snlo. an entire now and well selected slock of Groceries, prin ciimllv licrchuscd nt t tin Inln snips in Nniv. York, which ho offers very low for prompt pa v. pn 25 hhds Porto Rico, Trinidad and Eug lish Island Molasses : 20 hhds St Croix and New Orleans Su gar i 5 boxes Brown Ilavaona do 20 boxes Loaf and Lump do 10 bg forui Rico, Itlo und Ln.Mimi Coffee; 150 chests and half chests. Hyson, You.ig Hyson and Hyson Skin Teas 40 socks Nuts, a variety of descriptions and quality; 300 boxes and half boxes Raisins; 20 kegs do 20 kegs and boxes Plug Tobacco; 100 quiiuals Codfish: 50 baskets Cliampaignc Wine, pints and quarts, of' Anchor, 'nod ot ner brands: GO quarter casks Sicilv Madeira, Madei ra, Sherry and Malaga Wines ; 25 boxes Mu-ciit il Wine; 20 half pi pi:- Cognac Jrundy; 15 do Spanish and American Bran dy; 20 hhds St Croix Rum; 10 pipes Holland (jiii; 10 pipes and 20 bbls White Baltimore Ciin; 40 boxes Pipes, wi'h Shot, L"ail, Pep per, Pimento, Starch, Popper Sauce, Pn, per lobocco, Snuff, Nutmeg--, Cassia Cloves, Genoa Citron, Mustard, Principe and other begars, Soap, Sic &c &c Troy N. Y. Oct. 1037. NOTICE. TOCT. II. HATCH, bovine removed A-J his family to this place gives notice, that he will attend to calls during ihc day al his office in Church Street, and at nil hours of the night at his residence, the btanilord House, north of Pearl street. Burlington, Nov. 1, 1037. WOLESALE & RETAIL. SE. HOWARD, has again roturncd from . New York, with a full Si comnloiu as sortment of Rich Fabhionablu Fancy Sc staple jury jroods, Crockery, Glass Ware, Looking Glasses, ( arpetmgs, Paper Hangings, &c. &c II ib til oro has lately been vcrv much en largcd&nowly lighted, which makes it Su perb, Splendid Si beautiful ; and now boiog s well filled with goods, ha hones to sea an en largcd number of customers from far & near to patroniso it and Si bonofit themselves, by being enabled 10 goi every auiclo at tins one place. All paBt favors aro duly acknowledged and new ones gratefully and llmikfully received by HION K. HOWARD Nov. 2d 1037. NEEDLES. XTKMMING & SON'S and other JLM. iiood Needles, from No. 2 lo 10 also. Assorted Needles, for salo by the I'jonr. Milliner's Neoi Ins. Ilnrnnsa nnil Saddlur s Needles, Glover's Needles to per Needles, Darning Needles, Knitlin Pins, for sale al the Variety Shop by PaNGUORN & BlIINSMAID, JVow. 3, 1037. Fairbnnk's Patent Scales by J. & J. II. Fkck & Co, Agents. a. a. Lccias WOULD give notice to all persons whoso Duinanda and Book Accounts are now duo or hecuma duo the lsl,,dny of January next, that unless paid, thov'will be loft with some other person lo soil In. roarl-Stronl, Nov, 11, 1837. MEW GOODS A good assortment of Full and Winter goods .lost, rrceived by iho subscri. berF, and will ho sold al loir prices for prompt pay. E. WHITNEY & Co. Millon Falls, Nov. 15, 1037. FAY YOUIt INSURANCE. rjlllOSE in the town ot Burlington who A have not paid their instalment to the Vl Mutual Insurance Company for luJ7, can pay Iho same to the ubscribcr until the 25th of Nov. itisl. oficr which they will bo required to send the money to Montpclier. J. JOHNSON. Nov. 17, 1037. rjnflE subscri. JL bur hasjost returned Irotn New York with a general ns sortmcnt of Boots and shoes and good slock for manufaclunnL', utmost all kinds in Ins line, made lo order, cheap for ensh, which he must have to keep (he wheels moving these hard limes. All persons indebted to him are requested to fork up without delay. D. S. RUSSELL. Burlington, JVou. 15, 1037. Gw S OLOMON WALKER & Co. will pay Cash for good mcrchantabl Whom. LYMM! & C0M3 AVE received a largo assortment of Fur Caps, Buck Mittens, Gloves, Cloths, CoBSiincres, Merinos, Vestings Xio October G. 1037. Fashionable Plaid Shawls. a Dnz. Tartan. & Rob Roy Shawls.- just received by LATHROP & POTWIN. Nov. 3d 1037. GLASS. Boxes Cliainplain and Pern Glass. do Rnilford Crown Gla; 200 by J. & J. II. Peck & Co. Agents. FLOUR. Barrels Sup. Finn bv J. &. J. II. Peck & Co. HAT well known and excellent FAItM, Kit I la led on Munsons flats in Colchester. G 1-2 inilo north of BurliiiL'too on the stairo toad lcadiii" lo St. Albans, containing 500 ac'res with 00c large and convenient dwelling llousn and out houses and one farm house, fivo Barns and nno Saw-Mill, all nearly nuw. This farm U wull tiioliurcil. wooded and ft1 ne ed, und tlio pari cliinriil i ihhIit fjnml i-ull ii'u i douiitmi mr I. owlish gram nnu jrii- zmir. Ions liny can bo cut nor season. l'hoso wishing to pnrchaso will oleasu call and examine the premises lor themselves. For terms apply to Ihe sub-criber on tlio prom lies. HIRAM BEAN. Colchester, Oct 2u, loo7. 03d An Invaluable Remedy Icslcil 01 experieni.c, and sustained by testimonials .' I"OST people have a remedy for 11 M. CORNS as well as other complaints; I but thu proprietor of tiic long known and stly celebrated Albion Com Plaster! (as prepared by the late Dr. Conway,) has been made acquainted with no instance ol its proper opplieation, in which it has not been prefeired to all other iu:mi:iiii:s for Courts, those painfuldi.-fiurers of the feet, and cnemios lo locomotion. Thu Albion Corn Plaster softens ihe corn, however old and lough, and extracts it to the very roots. Tho relief nlfijnlod is gentle, immediate, ond thorough. Tho Proprietor begs leave to submit Iho followin cose, from Mr. Stowell, who is w!ll known to t ho inhabitants of this ciiv, especially tit i lie Mint li end, and at Soutij Boston, as a very worthy and respectable citizen. A CASE. Sir I do not hesitate lo give my moti FOB. ALU. , r , ... e i weel;, slio was cnanlcd, oy tlio messing oi uou, unqualified approbation , , h.vonr of youn lll0 in9,niinotiit. of your Life Pills, to in valuable Album Corn Plaster. By the use , ,,, . , .ik, .......:... .,,,,1 imt) continued if less than a box, Mrs. Stowell has been , cured of a corn on each fool, which had been exceedingly iroiiblcome nnil painlul ; for years, and I think it but justice tu youri invaluable preparation to add, (for the en-! couragement of those, who owing to re- ( pealed disappointment in the various rem 1 edies resorted to, havo finally despaired or a cure,) that vnnr Plaster cured her corns . oflcr trying other hi"hl recommended I remedies to no purpose; and what increas os my 11; tho superiority of your , l'laler. is the met, that it has been uh'iI, uy several 01 my neighbours with equally l good success. A man advanced in years, had become so crippled with corns, ns to 1 ho obliL'Ctl to cut holes in shoes to ease Ins! feet: ho had .nmr snflerpil irront torture nnil incnnviiiiimpi? l.ns Intnk- Immi niiiirn ! Iv cured bv Ihe uso of vour Corn P aster, so lhat ho can now walk with comfort, and, in whole shoos. Another Case. Ai 01111? woman 'ivin.r nonr inn. had become so lame in consequence of corns, as tint In! uo able lo go up and down stairs without great troublu, is now using the Piaster with the musl happy success, and prospect of speedy cure, 1 could refer to several other cases, wore it necessary, but 1 havuseen enough ofthc Plnstor lo satisfy mo it is tho best prepara tion in thu country, or perhaps in uny oth er, for tho euro of Corns ; and wuro its vir tucs scnerally known, I doubt whether jiiii could prepare iho article fast enough to inert thu public demand. (Sigujd) SETH STOWELL, occasions of Emptirn cnmphiinls Snllnio Cloudy ami ottrr tlisngrcciibie ( tmiplrxwns. 1 ho use ol theso Pills for a very short time will effect 1111 cntiro euro of SnlUrhcnmc, Erysiprlns and a striking improvement in tlio Oicnmrnn of the skin. Common cold and Inliiiciizu will nl.waya bo cured by 0110 dose or by two evon in the worst casos. Piles, as a remedy for this most ills- trcssim? ami obstiuata malady tho Vegetable Life Pills tlcscrvo a distinct anil einnli.itio re. commendation. Il is well known to hundreds in this city lhat tho Proprietor of llioso invaluable ills was himself iillhctcil with llus complaint for upwards of tliirty.fivo years and that lie tried in vain every remedy proscribed within tho whole compass of the Materia Modica. Ho howover at length, tried the medicine which ho now of fors to tho public and ho was cured in a very short tinio after his recovery had been nronotinc oil not only improbable but absolutely impossible oy any Human menus. THE PIKKNIX BITTERS, nro so called bo. cause ihoy possess tho power of restoring the expiring embers of health to .1 glowing vigor throughout tho constitution as iho Plmmix is said to bo restore 1 to life from tho ashes of its own dissolution. Thcs Plnnnix Bitters nro en. tircly vegetable, competed of roots found only in certain parts of tho wosorn country, which will inlallibly cure l-'DVHK AND ACiUJSS of nil kinds; never fail in the sickness Incident to you 11 y Icinalcs; nnil will ho found 11 certain remedy in all cases ol nervous debility and weakness of tho most impaired constitutions. Asa remcdedy for Chronic & Imllaniitory Rheu matism, tho efficacy of the Phamix Bitters will bo demonstrated by tho uso of n singlo bottlu. Tho usual dose of thoso hitters is half u wmo glass full, in water or wine, and this quantity may bo taken two or throo times 11 day, about half an hour belbro meals, or a less quantity may bo taken nt all times. To thoso who aro afllictcd with indigestion after meals, these Bit ters will prove invaluable, ni they very greatly increase the action of tho principal viscera, help them to perform their luuctions,and onablo the 1 stomach to discharge into the howols whatever is offensive. Thus indigestion is ensily and speedily removed, appetite restored, and tho mouths of the absorbent vessels being cleansed, nutrition is facilitated, and strength of body and cnonjy of mind and the happy results. For far ther particulars of MoffnVs Life Pills, and Vlue. nix Hitters, apply at Mr. Moffat's office, No. 510 Broadway, Now York, where tho Pills can be obtancd for ?." cents, f0 cents, orgl each box; and the Bitters for 1 or 3 per bottle. Numerous certillicntes of "the wonderful efficacy of both, may bethcro inspected. In some obstiuato and complicated cases of chronic and flanunmatory Rheumatism, Liver complaints, Fever and Ague, Dyspepsia, Palsy, Piles, injuries from tlicusc of mercury, ipiiniiine ami other diseases o1' long standing, it maybe found necessary to take both tho I. 'fo Pills and tho Phconix Bitters, in tho doses before reeom mended. N. B. These Pills and the Bittors will get all mercury out of the system infinitely faster than tho best preparations of Sarsaparilla, and arc a certain remedy for tho rushing of blood to the head, or all violent headaches, tic douloureux, &c. All persons who aro predisposed to apoplexy, palsy, &c, should never bo without tho Life Pills or the Bittors, for 0110 dosoin timo wi'l save life. Theyeqiinlizc the circulation of the blood, draw al! presuro from the head, restore perspiration, and throw of every impurity by tho pores of the skin LETTER FROM RACHEL UROU'ER. A'cio York, Oct. Cth, 1 830, To Dr. J. Moffat. Your medicines have ex cccded my most sanguine expectations. You no doubt remember the state I was in, when I first had recourso to them : Consumption or I rifiht years continuance had wasted mc to a I skolcton, and a violent cough would frequently so exhaust mc, that I could not raise my head from the pillow, and for two years, was unable to leave my bed. I tried many remedies, and took ; which gave mc so much pah. that 1 cOuhl no t her stand, s i. nr I n down ... Pn,rr,rt n,l T despaired of ever recovering from their ruinous chocls. But a friend of mine, Mr. Wm. F. Short, gave a box of your Pills and a bottle of Bitters, requesting only in return, that I would make use of them. In about n month, I walked a mile, went to tho city, and, as you may rc- ......! T 1T...I I I... .1... 1.1-.. sin" of irmvnn will, tlin nfvnr lir,, medicines. I am cniovin" hnttnr lmnltli ilinn havo had for ton years, and I havo cvory roa- son ro believe that a continuance of the medi cine for a short time longer will restore mc to crfeot health. 1 remain yours, over gratefully, RACHEL BROWER, Cor. of'hh Avenue, and 07th sircct, Yorkville. LETTER FRJMJAS. DEL A MA TEH. New York, May, 1G. lSHG. Mr. John Moffat Dear Sir : Formally years my wife has suffered much from a severe a()cc tiou of tho Liver, and about three months sinco slio was confined to her bod, ami aparcntly near her last. .Seeing your advertisement of thu 'Life Pills,' I was induced to get a box for her, in hopes somo alleviation to her sufferings might bo obtained for her, and though many persons may not credit it, yet nevertheless 'lis truo, that not withstanding her ureal debility, her constant chills and fevers, produced by her disease and general debility after taking two doses of two Pills each, sho was able to sit up, and go from room to room, and bcforo the expiration of ono to .1.. s0 cvm. v'our Pills f doom an in. valuable medicine, or rather, as I call them, Ro- storauvc. Bcsid os the good my wifo has do rived from them, 1 can also beat testimony ofihe good efl'ecls'tltey havo had en tho health of my children. I have m., tho youngest four years om, nun an 01 tnom novo iokcu ineni, nm uieo benefitted thereby ; with ono 111 particular, thci effects woro astonishing m causing quantities o ,. 'A . i' :.. ' ' ' " ' " """Z ' j ; . . ,, ,nst c;lso or ,0 ronson 0rits i)oin,, a limiid nntl searched tho system as j t,ppos0,i bettor. I however do not protend to ho tho judge. So much do 1 think of and valuo Vour Pills and Phuuiix Bitters that I havo recont mended both to inanv ami will continue lo do so when an opportunity oilers. 1 could sny more in favor of both and all I could say would not ho nan 01 wnai iiiigui ami ungiu 10 uu am ... o.v. 'ilvor aml commendation. Wishim? vou Health ami happiness ns you cn dnnvnr In nroniolo thu health anil consequently the earthly hnppiuoss of others ; I tun dear sir your oneuieut servant JAS. II. DELAMATER. 171 Blocckerst P. S. I had forgotten to advoit to tho rush 0 blood to the head with which I informed you on mv first intcrviow with you that my wifo also much eomnlainod of. Your mcdieino has had tho wondoful oll'oct of entirely relieving her of that distressing alllietion and with respect tnvself it has almost entirely eradicated that tin cnmfortnblo companion to which flesh is heir, iho rheumatism. J. 11. v. Tlio nbnvo Muiliuiuu U for sale by ROUK11T MOODY. Iy34 HTOVJBS STOVES. THlHE Subscribers would inform lliolr JL friends and the Public llfal they havo'. just, received a goucrol assortment of Stoves, of various kinds mid most approved pal turns, which they are determined to soil at Ihe very lowest puces; unions, which are tho Rotary, Cnoliin;:, 2 sizes. Best Premium, (Troy) do. 6 sizes. VoriniM Isiuil-i jtfox. Elegant parlour Stoves Sir.. also Ktovo pipe of various size ond qnuli-" lie, wholesale and Retail. Slovo furni lure constantly on hand or made to order on short notice. A small assortment of hollow wore suitable for Stoves. Persons wishing lo purehnso nro invited to call aucl look at their o?sorlincnl, ns they havo' some of Superior Cnstiii"s. STARR f BOSTIFICK, iurlington, October 20th, Opposite the Jail Church St. New England Rum. A X Hhds, Boston N. E Rum, by l tJ J & J II Pkcic & Co. F i r c i v g up again. rj?1 II E subscriber having rebuilt his shop. JL has resumed his business, (old eland, a slip from College St. a few rods East Court House Square.) where ho will be happy to attend in nil calls in his line, more particularly lo HORSE SHOEING ond FARRIERY, which he pledges hirasolt" shall be duno well, fitvc me a call. P. P. MARK II AM. Nov. 3, 1037. A CONTRAST. ' U nations from the remotest aires, have had ships but Columbus only found out the way to America. Bcforo the timo of the great Spanish navigator, people wore only enabled to paddla about the shores, .list so with the Life Med icines. It is but two short years sinco I first ventured upon an unknown ocean, and I havo discovered the precious object I was in search, of no.u.TH. Vegetable medicines were indeed known when I commenced my search but their uso was not. By the uso of them, I have not oniy ' passed from the dejected invalid, to tho hale, hear ty and active man 01 business, out. comparatively speaking, I havo renewed my youth. I can thus, with confidence of my own experience, adviso with my fellow-citizens. Does the reader want proof that the Vegetable Life Medicines are suit able to his own case? 1 havo on file nt inyoffico, .110 Broadway, hundreds of letters, from some of tho most respectable citizens of this my nativo land, voluntarily offered in tcsitmony of tho vir tues of A GOOD VEGETABLE MEDICINE. Persons whose constitutions have been nearly ruined by tho " all. infalliblo" mineral prepara lions of the day, will bear mc witness, that tho Life Medicines, such only, aro the truo courso to permanent good health. JOHN MOFFAT. GENERAL REMARRS RELATIVE TO MOFFAT'S LI EE PILLS AND l'JIOJ. NIX lllTTTERS. These medicines havo long been known und ' "I'Peiated for theircxtraordinary andimmcdiato ' l"'"'3 1.11 .,m r launs ?uo ering undcrncarly every kind ofdiscascto which iho human frame is liable. In many hundreds ofecrtificated instances they havo even rescued sufferers from tho very vcrgo of an untimely grave, after all tho deceptive nos trums of the day had utterly failed ; and to many thousands they have permanently secured that 1 uniform enjoyment of health, without which life itself is but a partial blessing. .So great indeed, has their efficacy invariably and infallibly provcu that it litis appeared acareely less than miraculous to those who wore unacquainted with the beau, tifullv philosophical principles upon which they are compounded and upon which they consequent ly act. It was to their manifest anil sensible ac. tion in purifying ihe springs and channels oflifo and enduing them with muowed tone and vigor that lliey were indebted for their namc,which was bestowed upon them at the spontaneous request r several individuals whose lives they had ob viously saved. The proprietor rejoices in the opportunity ot. forded by the universal diffusion of the daily press for placinS his VEGETABLE LIFE 'ILLS within the Knowledge and rcacu ot every individual in the community. Unlike the host of pernicious quackeries, which boast of vegeta. ble ingredients, tho Life Pills are purely and soi.n. vumnwBi.i:. and contain ncitlicr .Mercury An- tiniony Arsenic, nor any other any form whatever. They aio entirely composed of ex. tracts from raro and powerful plants the virtues of wliuh though long known to several Indian tritica and recently to sonic eminent pharmaceutical chemists aro altogether unknown to the ignorant pretenders to medical science; and wore never before administered in so happily efficacious a DV.SPEPSIA. bv thoroughly cleansing tho first and second stomachs and creating a flow of pure healthy bilo instead of tlio stalo and ncrid kind: I'lutiileiieii Palpitation of the Ihuit Low of Appetite Heart-burn and llend.ache, Restless. liess ill. temper nnxieiy imiiguur, unit .hkiuhchuih wlucli arc tlie general symptoms 01 Dyspepsia win inis 1 as a natural consequence ol its cure. Los- tircness, by cleansing tlio whole length of tho intestines with a solvent process and without violence; all violent purges leave tho bowels ostivo within two days. Viarrhaa and LI olcru, by removing tho shnrp acrid fluids by which these ubmpluints aro occasioned and by promoting tho lubricativo secretion of tho mucus membrane fall kinds, hv restorine tho blood to a regular circulation through tho proccs3 of pers piration in some coses ami tho thorough solution of nil intestinal obsti notions in others. Tho LIFE PILLS havo befn known to euro Uicu. matism permanently in three weeks, ami oout in half that timo by removing local inflammation liom tlio muscles ami itgameuis 01 u;o joints. Dropsies of all kintU by Ireemg anil strengthening tho kidneys mid bladder; tlioy opcrato most do- ligbll'ully on these important organs and lienci linvo ever been found a certain remedy forthi worst cases ol'f?rn7. Also Worms by dislodginj (torn iliotaruings of tho bowels the slimy matto to which these creatures odlicro : Asthma am Coiisumptiouby rolicving tho air vessels ofth. lungs from tho mueu- which even slight cold will occasion, which if not removed becomo hardened and produces those dreadful diseasol Scum Ulcers and Inveterate Sores by t! o pri foct polity whieh these Life Pills h'ivo to tho bloo und nil tlio humors; acorotiuc r.rupiwns na Complexion by tlmir alterative ctl'oct upon th IVnids that feed thu slim iho morbid Mato of wU it 1 I

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