Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, December 8, 1837, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated December 8, 1837 Page 3
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miT it Fiom llio Now York D.iily Ilsprcs.. tiik smi'WitncK of ru: home. It was u fonifnl hour ! The t!.it K uiurs rolled In mvfnl imtjetv mill nmv ilit-U'mpI lay, l.lko it weak fluid, tiiii lit" pillowy ninin. The waves nulled in ! lor nil lifrMicuglli witu gone, Anil pr.ippnl her like u (liiatin;' weed. Anil uheic wore tliry, llin tenants of llm li.nk 1 Drenched with tile waters cnld ; thry paced t lie deck In blllcr nanny ! The iinpirtarcd Weic there ! mid nit, their f.iinthi:: miiiU did dread To leave, the world they know, and lowid inn ucll, For untried scenes; for f.tilli ncci mifcd Their I.itm In n brighter world than lhi, Where or.ean'it wae noVr come to metulicliii ! lint there wit' one amid that falnl bind. Who with nn anjel ppiiil hover'tl llicie ! His home wits in lliof-kirs ! nt,d what In hint Wcic the deep water?, when his soul was frce Ills spirits home wits in the skies ! nnd ninv To lay his body In ilia ihownins w.nw, Wns nought to'lilm and in the d. nisei's midst Ho sang, "lie that in .lent trusts is safe, U'rn in the perils of tho raging sea !" And with that song, ho pasted to iicmcn ! M.S. II. cT N V, V, RT." The nipmbotsnfilio liiirlingtnn nand tinder the cnieofMr. .1. A. I'lrtrhrr will gie a eoneort nt (ho ltrick Cittt tell, nn Tii"?d.iy evening next, com tnencing at fl o'clock. I'hn nttPiiiIanee of all ulio mav feel interested is pai licnl.irly letpiesled. The object of tho merlin!! will be explained by the Rev. Geo. (1. Ingeifoll froni uhnm nn in ly be expected. S. W. HAUYKIt. Secretary. ii a is. u 1 1: i) In this town nn the Gib inl.. bv Krv Air. lVjg Mr. Maxim Unjon to Miss !!n--nllc Col'or, both of tliift town. In Tonnhond Vl. hvltcv. II. N. fl raves, Mr. Frederick IloHirnnk to MIm L. Wisw.ill, both of Towiulicinl. i) 1 1: r In Vienna U. O. on the 7lh Nov, in the lSlh vcar of her age, Mary, wife of Wm. 0. Castlo, J . . i. i-. ... ...t ivi,!i..rni.:.riir linn tiangnicroi .ipi. nnunav hhuui vmh. and formerly of ibis place Her remains worn btoniht to Ohio (lly ttiitl inicrml on llie inn in?l. Mrs. CiHtle died in the full assurance of h blessed Immortnlilv. In .leiirhn, on the 29ih of Nov., Mrs. Rostwirk wife of Joseph llnjluirkngrd 52. &' John Tad's Kslafe. STATU OF VERMONT ) DlSTl'.lCT OP CltlTTCSIHIN.SS. 5 The lion. the Probate Cmtrt fur the district of Chittenden, To all person1! concerned in the estate of JohnTafl, talc rfWHIislon, in said district deceased, intestate GREETIXG. WHEREAS, Aaron Taft, administrator tho estate of ttic said deceased, propos. cs to rentier tin nccourit of his administration, and present his account against raid estate fur allowance at tiic I'roDatc. Court to be lioldcn at the Eagle Hotel in Yvillistoti in said Dis trict on the third Monday of January next ; TiiEunronx, You aro horeby notified to ap. pear lieforo said Court, at tho timo and place aforesaid, to shew cause, ifany you iiave.wliy tiio said account should not bo allowed. Given untlor my hand and seal of paid court at Rurlinglnii in said District this 5lh day of Dec. A. D. 1037. CHARLES RUSSELL, Judge. SCTH (ir.O VE.NOR, 1 Ul'.ltlOIlUell Co'ih! vs. Court. Aujiii-.i Uf.nj, Ratiibuv. ) Term, A. D. 1337. OrHKREAS. Seth Grosvcrnnr of the V T City of New-York, at the March Term of said Court A. D. 1037. cnminonc. ed his action nirainst the said Bcnj.imin Rathbun ol'IJuffnlo, in the Slate of Nf.w. York, in n plea of the case, staling lluit the said Rcnjimin no tho 22d day of March Ifi30 til bind liulT.ilii. exee.utcn ami dolivor" od to one Lyman Raibbun of said Buffalo, four certain promissory notrt--, fur the sum of two thousand dollars cnoh and made pay able to the order of 'said Lyman Rnihbnn four mnnilm after dale, nt the City Bank, in the City of New. York, all of which salt' notCG were by the said Lyman on the day of the date thereof endowed and ordered to be paid as follows, viz. the fi-st to Martin Daly, and by said Dalv, to Orlando Aib n, nnd by the said Allen lo the Plaintiff; the second, to Thomas Day and by tho said Dav. lo Williams & Baldwin, and by said Williams & Baldwin to the Plaintiff: and tho thud to D, Griden, and by ttie said Griden to Williams & Baldwin, antl by said Williams & Baldwin lo the Plaintiff: antl the fourth by 'he said Ly man to the Plaintiff, of all which tho said Defendant had due notice; and further stating that neither of the Enid notes were paid or any part thereof, nnd claimin;; dam ages in llie sum often thousand dol'nrs; which action wan entered on the ducket of said Court nt said March term 1!!37, antl the plaintiff, appeared by his Attorney Charles Russell, ami the said Benjamin Rathbun bcinir absent from this State nt the time of tho service of the Plaintiffs said writ, nnd not appearing, the tuid cause was continued by order of said Court to the Au gust term thereof 1337, at which said term the plaintiff again appears by Ins nttor. ney, nnd it not being made to apjicarto the said court, that the said Benjamin Rathbun has had personal notice of the service nnd pendency of this suit, the ?ame was again by order of said court continued to the March term thereof A. D. 1033; and the fnid court, also ordered, thai further notice bo given of the pendency of ibis suit, by publishing the Mibsitinco'of the Plaintiff's declaration, in ilia " fiurlinglon Free I'rcn" a newspnper printed in said Burlington, tlirco weeks successively, the last ol which to bo thirty days before the sitting of Enid .court, which sball bo deemed sufficient nn tice to the taul Benjamin Rathbun to ap pear nnd answer to said suit. Dated at Burlington nforcsnid this Uh day of Dcctnber A. D. 1037. Jjyv.jronr. e. cierk. CABINET FUlliYfTUllET B. R. WALKER WOULD respectfully in form the public that ho lias now on hand nnd is con stantly manufacturing nt thn old shop (formerly Nichols and J lerricl.'s) on chtirlili st., an elegant assortment of Cnli inet furnituro consisting of almost every nrticlo called for in his line of business, which lio offers for sale on ns good terms ns can bo purchased for in this vicinity. Most kinds of lumber or produce received in pay ment. Cash is most wanted but n liberal credit will hn given. Ashnro of patronage is most respectfully solicited. Burlington, Dec. 7. 1037. 10 Bbls. Nt rtli Shore Salmon, for sale by F01.1.ETT1: vV IJinDi.r. vs. Dec. 8, 1037. COOl'Ett, WO UK. rtpfIFi Mib-erib-r oflrs fur pain nt liif JL simp ttcar I lie P.rowerv. n C"'"1 i" stirtnuMi' Cooper Work, such ns Pro vision barrel, half barrels, meat I tilts , wash IiiIh. churns, cheese tubs, pail?, iic. A'.o.. df tho host workmanship, rtml which will ho cold on vorv rcnsonnhlo term. A good assortment, ol fine work will I)'. kcpl on liniitl doting the winter. The public nru invited tu call. THOMAS O'MUAN. . Utirlington, Doc. 7, I 137. rip II H sub-criber wi-hos liJWK-ULli "1 piircnnso iuuu sea nnlffVP?? ponril white oak or ash J!3?j) Slave?, fitutalilo fur pro- vision iiairHs fir which n libaral price will tie paid on delivorv. C'. SBVHRAKCE. Unrlinclon, Dc. C. KJ37. DJ" All prrFons indebted to mo arc re quested to make tinmntlinle payment. (2 S. ES hereby givn to the y'tickholtlor? of the Farmers Mechanics Hank, that a mecttprr, will be hidden at. the Hanking IIoiie on the 2tl Tuesday "f Jnnunrv. I!I3!!. at 2 o'clock I' M. lo make a choice of seven Directors of siid Bank for 111" year ensuing. Bv order of the Tlonnl. C. V. WARNER. Caitir. Ritrlinrrton. T 'e. 0 K!37.' iv Paints and Oils at cost and freight. Tons White Lend, 1 do Rod Lead, 10 lib's. Spirits Turpentine. Ijinteetl Oil, at manufactures prices, for --ale bv Fur.i.KTT & Dec. 0, 1037. "AXSf HANDLES. mD.(D 'A on consignment, for sale by Foi.m'.tt &. itADM:vs. Dee. 0. 1337. i $f(hrft Qui lals drv Codfish, 20 llbls, Hudson Bay No 1. Salmon, for sale, bv rOLLETT & BRADLEYd. Dec, 1037. Now Goods. December G, TJnTE have just, returned from New York with our fall assortment of Goods, in all their variety, for further particular'- see future advorti-'cmenis, for the Goods please call nt the Variety Shop. Panokoiin & BniNsMAin. ryniiE iiy c e a n m e d i c i n e s FTbT- JL Brii1-.I1 College f Health. The genuine Morrisons PilK received and fer sale in 2")ct. 50ct. and $1 packages at the Variety Shop. The genuine Medicine can bo obtained in this town only of PANcr.onN & BniNastAin. as litis, on consignment, and forsalo at wMaimfactuicrs prices, 50 p cnt, above proof. by0Lir.l.Ki;j;l.AUbySi Dec 0 1037. Chests Old Hyson, young Iiy son. lly-on Skin Souchong, and Tonka Ten. Caddie- very superior Y. Uyson do. Hbds. Molnsrs. 00 15 10 Hhds. New Orleans and Porto Rico Sugars. 20 Bis. b"st Ijonf Sugars. 20 Hags Coffee. 20 Bags penper and spices. 10 Kegs pure Ginger. 100 Boxes Musratolnud Bloom Raisins 50 Boxes Bar Soap. 25 Bodies Pipes. 100 Matts Cassia. 5 Tierces Salcratus. 15 Bis. Am. Brandy. 10 Pipes Bnlt. Gin. 4 do Holland do. 4 do best stgnclto Brnndv. 0 Jds. Winter Strained Oil. 10 Bis. do do do. for sale by Foi.r.r.TT & Br.ADi.nvs. Dec. 0, 1037. TJl (tiiffft Sides, of best inanuliictiuo. 01 rikNs: consignment for t ale by FOLLET T Si BRADLEYS. Dec. Olli J837. POVVJJELi. Kegs, for sale by Fot.i.KTT & 1 Dec. G, 1037. Fashionable Shell Combs. PTnilE Iadics atu invited to eall ntwl Inolrnl our carved bhell Combs; latest stylo just opencu at 1110 varioty anop. 1'ANRUOr.N Si Bltl.NSMAID. Dnc. 7, 1037. LYMAN &, COLE. AVi'J received one bale of Carpeting, Hob Roy or Blanket. Shall--, Tar tan Plnid. Shepherds Plaid for over coat facings, Canada over stockings, red and Cray; Wristlets, Woollen Glovca tTcc, Figd. Rob Roy .Shawls, new 6tylc. Burlington Dec. I. rfHlIOMI'SON'S PuckelMaps.ofUppor f JL and Lower Canada, embracing the Townships, Scignorics and Ccuntica o uotn provinces, lor sale by, JAMES V. HICKOK. MEMOIRS or Aaron Burr. vols. 1 & 2 Bulwers' last novels, Ernest ilal- traverso ; James last Novels, Attila American Almanack mr 1030; Vermont RegiBler and Almnnnc for 1030. For sale ty JAS. W. HICKOK Jiurtinglon, ,Aot. 20; 1037. AFRESH assortment of Music for the piano forte is jut received mid for snlu nt the New Book Store, which the learners u Music aro invited to call and examine. J AS. W. HICKOK. lIuriinton, Nov, 20, IV37. December 8, 187. I Tl'ja AVE recciv-tl by the Inst boat IOJ tlitongli the ice n inrge n(ldili"ti to their former stock el'D y Oootls, enmpris injf pome of llie latest, importations and ue"vest fnsliinns bntight nt. the late reduced pricrs and will be sold nt a small advance Irntn cot. They have also in connection with their Store in the basement story a Inrfre nsort meni ofOROCElUESand'PROVISIONS where families may be supplied with every thine in the line of cntiiif and drinking of the best, nnd purest, kind tit wholesale or retail in lots to suit purchasers. THE If BW BOOTS ST CM2.1S At the stand formerly occupied by Smith Harrington. rjnilE subscriber lias just received a slock JL of Bonks and Stationary, which ho does not hnsilato to sav. has never been surpassed in extent antl value in Vermont, Among the STANDARD AVOKKS on hand aro to ho found, tho Encyclopedia Americana. Humes Liwlantl. Gibbons Homo, Fergusons Rome, Gibbins Greece, Hallamt Middlo Ages, I'ltictatch's Live? 1 vol. 8vo.. Roilins Ancient History 1 vol. f!vo.. Marfballs Washington, Burkes 'Works 3 vols. !)vu, Franklins Works. Ibo Works of Johnson, Hannah Moore, D'Israoli, fce. Ax. Till? I'D OTIC At. AVOUTCS OF Plinkfipo-re, Milten, Byron, Goldsmilli-.l'ope, Coleridge, Ward .-worth. Co vper antl Thomp son. Young.Gray.Beattic and Collins, Roirers, Campbell. Montgomery, Kirk White, Polfok. Mrs. Ilcinans. Mrs Sicotitnnv, Bryant, &c, kc. MISCETjr.ANY. Addisons Miscollancou3 Works 4 vols. Ovo. Eng. ml.. Gills l'ompciana 2 vols. Ovo. Eng. ed.J Wavcrly Novels 27 vols, Aratcsquo bind ing. Irvinrs Works, uniform cd. 12 vols. Buhvers Works 0 vols 12 mo.. Marryalts Works, Mrs Sherwood 13 vols., Irvings As toria Sec. 'Co. nui.iGioirs WORKS. D wight's Theology .Miltnati anil Waddinslons Church History. Chanib lcr's Works, Dicks Works, Abbotts Works; Life or Christ, Sud dards British I'tilpil, Joscpbus, Cruden's Con cordance Gastom's collection, JJiblcs and Prayer Books, an extensive assortment of Hymn Bonks, Watts and Select, and Methodist ChrMinn Lyrn &c. fco. SPLENDID ANNUALS FOR 1S3S. The Parlor Scrap Hook 1 vol.4 to, thn Literary Souvenir. Beliirious Souvenir or Misionary Annual, tho Gift, tho Violet, the Cabinet of Modern Art. Sf llOOT. AND CLASSICAL UOOKS Of every dc-criplion aro on hand in quantities, and to this portion of his stock the subscriber is particulatl v desirous of calling the alien liou of the public, School Teachers, and Mcr. chants, who may wish to deal some in books, as much pains has been taken torrocurc all the different hooks used in this section of thn country, and they will be afforded wholesale antl retail, tit low cash price. Besides llio books above alluded to, an im inensn number of other works aro offered for sale, Micellaneous, Scientific, Law and Medical. STATIONERY. An excollent assortment of Blank work, paper of the bct mills. Quills, Slates, Ink, Writing, fluid. Ink Standi, Sand antl Wafer Boxes, Superfine Pocket books and Wallets for Gentlemen and Ladies. Cards. Card Cases. olloll 2nd common, Jinnlter onFCH .fee Xt .IAS. W. MlCiCOK. Burlington, Nov. 29,1037. Wallons Vermont Register. ll (T Doz. Just reeoived and for sale low by W. R. Si V. C. VILAS. M- '"'R. MOLT has the honour to inform . his friends antl the public in general, tl ai he has renewed his entrageinent as Professor of MuMc in the Burlington La die's Seminary under the direction of Mies M. C. Green. Mr. Molt has lately revised and enlarged bis whole method of teaching, and can confidently stale that Ins system of in struclion is now to puled as to enable him lo warrrml to nny pupii ofmoderai: capacity every reasonable success in his attempts in learning. .tw HATS c& CAPS, W. G. SPMGIUE IIP" AS opened n Cap nnd IJal-Siore. in JL the siiine room formerly occupied by G. T. Mend, where ho offers Hats of all kinds, nnd Caps of many qualities, Btilf.iln Robeo, Fur Collars, itc. on as good terms as elsewhere, for prompt pay. Biiriinirion. Nov. 9. 1037. Cash paid lor Gold and Silver at the Varioty Shop by I'AXGBOn.N Si BltlNSMAII). Nov. 21, 1837. V.yaL aro now mauiifiicluring fiuo Geld Y Y Becds, at llio Variety Shop. Pangdok.n Si Br.iN-sJiii). Nov. 20. 1037. W I'- have reet ived several beautiful t lonetl rose wood Jlceordion s 0, 10 and 12 keys, most nil kinds of .Dluskul Instruments nnd Instruction Book for them; Pocket Books, Wnlleis, Memornn- ilums. Card Case-, Portfolios, Rodgors & Wosienholiuc'ti fine Knives nnd Scissors, fiuo Rn.nrs and straps, good Brttania 'J'ea Pots, Tumblers and Pitchers, fine Slocks, Collars and Bosoms, good Quills and Cap Paper, Snaps and Perfumery of most all kinds, Mustek, Convex nnd Concavo Spec tacles, Eoft and bard Toolb Brushes, Tooth Washes and Powders, Hair Oils, Powders antl Erushes, Chnin Dog Collars, Brittanin drinking Flasks, Boots, Shoos anil other Lacings, double bottom and double Cased silver patent Lever Watches, some 13 holes Jewelled, silver and gold Lepinc Watches, of fiuo quality. 4 holey Jewelled, English and French 'Watches of good quality, ready Pen Makers, Mayniird & Noyes1 black writing Ink nnd Ink Powder, Indellible Ink, silver top anil open top Thimbles, Music lloxes, Snuff Hoxes, Plated Ten nnd Table Spoons, Visiting Cards, &c. Violin Strings und Buss Viol do. with other goods, not necessary to mention. To winch wo shall continuo to tnnko additions as long ns navigation is open. Most nrlicles which we have ever kept for sale, can be had nt tho Variety Shop, for cabh only, at tho time of purchase. PlNfiUOUN &. Buins.maiw. Thr reputation nf irhirh hat nun luromt t t-dili ihrd, us th nml safe nnd rflicanmti rtvuiti n er ilixnrrrcdfnr IWFIil t:rKKA,t,o:ilS,l,OU3iI'.AKTH3IA, viB)(ttA-(; crJ3f, srirriMi nv ICMtOD, ANIJ Alii, At'OICTJOrVS or 'run ffiUKciw. I'ltrPAnr.n oki.v dy tiik solk rnopniKTOR, DANIEL GODDAItD, No. 8 Gold St. NHW-YOUK. Ir prr-fcMinrtlili uorttl rcmcttytn the pulilic. llio fro. pri:or h Rtithnrlznl by a Physician, I'ror.t whom the Krriiio .nt cnnlitlcmltilly olitninrtl, tn ftntr, tlmt lio lias linl It liltri'clf. ami in lili ottnnMvo pmctlrc In Pulmonary pfl'rc. tieil., with ntnnithing ttTrct. Thn luij-py comlilmttltm fif c,!'tnb!f! stih-lanrt', nf which it li i-ntircly cotnpnttil, nrr lrfttllarly atlnjiteti lo dlscasca of tho Lungo, J.ivcr, nm! S'otinrli, Til ninllrino ban liecn ti'fd very cxtcnivrly, and the lirop-ii tnr 1ms not known a single lnitniicc In wliich It hn-t l.nltUn triMiig rcllnf In dlsf-nnos fur which it U rccommrnd. i"l ; i'vi a In ciisi'S nnproacmns tn cnnaiimptlnn, nilin'cd ttill Iili-f-dlng nt tilt- l.utiffi, find whne nil otln-r lomnllrs Iml fiiilml, tho mntt ilrrlucd nnd llnltcriiig tMimvs hni j'trrdril its Hue. Common cold, wtiirti nru ctm rally the 'fY f 1 Mnic'.i'd prr'pirttinn, will yield tints inllnrpcc in 'i fow hmirf) ; v.'hcn tiied in a-thma, ltoiir'eiicFs, wlicrz

ins, ant Flmrtnr-SB of hrcnlh, it elves iiiinii'dlnto n-!ipf. urn. ;rnrnpiil rest and sleep. In whooplnit rniiidi It it f rival. It oticratcs with gentle expectoration, mid 1 triven to infants with perfect safety. '-1 r. line Nrw Knglftrtil Courb Syrnp will br cn 1 In n bill nf dir 'Minns, t nclo -ei't in an mgrmcd .'."bennn? on it tlicpittnn'.nrs of the ttr-itirirter in his with" mav 1 1 ov. 11 liar it n ruing. 'J'be bf tllo will If settled damped on the corlr ' JN'w England Coush Syrup.' A fi-w of the many cettlficntes In IHvnrnl'this Syrup which am In possession of tho Proprietor, ate added for the perusal nf those- hIio may he troubled with similar complaints. rfiMjru. Moffat, I'lumin'r t- Cn, O'nllrmtn After having tried, by tho recommendation of my friends, alinou every medirinc f .r a couclv wiihout t'.tn leat relief, I bad recourse to your New Iherland 1 '-unit Syrup, and nm enabled tn say, with mticlt thpiikfitl. nr-., that it hna cured mnof ot'.cof the mo-.lob'iin.itornnilis I cvir knew, and shall ft-vl It t'i be n duty to recommend 1; to every one whom 1 find In need of so valuable n medi cine. Yoiirjrospcclfullv, HoitoH, iVoi-. 20, 131. JOHN P. STKVKNP. I have tho natifaction nnd pleasure of infnrmiint; you that the lnltle nf New Kngland Cough Syrup, which 1 pro- cured nf ynti on the 23d of April, has entirely relieved me from a very se'-ere eou,'h which had atllicted me for a short time post. After usin n variety of medicine, and finding on permanent relief, 1 wus induced by the nmico of my fi ienilj, lo try your Syrup. The remit I have already stntetl; it suec-dicil beyond my t;peclntii.n ; and I clietrfiilly r.d it mc very alunble medirinc forailthoso vho ii. tv 1m- af'licted w ith sifnilur complaints. Yours respectfully, CHARLES HUGGLKS. j.'.-jfo??, Ma; I, lb".). It -it es me gri.nt plccsuro to be able to add my tf ftlmnny 1 1 f.twif of your New Knsland Couch Svmp, 'two boltle't vhich liHing entirely cured my rnitah, which was so verethnt my physicim advised titeto spend tiio coming winter in a southern climate, but the fortunate uj-o nl tho Syrup will preclude the necessity. Yours, Sec. JOSEPH MIADLEK. Jlnxtitti, Prjitnnlier 1, 18.H. '1 lie Proprietor would mid, that he ia constantly receiving niim-'rous testimonials of tho value und ellicacy of this remedy. The above artitlo infold wholesale in A'tic Yitrk, by the Proprietor nnd all the druggist'. Jljslon, Iiy Hcnsbaw Jc Wnnl, Mnynnrd ft Nnes, fv Drew era, Stevens JiCushlnir. Pliiltulttphia, by laec Thowp-on, .T. ii X W. Smith, 0. V. Carpenter, tind A. Fiillennn, jr. Valtirtorc, bv H. H, Coleman Co., Wbitaker fi Jlurml, and G. St N, Popplein, jr. Ciiirhniati, Ohin, by Gla'cno St Harrion, nnd Allen, St Co l'itlsb'irqli, Venn., by James Schoonmaker it Co. AVf.- Oilcans. by Nathan Jarvis. JIUianv, A'. I".. by Sands St Shaw. Monlrtal, L. (!., by Geo. llcnt. Halifax, A'. by H C. Priedham. ,S7. Julmx, A', it , by V. O. Smith. And sold wholesale by the druirgi?ts and npothccarici rene rally througliout the t'i ited Slates, iWB& TOOTH WASH A Vfiluabli! article for the leeth ami gums J 4, J II l..w.. r. a- ...I.J...I. - Ki....tie Uofiuv, Retail. Qf PUBLIC ATTENTION! ITS most respectfully solicited, hv the snb. Ji scribcr. to an Invaluable Preparation, Ilia ! I ' 1 1 " ' ' i 'eii. w". cuevi.-, not merits of which have boon tcflcd by timi:. I "I,PI1 cnl ,rd.v cure the most ob.tmate and nnd arc srsT.WNnn r.v UMiot'DTUO tcstimonv. ' "''tressing ca-es. Co?niori CohU arc tisu 7?)4'r, n.wwo' nil v removed bv the Pills in n few hour.-. ,uj i . A i,i'(noi'i(t' jw i o. nro every year incrcnstnu tneir loii'r csinn li.shetl reputation. Thov have outlived manv rival preparations, and are continually gain ing upon public confidence. Tho Ptolanical Drops have been success fully administered for many yeats, as a thorough remedy for that well known nnd prevalent class of iinnteralo diseases, which originate from a vitiated habit of body, or an hereditary predisposition in tho patient, ami generally appear under the various nod tl is. trcssiii"; shapes of Scrofula, Salt Ilhcum. Ltp rosy, St. Anthony's Fire, Fever Sores, White SwHings, Scurry, Font and Obstinate Uicas, Sore Ligsand Eyes, Scald Head, und Venere al Taint, In Ibo last mentioned condition of the system, Ihc Botanical Drops will bo found lo eradicate, the lurking poison, where .Vcrcu. r.v has totally failed, and thus prevent the pa. rentfiom entailing ibo seeds of an heredita ry discaso on bis oiTpring. DR. RELFK'S UOTANICAL DROI'S arc successfully used in cases of violent eruptions after the .Vccnlcs red tilotihis pimples on the face festering eruptions cm the fkin and oilier til llioexternal surl.icc, and ate ono of the best Spring and Autumnal physics known, toftcc tho system f'nm humors. 13 Striking Instances nf Success. Extract of a letter from a Physician of tho first respectability, and extensivo practice, in tins vicinity, member ol llie Massachu setts Medical Society. lGru, 1S20. Dear Sir; "This child, boforc bo was a year dol, became afllictcd with a leprous disease of the skin, nnd which gradually increased, so t'icl wlien about thrco years old, the whole surface of tbr. hotly was ono continued soro, attended with an ichorous discharge, produ cing great soreness and intolerable itching, which became almost insupportable. A great variety of Ihc most approved external ami internal remedies wore used without any per. maucnl relief. Much interest was excited in behalf of the child, nnd consequently difl'or. ent medical atlvicu was solicited, but with little or no advantage, tho discaso progressed wilh tinabaling violotico, ami seemed to defy the healing nrt. At length tho parent was induced by the advico of a neighbor, who had been bnnofillod by tho article, to try Dr. Kiimtm UOTANICAL DROI'S. Several boltlos were given according lo tho dircclions, before the least abatement of tho diseaso wns observed; but by a persuvoring uso of them, tho ichorous discharges began to abato, tho scabs to givo way in places, and fall off. Tho Drops woru continued until tho hoy beeamo liorfcctly woll, the skin resuming its natural und healthy aspect, seeming indeed liko a ron ovnlctl skin since which limo tho boy has enjoyed perfect hoalth, and his euro is acri bud wholly to ibo Drop, as no other inctli. cino was used in conjuetion with them." Tho original lotter. wilh additional par ticulars, may bo seen by calling on the Pro prietor.! A Cicnllcman nf this City, who had been nl tended it long timo by our most celebrated nnd experienced practitioners, and who hail been reduced lo nlinost tho luM stages of e islcneo by bis complaint bail W one a, .' and dreadful uk-iM began lo destroy ht tig, and spread over his whole side, antl lo thrralm it most painful and Un'tiDg death ! 'in com-iniiiiteatii);-!iiH ease nl l,tiL'e lo (ho Prnpric. lor, innkeii thn following closing remarks i "My ease wns pronounced by my pity i clans to be ono of inveterate .Scrofula. It is not necessary to inquire whether other means would have cfi'ofled llio euro. I can only say Ihat Dr. Uolln's Botanical Drops worn Ihd only means I made use of, nfier tho physicians Imtl exhausted their skill, and have no reason to doubt that, under Providence llio Drops wero tho means of relieving mo from one of tho tnnst nfllicting diseases that hit, inanity is called to endure." A Physician of eminence who had wilnrs set! the efficacy of this arlicln, had the candour recently to acknowledge lo tos l'roprictor. that ho consideted it. thu ntndie.itio known, for thn complaints ft r which it is intended, r.ud that it ought deservedly lo sl.ind nl the hnad of tho whole class of such remedies. Price $1 for whole bo.-ms of 30 pills, nnd 50 cents lor hall tlo of 12 pills, with diroc lion. !iono pcniunn unless signed on thn outsido printed wrapnnrby lliose Proprietor, T. KIDiJKR, immediate ntcrcssnr lo llio late Dt. W . T. Oonwav For sale, with all the "Cf)HHw Silcdirinct," nt his Cotintin Room, No. 09, next tloor to .1. Kitltlcr's Drug Sloro. corner of Court and Hanover streets, near Concert Hall. Boston : antl bv his spc eial appointment, by J. Si J. II. PhC'K & Co JJurlinglon VI. CONSUMPTION! Asllnna ! and Catarrh ! I u that Ions train of diseases which seem to grow with the growth of civilized soctctv, CONSUMPTION takes thn lead in its relentless inroads upon human life; yet. tliiit dreadful disorder is easily overcome in its earlier stages. It is only when neg lectetl that it arrives af the terrific inr.turi ly which ro often baflles the sagacity of professional ccicncc. An obstinate cough is llie customary forerunner of the ;.nv coNsu.MPnorr. Improper neglect in Ihc timely inn of simple and salutary remedies, i sure lo be reproved by a dreadful succession of consumptive symtonis: oppression of the brenst ; green- is!i nnd bloody sptllle ; ulcerated lungs and hectic fever; shrivelled extremities, nnd general emaciation of the whole body; proslratinn of strength : flushed cheeks nwnllen feci and legs; and at Inst, in full possession of the mental faculties', nnd while hope still whispers lie r flattering tnle cold extremities, nnd a premature death. For the various stages of ibis complaint, ono of the most approved remedies ever vet ditcevcrcd is Br. Rrifes Asthmatic Pills. TIih exceedingly powerful, and yet equally safe and innocent preparation, haF rlfected thorough nnd rapid cures upon 1 cms supposed to have been far ad vanced in a confirmed Consumption, and who have exhibited the appearances which usuallv indicate a fatal leimination of the disorder. DR.. IlEIiPK'S PILLS liavo also ob taincd the highest character as a Pcclorial .Medicine, aiVordtng the most uncxpccled relief to those labouring under llie com mon Cough, occasioned by act id humors im., i... u,. ,.i -ji, I, t, , ntm'.Ci rMis nn the lungs svmloms which denrivc ihc nif. ferer of t-lcep, nnd craduallv introduce the j long trait, of rulmonary alYeclions. The ! "f apPcasp ll,c cah' proinoic easy ex- In the h harrassine; and suffecatinn- com plaint of the AoTHma, the Pills give im mediate relief. They mitigate the com plaint, and generally effect n radical cure, in those Asthmatic ntincl-s characterized by difficulty of breathing, tightness ami stricture across the breast and in the lung, oppressive flatulences, wheezing, coughing, hoarseness, coslivcncss, nnd many oilier asthmatic symptom. As the Pills require in ordinary cases no confinement, they may bo administered with confidence and safely lo all nges and classes of people. Unexampled success has hitherto attended their administration in n great variety of cast -; nnd the Pio prietor can refer to a muli'Mudc. which testify to their efficacy in reviving the emaciated victim from Ihc bed of disease, ami restoring him to the blessings of ac customed health nnd activi'v. THE PEtN'EFlCIAL EFFECTS Resulting from the administration of Dr. Rclfe's Asthmatic nnd Consumptive. Pills, exhibited in Ihc following cases. O'A Physician, M. D. anil DrugciM. recently writes: "The Asthmatic Pills (llelfu'.-) arc invariably well spoken of by those who use them.1' O" .lrs. , cflhis city, was three years seriously nlllicted with consumptive symp toms, ns pain in the side, almost perpetual cough, spitting of blood, general debility, &c. in Ihis distressing stale, unable io sit up, and not expecting to live many days she was ndvised to take I)r Relic's Asth matic Pi'ls. and also Dr. .lebb's Liniment be nppl ed to her side, winch the did, and to (ho tifttoui.-hmciit olcverv one, in a t-horl timo she wns perfectly restored to health. !lr A Lmhjfrom. Vrmningham, was se verely nfllicted wnh cough, spitting of blood, and general debility, on taking two bottles of these Pills, nnd one box of Dr. llelfe's Antibilious P1II3, wag restored lo perfect henhli. fl-TAn elderly person in this vicinity, who had suffered much for years by a tnoM distressing asthma, hail tried almost every thing recommended, which only nt times gave temporary relief, and usually a more violent return of her complaint, has recent ly made use of the above Pills with more b'eneficial effects than any thing she haa ever used before. ILiJA Voting Lndy nt M , had been troubled with ;t very bad cough, so violent as nl tunes to rack nnd harrass her ex ceedingly ; ix consumption was feared, (as her mother had died of i!mt uomplaiiit) -she wns immediately relieved, and sub sequently entirely cured by Dr. Hollo's Asthmatic Pills. Noiio genuine unless signed on the outsido pruned wrapper by tho sole Propri. elor, 'P. KIDDER, immediate .successor to tho late Dr. V. T. ('onwa. Fur salt' Willi all liie oilier "( ,1fif' i'f.i ' nl bis Cnuiiii, Rmoiii, N.i. '.):. 1 t'M tl.-m- to .1. Kiddu'c D'tig Store, c; ot Court nnd Hanover streets, tear Concert Hull Host on ; nnd J & .1, II P Hoston ; nnd hv Ins special appointment by KCK C. Co.. Burlington. Vt. NOTICE TO 15SEUj.:ATXO INVALIDS jLll.SO.N.S nitfiVring tinder T htumatk Af . fiction are respncti'ully nssutctl, that ther can obtain of the proprietor nnd hi" nj;eiit'i a n lo noil ntlmiralilo remrtlv lor IlIIhuMA- riSM, boWRVcr olifi innto llio disorder may be, antl in all its tlilierent Manes. U'j3tk 3 SB'S Rheumatic Liniment! will afford itiitnndiate relief to tho patient, nnd has soinclimcf been attended with such extra ordinary fucnc-,' as lo euro thu most distres sing liheumatitm in twenty-four hours, oven when olycats standing. J Ins highly valuable Lmimtni is recom mended with a confidonco founded on the ex perience of many years, not only as a cure for that excruciating disease, but as an excellent application for S'tii-i.-ness of liiin joins, Numb-kus-s, Sprains. CitiLni.AtNs, &o. Among a mas of testimony in favour of tho success of tho Liniment, as a thorough romo. dy for ItitcujiATts.M. tho proprietor selects tho following as presenting genuino instances of its efficacy VVrte and surprising capes. (IJ A gentleman, ?ilr. It. of Charlcslowny who can bo referred to had been confined to bis bod most of llio time I'or a week, KufTerinJj mostcxorueialing pain from Rheumatism; af. tor having had recourse to the round of anti dotes usually resorted to in Ihis complaint 'but without benefit ; nnd while in this state of suffering, and no prospect of relief, Mr. Caleb Symmcs, who was bis neighbour, and who, owing to tho extraordinary benefit ho had liimsclfcxpcrienccd from its use, recommend, cd the article with such confidence as induced Mr. 11. to make uso of it. which ho did, with the ii'-nal success attending its administration, viz : immediate mitigation nf pain relief and CUrC ' D 'Mr. T ofthiscitv, was attacked with a very violent Rheumatism in his back, which au application of this Liniment on going to icd instantly relieved, and cured by morning observes ho never used any thing which eavo him so mtie.h nnd so -rrcat relief. tlTAu old Revolutionary Officer near Bos ton, was sorely afllictcd for years with rheit malic complaints, especially in his joints and litnbs, which were frequently much swollen,-- could obtain only temporary relief from med ical atlvicc, or the ueo ot various remedies; and had dispaircd ofhe'p ; when a friend who had witnessed tho wonderful effects of this Lini ment, advised him to make ulo of it, which he did. with the most happy cfTi i:t ; ii reduced the stalling in one night. This article is considered so svperior to every thing clue, andilo possess siichimcommon virtues, that it is ordered from distant parts of the coun try. DZTAn agent recently writes : "Please send mo a further supply of jebb's Liniment llie first opportunity I shall probably sell a consider able quantity, as it is recommended by iome of ourphysicians very highly. ILfAnolhcr agent writes: "I wish you to forward mo snmo more of Jebb's Liniment, whico has r jommrnded itself very highly." Price 50 cents a bottle. The Painful and Dobilit.uing Comploint of TIZEI PILES receives immediate relief, and in numerous in blances lias-been thoroughly curt by tho ailmlnUlratimi of nu.MFRir. REMEUV FOR THE PILES. TUlS approved compound aUo mitigates and icmovcs tho symptoms which fre quently neeompatiy that disorder, and increase the danger of the patient, viz. ; pains in Loins neatl.tcbc loss of anpclitc Inaigcstion, and other maths of debility. A relieved Patient writes from a distanco, 'It is but justice to you lo inform you, that I have used your Dmn.Vles remedy lor Ibo Piles fori omclime pt -t, rid have found it em inently !iUCCCSull." An Officer i-i tie Arrnv ob.jrvcs "I havo been troubled for years with tho files, and have never fou' d any 111 dy that would compaio with vours. it gave mo at,- mos. immediate relict.'" A Physician and Druggist writer. ' have sold all llio medicine you scot me, which is o highly r'.;omnicutlcd for llio Pile. 1 wish you Id send 1110 one dozen more by the bearer.'' The remedy is quite innocent, and may be administered to n" no,cs and bo ii sexes. Plain and ample Direct ons. wilh a inscription of tho complain nccoinpany cacii package, which consitl of two bores, ono containing an Ointment, and thn ot'ioran T ct miry. Prico $1 for both artcler, o" 50 cen'vhc.'o but onu is wanted. Price $ a bo!U or G bottles for $5. 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