Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, December 29, 1837, Page 4

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated December 29, 1837 Page 4
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r Tirn roou uttm-: maid. When ti poor liilln in.ild feci her senses nmny, Ctuinut shop on litr pillow, nnr icsl (ill 1 1 1 day, Pecs ii fin in slill pnmtn her, di nllllui shoe.ui, And-lliis An in tlinul I lie ilnl of u lunidoiiuc jotuig in. in ; Sty neit;liliiiR will uhifper llien, good l.trkn.tluy, 'J'lic poor litllo maid's in n, uuy li.ul mi). When of her old friend" tdic t nyl mh to glow shv i When she spi'iilsi U'ly seldom, mill -peaks witll u villi ; When, llimiali wiiij or hb, the appears like n iliini'i', And folks uuinlcr what's come 10 the girl nil ill once : Sly neighbor- will litcp'-r iIipm. 'jooil l.ul; n-dny, Tlie poor lillle. maid's in u ncij bad way. 7JIB .SPANISH CIGAR Tlie pool nmv lulls of the loaf i f In varo. And r.ill il ilic f.iiiesi, mid tuiiti'sl iltai ;nv. , lint the lies I of nil le.iw- llnil Ii i eti'i been Ii ird, Is the noble Tubacco le if, lolled up i n 1 thiol. When llic pin il rinclnpp inken nuny. And Ipsum small passu:!! i h'l tin smoke pt.iy ; Then pivp il ii n.'iiiio that is f. i m o 1 1 -i .i f ir. And iho don of iis liibo is the Sfp.niirh Cijnr. I'vn initio il mv ni'idp, ivniip iniiin und fiipnil, For I knmv iVill he coixliinl nii'l hi i(!ht to ill? end, I ill 119 lnM I tPiilh it ilr.iwn, M il." (In ihnp- auiiy Aim wants only imiikiphiim iu nun '" WIipii lirPil of idlcno-, hii.inp", or play, As pnrh conm in linn, 1 smoke il nuny, Of if fol l ow, or tumble, rnihilipr mv nip, My cigar eel :i binning will diy il nil up. When the inputs romp o'ri- mp, uiih impious pou' And the Line people round hip look fimviini: h sum Tlien I giea Ions uhilTS: dismiss i!ip who In croud Luke His ghost of old Uisi.ui, sent oil in a cloud. SHOUT AND SWEET. I hnle Ion:; fiorips mid i-luu I cms id Pom. A coslh firm hoiirc. nnil a sh.diln linn IMoio curs 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 pigs, no b,mk, hiu monv giiii-, Sore loci, light boots, old debts and paper dun Govku.n.mknt. Which is ihe most pcifect popular gnietninont 1 Thai, said I', uheio tho lews have no Hiperinr. Hint, said Tlmles. wlicic iho ppoplo aie neiilipr loo tirh nor too poor. That, said Anacliarsis, Hit! ScMhian, ulicio irlue ii IioiioipiI and i ice detc-lrd. Thai, saiil l'i'l;ini, whose dijjniliis lire alvMns ronfcipil upon llip vir tuous anil never upon die h.iee. 'I'll n , paid Cleo. bolus, uhcie the c'uh-nr Llami- iiioip ihan punitlinipnl. 'I'liH, raid Chilo, uhpic the liu? nro mure regaulcd than oralor?. Tint, Miid Solon where an injury diaip to the ineancsl subject is an insult upon the whole country. The way to .Makp.v im Ti:xa. A cor respondent of the liallituurc Tancript savs: "I rode lliirty miles the nllier day to marry two couple, hut got helaled and did not icarh Hie liouso till about twolvo nl niglit. Folk abed brides to be mid all and a deal of trouble it was to wako tlioni. They llnallv got up, struck a light, spread iho table, (biead, venison, and wild honey.) wore married, and went to bed again. On my return nuxi day, I picked up two more weddings, at which I flattered myself I officiated with as much grae n any gentleman in orders. Jn fact, as 1 loll ill o good people, I tool; orders when I was in the army, and so am doubly qualified to tie thogordian.knot. Thoro is ouo defect about it, namely, that hownvcr handily I can do this service, for others, 1 cannot do it for myself." Set rir.n to Tim TrtAirtius. Tho Spring Hold, Illinois, Journal, has tho following an nouncement i 'Tako notice On the eighth day of Janu ary wind, weather and snow permitting tho Grand Pralrio will bo set on firo in com momoration of the groat whig victory in New York. This ptairiu is about iJOO miles long, with an average breadth of from 10 to SO miles. Tho fires to bo lighted at 8 oVIock in tho evening. Our friend of Iho .Mount Car mcl Sentinel will start his fire in tho south brother Hod re of tho Free I', in the cen tre and him of the Chicago American in iho north' All loco foein and loco fnco editors will retire to bed at seven o'clock. Wu expect that "tho fulling stars" will bu no touch to tho grand prairie illumination. If convenient, hiothcr llartlelt, of tho Galena Gazette, will bo kind enough to let oil' a good sized meteor ns asignrl for the fires to be lighted. '' SOUND l)0ljTIUNL. "Tho pnncipl" of nneiating wonhh to ncconipiish pari icular workc, either by a voluntary copnriiuir-hip, or a legal corpo. ration, was rnrly udnptml : mid it is obvi. ously beneficial to prions of small means, who, by thus uniting their ute sutn?, arc enabled to accnmplis-h inngnificiMit and useful works, otherwise unattainable, or beyond tho reach of nil except iho iniift wealthy. Tho pytoni thus curly begun, Jias been i-tcadily pursued through all our history down to our own dnys. It has given to the country your wlmrvut. your docks your bridges yutir turnpikcx your canols--your htuainlnm'syour mil roads many of your most splendid edifi. ccs -your flourishing ii)nniifac!orieH--your wido spread commerce. To abandon the system, aa some ultra theorists demand, would be to ttop short in tho march ofim provemcnt.. If there bo abuses in it u ml all syttems nro liable to abuses correct them; but to prohibit all corporate nfsoci rations of wealth which nro controllable by tho legislative will, would bu but yielding to t no (iciiianutj oi luiiy, ignorance, or knavery." II E AUTY-Il iTaUtTf U L. . Ask a toad, what is beauty tho picmcly beautiful tho To.kaloni ho will answer you, that it Is his female, with two Jorge, rounc eye rejecting out of its little In nil, a lint tiut k, yellow belly, nntl dark brown back. Ak o Ouinen Negro, rind wnli him, beauty la n greasy bind: t-kin. hollow eye?, nud n flat no-o. I'ut the question to tho drtvil, nud ho will tell yon that beauty s n pair of Imrntt, lour clnwe nudn tail. Consult the philosophers lilto wise, and thoy will give you somo uninii.! Iigtblo jirgou for niwwor, they tiiust have loinetlnng corrcp'inilenl to bentity in the abstract) to Iho To salon- I onco sat next to a philosopher at a triigcdyj "Thar. Is beautiful, ".hoid he. "How beautiful !" said I. "Ilecniiiu the author hna altnined hi end." The ue.'i day ho took n duse of phytic, which had n vnry good effect. "Tli'it is a beautiful pliysic," said I ; "it has nitoini'tl itn end." H' perct'ivnd Ihnl n inedicino is not lo ho called beaut ilnl, and that the word btnuhj H applicable only to those things wliicli givo n ilen.ure, nccompunted with udmira tton. 'Phut tragedy, he (.aid, bad excited these I wo seiifiiiions in him, and Ihnl was th To Union, Ihe beautiful. Wo went to England together, and hap pened to bo nl tho mine play, perfectly well translated; but the spectators, one nntl oil nm.J. oil no ! ' tnul he, "the Tn Unlon, 1 find, is not tho some in Eng land as in France;" and aficr severol perli- i nunt rcflef Hons, lie concluded, that beauty s very relative ; that what ia decent at Japun, is indecent at lloitie; and what in fashionable al I'arit, la otherwise ct I'ekin: and thus lie f-nved himself the irotiblo of coinpo-irig a long Treatise on the Dcauti. fol '.--J'nllttirc UOl.EtiALE UUOCER.nfJGO Itiv V V er.Hireet, ue,t door to th- store oc copied by Convene &; Iftitldlcstnn, hns jnd received and oilers lor 'ale. an entire new erics, prill aim wen (-elected siocK oi uroeerics. ;nti cipully pi.rchased nl the late .-ales in chvw Vork, whicn he offers very low for prompt pny. '.'5 Ii Ii (1 l'orto Rico, Trinidad and Eli" It-!. Maud ,M ln?es: 20 hhds tit Croix and New Orleans So- 5 boxi llrown Havnnna do 20 bn.votf Lnnfnni! Lumi) do -10 bogs I'orto Rico, Rio and Lignirn Coffee: 150 clicfcts and hnlf uhe.-K lly-on. Young llyson and Ilvsnn Skin 'Pens; 10 snck-5 Nut?, a variety of description and quality ; 000 boxes and half boxes Raisins; 20 krga do 20 kegs and boxes Plug Tobacco; 100 quintals Codli-li: 50 ba-kets Chnmpaigne Wine, pints and (jiiarl--, ol 'Anchor, 'and ot ner brands: GO quarter raks Sicilv Madeira, Madei ra, Sbi-riy and iMnhign Wines ; 25 hexes Mti-eaiel Wine; 20 half pipe Cogiuh: jrntidv; !5 do Kpaut.-li nnd American Jrnn. dy ; 20 lihds Si Croix Rum; 10 pipes Holland Gin; 10 pipes ond 20 bbls White .Baltimore Gin; J0 boxes Pipes, wi h Shot, I.'ad, Pep per, rimenio, ouircu, repper oaucc, i n, per ldlinccn, rttiun, iiunieg--, cassia Cloves, Genoa Citron, Mu.-tnrd, Princiiic and other Sonars-, Soap, &c &c &e Trov N. V. Oct. 1!!.I7. NOTJvJE. OCT. II HATCH, having removed S his family to this place gives notice, it lie will nl to ltd to calls during the day at his ollien in Church blreet, and nl all hours of the night nl In residence, the Slnniford House, tiorlh of Peurl street. nurlinvlim. A" v I. I!I37 WBW GOODS. A good ii sorlment ol Fall nud Winter goods Jul received by I he snbscri. hers, nnd will he sold ni lair prices for prompt pnv. E. WHITNEY &, Co. Milton FalN. kv. if,. 11137. rpilE -sub-cri Ja- ber hasjo-t returned Irum New York with a general rii---s o r I in e u t of Roots nnd shoes nnd good dock for mnunuici in nij , ulnn-l nil kinds in Ins line, made lo order, cheap lor cash, which ho IUU-.I have lo keep th,. wheeln ninvin hese hard tunes. AM p.T.-ons indcbied in him aro requesied to fork up w.i'hoin delay I) S RUSSELL. Burlington, JViiv. 15.1iiU7. Gw liuck Wrfoat Flotir, lor sale by IIickok &. Catun. WOOL. WOOL ioci ived in exchange for Goods at the Cash Store of S. E HOWARD. MA VP. reecvod n large ns-oiluieni of Fur Cnps, Ruck Milieus, Gloves. Cloths, Ciif.iuiercs, Merinns, Vesiings &c. October (1. 11137. 1 nn '"vo Scotia, AJVJW 200 do Western bv J & J. II. Peck & Co. Burlington, Nov. 24, 18.'J7. ROHERT MOODY is nnw rouoiving from New York un extensivo i-upply ol'Hardvore. Saddlery, Hollnware. Drugs. Medicines, Paints, nud Oils ; which he offers to tho public cheap for cash or short credit, at the old oMablifdied store, north enst corner of tho Fqiiaro. FUR CAPS. TTiOIl Salo, wholesale orul retail, Fur Caps .1 put up in good siylit to Lo sold at fuir prices. Caps mudo to order. Sopt 20, 1037. W. I. SEYMOUR fed J&ZZS teiTOVJBS JSTOVJS fl'2 6 mm. TjllllE Suliwiiherd would inform tlwi' JL friend- ami the Public that they hnvc just received n L'emrol ttorl inent u!' Stoves, of vat i f 1 1 lends and iii"H npproied patterns, which I hey nro determined to sell at ihe very lowed prices; nmuiig winch are the Iniprovul Roinrv, CmiHng,? sizes. lied Premium, (Troy) do. 5 ti'.(.s. Various luniN 1 is. E'eganl parlour Stnvct &.C. nl.-o iihive ipe of viinniis size-' and qnttli-tic-, wholesale nod ltitoil. Htovo lutu lure coii.iniiily on hand or uiiido lo order on slum notice. A miiiiII iiMrttiieiit of hollow w are suitable for Stoves. Pcrenns wishing In purchase are invited lo roll mil look nl il.eir n .-"rtnieei, ns they hove some oLSupi rmr (,-i!nig. s'jinn iV nosTincK. Jiirlinuloti, Oeiober OOih, ) Opposite the Jeil (llinrcli S. S New Englniul Ruin. A t? Ulids. Doston N. E Itmn. by 1J .1 & .1 II Pi:ck & Co. Darrein Sup. Fine by J. & .1. 11. Pr.cK & Co. II I AT well known and excellent FARM, I ''ualcd on Muiison's flats in Colchester, o I J 111110-1 north ol Itiirluigloii on the stairn road lending to St. Albans, containing 500 acres willi one largo and convenient dwelling IIiiiim! and out houses and one furm house, fivo liarns and onu f'aw-Mill. all nearly new I his larm is well limbered wooded and fene i-d, and Iho part cleared is under good colliva. Hon, soil excellent for Hiigli.-h grain and era zing. 250 Ions buy can be cut per eason. I hose wi-hing lo purchase will please call and examine the lor Iheinso ves I For terms apply to the Mib-criher on Ihe prein IIIIIA.AI liUAN. Colehesler.Oct 23, 1037. Solomon Walker &. Co, Mwv. tm rule n large a-sorlineni of Dry Goods. Crocliery. G'oss nnd Hard Ware, ami a large iin-ori meot of Roots uud Shoes, Oiler nnd S al Caps, and Collars, &e. ALSO. 10 II lids. Purto Rico and 'Trinidad Mo. Ins-os. fi do St Croix Croix &: N. O. Sugar. 1000 hi- L...,I'om.i Lump Hugar. 0 1'ngs Java nnd Porlo Rieo Coffee. 00 Cuos's and Hall Clie-ts. IUmmi, Young lly-on. & Hyson Skin Teas. 50 R ixes and Hull' IJuxet. Raisinu. 10 Kegs do. 20 kegs nnd boxes 'Tobacco, 100 quintal- Cod Fish. 25 bbls M.ickerell. 25 quaiter ea-ks Madeira, Sherry and Malaga Wines. 3 biigr- Pimento. 3 do Pepper. 200 lbs. Cust-ia. G kegs Pure Ginger. 10 boxes Han! Snap. 10 jurs Macohoy Snuff. 5 do. Scutch do. 4 bbls. Cut Tobacco for Smoking. 2 do do do Chewing. 2000 hi- Solar nnd Steam Salt. 100 bbl.- Finn do. 25 S.iek-' do Dnirv do. 200 bbl-. Nova Se'olin Plaster. 20 hlids. pore New England Rum. 4 do S- Croix do, 2 pipes Cogninc Rrnndy. 3 do American do. 2 do Hollnnd Gin. 3 do American Gil). 0 Pipes. 200 bbls S F. Flour. G'ase and Nnils, nl inanufacliirerp prices. M ulder. A Mum, Red Wood, Loir Wood, Cam W I. &(!. Indigu. Copperas, Crenm Tnrlor, Rlue Vilroil, Cnmphoir. Nutmegs, &c. The nhovo Goods can be iind nl Whole sale or Reiiul on terms to Mill piircha-ers. Wool, Pork, Grain, &c. taken in exeliui go for Goodij. Nov. 15. 11137. Drugs .$ Maliciiu'.s. fin II E -iib-eriber.- are now receiving n JL- now supply of Drugs & Medicines winch they offer no favorable lernis. .1 iM .1 II. Pr.CK & Co. NKW GJOODS. M GIDDINGS, is now leceiving n heavy stock of'Drv Gonds, Gro ceries, Crockery uud Hardware, winch will ue sold lor cash al u very small advance. Pearl St. Burliiig'on, ) Oeiober III 11137. Q Ions n-soried English Iriui, C do Swedes do 5 do Russia do 5 iio Peru do 4 do Russia Nj Rnds 200 Puiri Sleigh nud Cutter Shoes 20 Tons Aborted Round Iron B ',0 do Square do 4 (1" mi Poru do 5 do Horso Shoo do S do Ilamn und Scroll do 2000 IIh nsHiried Cast Stool 3000 do Swi des do 1000 do German do 1000 do Brazierw llnda 1000 Kegs Nails from 3a to COa 200 do Rrudi by J- & J H. Pkck & Co. Cash paid for Gold and Sil ver at tho Vuricly Shop by t anqiuum Si RniNeiMiu, LYMAN & COLE. eAVE received an eMelisiVl! ihmiM menl ol Full nnd Winter (K)ODS. which they offer nt a price which cannot fail to be ncocplnblc to iho purchaser, con sisting of Dnrk French Merino, Pigd. do, Gro dp Nnp do Rich Cntnhlels, Crape, Ladies, Gout's Hnir, I in it al ton do. very superior. English Merino very durk and rich, niaek do. Ratineltc and Salisbury Flannel and Circar-siaus. RItOAl) CLOTH-'. Rlack. Illne. Invisible Green, Polish Green, Purple. Saxony Rluck. the two Inst are new colors suitable lor Ladies Rich Cloaks. A vniieiy of Fancy Colors, uud ('inlets Grcv. & c CAriSIMKIlKS. Hlaek. Illue. Lavender. Mix'd Royal Ilibb il. Fnticv Plnnl v Siriped do. vhstin:s. Mlrick. Rlue Hlaek Fid d and Plaid Silk V liel Woolen Velvet, Valentin and other .style vesting.". Iihick and Col'd Rombazincs. Mix'd and Cold. Pongee. SII.TfS. Rlue. liluc Black, ificli Fig'd Rluc Rlack Gro de Nap. Col'd Mnnetino. Col'd nud Fig'd Gro do Iii), Illnnk (irn de Swiiss. Haudnmin Hdkfs., Crimson Pongee do. Spittalfield Choppa. Fig'd Pongee, Childrena do, Black Ilnlian Cnivnts. Plaid and spot'ed do. mnnoNs. A good assnrinieni of Garnilure, Ga'ize and 'I'uffelo Ribbons. Galloons, Shoe Ribbon, Silk Braid, cord and Velvet Ribbon GLOVES. Rock Skin. R:iick & Col'd. very henvy Rrou n Kidd unit Woolen do. Women? Black and Col'd Kidd, Silk nud Angola do. SHAWLS. Black. White, Senrlet and Fancy Col'd Merino Shawls. Col'd nntl Scnrlnt Vulenlin do. Heavy 0-4 Hub, Roy Highland and Vic loria do. Hcrnnni. Shally Thibet and Raw Silk do. For Gcnllemcns Ova cools Drab Hunter.- Cloth. Lyon Skin, Dark Ker.-ey &c. FANCY rill.NTfS. Rich dark cdd English -"nuts, do Twilled. 3 cases dark col.d low prie'd American do very cheap. TAILORS TKIM.-.ilNGS. Resi I'nl. no Sewmg Silk. Ile.iv Csn voss Buckram. Cnquilla. Red Padding. Col'd Selecui, Bro Linen. Col'd Drilling Silk Binding. Braid and Cord. Worsted Binding, Marshall's be-i Patent Thread. (Jonvi'.v ln-iing Com Buttons. Frog do. Fancy Gill d... Sup. r P nrl Fig'd Coat Buttonus. do V, -i. Plain nod Fig'd Gib do DOMESTIC GOOD-, Cotton Stieeiuig, Sliirtjug, Tick, Wick ing. Wadding. Bn't- &c. One Cum- Col'd Ci'inbries, Blenched Cotton, &e. &c Paints, Oils and Dye Stuffs. 10,000 WhIo , 5 bid- Vi netinn Red 15 ib. Whiting 5 do French Yellow C do Amcricat do 12 do Spis. Turpentine 25 do Lutseed Oil 2,000 gnls. pure winter and fall Sperm Oil 150 bbls ground Logwood. Si. Domingo, 75 150 100 00 10 do do Cninpencliy do Fustic do Nica'ngiia do Cam Wood do Bar do 12 do do Peneh do 10 do do Quercitron RarL- 30 do Madder 25 Deinijons Oil Vitriol 10 bbl. A Hum 5 do Ruie Vitrinl 2 Cerooiis Floiunt Indigo 1 Case Bengal , " jjV J. & J. II. Pkck &. Co ' Inrormation Wanted. F John and Ab-al Herring, brothers nnd paper milkers bv trade: their sis ler R.'bei:c-ah II. Herring now residino- m this place has not heard from them sTnce i ll III. Ihey were t Itca enrrvinsr oo the Losi ness of paper making in Rutland Vt.. nnd has since been repotted i,ni they reinnved frnni Ru'land to Ciiieinunn Ohio, nnd fnmi their to Oitondiign Co. New York. Cir ctiuisiances which have of late irHtisnired. has rendered it of much importance to me lonseeriinn where my brothers ore. (if liv ing,) if dead, in know Ihe fate of their lam ihes Should thi notice meet Iho eve of nny person that can givo nny informal ion to mo refpcnliug mv brothers or their fain iles nud will do so by moil or oiherwise, tin.; will ...,rui u jjiuiii iw. i.. un mi iin. ions sister that has searched long and dili gently lor her brothers. The Rutland Herald, Syracuse Whig and Ciucinaii Journal by copying the above will much oblige REBKAII II NICHOLS. Burlington. I). n. 0 IB37. WA.NTF.D, 10,000 Hm-huls House .Ishes, delivered at the nshnry opposite our Slore. FLiri't HER & WOODMAN. WilliHou. Dec. 9, I8J7. CABINET FURNITURE. 3. R. 7f OULD rcpectliilly in lor in tho public that ho lias now on hand nud is con slonily manufacturing at the old shop (formerly Nichols and Herrickk) on churlih St., an elegant ussorlinenl of Cab inct furniture consisting ol uliniiht every nrtielo called for in his line of businesH. which ho offers for sain on good icrnu as can ho purchased lor in this vicinity. Most kinilH of liimbor or produco received in pay menl. Cash is most wanted but a liberal credit will lie given. A shoro of patronage is most respectfully solicited, Burlington, Dec, 7, 1U37. I UM2. 1SKANDR12TH Wonts no lollegc no initituttan no monopoly, no vlmrlct. lie being quite nlifird to rest on lite pitlroutige of the public for llic surrrM of his grand, father's VEGETJinLii UAirnns.'jn pills Esliiltishtd in England 1751. " should cnuliihuto to tho comfort health, and happiness ol mankind." HP 1IEKR celebrated vegetable Pills of which A EIGHTY TIIOUSUNI) IRLYES have been sold in N, York siueii July, ll(3., are now rccoiiimeiided by thousands of persons whom they have enrol of Consumption, Influenza Dyspcp-i.t, Headache, '.tins nnd Nnsense, fullness in Iho hack part of the i:,id, usually the symptoms of Apoplexy, Jaundice. Fever nnd Ague, Billions, Scailel, Typhus, Yellow, and common Fevers of nil kind.', Asthma, Gout. lUieutnaii-ui, Nervous disoiires, 1 iver couipluiiil, Pleurisy, Inward Weakness. De pression of the Spirits, Ituptiiies, Inflamnliou, Sore Eyes. Fits, 'ul.-y, I)ropy, Small 'ox, Measles, Croup, Coughs Whooping Cough, Quiny, Cho'ic, ('holeratunrbiis, Gravel, Worms, Dysentnry. Deafness, Hinging Noises in the Mead, Kings Evil, Scrofula, Erysipelas or St. Anolby's Fire. Salt Hheum, White Swellings. Ulcers, some ol'30 years etandin.s Cinirers, Tumors, .Swelled Feet and Leug lies Co-liveiipss, nil eruptions of tho skin Frightful Dreams, Female comp'ainls ol'every kind, ntpoi.'iully olii.ii itciitnis, reluxiilioiip, ,vr. : 7500 letitnonials huvo been received from individuals of iho highest respectability. They in fact prove, by tho cures Ihey make, that there is no necessity for any other medi cine. Although Dr. H. has cniiinor.itcd by name the above diseases, ho is nevertheless ofopin. ion wild his grandfather, thu late celebrated Dr Win Brundrelh, that them is only onndis. case, an impurity of the blood, which by im peding the circulation, brings on iidlaination nnd consequent derangement n tho organ or pari where such impurity of the blond settles ; and thai il is Ihe different appcarnurcs which Ibis inflamalion or derangement ptil oi . ln:it have caused medical men lo designate such appearances by various names, bni which are in fuel, only the same disease, with tnoio r less virulence. Dr. Win. Hraudrcthwas so fully convinced of Iho truth of the above sim pie "theory, that ho spent 30 .years in c:peri menl and laborious re-car"h into the medicinal propel lies of the numerous plants coinpo-iog iho Vegetable Kingdom ; Ins object beinir to compose n medicine which should at once pu rify, and produce by specific, action, a removal of all bad humors from the blood by the stom. acli and bowels, as by the continuation of the use of such a medicine, such humors nro sure to he cariicd off. nnd ihe blood a-snme. a stair of ii, nil v: and whoever Hikes ihesn 'ills, and perseveros with Ihcm.wiH b satisfied thai l)i Win lit aiiilreth lujlv attained In- plnlaolliioi ii object II is now an ab-oluio and known fact. I ha I every disease, whuhcr il bo in III head or feel, in the brain or meanest member; whether il bu an outward ulcer, or an inward abscess, are all, though arising from maiiv causes, reducible lo ibis ono grand effect, namely, impurity ol bluod. In all cases Ihey will be found a snfc and simple remedy.) el all powerful for ll;e rciuo vn I of di.-ea-c. w hel her cli.-ouii! or recent, in fcclioiis or otherwise ; ami what makes iheir particularly adapted lo ilu- connliy. i- thai there is nut the slighlc-l liiilnliU to cold when Inking tbein, indeed llic system is absolutely b'-s sii-eeplihle ol'cold whcntindei Iheir iiifin. em e, than nt anv olhcr lone llicrel'oie in lln- eliinale Ihey are niviiliiable. Neither do thoy require change of diet or caro of any kind re Engliiiid ihe-e i'dl- have been the only Incdiciiie of many families fur periods varyum mom forlv lo sixly veins and have alwav.- proved cfieetual it: reMcrmg health whenever an alienation liuin it has occurred. In many ea-es where the dreadful ravage of ulceration had laid hare liuauienl and hone und wbcro to -ill appearance no human means could savo life, lone patients by thu use ol these pills been restored to good health, the devouring disease having been purlictly erad icated. In consequence of the pleasantness of their operation, and the dose not generally being required lo be moru than four or five pid (merely keeping in view the drain upon the humors.) ihey nro fa-t superseding every utile picparatiou of professed similar import. Cases may occur wbeie it will be proper In take twenty or even thiity or mote pills ; ibis miisl bo considered with reference lo highly inflain. malory di-uase, or when greal pain is cxpen cuced. As Hrandrclh's Pills prevent Scurvy, Cos livcncss and its .consequences, seafaring uein. and nil travellers lo foreign regions, should not be without them, in order lo resort loon every occasion of illnc-s. N. R. Time or climate affects them not. Southern Gentlemen will find this medicine one which will cmmuo health lo tho people on lueir eslales. CANCERS. Several cases of euro can bo referred to, tho cure is turo if perseverance is used. CONSUMPTION. Reference can bo made to numbers who have been cured in New. York and Brooklyn, oflhis disease. Such is the leputatino, and so great the de mand for the Genuine 'Hradreth's Vegetable Universal I'dls.' that a counterfoil article is made, mtveitiud and sold ns genuine and some individuals who sell the counterfeit pills have advertised thtmselves as my agents that I have found il necessary, to prescrvo the rep- ulalion ol'mv pills, and snvo Iho public from iiiiposiiiuii, io iiirniso every agcni Willi a cor tificalo, which is as follows; 'Brundnth's Vegetable Universal Pills.', SlICUIUTV Ali A I sT CoUM Cnt-KITS. 'Pbe within named, Farre&. Parmeleo of Middleiown, Conn, are my nppniiitcd Ge-u oral Agents for tho Siato of Vermont, Con neclicot (except Fairfield Co.,1 Hampden. Hampshire &, Franklin Counties, Mass,; Cheshire & Sullivan Counties, N. II. In (lie United Stales of America. And this Inner, which is figued by mo, B. Iln amiiiktii, in my own hand writing, must also be signed by the within named General Agent, wlinso name will nl-o ap pear in tho principul papers in the Untied S'ates. This caution has become absolute ly necessary, to guard tho public ngaui6t ihe numerous counterfeits winch are uu the above popular medicine. B. BRANDRCTU.M D. New York. Feb. 22 11137 For sale by S. E. HOWARD. Hurling Ion Fuller & Huntington, Richmond Fletcher ii Woodman, Williston J. T. Ainsvvorlh, Milton Potter. Cull. & Co., Fuirfox-L. Tyler, Es-ox L Jnnes, Gcor. gio James Russell, St. Albans F. V, Goodrich, Swunton S. K. Plait, Highgalc Win Green & Co.. Sheldon-Chaffer & Lewis Berkshire, Thomas Fuller & Sun, Ennsburgh Armington & Dean, Ual;crn field Towor & Oakes, Underbill G. 11 j Oakse, Jcrico. 1 KI3W ErVWIiANS CWUCiSBl SYRUP, The uputnlim of whirh Am nnm becomr (ttnblifhnl as tht moil snfeamt ffifneiout rrmiili ti er ttincovcrcJor ik r j. in :nv. a , t-o , t s j o vr. 1 1 , asti im a. wjiooi'trw; fioi Gii, si'bttiko or 1IMIOU, AS I) A LI. AFI'ECriONS or ym: i.vxos. :.VJ?iz.V. 1'Rr.PAltKD ONLY DV THE SOI.K ITlOPniETOl , DANIEL GODDA1! D, No. 8 Oold St. N t:V-YO I IK. In presenting ItiH uipful renipdy to the public, tho Pis prictnr U nnilmrlz.'d lj- a I'liyatclan, rrom nliom the ltccl;,1 km oeiifi(lpminlly nlitnlncd, to elate, that lie lias used' U Mini'lf, nnil In 1I - cxicnlt practire In Pulmonary n(T3 linns Willi nstniilsliln? rlTcct. Tim linjipy combination ni vcRdablo siibttancpj, of which It Is entirely compos;!?, nro peculiarly adapted to diseases of the Lungs Liver, uii Stniiini-li. 'Xh!i medicine li.n hern wed very cxlcrislvely, and the prnpiiitor Inn not known a i Ingle Instnnco In which It ha; filled in Ivlnp relief in illsciucs lor which it ii reconitnm "ill even in cdei nnpronclilru: to consuinptton, ntteri'.'d witli l.tpeilliip in the Linus, nnd where nil other renie'il.-i filled, the mn.-t decided nnil Underlie; success l.vt attvndfit it.i use. Common cold, which nro generally t'i3 i flu-oT ib tiurted prr..plrntiori, will icti) tolls tnfltlcii In a fov.- l iiura j whi n ti-,i'd In n?tluna,' hoarfenos, nliec iur, nnd hiiilnesj of biinth, il gos immediate relief, pro nirinif u.'inipill re-t und nlrcp. In whooping cough it Is without a nviil. IlnpcratM with Eenlle expecloratlon, and may ho Ellen to lufann with perfect naftty. Ihe genuine New England Cough Syrup will bo en veioped in a bill ol directions, enclosed in an engraved wrapper, bearing on It llio denature orthc proprietor In liii own bund writing. I he brttle will be Healed nnd etamped on tin. corlt ' Pcw England C'ongli Svrup.' A few oftlie many rciilfleates in favor ofthh Syrup which are In prusfssinn oithe Proprietor, aienddcd for the perusal of thoso who may be tioubled with similar complaint. Ics.m. Mnjfat, I'tummrrS- Co, (Icnthmrn-Jinet having tried, by the recommendation of my friendi, almost every medicine for a couch, without the lean relief, I had recourse to your New England Cough Syrup, and am enabled to say. with thankful, lieu, that it has cured mcofoneofthe most obstinate coifhs 1 ccr knew, and shall fell It ti bo Eilutytn recommend it to every one whom 1 Iind In need of bo valuable u medi "hie. Yndr respectfully. Van ton, Xor. 20, ISM. JOHN P. STEVENS 1 I ,vc th" can -iriinn iind pleasure of informing yi.u ili.u i brittle or Wen Eie-daiul Coiigli Svrup, which I pro. itrt-d of you on the a.l of April h,n entirely relieved mo rum u very eo ere tough which bad afflicted me for a short ome pa-t. AHer ning 11 variety of medicine, nnd Ilmllng un permanent lelief, I was iniluctd by the ndice of mr ( i' liiN, totry our Syi up. The result I have nil endy staled il Hiirceedr i beyond my CNpectadon : and I cheerfully . eco.iinicnd it es a very ( aluable medicine Tor all those who may be ntlhcted with uniilar complaints. Youryc-peetliilly, CilAIlLES ItUGGLES. Boston, Ma; ), lS,",i. It i ii-cs me great pleasure to be nble to add my testimony in fayr of your New England Cough Syrup, two bottles I whirl bin lug entirely cereil my cough, which ivns so - verethal my physician adrd me to Ppend the comin? whiter in a southern climate, but the fortunate use of iho yrup will pri rlnde the neceuv. i. , cV,mr c ' JOSEPH BIIADLEE. lio.iton, Frntrmbcr 1. 1S2I. '1 he Proprietor would add, that ho U contantly recelvlne im-rous icstinionials of the lalue and ellicacy oflhis nnm r.-i.ud '1 ho abov AVir Yuri;, article i sold who!ra!e In b It .Wom, I'hiUiMjihia, llultiir.oie, bv Ilenshiw & Ward, .Mavnard Jc Noycs, fi llrewer-, Stevens Stt'iishin?. by IfaarThnmp-on, J. Sc J. V Smltli, C. V. Carpenter, and A. Fullerton, jr. by It. II. Lolemnn Sc Co., Whitakcr & llnrtol, and G. k N. Pnjiplein, jr. by (Jl.woc Sc Harri-on, and Allen, Sc Co . by .Innics Si hooninakcr U Co. by Nathan JanK by Sands fc Shaw. by Geo. llent. by 11 C. Priedham. bv V. O. Smiih. rrniineioranii all tlie drurrgists. Cincinnati, Oii l':ilslnirq!i, I'cn ic Urltuns. . llla.iy, X. V., '. tttal, I.. C. Ual'far. A. S.. Sr. Jilint, .V. il , And mild wholesale bv llic druccists and apolhecarle -riii rally throughout the United Slates. OK K IS' TOUTI1 WASH A Vi'iiiih.o nnic'e P r ipe teeth and gums J & J II I'rxn Co. w liuletale agt nt R niiKT Mo- iiv, Retail. DlV FRIES' fHIHE extensive salo and established repu .H. taliou of DUMFRIES ITCH OINT M ENT, encourages iho Proprietor to recom mend it with renewed confidence lo Ihe pub lie, as a most innocent a' well as powerful application fur tbs annoying disca;u. Tho most inveterate c.i-cs have been cuiieu in ii.m: noun! by tin- csteeniud Ointment. It contain" no Mercury, or oilier noxious nigro. dient.atid may bu eonfnlently applied oven to the yoinigu-i ebildreii, or to pregnant females. I'l ice cents. SORE AKD INPX.AJHSD YES! "H1IK studious, tho weakly, and others, L who aro Ironhled with snrnucfs or in- flainmatioii of that delicate organ, will bo able to obtain a must pleasant and invaluable application, in flu. il FRIES' This well estubli-hcd Wash for the Eye, is pnifecllv iunncen', nnd gives iunuediato relief. even in very aggravati d cases of soreness and inflammation. I rice 2.i cents. 1 K II I Tj I T A T 13 D F 13 M A L 13 S . rn HL coinplaiiits peculiar lo ihe leiuale JL part of the community, have been long successfully treated bvihe atlmini.-tra lion of the Aromatic Pills, originallv pre scribed tiinl ei iiiiotindeil by Dr. I hey cleanse the blood from tho.-e disor ders of'tliu female coihi tiutiou, fur which Fills, ore on effectual specific; they restore a free circulation reform tho irreg. nlnr operations of Ihe sanguiferous system, and rectify tho disordered habits. The proprietor's confidence in the eu.ocrior ex cellence- of this equally innocent and pow erful preparation, is founded on Iho most decisive testimony from many restored pa ........ (it .. Jouiu mis nurtion ol thn public, that when Dr. Rdfe's AROMATIC PILLS FOR FEMALES, are regularly taken according to the direc tions accompanying ihem, ihey revive and establish the desired healthy habits, and restore lo ihe pallid countenance the natu ral glow of licit II Ii nnd good spirits. The Pills ore an approved general rcme; dy in cases of Obstructions; Debility ; Hy. pochondria ; Green Sickness; Giddiness Palpitation of tho Heart ; bad Digestions Loathing of Food ; Pain of Iho Stoirach , Shortness of Urcalh upon cvoiy 1 it t to mo lion; Sinking of the Spirits, and its conse quences, a dejected countenance, and dis like fur exercio ami conversation. Mnrried ladies will find the Pills equally ii-el'iil. except in ras. s of pregnancy, xehen they mut not be taken ; neiher must thoy he taken by persons of hectic or consuntp. tivn habits. They may b used successful ly by oil her men or women in till Ilypochon driac. Hysteric or Vapourish disorders. In nllcases oflhis description, the Pilli purify, invigorate, and revive the disordered sys. tern. Price 1,50 a box. Rbls. North Shore Salmon, forfait) AJ by FoLl.ETTE ft RlliULEVS, VCC. ti, 1037.

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