Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, January 5, 1838, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated January 5, 1838 Page 1
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N O T T II K O I. O It BY Us B. STACY. X O V V ,V S A It ! It H T T II U W K I, F A Hi: t) F It O M K. 38 5 Of 1 'V'n.. Xff""gfo. fi50 CANADA. Poltcv ns well asiwninniiy should induct' tlic royal aiilhnrVies nf Cnnndu lo temper justice willi tp'-cy. Every drop of blood lln'V flicd dl hi ii r I, up nn armed 111:111 hereafter. They nnv doom their captives to nn ifrioininioiiH dcmli. lint Ihey cnnnol qticli '"o "I'lfll which tnailo them martyrs. Tliry limy sny that thu patriots, or the rebels if they chnno, have fh'loil nnd point tolhogibbel where llieir limb- nre nailed, to prove the assertion ! but let them remember "They NtVF.n kail, who nir. IN 4 on K at causk; iIiii may sn.ik llieir Their lie.nls m.iy mildcn in llie sun ; t lnti- limbs I!c .linn'' Iriuilv u . 1 r mill raile nail. Bill mil llieir Fp'u il walk iitiin.iil. I'liMiijIi joins Kl.iprp iiml nih"i sh tie n; n ilnn.ii, Tliev Inn iiiiiui'iii llie ili'ep ,iml Mi'i'i'iii; lliuiiglilf , V lie h iivi'iiiimri' nil nllisi. 11 11 I riiinliii'.l The win lit 111 List in luci'dinn !" TUB NEW Y 12 Alt. On I hi; departure of the old, and tho advent of the new year, cu-lnm nnpincs upon us the pleasing duty 01' tendering to our patron the cnngrniulntiun of ihe son. eon, and warrants us in communing wi'h them on Ihn pari, with n view lo our mu tual benefit in Ihe coming year: We therefore greet them nil with "a happy Ni:w Year;" noil thni we may contribute our mile towards the f'ulfi'tiieut nf Un wish, we iiivilu to a retrospective view ol the past year, tho heller to coublo us to nvoid its error?, atone for its omissions, nnil profit, from its experience. The duties o( life are ninny nud divorsi fiod. They arc religious, moral. Fecial and reliilivu. I'liey relate to our Creator, to eociely, to our families, and lo oii'selves. Leaving the, cniisiideratinn of the first lo more amiable and competent bunds, nnd to the silent and unerring admonitions of conscience, let us direct our attention to tlinao ilnliN whinli full nnrl ictiinr Iv w il li in i tllC purview of our jmiriial. And, 1st. 'ls 10 our business or calling. Have wo improved in thi.s? Have wo 'jnuijtni'nled the Icrttlily ol our noils, nnd increneed their products, --by Urn i 11 1 1 1 r , manuring, allernaiQ crow.--by clover nnd rout cull ore, and by atlopiiun v reiju'nr sjvleni of inniiDL'' 1 1 t i .' Have we imnro vsd our farm stork, by breeduii; from the best iiidivuluals, or by intrmJucint; b'Hier Jfteds; flnJ rnrm impl"'.,,, by l'lK use of those which timFt nbridpe labor, nud which perform the best work .' And above nil, have wo improved the mind, the great lever which tnuhipl es. power, in that knowledge which is the guulu nnd s-olnce of labor, and which impnrts dignity and indeiendencft to txian ? If we have not done all or any of these lliinj;. wo have k'fi undone those ihirgs which we iuiht have dune, and which in gcncrnl we ought to have dune, In advance- our prosperity and urefiilncFu. TI10 agricultural periodi cals of the day proffer lo our aid ihe nn' provements and best practices in husbandry nf Hi'.1 ngticiiliurnl world, and instruct in the great principles of nature upon winch the most enlightened and fiiccesfu farming U based. These publications may bo likened 10 the scud which is sown upon a good soil the outlay is trifling tho income twenty, fifty nnd nn hundred fold. Tho march of improvement, in nil the arts, of productive lulinr, is steady and certain; nnd he that will noi go forward upon Ihe flood of tide, must expect to be swept back by itn 1 bb. 2d. Jls regards onr relative duties. Three involve great responsibility ; unu our m.joyiocnio in life, and i he welfaru ol those cn'ruFtod to our charge, materially depend upon ihu fidelity with which they are performed. In tho-c tnuilersj the eye uffo'da a ctrotiger medium through which to convey insliiiciiou than the ear; and children more readily imitate what they see, than profit by what t hoy hear. I'm ccpt may be likened to tho mnon, which ehinee with borrowed light, but which neither warms nor iniiinr.ies example in the euiii which vivifies all within the sphoiu of ila influence. Wc hardly need be re minded nf the ft rung natural bicn we huvo to whatever wo term our own; and tlia1 wo often commend, or justily, at home, what wc ditnpprobnte, or find fault with, abroad. If the impnrtiincc nf tho relative .duties of life have escaped our observation ;or those duties have been neglected, 1 hero is ample room for our improvement in the Coining year. 3d. Of our tacial duties. TIicfo rolato lo ojiciylibor, and lo society at luryu ; and in llietjgrcgnio they form national character, otijinstituto natiotiyal power. The isolated elTig, who extends not 1 1 id charities nor his kind offices beyond the circle of his family, nislakcs alike Ins duly uud hit true inter- The command is, "love your neigh- r," and it was a governing principle with ftanklin, (hat to do good to others, is to fulfil nnu of iho grent duties of life. Tic rownrtl, cvrn in life, is sure. The cons cifiiiuiie. of having contribuled to the pro inolion of virtue nnd hnip't) happiness n lire reward, lo all who justly npprplipnd llm tlifTiMPiicu hot ween virluu nnd vice. The social dniiu nrp performed in n varie ty nf way. Individual example, in habits nf industry, frugality nnd temperance in ncN nf kiniihrss. benevolence anil libernlily Ill I III! priirl lee of honeii y and inlojrrity in our dealing in .lfTirding friendly enn se nnd peeuuiarv aid to the nnfurluiiate in the il fto-inn of ihi fnl knnwlodge--und generally, in off iris to lr-i'ii I'lp evils, nnd o multiply the iihtnui ml enjoyments of s.ioipi y : 1 1 it 1 -1 (1 11 11 1 example we hay, ha, in ihep manor, nn inipo-tiig nud -nluiary infl lenre. in n greater or le tlerree, nr cording I" our -landing and influenne in I he sncal eircl". There is 110 mnn, however humble be his condition in life, whose ex ample dni.'ii not exorl nn infliienri'.fiir gnnd nr for evil, iipuii fi-iii" (' 1 lei circle of Ins nrqiifilnncr. Ij"I 11 nil then rndrnvor lo throw our ourselves into ihecal (or good, that good innv more nb.iund nnioiiit n: nnd if we hnve iii'ijleeled nny "I this cluss nf dime?, 10 tnnl;o nninuds befnro another new year. We Inve cone thro the retrospect wo designed to take. If the censnlerntions wo hnve -nirir..tpil fn' Miliriveini'Ut, ..I,.. 1. I.I i .diii'tine nny one and w Impi! 1 hey may iipiny lo become a betior far mer, a nmre watchful and exninplnty parent or a more useful cii izen, tlnrini; ihu com inij t linn lie was tlurine the past yenr, then shnll we consider the tunc employed in ienine liese remarks n havinp; been prof itably spent ....Cultivator. soc;s i'uom scitii'TurtE. Sudi U die ihlc Mr Mnmo has rlm-on fur 11 flmrl fi'i icii, six in niniilicr, ofMinpil melodies imt pi'l'l'shu' , m whirl, Ill selerliiin of Ionic- Ii.h been rm.ipvrd 111 mii.ible mid lie.nnil'iil l,niti,np. V I mum Inn fur mie specimen, 11 13 tliu fifib of she sei lej, niul eiiinled. soxc; to tiik nnvi: Swpi'I ilme, thai liiiiiunviird winning O'ei Hiiille--. u.ite lli Imu'ly way, Now liiilier Ih'iiiI'iiI ilipe, In in.; 1113 The lnnu-fiiiiiylii nlie i-pi.iv : TiHiii IpITkI iij Liiv i lill ii'iyix ntinve I Inn (iml iliili mil lii- own Hirjjel TI1.11 Mi-ievV tl iwii, iiwn iiniiij, Willlilil lie Iiiki uinlil ci. Anil s'c, in lip.ivpn adPPinlim, The ridniiii Imw ol t'e u e iinfni I'd, Iiko LovpN l)ri(jlil iirmj, pMcinling To elasp :i ueeping wni lil. II. lil ! iiiiinii In iijle of mini nnd liijlil, I'linMvpe nfsiiipis' liiipos and (cnri, When liiln 1elefii.1l, lilpudiipj, Di a a glut y uul of ip.irs ! EliUCTUO-MAtJNETISM. The Journal of die l:iiuilil!n In-tiiiilc fir Nn vrnilier contains Mr. 1 ),iv enpoi I j spcrificiiioii fur a p.ilcut. I hu ojlliivvii)2 is I lid eclitoi s comment upon it. No moan prnise, 1I1.1I. The subject of 1 be foregoing fpecificat ion iniere.-t, nnd it has arrested a corresponding port'nn of public ittenlinn ; we are likely soon. Uierolore, to have qne-iliiin solved, wliellier tins utvv power cm be advantageously opfdied totlio pro peHiog of uiacliiuery as n substitine for 1 hi -1 on 111 engine. ftlut of onr reaibrs, it 1 prePunieil, hnve seen I'roles-or ailiinnn'i nniiceoI'Mr. D.ivenport's in n ah in, pub ihetl 111 1 he Journal ol Science, 11 April l.i-l, which coiiialiis much in'in mat 1111 re-- lieniing the attempts ivlneli had heel miiih fur tin; proiluciui.' of motiuu by ilecirn nngnelic npporn'iH. Since that jennd. niltiee lias been received from Ijirnpe, nhowing Unit experiinenls upon this Minjeul nre in prepress under ihn direcliini olsotne of the iiiiii-l ilitiiiginshed Philnsnnhtrs in vnnntis port Ki n of l lint quarter if tin globe. Wo do not know bv whom, or nt what da'c, I lie fir-l miccI'uI experiment n'lim duciitg 11 direct rotary unit inn, by Ihe lec t rii'inngmgl ic npparntus upon a pruuiph iiniilng'iiK '" iliui niiiiii winch Mr. I) 'von port has puieeeded, wn- pert'iiruieil t. nrly. Iinvi'ver, iif .liiiKi, I (i.iU no n'icli npp nied tu the Liiudou iMeclianies' .Mng- u.'iie. p r , 1 1 1 -1 1 1 Mich nn nppnrnMt-'. 0111 giving a figure ol one which 11 was i-tippi-. ed, would answer llm purpoi-n; ,1 i-iipini nun which vra-, unilnubtidlv, well fouutcd. Not lone aliiir this Mr. Saxtou. we ) heve, prniiicid a rotative uineliinii by el)e irn magnet). in. hm vve ure not iiilonied repi cling 11-pnrl icuhir nrrinn'emeiit! I lie hisiorv ol the pnnliiciioii of tho un- chine palelited by Mr Diveupiirl. i n Iim lory ol Ihe sui:cesi'n rtl'.rls nfnn individi al, who to nn iiidomnubln nerseveraure, must have siipernililed. e.i raordiuary nut. lira) abilities, lie Iiukiih.vs is thni of t lilaeksmitii, nun ins advantages 111 point n eiincatinn were nut gremer than in-unlly lain, in uie 1111 in i r-iins III Pnlllllry places engngeii 111 siieu pursuits. Aceuleni hrn't lo ins notice, one 11 I'rules-or MenryV eieciri'-tnagneiF, winch lie emrerlv nnr chased, under n rnnvirii-in that he could render it ovailnble ns u motive power this wns 111 the yenr IIUJ. nud 111 July in.3.1 hud mi far purcpeded as to proihiro n rota live machine, nnd tins ho 1 f' cieil m n ,:iMm try villnge, unaided by scipimfic knnvvlcdge. by bnokh. nr by I ho encouragement of inm! of Ftiperior o'lHiiiinenls. or will) kindred spiritn. WlitHever mny bo ihe fmul remit of his labours, h s up nis nio of 11 high i,r iler, and ho Imp proved liuusi'lf well worthy of iho most splendid ruccess. Should his machine finally occuiiplish that which ho and many of his Irienu anticipate, its valuo will bo incalculable, fir alihoiirjh ho may have been -upereedi d in Europn. Ins. cmiin ns iuven'oi will undoubtedly prove v.i id in his own r.oiiutiy). nnd i)mbitioii need no' carry him beyond il. We have I wice sec his machine in opera inn, formerly in Now York, nnd recently in Washington, whcie it wns exhibited In the I'ri'Jideni, nud Un Heads ol Di'nnrlmt.'iit". Ho far a Ihe evi .lenee of 11 itP'dul i" lo be tnken. I' nerf n mance l quite salisfaeinry j nud Mr I) 1 venporl is now occupied in constructing which h intended to drive a Nnpim I'm1-, n quiring a t wn hnrse power. I Ins liniild it succeed, will be n fair t -1 of I's vahio, and wn ennfe.-" 1 lint, nhliiiugh on p' clal iniH do nut jreueni'ly pnrlnke ol he sanguine in uch uiaMler'. 11 ! only our hnpiu bin we nny ay our ciuhdeuc '. ha nioroneii as we luive liecnnii) nruuainou Willi the iiroirros. uf I ho cxperiuieiH winch nre beliiL' curried 011. We are well aware, that shnulil it be eyeii'ipillv proved, llm no n villnhle power innv b'' nbtnini'il. wlncii in iv be hiiIhiuuIi'iI I'nr that ol rleaiii. r.s mlnpl inn would depend entirely iiiein its ecnlloiny. wph repnni in which we cannot have sntUf'ncfory d.tln tin til n oineliiue ofseveral horspp power shnll Imve been produced; the probability, how ever, is. Hint Hie cost n' opprnliug I lie olec tro-niaL'iietic niipnrnins, will be much below that of the s'eam engine. TUG fSUNI) I'KGACHGil. The foil ivviiii; leiier giving an nccounl ()'' n s'erm in prenehed by the Rev James Wndilell, n ininisler of thu Gipel who wa ib prived of f-irrht. wo copy from the British Spy. Those who have nut peon it. will read il with pleasure and profit. It is from the pen of tho excellent Willinm Witt. IttciiMo vi), Oct. 10 I have been, my dear H , an excursion through the cnuiniea which lie along l It 0 eni-tern side of the BI110 Ilulgc. A general description of that count ry nud i's iuhibitnnts mny form the subject of a future letter. For the present I must entertain you with an account of n mnst singular and interesting adventure which I met will), in I lie couruu of the tour. It was uti Sunday, as I travelled through the county of Ornngc, thai my eye wn caughl by n cluster of horc3 lied nenr a ruinoiH, old, wooden house, in the forest, not far from I lie rond wide. Having fre quell! ly seen Fttch objects befnro, il travel hug through thece (ilnl'js, I hnd no difiieul ly in tiiiderstnuding that this win a place of religious worship. Devotino 8hould have stoimed mo, to join in the duties r t,Q congregniion ; but I must confe-ii, vi.ct m nenr the nreaeher of such a wildcrnees, was mil the least of my motives. On entering, I wns struck with his preternatural nppearnnce, he was 11 lull nnd very spare old man ; his head which wns oovred with n while linen can, Ills shrivelled hinds, nud his voice, were ull shaking under the influence ol n pal-ey; and n few moments ascertained to inn that he was perfectly blind. The first emotions winch touched my breast, were those of mingled pity nud von. erntiou. But ah! sncrcd God! The lips of Plato worn never more worthy of n prognostic swnrni of bees, than wore the lips nf tin-holy mnn ! Il was a day of 1 he administration of the sacrninent ; ami his Mlbjecl, of cnurm', wa- lip' t.iss;nn nf nnr Saviour. I hnd heard I lie riilijec' handled aihnnsnuil times; I had thought il exhaus ted long ago. hitlle did I Hiippnxc, Ihnt in the wild wnoiN of America. I wns to ineoi wnh a man whoso eloquence would give lo this topic a new and more niilihmn pnilins, than I had ever before witnessed. As he descended from the pulpit, lo (lis tribute Uiumyfiic symbol there was pecul inr. n moreihan huiunii solemnity in his uir and manner which mado my blood run culil. and my whole framo shiver. He then drew n piciure of Ihe puffer nigs of our Saviour ; his t rial before Pilui e ; III-a-cent up Calvary; Ins crucifixion, mid In death, I knew tho whole history ; bin 111 ver, until then, had I heard thu cireiim. Mmices so selected, so arranged, so colour, ed! It was all now; and I seemed to hnvo heanl it for ihe first liinu in my life. His enunciation was so deliberate, that Ins voice trembled on every yllnb!e ; nud every heart in thu m-i-ciuby trembled 111 uiii-ou. i I in peculiar phrnsui had that force of des cripliou that Ihu original scene appeared lo he, ni that moment, acting bufure our eye Wo saw tho very faces of tho Jews: the staring, frightful distortions of malice and rage. We saw the bufl'.t ; my intil kin dled with n fhuiii of indignation 1 nnd my hnnds were involuntarily uiid convulsively clinched Iim w 11 ho came to touch on the pa tience, the forgiving uicukness of our Sa viour: whenlio drew to Ihu life, his blessed eyes streaming in 'ears to heaven; his f.iico breailnng in God, a silt and gentle jrayor ol paidun un his enemies, "Kullier forgive them, for I hoy know put what they in. ' Tho voien of the preacher, which Imd nil nlong Inhered, grew laiuler and ftiuler, until his uliuranco being entirely okstructed by the Ibrco of his feelings, lie ri.ised his handkerchief to Ins eyes, nud burst into a loud and irrepressible flood ol iref. The effect wob inconceivable The whole house reouuiled with the mingled rromw. and soln, nnd shrieks of Ihu eon. 'regniinn. Il was oini. tune before Ihe tuinult hnd lih-liled ho f'.ir us to permil bun lo pro r.eeil. Indeed, judging by lb'.' nsnnl. but nllacinuq s'lllPlnril nf my own Wen klli'; 1 Deg.'in In be V"tv unen-y Ihe miiiatpin if Ihe princher. I-'or I en it Id not con ceivo ; Imw hi! Wolllil ) nhle In lei his nn hence down from the height 10 which he had wound them, without impni'ing the emiii'v nnd dignity of hw subject, nr perhap shocking 1 hem by Ihe iitirunlness I Hie Inll liilt il"! Up' de-ceiil w is a eaii'lful null -ii'jlnn' , as the elevation had been raoid and imp linens' ie. The lir-l seniritco with wli'ch he broke 'lienwful silence, Was 11 qiintntinn from ll'iiHsenu, ic.ra'e.s ill d lik" a nlnlos opher.but J. 'smi- Chri-t, like n G id !" I ik'sp'iir of giving yon nnv idi a of the ft", 'lit produced by this sliorl sen enco. iiuleis you could perfectly conceive the whole manner of tip' man. a well ns the pi'onltnr erUis in llm discourse. Never before, did I completely understand whnt Deinnti denes tnnnl bv laving such si reus on deliver. Yon nre to bring belbro you iho venernlilu tiguronl the preacher; Ins blindness, cuiMlnnMy recalling in your recollection old Homer, Oji-ihu nnd Millon, and associating wnh his performance, l he niolaiiehnly grandeur of I heir genius : you are to iiingine Mini you hear his slow, sol emn, well accented eiiuuciat 1011, nnd his vnieo of nfl'"cnng trembling melody; you am to remember 1 h ppeli of pn--iiin nnd oiithiHinsm to which iho congregation had been raised ;' nud then Ihn low tuiiiutpq of portentous denth-like silence which reigned throughout the luuiso : the preacher re moving his white handkerchief from his nged I'n i'o, (even yet wet from tho recent torrent of lug tears.) nud slowly stretching firih the p-iUied hand which holds 11, bu gins the Kentenci! "Sncrntes died Ilka a philojopner" then pausing, rnising his other bund, preying ihiiu b ith c nsped together, wilh warmth nnd energy to hu breast, lifting his "sightless halls'' to hea veil, and pouring hi whnlu soul ino Ins Iremiiloiu v nee '"but Jesuq Chri-l like n God!" If he had been in deed and truth an angel nf light, tho effect could cnu:ely have been tnnro divine. Whatever I have been able to conceive of the piibMinity nf Mnsiillon, or thn force of 13'iurilnloiie had fallen far ihorl nf the power winch I felt from the delivery of this simpln -eu'ence. Tho blond which i'i-1 befnro hnd tuiiod in a hurricane upon my brnin, and in the violence nnd agony of my loelinga, had hHd my whale sylem in suspense, now ran hue!: iniomy henri, with a sena ion which I cannot describe a kind of" -hndilering it.'licioiw Ipirror ! The naroxysm of blended puy nnd indignatinn. 10 w bicn I had been ' ran-porioil. subsided into I he deepest self-iibarOnient, linnnliiy nnd ad. trillion. Ihadjo-it been Inortiiod and dissolved by sympaihy, for our Saviour ns a icllow cioalurn ; but now with fear mid trembling I adored him as -'p. Gnd !" If 1 his dei-oripiinn give you tho impress ion, thai this incomparable uuuiDter had any tip tig of sliallnw. theatrical 1 rick in hi manner, it din's bun greni injustice. I have never seen, in any other ornior, such n union of simplicity nud majesty. He has not n gR.-lure, nn altitude or an accent, to which ho does nut seem forced, by Ihe sentiment which ho is expressing. Hi mind is too serious, loo earnes'l, inn miIici. Inn, and, at the -nine Mine, ton dignified to sloop to artifice. Although ns far rn. moved from in-to niniuui as it man can be. yet II is clear from the Minn. Hie ftyl" nud stibs'nucu ol Ins th iiights-, thai he" 1, not only a very pohle nebular, but 11 man of exien-ivu and i r f 1 1 ri I erudition. I win, t'lircibly si ruck with n short, yel li 'iiiiiifol clnrneler winch ho drew of our lenru.iil nod amiable ciiuut ryman. Sir It 'beri It iyle; he stinke nf him, as if "his noble mind had. even be-li'te death, dive-led her self of nil infl lenee from his frail liiberun cle of tli'r-li ;" and called Inm in hw pecu liarly emphatic and unpreivo manner, "a pure intelligence : tho link between men and iingels." Tin- man hns been befnrr my imngiiin. tuin nlni'is' ever -nice A llpiiisand lime-, a I mdo, nlniig, I drnnped the reins ot uiv bridle, si retched furl li tit v hand, ami tried 10 uniiaie Ins qiiip iiinn Inun llossenu ; n thniiaiid I inn.'- I abandoned the nll.'inpt 111 de-pair, ami fell persuaded Ihat his peculiar iilinner nnd power nro-ie from nn fw rgv of -011 1 which mil lire could give, hut wlueli no human Iv ing-cniiid jn-tly copy. In horl, beseem tn lie nlingil. r a lli'iog nf a fnriner age, nr of n totally ifff rent na. lure from ill" roM of men A- I recall 11 1 this moment several of In--awfully i-irikmg .VI it piles, the chilling tide, wilh which my blond begins 10 pnur al'iug my arteries, reininds 1110 of I ho rinniinn produced by 1 he first sight of Ins hard ; ''On a rock, uhnp liinjluv Inniv, Pimvin n'fi old t.'ninv.iv's Inaiiiiiig flood. UoIm'iI 111 ilit; salilii u.nil uf un, Willi lia nil eves ili pnel uno.l ; (l.iiiiyu his lie.iid ami I1n.11 v liair Stie.tini'd, like a 11.e1e.1r in ihe irnnhlcd nir ;) Ami uilh 11 pnei's h mil mid piiiilici's fun, Slun k llie deep oii'mvv of 1 1 id Ijic." Giiee my surprise, when on my arrival nt Richmond, and mentioning ihu name of 1 In.-, limn, I found but one person who hnd ever beloro honrd ol James Wuddcll ! I Is it not bl range, "'nt such a genius ns this, so uccomph'-hed a -cli-ilar, so divine 1111 or niur, should bo poMintlcd tn anguish oud dio Hi oh-c n r 1 1 v . iv it li 111 eighty miles of the metropolis of Virginia ? To me it is a con elusive argument, either Unit tho" Virgin ians have no taste fur tho highest slruinsof Die must siiblimu oratory, nr iliat thev nre desliiutn iifninuch morn important qutdity, ihu love of gentium and e;:alteil religion. The Abba Rayual observes, that tho life of leu has contributed mure to the sobrity oftho Chiiiuso'lhaii Iho severest laws, the most eloquent discussion?, or tho befct treatises on morality. I .Mil T.'B. HltOWN S USUAl'W FlllM QANADA. Oho brigade of ISriu-h Invuicibles had been driven nnck ignominioii-iy from St IJeiii-, a see niu brignde hnd retreated lo use I ho fa 8li 1011 11 li 1 11 word, from Si Cliark'f to 1 he safe barrr.cks nf Monlreal when n third brigade wn dmc'cd on St. l)n'S. nud had nr ivi il nt St. (ur. nine tnilt's di-iuni, nud iny-elf saw that Ihute being 110 riiug elsewhere, we were draw ing the whole fi rce of the government to our devoted district, nnd Unit tho' wo might 1111 1 ill n in oursnlve- in force, still we iniisi rcircnt and dtnw ihe enemy nfiur Us, vvherby Uin ihirnliiies of Guropean rage for A.'Mi:itinA bond would be salmleil in 1 he tun rib r of gray -Inured i-ircs nud r mil tug iiif.iuis', not to iiit'tP inn tho deal ruction of property, lo intiinidtato other counties frniii liillnwing nnr example. Wc there- lore told our men to go home quietly lor the preset)', nud lo bo in readiness tn ns- emb'n al lb.' fi'st signal. For ourselves, a Iree pardon in a'l had been i.fiered upon condlllliou of onr being delivered into the hind of Government, and we lelt nn mu nition to becouin Iho vicnrinus sacrifice for the political ofi'eiices of llm country ol Richolicii. Wo nlsu imagined that the uugtMl representative of Iho ruling pot ll -coni of Britain might, in his nrdnr for nn interview with two individuals who had cau-i.'d him so much doquii't, nfl'-'r n price fur our heads that would render them n niaikt'inblo commodity Wiihtliepc con siderations wc determined nn visiting the Slnles. Op Fnihy evening, llie 1st nf December, and myself lelt St. Dunii. nccon patiied by live others who considered iiuiigrnlion expeilient Wo rode a II nigh' 111 carts, arrived nrxt morning nbnut day light, al St Cesnire. where we were pu-h mg on Inwards the township bordering on I ho lines, when a 111511 informid us tha' we were going 11H0 llie g-ue du Lmip ('he woll's throat,) that guards were plnccd-'hlong ihc road to intercept geullu men moving on especial business, nnd Hint it would bo necessary logo through tho woods, witli thn passes of which he was acquainted. Alter brrakfa'tnig wc crossed lo the right 01 northern haul; of the Yamnskn river nnd continued wall: mg mil il night fall, when we found our Si'lves 111 a tremendous windfall the Meet crossed in every d'repMnti, 1 hr. 11 j. li which wo forced ourselves, like small li-h through a salmon net, until wo atrived in a wamp. A-her. darkness prevented, our going on ward. The proximity of sumo huts pro vented our making a fire. To compen sate fertile absence of sleep during the In-t forty hours, I had tho cons ion of gelling my back ngaiut n Ireo with my knees drawn up lo keep mv feet out ol iho water, winch refreshing posture wa disturbed about twe o'clock in iho morn 1112 bv a violent rain, which la-led nil murni ig. At day light our iiin'rch wa resumed. The outer world was fair nnd beautiful, but in I In) forest Iho cuiiiiout dnppinu' from iho trees was like 0 shower bath Irom .in ice house. A Cuiinuian Inrest 'is tint a Vermont wood, whore you move between nniji'siio trees and tread upon the dry elnitio leaves, iho t.ccurnulation of ages No, the 'damp low riii I 1 brows the roots ol tho trees lo Hn -nrfnee, and the wind oven brows Un in 111 every direction, while small brush spring up 111 every little opening tliu created Your c-nirsc is a continued climbing over lulled log- or swimming through a Unck ant hedge of brush wood, with the expedition ol a fly through a snncer of hnin-v, Un derneaUi the ground 1 spongy, Irn v ill" wn'er in every (outstep, One hnlf Ihe siirlnee 11 covered wilh Mil h; pnnl, which being slightly Irnzen ki'PUnno III constant tremor between hope nod fenr .1 nil uller nale change-of joy nud m'low, ns his feel sunk or reinuiiied linn up 111 t he 1 reneli. eroiio ni' face. Onwird wo packed nil night, when choosing 11 dry poi, we km. dlPil n fire, collected lieuiloik braucher Inr our beds, lined nnr clothes, nnd pns--d a eoiiifni lalile nighl . For lood. we liad during 1 he day liniild 11 few small Iiimiip which 1 he owner appmu'd to have h it on llie field fur Gh aners, after the piecept ol Li'VP ical law. l'ir drink, Iho iwanip po d liiriiu lied abundanc-. iliat wo drniik aceoriiiug lo the eintnm ot ihe Jew- 111 the day of thi! Judge-, whereby 1 perceived ihat we were not men til for war. tor none "lapped with their tongues." On Mnn day niily we reuehed ihe skirt ol ihe wood, when whnt was our horror indi-cov ering Unit we hid got into t'm Ihroiil of 11 lib stronger wolf than the 0110 we left be hind. We wore in fact close upon the lory village ol lirarhv, where n guard appealed statiouid. Our guide, like IS'al IV Biimpo, d 'ceived hyilio clearing, had "si his wav. Upturning to the woodi wo ill-covered iho northern brunch of the Ynuia-ka River, about a inilo, when , who 1 of 11 Ketitiickiau frame, dished into Ihe wnicr, and fording ncrnss wnnleil us to follow him. By comparing tho water lino upon this body by a section of cor responding height upon our own, wo saw thai the experiment with ourselves would approach loo nearly ihu sub marine, out.' therefore listened to our guide's insiuiia. t mil that 1 lieu was n betler place lower down. By moving to this place wo losi sight of oniirely, nud upon reaching it our guide, upon pretence of kinking a little further, deserted us forever, wns gone, r.uil wo deserted by our guide. My companions, five Canadians, tired of wan tiering in the woods, determined upon re turning In the French Setlleineiits. I but I lufiirtned them Unit 1 must go in the 'oiates, wherever they might gn, und upon cnining near a log house. I decided upon going towards il, iniend nf making nun nf those everlasting turns into Mm "woods to avoid it, such ns wo hnd prnclici il for throe days, My companum remonstrated in vain, They turned into tho woods, and 1 found niybelf alone. I neglected to monlinn that fortunately finding a pototoe palchj wc regaled ou. -e;vv the second lime up n the raw vege. table. Before leaving 43 1. Dennis, I had lamed one of my feet, and a fall from n burst' at .St. Gbarlcs having nearly brnken one of my rib, my side was mt ch inflamed On approaching tho cabin, 1 found tho only uiin'jti) an I mhIi woman. Her husband wnt oli-ent for several days probably, linwever. hid under sumo neighboring log. Her voice wns for pence. SI10 had noth ing eatable but po'ntocs, which she char ritnbly offered to boil. but as she men tioned there was a Yankee living n mile farther down, declining her civility, I pro ceeded toward Ins clearing. On coining to the house, how grateful to my rnrs wan the nharp voice of tho wife, scolding her children, h wn a Yankee voice. Upon nntoMhg 1 In1 dv.viiuig, which wasenmposed of one room, without n chimney, but with n tremendous p'.lo of wood burning upon a hearth, the smoke from whence escaped through u hole in ihe roof. I asked for some mill: Un.' lady eyeing mo suspicious- cur-fsod fho had none "the children hail eat it n'l up." 1 hnd, however, hardly felt thn grntelul influence of tho blazing fire, when n bowl of milk with brend ac compnuimi'ii's was on the table and install. tntieuusly tho frying pan was biasing upon tho coals with pork. Oh, woman! wliellier in tho palace oj Iho lug bin, in spile of your vagaries, hor universally dues the spontaneous imptilso nf compassion gild your character, when ever or wherever distress 11 presented to you. The hu-bnnd soon arrived, dark and u-picinu ; hut upon learning that. I waa like hint p Vormonter, and a republican, thing went on smoothly. I was "quite ignorant of Canadian nfiYirs, but spoko lenniodly of pine trees nnd swamp lands. There were nine children in the family. A line girl perily remarked, thorn was plenty o children, but nothing to put on 'em." In summer, the absence of neigh, bors, to make uuchnritnb'c remarks, made clothes of litile cuticequcnce, and in wjintcr 1 1 1 y ci'tild s'ay in Iho hon-o. The squat ter was h.i.'.ovvr, nn industrious man, for tho big buys sn'it long shingles all tho evening, to use for bonrds in covering n barn, while the father shaved them. I -lept among the children, who knotted up like a nest of eel but how would you ex unci chililriti bred 111 the woods, to know the points nf coinpjs lo a bed? On Tuesday umrning. nftcr eating a heuriy lin iikfast, I crosed the branch of the Yaninka in a cannc. Three miles v. all; through the woods, brought mc to the South branch, up which I walked (ill I found another canne in n clearing-, when I wns lorried over by a Cnnndinn woman. Proceeding until Ihrco o'clock, 1 reached llie, cultivated country, and laying down in a point of woods, slept until dark. My leuii-uess hnd becmnu insiiffernblc, but i wa kod bri-kly along tho road to the line?, passing a bridge while they were changing giiatd. to the Mib-eqneiU chagrin of iho guardians, who heard of it on the morning. At midnight, fatiguo compelled me to re. soil to a couch of hemlock boughs in tho wood until daylight, when I continued my route in within two miles of Dunham v il Inge when 1 -truck into U10 wood-i lo gain the Sitinhridge road I inquired for milk at n log house they had none, but thu owner staited lo inlorm the village of my preenci', nnd was informed ho would have made Ins fortune by catching me. For tour long hours I trudged befuro I found bread 1. ml mill;, and great wa my sorrow t learn that I gained 50 rods in distance! The 1 ruth is, one of my legs having bo come ii-oless, my supporters hud performed the ncnon of a piir of dividers, one leg standing si ill while Up other walked round 11. Reire-hed, I continued my ruuto till Into in the nliernuon. when I pass-rd a large clearing i n which were five cultivat ed farm. Hnqiitring nl the Inst one Torn wood mad leading five miles thrniih tho fore-t. I entered it boldly, firpil my carbine a- though gnuie wa-j un' object, and laid down till d.vk. Willi iho bcil disposition 111 th" world, I could gn no further. Tito leg thai hnd been drngged nil day, not only refused to be dragged, but the other winch had so pntpntly endured the toil would drag it no longer. With such uiu'iiions metiibc-rs, I could only return to one of the Iniu-c and make nut as good a story ns I ciinhl device. As I nppronched I met the owner, to whom I said. "I was going through ine woods, but it loooks so much like snow I will wait until morning." I lo looked an ui-'nut in my face and ex claimed, 'B , I know you; but here are four fi icuds of yours and you arc safe: I have just coui'i frnin tho Flat, they arc oil after yon ; old Cup'or wns fixing Ins old gnu ; I told tho d d old cuts il wouliin"; go 1 fi', Iml he swore he'd ehoot you if he sco'd yen ; I daren't tnko you in to my liou.-c, f 0 you must coup: into tho bjrn " A council of four "friends" was called. They could devise no m-nns of escape, rs cept wn'kuig imneiliately through the woods in 1 ho Iiip s. This, I modestly in lormed them, was impracticable, unless they could fnrni-h me with a new pair ot leg. C iverlids and 11 supper wcro then brought, nnd I wns hid fi'r two nights and a day under n hay Mack by which timo Ihn swelling of my limb had nearly subsi ded. My danger was not over, for tho women considering the secret of my hiding place loo weighty for their weak abilities, had culled upon llieir neighbors to help them keep it. 1 ticcnrdingly moved for one day to another barn, when my limbs becoming renovated, and a young man hnving ofTeied us a guide. I again eet out on Fritluy rveng lust. Knowing that I was-wolphcil in every direction, we passed through wiled, and at a great distance Iron) ihu road (thu snow was rather un. plpiisanlly deep) 10 ovoid observation, and happily fticc'eeded in leaching Chafley's, In Berkshire. (Vt.) befo'o morning. Having led Hi Dennis with a determination of gelling to the Stales in snfely, nobody ever hailed the lutid of freedom with mure ox-ullnlion.

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